Episode: 248 – Come Out and Fight Like a Ghost


Episode: 248 – Come Out and Fight Like a Ghost


Dan and Jeff take their brand new role playing characters out for a spin. Christina Oh talks movies with Dan. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis, Spencer Crittenden and Christina Oh.


a beautiful outfit on Burbank Hermantown just now inspection
Frederic Remington
what’s in that bag
Central Staffing that bad and I don’t know man
bring up the mayor of Hermantown Jenn Herman
thank you thank you
wow that’s a new I think it’s a new lighting setup right because it’s part of a new lighting setup I don’t know specifically in like really wondering about whether the microphones position is important in some way like whether it’s intentional or haphazard is like that’s been a topic of discussion at the top of the show many times I guess it’s the first thing that I see yeah I know I’m sure that’s why
that’s not a scripted show it’s not as I don’t have a plan to talk about anything and then I have a couple notes I passed a very important romantic threshold of my trip to New Orleans to celebrate Cody’s mom’s 70th birthday we went to went to the city is he liked music and food I ask who doesn’t I don’t understand that part of it I don’t I don’t I’m not yelling at them they’ve been through enough but I just don’t understand who doesn’t like music and food and what if I if I go to your city that’s famous for its food so you’re at your Portland so your Asheville North Carolina we’ve been to Austin New Orleans the big food cities are food City’s where should I go out all the food is good and it is we always go there goes like if you go to these cities and open a bad restaurant. Is it just the it’s in the momentum of the capitalistic biosphere they’re like it just people would
this food is terrible I know the difference I’m not going to and then you do it so it’s so like these are just cities that have created an ecosystem of foodism
you’re so you’re mad at New Orleans for liking food and for liking music good food and then people just go home this is delicious I got suspicious and because I ate a lot of things called like Creole omelets and they really tasted like omelets
you’re not supposed to get a creole am I supposed to get a bag of crawdads or something and what is this obsession with the Saints Go Marching In horrible song it’s about the apocalypse Apocalyptica Biblical Song and we were going to go out to breakfast and I didn’t at any time I started I suddenly noticed I never as we were leaving the hotel room I never asked I never made sure that both Cody and I had a key
I always did that yeah I was married and I always I’ve never stayed in a hotel room with somebody and didn’t make sure that we both had keys when we left the room so the symbolically this means something is I’ve let go of something in the back of my head is I leave a hotel room with Cody like I’m like I imagine we’ll be coming back together
or that’s assuming we’re coming back together no matter what I mean so you could look at it as clingy but I think it’s prepared for the event of of coming home separately like well into my marriage I was still like
Stitch in Time
the weird thing to be prepared for it because I’ll keep this whole time I’m like totally comfortable being completely dependent on this woman it sounds pretty codependent
yeah I think it’s a good is a good moving right direction for me
yesterday was a good day I need you all know how did you have to use your vacay but is it you know is that I picked up my gun I learned to field strip my Glock 19 in my bed
it’s one of the greatest ways to shoot bullets
because part of the safety manual owners manual. This is the lethal weapon that you bought to put a hold of people but let’s make sure you don’t put it in the wrong person and so they explain how everything in the bucket like like oh I guess I need some bullets for this and the lady said how many buckets of ammunition does target range bullets and then there’s the Home Defense bullets those are more expensive why because they because the target range bullets will just go through walls and stuff so even though they’re kind of more dangerous they’re cheaper the more expensive bullets are the ones that are just for shooting at someone if you’re wondering it just explode inside of human body
live out my land on the burglar but different stuff and they’re not like going through a shooting the gun range bullets are more deadly than Firearms bird you buy a paint bucket full of bullet front of the person and they say look how much ammunition they had but that you do you buy the stuff in. And the red and it’s got its got a bunch of explosive in it like a stapler
will the gun part is like a stapler up until the point where instead of a stapler there’s a fucking tiny rocket so that’s my point is like Chris Rock has that joke about like a bullet control that would be the solution to make bullets really expensive but I am saying like is it fucking weird that we don’t regulate bullet like like you can walk into that store and buy these things like I can go home and make a gun people make guns in prisons out of like bunk bed legs like I saw Hill Street Blues once there was a guy he was like I got a zip gun or something to be holding like a toothbrush thing you made as long as it hits the firing pin have to talk
that’s the thing that kills you there’s a bucket of little rockets in my bedroom and it was like eight bucks for a good the gun is just like you take it apart like John Wick you learn how to do that to clean it and it’s like I grabbed the gun and field stripped it with one hand like this to the slider flame you can’t come on if it if I did that if I if I if I was there and had a guy in a trench coat that was I like the hero came around the corner and he grabbed the gun I’d be like you’re good and then but then if he would be like OK Google what are you a magician like
what are you spending your time on the flirting how to do that then you’ve maybe I should try to grab the gun back cuz the best time to take a gun away from somebody is when it’s taking apart the safest time
combustible save you a little partridge of theirs could come out early that’s the part that kills you is like what size gun I mean it’s a sorry I know I stimulated the market I’m part of the problem we’re already here we’ve had gun violence just this last weekend and in here I am like I’m stimulating that market it’s like if I it’s like for instance if I was going to have someone to talk about the movie that has a very provencher Terry and kind of sausage like crazy after I bought I bought a gun but I’m just scared I’m doomsday prepping ham radio I’m learning how to do Ham radios this shit’s hard man is so much easier for you just get the gun
what’s going on tell me what you want and I’ll tell you how you can get a month from now and it was a crazy thing to use like a secret Club where he was trying to not tip his hand but Gage where we were on the totem pole of ham radio because there is a totem pole of ham radio and a singer for Tears you give me mentally ill and buy a gun oh yeah background checks half the time because like background checks can get expedited check anymore and then so people just get guns without background checks
it’s great so yesterday was a good day because I was like I’m just on this crazy roller coaster where I ate I swear it’s just I have to be totally honest and just say if if President Trump is upset I am happy and if he’s happy I’m so depressed I can’t do anything so if he’s tweeting like like like
the I don’t know if he’s just like spiking his little toddler football like I’ll just have a bad day all day and then but then the two days ago I was like this great morning cuz he had that was under investigation and he’s like throwing his fire truck around the room and and it just felt good and all of the Articles were about like it’s closing in on him and he’s under investigation I can’t believe you admitted it and all the stuff and just all the refreshed and all the threads of how we’re going to prove they colluded with the Russians this is a conspiracy theory this is a real thing and now we’re going to get his financials and I’ll stuff it just felt really good and then the end of this morning it was like his lawyer says he’s not under investigation if it’s like
I got the gun I got the gun
because the only thing I understand is that I’m out of control and I’m I don’t know if you know how hard it is to be
and you said before that if you had to kill yourself you do with a gun right the real heroes of handmaid’s tale are the Commanders
what why is it part of the point of that dystopia that even the men are miserable because it isn’t it isn’t it just like the patriarchy is out of control in the women are just objects of fertility and and servants and things in there they don’t have a right to anymore and end but then the jars with like you know women’s hair and going like I love him having balls like they’re they’re all like bummed out because I never once a damn what kind of patriarchy is this
we shouldn’t wait look at least like a little bit like 60s play music that I wish we could just find a dystopia where we can have fun it’s not just about like oh if men had their way it would be awful as more about like look what we do to ourselves patriarchy is the patriarchy because it’s that self-aware enough to understand what it wants and doesn’t want it will all land ourselves if we continue to follow this path of like yeah we use the excuse of religion and things like that too and gender identity to to construct a society where everyone gets to do what they want nobody going to get to do what they want you just going to everyone going to be all bummed out and under pressure and it would be better if we just relaxed even if we were a little infertile
I agree
my other question is in the book who would after the after she play Scrabble with him does it does it does it have like the 80s needle drop while she walks in slow mo like in Mean Girls they could I felt like I was messaging you but I could try but I’m enjoying the show I am a guy and I am a guy and am enjoying the show
but we are kind of behind we haven’t watch the handmaid’s tale for a while
so maybe we didn’t enjoy it maybe we got turned down for the Mean Girls slow mo walks maybe we may be available on it and maybe we were like what is this what’s going on let’s watch wizard of Lies why is it called wizard of lies and supposed to tell me Wizard of Oz what are they going for
why is this why is this non-linear story of the whole thing takes place in the apartment
how’s your how’s your book coming on I’m working very hard on it almost shut up they’re going to sue the fuck out of me
I’m I’m working hard on it I had to go back and look rewrite for the introduction where I was like do you know it started before the second election that can is it a lot of creative you’re going through this there’s also a positive effects of the election where I’m finding a guy I work with writers and different stuff for her breaking stories about like a snowman come alive or a robot that box of shoes like whatever it is even it has nothing to do with politics there’s been a 10% decrease in the need for suspension of disbelief that makes it just across the border like all writers I’m not kidding it sounds like a joke but it’s like an every single project that I started before the election and that and now I’m working on after the election of we’re having a trouble with strangers that we just going so can’t you just be a time traveler and then why did we ruled that out oh because that was before this Singularity started glitching out
and I know you like way quite well why do we just have her stay home and Snowman Come Alive man and she can just walk up the walls like Lionel Richie and
can you put the ceiling fan in her head and fly out the sky like Inspector Gadget
anything can happen I got a gun
what’s up with it don’t do that eventually don’t don’t you want me to die of a stomach ulcer
can I kill you
a song that goes I can you die of an ulcer you get stomach stomach ulcer could create stomach cancer I feel anything in my tum tum I have horrible horrible heartburn chronic horrible heartburn got to be just 40 Years of just soaking my esophageal flap and vodka has made it like kind of I can talk as if I eat popcorn and I now have to like I have to like consciously breathe than eat the popcorn and it’s like not breathe let me know talk if I’m watching a movie where of where he’s or something comes around the corner and I go straight into every alviola a balloon full of popcorn that are just disintegrating there’s like dormant tuberculosis in the in there like eating the popcorn I didn’t know what did I do right
you know you got to be careful I think you seem a little down you said yesterday was a good day or today was a good day. There’s a baby use a baby on a motorcycle or a Glade driving in a in a bullet store
with fighting he’s swinging firing pins around in the bag I mean a baby in a motorcycle and if it’s not going to set the bullets off by the bullets aren’t dangerous cuz there’s nothing can I just seems to me like if you look at the mechanism of a gun the firing pin goes like it’s just like a seems like you could fire a bullet by hitting it real hard when I hear ya ya like wait if you had our flyers and a small Hammer you go to Taco Bell
never hear about those shootings have you shot your gun yet have you taken to the range cuz I don’t use it here and they have like a weekend gun safety class but I don’t know the last place I want to be safety glass hummus and it’s free or cheap you want that’s just part of that territory
sometimes you get like a chicken in your egg McMuffin
I probably doesn’t help me bring up screening Netflix screening for this movie that’s coming out okja
did did I get that name right long as the first name there’s like a thing where they the people that refer to working with him on set is like a part of Korean culture you call him director bong is like I can have fun that is fun I wish we had that it wasn’t over you if you’re a director or a writer Harmon like a writer Dan I like it
put in a sizzling red color
read none
did a handmaid’s nuns oranges oranges for everybody but anyways this is a friend a friend of Cody’s who was there that’s why we were at the screening because I was employed by this movie so I was like come talk about it even though you guys haven’t had a chance to see it yet it’s coming to Netflix next week but our new friend Christina
no thank you
foam okja
from what what is it
Pig I witnessed Super Pig in the movie is a Super Pig created by a corporation to genetically modified in order to solve world hunger
so these aren’t spoilers ranks of the first 5 minutes of the movie they explain it all and pigs that are being tested and the story follows the ownership of giant pig and her owner what’s her name me Jeff tell you after the movie and I was like I think there was a perfect movie I think it was a 10% Gyllenhaal reduction like qualified it with that but it’s bad because truly I wanted to eat like I really thought it was a perfect Movie Lego Lego leg Lake and so and then you were like shocked to hear that and it seems like so was bomb can I call him bong
it’s become director bong director bong Grace so the last name comes first out of formality write an example cuz Mike’s way in the glass ceiling
see I’m like right here but don’t cover it with your hand. Are you going to see this movie was co-written by director bong and was he there at the screening
he was not he was not he’s cool though he’s he’s an author well-liked well-reviewed author and he has worked he’s known bong forever director Bond forever and he came up with this site director Bond came up with this crazy idea I think driving down the countryside and he saw this billboard or he saw this animal and was just like oh you know what to do in the middle of nowhere and what was that animal he mentioned that but he didn’t mention the species of animal I don’t know animal thing in Korea the the the movie it’s not going to be theatrical release date on June 28th and no playing I pick theaters in La for like a week or so but no we want you to go watch it on Netflix
and he talked about that a little bit he was answering questions through a translator but he speaks find enough English to conversate of stuff but what I what I was going was that every director probably wants their movie to be on every theater screen in the world and Friday night and everyone go out and eat popcorn and watch it like we’re going to be so it’ll be a while before people get used to that not being the case but it was worth it and he is at the lack of that to work with Netflix this is an unpaid plug because they’re really like they’re there they don’t want to make them sound irresponsible but they give you money and they kind of what let you do your thing that’s kind of the reason why are they so once you see this film you’ll realize like holyshit who would have given these people like this amount of money to go make this movie it’s a crazy was a crazy thing like imagine going to pitch be like
so there’s this girl and her best friends this genetically modified Pig and gets taken from her and she’s a she’s a visual effects
give us like several million dollars to make this but also it’s rated R and a moment you see it and it’s a horrible horrible rated R movie I can’t even imagine any other Studio being like also that like something when I was watching it was like I was so this is the Snowpiercer guy and then I was like right a comedy or an action movie I do what I want this goofiness happening to my action movies in a kind of drifted away from it and was like I bet that’s just a thing when he’s beats West you know like Phil mccaulley is this guy like the Coen brothers or anybody else that we put in that category where he’s like fucking with us he deliberately you can he’s evolving now or maybe this movie makes it clear
he really deliberately plays with tone in order to take you from laughter too horrible horrible like facing the abyss Master at that if you’ve watched any of his mother and earlier did memories of murder and then he did this Korean film called The Host which the first time I saw it was like what is this and it’s like this horror movie wrapped up in a comedic bit send one thing that I feel like raps for me that wrapped him up was in that particular movie he there’s a scene where the father figure is explaining to his kids why the third particular youngest son is like kind of seemingly messed up and he doesn’t have his life together he’s like no we were so poor when we when he was little and I couldn’t feed him proper protein so that’s why your brother’s like a little slower than you guys and he’s like really baring his soul and then the camera pans to the other brother sister in there sleeping like it’s just like those tonal shifts were he’s like trying to open up and be emotional but some
but the world is like not hearing it reminds me of all that there is light years is the effect of watching a film that blends a little comedy with like thought-provoking weird shaky shit that’s what I’m trying to figure out as a western viewer is how much of this is one person’s genius and how much of it is just the weird effect of of like a movie translating across International borders is like I think growing up in Korea which had a very military kind of like regime for a long time when he was growing up like he don’t know if he wants me to say this but he was like arrested for protesting in the nineties and stuff like that like he is intrinsically I think
a person you had something to say about the way the system works and kind of fighting against in this is kind of his way of doing it I don’t put words in his mouth but that’s kind of how I read it I’m this film I think the underlying message of course it’s about friendship and you know this little girl and her bringing her family back in like this having to come to terms with adults and like grow up really quickly in the span of like a week or however long this will take place but it also has this kind of like nod to like the greed and horrible nature of capitalism never preached not trying to figure out how to tell people because the truth is if I if I read the description of the same paper I wouldn’t I don’t think I would I be like what what am I going to be in the mood to have to to be told that every time I eat bacon if something horrible is happening I’ll put I’ll put that on my list but because I just wandered into this movie Inside
I just like I’m So Into You I want to tell people you don’t have to worry about that it is it is heart-wrenching but only in the same way that he is and it’s it I guess it sort of like what if EET was delicious is is the it would just make it kind of extra you’d be rooting for Elliott to fly a little more spoilers Elliott flies if he has kind of a piece of shit this movie is really good that you can feel a real genuine like influence probably while being derivative like you feel this whole thing but you also feel is King Kong
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually do that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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I would say that a big props so goes to our visual effects supervisor Eric Deboer putting it out there but he helped create This Magnificent creature like I’ve never I’ve never worked on a film where we’ve had this amount of CG where I mean World War Z was a different thing but this was like the main character the star of the film is a visual effects so how do you create that bond between this little girl and this made-up creature and make it believable and touching and I’ve seen the movie probably like 20 times now it every single time at the end of my crying and it was on a remarkable in terms of like who I found myself crying because the movie was so good sometimes I would be there there there were those times than to wear like you’re going to like it here Cody sniffling and I was like if I look at her that she’ll see that I’m trying but
do you know who hate everybody go everybody watch this and tell me I’m insane like if I like like if it’s not actually like this big a deal this movie but like I found myself near tears because of the app sometimes because I was like yes this is this is how you do it it’s like a little girl and she’s like trying to save her Pig but like it’s not cloyingly like oh she’s a little girl but she’s a Powerpuff girl she’s got big strong powers and a little girl and she’s really an odds with the physical world but she just is flinging herself literally and figuratively this giant machine called humanity and action scenes where
if she’s chasing a as you can see her making decisions about physically what she should try to do next and you’re so you feel like you’re playing I got an 80s LaserDisc video game or something because you actually are with her and that she’s like you know am I going to try to jump on this track yeah I think I should but I didn’t have an action movies there’s a little bit of suspension of like how did you know that you were going you just you’re just improvising as he decided to jump and now you’re going to land in that truck but it’s like is a slight difference between that and I do this all the time, terrible interviewer I just bring people up and I just talked I claimed it from working with him is that a conscious thing when he’s doing action that he wants people to track the choices
and another thing about director Von is he is like a director has never worked with him for the guys like from Mark of Lee meticulous in the way he shoots so every sequence or every whatever the entire script is basically storyboarded so I land in Korea and you’re basically handed this book of the entire movie that’s storyboarded shot-for-shot like it’s if it was insane and then the night before we get our car she sitting with them are the boards for the next day with exactly what’s going to happen so it was It was kind of crazy cuz you already knew and you already knew what it would look like and then you just you know you would direct the scene and it was exactly like what was drawn and a lot of people were like oh you know that does that give you creative freedom or whatever but it does I think if you hear some of the actors talk about it there like we knew exactly what we needed to do so then we could kind of have freedom within those parameters and then the little girl Misha is played by I’m sorry hun was just remarkable she was
she’s like this incredible kid and
did everything so beautifully and then like would just go and do it she’s like be playing in the corner and then you be like action and should go run right down the street and then he be like, where’s the snack tray I think you are going to freak out most about her because people are talking about that you know the little girl in Logan is like so amazing and so striking and she said she’s doing so much with so little like dialogue and glaring at you Jackson and like old are on but like this little girl is like doing the scenes with Paul Dano who is at I’ve never I was never like you sign me up for the I just I would see him when I go to that guy’s face it’s kind of weird but he is fucking amazing I wanted to marry him like I said his character that’s the other end of the other thing again I’m doing it again I’m not asking you anything but put like like that character is deeply flawed but he’s so righteous and it’s just it’s in his relationship with a girl
internationality of the story I love that it’s part of the story that some people speak Korean in English some people only speak Korean some people only speak English another aspect of the film that we wanted to touch upon I think director by Mike Stud these characters that are conflicting like there’s this animal Liberation Front and they’re a group with well-intentioned meanings like you know wanting to save this pic and expose this evil Corporation and how they like had created all these like super pigs that are having a terrible time
but they’re terrorists there’s been there’s a group of terrorist in the movie and there’s a good guys and it had been correct it just happened to be you like I think it came from his cousin is like an activist or something
there they themselves are very conflicting characters especially Steven young character who is korean-american and he speaks Korean in the phone but he’s like terrible at translating I mean in real life they have you have a favorite, but they’re kind of like a group of just like bumbling idiots that time I’m in there. They’re goofy but their character is like a deeply deeply I don’t know if I don’t know if you got that but he’s like a deeply flawed person who started out as like this he knows Steve Irwin ask kind of like animal lover and then has just been beaten down by this woman for the past like
told his character for the past 10 years you think the shell of a man who he was and he’s just kind of taking it out on me just because I want to protect him because I feel like he’s making choices in this movie there so fucking over-the-top that everyone that I’ve I’m afraid Maybe I’m Wrong about this but I’m afraid people are going to go why is he acting like the Riddler when other people aren’t doing that but like what kind of conversations does director bong have with actors do they show up to set and going I thought I’d try something like this and he’s like whatever
or is he like halfway through a chute and Korea or so and we were literally on this Mountainside at her house when he comes up the mountain is like it was like the first day and this it is beautiful set it’s in the middle of nowhere you have like hike down for like 10 minutes it’s super secluded and
director Brown was just like yeah so you know he’s coming up to thinking maybe he’s just really out of breath so he’s like kind of ran with it and then I just stuck and we you know of course like us being on the other end you do we see those dailies like does anybody want to say anything what does what is Beyonce at that
hey so he’s like no I kind of like it’s all right I’d like this weird trust that it would work out when you see the film I think he has a very high-pitched that movie and meet me after the show I was planning to
who’s everybody
Tilda Swinton what what she’s doing it in this movie along with Giancarlo Esposito who was on community added that’s not important but but it was also kind of exciting the two of them along with what director bong does with Foley like in scenes that have no score where they’re talking and all the sweating is a character is like maybe that’s just your pulling out the Ferrari of actors and you’re just like like so just cruising around the block feels like an Olympic sport or maybe it’s there but it feels like this incredibly amazing character this performance Giancarlo being like her like I tend to and then he likes hope he goes and makes a cup of coffee and you just like the choice of the camera to be with every where it is at every mole
where you watch on Carlo Esposito make a cup of coffee for a second before doing is next letter of duct and everything is just folding step step step pour steams your thinking of bringing her to New York
I need to get to that thing because like that girl that has also add that CD comes and goes like I don’t want anybody to be punished for enthusiasm for the way that I was like reconcile that in my head was that hit his character basically he will be like 10 years ago was this normal guy and then for 10 years he’s been playing the role of this spokesperson and having to do all this stuff and he’s become a puppet for this corporation that he’s almost become the role that he was just playing you just say that stuff does a little you know and then she even says like quit your whining if I’m if I was in the Attic Bay no one needs my help on this movie it’s a masterpiece I did say I was like if I was in the area better and I’ve had all that footage and I had one pick up shot that would I would just have one shot where were you just wear Gyllenhaal character does a little anal nitrate like he just doesn’t want
copper lake lake lake lake or something or that would have been helpful like 3 months ago but it’s not yeah I mean it’s it’s that yeah so it’s okay to say he seemed of this movie and then drop the entire say everyone that watches this movie for at least Forty-Eight Hours is not you’re going to just not have sausage I remember being in a in a meeting earlier on after we were doing some scouting and we were watching some research footage of there’s a there’s a scene where they’re I don’t know why give it away but they’re dealing with animals in a certain way and it’s based at that scene
is based off of a real how how they actually
treat cattle wolf Court yeah we figured he was like I want to show you this research clip trying to hide that I was crying like in a room producers and exhilarating to actual like actual footage of accident actual footage of cattle being led to their Slaughter that actually and they like recoiling kind of knowing like they were headed into something dangerous and it was like nothing I’d ever seen and I was like I don’t want to eat anything after I have a couple friends they might still be like the animal Liberation Front was on the FBI’s most wanted list and it might still be and they would go into meat processing plants and animal testing labs and take the footage and in the end they want to eat but there’s a couple things if you don’t want it
and it did this. It’s so absolutely compelling and so horrifying only because creatively this movie deserves so much recognition for what it’s somehow pulling off and I have no idea how it’s doing it how is it that the part of the movie that everything that I’ve said you know you’re you’re imagining like oh I understand the idea is Simpson she sees the movie and it’s like gross and it’s like you don’t want to eat me anymore but it’s like it’s not somehow it doesn’t gross you out it doesn’t make you
it doesn’t spank you as a meat eater for 40 years but it just somehow invites you up and you will have the point and we didn’t want to at least Our intention is to never be like preaching about anything we just want to show you a different view of something and be like kind of like hey this is how it is to make your own decisions but we would like to expect to show you a different side of the truth that maybe you don’t you aren’t familiar with that’s kind of funny but it wouldn’t be a better person if you didn’t eat meat sure so would I but since he does enjoy bake it at breakfast him making that decision artistically what I’m going to do is I’m going to
put my camera on this side of the of that story that issue that that and I’m going to do that Faithfully he just wanted to do that creatively and it nope and then he just finished the movie and he ordered some sausage and two she actually like visited some slaughterhouses I think he couldn’t make a whole crew that went on that trip couldn’t touch meat for a while cuz it was like there’s something about
the smell and levels over talking about like you know that you imagine there’s people that have different levels of issue with different it’s like personally eat meat but also recognize that there is perhaps like an industrial problem where we wait we were doing it wrong the system is built wrong we’re over addicted to me we we we should make it more expensive and it should be always processed in a in a way that color clothes as possible to shoot me with a bow and arrow and praying over its carcass in the gas is exactly what
what about you by the way I never asked you like are you a vegetarian kind of decision to try and do the pescatarian thing for a while cuz I actually after having work on the side and eat pork for the entire thing is there something about Piggies and what about Crustaceans sure Kristy I’m off of them since New Orleans
it was just like everything is just like the eyes of the face and it had it had an expression on his face and it was exact face they make right before they died if it’s freezing I’m going to be me and the guy didn’t fucking take it but it was a bib on you and when did you do at the bolt and I just curled up
as you uncurl it the legs go like that and then juice goes everywhere and then you just like what do I eat the face off and then squeeze the head off and then suck the head suck the head. She says sorry down to a big jumbo shrimp and then shrimp bro
make it shaped like an insect but you but you we talked about you don’t like when you get me on the phone you don’t like that to do the work yeah you wanted to be done for you and I would definitely if we were living in the proper kind of caveman tribe you die I would know it would be a vegetarian I would be able to play for you guys can I have a piece of brisket and if the alpha was like no you got to you got to kill I don’t like your attitude the obvious analogy for your character in your caveman salad
because I like that at Little Dom’s death were thinking about the cape and some people don’t really appreciate how good they were making aged cheese it that you eat your producer you work for Plan B how long you been there a little over six years I’m an executive producer executive producer I fell for the same thing I would exact producer in a novel Lisa it’s like I didn’t do anything but you did lots of stuff on this movie awards are handed out you’re not going to be up on the stage with that Missouri what state did you get involved in the film how early in towards the end of 2015 October or November of 2015 I was like shipped away on a scout location scout for like I forgot the connection was Plan B
which is hilarious he’s the CEO of it isn’t he like is he is he always eating when he comes into meetings or is that only for acting like you know he started as soon as as soon as he got a say in what he gets to do something watch it watch any Brad Pitt movie with the sound off he moves his head a lot and he points a lot a lot of pointing at 11
George Clooney has like a weird like it has always act like without the sound on all right give us some dirt and Brad Pitt what is he like in person at me I’m just honestly just asking like I’m a high schooler
I don’t type I mean I feel like I’m just a little bit he’s literally just like he’s normal he’s comes in and he doesn’t go off
what is World War Z understand why it wasn’t records and whatever but I was a great idea to try to make that book into a movie and I always Brad Pitt and it’s like he’s like lots of lots of actors are like okay then I’ll have a production company and but he’s like clearly something something something from somewhere and it might be CEO Brad Pitt going like I want to make good choices and make better movies of course he’s the gardener and Jeremy Kleiner my colleagues are like really just Crush remember Dylan Gardner worked at Paramount right long time ago before Brad Pitt
12 Monkeys what is Brad Pitt Brad Pitt that’s where I get my sweater and jeans like does he have an outfit like
the most fun fun person to ask questions to
you sure you don’t want any part of my regular weekly segments the pit stop
or we just checking in. Everybody
oh no

oh God
Massachusetts and say you moved out to LA first or so a few brief I was born and raised in Massachusetts until I was 13 and they moved to Arizona for people cheered for Massachusetts
bad guys from Arizona right like you just don’t like people leaving Massachusetts and Peabody for tiny is that is that a town that’s spelled differently than its name would suggest
I suppose it’s spelled p e b u d d y his house staff
capital of Massachusetts
your ambition or are you transitioning like is this is is helping out in a production capacity like isn’t the end-all be-all or is it a means to curse like producer
without the executive in front of it and then I’ll be a director or then I’ll need people that are far more talented than call Tyler we go like what’s your advice but looks like we have so few like Steve Levy my assistant he he wants to be a producer and I 10 years ago I’d be like and I would have said that I would have gone on to get fired from by everybody and no one likes me and I like why do you keep telling us suits don’t really know what a producer as AF
I put it in your language your Millennial marriage is like a Gen X to Millennial like it’s like Spanglish I was like as a f how much gender mustard you want to put on this you can either answer this for the young ladies in the audience as a woman pregnant or you can just answer as a human being that you
you guys are going to go home tonight and realize that meant nothing
I am not a villain
and that was not a hero you’ll figure it out later
whatever I forgive you for you know not what you do but yeah I mean if it’s like a like people out there that want to work in production like what and what are the obstacles any pieces of advice whatever take it thank you
there is no like do this and then do this and then do this and then your producer if anyone ever tells you that they’re lying to you I did an internship
work my ass off and very serendipitously landed at this company I know how do you like do you like really get granular about like what you do from Massachusetts like the first step where you going to start the insurance to lightly press evasion parents that want you to be a doctor or teacher and then but you secretly have to want to do something a little Happy Father’s Day. I love you but actually my dad wanted to be a film director but then gave everything up and yes
father of film director Eddie actually went to film School in Korea I don’t know and then he emigrated to America to give us a better opportunity so to speak how do you get to be an intern do anything he’s like he just sounds like an Archie comic character out of college in my last semester is there a bulletin University of Phoenix is that what was the actual in Arizona
call cops he was an alarm there so he had this like Premier internship program that you had to apply for it and then I got it and I went and you work for free for four months and then it opens doors for you I suppose but if anybody wants to know I guess come find me afterwards cuz I don’t do that to yourself so can I be a PA and I’m not I never did that so I don’t know but it’s just like kind of like my thing is be nice to everyone and introduce yourself in like be a cool person and things will happen if you’re an asshole like I immediately in my I don’t want to talk to this how to do something yourself like when you were like
wait for your work like a week will you broke back then or did you have a look and help me of course thank you but I lived with this old Korean couple that are super nice I like how I stayed in a bedroom at their place that they like kind of random we knew my parents and I just stayed in a lot and I didn’t eat a lot of rice and can you so racist right now
you hear about like like a lot of people that get to become like me and like everyone’s a journalist that they’re all rich people that cuz I could afford to be I think I can afford to spend three years unpaid labor as as interns and doing the stuff that you like you actually just like lived you squash them with an old couple and didn’t eat much except you know like basic food I mean like I did eat cuz otherwise I’d be a lot skinnier but no I do think like I knew when I needed help and I was like listen like I want to do this like how do I do this in my school was really cool and helpful and I did I did thankfully find this couple which was kind of odd like it was in a weird bedroom in Koreatown in there was a fridge in my room I didn’t really understand it like a full size fridge did you ever look inside of it is empty
I live in Koreatown when I first moved to LA there was a murder in the alley behind my house and I’ll tell you later I am Korean Service inmates a little bit of sense it is it is it is difficult in end I think like the difference now I think is a lot of internships actually do pay you what’s next for producer oh what’s next for Plan B the same thing you can answer as a woman or a Korean
actually through this whole experience that I became friends with Stephen yen in awesome awesome dude and so I think we are going to try and cook something up and then we’re working on a film James Grey’s next film right now we just wrapped a film called Beautiful Boy directed by Felix van groeningen which is going to be
it’s kind of it’s going to be like a little sad but
but not those things aren’t related
thank you Christina over talk about
play I text Wednesday
so right now you’re saying then is it just has been a shift of the show that you’re wearing a foam Super Pig on your head that seems like a harbinger of some sort of new aspect to our to our program some kind of weird handmade patriarch
you sent her off why would that be because as promised like this is finally it after much fucking a do we’re going to we’re going to play our new Pathfinder campaign artwork
I think you might have jumping the gun on a music I just wanted to give you this thing that the people that pay $5 a month don’t have to listen to and instead the people listening to the ad on the free version of the podcast don’t get to hear the following
I know you know we don’t actually have to do anything cuz no one will know
are you guys will they’re not going to say nothing these guys are too cool to be
let’s just talk shit about read it during love is like the Arizona of sight
Arizona wow and front Lawns but you love gravel their front Lawns are gravel this is still our special break let me show cuz this will just be for people that are the factors of 7
yeah the actor his eyes my wedding but it also just generally I don’t know I feel like
I think he’s on here wolf now maybe it’s an Earwolf beef and cabbage just wanted to show these you might have seen these every tweeted this picture these are those meet torture videos outside Shakespeare in the park this guy’s got a little sign that says boo the cast and the crowd is just two pictures words
this this guy is behind this lady in the fridge so I just feel Berg here with his Pro Trump far left hates America we did that and then somebody like that had tweeted their like hey respect my investigative journalism cuz what I found out is that this person was saying this as I followed this like kind of sub thread and they were like this guy was outside the fucking Hamilton show in New York it’s the same guy with the same sign
same font think that he’s like oh man if his son breaks his arm he can stand up at the hospital against Triple
I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to cheer that cash because it’s an Obamacare cast or if he becomes a ghost
this guy is so now it’s like a question of is he so he definitely went from a boring villain to an interesting villain but if he goes to it what what did he do with the side to make him the world’s shittiest hero what’s his angle he hates the cast because they lefties or what you you you pick a fucking wardrobe you pick an angle they go let’s make a 1920s gangsters other thing and they didn’t Obama saying where they’ll Julius Caesar was an African American man in a date-date they’ve been this this time they they gave him a big blonde red tie and my blond hair and so that it was like we all know that these people aren’t actually offended they’re just playing this fucking weird game of Hungry Hungry Hippos with us like we’re it’s like they just lay there just like I don’t know if that was from 1849
this is so fucking weird but I don’t get sidetracked by that cuz we are at we all spend our days and where was this taken at New York in the park where is the Central Park I had somebody else has that much free time he just goes from theater to see the sign for Hamilton and then he brought it home and he’s a hoarder and he just put it on the side of the hidden things that he’s like I don’t know I do I’m going to hang on to that cuz the the Arts typically you know I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t this the last time that a play gets injured wine with my politics and then he went to sleep and he ate some spam and he if he likes to play his another sign that says don’t do the cast who the player
alright we’re back from the secret segment if you’re working at Farrell audio you shouldn’t have left any of that in the show no one’s working there okay and he’s leaving and she can’t even walk
please stay where you we just got into our ablest jokes
she’s going to the bar
is 45 people lined up for you will always find any right now so I’ll just put that out there my student why are you so pessimistic are you just a lowering expectations I mean technically I am lowering your ex but I’ll give you a call here and we just blast show we agreed though it’s going to you know we’re going to make it consistent it’s going to be this weekend just now leaving he has no family for Father’s Day like he does every year cuz his dad died what a fucking asshole
me me me more like Steve meme yeah
more like Steve leave us
he did he did right but that could be your excuse cuz now I’m barely drunk like I’m like not as drunk yeah me too and and I just we’re going to do real I know my spells I yeah it’ll be bad it’s fine I know my character yeah like I know who I am kind of
what you said earlier you might change your name from Carlos. Then I thought well he’s Carlos the unimaginative so I don’t know leave it because if it’s all of a sudden time named Duracell the fuck by me and I like
Duracell the fuck like
spell the word
I just made me happy
as I feel like it once you once you once you rip the name Carlos if you change it to anything else I do feel like the Latino Community feels we’re going to have a very valid complaint because I’m like famous for the lack of fucking Latino presence in my house and remember that that was going to have the soccer joke remember the Latino Community joke you are not coming back after that you are way behind with that population
why don’t you take another Risk by changing a name away from Carlos so you’ll be just out of the game
alright well I’ll stay out there with that doesn’t think it is like there is a press conference at Community College and then there’s like you think people respect all right
okay are we supposed to how do you how do you want to kick this others of great joke you let me know when you want to cast us off into a mystical realm of Madness and Mayhem we’re going to do I build a boat to the weapons store
say okay you start building a boat you’re going to keep us honest on our end if we if we do things that are not proper you’re going to you’re going to give us a little time as far as I feel like doing that
alright the town of Roland has been in Peril a letter from the local Prairie details at Village Under Siege by evil the prior says heresy taken root in the town and demons and evil spirits have been inflicting the townsfolk they beg for Aid in the past and they’ve lost contact with both of the clergyman who were sent to investigate the prior fears for the lives of his congregation and seeks the end of the church militant in rooting out the source of the evil and saving the village
Sin Cara
I didn’t get a lot of that cuz I got to realize how shit there’s going to be notes a classic trend of yours
it’s good so let’s start by asking questions do you have any questions may be generating from the fact that you didn’t hear some of this
I got a I got a letter yes from my Superior or some some bureaucrat within my church said go to this town right this town is languishing from Evil right evil taken root in this town and it’s affecting our townsfolk what’s the town’s name Rowan or Roan r o a n i mean i invented the I mean that’s a word I mean whatever
I actually know I don’t think you writing it down wrong should change the you can’t do that
you choose if you are you are waffling on your own decisions that my pronunciation to be sure from the bottom of the lights grape everyone’s great alright so you guys here in like a horse-drawn wagon together because you’ve been you’ve been dispatched on this Mission yeah hey Carlos Chad
good to see you back are you on your way for a while it’s nice to be back on the case with you I’m really proud of you
really I remember right I taught you things in my role as a cleric at the church of the silver flame sure
and you were a great acolyte you were a great initiate yeah you know but I’m I think I’m pretty grown up now I got it I feel weird that we’re equals like we’re basically the same kind of
status like on the church like I think of you is kind of a hero you were my mentor but now we’re working side-by-side was a team don’t don’t it’s good to just say that stuff don’t don’t carry shame around with you you know just keep yourself pure
I I I admit to my jealousy I gotta teach young kids how to be Adept at the Arts of the silver flame and night you know when I see them rise in stature faster than I’ve ever been able to you kind of self-sabotage yourself a lion I mean now you’re being a dick and I
but if I do and is it the key is which of us is more self inspecting and which of us is saying stuff like that but let’s look first let’s just drop it. Clearly clearly has a lot of baggage there I tie dye
purify ourselves and purify the world of evil religion is the reason we’re here that church is fucked from the head down by people that believe more in politics than religion okay well let’s not talk can we have one wagon ride we’re not doing this
I’m just concerned for the people of Rome
turn off Rowan’s but that’s cool how far out do you think we are
you’re the driver
hello oh I’m driving yeah it’s just like a hoarse voice in my head I thought maybe was the silver plate on your the driver and I thought it meant you been drinking you just supposed to put the reins to the wagon in the in the bowl by the door like somebody else drives the wagon when it’s okay it looks like Rowan’s I look ahead on the road what do I see out in the countryside in the Rolling Hills look and listen for boating in the dreary gray of the following and then into the bird and into the gentler yellow planes that give away to fenced plots of followed farm lands that’s like funny ones without props in them
this must be the edge of town aside from a single small house and barn near one of these Farm plots into dark and ruined kind of burnt looking structures no real buildings or civilization Iran are found this far it seems like a bit more of a town you really only seen these kind of three buildings on this on this path and it’s kind of getting towards evening maybe we should stop here and let’s let the horses rest and maybe get something to eat some water just see if there’s any people around I can give us information the kind we won’t get once we’re in the confines of the city will you see a farm in a barn house in a farmhouse there we go next to each other and then across like you’re on a road and then that’s on the say the left side of the road you just kind of burnt-out buildings
easy we leave the wagon into the barn Okay so
all right yeah no you go you can do roll up towards the barn and you can see there’s light coming from inside the farmhouse in the barns closed for the night night time already at sundown it’s it’s like getting dark for the barns close magic hour if that’s established the shore
might be magic I I kind of quietly walk up in the window at them at the farm house okay
I mean we can establish that later maybe but not look like I’m a gnome Druid I carry a walking magical Quarter Staff that has secret powers in my name is Chad the fire like I’m a gnome Druid gray hair and a brightly colored outfit little eccentric are colorful no man yeah sure I mean human
size medium I am I wearing a
dirty robe
Craigslist like church clothes kind of clothes are probably not like church clothes are like colorful my church cuz the garbage with you know the guy that likes my pouch that carry my stuff is kind of like a fanny pack resistance which is very brightly colored Antonio Banderas this is launch like I’m not athletic but that might be part of I don’t know what the Antonio Banderas looks like these days but baggage Seth Green
Liz will be perfect
thank you sorry for the diversion parking our Carriage but yeah okay or second company card. It really how far is this light from a farmhouse gap between the farm at the farm house in the barn so it’s really close they’re right next to each other so that the glow is really close from the window and you said you were going to the window who’s tending to tending to a cauldron over a fire but it looks like a cooking called you’re not like him which culture
you’re a goblin you shouldn’t be hanging out
I’m going to the front door you have a goblin I’m sorry I’m sorry I didn’t I am sorry I actually miss heard that I wouldn’t have say that my character wouldn’t say that you know it cuz I actually did like me and I heard so I didn’t have too much respect for you I would tell you that I see why the church just doesn’t keep you in their good graces while you’re at the same level that you should be like 10 times higher ranking when you wear I wear the same like I’m like the surgery
you caught you walk around calling people goblins as like a fucking fuck fuck you
so why don’t we just finished this with red Rowan of evil and going to get the fuck out of here and then you can go hang out with other racist people
I go to the front door okay
I don’t need you to be a perfect person
I look at you as an opportunity to learn
I channel the silver flame it purifies the Earth of evil knock knock knock
yeah so is that really what they’re saying or that’s like an old person
sorry he’s just Grumble and he’s he’s coming to you you hear a guy coming to the door and then from the other side is safe out there
inquisitors from the church of the silver flame sir blocking are not lock and unlock and multiple locks and he swings open the door he’s holding he’s holding like a kitchen knife menacing it’s just kind of like he was holding a kitchen knife before this
put put the night dancer mind if we come inside
sure yeah who are you referring to church of the silver flame we headed out of your town by evil Hughes said that my name is Chad leiker the knife suspect her my name is Tom. Thanks he kind of turns away from you and just motions you to to follow I’m in he’s going to come more church God damn town is church whole place is fucking shirt ain’t done any good names Tom Toms Well Service in my check and see how destine is like that doesn’t mean anything but it looks like I know what I’m doing
Ministry where militants we get the job done or your lack of money back, and started coming at you at this late hour but I did you or anyone you know has come in contact with the evil that just went through the town it’ll be great to do you have a score in your skills I do you can do 120 k
and mine should be high because I have a wisdom of 16 I think both of you guys have reasonable wisdoms but yeah I don’t have any like extra score on his motive all right well what’s your wisdom then and what’s yours
my son’s motive is checked but blank but my wisdom is 16 in my ability modifiers there 4 + 3 + 16 + 3 score okay it’s great you he hears your question what was the, could you or anyone that you know come in contact with the evil that ravaged your town I don’t know what you’re talking about man is the only evil here is just church corruption but Dan you can tell he’s he’s he’s hiding something
Germany family sir yeah yeah I got family where are they they’re here my wife Bonnie bring her out she’s she’s in the is like it’s like an entry area that’s attached to a kitchen area so she’s visible in this room is just like a house there’s a staircase that goes up into presumably like maybe bedrooms are in the main areas just kind of a one-room it’s like a family room dining room kitchen kind of pain and houses yeah I’ve lived in this part of the tour
bunny hay
I’m Inquisitor Carlos the unimaginative hence the name Chad the fireliker great don’t mind me I’ll be just cooking I’ll have something out in just a sec you probably need food money I couldn’t help but notice with across the way there’s a couple of burned-out buildings over there you want to tell me what you saw what went down over there was just James James and his wife they are moved out like burn the whole place down and just moved out one day and never spoke to nobody yeah
she’s she seems to be telling the truth
James is just your neighbor how big is your family
three including U2 yeah yeah who’s missing her what’s his name
he’s sick is he sick with the
sit. Disorders that come from being raised by people that forget your name I’m kidding sorry it’s okay he called me a goblin earlier it’s alright can I see why I’d like to take Cliff Notes
I don’t finish a paper coming everybody
is that a reference to something it will be wig
I’d like to see Claire if you see we just got into town this is what we do it’s part of the procedure that you guys you guys seemed angry about the church or what we’re here to help if your if your church has been under attack by evil we’re here to help you had complaints about the church I’m assuming those complained that they were thorough attentive empathic concerned concerned no not concerned so I’m here to change that to hide my colleagues I’d like to talk to Cliff are you guys healers you guys healers I’m a Healer really yeah by pokarla societal hey why don’t we get in these guys good graces and go up there and he’ll they’re sick child maybe I will have to see him first while he’s sick he shouldn’t be seeing anybody except a dingbat

I mean it’s your funeral
threatening me or just a figure of speech. We just start walking up the stairs or wherever Cliff as we we just go like to find them would like we push past the parents towards wherever Cliff is wait but you do for you successfully push bathtub and it tells you different information the last time you hear a crashing and banging coming from up the stairs as well as the yelling and Tom starts cursing God damn it come on man, come on man God damn it
you keep an eye on Bonnie and what’s his name Tom Tom Tom Tom Felton let me let me check if I just don’t want them coming up on Tom Cats and you go check the Eagle’s Nest scenario 3 I go to the go to the door from which the sound is coming at the top of the stairs you see a shifting blue light flashing while we under a crack in a bedroom door you feel a sense of dread
no will not your home then
Checkmate he doesn’t respond so maybe
I am here bearing the power of the silver flame I am a purifying vessel I sense that you are evil you have 5 Seconds to vacate this premises and this domain
time’s up
I’m just going to open the door to Darren to the bed and there’s a strange light there’s strange like kind of flashing around the room and you see Darkness kind of emanating and leaking from the kids eyes and his mouth like you have no power over me but I said I do I hear that and I come and join them in the room together and I say Carlos you know what to do
Channel energy
I sent out a burst of healing light to heal well living OK Google that you you see the waves wash over me to goes right but he doesn’t seem damaged or hurt in any way as if he’s not a member of the undead and that’s called elimination
I’m always one step ahead he’s not Undead
I’d call this a case of possession
and that really gets my giblets
finish your statement
holy water
DET happily when are you taking it away
can I get a pencil later I’ll give you one later or maybe someone else can get you one later okay for now just remember if I try to use holy water later that I don’t have it I’ll go okay you miss
you miss the bedridden child
water splatters to the floor in a broken file I got it I got it
try to hide some of it up one of my hands all right well it’s not your turn now I don’t have any skills to it like to do get rid of evil necessarily I summoned the advice of the The Keeper of the flame you you are you meditate on the voice of the the silver flame and it doesn’t tell you any any specific things but you work all your training which is like to kill evil with me over to where the holy water mist and I tried to mop up the holy water for the Mist holy water and then you try to use the absorb the holy water on cliff
yeah okay
don’t cuddle me if it at that stupid than cuz I know I mean it is stupid but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work
it could work very well alright will you do then you start mopping is brown with a mop no not a handkerchief made of holy water with holy water it deals to damage and as that happens you can see you can see the kitty raises his arm and a tendril Shadow lashes out of his armpit how you feeling is it my turn
no it’s the ghosts turn he doesn’t do anything though he’s just laughing
is it my turn now you hear you hear people coming up the stairs and it’s it’s Tom and Bonnie they’re like what’s going on what are you doing some stuff breaking we’re doing more than you did close the door
bad parents
they closed the door
all right now I want to wait to turn doing that didn’t win no it’s the it’s the it’s the I think it’s solarflare know it’s
I don’t know that we’re kind of just like I’m looking for it now I don’t see it it’s the it’s a spell where I shitballs I’m sorry I thought it was a thing where I create like an aura that of deflection is that what it is I’m looking for it now I don’t see it now what are you looking for video game I’m just like I’m just looking to bust yeah I think that’s the order of the flexion yeah.
and I make like I just did makes you better at what you do makes us all better at what we do
thanks man
alright great
now it’s Jeff steering the ship like a ghost inside a kid’s body
shut eye cast player and try to Dazzle the ghost while I go to buy time for Carlos to finish the job and you see the ghost that goes there’s no ghost you see the kid get cuz I got them dazzled going for the
kill it’s his turn now he goes he he he starts thrashing about and you can see kind of these shadow tendrils lashing out some more what’s your what are each of your armor class
17310 Pond View pass all right / at your body but they hit your armor and it’s it feels good against your armor
leave this child or we will chill him there’s there’s pounding on the door I think you’re do it we do know
you’re doing because we could have just killed him
we thought you’d like do something I on pound I tell the ghost of the Ghost Inside Cliff come out and fight like a ghost and not be a shit
what’s Dan Stern but you do say that okay
I checked on your desk
I hear that we’re really out of our league here like we know
and I would be nice if they had that
I’ll be nice if we abolished that I mean it’s hard to hit a kid like a weapon
is it say you really winning guns of Blazing we did we did we’re bad we’re level to punch the kid in the face
it’s a non-lethal attack but I’m not using a weapon I’m just like I just want to make it clear
is that we don’t care but I like you can’t use a human shield we don’t negotiate with two ghosts
alright alright well so you use you you raise your fist and stomp over to the little boy and out in front of the little boy a ghost kind of bursts out of his body and kind of stands like like guarding the little boy but you know he’s a little
do it unless you want to stop does the ghost make you change your code
well I mean if I see the ghosts can I do more than stop I mean you know what whatever happened to good old turning of the undead you know I’m a cleric level he’s a ghost is traditionally on death in the dude he wasn’t like I mean you may be making assumptions that aren’t based in reality
the cats all right
I can’t answer that question without giving you a hint before you hit that child
all right well I don’t want to do too much metagaming but I think it might be an illusion this is what it may be like like this isn’t that I don’t think everything is what it seems
I I I I’m going to punch the kid anyway
so you step through the ghost in you dick the kid that goes through the kid is still laughing like hahaha the kid you hit him pretty hard
he I’m not proud of it gray will you can be he takes for damage and you can see his face start to swelling and the ghost the ghost that came out starts like grab it on you and you can feel its coldness but it can’t hurt you for whatever reason
the ghost might be good
the ghost might be good
I got to yell something out at you
how do I go over and I hit the kid too
possessed by a demon write the ghost is Undead and is but it is busy out in front of the kid and and not and the kid is like still has a demon in them or something right so I I think we’re making progress
you’re always making some sort of progress for my turn okay that will be after I pass
I go to the can I raise my physical I’m going to hit him
all right so then the the Ghost Boy jumps off a Dan and starts grappling on to you but I guess you can’t really do much you can just feel like cold ghost fingers touching you and it’s real creepy and then the demon boy and he starts vomiting all over the place so you guys got to make reflex save what are you reflex saves
to try to two plus two or two and a fire to do I keep not hitting you guys you both. But the ground is all slippery and slick with vomit is gross then the mom and dad burst in through the door in the dad’s got a knife and though the mom has a flower pot that’s sexist but whatever email weapon
already know she has a rolling rolling and shaped like a vagina
and their likes leave kids alone you guys are the worst
bye yeah
kids is one of them a ghost yeah one of them died about two months ago we’re still kind of dealing with it what’s his name
stop Archer
Archer if you want to protect Cliff you must work with us that again you can’t punch it kid to death
and kill the demon inside
wait I can’t talk I didn’t say that
I said that me the DM
Archer help us
it looks at you with weird glowing eyes and then it dies back into the to the boy and the boy starts thrashing around some more and laughing
I’m Goin In
you’re going into a little boy
all right for this closure I say to the parents like we’re not really we do we’re this is our first time fighting a ghost
demons and I asked Tom and Bonnie is it is the ghost of possessing your child the dead every child this is confusing if you’re just trying to follow the facts that goes look like you know the kid Furniture sidebar the house
I mean it’s not like we were we’re assuming we’re going to heal him we didn’t want you to kill him sorry your side barring I’ll heal the damage I caused by punching his face but then I think our work is done here
Channel energy he gets killed by do you like that it’s funny to me what else do you like evil
do you want some real cold soup you want some gross soup Does that taste good to you or you like The Addams Family look where everything bad is good
funny go make a bowl of horrible tasting soup
what the hell what are you guys doing I have a plan don’t question the church
I don’t know why I don’t know what we’re doing and I do another just check on the thing and I got to look at a couple of leads check I will make sure that we help your kid and we’re going to redeem the church and your eyes or our name isn’t
Chad and Carlos in the meantime ask yourself how is this your fault
Sterling over dinner is ruined in addition to this terrible evening good the demon don’t like that and then his mind will be blown that you’re on his side he might leave
he might be defined by opposition demons like to fight you just give them bad soup which they think is good soup they get confused and bored and they leave try that will be back
we walk down the hallway I go Carolina feeling like you’re supposed to be the healer guy I’m a fire user know them painted burn everything we got to go so I don’t think of what the fuck we didn’t get the ghost out the go team out like I had it doesn’t it I meant I don’t know why I’ve never want that kind of thing before I know I only do so much I can heal I can cause wounds can heal the wounds I caused
why don’t we why don’t we take it down the street and let’s gather some information with us grow as a team and we might learn something kids been possessed for what months it seems fine
a week a week what’s another 10 minutes a day we’re going to do it seems like a farmhouse and how funny is you know their kid II James and wife went to go check out the area a good stopping point. We didn’t do shit I mean we’ve been at this for an hour right
tell your half hour he keep going I’m sorry I thought I was doing all right
we can do anything we wouldn’t do a room it was a kind of fun.
and that makes the audience resonate with those are like yeah I don’t know what I would have done either like that guys like protection for me but you don’t know what you’re talkin about
leg leg not that we’re saying if you I got a bunch of stuff I really do evil
cuz they’re overpowered okay like detect evil would be kind of account on an anti-climax
oh yeah
James Brown
Burbank Burbank ticket to the Burbank go to the fair with your honey make us a deposit don’t make a withdrawal I’m going to fuck your mama fuck your sister at the Burbank Burbank Rhapsody I need interest Burbank fdic-insured account or your mama’s pussy in the amount of one one juicy pussy let me tell you about the time I went to Nebraska
where’s the Quick Stop in Alaska yeah and I looked at my list and I said I got to go to Burbank I take out a pussy so I did
on the counter at the Burbank and I said
call Buddy passing you
she said what you going to do with it I’m already doing it
thanks for coming to Hermantown everybody
stress incontinence
Christina o
take me to SAC Kevin Serra Church all of our friends here Kevin
why don’t you come out, Jeff Davis your man wants to get his dead Harmon
and watch okja next Monday through Friday 40 show come on Friday here I thought I would know what you were talking about Scott gimple who’s the runs The Walking Dead and they home Dave Holmes a great guys any of this fun we’re going out this Friday yeah I drink that people drink for the answers and answer questions of the week in pop culture which because it’s like how do you keep up with what’s happening in the news but it’s a fun little game show and we’re going to do a little taping of it next Friday so sorry the next Friday that happens not
Friday Friday


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