Episode: 260 – Oym


Episode: 260 – Oym


Duncan Trussell wants us all to try Nitrous Oxide and start a cult, Dan is unapologetic about last week’s show, and everyone shares their favorite stories about Steve Levy’s anatomy.


break free from The 100
hello America how are you
I miss you guys. Last year was fucked up
I just listen to I’m still traumatized
all right
is that back there
Zach McKeever of sound everybody we’re making sure it’s not cool
all right where we got
from beautiful Uptown Burbank Hermantown is now in session
the Gamemaster extraordinaire Spencer Crittenden
I’ve stopped my fair
thanks hello Dan High
looking good I told you back saying I’m going to say it again you’re looking good thank you I’m wearing a hat head to toe balm fell their sponsor really close from the mail for them they don’t have women clothes. I got I got no beef with with women dressed like them distracted by high heel shoes worry about the woman Comfort it’s not because I’m a good person I just worry about it
a reason why you said are you guys here for the show last week even if they were they they have to pretend they weren’t because I told him I hated them
Twisted it meant that they were here and right back they have to admit just been to hear it but I heard that one and I would imagine what it was like there a little a little grumpy that happen are you just a minute just one of those moods that happens because the world is a crazy place right now
a lot of people a lot of people go with Occam’s razor get no pun intended into they think it’s the mustache mustaches change me but I think it’s Twitter withdraw I was talking to my therapist about it I said because I had during the divorce through no fault of earrings and statement about the the the marriage law is just like mine because my therapist warm is it is it doesn’t matter when you divorce one thing that you should be aware of you should meet you at you’re going to find yourself hyper-vigilant about in just as soon as I’ve talked about this up I guess where I where I was like well okay I’ll keep an eye on that and then talk to me just like sending these text messages to the guy who cleans my fish tank that are just like when you read them I was at the time just like I’m like accusing him of black making my life and do an Edward Albee play like a wolf
you need to tell me how to work this late it was crazy. It was it was it was erratic Behavior because there was a Detachment in the red there was a I want to admit it or I don’t want to admit I’ll speak for myself for a lot of healthy people using Twitter very helpfully but as usual as you probably know I was like really fixated on it for a little bit CNN I stop having that outlet for your for that Justice stuff for and you like being particularly like the world like I I I just like them started burped but
talk to you I don’t care what you think he loves you guys he just doesn’t know how to say it the delivery guy from Boo’s Philly cheesesteak didn’t bring both raspberry iced tea samples and I just went all Patty Tchaikovsky about it I just touch it like Robert Duvall doubt they only took Cody do the amazing thing is there’s like a scientific experiment maybe we can touch it if you have like a perfect girlfriend for perfect a relationship there’s nothing on the Wheel of Fortune credit like this woohoo
what you can say that
we could just say that metaphor if you want. If you want the family to stay together that’s why we don’t talk about Dad’s drinking or metaphor is that mean if you want to move forward and have two x but it could end up with you for a while and they would spin the wheel and then sometimes I hate they wouldn’t think they would think they would put something on credit and I to go what the fuk was that anime just keeps spinning and then I don’t know what the hell it was they would push it on account of telling you it’s like an old timey grocery store like I don’t remember that at all
tiny it seems huge the wheels like when the country had Wheel of Fortune media is other things that we fell in love with for like 2 weeks was like Australia for a while there were like eight movies about a guy named Crocodile Dundee and then I guess it was the only Australian we can find it was like famous then we tried something with a guy named Yahoo serious and everything is collapsed like that like Enron we live we live in a Yahoo serious a Jocko basic economy
is there anyway and it was better than you do you do when you get a battery store and you’d go Energizer
there was a there was a 8-year scareware barbecue for Barbies but yeah that’s the one I know that’s bulshit
so the delivery guy brings one raspberry iced tea Snapple
but that man I thought cuz I knew I ordered one I didn’t know Cody Cody ordered when it together out of the country
Jimmy Johns off of guys that can’t speak English there isn’t any can’t spell that the Republicans do an immigrant seems like they have a good day like random learn like eight presidents to just one of them
do the my bikes that’s you know that’s right because they you said that was too easy
I was almost to Clinton almost
Snapple Snapple and then the guy that I bring the food I’m with my perfect girlfriend you know I come back up with the paper bag it’s already know you can already see the dark spots on the bottom so you know it’s going to be good like that
I’m just coming through the bag the dogs are freaking out I think there might be a dead skunk in that bag and one raspberry we ordered Cody says there’s not too icy raspberries and apple know what did they did they are you fucking kidding me God damn it what is with this fucking world and I just talked for 20 minutes at the top of my voice and that would be Charming but she used to abuse that I couldn’t I couldn’t at least just be in a bad mood and share it with my partner so I can just chip say but I had nothing to worry about I just tabulating like all the Injustice is that it happened to me that week because Cody hadn’t done anything wrong I just kept saying
this guy does this to me just got done with you people human race
do you know all of you you ain’t billion of you you just always conspiring to fuk with me and then she was like okay cool and then we watch the rest of everyone
is it good if it was Grandma to worth it worth every watch your first question I don’t know what a specific reason I’m really robbing the cradle but so I put a Gremlins one and you can see the thermometer for our sickness is Rotten Tomatoes like that had some claim on the box office
when it’s when a certain demographic was 10 years old is automatically is way above a 70% and 98% because people are like man solarbabies man custody weekend it was great
I know I’m talked about this laptop out as faces greatest 20% or something it’s ridiculous
yeah I don’t know anyways like there’s a lot of movies with like 80% of Rotten Tomatoes the crap and it’s just think it’s just people just like they’re just like if you can’t look into your soul gentleman at least some of these pieces of shit like that you were a little itty bitty little dummy almost I almost said the r word
I wanted to get that that last sentence you can do it if you rewind that you really can’t seem to get a little less his famous articulate to charm is that exactly cuz I was just the whole time I was like I have started by now you can just do tired I mean I saw it I saw that these guys have to learn English in school
is there a Korean word for donor sucker in Korean we have a word for that but like doesn’t the close as I can get in englishes do dirt with no one has used in Austin but I like Kim Jeong Hoon a little bit more than a president
either he spent a little more attention in English class
he just paid a listen to some of his advisers his haircut he’s the one guitar
I wish you’d go grey but only in the middle and a fucking sexiest shit
he would let you okay
anyways I’m going to start looking like in his old age Korean Steve Van Zandt from The Sopranos Paulie Walnuts the other guy what was it what was Steve
play Bruce Springsteen’s band Dennis and not go anywhere last night so you’re feeling persecuted just a night where you feel safe and you feel happy and protected the pants came through the first pair of pants there they were they were a number of what time do ask if he’s put them in a bag send them back like a Netflix DVD of Gremlins to set of this is 1 Grandma number off of these Gremlin one pants
and like Glide Gremlins 1za you you remember them as being twice as good as the other pair but inside it’s a mess
that movie is a goddamn mess the Gremlins in your head is like a fucking like for God’s sake what kind of weird drivers ed movie is this how many Beginnings are we going to do like what what is that how do you explaining this shit for you fucking idiot the movie fucking terrible people alright so here’s your billion dollars what you going to do if they make Gremlins 2 what am I going to listen I tell you I hate you
I’m like I’m grilling you
I’m gassed up the temperature that doesn’t work for last week because because I am ashamed to be talking to wire
you express remorse I feel bad
are you allowed to make are you allowed to make that face after you say the number to I feel bad if it made anyone feel bad that… Is that you saying I do feel bad if anyone felt bad for it because it was the first part of July I don’t hate the way you make me feel wonderful and you wonderful people especially the people that are closest to the people that do come here it was obviously just as with Cody it’s like I’m just say you people to a bunch of people who bother to be close to me when I’m having them some kind of like fucking moment of turmoil so hurt I do feel of course bad that it hurt you because it would be a terrible reason to hurt someone cuz it was really was a lie and then the third part is the commitment to change so all right I’m not going to stop drinking
when I yelled at me because I quit Twitter cuz I like mixing those two things out but I was I did quit quit Twitter because I was being mean to the people around me on Twitter I was like which is like from one I will see an intervention of my being mean to people think he quit Twitter and then I’m awake now I’m like now I’m having like these weird highs where I’m like let’s go look at shirts and then and then like these weird Lowe’s where I’m like you people in your iced tea but I feel like it’s like it’s better than what it happening because I was having a I was having a problem it’s at so even though it’s resulting in half of the time I’m like a fucking like crazy prayer the whole time of crazy person half of the time I’m on profitably crazy person like
seems like okay well I’m going to wait and see and if that goes like this blank and then what what the person was not on Twitter but it’s also saying weird thing I can I can I just was on tour with you know Ryan Stiles improves and Joel Murray and the gang in the end like we know we have fun and we you know we we go to comedy shows but on the bus all we do is vent about what was in the news that day we get to all our chest but laugh like like I’m a moody person I go up and down to like but I feel like my dad has a more regular than they used to be and I’m like I’m in a bad mood more just cuz of like this the way things are going right now and it’s nice to be able to go out and do, because it makes people laugh and tell stupid jokes and stuff like that would be like like this in January just honest and to find any humor in anything like that you feel like you’re forcing it
like I used to be able to keep my humor about it was like like that was my rule like what if I can be funny while still letting someone know their piece of shit you know like I said that they can’t be funny if their piece of shit and then they’re like that one last look like if it was if it was possible for them to be remotely entertaining that would be a really dangerous demographic because they be like
I don’t have pet Hitler had a dog
I have a job I didn’t get to answer it Nazis don’t have pencils out of the people I know that Rob schrab
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss go in a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands
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let’s let’s let’s let’s get our guests up here might want to try to buy my good friend Duncan Trussell
what are you from last week
to bring that ass here you might have to walk into the other to Duncan Trussell
oh oh boy
we already made that the ballroom happier nitrous is always doing God’s work
but you think you could use nitrous oxide to commune with Spirits it’s there’s actually an in that book the brief history of nearly everything like if you run out of fuel and your ear beating Cannon and he want to really like fuel up and have shit to talk about to just get beat people’s ears and go potty book read that book and apparently some famous scientist was really in the nitrous oxide like used to commune with angels and stuff so yeah it is doing God’s work to do not just that I I was right
I had a friend in high school is the best dungeon master ever that was a gram but yeah but yeah but yeah but I didn’t know when I don’t know what beer is going to one of his grandma’s listening I don’t want to embarrass him but like he said it in a plastic bag and I thought it was like we just don’t serious
terrible mistake of putting a nitrous tank in their fucking van right there like let’s go in the van and do nitrous man but they leave the tank on while they’re doing balloon and they pass out in the van fills up with nitrous oxide they don’t die their bodies vibrate and do Infiniti and they vanish
play level up when they level up it sounds like dying
I would say I would say just don’t have a van to kill brain cells or anything bad or is there a dentist give it to you need to give you brain damage cuz I heard that somewhere there’s some isolated cases. They’re not it’s not like all these people are getting dressed for fucking ever and there’s not like brane holes all over the place there’s a cute few isolated cases it’s definitely bad to deprive your brain and body of oxygen and I would not be surprised if it did cause that depends on the mixture because if you go like half are in half nitrous I don’t know how bad that is for your brain
I definitely don’t have three cans can we get home
if you’re bringing a BLK
can we is it is it is it irresponsible podcasting for us to get a tank of some balloons for a next show
oh man out and watch the world fall apart without doing nitrous publicly is burning let’s try a yahtzee if you haven’t
my advice to everyone anything but yeah I got that covered you don’t need to try
you can get from the lemon of of of social is people having a little controllable nervous breakdown and it’s happening I’m going to try making that birdhouse
I’ll get rewarded and then he’s just like the bird house
I never needed that I’m a Democrat now
problem is the problem with Frank Lloyd Wright bird houses and they look great but they’re really uncomfortable why you make a home merge with nature the birds like what the fuck do you think I’m moving in here for a birdhouse you just said that like you could try anything out of it better not see mine doesn’t know and I burning all right I was thinking about it today and I was thinking like okay if you have to pick an evil monster to deal with in your life would you rather that evil monster to be smart or would you rather that evil monster to be Donald Trump
agreed I mean we’ve all had this conversation at each other’s podcast sad that we’ve all had nine months to talk about this and what we’ve arrived at his is that really him that’s because it’s bumming us out it’s the reveal of the of the engine underneath our country that that made it possible for him to be elected it’s the end it’s the reaction that everyone having today I think we all agree with that but it was that were like yeah if you’re going to act like it is he’s like Hitler but he’s not he hasn’t done anything yet probably doesn’t fart but the fact that we don’t order and you supposed to sign some kid and he just got up and walked out.
he clearly pooped his pants is the kids saying I’m the red fam
oh grandpa
be glad we were carpooling it since he represents most of us even like we’re like you know what and now it doesn’t even matter what if we leave if the if the if the blue side of this like weird two-headed Beast like now takes advantage of the nauseating like we’re going to be more bummed out about Universal Health Care what happens if you get this bumbling guy who freaks out all of his underlings it to the point of trying to jam through these rotten fucking Health Care bills alerting everyone in the country this is what happens when you let super wealthy people be in control they don’t
care about you this isn’t a new idea that’s been happening since the fucking Industrial Revolution so you have this nice reminder look what happens when they start running shipping they don’t care if you die now everyone knows it and then is John McCain has this brain tumor and he doesn’t care about getting re-elected and he’s not in it for politics anymore this guy stops the whole fucking thing which means we’re one step closer to Universal Health Care so I’m not saying this is because Trump is is it is like meaning that to happen or good he’s obviously just as he’s exactly what you would imagine that the Antichrist will look like but still in that do really you know what you want to do you guys does anyone here look at the Bible and check to see if like anyone is the Antichrist cuz the last time I had a fatal head wound that he recovered from its description
are you because you were you were talking about something and I was laying around kind of bomb was the Antichrist I’m waiting for a guy who gets shot in the head in like a war but he survives and then I looked at he had a he had a wound in his head and yet he he lives or something like that or you’re looking at Donald Trump’s but you had the x-ray vision provided you by Christ you wouldn’t see his fake hair and it is at the top of his head just like Darth Vader there’d be this like amazing I fucking would like let like weird symbol or something like where this is weird.
the biggest sideburns turn into his are some of that something that hurt him enough that he ran into his wife’s bedroom and pulled her hair out and yelled at her and said she put it out of that had sex with me with his best semi hard does it hurt someone just sickly
if you want to do nitrous do we get tanks and balloons that are they
I got to do what I got to get nitrous I looked it up I know you don’t need a dentist so what you do is you apply for a catering license in La for real yeah and if you apply for a catering license cuz they have to I guess Caterers or like always making whipped cream or something always
so you can buy it you just buy I can buy nowhere to go right now and buy some whip cream Chargers and probably get back by another show to do with it so I can you get these silver so yeah. I thought it possible legally we’re probably not allowed to do if that’s the coolest way to get arrested
cool ways to get arrested I just I want to make sure we know who we’re getting it to want to get arrested for doing nitrous oxide on harmontown
I want to get dragged downtown
the look it up and look up that thing where you shot of David Lee Roth me like I do and I don’t know if it was fake or it was like fake I mean like what was it I don’t know from a hotel by cops or something or a boy that’s a score and who inhaled the the keyboard cleaner stuff is that is that is that that’s not that’s not the same as doing nitrous oxide she still made it through chicken merged you know is I watch the reunions specialist and I wonder where she’s at now

and favorite episode cuz she’s just seems like there’s a gift but there’s a gift
there’s a cleaner specific to keyboards that I’m pretty sure I have some friends in New York who sublet the apartment to somebody and they got a call from their landlord and their landlords like hey you need to come back and they’re like why and there is like what cuz the person you sublet your apartment to his is dead on your couch and so they come back to the fucking apartment in this guy is surrounded by keyboard cleaner like $1,000 worth of keyboard cleaner and committed suicide via keyboard cleaner and he had melted into their couch so it’s just this like purple bloated melted
course the rounded by Target bags and keyboard fucking
bad subletting
guest in their house asimov’s three laws of subletting
could you use inhaler that we have you would I don’t know maybe I put it in a bag and breathe it out of the bag I’m not sure she was just sucking on a straw say I think you want the number to hell in or whatever that liquid stuff is I think it’s that chemical that they’re into but who knows is that they were going to lie, call the call Animal Control cuz she had cats that she loved what they were like worried about her cats there was like trying to find his bottom line so they pulled the trigger on a box out of the intervention of the night like all right call call the cops are probably animal people about the cat the cops come to our door and then it’s like she’s like hanging out in her bedroom with her sister and then and then someone says like hey the police are here and she goes like
hey can I say something kind of self-indulgent just to add to something that you said before I came out you said this thing you’re not answering or you said the saying I don’t even know I’m not going to call you right to forgive me because sometimes I don’t feel like making people laugh and I’m down wear them up and maybe somebody could play the national anthem while I say this but I feel like the moment people like you and you start getting like that then if there really was some kind of Nefarious Kabul of evil people who wanted to destroy art on planet Earth by making artist feel completely hopeless in the moment you guys are like I’m not going to go on Twitter anymore I’m not going to do this anymore they fucking win be there really winning then and then the thing that you guys put out of the universe gets awarded by what sum fuk
like like really depressing to me as part of the bumper of walking away from it and it’s also part of the the hook that keeps you there but the nice different split is just began off the white and like like go away involves come back and I’m right down the road for last couple weeks is that when you wake up in a bad mood and you you turn on the news I just it’s just like it’s shocking and it goes against everything you believe in just like the simple things like his ties and if you don’t like the misuse of the of the English language and hatred of women and people of color and everything
did the did the great news is that we have to like stay like focus enough to go on stage and still be funny and then the fact that we get to go do that is awesome and because when you look when we’re on stage at the easiest part of the day to go out there and you know just how do you have two double fight it’s like that’s the thing it’s like not only do you have to like not to send in the sadness and darkness you have to like triple activate like the whole point is like to go the opposite direction even though it is we can harvoni or so it seems like God forgive me man but it does milk come there’s no job of a comedian or job of anybody else or job of Comedy or any of that bullshit but just you know basic like when the darkness grows then that’s when you really supposed to be shining little I praise God
exactly I agree if you’re going to be a comedian and it’ll just take a politician not do comedy about Mike Pence because they hate him in Indianapolis that’s a red State they live in there but you can have more on sucking Mike Pence in Indianapolis but the thing is when you tell her I really mention him or say something stupid the people people don’t feel comfortable laughing about anything political I know that no one wants to hear Dan and I are a gas so expensive to talk politics. Traffic is just grousing about the same old shit but will you do a show like we know we got to do improv and comedy you can cuz I’m neutral jug and mention Donald Trump ever mention Nancy device and then whoever
people that might have laughed don’t know who to sitting next to and they don’t know if the person next time is going to be really into that or not into that or whatever wherever was just kind of neutralized and things don’t get to be as funny because no one knows if their parents are going to be pissed off or the neighbors sitting next to them or whatever like comedy you either have to be not talking about politics at all and be hilarious or be Lenny Bruce and be punk rock and George Carlin shit like if I can be so so active this is funny and I’m in some stupid time. Where people are incredibly confused okay fine we’ll still blast it out there man blast it out there because the moment any of us stopped blasting it out there then if they didn’t they win when they win if you keep blasting and you the end you in my opinion at least this goes for me there’s other people just people out there that are good at being angry and we wanted to be angry
but I like if if if I’ve lost my humor than what am I going to fall back out of my my political science degree I don’t know what the fuck I’m fucking researched it and it was like that’s that’s my point like a it was like that’s why I’m out of this flick do you know professional wrestling ring stop running around with a folding chair that looks identical to everyone else’s and like 15 part of the general melee because the enemy wants you to think is the White Sox and then it’s chaotic and Santa did and it’s like that is why I like you know when Lauren ducote weeks when when when when when when my heroes on Twitter right now the people that are like they’re there they have this in sight but then there also like they have this Grace because and then you got like oh that’s an advertisement for being with the on the good guys side because if you can
this stuff isn’t important in shouldn’t make you angry it’s the you’re a billboard you can’t be a billboard dripping with shit cuz and I was like what I do want to buy that razor is covered in shit like that person is not happy that person keeps telling me why do people give me advice all the time like for 40 years the reason why I haven’t quit drinking yet is because everyone that’s ever asserted it with any degree of ghetto is there miserable as if it’s always a deal-breaker I’m like kind of eyes I think maybe he goes home and do stuff to it like that
one of my business I’ve been in place in this target bags
I don’t know what’s in those bags but he’s like he’s like the most Pleasant like anyway. I’m just saying like if you’re telling people to lighten up or if you’re telling people to you know you really got to know your facts are telling somebody else what to do like holyshit you better be happier than them about it is not so much it’s like ethical Compass her moral compass what I love about it is it the way it warps reality and I love the way that white with comedy and a really great great comedians what they do is regardless of anything other than just this is now this is not to say this is how we should a comedian should only be funny or comedian should not be funny not whatever I’m just saying the moment you encounter great art whether it’s comedy or a painting or move you feel hope cuz you’re like you mother fucking cool that’s amazing when you start watching comedians warp what’s happening right now in any kind of way at all that successful
matter how lofty or how mundane I think it adds to the sum total of joy in the world in the more joy there is in the world I just got back from burning man the more joy there is in the world the more chance we have to make sure that we don’t do this again and that’s why it’s important to fucking fight
I said Nancy DeVos I meant Betsy DeVos
I’m still wondering if it’s Lauren Duca cuz the last time I talked to Lauren DeLuca it’s right where you saying it’s important to be sure that that that weird seems cringe-worthy thing is why Jimmy Kimmel going to get sick lately and it raises awareness it’s like some quit you know it was it was it was also like on top of it he was like passionate in and out funny way like put
that is the that why it’s so important I agree with all that and that’s exactly why I’m just sitting there talking to arguing with bucket
I can’t believe over the last couple days I started to like Kim Jeong Hoon in the NFL and Jimmy Kimmel
go back to become agitators
it’s glories and I believe it turns out James Woods when he when he played Roy Cohn apparently was doing it cuz he thought it was a cool guy
I mean I said I do you guys play monsters when you’re like casting a monster like we need a monster
here we go
yeah I just have conditioned by Hollywood expect that guy to be like act like Tom Hanks as soon as they called a human-shaped b-cup
what are you saying I think we’re all saying is like that you can’t just be a comedian and and go out and tell jokes and have fun now you have to do two things at once now you have to be like doing squats and push up at the same time that you have to give it still be fighting for what you believe in which is not always going to be funny and then you still have to smile and and help other people laugh when did do that cute
a bit like a God damn it what do they say in Game of Thrones chaos is a ladder what do they say if you can art whatever the what I was loved about comedians is that you communicate to do whatever they want that means that if you want to be completely shallow have nothing to do with politics and just blurt out some ridiculous thing you can do that it’s okay also if you feel like you have some heady thing to say that has no punch line you can say that to your a fucking comedian you represent the part of the human spirit that is on conquerable by the gods which means that you are ultimately free you can do whatever you want no matter who the president is or the president isn’t so no comedian has a moral obligation no comedian doesn’t have a moral obligation but any time a comedian successfully pulled off real car
they’re bending space you asked me and that bending of space and time and the Paradigm and the Gestalt in the archetypes is a fucking miracle and whenever it happens people are like holyshit is a pretty good Universe hurricanes or earthquakes and all and that makes people feel a little more excited about being alive and that means that my friend’s couch won’t end up with a fucking rotting corpse got it stuck in back nitrous oxide I feel like we’re just only it were only a couple years away from more than art and politics beautifully merge you when we have Center to Kid Rock So I got really great people are great
we don’t need them that’s the main thing we don’t need them we’re fine we’re going to be fine no matter what this is fucking harmontown since it was to be a Colt what happened we’re going to be
what we proved that last week and get Dad told everyone to go fuck himself then face just still here
how to make I started I started I started revealing that I somehow need to sow the seed of the according to the book of of whatever I’m reading you know it just shakes out that the leader of the age of the girl has to be ten years from now because now they’re on live stream and stuff like that has a shot to the artist you to start noticing that I want to start wearing the same color you do nitrous oxide and move to the next level
shut up let’s go
don’t get in that van, I’ll just start doing this together
I’m glad it all said now I’m like oh man I didn’t know what any of that shit meant you know and it’s also another side of that thing that you’re talking about where comedians are like the comedians were basically like after the election they were like I can’t even get back to work get back to work doing what I was doing before was explaining that to defend themselves for me it was like there was this valve in my head where I was like wait what’s the rest of that sentence because you need to acknowledge that what you’re really saying is that you were happy with the way Society was before you know you did a lot of complaining you you you you you you acted like you were above everything and that and because that was like it easier way to like I don’t know it was easier in general is easier to live that way
now that’s another good reason why this happened because I think Comics are they listen to my flow chart it wasn’t I woke up in the morning and looked at a newspaper then put it out of my head and put my clown shoes on my whole thing was that I lived in the world that we were living in together and also was entertaining you and was able to say whatever I want it. Don’t tell me to get back to work and ignore what’s going on with serious like that interesting part is like you you weren’t talking about politics before not that you should have but it’s an interesting than to retroactively go like I liked likes to buy bipartisan fucking technocracy I liked my oligarchy I liked my I like to my thinly veiled or stickleyville Bashas on my like my friend I like my right-of-center Mattress World Empire with my toilet paper was soft because somehow indirectly it was softened with Arab blood do you know
somehow there’s a way to prove it there was a time when British colonial here we’re like this is great you know we’re paying a lot of taxes still it’s okay I’ll make the fucking like arguments back in because it’s like you’re committing treason for real if you were you and I are the same age which means that we have lived for our entire lives without the fear of the draft so we’ve lived our entire lives with these kind of like outrageous American wars that have an American wars are really interesting because in most other places when there’s a war it’s like an actual bar fight you had the person they hit you back and American war we hit the person they don’t have his back and when they do hit its back if they don’t have his back in a way that we’ve deemed the right way to head us back then we called them terrorists so that’s an American war so we’ve
living in a time. Where every single City that we’ve lived in thank God it’s not been bombed I guarantee you don’t know what a bomb smells like I sure it’s fucked on don’t fucking high road me
I grew up in the walkie and yeah that’s like the Belfast of Wisconsin
Sprouts near me
my friend scooty Schumacher Ellis took his thumb off this imagine a lot of m a t that’s what a bomb smells like quote I don’t know what it’s mostly know none of us know thank God too many of us don’t know I hope most of his all of his don’t know what what it smells like when a bunch of people are on fire together we all know that not the American War people on fire we blow them up we disintegrate and we doing it for a very very long time so now what’s happening is it shits getting weird for us and we don’t want it to be weird because we don’t want to get pushed into actual action that sucks but guess what you got to fucking do it no it doesn’t Washington Soldier when he was young he couldn’t tell a lie I can tell them
I still have my teeth I I just I could I could just sleep at most 45 at the right age to just shut up and sneak away with your Trey Parker money and just fucking make your cartoon maybe we can do that with your money man you’re going to use that money for better things and working like you’re going to that you’re going to use that money first of all to shelter all of us and some kind of beautiful compound $1,000 in my checking account that is not a lie I have spent all of my money at my shity drinking Studio but I’m probably going to give up his watch
little bit of fucking Apple iWatch because he come on credit, he still got the test. Am I able to tell which is actually inside the weird when you have a stock that is like it’s something of a yearly whatever and that’s not how many San Anita they got his second ring
wait what were you talking about the podcast revolutions baby were talking about Revolution and its some point in history whether you like it or not things changed this is like if it is no point being a historic if you look at history itself inevitably black plagues World War World War Vietnam things happen shit changes in Wind shift changes then it is up to us the people to do something about it and to not be so decimated by the reality of History which is this sometimes bad people get in the office and do rotten fucking things in our job is not to pay attention to whatever the current laws of the land are our job is to get a fucking catering license in Dubai
rocking as much nitrous oxide as we can man we got to do
and I would also mad I would also add if you’re still at this late date using toilet paper with Arab blood in it stop doing that you know I just don’t know if I could hear it tastes are allies or enemies abroad
yeah I know I made it thank you it’s good to it’s good of you to this is a good time to 2 to get this this boost a minute just realizing that we’re lucky is is exhausting that’s how lucky we are realized how lucky we are that I’m like two days later and I got a breath in my doctor’s like what you done to start somewhere and we are exactly where is like everybody’s hitting exhaustion point at the same time I just like it’s like I’m just pulling into I pulled into the Twitter Pitstop thing and was like I’m doing something wrong. They’re like I’m not because I’m not really doing anything to chat I’m getting angry and I’m like I for all I know on some chart somewhere I might actually helping the bad guy cuz I’m just started like right now
you’re not that much to pull over for a second. What am I doing crazy Munster mobile or something that’s like you were you assembled cuz you like thought about it for a second right there I’ll probably just go back in from Rick and Morty but hey you know I can always be one of those like Casablanca guys it’s like funding stuff under the table or something are you going to like in some kind of like Rick’s Cafe up and goes like I don’t think you should burn
because they’re not white and then they’re like what how do you explain this observation comedy
hey hey Reggie Watts just what he’s going to do is just
that’s hilarious, but you sound like that Matthew from the voice video
when did the Jews in the blanks
I love it when you guys know dr. Bronner soap right. Bronner’s Soap they sell it like the political Treatise written on the back of a manual Bronner his entire family died in the Holocaust and he came to United States and he he like had this like Vision basically I dislike message that he wanted to send and it was like riding I guess little pamphlet that he’s trying to give to people but he’s also making soap and everybody wanted to sell but nobody wanted to fucking pamphlet with a week till you realize I do I’ll just put the fucking but the things that I’m saying on the on the self it’s pretty awesome so what’s interesting about that Family to Bronner’s family is they put salary
caps on themselves and then they give everything over that salary cat I don’t like where this is going
$30,000 in my checking account I’m 44 years old I get what you’re saying that you’re like $30,000 that’s where you’re at put a cap on it yes I want to see if it can be to you just for a second but you could the point is like the moment you do start like figuring out ways to like harness money energy and not using it just be yourself you can start doing shit like what they do is they give money to like psychedelic therapy they’ve given I think over $1000000 to the multidisciplinary association for psychedelic studies is the work on MDMA with PTSD and they give money to all kinds of groups like that to the point is like one form of being revolutionary is actually using your talent to get a bunch of dough and then instead of keeping that money giving that money to US implicitly subversive organizations that are going to like transform Society in their own way that’s how you really would start creating cool
call Tina
there’s also
had to go to his house he just told us in a week is going to be a millionaire so if I can leave
2019 TV shows how do you have $30,000
picture show and they say we’ll take it they give you money they take money you have to go to Bella please show now is it it’s a fucked-up business man I got you I did a really dumb thing opening a studio in a restaurant is it doing you don’t see any other restaurants around here when you trying to be so Nate you fucking moron they owe people money or Sony
Studios report a lost every year but yeah but along the way I’ve got hooked up with some cool people not hooked up
I’ve met some cool people and I thought I’d like to think like car that there will be shows now coming that I’m excited about that maybe would have existed if it if I didn’t go put my big pumpkin on the table TBS and go like plastic
what is saving alerts
pentagram what is that are you one of those guests that the ultimate compliment to they didn’t 911 came and they didn’t say anything kind of did we were making noise at the time what kind of cheer General cheers
General chairs
testicle you be cancer still gone
do you know you stuff to go in every 6 months in like like make sure that the eventually just go you’re free and clear or do they just keep keep it blank when you can make a decision about that and you can make the decision based on statistics so you can go on for a certain number of scans you can go in for a bunch of scans you can like going for like as many as you want and every scan you go go for their you know they’re there looking at your body to see if the thing is like spreading but so yeah it’s a one-point I realize I keep getting like a fucking in my eyes and cats cans and staff in Long X raised you know I’m just going to like see what happens and if I die then I’m going to dive that I guess but so far I feel great and everything is fine so if I kick the bucket forgive me I told the general rule is you’re forgiven
not the physical stuff physical stuff sucks the way if talk to you app isn’t it teaches you about impermanence and like that’s really rough thing because it’s like we live in a society that doesn’t really understand and permanence and most people I remember like before cancer I’ll go and look at my podcast before cancer and I was think about the way I was before cancer and it’s awesome coz you like running around I’m fucking going to live forever shit man I think I really might be one of the people who lived to be a child things are going to turn rex and the computers in 2040 you believe it’s his kind of what’s really funny about fucking cancer is it does exact same thing to you that the IRS does your bank account because like where you like everybody has a temporal bank account so I gave everybody has this like you guys are
you haven’t like really like tasted death you probably have like an a bank account filled with all these years and you run around acting like a fucking trust on Kik
bucking stock with years you go to the ATM and like look at all those fucking years man that’s awesome that’s over here when you get cancer you’re like Buckeye my overdraft
I owe 40 years that does to you is simultaneously obviously tragic but one of the most beautiful gifts of all time and because work gives you
is this like incredible connection within now cuz you’re like you realize like oh my God this big fucking live at how long I think I’m going to live or how long people think they’re going to live this is just another fucking lie time and they want you to believe you’re going to live to 70 80 years because if you believe that in your starting basking in like a responsible living in reality of it is is like lots of you are going to live past tonight and this is fucking chip
there are no doors
of course it’s always my way they use Kool-Aid they didn’t have an open bar so goodnight
I would have been so much easier for you to do those things you like to do I didn’t you just Jesus if you really want these people did that bad and you don’t have to do this so I had to do so much explain and he’s like come on don’t cry it’s going to be okay and you’re just dying that’s all the line that gets to me there’s a line to get to him
mother’s mother’s mother’s stop your children from crying we are merely crossing over to the other side first yeah I know somebody who’s wait who’s talking to his like working on a Jonestown thing and if I can fart and she was like not to normalize what’s happening now but it actually is a little uplifting to stir remember or rather know I was a little child and then she has a baby in 1973 so put your fucking like there’s a lot of parallels I just in terms of the national psyche like they kind of things that you can people back then were as groovy as they were because they too like us felt like
every day could be the last day of America and they really thought that that’s what was at stake they had a lot of reasons to feel that way then and just setting the time and place was like oh God yeah we were in the seventies were like a crazy time for sure it’s not it’s not to say that it is not to normalize it says feel a Sisterhood with the 70s watch the Ken Burns the great documentary on the Weather Underground that you should watch it’s really fucking cool in these fees guys there or something
you guys are dumb
what were you watching Guardians to Guardians do I really liked it was it good I think I may have let it slip that people are nuts about the Guardians thing is so I’ll just I don’t watch the sequel cuz I felt like there was so many purple people yelling and Rocket Raccoon deserves more than have a camera push on him and then say yeah yeah yeah
yeah that’s great I’ll be around Steve aging apocalypse open the Weather Underground Nottawa not to be like to preachy or something but like that one check it out cuz it’s cool cuz it’s the Weather Underground like Obama would actually get in trouble cuz you was friends with one of the members by their motto was bring the war back home so there they are you actually decided they’re going to start blowing up buildings and they did in the way they did is they would call the building and make sure no one was there cuz I didn’t want them to get killed but it was an example of an American revolutionary movement that was like maybe a little fueled by psychedelics like they’re just like in the documentary that talk
being in their van no nitrous feel like here we go again having an orgy and a van is there driving to like put explosives in a government building to blow up to protest the Vietnam War and when you look at that and then didn’t throw your moral compass away so just when you look at that you realize how great people really are
really because you realize like these people don’t need to do that they could just fucking ignore the Vietnam War like anybody else they could just ignore it ignore it go to your job we’re all doing fine man we’re fine you guys have money I don’t know what you have you have a little bit you’re not start work fine so it’s easy to ignore which is what they want so it’s kind of cool when people are like fuck this we’re not ignoring anymore and then they go to this extreme place which I’ve obviously not advocating anyway but still it represents what can be done and it’s a really inspirational thing to watch because you realize like shit man we could be doing a lot more than we’re doing you know we can be doing lots lots more and if we all start doing lot also build a birdhouse you don’t have to blow a call back man that was probably an easier easier to blow
I dislike when the antipode started punching people I was definitely like having conversations like you know I think they’ve gone too far but like one of the things then I started like researching them a little bit and this will get me in trouble on the internet cuz anytime you like do any kind of like emphasis on like me.
Like a bunch of tweets like you fucking idiot
done a girl like I’m not on Twitter maybe Auntie 5 is not so bad like I am very happy to say that one of the cool things that they
what what are the cool things that they say or one of the coziness of people break windows in these protests may break these windows and people are like how could you break Windows of local businesses and the antifa they call those people window protector
text window
windows are going to break exactly broken will be polished by Nazis so I’m breaking a couple windows. So I just as I said on your podcast I’m just so fucking grateful that like that not all kids are just some of the cooligans right so I fucking like I’m so grateful to my hooligan kids who are like I might be a hooligan today towards the man and I will admit man I did complain about the movie getting anybody in there and felt listening I’m sorry they don’t forgive so I guess they’re going to Haven
image of someone from antibiotic of a silly thing is it is it like that they’re not like a
one of the pieces spokesman for the perfect chapter events if I want to have also like what the platform and all the stuff and how you’re using it so I had got some girl come on it seems like she’s an Eleanor Democrats talked about believing in the system in the election was fraudulently my tweet you know there’s like like she wanted her to have her signal boosted for that reason I also want to have their for somebody from the DSA people between me and stuff and and somebody from from auntie and that you guys have always been so kind to the lake lake lake lake that. That’s what I want to sprinkle those folks in because it’s like turbulent times and I was like I don’t know if biased, I don’t care if I’m biased I don’t do anything I don’t know enough I want to have people on a talk about like what to do cuz I like I do I don’t know what to do so I want to talk to the people that are like I don’t care if they’re doing
shit that’s like ugly whenever I want to talk to him all right things are good yeah yeah last time I saw you a couple weeks ago you were a little down in the dumps yeah you know why

we don’t know what happened I guess I have my heart broken heart broken can you talk about what happened we we we always started seeing each other for the first time really and trying to make it work she was in New York and we are you know seeing each other back and forth for a little bit and then the last time I saw her as we we we parted ways
yeah you guys you guys went there after a lifetime of childhood sweetheart eat yeah Fox and the Hound shit I guess as you would say we had a real will they won’t they now the question is has been answered and it’s won’t they won’t
yeah I will after all those years he was like I guess they will and now they won’t but they might again be good there and I I don’t know and I don’t have no agenda about like setting you up or when Manning or anything I just I heard through the grapevine that the reason it didn’t work she complained about something like like your your penis was naturally ribbed and vibrating
but you can’t control out fast at 5. There was like right on the back of the helmet is like a like a pair of rabbit ears that come out and go like that
you got a crazy cock man
a little too crazy for some unlucky woman but all I’m saying is don’t girls aren’t ready for the perfect car
and your dad was helping move sandbags for flood victims
I thought it was purportedly that with Ryan Gosling and
I thought the problem was Whenever there was a disaster in the world your talk with detached
how can I ask cuz I was like hungover how do I get to share my picture of me having sex but I was I was having this conversation is it isn’t what you think it takes a lot of water to to result in a load of selling a recipe you’d only put a little bit of your body doesn’t put a little water in a in in the in your balls and then put a little bit of sperm powder
takes a certain amount of water in a certain amount of sandwiches like how many
what do you think my going to load of a load of ejaculate like which is like I think it’s like a hundred million sperm is the only sperm it spread its 1.2 terabytes of data
I actually did see the genetically like a genetically the DNA in a sperm equals is equivalent to 35 GB I don’t know if it’s a real ones prue’s half of information to take to make a person how much how much how much data is in a person’s day it’s amazing that is 2.4 terabytes applies when you’re downloading stuff into your computer is having an orgasm
what is it a computer science major or a chronic masturbator
I don’t know what you could be happening 124 terabytes are you correcting the data off of terabytes just so you know I did my doctoral thesis on College come
1.2 I mean that really is like we’re coming up on the close to Lincoln was it Pettit petabytes is next to like my grandpa
I just did it like like pretty soon teleportation man once you can store everything I don’t know teleportation is bad news man you know about like once you teleport your dad you know I mean that philosophical if they have that is true though you can’t prove it I can’t prove it’s me let me ask you this
if you could if you could pay but if I see you got to fly across the country and if you could pick teleportation but you got to get kicked in the balls or like flying on an airplane what do you pick never want to teleport because it’ll that’s like going to the suicide Booth
Hill’s you invent teleportation eventually there’ll be a society I think we’ll be dead but there will be this like concept of like virgins you know people that haven’t been teleported you should talk to Gary when Jerry talks you can kind of sense that he was because using the cells that he was born yet cuz I only date teleporters black-and-white ink we can’t print anything without fucking are as you think we can print people back out of the fucking Outlet
a copy if I can shape it will be so fuck you come out you don’t like I don’t know Spanish anymore
and you know who’s going to say you never knew Spanish the fucking shit that work by the teleport to me a million times a day and he’s just like
teleportation is based on the disintegration rent integration of the human like atomic structure what if it’s some kind of like
lockdown at school
that’s what’s scary is like walking through a door into another place super cool cuz it’s like Larry Niven and it’s like wait in the fucking future but in this world there is teleportation I don’t know if it’s like finding the time-space Continuum are awake destroying your Atomic self and reintegrating or whatever but what’s interesting about it is like there’s no such thing as like anyone City all cities have become one massive City because there’s no longer any kind of like distance between City so what happens on this like like super futuristic Earth which is really cool is it and also they’ve gotten to level where they can like change their skin pigment to suddenly the Fashions on the planet change like day today because everyone so super-connected so like one day
people just start glowing or like certain Flagstar patterns will appear in people’s faces and stuff because they become so interconnected that like because I’m imaginative car wreck I didn’t bother
I was thinking a crazy man
I wasn’t either one of us could make your come
by the way man when you were talking about that it was really funny cuz I kept thinking like an awesome cooking show basic come we’re going to put it into Tyler and I’m going to wait 20 days on a very first episode of chopped Junior
that’s all I’m saying is that you have to take it all this why we were talking about the biological process for Mana Genesis thing around like researching, lies and or have sex and or intentional like I sex with me as weird but I felt like sometimes you laying there and you like man I don’t know if I’ll ever get out of bed and then that’s what I like I like I got my iPad unlike tell me how sperm is made it because then I think like if I watch it and then I like maybe I will start getting made and then I can get out get out of bed or am I on my I don’t know exactly the only deal a scientific thing that I know is different isn’t it I know I can’t get out of bed so I think I knew somebody who worked in pouring in there
when Peter North like finish the scene and then he finished Peter North was like famous for coming a bunch he finished coming and then after he finishes I asked you were you were you watched Peter North, like what happens after he has for pina colada
I guess I could but I need some cereal what are we going to trust if not him like I like big Peter North is maybe he’s just joyfully wrong but maybe he’s like expertly right he’s eating feckin many weeks and milk because it kind of reminds him of come when he looks at it like that must make come like Golden Grahams bag I mean that makes sense that was his papa is finished sometimes you feel like me and I kind of with this has been great I love this feeling but also like can I get some motivation back can I start living in denial again could I what am I going to do to do that you think the refractory. Must be
is that like your balls start I just have to assume that your balls start making I don’t know. It’s really really you at Chris Ryan on the show before one of the ideas about the refractory. Is it from an evolutionary perspective it’s better for a woman to have multiple mates so that I can feel like is in the strongest sperm that’s why I don’t want to because there’s a driver in the primordial past you’re making love you, come inside of her you’re like I love you I’m going to go to bed and then you like start going to bed and then your friend is like a nice are fucking I don’t know either you’re like yeah man more the merrier
make sure that a why can women have multiple orgasms important is that some kind of like weren’t like making likes to powerful loads whatever that may be
I come back to the gym show
I’m talking about, I really do you got to go on come town
a woman can have multiple orgasms with a i
we’ll be right back
you hear that time it is.
You’re talking about at the Wonder Woman for me or you can get it
Joseph Fair
finish it. I’m sorry I like this really intense reaction to orgasm refractory. Where is a woman can have multiple orgasms and the implication according to Chris Ryan is that well this is clearly like created with the idea of like a multiplicity of level needed like update to Desmond Morris whose fourth in the sixties but Desmond Morris is theory about that was that I don’t want to be part of a patriarchy date was the men fall asleep because then you Bond emotionally with your lover there is a scientifically like it it goes back to it it’s all has to do with human babies being more biologically bowlero Bowl then tiger babies do your babies and
I don’t know I think white Chris Ryan my mind for pair-bonding because our babies need two parents could still pair bond I mean like it’s nothing you can’t cuz I D isn’t that you by the way I’m like severely embarrassingly monogamous so don’t get me wrong I’m not some kind of like just got back from Burning Man Dan and now I’ve learned we got to be non-monogamous your girlfriend’s pretty desperately in food based on insecurity completely fucking Menahga kind of would be and I can’t this is not my idea like I couldn’t do this but I do agree if you really love somebody
when you want him to come a lot that was you
damn I have to love you and not him if you really love me right next to the Steve perfect cock leaving right here
let her have a good Saturday night Saturday night and if I’m Cody
now you’re talkin
I want Cody to not want that from my pobms society that I was born into because of my own levels of insecurity and where I’m at in my life and I want to be monogamous and I will continue to be monogamous I’m not changing that that’s me that’s why I have always been like that can’t change it but if you look like if you like zoom out what evolution wants and do you realize monogamy itself is a cultural it’s like a new and position with this whole thing about anarchy versus capitalism cuz it’s like what I was like oh you know what I get to pretend I was born into the stainless steel concrete jungle and that it wasn’t my idea to do this but hey will you be my girlfriend and I stopped at the same time is on my cat wasn’t my idea to have the American dollar be the standard of the entire planet
you going to do that and then but then push comes to shove as in cultural upheaval and right now capitalistic we were going like again but not the more popular way to do it but it is the way that would like like we would an end and I think you’re saying the same thing about polyamory or whatever they call it these these kids you can just a begun a bathroom here
did you hook where maybe not I have a special bathroom upstairs and rhinestones and just two daughters that… But but yeah I’m actually not guilty of dishonesty when should acknowledge there’s a Freer humankind’s yeah that functions better and healthier but then also it’s important than to go just as I did before I quit smoking when I was like I like smoking like my therapist says awareness acceptance change people skip acceptance by ping pong back and forth that’s why I don’t quit drinking I have to accept it first become aware I drink a lot I still working on accepting it
then I’ll change it later I seen you except a lot of drinks
yeah but that guy with the boil it’s all one big city
all right well I apologize to Spencer I know he’s going to say if he doesn’t give a fuck but like that’s cuz he’s my son but
all these jokes about fucking my mom all of a sudden a line and my fascination with, right my acquaintance with, as normal.
Play the Spectre Levy Cox
OBEX firm is there when you need it and if you get thirsty afterwards it get you a glass of water without you asking
Court cam lady in the morning and makes you the best avocado toast
little basil off a fucking perfect
are you at Mikado tell she’s just a sandwich right forget it
let that let let Duncan know you wanted to come back by it by thinking of them with your hands
Nike jacket
Duncan Trussell
I feel like you just make everything a little bit better than Fred back there fucking my girlfriend
in the beginning of that ran until you’re going to say you wanted like it just sounds like you’re going towards you wanted like him hitting are paying for mental calm clicker like cookie collector where do I get the air working so they can you like manufacture your own sperm and I know you’d have an understanding of language fails a guy that it is a truly fascinating saying that as as mammals we like we taking energy and then we have a little Factory that have to dangle between our legs because it requires like a degree cooler environment just for the just for the chemical process of making them not storing them once they’re made they’re fine
little fucking missiles going to just loaded with the need to hit an egg and there is like simultaneously genius is an idiot so there’s a disposable and but like woman’s eggs are like like they’re at finite and they’re like they’re both are the size of the sun compared to a sperms rocket and like all of it I don’t know whether we have enough time wait wait wait at least we should have time
Spencer’s in charge of the thing so if he says like yes
what was that I’ll just pretend it because I was not here
always good
I’m here driving that has a really long time for me
put you out man read me
I had to tell you this thing okay corn field the Buddhist teacher
You Don’t Know Jack kornfield he owes me ten bucks is not here right and guaranteed guaranteed there’s a bunch of people here right now have a fucking broken heart cuz that’s what it means to be human but there is a jack kornfield talks about how there’s a story in Judaism where there was a rabbi that made his students hold the Taffy North Temple and you know that is the Felon to Villa in the film don’t stick to it
NASA NASA invented a
you’re right it is one of the Weird Mysteries of the universe is the eggs don’t stick to it what is the telephone
we talked about this earlier in the year remember I got accosted in Beverly Hills by the point is like inside this box or these Scrolls and like I don’t know what’s written on them but there’s something amazing written on them so Jack kornfield tells his story how like I already know you if I can make fun of this man I know you’re going to let her tell the story is he a Jewish Buddhist Buddhist like a lot of people that I learned from our roads are like they started off Jewish and they became like Buddhist or Hindu but the whole thing is like
I’m not going to say it says
did you heard that somehow got out of a Bazooka Joe
that’s not fair the title so so the ideas like this Rabbi it like makes his students hold that the fellow in to fill in and get it their heart when they’re when they’re like saying prayers one of them said to him why do you make us hold this against her heart when I were saying for years and he said so that maybe when your heart breaks the prayers will fall inside
at school right it’s a nice thought.
Broken which is a very rare occurrence in the human Incarnation really doesn’t happen all that much but when you finally get your fucking heartbroken you are walking through the kingdom of heaven like you are in heaven right now you don’t realize it you don’t realize it cuz like everybody thinks heaven is like just like you know infinite love blow jobs or what I don’t know if he’ll take care of it is but that but that’s not what happened is having his direct contact with reality so right now you’re having direct contact with eternity and it not sit like a holy moment and so like you want the window shots that’s why I’m saying man like your heart break when do you probably got like another like I don’t know 20 years and then you’ll starts out stopped suffering I can I can I can I can be smarter than this.
I can get off work so I can beat him I can beat them to your heart your heart so your heart’s broken you know what else is broken a baby’s skull you know why so it can grow into an adult skull There You Go Japanese yard of pottery you know sometimes their pots break and they actually have this this method of of reforging the pottery pieces with gold inlay and it’s actually more beautiful within a day was before it was broken and that’s you you’re going to be a ribbon with gold in it
Steve leaving everybody
the Broken Heart of Gold
I forgot to drive home and everything all right
Strike Back. Sarah Kevin Prince Philip met in the bar
Prison Break video game master
are the Raiders playing the kids
hi Jeff Davis are coming on the 2nd having me back at your parents down home and everybody
play Donnas


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