Episode: 240 – Blackest Friend in the World


Episode: 240 – Blackest Friend in the World


Creator of the documentary “Accidental Courtesy: Daryl Davis, Race & America” Matt Ornstein drops by to discuss his new film with guests Brandon Johnson and Steve Agee. Steve Levy does a quick Jew and A. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff B. Davis, Spencer Crittenden, Matt Ornstein, Brandon Johnson, Steve Agee, and Steve Levy.


Hollywood California at one of the few remaining shows a meltdown comic harmontown is now in session
Spencer Crittenden everybody
Joshua cage like an antelope
anime hermit crab
what’s a cylinder
The Joint in okay thank you stand is it funny that you
well the joint I mean I think we’re even now this is because I’m a slow reader so the top of the show with me like taking his whole life and I was hoping to ask you some time travel questions
I know a bunch of your recent shows have been busy I would love a couple minutes to chat and Shirley Michael and you mean on stage like if we have a moment we’ll have you up from or just at my place you wanted to hang out
I think it but I do think I need to turn on the Green in New York on Sunday afternoon
I mean I think you’ve given your goals you played everything right gave me a joint and then and then there was a note and it’s like you letting me have control of the relationship thank you Michael it’s very nice so it’s so forgetful person but but I’ll be looking at you for the next 2 hours and maybe I’ll I’ll remember Michael homebrews beer right
ooida okay cuz I thought it just appeared from the pool did you have time to where I like had a bucket fall on me but then like planted it I’m not sure I’m not going to practical jokes this is a terrible beginning to show it’s not your fault it’s mine thank you for coming on your Sunday my name is Dan Harmon this is Jeff Davis Apartments management a little thrown in for last couple days I look good fine who cares I look like Steve Bannon
did you know she sounds kind of like you you look at Steve Bannon and use you what you think he must sound like
but he sounds kind of like I always do
but I don’t want to go yeah
it’s a weird it was striking to hear I don’t know I almost drove same same way and they are same length hair seems like we’re both were both pickling ourselves like exploding in the blood vessels and just like like both just balls and fucking shit and I caught like in a peripheral vision I want to buy an unexpected mirror I didn’t know it was a mere and I swear my first thought was if I wear a checkered shirt so I’ve got out my head lately and I look like Tom Cruise again
episode title last night I flew back home today and then I had a 4:00 meeting about trying to get that movie made with the Michael Jackson in the champ and with the Tiger in the ytt and the that like we’re trying to make that happen and so at a Sunday like drink session with power power Hollywood trying to get that together then I came back home and just enough time which is just sad just like like like like what was the what was going on with this masturbation is that what you want to know is that where you’re at
I want you to tell us what the details are.
Cover the camera on your laptop screen percent of 30% loyal put like a Breathe Right strip on it that from the night before we got watch me jerk off
government like like like like to watch every frame like if you never know a Little Caesars in there so they have to watch all of me jerking off but it’s alright let’s do this one for Isis Maybe
what do you call a car with a ship has sailed right like if you are an outspoken activist let’s say if you were like a modern-day the threat to the to the moon or something and you jerk. Would they release your jerk off like like you’re at home they send it to you in an envelope and you look kind of silly
would you jerk off so maybe black lives matter a little less than you think they should
but no one would be phased okay well I do look silly that’s for sure but but like now I’m like murdered because they so we all we all text each other with a picture of you laying in your bed with your balls out of like that’s like Zach look at my balls look at my tiny dick gross of Harry Hedgehog body like a horrible thoughts like I hate everybody I hate myself I hate the planet now I can say whatever I want
I don’t know well anyways I was in Portland
no he’s like notorious for his like yeah he will he will he watches everything he’s always recorded is he he said he says you know if you’re not hearing your opposition’s voice they might not be hearing yours
he’d never set.
Actually that was said I think I’m not sure if it was said by but we’re going to be talking about that way of a documentarian filmmaker that that movie I kept talking about accidental courtesy that follows Gerald Davis Around the the guy that shot that movies here and this isn’t me introducing him
would you like a drink a few I’ve my own V but thank you so much okay so just out of curiosity how many people have seen this movie just because I had mentioned it today all right
let’s start there what is the how is the documentary racket these days is it I literally don’t know where to keep the cash movie write your first movie as well I’ve done a couple of long-form documentary shorts one of which was a narrative hybrid was so those actors of everyone else was real person that was not the last space shuttle launch did you know that this was going to take about three years and if so I follow questions and and if so why was it worth it go
while I’m actually did not I did not but you can put them right there I actually thought we could do it very quickly I was supposed to direct like a high school movie actually I got a good one but I’m fairly normal movie and I’ve cleared all that time the production issue time and then it it delayed and so I thought I would just knock out the door all day this thing so you thought maybe three months six months six months a year I thought it’d be cake because he’s he’s he’s reasonable I mean the movie opens with him telling a story that’s a sort of whiplash’s you because everything that you think you understand about how big a tree and raise his supposed to work in America is subverted by this very simple story in the beginning which is
throat sounds like it might be a little tender so I’ll tell the story
The kkk’s Coming to Town and they don’t have a bus and he has a bus and he gives them a big let them use his bus and I don’t understand what’s happening and eternal leaves you hanging because it doesn’t if you can’t understand it this guy Daryl Davis like that’s part of how he started down this road of this very unique individual form of activism where he very Simply Be Friends racist. He doesn’t come at them and tell them how they’re wrong he doesn’t even say let’s debate about he just makes friends with them and then slowly over time they tend to retire from racism I just tried it like he fights a war of erosion or like I have to tell you that it will work out but it’s not a hard sell by any means
I hope you’re talking about I love I realized pretty quickly that we only had one chance to sort of use the cold open to be very special because you don’t necessarily know what his deal is and you really have to read the text so that’s all this information right off the bat and that’s the time goes on
yeah I’m going to get in the end of the meeting with the goddess is Joseph Campbell would put it like for me watching that. Documentary is that then he goes and he’s he’s in Baltimore correct and there’s he’s very smart like dedicated career activist Kwame Rose and Rose and Jesse falck is Jaycee Fong the older guy chase you describe the scene to that which is that they sit down across the table from this guy and you’ve been watching the whole time you’ve been watching these kind of Jim Noir me looking like fake a guy’s I’m just saying where you at we’re watching over and over again you want to come sit down with these guys are you kind of like I don’t understand
and I don’t know if there’s exceptions to it then why don’t you stop being racist and then sooner and then they got wallets they eventually do they just need black friends never had any black friends is showing the absence of real information you can tell him they horns and eyes for a little bit and it becomes more of an expression of how much they care about their neighborhood or their family or themselves or their whatever is it to the end of this thing they’ve never met and that that’s the question that Darryl keeps asking that’s his thesis question is how can you hate me if you’ve never met me and it carries into that but then it’s like oh these times are upon us these conversations are so important and he sits down with these guys these younger Millennial activist and in very short time of their there they’re having a harder time seeing eye to eye then these more performance kind of like they
Galveston I like you and I don’t mean to I don’t mean to demean it our trivialize it but it’s like now it’s time to have a real conversation and it breaks down pretty quickly and you guys do it doesn’t get like shouty but those guys get up and go you know what can’t do it anymore after they going to call him out on what you doing and what is what good is it doing it like like what has it changed you’ve been doing it so long and isn’t it almost killed me was one of the two of them said it seems like it’s a fetish Daryl was raised in international schools do the guy in the thumb and his dad was a diplomat so you grew up in the store that utopians school environment where there really wasn’t racism like we
going to take for granted here so he comes back to the States and he does not it just does not compute and he wants to know what the deal is and that’s sort of what opens the door on all of this and it goes on to have few know he’s a musician right with Chuck Berry music like we know he be playing somewhere if you would want to come talk to him that’s another reason why you you tend to not see the things that get us tied up that. Not that I’m a person that gets tied up at it but we should bring up our black friend Brenda Johnson
Granite Johnson Brothers Johnson
blackest man in the world
I love that fucking theme song
good God has a good fucking sense
thank you so much mr. David dobrik off maybe rip out the interior of a 78 Oldsmobile Cutlass and then wear that to the harmontown show
I mean I don’t know
Elizabeth he did he said he knew what a henley was though I’ll give him points for his like Mike my girlfriend I hurt my girlfriend say it
big deal when it went at clothes I want something
so one of the suit is better than the other soup that you disagree in that I mean what we’re just we’re just admiring each other I just wanted to get them out cuz I didn’t want him like like waiting around while we talk about the stuff but because Brandon’s like he’s he’s a he’s a people love him he said he’s the one I really I got to say I love doing the show people been so nice to me since I started doing it so thank everybody so much for the nice words
cuz it’s difficult difficult to get into. I thought it was going to be like Oprah
Usher for you if it is the first two acts of of get out
stop I mean is your now I already know too much you know Cafe in Baltimore or wherever it was a short interview with you where you were talking about the very understandable dilemma of this guy’s been doing this his whole life what’s the documentary going to be you thought it was 6 months now it’s just I don’t know how long into that it is but it’s like a year
you can’t just make up a third act for a documentary it’s like a hard thing to like paint a picture and like have it also feel like a movie and we know he’s not going to go to save a kitten from under a car relay clicking no punches dad or something but in this in this moment he’s meeting these activists to and it’s like they’re all good guys they’re all heroes and they can’t see eye-to-eye and at one point what are the young guy says before he gets up from the table because he’s he’s talking about how I was questioning the efficacy of a Darrell’s doing which also the guy for the Southern Poverty Law Center does as well he’s basically says we appreciate what you’re doing in single-portion serving but we’re dealing bulk when it comes to Andy has his own and racism we’d like to clear the fucking Dex I don’t want to just spent 25 years making a few races friend
guys come upon and it’s like it’s hard to part it is hard to watch because it removes all of your sense of there’s a solution here somewhere it’s missed it’s just in a box I haven’t opened yet and I’m a I’m a fragile White Privilege the viewer of this documentary I know the secrets to race and racism and I have I have I have numerous black friends and I’m going to I’m going to watch this and I’m going to find out the truth but then it breaks down those guys get up respectfully now I want to talk to you anymore and at one point zero says don’t you guys think that you guys not think that the system can change that these racist can change and one of them kind of reflexively says no
and that to me was like the meeting with the goddess where it was like oh shit where we’re at war with ourselves because we’re we were understandably like arguing between left and right black and white and in all the stuff and but there’s this fight that we keep forgetting we’re having which is the fight between people that want to fight and people that don’t want fighting to keep happening and I don’t I’m not saying that activist serve pro conflict but they are it’s the language they speak their dealing with the issue in that language they are there are there like arrest me because if it can if I’m afraid of getting arrested then then that’s a fucking problem then it did that’s what you wanted so now I’m going to make you arresting me part of the painting that I’m putting in this Museum and then it’s like okay that’s really good and effective but at what point do you go
what did you just walk away from this whole thing’s feeling like your soul wants to puke I mean that I mean honestly I can read on it and I’m fond of saying about that scene that everyone is right everyone’s also wrong they are correct the younger acts are correct that the stakes are different for them they’re watching their friends be killed in front of them and Daryl’s solution is not some of the things of meeting up to them but they’re all so wrong that people can change which is hopefully big theme of the movie I mean to make it more clear and even less satisfying
for me when I really come to through this movie is racism
racism is a social disease that is related to economics largely mean it’s like it is it’s a horribly on the feeling is that sounds of the factors that lead someone in an inner-city to join a gang or the factors that lead to do anything with the clan the same lack of Education lack of options the same broken homes and so will begin to that see what kind of butting up against that like the real issue here has to do with education opportunity and a symptom is these these you know KKK in skin guys right because they don’t hold up that they sit down for a grilled cheese with a friendly black guy they within 5 minutes are saying it’s like like like like a question that I want I mean I’m not talking about this shit
but I was curious driving over here was thinking with my thoughts on the issue and I was like there
is it circling around the question like one one question to start with would be among white people is liberalism it gets easier the Richer you are right that’s not to say that the Richer you are as a white guy the more prone you are to be liberal with the statistics don’t bear that out however show me a white liberal and I’ll show you a support system right nothing like most things it’s probably easier to be wealthy and white and do them
I mean is that there is a scary rabbit hole which is okay so maybe I’m just not technically racist because my parents had a little less mess so I had a neighbor with a swimming pool and I had a 3.0 GPA and I lived in the suburbs and you know we weren’t there were there were no bars are on our windows so and I had I went to the integrated schools and so but it was like the big problem that we have in our country is neither race nor is it bigotry nor is it it’s it’s it’s the fact that we refused to address class we refused to address poverty and that where there is poverty there are things like that don’t affect us as much
people believe in the Earth is flat people believing that there’s no sign that it gets eaten by a turtle at night like those things just don’t affect how they hiring fire and then who they shoot like what the words they say on Larry King like like like mixing a lot of things that you like why would there be a poor white person at Larry King that believes turtles eat the sun will there and that there is there from science advisor because it’s hard to find I got to find that time battling in the right direction it really is I heard you fucking doubting me
because we were all key pieces of shit to tell him because we refused to talk about class in a realistic way we leave the door open for people like Trump to talk about it away to their advantage you know poor black people or white people have a lot more in common than rich white people or white people at the end of the day it’s like the color of their skin I don’t understand that this is the Angel think we all know it to like even the dumb people know it but they don’t feel it will you do the same collateral damage Advance 20 million
so you’ll do things like you create a nice thin poor white line next to a large black community and then you’ll keep super-rich people for their way it’s so fucking primitive if you look in Los Angeles all the rich people live up hi Monkey shit that we do you say like when are we going to finally do this but there’s something about the human race that were like man we got these places where we take people to get sick and we just put him in his place and it is called a hospital vote for the city titty augmentation and then one for the cancer research I think the same as with races that we are trying to figure it out still racism is kind of complex but it’s really not that complex but it works it works without a head so it’s it difficult to stop it I think that is absolutely true but I will also you better mom
I just I just rip off Jesse Jackson for nothing
you are so aggressive but also so articulate I love it
is there a chicken
you know what I’d I do think on some level
it does seem like something that will not be with us forever and I know that sounds very optimistic but if you look at it by a tradition love you all obviously the internet is in many ways a dark and terrifying thing but also the amount of empathy it generates you know that they say that overnight with the invention of the Gutenberg printing press the night because you can certainly understand what it’s like to be someone else, but it is my current information grows so fast that they call that thing where I like we’re going to have the computing power of a human brain in our phone like four weeks from now because that’s that’s that’s a rate things are going out but it is racism sexism actually moving it at a similar rate
I was really glad everybody Take 5 almost seems like I think is that turing’s thing is that one day the computers old to be more of a case like I have had conversations lately where it is almost like we’re starting to admit to ourselves that we short of ripping our flesh off of our faces and throw gender in there as well like we can’t we were just fucking idiots about it like we receive signals that overpower us and the progressive Among Us are simply compensating and things that we always has a bioengineered for fucking barbarism bodies and that
we’re quickly approaching the point where there will be an app that just makes you not racist because it’ll to end it won’t be because we become evolved
it looks good in them squirrels at two or more colors than a rolling ball of fuck I didn’t mean it really is it’s all blending in the numbers are changing the demographics are changing in like the day when deciding on that that’s part of what you’re seeing is the last because it doesn’t have any Muslim friends or whatever well yes and no I think that you would happening is that it’s vs. Rubicon being crossed the yeah but thanks for the internet that person in Kentucky
feels like it’s at his doorstep now he is in a way that he never felt it before and there was actually a kind of like strange like symbiosis between the Heartland in the cities before that was always possible when they were separated by a horse distance and it was like oh my cousins coming to town he’s a little bit of a hillbilly
meaning of baby princesses been studies for ethics 15 years now about the level of mistrust of people in the middle of the country of the coast and all the video related yeah it really great essay kind of something that up a popular culture in America in particular we love the mythology of people in the country are simple folk they like to chew on their long grass things and they’re awful clever they’re like leprechauns they got they got salt of the earth wisdom and they got Tricks they can pull in their their their heart of the whole country in the meanwhile in the cities and we’re in the cities propagate this myth we look at ourselves as not city Folk we look at ourselves this country. Move to the city
with a mole sticker on your face and the Heart Shaped hair and your
and and we understand that that is the that’s the that that that has been the outlaw hero versus the righteous here which is that you have cities coming up and got it like oh the sheriff’s important but so is Han Solo guy mixing genres I did I guess I just mean I don’t you talking about I can say it too but longer
I think there’s obviously a cynical right and also hopeful that maybe like if we threw off the shackles of the city would be better more honest man you make a documentary about Dan Harmon called mix metaphors I have some availability
is there a chance that actually just because City living is getting more and more of a tree out like the millennial generation is there getting by on less with a rich has more money privately now cuz people got super rich in the past two years to buy a house in San Francisco and Los Angeles to Chicago play a cool Jackson did not have a future in the best racist stuff
all of our crowd there are millennials that they come to the show at what are they doing like you guys are afraid of us saying the wrong thing but you keep coming every week we’re going to offend you every time they’re not here to defend themselves are flip over and have a disaster I think it’s more like if if in NASCAR a car flipping over made the car Stronger by now I’m made of asbestos and
and I’ll handle those curves a little slower I would watch that is like Gen X league league unintentionally racist and sexist white night uncle that like it’s like big because I didn’t get married when I was a boy but I did get married that’s right now
good memory when y’all have me have a 20 year old kids like I’m just like this weird drunk Gary Busey Uncle at there where you got your black people or white people is that still a thing
who sings about spiritually
scary videos
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses a lot but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme to like to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker at myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
but anyways yeah I think the Twitter has become a sewer is it just upsets me I can’t get off of it I have this like you’re like uplifting optimism and I guess it’s just I’m 44 so I’m always going to funnel it through race and gender and all this stuff is like I’ll see about eight black women black young women are going to save us because they haven’t liked on Twitter there like that if you know a black woman and she’s a piece of shit that’s good good
I’m not dehumanizing see this face of the future what it is and it’s like this all makes sense because I’ve been had so many times but they force that demographic to keep this thing that we’re all striving for which is like big picture like pragmatism cuz there ain’t no fucking like jackpot coming if you play your cards right it’s more like we always win and how do you count cards and that’s what I’m seeing on Twitter and blogs and things easily is it is it people that you would never see the silhouette they cut you think well this person wouldn’t even show up to the conversation because there’s so many buttons being pushed before they get the room what’s the opposite of getting pushed because my software and Hardware all out of date and now there’s this new generation of people who are just like born into this ever going to claptrap going on about my racing my gender
I’m not going to let that distract me it’s I see you’re trying to trigger me but here’s the thing I see a lot of that going on I like what is my fucking appointment get a medal for young black woman to come up to me after the show and give you a teddy bear I guess.
Let’s not forget Maxine Waters has been super Brave at all.
Why do they grow up knowing you are able to pass little hope I’m glad you so inspired never responded or more importantly didn’t respond didn’t take the bait of all that like
the cases against women beautiful
you pick on her when he he knows that she is not going to fuck around on the rebuttal she’s a black woman was going to tell you that your feet stink the pizza is burnt and I don’t think that bathroom is clean it up
I was excited when would you and I love you I’m telling you these pics cuz I love you I don’t want your friends to come over take your nasty ass pizza and take a shit in your city bathroom I love you Miss Jackson my fourth grade math teacher calling me over to the desk after taking everybody’s lunch money and then calling me back up Daniel and she handed me a brush and a nail file to go scrub your hands and wash your nails I turned beet red with the house at like I treat you that every every couple days
Max the Maxine Waters respect like I noticed like she didn’t it was like when we made that comment and it was like what is here and give me a break that you’re supposed to understand that shit with your gut not that’s why I am the wisest you’re having a debate on Twitter about like what it was so you can make fun of his lower in your body about this and what you know that Bill O’Reilly meant when he responded to her saying the president the Criminal by going like
it in a customer’s always right he has these these viewers that know their way of life is is waning for 10 minutes late Lee about Ray so they’re well as wizard see the world through that lens
I saw her come in Durand Drive was that the summit today but it was like eight-years-old you that was selling was your poor your home you’re watching TV your problems aren’t getting solved there’s a black president it wasn’t easy. It was like having a wicked stepmother is what type of election in that was fun too and then it was the next day it felt like hanging out and then there was a lot of different cuz it’s like day one and then they’re like my ringer cuz you one like
there and let me know when he’s going to say something and it’s going to be awesome how many videos have we seen if someone in a store being horrible and the punchline for them is this why I voted for Trump like I’ve seen Matt did did those people that he helped to change is their number on that that number goes up and down for like official story is hard to read the clock you know 2040 Marta clouded at 200 which I think is way high did they going to do his work like did they recruit you know why I said the guy was at the end of the movie Scott Sheppard as sort of an activist he text me like if you know that he’s working on the sky this other guy I mean it’s it’s it’s definitely a propagating itself on some level
make friends with him and I’m asking for more data that you’re going to say is like up and down a bit late but like that’s another question is like do they make friends with him and then 30 years later go my back hurts I can’t be racist anywhere here take my grand wizard cloak like does that count it’s just being a crime family like you do all of your your kids friends parents are also part of it if you’re a grand Dragon You Get Paid Dues I mean it’s part of your financial structure it really has to approve your life to change it you can get a job you can suck my
what but there’s a loophole I’m from Hollywood the one in the movie in the purple robe has been has been murdered since the film so there is at least one they can put you think
he said that was politically motivated was he murdered for I was apparently his ways with his wife that he was leaving in her biological son Missouri and which is fucked up
yeah I don’t even know. It all leave it alone God yeah and I will say one thing to myself in response to that, they just get old and they’re too old to be racist but from my experience not to say that my family has any or breaks Us in it but like from my experience you if you don’t getting older makes you more spiritual it doesn’t tend to make you more Progressive think I ate you. It’s not just something to do because you’re old like I find myself a little more God-fearing every pound I gain and every time you going to be a listicle I just like genuflect a little bit but there’s that kind of thing no atheists in a foxhole in what is life
10 today but you don’t you don’t you try to double down I just that’s my experience is like you go to your grave without intervention going like dying and by the way I’m so glad there’s no black people in my room then I’m dying in cuz they probably steal my dad

even the death you know I have a new project I’m working on the start of links into this and a factor that all these countries where they have popular switch games that come to power an aging population is like the number one factor people are more afraid they want to hold on to what they have there more willing to listen to convenient lies Everything Young is like these guys break things that they say in tweet like I’m starting to get like I’m like I shake my can of them all the time it’s like a threat Steve Martin made that hilarious joke with a host of the Oscars introduced the filmmakers live to meet the young filmmakers in Hollywood because they remind me of my death something like that
like poison ivy to you like I like they just feel achy like they feel like they’re pushing you off the Earth
I tried but I tried to do the same shit when I was your age don’t bring it inside anymore you can have it
Brandon and I were having a conversation about those at the airport lounge we went to Chicago and we were talking about you kind of boiled it down to well we have a biological Panic inside of us because
we’re all descended and some of us are descended from areas where if you had an orange in your hand your kids could live or die by Logic. Acting too that I could be paranoid but there’s a little crazy if you look at the world you noticed that the population of white people is like way up high in the Hills like Canada United States and then over Africa and India and shit there’s like white people but all the goodshit is close to the equator throw the Orange is in the fruit and like the the light in the dance in the fucking Carnivale but make it beautiful black women are closed due to the cold and you heard that there was a world that was warm it was it was there’s a lot of fruit in there was there was not as much disease potentially you would know you can keep your orange thank you
word of God
Dakota Parker Heckel me with fruit but I think he produces it
I think that the world I think the world would look different to you because you’re from a place where maybe it’s Barren so you see these people down there and you’re like they’re not actively managing resources we’re starving how can we get there shit and if you look at it on a map it looks like the people who live up here who don’t have food and we are coming down to get it in South America and Africa so what are thing is is to sort of say welcome there’s enough food for all of us, we’re not worried about dying out but if you live up in these places you come to these places you like my numbers are decreasing but I can’t have United States become Mexican and black and Asian because down here right I busted my ass and I have I don’t have a lot of fucking resources when it comes to things that keep me healthy so I can negotiate with these people and try and get the shit that they have hot peppers and red fruit
orange fruit yellow fruit or I can just swoop down and take that shit if my numbers were failing if black people were becoming extinct I might try to steal all your fucking oil I’m I try to take all your land I don’t know if you believe that you’re part of a genocide
how does thickest of the the racist field I feel like abortion is bad because you’re fucking up our numbers not because we don’t believe in a woman’s right to choose of that bullshit is nothing to do with that they’re like you are fucking with our sheer numbers billion Chinese we got to catch up on your family your Irish family they doing your job but if you think like that then yeah it does make sense would be a warrior like but our job is to beat you to the punch and so to be like hey man there’s enough shit for everybody stick around I’m invested in your survival just like I want you to be invested in mind
I like I like that I like that model the best because it it acknowledges this pigment like mad at me when I look at the world and I just feel like empirically you could just observe the fact that there’s one thing you could say about genetics is that white people are so good at racism like like like they’re just like I don’t want to believe that that’s genetic but but at the same time if you go. Lee a Gala tearing a girl like what we’re all exactly the same then you are this then you did you have to be subjected to this world that keeps telling you you’re wrong about your you’re decidedly rational belief that everything is flat and even and and then nice different split is like maybe there’s a couple Millennia of like what my therapist because I kind of like tribal memory and shit like there’s like there’s it’s not really genetic as much as it is like kind of just I don’t know
weatherfield of storage and that that will burn out yeah and I think they’re there is a feral have those moments like if you ever like take like a party and somebody says we should all get high and just hang out and then like something weird happens when somebody says what if we all ate and you’re like 23 and you’re like I have never done this drug before and pizza sounds good and I just moved here from Portland and then I don’t even like me to close in moments like these random social experiments where somehow
someone else is in the bathroom and you run your credit card for the pizza guy and it was a moment where you have these like as much as you were into the hole closed in the bucket and the everything it’s equal you have is paranoid a flash of all my God I’m being fucked over like everyone here hates me I’m a dork They’re laughing at me that’s why they all have beautiful weather with your clothes in the bucket I was like they wanted to look at it I look like I’m buying all their food
they’re fucking each other in the bathroom and they probably have more drugs are not sharing with me and you just start to lose your mind that that’s going to happen to me there’s no such thing as no that’s that’s obsessed with it make it has to be out of my grandpa where was where was the clothes bucket party hitting one bucket Stitch some elements together there there was a girl I went out with Once then to a party
if we were at the park.
I briefly went out with a girl once who was like Indie Yoga and she was she was she was very attractive and and I was lonely and I I bet she was on some really nice and like open in like emotionally like a mature and I feel we go to dinner and I do like my grandpa was in was it feel like you have good luck on Monday then you’re going to get cancer on Tuesday and maybe just having gratitude for what you have and go to the beach and she’s like I like that you don’t want to go in the ocean and do yoga I’m going to do some yoga is that okay yeah all right is everybody does what they really want that’s a great man and she do like yoga
is the group in her neighborhood were at the party and they all had gone to the same high school or whatever their version of high school was like fries from Academy or something it was like they’re all rich and then somebody brought over a box of underwear and they all Weddings But I like getting high I’ll sit here and get high and then I was the only one sitting and getting high and everyone was dancing and that’s when he brought her box underwear they’re like
they are they all look like Ken and Barbie dolls and they are all rich and they’re all sexy and they all that yoga and I was a fat guy sitting on the balcony with a joint in my mouth and I was just like
they fucking lying to me they tricked me it’s just like fucking grade school it’s just like everything there was laugh at the fat guy
custom everyone put on under underwear
I was wondering about that my point is that it’s it’s at those junctures when you start to risk melding with people that you’re at the height and you should be it’s the it’s that weird thing of like a Ouija board or a or like some game you played a party where you’re like okay so you know we’re going to reach out I’m going to where you’re both going to do this thing or that guy far they have a stiff as a board thing is I’ve been a fall back and everyone catch me it’s like in your head of like this could all be leading up to them that I’m just letting me hit the floor and wouldn’t that be a gas for that means you hear stories where that’s happened to some people in this room you were at a sleepover and who played the game where you trust fund someone who’s like either a mistake or was actual fucking targeting you hit the fucking floor and you I mean you probably don’t even know how traumatic it was you probably think that
you probably tell that destroyed your friends and go and that and that’s what I was like I knew that was going to happen and I’m more into Linux then
and these people just
are debating between Mac and PC are off the grid and what really but you’re always going to be dealing with I can’t believe they did that to me it really hurt me inside and out anyways
I was just bring it back around you know I saw you live isolated people who falls for the stuff that’s the common theme there isolated geographically in personally and they find belonging through through these ideas prisoner’s dilemma they come into your room and they say your buddy says you’re a fuck up you did you rob the bank the year of isolation makes you manipulative Bowl right now we have this internet and it’s like an hour at the age that none of us could protect rights like how do we have internet and the historical headline of this era of little history is fake news the idea that it is not just the idea that Breitbart is fake news or the Breitbart called Ms and BC fake news it’s the idea that we can believe that there we’ve never been more polarized in terms of the information that would receive it how is that no one would have predicted the internet would have caused that but it may
because if the trust fall exercise I’m wearing a spasm of are you going to fucking drop me what happened what is there in over my head or something
where is the spider which means she brought it in
you should have given him an orange
play Yuri step behind you don’t realize she was going to land on your hat and save your life
I mean what’s your name
Madison Madison
I think I know Michael’s first time travel question did this Madison bitch come back in time to ruin my life
with all the spider Maps
Brandon just drink a spider he just drank the spider that brought back a lot of the themes I’ve taken care of each other in about women doing the heavy lifting in the Santa Rosa
the medicine medicine describe the spider and its descent over Michael’s head
is really small and translucent and it was going down and then went back up and how many times would you say it went up and down medicine for congestion
like a ninja you use dr. pepper to just to harvest it like it was amazing was that your first time I’m not sure
BeautyCon with a passive ombre how do you feel about that it’s gorgeous
and how long is it how long have you been thinking about that
it’s a while ago Madison was the first time I’ve ever seen Brandon Johnson nervous
Kentucky losing his cool right now he just saw a woman from a spider attack and now he’s a little will you beat up my sister for me
can I see can I call you Madison
Madison and where do you live in Los Angeles
I hope he’s cool with it
are you going to school okay
Madison Daggett music I am in communication
but that but that’s a Jesuit university I dropped out of here I was a journalism major can’t really be a major in your freshman year at the same class as everyone else can see myself a journalist came out to LA to ply your dream trade in here for four years and I graduate in 2011
so what’s the dream trade
Mr Forster
but now I’m working out of your company as an art director
Justin Justin Roiland the creator of Rick and Morty is it’s 9:11 make a wish
Justin Lee speaking of that thing
yeah I work for them I work for the benefits that so just it’s just making there but I work for them
I’m going to go fuck with you Madison what at work specializing in I do I have an idea for a story or game or something like that not like coding and like Annika is I look at it I just go like oh shit we’re in trouble like because it kind of defies the whole three act structure and things when I ask you what have you noticed one of my why do I always have to be such a smarty pants
I think it’ll just develop a new form of Storytelling and it’ll be a way to make things seem to creative totally new reality is the new form of Storytelling is it someone put on a helmet or a pair of hopefully something lighter on a wireless so that someone has written they need to be even more so than we’ve seen in video games like the writers can no longer just control what happens when writers need to actually just fill barrels of information about characters and things all right I guess I am a smarty-pants what is that are you looking forward to that that’s more fun
I think it’s really exciting I think that it’ll open up storytelling to a lot of different people that wouldn’t normally have a voice in it when you go to a grocery store it’s like a how much is this a rare that you know what everybody is almost like a script already so when you program things to be that way then you can kind of Taylor reactions based on a more it’s like a reality so it’s like if you make it if you make certain rules for the world that you’re in then you can create scripts that we already have like Fast and the Furious what is it 10:20 now it’s 25 so is there a way is there a way I can just like hangout with Vin Diesel’s but the whole movie
guess that’s something that would be amazing as that crowd sourcing writing so that like you watch you have liked your Point of Departure is actually a movie that’s on Rails and experience it’s on Rails and then but then then people keep building it out where it is if it’s a town they get it like like like the way their old western towns are built they you went from the saloon to that poor horse store I don’t know put on the helmet and you experience like this guy got caught cheating by his wife and they’re having this conversation is a cocktail party until you experience the whole thing but then on the rocker going to steal cars for the government okay we will then you do it but then that idea that a team of writers that knew that someone was going to say I’m going to stay here with Vin Diesel
inet inet that was as exciting to a Curative type of writer who was likely because we see that in fanfiction like Shake That Man tab
going into these experiences of Fast and the Furious 35,000 is actually the virtual experience is more of a Sandbox like well there’s this thing that goes on where Vin Diesel and The Rock steal some cars but but people talk about stories as if they’re real life There’s no distinction they say because that’s how our life isn’t real anywhere we say hey if you are you a foodie have you eaten at a cabbage and they bring a cabbage in a in a dick and it’s like it’s an antelope penis but it’s like it’s by the table and you can make your own butter and it was better than theirs you can put him in the dick like it’s not like it’s like in Lebanon
we’re capable of experiencing an artificial world so we would actually end up saying to each other I would be not in a real room I be talking to you guys and then I would say hey if you guys have you guys been
watch Fast and the Furious but then hung out and Vin Diesel’s ass crack it’s amazing cuz it midnight Duncan Trussell comes in
show where he’s a character that steals a car out of his ass crack on the way we’re doing this hacking thing I don’t know it would be a different story lines so like you get an Academy Award for the Vin Diesel but thing but not the movie to fooled us into thinking we had Free Will and not even funny anymore
because I played like I played games where I thought you know I’m making these choices and I’m having all this anxiety about gwenifer versus whatever at what size of the guy that did The Witcher 3 like storylines like brunettes being so mean I’m going to be like you said a trip to the grocery store like there’s laws you don’t even know you’re able to break because you’re so given to just like staying in Lanes but then at the same time you could create a situation where people feel like a rebel for buying Lucky Charms
and it’s really fucked up like we’re all going to we’re all going to wear all fucked
how do you say that I will be up for a minute it wasn’t just helping enough it just scares me because it seems like nobody’s going to go job is that they’ll be like if you go out to the dumpster in the Lucky Charms Vin Diesel ass crack thing
like there’s this is Steve Bannon guy and he just if you push his left nipple he gives you a recipe for carrot cake So Meta the carrot cake recipe is a show
it’s like Westboro Michael
what’s up Michael come up and ask his kind of trouble questions
Madison was sent through time to save Michael from a poisonous spider so that he can ask a time travel questions
he came from a binder and a sheet of paper with some handwritten notes on it was a really heavy folder to I could hear it that guy with those that had his own political party and event
alright okay now.
Michael has made fantastic beer for me before you support of times and a mani pedi at the parking lot
you guys have so much fun
alright then but I feel like the gift of the mannequin like wasn’t it kind of like you were like oh I got to give a thing and it was like it was it was a little bit of a was receiving the mannequin likely it’s just my emotional memory maybe I’m confusing it with some of the week before you told us the terrible story about how your mannequin leg was destroyed so that week later I I brought a replacement for you
that’s all I tried to do don’t don’t buy it
I’m just a person then it said knives I apologize for poisoning the well they don’t like me anyway so so Blank Slate you gave me a joint you left a note time travel questions here we go all right if you sent yourself an email
I gave you that scoop to Dan
if you sent yourself an email and you timestamp it for a thousand years in the future would you arrive at like in this moment if you sent it right now would it be there in a thousand years like in that moment
don’t look at me I didn’t do this
awaken the Kraken
it’s really just a technological question about you know what happens to email when you timestamp it
pictures of Dan’s opinion of that
email or is it are you are you basically asking are we does time travel work in a Back to the Future away or in a more you if you sent the email
and it arrives there instantly if there was some way to technologically piggyback on that and send something back words you can’t say technological men piggyback
first time for everything
Mount Crescent Lodge Apartments I am a chemical engineer what do you work on.
date of this isotope has what we call a Samesies
microwave timer one more minute pepper one more question so I’m sitting in my laptop I have a time machine waiting over there right it’s going to take me to the future or am I throwing out the summer just mailing yourself in the future I’m marking this email it it it’s your email and it arrives a thousand years from now did you just say meow or is this a guerrilla marketing for I heart
I meant to say only that you would know what’s going on
will go faster if you have any questions in the third time he just posed a hypothetical what if you send an email what if you send an email then what
if you can find a way if you time stamp for a thousand years on right now yep if you found a way to send information back when I mean
I want to know how to spell words could you imagine the power of that like crazy if you could send information back in time I know how do I know how do my phone all right let’s talk about the real future this might never have happened.
alternate timelines bring up spider background
The Darkest Timeline
seems authorization
it’s a Adobe live22 appreciate my tutelage
she always finds a way.
That’s all I know but do that. It’s like I use line where to download a couple of Linkin Park songs and so the way charging works at it puts a bunch of pieces together right and then makes one full copy for each year
if you said if you said a computer to do that infinitely could you start making TV shows that haven’t even been played yet
because every week when a new episode comes out everybody just put together these pieces but nobody’s had all those pieces together before and then what if you just sent the computer to do that an infinite number of times when you eventually start creating content that had never existed

yeah that monkey stipend Shakespeare plus you’d have to pull the thing that they never they always leave out of the million monkeys typing Hamlet think it is that a million monkeys wouldn’t eventually type Hamlet infant monkeys would have eventually type what will there is no eventually cuz I live in it they would they would have Hamlet within them because they all do random things that’s the that’s the vet the you’d have to someone would have to aggregate a torrent for a TV show that didn’t exist yes if you had infinite torrent seeds
torrent client and they all just generated random data infinite which is the key yes you could you would then have to know what the TV show was it in order to aggregate it was kind of defeats the purpose cuz if you know it then you mean it or it exists but if you did know what it was would infinite car enters be able to randomly torrent the TV show has the infinite monkeys making sure we saw the future
Carolina spiders
Steve Agee everybody’s teenager
I want to buy a g or a j
play a game Google.
Thank you Jesus assholes right yeah yeah yeah a nice long pants you fux
emasculating for a long time there was a couple years ago
but you talk about something that I cannot stop thinking about the idea of shiting someone else’s parents when you die twice a week if you could you could wish that you do that when you die then you should someone else’s pants
will you be like because because of the retroactive social effect would be if your Donald Trump with a 33% approval rating you’re looking at a lot you’re you’re going to 10 you’re like everyone that dies is going to choose me I’m going to be unable to leave the White House that’s why I that’s why he left so I have to get out of here
but you just have guys like it would just be floating and doing tanks full of sanitized shit and they didn’t vent a chemical that turns shit into diamonds but it admitted a few that only killed Hispanics like they they just they stopped shooting and Donald Trump’s parents you’re not part of the solution
and I think you’re very pessimistic Raiders will lose weight what you do it’s like guys I don’t like why we’re not going to wait hard to watch other people stuff like like like okay fine I finally found somebody that admits that it makes me feel less Petty that she agrees with a lot of True Crime family go to those prisoners being murdered this Christine docudramas and one of them is called raising Jeffrey Dahmer and it’s it’s told from the perspective of his father and so you’re like oh wow is it interesting idea and you rent it and it’s like a $20 movie I mean they budget was $20
face it has a guy like looking through a microscope because I guess his dad did that at work and then the phone rings and it goes like normal kids game divers My Name another Ordinary World you called me the world is coming to a no threshold across that’s my motto
he ate who is the whole body why what did he say I don’t know hold on I don’t know what I could buy and then he calls his mother is the police just called me and said that Jeff reason today has been arrested something about a murder I don’t know that’s what I asked them but it just keeps going like hello multiple people
it’s just it’s like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead if Hamlet was about clearing an apartment of 17 carbs in this is Rosencrantz or Guildenstern Herman Martha I thought about it
eating other people leave me alone just leave me alone this is my home and it goes in and talk to his wife and he was just talked about it it just eating people I don’t know what’s going on sweetie I don’t know and then if they sit on the couch together and heat he picks up the remote for the TV and and turns it on with this determined look on his face and then the news is talking about Jeffrey Dahmer he react
nothing like a broken record but it’s going to be all day about it
I just did what I did if I waited two weeks to talk about that you guys two weeks ago I watched this movie
and you detect you going Harmons a little rusty but I have that Joy you just watched somebody sending me a note or no
a list of micro aggressions Afflicted abraded and otherwise transgressed
the the feebles just keep talking I have to serial killer phone
in Portland they don’t have dispensaries dispensaries have you that
in Portland they have pot stores Madison come on I’m sick to go see a guy with a ponytail and lie about nausea
how to become a pot smoker that’s why they if you tell them a thing that you’ve been told to tell them they will didn’t question it because it’s bullshit in a one-point you kind of want to be like a motherfuker you in a real doctor no more anyway.
Trying to write licenses for weed motherfuker what’s your story yeah yeah what is tell you cuz the ponytail you’re unwilling to give up with awesome to listen to your heartbeat when you’re high as fuck Colorado and Oregon other day they legalize medicinal it’s fucking pot you just bite your legs are to get high it’s so amazing and going to give a driver’s license but then you go back to Mason jars out stuff just like a dispensary but there’s no pretense of like my prescription and I was like okay so what do you got in a I literally did this like a half jokingly but then it works I was like she was like a what do you call a Somalia
smelling year old walking around Portland tends to check his pulse for 20 minutes if it gets too high but likes the Sober by 3 hours from now that I’ll so I can’t get on the plane with too much but like I was just describing like the Liberals and I just feel like nihilistic an anarchistic again but I don’t want to feel that way and I feel like I have part of it is the most removing jars from a group as a whole
Cody was watching her and she was like I was like it was a real was like really listening to you and it like down to the last thing I was like okay that eliminates that chart and then let me smell just a bunch of pot and then and then I got a joint of that pot and it was great it was great wall in Portland that’s what they do in Portland they make a big deal about this one’s got beans it’s made out of the lettuce and this one’s full of mint flavor is good for reading and like it’s a weird thing you go in La they they do that on the signage but no one does that but in Portland they have cards and they see you know they want to get get your number and stuff it’s it’s a weird I don’t know some language I swear I wish I had recorded them I was like I got I planned because it hurt it was so busy you couldn’t write it and it was like so sincere and it was like yeah
Chestnut eat this one with lemonade without Ryan Stiles and Greg proops and like bigger guys and we pulled off the road that was sent to Delhi weed Liquor Barn in the middle of a farm pull out there and it’s 10:00 exactly 10 a.m. and they just opened up I walked in and the three the 24 year-old guys working there and they were clearly just high as Georgia plans already really got it on and the cast of Whose Line Is It Anyway Watson
and 24 year old to corrupt on that cuz our parents would watch that with him when he was going to watch together and date
absolutely freaks the fuck out give us suggestions
famous it was amazing
give me a business we we have business we’re doing it we’re doing our last few shows here at meltdown we’re going to be permanently moving over to that starburns okay because in three weeks, thank you Michael
prices are a surprise
I don’t know you guys still care about the tax joint where do I get to work to do my mobile to Marshall like a waking something and because we got it we got it we got to do it I think we should all make signs all of us make signs and beautiful big signs that they paid protester but
I’d like really dress up I use my tax refund on this protest
yeah I wish there was a way to I mean it’s not like we all look in her crystal balls McGraw like well we already know that they’ll just look at record numbers of people flooding the streets of their hometowns and I like saying show us your taxes but it all makes a difference cynicism has the biggest tool of any repressive regime anything you do the show him that we’re trying to affect it’s the people watching the televisions that are just in mixed company and are like on the bubble are up and they are confused like I couldn’t believe the women’s March was like we’re still riding that way because it was just sheer numbers of people who get cynical about it not having an actual effect like I mean they can they can kiss my grits
you just galvanized other people to see you doing is that is something right before imagery for this illiterate ass whole is everything he he looks at pictures he sees them and they affect him bothers him a picture of happen because he reads pop-up books for a living so we week looks like more like are you undecided between being a Bernie Kratts in the neoliberal or something like that like like a huge hurricane and stuff and like we need to me when I’m like like getting in arguments are watching arguments online I’m always thinking of the people that are nowhere in sight they’re just people watching and and then and that’s why I always have to try to remind myself are you the smartest funniest person in this conversation or are you the angriest piece of shit that’s like like wishing I see it I’m starting arguments erupting between different factions
people people that would have us believe this is about Healthcare and universal healthcare in fact meaning they want ostensibly everybody to be healthy are saying when they don’t like the way an argument is going well then burn and fucking hell enjoying 8 years of trump you piece of shit and it’s like bumping up against your Universal house
I’m not I’m not and I don’t even going to smoke that hornet’s nest look like a good experience Akron Ohio Indianapolis and Louisville Kentucky and Akron is a little more red than Indianapolis which actually you can find like it’s kind of blue in in Indianapolis and I had to resist pin on that Greg proops I got some fan of his gave me a couple safety pins and Beads and resist on it and an acronym that kind of see it they notice it but if they don’t talk about it as people came up and said thank you like like awesome and we did our show and we banged on Mike Pence, from there we banging them hard and the crowd like almost stood up and fucking shared because they like in Indianapolis that guy still don’t feel like like the plague is at their door and that’s where the crucible
and that’s another thing is like if that person that that mythical contract that person that has been feeling from Reading their Facebook feed that that someone took their jarb Xavier they’re also going to see like like like they need to see the end of little want to dismiss it look like look at all those lesbians and biracials like just wanted to take my jar but they’re marching about it but there’s there’s people that are in the band the bubble that are in the are there like you know I feel this pressure I feel like the world is changing and I’m scared of the world and all this stuff and I think that’s why it’s so important that those signs are really funny and I like that and if there’s like like happy looking people out there and it’s like an end ship doesn’t get fucked up and set on fire by Paris how is it supposed to snow in Scotland during the Muslim band marches and they marched in glass gunship and a sign said your mom was an immigrant your absolute roaster
I don’t even know they’re rushing me this is absolute roaster that there are more of us and that you can have $750,000 shoved a piece of blue 75 of a show up armed to the Town Square the government people in charge it sort of be like shit but let’s go ahead and talk to these people so whatever you want to go to Riley’s you want her to marches it’s so that we don’t have to be in those smaller numbers having to fear protests care of the establishment that they really do it and and letters and calls and all that shit is it it’s tedious and it’s fucked up but I’d rather go out there and be silly and make a I have a tambourine of your fucking noisy asshole do it every goddamn weekend at anytime you’re free and do it because we have an idiot president who hates turning on the TV cuz that’s all he watches
only does he doesn’t read books he doesn’t read the paper he turn the TV on if you sees imagery of people all over the country and all over the world mocking him and it affects him so I’ll be living in a in a town where you’re actually in the in the minority as your as a as a liberal like I mean my heart goes out to you and God knows I haven’t thrown anything difficult during all of this but like just a suggestion it’s like there’s not going to be seventeen thousand people in my town flooding into the square and also there might be a bunch of more people showing up and being a kind of like glaring at me that are that are on the other side all the more reason to like make your sign funny
so that you have the truth on your side of humor on your side in the high road on your side of those fifty of you and it’s like CNN’s still going to cut to that during that morning girl holding a sign in in DC that said Trump eats parts
Oregon State you’re getting used to think about who the audiences for so it’s important that you could be funny but also it should be patriotic and non-violence and all those things like the country after all my blisters Wheatley going to press to or even talking a lot I haven’t talked a lot of the clan trying to suppress your what is Jarred mean
we still have some time left eye I think that we have to pass it down the line I may be busy comes in and does a verse
are you ready to rock on that what you want I just want to ceremony that leave you did on this
they were trifling with them it was like a really rather make and then break it down
hello hello
I mean look at this hair he just snipe me now I was walking on the street in Beverly Hills is like you’re Jewish
you got to do to fill in
I mean I didn’t know what to say really want to did you but you do know what it was that you would break it down for the for the goyim and I don’t know exactly what it is I like I remember in college the rabbi the local Rabbi knew I was with my roommate was religious a little bit and he introduced me as a good guy like we went to the class who wants her like I really got to discuss Judaism in God and whatever and I was like I don’t know whenever I would stay open discussion and he doesn’t believe all right so you’re sitting beside you sending us out as a character I’m kind of a secular Jews what you’re saying
right and what he want one time in college was like you got to do got to do something to fill in the same situation I was in this restaurant on campus is another guy the other side of the room and he saying I have this thing it is it’s really delicious and then it broke into his argument between two people saying Chase
Chick-fil-A it’s a reference to her the white beard campaign from the 80s and I couldn’t even I couldn’t between acts like this and then you do something to fill it and then another actor from the nearest affiliate of the photos I saw you like a hell-raiser like it was a razor Cube money in your arm all the way up
you got it out and I was like alright well I guess I have to and then what is the process like with many of his place and he’s telling he’s giving you words Hebrew words to repeat as it’s a prayer I guess and then he’s like wrapped around my head and it looks like the cube extreme this Earth Cafe in watching me do this thing and I was like I don’t want to do this I don’t know what I’m saying is you bring me a pizza Mozza for Passover thank you for your fucking to fill in here’s a piece of my like a Dorito flavor let you eat it cuz you can eat it cuz you can’t exactly yeah I know that’s right.
nice save nice saying I have a question
that’s fucked up dude believe you crackers and looks at the whole Indiana Jones hat he’s my mom is laughing at me taking pictures like pictures are of you yeah my mom told your mom you were with your mom
did you do it cuz you were with your mom and you know I don’t want to do it at all with your mom to filled in her know the women who is not allowed to Orange Grove
they had a bag of tomatoes and they they profile you was a joke I was walking down the street and they make it here’s a piece of matzo also now you have to do to fill in cuz you took it like that’s the worst show you when someone gives you their CD and Hollywood Boulevard in Times Square you know not to put too fine a point on it, sugar
incident on that street like that guy was like what how did you feel about him emotionally as a person mi amor you like going down that has the word problem because of the Jewish connection I don’t know if you was only going through this like what did you feel violated I knew I was doing but I felt he was would it be accurate to say if I was a little bit that he was like is it like if you were catholic you don’t like a lap cat of the right
am I right that was present in your head right here like I’m doing this cuz I’m home if I was anyone else asked me out of that situation.
Gary busy wrap the show’s almost over then did he say what he was doing this by the way a lot of people don’t do it no Mozza and this guy walked in and he was like Jesus he got you two
this guy but this guy he walked he walked into double-fisting Mozza so mean to me I don’t know haircut know why I got to
he’s not religious or what was the endgame for this person that the he’s saving souls and tomorrow is the first day of Passover which I don’t know I didn’t ask him I I just felt too bad too I was I was frozen but we give give give Ornstein chance to make things are not that it’s not normal Jewish stuff it’s like a very specific thing cuz I wasn’t to tell him we’ll never come up and in your in your I think I’m kind of wondering like is it and I guess Evangelical isn’t the right word like that. But it’s like I said the idea that you’re supposed to actually but it’s a normal Spirit has actively recruit his bike on a black dude hands me a rap CD
my laptop $3 CD
watch be white privilege that’s another thing like I never I would never be walking that aside when there’s nothing that anybody could like ply me with that you feel like you’re not proud enough to be a Midwestern white guy and I’d be like well you’re not going anywhere with that you won’t be allowed to the restaurant I’m going to like it babe but it’s like it it’s this interesting I mean to you should just run away and I could have
see what he’s wearing
rapping I’m very juicy wrapping made up
but here’s the thing I went spiderhead I came out of her pussy and they spread I’m priming the usual way when I’m open mike Eagle would say let go of your crutches
don’t think about your mama I’m carrying you see Mama so hard
but here’s the thing
I didn’t fuck anybody hears why I’m outside I’m part man part god
Gary Busey
first name g second name be I’m off the rest of the name see you here to get Beyond language you start to truly see what you mean I’m a p25 phase me the other half is not me
mirrors me what I said
just give me a second
you want to tell your dad I’m a spirit I go up to heaven do you know what movie I love 7
cuz that would be bad rap I wouldn’t be flowing I mean going I’m going to call an Uber and not a lift because my politics don’t hold up the shit I want an SUV
the car will I play Minecraft
farther than I have appointment Skyblock mine
Iron Man crazy Gary Busey
Native American Celebrity Apprentice
Gary Busey
I’m going to open a hardware store cuz I don’t believe in ownership
if you come in for a hammer you can tell it to me
whatever your building it’s already been built
no I’m sicker than that
pictures of every pic pictures of the American Eagle don’t put it on an endangered list Let It Be Free of bureaucracy if there’s a thing that you don’t need a lot of project that’s the truth of Anarchy I’m a bald eagle with a dented head winds Aloft my phones are still Hollow I’m looking for the rabbit of racism
but when I see it good to wear made of wood if you’re made of
how can I have a different kind of site
you wouldn’t be a black person you’d be a tablet Wars by John Lithgow
black women go to save the world I’m dropping this guy fucking every girl has Harry and the Hendersons it’s pretty
I was Third Rock From the Sun
I love biracial women I want to have an orgy with biracial women
I love meletio biracial women I’ve got a blister on my mouth is circular like a story I’d like a young right today
hero or a villain I’m just filling with what start what
big leaving Madison right thing thank you so much I am working on a new one so hopefully I’ll be back next time again but in the meantime accidental courtesy is on Netflix so good never been Barnes right here out there at 11
thank you so much for having me.
Call Jeff for him
drive fast to take care of everybody


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