Episode: 242 – The Final Meltdown


Episode: 242 – The Final Meltdown


The end of an era when Harmontown performs its last show on the stages of Nerdmelt in the back of Meltdown comics with the help of Mitch Hurwitz.


call John Thomas
the very last show that we’re going to do here
what are you up in my truck with my hunter tell you the hunter town is now in session
would have loved in my pants what’s going on Spencer Crittenden
Brandon Johnson Cricket on Brandon Johnson
thank you wow what a what a welcome and thank you and goodbye goodbye goodbye
love troll
Robin and unheralded Rob shrub
rolling up his shirt sleeves like Roddy Piper
hello Rob hello Daniel anyways this was our birthplace in our home for 5 years 6 years when it says 2011 on the Dutchman
which we spoke about this before the show Steve
don’t touch
I can’t hate you leaving
just said not to do that I know that you did it you did it I don’t hate we have a weird role-playing thing where I
Trae tha Truth
this is mostly an audio podcast.
Every 6 years
Nike opening credits a good time over there
I tried to watch a certain why watch the the ring to tonight because I only because I wanted to watch rings and I didn’t want to seem stupid but I was like yeah I didn’t want to I was like oh what did I forget I was wondering what the last 20 minutes of the ring but instead I read the Wikipedia entry for the ring they call it the rent now it’s really her ring is there one ring
are there rain in the movie there is a ring of light that turns out to be at the end of the first movie turns out to be the view from the bottom of a well now that’s important because it’s one of those horror movies where you spend 90 minutes go in creepy mostly creepy cuz what’s going on credit you go like
okay the whole crazy movie make sense it’s a ring of light for the world end of movie go home that was fun I like how she crawled
450 million dollars movie anybody I don’t care caterer anybody you think anybody was like like like seriously plus this is going to be like the better of the two Rings movie
because we’re too because where I spent the whole time watching the ring to saying to Cody like you know this is awful like like this is even bad for a ring sequel like I want I thought it would be bad but I thought it would be fun bad like the relationship between sequel should be kind of like oh the first movies called like going to be more tapes like like Hellraiser 3 they all would have been coming down the street like coming after you is like the time I thought they would do stuff with address would work in a VCR repair shop
I wrote Rings Rings 3 why was watching ring the two and then drinks 3 is still bad like if I had written it still bad did you ever see the grudge I never saw the garage cuz I think it was the same. I’m not you know it’s like it’s like it would be like a Nightmare on Elm Street and then doing like Freddy for a weekend at Freddy’s with those aren’t
is there’s a correct me if I’m wrong like if there’s like an apartment that there was a murder in or home there was a murder murder
girl that looks to her bangs and and anybody that goes to that apartment gets curse is that the one through line up all the movies that there’s Rings movies that don’t have video taping them but they also thought that the through line was calling me FF VIII extreme fear face what’s your name Ashley Judd what’s your name the Wynonna Judd what do judge Judge Dredd what’s the definition of
she goes into a field
she recorded the Jake so that she can save her kids life and she like gives it I’ve just been simply between the two movies or something they never addressed as she must have grabbed it or a cancer patient or a prisoner and said what’s that spy and and thereby saving the life of her child Aiden would she pronounces with her Schrodinger’s h
anyways. You got to turn them up we got to turn those subtitles up so you can hear that ain’t good but anyway did you know that they had they had Grudge versus the ring somebody takes the videotape to The Grudge apartment and plays the video tape it is it at the end of The Grudge this or is this like a different movie happened like last year they actually had the the the the girl from The Ring like throw out the first pitch at a baseball game
you can find it online and we should hang out and do they do a grudge versus ring at all the part where you come to the Hangout app
Amber down for that matter found
credible and shuttered and the guy is in the third ring with the guy that says Bang
is named Bang
looking at this guy I’m going to be big one day and this is my theory
I was trying you guys all you guys I’ll drive the same way over here right so you’d passed did you pass a building today with a giant LED sign on it but one of those standard like red LED displays that it just says Frank Stallone know I really want to know what’s going on in that building I kept looking back I was like I slept here as if his birthday is coming this building is driving an SUV Amber Alert Frank Stallone is that it was it was it at
was it was it a cafeteria for for aliens and he’s on the the menu
you scream or it will let you have to have a SIM card
was it was it is it his turn to to get his driver’s license
is it is it is it is he is he is he is he is he
the answer to a trivia question and answer in a jury pool waiting room
oh yeah
right let’s grind this thing to a halt to be all night I mean I don’t know
how do you say we miss you we love you is good to see you sorry it took that was so nice of you and my cousin is this your this is your last show
have you met Brandon before I even met Brandon he’s out just briefly coming in to see you see you and thank you
well really good where do you know I don’t know if you saw yesterday they they they dumped they dumped 25 new Groesbeck shows and 13 more tomorrow so it’s going to be like for your consideration packages and a rabbit hole of Despair about Peaks TV series
and it at the end of the studio that makes it thinks you should bear it in mind when you vote for the Emmys never heard of this can lose sight in the exact this thing I must cost $80 just put it gently into the wastebasket
play my old Twitter controversy by saying the phrase Peak TV like there might be knowing latest you feel like you’re on an international flight you don’t watch any shows that you’re just like this isn’t Canada and then don’t even remember I’m a big ass fans for 10,000 ways to fuck her die
is that what he’s doing
a guy you know like an older dissolute Mad Season 8 episodes what’s it called Forever or memorable or obviously got the ladder over in Mortal or for a long time or remember leading from it
final Terraria
sure something is Highlander without swords it’s just a guy that lives forever and Judd Hirsch is like his son flat but biologically his grandpa because it’s a handle for Good Guys in whenever he dies he wakes up in the Hudson River and then his body disappears and then he wakes up in a river and then nobody works at a Pathology Lab because he wants to work closely with death because he wants to die which makes him pretty handy helping solve sexy lady murders
when the sexy lady can’t solve every Murder by yourself as strong and as Fierce as she is as a little
call man
the writing room at the river as soon as I can
there’s a show called River watching TV in Canada and in the background noise
I’d like the police are coming
police siren that doesn’t affect me emotionally at all
what does it feel like when he was in trouble it sounds like candies with we handed out
you know they are dying why is this the last
side part I heard big laughs and I thought oh God damn still I guess is that we’re going to move into a different venue Comics is a big Trump supporter so we fed
turn yourself if you’re really into love, but so much. You might as well just say I hate Mexican people
Garth Ennis to double it
I cyclic the more the more cool and smart the comic the more the more the more Mexicans your help and support
we’re we’re back here in the shrub shrub tropical Corner moments
hey hey hey hey hey hey what’s up what’s what’s crack into this way does he rub you
can I say something clever terrible he literally rub people
getting him to feel like I’ve learned nothing nothing is different everybody else is wrong don’t worry about me I’m so weird to find out he was a tent over reaching asshole
how do you draw any comfort when you hear about these old guys the Baby Boomers that are like it and have their little sexual scandals like you ever in the back your head go it’s not working when you go to the actual her anger and we we hate harassers get in and get out her anger is with her to stay on it you need a man like we can do cultivated
say what you want about the work maybe it’s not for you
who sang I’m I’m serious you do you look like my favorite beverage is hot chocolate now. I know I said it yesterday and passing but then we showed the day on it we tell your daily please stop playing right now and it’s like I can’t of the of the lawsuit and legal line of harassment since it’s a personality. I just really enjoy working with you I know you do and I can tell you want to talk to me
it’s a crazy as hell though I will say I’d go out of my way now not to almost not to look at people and talk about it is very hard let me just make the case from Bill’s point of view and I don’t know maybe
especially you
is the t-word this mystery is why he’s on Netflix now I’m doing three episodes of moon it comes out three episodes to season one that’s fine
I think it is hard for us not to comment on each other’s physicality like I want to come out and say like I was suit
wow how do I see
great race and then gender in that order
is thinking like your race go if you’re a man
yeah I was you know I’m sort of famously colorblind do it right but I’m not going to take any shift for some blue guy from Brighton to Buda Brandon Johnson story
let me call me a motherfuking Smurf
the black and blue to see him go down and then you have to worry that you’re just liking it because you’re just seeing somebody get there come up and see that you have to connect and it’s just constantly frustrating they never learn he is the Trump thing I think what’s maddening about the Trump things you keep waiting for him to say like I’m just some old enough pressure on that paper around it like I said
we just blocked on the same Button as he is
nothing for me on this one and I haven’t found it that closely but it seemed like this was a thing that only women did like women just kept coming out of them and it’s finally fucking took him out but you can’t do to most people I like like women actually got together and took this dude yeah later I thought she was said that he got to him the idea that the tax March like they use like Hershey’s impress your little flat
it’s hard to be as far as a prime minister
going to do is want to come out because you know they’re also so homophobic and everything to come out and just like for me to just come out and say you know he’s actually what like in the case of a ride like you sexually harass me it’s always talking about my ass and was and just see if you can get a Riley to Saint know that I didn’t think definitely didn’t aging clean right we’re going to find that out there
and then
Mike and Starfire our vice president will suck a dick fucking top to bottom
I’m not nice I can’t guarantee
that is your nuts truth to the nuts that is the tip of your dick
metaphorically he will suck your whole damn someone to help your balls and penis make sense
what the Bill O’Reilly think it’s better that he not have a job that like promoted but at the same time there’s a nation out so we all know that Trump got elected albeit by a minority but he got elected even though I mean we heard him say the worst things president theoretically could ever say and so we now know it’s like there’s this forcefield type thing that pushes my class is stronger than for instance gender loyalty like like if you’re if you’re a woman that feels like you’re part of a disenfranchised demo it’s like it. You don’t feel United by your ovaries to some rich bitch in Manhattan you feel actually quite the opposite of the tables are showing and I think men always thought oh yeah but and I think Democratic men always depressed specialist thought yeah but but the ladies the ladies don’t I mean I say something bad about the ladies
either have to have no choice but to stick together I think of you I think we all assumed that that would be these special interest in the end it wasn’t it wouldn’t say it was much more like a woman I’m white for they started talking about what a woman I was younger I love it
did Bill O’Reilly get fired I’m just I just know if there’s not a single person on the planet that’s been flipped by the word for saying Merry Christmas and a happy holiday. Most people aren’t flipped you can give people reasonable evidence and there’s all these studies that show no they just believe what they believe is stronger a chimpanzee or a kind of admirable but it’s just put it on Saturday willing to let you know that I don’t know why you have to be willing to be able to be convinced of another like if somebody said to me could I convince you that one race or one sex is better than another I might say no I mean I might have that liberal knee-jerk and somebody who believes you know that the Earth is 5000
may I also say no I can’t be convinced how many times have we have that built-in hero Jean that’s like oh you’re supposed to be adamant you’re supposed to stick to your convictions yeah you’re supposed to cross thresholds and explore but often those things are forced upon you and you supposed to put your what you’re really supposed to do is defend the honor of your integrity and all this shit and your it really is just an emotional reaction of somebody says everything you believe is a lie your kite we don’t call it an admirable character
we we we we look at with admiration upon those of the the hero that goes like I’m a Sunni I mean it really is we all have these travel things that even having children I have found myself saying things about like oh come on you know I didn’t mean to be a don’t tell your mother I didn’t mean to break your lip or whatever the matter
but no but I mean I’ve even found that I wanted to say things like that and then that’s what’s wrong with the whole world can’t really tell a child that you’re no better than that you should cry you’re not special I mean how many times a day or a week at least collaborate and creatively and then somebody starts to go hit the thing though like if you do people love dogs better showrunner for instance if you got like I know where you’re going with that please shut the fuk up my Riders can handle it I’m not adding a dog to the show because you watch Frasier clang clang clang clang clang clang clang goes behind I have enough
you don’t you don’t call that bigotry against someone else’s idea cuz you’re using the same reflexive kind of almost ignorant kind of like barbaric part of your brain and eggs and pooping and if somebody’s like knock knock you like fuck off and that’s why you’re not supposed to say good as yours. These people are my turds like I’m really wanted I want to agree with that
I’m just impressed that you’re going to work in my way back to where it started and I don’t know what side I’m on my way
I have my turds so I think I’m onto something I remember
yes I’m not sure everybody text coming I said
how much does a baker make weaves that was always our test of the rich people in the room how much she makes 200,000 a year 500 what’s your guess about 4:50 having grown up watching things like All the President’s Men and you see like you know we know it’s Nixon but you’re watching these guys get out and you know how the men knew higher higher than Haldeman and ehrlichman how did you know
I have a feeling this is almost like like like people who think that they’re they’ve the Trade Towers the World Trade Centers were an inside job I wasn’t even in that town at that time was not too with that
do you want me to see if you had two jobs if I remember cuz it’s a 911 every other number to see a corporate building structures that are
anyway I think people are going to look back at us
back at us and they’re going to say
shut up you know Russia interfered with the elections and in all the people in the right with Satan and everybody will just take things and I’ve been to the
I’ll bet you people are going to see the see these new stories in 50 years
they wouldn’t know that that’s like like like what do we know about these folks that we have enough data to run a reliable simulator of their sinking the day they find out we’re voting by computer from now on it look like 95% chance that Hillary is going to win he wins everybody shocked I can’t believe everybody voted for Trump everybody shocked or are you too I think Pete I can’t even think about that I thought people would be a lot more on board with that idea than they had a I don’t know I mean I’ve seen a lot of people do stuff with computers and there’s this guy who died on on on this this was that guy Michael some guy died in the car and then they thought that they cyberterrorism to him
and then I turned out that he’d be did cyberterrorism him but they said if this with this cyberterrorism ever happen to someone who would look exactly like this like I guess it wasn’t cyberterrorism but that’s what it was but I I wouldn’t I wouldn’t suggest it if I knew it was a Knight Rider but I I think
I actually like it better as a Knight Rider
anyways anyway I know how are we coping with our with our post hundred Day-O make your days doesn’t matter it’s exhausting but I just mean ideologue really like ridiculous are you in the normalization standing in the exhaustion or you just like I don’t you know I can’t I can’t keep being brokenhearted anymore like that had the healthy part of me wants to move on moving on is called normalizing stopping the fight but then you that’s pretentious cuz then you go I wasn’t fighting when do anything bad ass but I’m not talking about whether or not anything gets results of solves anything he on your face
well that’s what the modern Warriors doing
just like as an individual where you think like I’ve gone through this phase that the phases of okay that sucks but good but I guess I was kind of spoiled I guess it’s talking things don’t happen and then it’s all me me me and then you go there it’s not about me and I’m going to but I got to do more stuff and buy a gun and it just in case I truly like the reason I’m confessing it is because I want I I feel like confession is better than keeping it a secret like I’m fucking exhausted and you kind of hope I mean I find myself hoping but he’s really keeping track of all this like you’re trying to memorize all the stuff to be outraged about like like we’ve already forgotten about when he was acting like his own PR guy who is that and it is you do kind of thing on it and and you know
we like I was with one I just seen in a lot of interviews and she’s just like to unravel but either way you almost have to normalize it fixed so that you can build in a type of tree is value in this country who who because they grew up with or work with sociopaths and some in some degree and they alone are like very more frustrated or less frustrated but in any case are in a different plane of this because I think what’s happening is worth finding out as most hospital staff housing a sociopath which is it virtually uncurable because they don’t want to be cured and tears the key we think based on our reaction to shame which is usually hardwired into us because when your parents see the top of the stair and your big-ass head is going to take you downstairs and then go to repair a transfer to cut your hair with
maybe that’s a shame comes from
healthy shave is a cholesterol is healthy Seamus there’s toxic shame Patrick Seamus is healthy shame is like so like weird because we’re built were hardwired with that stuff we believe justifiably that Honesty it hasn’t this hugely important thing or that you draw a line down the middle of the road and people are going to tend not to cross it we think it’s because it’s like keeping honest people honest that thing there’s a law against this or not going to do it it’s our fear of Shame and if people were fascinated with serial killers in werewolves and mafia movies and we have a president now who is like a fascinating everyone should I mean what do you mean cookies on your face and you show me a video.
videos of a real video it’s like a cookie video like I do the video I thought it was a cookie
I didn’t eat anything
lying in his head because there is no end game it’s not like I survive on just like a naked ego.
With that, means you are to yell it out like that have you probably are defenseless
the rest of us are not.
you have 11 seconds on your settings to adjust the dude wasn’t a sheet on the stage
all right and the distinguished I really think it’s not about being a help and you can’t resist wanting what what happened
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually know when this is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like a verb you’re always in good hands
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I think they might be someone succeeded and just dealing with it
like I got to I got so much yard work to do and I’m not going to let this stop working within the most shine to you so much I hope so that’s good that’s what I mean you can feel the coming next week one thing the audience and I agree on it
because he doesn’t
do I do I miss them all
put on the song Adam what do you call a sequel implant
I didn’t know what you were doing anyways for you is that what you know what I mean I necessarily yeah probably the most hated person to the head of the system allows people to organize the same weight all these things that are wrong are still wrong and the best they can do is someone who has holes in his friend the oldest dumbest fattest president that’s ever been elected president
I needed to have a cigarette. I will say that if you really if you compare it to Bush it was much worse with but it will be worth because it wasn’t but it hasn’t crap yeah and if you really like we just didn’t know what was coming with bush as you think of that moment you will never have a moment as satisfying in terms of a closing someone is a fool as the My Pet Goat Mama you’ll never have that would trap to match I think the matching Towers
all right Adam I’m about to come up here and just straight-up improv Workshop about getting
however it happens.
When did the DS a Los Angeles has doubled in size since the election people are fighting against the system that’s just taking taking taking from Ordinary People and having the worst opposition in the world are cartoonish failure that’s everything wrong I think that’s why we almost have to stop just enjoying what an idiot he is an insert of because then it becomes tribal and people that support him just they get more care about them I mean I think maybe it will all mine is one of the marches that have happened downtown hilarious because you’re easy to make fun of and he looks stupid and dumb things and he’s very quotable because he says like this Bonkers shit all the time go it’s fun to ridicule this guy and it’s it’s kind of this weird palliative like Placebo that we owe you
ugly and has any any with hair is crazy and he’s orange not know he also has hired monsters like easy just to make to make him the butt of a joke but way more fight with you meant for normalizing this instead on these corrupt policies and he’s corrupt people and we’re going to do it from the position of we don’t want Americans to suffer because that’s what’s going to happen since you two people have more that I mean I hate even include you in this Route 62 people 61 excluding Dan how do I have more net worth than the other half of humanity Hill Dan Harmon
big rig final episodes Trisha Torres I have a dog sitter on Netflix now
free updated client then try and get the fuck out of state game final episode hit me some David goddamn plan
where you going to God damn you smell good, sounds like a million bucks
all right
Church of the Avista we all come to on Sunday night back in the day when I was laying it down on the East Coast with my boy is getting grimy smoking and he’ll want to turn in the horn was from real grind bags I’ve never heard of community I hear the voices you come out to LA I mean a beautiful woman my first day out here
Sam Levitz
I’m living in partner especially that you listen in the back cuz we going to get Krispy Kremes on the right I just don’t want to say your beautiful man we love you very much and seriously thank you for going to miss you a lot of us in this
I miss you and I just want to say Joe is yoga and meditation and trying everybody
how you doing my friend
am I supposed to meet you guys doing a podcast
hey man. Let him talk. I have mixed feelings because
I’ve I’m hurt by the insult but I feel like well it’s a laugh of recognition they know my voice well enough to know when, exactly so I’ll take it all right squirting love with nerdy nerd
can you do other voices can you do like
you’re going to go watch it up is that where you’re at so I know when I’m going to date you no take it down a few you know you’re my most single
as we near the guy I know the the the the the most that does the most enduring enduring and hustling at the most desperate just the most active is what you’re saying
Cody introduced me to a term but what’s it called Dinks

coin it just heard it from one of her friends but it’s like it doesn’t it
dual income no kids it’s like couples that have opted out of the whole biological perpetuation of the six Parenthood dinner with another couple they had to get a sitter and you’re like it’s like being a gay couple it’s like you both
I don’t think gay people can’t adopt and settle down and go broke himself since I’m an advocate of them doing that I don’t know
are you asking if I hope to become a dank or if I’m looking for this person came in at a hockey mask and you’ll like this caught something like this no I got a
wait that’s the one for Famous People kind of fancy it is a special day it’s an exclusive dating app for attractive idiots in LA
none of this adds up what you’re asking I can tell Spencer to use a full description of what it is at this secret for like famous people calluses
but that’s awesome because that means that you had enough famous people to rep you because you got to get other famous people to run now you can get you something
shut up it’s it’s Ryan and Seth Green
I explained
the brand of Siri I applied I was put in the waiting list for at least a year
I was talking about complaining because they’re going out in public and being interesting to women
all right
obviously I did that to love you
they don’t say anything so I broke up my greatest Tool customer service number and I complain that I wasn’t on yet
and I never said I was approved
please cool points for me for being the best HR troll of all-time posters something.
hi it’s Ryan really from Family Guy
what is the hello this is Ryan this is Rhea on Family Guy
and we’re calling just to about your trouble ticket it was empty but we’re calling you back
Rob are you playing me no know you’re playing you know dude just want to let you know I’ve been a quality control your your call is being monitored by me Max Landis I’ll be listening and listen I want the opportunity of sex with famous women
pray that you’ll be like forgive my language for a moment but not people on this call
Monty Python sketch
I’d like to do but I am on the side of the phone
aren’t you worried that way into the scoring with a famous lady you’re going down a famous woman in bed and you just hear her going through her phone up up above cuz she’s like like well it’s make sure he’s famous enough and it but it made
asterisk mean
I guess my metaphors for like you’ll go in the date and during the conversation so how are you famous
did he thought too long
I ever had every day today cuz I have not been on one date have angled swipes Andrea where you can like you’re sure swiping this way cuz they’re not famous. Feel like they’re hot but they’re not famous
they’re famous but they’re ugly then I got to take the upper left of your lower right neck like that song
Mariah middle child on The Brady Bunch and I spent almost pathologically not bring up The Brady Bunch right just like everything else I could think of to talk about it at one point and we were at a place called coyote which is now in Africa is called now but anyway she was talking to her and then she said him use the restroom and as she walked away I realized I just said Jan
do you know where the restroom is Chan
how did you do did you know for sure but then I thought it would be
it’s just like a ghost hanging out with Eve was her plum
Eisenhower and effective a line like that is with someone like you
Savvy and she sees that stuff, just wants it down to just really out without having the technology of Riya how does one like us meet a famous woman how did you do it I guess I would call her for you and
toys at my little when he dated your phone that’s why I’m trying to
how did you meet her a friend of mine said hey I’m friends with Eve Plumb as I said Jan from The Brady Bunch big daddy said you want to go out with her and I did it I did it you know it’s like that and actually I felt really bad about it but I did I mean I really was like she she was kind of interested I think and I just was aware that like I’m into this for all the wrong reasons prime minister someday I can be on you know a prime-time television show talk show with some famous didn’t pan out later
when you were like calling up like customer service and going to be on this item and I don’t have to grab your women yeah yeah what is your dream date everybody on your site
give me a game or something I guess it was like you’re like Alyssa Milano I don’t know
oh my God
I didn’t have anyone in mind but as a swipe through isn’t from that one thing when did Alyson Hannigan yes I would that’ll be five dollars in proof of Fame please
preview her
I had some kind of scenario picturing Dame Judi Dench something in your mind, not knock, New York
famous enough to be on the site good-looking enough for you to be attracted to her but also on a dating site it damaged or famous
I can’t be hurt again if I could just get hurt just an extra chain Stars swim Rider famous that’s what I want
too bad my phone
got me right where it hurts is it true Ryan I heard this from somebody that dating apps like the you have to be I think I heard this on the down-low whatever it’s called
Rose City or
it’s not far from that but I didn’t know if one of us was that most people are single it doesn’t it’s hard like gym membership in that there is like if you’re if you only sign up for a dating service has whatever whatever you want to call him in for the amount of time that you’re single and then you immediately pull out of them as soon as you have a thing happening that you did make sure they just the time is it okay if it makes you permanently like ineffective in those zones that it’s likely people are thinking about that I’ll never ever quite you’ll Circle the Drain forever without going in and I guess I’m the metaphor going to do a train is good at some point you have to shit or get off the pot and it’s a beautiful sentiment
now it is really moving forward and I’m ready to take that shit
thing is that you can’t I think kids today are encountering the fact that they can’t like shut down all of their electronic tendrils just because they got into a meaningful relationship because it’s almost like the worst thing that even a prenup where it’s like you have to admit to yourself in the world that well but I have my money when most people stop dating they get serious in a relationship they’re really giving up to other opportunities as the woman who brings us to lunch
we we went from you have to be in a bar and then end run into somebody physically like we were when we can computer dating started and we were all like like computers do you run into a couple of that medication library or a bar or something like that is more common than others is the name of an app comes out of their mouth when it how did you meet but but I’m wondering what the if it’s all good or if it’s like they did the darkness part of it is that it’s a good thing for sex and sexuality we do mystified and monogamy to be yes you’re my favorite customer place is still open I tell everybody it’s going to be 3 hours 3 hours could be a year if you know what I mean it’s like
we we were coming from a world where it would be expensive for the place to be open but we have to not break it into these kids have to break things into waiting rooms they have to see because if they pull out of Ginger to blur whatever they get back into it and don’t fight at 8 because
celebrating never celebrating
mask that was celebrated at the World Trade Towers going down
Ryan yo
I knew one of them with what one of them was called but I just couldn’t member the other one look at you know Dustin Marshall is his producer of ceremonial apparently I guess he defeated a balrog or got defeated by one so now he’s the only thing Whitehaven where was the headphones that he would always have on it but now he’s just like a hotel room couch
is he back there now.
Yes. Get up and go now you don’t even want to look at home that’s all he doesn’t need to be geeking to eat while he can promote them for a lot of other things so it’s our last show meltdown so I can have a decade
I didn’t find you some
we have a show I like kind of living the dream because we are always talked about starting your own space and we start a live streaming company with our friends Kevin Day and Chris boref give me just like state-of-the-art live streaming service for us we have everything but we have a show next Friday there’s two shows next Friday to renew venue Duncan Trussell doing a stand-up show on Thursday and then Carol audio and the be here now Network which is like Ron. Those people are putting on a special show or it’s like
that microphone with Miley.
Ain’t no joke
but it’s
I don’t think this big is round us a joke or not a joke
first rule of in Prophecy no be here now he’s going to be truthful is very like you know he is very informative getting me to like Alan Watts around us and we’re really trying to like this here’s our community are so cool real cool as shit so we’re going to show out this awesome venue Starbucks Castle in Chelsea Peretti talking to Sharon salzberg in a bunch of people from their own does community so definitely get tickets now is a bunch of surprises lined up just a little bit.
just a reminder.
follow your heart
damn Dustin Dustin’s trainers a white but when you were in grade school playground if you had regular Taylor’s particularly like the white canvas ones those were Compass wipers because they would turn kind of yellow over time
I never heard that it me like you hate me
hit me with
do you want to go over to his place and watch Grinch
message to famous ticket on this way Burger
yo what’s the sexiest date you’ve ever been on
my sexuality enough to describe this I’m uptight or mine what you’d let your fantasy day for those ladies who want to become famous so that they have access to him
we know taking care of you even want to be famous I already have too much attention has remove them from a horrible culture of McCready from
here and ready to be nervous every time there’s a knock at the door I’ll tell you why why you think it out there might get famous then you can take this guy
description of the Earth
can I get a location from the audience
all right
Cameron went down
Commander I heard I heard Pasadena the standard
can I get a famous woman
in the audience
I thought you were going to unload time
Marlo Thomas
women from hidden figures taking a backseat in many ways I don’t want her first.
I didn’t figure she had no something I just want to say you don’t have to do it in front of I wasn’t asking you if they’re being attempted early with a famous what I’m saying in your mind like it when things are going I think we’re going perfectly what would happened from the moment you start getting dressed and putting on your face
is what I have learned
why am I a joke to everyone in the scene like all I can think about is getting home to Cody it’s a very specific thing because I’m in a minute and I’m like I’m I’m in the I’m in the Chrysalis as my therapist comes a time I just want to go home and watch Colfax and Wadsworth
I just lost my bonus for a thousand years
refer to the president
don’t we don’t
this magical date make a lady out and have a nice conversation over here exactly caver has a Section 8 for the ground is that until now, if anything I feel closer and status to you and I didn’t anybody else up here let me my problem earlier Beyond at 7:30 p.m. I’ve been wearing it all day but you’re doing great keep it up I probably put on fresh deodorant Rushmore 7:30 p.m. I’ve been at work all day and I came home and I can barely because you know until about 7 so
what is your fantasy
I just got hit by a train coming in the gate again
my brother just came back and said to you I said it’s 6 p.m. I said usually we we work longer than that, says IMDb page 12 times today he’s excited let’s get him out of here
there’s nothing left to do because of Ryan and then you skip home and on a cloud of lightning OK Google, because
the ideal Dental hanging fruit Hanging Tree are you going to pick her up or you meet someone at a location distance
coming to you coming to get your and Culver City then yeah you should come to your door
are you wearing me on this right now or not ask Lily tell me where bro hundred percent and where do you want to meet or you know a nice nice bar restaurant you think be specific
Jesus Christ
you don’t have to worry about that you’re going to pay this is your day
give me the audio Studio 54 is a Liza Minnelli as a little boy throwing up in the eighties I knew that was the place where people got laid
is that your family won’t Skippy Skippy Skippy
house payment let me see your credentials soon as you don’t have to take that excuse me sir I’m from variety my camera just
I don’t like this.
here’s your complimentary mirror and Coke draw
enjoy yourself tonight is good for you cocaine 80s did you can’t see yourself from now on Stephanie
how to make synthetic go back to my business I’m sorry I wasn’t coming down on your attitude with the little bit I am a cocaine dealer and I deal with Coke
what does that mean
where I where I was standing there
I am mine hey Ryan it’s me your reflection in the mirror
this is just too many make him up hijinx handle it I don’t know how Ryan hey it’s me your reflection
why you sitting on a 902 funny with three probability would you like me to help you are you afraid to look in your own Reflections her I’ll have to be removed if you like
you must be Ryan
when it gets good yeah
thank you for bringing me here
me let is me and reflection I can sit up I’m still here I’m not going until I get at least finish this bit here
talk to her talk to her but you look great
I know I’m not supposed to wear this type of clothing after this game
someone will deal with Hannah said understand Spanish included
can I get a picture of Ryan Ridley and female Ed gillentine from RoboCop Twinkie maybe maybe there’s someone else he running and Ryan this is their reflection I’m just going to go
orange chicken recipe
do you mind if I cross and uncross spandex covered legs
I don’t mind at all in fact I don’t want to say insist cuz that’s gross but whatever makes you feel comfortable I understand your feet
family are carrying Mick Jagger
box out with him
tell me about yourself what what’s that mean you know everything you see is what you get
how is your drive just wonderful
that’s such a good question.
I love driving and
I love I love this drive not that it matters but I am driving and I bet it was
we’re in the house right now is your address
that’s what I was going to say that really broke the reality for me when he said that
what can happen if a man a pastor I just go with the flow man you got to learn to do that sometime
I thought it was in LA 54th Street and I looked back in their heads down on the table and they’re always going down snorting cocaine is also why everybody hated me a 10 year old in a fucking Clinic
do you know how to get to Malibu
okay alright
I forgot man I’ll allow it I hope it’s okay I brought Jeff Davis
more the merrier
punish one of the answers may come on I think you’re a wonderful man but I’m with Ryan Ridley
talking to you much
but that’s not okay well ghetto
open for somebody else Spencer do you want to dance with me
I’m Jeremy Renner
you guys want some water you guys need some
Jeremy Renner Mystic version of Club 54
play 80s early no one remembers
Charles kuralt
Google who that is
I actually turned out to be a Brooklyn chemist

I am so horny
okay now but no no no no no no no drive over here
talk about your drive finally got ready did you know baby I would never say baby
why are you around I don’t want you to be my baby
trying to feel you out this is your family safe all right do you want me to pay the internet when do kick your head
I mean crazy runaway sexy Rosie
but I live in Ridley
okay the newcomer but yeah man if we don’t get it then
he wants to review I look here’s what I’m getting at you want to react to stuff you need like a you want like a like what do you call it and what was it a Madonna when the group and down in the you need to be on your own like a manic pixie dream girl
I want a woman hears the intelligent strong as your shit together didn’t know I don’t have to put up with apparently absolutely a NASA mathematician
I think that maybe you would find a more intelligent and independent woman by seeking out women on this site
that seems sort of singular and elitist
I’m just wondering if you can find love in the strangest places
okay there’s a scientist please let me know I’ll sign up for that too is called going out and the world were scientists should have gone to the March for science downtown it was it was it was it was mostly smart women down there every university has a coffee shop
alright is there a Titanic actually like to think about that trying to sleep apnea test
flattened undergrads run those things there since I rest in there I don’t know probably be just before they’re getting their PHD most exciting area of expertise to work that Land Rover
you think the English courier companies wouldn’t wouldn’t be able to afford that
Hey Stephen a big joke up here huh my pretty little love is just a big joke to be mocked
do you make a big joke on my pursuit of love everything about that I mean I’m sorry
hey Rob do you date a lot of everybody and I know but it’s all right Carmen stand up here at his financier John Carmen what do you think about all these Jokers making a big old funny thing about my Pursuit Of Love
I couldn’t help myself 54 and it was just you know that’s why I didn’t even hear my name you know you called me at work
when are you didn’t go like synthetic Levy and I’m out of here you’re like okay I guess that is my name
is Justin Roiland assistant I say his skin is pretty thick in his brain is pretty
careful you would not believe the ship
how much how much how much you have to get up in the morning I have to go to a meeting
I need I need something to put together I don’t want him I doing what am I doing
show me how to speak to information on those Nintendo sales going on anymore Nintendo products
which one are you standing in right now are you start for the iPhone or the Nintendo somebody wants all of my dogs
all my 900 dogs
please somebody walk my dogs are my dogs 70 walk my dogs my dogs need to be walking my walking dogs why aren’t you walking my dogs already
word for word sand in the overnight
help me I’m dying
can we order lunch
benefit definition
I’m on a date with you don’t trust God doing good. The meeting I am or did you just get here get he’s all
just let it go
I’m going to shut up please play the highwomen shut up it’s just too many go ahead place already well outperforming right at this point I’m Andromeda
because it has a b in it’s a good start
go to the sense of wonderment in his voice
pretty good luck
hey Andromeda you can you track me down and we didn’t get connected
I don’t want to say no cuz I’m sorry I might run like for calendars including my own it’s really it’s hard to say
I’m not going to have very much time is your job and my job is I’m a workaholic.
sorry I work in television at
I am prefer this to the showrunner writer-producer he’s a really good guy a sweet man
no no everything is very very generous
damn I can’t figure out Electric
trying to figure out how to get to tell myself I can’t watch Apple TV right now in Steam that you’re calling me I know you have to be really bad if you’re going right what is the saying and I don’t know what the fuck is going on don’t worry I’ll take care of it I’ll be there in at the latest in the morning at 11 at night I’ll see if they can send somebody
something salty and sweet
I know I know it’s different things which is that he just letting you know
it is TV rights at 11 at night that’s when you’re going to find out motherfuker it doesn’t mean you have to fix it at 11 at night
probably you can admire you for supporting someone means I probably paid their dues
I haven’t pooped in 3 days so I can embarrass my assistant assistant is not picking up my fucking phone be Justin Roiland is going
trying to find my fucking assistant sisters fucking stupid
hi in French
are you sure are you sure you’re not you’re not fat and you’re you’re a good writer but you’re not fat you’re a great ride on the big fan I love you I love working with you for having me trim right over and watch it with you I’m driving
Ninja Turtle
show me the TV series did you hear any of that
Monessen state in the fuck is my assistant he’s walking the dog
I’m so sorry your life is so exciting this is honestly just like every day time ever on it’s because I’m always working I don’t feel sorry for you at all I don’t at all
I think it’s an amazing sounding job I think you should be something shameful for every working man maybe then this could work out I mean if I mean like I just think you’re the coolest thing about it is that you’re taking an extra special people that are so pretty
where did there was a problem with your your Apple yeah yeah yeah it took me at his house to fix it because his girlfriends over and they’re not getting who’s his girlfriend
hello this is Apple TV hello English
home an English you know that your dad died when you were 17 but yeah I know I was coming on this Hunter is your dad calling or is you trying to get in touch with you I’ll be probably whatever with your dad is dead you don’t listen to your brain
don’t work right now so don’t let anybody ever fuck with you want to take that that makes me win
hello Rana
what’s going on
I would never find anything here run ended up there for days I don’t know what’s going on
play the video
Zombie out there pretending to be a zombie hunter
my boss what is why I’m so overwhelmed
you’re overwhelmed
what are you in Eastern Virginia
turn on the TV
there’s no such thing as a fake zombie hunter and you got me again I’m sorry Steve
I thought you were coming to hurt my feelings about that that picnic thing that I did the other day when I was doing the picnic thing you don’t even remember
leave I’m sorry
Justin Justin Iva let’s try to make season 4 as good as we can so sorry that this is still going on. Can I hang out with this I don’t even know what’s going on anything. I love you so much I’m so happy you’re in my life just tell me this is Dan am listing Williams
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I just came out of my Zinfandel field Hayes
I don’t know the time I told you that you were just okay yeah I’m alright thank you hey and dromida class I’m going to listen to a podcast with Cody you have a great date with Steve
I’m trying to record
thank you
thanks Dan Lurie or him or whatever it doesn’t matter I advocate whatever it is that’s going on with the other end of that phone
tell me about it
don’t forget if I get pregnant and if I have a baby I can’t work at Staples until the baby’s old enough to work at Staples and we are definitely more than me
Diana young ladies that I think would be good for you
thank you I love it about no right answers like the involvement of the things you find in no no involvement
carefully honestly
I’ve never tried it but I’ve suggested it to other people
Dangerous Game
Dangerous Game
the Vampire Lestat
it’s almost worth interrupting that’s just it what do you mean you’ve suggested it. Other people
your wits are just letting you know about him personally I have no butt hole 6.
Change that tonight huh
how many people
what if we learned over 6 years use the right pronouns elected
third parties that he’s getting better and better Danny
happiness will win out in the end 10-day waiting. Is more than enough for a gun guys still haven’t picked mine up yet but I also unfortunately that applies to watching Atlanta and get out which I still haven’t done
you try giving your head when you die when your knee hurts
take us to Atlanta TV show
I’m doing stuff at your apartment because you’re poor
you’re going to want to hang out
I’m so glad that
anyways well here’s where we were born here is not where we’re dying but we’re moving out from his parents basement
is a glass of Kool-Aid and a tablet
we’re moving into our our curtains are beaded curtain attic II with with Jan and we’re going to we’re going to go we’re going to learn speakers actually cost and all the other things that happened in your twenties which in podcast years harmontown his interest as if it’s his mid-twenties we’re leveling up
we got we got to leave he’s a shaped scarecrow
Spencer’s going to wear suit the entire time and I’m going to wear Lumberjack shirt and shorts
let’s get to the moon when we go to the place we will have a good show but like we got to get out of here cuz we’re giving up cuz we we do believe the people are stupid but we’re not we’re going to continue to care about them and love them but we know that they’re stupid we just don’t expect any more of them the planets going to be eaten alive by dumb people why don’t we just wrap it out and get fashion last rap on the stage
I think John Carmen takedown coming going to come and everybody thank you thanks for having me feel free to jump in and it’s wrap if you want and no I’m not I’m not I don’t feel free to invite everybody give it up for him
you know I don’t get I don’t know a lot about the founding fathers so my rap isn’t great
which is crazy was Ben Franklin I know that I don’t know how to rap
it’s a game you play with your mouth at the end of the day you just move your lips and the words come out your teeth go up and your lips go south to gotta say what’s on your mind then you say what you could find in your soul when you look down Beach but I thought your mom was so hard she turned into a sheet
turn yourself going up and down up to the Elf on the Shelf I got her pussy up hi I got a bushy down low I got her pussy in the middle and how many members do you think you will find 5000 motherfuker phone number
thanks for asking
I’ll tell you about every single one of them send another one made my penis got a song
it was consensual and that’s all I’m going to say about it
is it going to rain in heaven you already know that so that’s where I parked her mother number 8 Sonos go find another sucker again but then get along game mother 10
mother number 12 is her main thing
along with lack of rhyming
13 wasn’t telling me I’m going to fucking a bucket I fucking fucking
John reply. Don’t reply.
Mother 14 and there’s a bunch of mothers that would only run time when we have 4989 to go time I was ready to put birds in it I thought your mom and tell her we can fly so high I went up to Heaven Sent
but here’s one from fucking all those mothers there’s no other like a mother
and have it be as good as a mother but that’s not a homophobic statement
because if your gay then your brother can be a mother…
I should probably get out of this area
are the things we learned at this pace is that their takes a lot of people to make a human rights there’s there’s people that are born one way and say hey I’m going to be another way I did why would you bother to say I’m going to be that way that doesn’t make any sense there’s a lot of roads are better ways to spend your energy cuz if you’re lazy you’re actually Progressive because you’re like who gives a shit I don’t want to thank you
what do we do when we care that we really end up being fucking everything up especially when we care about ourselves thank you ma’am
tried to call you man you could be anything you want
that’s what we learn the most
I thought that from The Horizon in a frying pan
having a heart attack on everybody
17 years
he said he’s leaving
Ryan Ridley
Brian Johnson
Donald Trump
I hate Jeff Davis
Spencer Crittenden
everybody that works here backstage Chris borin
Jackie Chambers
where are the funky beats sound
Harry Potter playing to become we’re just doing right now
everybody loves a lover
search my contact photos have an online
hell yeah 5 fast as you can to Burbank and take as many chances as you possibly can we love you
pumped up kicks
also Ryan Ridley we wish you well on your dating Journey thank you
Seneca Street


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