Episode: 254 – Down with Sighty


Episode: 254 – Down with Sighty


Dan explains his feelings on Nazis, The Game Grumps (Arin Hanson & Dan Avidan) visit the show, then the gang continues their role playing adventures.


the game master
I’m over here with the mostess
I mean obviously it’s like you do hello how are you is in the usual niceties is Archie Dad I’m not a Nazi like that’s a new that’s a new thing that you just add to it to be polite. That’s the new minimum definition of inter human communication you want to start
a little something like your virtue signaling do you say you’re not a Nazi and then you get a big Bell in a cookie cuz it’s so easy to say you’re not a Nazi
it’s not that easy to say is it
do you say you’re not a not say the president has a difficult time
and he has no repercussions to fear really except for some nice he’s not voting for him and he had traded that today is Parasite can decree anything he has decreed that he is a Nazi because there are people goose-stepping down a main street in the heart of America where the fuck that place is and it would have been so easy to trade a couple of Nazi votes for what he might have hoped would be a couple of non Nazi votes perhaps the easiest votes to get along and I’m not even blow hanging Democratic fruit has been called
I promise to not be a Nazi you’re hired these days
couldn’t do it he couldn’t bring himself to do it and that is as close as you’re going to get with a coward to it saying by Nazis and just wanting to be loved is is important in human we all just want to be loved and the big question is when you are not loved and a Nazi is across the street going
do you go back to being not to or walk across the street
that is what this Civil War and I promise you that’s what’s brewing is going to be all about and it’s fucking over the discourse is over we have sat we have talked we have argued we have pondered the discourse is over these people that tweet you when you retweet somebody when you just say a simple fact that should not cause you to get a knot in your stomach like I’m not a Nazi the people that tweet you inside my butt just
just tell them to go fuck themselves the discourse is over the war has begun you don’t you’re not talkin to Nazis anymore you’re not talking to people that want to entertain the notion of being a Nazi anymore you don’t want to talk to people that want to circumscribe the concept of Nazism within a fucking Socratic dialectic about God damn whether or not see nothing. See if they’re fucking Nazis hits the Bedrock of humanity it is so low that the worst people in the world find it and that’s where they rally and it’s so low we have gotten so bad that was sort of our country has gotten their 29% of the people are fucking Nazis let’s face it that’s a minority we can beat them we have to say I’m not a Nazi though
two-thirds of the country just don’t want to be political
instructions to it
and you die if you don’t say you’re not enough.
Fascism is a fucking cancer it will eat your country unless your country kills it here’s what happens when you get cancer nothing good nothing there’s no way out of it I’m Your Country Doctor you got cancer you have fascism you are going to suffer you are going to fight you were going to feel pain you’re not getting out of this we have fascism it is happening we’re fucking dead maybe or or maybe there’s yet
it’s not a Continuum there’s no gray area it’s not a fad fascism doesn’t pop up and then received when it finds out no one’s into it
it doesn’t respond to love it doesn’t respond to hate it doesn’t respond to ignoring it it doesn’t respond to timeout it doesn’t respond to you so you can park it with poison or you die and in any case you will probably die don’t die talkin to Panther don’t die hanging out with it don’t try it on Twitter it’s fucking fascism enough stop bitching about Bernie Sanders I don’t care what flavor you want your democracy to be its democracy Frisch’s motherfuking
you can be as Bernie as you want you got to do it later man you got to do it fucking later. Do it later
do crafting games for free
alright so
so I have fingernail questions
if I went on a week-long trip because that was a fucking hairpin turns men
I’m not going to pack my fake my fingernail clippers for one trip and then push forward that’s where the white lines happened how do you join antifa when is that that’s just like a slur for not being
is that a tree has been invented by the more or less I mean it’s as it takes the fascist out of anti-fascism Susan because otherwise they’re talking about themselves because my perception who knows
well I looked it up right Spencer where you fall on fascism I love it but only when it’s under my banner
because I happen to be right stop arguing with them every every person there’s 20 dudes willing to take their khakis and their tiki torches down there not even the worst of the bad guys it’s the sixth one out number in them they’re just sitting there watching their laptops going like a Nazi introduce yourself to all of your friends tomorrow hello I’m not a Nazi make everyone say it or don’t say it’s come to that I’m sorry it’s called quarantining
the president cannot say I’m not a Nazi what’s the cool thing to do let’s see if he catches on
let’s see if he’s the last person to say it that the whole tiki torch thing I how many Home Depots are in Virginia like that’s a lot of fucking tiki torches and how in love are they with that culture Highland culture
mosquitoes that bad the only Lou our nobody got laid
I hope that will protest the whole protest is all in the pockets of big tiki torch
funny funny funny funny funny Nancy who doesn’t exist there’s no such thing have you ever gotten a laugh from interacting with any of these people is that you have to lose your humor before you get to that point there is no there’s no they’re not making music videos these people they’re not talented dancers there’s not there’s probably fed these people there fucking murder bones for 20 years and fucking syndicated Bones episode and he thought he bothers to say like and then like someone, like you know I loved your show but respecting the president
fuck you man like a fuck you. Fuck you only made by fucking like Nazis Linwood Boomer Boomer about where the tomato is like killing Jews and says like I don’t know how you do that in the tomatoes as practice and
it’s not going to be good as I going to land a joke I guarantee you that I can’t land a fucking joke when you think you’re so mad
do you have any Nazis here
the question now is a fucking straight up
I thought our crowd is big enough to have a couple Nazis
kind of a Nazi
he’s their ways we could die we could die by Nazi like we’re going to get out so now it said I said I don’t like Nazis you guys are still in the clear you can be like what they call the March Violets or whatever in the Third Reich like you can later say oh no I was just hanging out for you good for you you’re a Survivor I respect you so much that’s why I love your notes on Rick and Morty I love you
I love your opinions about women and I just think you’re the cat’s pajamas you fucking pukes
in this far by giving up
I’m sorry sorry I mean look I’m just I didn’t know I was going to skip the show just want to say thank you for being this upset like
go to leave your house now like thank you I don’t mean to dump on you I love just hoping to cathartic by you a little bit I don’t I don’t know he also wants to make up a new word called
and I know there’s no straight answer like for all of you you’re not feeling say no sometimes some of your coming here to escape this stuff that you’re bummed out without dance just as mad as I am I don’t know I don’t want this shit I want to listen to Dad yell about what I mean so you’re coming over to talk about Minecraft for 2 hours you can’t do that if you’re not see you
I feel like like I don’t have a conspiracy theorist but you like the classic distraction tactic is like you’re under investigation by special counsel with all the stuff that you start saying Korea is going to bomb us another several but you know like all the shit and I think that Trump is distracting from the real issue of the day which is if you have a dragon why you going to write it in the battle you’re the fucking Queen if you don’t say OK Google do it well I guess they can’t you fucking beat you have to have remote control technology like everyone knows the dragons have her limited bonds with the people that do so if that means that they recognize the
that was a lot of leather right if that doesn’t go anywhere and it didn’t so that you can take the dragons could be in a basement and be bummed out there chained up and almost a year but then you can take a bad guy there and then you can take your husband in the middle of the things but then you can fly him over and they can hit the ships that you need
I was in the desert I got two more episodes of King of Queens been since the Geneva Convention should be required to watch this show is fucking insane I started to love it because it became a hero because it was doing television and surviving and became Frodo it was like carrying the grain of entertainment to a volcano and throwing it in and I was sore on going like so fuck it then I’ll die I love it. Then I guess I understand your first episode in a row about your relationship with your neighbors like it’s insane that show it’s fucking nuts
it’s like watching a lizard on a rock
in that it’s never going to happen
what is everybody drinking alcohol
alcohol bring her to the Stars
okay I’m sorry I’m really sorry but you can track me
I think it struck the world could you get a miss me when I’m gone
kill myself in my bathtub
didn’t see I I I measure when I should do it by the amount of laughs that gets
what you want it’s getting down to a quiet Betty meters
get on with it, how are you going to kill yourself in the bathtub plastic bag we’ve been over this because because I am going to write like a professional I’m going to write backwards from the ending it where she wanted to clean my ass up and I’m going to have a note when you come in my door which you’re going to come to you cuz I called 911 is like they’re going to see the note and explain everything I’m killing myself goodbye upstairs into the bathtub a bit of a mess so sorry sorry I put plastic down I hope I hope you held everything I did in the bathtub go on up dogs are locked in the bedroom
they’re not they’re they’re not well trained will be barking how you going to do the job
you going to you going to blow your brains out in a bathtub
blow my brains out like a fucking bro I’m going to stick my dick in my own math and get it hard fucking come bullets
Kemah bullet killed me looks like this guy died from coming so hard cuz he was so straight
you think when I get down clean him up and bronze his letter
LeBron’s letter
you’re not the most organized guy when you’re not depressed enough to kill yourself you think when it comes down to the time when you actually want to die you going to be duct tape and plastic up around your bathtub like you to be organized
I got a full staff
all right all right. Like I’m 25 per-cent of our audience has young and go eat if you you’re feeling feelings like I’m joking about that 40 for you know it’s a conscious thing if you feel so sad that you feel like that’s an escape from your pain talk to somebody okay
you’ll be sad when I kill myself because no one respected my fucking ass dressed for depressed people
rolling after I kill myself good job assholes will massive pukes
fucking big pile of puke feed me so I could dissolve you in my acid you fucking pro-style of fucking human pudding fucking brainless throng can’t even tell when I’m joking and when I’m not
right now I’m joking you can’t tell you the fucking idiots
damn damn stupid ass fucking jerks and tell fake hatred from love sucking more then you got it right where you want them
hahaha I only do this when I am very lovable guess that I know you guys are okay I got that have to do with the North Korea thing happens if we know there’s like really good ICBM had and then I was like what you want to get like cyanide tablet so I got to feed my dogs when I kill myself and then I don’t think you got bullets I don’t know I think you love your dog is so much that you want to do you want to be the one to kill him
soldier who survived I don’t want anyone in heaven I don’t want to be me and my two dogs but then Mike Waldron said no you should keep those guys that live on the land with them yeah and I was like oh I like that went with with Nigel Inn in Harvey Show coming to radiation sickness to move your dogs will just eat you and then that that’s the final gift that you give your dogs it’s just like dog cancer from eating radioactive human meat way you know Castle you first we’ve been over that right and it’s not because they’re like yeah yeah you Daisy we smell like us and so they’re like you’re the person that has the can opener
represent food this is the moment you stopped being able to operate the can opener I am the can opener now I’m going to open
open the skies eyeballs up
that means that every night while you’re asleep your dog or cat looks at you for a second and somewhere in there tiny brain is what makes the calculation of wait till morning
if it if it knows when you’re dead that it’s you that it knows when you’re alive that your food pet ownership is just its life on the knife’s edge are never too far from getting your space devour
all right I just I just made it a TV show anymore it’s with the game grumps complex if you’d like to pretend you do they have work today they are more influential than me
do that silent thing
put kill myself up I’m naming you guys in the note
how about this Dan they won’t do that silent thing if you start doing that funny thing yeah oh shit
this show up until now has been fucking gold
it’s better that you can’t get to me with that one I’m not insecure tonight I’m riding High I feel good I feel eloquent in my drunken rage I’m going to I’m not a Nazi it’s the new minimum bar for nobility I feel like a fucking night
please welcome the game grumps Arin Hanson and Danny avidan
where are you at
hello hi hi thank you you guys have me on your show The Game Grumps I was a lot of fun there was a really felt like we made fast best friends at least on my side like this is where we wanted to break the news to you then only your third favorite person is very well liked as far as as far as we can tell, but you guys look at do it I mean you’re in this Gaming Community and I got to throw the whole Community to the bus but let’s face it I mean come on Nazis right to the point where I can’t put you in a corner and make you say yes or no to that like it’s a it’s a bit
no you’re very you’re very right because I’ve experienced the same thing where it’s like I can I can come on stage has to be like a fuck Nazis right but like if I said that on Twitter it’s like it’s a whole thing and then people start and then it’s like a bit you and I want to talk about this instead it’s like no no don’t fucking skirt the issue man that we used to play on this is probably not unique to us but like we would look at the YouTube comments and see how it started and then see like what it ended up being like 45, Slater and would always start with stuff like in the Cat in the Hat is a dumb game and then the last one I didn’t just like 12 comments and it’s like typical libtards and words of course
I mean it’s perfect basic is the way they form at comments is like you see the first comment and then it begs the other replies to that comment underneath it but it only shows the last comment in that thread so just be like I like wind and said this money thing and then it ends with fucking Jews like they literally that’s where that’s where it goes into them now I know how much you feel safe like really prime minister I think right now if we’re fine
Ben batt Department it’s not going to manifest itself in quite that way it’s a different if you look real close
but what I was going to say is I think you do and this is it you know I get it I get it and I don’t get it I don’t pretend to community has had a good time that it’s bad the one thing that’s kind of persisted is it’s a passionate Community a lot of very cool people are passionate about being gamers in a lot of horrible people asking about it but do you guys look at, you just implied that you do know you don’t know what you’re in for and there’s that kind of feeling of like they’re saying stuff about us and I can learn from it you can’t fucking learn any State Farm must have been credibly popular for Tuesday’s of community because I didn’t I never really encountered so much that it made me cry and now I can’t look at anything without
Lego could be rude but the Modern Family Show Runners to be like on Twitter and I know you should be careful at feedback loop don’t get concerned about the feedback loop and it’s like feedback loop you mean like giving the powers of people and then everyone everyone outside of my home I hate you do it right like people fans at least feel like they need to be listened to and engaged with and that makes you a better Creator but at the same time they like you for the stuff that’s coming out of your brain and not necessarily with their ass
you can’t win either way so you just have to pick one and stick with it
doing what comes out of your head and if that entails cutting cutting the one way or another to keep like looking at what people are saying about you like regardless of the context right when you’re Googling yourself if you’re getting good or bad it’s still like this is all about me right now and did the hatch 4 then start like less effective per capita than negative feedback if I say I don’t even say anything negative but I just like implied something it’s like you’re going to Care Bears metal shirt if you’re going to be like it’ll stick in your head more than if I told you you were handsome that you look like your feet have been jogging today I don’t know what people say when they’re being nice
hello hey what’s up ankles
what’s my ankles because the liking things is a harmonic thing on
I I I have a different view of that I think the reason the negative stuff sticks is because most people have a negative self-image of themselves and when they hear things that validates what they already think about themselves positive it’s usually something that like why don’t really believe that any serious move on you know you see the person that’s like you’re not funny and then you’re like somebody else sees it to improve me we come out here to the to the to the La La Land to 2 to fix whatever happened on the playground we’re going to that bully said I was a fat nerd so I’m going to go to La and I’m going to make my fat nerdiness powerful and then a bunch of fat nerd say you’re powerful and then you other than one partner goes to do Saturday
and you’re like everyone else you’re kind of like I know I’d like God I wish I could remember where I heard this play Radiolab I’m about to do a dumb Radiolab regurgitation I think one theory is that the idea is we hold on the negative stuff more than positive stuff as a survival mechanism from back in the day out your caveman and of all the stuff you learn in a day you have to remember that that mushroom is poisonous that will kill you that’s totally so that kind of people we can because they’re not mushrooms they can’t kill us their pieces of shit
minute this is where I would I hate admitting because I hate it when people go you don’t like people when they support you so I think I’ll tell you go fuc yourself because I need to improve myself are you scroll through shit and you can your brain get so good at recognizing like a solid eloquent paragraph that’s supporting you to just use the rolling the better the episode of Rick and Morty the faster you scroll and you can stop it
the worst episode ever like to talk to you for three days herp derp herp derp it’s a Chrome extension for Google Chrome and it changes all of you too, to some form of herb Derpy derp if you’re curious like if you see you can still see if something has like seven hundred thumbs up or something like that and then you can click on it and then you’ll see the actual it’ll turn into the actual, so what we used to do I can’t take credit for this this was our buddy Ross I’m up with the emotional mind sweeper which is the game where you like click on her up there, until you hit the one that makes you feel sad
hahaha that’s the bomb awesome that we should do something really assholes and thank you for coming
you’re you’re the good ones whatever you want to hear whatever whatever motivates you Chipmunks Jesus Christ that’s what they were happy to be here thank you
ocean and reduce you guys you guys do this thing on YouTube right million that I was out I went to Junior game grumps thing good game do you support says it, actually I sort of want to put this on to you I’m actually curious than ever really heard you talk about it like what was your interest in it cuz you started Champion it wasn’t it was created by Sir forever and she was coming in explaining cuz I was like Esports nothing nothing I don’t know nothing our first date conversations every time I tried to say I kept saying League of Nations instead of League of Legends
which is like extra funny cuz they ugly
even if like a Hoover had been in the room
what are you Coolidge it’s the Hoover union now anyways she heads describe the type of Esports is like bigger than this and bigger than that all the statistics and but it was the Wild West because of that that there was no established that everyone wants to be the the company that kind of figured out what Esports I thought I was like let’s just do community
well we had a good time by that I mean they’re like they’re not going to be like

Arin and Dan does a Shogun what is the show exactly the plot of the show my roommates something losers yeah when I was when I was like I was like 12 to 15 I was really good at playing DOTA which is a popular pet of game defense of the defenses of archives so
dinosaurs of the Atlanta and Dancer of my scheming roommates and you saw a thing on TV that said he supports his million-dollar industry and knowing that I’m amazing video games sports team so that’s that’s where we start off and then we recruit other Gamers and they’re all like not your typical Esports players because they’re they’re usually what it like a 18 year old Curly ends and now it’s topical may be okay to say you shouldn’t be Korean
if you’re out there and your Korean don’t
if you hurt me faltering at the end of that conclusion it’s a moral dilemma
how to say I was just connecting linguistic. From the headlines I don’t know where Guam is it’s it’s closer it’s much closer to then yeah I was I assumed it sounds like it sounds like I can tell you this Guam is nowhere near Guatemala talking about just country
this is just like you like alphabetical like a good game
that’s okay
I fell in love with you guys just from like the 1st quick cuz they are like more familiar with Esports and competitive industry is UPS Store my family came in and did a great fucking job and and I and I am proud of the show but I like it’s a special note you you’re just doing this thing you like I mean that’s a common thing now I guess like everybody like play Top 40 artists are people who do just like did it by themselves and I’ll see if it’s always impressive to see you guys like you didn’t go to Juilliard but you’re amazing it it it being in front of the camera and acting like yourselves which is a huge challenge for 4 years
because you’re very genuine and sincere other synonyms for that thanks what are the funniest things in the world that the girls played for me was was a clip of Yugi what was the game where it was like unbelievably like you couldn’t get past a certain level I know you said it happens all the time but like there was that what it was like a rocket. I don’t care if you’re looking for highlights it’s probably like somebody you could like YouTube and it’s like listening to Erin like it so fucking sincerely upset like way past the multiple threshold device to keep it together because this is all fixed but then I think I’ve ever gotten ever in my life ever and it was just a dumb video game so I think I broke something in the in the office I think that’s one thing that is true of all things that are popular on YouTube
some people like that since some people like this and it’s also crazy in different but the one the one common thread is that people like honesty super honest reactions whether someone’s having a really awesome time or really shity time for their very embarrassed like people are drawn to things that are real and I know and I think TV is so much fakeness in saying like the guy who does the micro Impressions impressions in an in a minute thing but he did his impressions are half a second long each because it’s just like Kevin Spacey if you forgot his draw
Ross Ross Marquand survive from Walking Dead other people for the rest of us because mine is like a small Corner in a big Market whatever this is just you Erin like cuz you you’re like you’re excited let me take this one well they can take it he’s got the goods but it is fascinating to me and you did the the show starts with you playing video games and loving and then there’s a point where you loving it as is a grumpy about it
but you actually kind of more like then. That guy this guy gets all right but he left the show and I was looking for another partner and we were writing an album at the time called Starbomb and I we were we were sitting together and keep their yeah appreciate it that one album
well okay that’s the song titles that we were just busting a gut laughing in my living room for like hours and so I thought it is ever this other guy that got sick or something like I would get mad and replace them for a couple episodes and then when he left I was like well fucking Dan obviously amazing and giggle like an idiot like and it just it’s always there so that I mean it’s really how we are in a regular Life playing games together anyway so there’s some shit where were in between doing episodes that I wish we were in episodes because we’re just constantly making each other laugh and also the jokes can be a little more dicey
also like we wish we could but it’s like not it’s not going to we don’t want to cause like that stuff which I can’t say where it is because you guys are so popular that someone will show up just in your bathtub
can I ask how old you are you still young enough to
how old are both of you is it is it okay to ask people to be like
so I shouldn’t do that because like when I jump yeah it’s a little bit like how much longer we have cuz you know our audience is usually skews a little younger so we’re like I don’t know if people to watch like 50 year old playing video games on YouTube from walking to your office because they are business-minded from just walking around your office but it’s you have you have people working for you that you have that you Animation studio and I’m not as organized as what I saw when I went over there I should arguably you like feel less chaos like what the heck is a lot to do with our cleaning lady
but you guys have like a little indie game that you were doing it to me I was just released dream daddy simulator
are you guys going to leave me and my friend went to see to find the the Comic-Con booth in to where it was after it closed and it was a real bummer but that’s not your fault at all I’m just trying to say that’s how excited we were move on our part ddadds which is Dad’s so we try to keep it you’re the hot it’s just moved into the neighborhood and you’re trying to seduce other dads
how’d you get available now on Steam
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
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what what kind of but what do you have if this gets embarrassed or whatever but I like I like the sincerity and stuff like you use that like that that is like a
they just occurred to me that that’s a thought that you might have that you’re like oh how long can we do this can we do this forever I can’t be 50 in a video game so you must then you have some exit strategy what is a show on YouTube red I mean weird about it but like it is it is a little bit diversification but when it comes to that it’s more we have people that are working at the office and from very early on when I started bringing more people on to the crew my goal was to like get them to a place where they can do their own projects Celexa reviews Game Grumps to catapult other projects off of that sort of like the backbone Edwards watching it every day you know NSP as huge visibility is Ban ninja sex party has huge visibility now because he’s in people’s lives every day but I don’t want he releases the music video people you know we can promote
on the show people know who Dan is so they’re excited about that so that was sort of dream daddy was was I had spearheaded it Vernon in our office who is our in-house producer just had this idea he was like a dad dating simulator will you will you find it and I was like you’re fired yet so we just started making it eventually it became a thing and that’s that’s sort of what I hope everyone can be in a position for then so they get to follow their dream projects and then by helping them you know I’m an investor so I can be like don’t depend on their loyalty they’ll eat you but I’m doing fine. Very happy I’m just a workaholic and I’m like yeah like I I it comforts me and I have affection for you guys
least pain possible in our arms
I like that you just talked about like for 5 minutes he wanted to blow your brains out in a bathtub and then I remember you can I guess who’s coming
Guess who’s coming to beta test any dream that we were back there cuz we have a little monitor where we can watch you on stage we’re just sitting there looking at each other and I was just thinking like it was it was heated Lewis Black like I was like is that how it usually is I do not usually I think it was just it was a rough day for everybody I mean someone died at least one person a bunch of Billy and the most disheartening thing was like within seconds memes going from one American to another America
like with graphic imagery of that horror if an American killing an American American stop putting fucking impact font bulshit on it and sending it to another American as if to say human life means nothing to me America means nothing so we’ve gotten Beyond glid I’m 15 and I haven’t evolved the conscious yet that like I think I’ll throw you a black and white photo that’s maybe unsightly and puts fear into you cuz I think the Young Jeezy all this was just like 30 year old terrorizing 30 year olds with actual blood that just had been spilt and probably wasn’t cold yet Ray but I’m fine
I mean we’re in The Bluest of blue States I’ll be I’ll be like you know I just I just want you
killed by a Nazi I mean even though I start doing game I think I’m out
that’s your not the introduction
if you wanted to die when do you choose and when you choose assassination by Nazi over colon cancer
are those my only choices
and specifically you have to die of colon cancer while everyone around you is dying by Nazi for sure I like him or not, it’s on everyone’s having
when I could have chose not see AJ
static. You need to understand is that they would like it’s not going to be like you go to your 7:11 the next day and it’s an American 7-Eleven and the Slim Jims are cheaper it’s going to be torn down and there’s going to be a boot warehouse there sucks so bad that they couldn’t even do anything with all their privilege all right anyways
then what I’ve already said in the past for people that have had been with less of course I’m going to get killed by Nazis kill you then
I dare not
you can forget about it like and is it at the end of the night and I’m going to get together okay I dare you to get a knife to kill you if you really tried to kill Nazism faster
C’Mon nice deflection
come on what Jeff you want to hang out and not to America and just be like I don’t double it
no I don’t I don’t know what are you goading me for you say it to kill you
yeah Jeff
I dare you to kill me right now
you had your chance
well I asked if I was only certain
cuz your game grumps we were going to like maybe I was going to go into my Minecraft world but but we don’t wait till I want to know cuz you play Minecraft you play Minecraft I play what’s your proudest like structure in Minecraft we don’t have any of that well on the show I played like I showed everybody my are you familiar with the weather what the weather is
I have wither Farm do you know what the weather is. I’m so out of the loop I hate when you guys did this is when you get a chance of the oldest trick in the book
do not do not fall for this way I also I also sheered verbally with these folks like years ago like I had a I created a big cube in the sky and the whole thing was running it on a zombie spawner so they zombies we could spawn at and they would get killed and then all of their nutrients and heads and bones and things would go to different parts of the cube and they were harvested for their energy and resources and things you made the Matrix in Minecraft you made the Matrix 911 okay well so maybe we should switch spots so you could do it on this and it doesn’t slide off
sadan is not going over to make podcast history
and play a visual hello yeah yeah
for those who just listen to the show you’re better off
do you want it
now this is just a punch to punch the square he’s punching that goes please don’t take the high road yeah that’s my schedule someone Sherry lacks from the internet made it for me thank you
appraise how cool it is it’s great but it wasn’t me so we only have my laptop and these cuties key and these key to these keys are in programs the way I’m used to far is the destroy but the rest should be the same as squares
it’s kind of cute, cute violence going on here what are you doing he’s making sticks
I made too many cuz now I
call me I want you to tell me what was the best case scenario of playing Minecraft on harmontown in your head this is a baby sometimes I do it badly on the pig and strawberry ice cream trivia
I got to stuff above you a little note trivia the creeper is actually not an attempt at making a pig and it messed up in the code or I ended up making it a character in Minecraft are you suppose I can get more wood faster if you got to work a wooden axe and the ability doesn’t it
though it breaks just like that for sure I may have a couple whacks double-fisting think I have half of a angel ring hey yo find the best time to find the best time to find the highest ledge on the tree I was sure it was you can do yeah we got those little hearts in one video game. What’s going on what are you going to act on the dirt boy it’s the same speed is your face
Wiz so you just punched a bunch of dirt kill yourself
oh you got a
can I use the word so long for what is an ankle scope
you’re fucking again if you’re listening in your feelings weird feelings like talking this out how do you climb your tower under his feet apartment build a staircase I Got 5 more higher much higher
tell Erin everybody
for my grandfather in Shreveport million 1 and 2
a good game good game comes on YouTube Red on August 30th
there is nothing
Merry Christmas episodes great
you just fake killed yourself by building a dirt Tower wasn’t great it was a great way for me to salvage a bad decision to play Minecraft
I think it was a great decision I love Minecraft you guys bring up Steve Levy
it wasn’t leaving
hey Ivan. Junior
hello lady how you doing baby I’m doing well how are you in the lobby who’s here at the show his name is Dez like who it is just bring him up real quick now that I mentioned
all right
take me to the stage
dad helps him this the guy that helped me damn question where the hell are you actually blind
I take it to you right here. Thank you I want to say to you I don’t have any questions but I don’t know anything about you except that you created my favorite fucking cartoon and the universe so if anybody here loves Rick and Morty yeah
so how many does does last week’s episode made no fucken sense
I wouldn’t I I I I told him like wasp watch and listen to describe what I do Rick and Morty does not have audio description which is fine but a lot of other shows do get tuned into the audio description feature thinking it was amazing and Morty the graphics the movie production company
who the fuck knew that he also asked me what it what is a pickle and show them what is a pickle look like I was born to the question what is a pickle look like is an actual thing like it looks like Curtis Armstrong
you know what Curtis Armstrong looks like so I would assume Rodger is a sexy motherfucker I don’t know like I want it I think I want to conjure like how do blind people questions because I feel like we don’t have I like How brave are you for going to CVS to buy condoms breve I just I’m just tired of getting socks dirty like people think it’s Brave
okay my next three questions aren’t blind people questions or Dez question. Carolyn curly Single Ladies I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know how is there a is there a blind community
there is there is a all I’m don’t know how to spell because they can’t read but there is a blank Community out there but I can spell that we’ve hit that we we we we the what whatever you call us the the P nice people, and it’s not because you’re not going to know I have a question for you touching somebody’s face to see like you know I do too far
kind of not what you expect you’re like oh my God these are you like well that’s let’s work on this so it’s possible to be a bad person at the same time
hey brother it’s entirely possible and it’s happy
is there a blank kemetic is owner of a dating to like I’m trying too much but I want to know about your sex life if your plants is the first like which a couple dating actually dating hard man you don’t want before I found Reggie I got to my left eye what other monkey I would be on Tinder and I would go on on days you just don’t enter space on a one picture that I uploaded and the girl would be like you know you never told me
in your profile that you were Mexican
and you’re like
it took a big shot
so there’s one stereotype for confirming which is when you lose one site your comedic timing getzinger enhance your smell and taste it gets a lot better now he’s been practicing and working on it born blind like who how do you meet her pussy it is what it is. I mean text or a call for offering free beer
thank you Dad for a dollar for each one
touching thing of thing is not a thing but like you can make it a thing when you’re drunk enough you know it’s not a real thing but if I if I’m really wanted it like communicate something do congenitally blind people have a people who lost sight later in life is there a boundary between those battery like you can read that shit like it’s Braille or what
no I was just wondering cuz I quit with the deaf Community there’s like that yeah I know you got Cochlear implants or you lost your hearing later after you were born in those people are born deaf and etcetera. Just wondering like if you guys if you guys if the guys or girls they refer to people who lost their sight in childhood people who lost their sight in the Middle Ages in different ways I wished you like if it was a Bloods and the Crips like
you lost your sight later like you fucking poser actually I’ve actually tried to describe like
I tried this guy colors today has and it’s impossible I would love for you to give it a whirl like you created like my favorite cards in a small time and I have no idea the creator of my favorite cartoon looks like so why don’t you give me a description Dan.
what are the challenges more like give him and he’s blind he won’t know you can tell me whatever you want to do and I believe it I mean
I look like
I actually told him you you look alike but you how did you know what he yeah I don’t know why then what if we get I’ll take two people out of the audience to come up here and do a lineup and he has to pick
My Touch by touching your face has to see which one is that like isn’t it kind of rain.
Here the movie mask with Eric Stoltz where he falls in love with the blind girl and she goes what does red look like and he goes and gets a hot rock from a stream and that’s red and she’s like I love you I’ll tell you what I think of what to say to you like like like I want I want to put a lizard in your hand look like jealousy I look like weakness and a raft in fried pettiness and fragility around around a glowing Rock
I thought you were dead hard when you sound like one handsome motherfuker not under contract to be a regular podcast guest in the other Five Guys to sign my name
well let’s let’s let’s figure it out but we got to play DND for now
what temperature is it
Devon Rogers
everybody height

my goodness
god dammit that was an acid trip
Arin from Game Grumps hadn’t needed to take a shit cuz I was escorting Aaron through the lobby right before the show started and those guys were like funneling in and so I was too yeah and then I saw a guy with a cane and then he was like is that Dan Harmon and I was like oh shit I will you come up and answer blind people questions he’s like yeah of course he cares about Nazis sweet Iver
I am your father
are they going to do just ignore him
next things who cares it’s everything see where that gets you Nazis
Center I guess white out thank you
they were quite out of a white out tape okay so got to just occurred to me cuz Dad said it’s my favorite part of course that would be because yeah right
do they put me under pressure I’m like yeah of course is it how many how many blind people listen to the show and I like fucking you’re going to play D&D and then we do stupid shit and they’re like fucking you assholes
this is fine he’ll be fine they’re going to hate it anyway cuz the Blinder hateful right there’s one thing we’ve learned
I heard a rumor that’s why they’re blind their being there being punished
what are you going to do what are you a doctor
can’t prove me wrong
alright Spencer if I said the worst president
is oatmeal, you can’t compare
best regards
best wishes
I feel like we are poised to maybe get into some action on this on this round of D&D right now we can only hope all right let’s do this damn thing
when we last met what cheese crisp what what happened you would just scared off that I was almost revealed what it was the hooded figure it was headed to the church where you met passions who was asleep and you woke him up he was amenable to your cause quickly but yet you argued with him as if he was not on your side I say you tried to convince him a good three or four times past the club to help you guys out a few few plans and infiltration as diarrhea Junior Schnucks
through a hallway and the rest of you climbed up on the roof diarrhea Junior went into the bedrooms and saw a sleeping person and then you guys followed him there are horses that were great hautboy those horses
yard to plan your plan with passions also who else showed up all right there it is sorry I was no good to go to the library or you guys have quite I think you were pitching a lot of ideas and no one wanted us to split up as you’re running off what where you going again this remind me to I don’t think you’re getting off yet this is me patents were yelling I should be quiet hey guys I drew you this Matt Chris can you get the map so damn this is a memory of the primaries for diarrhea Junior snack in there’s the interior Courtyard
where’s the Clutter this is the worst night to make an outline for a pathway
now we have visuals
oh okay we don’t get it either it’s nothing it’s just a helpful game is scribbles to the library to find the prior East right now you’re in the courtyard at the only door is to the north of you
I go to I I go into The North Door you see if it doesn’t it doesn’t seem heavily boarded you don’t see the nails protruding through the door I pushed the door is it a Normand or is it was make sense run that by me one more time for this door is it does look like we can pull we should push it it’s kind of confusing to call Donnell yeah it’s one of those
you do the wrong one
601 digit combination on YouTube or open it just opens okay you can see that there are boards kind of reinforcing it but largely it just opens on its hinges where you are this is the most Church looking part of the church you know church pews that are in rows there’s kind of a center space that the hallway and towards the front of the the pews is a kind of race is the platform where the podium stand the podium is where is the priest would stand to give a sermon and behind him you can see a kind of window and through the window you can see the book The Glowing light of flames yeah it’s like a symbol of the church so behind behind the podium is Flames also the left the podium is Isadora
okay I go to that door you don’t got to use the map I just want to know where I am on it but you’re in the courtyard that’s where you guys had convened me the fence or by the horses okay I don’t think it’s labeled Courtyard in there more sober can remember I did have a plan of splitting up and we weren’t all going to go you said we should take these horses for the rest of how many get those words okay I thought I had it okay I’m going to I’m going to library you’re with Jeff now he’s entering the library I thought you were going to but did you
I’ll take Sanctuary what did you not check out the sanctuary I saw some Flames so you’re in the sanctuary we’re kind of in the same girl what you guys are both currently in the sanctuary of the library as far as I can tell you that you go first wait where’s Steve diarrhea turn
play fenced yard has my friends left me I really is it is it possible to ride the horse into the
into the library for the door all right I guess I’m just going to follow my friends in okay
look it is either you guys will you let me open all the chests or I got to take it worse
bargaining for what do you need for doing my job last episode
I missed you the guys keep your eye out for a sleeping prior cuz he sleeps in here you know
about how we look around the library all right Library it’s a giant Library it is it’s only got kind of wall bookshelves that don’t go very high at about seven feet tall so it’s not like a sprawling book APA lips it’s just a pretty small Library there’s a large table in the center and it has a couple books on the table you know someone has been studying a little bit and there is some other word for tables for kind of fits the largest at the smallest table improvised Wards and the other is trap making 101 and the other is what to do when your church is under attack track making the how to make a track give me a break hack
what to do when your church is under attack
I open the cover there’s not how much time do you want to spend on that because the entire book okay great
sorry I mean
are we always under attack but that book had to be published
not all cool things are popular
I woke up at Syracuse but you go up the staircase what’s your perception
10 okay okay I’ll buy it for now might not be it’s 2352 as it says 10 I believe it I don’t believe it
this is for now.
I was right when he was right
that one of the one of the like the level the part you step on of the stair like the the horizontal scary part is this step the top platform of the step of three of the stairs is really loose of a set of stairs
I noticed that one of these stairs is not an actual stared at this steers are like loose as if they’re like they’re kind of up higher than it would normally be it looks like they’ve been tampered with that stare all right it looks like it’s looks like it was pulled up and then a bunch of marbles were put under it and then it was put back so I could reveal was underneath marbles
what are the marbles is gold Jesus this guy is really into Marvel I continued up the staircase perception yeah he’s doing with it like proving that somebody home alone with this fucking staring at us but I know but you started going upstairs the new stop stared at the middle of the stairs then lifted three of the stairs up there’s marbles underneath you took one and now you’re going up the stairs I presume with three stairs in tow and took the step part of us are off and put it aside okay how is that traffic going to work
I’m so many questions for the person who set this up as a ghost bride joke
can we can I move the stairs like they were already moved right he moved like a platform of Marvel’s know it’s just the stairs that like a shity part that’s not meant to be stepped on the top you hurt yourself pretend it makes sense are the marbles heavy are marble are they better than my Stones I use my slingshot or comprable in your hand when you move it around you can feels kind of sloshing slightly
washing liquid inside a bunch of marbles to my inventory but I also think there was probably an element
I think this cold Marvel probably look kind of like like Ike is probably like a ninja smoke bomb or something like that like like it looks special
transform ya like a ninja
tired of this shit all right guys I think I’ve defeated at least one of the booby traps in the staircase let’s proceed up the staircase together I used marbles on the door now I’m kidding I’m kidding are any of you guys know I don’t have any lock picks lock-picking skills
we are worried I lightly I lightly not on the door I lightly you hear nothing when do nearby this is like a narrow hallway it’s it’s pretty dark and stuff shrink
I can like things on fire Millennials in Siri there’s an old guy sleeping behind there that is or isn’t a floating vampire that just got home I’m looking for the the event that’s happening that could you know involved the corpse of that child and later right
we heard it was Patton
what kind of snakes up on us every time or else
okay good yes please do go do that I found some cheese
paperclip in Microsoft Word
Market crashes over the door for a spatula or a single dresser with a mirror on it and on the dresser is like a bowl of water and there’s a small table and a chair that’s kind of like there’s no one in the bad the beds not even made I go tumble out of the bed like like like lay backwards like like I’m like
I put the candle out and drink the water the candles out but you drink the water it tastes like it tastes like what water
you going to make your own phone around here and water I love water so much
what’s the difference between exempt and the room tomorrow that is all there is to be seen in that room seems like he doesn’t actually keep anything more than just the clothes in the dresser in here like not even any writing tools or like like books or anything to see if it’s warm and see if anybody’s been there recently that looks like Dan has been in it
can the bed hasn’t been in otherwise though I don’t care
under the bed is where I look at next go for it I drink myself over the edge of the bed while still laying on it I’m pimping play Fly Like a little kitty cat I’m like Elisabeth Shue in the cold open of Adventures of babysitting I just think I drank my head and I look under the bed you don’t see anywhere in the wrong room in the eighties in general when I don’t see anything I go
one of those things where you was a lower lip goes up outside the upper left on you exhale until your your bangs kind of like ride Fliker right
I’m trying hoping Des knows what I’m talking about
I guess I can say is I got it was an 80s thing that girls would do it they do like this one and it would be really cute cuz I saw an interesting-looking flame in the back of the sanctuary which we could investigate that maybe
what are already upstairs or upstairs
that’s only the bottom floor plan the upstairs floors aren’t depicted on the map
one thing for sure is not this is not a suggestion but sleeping people right we could like
Harrogate one about where this thing is happening last episode Steve found a sleeping person with a Jazzy Jeff look them in the face and he was asleep nobody of importance that we knew of to Brightest we should just real quick okay well I just I just loves fire I know is my thing I might take a look at it it’s all right
so you go back into the sanctuary you can see there’s a door behind the podium where the guy can go I’m the guy with the priests might after the things like after a sermon walk back there above the door there is like I said the fire almost like it’s supposed to Showcase in frame the fire 4 people sitting in the sanctuary so yeah there’s a door to this fire room so to speak
I’m behind Letterman Ryan Brazier of flame it’s a giant red it’s not like a silver flame but this is like a a symbol that’s in some of the nicer churches just kind of the remind everyone that is the Church of the silver flame here’s a flame next to it you can see some like their basins that are full of presumably holy water
and then out of the corner of your eye you can see you can see one of the walls is fucked up
there’s a bucket wall over there yeah upon closer inspection you see that the wall has a thin outline as if it might be a secret door to the one of my man yeah I got to go anywhere I am like Arkham Arkham mode I don’t even need to try okay is it because I understand like why am I receiving it is because of the kids cuz you rolled a 1900 sometimes you rolling for us and not asking us for Stuff often
you’re in the zone you’re in the zone right now so I’m going to be like gentleman
it would appear to be a featureless room emphasis on the appear
question I always ask myself in religion is how much is Showmanship and how much is like I want to be like Doctor Who
you lean on the door it did give you could see the door kind of move is it at closes so it’s like a secret door was slightly open and closes so it’s kind of perfectly hidden now leaning on a secret door and closed it
can you open it again can I open it again
can I make a wall it’s like a brick kind of Stonewall if you were trying to open a secret door in a brick stone wall how would you do it what you trying to do
you open a wall
that was already a jar but you leaned on it and closed it I know you’re trying to be Fancy Pants about it maybe you leaned on the wrong side you leaned on the closing side and not the opening side sure you go to the opening side no no
play good Niger to push on one part and then it opens and you like this like it’s like a medicine cabinet hopefully it’s like I had one of those yeah yeah yeah
and it goes back to how open it was before
maybe what we need is a master of doors oh you found one click
it’s what I whisper all right I’m sorry I’m sorry the door you pull the door open and you feel some resistance but you pull it open and you if you hear a snap there’s there’s a string that you cease now has he hold the door open and what does it do us off of minor Chain Reaction Rock we set off a Rube Goldberg was attached to the string falls on like a waterskin the waterskins squirts a line of oil blast towards you guys
why is goodies rapper
that’s why I said I don’t believe all right
so Jeff what’s your character’s name I’m sorry my characters of Chad the fire by the oil is that squirts directly into the great fire flame and it connects the fire the Firebirds for damage
44 Ustick Fort image
yeah it is it super loud
am I still on fire and I know it was pretty fast I’m fine I got out of the way inside the door it’s just like a tiny closet got out of a small hole in the ground with a ladder leading down words we just found it legit dunge
they should have just done
I go down that ladder we should probably close down soon
Stone in the floors are made of the same smooth floor tiles used in the church barrels line the walls and on the far side of the room in this flickering light you can see several robed figures huddled around a table the person Furnace from you holds a light an object that you can’t see for the intense glow damn it and the other is cower back in fear revealing the table and on the table is a messy pile of corpses like two or three mutilated bodies just ripped apart and just placed in like a nest of violence in various stages of Decay there’s other corpses elsewhere lowers lowers the the glowing object and you can smell burning is everything starts to melt on the table and and and like marshmallows in a campfire bubbling and smoking been pooping together and then everyone descends on the group and they start Beijing in it and eating it
and their bodies begin to warp and change into a weird shape shape-shifting monsters sense motive
where can I go
well what they preserve our next DND is going to be so fucking real deal shit man I guess it’s going to start
girl games
Frederick Redman your game master
Kevin Parish fair is Dan Harmon got me everybody
see you on the flip flop
drive fast take cat to come to you


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