Episode: 245 – Explain Your World View


Episode: 245 – Explain Your World View


Mystery Science Theater’s Joel Hodgson stops by, everyone’s world view gets questioned, then Mid-East journalists Robert Evans and Magenta Vaughn share stories of visiting war torn countries. Featuring Dan Harmon, Brandon Johnson, Spencer Crittenden, Joel Hodgson, Robert Evans and Magenta Vaughn.


you can do all of the night if you want you
price of a late start where you know it’s our new home as you can if you’re if you’re here for the third time you see there’s an evolution taking place you should be honored to be part of it you should be paying for things but why is he still looking at his at his phone if the if there’s an evolution why can’t he leave because it’s because the future hasn’t happened I don’t have the fucking you should put your phone notes on the screen behind you well the people can just see exactly
it’ll speed things up
what have I done
I mean this isn’t really what I OK Google right now
I mean I don’t even know you don’t even know okay now this is stupid let me let me let me just
it doesn’t matter cuz I’m not going to talk that much and then I’m going to bring up because we have a we have a show chock-full of entertainment and you guys are so lucky to be here and yours
now you’re you’re plotting your own Good Fortune
it’s a great thing to apply yeah like I mean gone are the days when you would have plied the entertainment itself now you just applied your own privileges kind of like where we are lucky to be here I was told that by the fake news more than being blown through I’m I’m drunk I came up drunk I usually get drunk during the show I cuz I was with my friend Joel Hodgson who was celebrating with his Kickstarter supporters of the Mystery Science Theater accomplishment that happen on Kickstarter
somebody funny people attached and I was I was I was dragged out in The Horde off to no offense I was just I was I was I but I had a great time cuz you just surrounded with people you guys look what I got to hold Court that’s what they held Court talking to people that have no choice but to stop talking when I get to rub them
I’m interested this video game
video games okay Dan stalking
this one well you’re you’re a fat Rich windbag so I guess that’s true but we talked about so much stuff that I like I feel like I owe in May so like what will try to get it get get get the most amazing place in the world it doesn’t need my help it’s already beautiful and it’s monetized it’s fine but it’s it’s gorgeous there and I just I got high on the beach and I was at an end Cody went to get a drink and II here’s what it hears what happened to me here’s why I’m now going to be a perfect person
first of all starts with Trump because we’re all feeling the same thing which is that we are all now living in a new space we’re like not a good thing to say it’s like it’s true that like we were living in a world where we were wondering if we were drinking too much coffee or if we were saving enough for retirement or if I mortgage payment this or kids or should I have my favorite color and then a rapist Nazi became president and we need it by tweeting a horrible thing he didn’t do it by tricking anyone he just went like I’m a rapist and everyone went well sometimes better than a woman yay
nightmare just marched through it so we can all of the walls came down and I’m not saying it’s a good thing and I’m not saying we needed that to happen but I am saying that at least we can find the positivity in that when it’s like when your Paradigm shatters you are on the verge of new epiphanies that don’t have to do with how much coffee you’re drinking you are now if you have no choice now but to get up every morning and think about God and whether he exists whether he’s a she like like like you you’re an idiot if you’re thinking about coffee there’s a fucking nasty in the White House
is he a fizzy affecting it now affecting the the sex no he’s not his he has a problem with he can’t speak he’s not a professional Entertainer
he gets warmed up
I am I was on a daybed overlooking the beautiful blue motion I got high I took Cody went to go get drinks and I started doing this thing that I do when I’m happy which is a go back over my life and I torture myself like I got this is just a Midwest thing when it’s like such a fine line between gratitude and I’m about to get cancer but like like because gratitude means I have it so good oh I should really appreciate how good I have it to me being from Wisconsin that is identical to saying I’m about to get cancer so I was also identical the saying like oh I don’t deserve this because I’ve been such a piece of shit and I’m just sitting there looking over the ocean and I’m going back over my wife cuz my girlfriend is gone I can’t hold her hand anymore and I can’t be distracted by these things that looks slow me down as my therapist says run on your engine not on the Pistons so I start running on the Pistons and I’m going back over my life
I’m going well why did Sarah Silverman fire you because you’re a fucking idiot why why why why couldn’t you just do the line at Kung Fu Panda like what
how many times have we all said that
for most people it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s code for happier now you were happy so you went back through your life and now you’re torturing yourself but I followed through on it and it was like okay so there’s a version of me that didn’t get fired season for Community there’s a version of me that they didn’t fuck out that new better not to Sarah Silverman show that the better version of me that looks like new while working on Kung Fu Panda that no one cares about story structure that is said that they don’t they don’t know that if a panda is born entitled to win that that makes him a villain
it doesn’t matter
I mean different choices that shows that I chose to lie I swiped the laminate at Dreamworks Animation and went to work every day and let you know your movies shity right
and they kept going like well it’s probably going to be pretty good and I kept these guys don’t know what they’re talkin about anyways I did that’s supposed to say I have regrets I could have service the fans better if I just had a meltdown if I don’t take myself too seriously so I’m going over all of these decisions every moment but here’s what happens I go so I go okay so there’s that version of me there’s that version of being a sap version of me so that guy’s got more money. Guys working on a better show that guy transition his woman now you’re welcome
like like like whatever like I like all of the choices I could have made and I’m like okay so all of you guys
like what do you want
what would your butt would you where you going for one of you has a Tesla one of you has Spielberg on your Rolodex what it was if there was these things called you want and then I was like
I think all of them want to be in a beach in Tulum and then my girlfriend came in and I was like holy that’s my girlfriend all of it is a simulation simulation texting
because it’s a Sandbox open-world game but then there’s a braiding point because it doesn’t matter what you do in a good game you come to a point where the designer said yeah but then you end up at the specific point where you sit on a beach and Hugo this is who I am and what is a sliding doors that I’m describing Maybe not maybe maybe not the women in our audience
there’s no way to react to an epiphany that that that that registers to me as I nailed my Epiphany I am just sharing I was saying that you had so much fucking fun you had some broke flashbacks I would like what’s wrong well that’s all well know I do see here’s what you know I am broke right now where I was broke for a little bit like my checking balance was so low that I was like like feeling middle class
disgusting not one but two of my assistants had to take me aside and warn me that my checking account balance was so low I was that feels I was just trying to I was trying to mitigate Steve a little bit they’re not going to get paid
is it going to take me to stay there like cuz you were in front of the electronics guy who’s looking at your house and he might stop
but you know whatever that check came in
here’s the thing
but it’s not the thing I’m tired of saying here’s the thing I don’t know the thing
like okay so like like a few
here’s what I realized
I started going okay so let’s say Elon Musk is right and it’s another I know it’s not his idea but we’re a simulation so we’re playing a game okay so all games are based on deprivation of something like you spin a kid around they don’t know how to stand it would it be funny if they pin the tail on something cut
you know there’s no party game where you give the kids a tail on the donkey with a tail slide and you go like real good so you’re you’re not an idiot we we purposely deprive people of things we put boxes on our heads and we watch each other intern like flounder around so if if if if life is a simulation like what if it’s a party game what if we reach taking turns and what if what if what if knock it off you piece of shit
fucken impoverished be the garbage you
what did I do wrong to let you in here to see I lost it
in those moments when you video game when you’re sad when you’re in love when you’ve been dumped when you’re angry when you’re feeling racist when you’re feeling angry when you’re
when you’re too tall when you’re too short when you’re when you’re having his height and experiences if you imagine that it’s a bit how can I measure that my crippling pain is a bit dead My Healthcare just got well okay I’ll get to you in a second
people if you imagine philosophically and this is something that even an atheist can imagine without violating your atheism cuz it’s not an actual religion it’s just a philosophy just imagine a party full of people watching you with a box on your head going look at them
like when you look into the eyes of your lover and you go like this is where I this is this is it this is where I meant to be and then they go there but they’re also not mad at you for blowing it like if you just jerking off and playing Minecraft for 3 days that they’re not like he’s losing like I said there’s no wrong way to do it it’s like one of those like it’s a party game
I just wanted to get that out I don’t care you’re too dumb to get it that’s not true I was like yeah
I know I know I know it’s not a new concept or is that something we haven’t explored already I just said the emotional Epiphany is just the imagination that like it instead of Rick watching you play Roy what if it was like people you love what if every time I look at Spencer like either Spencer’s an AI That’s like designed to pull certain behaviors out of me or Spencer is like represents an octopus Spencer that’s like like part of my species but in either case like I can look at Spencer and go like I get it like it’s just a we’re just fucking around and then you just you can hear like a choir of octopus Angels going
I don’t know I I give up I give up we have a lot of show I’m sorry gonna do this you deserve it because you literally went away came back so happy you don’t even know what the fuc to talk about
don’t patronize me and that is all right you ain’t got to feel bad about that
I said get out
let’s get the speaker movie
who’s really good movie we were just talking about it over there while we’re waiting to come out so I’m all talked out about get out but you’ve already seen it created Mystery Science Theater 3000 is here
hi Joe sorry I sorry
are y’all
okay take me up Dan sorry I took so long that’s okay show me what you’re seeing tonight let’s go what what do you mean what’s going on in your heart yeah I did the okay reason we were together tonight is because you recently resurrected and Misty thank you
I needed it to crowdfunding and what is it on Netflix what’s the Netflix yeah there’s 14 new Mystery Science Theater so they came out like 3 or 4 weeks ago I didn’t feel like I don’t think any of my jokes got used up till a berry Cherry source is yours yeah
I did it like a lot of funny honestly deliberately didn’t look at who or what so I didn’t want to get into this
as long as the fans are happy and I think so I’m in a lot that you got involved man I got a lot of press you were really like like like I don’t know who would really know this I don’t know if you know this like when I moved from Milwaukee to Los Angeles even before I did cuz we met at Comic-Con not like when I was selling comic books you were a person that I recognized from television that shrub and I therefore when we met you were so nice to us treated us like equals and therefore when we moved to LA we had your number and we’re hanging out with you and you were still treating us like equals and kind of mentoring us because we were from the Midwest moving to this weird City and Industry and you were also from the Midwest and had been there a little longer and we’re like truly like I
the stuff that you told us
look at you probably like definitely helped a lot
play Blake Blake just the idea of like extra one out here is a fucking idiot man such a happiness is like the day you wake up here like holyshit everyone’s fucking dumb
you might be embellishing there I’m not sure if you guys were adorable man when I met you and I just had to be friends who were guys were great in my trim you guys says you got for me crowdfunding with anomaly so we worked with Kickstarter this actually you you have a friend here who like he’s more qualified to talk about it and kick-started for me to remember his name his name is Ivan asked for we do I want to just kind of prep the audience for him he’s kind of has a mole on his forehead that’s like it I don’t look at it if you look at it he flips out it’s not fun but Ivan has so much to do with the success of our Kickstarter I worked with him every day on it and we he really helped me so much and understanding out of work with a piano
50000 backers and we gave them updates almost on a weekly level and he was wework collaborated together in how to talk to them and how do you keep them abreast of what we are working on with that Misty and he’s just probably right he’s writing the book on how to do this he’s an expert on it and is a side from doing our Kickstarter campaign he’s responsible for all the other top Kickstarter campaigns like a Veronica Mars and Reading Rainbow and Super Troopers 2 so he’s really an expert at it so it’s Ivan asked if you want to come on on Highway
Sam doing a Carson star where I move down and then he moves over you told him about the mole and there’s no more you idiots
unavoidably sounds like a weird keynote like we’re at where we’re at some Silicon Valley company now they act like like introducing you because you didn’t create Batman or like design the rainbow and Reading Rainbow but you you you figured out in a in an emerging a g or a piece of shit
you fit Your Heroes you use your spontaneously evolve person in a new food chain that hasn’t had time to become old which is like crowdfunding there’s a tightrope here we did it we did a Kickstarter with a novel Lisa and I’ll be the first to admit we didn’t know what we’re doing we fucked up in a lot of ways like you need to update and all the stuff but like how much are you allowed to talk about the Zach Braff thing not to not to throw him under the bus and shit on him but to talk about him is like a milestone of like crowdfunding where the Consciousness that had to change you know what I think it’s easier to just get him to talk about his worldview like how he looks at it rather than usual going to take all my questions for me I want you to do that and then you can come back around to it if you want I can come when can I come back around 2 I think it’s the Zac Brown look at anything but if I didn’t say any
you have to be something has to be said to you at the drop of a hat for leave me if you can talk at the drop of a hat he’s ready
just me I guess we’ll start with Zach Braff and then we’ll work our way back around Jules theory is that it’s okay for you to just start talking about your worldview
and I’d like you to do that just to prove him wrong circulation as you will prove him wrong so in the beginning there was Dan Harmon I’m supposed to get to Zagnut have to hang out cuz it’s really fucking up Dan
what was the question the worldview know what’s wrong is that what you wanted to give me money so I can make something so explain the new ones that we learned there so the I think the big misconception on Kickstarter is dead people are giving money cuz they want to do somebody a favor and it’s not usually if if it’s going well people feel like you’re doing them a favor by making this thing possible that they want like I think so I had a conversation with Zach Braff steam whenever they know their campaign I had an awkward conversation with Spike Lee’s team it was we talked about my worldview if you ever had a month
we came up that may be his fault maybe not but Zach braff’s campaign is kind of like the cautionary tale for people now not just because he was like one of the first people to come on and he came just after Veronica Mars which was a weird moment for everybody because dicks are just kind of seen as the space where like people who have no resources can suddenly make a good pitch to everybody and see if they want to give them some resources and it said this thing to have a decent number of resources usually and people like why the fuck is Kickstarter asking very wise world is asking people to give money for this thing they could easily fun so right after that succeeded Zach Braff was kind of like next out the gate and the problem was he didn’t have a very good explanation the most people to mean for why he was asking for money when he was really clear on like Scrubs fuck you money that you could have just flooded the entire thing himself on one episode salary at least that’s what everybody thought and it it got worse after he actually got the money like he got what he was looking for him and then it started getting worse for him because
the main argument for why he wanted money was he wanted creative freedom and people like but you have your own money that is creative freedom and he used a real money but then I was I was telling you things started to get a shower when the first update that I sent everybody know to tell them how much he appreciated the money that he really needed from them was on a GoPro video shot on the back of his jet ski sound traffic I’m not even kidding the second one was a little better with a GoPro for the back of a motorcycle still not kidding but really bad for him was that he I think he thought of it just like every other project he’d gotten funded you like I have the money now now it’s my thing I do what I want with it and I wasn’t necessarily a clear sense that he owed all these people who have given their basically what you’re doing is you’re breaking up the five people who normally are paid by a corporation these Fat Cats you’re breaking them up until possibly hundreds of thousands of people and
collectively there now you’re Weinstein you actually work for them and you owe them these updates in the elderly nephew we care about the rewards but they mostly care about is not being treated like they’re a nuisance to you after they made this thing possible so in his case the like really bad moment with Sundance when Wish I Was Here premiered and not only were his backers not giving a heads up that I was going to be premiering but I think the New York Times got a photo of one of his backers were given a couple thousand dollars standing in front of the theater cuz they hadn’t been able to get a ticket holding up a cardboard sign like a homeless person saying backer from Kickstarter will pay for tickets to my own movie and it went well, Lisa you are you actually took over for an Annalisa can we talk about his worldview now
I checked it on his worldview he is so racist
the only one of the new races I think about you is it you by the way you don’t work for Kickstarter vastly Superior in my opinion
forget about at 6 and Carmen like oh give the people there TV and movies it’s just more efficient to say to people hey I’m thinking of making a Knight Rider reboot I need five million dollars to do what I have in mind if enough people and only if enough people are so interested in it that they can pledge the money in advance to see it then I could make it and how do we figure out what the audience like nobody knows what the audience lights except of course the audience if you don’t you don’t have to waste your time on I mean just what you were saying you know before early this evening is it’s nice it’s not that you’re begging people for money which is what some people think it is it’s that you’re finding out before you put two years of your life
into doing any project with her anybody gives a fuck about that project it’s also good creatively to cuz you have to build board a few ideas so I think it is actually helped me kind of like put forward what are the new things in Manistee are what what can I show you about it that’s kind of a Innovation or a feature for us to look at them is Mommy and Daddy and we’re creative and if only I could have if you just let me stop doing math homework and start doing this thing that I really want to do then I do it but the truth is no one wants to write an outline no one wants to figure out what the fuck you’re going to see you and it’s it is that that that that’s why I didn’t want to throw under the bus I wanted to use him as if it’s pretty. That was an interesting thing that we went through all those years ago it was like oh Kickstarter started and it was like oh this guy doesn’t have a
finger and he wants to come up with a prosthetic finger that all the prosthetic companies won’t allow him to make can I have money and it was easy to think of it as like oh that’s what crowdfunding is it is revolting against the system and funding things that couldn’t exist otherwise if you want like the closest thing I have to a world you upset I don’t have a world you but I love you it’s your world you and let’s move on my worldview is basically that life in this space the thing that interests me about it is not the money like the money’s the least interesting part of crowdfunding and I did kind of like itchy and pissed off when people are looking at funny Guru which is what Joe namic’s point of telling everybody when he introduces me to them look at the Meadville like the money isn’t the interesting part the the fact that the crowd at large has a chance to save this is what we want or tired of people ignoring us when we said we’d rather you know it’s the it’s the Futurama me and like Shut Up And Take My Money
we are constantly going oh what all those people want is so disgusting to me they use it they throw it in the face of Hitler go well the people wanted it moved moved to the nation of people that already know your worldview is basically like I voted for Trump you explain to me
we have cards that instructors is there anything that because I want to bring up his disruption but but you I’m going to trade for other people so I
it’s okay it’s okay he can take it this is simulation so it’s probably worth
I asked for
yeah I see that were okay there’s a thing I can’t do it that’s the thing I’m supposed to run a commercial world like like I feel sometimes I feel like I’m Dan doesn’t love Community how come he doesn’t want to help us out because if you did wouldn’t he just jump on the internet and say who wants to pay me a dollar a ticket I need 40 million dollars to make the community movie and all the stuff like I ate like the can you tell me why I’m not doing that make some people like feel less like I is it’s a go see I’m going to need not liking a good guess a bunch of different reasons and I can tell you like why did Joss Whedon doesn’t do with firefly which is the other one besides you the people keep asking for him and that’s that just because the possibility is there doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily what you want to do with the next chunk of your life or doesn’t mean that there’s a story you want to tell just because people want a story told like if you had an idea and you had no other way to do it and you were ditching us all that so
then maybe you’d be looking at it but I do it just because it’s what people are clamoring for doesn’t mean the reason there’s not a community movie is because Dan doesn’t like community
that’s pretty that’s my world. That’s what I feel like you your simulation is glitching I didn’t raise any money to remember your name so I can Russia gate is there anything in front of your world to use it like you want to plug in anything let him put anybody off to any any like fucking projects you’ve you’re Cookin up any is there a Knight Rider series that needs it needs people to click on early projects I mean I’m supposed to talk to Justin about something about the fact that I’m always out of the loop
Justin projects
no, what are you doing
first you hold back on the Zach Braff now you holding back on Justin
what is Rick and Morty being deprived of that it needs to be crowdfunded it’s a fucken virtual reality project isn’t it he’s obsessed don’t know what he wants to talk about he might just want to introduce you to it like a pornstar something if there’s money in it
give me to come over to my house that’s going to be great
those pickups never end well I never get invited anymore sorry for for sharing Ivan a squid okay
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually know when this is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes out the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little t and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like a verb you’re always in good hands

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okay let’s what’s immediately now cuz I I’ve eaten into their time let’s let’s let’s bring up Robert Evans and magenta Von I will tell you to
all right sorry guys I don’t know if I knew your sandwiches and it was just too much for all you know it’s part of the format of the show for me to not bring up that luck on your worldview except for the stuff that’s not and that stuff’s all right that’s what I think sometimes we were talking about Skip around cuz I’m a bad interview you just came back from Iraq Iraq and turkey have a mostly a wreck right in the Middle East yeah right in the middle we have to cross the Tigris to get where we work on the part in the Middle East isn’t prepared properly that’s the first place that’s like cold you were talking about like Rick and Morty fans in Iraq was it ironic that it was a wreck and we were talking about the fact that somebody quoted someone other than me
we’ve got a couple of friends out there and one of them is this guy our he’s like 27 years old and his day job is taking journalists from erbil which is a safe City in Northern Iraq the Mosel which is the city where all the Isis guys are so like one day he’ll be in college studying for his business degree in the next day it’ll be like taking sniper fire with the guys from Vice to the guys from The New Yorker the guy from The New York Times of the Guardian like he’s worked with everybody that’s done anything out there any news fake news
so this guy like he’s a he’s a perfectly normal dude we’ll talk about the Simpsons or whatever just like Facebook like he loves like he he he shot a mannequin challenge video members of the Iraqi Army like what they were while they were under sniper fire like he went up to these guys he was like I want there’s this thing called The Mannequin Challenge and I want to do it with you and they’re like no that’s the dumbest idea in the world but then he described her they’re like oh well that’s what we’re supposed to do understand first fire horrible than a mannequin challenge video where Midway through it I mean we’ve got it we can show it later if you want okay but it doesn’t it ended horribly I know that one doesn’t know where we’re going to delineate a visual chapter of the show for our audio only a participant so that we can either edit out or they can plug their eyes
yeah I just I don’t want to Pepper the show with a with a ton of visuals but my copies of Rick and Morty seasons 1 & 2 when he sends me like a Facebook message the day we get back and he’s like this is a show I’ve been waiting for all my life this is the best thing I’ve ever watched and he posts like a rick me into his Facebook like Rick looking sad cuz he had like a tough day at school like the next day and one of his friends who we met on the trip who also leads journalist up for the front line immediately posted nobody belongs anywhere you know that whole quote like as if you if you grown up is a kid in a wreck your entire life like you’re tuned in to the same Global media culture is everybody in this room like we’ve all watch timecop in Commando and whatever and Community but like also sometimes your friend explode cuz that’s just like the nature of the world you live in like why are we be talking with him about like bullshit and then randomly hit mention oh sorry my suspensions messed up there was a car bomb and I got stuck in traffic and it blew up next to my car so
suspensions all fucked likes it they’re perfectly set up for that kind of humor where it’s like the the darkness makes it feel right to them like they don’t that reminded me of of a see my therapist was talking about which was she watch something I think it was documentary about women and War not not mean women that put on a Kevlar vest and go out there like Vasquez in Aliens but traditional cultures where the men go away and then the boys go away and then I mean while there is just a rebel and need to continue as if life will continue after whatever is going on and the psychological capacity of nurturers to be like
I don’t fucking care about this war this kid needs to learn the alphabet and he’s not going to learn it or she if they’re not going to learn it if I’m so passionate about the goddamn struggle that’s going on it’s like there’s something about that I guess I related that’s the idea that when you said that you said that there’s if there’s a kid somewhere where everything is blowing up and they’re quoting that line from Rick and Morty which believe me when I write Rick and Morty and I like I go to that nihilistic place
I do it with difficulty because I feel like first world I feel like I’m part of the problem in that the solution sometimes but it’s like because it’s like the kids she’s already feel like life means nothing like that’s called being a kid and so if your favorite cartoon is also saying like he’s nothing I mean but the alternative is to say life mean something going to be lying says that I remember typing that and going like this is like the idea that you’re selling consumerism basically you’re saying like wipe means nothing comes down and watch TV I was like oh this feels a little shity but at the same time it just feels it is it’s like he’s he’s being a good little brother is is what she needs to hear otherwise she’s going to leave home but hearing that somebody who is whose life is being torn apart
would would would latch onto that line then I go o nine ilysm is like the Baseline would the truth is life means nothing if you if you’re wiping your ass with dollar bills and you say life means nothing you’re being a piece of shit and if you’re born in a bomb crater and you say life means nothing you’re actually like centering yourself and getting through shit like it’s not it’s not nihilism if you live with that like if it’s a real possibility that like someone you know could die any day just because like things explode where you live and that’s a normal part of life or if you know you’re going to get shot at when you get up in the morning like it’s not nihilism to say yeah if anyone can die at any point in time let’s enjoy ourselves for this 22 minutes that we have that we know we’re not getting shot at probably right now like that’s not nihilistic that’s like that’s like one of the most liberating things in the world is to be like a well I know that right now when I’m watching TV I’m probably pretty safe I’m going to go out tomorrow and maybe die but that’s fucking in the morning yeah I mean I really am drunk and I
but the thing is what’s up
oh you said he is what she has to say tonight son of a bitch there’s a lot of things I do wrong among them is also I don’t introduce people I don’t tell them what’s going on it’s like I
I did not it’s okay I get you give get your cookies in the mail for caring about it
magenta so you guys like let’s get back to the top of the interview and what I should say by passing your worldview you guys just came back from the Middle East where are you the tippy typing you type the sad and are you photographing things and so are you guys enough for me to ask how old you are 29 can I ask how old you are 27 + 29 44 I’d like to see you guys
in the interest of Journalism
you go to this place that like if you guys were knock on wood to have something horrible happened to you like it’s the worst people in the world would be the ones to say well why they go up there and the best people in the world would only say they went over there cuz they love their job nobody would say well good thing they went over there at like like like like so I want to know from you guys like cuz you you’re the verbal one year the Mets of pigeonhole you guys but you’re taking pictures your writing stuff
you switch now you’re both journalists you’re you’re you’re providing you’re providing in an otherwise ignorant world with a night or two to into into into a part that they otherwise wouldn’t see so what why are you doing that I mean we went over there for the first time because I read about this place called Kurdistan which is a region in Northern Iraq that if you read the news stories that it’s supposed to be really nice really stable really safe really Advanced attitudes for the region towards women like one of the rules is in their in their Parliament 30% of the seats have to be held by women which is twice the representation of women in Congress in the United States just as a heads up of Middle Eastern countries literally on their flag it’s a confusing play include a certain amount of women in everything I do what person you’re welcome
so it’s one of those like we read all these reports but they’re also like you don’t even know what’s true about that especially since like there’s a lot of people on the on the far right to have a lot of investment in Kurdistan like the myth of that being real and it actually being really nice place because it’s the one area where like George Bush’s plan worked out so I don’t know what exactly is that real quick this place where people get to vote and things don’t explode as much and what are the what are the industries of people are in jail almost entirely well it’s super corrupt up there the government which is might not be a great thing for when I go back to save it like it’s it’s a show and your play Deck to the point before you become the kind of person that wants to go to the Middle East as a journalist and I want to like I want to frame forward from where you go from
someone that hadn’t considered that at all to being somebody that looks like I’m going to go over there because it’s probably one of the easiest decisions in the world for even the smartest most liberal people to be like yeah but then also I don’t go over there why would you eat me like an animal and like know about what’s going on and your side your body feel like if millions of other people are living over there why wouldn’t you go there I want to make sure I know the parallel your dry cuz it’s like like like like white
I would eat meat because it’s the easiest thing to do also can you eat the mic just a bit so definitely have you partaking in in if you’re in the society finds things as you are living as you are contributing to the whole world being the way it is and you’re fine with millions of other people dying and living through that like why don’t you go check it out cuz they’re doing it so I know why it’s a good thing to do I don’t like you get to the point where you find the ability to do it because I think I’d be happier if I didn’t but then I have Tuesday and Thursday but an animal in China and us like to see how it makes you feel about me I should I should I should also is what makes you Brave
you put your responsibility is great and that you put yourself in danger and come back until stories what exactly made you do that what makes you do that you just like in the airport and you like find your pretzels and drinking beer and you like walk onto the runway and you’re like getting drunk in the airplane and then you’re with other humans and there’s dangerous things going around but like it’s just moving physically to a different part of the world could pick the test. This is the thing it’s like can you remember a version of you that didn’t have that altruism that wasn’t functioning on that level do you remember a version of you that was selfish and lazy and then did what was Eazy-E something did you feel something that you have yourself
no pressure but I think the reason is because like if I could just I’ll just Babble and derail there’s all these people in the world and then you got one of those one of those War journalist
how to get the vest look at the camera just came back from a black a black hat
oh what happened there oh well there was this guy and then the wheel came off and then there is like that but then we didn’t know we had to get blindfold around with all the stuff and and the rest of us were thinking deep down inside were going like well I’ll take that information and I’ll put it on my coffee mug and I’ll use it to bully someone at work tomorrow because I want to want them to vote for someone instead of someone but deep deep deep deep down although none of us are soldiers you guys
you guys go there figuratively and literally
it’s truly a risk and it’s truly more importantly a risk that no one would even that’s what I was valuable thing about me nitpicking this is precisely because if you guys aren’t that different from us if you weren’t born special and brave there might be something only we could do we can think we’re there might be some path we could walk down where we end up like acting instead of thinking so that’s why I’m asking I mean I I can say the first war has only ever reported from was in eastern Ukraine it was this town called of deep cough
I’m getting to Dan
anime what made you what made you suddenly say I’m going to do a little bit more than the average person when it comes to getting fat is in mobile homes
when you get it though did you do it like as a journalist we like I’m standing over three dead bodies roaches the Carnage here right now there’s two parts of that question one of them is that like it’s fun like until someone gets horrific Lee injured it’s a lot of fun out there like it you’re moving around everything is going faster running around and cool vehicles everyone is really friendly everything super funny like anything that happens in a war zone like hilarious everybody who doesn’t like it’s it’s just like this area would like some Isis neighbors have just been shooting and they been shooting Rockets back at them and this guy is like trying to load a big rocket me leans over and all the grenades fall off of his vest and down the burn and he’s like it’s like it was like a fucking like slapstick comedy moment it seems like all these grenades and he sees were filming him and he’s like he’s you could tell the guy felt so bad that we caught that moment where he look like a badass and then he dropped his grenades on camera
questions off of that to ask which it is
but I think that was the one I don’t want to forget is so you’re traveling with military people always no no no no you usually so all of the war journalism whether its Vice or the New York Times of the New Yorker or the guardian of the BBC anytime you see this report from Iraq this report from Syria those guys got in a car with some local person whose primary politics station was speaks good English and knows someone involved in the military in some way there and that person LED them around their called fixtures and it’s like a little cottage economy that pops up all around I can probably plug we’re raising money for a documentary about some of these guys called the fixers it’s on Indiegogo
sorry about that but they are these guys they range from like literal War profiteers to where they’re just like you’re just paying him $600 to drive you to a dangerous place to like actual good journalist like there’s this great New Yorker article that the two people we worked with for this documentary helped put together we’re like this guy from The New Yorker is like I want to talk to some of this battle is going to start for Mosel I want to talk to these are a few Special Forces never liked will actually there’s the SWAT team of guys that were put together cuz they all had someone they know killed by ISIS and so it’s like this huge Vengeance Quest For All These Guys these are the dude you should get in bed with and he did it’s a great article on the New Yorker by Luke Mobile SIM if I had a fire person up here that it is that lady a firefighter up here
which I never have I’d be like okay why would you ever run into a fire and I know I’d get some answer like I feel comfortable cuz I’m watching the Scorsese movies and stuff that I know if they were like well my dad was a Southie and I was like you know you got to fight fire you know I’m saying like I can map that in my universe the same way that in pre-columbian Earth we could go here there is dragons always been fascinated with this archetype where you guys like you’re you’re going and pointing and clicking in your and your writing about in your interviewing in these places that all we know about them and always seem to continue to know about the is that they’re a mess and that and that there be dragons and so I kind of like I don’t want you to compromise your integrity
if you feel like it makes you sound like a douche bag but if you were to say to me you know what at the end of the day it’s just a perfect slot like I feel like it’s just enough trouble and just low enough rest. You’ve put it on but I got it I got it it’s not that I think okay so this is where I think you’re and I think we’re like ninety-nine percent of people who have been to a place like that and probably most people who go there as part of the military could you only see very limited chunk of these countries when you’re doing like a place like a wreck most of the country is perfectly nice like geographically in most of the country is nice araki’s are the kindest people to Guess that you will ever meet in the world they will be we would be in Mosel so we’re in the most dangerous city on earth probably like there’s all night you’re hearing the sounds of gunfire there’s fucking like vehicle-based IEDs blowing up in like sending mushroom clouds over the stuff into the sky on my
and you you drive up to wear like just some dudes are bunk down in their job is to pull people out of like collapsed buildings that got blown up in air strikes every day and you like can we crash here tonight and of course you’re staying here tonight we’re going to cook you dinner like we’ve got all this tea on like we’re getting our tobacco up let’s let’s talk and hang out all night like you guys will be as safe here as you are anywhere like if you spend more than like a 20 minutes talking to anyone in their house in a row after going to invite you to stay the night they’re going to invite you to cook food for you they’re going to put out to you for you like you have to you have to turn people down from giving you Hospitality like we would be talking to people who had family members killed and American airstrikes and do a lot of reason to be angry at the US and they would tell it to you they be like you know I had issues with your government but I don’t know that’s just your politicians your guests here in my home and I’m going to take the best care of you that you’ve ever had taken of you like it’s you don’t feel like when people are shooting at you during those limited chunks of time and they generally are pretty limited temporarily enough supply for me to accept
go a long way that that part that part’s like there’s there’s fear in that part but the rest of the time you’re not actively terrified I’m sorry documentary I are at the guy that word when you guys are doing it on he didn’t understand the concept of homelessness and that just blew my mind with all these guys out of Lights burning buildings and whatnot and like none of these guys have been paid in two and a half years cuz they’re all civil employees of the city that got taken over by ISIS so they spent two and a half years living under Isis control the city got liberated and now they’re doing the same job for the Iraqi government but they’re still not getting paid because the government hasn’t reactivated their paychecks and we get onto the subject of homelessness in Los Angeles and he’s like wait go back what do you mean I’m home yet did you do
clean it. I mean now that you say that is blowing my mind it also makes sense cuz you that you’re like wait where else but a totally entrenched capitalistic World Empire would you would you go oh no home what do you do wrong why is that is it is it let me Pitch you something say yes or no it’s you you you do it because you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve you’ve taken the the the more Keanu pill from The Matrix than the pantoliano spell I can’t remember what color is which but I don’t even know when he has
is it like reality man like you’re like a weird drone you know normal person and like like like a weird drone yes he is is that part of the status of a being like yeah I want to breathe free air i e real are I don’t want to I don’t want to be like the actor Joe pantoliano who you should really Google and appreciate in The Matrix character who is like give me the state yet but it was modernized so I use that to connect with the kids I mean I kind of think that we’re good at Adventure and so maybe you have a little bit ago they’re like we think that we can get a little bit deeper than the journals next to us and so that’s kind of a fun challenge really difficult question is that I don’t think I would ever at I have the balls to ask a soldier because I feel like I would be I would actually almost be somehow spiritually offensive but do you guys feel
feel like you’re like karmically
like like like like like you get like you like like you got a little bubble around you like you’re a you’re a you’re a you’re a hobbit and not an elf like Medical Kit know I’m more important important but more like detached like like like like we are walking through the spaceship in the beginning of the original Star Wars you should look at that up to its original state
YouTube Droid why would you you know the answer is because one of them holds the fucking hope is that is that like part of the journalists like like like like a fetish maybe no I don’t know like for me it’s like I like I’ve always liked to travel and stuff and I like that feeling of like getting an idea of how like tiny you are and it’s also like extreme experiences are interesting and there’s nothing more extreme than that experience is nothing more extreme like being in it like it looks like like Mosel right now looks like you see these movies like World War of Stalingrad and stuff like the one about the the sniper in there I don’t know Enemy at the gates stuff that like you never would have imagined seeing with your own eyes and it’s so shocking and weird and fascinating and has like a journalist like my whole that whole thing that motivates me is talking to people with more interesting stories than me and so that kind of place like you any single person you just walk up to and start talking to
I’ve experienced that you can’t imagine they’ve seen things that I can’t even comprehend they have they have a thousand experiences to tell me so like normally working like when I’m at the Republican National Convention at the Democratic Convention like doing like you walk up to people and most people don’t have anything interest isn’t answering her thing to say in the people that do have like two interesting sentences like you go to a place like that everybody you talked to Heather thousand fascinating things to say and I would imagine it’s the same way with pictures they’re too like anywhere you turn I was that I was absolutely going to go there this is just in the department of if you go far enough in the world that shit you won’t believe which is they sell cans of liquor this is canned whiskey it’s not if not a mixed drink like it’s not it’s not a whiskey soda it’s not like a little bit of whiskey poured into this is straight whiskey and there’s it’s around four sips of people wants it
there is a can back at the bar that should be open now if people want to take little bits of it and we can pass this around it’s god-awful I’m not there’s there’s no sugar coating that’s if you drink and raised over Ward your politeness by giving you the floor
I would think you would wait 100 you just use the worst metaphor ever
another soldier’s but like you know Willie Robertson found a grenade in Los Feliz somewhere the police came and blew it up next Monday yeah you would have you would have loved it I wanted to cuz we cuz magenta year you look through a camera while you’re there I’m not pigeonholing you cuz you said backstage like well you like to do you want to do the typing too but just okay but the eye when you’re abroad and you’re covering War what just whether or not it’s like
should we do you want to talk about it or do you want to show some of the stuff that you guys brought it what while you talk about it is that like a better way to do it do that at some point or anything any point you want it probably be easier thinking that for the audio podcast lister’s if we’re let’s just look at some stuff and let’s just make an edit Point here and say hey $5 a month for the podcast we should just put in like screaming like screeching and here’s a freebie undies and I want to give I shipped my pants this morning
where are you because of a weekend of drinking nothing but Soylent because she’s not around to order pizza with I was so unwilling to throw my me undies away I washed them in the sink that was not an ad for Soylent
and I just love being teased that much I don’t want to throw away all right well that’s convinced me how do I get these Underpants not. I’m telling you there it’s like it’s it’s it’s incredible I mean but they don’t have me undies I mean they might have them they won’t if you if we could we could we bring freedom to of course I did get over there with the pair a great pair of Hugo bass underwear what did they have Micro modal fabric that’s three times softer than cotton married
is that is that a synthetic fiber it’s made in La I think you don’t want to wear synthetic fibers in the wind things light on fire around you they can melt to your skin like you to get hit by a natural fiber what’s the verdict on the whiskey so far
good alright I can’t I can’t believe you all are saying that do you want the actual with this is the actual whiskey
home and let’s put a around here if you’re going to look at some stuff that only you guys are looking at cuz you’re here to you though
there’s a family on which one I want you to do this for me and they’re letting you know you had the balls to say to them for me and grenades are going through the air know and they say no but part of his job like the reason he’s a good fixer the reasoning get journalist place is is that he just he meets a lot of officers and my captains Colonels generals and you get their phone numbers like it’s there if you reckon military is not like the US military like it’s all about who you know you bring people cigarettes in that your buddy so he calls their Captain up and he says I want you to make them do this and the kids are Captain called them and said do this and they had to do it and you can tell how pissed they are in the video is it going to
girls going to be able to contain himself your wife said he’s going to start making funny riffs during the Vine
small world
rappers ain’t shit rappers are not shit
0 guns in your video at you you trying to act hardest hit you not this fucking hard
how hard is it fucking q1 the mannequin challenge guys in camouflage holding guns because they’re detached from what’s going on at home I what’s going on at home it’s television and Bart Simpson and donuts and that’s what they’re fighting for another stuff so to be in in a third world country and the holding an assault rifle and your orders are to kill another human being with fat flying pieces of metal that are going to be projected from your gun put to have a phone in your pocket connected to Donald Trump’s tweets and stranger things at gossip have a journalist telling you hey do you know what I’ll do that but then I got to get back to blowing the head off of someone if they do the wrong thing like appear in front of me I want to clarify that was filmed by a i r who’s our fixture we have nothing to do
that was his purely he was motivated to do that when he was up there wait till you weren’t there I would not there that I know that was in October that for him that was all for IR how do you get how do you get people to trust you how do you get people to take you where you need to go to see things I mean it’s it’s most about meeting good people so before we went over there I got the numbers and names of a bunch of different fixers who are all people who said they could do this for us and then I found people who they were connected to on Twitter who would like the guy that I went up reaching out to runs a company that helps recover people who have been kidnapped and ransomed so this guy was a friend of the guy that I was going to work when it was like a Twitter buddy of the guy was going to work with and I was like hey did you work with this guy in a rack and he said yes so this guy has like clear credentials he knows what he’s doing he’s got a record I say can I trust this guy and he says yes I would say you can trust him with your life do people like do they know you’re liberal do they care that their story is going to get told us
I have the first time we met though sorry how do you get to like we want to know what’s really going on so we’re there were there one morning and we driving to West Mosel which is a part of the city that’s still a big chunk of the tail by ISIS and we get up to the front and I’ll fix it with us like there’s going to be a caravan with a bunch of other journalists in a bunch of Iraqi army guys we need a ride with them up to the front but we wanted escaped from them as soon as we can so we can run around without handlers and whatnot so we can actually get a good story seems like you’re going to do are you going to be where all the other people’s cameras are but we wound up getting corralled into this van and wind up with these guys anyway and they take us to sections of Frontline and were there 5 minutes and there’s one or two sniper shots from Isis and they just start
Byron the Iraq ER me to starts firing all of the RPGs and he’s big weapons called spg-9 zand just shooting everything off
through this part that you’re supposed to run through my got heesta my name is on like turn around I forgot that I’m not supposed to like that’s not a good place to Dan so I was there for too long cuz someone started shooting at us which is the point that this is the point is that we were never in it was not a real firefight like we watch this thing happen and it’s incredibly it looks like a movie it feels like an actual fight and then after it gets done then all these are like 20 people filming it are fixers turned it wasn’t like you know that was that was mostly bullshit right like every morning they lead journalist right here and there’s always that always happen after everyone I’m coming but you guys know that takes me back to this all-important fight was like you guys
do perceive
the do you make peace with the idea like I do when I fly on an airplane. Because it’s that’s too much for me to be out of that much control and to have these Savages called flight attendants I can charge
of my descontrol like I need to decide before I get on the plane I might die Bubba blah I hope not too you can argue I expect not to I will complain if I start dying I will go to my grave dying if I did what you do I can’t do that I can’t be like oh look at that land mine go off wait there’s one under meet I’ve had it but if I get on United Airline and a cops are chasing me because the Christmas discount isn’t working or whatever the fuck I can’t I can be like this is bulshit it might not work but at least I have that recourse that was a blanket we represent ourselves we feel like complain we were never more than one complaint away from our mommy grabbing us are going to shoot okay and that’s why I continue to eat meat because
you did before and the only cry out and only do things when something’s wrong that’s just primatology so one of the identify keep harping on that because I truly do wish because I I want to know when you guys look at people like me do you like you fucking gross piece of shit when I feel like that’s the customer let’s go out to take some more pictures of When lines for him what you’re getting at there is what makes something really scary is not having any control they did a series of studies on fighter pilots in Vietnam back during that whole War thing and they found out that so most of these Fighters would have there’s the actual pilot and then there’s the Navigator and so in the weeks leading up to the mission the Navigator who is planning the mission who is deciding where they were going to go in exactly what was going to happen had very low stress levels in the fighter pilots stressed double spiked cuz they had no control over anything and then during the actual Mission when they’re actually flying
the fighter pilots have zero stress but the Navigator stress spikes because you have no control over that plane that’s what makes things scary is the lack of control so when you’re in a plane at 30,000 feet Howard the Buckeye planes go I don’t I don’t have any more ability to effect that than you do but like when I’m in mosul and somebody might shoot at me I have the ability to run and hide behind the wall or find the biggest Iraq he died in a body armor in hide behind the wall parallel
ecology a big fucking 90s or more modern like great over you like eating meat by the way do you have societies fucking like permission to be like a piece of like garbage when you’re Clank you like it’s not my fault if anyone gets decapitated on this right now I’m in a Batman artist I can’t do shit scariest roller coaster ever went on world oldest roller coaster
I put you in a wagon and put a jump rope across your lap
everyone dies including myself I’m going to fail that to me is you’re saying you you sound like you’d be like I hate being in that Batman harness not enough control I’m like what are you talkin about yourself or someone else kill you would I rather kill myself or have someone else, okay
but I also knew by the way I also love our audience who tweeted Lee I said we have were journalists write back and beliefs and there’s a fucking handful of like like shit that would make chompski phone for like like I want to get to them but I also want to see photos I want to say thank you thank you
here’s the thing
I think this is really important that’s an easy question to answer because it’s like a credit card bill that you buy control it if you asked me you have to die at
12 a.m.
is it going to be by your own hand or by a stranger I do with my answer change cuz when you say it would you rather kill yourself or be killed all I hear is control vs. lack of control of Batman versus old roller coaster could be glad to pay your Virginia hamburger like my kind of like going like I mean about being in situations where it’s dangerous and there’s tension and a thread a lot of it is gradual you move into it slowly and you could say your job is scary and that there’s a lot of tension there’s a lot of money through getting thrown around and you have to make this show and for a lot of people that would be very daunting and you gradually moved into it and so I think that’s one piece of
it’s just that you slowly get into more more dramatic situations and you have you always feel like you may have leverage in your pocket like you know the way I felt like I was working on community like I also took them on a network sitcom and I’m surrounded by people who are fucking pros and I’m coming from it look like I got fired from basic cable like I wasn’t even able to help myself there I’m like these people are diplomats I’m on King’s Landing and I’m a fucking wildling and you guys know what that means no you were out looking like doing important shit
Game of Thrones is important shut down but let’s not get into that cuz I was like well I’ve always been a piece of shit that loves having a tension paid to me and I did notice that the people I was the most afraid of because of their business Acumen because of their diplomacy because of their Savvy when the spotlight would hit me they would shrink away they would be like Sanders it’s my fried chicken does that make sense so oh you’re scared about the idea of running into a burning building because it’s mystical to you
I found something new that I’ve demystified and I can continue to exploit that persons not going to go back and go but what about my Parcheesi skills that person is going to continue to go like like like I want to grow in that direction I want to that that that that that’s helping me not hate myself for living in the same area this year cuz I’m worried but now I realize nothing matters being a good person has nothing to do with doing stuff that’s like dangerous than it was five breaks over I live in The Matrix I love my stinky but we all we all live in the same city here like the people I get that sometimes or there’s an earthquake in reality a child of God I’m a fat fucking horrible agent of compromise and you know that and the fact that you won’t admit
but they’re still don’t know there’s nothing more it without compromising me so I don’t have to kill myself I know you know people with guns
I don’t have the balls to get my other phone have you night and your beautiful Bean footage magenta magenta we have stuff up here that you photographed when I was starting to walk if you want to connect to do this
training with us interaction to harmontown interval we go to a harmontown in the Middle East
I’m telling you if you want to go we can talk about this later if you’re serious but if you want to do a harmontown and erbil it is it is a safer city than Los Angeles they didn’t do and I know what I know I’m just saying would it be weird like smells like it’s not 11:00 you and you tell me magenta like
so if you’re because the average person is like what I don’t even understand any photographer like I admire all of them going to take a look through a lens that’s a good picture as opposed to everything else I look at can you can you give me verbal light on what it is you’re supposed to do when you want to take pictures of shit said that horrible light wasn’t on her face very different like that which is why I have a chance cuz I’m horrible photographer I’m not a photographer I’m just trying this new thing out there like and so you can’t have as much control as you want to have which would be awkward for you I guess because it’s it’s like if I was like oh I prefer to write in a tank of water hanging upside down
do they do on the script is like this like rock you’re still Christian
it doesn’t have to be Van Halen you love Christ if you’re if you’re photographing Iraq you’re like well there was a guy shooting at me or lady
no but I’m sorry I got distracted by my fucking dumb shit but there is a little bit of Truth to that not that but that you’re like well I don’t want to be Ansel Adams because I don’t know how to deal with that internal my therapist says running the engine that the Pistons like you said it so if when you’re photographing in the field are you like can you just talk to you discriminate are you looking that’s a good picture that’s a bad picture or are you like I’ll figure it out later but without doing that is based on will so if it’s like we’re filming a documentary out there so I could you dislike or I’m a i r saying something if you want to get him a camera saying this can you get over here but I don’t like those people and how that like that little kid you saw on the in the back of the truck like there’s
like sometimes people’s eyes just like you see someone and it’s like magnetic but you just get pulled them
if you want to you know if you want to cuz it’s a few notes audio to podcast have I been maybe I’ve been stupid it’s not like you’re doing all video are you doing still photographs or it’s a video documentary so we just bought a GoPro and Iraq at the mall to make the documentary and use the a6000 have asked Denise like that film roles and they are the right instant will end up on the cover of time and change the way people vote but I mean that’s not it. Like you’re getting footage of shit that could also be on the cover of the Harry Potter version of time where the things on the cover Move
and you are you still from your video
a little bit but take a look at what what would what would you want people to see there’s three videos that tell a little bit of the story we’re just talking about so let’s start with our PG fire which comes from that first firefight we saw I just fired an RPG in my HTC Vive at home it’s a VR simulator of then you can tell us how accurate this is
call login
what the fuck is any Rocky Army fired everything that they had back at them and they weren’t they were aiming they were like pivoting towards the camera that points like you can see it until I get was very and then afterwards the second video they had a musical number for the cameras like it was literally like a Pirates of the Caribbean 20 some journalists they’re all fill it filming so at the end of this tissues little firefight that you’re 20 minutes of the Iraqi army shooting at Isis footage than we do a song at a dance and then in a we get you back on the bus and it’s a I can’t wait to break away from that show me the real Tijuana that’s what I was kind of that they that they don’t know you’re that’s why is it matter
no while you’re being beheaded in a long time I put together like a video for crack before we went out there that was just about Isis propaganda so I had to watch all of their beheading videos and it was like yeah like that’s a little bit intimidating but at the same time you were likely to get killed in an air strike just because one of the misses the target so that’s like comforting kind of like
I did I did I did have a brief feeling I remember Easter Sunday you guys are probably over there was like just because this is like what’s his face from North Korea like unveiled his nuclear missiles and it was Easter Sunday and we went we went to a barbecue and salt pictures have to talk about was the idea of what if what if a nuclear missile landed in Los Angeles and blow us all up and we definitely all agreed that that would be a way better way to go then what would happen if North Korea wasn’t in the picture and Trump just had his run because because the latter would be like a I’m going to have to eat a foot yeah it may or may not be my own up a swing someone else’s daughter is a weapon like what you want to do and you want to slow cook foot like that’s a real key with a foot is you don’t want to you don’t want to try to fast to cook that cuz you want to let it sit the same song but you can appeal off the cows

Chucky sit there and they’re like so what’s their agenda that you’re American journalists and they want you to they want you to say what what do they want you to say what do you mean chart that started Isis a lot of people think that somebody over there that’s like well if we show you this and that you’ll you’ll write that no army guys want you to say that the Iraqi Army is winning the battle against Isis in there is a good dudes nice dude I got nothing against like I was really impressed with a lot of them but they they want you like you get the same thing with you talking like the Kurdish peshmerga what you’re like these incestrial Mountain Warriors of the Kurds or whether you’re talking about the Iraqi Army other you’re a key federal police which are basically an Army in that they all are like we love America we’re just trying to stop the bad guys please send us more weapons I recently found out
three women on the Supreme Court and I made I had made a joke about there being only one at Art what I did you graduate are you do you have a 200 IQ would you worry about going another reason I wouldn’t go to the Middle East because I’d be like I don’t what I can’t point to where we are in a map and I don’t know anything about any you saying it’s for you learn ya goddamn it
yo yo yo you you went over there and you’re like we’ll figure it out in the first episode of Rick and Morty it’s just like that you you throw yourself into situations that you don’t fully understand and then you grow as a person because you let you figure it out if you don’t but I know but you could have Grown Apart
but she went to like burning in the city’s on Fire Man the fuck out man let’s dance routine they do with the end of this one it says it has dancing or something in there and this is like yeah this is when they were the dance number little speech first we probably don’t need to go through it’s mostly about how their sweet you want to pay attention cuz we’re going to see this guy again another clip to this dude is going to be great for all the so they really get crazy with the guy that had to shave their beards get big on the mustaches on their guns being like that it’s like it’s going to be a while before the bearded recovers in Iraq
what’s the bearded straight up there in the evenings in the afternoon you like kills Isis guys in the morning he leads journalists on a tour and that dude behind him is like you can watch it watches face during this cuz it’s really interesting he’s like the guy who keeps everyone alive when they’re running around he was always whenever people were like shooting at us in new shooting at us that dude always had his body between magenta and the bullets he’s a really cool dude
direct me to 50 Summit Avenue
call John he’s like I think I can hold it right here like always saying that the thermal exam grenade is that what the fuck what do you mean you’re smart your worldly you speak other languages not to be you and so we all are allowed to not be you course
Community Trust Me with a budget Dan so I’m going to that guy look like what does he look like he looks like fully which one
go from Red Hot Chili Peppers to that I speak a little bit of Kurdish but I my Arabic is is terrible I know like eight words it’s as bad I would I would I would I would get off a plane over there and I would be afraid to use the word Arabic cuz I would I would I would assume from what I’ve lived through I would someone would go Arabic rude and I feel like I don’t know I don’t think you would be the plane like 10 minutes before someone was like oh this guy clearly needs help I speak English like I told the story of this thing is like there is a pool guy that was like come do this fucking low-grade Ayahuasca with me and my family’s Village and I spent the entire car ride going cuz they’re going to rape us
but they didn’t because everything different is a threat but okay so that’s that’s the thing that separates like before we ever went to a war-zone we traveled a lot and parts of the world where like we had experiences like you’re in the car with the people that you don’t really understand they’re like oh something bad going to happen is this like the first 15 minutes of an Eli Roth movie and then we all get cut to pieces I guess something terrible happened 5 or 6 times in a row your legs thinking about that doesn’t exist but he does nothing matter to disagree with that we’re getting onto the subject because I asked that guy I want to know what are we what do we need to know that we don’t know like what are you see over there that we might be getting the bulshit story on
I could use the thing that I do want to make sure I talked about cuz I don’t wait to get off of it there’s an anarchist feminist militia that are the people who are actually beating Isis and Syria right now when when we surprised when you hear about them on the news you’ll hear like the United States government has increased its Aid to the SDF the Syrian Democratic forces 70ish percent of the Syrian Democratic forces are a group called The ypg the people’s protection units the ypg and their sister unit literally sister in that the wifey J which is the female people’s protection units okay they are when we went to erect the first time we started touring all these refugee camps where they were a bunch of ziti survivors of the genocide ice is carried out so these are people like I was asking about like oh hey America this is the only time that the US intervene in a timely manner to help stop a genocide like ever like Isis started killing these people we sent an air strikes and I expected them to be like yeah we’re really grateful to the United States for stopping Isis none of them had that to say they were like no it was the wife
so what happened is during when Isis was on the move and they were expanding in Iraq and expanding in Syria and everybody was running away the Iraqi Army was fleeing from the Kurdish military was fleeing from them all the different Siri and militias were fleeing from and they were there was growing on check like a giant fucking tumor in the middle of all that they’re massacring the members of this religious sect in Iraq called the idiots who live in Mount sinjar and the ypg who’s again a feminist Anarchist militia hears of this happening this is happening there fighting their own desperate battle against Isis and getting pushed back and they divorce different forces from this battle for survival to invade Iraq you fucking idiot
I just gave away the plot of Wonder Woman in Isis is lions in Iraq rescue tens of thousands of people over the genocide and then leave forces behind to train a militia and the only complaint that we heard the people we talked to their make about them is that these are a very traditional like traditional medicines that they don’t let women do a lot and they were like well they wouldn’t they said they forced our women to learn how to fight they gave them guns and we didn’t want them to give our ladies guns and now our women have guns it’s frustrating too bad they’re like well you know it is what it is this is going to sound like a really loaded liberal question but do you think the reason we’re not aware of that very very marketable phenomenon that would make a really compelling story is at you know do you think that’s being filtered out you think that’s a hell yeah the idea that women
not in a chivalrous but it gave way but in a fucking like like fuk it way like that that will be the solution like that that’s the last thing anyone wants to hear to be scared of in that because I like when when Ava is one of the names you’ll find them under they don’t go viral have anymore they’re not a state it’s like a democratic its democracy without a state is the whale hear it described a lot it’s a weird system of government is based around like one of the things they do is they elect a man and a woman simultaneously to every political position and they have to come to an accord before anything can get decided so it’s like it is actually a person 50/50 representation some of these towns when they took over from the Syrian government never liked hey ladies like we have female organizations for lady journalist we have female military units like we have female farming collectives like you’re free to have a job and do whatever you want participate in politics now there are some areas where the divorce rate went to like 50% from almost nothing like happen when they’re just left their husbands wife
go do stuff now this noise like I’m going to go do shit so yeah there’s definitely an element of the threat and there is a reason that you only here to them referred to as the ASDF rather than a feminist Anarchist militia who rapidly against the idea of states
yeah badass
I want to make sure I got in my crazy left-wing screed from your employer’s the media to show the Middle East in the specific different light Than You observe I think that I mean you’re a freelancer I mean you know I’m I’m salaried with cracked but they don’t pay for us and go we just buy plane tickets if you can find a bit tweetdeck I set up a little filter for the hashtag thing you got anything we should know
that we don’t already know your top one
as quickly as you possibly can I mean there’s this one weird moment and I just got one thing to say for everyone here do all the shit that you just like talk about and then you put it off if you don’t do it it’s just a fantasy just do it because that’s what I did that’s what we’re doing just do this date that you wanted to do and it sounds silly
I know you had it in you girl I knew you had it in you to get back on the elliptical I still want to understand what it is to put me on it in the first place because I know once I was on it I wanted to stay on it and I know once I got off at it got easier to stay off it but I’m trying to isolate that moment so that we can bottle it put it in a little pill that’s like take action because we all know this like we we hear it all the time in our own heads when we hear from the people we admire that they like hey that thing that you want to do just do it at and it’s like how a pilot or wrote with the first thing that you wrote that you submitted to somebody you respected get a chance to turn it down to where I am ego ego ego dumb to know how
untalented I was well there you go OK Google D&D in watch Indiana Jones movie States if something seems scary to someone or even Beyond scary if it just seems like this isn’t the time to do that I got fucking go to work at Starbucks I got to go work or going to go I got a or just you yeah it’s like I got to do shit yesterday and I got to do it tomorrow if I even have a time to think right now than I owe it to myself to just sit here and think what in that moment like I’m going to answer my question my fucking therapist answered I wish I could just never leaves anywhere thought doesn’t lead to action only action leads to action you said it yourself you just have to do it even though it doesn’t it vexes us because we’re addicted to thought we were addicted to safety as well of going that’s what we do we’re on King’s Landing so we go we can’t we can make a difference when
I’d like that funding to go over here and we miss take that from meaning that as individuals it’s okay for us to go well I’ve decided I’m a vegan or I’ve decided I am last but right of this its words and its thoughts whereas the things that everybody in this room knows that all the shit that changed them as shit that they just did
how much support like
America you’re still going to have clean water you’re still going to find a toy that you’re not going to starve like you’re in America so rely on the community or the culture that we don’t have and miss that week of work you going to get fired to pursue what you want to do because you’re still at the other day going to have a clean place to ship at least your step closer to trying something different
like you have a clean place to ship no matter what you’re in America it’s fine just checking are you are you are doing great. Going to do anything different tomorrow cuz even if I’m homeless I can shit in a clean no one’s too happy
who won season for the bottom line is you lied on his U-Haul. You guys I’m Golem like a ring sale near me and I was like this is precious and then one day
feliway no matter where it’s bought that’s when I move I got to love this is less precious I want the precious back like that’s all I’ve ever done that’s all I do okay you got it you who doesn’t describe it doesn’t describe you you fucking coasters will know you are with kids that are starving and then you go have some fancy fucking meal at night every night while you’re out there like smell those kids make me uncomfortable I’m going to go eat fish in a cave those kids don’t have any fish Dan the Diamond doesn’t carry doesn’t want to think about that he wanted us to think about it we all are precious do you want photo journalism yeah but that’s not feeding the kids that you see over there
when’s mountain is the worst places I’ve been hanging out in Mordor because he found a comfortable place
all right look what’s the Annie let’s just accept that we’re all we’re all equidistant from transformative human evolution
so you guys really aren’t that much better than me or why is there today. They’re going to take a community Booth as mailing it skydivers are better than I silently judge skydivers I didn’t know why because they needlessly risk death in a world where life is precious that’s what you go on rollercoasters yeah at least but I don’t go on rollers play friends don’t judge me
I’m judging you
I hate say something man I think I want thing is that it’s about bravery a little bit so kind of about doing good work you know that’s what they’re doing that’s what I know you aspire to do that’s like kind of part of your problem is you want to be good at what you do to be glorified well maybe but you also really like no it said applying for people I mean these guys are watching your shows when they’re in a day that I do good work glorious okay well
that’s all I got how many riders do you think say they do it to be glorified
you’re right I am special thank you to wrap up I write thank you guys so much for coming in here and
I thank you Ivan is I even still here
and thank you Joel for
can I join at one time went to the Iraq of making his own fucking TV show where he sat with the fucking robots and made fun of movies like that was not a Runway laid out for you that was that was Brave
yeah I don’t have no problem I know I’m a hero
I got a chance I have to be Shameless Brandon and I have a podcast starting on August 16th it’s called personal we talked about doctors talking about stories of people shoving stuff up there but people who killed people all sorts of great stuff sounds like it’s not on Farrell audio so you should be aware that is probably why it’s not funds Isis there’s a bunch of there’s a trailer up right now in a bunch of footage do you want to donate I’ll smile at you in my soul but not in person probably cuz I will not know who does that remember Sarah Hills name she she helps us with the show I always forget to thank her crisper rough thank you but I also want to thank the kickstarter supporters
came here from from the thing that we were at that help the MSG things in the house
did we start some shit for you by talking about Indiegogo know is that going to start a problem is and yeah we’re Kickstarter people not even Myself by that I’d be rich by now I shit my meundies came up to me at the top of the dinner tonight and told me he loves Rick and Marty said I deserved it I mean what kind of bourbon while I said that I know it’s Rick and Morty man I’ve been I’ve watched you going to get mad cuz I said no it’s not
I I somehow feel like I’m landed in a in a cage but I have to I have to end the show with a wrap with a rash
I don’t think they ready what do you mean I don’t think they ready are you guys ready he’s talking about I don’t think they ready ocean man rapping about
Beach Ice Hockey picks up Nick and Rachel
was Benson and hedges
pizza company that makes
cigarettes cigarettes
no more fucking mom
no more fucking mamas
Middle East llamas
where are armored call Iraq is here Saudi Arabia Mama’s lady
that’s alright damn it happens sometimes I think the people understand yo Brandon you’re looking pretty down
take me to rentown better sweater that everyone is that I wanted to jump in because your energy excited me
call the same thing
ribbit ribbit ribbit
what does all the work
Call wifey
dances like a baby but maybe that’s what you need
baby dance baby dance take the chance to hit your shit his pants baby damn baby damn I didn’t make no plans baby baby daddy to his dog don’t do it.
isn’t he out of my exercise 6 months ago
show me now though
BMI respiratory system flow into labor
okay here’s the sing I’m going to make the planet Earth sing I’m going to share my knowledge
College college College
here we go
ketchup mustard salt
didn’t like leper
don’t know. Tracker
1 2 3 5
I got to get out of my head give me a second don’t do preconceived
let me empty my head
no words no words my head
hahaha Hallelujah
someone with an empty head went insane empty
don’t fucking judge art is real this is a shit that ends up in a Will Smith song called Art
give me a second stop judging
we should try it
it’s just oranges and veggies what are we worried about are we not ready
what if refined flour and sugars cause
what if Chapin had it right what if everything dietary Ali was learned the night we discovered to take two sticks and turn them into flame when is sprinkle Douglas knew it was a game what if Sean Penn was wrong
play Sadness song Somebody
3D Indians High School
didn’t mean to judge just want to dance in budge budge
Elmer Fudd it’s rabbit season
salt and pepper seasons
also summer and fall cuz she was less Tom okay let’s think I guess you didn’t renew his parole officer Steve Levy
Jack McKeever Sarah Hill
bartender drinks in their free right now so it’s probably too late to tip up
I think we’ll be back next week
go to the middle
plane tickets are cheap
but so much for coming out to harmontown what’s the Canon please warm Round of Applause to the receiving so much fun
microban we love you thank you for answer


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