Episode: 255 – The Ian Bowers Birthday Special


Episode: 255 – The Ian Bowers Birthday Special


Graham Linehan returns to Harmontown! Dan discovers what an “omega virgin” is by a dramatic reading of an incident involving creepy soup.


African diaspora
Hermantown is there a second
300 game master Trisha Krishnan everybody
Jane Harman
thank you thank you
we should get some official business out of the way first
is a birthday boy here is probably multiple birthday boys but the only one had a had friends that emailed Steve Levy inside birthday boys come into town from Ohio is name is Ian Bowers
embarrass you in the house
treasure hunting in Oregon
when I get there
embarrassing it is business casual Saturday live with no sleeves I like
so I wrote a little song for you again
Erie from Ohio correct and you and your your gal fluentu just for this
more of my own
you could have lied to us and said oh yeah they said just for this so I wrote a song
what are you going to Medieval Times Two
cuz a lot of people come to the show just yellow did knockout other shit and I wrote you a song
damn you don’t have to sing it if you if your feelings are hurt maybe you just you don’t second
is the phone sound the lightning we need working
in what else what else did you come to La for
alright meaning drugs
either way you going to you going to climb rocks and glasses and stuff
is the is the lightning cables audio
being Bowers groomers food from the land, Ohio where are the Harvest Moon is low
when your hands
got to use the toilet and cuz it’s your birthday it’s your birthday it’s your birthday second verse is improvised
drink it down with his girlfriend and they drove across
he inside a jar
PP together
birds of a Midwestern feather and his girlfriend Kathy objectify her
sexy lamp test that test if your boyfriend wants to make you drive across the country
it’s called true love, interdependent two people individuals would love each other so much you love somebody truly
and he’ll eat your food and drink your darling won’t you come to the Apache Trail
on your boots and focus nail stop for gas because they’re drinking each other over the pain
now flowers grow for you for your beginning who are you
I am if you think the people that smoke in medieval times are going to do that for your fucking
they’re going to get a list of everyone’s birthdays and then they’re going to like throw a plastic treasure at you cuz everyone that goes there it’s their birthday it’s a Time
only only this show the does what we just did so
with the pill cultures like the online like the red pill or the blue pill that says that now there’s there’s more to the community we live in the fucking illusion where like you know women are equals and like your vote matters piano is a senator or something I don’t know if the illusion of the red pill is like the new wants it’s the edge if the fucking I see all the levels I see it I see that isn’t the hard truth that no one wants to see that’s that’s that’s a red pill that you living in reality but then there’s we were we were getting confused today cuz there’s also black pill black pill I think is when
I think it’s win either pill is just you made it made you insane I think if you read pill so much that you disconnected reality you’ve now blackpilled police
you take the red pills you know why if you take blue pills you’re like what is a black girls getting shot I don’t understand and then it was something about white pills and I don’t know what those what that is but but there’s different pills for different things different movements to online it’s now, this is the weird thing cuz you know in my Day 2016 like it was like you were either an alpha or a cock that’s what I understood to be the case until the cock is okay you like like you can’t you can’t handle women like you’re like you’re submissive to him because you just hope that that women will just donate some sex to you you’re listening to you you live in the lie like these ladies if I virtue signalling enough
won’t you give me your vagina nuggets for the khakpour please seriously please throw throw your vagina candies from your Lannister wagon
and those are Cox that’s me and then in all of our friends and almost everybody in the audience except for maybe one guy is like going to run up here and go do something and some point in the show and I’ll become Shia LaBeouf give your body’s a temple you try not to jerk off a lot I think because you deserve sex from women who are slots and and if they try to pretend like they’re not it’s like some shit they’re trying to pull and you need to understand that if you say to a woman like nice coat she’ll be like can I suck your dick because like this they just responded since paleo times so does that. That’s the other than the other side I’m trying to be objective about this like a be like
don’t want to like stomp on any I don’t want anybody be like that’s not what that is and you got that backwards don’t know what the fuck anyone’s talking about anymore but she’s like what the fuc Yeah there’s like all training kind of people who are virgins but who do who don’t want to have sex with women and their straight because that would make them a cuck I think that’s what it is it’s like it’s like I’m a virgin and I have power cuz I’m a virgin cuz because the young lady
idea pleasuring a woman is is vile to me you’re not going to fucking do feet Me by pointing out that I have a hunchback or a mole on my lip or something that’s why I am a Nazi like like like like like like like like I’m not going to let you play it like that cuz there’s a thing called a cell is that it’s involuntary celibate involuntary doesn’t sound like militant but I wouldn’t if I could
didn’t choose it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like a proud Quasimodo of not being involuntarily fuck about sounds like like there’s a splinter cell or something and up and you have a lot of sperm in your balls I can’t get out and you like if you don’t like jerking off good tips for some reason cuz you read The Joe Rogan doesn’t or something in your ear
n u n n e r
i don’t know I don’t know I don’t know what he’s thinking he’s all ripped in my cage fights in like I don’t know he’s like I imagined that he probably wouldn’t be surprised if you found out he was like no dude you got to stand for something I don’t know I don’t know but I shouldn’t have ripped Joe Rogan’s name is going to be very distracting I’m just saying like we’re really talking about here is it is our original base people that are like maybe that when they look in the mirror they’re like yeah I know I know why no one wants to fuck me and then those people are saying yeah but I still want to be like on the alpha side so you can’t tell me no one wants to fuck you I know that you’re not supposed to want to and I don’t care yes if I had a magic wand I would make myself look like Tom Cruise
no I cannot do that I do not have that magic wand I am proud of myself you will not shame me I still no bitches is crazy
king of an fuckability
let’s go Cody was like she’s just went down this Rabbit Hole it like if it was me I wouldn’t but I said I’d like you got a text that to me so this is like an example for this is like
this is a this is a blog entry from a from a guy that’s like a I don’t know if he would call himself in cell or if he cut his his his blog entry baby gets thrown on him as there’s no one else that I do I do I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t want to be that but but the words Omega virgin are in his URL so I assume so I can either sell or a or a or a super virgin or so
Sanctuary so this is his blog entry the title is women think that despacho is creepy
well that’s where I can I agree because I know yesterday I was out getting lunch that recently added gazpacho a cold Spanish tomato soup to their menu I overheard two women ahead of me in line talking about the new gazpacho one of the women asked the other what gazpacho is intense that’s fine the other woman who says Don’t Tempt shame I mean what’s the where is the pride Maple if it’s going to be Fraser if you’re going to go here okay
one of the women asked the other one despacho is the other woman says that it’s like salsa that you drink the first woman says the gazpacho is creepy the second woman agreed after that I made sure to get some gazpacho with my lunch because I was not going to let women ruin gazpacho especially by calling us Pacho creepy I have been saying for a long time that women calling men creepy is bullshit
however this proves it
women are willing to call traditional Spanish cuisine creepy which is complete rubbish by itself if a soup can be creepy than any man being called creepy is meaningless
I don’t know what formula that is geometric equations
two women think soup is creepy and all women think I’m creepy
almost get through the 22nd almost said some of you thinking what I’m thinking is I’m halfway through them like wheat is this a bit by doing a character that’s the problem with our new generation we got we can Savvy like you don’t you can’t tell like like an idiot and also I think that’s like a fallback is kind of like you know when you go to a high school dance or wherever here is a function in your feeling awkward you don’t know when you should dance and if you should dance and if you do dance how you should dance and what you think of the people dancing and it’s likely going to your head but like you can like conquer a lot of it but just kind of like going like this and Like Dancin goofy but like like is there so much fluidity there like today
so easy to just be passionate about something like real about something and then if anybody were to ever say well that’s that’s that’s fucked up like you seem like a horrible person you could be like that’s the point even if it wasn’t the point that you can just be like that’s the point or you could say I was kidding even if you weren’t kidding you could even not know if you’re kidding or what the point is that’s why these children of the Damned are terrifying to me I don’t know even what Nazism is there and they’re like my balls and then they’re like
and then they picked her like they’re they put him out there in the balls get checked in their life
play time we don’t we don’t know
the guy the guy that you know the guy the guy that talked like Bob Hope that white supremacist
how do you say we’re not violent
music while you’re watching that video like is this dude cheating you might be doing a bit I don’t like what where does this bit of land you know that’s why I bother making fun of them
but what I did love most of all was that they were pretty though
why I choose the blue pill because I like the idea that I mind or not that that that that that could be this guy’s Purgatory that he’s he’s just Brandon
Community girl talk about Jews
Wellington older Billie with a rose
I like long walks on the beach tonight to get these black people out of here
guns n’ for Manifesto and I love
will you be mine
painting a ancestry.com the new wave of not say where the hickeys not afraid to show his emotional side on camera I know but why would he do that why would he do that like I understand that perspective he doesn’t see the bigger picture and maybe sometimes we all loved it
speech rally absolutely shut down by the people of Boston has filled the streets is beautiful image of the world only fit inside this little rotunda and then everybody else is work going around like the Free Speech it’s like you you still take it you like way better than the alternative five months ago if you would ask me what do you think’s going to happen all the 20,000 people are going to be a chance and I’m like I’ll be packing my bags of light Tulum we can go back to maybe I can afford to live in the under the hotel and eggs I liked but I really didn’t know I had to low
this opinion of us I thought that all the people I thought that if you’ve gathered twenty thousand of us we would be like Oh I’m scared enough to assure I will wrap that in a package I don’t have to say that out loud anymore we’ll call it a different thing and I’ll start chanting that it had even if there was just one old lady in that rotunda was like a free speech sign and she just pissed her pants and still a better day then
when she died of pissing your pants
died of natural causes and he felt bad like she was like like like she had a thyroid condition
I hope he gets better anyways but it looks better times now right it’s like it’s like it’s like a weird like it’s like a part of the carnival ride where where you’re already through the shit that like really made you piss your pants and then but it’s like no more safe now but you’re like desensitized but now you’re kind of like I don’t know a room out shouting like faster at the Kearny like to do this let’s see where this goes
the most alarming thing for me is that that they don’t have to wear hoods anymore they get to actually show their face on camera that that that’s the scary thing is they thought they could but it’s uplifting that it turns out they kind of couldn’t like write like they’re getting fired and they’re all.
Yeah and it’s that logically revert to that logic thing in the outrage thing of the victim saying it’s like more and more what we’re learning is that the entire time is just like we’re all like little kittens and we want to suck at this titty of like feeling sorry for ourselves and it’s like these are the people that that perceived everybody else is getting a big mouthful of that specific titty but I like the rest of us as feeling sorry for ourselves and getting like handouts for being victims and they were like I want that job I always thought the whole time they were like no move over victim I want that victim gravy at all the soldier people was like they were there they use the first date they they refer to women is oppression thieves
I thought that was an eye-opener Meme and how women hijacked that we were just having fun and women turn everything in the highwomen our victim yeah we never get to be
it’s like that’s what that’s what privilege really is it’s a form of Oppression it’s like denial of victimhood you know that’s not fair I never got to be a victim
what is hike to wake up everyday and have no idea what a victim feels like
set a minute that goes by where I don’t know is that I command all that I survey and and I still can’t get a job exactly
AA Mr Superior race
you can drop it
you can you can be a little sexier.
what why I got a fucking bar in my kitchen doorway at fucking crank on that
mister mister Superior I don’t understand if you’re if you’re supposed to. Everybody how come you feel so under the thumb of these inferior people and the people and the black group it sounds like it sounds like you’re afraid that they might have one up on you you might they might be with your friend of the reality I don’t know what the guy that doesn’t have six guns on an iPhone how do I seem more relaxed than you do something you could understand you bring black people when you want to speak your mind helping you speak how are you secretly Jay Leno and not care.
no not at all I just want to show you some headlines about the problem that we’re facing here this is real this is really in the paper here I thought I saw that you drove here in the Stanley Steemer I mean I saved you from tree gifts in a bowl of milk this is real anyways I get these headline so I don’t know.
this is a coupon in the paper you but look at this three cakes and then look down on the corner of Jews
okay I’m chilling
it’s okay. It’s okay.
If I’m pulling up at night for a while
anyways have a great job of the creator of the original IT Crowd and so much more and big old Irish cousin of harmontown from the Irish harmontown Xanax in the door
hello Graham hi hey how are you good how are you the first day I did the same thing I tweeted I’m in La what should I do and I went to Glendale would you do me like I said no offense to nobody really likes playing her a prisoner his little bit today I forgot I went to Glendale before and I did exactly the same thing I said where should I go and I fucking ended up in Glendale again and and and then I did harmontown that night I have just done that again now so it’s like except during wrestler movies on
you should come with Ian Bowers he has this guy who comes by here like if it’s convenient and I wrote a song for him how do I say yeah yeah yeah I’m really glad that the show opens with a 5-minute thing about drinking piss
Euro this is the great episode you want to do you want some some vodka made with potato and I went to bed I know it’s not a direct message Grandma think I mentioned this last time you’re on but I’m a huge Father Ted fan which is crucial that you created before that called Paris which was the sitcom about artists in the 1920s in Paris that is really funny really really good in the same thing then two of the same date that’s right yeah Frank left us at father Jack has this year son the same day but yeah which is what date. I kind of remember how do I don’t try it was everything down because you
there is there still young so it’s going to be okay for awhile I hope but anyway I just have one more question about Ireland where’s my wife
so he’s your ex-wife okay yeah but it’s like you never came back so, it was so great I lost my wife ex-wife what’s a beautiful country is Flowing Greenhills so act so innocent and then a bird dog you stay tuned somewhere where was it New York and the guy said who is doing the where are you from business and he said it to us we said he wasn’t expecting and he’s expecting a state. And he just said I flew over there one Spring Green
weather Ireland is he going
on the way to John Carpenter’s The Thing
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like you’re always in good hands
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so what I mean it’s kind of like so hysterical over here right right now and we’re kind of like a probably not paying very much attention to everything we’re familiar that the UK has brexit it and we are acquainted that with the right-leaning movement that we’ve been having over here great is that UK people can’t feel too Superior right now it’s super it’s super hard. But I’m curious like how is Scotland feeling about Scotland’s in a weird position because Scotland recently voted to remain part of the United Kingdom
want to get out now so it’s kind of has all sorts of insane think the other thing they didn’t take into account was the Northern Ireland situation is very fragile peace that’s lasted only you know a couple decades they just roll the dice on it so it’s it’s me to buy with brexit affect the Border in Northern Ireland separate Ireland from Northern Ireland is from northern and southern island without going through you know a lot of controls and so on but that’s going to have to change because I was going to be part of the European Union and Northern Ireland isn’t insane but it’s one of these things is kind of like what happened I think as well with with the with what’s happening in the states in that people just started realizing I don’t maybe people
we clever the people we trust to our date they do this so they know what they’re doing maybe maybe maybe they’re crazy some of them feeling right but if you can’t call it up lifting it has been this week cuz he said I’d like this week is it like watching them cuz they can’t do this the only problem is if there’s no one to replace them I mean you know if if there’s no one clever to replace them than what we do and I already said they will not be replaced they were saying that everything good week though I think that might the 24-year old version of me would would have god-knows-what where I’d be in this yeah mad because I I would throw My Writers Guild magazines
the room when I saw the diversity report card in the magazine and I do why are they spending my money is on the best writer for the job in lake lake lake it was everything made sense to me and you hook me up to a lie detector test I will let you know it’s not like I ever would have said like I’m racist and it would be nice right like it wasn’t racism it was like kind of like I don’t know I don’t want to use such a hottie word is ignorance or something was just like at my scope was kind of small at that time I was nothing nothing makes you more susceptible to this kind of right-leaning like to see philosophy like being unemployed and having no control over your future is pretty easy then to yeah it makes it hard to be to be to join us but all these idiots losing their jobs because because while it’s short-term it’s great
to see them losing their jobs long-term you got to think about what these idiots going to do next you know they got to go

heavy metal not really being a thing anymore and everything would be fine if you lose a lot of energy do you know had died and that… These kind of really sad. That’s why Scandinavia so chill because I got loads of metal up there are metal music yeah y’all have a second but do you remember it wasn’t her. We’re we’re in the stadium or something they burn disco records in the 70s people you know there was a time when when everyone was able to chat when you get into one of about let’s say 15 activities you know I’m now they can Channel it into into this weird kind of performance that’s that’s. They’re just realizing has real consequences
I’m very I’m very fascinated by what has happened to words and I don’t know one thing I’m wondering is there going to be a lot of these guys who with the death in Charlottesville are they going I do a lot of things irony kind of Nazis who are going to just send me go out you know I’m back away from it. Something that I’m interested in going to be like really drawn to it that much like maybe like Norman Bates or something
the percentage of people that are into that kind of Hardcore right-wing philosophy that that number probably stays around the same without their costumes on at the flag fly joyful about the internet it does the comedian that used to be like this telescope that we we look up and see if you know other people in other lives it was amazing and now it’s like we it’s like a shitpipe everyday you look up what’s coming down the pike
yeah that’s not late like the millennial generation as much as I say they’re dumb and whatever and poop on them cuz I’m an old man say get off my lawn but the thing about them is that they’ve been born into a culture that that we are processing everything through like time to get on the internet like like we will always and these poor kids you know that’s often is characterized as a fire hose to the face of information and end we always thought I think when you and I were kids we probably thought when we think about the future everything about mine connecting to each other we always thought that meant everyone would get smarter and more patient than you would even have the you would even have the option of information would be all up in your face which would automatically make you less this less than that less that like you
case because it’s like it it if if everything is bullshit which it would appear to be I mean there is no way to represent truth without creating your own version blah blah blah I mean there but that doesn’t mean you can say the Earth is flat and if Spencer not make fun of you it just means that I think we live in an age now we’re back to the propaganda kind of Consciousness but now we’re conscious of it and conscious of the Consciousness and not everyone is just through that’s what does mean culture is a propaganda is this thing so what’s your propaganda what’s yours and and there’s the only people left they’re saying there’s an objective truth are kind of like there are more right than everybody else because if they’re called an educated and fit but they’re also incredibly frustrated cuz they’re like wheat how are you people just dancing to a completely different that’s not even playing and they’re like cuz it is
it’s almost like when I first started thinking about this seriously I thought we are now plugged into a Consciousness I mean the hivemind is the word that we all use for it but it really is like we are also plugged into the consciousness of a lot of you know they might as well be bees you should know what none of us should know what blackpilling is it out and we still have us do and I mean there’s an argument you and I shouldn’t know how many stray dogs there are in Los Angeles if you do like I would say yes you should know that you need to be aware because that’s a huge problem because that’s their thing and they’re like yeah why would you not want to know that’s why there’s seventy-five million of them is because you didn’t know and you didn’t care so now thank God you know then you add 900 things like that and how do you not become a nihilist how do you when you when you just know everything and everything is deaf
there’s there’s no real fairy tail there’s no actual NBA All-Star who goes home to his wife and kids and eats an apple pie and I don’t know what are definition of a hero is but sooner or later name is Kevin Durant
Who was the
here’s the thing so that’s a funny I mean that. Yeah that’s the Mobius strip of this is that with this with this is more scary the bar for heroism
I almost want to say lowers like it takes less of a hero but it yeah I mean I know it’s a minimum standard unlikely to do it saying gallon things I think that’s a good thing well did you see the two news readers and I don’t know what channel it was but it was one of them said every single point he tried to make they said no one else will treat Us Alive to see those guys to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
you see did you see today they’re the guests of woman doing to this thing is so good I thought we would have I thought I thought it was going to be a great outpouring of creativity you know but the unfortunate thing is that right-wing people aren’t they don’t have
how do you think I’ve ever said I’ve never had reason to because I have people I know have liar but like that but you know it’s not funny I don’t believe in God and I’m I’m dying moments from shooting up a school maybe maybe not hardy har har getting run over in a parking lot I jerked off to it the only the only cool thing about that those terrifying children he didn’t really jerk off
it’s a fictional character and making up that did you take that thing where they’re like more than one shocked reaction away from revealing that that’s all part of a joke and it’s like this kind of odd it’s like celebrating for instance gangster rap when when it was the nineties and it was like we’re going from rapping about peas and carrots to all of a sudden this person saying the n word a lot and the f word even more and the seaward end of everything and he’s talking about shooting other people and other stuff in the parents are like oh my God and the defensive that we’re just we’re just showing you how it is you know where we’re at expressing something that’s going on it’s kind of hard to argue with that in fact the right cultural context we applied that
so now you’ve got these two are like anything that’s going on what’s going on mobile culture which is absolutely warpage they’re showing what’s going on when your parents don’t hate you enough to do it too but like they’re showing got to hit your children light bulb Christmas display and it it ain’t it ain’t pretty. I realize my mood was much better and and my son my son
anxious so dude it’s like it’s crazy man I liked Twitter it’s gotten to a point worth for really wouldn’t even be a funny episode of intervention it would actually be like understandable why don’t like because it’s truly is like this toxic thing I’m doing to myself if you feel like a tweet this it’s giving you a sense of order a Justice and NY can also like community and feelings and I was stuck inside just hitting that goddamn for a couple days and then I’ll be like cuddling with Cody and like laughing and I’ll step in and then somehow it’ll come up in a web page are you clicking it back on Twitter and I’m like fucking
I just like the snapping at people and drunk because there’s nine million tweets is how fast time passes when you’re on it you know sometimes I realize and I just sent it direct message to them and I said Grace got you no thank you you know something similar about it earlier when he did he did five years ago or five years of past in between these two conversations
feels like a plane to feels like I looked at it at Twitter and when I looked up everyone’s you know my kids are 10 years old and and and a u.s. president used it to get elected and he continued that that’s a really big we’re going to look back at this and get off at Twitter I’m obviously like wouldn’t that be great if we all realized one was somehow the thing it’s just that Twitter’s of really easy example of it because Trump clearly got addicted to it it’s like blood magic you know you’d like like magic that like gets in your body and then it kind of takes you over before it like that. I can’t believe we all been saying it over and over again she can’t stay off the toilet so why would he stop and I feel exactly the same way I didn’t get elected but I I keep feeling like will my life up till now has gotten where it is with Twitter
my pocket I’ve completed my life and I’ve it’s fucking insane like I used to blog and we’re used to not say N word it it it was like an end
by the way our Bliss trade my leader is so dumb like a cuz we do again we’re not we’re not totally into my president revealed today absolutely unequivocally totally empirically items including like mold in a peer-reviewed scientific lab he didn’t know how to spell the word he’ll let it go is a scientific because he deleted it twice you know about this right here o-tar country will heal we’re going to heal the country so multiple times and then if so he’ll was twice as a double and then reposted then delete it again it is in the span of 36 minutes then the leader of the Free World as we used to call it is figuring out a hominins
forget about North Korea. I got that figured out fire and fury now
how many antlers
Harvard where did he go
give me the fucking College I dropped out I don’t know where he went
I didn’t go to college was too busy not fighting in Vietnam anyways I mean like everyone knows how to spell all right that’s kind of be nice but it’s almost it’s almost worse in a way because I say that kind of level of old people they don’t seem to know what they’re doing is disguised by their ability to spell it out so so like they can so you don’t really see how disastrous everything I read about that
because whether or not they realize it or not it’s just like so flies in the face of I think Malcolm X had some quote of like like I think it was him that said something it’s like you know under me as a something about the racism gets a stronger reaction when there’s a suspicion that it’s valid or something like that I can’t remember the actual quote he was speaking to the fact that you like that we all know in common psychology would just like to know if you’re truly like fucking you know the score and you’re you’re cool and objective truth is on your side and and life is fair to you someone calls you a honky like you’re like yeah and and but if you’re if if the cards are not stacked in your favor and all these things and you’ve been listening fucked up to you your your anger could be it’s buoyed by the as he put it I think suspicion suspicion of its validity or something like that
right-wing movement which says what is predicated on this idea that in America first of all there was a golden age that’s fascism 101 it’s a reference to it some fucking like they golden age that no one will ever be pinned down on make America great again when was it great I will never answer that question the idea that America is better America or white country the Statue of Liberty only says huddled masses on the bottom of it because there was a poetry contest like come on that was never meant that that was when they can’t spell
first grade English it does help like I like because you you could be a still a 90 IQ anti-immigration politician and just by virtue of boarding school you can spell the word heal and Spence is is is really dangerous how many doors can be opened and how quickly and how far they are allowed to go before anyone comes uncle is dangerous if he hadn’t snuck in and get out of there is no way. No spark Cloud but you know he wouldn’t
no would would like he’s he’s even visit a bit disturbing there’s something very kind of Stephen King villain about it you know and he just wouldn’t have got in on that what he’s going to be he’s going to be in in power for three it’s three years you know I mean that’s something I’m I’m a little bit worried about you no more worried because I’m kind of enjoying watching Donald become the Biggest Loser of all time in politics and becomes even more dangerous because it stops being a rodeo clown that that that the woke the Millennials the they the younger people even than them have now experienced this thing of like are you telling me that becoming the president is first of all not a contest that you win by being a good person not a contest you even win by being good at that job but most importantly
is actually holds no reward if you actually just blunder into it and start throwing birthday parties for yourself people you will become more hated than if you’d just stayed a manager at Burger King or maybe there are more important things going on in my world than winning is weird Highlander contest of who can be the biggest douche like like like like but let’s talk about like I want to talk to you as a writer so I can pretend I’m one that are you finding it difficult to write. Like like like like real yeah kind of I mean good okay good I think it’s what’s the problem what’s the problem with it because life is a fucking screenplay yeah yeah I paid in a guy fighting magic shoes choose turn into Hitler heads because otherwise I’m I’m beaten by
you might suffer for not worse than maybe cuz I think you’ve got I think you’re you’re in a great white versus syrebral and I think that you don’t like you hate like Tim and Eric I know how this thing where I think they said once that a lot of their Style just comes from them being terrified of boring people so they have that kind of very insane style that I have no such thing
your stuff is very aware of itself for the you know it’s very aware of what it’s doing you know I I I try and I try and suppress that for a first draft successfully and so does not but it’s harder to do that these days because it’s like what you were saying I think you said about Rick and Morty that you you were going to have a big secret but you decided not to because the internet would figure it out before it was legit yeah that’s kind of the problem it’s like you’re competing now against a giant wasp brain you know that is the world and that makes it a little bit more difficult to do the necessity of a boring first draft what to do if that’s helping I’m watching a lot of Tears
because because you look at couch and you just think I want to write someone like coach you know I love I love him but it showed you were going to have as it is what’s it called the guy played by Steve Delaney who we had three years on BBC One where I might as well have just thrown every episode down a crevasse because they didn’t repeat it and stop complaining about that and just died there and I’ll look like I’m blaming everyone but ourselves but yeah but I’m hoping that everything travels do I git crack and Ted is kind of car
brighten what you like for like as it is I guess I was always really a show but but I always preferred preferred Seinfeld took her because for me Seinfeld diet because it’s Hudson navigate the kind of strictures of you know that works for me it was like a Cole Porter sung or something it was just a bit more elegant than yeah because the constraints and I felt that the performances were stronger and the whole thing together I like the Elegance that I like I like when when things are difficult so it can’t Arthur for instance you know we don’t curse because kids love him you know so right now I’m with my favorite things which I think I spoke about before on the show but one of my favorite things is taking two booths up Jackson making the possible to it
I think that’s that’s a really funny thing when you got it right and I thought Seinfeld it. Beautiful you know I mean
she fucks her brother
oh yeah
oh yeah what are you and why is it that I mean English or Irish like writers and TV shows like the same reason I like American cheese toasted London is the funniest goddamn thing as well if I can do this yeah yeah but that’s a little clips of Saturday Night Live what you couldn’t see it wasn’t broadcast over where we were so we would just see little videos of it you know later on on YouTube and stuff but beforehand or just on these compilations to show tiny kids because they couldn’t use any of the celebrities cuz they they would have to pay them again or something LOL so you don’t like snatches of Skyfall
we would see something you we would see a sketch like unfrozen caveman lawyer
has the greatest thing and and we just thought they were working on this on this you know really high level and it wasn’t until he saw you know how Salsbury realize okay it’s a little bit more conventional and I suppose python went when I was a teenager a kid so it had a very strong effect on me probably more than you know it’s just more valuable I didn’t know what a budgie was I didn’t know that was a parakeet. He’s at the American audience is teenager supposed to know what the Spanish Inquisition was I thought it was I was like a joke from history class
references it doesn’t matter that they were great because they didn’t seem to have a lot of references is all very not pop cultural references to us and we don’t know what right Burnley is but maybe that’s why I travel site and I just I remember being like a freshman in high school and being a theater class and then we doing a play and the seniors were all they all had the secret language and they were all I found out years later they were all Corey Monty Python he had gotten hold of some tapes or something like that
I had no idea what I’m talking about I thought they were all just like great friends and had their own like rest but like yeah they were all Speaking Rock of Comedy cheese remember how excited we were does the blind guy
he probably thinks he’s at the shop
Hawaii time lapse
yeah but what’s up yeah it’s okay so we talked about finding it harder to right now let’s talk about in writing if you do manage to write again and you’re writing comedy like this thing is what you’re talking about is good so you’re saying getting back to the craft of just like making people happy you’re right like a nice spoiled by the idea that it’s okay for things to acknowledge what’s happening outside the bubble of television reality is it is it at Superior craft till I go all right
the answer is yes in my opinion it’s just that I don’t know how to do that though he hadn’t quite ask themselves I’m just hurt badly about it is that cuz I’m like I mean when you say watching cheers and like I’m thinking about like okay so like shears didn’t say there’s either Socialism or fascism happening outside of the Cheers bar right shears might make jokes where you if you were an alien Society you could go it appears they lived in some kind of Democratic Republic because they just made a joke about Senator but if we did we did it on caterpillar author 911
I don’t know what’s wrong
go to dinner we never encouraged if I don’t know if I’m answering the question but the thing we just did we just we just made the guy who owns the cafe they all go to Turkish you know we lost a lot of a lot of his idiot funds from its previous Incarnation a lot of his sons and that’s what we want to do it he’s not Turkish you play to check his character and fans of his TV show and we reinvented for the TV on so you know Steve and I discovered that a lot of racists like I may just fucked up you know so we just had this kind of nice filter. You know we got rid of a lot of people we didn’t like just buy do having a character that’s fucking crazy you know
witness that you always think it more than their other louder because they know they represent nothing and they know that there’s no shows for them as they know how do you think there’s more than you know it was nice to unsettle I think the diversity thing you know for us it was a very natural character in the show because there’s a lot of Turkish yeah just just the appearance of this character in the show would have a lot of people saying like we were called politically correct you know and I didn’t I didn’t expect that you know it was very strange being posed to make that character Turkish in the first place
you know a little bit of The Soup Nazi in there as well who you know everything everything I do is it was like Seinfeld in some way we found this brilliant Doctor Who is it was just everybody never smile he was hilarious and anything that was different to that I knew was a mixed-race relationship it and I’m not a solid chunk of them actually if you change Peter Parker II African-American if you say this characters can be female now if you I think that there’s surely a bunch of people that are like no I hate women you should do that and then there’s these like cousins of theirs we’re perfectly comfortable standing next to them because they think that they’re such big fans of Comedy or sci-fi or comic books or whatever their thing is they think that there’s such a
great fans that this agenda that has nothing to do with for instance making comic books as cool as it can be making video games as great as they can be making movies as funny or is it with the woman Doctor Who and then there’s a Nazi standing in the shadows by people are going over here we agree Doctor Who Doctor Who no more
if it’s a doctor her come over here and there like what what I am so frustrated like you don’t know the frustration how many people is 6 million people
you think a lot of people exactly
I can’t any of those people’s innocence but I do think I think that there is a difference between hate and ignorance I think hopefully because otherwise fine they’re like white walkers and let’s just either like them or let them kill us like they go like Oh I’m a big guy I hate this idea that you’re that feminism is a thing in comedy I’m sick of reading these articles I can’t all these headlines only women women women women women I’m so sick of the women and and that’s that you might not be thinking about comedy very much if you’re if you’re focused on on women being involved. Comedy comedy should be about the common 8 which is me at 24 is throwing that magazine across the road for a long time now I know I can do a 4-3-3 male characters
do character you know I know I can do that and would be interesting to do a show with three female characters and one male character with you know you know my wife an important thing to do that and then have it be fucking awesome because that is the that because that’s the energy into this weird engine that exists where a diversity is an interesting it’s another it’s another discipline you know and it’s another structure you can put on yourself I don’t know I think that leads to interesting interesting
as they say so I fell for me fast exam you know you can’t say you can’t talk about masturbating on the show but it’s so they come up with three different ways of talking about it you know that’s where the phone is you know so why why why not embrace it when I bring something like that versity as a chance to show what you can do you do for the wider reasons also obviously there are good reasons to do it anyway but for reasons of you know artistic reasons why is like me I was wanted to say like don’t you what the do you want to prove that you’re the most talented person in the world on on Fairfield to be abolished in France at some point in your life you can go I’m the best writer there’s a flip side to it though with with with with the internet though which which which really does annoy me with
people telling Riders what they kind of kind of right about. Fuck that. Really annoys me. A lot like Riders are two foxes you know that’s a really good I can put yourself in the in this generation is fucked they think they know there ain’t no twenty-five-year-old yell at the creator of a show and say you’re not creating it right then I’ve got this terrible twin is it pouring for everybody
I’ve got this i got this terrible someone out of
and that person Norman Lear
sorry I missed your earlier pictures of five
William need a ride or everybody
is that right William double thing going on where I kind of don’t like watching you things because I’m jealous at the same time I really want to see good things so because when you see good things it makes you want to write your things but it’s really hard I’d like showering for me. Every time I’m in the shower
how I feel about halfway through an episode of new girl I’m like what the fuc
the good place which I started watching and you know because it’s just a show my inclination is not to watch a good make an Omron who’s ready for the grammar you don’t read like a literature like novels or things like that right what the fuck
Google, I need to ask though I try to ask him on Twitter and I never get an answer so I’m going to be right there at the Circle K having a tiran I always recommend that two young people or old people that have it I mean I mean I mean new people like dinner like asking me how I process like the Camel stuff is like read the Vogler but first because it’s so simple yet my numbers but don’t stop there because having read that now
try to digest Campbell from cover to cover I bought it today and I kind of feel like it’s on the on the circle
I might have been born to my mind doesn’t work anymore. Now you are the mind blower
I’ve been asked to go to Australia and and talk to people about comedy writing like to do a course like your your your blog post about you do you want you to pretend they don’t have poisonous spiders they’re very sensitive about that apparently there hasn’t been a poisonous spider death in 30 years whatever I said to them no other country has that statistic
you protest too much Australian to sound like one of them so can I teach you phrase oh wait
Stand By Me
just remember the password
I find suspicious about the thing is that they really insist that you don’t have any worries
yeah but I don’t know I don’t know but the thing is I don’t really have a unified theory of writing my mind my stuff is is Graf from all different places and you know carrots give you a I’ll give you a key I guess I found out there’s a cheap the circle okay so quiet just do quadrants now top half is after I want to make sure I get this right now.
top half is good bottom half is bad right half is dishonest left half the managers to do things about a banana okay so so good dishonest good Chrysler threshold into and then there’s this true that changes everything it’s like another threshold you go into honest bad which is like you why you getting your ass kicked cuz I like the truth is you suck and then you recover from that and now the truth can be that you’re good. Can you rip the banana story like it’s kind of Good Friday nights in my Seth Rogen animated film called banana boys
there’s a bunch of bananas and they all agree that getting peeled is is the is the worst and then one of them gets killed
and and he has to add apps to getting peeled so he’s like a naked banana and he’s but he’s like you know he’s cool with it and then he finds out that bananas are actually plantains that he was never a banana and so he was adopted as parents didn’t want to use he just look like a banana it doesn’t matter peeled or unpeeled go fuck yourself and then he gets back to the the fucking button on the Whiteboard like it did that was the biggest change in writing from a was saying that scene. I realized that everything in the second half was the was the trailer that’s how I described it to people that everything in them in the bottom half is the trailer for that week’s episode and I thought that was just so
clear as soon as I realized that you can start filling out the bottom half and that helps you decide what the top half is I didn’t. I just it’s so easy and wonderfully made everything better for me as you can imagine if you’re in the simulator is a freighter that you admired saying that to you if you hit you in like an Oreo of flattery and fucking Panic cuz you’re like what I said then there’s going to be some subreddit rich people say have you noticed that since Graham said that if Dan Harmon changed how he wrote that all his shit sucks or something like they’re going to like an old Dell trace it and I’ll be like I don’t want any responsibility start playing D&D around this time so stick around and have a drink with me after or you can so I don’t know what he’s doing but I will
you’re giving us an Irish goodbye that’s amazing
Irish goodbye
everybody thank Grandma for coming
Governor Hannibal Buress
I think if I take random bring up Steve Levy everyone see you
barrier Junior to the stage
hey now I just got to hang out with
open internet for people in The Tonight Show
with somebody else that you guys had bad when I interview people to interview him
tell me how do you how do you think you should interview people just doing this for years your great or what do you think I’m just curious
Plumb the depths do you think you tend to do that know well there’s a great person
I don’t know I’m just I don’t know the right answer I’m trying to work through with you
doesn’t feel good
play your game this is why I sequester myself for other people’s benefit
how you been doing
I think it was a it was a decent week you’re overworked aren’t you yes it’s fine it’s great I love it they aren’t you Steve’s an incel but he likes it there is a guy that came to one of our shows and I was just wanting something else here at the castle but you got you got a secret admirer out there who are just all over the place they’re just not here when the problem
such an obvious boy candy
that’s what I call my balls feel horrible
Boy Scout like I’ll just take this ring to Mordor I don’t care yeah yeah good looking guy biceps I’m saying like it’s a good thing as a woman if you’re hot for an obvious choice
go ahead but I’m just going to be like well so that the reason why he’s so adorable that he doesn’t consider himself an obvious choice good I don’t think I consider myself an obvious
you just made me gay you saying you saying Steve you don’t know you’re beautiful and that’s why you are
isn’t that the song yeah
What Makes You Beautiful One Direction song yeah
yeah yeah because I don’t look good in a t-shirt you can just go out and a T-shirt and you look good
Jerry Jones call me right now
Jewish Cool Hand Luke I mean that sounds a little more insulting but yeah
I need to change a good he’s a cute dad do you speak Yiddish
hey bro sorry I never got to see going to feel the dishes like Eastern European
can I have relatives in speak a little parents like they’re from like the Polish Corridor part of Europe in like they’re yeah there’s a lot of like you to know I guess I’m just like like I would get my dupa washed in the bathtub dupa means dupa is dupa washing I think we can agree that’s the Steve have a phone number where to put them where to put them away is Moshannon phone number
did I say something
I think you called me a nick nack
buffets in DND
make a list for next week we’ll just suggested take it or Levy that haha I will get to know leave you alone but we just bring up
you don’t need any help there and I’m not going to come out I’m not going to I just want to make him uncomfortable because it’s adorable
route to New York and we might just tell him that’s what I’m saying is true
you try to help don’t get us wrong okay

it’s just it’s something you don’t see that’s great alright that’s part of your charm is great
are you going to squeeze lately are you actually in the dating realm of you but
no one’s happy about it there’s no squeaking happening
nobody wanted to know alright to the giant everywhere when last we left some weird shit was going on
what happened you guys had infiltrated the church with partially the help of patches you conspired in the courtyard on what to do next and you decided what to do next was to go to the library once in the library you read a couple of the books and then went up some stairs and one of the stairs had marbles in one of the marbles in the Carlos grab the rest of the marbles and you went up the stairs and nothing was there’s you went down and found a secret
Carlos found a secret door and he opened it but there was a trap and they took damage and I hope it’s written down on your character sheet
mom and then they went down into the secret dungeon where they sign Unholy site arose big you’re manipulating a magical object and melting flesh together into unhinged monstrosities a boy who knows what would happen next find out now
did you they see us they didn’t notice our presence in the doorway back in time how do you guys go down this ladder because that would determine the answer to that question my ladder song Am I Wrong or two when your frown at right but went to order
I think I should go down first and put my shield and and use my shield so you guys can come behind me and I could defend you okay just in case you’re on a ladder you’re using your Shields women are like Ghostbusters down the ladder and then whip out my shield and then you just follow behind me and then any sort of project that I’m sliding Emma do a quick move with my shield blow which is very like action hero you know is this the original Ghostbusters
the first movie Ghostbusters alright well I assume I don’t know I’ve seen that movie but I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about
they have a Fireball Fireball
it is yeah alright well you Ghostbusters down Steve’s in the lead with his shield leading in the rest of you were behind him so that’s kind of the situation it sounds like they do know you’re here oh how many many people are in the room you see six six people know seven people six of the people don’t sit there like Ethan and flashing it was mutating them until horrid monstrosity is like get long arms and weird legs and stuff their chins or Melton in there getting like an eyeball Donna dick
it’s gross but that rug figure is the one that we found at the end of pumpkin patch you when we were trying to become people and he flew out right now you can tell by the robe
oh really yeah that’s cool that’s the same one that plan kind of work then it worked enough how far away are we from them
sorry Cole boy 30 feet do we got a map of this room and I don’t have a map a lot of them the rooms are rectangular and this is no exception.
all right so you’re in the corner that the latter comes down the corner there is kind of barrels stacked up along the walls and there’s one cabinet on the far end of the of the longest room you see the table that all that melted flesh was on and there’s also like an altar it looks like an altar to an evil entity and there’s also a little well like a like a well for water are you saying this to all of us because we’ve all your figuring we’ve all come down the ladder that’s my assumption currently okay to go with that we came down the ladder or whatever you guys want
okay I know where they’re The Jig Is Up
gentleman be man or beast you still be at the church of the silver flame lay down your aggressions recant you’ll be shown Mercy the road figure picks up a barrel that’s like you know a big size barreling throws it at you
she’s faster than you oh man I filled out it hits you right in the shield you should have taken the eggshell till the barrel explodes spring
picture of the barrel it’s the olden days people pay the National Bank building
saving the Mickey
free doing laundry I take that gold marble that I found in the Trap it has kind of flashes maybe possibly liquid in it but I don’t know what it is but I think it’s probably a weapon and throw it at the rubbish figure what’s your what’s your ranged do you have a range of the Tac Toe base attack bonus I promised sorry Ol Boy you throw the marble and it lands on the floor it explodes in the end it emits a shrill ringing sound it’s like ring the the hooded figure recoils with a terrible scream as if they’re Piper sensitive to sounds but they don’t seem to take any damage
hitting my steel heel with my Elvish blade you do that it’s making noise oh boy
they don’t seem happy Carlos can you heal me sure
well I mean normally
you can substitute any level 1 spell for a healing spell spontaneous off of my offensive Loadout for healing spell
don’t see her happy. I have a well I know I am not happy about it you don’t have to no one wants to give up Divine favor ever stand up like a good idea of friendship Is Friendship oh man you heal him for ten damage thank you so I think you’re back to full health even if you took the Trap damage oh really yeah so then all that the shambling mound start shambling towards you it seems that all this mutating didn’t make them faster so I know they’re they’re just doing their kind of like a wall of disgusting flesh it’s horrendous how many of them are six of them their kind of forming a wall between you and the hooded figure so that it’s just a few of the original people in this Roman Polanski seen that we want to do that there’s just a hooded figure and now everyone else has turned into these sham
English people there’s three of them six of them 6 weeks Nature’s Ally do you want to sell it
I summoned a serpent all right what kind of service
like I’m a mutant what do you want to do the other
it attacks the bookends
sorry hold out a little boy
while Spencer’s Consulting the literature to see how that attack there’d be a good time to wonder whether you should have meal ingredients delivered to your home in a box
do you hate eating prepared meals do you want to make your own but you don’t want to go to the grocery store
no it’s in the world is dying in dream of this company
hello box-fresh hello box brings you five boxes a day full of gourmet ingredients from only the freshest people don’t know what I hate is liquid cologne just not solid enough for me I don’t like other people that needs what happened to me on these
I don’t want to keep their undies alright the Cobra it wraps around one of the legs of a loved one of these shambling horror things and bites it’s just sinking to the the Flesh of the leg and oh man it hurts the thing a cries down in a horrific Lee garbled cry oh man it goes down he’s like he’s wrapped in pain from the from the movie called that’s the word that’s called My Little Cobra friend that is he does he keep moving around and dealing with that to the hooded figure crosses over in attacks that are you calling Chad that’s me real fast and she like blasts over.
it is
17 equals damage she punches you with the strength of something real strong like inhumanly strong oh boy it hurts but only three damn it so it doesn’t hurt that bad. All right so Steve’s turn if if she was affected by the sound of your Shield she’s not really showing it okay how far is she from me she’s within ten feet of you because she’s like mixing up with Jeff who’s close to you or behind you but do I have to go through the monsters the monster people to get there no can I use can I do a full attack on her yeah
how many attacks do you get off full Tac
how many do I get where would it say that probably just one
they wouldn’t say that okay. One sorry everybody it says + 4 + 4 bonus
oh you do get to what do you know alright you hit her with your sword no do you have a sword I want to use my Elvish blade and do some kind of cool Lego ice attack with my bow
did I do wait with do I add to a tax right yeah you have a penalty to Bow attacks within a in a close-range I didn’t know that one is cooler than the next the first hit misses in the second hit hits
everything I had to truck
what happened to the hooded figures face revealing her face it’s it’s pale she’s got long black hair oh boy she’s pale is there a person I know it like the kids at that moment and let 80s movie where it’s like a it’s a woman and she shakes her hair no she starts too but she was doing something else does she take she takes 17 damage to the house into her face she’s bleeding is it you stupid or what lights are in the face is it a human red blood
so I can either won’t start healing together they like it goes like if it sucks together you know it’s starting to heal fast style it doesn’t heal completely or anything but it’s starting to heal inhumanly
that’s where I come in right isn’t it my turn now yeah it is nowhere to hide summon monster killer what level
make it make it sound like a high level
you don’t know
what do you want to summon have to ask you can afford a Lobster Thermidor man a dog at Dolphin Eagle fire Beetle poison frog
Air Dryer rack cuz it smells like diarrhea I got to check everything straight just go from the top Dyer Dyer ratdog dolphin Eagle fire Beetle Eagle Eagle Eagle Eagle fire Beetle fire fire Beetle poison frog poison frog
don’t take me to Craig dealer frog
I am free samples near me that is going to be the perfect like I’m like bring the rat a snake and the rat is like the Chinese calendar
alright you summon a dire rat what are you doing with it is the robed woman.
I hope my commanding him again lady is it going to jump straight Pastor into a wall one of the poison frog Cowboy the shambling mound they continue to advance they can get towards you and start lashing out with their grubby gross flesh hands
six of them perfect
I don’t like the sound of that you take just five damaged Steve takes to damage and Dan takes
60 HP on my sheet like a dated last time they should be okay oh boy
whose turn is it it’s it’s all right
we’re not running from ship
like where we can make a fast getaway of those horses
I will turn away from a fight though let’s keep going
the the vampire turns into missed the vampire
weather alert
humanoid is kind of vampire right okay specially if they’re healing I mean yeah I could have done a better job not going to deny that the vampire it’s not clear what this portends a moment hasn’t really picked a direction because they just don’t want to get eaten by a rat
is it missed kind of all I can one like kind of like a space like kind of like the rooms a bit foggy it’s not quite compact motherfukers are they all in a group or they kind of all converge kind of towards you and like like like like like pickle Rick laser in the
against what was the name of condor are damaged and catches fire and he’s he’s screaming this gurgly scream that sounds like he’s got a melted uvula and he starts running around and he’s like catching things on fire catch and barrels on fire pit barrels catch fire
is pee actually final I don’t think they’ll mind frequently is flammable pee
I was thinking about it
all right so we got one we got one that’s been subdued by my turn to the country at Corpus always want to fuck another chance
is that the case Okay alrighty bites them again
this time he bites of rain the eye after show
they bite them in the eye and then he’s like screaming real loud as if the poisons in his brain mutant person it’s like as a person turn into an action figure and melted Steve
have we eliminated any of those two seem to be out of the immediate flight okay
all attack the closest one with my Elvish blade
all right the credit you get you miss once and then it’s a critical hit oh boy
dealing damage
stealing 14 damaged less than that normal head okay well that’s numbers all right
you Lop off the stretchy the elongated head of one of the mutated forms
oh boy yeah it’s pain baby all right
I am using Channel Smite it’s one of my feets yeah which won’t fail me now to deal extra damage to Undead on attack now I’m making the snap judgment of my head that these shambling Mound things are not Undead
can I get an odd so I’m attacking the Mist
I didn’t think this through
if if you have a towel you think that would help
it’s one great weekend
babe I know that as a Clarity they’re like mutant they’re like demonic they’re not evil
I just I got it dismissed I got to get this fucker
I can’t hit her with a I just hit a shambling man I’m not channeling Smite I’m not doing that I lied I’m heading a shambling mound with my morning star all right what’s your attack bonus and dams wants to owowcow x 2 if it’s critical hit all right you smashed one in his head
fluid is giant ear in it whose has pus as his brain also pus is out of his ear
he dies
alright it’s 9:59 right now so we got how many how many standing Boog until we get to 22 Bogen as a wrestler Rap God again oh yeah make the rat do something Harmon
sorry I meant yeah it bites one of the guys right in the nick o boy tears his neck open he’s not dead but he’s really heavily injured oh man the myth it takes a turn it leaves it goes up out of the ladder shit
follow that mist
come on rat snake around my neck like and let’s go let’s go get this goddamn mr. Chamblee guys they they reach after you with their fucked up limbs but you managed to get away unscaved up the ladder the Mist is nowhere to be found
it was a mess
we miss the Mist
it was a swing in the Mist
should we go back down and just talk up and haven’t you guys just out of frustration there’s a giant explosion from underground who oh man everything down there explodes it is flammable
do we survive it will you guys do yeah okay so that instead of your like what the fuc
. see down there if all right I go down into the bladder have low vision you can see a crumbling support pillar for tending the collapse imminent collapse just down there now. Sing pillar we can structure let’s go get on the horses and you can see the horses watered up boy
Steve Levy everybody
I have diarrhea Junior
giving up her I guess Graham Linehan everyone
after the birthday boy eaten by other than welcome and thanks for coming
Frederic Remington
perfect Church on photography and Kevin and Sarah and Jack and who else
thank you for coming back with me know before you get peed on
Elon Musk follows the Rick and Morty Twitter
well I got some mixed reviews I thought it was cool


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