Episode: 231 – Pacman Versus Garfield


Episode: 231 – Pacman Versus Garfield


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hello white people
what number has no sense of rhythm
Spencer Crittenden
as a matter of harmontown Dan Harmon
hello hello hello thank you thank you very much I was just watching The Lady Gaga halftime pretty awesome I I play I like to eat while one person wants to be special in your self cheering narcissism like I’m not your average fan
how many people are on Twitter than I was right really tweeting at me and going like
you’re never wrong but I like like like
but I black people that do that cuz I’m just like fuck you than your worst you’re worse than bad people like if you if you if you truly love me
except my laziness you should need my codependent lover you shouldn’t you should just support
and my good mood should be your good mood and you shouldn’t need anything from me or I’m out the dog
and you know that about me you learned that about me you put it was four years of abusive like the doctors for me
too soon to tell what what what what what what was it about her fucking not only her but we’ll just tell her we’re working in general just as a decision is always in a me and I admire anyone who chooses wire-work from from Garth Brooks to Beyonce to anybody. If you’re if you’re if you’re if you did you say to bring out wires you I’m already on your side and I’m not going to side with gravity I don’t I don’t hope you fall and hurt yourself I admire you and I wouldn’t be willing to do it but then in for having chosen wires she didn’t just as you know I’ve been in the shit I was at Radio City Music Hall for the 2006 VMAs be on queen bee
stunningly gorgeous amazing woman great we’re working but Lady Gaga like like like like like but then it cut wide and she was doing this like Spider-Man like jiggle on the way down and I thought that was a cool thing to commit to everything that I would do if I was in choir Psy I would also have I would also do that on the way down cuz she didn’t like to act like it’s natural that she’s a like Helen Slater as Supergirl because she has a very tiny rig underneath that and that’s not comfortable like I did for it for that for that to work like it it’s tighter than you want it to be for that to be like a safe mechanism
so she committed to lip-syncing a whole thing went like there’s no way to sing will you have that thing on you because she’s wearing a girdle made of girdles but she took your your lover your your life partner your s o Church what it was we were watching but she said yeah she really I thought it was I thought it looked wonderful I don’t I don’t understand what was Neil Patrick Harris trying to tweet when he said he was gagging over her halftime show because she’s the best I think maybe you didn’t mean to say guiding
or at work or is this new is this new slang from the streets that I got to catch up to man I was gagging
you’re amazing your haircuts making me gag what fuck you
got you it’s the future not how is it is it is empty heard of it he tweeted because I actually really like that like he was down for that he thought that was super cool but I think more importantly the Lady Gaga’s performance I think it’s time to have a good old-fashioned sports car
I mean
so where do I start with the the fact that the Falcons lost a 25-point lead in the second half of the game
great pictures of the first Super Bowl in history that was won in overtime
the sky did homework
exhaust looking for Lady Gaga’s videos
because I also talked to Richard Spencer’s tweet on Twitter he’s like a racist Gourmand he was like it’s like I’m going for the Patriots and had a little checklist who’s like Tom Brady and Belichick of both support Trump more white receivers like it had all those pills or racial stats for the Patriots after he left the football team is it a sports statistics helping you bet and win but he’s just like you know my money’s on the master race though it’s not really a smart money is not on our ends for athletics since like the 1936 Olympics
like I’ve never been like we settled that alone can I go see Ben it looks like it looks like the time I try to save my sack
he also absolutely failed as I finish today he looks just like Bill Belichick we both want the same headset even have to look the way you do to grow on a clay quickly for you should grow a beard that is uncomfortable that face that is the face of someone who is proud of their race
and he also has straight up like WC Fields Gin Blossoms like he’s yelling with blood tears of the Casino Royale bad guy
like he just has a blood stigmatism
in both eyes he’s a he’s a he’s a he’s a terrible writer he’s a terrible person and we’ve got to get out of these because he’s going to fucking kill me
you saw the thing I retweeted it and you guys hang on my every tweet and Yuri hanging on my every retweet there was a movie treatment he wanted to be a fact that other had got a piece of Seinfeld somehow could be in Hollywood in Hollywood before all of President Trump and ban in the book represent the things I hate most about myself like other people are like me up with Donald Trump tweets as like I went to me it’s me a bad person reminds me of the bad right or part of the treatment that service
it is documentary-style of course because it has no cuts no narrative Coronavirus
title episode title
choo choo train
refers to Islamic fascism but he spells it faces them is that like a thing that was that like a British thing because too many people are worried about fascism I don’t know that’s why I want to know because the word fascism for doing it and I don’t know I have to look it up does anyone has anyone seen it spelled faces them in the audience I mean is that is that like they sell favorite with a U or and that’s my that’s what I’m wondering how you been I believe that many people are stupid but it’s just striking
I understand well I don’t know my favorite new thing is like all that armchair electronic forensics that go on like when when Trump when does the sheet left off the it said it was like the phone log of all the leaders Trump talk to and it was like president of Mexico talk to him or something like that didn’t have the guy’s name and it was president of Australia. At some point they had president president in Australia and there’s no Wikipedia or Google or Google hit that comes up so they just left it blank I’m like oh my God I love that I love the backtracking and realize I like white would like one president did too I did the same that I typed in unprecedented and something came up that I can’t remember you can realize like you can walk in the shoes of
stupid people and they’re running everything it’s amazing normalizing right that’s what we’re supposed to do
I was getting totally normal. Is there a William Ralph for a Ralph William here in the crowd
is there were your grandparents born here
because we got a new segment for our show
what what why did you want Ralph Larenzo William
did you drop a credit card by any chance
I’m done thinking you must almost a guarantee now would you happen to know the last two digits of it
Ralph Ralph Lauren I have your card you dropped it so if you want to come up and show me some idea I’ll give it back to you
nice or I keep it or I just announce you have 10 seconds I read the entire
11 I’m not even
alright Ralph is at the podium he’s showing the ID I like that we have like 2 2 Factor authentication error
weird guy live on stage in San Francisco I don’t trust these fuckers anymore
when he came up on stage I missed the fact that he said that to Dan and to Their audience that he had lied about being a trump supporter to get on stage I’m so happy I didn’t hear him say that because I would have summarily thrown him out of the building and put his suicide thing notwithstanding I still would have made it a point of telling him to one of the night and get up on stage we would prefer you did not do that
yeah I feel bad to make this guy show me idea to give his credit card back because I don’t know what world we live in anymore
what wearing high heel stick it up here and take this guy’s credit card
well that that isn’t going to blame but yourself
I just I just Beetlejuice to you at lunch today at these three times more deadly than Beetlejuice
why is that so terrifying that your hair of all times have the Patriots won
be over.
Weather Sanford I’m going to hit your music you so quick you’re going to hit your heads are going to spend
piece of music you want to play a musical something to get him off the stage at any moment I started a company it’s doing really well and I’m trying to start a political action committee started dming me about a political left
DeRidder Pawn direct contact yeah I’m going Channel if we did talk about a thing like if you got ideas I got to I want to hear I love that America’s Premier not so you think it’s white people did it while the like four catches were done by a Jewish guy in the end zone like are we what are Jews white or we were my question
just like anyways. So here’s my first bit
I believe I’m I’m one of the hardcore people I went to the Symposium on the letter from a Birmingham Jail so I do have a nuanced opinion on this I do believe you should that’s what I would have always respected about you and him is your new ones
when they go low when they go low you stomp on their Nazi skulls and punch up your smoking when they go low we go high
Mister Jeff can’t believe he wants Jeff he wants you in on this by the way
in your political party animal I’m halfway that Jeff and I are officially Patriots now we’re men of political action we’re going to use your white privilege Falcon Falcon
well then I’m wearing during The Patriot
all right what is your what is your action committee we have to hit the floor
I think I’d like a tarantula that eaten too much to write like a like a tarantula explode if they fall from a higher than 3 ft stick but with that comes like anxiety about like okay so now how do you tell the brave souls that are than a right-minded that are going to make good coordinators and in whose cause is worth congealing around from the people that are just like I want to tell everyone here that there is a lot to do in your local community will UCLA is like this liberal Bastion but we still in California incarcerate more people than any other state weast
will have people being fined and arrested for being late to public school and we still have a lot of work that we can do here to turn to a democratic seat but this is this is singing at you in the early on in the early apocalypse kind of like foreshadowing kind of days that’s what this is really hard to digest one cuz it just takes so much work but it’s like the idea of like political parties going back to being political parties making Democrats be like it in your local neighborhood the reason why the burnt Church gets repainted the reason why you have a blanket the reason why whatever whatever whatever shit goes down like have even if it’s a sub faction of Democrats before we would talk about third-party stuff with just feels like a fucking self-defeating staying at that is a conversation that is a parties and we have to work to nothing
we know that those parties it because one one was hacked and one almost splintered and got beaten by the Hacked one so that’s actually good news is that the bipartisan system actually got functionally like jailbroken they got it get it and I think that’s a really good thing because it means the Democratic party could actually be simply as the Republican one was it’s it’s it’s a primitive thing to think about oh where’s my where’s my big strong hero leader that’s going to like show you represent all these things like that the Democrats now could rise up as the Borg Cube that they are and take over the Democratic party is a borg Cube and safe elsewhere we represent the majority you can’t beat us or if I can Credit Union politically like we got we got experts on the ecology we got experts on a quality LeBlanc get yeah we can have to technically have a presidential candidate but your butt but they’re they’re they’re nothing they just like there a civil servant there that we we we tested them like an astronaut to see if they could leave
is abortion in zero gravity
and tell her we have to carry easier for the procedure but anyways anyways I’m glad you’re thinking about local stuff that seems like a good idea that if it’s that could shoot spores out to other districts that are may be technically red because of 10 people or do I need to know it’s like an end and I take those over with action that’s just like while I’ll be darned these people care you know they’re not just playing a game of chess against the red red team make the point that the ideas that made the Democratic party so formidable between is a 1920 and 1960 where ideas that America are still interested in the idea of fair wages for fair work he had to have Environmental Protection daddy of strong banking laws to protect the little people but this goes back to my dear you’ve always had and when I explained it to Lyft drivers because those poor people
I always go for the plan for the Lyft drivers talk to your Lyft driver
power corrupts. When you have it but because you want it and in the seventies a lot of people came in after Watergate said all government is corrupt we need to get rid of everyone who’s been here more than 10 years a lot of those people got kicked out where people who fought big Banks during the Great the Great Depression so you can over clean house you can get rid of allies because they don’t agree with you on all issues there are some things we should collaborate on there something we should stand for a month but there’s a great number of people who want to hear our message they’re great number of people who haven’t heard the message but will be amenable and there’s a great amount of people who not didn’t vote cuz I didn’t care but didn’t vote cuz I couldn’t leave work or whose votes weren’t counted or weren’t able to see themselves in the process after what’s happened
these people who’s the first time you’ve ever got in the plaza
4 years of our relationship as we said he DM me about this idea and now he’s here all right over here tonight if I didn’t accidentally conjure your name up would you would you would have still made your way on stage and I wouldn’t be where I found a way
are we going to remember our pact has been going on for like five years like like like Adams like like 28 now is me being a lowly underemployed Hollywood persons like if I could get a writer’s job on community
at least your angle in the beginnings and unlikable
aah dinners no likability all right Adam for those of us that did s’matter that Applause and like like that you’re thinking that you could be more foolproof than because because even if it turns out to not be the way to turn the whole world the other direction you still it as a loser will have helped the world that’s real around you so I am adding mice matter to that that’s matter apply so how do we how do I do people that agree I could use some direction and and something to do on Sunday or whatever how do I how do we find you or your hardcore into wanting to organize other people the SDS is always trying to find new members
yeah we haven’t yet met her.
Got him a member of discrimination back there
what were you yelling about Sir or Madam heart he was right that’s your cry
all right so so so so but but your organization you’re not you you have nothing to plug yet that’s so not okay fine so we we we sign up to be a socialist Democratic party or whatever party rent in your local area you will find groups their Facebook groups are meetup groups there’s everything from picking up trash in the side of the highway to you know phone banking your Senators Thursday I think 11 actions there is a movement to like you can do every week to help bring about the country that you want to see how can I can follow Adam on Twitter I bet they will stop posting about the Patriots I promise all right
Adam Goldberg
it’s a whole new world Jeff we’re through the Looking Glass man has good ratings even though it’s a show he runs like like like that’s a businessman say that man that he’s a man of faith for those ratings
so yeah I mean congratulations if you’re a fortune or that the that wanted to hack the government and get this guy elected like he’s a flavor of Mountain Dew that you could make Hitler
very funny bit but now the guy that’s going to bring about the end of net neutrality is been putting the whatever he’s got to change his his chairman in charge of voice assistant cybernetic you know it is some guy that just fucken hates net neutrality what is net neutrality I don’t know I know it’s better than none that neutrality I know that the end of net neutrality has something to do with a world where you and I can have political opinions and no matter how popular they wouldn’t get in an open idea Marketplace they might be fucking absolutely inaccessible by virtue of the Walgreens on Netflix next door to you cybernetically that just needs more fucking data like you you poor people will no longer be able to spread as much information as corporations and that is a really really slippery slope net neutrality
he’d be like I don’t what does that mean does it make my scalp smaller is it something I can grab rate for Beech makes fun of the cat afraid of it with a ghost of my father mock me while he punches the ghost of my wife at the at the foot of my bed it could be gradually micro stroking 75 year old brain I don’t know what you’re talking about so he put some guy that knows a lot about computers in charge of all computers in the world and so good job 4chan
I think he’s on the internet of the place where you got together and elected this guy I’m worried that if he stays in office long enough the world’s tie fabric resources will be depleted probably in like six months because he mangled dick
Mango Deck
absolutely his wife won’t live with him in the White House
breakfast in bed and do you have to be for your wife I don’t want to live in the world’s most famous house
I’d rather live in a shity apartment building surrounded by a fucking police state that we’re paying so fucked up we have to pay for his wife not wanting to add Jeff I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t read about any that the taxpayers $400,000 a day for police detail to 2 to make her live at home not at home at the White House
he doesn’t want to be around this fucking piece of garbage you saw them dancing and it was a bummer when he when he started singing my way. I just just just just just just just she’s just a girl sup just get through whatever contractual. I’m like can find out she’s like she’s like he didn’t expect to win she thought they were going to lose and she would divorce and now she’s stuck with this piece of shit at least right that we don’t know about that wasn’t the second the first one was an American model right like Marla Maples born from disparagingly to somebody that I really don’t know if it’s this is offensive terms and she was essentially a mail order bride like she was she was also a like a Russian model or what or what was
Ivana Ivana Trump president Marla second non-american wife and I’m not going where you think I’m going I’m not like Alex Jones going I can wait a minute I just mean I’m just talking sexually I’m talking about psychosexual politics I’m talking about like okay so first you have like a woman from your own country that you know it’s just the same sort of the side the same sort of sandbox you were in with the same rules and thing that she’s gone she’s out of there then like Howard Hughes and Katharine Hepburn and then you cut to the airplane Hangar scene where Howard he was like bringing underage girls in it and going to stop right there three hundred meters away you understand you’ll be an employee contracted to me and you’ll do what I say okay
turn around with that lipstick off and suck on that scene in The Aviator come out at your favorite movie right from work because it reminds you of yourself
that’s how we found Spencer
you have that seemed like maybe ladies cover your ears I don’t know what’s going to offend you here was that what I thought I would say
what is a cover your ears I just mean like don’t judge me for a second if you will if I get for a second we get our hearts broken we I think there is a tendency like to like we have these like things are you especially when we’re young and we’re still learning how to interact with people like we swing the other way from whatever previous relationship like we think we’re going to fix things and I’m sure this is not totally exclusive two men but I’m just talking to the guys because guys are inherently we know where misogynistic where we love with fears live worship / and despise the other creature that weed that has so much power over us that we don’t understand we just want them to like this always packed up ways to have been socialized not to share those feeling cope with them connect with those to the feelings that are all so fucked up with the other person and Achieve that you don’t start learning that stuff until you’re 44 and Rich and already
and I was like finally opening the hood a little more than 2 in on the fucked-up car that is your life for all the stuff you need time and money in the inclination to examine and I don’t blame your average 40 year old guy that has a lot more work to do for not getting there I’m just saying here’s what I’m saying in the crashes terms I like if your first wife was like just like it was an American model and then your second wife was a Russian model and then your third wife was a Russian model here’s what I’m assuming about the third marriage there’s preconditions up the fucking darkest yin yang imaginable like because there’s no other difference he didn’t go to French model he didn’t go to Japanese model like he was like I like me those those those Eastern Bloc women here’s another one
continue there’s some fucked-up differences at the outset that relationship that result in those that face that she’s making the the broke your heart cuz you said what you do at the Apple Store that’s the face of a customer service rep you know you did that you know you’re smiling and they turn around
they’re just back to how you doing everything with your besties like a girls trip to huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest film nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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anyways I’m hoping that she doesn’t want to live with Donald Trump because he’s a gross perverted asshole and she wants to take care of barren let you know that maybe he needs special care whatever and she doesn’t want to be involved in that circus like I’m hoping that that’s the case but one thing’s for certain she doesn’t want to be around him and now we have to put the goddamn bill because we have to be world to that fucked up relationship if the caretaker at the Overlook Hotel had it better
Scatman Crothers and he had a name
what do you call it activism consumer activism write sober we fucking the people spoke with their money and then he quit and then he pulled out of the thing that was egregiously like like oh I love trap and I think may be issued a statement that kind of disavowed them said I don’t want this to be a bad puppy wanted to be about being part of the thing and it hurt his bottom line on the screen with Cody about this cuz she’s like oh you can reinstall Uber now and I was like wait fuck him now like him just drive all Republicans are apps
but sweating and I don’t know it’s like a very interesting argument just like oh you can take an Uber now because he he he got hit and acknowledged he got hit publicly and and kowtowed to the will of the people what you don’t want to do is continue to just grind his face into the dirt like I don’t want to say things and be fake news about the mistreatment of his workers I would say that we should have stopped using Uber well before this assault charges right really filtrated guys will know I mean because I just like being able to tip because I’m just like now I can give him however many stars I want because I’m paying for it to cope with lifted

I just I’m never going to give you less than five stars unless you like like run I will how can Russia to improve and but if you get five stars I said that you know Rasheeda drove me here in a lift and then I get five stars and it always says like what did you love about about I’ve never had that feedback thing like maybe 2 or 3 times ever and I take left all the time changes from what would you improve to what did you love never gotten that feedback loop thing where I work like I’ve never asked me if I’ve never seen that you probably don’t care about is that mother fucker
flirting with ironic things like like like like like the stars in his eyes or like like I want to confuse people get to write them and that’s the end of the transaction to tell you the truth I thought that was going to be a half hour of the show was talking about that but now we’re fucked see how here I have your credit card
how does the actor have a lot of credit cards I think he’s been killed by you guys I can never keep track of was it you are with the Apple watch her against the Apple watch it again tonight like Rip Taylor decides to wear his toupee sometimes yes sometimes you know so I can. You just had to wear it sometime
what are blue a chant free video chat with Galaxy
Olivia. Like a fucking race
that’s scared of the absolute
Rob’s Rob is here
alright bed Rob making a thanks for coming invited you guys are really good that you did you did do that to me I feel like it yeah you feel like what I invited you here I was like it’s fine there’s no guess it’s good there’s no gas and then everybody Levy Jeff Spencer like each kept going like you try to try to do you know did you try it like all this stuff is like Jesus Christ you guys I’m sorry I don’t think I said that it just little old me but then you showed up so I can leave
and I I drove by shrub today while he was out walking his dog and then we texted back and forth and then it culminated in the end me just saying he should come on the show me walking my dog out you could have heard me Siri going text dungeon master what do you want to say to dungeon master I love you it’s true I mean it’s kind of like the the the the ultimate phone it’s really is the ultimate just just just the one Toast of London is a goddamn funniest TV show of all time well okay so that’s what’s been going on
hanging out with Matt Perry
not bringing him by here
he left yesterday because of something I said he was in I want to go
no he was
Rica for a month shooting a movie with Aubrey Plaza and now is it is just came here for a week and hang out I only found one day did you get these yet
chickadees yet are they ear buds earbuds is that what they’re called are but everybody of the dog that got rid of it cuz now you only look
you only look like a complete douchebag
I can’t hear us he lost in the groove
I love music but I would rather never hear music again to be caught wearing those
there’s that wires offer in headphones of 2010 to change the shape of a wedge in their years ago because I lost so much hearing because of the second the only thing I’m ready to become part of the part of the computer world with these things they know when they’re in your ear and I was like I’m out know what do you put them in they go they make that like that that activation sounded like a Bluetooth device and I don’t know why do you know you’re in my ear what are you measuring
white wax spider eggs
damn it I was like why don’t they go on when you put them in your pocket like to put sound in your balls
that’s what they want you to think with the whole time well I don’t know who you talking to him
and you know I don’t know any of them there’s a bunch of sperm in there I’ve done I’ve done phone calls with them but I don’t know where my sound is going it you know Steve wanted to know Steve said that like there is some new data about the new iPhone that’s coming out
who’s that cool guy with the white things hanging out of his ears
is that George Michael what do you want
hey I let you know we know it’s not
George Michael
you brought me up to shoot Brought You Up Before You Go-Go Michael he was a huge philanthropist the creator of the Oreo died on Wednesday chocolate casket and died you horrible ghouls
but kids are off limit
what have you been up to I just hanging out can you get some errands done I’ve been putting top some errands over the last couple of years
didn’t have a shelf I wanted to put up
got to put it up cake can do it by yourself that shelf there’s a two-person job can’t hold up one side of the shelf and the other side of show one person who did you have to do it with you Matt Berry my wife I said Kate put up a shelf organized all my cables
was it was a huge fucking cockroaches of craziest biggest Cockroaches cockroaches size of Ted Danson
Ted Danson size Castro
two stars of Creepshow a cockroach the size of Malin Akerman I saw her name on the with a Superbowl
is it is trying to fill my iCloud of references like up with new shit I got those earpods
I can’t see Ted Danson’s I scratch under you it’s under you if you can open up a bar after his failed baseball career
don’t worry about it it’s one of those don’t worry about it it’s not going to do anything gross it’s like a horseshoe crab like a prehistoric Corner we are we did it with the earpods okay fine so and also be careful with those I’m going to add this to the technology Corner this comes to us from our people at Joe Rogan’s desk it’s a friend of mine heard on Joe Rogan’s podcast at someone said someone suggested there’s a setting in your iPhone you can you can change your all of the color to black-and-white you can remove all the color from your phone to display spikes your dopamine a little bit last makes it easier to put your phone down what is like tax what’s the what’s the
video chatting with your fingers five times in a bunch of accessibility answer right there like 9 menu Steve but you’ll find it you’ll be fine whatever I left for a while and I was a hell am I going to play Bubble Witch if I can’t tell which color of the bubbles are and how will you know about her delicious Crimson lock so she did you did you get in the mail you showed it to me to redhead and tights
how’s your how’s your how’s your health your physical health your somewhat notorious for your compulsive scrubbing of your butthole a scalding of it you had a parasite in your stomach at 1 yes that’s a thing of the past now I’m good I’m going to go to the gym 3 times a day I was I was seriously crazy but you’re acting like he’s just recently got some fat face shraffs always been I got a trainer he’s like this I believe he’s like it like this 28 year old like kid who just came from like Texas her or whatever and he beat the shit out of me
shit out of me cuz you guys don’t work out
yeah I wake up every morning 5
I give him a nut
repeat the shit out of me I’ve learned what wait wait where do you where it what are you what it what’s been going on with you and your your political part of your brain what it what how are you handling this really upset animal rights I see how much better your like everybody else is like the judicial branch
I’m not a bad word for animal rights activist in full-on vegan like legs straight up
super popular with old people
I think what ya know it is it will be
all right
airbags by the white phone lift and that’s it what is it leaves like you what you want me to tell people I bought a gun and we can talk we can talk about because you secretly want to kill somebody the only reason to buy a gun secret Charles Bronson
she said as long as you’re not for you and it’s not for anyone in the immediate future we’ll never starts out like that but in all fairness and surface is Sam peckinpah
we landed we didn’t talk about this cuz it’s in between San Francisco which was our last show and now we we we flew in from San Francisco to LAX and it was like the airport was deserted because the protest it just started and we spent like five and a half hours Jeff was there longer shirt shut up to take pictures but we were we were just there in the midst of this historical things I’ve never been at a protest I thought it was like I mean it was amazing I hate to sound like some weird towards but that’s literally what we were we had luggage and over his shoulder at his cabin is fancy jacket and said he kept he was able to just go up to the cops and find out what’s going on like like like it would go down there like right after you guys left we have an agreement with the police that we were like we got there we were blocking all of the traffic for when we got to like six hours after it started we got there at like around 5
the clock has been going on all day and we were blocking everything and then find the police came and giant for us all these cops came and if you fall at church like Instagram or Facebook whatever he’s amazing photos of all these cops came and then they could go from texting tweeting about how you’re at a at a protest and you’re so cool because you’re at a protest it looks like looks like people are protesting and they’re chanting and here I am I’m I’m I’m I’m just 60 Minutes back here in just a tad and there’s lights flashing because it’s a concourse at that everyone turns around and everyone is facing my direction
okay phone away and just staring at riot shields like six feet away and then look at doing a double-take and realizing the guy next to me is wearing a football helmet and homemade I took a picture with him in and treated it was like double taking that guy was like hey hey good morning
it was just like a homemade gas mask in the whole thing why is it got a whole lot like a helmet with a homie in a row
no this was another guy that was protesting he’s anticipating an activity that may involve him breathing tear gas or getting hit with a baton
it’s a popular that was called me of these kids are fucking like really into my cartoon like like I don’t know how to tell them my heart is pounding in my chest I’m like I’m like relocating my phone to different pockets on Mike I think there’s a bottle cap down here and could that cut my arterial like arteries which are the best kind of arteries classic the classic arterial artery it says the new arterial artery arterial
in your pocket I was like struggling like like I’m like hey like we’re eating yet for the first time I’m going to get manhandled by people that aren’t my family for the first time I’m going to I’m going to get like pepper-sprayed I’m going to I’ve had to pee for 4 hours I’m going straight to your BuzzFeed or something I feel like I’m going to have pissed down my leg as I’m like loaded like a Lincoln log into a into a Paddy Wagon end but but but the other kids were just like when season 3 coming out in like so I was like well there I don’t think they’re coming out
I mean you got to have a date and time I think I think I think it’s time for the season 3 Rick and Morty update wrap
are you going to wrap give me a second have you been Dan talk about saying have you been Dan I haven’t seen you in a while
I’ve been good
what’s going on
they’re drying it
they’re drawing it
Bear drawing it
cartoons work
alright really long time
Everything music
so you can see it
all I do is write it are you been doing it on TV
did son of Rick and Morty what you seem to like
I when you tell me you need to stop
Circle and get back to drawing it or don’t
album by Jewel.
they’re drawing it
and they’ll be drawing it until they’re done drawing it and then
when did Ayrton because remember how you where do I go now because I don’t control whether Things Are.
if I did it would be
I would die with beads at every show I would because I don’t I’m going to stop when you say stop I’m going to fuck your mama like the head of a mop and he said hahaha hahaha Superman got his woofers and tweeters out I said motherfuker with your titties out
around about
I got the gout
heavy cream cheese and sausage he thought he thought it was impervious to them because you Superman why people don’t know totally normal internal digestive system
a lot of people take down is Superman’s kryptonite
Spanish strictly dietary standpoint however
skalka never actually tell him he can
girl Jordans
they’re drying it
and while they’re drying it I’m making a million things and they take a long time to make and Spencers fucking killing it on harmonquest season 2
straight up like if I thought for a second that it was like there was a little bit of it that was going to be bad I wouldn’t I wouldn’t set him up by saying that is like totally his show is like running it I showed up I play D&D and he’s fucking like him in his huge team of awesome people that worked on season 1 I’m so excited about harmonquest I’m not saying don’t let that show up in an article or so here’s why Rick and Morty’s like Dan’s excited about harmonquest it’s not related there drying it
they have to draw the things I will say and did say the reason it was late the reason they got a late start drawing it is because I am fucking slow and shity and unpredictable as a writer at the buck stops here with that I’m done with that part you can’t now tell me to go faster it doesn’t make any sense I confessed to my crimes after it was too late to meet with yelling at the audience
you yelling at them
anyways it’s 9:11 probably massacre victims oh my God
Frederick Douglass just do it up.
proper joke joke to a chamber
tell Olga JumpStart
and and there’s a there’s a vortex in it and a door to the South
and she is and there’s other people in there and there she wants to save them because they’re Nazis or something and so that’s why she says I’ll tell you what you guys run and I’ll put the vortex where my soul should be and and they and they saying but how will you keep your your physical form from desiccating is it in in is like really on the nose evil way like you I like how you get yourself from looking like an over-the-top sorceress like as if there’s like weird like permanent mascara tears going down the the little lines where your veins Supply blood to do your eyeballs from a from a heart that may just be a black rock that glows in pulses rather than beating and she’s like I don’t know I’ll just deal with it and they run all the Nazis run in there like ye were free we made it out of that
chamber they were there before texting and then she’s like I made it to and and they’re like what you have heard that you could stop time
now but I don’t have any political jokes
I didn’t mean to stop here
it’s really hard not to make fun of kellyanne Conway’s appearance because you but it’s like it’s like one of those weird she looks like the lead singer of Hanoi Rocks like Lake we want to live in a while then you’re so you’re using tools that the president United States fat and feminine everything possible shamed everybody we’re allowed to say he has a giant ass and she looks like the lead singer of Hanoi Hanoi Rocks
yeah but you can hear it’s not going over well just look up a leasing there was this thing called Picture Pages starring a man that turned out to be a famous rapist
so famous for rape
I’m saying it turned out he ended up a famous is it more famous for that than pudding
I got these pickles
this isn’t do we can’t carry why did you bring pickles their great where’d you get the pickles artisan cheese Gallery hardware store at the hardware store and I went why are you selling pickles at the hardware store and they said because they’re fucking good man let me try some of these pickles and I

finish the jar there good man that sounds great you got to get these pickles man are they their own brand of pickles the hardware store people
they’re just name brand pickles and I know they’re not name brand they I guess they’re made in Silverlake by a friend of the guy who owns the hardware store that’s awesome get some keys made by some light bulbs and then I get one of each
Spencer can I try one of your one of your pickles yeah they’re in the back of it Steve could bring them up I got fired from Community I kind of like I started hanging shelves and shit it was like some weird impulse and you you are we allowed to talk about the fact that your relationship has reached a conclusion and now you’re putting up shelves and I had a lot of errands that I’ve been putting off and I had to leave Lego to put up some shelves
do my laundry what do we got here there’s ones that are peppers and ones that are pickles all these are there so good I think that was a pickle when he grabbed the almost like a bread-and-butter yeah it’s the only thing that’s is there anyone in the audience yeah they waited in line the right now right now if you are a new subscriber to the to the livestream your your your subscription fee goes to the ACLU match we match your donation we don’t think we’re going to match your donation
find out that Donald Trump is a bad person on the tax Mark we have we haven’t found out if he’s a bad person yet I hope we’re going to find that out and since it’s been kind of a sausage tea party up here Thomas see how a lady’s first rule but but but I’m more Curious is there anybody in the audience is kind of like a veteran protesters somebody who’s been at like more than like 5 protests nobody for probate court in an O2 like we’re all I mean where we you guys are like me like like we don’t worry we’ve entered new times where I like you just coming up you didn’t raise your hand and you definitely look like a good protest
yeah what’s your name Harry okay it’s hairy everybody
everyone do you want a pickle actually really don’t like pickles I will take a little of these pickles I love their cat everyone thinks all of their pickles will everyone’s cats are bad but these pickles are good so I’m going to stick with no pickles or take the pickle
I’m protesting these pickle juice. Come on your fucking pussy drinking a juice man I’m definitely scared to drink that
milkies fucking Harry fucking pussy man
don’t you know the downhill hairy so was my first protest I had to be flooded I was also their arrivals and departures I was also there like days prior and after because the high road no people like
is off duty I don’t know if it’s because like some get more traction than others on social media but people seem to like arbitrarily choose when to go to the things with that are like consistent like a like a like a set thing that happened at a time on a day LAX was like we kind of need you here always if you’re if you’re trying to be there to just be like a physical body of support like that’s always need it until this shit changes for too long to put my foot in my mouth which is but but but but but but still hold the pin I want to I want to get back to the stopping after the next one which is white people need to go to protest more than other people like like white people sitting at their keyboard at home are doing three times as much by not doing anything because and it’s not it’s because Society is under
it’s because of what I said I wouldn’t talk about but put a pin in that
white people white people need to go to work
and move that pin in accordance with the lapd’s which is every 5 minutes that’s my next topic so yeah when I was indeed a fucking pickles more experience than any protester out there as an organization maybe not the actual cool cucumbers the the the very ethnically diverse like cool cucumbers they put on the front lines I got I mean as human beings I got to say the first thing that hits your mind as a first-time protester be there was like like I love these protesters and I love the LAPD evening by the time I got home I was like oh we got played like like it’s like it’s like oh peaceful protest people front of everyone so proud of how peaceful the protest was well the protest was peaceful because the protest was run by the LAPD and every time somebody started chanting fuck the police
things but it’s really tough because I click Like Me basically the protesters ended up making a deal with the LAPD they were in constant contact with him which I thought was a glorious thing that there is a positivity that right there is a positive message that said especially when the cops aren’t the one holding the detainees I know you’re asking if you’re going again would what is your question but but like the LAPD charge of the detainees and so and then there were like them so they’re working with them cooperating with them actually does provide these like spine-tingling opportunities to be like hey maybe you guys are should be over here to you are all like a rainbow of people descended from Utah whose family tree goes up two feet without an immigrant in it you’re just wearing riot gear because that’s your job like get over here and it’s like there’s a moment it was like they might do it I saw an airport cop technically not LAPD I forget the exact distinctions there but he cried when one of the detainees got released and then I called him on it and he quickly got
play Macho about it like wife to see pictures of girlfriend horrible society that says
she loves pickle in the game till I go she had been there and she’s amazing photographer lake lake lake it nothing nothing makes you realize other than more photos like how the history that were living and you see it cuz it looks like Time Magazine
the pictures the pictures that you took of that young lady who would like she decided to focus her emotional energy on One Cop is if that way itself or a weapon like a quart of what weapon is not destructive she was just that was a probably both a tactic and a very sincere saying because she was unmistakably sincere and the cop you said will you describe it and as you say you know they were in the street for a little while and then bringing people back up onto the sidewalk and at this point this is when all the police started pushing everybody back up onto the sidewalk and this one particular girl caught my eye because as a photographer I pushed my way to the front to try to get a view of everyone facing the police and this one girl
was just glued on the sky and she had just Tears like rolling down her face and her sign said like Syria Yemen and around welcome here with a heart
she was sobbing and sobbing and sobbing I was like a cleaning off the curb practically onto an officer who just kind of like laying back and acted like I wasn’t doing it cuz he could see what I saw and what I was trying to photo photographer they were being incredibly nice looking down at these guys and they were smiling and waving and laughing and taking photos of me with their phones and then they were all just on Instagram they were hanging out there was absolutely no problem but I couldn’t hear what was being said between the girl and the officer in front of her but he was whispering to her and trying to calm her down and they were having some conversation then I I couldn’t hear from my where I was standing but he seemed to be consoling her
she was eating something with him and trying to get him to understand and I from what I could tell by their gestures to say back on the curb and that you have with with with with police is getting them to admit that they’re just doing their job or they don’t have to be but but on the flip side of that so that’s why I wanted to have a hanky face is now I called them because I was like looking around like these hanky faces you know are the hankies for an anonymity or tear gas people have people have their own reasons for them there’s also an argument I can’t defend it for various reasons or like objected to it
there’s an article going around about how like masking up is a form of white privilege because if you’re a white person then you still blend into the crowd where it’s like if there’s only a few people of color at the thing they’re easier to identify I didn’t track that at all it’s just some 2017 internet race commentary cuz like your sunglasses and fabric are going to do shit for church got there this is what happened which microcosm of what we’re all facing if we’re all going to be protesting in marching looks like this is a really difficult thing because there was an exhilaration of the are part of the pride on the part of the protesters was in no uncertain terms the fact that we were working in what you have to call cooperation with the LAPD that felt like a Triumph
now you’re dealing the police department that has been in a million of these and they said so and you put on the other hand all of these individual police officers are human beings of the protesters but when I get home and I see basically that the protest got successfully broken up you know and it’ll look back at it was like there was this moment where we were all standing a blocking of the upper Concourse and in the one of the megaphone people said you know here’s the deal the cops are saying so far we haven’t broken the lock they had because they have an issue to disperse order when they issue with this first order we have a decision to make are we going to become criminals and turn this into a thing that’s going to end up being a news item about how we were criminals and how the kryon had to be put down on the alternatively they’ve offered us a deal they said that we can stand on
sidewalk for 15 minutes or 30 minutes and then disrupt for 10 minutes and then do that another nation and there was a pause and then someone called out
return to the Price Is Right about about how how how we got the nuts here that I’m just pointing out the absurdity of it it’s not because because what happened was a wedge got driven in between in between the people that that have done this before and we’re not necessarily hoping things would deteriorate but at the same time probably that we’re prepared for it and that’s always going to be a smaller group and so that was a really hectic right because they rather than bother throwing tear gas out of large group of people that feel solidified to stay in communication with them and to say oh we Luv Che Che Guevara as your spokesman we just talked to Che Guevara Shake tell your people what we’re telling them we’re telling you you can have free bananas if you give us half of your gun and then there’s like all of this stuff like starts
you foment like a conversation in among the protesters before that. There was no, I feel like
made that specific one it was like church that you were at the Ferguson protests here and I’ll a black people at the airport I think it would have been different and also if it weren’t an airport would have been different if they don’t want to start putting chemicals like like agents out into an airplane to say that we had the leverage they were at the airport shut down. I don’t know what but it’s a protest organised it’s in the daytime they block our streets and everybody knows where it’s going to be and where the people will be going generally and what the plan is Right versus at night people just taking to the street because they’re angry or people showing up to a place like the airport that already has high security
write what I’m wondering is then what was because what happened was there was some hardcore elements that were like no then nothing happens this is how they drive away and then they might like here I am 44 I got I’m hungry my dogs are going to start pissing in the house I’ve been there for 5 hours like I didn’t want the last thing I want to do is be a pussy but you didn’t see the burritos you left right before the burrito guy came when she brought a bunch of fucking burritos as it’s best I’m up in the air like a situation got created we’re now conversations are starting to happen like logic was invited and I remember distinctly the moment where I felt
at peace with stepping off of the street and under the sidewalk is we basically surrendering the moment where I felt that that was okay or I wouldn’t then go home and hate myself for giving in was because there were like only a couple of people left who are arguing with each other and one of them was screaming at the ones who wanted to stay and sit and get arrested it’s about you and she’s not there was this messaging that was put into it was like what do we want the detainee’s to be in the newspaper newspaper do it do it do whatever the cause of the HuffPost hologram of Pokemon do we want the story to be about the detainee’s or do I have to be about how a bunch of hippies got got stun guns at the airport okay so now it’s so it’s so at that moment I was like. I’ve done all the talking but but but first protest 44 years old so used to always doing
wrong thing like I always like think that I’m a ghost sounds like this and I could be so embarrassed and that’s when I was like he’s going like it’s not about you and she’s talking like four or five people and like I don’t know and I won’t know until someone else tells me whether it’s the right thing to do sit here sit down at or leave what if I undercut the fucking caused Community Creator and famous fat guy kind of the counter messaging whatever except getting out to me tell me what to do I think we’ll sort of contrary to that request I think it’s important no matter which side of an issue you’re on not to tell other people protesting the same thing how to protest whether that means if someone wants to get arrested for their cause let them make that decision
if someone wants to chance a chance and hold the sign let them make that decision I think it’s important to know what you’re trying to accomplish and if what you’re doing is everything you could be doing to accomplish that so like if you if you want to make real change in government policy
holding a sign enchanting a chant isn’t going to do that because they’ve now incorporated into their system if they hadn’t already 60 years ago I wanted this like that’s that’s you being by going to the airport you’re being a physical body supporting a message as well as actual people who were detained but like if you have any illusions that what you’re doing and that is really affecting larger change which I think was one thing some people give the women’s March kind of a bad rap for this but I thought it was cool that they almost owned up to like we don’t have a list of Demands we just want to make sure you know we’re here and we’re not fucking cool with this stuff which I thought was so that that was the most important thing to look at your body count was the thing I was important it was scraping cement poured into the streets and every city around the world that really got to our enemy so like if if if you go to a protest in the police give you a directive
it’s basically just up to you to assess what it is you’re trying to do and if listening to that directive or disobeying it is going to further your cause so like if you’re there just for moral support maybe don’t get arrested or do like that’s your choice but it’s not going to
if you get arrested you’re not going to be able to be the body there right showing your support for what we’ve done and we shut down the airport Lake Lakewood LAX is not the epicenter of this the lapd’s not in charge is it is it to you you thought it was cool to just like shrink back and kind of like continue to have a presence there it’s like it to be as kind of picket line in the sense that it’s like a physical reminder also like having had been there for over a day already and knowing I was going to continue to be there like those cops to work long shifts they come to recognize people who are there enough if I’m going to continue to be there and do what I think is my best foot forward to help my cause or whatever getting rested doesn’t help that these cops recognize me already as like I was been here all week like
not useful for me to stop to them I know that Harry had to me how much time have you spent out there at LAX I’ll even there for multiple days or yeah haven’t been in a couple days cuz at a certain point I was like I need to make rent money out of their other for like 4-5 days not sleeping there because I was like I have a home to go to and I don’t want to be more of a nuisance then by Design and then said I had my my suit Vivienne Westwood the garment bag over my shoulder and I like I’m dressed like me and we all saw that dude that was a kind of the Native American guy with a drum that was just being the most punk rock dude in the world the tiny drum yeah it was there a lot but he was banging the drum right in the cops faces and they didn’t think they just let him do it was so cool cuz like they don’t give a shit
drum major for the whole thing but there was a moment when the organizers of the protest LAX resting comfortable going up stairs we want to spread this out also when you go inside to walk on the people coming out let’s just make sure they’re all here in a while they’re so church and I I think Dan Cody had just gone you guys just split it isn’t like, 10 p.m. when we got there like at 5 we went downstairs and we had to it was time to go back into the street and disrupt things with the cop so we can go and be disrupted for 15 minutes and I think we can be off the sidewalk and be out in traffic and schedule disruption will be permitted in a row thing you online for listening the cops to start run the way like if you go and watch a right-wing chat room where there’s like periscoping the protests are just like look at these fucking idiots listening to police like they don’t know what they’re doing cuz they’re like all you think you’re making a
change but you’re sitting here obeying God’s will also because they don’t know the difference between a protest and a riot
hilariously while it was happening like every 30 minutes because of LAX hello I may have Eric Garcetti said he is not at the airport it’s really funny there’s like a guy painted blood-red with a Native American drum in a cops are going LOL I’m Eric Garcetti electric not a good time Eric
but we are a small group of people going downstairs to block the downstairs traffic to anybody that they’re all that shit that’s a bummer but we were trying a lot of people being detained and we were trying we were hoping that that like being there was going to get all these people released it turns out 25 did get released and then during that time off hundred more people got detained Flames keep coming in at the central issue of what’s going on at LAX that I think needs to be more like yes there’s a bigger picture of like Trump’s executive orders in the large-scale and overall policy about immigration but like specifically what’s going on if people are being illegally detained and denied access to Food Water lawyers family like healthcare that’s what’s happening even from Jess though seven countries they detained in Aeromexico flight of like a hundred passengers a woman from Amsterdam like
has access to a garment bag looks like you didn’t show up to the protest protest and have a garment bag and you get to walk up to the police and talk to them and they absolutely give you the full order of of of information that you don’t get if you look like a protester because we all watching the street and they all wind up put their sticks up their mask down on the under Under The Helmet shield and started marching us back off the street we had a deal we had a deal
I have a right to the cops and I know we had a fucking deal and the cops back in the street so I went down like Goldilocks and three different cops can we do we change the deal what’s the difference now and I I wasn’t really drunk my bad try again try to come in and do it
what’s going on man I thought I said hey wasn’t nothing like going on like when there was like we could be on the thing for a 30 minutes out in the street in 15 minutes and and the guy kind of Paws look around and you have to be on the sidewalk across walk across the crosswalk I ran back to the group
good on both sides of the crosswalk and protected us and let us do our thing for a while so nice they were being about that deal because I think it was because it’s an airport they weren’t going to throw to your guys anywhere near the door to LAX Hertz were filled with hope and perhaps naively bass are being laughed at for having this hope is that it’s the LAPD your job is to serve and protect the people of Los Angeles these people children of immigrants immigrants from South descending on the international Hub of Commerce because La fucking pumps and thrives within the grid energy for in blood that’s America that all of those cops also as civil servants are like I am here to protect your freedom of speech I think we all felt that high I’d like the cops are being chill right now because they know we’re right and they want us to win and that allowed
to make deals with them and get high off of that other teacher put an apple on my desk I think one thing is really important for the city of liquids like a hundred and fifty people in this room and and this is this is a scientific important statement not a shaming one that absolutely nobody here yet this is like my predominantly white audience very end and certainly all of them regardless of gender back on whatever they’re all nerds they’re all like analytical thinkers and we’ve all been guilty of this when we sit we watching what’s happening and you don’t want to side with a dirty belligerent hippie anymore than you want to side with a fascist cop like you your instinct because you are like me like you’re like you want to be Han Solo he’s the smart one he’s The Logical one he’ll eat you were an individualist like you do that’s your American values that’s the
are you express how you are you don’t want to you don’t see any Merit in joining a throng what good could come of that and I do and I don’t want to ever tell you what to do and I am proud of the fact that protested but like I’m I’m now saying like because this time is crucial I’m 44 I don’t have your 25 you may have been a child when the dangling Chad election happen if you felt like wow this is just started how it goes is a lot of contention sometime this is nothing like that like we’re living in a fucking history book right now and it’s shit is going down and we don’t have to be doomsayers but we don’t have to choose between that and being naive but I think that it is valuable for us to get out there and and and it’s easier than you think to just go like well maybe it’s easier than you think WhatsApp Harry like you can show up to this shit and no one is going to demand that you handcuff yourself to a redwood
3 in to cut down with it like you can show up dip your toe and you can bring Krispy Kreme Donuts like like like like like if you believe in privilege then privileges or weapon at these places like like your your your lily-white face your your your your lack of antagonism like as unfair as it is to to a cop that’s looking through a riot helmet like like it’s actually can be at the school that you’re not using if you don’t go to the thing so Cody and I are trying to figure matters protest like must be in Dreadful need of big fat white people like just like just took Justin to like going to the middle either hand raised here
let’s all do it right now we we we have a president who doesn’t read and doesn’t probably know how to read well and what whether he’s you know just like cigar he just has whatever like he’s just like a willfully like ignorant person he cannot and does not look at words but he does look at images and I think the only thing I can really fucking up is the visual stunning images of a zillion people protesting his every fucking move and I think I’ve seen him off more than anything in the world with an operationally attended the inauguration with that women and and and a couple honorable like like honorary dude’s got to go out there and filled the streets of the biggest protests in the country’s history and he does see pictures because he’s a child and he wouldn’t go so we have to go to every fucking thing and Armenians are
you’re on the Spectrum your logical you’re like thinking late late like we need your you at we need you to like just I will no one wants you to be different no one wants to be less logical less analytical essay Leah needed less isolated I’m just suggesting for a second that that logical analytical brain what’s up
Paramount Paramount
why everyone but that guy is invited
biggest biggest black lives matter protest are not suggesting that black lives are the only ones that matter at end end and right okay
is God’s love us is the end because he has but it’s also very important like as white people assess the value bring to the table some of which is your privilege but also like don’t forget to listen to people who are way more disenfranchised the new like if you show up to a black lives matter protest as a white person I can listen to the black people when they tell you what to do or did not do that church but you you were saying at the Fergusons thing that you were among the white people are the Ferguson protest and that you got big respect and like lots of love for being there I was among the conversation that I had with a couple of girls as we as we marched and were met by police every time we turned a corner
was the fact that they were happy that I was there and to see so many white people turning up to support them and not just white people but you know Mexicans coming out and being like yeah like black lives matter because what they need is is to not be preaching to the choir and to not just be yelling amongst themselves was how they communicated it to me there like we need we need to the community to show that they support this idea are there black part of the brain that’s like like we’re not to diminish that but it’s like I want to make sure I understand the extent that you’re speaking for some part of her brain like wool what’s the point of all this Gala tarianism if we’re talking about these like what now we’re going to become little fascists and say we need more white people here and we need black people here like we’re becoming to racially conscious and maybe that’s part of your what you’re responding to is like wait I thought you were liberals why are we now talking about people like they’re insects and sorting them by race it wasn’t that we were trying to get away from
I’m not putting words in your brain but like like like maybe that’s like what you’re responding to why people listen to other white people to like historically they don’t listen to Black voices zactly like well you shouldn’t while you shouldn’t as a white person be the person in charge like be the messenger to your white friends
it’s a but also there’s the other thing that’s like like like just even if you don’t leave your apartment like that analytical brain of yours that fires in the Pistons you don’t like like it it’s really really easy it feels really comfortable it’s like a foot slipping into a warm hug like like to fall back on that if you’re if you’re if you’re Spock and you’re watching what’s happening right now you definitely like if you commit to that Vulcan energy you are definitely always going to be like well none of this really makes any sense it doesn’t really make sense to do anything that wasn’t doing stuff will never hold up to logic and I think that that is just like all I’m saying is like I’m not telling you what to do I’m telling you that you’re drunk uncle who has spent like a really criminally long time but not giving a shit about the stuff is like super alarmed and you can chalk that up to like oh you’re drunk uncle
batshit 45 year old people run charismatically political like like that’s what happens I’m 25 I guess I don’t give a shit about this I don’t know that you’re wrong I I will only just tell you that you’re drunk uncle has decided that this is fucking like we’re entering a day Crossroads looks like there’s a fourth Reich or there’s like like reburst probably something in between but like as people keep saying like you do all those fantasies about time traveling and going back to the point in history and what would you do if you were there you were actually in one right now I do have never been in one I have never been in one I’m 44 and I’ve never ever I never did this I voted for Ross Perot when I was 18 and thought like I was like that’s right. I thought I could cuz it was a third-party you allowed at the debates that I was like this guy’s neat and he’s like why don’t I care about abortion
raccoon don’t know who cares if it’s raining and I and I was like so and it’s worth noting that that probably makes me a guy that might have been susceptible to a kind of like weird hockey Trump like kind of thing like like like if I was 23 these days and I doubt a lot of those people are in in in my audience but but I am at the same time I think a lot of my list is probably like very wisely Garden Lee like yeah but I don’t want to be one of these like liberals that likes screams and shrieks and goes like that like lately I hated to do that throws your logic triggers you got like that’s not that can’t be a good results like this is all about escalation I see that a lot all I’m saying is so then what you could do is
like if we have to coordinate it like through this podcast or something so that you know for instance hey I’ll be there too I will have doughnuts and coffee and like like like the like the go to this shit has put on whatever we can do to put out that bat signal and say like a quick so we live in LA like let’s make sure that the people that live here know that like if it if it matters were going there and also let’s find out like four people that are listening around the country and around the world where they’re going to go and let’s all like make it loud noise I want to ask you because you’ve been very vocal like like Twitter and stuff like that about like your you know you give me very activists like talking myself are you a physical activist I want to go out and do stuff for a few more like I’m not making a joke I got you are you should get out there in like know my flight came home a day early so
no I did not make it out until like April though like change Rebellion get the hell out of this process has nothing to do with you going and holding up a sign or a clever that t-shirt or whatever if you’re going to stay home we’re done you’re going to you’re a fan fiction writers start one of these Rogue government accounts and and and do like like like like why and spread propaganda that’s your research at the heart of the American people the frontal assault of the
love the opposition party was like through these like kind of like really brute-force misspelled memes and stuff it was like it appeals to sell the lizard part of our brain I don’t think we should compete in that place but when I see these like Rogue government accounts like it occurs to me it’s like if this is fake this is amazing antimeme technology because it draws in like them or they like like turning turning the idea that there is rebellion going on in the fan fiction for instance actually properly punctuating and using good grammar to to create the illusion that you’re reading a Twitter feed from inside the White House’s as the as the Rebellion is happening like that. Like a really important way to use your nerdiness your your your whatever what are we talking about we do to help you already doing it in the worth of Jello Biafra don’t hate the media become the media and go take photos well I’m I’m I’m asking for the perspective of a kind of encourage
here but you know it occurs to me that not everybody in this audience may I actually agree with what we’re saying and then call me and we can talk about it I want to know what you feel like if you disagree I’d love to hear how you feel but I do think that like whatever that means not everybody is going to be able to go out and protestor or whatever it is you know that we’re talking about you’re raising your your your fingers in what’s letter talk baby
you don’t have your
you have the ability to get to support certain support his birthday or Valentine’s Day or anybody’s upcoming birthday instead of getting them some meaningless like little drinking or whatever like that just donate any any small amount of money to ACLU because they paid me average like a regular year like 3 and 4 million dollars in donations a year it’s over 20 million dollars I think right now because it’s like two weeks ago or other organizations activity has good for a minute and then we’re like they just reported that they have two hundred billion dollars but I think you can use every penny we shouldn’t
time if you got the money donated time and he don’t have time or money donate your voice. Fleckner of food and a chef and you’re barely political you might just be like I feel bad for Hungry people that are protesting at these places like I think the important thing to know as a person that got dropped privileged Lee and and it lazily into the middle of a protest and found out it’s actually very comfortable and easy it is like and and now therefore may have the courage to leg like get up and like put on my fanny pack and let go to one that it so it’s easier than you think it’s not a criminal activity you don’t have to commit till I take me to jail makes me in the face like I think the numbers count the complexions count for bad reasons sir that it’s it’s because it’s an unfair system whatever it’s like like it’s just a strategy for strategy saying like get the news articles about a bunch of people like showing up
I’m saying this is bulshit I think the imagery is going to speak louder two people stop reading and people don’t believe anything that’s told them I think pictures of who showed up to which inauguration are are undeniable and the fact has alien women came out like that like what beats that shit like nothing beef and it was all over the world like people did it everywhere how about the cold Alaska hats off to all of like like that picture made me cry like that that’s heavy fucking hitting like the picture says way more than any tweets or anything like that and a bunch of people smiling and the fact that there were no arrests and everybody like I kept stepping on people’s toes never cool about it like during the women’s protest it was it was fucking magical everybody that’s listening from Alabama Wyoming all the stuff I like and it’s like I fall for that like
red vs blue thing it’s like you see these photos like Alabama and then to the shower maybe you do a nice laid-back apology to those people and church if you want to do like the Rihanna hook on it because they’re cooked
oh my God I forgot about churches other other guys Saturday it’s about dinner yeah it’s a bad time about time for the rhyme about the Monocacy apocracy from the age of The Bean for Tbilisi the bees in the d e f g h i j k l m n o p x y z alphabets top topic
language what do you use when you work your mama’s pussy to you blow her fuse go down to the breaker
brought your mama I take her I take her into the bedroom
to the brig
I thought your mom went to the brink of why is it that we talked to the break of dawn is that a hard out
how far is it for a long time
the more you take away are we
does your dick stop working as the sun breaks the horizon
if you don’t mind I’m just going to force myself to women
turn on major body.
my name is MC America don’t be hysterical about what’s going on just got to grab your Glock 17 19
protector block know what I mean protect your housekeeper’s protect your Jewish friends your Mexican friends attacked them the means don’t understand by the end
do the crawl space if you have the time we may be coming up on Anne Frank times
not sure if you groaned protection
innocent people
conditioned you hear certain words and you react and that’s fine but it’s also why I just got elected
you are to blame
there’s blood on your hands no matter what level are you
you’d think I’d be more in tune by now all right yo yo my name is yo yo my name is my name is no my name is yo yo yo my name is Joe yo go Joe GI Joe American hero I fucked your mom is so hard she look like Nero Roman Emperor
buying time
I woke up this morning had some bread with p.m.
yo yo I sat up in bed said well I have a nightmare went downstairs and I went back upstairs nightmare an upstairs Rhymes and I went downstairs on the stairs I had a nightmare I had a nice day I went there that my own stairs then I would get it at night and it did it in the day I thought you mama so hard because she grew wait okay but I want you to really belt it out you’re being like but I know if you’re waiting for me to do in a recognizable like rap verse and then you’re going to like fucking felt felt. Like a hook okay
how to put your mama’s Brown until it was upside down and was a smile I mean you’re happy I fucked your mama so hard The Sounds were slapping you hurt my balls going up against your butt I thought your mama and served her Hot Nuts walnuts almonds what you doing
I got the cash
if not me then who sent my country’s in trouble and I wonder why I went out in the street and I saw all the people why do I always run people only thing is people that’s only thing you could ever do
starting over woke up in a bed that I ate some bread
but that bread was freedom
my name is Hal Needham
is that white bread
they are coming to harmontown everybody
apparent Cassandra Church
Harry the pickle heading protester Rob schrab Adam Goldberg
Spencer Crittenden I’m Jeff Davis thank you Harry Caray for sharing is take you out let’s let’s take down the entire and then what dry faster to take chances


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