Episode: 263 – Seventeen Chicken Boots


Episode: 263 – Seventeen Chicken Boots


Jeff revisits the idea of zip-line transportation after Dan meets with Elon Musk. “Harmontown” documentary creator Neil Berkeley comes by to talk about his new film about Gilbert Gottfried. The show ends with a fan submitted rap that does a lot of thin…


Oh Yeah from the Cozy confines of the starburns industries recording booth harmontown is now in session
put your hands together for Steve Levy everybody
hey and the mayor of harmontown
Dan Harmon
alright thank you for waiting can I get a little more of my favorite person in my headphones is that possible to hear myself better you have more of me trying to dance around it but it’s me thank you for waiting if you’re a subscriber and you’re watching it with my fault I got here late and also you know. Some apologies will just start with the show with apologies cuz we’re at this is like our second but really official week doing this out of here we did one week where was like church was running around with the camera is our second week of like right here we got we’re broadcasting from this booth so it’s like a preschool you know we’re going to we’re going to try to make it a little prettier it it it’s the work will try to will try to come up with a system where we’re starting right at 8 so that uses subscribers can at least be gaining things from this transitional period like okay
at least I know it’s on time now that there’s no audience who knows if you like the audience more or hit the audience and are so happy that we’re doing this but in any case like we we we are going to regret it we’re in progress like we’re going to keep on like evolving this is the castle going to be a thing again isn’t going to get back online yeah we are currently as active as human beings possibly could be in trying to legitimize that space it’s a bunch of City Hall stuff Burbank is a a city where parents are wild they have wild parrots in Burbank it’s a crazy town you can still walk in off the street into a vacuum cleaner repair shop cuz it said it’s an old world Community underneath the Frozen Chocolate shell of of antiquity and provinciality
and they saw a 900 Millennials on a sidewalk at get out late at night and they freaked out and I’m not saying that we were in violation of a thousand play John’s runs unhindered deals and diarrhea and they’re allowed to function freely so there’s a whole process we are of us but maybe we can make it part of the baby we can do like remote pieces where we have Nolan like check in with us basically his full-time job cuz he used to eat when he killed in terms of booking the room now now he’s just a man without a country so we’re paying him as much as we can to make his job to like get the venue legitimize so he’s like having to interact with City Hall people and he’s going to go to meeting with some things we should be documenting that and go out there and Mike podcast from city hall or were trying to clear this crap up in my crew
resume a Microsoft zoom zoom called hanging out in the booth of the trash bag
weird shining a spotlight on some of the lake like no one’s out there hitting the hard sweaty streets of Burbank dodging wild parents trying to get our permits back and you know let’s let’s do for captive Chris burrous wife who you know it work we’re crammed into burbank’s largest Harmon owned video booths when I when we are building the studio the room that we’re sitting in right now was was full of like boxes of social security numbers and inspirational posters from a failed tax company and there was a literally a guy in there in the corner of the room with the last phone plugged into the wall no desk standing and basically saying yeah I got to call you back next to a garbage bin full of everyone’s taxes as if you were a dumpster diver you could have walked out of this place with like it would have been like an Equifax on a very low
probably a bunch of Burbank business owners social security number but anyways this place is a pile of garbage we built and I said let’s build a booth you know the partners at Star Burns were like all right and we started talking specs and I was like guys one of these days we’re going to be podcast and out of this thing make it big still not big enough to podcast out of comfortably I mean that make it look cool and Chris just there for it with my point is Chris Sakura right now the same size as the Howard Stern’s little worse when they build the set for your TV show it’s like it always looks way too big you know you always go like people why is her house so big and then they always says trust me it’s going to look like confined I think that the Howard Stern room is probably twice as I hours it’s the cameras make it look bigger because it never seen The Wheel of Fortune the actual physical wheel it’s tiny
they say it’s like there’s like five feet across and it looks twenty feet across but if you have everything on TV the Jeopardy set is like as big as this room but you put four cameras in there and you get some angles going and it looks giant it’s all bulshit that Chris is doing a bad job cuz it’s like if it looks cramped in here then you’re saying it’s a camera we will we don’t have the same kind of we don’t have Jeopardy cameras in here we’ve got bottoming off our list of apologies last week I think I think we like I was in a full on Blackout not so much from drunkenness but just from like man shame I didn’t hear the show but you told me a little bit about it but I but I would and I didn’t watch it and I’m afraid to listen to it but I thought it was what I do know is that apparently our faces were behind the microphones the entire time like I think that people buying larger like a I like it I’m I’m a person that listens to the podcast I wasn’t getting as much
getting something in directly out of the 200 people in the audience but then there’s other things to be gained from our ability to focus and thinks I’m sure it’s a mixed bag Aunt Natalie but your subscribers do we take you very seriously and do you solve sexism and no sexual assault last week and I didn’t talk for 2 hours trying to convince people as a good person but my importantly important thing that I wanted to talk about that week was it’s time for guys to be having these conversations with guys and with each other with each other and with themselves and in the end it’s in and maybe a tenant guys having said that I wanted to confined things to expressing my own self to to set an example and I want to say it but I’m sure I said a bunch of that but like what I what I wanted to do was say like okay for now on the rule is we speak for ourselves that you know and and so I wanted to just say
but that’s where I’m at Consciousness has been up heaved that’s good you have to aerate the soil you have to Chisel the ice when you clean the freezer tightly-packed things that you don’t have to think about their flawed things whether your Revolution is racial class-based gender-based whatever it is however one man Million Man non-binary March any Whatever Whenever the movement is I think it’s all as my therapist said it can all be summed up as Consciousness examining unconsciousness and saying you need to be examined you can’t you can’t keep ruling from beneath and Hazard I’m sure I’m staying stuff that I already said last week but as a writer I celebrate the unconscious I was always like the time the grimy monster I’m going to teach you the things that you don’t think about her more important than the things that you do think about your being decisive yourself it
narcissism is out it’s not fashionable anymore because it’s okay to be a big baby till 4 but you got it but now I think the new rule is okay but don’t like don’t just brag about it and be like okay I’m going to do nothing about this like otherwise I feel like a fossil
walk with me where dinosaur is like like we’re not even that old but but our way of thinking is just not going to do it anymore like we were not allowed to skate by on the that the presumption that what we say goes because if that was never a call cuz I was in the right place but now it says we we have to adjust we must have just passed we must we must adjust our bust the bigger the better the tide of the sweater or sitting here holding some beautiful glassware made by Jane cook one of our solid lifelong her man hands and yet it’s been brought to my attention that she have now it left the folder that she does she’s boycotting us or or what’s happening what you know I don’t know anyting I don’t I don’t
last week because of your I don’t know I would find that hard to believe I don’t think so I think it’s possible for me today and said that she was at the library bar in New York and wished I was there and it’s not like she mad at me maybe she’s just mad at you or harmontown or is it definitive is it is it safe to say she’s mad I don’t know I don’t I don’t know if it is what do we know what I know I got a text from her saying that she was going to stop a listening to the show stopped kind of following it like but she didn’t characterize it as as a complaint but we’re used to try or they announced me that you’re going to sever the connection with something as is but I don’t know also then the question would be well then what would you do if you wanted to be healthy for a dishonorable discharge what would you what would you do you know she’s in a unique position because most people have the luxury of they can just stop listening
New York to be on the show. She didn’t have the guts to show up and defend herself I think when you look at it from her perspective I’m get it I mean it’s because of you actively is possible without any speculation of her subjective experience but I would say as somebody it’s pretty easily observable that she was very entrenched with the listenership she was she was basically running a kind of unofficial / official emotionally official Facebook page Facebook group of of of listeners and all these things are like awake when you’re that when you’re that when you’re listening is that active then you’re then you’re something that for the rest of us can just be forget Game of Thrones has to be an announcement this kind of emotional maturity and I are regular people stop coming like empty doesn’t go to the show anymore once in a while maybe go to the drawing-room while we’re doing this that’s their harmontown now is being at
they fill up their little Cup who was the Russian guy who it was tension and now that you’re not like a special audience member now you’re just going to bail but it’s like there’s a positive way of saying that which is so you were like a friend of the show and experienced a shower and a higher level and Round by The Grateful Dead concerts I’ve seen enough Grateful Dead concert but if the Grateful Dead brought you up on stage for three of the concerts and stop and you therefore had an account where people were asking the Grateful Dead question then when you decided not to go to Grateful Dead concert you might have to announce I’m moving on I’m not going to be listening to the Grateful Dead anymore I will not be at the next concert and then someone might go cuz he mad but the answer might be not really has been around the Meltdown for so long it seems like they’re real
classes like groups of people who came to harmontown seeking out like-minded people and they like became really close friends and they would go every week and eventually like graduated from a program and then like every I feel like it was like every year he said like there would be a new group of people that would come in and get the the first row of chairs and then they would all become friends and then they would move on and be like a week if you go back through the years you know you definitely see like just sent me some post there was the Jane like GIF of the harmontown sick of being taking off the car and then
James said enough of harmontown nonsense time to find some new nonsense hashtag Harmon frown hashtag moving on Harmon frown will Jane if you’re listening first of all busted as we’re learning from so many of our sisters. You got to step forward speak up and say what happened to you so that it can be addressed we can’t we can’t if something bad happened and you want us to talk about it and that’s the first step is to communicate with the fact that she was texting me friendly like today and makes me think that there’s no no harm done in our likeness ever do you know the Apple but I’m also leaving harmontown isn’t a bad thing like you has no reason why you should always listen to the shit about Any Garment frown
is a bad thing you got to turn that frown upside down right because pee is yellow on the off-chance that the offense was we are now participating in an unhealthy syndrome so let’s move on all right what else is going on how’s Spencer’s new car I wish you was here to talk about it but I am curious to hear your thoughts about it who is Spencer got a Honda CRV what was that thing it was Eddie was at iconic is the Mystery Machine it was Jorge Ben surf it is I don’t even know it was purple and it was and it was you know it it it was infused with pie when you get when you get your ear because you even talking then cuz I don’t you talk about how rich you are and then lately you’ve been saying that you’re you’re broke brother broke but then you going to get this Rick and Morty
fortune and I’ll be right on your way I will soon be rich I’ll make a pitch and I might even help you out on this one because I want this to be a thing can we get Spencer it like like a mystery machine like can we get him an airbrush just like Ford Econoline van with bubble windows and it my Kings & Dragons are brushed me aside and let me say we can step up and we can step up that Spencer game a little bit bicycle you don’t want a car I don’t I don’t need one I do want we don’t you do I need my next car to be a Tesla which I cannot afford so I’m waiting Wide Awake too didn’t you meet Elon Musk or what’s his name but I wanted to be different to have him for the scientific famous people have him make you
a a a a a hybrid van or an electronic like Eve and I mean somebody suggested that I ask Elan my friend first name basis to make me a dedicated hyperloop from my home to work and they said it’s it’s a it’s a it’s an imaginary L train for rich people that you just goes super fast just from one of his many dreams right is the only reason what if you forgot your wallet you got to drive all the way back up there it’s a nightmare but if you did live up there and you were like Drew Carey money or you know Sam Simon money you’re up living at the top of Mulholland Drive you get a zip line
to the free places that you like to go to that one time we talked about this job has to go back to the to your house a little Dom’s drawing-room for ski lifts if you get you get you get a number of zip lines that are proportional to your financial bandwidths contribution to society whatever metric want to promote zip liner so I can fast travel ski lift from the drawing-room to back to my place that would be worth its weight in gold well kind of what you’re talking about cuz you just drinking all the time I’m still here but I might die in a list going back and forth also there’s like a liquor in our houses were grown men like we’re not
go out to drink I don’t drink I don’t drink at home unless I’m with someone else we talked with the zip lines it was years ago is are UCB show in New York when we’re doing the great minds pilot and you guys were an abscess and Spencer was back when Shane was our friend that was a podcast on how to upgrade in zip line to ski lift because I don’t want to have to do it like hold on to shit I want to just be like the old lady in Gremlins and take a take a fancy spare chairlift the Los Angeles like the Winchester Mansion in there but I just got a bike which is kind of like a healthy version if you take a
down to Sunset Junction which is what we did and I had to defend your you got to go uphill I know it was a wonderful experience I was like I can’t believe what if you had One Direction the band actually just carry you like a litter it’s like shrub now if you really had money and you could afford at some point everyone has their price you could get one direction to carry you like on their shoulders to places if you really really had to do I don’t know why you would do it I work with them once Carly they only showed up for a shoot day so I was a stand-in for I believe who is Zane and I had to learn their song before they got big like in the United States and so like during run-throughs I have to sing that song in front of all the Nick execs and let you give us a little piece of it
give me a little bit that song go that that’s what makes you beautiful it’s like the what’s the hook note all right there’s like remember the I don’t remember the words I honestly don’t I try to forget I didn’t know what he was talking about cuz I just thinking about a lawn musk beautiful tall worked out masculine intelligent frame that you guys met each other I leave for 4 days and you’re hanging out with a lot of much he’s got he’s got kids and those kids are at that Rick and Morty age Griffin and are waiting right way but I don’t know if it’s kids I don’t wait around 11 that horrifying as my kids names are in public or something
I’m kidding strike his name from I don’t know that I’d Ox one of his kids or something that actually his name or you just like threw a name I know it’s not the rules are with people’s kids you know like Adam Savage had a I was hanging out with him and his kid at Comic-Con I took a picture of them I tweeted it and then a lot of Adam Savage Savage fans that know him better we’re like she doesn’t know his kid is not his kid is off-limits he doesn’t want people tweeting pictures and fear of this kid is actually a myth so I so I took the picture down and Adam text me and said yeah but he just turned 18 he’s his own man now he’d love to he’d love for you to everybody’s got their own rules like which and and who are we to see if my friend is Elon Musk my new best friend I can only speak for myself because here’s a story
he tweeted at the Rick and Morty account I believe responding to something McMahon had a conversation about the simulations back and forth and then his assistant reached out to us to set up an hour in contact with his assistant and I think you know I didn’t want to push us mother I was thinking like Thea be a delicate cool dude sit down have some chicken with him. Talk to you about a couple of things did you Justin did the voice for the kids is a new toddler daughter Medusa come on I’m not going to let you threaten my new friendship Utes you two are going to get along I’m jealous I want to know Adam Savage through you and I was very excited and is walking around, kind of New York with a neanderthal Neanderthal femur femur with him
famous Freddie’s like incredible costumes that are so extreme that you can’t tell it’s Adams outside massive space outfit I’m going to give it a couple weeks let it cool you know not to play these like red pill Dating Rules but not seem desperate then we can we reach out to the assistant
with a line like to come on harmontown I don’t have a job okay I don’t know I don’t know how available he is out of all the time then I’m like all right final will he do ours too
but if you never doesn’t he never does I’m done that then then then I’m like okay cool but maybe by me on 2 hours because I’ve been I’ve beaten because because because presidents are just mucks to do for year parasite is a historical figure is Howard Hughes on your car using your show and if they haven’t heard you then Howard hughes’s show pointing at himself with two thumbs right now am I just got to be a lot of stupid people like I like it would be a historical event for him to come on the show and have a chat and from the brief little you know conversations I had with him I just think it would be a really fun conversation because a couple things that I’m really stoked about my new friend he put He likes all the same video games I do he’s like so into like the Bethesda stuff in Fallout
Kentucky be even just talking to about Fallout 4 me if you want to go play Fallout 4 again and and it hehe and also I really without without oversharing cuz I want him to know when it gets back to him being friends with Dan Harmon isn’t going to put you at risk of any over what do you call it leaking what I oversharing I was over right now he’s not going to Chevy Chase you this is a very private guy you can have a very discreet friendship with your new friend Dan Harmon how does he know that you’re not going to Chevy Chase did Chevy Trax like are good like awake awake play his voice mail I got you can leave me a voicemail saying like
really I having trouble with the mountain mountain digging machine them I just need your help I know you play a lot of Minecraft and I’ll like I’m not going to tell the audience guess what’s going on like I said that’ll ruin it you know but but so what was my point oh without without over-sharing I just want to say about my new best friend a lot must that I really liked one thing about him particularly not for about an emotional experience with perspective is like during the conversation we briefly touched on an area of where he he was like he was he was explaining there was a it was a guy basically he didn’t like those are some of the guy whose point of view he didn’t write he thought was as he called it very dangerous who are talk about the a I think he was talking with the guy and I really like the fact that he was like like simultaneously
totally adamant about like how this guy is like so so his thinking is so dangerous and he’s it but also like he never called the guy an idiot he didn’t like dismiss him that I would because guy is dangerous like you know it’s like that cool kind of like he was like a general like observing like you know this guy is going to want a popular of thoughts about this the direction of this technology and that guy is like he’s a dangerous thinker and when he when he kind of a numerated the things were dangerous about this person it was all rooted in honesty it was like his like this guy is good at this this this and that and all of those things and having, they’re all they’re all about deception they’re all about manipulation like and I really you know that’s that’s why we’re going to be like fucking capital B
capital F Capital apps
just because we’re at we’re like you know it’ll be like well you eat your guts likes don’t Funk it up. You’re you’re making you’re making it sound like you’re going to steal the Elon Musk away from the world and you guys are going to go live on a little beach together no no no no I was reading this article he just so Tesla’s have the automated Driving Systems and apparently insurance companies like a premiums on Tesla’s so they created their own in dike in sure they’ve done it internationally better now starting to do what they paired up with Liberty Mutual I think to offer cheaper Insurance because self-driving cars are I guess statistically safer than regular car so the insurance premium shouldn’t be raised a should be lowered and as our society moves closer and closer to having all self-driving cars
the insurance company is going to take a massive hit because good drivers will be much safer they’ll be all automated is it Liberty is Liberty Insurance that there’s always some ass all sudden having a copy in front of the Statue of Liberty fuck you act like that I’m just trying to watch news insurance has to be one of them like yeah yeah that’s like the dorsal fin on the shark of the capital of them like a it’s like a it’s like it is now that’s not a good metaphor cuz the dorsal fin just warned you that it’s their hats like it’s the it’s the ridge on the Rhodesian Ridgeback where it’s worth it or isn’t it likely good to get you go from just regular capitalism which is arguably like like look it’s going to happen anyway before going to trade favors they’re going to trade boots for chickens so when we really
go down and said look up great poker chips and we can buy it but then you go from that to banking which is so I’ll watch your money while you’re gone and can I give your money to other people but only theoretically and then when I hold it they hold it in the hold it hold it money ensure the Holdings and then was like okay start to get really sketchy then it goes to corporations which are like okay well this isn’t really a person this is just a company as a group of people and it’ll actually live longer than the people that started it and it also has an interest in politically but the real height of it all the biggest evil of all is where is indistinguishable from organized crime when people are coming to your home and think it would be a pity for something to happen to this fucking house wouldn’t it it would be really bad you love your kids don’t you would hate to see him die but they’d hate to see you. I hate to see you break your kneecaps Mutual like when your get your kneecaps broken your kids don’t have to you know starved to death just give me a give me $200 a month and I’ll make sure that is
inevitable doesn’t happen hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limit through that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little t and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest filner do you spell nerd like ever you’re always in good hands
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people think I’m kidding when I tell this anecdote this is like a dis is now a decades-old saying I’m definitely not talked about this before the podcast but whatever I got when I was living on it in my apartment I remember it like it was like it was part of my I was just like I was like 27 and I was like I’m out I’m out of society I can’t do this anymore I got a I got a I got an envelope from an insurance company in my mailbox and there was a photo of Christopher Reeves on it who wasn’t dead yet who had just has sustained a horrible crippling injury and it was a photo of him all fucked up not as Superman all fucked up and an end there was a quote underneath it
don’t let what happened to me happen to you make sure you’re loved we make sure you’re insured so that your love I was like what the fucking is a Polaroid you’d be a mafioso Legos that you don’t like it don’t like what the fuck is going on this is extortion and you look outside and there’s a horse since you’re going to get on your little keyboard and you’re going to go I got the donut crumbs on my face in the tears are mixing with it and it’s making me extra Briny so I’m going to take Dan Harmon to tasks with my slide rule in my face cuz I just like arguing with saying and if I argue with the president doesn’t listen so I’m going to argue with Dan Harmon so you’re going to type it type type then here’s what you’re going to say you’re going to you’re going to use a logic to say something about how do that extreme thing that I said isn’t technically true that’s fantastic
you wouldn’t you’re right I didn’t do any research I didn’t get a degree in this I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about you prove me wrong but I said it you’re drinking out of a glass by somebody that doesn’t even listen to her show anymore I’m what they call an edgelord on Twitter at someone sign me up for like some letters in the mail like that I should reserve my my plot in the ground and or my like you like my ass or something I just take care of it now so that your loved ones don’t have to and every month I get these letters service in like Studio City next to him and it’s like
what is like a reserved it’s never too early taking the burden off of my shoulders I’m going to give him the best handjob of his wife turns on the ladies like a reserve to earn that you say when you come into my apartment the alliteration of reserved earn cuz it’s like a Sasa it sounds like just like it sounds like it’s nothing it’s the opposite of like like okay so hey can you get me some of those sandbags I’m trying to help these flood victims here just a moment I’m I’m reserving an urn
ulala economy what’s worth more like how many boots for chicken how many chickens per boots from everything I know about nature I learned from Minecraft I would say it would require a great deal of crafting chicken is just such as running around but you’re going to need a bunch of chicken. Let’s say you got a nice pair of boots that are my size and how many chickens do you want for those nice pair of boots that you spent a good deal of labor on how many chickens do you have it’s a it’s a seller’s market I I need these boots how many chickens are you going to make me give you our chickens on the end of your chickens regular are they
in abundance like I’m going to bend you over a barrel, welcome to the number how do you write about that I’m doing you a favor look I got to talk to my manager and see if we can find it seems like I got to get these boots I got an appointment I talked to my manager and it’s like looking really good like your chicken rating is Ohio because it’s great because if your chickens lay eggs in an egg is essentially a chicken’s you know right now how many chickens do you want these boots that you’re looking at right here on these are our VIP Booth like and I want the best for you just want to fuck you I want to see you walking out of here I’m lousy with check if I don’t have a chicken shortage but the other thing these are valuable to me because I can apparently trade them for all sorts of service
I’m good yeah yeah I want to see you in his boots but here’s the thing was it you know they’re going to depreciate in value value of these boots I just need push to last me for the Year let me just let me just put you in a pair of boots all day it’s in your within your your your bracket is here. You’re in my chicken ranch you don’t have to chicken credit to like you have these other boots that you were looking at two chickens if you’re going to give us two chickens I can show you the two chicken boots again I have an appointment how many chickens do you want for these bullets because the more I look at them LOL I leave with my 18
happened in the storage we have cell phones technology Siri where can I get a nice pair of boots for eight chickens and interior sign Collins In the Air Tonight a guy come back and acting like I am in a hurry I’ll give it 10 seconds I’ll give you 10
I walk out with him right now I’m a size 14 liter size 14 boys is someone else walking into a size 14 feet and has 17 check-ins like we’re not we’re not hagler’s what what what you do here to provide a service or try to put people that don’t have boots and boots and it caused a certain amount to create those boots and we just were essentially like a co-op do I get you high you high bald man 70 and I low-balled you at 10 and I got to get it let’s do business here I mean you’re looking at it from that perspective I’m just looking at it from a guy that like if you have 10 chickens to spend these chickens are just their Egg Factory can I can I
yeah I don’t just send right that’s why they’re part of your credit yes I want the chicken there for their fee kind of suck and AF have you considered before we go any further like I’m going to I’m going to put you in a pair of 10 chicken boots want your attention I want you to you can’t walk me back from 17 chicken boost a 10-piece chicken but it’s good enough for this is a big city boot makers out here and then some people like to do business loose network of caves do you think the next thing I’m going to say is how about 14 chickens are out of your fucking mind how you started at 17 I went to 10 now you make another off have you even experienced me going up or down in any of my offers as far as you know
can my chickens what you’re interested in his tiny boots for your chickens are over here in the women’s section of the women that put a chicken but it’s not so that it kills the time politics Sarai my only politics are a a bootless foot and then women-hating 17 chickens
hey I’m Andre Andre hi I’m trying to get this seems high 17 seems like a lot of chicken I wouldn’t pay attention A10 chicken for those 10 checking boots Reddit you probably pay for chicken for 10 if you ever raise their chickens you know what it would have text you know that the amount of hair TLC husbandry goes into proper chicken rice and check-ins right now by the way my walk out here right now you just had three more chickens dinner all fertilized eggs popping out of my chickens right now I see what you’re saying okay I’m not giving you these fertilized eggs and 17 chicken, what about that stench is three eggs
but you got to raise the eggs you got it you have to incubate and take care of those young baby chicks that’s not a service you provide people that have eggs people have come to you with eggs or I’m here for boots well if I’m getting into the business of chicken egg owning, this okay look you give me an idea what if you and I go into business together
it’s kind of an anarcho-syndicalist idea
you give me some boots occasionally you get all the chickens you want you get eggs when you need them together we Corner a society that is basically a boot and chicken base yes they’re like and we stop this idea that boots and chickens are worth more money into the idea that power is for sale you’re making it just seemed more fun until you get drew me out and do it I thought you were talking about like benefit benefit yeah yeah I’d like to know the power I am going to go down to another Holiday Open imma go check out a couple Bookshop some maybe I’ll come by 9 p.m.

yeah what are you doing this afternoon I’m working 10 chicken says you’re you’re my new assistant I’m leaving 10 seconds just to have lunch with me and hear me out
you don’t get this many chicken given 17 check-ins right boot manufacturer you walked by I like Andre I like your style you got a deal I’ll have lunch with you for 10 chickens okay after he’s done peacock in at this lunch and you come back because there’s nothing substantial about the game he’s running you don’t have a job that’s okay cuz I’m going to need more chickens and then I’m going to buy those 17 chicken boots under a what have I always told you words don’t cover your feet okay he’s he’s he’s doing nothing he’s got a pile of chickens we don’t go go go to lunch good luck I swear to God man when you come back like you are not working at the chicken cave I’m going to have a chicken Empire and then I’m going to buy your entire store with my chicken Empire later at lunch listen to Andre
here’s the thing okay. About chickens
what’s it about what it about it’s about trust
there’s like three cavemen playing Bach on a spit looks like a quartet of cavemen violinist
i2i phone you to New York ever off Broad Street
listen Andre Edith dies
I’m not going to be alive much longer I have a rare disease that
the doctors don’t think I really have much longer to live but I have to leave these chickens to somebody and I just have the sneaking feeling
your business acumen
I give each to go to Check Into Cash
I mean you can take him with you
I can’t I can’t take my chickens with me I got to leave a little yeah yeah you’re going to leave a legacy is what I’m saying what disease do you have it’s it’s I have Crohn’s. Funny that I think your boss is the kind of person that finds my Crohn’s disease hilarious and to get a bad person my best friend is always in pain like feet out of his intestines how are you guys would you like to see Pastor so it’s extra mushrooms that’s grilled over an octopus salad raised it as simmering version a picture of us will take
can I hook up with any drinks or do you just go with your coffee is that pizza Portobello flatbread flatbread flatbread flatbread served with flat pieces of bread and Portobello put olives on it. We have we have we have suco which is a Japanese Olive substitute it’s basically the same or text you all right thank you thank you Amber
got my pain getting it off the floor I pick up the pain on right side note if it has the same if it says boot cave on it to amber waves travel from the valley that 17 chickens get out and former giant chicken Voltron and attack Amber the waitress well we fight and I died but nobly but also a lot of the chickens die and then I wonder if you know what
at what price boots you could have ya back at the boot cave I’m just looking at a photo of my daughter who left me with her mother because I was too focused on my boots and I’ve been hearing their voices say if you ever get your head on straight I’ll be waiting for you
did she become a waitress at Sardi’s
I was a different person
yes and I burst into flames cuz my boots I doubt that these special expensive Flint boots that I made that are they sort of crowning achievement of my boot obsessed workaholic lifestyle that cost me my wife and daughter I’m I’m I’m fidgeting like cuz I’m thinking about packing and going to finally abandoned the boot business and be with my wife and kids and the Flint that my boots are made out of Sparks sex all the materials on fire the whole pipe burst into flames cuz there was no fire permit cuz like you know Andre is working on that and I just died I just had two pulled back from my cave and dying and dying and then right as you die I made the right decision you did and then you right as you die
Andre comes back and sees the building on fire and he’s wearing boots made of chickens then like the nicest chicken boots of all time and he’s the master of Both Worlds well I guess tonight on harmontown
a really long time I just remembered we have a guest will remember this guy for sure because he directed the documentary that I produced about myself I always have to say that boys but it was his movie he directed it it’s Neil Berkley yeah yeah I don’t want to be here
I’m starting to feel like I should have worn a great t-shirt of this affair I want to point out at the top cuz I’m getting self-conscious the reason Neil’s a guest isn’t because he made a documentary about me it’s because that’s how I know him and I and that’s how I know he made a documentary recently about Gilbert godfried who are fans of podcast will know but fans of Comedy will will definitely now so yeah you just didn’t basically I mean did you do the same thing with Gilbert that you did with me yeah I just start showing up at his house every day I got to move to New York and start living that go to South everyday at 9 so I used to having his coffee I wore him down finally got him to open up but yeah just sort of like became part of his life and followed him around like 15 different cities in Mexico and Toronto how comfortable is he with you becoming part of his life he hated it he heard for the first two months he be hated it really say no to anything if you put something in front of him he just does it whatever it is and I
why should come over and try this I would do it every day and he never even drop the character like he was in the boys so you met him when he’s not in character talk like that he would do it and then finally I was just going over every day he stopped doing it really really interested he does little more critical than I would say it was occupied but you know you’re a director you’re not an empath but yeah like I grew up on Gilbert godfried like he and it’s not quite like like we’re friends with Bob Goldthwait who would get on stage in the same era of Comedy was like stayed up so popular you had to have a fucking accordion or a hammer for a header and it was a really funny stand-up
but it was like look you got to have this like characters again like late but then there’s these guys it’s like it’s like so Emo Philips you know is he doing a character I never had a conversation with him or you didn’t like the way he sounds on stage and Bob Goldthwait there’s an easy definitive line but you only know it from talking to Bob Bob owns that line and said when I was doing that performance I did that act that’s not me I am now me as if you rely on him cuz otherwise you would listen to Bob and you would go oh you just made that sound that that screeching Bobcat makes the he does still how much of it is is is is will this is how I talk you know that sometimes when I get there I finally got one
it’s like okay what woman that then you can get through the nervous too so you’re not shocked to learn that I brought you on and I did all the talking but this is what this is what I imagined we would get to this eventually but now like right into it like my question off of wood that saying is when he dropped the Gilbert character what was he like like like what was the difference between the on character at North character he wasn’t like performing he did do for a long time he would do like canned line so he would do it was like being on a talk show with him you know people go on talk shows and you got these can lines and they know we’re going to get reactions it was a lot of that but eventually start talking to me about his mom he’s a very close to his mom lived there till he was almost forty devastated when she passed away his sister is a photographer she actually shot the whole process of her mother’s very sad death that I talked to Gilbert about that and talk to his sister about that talk about his father father died News 19 get a horrible relationship with his father I mean first of all
what would the what start with the dad what were the why was it horrible get a job and start doing comedy immediately he would leave every night to do, all night in his dad just didn’t get it and there were arguments and fights and then when his dad died give us a lot of pain about his dad not seeing success can kill me I don’t know what my ex-wife star of our documentary she would always say to me and I know she’s right like whenever I would say you like anything about my family poop butt like my parents and come to my wedding I still don’t know why I won’t ask him like why don’t you ask him why they’re not coming your way to go because that’s what they want and she’s like you’re fucked up there fucked up and when your dad cuz I’m sure hope she lost her mom and she was 17 and she’s like and when your parents died you’re going to be super fucked-up about it and you going to make it everyone else’s problem and you need to deal with it like
making her sound I think I’m making it sound like a hero but if if you’re it is that to you making her sound like a bad person believe me she’s not like ugly cuz she was saying it’s you know she was like she was telling it like it is as a person who had a parent past its it’s so excited to tell you but but like I just I’m imagining that they like because like what I do have with my dad was a moment where my dad said that he was proud of me and that and that he and that he observed like it was way back in the Channel 101 days we got a VH1 pilot that was enough with my dad said that like I like we were having a celebration party cuz we got our show on VH1 and they were just there was a bunch of people in a bar celebrating cuz we have done Channel 101 we have followed our Bliss we’ve done it for free and now we had a television show and my dad like expressed to my satisfaction emotionally like is like I arrive to like my dad was like there’s a lot of people in there that are very happy because of you and it makes me very proud of you and I was like okay
Grand River and it’s like Boris to do a thousand tears than and then so I’m done now I know I’m going to be all fucked up if my dad dies but I just wanted to interject that cuz it’s the idea of being 19 which I was also like aimlessly for an object to plan what are you doing you’re not that funny why are you interested in, if my dad died that that time I can’t even imagine most of us are up there performing for our mothers would you trying to impress someone that we couldn’t impress in the home and we’re trying to do this thing so we can go look what I did look at me on TV and like Artie Lange’s died before he became successful and Jay Leno’s mother like they all Express real sadness about their parents not being able to see that
what he says to me that’s the saddest thing Gilbert’s really beloved by other Comics oh yeah big-time yeah there’s a lot of pressure like that and David to get some version of don’t screw this up we love this guy I asked you when you had just started making it about the story that Comics tell about the greatest opener of all time about the jet that the Jonestown Massacre and did you ever ask him if that was like verify that story he did the Jonestown Massacre story but I remember like I think Drew Carey told it to me or if other Comics know about it and it’s like the most famous opener of all time and it was like one of those things were when a horrible tragedy happens the day or two after that it’s hard to go up on stage and do comedy and audiences don’t know if they’re allowed to laugh at anything or yes sir, you don’t know if you ought to be making people laugh. That’s a big part of the story yeah
joke yeah now I remember can I can I do my bad version of it I’m sure I’m fucking it up because it’s you. This is something that was told to me long time ago but he was so I think it’s a film or is it on the Fillmore in San Francisco what a great place I grew up here at 8 which I don’t think it is probably making up a lot of the detail and he said I was a kid and I end up meeting I became friends with Janis Joplin it was with her when she died she died in my arms
I held her in my arms she died to be here at the Fillmore is amazing I thought Jimi Hendrix Harry became friends with Jimi Hendrix was with him when he died held him in my arms and my arms as he died
go back in Johnstown a boy my arms tired after the am I to getting that right that’s it that’s a joke yeah the one Bill Burr told me he saw him do it again it was right after Jackie Onassis died this once the first thing I said to her was do you remember where you were when I want Wendy’s David tells and the and the and the whoever else you interviewed like you mentioned a couple days like these guys in and they know Gilbert better than I do I had one encounter with them because of you might your relationship with him he came and did my show whatever put a pin in that but when those guys would get up from the end of the interviews and say don’t fuck this up we love this guy what are they what are they what is it about Gilbert
in the eyes of of of all these other Craftsmen as that that that that that makes him a hero I do these Fearless he just doesn’t have any line doesn’t have any boundaries it says whatever he thinks is funny and they loved him for that and he looks like a weakling kind of you know he does look like a tough guy that body and that like that body language is so Fearless a special or is he just told dirty jokes he just jay jay jay
when I was a kid I saw his stand-up special who knows Cinemax I don’t I don’t know what to what what network it was but he did the set and I didn’t know what the time I think I believe now looking back on it that he must have been doing Seinfeld but he was he was he what he did a set and then he would do you do his set for a while and then he would take these little pauses and then you know it’s been a finished jacket
that’s what I want and then and then he just like changes to do you want to talk about that jokes for is that is that his Seinfeld impression or am I just merging two things in my head cuz at the time I kind of hope it isn’t but it wasn’t because I thought it was genius just as a lateral thing then it was just it was sort of like Ken mean he’s Kevin Meaney intermodel I got his mom I was late like like I was crazy when I was doing the great minds episode with him or he was doing JFK like because I had mentioned like Dennis Miller is a impression of him like he was like no matter what he did for the next 6 hours
is it like a a then he would just follow it up with this like a horrible criticism of himself in the voice of Dennis Miller I shall I dead end of the Rick and Morty it is it’s like eight sits about that character he would never copped to it because there wasn’t anything in the store I can maybe I was like your mom or your dad passed talk to you like that and thought it was funny it’s a bit but I do about the comics of mention that my Piscopo brought that he would do this on stage and I think it was his mom liked berating him for yelling at I think I saw it was like it’s a very where is he from Chicago or born in Coney Island
and you’re not for sure if it’s his mom or his mom / dad like / Pastor / gym teacher but it’s like he’ll do it in front of you like you like he’ll talk as his inner monologue I asked about her voice and all that and it’s it’s I wish I was a more satisfying answer and it’s in the movie and he says look I just went up on stage a billion times eventually I woke up and so I guess I act like that now he’s actually a lot before The Tonight Show Gilbert people say that Gilbert invented the Seinfeld impression is he would go on stage before Seinfeld to do his act you Seinfeld fact has Seinfeld yeah and they said Seinfeld come out to watch and he would paste just furious like what’s who who wears sweaters for us when we were on tour
mr. Was he was replacing you I know is that he was I mean that was my one encounter with him is like I didn’t know what to expect I didn’t know what Gilbert Gottfried would be but only ever seen him in performance and when he showed up and he was just like very like God I really don’t want to use the word frail but now that I’ve said I don’t want to use it like now it’s in your head but it’s like he was just he was so like it was like he was almost in hibernation like he was just like sort of like shuffling and and it wasn’t a lot of that that guy wasn’t being passive aggressive he wasn’t like why am I here you know he wasn’t totally bike down to do whatever was required of him he was it was just like this person it was just like he was just filling in with his wife who is very like gory stuff sort of like like like kind of almost translating for him
where should Gilbert go what do you want from him and what do you stuff and end In N Out there and just sit in the chair and latex paint as I can okay okay yeah yeah and I was and I was thinking like what’s a cat sound like and people like crazy and then he kind of like stepped on the gas if I can milking it out before going crazy and then it’s going to be awkward like when you do meet him off stage especially if he’s about to perform an S and deliver like I’ve gotten phone calls from people that I set up for him to do stuff and don’t call and go amen is he okay I do not want to be here as I sent that like he’s good he’s very quiet and he would not be upset if I said this cuz people to watch the movie the way he is physically with people like anyone with any sort of like Spectrum me stuff in their family of all said
there might be a little bit of that going on it is very quiet that’s like do it and then Dan Aykroyd who has been diagnosed in and said I’m autistic like it’s not like what you got me confused I think with performers because performance is like it’s like it’s a natural human occurrence so we have this deliberation where we go oh you’re performing as opposed to being real but what but I know there’s no such thing as a human interaction of a performance rap illiterate animal and people who are on the Spectrum like the reason why it’s impossible to diagnose them without seven years of pointless like tail chasing where you can just look at a kitten go boom autistic not artistic next once you get to a certain age you is it’s the capacity for performance is so
extreme that that person doesn’t know who they are. All I know is I don’t want to get beaten up like just just leave me alone let me or give me whatever like what do I have to do if you have to talk like a big thing in like great Impressionists and like like and so that comes to mind because it’s like that is that there would be no delineation with him unlike with Bobcat who doesn’t have like a bunch of autistic traits Bobcat is just like yeah I’m just this guy and I I got I got into the sea and then I stepped on the gas pedal doing this character and then and then that started to really punish my life so I lifted I got sick of it and buy Police Academy 9 was like going self-sabotaging in like pulled out and like pursued my Bliss you know he but then you have an Emo Philips
Jeffrey rude to refer to these people as if they like some egg basket of people that I’m implying with him and his email I get the feeling from my limited interaction with him is like after the shows did I do a good enough that he can do Maria Bamford does the same thing like like like she has this bit where she goes like what should I talk like a like a like become impression of what I would what I’m going to say neurotypical person I don’t know what Maria you know what it is claims to have or doesn’t happen to like I just saying like like like sheep
he doesn’t impression of of a normal person it’s so funny and then like it is at net that’s also at Gilbert Godfrey licking his ass goes like positive that guy know why would you do that joke and then he looks so it’s all so unsettling cuz it’s like it it it it was the peekaboo thing but that’s like that’s comedy it’s a it’s a crazy idea that you can’t tell the difference the idea that there is no difference like that’s that’s what what meal was like after how long were you around him I can close quarters. 7 months and what was your relationship like with how did it you said how it started then you kind of broke through like now or what it what kind of stuff did you go through the routine to be around me like he came up with a behavior around a friendly we get along with
play loves you loves doing press he loves he loves you would love me love doing stuff like this he’ll and he’ll complain about it but once he’s in there he likes up and have a great time he feel more alive when he performing then I mean when he hates the hates it he said that the worst 30 seconds my life for the 30 seconds before I go on stage he he wishes the manager would come out and say hey there was a flood that’s the thing that I liked some of the comments I know is that they’re Maniacs before they’re on stage in on stage that Mania is there Bliss talk about like cuz it does he remember his time on stage as he like blackout know he doesn’t talk about it but he did tell me that there’s times where he thinks he’s more thinking about like whether he has to do laundry that night
it’s so rough for him but he’s let you know like like Jagger can probably go on stage and do his acting and not even think about what lyrics he’s screaming out like he said that he’s that into it like well I haven’t seen it where can we see it now is it like where is it out it’s going to be an iced tea Center in New York City Festival has its Premiere Tribeca sniffy festivals in November 10th going to be a delay at the Fine Art let me find out in Wilshire and the Laemmle Monica in Santa Monica to expect send me the final in and watch it or if you have I was out of town and didn’t know but like I’m such a fan of Gilbert’s that I’m really looking forward to just seeing boss smoked up you like I like the fact that you
you’re weird
fetish is finding strange Lifestyles and then documenting that is so gorgeous and amazing people because as we talked about like you’re definitely not there’s all these different documentary philosophies Errol Morris might say no I don’t there’s no such thing as truth I just want to tell a story I took like I’ll shoot extra footage I don’t usually brothers or whatever the fuck the documentary camera and what happened happened
lonely people it’s beautiful and it also notified and they gather footage and then they piece it together tragic and then sell you told me that we think is a good idea do you like I don’t know you were right it was really hard to town but yeah like I got yeah that’s probably what it was is were coming off of like I would have thought a year before it was before we did our time together I would have thought they make a documentary about me obviously that’s what I thought and then I was like that story like like in terms of like story structure to its almost destroyed becomes more about the audience than us and Spencer is a journey and the audience is like like we we learned something about what draws Armenians to the show
I cheer up at the beautiful things that they are guests say that I recently for this thing I was doing I’m very proud of that movie I really I really not that I’m really proud of the way I can get it at number when you got your job back you said I got some news for you give me a call or something I saw you go you’re welcome for your third act at least your credit better put in Spanish oh yeah yeah it was mcgathey who said just tell me where struggling so much you were like editing can editing can editing in like and then I remember is I was my gas was like to want to make it about Spencer are you fucking idiots you know like cuz it would make a photo of that like the first day that I was with you shooting and we were at Dan’s house and Dan and Arin we’re kind of in a little bit of a tiff and there’s this shot and I just picked up my camera and I have a picture of you with your camera and Dan
flowering at his kitchens are out at the dining room table are in looking miserable day 1 of Harmony
messing around the country together in this booth you brought me in here when I was full of those taxes and they were like notary machines but no to those things that make the notary the stamps it was in the way of footage of that and then a tour of the day we got back if you’re standing right there and he said you’re like talking like Cameron said yes and daily podcast for your benefit but I remember you have footage and I said I was in that doorway and and I said what are the douchiest like talk about edgelord but I remember saying in the doorway there I was like Wow Sonia always thought they knew more about writing to me let’s see if I can run a studio better or something like that or like a great guy you’re going to want to douche the weather’s awesome Tour by South Side that’s the litter box in the movie I was just kind of underrepresented I think he’s kind of in it right now
and he was a maniac and character that was one of the best that was fun man outside of Starbucks right here in the parking lot at one hundred million t-shirts on the bus so we didn’t have a room for anything like there was no room for camera equipment or anyting Jason the drivers that could be the beginning of that I had made a prediction and I think I even said it on camera do you like this until we make all these shows there’s no way we get to all these shows it’s winter time we’re going to be on the East Coast sick and somehow Jason got us to every goddamn gag on time but yeah he was a genius to hit snow storms know it’s crazy like you I mean if we didn’t make it to some show in other parts of the globe that would
eat what more so than the worst turbulence I’ve ever been in a plane but slightly less so than like maybe a couple times I thought I was drowning on that bus I experienced like moments why I was like fuck we’re going to die because it wasn’t really because it was it was just the plains it but it was it was a fact that there was just no
visual sense of what was happening all we knew was that we were on this like Road and the driver couldn’t see and it was all white outside and just like the white he was supposed to have chains on the tires but didn’t do it because it’s bad for the bus which is illegal but he still got us through will if you watch the extended version extended cut harmontown their shots were he is ripping down the highway and cars are pulled over and you can hear other guy that was going way too fast and they were going like a slave to the revenue system
weird schedule 2:00 on the road for our first stop is Arizona right now and he had just gotten to know us and didn’t like it’s all that much and we had stopped at like a Walmart or a light or something to get like supplies like to get like you know drinks and fruit and food and what not and I came back on the bus and he didn’t know that I was on the bus he was walking around muttering to himself that you Hunter S Thompson fact that’s a word that Hunter always use yeah and we sat down and we talked and we became friends and gradually he loved us but he pretended that he hated our guts also he was armed to the fucking teeth he had an arsenal of Firepower on that think they have lots of weapons to save the day
people see the movie they always ask me like was that a rough time is that hard cuz they see some of the shots were in the room having some dark intense conversations I don’t have a lot of fun and drink and wake up in a new town every day lately when I left cuz I left when you guys were in Denver and somewhere else and are you left yet I had to go paying gigs and came back and the crow looked at me like a Boy by Karen and Dan have been going at it like like drunken tonight before I go there like like we’re happy you’re back to kind of keep order and we were we were too similar I mean I’ve been I’m respectfully silent about our break up because number one it was Mutual it was amicable and more importantly number to like when Aaron and I when I first started talking about how we got to Forest there was a night at meltdown where one of the interns came up to me and handed me a note

I’m a young lady in the audience and it said when I was 10 years old my parents divorced and I had to choose which my parents to live with and you know I chose my father and had to listen to nothing but what a cont my mother was for the next 20 years of my life and it never it never changed and I just want to thank you for having a divorce and respecting your ex wife at exactly what I was thinking in my head when I was like I was like okay this is it and let’s we know Aaron and I spent our courtship in our marriage instagramming and talking and airing dirty laundry and we made a documentary and warts-and-all in this whole thing was about transparency it was ironically it was about transparency of a couple of individuals who were so into transparency because we were both so mad
so performance-oriented our entire relationship was it was like a boat made of water I was I would like to simultaneously like the the best idea in the world that the worst has like you’re already thinking it’s made of water. But no it’s like fucking the best boat ever there was it was one in the same wee-wee she and I both were So Meta and so it was like a part in the documentary like the reason why that added just even more twists and pressure is because Aaron and I would sit and watch documentaries together and Erin was so savvy so smart was such a you know a mentor to me as a feminist you know I’d listen to what she would have to say about female characters and your real people in media and how they were being you know betrayed supported attack and you know she went into that documentary going
God damn it I’m not going to be the documentary wife I’m not going to be the documentary mother this is like it’s a very very chiefly female roll about in the documentary about exceptional people there’s like a female fresh call Guardian that should scare talking head is all about like a special but the truth is he needs to eat more vitamins or whatever I need to just like one or throw your shoe at the TV and go and and she was like obsessed with I’m not going to be that person and the irony was the ad that my obsession was like oh I’m not going to be I’m not going to be all these other people like that I have in my head dick head like it was his wife or friends and family of his with with with with their relationships that
more like important to the Gilbert documentary that his sister had cancer and is very he knew nothing about the guy but everyday that he wasn’t working he would do this like three mile walk to Lower East Side to visit one sister over the west coast to visit the other and then back home deeply deeply devoted to his family incredibly the family that does that is it are they alike cuz there’s people who are deeply devoted to family who are like they’re just always like yelling at each other and then there’s people who are like best friends like Seltzer and your news with you know it’s like most classic older generation
is it in this tumultuous year where my relationships with myself and everything I say I just realized I do that for family supposed to go is this spot between yourself your friend society and then there’s this it’s your family like and it’s supposed to be conversations about whether it’s almost like if you can just not hit each other and you just bought all recognize I guess I learned that from watching Cody and her family like I know about your relationship with your parents as you get older and mature do you are you ever going to start reaching out and communicating with them or is it just going to be some in a relationship with my family I I just there’s just no I just don’t have the what what Cody has with her family what I observe with other people where you have a you have a it’s like
is the default is connection and if there is no connection something’s wrong which to me that I’m looking at that as an abnormal person and think that’s normal that should be normal this is she is she just a friendly hug. I love you like I wouldn’t have it any other way but let’s get you know it’s a can and then you going to go like yeah that’s why we like I think those myths about like The Addams Family or like Misfit you know like when you when you lock into like a this family that kind of like they do things differently like they’re not like that that white bread family that like does things by rote but like but it’s like we love we fetishize those like Outlaw families and things because
it is a great day they’re older so different in there so weird and they’re so that they have such a different way of expressing it but the default everybody kind of degrees every primate degrees in their fiber that like yeah but if you don’t have unconditional kind of like a connection and so that involves ritual and tradition and stuff but I think that my family like I think we were trying to engage in Tradition and ritual we were so ulcerated about it like like like like we and end at my parents actually had a triumphal I was growing up of of of going you know what we don’t have to do things this way and that way in prison they had to realize that family didn’t have to be this thing about rules and stuff because if they come in and then but then the and that was good but and I’m bad but I was going to ask so with our thing it was like a big threat that we’re getting to the end of the tour this movie is obviously going to spend the 2 or so
the story where’s the story and that’s why it was a great thing in post for Erin to say like make it about Spencer like oh shit you got a story your two other documentaries you’re going to the person’s house you can theoretically just keep going there
forever as long as you want yes so I guess my question to you is like is there
is there a is there a point where you go I got it in that case was really like okay I see there’s there’s no like he’s not due until he is doing it does not recognize you not doing what I meant shows there’s no like something to watch Star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame there’s an Adam West documentary you want to look into some kind of goal after let me capture something that he is very much a part of and that kind of tight at all. Okay that’s that’s where can we see him rise up a job and then imma get this whole talk about, his role in society in too soon and all that and then we see the results of that the way he deals with that there was a moment where they okay that’s where I think we can we can tie this up but yeah you could you guys still be shooting right now I could you can shoot forever do you heat you have something else that you like are you the kind of person that that has three other people that you want to go to the documents or
yeah I’m I’m there’s a few of them yeah if you did an interview with Piscopo I’m sure when he walked out your like Jesus Christ NSYNC I drive I really do have a lot of questions for him cuz I was like I’m obsessed with that but I just don’t think that all yeah like I said it’s like telling him like he got to just I mean yeah just just like when can we just just cover a writers room for a season of How I came back like Rick and Morty was in full swing and I met Justin and Rob was here and Dino Charge shows like anteaters you don’t look for Performing Arts Center is in the theaters around the country and Canada and other places and you talked to the stage managers that would have been there a long time and all the stories they have it’s really fun
I just always ask like who is just here and then go to know a little bit about Andrew Dice Clay by the way how fucked-up he was before the show Pete on the back wall and disappeared for a while and then walked out and killed like Ike Ike was a completely blacked out and then just went out there and destroyed then after the show dead like an opera bold and back onto the bus to go like okay so it looks like you’re incredibly miserable right before you go onstage and do this character that you’ve been doing for forty years and then you go back to the miserable have you considered but this is not easy for me to say because I’m not a stand of I don’t have the discipline like you know lately cuz I said which is going to be a dying craft things to assholes like me in this technology works like
I just want a guy I can relate to and it’s like well then how will you ever become a Gilbert Godfrey how will you ever become if you ever have the cotton off all these oppression by 16 a lot of celebrities have this is all going to go away someday be gone tomorrow the phone to stop ringing like really successful comedians that have the certain degree of depression like this is a real happiness makes him depressed we we consume our happiness is through sadness which if you’re a biology student it it makes a lot more sense it doesn’t sound as paradoxical because
that’s what digestion is you get you do you take things in from the outside world and you you use fly catalyzing enzymes to subvert them change them you make them into something that you can draw energy from and like do you know and I are like 6 so if there’s a reason to be happy like for instance are movies nominated for an Oscar you know we’re not going to just wait we can’t just take that for of energy and translated into some of the powers that we have to pour bouse or jokes or self-loathing or self-destruction on that so we can look suck it up like brundlefly into our system You Know Her Like I Do find that like people think that I’m more fucked up than I feel but I think that people perceive me as less happy than I am. Cuz if I’m happy you’ll know because I’m listening to M83 and like
it’s like sound like I’m about to blow my brains out but it’s like because that’s what I’m like I’m Tony Stark what’s there left to do but be Bruce Wayne yeah I’m going to look out the window at Gotham and like drink a drink and be like I feel like the time that I look back on our friendship Dan as of like the times I thought of you as the kind of your most open and happy with the times where you were totally on top of the world you are happy now just like things are going well and you are happy but what when we were really
struggling and confused and didn’t know where like where we were going or what was going to happen like there was a like a free-fall like feeling of my joy in that there was for some of that but then when you were successful and I wasn’t you know I remember you saying to me we got in a fight that instant messaging something that you said that stuck with me cuz I was like he’s right like we’re not right about right and wrong when I was like listen to this take the seeing that you said like I don’t even I’m starting to tell you less about my success is because I don’t want to hear you have to choke out a congratulation which is like you know I’ve observed that another it was like their debt that’s important you know cuz I also know that I’m in my forties on my car man when we were in our twenties we were broke her so happy yeah but then one of your 20 or that we were happy in each other’s arms yeah spiraling down a drain we needed we needed friendship to survive
and so that felt like Joy because we would hug and cry friendship is more intent and a lot easier when there’s no money Changing Hands. That’s what it is friendship family that makes you happy and and end so when you’re broke like you have a much easier chance of having like really strong friendships yeah and really letting needed each other to make it look like you were paying my bills and then I was paying your bills when you were paying my bills and maybe we nailed it with their friendship well I wanted to ask one thing which was that because well that says there’s something that really annoys me at the tca’s or whatever when people ask such as a person who’s famous for putting his foot in his mouth and saying fucked up sayings and like Gilbert’s got the whole too soon experience in the Catholic firing all the stuff like I hate it when people ask me this but I am curious about it with Gilbert
are there any regrets like like would you do it different in the movie do you ask him that in the movie like would you go back and he’s famous for that moment and the roast where he does the first 911 joke on like 9:12 and addressing that is that only made it more popular you know if he said nothing of it he would say it’s certainly put on the right side of comedic history hey yeah yeah nothing he’s ever done has hurt him that bad and most of the things he’s done has propelled in the making of defrost of the other movie and he sells out who she is more popular than ever he’s getting all the time you know so yeah that’s fantastic I burn my bridges I am I’m very happy you like I don’t regret anything I don’t want to go back in time and like stay the perfect thing to the New York Times and I want interview that I’m sorry I made that one joke I’m sorry that that offended people
like I asked him to live the biggest thing you and Wayne and Gilbert have in common in people like you is that you’re going to do it but you don’t think about the money or the success or the failure you do this thing you put it out there whether it works or not like that’s anything but I think everyone wants to be like that everyone wants to but I would love to just not push people around and be a raging Maniac was just people would like to do whatever they want to do that. I just to find out like that that’s what’s great about documentaries especially like the man all film there are good film is that this permission to be strange permission to be odd and odd and there is
live just like a liberating feeling when you watch that they would like to know that like yeah you can be sad and still be funny and you can be lonely and still be happy occasionally and you can either you can make it and feel like a failure so can you can you believe we don’t all get to have a moment our life captured than an hour and a half movie can you watch that objectively and see a different person can feel different now or can you haven’t watched it I can’t do you feel cuz you got a lot going on then like you personally and professionally but you feel like a happier person or a definitely a. For the kids but but put like there was a kid that made a YouTube video that I don’t know how I ended up here cuz I can’t Google myself anymore YouTube video and it was like
I don’t know something like Dan Harmon it didn’t say Dan is a piece of garbage and here’s why so I bother to click on it but if something like Dan Harmon and the mettenarrative or something like that and it was it was it was a guy who was talking about how he has been following my career since the beginning and he was using clips of all work from Community Rick and Morty and that’s acceptable TV and and and the movie and he was explaining that you know just the sort of like weird things about how like I don’t even know how to say watching that YouTube video which included so much of the documentary which adds that it was a tool that that guy used to put together a thesis it wasn’t about how cool I was but that was about how cool he was allowed to be I don’t like like how he was learning from me is that that that storytelling that fucking up
succeeding famous Rich to the self-destructive Baylor failure impoverished like death life like like like who gives a fuck like like like them all in a saying you’re not going to get to manage your image and I like the guy was a clearly drawing some permission from that to do what he wanted to do and I was I was exceptionally happy in that moment of that that we made this movie even though we haven’t made a goddamn dime off of when we had a million t-shirts I don’t understand I was at the reason we made that movie yet we did a perfectly Frank is cuz I was what I was watching an Apple TV to just be documentaries every we could come up and go back in across Iraq and I sure made some new friends and it be like this motherfukers Rich right now and I’m not the Craigslist movie you can bring that again
craigslisting I’m only know I’m not the European tour and then it’s the Steve Levy story like I might be late but we have to agree we’re not doing it for money but you know that’s what you’re going to lose a hundred fantastic birthday present to myself and it went beyond any angle that makes you as a filmmaker want to go do that or if you’re just at go hang out to be great roles of green screen like a lake or lake where we got young I mean like I wanted you to the bathroom on the bus is going to cast a wide net and I’m wearing a fucking lipstick, my ear in a drunken blackout and that the entire
editing thing hi Mike I got I got that are cam at home I got that thumb drive and I was like I would have feel like I still got it but your movie doesn’t have this moment on my ear can cuz I woke up with like I don’t do drugs I don’t to cook anymore about apparently the last time I did it with cut on audio that there were there was audio of me and we tell that story to talk about the past but there was the last time I did it was on that tour and I had a little bit left with me for that store though and then the first part is I was called in the Attic Bay and they go ahead we don’t know what to do with this but there’s no picture it’s just the audio anyway here it goes and it was it was Don’t Stop Believing
it was a power mix of like five cities in a row small town girl come on down to harmontown when was this Sunday Saturday night I have some of the very beginning and I found the rest of it at the end I think that’s no good kids like go get a prescription to adderal or Coke Dive Dive Dive Dive Dive Dive stop doing coke when I got my Adderall prescription and I also stopped lying to my friends
putting myself in situations where I might get pistol-whipped but the best was it was the singing between and then a classic a standard being flawlessly intoned and then a tap and then
ever Ironhide Meyer at your sensitivity cuz you asked me and said hey we’re not going to ever show this we’re not going to use it in the film The like you want me to destroy there’s only four people know about it I’m like but just leave that we can talk about that any other time I can you do it all the time but there is a message once there is that feeling like you do Feel Like a Rock Band 3 things your negativity and regret instead of just going oh that was so fun but it’s like the the most enthusiastic thing I can say about the idea of doing that again is God damn it I was wasted on me because I watch the documentary and I’m like
motherfukers CBS don’t give a shit ain’t never going to be on TV Aaron was helping you with it but are unlikely to actually working together that was a really beautiful like relationship might like like suck it like like a zit my definition of when I was unacceptably over a deadline was as dumb as my decision to take those jobs and as dumb as my decision to not have the time of my life and I on this bus the question would be am I the kind of person that just can’t have fun you know how can I not go Jesus Christ I’m going to tour bus this rules this is so fun of happiness you find a way to screw that up maybe
sandwiches something that I swear against back you know in those days I was somebody that was famous for my rants about how therapy is not worth it and I’ve been in therapy sense in one of the things I’ve been unpacking is the fact is the in the possibility of being addicted to stress and misery and stuff and because it’s your comfort zone cuz Comforts different from happiness so you just like oh I know I know what to do I’ll be overworked I’ll have a job I have a deadline I’ll I’ll I’ll have shit to do and I do think it’s changed because ask anybody that’s waiting for work for me right now I’d not under that stress too much to their Chagrin they’re going to get their money back I’m like I have now entered this like new age I think we’re I’m like Spock work like it’s the dumbest and it will not prove that you’re a good person and it will not make you happy and so I mean tell me if I’m wrong
work is a huge part of like your identity and that’s the problem because if I like that’s not good like like that that’s cuz that doesn’t last forget if your work is your identity guess what then you stopped exist but but why do I like why should I believe that you’re ever going to stop doing that I think like that’s that’s that’s what you love you love you love creating things you love getting unconditional love from strangers because you made a good thing changes just as if the thing that is changing now is that it is that Rick and Morty quite frankly if I can open source my career here for a second Rick and Morty was always a wonderful amazing incredible fun thing to execute that was always about half of my overhead of living my price
Freedom the price that I have to pay my Master’s in order to eat shit fuck jerk off watch sleep blah blah blah whenever I want and whatever quantity I want pick up the tab when I go to dinner fly first class wherever I go say yes to Any Time anyone says come here fly here there’s a there’s a nut on that as they say in Grody Boiler Room language there’s an overhead it’s a little over half a billion dollars a year Rick and Morty for the duration of my contract was like generating around half of that so I had to like number one I couldn’t I couldn’t just do Rick and Morty number to I had to always dread Rick and Morty going the route of community
because Rick and Morty started as an exit strategy from community so now everything that’s changed is like Rick and Morty it’s not going to stay this like incredible like holyshit what’s this show everyone wants to talk about it to the point where variety is
printing headlines sadly awkwardly trying to link us to the Harvey Weinstein when there’s like clickbait headlights better like what does Harvey Weinstein have to do with Beavis and Butt-head like that’s when you know your Beavis and Butt-head is it the answer is nothing except the fucking clicks that show this is a show with momento this is a show that I could I can settle into and I can pay myself to actually do and that’s a huge difference from when you knew me in from the blast that’s the thing that’s changed is that I can actually go oh I don’t think Turner’s going to go out of business I don’t end unless unless the world just literally like collapses and if it does then who cares like Ike I now can see that I can have one job and that’s that’s never been the case since I was 11
I want to do the documentary where I’m happy to take everybody leaving me a break lie to everybody thank you Neil again, go check out this movie Gilbert Gilbert Gilbert Godfrey already you will be afterwards if not go to YouTube the hell out of one of my community Heroes of all time that we’ve done in less than we’ve done 7 Minutes less than 2 hours okay thank you Chris and Sarah are doing everything for us on Twitter that the fuck your mama Rapids you hear that thing no no
Church who’s that guy
anybody know the guy’s name on YouTube on YouTube
Holy Smokes if somebody if you go to my sweet to my retweets there’s a cat that did a giant fuck your mama rap that is so good can we find it
don’t make me jealous and I know you’re going to be double should I open them can I warm up let me see if I can find it yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah drop a beat on my foot and I thought your mama in the mall the fuck her like a pack of Pall Mall I thought your mama if she was sick so I went in her room I saw your mama in a tomb I went to New Orleans it got flooded I thought your mama and said what what did that do to me and she said it gave you pee and I said I need more than Pete and she said and she said hey Just Dance 4
I could I couldn’t I thought that was set up and we’re going to go somewhere alright yo mama was born in a shity New York City
nipple said it’s me and my son’s going to make documentaries so he grabbed the camera father around and said he only had picture no sound that’s called MOS and it’s from Otto preminger I think now alright ya film major what’s up where’s your degree get you what’s up Patricia Arquette
we don’t know that they don’t know that
Patricia Arquette is a wealthy woman I saw your mama I can’t run that okay I might go yo yo yo I’m not thinking of Ryan right now just waiting for a time to like Okay can ham and cheese and I got to hand it to her she have a side of pickles I fuck your mom so hard she got fickle about it said maybe I want it maybe I don’t I said well he needs to be consensual so I will wait for your answer I don’t know that I’m your private dancer cuz I come in and I gave her the time of her life and go into my phone and I don’t have the phone thing you have the phone thing what do you mean you can plug you can unplug your iPad and no but I don’t have a jack cuz I got the new phone send me the link send me the link
I’ll do a tantrum
I there’s a fucking story I have to tell about Kodak Cody that like I got to wait till next week
that that’s good that we have a backlog of material
Robin Thicke
but can we
ability to play like live like like like like I got it and you find like it get like a new-age kind of like Starfield like like hypnotic thing with steel I can provide is like a hypnosis tapes for people on the show we’re not going I mean it’s like looped around karaoke to do in front of my girlfriend
I just got a harmontown in Omaha this is amazing
I’m about to offer up a comprehensive account of all the mom has a bug because I thought Jeffrey Mama everywhere around the world from Manhattan to Pakistan in the back again except a handful of Nations impacted by the travel ban
call your mom and Yaya BP has been talking to like half of the closing all the ladies agitated laugh-a-thon do they carry babies play ddg baby23 up your chromosomes make your mama jokes in a row Like a Diamond by Rihanna island divers just a proper Jack got a wet with my private your mama in the middle of the ocean in the belly of the whale freed my Lord, that you gave me your promotion to be promoted from within cuz my check is in the ocean with your mama jokes your mama like he was the envelope but obviously I go down on it then I go to town.
Mama after that then she took me for a clean and put my penis in your mama on the court after her game at 10
underwear I said your mama cuz as far as names go I’m on the way or what am I saying is this is the mama dating is purely mama
cuz no one told me not to run to Mama probably all for me they always offer it to make Whopper children lately I forgot to go to breakfast something’s changed I’m supposed to fairly but then how about your mama your mama loved it but for me it wasn’t fun is Thomas Johnson the ultimate boom boom the antidote
is it fading out boots made it out because he’s got 9 more minutes I’m going for a self-aware the end there
listen to pointless and a picture of the toilet that we love you all


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