Episode: 259 – Pajampion


Episode: 259 – Pajampion


Rob Schrab returns as our comptroller with Eddie Pepitone dropping in to discuss comedy. Rob and Dan weigh in on biometrics, then the role playing gang shouts their way through an adventure.


welcome to beautiful Uptown Burbank but I’m going to be
blood pressure sensor
oh man I just I totally crashed after that
how should I really talk to Mom if you work tomorrow
hey I was talking to Cody about this I was talking to her about masturbation and okay
about a trick that you told me you used when you would walk home from school
18 times as many different broadcast did you take the fake arm a DaVinci of jerking off your in eighth grade so everything makes you horny and you just want to jerk off and you can’t wait till you get home so I would slip my hand out of my sleeve and have like the empty sleeve in my pocket
my hand on my pants and it was jerking off as I was walking
home because I couldn’t wait 10 minutes and couldn’t cut and Tony said why or why not just use the bathroom at the school and then yeah I did that too right yeah I was trying to say I don’t you know that there’s not a bathroom on the way home there’s one day fifth grades like just being and then I thought I invented it and I might just run I would be like hey Danny I just like my cousin the hump every pillow and then I was looking at Penny from Inspector Gadget I was her age
it was romantic it was like remains of the day did you think like we grew up together
in a society that kept us apart
I used to take it and I’m feeling you’re probably the same way like I used to feel like
so good at drinking off like nobody knows I’m doing it I’m So Smooth you get to the beard no everybody knew you were jerking off
constantly they just didn’t want to go. No one wants to acknowledge no one wants to say I know what you’re doing but I guess it’s like that I had an unusual the reason the only reason I didn’t use the arm trick which I did as an adult by the way I remembered that you telling me about doing it walking home and I was in my car and where can I pay my control I got to do something and I have it’s rush hour and I I just thought I’d I made a little fake arm and I’d try jerking off of the car in the middle of Los Angeles traffic yeah I can’t even remember if I need it or if I die I can’t I really can’t remember but why wouldn’t you just pull over and pull over
and then she told me the stories like you’re right I did she was walking and it’s probably probably women in the audience right here that this is happened to it’s all too, and she was walking in the and some guy said hey come here and he was like in his car like with the window down and she went over like it and he had his dick in his hand and he was like wrenching at it and and she was like what the fuck you you piece of shit. Damn it he just drove off all night and then like to see eventually
excuse me you I mean obviously he’s not trolling for someone who’s like into it but he probably knows that the person’s going to go grow stop it no police and that’s the only thing that can get them going which makes me feel a little bad for them but you know when your when your kinks involve social taboos those people cuz I’m sure if they could flip a switch to change it for a part of my childhood like remember when I was finally just like what you doing just use your hand like a fucking person I had this hang-up about masturbation so I
I ate had myself convinced that what I was doing when I was masturbating was not masturbation because I was humping things so if I remember like being and I was and I was going to hang in the same
I was sleeping in the same living room as my uncle my dad was what we were at my grandma’s Cottage
not the word I would have rather we had my Grandma had this Cottage she was sleeping in her room my dad was sleeping in the only other rooms I was sharing the living room with my uncle I had a car. I was 11 I had just I was I was at the peak of my you know I was into two things Ender’s Game and humping stuff and
and I was all done with Ender’s Game
Pepe good double feature them
game at home stuff yeah and Ender’s Game is a short book so I just started like I’m just like humping the car it’s quiet we’re in the country there’s crickets and then adjust the squeaking cot like
and I just like I just I can only remember it you know that I can’t even relate to it as an adult talking about it like and obviously we can’t talk to an eleven-year-old about it but I just you know if you were 11 year old boys and you remember kind of vaguely how interesting it was just it was so small and they make your bloodstream and you just like paneling nail you’re just everywhere you go your mailing stuff in like you just can’t it never stops and you just like you love it you hate it and you’re a slave to it and I just like I was like
I was trying in vain to like not as I just looked at my uncle’s kind of like tossing and turning and snoring and a really long arduous time he like he sat up and I froze and then he like made a big deal out of like going to the bathroom and he took a really long time and I truly do think I think he was like Jesus Christ if I pretend to take a shit will you finish
I really think that’s what he was doing but I just froze because I was like a god did it is that I was thinking is that what’s happening did he hear me was he awake the whole time and now is that what he’s doing and it took me so long to just deal with that humiliation that he
Key Master will you didn’t have bunk beds like Jeff and I did
Jeff your brother my brother my brother was on the bottom bunk so what are your way was it do you guys just listen to each other I mean
one of the managers humperdoo so it’s just like I’m just picturing and I felt like nobody knows
operator said he’s probably he’s not going to be like
the spring mattress is probably yeah I need your older brother so he’s sitting down there going to
maybe what I didn’t know there is a sound travels downward
all right well
yeah there’s not much of a show tonight as you can see it’s a cuz I’m here Jeff come to the show but I think he might be just like might be a meltdown going with his podcast 9 but but whatever I hear you watch told it recently yeah yeah I watched the old Stephen King’s it got caught up on that of the new Stephen King’s It
old engine old vs new I’ve seen old it a lot I probably watch it with you a bunch of times and I’ve just saw the new it like last
we just got a new one I saw the new hit yes do they all float they they do they do but what did you say about the the old it not much nobody got Cody watch it with me and she’s like nobody floated now kept saying they all float down here there was never any other boys all have sex with the girl right when they’re kids
the only way to get out of this sewer Dimension is to well alright
and all the boys are going she’s just crazy are you serious stick it by Stephen King it’s like I have time to put your finger on what it what is good and bad at but I think if he was sitting here he would do would be like yeah that’s true I don’t know his origin story has something to do with it as I’ve said like I think in the Marvel movie where Stephen King is a is a hero in the first 20 minutes he’s like carrying his typewriter and he drops it in the backspace key fault flies off
but I have to turn it up now that he’s at work
going to be a thousand pages long. I think he’d agree with. I don’t think he’d be offended by that I know of is in the book at we’re all how many boys are there is like Beverly
656. Let’s say 5 they like Beverly start taking off her clothes and they’re like on holy shit I guess we’re going to have to be there at 11 okay alright
and Anna and I would be I would like OK Google is so now I understand you’re doing exploitation you could have wrote Fade Out Fade up there are putting their sneakers on and going wow that was terrific and now we can get out of the sewer but
page after page of description and commenting on sizes and and shittin like I really don’t need to know there’s a chick but he’s like his favorite show is children like they said
I mean that being said
the old it which is available on your little it’s not showing up it’s just it is to park mini series you should be aware the studio that makes those sort of like African-American Recreations of like about last night and stuff like that there’s a there’s a black it
call Diana Kish and it sounds like
and who here is a tight Spencer how are you hey guys it’s an extreme condition he has everything is a device everything is like a crucifix everything’s that there’s like 90 things in it that if you use the power of positivity or whatever you need if you recite the birds in your boy scout manual it makes the Tim Curry clown go and go away if you if you just aren’t afraid if you just need to hold hands and ignore everything it’s the only thing hurt you if you pay attention if it’s if you if you’re having an asthma inhaler you can just say it is acid and squirted it is a David slingshot of silver and every step of the way because he doesn’t want to he doesn’t want to go back and leg refine anything every other people are just like
I brought a slingshot and I brought a I brought my mom’s earrings there silver how do we know that’ll work if we believe it’ll work fuck you
you have a favorite Stephen King like adaptation book or something you I mean, I like to stuff when he was like a kid like I thought it was just like it’s really simple and granular it’s like you know a hundred kids and they walk until one of them left and if you drop below 10 miles an hour walking they shoot your brains out sorry I think Carrie the Carrie that the book is is great
remember when I told you about the library policeman
what I was listening to on on I was listening to the book on tape the library policeman was just a short story where there’s this guy who’s like something bad happened to me as a kid I can’t recall it cuz I blocked it is the thing I have to get over this fear otherwise I’m I’m going to be I won’t be able to kill this monster in the library that I can’t remember to be as a kid and I’m listening to it for like days cuz I’m on the way to work I would listen to it like you know like 20 minutes at a time and finally it was like the chapter where we can meet up with him like he faces this fear and Kate and I were like going to a party and I got hey hun you know I just have really want to know what happens here if you mind if I just played is on the way yeah I don’t give a fuk whatever do whatever you want I’m give a shit all right all right thanks honey I love you
and then it goes into again great detail about how when he was 8 years old he was molested by this this guy in the bushes and then just describing in great detail about like how the warm jelly went up his ass and I just and it’s just like a quiet Drive
and it’s like I don’t want to press stop because that’s a bidding that this is gross and I whatever and Kate is just like is this guy I know this is what I guess I signed up for the second time I was reading the book on tape shadow in that remember the TV series The White Shadow basketball coach is mostly black high school high school high school basketball team I believe it was a high school basketball team and it was called the white shadow
we’re playing with the concepts of Shadows are not white
they’re the opposite
Spencer Hey guys
Pinterest a quiet here is like a ten-year-old black and you’re watching a show in the seventies you’re like the white shadow oh I get it cuz I’m like a shadow person
every cereal box is a Minefield every every conversation like that’s what I’m reacting to that observation as if I did something wrong
is it just because you are scared that I did now at the end of the world that is someone’s going to mention by the way we were kind of mean to black people like that would make the apocalypse real worse a little awkward little party fowl during Armageddon as the
I want to make this incredibly clear to you I don’t fucking care about your opinions anymore you’re terrible people you’re dumb your impressionable manipulatable and stupid I know that seems like I added like a synonym for dumb but it’s two different things you have no voice you have no brain you’re bad people you’re a biomass of closet murderers you’re only held in Shack by your fear fuck off
our next guest is performing at
clubs in colleges all across the nation please welcome Eddie pepitone
yes all right
follow that follow that follow that Edward Edward Edward how are you you look great man what’s going on what are you doing I’m I’m doing stand-up right here actually every Wednesday night I’m doing stand-up all over town I’m exploring I stand up you know I yeah because a lot of people think stand-up is just sat up punch line I think it’s an enormous cry for help and and It’s tricky to make that funny you know but like a real I just put my ID my ID on stage and kind of try not to be embarrassed about it how old was
boy that fell flat hi everybody
is room for stand-up you been doing it here for several sets so like what it’s actually I don’t know I don’t know if it’s just the vibe of the place and as far as as far as dinner goes it’s it’s not so much what counts is high ceilings but who is in the audience right you know what I mean so it’s been fine cuz it if it’s a big giant room with high ceilings and then there’s like 200 people okay so it’s like a town hall or whatever and I was already doing stand-up so I where I wonder about people invite but I want to let you know and then I could do this off stage two but I don’t really have anything to talk about on stage that we make off of the the the tickets stuff here where we’re going to work working on making convertible adjustable things like
Optical at making more intimate like perfect for me
that’s a little much 30 but if you didn’t get it down at 1528 I would be perfect giant Warehouse that’s best for music so I wanted to I want to be able to hoist a punk band cuz I’m so enthusiastic about the music scene
me too I’m I’m up on all you know every punk band there is a dirty rat dirty rat exterminators and their brilliant fuel is that a betta is that on Spotify yes by the way I was listening to Stalin on Pandora on the way over and that’s just a sample of what you got when
you come see me I’m a little dictator playlist on Pandora ya you say you’re you’re kind of holding in your laughter of what I’m going to say next. That’s why I’m a bad interviewer where else you’re doing shows I’m sure you feel like one of the cool things about you is that you’re like you’ve got you’ve got your strong material but then your Eddie pepitone like you just like I’m Eddie pepitone if if you if you go off the rails it’s kind of exactly what I do that’s what that’s what I like to do I started I think I started I’ve been getting into these Rifts about the the Hurricanes I want to try to provoke of what I want to provoke a trip but I know that that won’t work like if I announce. That’s my goal
I was just getting into like the ghoulish penis of the coverage of the Hurricanes you know first there was it was Harvey and Anna and how I get attracted to the hurricane like following the hurricane like they they they get to it early then you do CNN you know the Weather Channel in there just fine and they’re like look at this fucking they don’t say five the day like look at this fucked it that’s not a good face by the way to be like yeah that’s better
holy should I look over rob you look like Dad not another hurricane story red stems from my Justice General thing where your local news if something happened at a school someone stabbed someone with a pencil at the school behind me like they take the van out to the satellite dish goes up but it’s like I was getting stabbed and now they’re driving a white Vans and there’s the place where the stabbing took place like that is absolutely zero chance that it’s going to be important to be at that location in a journalistic status
example in history because you never know I found a clue ladies at the police’s job being blown by wind what was hilarious because when the store is having you do they live for this you know what what what I hate about it is that they they’re always like be say they’re always like please write be safe be safe and oh my God I hope you know this hurricane doesn’t hit land but it’s the opposite I mean it’s the that they they love it they love it because it’s just a spectacle and that’s what you know news media’s about that’s what the whole world has become a bad it will be a whole spectacle hold on
I thought you wanted to provoke.
A what
but I masturbate so don’t get me wrong I still run home and do it
what I mean so that they’re always there always like be safe be safe and and they’re like nobody should be out here but they are out there and that’s hilarious
should be out here having fun but me Jim Cantore it was very funny this guy Jim Cantore is apparently like the it is very funny too that he’s like the dean of video of TV meteorologist you know for whatever reason to think about this warm Dean think about this meteorology 600 know what what did I say what is that me and you were wrong
how are you stupid you’re stupid you’re stupid you didn’t hear what he said and you’re closer to him
start making them any smarter and I was trying to help you and made a mistake you’re revealing that you’re a bad person to I thought that you needed help and help you fight mommy and daddy don’t fight I don’t believe you I don’t believe you know your weakness
what are you doing what would you doing
I know I know it’s not it’s not your is that your fault but now I feel good and I never got that when I was a kid it’s not your fault, just died like like like like like the buy gun like horrible exactly like that guy just it’s it’s like we’re living in a shot of the news on your mom while they were doing like that is good news that’s real that’s really happening
but they didn’t know they were covering it is they were they didn’t know they were covering us but we’ve never seen anybody like no one’s ever as many storms is there that I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a journalist fatalities from people like a scene out in the 80 mile an hour winds I was so hoping yeah I was so hoping I was so hoping that you know this guy they had a couple of guys but I was so hoping they would just be carried fucking away and and and one guy one guy did not go to the dean by the way when you say he is like you know the go-to guy as far as meteorologist okay never heard that expression.
don’t be funny if you could hey how are you I’m all right I feel like I got to keep him entertained
no because I looked at him and he added
no he’s that you had that fucking look that’s just him listening it says by the way when you said you didn’t say Dean right I want to be like so much by everybody that I was going out there was a split-second where I was going to go no I didn’t
right now I realize everybody else had heard
yeah I know I have been a slave to people’s pick your nose in front of a friend or a stranger that you’ll never see again on the freeway for instance like like like like like for the podcast but when when I am on the when I am on and you know it Street and I’m about to pick my nose in the car I I can’t do it in front of a stranger I can’t meet you because you’ll never see them again what is that about is that what is that about we start with farting all over each other at this point and it’s great we’re having a great time and it
it told me that she and Jimmy Kimmel never farted in front of each other so I tried it with the Erin mcgathy you know Erin my ex-wife or maybe. But you said you were podcast Maven maybe you know my really never far to hear there was a couple accidents happen here and they’re all Aaron
but we just did it in my marriage not farting really is and that’s not why we got divorced in Fry’s looking back that I was able to not fart in front of my partner for so long given how much I fuck with Ryan Martin constantly I don’t know what natural human behavior is anymore I don’t even know what my body needed to do or what’s healthy or what I just now and I think what you’re talking about there is a great example of what we can do when we put our mind to something you know when we when we introduce our will and with your ex-wife you were exercising tremendous will cuz it’s not like I was like tremendous abdominal pain going well I made this agreement
come every once in awhile it will build up to a point and I’ve got off to disguise it as a series of the same thing about like keeping the intimacy in your relationship and Kate and I don’t fart in front of each other we’re still doing that
during the advice was she during the advice I give it a try and it’s not why we got divorced and you’ve done it for seven years and it’s been you’re not getting a divorce in that but yeah that’s the same time I can’t believe it’s a couple thing it’s like me and Cody are like let’s fart I have been forgetting to flush the toilet
which is causing like you been freaking lame Wi-Fi
cuz it’s fucking up Abby’s you know they can’t find their way home now right it’s Christ
did you dump a cup of coffee in the toilet
and a plate of spaghetti oh I forgot to flush the toilet every day you forget the place I think it’s Wi-Fi bees are are dying out because of Wi-Fi they that they give a half of their there are they can’t find their way home so I’m thinking there’s like a pocket that is just between the office and the living room and the bedroom there’s like a Bermuda Triangle right where I’m going to the bathroom and for some reason you know I get that has led the Broncos to wash
special toilet seat what’s your download speed like on the toilet if you’re here you’re cuz you’re saying the strongest are you referring to his it for me to try and go but Wi-Fi wise it’s it’s pretty it’s pretty good I think I got a lot of computer work on the toilet is that what you’re saying you’re on that you want
so you haven’t hit I don’t do computers on the toilet he has a special do you wipe your ass with toilet paper Okay so someone else why don’t you think it may be the bday Adams
seriously again your offer a day I don’t know maybe it’s stupid a action that is like for like like over like 10 years I think it’s funny you have a good day by the way
and I don’t consider you a man like a real man yeah I would not watch a football game with you or when you would go to the bathroom during the game I would be like horrify would be like let’s get the fuck out of here
no now you hear that stream of water out
I’ll press the button
I would be afraid of Danny and I would be afraid of getting injured
that’s what that’s what the beep score for the door but I bet this is the badai I’ve been using way longer this is a recent thing like in the last 2 years but no. 2 last year it’s just been like it’s like what the fuck is super and I go I’m so sorry honey I just I don’t know what happened I thought I did you know they like and now I’m so nervous about getting yelled at and embarrassed about it said like she’ll come home and I’ll just run in there and I’ll let you know we have a rule that just just just just to save the marriage without opening up the seat just just flush the toilet or just being safe Occam’s razor says it’s old age I mean that’s the explanation
leave a note to yourself why you going to know ya leave a note tie a string around my finger
what mnemonic device more than a toilet full of shit to
I should work I don’t know I would have got this self-flushing toilets they have at airports and stuff when I get one it’s the one that blows the air the one that like opens by itself yeah I want you to the airport
take me to LAX you piece of shit
University in our lifetime like just an end to I mean like what you think before we die I will just see at least on the internet and some bike Japanese press release video or something like the technology that eliminates somehow just didn’t know more shiting in the toilet I would love that but I don’t know it’s either like a vacuum type is like a boost and a purple line goes down your body and then there’s no more poo poo is in your body for a lion colon have an implant that that as you as your food becomes poop in your intestinal tract where there’s like a portal to who
2202 assured toilet
in Portland
so what it what are they like you do you
you swallow like basically you know Seth brundle like telepods and then you just say it looks like a sexy thing and you swallow it and then it like it’s designed to lag like a Sam Elliott type boys put a Stargate in your ad put it right in your the rim of your ass first of all I feel is good second of all
need to still have like a baby feeling of taking a shit in your planet this is the Starship Troopers 3 movie or whatever they think they’re all these sick people are like I know out it’s raining again
we just tracked it it’s just this Earth place I just sent into the future and I like that’s how short-sighted we will worry about it later but luckily we will be around too much longer I don’t think we’re not going to bother you I just figured out we’re going to be on this planet very much is the difference between a fly having a saddle on it or not like who’s going to notice you can try to fly what’s that doesn’t mean he doesn’t mean it right damn you don’t mean it I mean it he doesn’t make it
what is the meaning of this is part of my therapy I’ve become too reliant on people approval so what I’ve always been good at is abuse so I’m using that to wean myself off of your expectations if it hurts you what seems to be making you happy you something or anything for people because you’re you have feelings it’s it’s it’s it’s been my problem that I’ve been making your problem for 40 years I need to figure out who the fuck I am regarding Henry stage do I like Ritz crackers or eggs
elegant more in your in your personal life can I jump a question do you like eggs are Ritz crackers
I think I’ll go with the cracker that be good
what are you hiding crackers are more utilitarian I mean there never a bad time for a cracker
so you’re broke you’re broke you’re broke Eddie pepitone
is it that was me
is he are you can we talk about your love life a little bit if you want to sure
sure sure is incredible my love life is incredible yeah Kool-Aid baby broccoli that’s there should be a big day right under you right now
yeah when you got here
you don’t know yes I’m married. Married to mrs. pepitone she did not take my name to awesome then cuz peppertones pretty rad is Right would buy that actually just a little a little her like I was like so baby I call my wife baby I like so baby how we going to do this are you going to be
are we going to do this we got me like are you going to make me choose like you know if I want to stay with that Karen Simmons makes sense I mean if you really think of you were like from Mars One explained that that rule get married another woman and we actually to the point where we also use it to express for instance Joy took her husband fell out any more than anyone that doesn’t want to do that as an Enemy of the State it’s like but it’s just crazy that like it is it is just a crazy random Rule and I like it’s just weird horrible stuff but but whew
they look at home rule is home set of rules where it’s like it’s your last name gets blown in Spanish language or something like that I couldn’t I couldn’t I couldn’t figure it out keep her last name did she want your last name is not a h s a b pepitone pepitone has a fucking ring and it sounds like a product of some sort like we have you use the shop today or you know what I mean like if you don’t use a shrub you could get seriously ill you know what I mean like I get makes your tires smell like
Mindy brush it would be fine but it stinks
tires are shit your cars insured your flight can be changed but the smell in your nose is permanent because you didn’t use pepitone I’m Robert Stack
we would think some of that I think I think it was Chris Hardwick with one time he ran up to we said listen we can make a lot of money if we do Peppa tones on the iPhone or some shit like I’m like why why did he finish
the controller a man should not use a round of applause if you’re with me on that yeah you haven’t seen my ass I like the pose the booster funny
station station where PayPal came from
I really don’t I really don’t care and that’s why that’s why you bullying is funny anime because I really could give a shit you seem to switch your position everybody you said I really don’t care after you completely flipped your position
that’s why I don’t know who I am I don’t know who I am and it’s great I feel like I belong on the stage
we don’t know who we are

I guess it’s a lot less exciting for you I can’t wait for that new iPhone
oh you’re being tired of the charade I fucking beds I would die is if Apple tomorrow announced a thumbtack that read your pinky print and alerted you to nearby cork
we asked ourselves what is a thumbtack
and we set about changing fundamentally The Experience between the person who wants to pin something through a bulletin board and the pain itself is itac buy it I would buy it you wouldn’t if it was a fordable it would have to be grossed $49 Thumbtack for me to go like this
and I would do it some other things I would do if you told me that when I went to the airport is that I have for $70 extra on my ticket I was allowed to stand in a red circle that was in a less comfortable place I would I would opt for that I would if you called it like Platinum Plus red circle program I would stand in the red circle when I go to the airport I I go I go I go see if they have a lounge and Cody and Jeff are always like talking lounges stock there’s like a here at the McDonald’s or whatever they got a full bar and I might keep it too loud we don’t even know the lounge but I’m a member yeah you remember to a club that lets you pay $50 okay
fucking ass poor people seats are all empty because everyone wants to be no exception. I’m just like like what is there is there a picture of is there a package where I can scrap the babies to my feet and just like walk around on them like be more uncomfortable but more importantly more
I’m a I’m a I’m a terrible person
where can I enter and I can’t wait to get that fucking iPhone x because the iPhone 8 is for poor people
is E8 is the 8th is the eighth out same time as the X the new phone for the poor people which is only $18,000
because you’re poor and you don’t want to have I love that being poor slow you down get a new iPhone poor people phone
and The Pretenders the real phone for me the 27 million dollar phone it doesn’t have a home button they took the home button off Eddie you know that I hate my home but I don’t like the home but either I don’t like you doing on my phone I want it gone yeah everytime I am I touching a button one of my fucking fucking refugee
disgusting I want a I want a phone that only people in Aleppo have the age
don’t laugh too hard at that right yeah I know I’m looking forward to the new phone to the new phone everyday I get up you know what you asked me about my love life in it centres around the iPhone coming out and yeah baby. Are you kidding or not but I so relate to you about the marketing of it like like I hardly fucking use anything except turn it on and go hello
what I am not an idiot
stop ringing phone pretty intense like I just text to text and email I barely check my email
hello mister, just calling about your medical procedure on Tuesday I have an assistant
why are you calling me about medicine
lose this number Marjorie wait wait wait wait face-fucking good good how’s the phone recognizes everyone’s face I hope I never read about a product by rometrics
Biometrics man
I know I don’t know you know how to change their stocking Biometrics does by OMG just really I can’t even get up in the morning
a fucking wife is getting down on me on her Biometrics in like maybe I don’t know I can’t even handle my own biometric let alone yours I got another cigarette in this
how about up to three packs a day like you do kids all these biometric
I’m not even talking to anybody right now I’m just sitting on the porch just talking to myself self and smoke and pencil at one thing it’s another if it’s that one metric it’s another man it’s either Biometrics Neo metrics Deca metrics I feel metrics metrics are just fucking taking over man and taking my job they’re taking my family sucking Biometrics candidate should come get rid of the biometrics
but you get you grew up had a lower-middle-class right right pepitone
you were do IV a slower lower middle-class exactly both my parents were teachers in New York City and pictures personally knowledge
go in bread for corporate culture
no real learning anymore no philosophy just your being plugged in to a machine but yeah I agree up as a lower-middle-class did your parents beat you
you know my Dad my mom was very extremely gentle my father is Sicilian so he had and it’s true about the Sicilian him if someone paid him I’m going to beat the shit out of you
what if I get $50 your ass is my
Jimmy Doritos is coming down give me three toes Marvin that the next exit on is coming down I was younger I think we are this is the list of Mafia guys out and he’s not going to do it because my family had no connections at all to the Cosa Nostra black my ass kicked in in school like hey you touch me you’re going to deal with the black hand or some shit like that
you’d better be telling the kids they walk you through New York and then there’s this guy he kills you. Who was with him in the air like Bruno Kirby slang
I’ll take care of it and
like that cuz my dad was a history teacher and it’d be funny if he taught a class like one of the only thing I can tell you is that the Romans have that way
play have their why they had that message
read up on a catapult
Robert De Niro as you may recall as Brando in his use of character does Don Corleone he he he climbs up on a roof yes and he walks across rooftops that he can get into the apartment building of the of the iron grip because of that kind of cleavage white thing you would they has no bodyguards he doesn’t hang out with the bedroom apartments in a dark stair Landing where you can access Go Up on the Roof
with a gun and it goes like
flight arrival
this is my body always how did I ever now I’m the guy
and everyone’s like can I have some money is like I don’t have any but now you know the reason why did Nero kept becoming the guys because nobody could find a towel very funny if you think about it
it was cool that the one thing that sticks out your head is at the towel starts on fire remember he wraps it around to see if it works that make a gunshot sound like less than just usually a throw pillow I hate cuz I hate the sayings on throw pillows. Brother to get out if you would have had the iPhone 10 it would have saved you from that would be funny if that’s what the 10 doesn’t like interrupts you like you’re about to say Scorsese and it just buzzes in your pocket
Coppola humiliation
really who gives a shit I don’t know it’s the country like that he said Scorsese he called us stupid
Ashley got that trivia wrong
I’ve had enough I’ve had it up to here with this guy’s not fact-checking his knowledge
what is your fidget spinner now fall back on your fidget spinner now you know what they are supposed to know cuz I don’t invest in her information if I’m going to forget that couple is next Percy why am I not in the Pokemon X What am I I’m a drifting fucking rate dude what is going on is it with you tonight. What happened did something happen that I mean nothing to do nothing is happening is is nothing new you’re just what what you want to eat do you think do you think that all the sense into darkness have to have some simple potato fell on my head while I was fighting people
what’s your thing about this sense into darkness rob you think it’s that simplistic
surgical site with you I wasn’t here last weekend and I was here the weekend before and you were delightful that weekend and and now I think he’s bi I think he’s delightful tonight he is delightful
he just doesn’t seem very happy right now and I’m concerned I’m going through changes like we have to be happy all the time I don’t get that it’s true I’m colored marbles that represents the feelings yeah I had absolutely I don’t think it’s wrong to be concerned if somebody care about is is not happy right now is like
just left eight people from Burning Man live here
and I was like I’m not going to do that you know like I’m not going to be in that suggestion I know that makes me a bad person I don’t want a bunch of hippies living in my house
yeah but that was that guy
I don’t cuz I don’t cuz I can cuz I’m evil evil evil not to let eight burning.man people live in your house
I mean we all went we all know we all know that if we do know that the solution is we have to stop that like capitalism is killing us and we have to like. I might have to like have decentralized Circle lake lake human-based like societies like I’ve known this forever. Like like but anyway yeah right
at 11
911 it’s 911 I live through fucking I was leaving New York what I lived through it
9/11 in New York yeah I was right and I was right that is a high road you could take an 11 o no no no they weren’t there like I I was there you know I mean I was I was in bed when it happened but I was close to it I was close to when I got up and I went to I lived like in the village and I’m not not to brag and I and II
we watch The Towers come down from his his window he had a hand in apartment looking straight at the towers you know he said he could see people sleeping that’s something or talk about that but you know there’s a lot of people jumping and they kind of just killed all footage of it and kinda is like that didn’t happen I can’t even I mean that that that has to be like the epitome of of I don’t know why do you know what the word is it’s a sort of like like like like to the human being who is identical to you because they they have there just what you know about them on a fundamental level is that they were in such pain and fear that they preferred oh yeah
it’s been a few years and we are in a few years
people jump from building
yeah but where would we get as a society of every time something was genuinely tragic or filled with Patos we paid it Respect by avoiding it low Pruitt’s well prove that we’re polite let’s keep your elbows off the table our feet off the table let’s not sit at the table let’s put the table and Brian alright I’m not getting the analogy but
no one’s ever done that before you can do that
give me give me give me just say again
that’s what I said. Hold
what do I do when you find out if you hit the the bumper button you just turned a hundred eighty degrees and I was like holy fuck and the people of this country and this audience in particular it is we have no memory of history in this country and that’s why what’s going on is going on just no fucking in love Gore Vidal and you guys like Corvette down
he’s great and he wrote a book called The the United amnesiac dammit
Memphis me forgetting to flush the toilet
stuff about Amelia yeah
I believe you I believe I believe you I believe you thank you for the lady I believe my bad mood is that I have a weird thing about me I’m triggered by Nazis running in the street I have this crazy thing where I think that it’s better to be over reactive to Nazism jump the gun if you can on that one someone reminds you a little bit of Hitler
worst case scenario you called someone Hitler too early
that is the scariest thing I’ve been look at look at the Silence about it it’s it’s about believable as your answer by the way I got it eventually
it’s a I got I got off of Twitter the minute I started seeing the anti-communist stuff like it was like that the one that became like a meme or whatever the fuck you call it that became of that was like oh there is like there’s a lot of anti-nazi talk so now it’s just watching history repeat itself of people going like you know communism is responsible for even more debt I might I’m out I’m going to keep listening to these kids I’m going to fucking kill myself and that’s what they want so I’m going to live all over their asses
like I said they don’t deserve you were really great really great I love Twitter especially lately
I’m kidding I was so kidding I was using it wrong I am healthier now and I don’t seem happier but I’m I am healthier like my sadness isn’t angers are like real now as I was using Twitter I’m so glad that Lauren Duke is on it just whack Sarah thyre like like I like saving the world on Twitter I can’t I can’t use it right I don’t like I can’t I just sit there like read shit and I just like I fuck it my whole like brain changes but I don’t want to be one of these people that’s like I didn’t know I didn’t know of facts is cool would be aggravating and exhausting know that it is I think I’ll focus on my backyard garden
that’s an enemy that’s what I am that’s what I’m doing but I at least if I own that then maybe my backyard Cardinal turn into a Hitler
what would what’s in your backyard garden what what I don’t know Adam avocados
anyways yeah I really well just you know the reason why people that wanted one of the big reasons why people are so quiet about you know the fascism that’s taking over this country because this show I mean we talked about the iPhone you know movies I just constant tell you no fucking net play all people are much more interested in their Netflix queues than they are in the country going down the shiter you know what I mean you’re just so distracted by another one they have no I mean I don’t want I definitely don’t want to I don’t I don’t think that the masses are being willfully cowardly or stupid or more in love with iPhones than they are worrying about the fascist takeover the United States I give them at least enough credit that you don’t know they’re very very interested in the fact that that we’re being taken over but do anything about
birthday thank you say I also I mean I have to look within myself when I go like are you exhausted are you bored or you fucking a lake like I are you and I go yes I am yes I am and that’s exactly what’s happening is like oh it’s somebody liked tweets me a month after November and it says she’d get back to me
man who doesn’t flush the toilet
I was able for a million okay just sember I’m like get back to work indeed
another month another month another one’s goes by and it’s like it’s not but I eventually was like man I should really get back to making my car to stop it was just like I asked Landon one more person is like
and I was like you deserve me to shut the fuck up because you’re going to fucking die without me to save you
I see your and I raise you out who the fuck you were born I hate you. You and the register and I’d make sure you didn’t make them sound did you okay you piece of shit next you know you suck you what’s your name
Sears have booze that’s what you get
battling August the end of the Mark Wahlberg Rockstar movie rockstar and I like going the audience in a while and you could just join Weight piece of shit just have fun trying to figure out if you’re a good person by seeing how many people like you on a fucking app
next week’s episode I’m going to kill myself on this day Duncan Trussell will not let you do that
he won’t be here
meundies will be
Warby Parker Squarespace
going to
I’m going to blow my brains out
what were you going to buy what you do you want do you want a microphone so you can
why do I like you I like your hesitancy you’ve earned a microphone just happens on this show
Charlie that’s my name of people caring about the fact that Trump is President normalize it completely don’t care like a limp let me eat that all you’re doing great they don’t care if it’s been 9 months they they are there over it and it seems to be the fact the matter that Hillary is old news grade no one cares Bernie bro still in the fucking he would have one Bubba block great thank you do you say of Brooklyn New York appreciate you guys but now I am really sick so fucking people like acting like it’s normal that we have a fucking reality fucking TV star has it’s like discussing its represents like us to the world in some weird fashion but also should be like a wake up call for every fucking person out here that there’s nothing new
I’m all about the world we exist in as United States of America it’s it’s I appreciate it but I love you I love you and I’m in the fact that people can normalize that is why people are scared they know how militarized the police are you know they know how militarized area and they also just an accurate they just decided that we can Jeff sessions just decided that they can sell fucking military gear back to police forces now so we can have tanks we can have fucking bulletproof riot shields we can have fucking automatic weapons it’s it’s fucking weird and like no one wants to walk is a fucking weird word of this point but no one no one no one wants to understand that this is not normal and if it distresses me an unfair World Cup
none of that jacket that she actually being aware of a shit like had its own momentum in a bunch of shit would get done if you if you kind of halfway thought that Stephen Colbert was out of line and his last show and or retweeted a hashtag like you might find out six weeks later either a that person wasn’t worth any money and they lost their job or is that person was Stephen Colbert so fuck you your opinion didn’t matter if you like knowing shit caring about shit being afraid of shit not putting up with shit a world where you can fucking not you can you cannot put up with as much as you want you can you can care you can feel you can fear and actually that don’t that just Jiggles the jello it stays to say they’re the same shape as it was and we’re all reacting to that
I don’t even want to say poorly like whoever however we react that’s the right way to react because all of us want to get back to his system or a cheetah system where the way that we came out of our Mama’s what is like the right way to be that we didn’t have to like mold ourselves and socialize ourselves and be enforced by some set of rules in order for us to get along with some larger thing we all want to get to a system that some of us felt like we had where is like kind of yourself like the ugly truth will out and like stuff I happen to like and we’re really like we’ve come face-to-face with a system where we’re like oh shit you mean I don’t fucking matter at all I truly don’t matter and then other people are going welcome to the club that’s how it feel for 20 years
and it makes me feel like everyone else just want people to talk about Kmart and Stephen King’s It and wash it and says we’re as initially it was the all right saying everybody get back to work or it was like rednecks they were embarrassed that they voted for a guy that did turned out to actually mean it when you said you wanted to build a wall where is they thought he was actually just going to like be physical or something they clay clay clay clay now it’s just everybody saying I’m bored with this get back to work entertain me make jokes just talk about shit and I’m like I feel you I did the exact same time as I feel you I was exhausted as you so now I’m getting back to work I’m just being a clown I have nothing I don’t know what to do either I don’t know who to vote for what to do what pie to throw it what what banjanan front of my face I don’t know what to do I’m just going to get back to my comedy podcast but guess what my comedy podcast was always me
complaining but now I don’t understand what the fuck is going on and everyone should leave me alone stop telling me to tie my shoes so now my fucking podcast really sucks like every year just like me going like I’m just on myself like I always was
and becoming a black hole from which all light can escape because Vegas is a very low stick black hole but
low-stakes black hole my favorite punk band
you asked me that earlier but my love life is good yeah
I’m married and we have pretty regular sex
like to graduation thank you thank you appreciate it
shoutout Trapper Chapo Trap House check that out if you don’t like the world that you’re living in
yeah or if the world you live in doesn’t smell right for all of your solid solid cologne needs wax paste colognes and perfumes for men travel safe perfumes that won’t break in your luggage and they smell great come in one of 14 different flavors
are you stents are you out of the 14 players lemon are you still for hazelnut peppermint is Mary sorry I made a mistake can you start over
what are you still doing shows here I have two more Wednesdays hear that the 20th and 22nd December carbine castle that, Google Starburst Castle you might be witness to something awful that’s when pepitone fucking fires up like about Hall that’s right that’s right like this was just the tip of the iceberg that I’m sorry about the bday stuff I would recommend it to anybody cuz it’s like it’s it’s it’s almost too much respect to your house is spotless
he doesn’t hear immediately reveal he has nobody opinion he’s just like me he just wants people to like him is like a good day opinions and who cares right like I don’t care if anyone has a jet of water hitting made I do to whatever it is is there anything else because you donate to your time and and that you want to plug I’m doing a show of talent into collapsing as a star I’m doing this show it’s a one-man show it’s about how I wasn’t love no kidding I’m doing a show called end of days and it’s it’s it’s a bunch of characters dealing with kind of you know this
I’m going to first do it in Santa Barbara and then I’m going to find the space here I like to announce things before I even have a space for it so you can’t go
isn’t it
what’s a good controller is in control rocket launcher is that
is that
is it true that son of a bitch don’t you ruin it outside really peeled and I don’t know when it’s going to be anywhere
I got a
migrate what’s the greatest minds of our time
I love this guy’s Ranch and actually gross you out too. I always liked it when I was a kid I would picture of potato peeler and like in an eyeball yeah welcome to my world that would not make you see better
are you saying they should stop saying that it doesn’t work it doesn’t it doesn’t scare you really keep your eyes peeled I think we just did like recently we say good looking out now good looking out though yeah that’s what you sound like to me
when you get off I get out of state for 2 hours and talk into a microphone and Prince Rula tea isn’t an option for you that you could never be surprised by anything I said you can do it or you saying what’s happening what’s going on I’ll tell you I came up I don’t know what I’m saying speaker
we should maybe try to transition you back onto Twitter
did you see what happened it made it may have been useful no I’m sorry I was I was doing a bit nose great are you here
quit hiding in the corner be here are you here and he’s still sitting with his legs stretched out and he Shrugged and was like yeah I’m here
I mean why do you think I asked the question
sorry I it’s okay I mean maybe I would have known that was justified what the fuck I wanted to let you know Duncan texted me while I was up here the reason he didn’t show up because no one ever contacted him
that’s the kind of thing that Steve would like to hear standing up I think
but I don’t know if I made it clear to you that maybe you should contact him I don’t know
how do you say was he’s booked I didn’t say he’s booked and never said those words to take another Valium are you doing what are you doing
it’s amazing what this is the part of the show where you stand next to
robber you wearing pajamas just a lower half of it I like how you pronounce excuse me in my class
I nobody believes me but I I was going I was this close to every once in awhile I think about wearing my pajamas to the show like it cuz I’m like in my pajamas
and I was tonight was one of those nights and I was like I put up pants

how to grown boys
you know I used to say if you can make it through the whole day without taking your pajamas off your pajama.
you’re what I put jamnbean I’ll put Jimmy in a pyjama being a pajama Ian of his champion champion champion say pajama you kept leaving the the most explosive letter out
and also the most Champion defining letter right pajam pee in pajamas p.m. and I said what pajamas do that’s terrible
oh my God how embarrassing for me
and high-fived to you with what how you pronounced it that it’s my word I know it’s your word and it is clearly better than the way I pronounced it when I asked you what you just said that is so much better is good no I’m on your side on this one that’s great talk. Tell me I’m a play Jam Ian oh you must be from a country called pajama a planet of a Spencer tell me you’re a pajama peeing contest involving pajamas of course
where what do you talk about what contest is a contest I couldn’t hear what you were saying so I repeated something that I thought you said I wasn’t trying to did nail it I wasn’t trying to nail like Dan I was trying to nail and I was going what did you just say did you just say this and you’re okay sorry question
they all float down here
is the new movie is the new it movie in theaters ohyeah how’s it how did they get the number one movie at the box with the little boys don’t fuck the little girl
you’ll get my money when you do a proper adaptation
where is the lysine dependency Jurassic Park
yeah yeah alright well let’s say I like my way better
Jimmy I am a pyjama Ian I like it it’s mine I pronounced it my way I like it yeah it sounds better yeah it sounds like you’re a citizen of the realm of a champion was a champion champion
Jim p a p h a m p i o n what did I say exact same thing that you just said but Champion it sounds exactly the same thing and I understood what you meant
I knew what you meant
travel when we were in our twenties told me that he thought that the word utensil was invented by smart people that make you feel stupid because the way he had heard the word is people take gym a writing utensil and here’s why can’t you just say a pain I know it’s 8 because they make one up in orbit if you if you have a pencil in your pocket
then they might be cheating themselves out of a pencil opportunity is that all they want is a writing utensil then why can’t you just say pencil or pen you know what language is a living thing wet wet when was when when did you say when when we were how old when we were in our what it was awhile ago I have a utensil argument recently you are just a prince Champion think you’re doing the same thing why do you think I brought them just like you made up word you can say anything if you’re sending me a made-up word that you were so proud of
word is the same as utensil in our forties you haven’t changed because it takes so much
can you change your 112 know you only when you changes and you started focusing on your butt like you viewed you didn’t give back then that guy like you would he would have been like okay but now you’re like go get that yeah that’s it
back then and and you found out you got married you know
that was it that was nice
still is
your little easier and less competitive to I was never competitive I hate
he was competitive with what you were when you were 20 with everything when I was 20 with like what what are you trying to win this conversation
can we just died what I thought you guys were like I thought you guys were trying to send a signal like you don’t want to do that no dude see my 11:00 and then we wrap up with the gas do you know we got right no I get it it’s everyone’s favorite part of the show me D&D Rob hates games there’s no I hate most secret competition
I think it did make it turn good people bad
what’s this what are you doing that’s not my name
all right here we go
no glasses
Rob I hope you never change
he doesn’t think you’re great
that doesn’t surprise me at all
can I guess that I know your big fans or his don’t like you don’t like him I get it you do that use like a joint doesn’t change a thing about life in Gotham for this Dark Knight you like me stop doing
man if Joe Clark Joker and The Riddler team BB confusing because you’re going to either is this a riddle or is this a joke thank you thank you
thank you
I think DC is currently exploring it but Batman is in the middle of Massachusetts I between the Riddler and the Joker pinned against each other and the Riddler’s like what and a joker Riddler what it’s a kind of joke no it’s not so dumb it’s more like a test question they should change it they should change it cuz if they fixed it it would be famous
they should you should you should you should write them to fix it he or a million comic book comes out action figure they should fix that we should fix that could I sum up your argument fix that then we’ll be famous as you so in other words we’re talkin about it that’s your argument turned into your mother I don’t think they have that battery cap from I hope somebody somebody take control here if that’s what you guys were doing all right our friendship
this is why I didn’t want to start the D & D we can just keep this going
last time turned out the Bandidos were assassins
that was it
oh really I mean nothing happens
Jay-Z on the Bandidos seems like they were assassins and then we but we we lost the Bandidos really specifically what time what happened is passions was like oh man there is this Relic I was supposed to be guard knows the most perfect tool they’d ever seen and it got stolen and then you’re like don’t you worry pageants
got to go check that out
how many Bandidos were left
there’s two that are dead so there’s maybe four or five bass you which way they went I just woke up out of a dream did they all had One Direction They headed to the north
who’s the fastest
Aberdeen e
I start running as fast as I can
I got a speed of 20
running 20 20 20
you guys can’t even see my legs move all right yeah chance running 20
I know you were in 20 let’s just see what happens there’s no blowing I’d like to run 34 we’re 30
is there a competitive yeah where you going where you guys going north the direction they went
I don’t know I thought you said I did say North I just want to be clear you just say you’re running it doesn’t make any sense all right you’re running yeah it’s been a lot of time but that’s not our fault we would have that’s so you’re running all right yeah you keep running his reactions with little ran off with Dan who hasn’t started running as far as I go chase the Bandidos I can’t hear you because I ran so fast
that’s good that’s what I wanted
chabby we should turn back I just started running cuz I wanted to show you I was faster than you up with them are you over taking me then
all right you see another one of these Bandidos except he’s lying on the floor and he seems to be cut in half what the fuck hey are you okay
he doesn’t answer
I give him a good Shake
he doesn’t answer.
Images to you who did this to you
who did this to you I ran here as fast as I could and did this to you
and that’s an elapid who did you see if he doesn’t answer
yeah it doesn’t have nothing happens I searched the corpse alright he’s got a sharp dagger and he’s got the same stuff as the other guys got a sharp dagger he’s got a sword he’s got a poison pill and he’s got this armor I’ll keep the poison pill just in case
I take a dagger okay
but I don’t I don’t know what I’m trying to know I can’t remember how patchin’s is what his condition is he stabilized he’s yeah he’s fine but he’s wounded all right and in pain
a guy over here
you found a bandito yeah it half
did Thomas poison
where are you
I’m with patches you found him in ham
all of that way are there more
show me a picture
do you have to find matching gym
cancel make back patches what was it I was like I was with like a gem yeah
we searched the area for the gym so you don’t find it if it’s not there
it’s just a dead guy
wait a minute wait a minute I forgot I think from last week
these aren’t real Bandidos
a bear bear they were sent by somebody they were part of some Guild
come back
what did you say I’m sorry there was a tree in the wave bus up the audio was blocked the Bandidos are disguised as being Cheetos they were sent by
what does oh my God
friends and neighbors I am pissed off
Aldi do Guild or something that I’m sure it would we get mad I will find out I’ll have headquarters they’re not going back to the Moundsville town no no no no we’re going back to headquarters is it back to his overplaying which is in it what was the name of that yeah where is that town is mentioned yet you do know it I’m not sure
well I sure the fuck don’t know
is placeholder older population to 1,000 thousand there’s probably a better ways to
catch these Bandidos weren’t really Bandidos then chasing them through the woods and so Steve you’re still by the corpse alright I am alright
where are you man I’m still looking at this corpse alright come back to do but wait wait wait wait wait wait
he took some of them points in high
what’s up with your wiggle
feeling really good about that guy getting cut in half yeah well he said passions like seven times they’re Bad Dudes they didn’t expect us to live to tell the tale catch back up with them which we will once we get to placeholder do do you think they want to place older it’s been a long time since we’ve been to placeholder that’s where we were
we can I get back and report to our superiors
we got a sick passions that I get them healed up but we’re responsible for the back of the lost his little artifacts and believe me we’re going to make right by this kid
should we go now we load up the cart you don’t have a car
we load up the horses know what ever happened to our horses you didn’t take them when you left but there’s no horses for it so he’s just been walking yeah I don’t think you’ve been taking the car
why I always keep walking then quit right when we fucking animals yam to play rock-paper-scissors for who gets to carry the rest of the team in the car you don’t like being a horse I don’t think you have the car I don’t think you would have just dragged the card all this way without horses I don’t think so that might be the case but the horses would have been killed while you guys were investigating stuff so when you came back to the car and they wouldn’t have been alive
you want me to talk to him
I think you should yes yes I do
hey buddy hey man he’s like Ryan who’s what’s what’s going on
what’s happening what’s happening up there what’s going on in that head of yours patches what’s up what’s what’s with that come on I know yeah you think you got a pretty bad huh you got it hey look at this weird hand I have
may I was born with this dceo see me crying
took care of it
I memorized spells like what if I meditate for 4 hours yes I’m going to do a do a new load out alright meditate for 4 hours and wait we should set up a little champ and build a fire going
placeholder and then you started doing ordinary people with a non-player character
Ordinary People
talk to Timothy Hutton about his brother’s death by boat which in which she feels she was cheated because she liked his brother better that’s why he tried to kill himself and needs to see Judd Hirsch as a therapist it’s basically Good Will Hunting
with better actors
and better writers
I think it’s that Mary Tyler Moore not trade Dunaway fuck you nobody know you didn’t know I didn’t know you didn’t know I didn’t know I didn’t know but I don’t think that’s what I was doing when I was talking about my weird hand
so we all watching for 4 hours meditate build a fire or something
silver flame
burn so brightly
when’s the World Learning loadout
for November I’m going to go with Loadout for
create water detect magic mending purify food at
I’m a load out three offense guidance light stain Carlos is doing this I’m just doing like crunches and push-ups preparing for whatever is not only offensive load out cool okay can I take out my compass and look for North you find it North is where we should go let’s go now alright we start heading north let’s find out what happens next time
yeah yeah look at me this is me this is my fault
sounds like a
the number who comes out of the forest
all right you want me to run you provoked 30 attacks of opportunity
I think that’s good yeah she’s proud of himself
what is swig
Zach McKeever Chris Ferrara
Sarah Hill
man it’s never this quiet when Jeff Benz the show so he always hits the music
the City of Burbank the state of California
maybe I was kidding when I called you stupid
maybe I don’t care
we don’t know stay in the fox say stake here and everybody running out of the building that you’re welcome for the tip of the burnt end it if you particular free free goodies and I will see you next week
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I’m out here alone happy birthday to the following people dead Stacy lashawnda Trevor you left your lights on
norcom Industries good job on your third quarter during those dildo glasses
Lowe’s skate skate skate
he’s kidding me loves all of you and I love you guys to thank you for coming out today


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