Episode: 241 – Kumanji


Episode: 241 – Kumanji


Kumail and Emily return to discuss Harmontown leaving NerdMelt, Spencer & Schrab provide color commentary while Brandon Johnson and Doug Benson get to meet Dan’s newest rap character, Peanut Jones. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff B. Davis, Spencer Crittenden, Rob Schrab, Kumail Nanjiani, Emily V. Gordon, Brandon Johnson and Doug Benson.


penultimate show here and now, to Hollywood California
just bring up
Spencer Crittenden and rocks Rob
don’t do it
animator harmontown
thank you thank you very much thank you
thank you happy Easter hello Jay how are you how are the accommodations
there’s no TV in that room though and also Nigel May piss on your feet we just ride up
yeah that’s the Boos closet is right it is it is off of the guest room yes the Nigel are adopted dog he supposed to Harvey
do you have naturally
what what what is up with Harvey
looks like you got a lot of microphones on those chairs that are like you got plenty over there where no one is
I thought you guess you’re going to have to Mike so I kind of had to yeah that’s what it sounded like he likes to burrow he’s like part Shih Tzus of foot warm in dog
getting fur out late last night he burrowed down Cody was just starting to get along with him they were just starting to like each other and he broke down to the bottom of the bed and at some point during the night he pissed on her feet under the under the blankets
that’s it that’s my story about him I wasn’t getting come here tonight to talk about that I had just like but it took Cody hasn’t learned to love or part of that story lost weight how does that as an expression of a piece of shit like he’s a he’s a piece of cheese at garbage dog he’s a he’s a piece of garbage you know any if he causes trouble but when I was first settling down with Cody and do it into a monogamous relationship her first experiences with Nigel where her having to scrub him in the bathtub cuz he darts at skunks like he like it here in my life forever I would not have adopted
one dog let alone two and I see nobody sees divorce coming I would not look at myself and go like now there’s a guy that you of anything
and while you’re at it make a mammals that that with emotional needs and stuff but but but don’t get too stressed if you’re listening to this is a dog like right now I can’t watch hoarders episodes that involve the animals like I’ll just like this one because I don’t like the idea of an animal not being taken care of it’s very distressing right Rob yes okay so do not listen to this podcast didn’t think I was Dan have intended to dogs that are like like eating their own feet or anything about there not I I throw a lot of money at making my dogs like they have a dog sitter who’s like a microphone flying in for you right now if you want Mike to to the audience’s great detriment
as a venue and this is our second to last show as you pointed out and so we’re saying goodbye to a place that’s been our home for 5 years 5 years can we bring the Crickets in the people walking over head
you never heard the sound of the Crickets and the people on the swamps and we’ve been drinking a lot of stuff for the ghost of old man Higgins haunting this place one thing I definitely remember is everyone always saying they miss Kumail nanjiani
and Emily Gordon
oh goodness
Emily Emily welcome back Kemal crying walking back to guess the audience missed so much that Rob had to sit in the table no microphone there’s a lot of a lot of friends coming
wow it’s great that was great I thought I thought Meadowlark Lemon with everything the show before I don’t know what it was like like today I mean you know as I pointed out like Emily you’re the George Washington of harmontown like you you said to me at the Roost you should have a podcast and then I was like that I’d rather do a show and then I already talked about this but you’re there if you’re there if you’re the reason the show ever was here it existed here because of your involvement with style
downtown in space and I was definitely looking for shows in for like voices that didn’t have like a stage and this is what I thought needed needed to stage and need an audience and I was just remembering actually on the way here to remember the first show we ever had when at 8 when the show started I was at the Grove at the Apple Store trying to buy something for your laptop in my gosh yeah it was a video. It’s so weird I started recording in progress together my food go over to his place once a week and sit for like 4 to 6 hours and hours I do and if you listen to the first couple episodes of maybe is it you’ll hear like a weird stilted like what yeah cuz that’s what this pack has that’s its bread-and-butter is of concision
anyways but yeah we just didn’t have the time to do that it was like we were than this Obama just did Marin
yes but they did edit the alms and
at the Apple Store on the phone with Matt Meyer of all people trying to like figure out exactly I’m sure you remember this kind of yeah and then I came back and I was like yeah I think that it was at the only reason for whatever that equipment was the first show I did hear it wasn’t podcast but it was like I had spent I stayed up all night designing this flag on Photoshop way you did that till 3 a.m. and then fixed it
no that’s it that’s his final form I’m so sorry I didn’t let you know it’s well yeah you’re right it’s cool it’s cool it’s right what is this mean a city a city that can read last I don’t remember what our society founded without tyranny Latin written without understanding
is that really what it says it says not until I get them I bet that means understand Latin and also would I be cool if I spoke Latin I’d be so many feets not actually it what it is is Latin for it does not translate anyways we’re very excited to be back I left this do all right I hear you guys are like the opposite but the same it’s good I like it like you and appearance you could not be more different but it did we have a very close to the magnet to the iron filings
but somebody’s been a lot of time and that’s why I still can’t get in it.
Anyways I know I like I like the idea of us both talking like seem like we’re both going cuz we’re both sitting here you know ya like that
so as the movie going you guys what was the word boo or were you trying to scare the bad podcast it’s bad worse tattling
so sorry
we have too much to do tonight that we can’t really technologically like handle how much shall we have it so it’s already buckling under the weight what’s what’s what’s going on you guys how about you guys have a hit movie out yet it’s not out yet but it could not keep this from being a hitch
I’m counting my chickens and they’re all chickens they’re not cuz they’re not your chickens you don’t care you don’t think so it’s Easter I don’t know my God don’t say that that’s a lot is an ape’s that can talk and fucking
when you say it’s going up against them do you mean and yeah we’re battling them wait what’s accuplacer Distributing year old movies Hood so some people are probably curious about that what do you mean by going up against the door opening the same day at that we’re all going wide the same day as Planet of the Apes which is a week oh don’t do that that’s bad
seriously yeah okay I’ll send an email motherfuker
I’m literally sweating right now it’s a week after a Spider-Man 2 weeks after Transformers Amy Poehler comedy these are all things for you do they call that early when they called The Sweet Spot right I like everyone’s like getting scared he done that is there a is there a different League you’re allowed to play in if that would be your option. I’m not I don’t dwell in this DIY feature world where I do not have to go out what we’re doing is no cuz the movie theaters and then we’re going to slowly expand and they want to go up to like pretty big and little Lions Gate is releasing it so it’s going to get if it can support it it’ll get ultimately a pretty big released but is only starting in like
Indira theaters yes but there’s a thing it’s called cinemacon and what you do is your convention and you go and all the movie theater owners are there parts of your movie and you try and convince them to play it in their theaters who you have different celebrities are that are there till like be like rewards for the cinema owners to be like oh my God you guys are so great you get the Rock and then they have us who are like just begging them to like a great we are you want to see this movie right put it in your theater still like we spent the entire time they got to wooed by The Rock and then we back them basically you back but I am very excited to meet me and John Cena and then I said what was funny was the Amazon Amazon is the one who bought it but they releasing in theaters they had to do a schedule going to be like bring up the marketing head of Amazon and then you
come out and you kidnap the guy and I was like most people are just going to take out that’s the marketing head of Amazon
that’s true I guess that’s the guy he’s slightly more comfortable on stage than you would think
what is the third City Chicago as much as we can but yeah baby has gotten a microphone it’s not working though it’s fine perfectly that’s great perfect it should not be hooked up to anything
is it hello how’s dinner party and I was talking to somebody that works at the star burns are Studio arts arts studio and I was running my hands blindly through my Locs cuz I was kind of high and then I was like like feeling as I do every once awhile I felt something like that it was like I don’t know but it’s not a spider and I touched it to be gone by now or at a bit me or whatever and then they keep the keep running my hands through my hair and I’m just listening to the conversation and then it does not go where you think it’s going to go I am I have never been more excited for a story
yeah good just a thought you didn’t get to realize I would know if I turned on my blithely through my locks
so I finally like touched something that felt it triggered my fingers to think that like I was like I did to my body felt like I owe there’s a there’s something in my hair and it’s a live or that shouldn’t be there and back reactions by autistic add reaction as I was talking to this woman
there was nothing but I would have
I had I would have thrown it on to her from her perspective you would just like
I was telling Dino later it was like yeah I was talking to her like she was like I guess she didn’t know she’ll never know that I’m a horrible coward that would throw a bug on her if it was on my head I don’t know it was like I was high I was in the backyard hours it will come out what if it was a bunch of little dick
that’s a valid question. He’s so happy that smug face otherwise you just have to hear the brand of makeup forever but then Dino said
Regina said if people had to scramble to find out a way to get around with my dad to make it worth it for that
but then Dino said oh no she’s no she’s very low-key she’s cool and it’s nobody’s cool with someone throwing a bug on them because she didn’t react at all she just thought it was cool and he’s like no no no but what if you threw a bunch of little dick Saturday
well grab the bug story is riveting
hey just let you know it’s but then it came up in that story was actually didn’t hear the name Stephanie
because I went to some degree I got on. I don’t I don’t want to I don’t want to invade this person’s privacy or like speak speak for their ideologies are you he said she’s like she’s like a brown belt
hahaha. Hahaha He said she’s crazy she’s very low-key and it’s because it’s because of her beliefs cuz I was talking all that was very nice of you and I didn’t think God was watching I just put my foot on someone’s face and just grind it into the cement
she said that God is hearing you say that right but God has grooves like you know it’s an extrinsic God he’s like thank you for thinking that and then showing some restraint I got to take a poop I do to the toilet I want to grind that person to admit I’m going to not do that God is going to go take a poop in the toilet did you say I have to take a shit anyway painters are it made me wonder if taking a poop likely quite hot brush
little dick little dick
she’s very hurt my husband is very pretty and we drove by a church today you know the church had ended your your dick that goes in your own butt and
yes what are you talkin about are you talkin about Mosaic Mosaic hipster bike week when I make a right coming on Highland or a bunch of hanging out side getting phone numbers and shut
there was a step-and-repeat outside of Mosaic we were driving or gets its Easter stuff repeat it’s where you go to like stand in front of like a red carpet they have like a red carpet in front of their church today I forgot it’s a holiday girls in stripper heels and I was like
you know
that’s right
my dad used to say well I guess that’s what I was just coming out to Caesar what is Caesar’s magdelaine
they were really hot people there is always hot people in here all the time and sometimes I just want to pull over and start going to that church so that everybody is good looking the way it made all those people probably would grind your face into the pavement if they didn’t think that there might be a God that would prevent them from getting phone numbers if they think they need a make me a make me think too you know maybe we don’t you know we kind of tend to look at like religion and religious problematic and go like well did you know people to take it too seriously they got there earlier they think all kinds of things they use it to justify like violence against people and oppression and all that stuff but how much of it is the glue that holds our nation’s many many stupid together and just keeps them in their living rooms just admit he keeps them away from the polls stripper or voting
yeah which Paul’s vision and I know I’m late on this one but everyone’s dumb light like most people are dumber than you and then I’m done running Krueger Auto Body you think that everyone else is an idiot because you can’t conceive of even average intelligence you are the smarter you think you are it’s the Lake Wobegon effect they used to call it but they actually kind of like where everyone’s above-average that I think they’ve been administered attached to everybody whatever a group of people and and then they said
the more wrong you are the right are you dumber because the interesting thing about the end where you could be anything that you’re dumb about like if Stephen Hawking went from astrophysics into how to administer a catheter like like he within two weeks like he’s not the guy I would pay
keeping his mouth shut if I don’t know much about Stephen Hawking I got a little help over here I’ll try to use less distracting examples by the way that was him twenty years ago he would a black holes and as much as you would probably say because he’s super smart about black holes he probably assumes you and I know more about black holes than we’re capable of that’s the other end of the effect but he would also within two weeks of learning how to administer a catheter like as a nurse I didn’t like like he would go you know what I got this I could teach this in the University because he wouldn’t know that much about it but he think well that’s the guy that that is the Dumber you are at anything unless you know the more the more certain you are the guy
or big it is actually just the nature of stupidity on a telephone before they kill all of us to show guys getting horrible ringing and going to get more confident the last day now and then oh my God what are so dumb we think cancer is a privilege they don’t they’re people cancer I’ll never get it no but you’re so dumb you’re so dumb you’re going to get cancer no I’m not I thought about this for 30 minutes no but that’s less time
can a doctor tell me about climate change and stuff with all these so-called experts yes crap that means other people have to spend a bunch more time than you thinking about the fucking Earth and shit that’s right honey when you have a fresh breaks down what are you do you take it to a person who knows how to fix Bridges that’s right we could agree is wealthy Americans
how do I need to wise up and stop being dumb and just make a bunch of money and sit and play video games I think people have a right to be stupid though if they want to be confident about it they used to be a right shame that I should be ashamed there was a culture in this country where you were dumb and then you’d hear yourself say something oh I’m stupid all over and then you could go back in your basement
go back in your basement I’m just saying people do have a right to be stupid and there’s nothing we can really do about it you have more than a right then control the fucking planet. You’re talking like we live in Logan’s Run world where we control Carousel it like I can’t believe the things you said
I think it used to be that soon
and I hate you I mean it people who thought themselves not a smart used to be ashamed of that fact and I do think there is this idea now that like know that somehow a write like a right that you know we can take me to has become like a positive trade in America during the second act of a blank check or what is a Disney movie for a kid’s fantasy I know where the second act is like Rick do commend left a blank check and I can now if you have a party at my house at is does the Montage of like oh I have no grown-ups allowed
the backyard
they’re sick and tired people are sick and tired of all these smartypants is telling them they’re stupid and now we’re just living in the in the in the second half of their their novel what what’s going to happen in their novel like your teammates not getting to play basketball what happens what happens in the third Act of what if I had a car
they were all over I mean there’s always that you know it’s like
wow yeah what’s up what’s up what’s going to happen What do we do if there’s no I have never felt this I’ve always been very optimistic and I still feel pretty optimistic overall but my optimism now comes from the fact that at some point we’ll all die and Earth will regenerate itself and millions of years from now to buy Star and I won’t be block everybody’s so nihilistic missile hits like right on my house I feel like cuz I want to shoot my dogs we were we were little I don’t know what’s going to happen we have to pick up like
I’m explaining to them that I think might explain to my cat what’s happening I am so jealous that she has no fucking idea she’s so happy right now
give me more about me if you can really explain everything to it because if you can would also be a good wife you mean I’m part of a selectively bred species is doomed to die of renal failure because the price to the cost-benefit ratio Peaks out for my species and like I’m going to die me to spend the last six months of my trapped in a home walking around yelling at a dead while you inject bags of the Scruff of my neck like I’ve of cat fluid because I’ve become nothing more than a cat shaped container for cat fluid always are is it that when a cat is a cat shaped container
we we keep we keep one of them to look like us and the cats like she was my own cat fluid it’s it doesn’t like that anymore than we do but then you tell it like oh oh no there’s a missile to the cat would be stoked thing in your house totally
it’s automatic quality nuclear warfare during Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually know when this is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Black Cinema with Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
we were in Seattle and we were reading this thing that was like don’t worry if Kim Jeong Hoon launching a missile it can only get to Seattle we were literally in Seattle we were on the plane and I was like fucking take off right now I literally was how long would it take for a missile from North Korea to get here it will take a minutes but who knows I don’t think that’s true who knows I don’t just long and minutes
I like your response was it feels like what what feels right
then why does it take five hours to get to Milwaukee minutes so it sucks is that your cattle and in minutes and it takes me 5 hours to get to New York that’s fucking bullshit
I’d rather be blown up
well you now you know that so still Travis still strapped walk instead of New York what does same amount of time you said 5 hours to Milwaukee to 5 hours from New York to Las Vegas
pictures of The Layover to go to the walkie you can fly direct to New York but I don’t think the idea of just like like just going away all this horseshit disappears that I feel bad Sopranos Sopranos like some kind of like what we got 2 hours to kill what do you want to watch on with the word I never watch that
10 45 minutes arguing about what we had fried rice fried rice so my God excited for the Apocalypse

I don’t want to look at me so hungry to diet yeah I don’t want to live through I don’t want to be in a wasteland fighting cannabis or gasoline I want to go yeah yeah
teeth is a
because it would have to be something that there’s a limited quantity of like quite a bit so I need to pre radiation precious life with teeth like pearls and you can wear beautiful necklaces to show people how far you got in life it’s only what the dollar is it’s like it was a bunch of little dicks
that’s right in the future the currency will be a bunch of little decks
Rob Rob Rob Rob Rob Rob to be like a hundred-dollar bill so sorry by the way you can catch a male in Mass Effect Andromeda that it seems a little chunky like terms of loading is it like a little donut fat shame the game in experiencing like your load shaming it what what
yeah he likes it but I mean I don’t know why Franco in a kibbutz or something and then there’s you would like anything I mean what what did I think I was going to see him doing you know it’s like always in a movie weird Alex are closer to if you were in a porn movie that I was watching a movie called Mike and Dave need wedding dates and that’s why is it I’ve been afraid to play at 8 you know I asked to be in it that was like a developer of Mass Effect would like talk to me sometimes and I was just like a fuck it what’s the point then I was going to be in it and it’s totally fine if you say no and then I’m the president and the game but now it’s kind of sucks because now I don’t want to play it cuz I’m like what if I fucked it up and I fucked up my
like favorite video game is too nervous to play it
take me to the only thing you’re going to ruin would be a conversation between right upgrading your armor of them to assume that I figured it out I went on Wikipedia I could never figure out the 10th problem
is there a is there a how far in are you coming out minutes okay or not in your character the Royal you your character in Mass Effect the protagonist is kind of a disaster and it puts you in charge and so your then you come in shortly after what he’s sort of like you have to figure out well I guess I’m the new boss and then you checking in with your crew yes and I thank you for bringing my love cuz I was just talking about what’s wrong with me cuz I’m I I can’t cuz I I made a character and I gave him like I was like what I’m going to give myself a gray hair cuz I want to like be old and be in this game younger than my dad
but like I always I try to make it look like myself and then it ended Justin Roiland co-creator Rick and Morty season 3 coming to his time time Aaron are you Justin like I remember going over to his house when he was playing Skyrim and it was like what the fuc and it’s like yeah I know I always did I was just trying to make the person look as fucked up as possible I’d like we just met he just registered however close together the eyes can be however wide that you sent to me and you’re making my character in Mass Effect there’s a really impressive hairstyles and what it was like this very like fraud out saying so I had already created I already made it look a lot like me to me as much as I could but then then I was scrolling through the hairs and one of them was just like like this powerful fro like like
lake lake lake this guy was like they had bigger fish to fry spiritually laugh out loud but I didn’t use it for your like I agree with you I don’t I think if you want to set out to make yourself to make yourself and don’t give yourself afro playing games because his me like I’m Woody Allen when I’m in there during the Russian Revolution so like that’s why I don’t have to configure laughter to come if it looks just like me LOL I try to make it look like it was just like what you can’t you can’t you can’t make them fat like you can’t
I want to make a serious kind of emotional breakdowns designing their bodies in these games we had a guy was trying to make myself for this basketball game and she was giving me advice on what to do and we almost got into a very big fight I was like that’s not how I look I’m only Emily Emily you found other ways to say those things
see that when you’re having to pick your body type for a video game is it can be a very it’s a good confront of things to do for your emotional ties they always make something weird always be that person sucked in if I have 4 hours to play a video game which is like a big deal on my God I found four hours now and it’s one of those games where prepare to dock check the mirror see if your face looks all right. I’ve never really until unless they’ve been maybe some games where it was so so clear that I couldn’t make it look like me at all that I was able to just make some decisions in my head that it it didn’t have to be me but but mostly I’m just like trying to make it look like me because that’s good I think that’s totally good if you playing this game you’re in the game
YouTube look like you I totally agree with you and I I try and do that too except when Emily’s around cuz that’s not good
a short break even know they had literally like I’m in the basketball game I couldn’t get to my height so I had to be one inch taller than I am and it wouldn’t let me be my actual age and they won’t let me relax relate to my dream is over that I’ll ever end up in the NBA like that you had to be in a different HBO show yeah they were like you got to be on Veep to play this game right now they should I guess it’s because there is a standard technology yet because it wouldn’t know what their private industry isn’t incentivised to do we have the technology to do anything you could be at a mall or something and you’d go like oh oh I should get one of those because I play a lot of video games one of those being you step into a kiosk and they just do a bus can just walk out with a file on a certain amount based on an avatar of a human being it’s always use always hilarious to see what you actually look like
no that’s really funny I mean believe me I try I guess. Cheeks as far as like I try but it is like that’s why I always like the game has decided you need to be I want to look like what is the machine what’s the what’s the machine look like that you do step in like a booth or do they like two little dick and take give you a like a hula hoop for GPS setting for like hot Bruce Vilanch or sexy Russell Crowe in the booth report do I get to the airport or like a ticket booth when you catch all the tickets are dollars put your arms above your head after head the whole time deep do you keep your clothes on yeah
put on like a special like blue like like me or perhaps you could make yourself in the video game I bet you would be dead crash test dummy he doesn’t have a beard and never get in trouble tail or even just you know you can pick female hair options the male character holy shit that’s better than most games I play it’s just like I always look like a weird like Cheech and Chong like cigar Indian kind of guy I think I like you too I can’t I mean it’s just like to I would yeah but I have I have to compromise
thank you to me I never played video games to be a real distinction there would I be shocked if we found out you can cross-reference it with the with gender of modern game or I wouldn’t be shocked to see there’s a correlation of the data but but I also think it’s it just seems to me I just think this is I’m a narcissist I just don’t like look it’s got to be honest because there’ll be no thank you
bad third date but you’re not going to be like yes I’m a narcissist I don’t know I mean maybe but I don’t think I’m not saying that because you want to make yourself in the video game you’re a nurse and their heads like so by a plus when you play video games that let you design the character how many of you strive to make it yourself
yeah that’s that’s all I’d number that called that 50% of the American public
yeah it’s a little dicks
are vaginas how many design your avatar your player to be something totally different and you said I sounded like more people and I would call that 40-60 though I mean I can revert adult Mystic River like I want to be someone else I’m selfless I’m a wonderful person
he said was it’s because I hate myself so but he did say it out loud in a room full of people when you get to a point of hating yourself when do you consider yourself a biological weapon that you fling it people but I guess we’re doing we’re mostly not Trump voters like wait was like but that’s like the culture of know what I’m so gross the side is not made for me I’m going to fucking fling myself on you like multiple mig’s in a fucking weaponize themselves and just like fling themselves at the pie look like you know the prom queen’s always went in and let’s see how she likes it and it’s like the more the more he misspells tweets the more he like revealing something out of theirs that it’s that that’s that connection
I think he’s his revealing that he has no interest in net neutrality and I was there once everyone’s been like it’s so I mean there’s so much for such a fate of the Furious did really well this weekend yeah yeah how did the force awakens at the fate of the furious car movie get over and get back to your podcast tell me about the fate of the Furious back a long time ago on DND you you pics Fighter character like like you want to be like I’d like a tough Warrior character Furious 1
it was you want to be somebody else but physically you want to still like it if you could draw yourself in that world and it’s you I have you can assume you had a say in the design of your characters that look like you had to say in the fact that it’s funny if you recognize the formula need the people when we played D&D here Pathfinder and I’ve made a conscious effort to not like I don’t try to I haven’t played like a stealthy assassin coward characters which I use note-taking late because I because I actually was like I didn’t have that thought in my head is like when you played when you were a kid you always were like engaged to this weird like oh you’re the it’s it’s you as the coolest guy in the world like that’s going to be your character and then when we started playing
here I was like normal people do and play like a Fantasy character that you aren’t you know so be like yeah I don’t know because I want to split the death and have the right to be wrong about shit by the way we are and I have drawn characters up with Spencer we we are starting up a new world playing playing coming up we just wanted to do it with our move to the new a whole new campaign how do you feel about moving there are you having any sort of emotional feelings emotional feelings as opposed to an emotional feelings are you having any sort of emotional feelings are you having
well I don’t know I guess I guess I have like a weird intellectual version of an emotion which is that I feel like I don’t know I feel like I’m supposed to feel stuff in that makes me feel I feel like I feel when I think about it I feel like I’m supposed to feel things and then that makes me feel sad just like the remember when they sleep with me our friend came out in the podcast that you weren’t here but it’s part of my endless quest to fill your fucking vacuum we had a guy in her shut up everything’s been fine since you left
I’ve always been here.
But sleep with me guy he was it did it anyways he was taught we were talking about what is Michael so close to hitting that new Kumail role in our team and as we were talking about A Chorus Line the musical and they give the exact character in that musical guys that song about how she feels nothing and then on the nuances of that about how feeling nothing actually be the most emotional experience you have that’s how I feel about meltdown in meltdown said dude you as you while you’ve been here for 5 years and you’ve done lots of shows like down in my podcast heart and thought I’ve been in this room for a long time and I look at the pillars that are always in the way and I and I had to be you don’t have you don’t have to feel like we stopped doing our show up in October we did it for 6 years
okay how how do you guys feel like you just heard about it what what is your feeling about what your emotional but now even though it’s only been a few months it’s kind of to me the socks it kind of feels like it never happened it’s this weird thing where when I like every now and then I’ll get a ghost of a feeling of what it felt like to do that show but for the most part it it feels like it never happened like it’s sad but okay another NPR apiece if these people that have huge huge Superior box Superior graphical memory or something like that sumach it’s very similar to photographic memory but they have just like instant recall of any detail from their own life
they can remember every day and every moment you spend this time I’m super jealous of them because how could that ever be bad and like like they can be like oh what’s the best season of friends while I have to go back to episodes of the holy shit that’s a superpower you must be great in the writers room you would be great at everything you do you be great in a relationship if we got a ha they remember every fucking relationship there in over how in love they were like it was yesterday don’t forget the day it turned from good to bad they’re not able to forget how how it felt to to to to to be willing to die for somebody another person two years later they’re both and they’re just like they’re haunted by a part of getting over something is having to forget some of it and I don’t ever cold an egg
very like but actually he’s right as something that you want to happen right now not a while from now a huge way you kind of want to die eventually if you want to have you have an emotion that feels like when you felt before. That’s how you end up feeling connected to like this like this deeper current of like whatever the emotion is like that and that’s a lovely feeling I think when you get just a hint of Michael I’ve felt this before. His pain or like happiness or whatever it is like that’s the shit to me that’s like that tattoo under the ocean what do you have on in motion now that reminds me of a emotion that you had over there before because often it you’re actually reacting to something to happen like five klicks back on your emotions but you’re just still you haven’t dealt with it yet so it’s just coming up now oh wow
they’re about to drop on us and all the stuff so that you know she’s between the bathroom tile where you’re part of the Brotherhood of Man not to be exclusionary but and then the the bathroom tile where your kind of one of these old fogeys that we all hate that archetypal just like well fuck off young folks get off my lawn and enjoy Medicaid or whatever like you’re going to look just like your leg where I can like start ignoring the world and claim that I lived My Life by my dude but I’m in between there and I never did it for anybody the first go-round. Like I feel like the nerve endings in my soul
people but now I’m just realizing how fucking dumb they truly are and so there’s this cop and he’s walking in and then there’s a there’s a cease this drunk guy stumbling around in the dark and the cops goes up to him and says hey what are you doing and the guy is terrible at telling jokes
Asia and the guy says like well I’m I’m drunk and I lost my keys I’m trying to find my keys I can’t find them and the and the cop says well where was the last time you saw them where did you have them or did you lose them other guys have to go back over there you know down the block there and the cop said and the guy says will is where the light is
I said and I said to the therapist to believe it or not told the joke pretty much that way and that wasn’t me cuz I was like there was a lot of pipe in that fucking First Act Like There’s you sure we shouldn’t feed into the Police Academy when the cops like the cop she was inviting me to the atonement with the stupidity but you got you got wait a minute this person done dunning-kruger effect whatever like you know this person doesn’t get it they don’t know that they should not going to find their keys over here just because this is where the light is there is Darkness all around us and everyone is drunk and everyone’s stupid and if you are privileged enough to be a cop it means that you knew somebody or live long enough to like get a badge and you’re walking around and part of your job is to like help people and like you like they’re dumb
but you don’t have to like you know I wouldn’t do it to make sense of the cop pulled out his next start beating that man in the head wouldn’t it wouldn’t if you were that cop you wouldn’t do that it wouldn’t make sense because he’s only just stupid he’s not doing anything like wrong or what you put in that nihilism isn’t it just kissing cousins with nihilism and isn’t that what the bad guys think nothing matters so let’s just fuck shit up and she’s like what you can spend your meaningless life doing whatever you want you can care about people or you can you going to hurt them and I was like like a video game like which is what we do when we’re just connected like some people enjoy their just Connection by hurting things and it when I play video games I tend to go like I shouldn’t have hit her with a baseball bat
I was learning with the buttons did
do not listen to I’m so sorry by default makes you a pic of a baseball bat and hit a present
Half-Life the first Half-Life first half of half life
1/4 life quarter life there was a scientist that was like I remember like you’re not going to react to I’m still here I’m sorry that scientists
I had to shoot him with a shotgun and are you going to miss meltdown
we’re going to miss most about it
no I went down the road if I don’t have it like you guys have been the longest is your place so you guys were here and we haven’t really been there that much I have like a lot of memories about like theaters like I can like sit with faces you performed this place because it’s this low dark ceiling is like weird like outer space look like Fox not going to look back on this and be able to drive so I’ll get you it’ll just be empty space and looking down and seeing Spencer over there and see if Brandon here and you guys here down this line and then the first three rows of people here for Better or For Worse the opposite of an Indian burial ground has magical it is absolutely magical in the most positive
I came in here when we were visiting Los Angeles we came here cuz a friend of ours said that there was a show here and I walked in and I was like I just want to be here and the first time I went to that room in the back I am like yeah it’s actually we just walked in because there was a comic book shop cuz we ate across the street and then we were here we heard ya we came back here and watch the shows that mean that shows that our new place we’re going to suck no but you away from this place it’ll really be like people memories not not physical like special memories walk in here and you’ll be like oh my God I didn’t know that this place smelled the air conditioning yeah or like the fucking Cricket you know a fucking cricket
what’s up old yearly used to be extra
who used to be extra upholds here that we got removed but we’re really when we leave here what happens to this room like what when this is not a theater anymore it’s off a little I’ll tell you that for nothing like what will just be like I just did some restaurants near who’s buying this place it wasn’t going to go I don’t know even if somebody buying the place I do I don’t know why we’re leaving I’ve never really asked them damn you should buy the place
I think we’ve overstepped their bounds
though I will say that I would say that it has been my dream for a while to get get moving to a venue that was just like the equivalent of I would liken it to taking a fish from aquarium for a slightly larger aquarium simply to make sure we’re not stunting the fish’s growth not because we want the fish to turn into a something amazing but just just to let organic activity continue to take place at lake lake lake and part of that is like the band with the various like technological things are kind of boring to talk and think about but as we’ve been doing the the live stream has just been seeing a potential to like complete a feedback circuit that where with who are the people that are watching the show can be reacting to like the odd thing that we throw up whether it’s a a chart that the audience made or a I don’t know I don’t like but but I just I just
how do you say crap right now what we have is the ability to show the people at home like if but you know if we if we gave Christopher rough a photo ahead of time I could go cut to that photo I need to go how do you cut that photo I want to get to a place where we can go but I took a picture of this lady at the bank and then that’s a bad example I would have liked her ass a lady the back of a picture of my dog pissing on my girlfriend’s feet and I like like pull it up and then the same time and it just sort of like like graduating us from if you were access cable too late night cable talk here I could say that it is keep it going for sure it wasn’t try to bring it a cricket assassin tooth to get rid of a cricket
do crickets live forever grandchild of whatever Cricket it was almost like the Phantom like it gets passed on that was god dammit Nobody Knows the phantom phantom yeah but I’m talking about like the comic strip has no no no but I am talking about that friend at the newspace your tables can be farther away and lower and I think cars are behind everybody will just know you’re there I’m learning a semaphore
ask you if something’s in their teeth and they go like this and that they’ve their by reveal that they have so much confidence in their teeth to begin with but like they’re just like I will never go like this for anybody that sort of like that well I do it as long as it’s for entertainment
play something I’ve never heard anyone say and I know a lot of people who hate the microwave and nobody’s with the seventies Hulk teeth like they’re yellow there just yellow teeth that are not get Confidence from teeth what are you saying Brandon or I love my teeth I also hate that move I want people do that when you’re like a black person is fine like they said that they’ve got beautiful teeth I just looked but then I just like oh my God I don’t you take a nap can I go like this and then I’m not going to let them in on on my my mouth I look like a monster cosmetic thousands of dollars out if you see him and I had shot it’s like a man that person like regular people that like share their feet on their head
Emily Emily do I have something in my toes right now I feel good about my feet I feel pretty confident in my feet but I don’t with my teeth like even though I’ve had we started going to a dentist who was great and then they got bought by a cosmetic dentist person so now they’re all different like they’re like so you think like what is jacked up your teeth are jacked up but I was like with like a laser
most painful thing I’ve ever done in my life and it weakens your teeth feel like it’s beautiful but if they’re more likely to chip their whitening them by shaving off a layer of a yellow tooth that would get like these pains that couch where are you really what it was like it would be a good it was like you know bug in the hair she really was wise I go to the dentist and I got like I you don’t have any cavities this up but I just thought they look like little kernels of gnarled corn got to see movies from the seventies though
recommend any British, why is it like that why is that because it’s not like a vitamins until teeth weren’t really a priority than the children were raised with no vitamins in the teeth are really weak so
wow why does that go down to like our British friends were younger than us
they just found out well hey man you could be back in James Bond in that give a fuck cleaning teeth dentist dentist the bad dentist but there it is like a very if you want to be corrupt and work in your medicine Dentistry is like 800 likes you. I don’t know what am I going to get in trouble but I think that their Social Security money and stuff like they they they
you just gave her email address everybody
I haven’t been to me would be like if I did this your your smile would be better I was like what
text my wife I like my my front teeth are kind of the front to go in cuz of Baseball hit me when I was a kid and this one over here because that was said that because Diana matter was seen in there my sophomore year of high school at Knott’s Scary Farm ran into me like a haunted house and she knocked my tooth up into my head to the top of it I didn’t hurt her at all she moved my tooth into my brain and she didn’t get a Nick on top of her head
you would think that would cut a person she was Dazed but find my tooth and so last week I went to the dentist and then they gave me an x-ray like this like super duper Tron x-ray where they can say it’s really weird on this one tooth right there and maybe that’s why but it might be an abscess in the future but that’s about all I got nailed there long time ago, you might be fine but you might be $60,000 surgery
does urine actually like we can have that straight enough for you and the women that I clean the teeth are like done to it like like leave your teeth weird like like like like leave your teeth weird perfect teeth are a little dreary little doll I don’t know but sometimes you see someone with perfect teeth and you’re like that looks Gray
search for likes and doesn’t have a friend who you want to go get my teeth straight invited I don’t do it don’t do it and then they come back the next week or like she look great
hot wing I think it happened to actors actually more than actresses but you’ll get a lot that I can look it up with Jesse from Breaking Bad Aaron Paul you look at him early he’s like a guy for some of the street feeling alright fine they did something to him it happened to Jake Gyllenhaal to he should be weird looking little dude and then at some point they just like put them in a machine and it came out like a hot actor Timberlake Chris Pratt settings and change them sliders and now he looks like they do a bunch of things huh
The winter ball is Tom Cruise that’s right over here real most handsome guy in the world but have you seen him he’s got a balloon had his he looks so weird how much does it look weird what do you mean he’s done so the next time I see him he’s like three results does have some Scientology stuff going on for sure they use Bob’s that are like barely go but they’re like a stem cell face watches I’m not joking
where is ruined and wrinkled start they wanted like we got to fill a man if you have a balloon that’s like losing air you blow it back up. Like that’s what they’re doing sells I’m telling you there’s no nights themselves.
Sam Smith next to the sun I like any stem cell face lift I need when they think the recruiter is so like demanding for to be perfect in every possible way something unusual is asymmetrical that’s sexy that’s why what is a show I was just so shallow when you come on it
Emily Court you drag this show or self-esteem it is weird the line between the stuff that we would do or not do like like like what qualifies as like dishonesty Dynasty like oh yeah for men if we start losing our hair if we if we seek to do something to make it look as if we still have it there’s a stigma there then that’s like well it’s a zero-sum game you get away with it or you’re a horrible person for trying right side of the place is lake lake lake yeah I’ve noticed driving for 25 25 years
she’s met you when you were 18 he was he was bald when I met him and 4:25 to find a photo of him with any hair it’s so gross you want to puke
I agree what is your hair like what was a hair like what was your hair like it was like parted down the middle and and feathered back because I like my Mass Effect character but anyways whatever we are at it’s interesting the stuff I got to do that every part of your body that has anything to do with Sloe Humanity because all of it will have to do with AJ it’s like we have a tarot card for every single part of our body like like oh I just had some hand work done like there’s no Stigma against that was right or more gas if you get hair transplants and like you said if it’s like if it does if it’s not super obvious I feel like I feel like everybody gets her transplant and then do a lot with out here but like he just missed it by like 10 years you know what I mean like really happened
he’s the young Dumbledore the weird thing about it though is that what is it that we want like what is it like we walked this weird line when we even before we have a conversation about with anybody our perceptions Walk This Strange razor thin line with were perceiving another person we want them to have been perfect but with a hold it against them if they’ve done something hot pretended to be perfect but if that something is working out for 8 hours a day they’re the best fucking person in the world but if they have no control over it we don’t like. If you’re boring like I had a bad day but if you’re like losing your hair would you have no control over and you do something to obviously get your hair I don’t know what it is a picture of the back of my head and I are Elsie’s
got it such a shock if it’s just like it’s just cuz like I didn’t expect it to look that way I didn’t see my scalp so much and it’s all it is is just control over this I wanted to be like the elves in the Tolkien Universe sure I just like dis side after great debate at Rivendell that it’s time to proceed with flowing hair but it did you just see just see anything that reminds you of the passage of time and you freaked out and you want to you want to scrub it away but we all have we all have friends that have horror stories of stuff that they’ve tried dying and they’ve they come back and they they hate themselves even more or but there’s probably some stories in there are people that just had a grand old time they’re just like talk to your hey Kyle you look amazing I can’t figure out what it is I haven’t seen in 6 years the truth I had my lobes swapped what
always had weird Globes I swapped them in my left love is my railroad plug. And I’ll be god-damned. You look amazing and I got so happy that he had him swap with another person but he just had him swap with himself that’s fine but if it’s Jean sitting in the front row where I will Advocates of the Trove of the trans Community these are these are folks that are doing work like that is working that’s allowed it’s a it’s and it’s not like I do if you heard them it would have made a piece of shit they decided they were born in a different gender about a while so shallow
what is my point now that you’ve got Kumail it’s got ya
that would have been a good title that whatever the title is called call the bakester it comes out June 23rd in select cities in July 14th everywhere so just remember the date for the Planet of the Apes movie coming out if you really want to see Apes by ticket to our movie sneakers so I can’t call nobody wants me to leave at 8 if you want to see the big sick
Emily Gardiner Gianni thank you so much
thank you
Emily the reason for us
happy Easter the resurrection
Chuck Benson everybody duck.
you thought Emily and Kumail could be replaced by one man
don’t think it was losing a Kemal in an Emily think of it as gaining a Benson
you can just grab your hand yeah yeah yeah I was so excited about the tongues and then made a beeline straight for the ice bucket filling up the Red Solo Cup I was like I almost came in a few times before you introduced me just to get some ice for my drink
I never heard of like taking the ice bucket from The Green Room to on stage
they are holding those of us who are not on stage yet I’m sorry hey dude how you doing out there is Emily and Kumail route here
I thought of a good one that is that you’ve got to mail was really good I thought of Kumail listen would be a good hybrid but it kind of is it better world where at 8 to take over the world but it’s inspired by their relationship or how it began a quirky it’s almost like are they made a movie with science

but it’s still it’s still about the heart though it still got I can’t it’s still it’s still very very very moving a man’s it’s so funny hilarious you’ve never seen the movie Adam
all right what soda is good
has anybody been watching the lifetime original miniseries Lizzie Borden too but it’s like they did it again I guess they did they did a movie and then they I was trying to watch this it it’s it’s it’s rough it’s like a it’s like a sound like Black Keys soundtrack like they do that thing or it’s like a period piece but it’s like it’s like dirty like harmonica like rock and roll weather like writing covered wagons at
barf barf
if it. Are you trying to use all the words right now because you were saying a lot of things I don’t know where I’m supposed to jump in or if any of us are supposed to do anything I don’t know whether these guys are going to say the scores going to do some color or some up to when you showed up to the heavens like we’ll have dug come in after they leave so I’ll be blackout drunk and he’ll be so high it’s amazing and then when Worlds within worlds could have maybe collided a barn with just to try to fit in
when do we change places it looks better yay it’s 9:36 you wanted and I wanted to bring like you a little bit of flavor to the second half of the show, we should have done a bit when we found out we had too much show we should have we should have thrown together a bit we’re like police came out and like did a lottery and selecting someone for voluntary removal
everybody funny hey Brandon Brandon it’s only a bit until we get to the police car and then the jail and then the judge did you guys see the thing it’s so it’s so funny that it has to be like a Photoshop fake thing but it was it was that United app updated and sober and it was facility retweeted the snap of the United apps update where it says like new features drag and drop feature
it has to be like this to photoshop bit but it was so perfect they didn’t drop that guy they dragged him though you actually get experience pleasure at something like that like like like more than a flea confessional millennials
I will say that I will say that flying a lot made me jump to the sure this guy was being treated poorly but when they said get off our plane and he said no I’m not getting off the plane he wasn’t taking into account all the people on that plane we’re now going to leave two hours later and the next plane that was going to take off when that plane got to where I was going to go is taking off hours later like the longer that guy sat there and resisted getting off the more people he was inconveniencing through his behavior right but but you’re right they shouldn’t oversell that the airplane but that’s what they do so when somebody comes in and says you have to get off now but they but they spent that entire time saying will give you an $800 rebate they could have easily could have kept going higher but at some asshole decided let’s stop it there because we’re doing a great job
I don’t know why they even trying to do that like I don’t know why I am saying that when someone with a badge says to get off of this plane unfortunately you have to get off the plane ugly instead of working it out so much. I don’t want to be when if somebody next time I’ll get off for $900 will Congress that the limit Congress actually said the limit at 1350 1375 some like really funny
Dragon Ball Z 4545 up at like 12 they should have gone to the Limit but
maybe you shouldn’t own book your flights right why didn’t they make that money there an empty seat in free money as lost money because that could have been another person who every Christmas they go to remind you we do have a full flight no idea how the fuck that happened you motherfucker you your greed your endless bottomless greed
forever is Dan here’s what happens when they do not unless they’re not allowed to overbook flights anymore or capitalism that they raised the ticket prices it’s going to cost us money that they can’t do that anymore it’s just one situation got out of hand and the Chinese doctor to fuck it for the whole group I know that I don’t know how big was the largest racism it was some other guy with the same age and sounding name and they’re like must be that guy didn’t know who the guy was I was but the first thing I thought when I heard his accent and I saw his blood trickling down and he was going like just kill me to tell me when I go home look like maybe this is all so kind of racist
Play click the right kind of races around like you don’t know right when I pulled a lottery on a the right kind of racism consciousness of the possibility of anybody being forgot he was showing him off because he was Asia Lottery you don’t know about that guy’s life like like what trauma he’s injured or his parents or whatever like he could be from anywhere where when that happens it means you’re fucking dead or like emotionally I don’t mean like he’s like Balki in perfect strangers he doesn’t understand he’s a doctor he probably has critical thinking but I’m emotionally think about anyone flight had so many biddy bop kids we tell people when they get on an airplane that they’re going past the threshold when they walk under that airplane we don’t tell them we don’t treat the threat
Crossing into that airplane like it’s just going into a bar so you can bounce people because when you walk out of that airplane you are told you were put your told the entire time when you go to the airport like okay one more Threshold at past this point you’re allowed to have your bag search do this is so important since 30 minutes before boarding don’t forget take off your shoes and 95% of the guns get through in a test but fuk it whatever we redesigned has to be more convenient I think the TSA people I don’t know if these things don’t give you cancer the guy that built built them will go through them but he disappeared didn’t think it’s just just just come to your do what you’re told and you can’t take your business elsewhere because you need to go to a destination and they have a monopoly okay now you’re walking down the aisle Class C citizens bill for my class B plus now welcoming our Platinum plus plus plus plus plus the real quick. I’m sorry I jumped in front of me was just trying to get on the plane
whatever airlocks are you going to snap the back of the place you can keep your laptop if they come up to you and say you’ve been selected to get the fuck off the plane I reserve the right considering how everyone else on that plane dealt with the trauma of watching it the way I would which is just sit there and go nice one
good job like that might be my one recourse to heroism is that I’m the guy that won’t get off the fucking plane that I got it I don’t want to think that I’m inconveniencing everybody at that point I’m going to be like sorry everybody Thanksgiving is must be celebrating something I know you’re out to dinner with your family but maybe this is Plymouth Rock
I want to see what they do maybe the plain old grow a third way maybe they’ll admit there a fucking cartel magic to cut and past the customers would suck to board and everything will turn out to be totally monopolized like maybe they can drive their employees across there you go late like maybe they could offer $10,000 20030 thousand forty thousand babies maybe Hall & Oates should come aboard and like all I know is I have no control over it. You don’t want to hear the news that airlines are too big too much going on
people made the decision to do that to that guy it wasn’t let you know I mean they were following like the corporate structure of the rules but they could have kept offering more money they stopped at $800 but somebody was like I’m going to be a good employee and save the company money and fuck that person for like not going to the limit to stop something like this from happening would also be nice if the police officers didn’t respond with some sort of corporate hypnosis right they came in and just why you ran back into the plane does it as anyone learned yet what happened off camera that looks like he just found his way back down the jetway got on the plane and was it important
are you Adam big drag his lifeless body off the plane that he got back not my department the cops are you there like my job to drag people off but we got them off to play and she wants to get back on that’s his business
I love that I just think it’s like Ghostbusters basement companions about airplane travel about about you know Hermantown well enough to understand that now you are engaged in a angry rap battle it was not wrapped well and now I hate myself
drop a beat OU guys are grown in cuz you think he’s using the outdated racist slur Chinese doctor which is what we used to call Italians that hasn’t been a racist racist in the 1860s italian-americans are perfectly fine we don’t call them Chinese doctors anymore
you don’t have to wrap but you certainly have to be here while it happens okay thank you to all our new subscribers who since we danced by matching your donations are matching your sign of him when we have to wait after we raised $21,950 for the ACLU an argument could be made we were slow on the uptake that that the JCL you you know there was they had a big windfall been another I can make you be back I think money for the ACLU is like toilet paper I don’t think it expires tonight I think it always gets used for something very important that we that we don’t want to think about a lot even though I haven’t joined yet and I haven’t watched
I need to join the ACLU who Ed watch biking Atlanta I do not know the amount but that makes me very happy I mean like that. That’s a lot of money and they know exactly where to put that money so that’s very cool is money misspent I would say Fuck straight off into the night
but I think it would be a good exercise to use your compulsion for proving things wrong at Pocono something research the ACLU go to go back and find out if you can find corruption or like malfeasance or anything and I don’t say that rhetorically it just that I’ve never went when it when Trump got elected it was like they were like a lighthouse they were there right away it was like this is going to be a legal battle like like like 90% of the battle frightened yeah it was it was when they was at the whatever what am I babbling about whatever there is a history of them being vilified because they represent the civil liberties which sometimes involves defending the rights of people to stay and do shit that makes them people you don’t like and we all have like an emotional or people hate it when you defend the oppressed they are not down with it as long as we all use their to do it
hard to be an objective just like oh you know what I’m in favor of I’m in favor of Freedom plain and simple every once in awhile that’s going to make you an advocate of of a loud mouth that saying like really mean nasty things and stuff like that or or like saying that somebody got somebody’s trunk we know that there’s something in there but you know what you don’t have a fucking right to search it yet because the importance of the right to search that person’s trunk to get asked to hold stronger that you can’t you can’t blow up that right with anything in that trunk even as and it’s like it’s not a popular position some time there an agency that’s always a Confederacy that’s always like at Lake been fighting for us and like I said they were miserable because they were there all day and night and people were coming up screaming at them and then they’re doing a shity job for probably not a lot of money may be no money at all and that was
rough gig and they sat there and got shit done and had people released out of custody because they shouldn’t have truck has been in the first place
all right and then you know enough Planned Parenthood his next like we’ll have to figure something out we can’t just keep on saying every every dollar that the podcast makes that it will have to wait that’s more of a defensive game where like the ACLU was like let’s put money into the pockets of the people that show up with a brief cases when people are behind you legally fucked with IDK I’d be quite happy doing the same thing for Planned Parenthood because they need protection more than anybody right now
just want to throw it out
local we got to start local it be cool if we started local to because then maybe we can have those people on grapefruits in the smartest man in the world podcast when he travels he has planned parenthood there at every event like like like organizing and doing stuff like that and I know that by saying listen to podcast W6 assholes that called baby killers because they’re idiots it’s protecting Not Just Women Health Care but mostly it’s Women’s Healthcare and the idea that women get to do with the fucken want David so she ate it with you don’t walk in and get a free abortion you pay for the fucking abortions that you get there it is that is that why they’re there till so 3% is all planet
women that aren’t there they’re looked at as a as of some kind of pre-existing condition and it’s a place where you can get the shit that’s not paid for the idea that I got wrapped up in all well yeah but the abortion thing that’s controversial there was nothing controversial about people being taken care of and they fucking did it again they unplugged the whole thing it’s about massage at what women women are the enemy for some strange reason in the regime forever and ever and videos have been in jail like they’ve actually been tried and gone to jail and it’s like an odd is not a story people know about what I don’t know about it what I don’t know about this
wait what
yeah let it happen I mean
let it flow through you
you want to start. Maybe you can do everything
I am the first trimester fetus
if you’re not going to join us Vita
new Droid Maxx 2
I’m about an hour away
it’s not about me usually
sorry about me
why is pregnancy viewed as something that can
when I have a man or woman I will deal one day with pregnancy when you’re making a Workforce for your nation it doesn’t matter the celebration
really bad and it shouldn’t be wrapped about it
I don’t like the combination totaling
my name is Peanut
49ers Jones
are you hard and crunchy
Christian and put me in your trail mix
if you have an allergy to me I am a Saltine cracker
my name is Peanut Jones when I’m here to say I’d like to spell the word say today to the Y to Homeward to Rapid loans or just badly affect your mama’s so hard I did it said Li
I’m still down in the face cuz I said
cat movie
Willowbrook Mall
a General Motors Mall
and there were meetings with Russian to the hotel. Then Paul manafort was there he was taking money I saw him go back home and met with Donald Romey spell and he gave the money to
alright now back to abortion
Stewart Hotel
you just select it from the top hits
what’s today’s first was the word
do need moving Labor Max in the head comes waxed and you have 30 trimesters
one for each finger
I’m not a prenatal scientist I’m a peanut
but let me tell you just what I know and you disagree there are 140 trimester play Shuffle from every 4 years
if there’s a leaf trimester
that’s when
Irish people are bored
every four years
so it’s not racist
racism develops into 45th trimester
it coincides with fingernails and a nervous system
because and this isn’t a popular opinion race is real
real real Ben potassium
mother takes in race
baby umbilical cord
go to the baby
that’s how babies become racial
my name is Peanut I’m here.
text Eric
started with white people
if it starts at 10 everybody
rabbit trap
Emily Gordon Kumail nanjiani
Randy Johnson
Spencer Crittenden everybody’s restaurant
Jacob for bringing the Aspens and Boos thank you very much Jen
just next week when we have nobody apparently right I mean it would be
my feet Is by Zac McKeever backstage
thank you one more time I’m not going to comments drive fast take chances


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