Episode: 270 – The Boy Who Ate The Most Spaghetti


Episode: 270 – The Boy Who Ate The Most Spaghetti


Guest Comptroller Brandon Johnson and Josh Androsky return to discuss the current state of higher education with Ben Nelson from the Minerva Project. Everyone plays Balderdash while Andy Dick entertains everyone with… Featuring Dan Harmon, Brandon Jo…


ladies and gentlemen put your digital hands together so awful
now in session please welcome to the stage Spencer Christensen oh you can make more noise than that yeah thank you so much he’s worked so hard for you how are you man welcome back
always good comfortable to see you put me at ease already have a good show. It’s like what is he about to pull he know I’m too dumb to be evil Ono you just coming out of things Jeff is not it’s about time somebody really a good dude I dunno really good dude though and he is the mayor of harmontown
put your hands together make some noise pop your dog plays in tournament Dan Harmon
do you know my name is I like to wrap with my hands are my feet I like to wrap with a Tweety Bird tweet tweet tweet I like the snow in the sleep so I’m going to stop because I’m mailing his feet to you through a polka dot wrapping the rapper rapper getting my energy up before the shoes
ball boy
important happy off-guard flat-footed hi Brandon thanks for Discount rolling last night so much never mind I don’t know he’s there yet I don’t think he’s there yet but he’s flying Emirates nevermind section of the plane but it has like two turtles he’s like his life is my life would be like if my parents love me I don’t know if that’s how he got there baby like the indirect result of Drew Carey’s parents really not loving him a lot at your trickle-down who know we did it we have no idea who to thank you let’s just let’s just thank the god of privilege privilege that’s the name
how have you been I never asked about you I’ve been good having good there’s there’s not much to tell you know 7 dry cleaners I keep everything legit you know my maid won’t seem to do her work with other than that life is good as you have a few now it like if they could be anything since 7 dry cleaners were made that way we don’t know if he’s in a giant mansion or a tiny like William Gibson techno coffin
moving on up what was the what was the thing in The Jeffersons the theme it was the beans don’t burn in the kitchen or something else doesn’t burn on the grill something else doesn’t burn on a grill a whole thing are you offended then I’m coming to you for the answer to this know it’s a mystery to all people he’s not anything else this is going to be I feel so bad cuz so many people on Reddit are going to be like they need that more than we do we might be calming down now though I don’t know not affect your perception of the world like right now I feel like the world is more comfortable with races and where did I get that why do they decide that do what it what did I say it’s it’s like that
with my girlfriend and her dad and I don’t know I don’t know what got into it but tonight I just started realizing this thing about like epiphanies about like how you really are the good ones are just like the joys you know they’re not when they’re like yeah I had that a 50 when I was 13 you know but and I’ve had several times but I really feeling and I really started to feel at breakfast because I pulled out my phone and I like wrote it down I was a hashtag Epiphany in my bear Notes app like like like I got to remember this Epiphany which was just that way what bear Notes app it says it’s instead of it’s weird it’s weird at first but if you get used to it and it could be good I don’t know why I don’t know
here’s my Epiphany so if you are a machine or let’s say up an organism it really doesn’t matter organisms are machines like like you’re a you’re a you’re a structure you have internal mechanisms brick you are capable you take things in yes and you put things out and do some flowers do that do that does that has every every system does that every device does that so we’re we’re we’re all just systems each of us individually so we taking good shit we taking batshit and different so there’s different shit that’s bad to every person right if somebody says the n-word on the freeway at me makes me confused mean something different to you it’s both bad things coming out of that person but I I go there’s a lot of like weird confusion at the top of that my processor sound like
is there lightning weird in my car what’s what what’s with this person or they are they blind what’s I don’t know what they are they are they are they on my side and they are they are they black and they’re like they’re like the guy fighting me for my boss I’m driving the definition of what a bad thing is is subjective you know it’s like it’s not about like over some people are in such a good mood that like I don’t I listen to podcast for those people that are they have problems and there’s people that want to help them with their problems are for those people like that than what we you and I would consider like toxic that person considers an episode of a podcast so not to get to derailed with that but the the larger point being you have all this shit that comes at you and it’s all good and bad mixed up shit and then we all have the ability of systems to first of all week and we’re constantly growing and reprogramming ourselves restructuring ourselves
cells in plants and factories in us and this stuff comes in so we first of all the Miracles that we do have the ability to take in like diarrhea like not literally but like verbal diarrhea such as I’m sprouting right now or really horrible toxic like horrible shit like like what you see on Facebook or Twitter or toxicity or someone attacking you in a comment section because you use you said something wrong or or you know it is bad shit like we we have the ability to filter to to turn into good shit the classic example being that if I have a terrible life if I am if I if everybody picks on me if I feel awful if I have feelings of anxiety and depression and things because of the shift is happening to me in my life but then I write a play about it and then everyone goes and sees the play and walked out feeling really good. Because it’s a feel-good play but because they saw good play like
versus like you could see a depressing play and be like wow she keep fucking nailed that he knows exactly how depressed I am then some of your stuff that you can put out good stuff and in fact that’s kind of what we try to do all the time so like now that I’ve gotten for most of us very challenging what is a lot of shit in the air there’s a lot of bad stuff coming out of his breakfast I was thinking about all these podcast have been listening to where people do like they just have this shit that rolled off their back that I find amazing like I was like how come you don’t just tell that person go fuck themselves like understand this person and help them with their in-laws for your little podcast such greed so I could see your Canadian or something I don’t know what it is I should promote the podcast I’ve described its on the network it’s called heavyweight it’s this guy
John something and she just she just makes his friends and Family’s business all his business and he’s like a really friendly guy and he like tries to he tries to resolve lawn unresolved issues family members that are speaking to each other for decades are they on a show a friend or a relative or someone that he knows what will come to him with a something that’s been waiting on them I think that’s why it’s called heavyweight and then he’ll get up all in their shit and like make phone calls and Mike arrange meetings and marveling at the guys like people that the criticize him there’s people that are that are that are bitter gauged in vampiric toxicity towards him or shit like like his famous episode is the one where a friend of his who is a guy who gave Moby all of those black people help ease that Moby use tilted launches into their to become like a billionaire
the fish bowl
discs at to him or whatever is also a musician but it’s like you know he’s not Moby and he’s not he’s not active so there’s a whole episode about him like wanting to like just basically kicking you talk to Moby again and kind of like was weird it was awkward and like I need it like this guy gets involved in the gallops in to shit that I I would be like no fuck that nope nope nope yeah late like a bad person like I don’t like I should be after all I’ve gotten after you don’t take away my still fucking sensitive if this guy isn’t Tiffany she’s sensitive to other was like sensitivity is different from fucking systemic shut down like you can be sensitive
two garbage like you can be like that guy’s lying that guy’s racist that guy’s full of shit that kind of kind of full of shit but trying to convince himself he’s not full of shit to do you get a laser resolution of bulshit detection and that person wants something from me that person to drag that persons in energy drain yeah but you don’t need to superior machine recognizes that shit and then in response to anything less than perfect goes. And that’s kind of what we were doing probably a little too much of is going like oh no no no you just said that and know that either like makes me blow a whistle that likes shrieks at the top but you know it sounds impossible is that if if that’s your function
that’s good like your you should stay that sensitive and you should then be the alarm person that’s like like but you know if you’re not that person but that’s not your full function if you’re not like helping things by blowing that alarm or if it’s not making you personally happy to like use other shit you could do with all that stuff coming in to you too I don’t know there’s this thing the Jerusalem the Trump announcement that he’s going to see he took a bad thing and he made a wonderful woman and make a big hubbub and the world has freaked out about it that this is to your point but the truth is it takes years for that to occur here to get funding architects of the drop plans but people are acting like he’s going to do this within the next week and that’s sort of how we’ve got we got into this place where he says something somebody said something we hear something and we we automatically freak out not really looking back and being like no one girl scout
what is going to join the Boy Scouts the Boy Scouts just said girls could join and it’s because we started off the year so hypersensitive which is a reaction to any trauma that now what we hear it’s raining we we lived in Amelia like what’s probably could be one of those right now our credit if we are the left like I think I don’t think we’re actually I think a lot of that is like we just
we just so like like frustrated waiting for a referee to blow a whistle that we’re just like our booze are getting louder and are like like we’re just we’re just incredulous and we just want we want at any moment we’re like well maybe this is the same because this is like holy land this is none of his business as I’d like like like I remember in the beginning there was a whole Buffet set out there I would like sit there and Twitter and write these threads cuz I was trying to like make my religious relatives are people that were Christian you know I was trying to go like like he would do you know when he missed that prayer breakfast or whatever remember when that was a big deal and I was like I was like so he missed a prayer breakfast I asked you this a Christian now are trying to find his off switch is like really making us play a lot and I think we should continue to try to find his off switch but I think we should Explore More sides of him then obviously the front face
inside cuz I don’t think Donald Trump puts his front off switch on his front facing side I think he did it but more importantly I mean you going back to my mechanism metaphor clearly this is a man running our tears I mean like we are putting out like like Terror and sadness and and and an outrage and it is fueling him and that’s fine that doesn’t mean you should stop being outraged stop crying that doesn’t mean go numb it just means we know that he’s already playing the game I’m describing he’s taking me a long time ago either by virtue of sociopathology or some epiphany of his own he had he was like well why should I keep on what what am I supposed to shut down every time my mom yells at me am I supposed to shut down every time I dad punches my mom in front of me and looks at me and says if you cry then you’re a woman like her speculating what kind of childhood you probably had given his current pathology I took a little bit of cycling High School
but you like like I think I think something College Prep College Prep psychology public school I don’t think baby
I’m not a fraud blue look into my training class in high school I believe was a joke about things like Gestalt right
I took it that class too so this guy because he were involved in that respect that he’s like well what do you supposed to do are you supposed to like shut down when someone says you are a racist douchebag are you supposed to take that information and it through elaborate system of mirror turned it into fucking Trump food and eat it and that’s what he’s done is that a victory is generating victory for himself I don’t want to, don’t want to be his life coach but but most of us are dealing with is like mostly for better for worse we’re dealing with people digitally and so
if someone is like feeding into you they’re going like hey you’re fat season 6 of community sucks season 3 Rick and Morty suck your cock you’re done with the fat I can’t let you know people aren’t really that you’re receiving it and then you just take it in you process it there is like if somebody says
we should make America great Again by getting rid of all the brown people
like you could process that and go
I think it’s great that you think America is great I love America 2
now I’m pretty sure you’re talking to a person with a mental disability and which point to continue to take what they’re saying seriously we’re not we’re not we’re not wasting time on this person you’re correct to correct me on that I’m pretty much this mother fucker hates math arguments with these people we’re not going to try to change them but when we do the other thing besides try to change them which is like like just kind of like fucking like I don’t know whatever you call it like something a lot of time to do block him I don’t know they might be getting energy from that like yeah you should meet him instead they don’t know if there is no not function not anymore
they updated the mute button as far as I understand I’ve never seen anything from a muted person less I saw it out but it used to be like that that’s what I do now now I have like a thousand people at one point I had 911 muted people and then unmute you a lot of people do that and yeah I like my girlfriend and that would be called I guess Facebook or like yeah pretty much all right
there’s a bit of an overloaded instinctually Without Really you know I think we’re getting more signals and if and if more signals are bad and were used to less signals and now we’re getting more bad signals we’re going to kind of frazzled to some extent did other words kids if if it’s if a stranger has the ability to trigger you into negative behavior are you a superior machine to the triggering machine or are you losing a fucking AI battle you know if someone has to shut you down to make you numb to to make you simply scream at the top of your lungs and pointed the thing and say bad thing bad thing there’s there’s gray areas here
want to say that any of those things are necessarily inappropriate responses but I do I’m going to start asking myself that question like what would you want to be a superior machine or not a superior machine is like like I’m taking it a little bit of nitrogen a little bit of oxygen or carbon dioxide a little bit of carbon monoxide a little bit of aluminum like this like this person just saying some random Second Amendment like the justifying saying he’s a flat earther or he just doesn’t like me cuz I’m fat I said something bad about Jim Henson once they’re just trolling me or they’re just like barfing up on me it’s like the barf if I’m a superior machine there is even if it’s one part per billion there’s like a nutrition in the barf and I just put it in my little barf yeah I like the Dogs R Us passes through me well
so you don’t want the if it’s a white suit everybody for the beautiful white suit we all get our white suits 3-piece it’s gorgeous you want to try to keep a clean you want to try to take care of it dry cleaning when you get dry cleaning to somebody slinging mud at you you don’t want to keep visiting that joint cuz it’s about keeping the suit clean the same thing goes through your mind and your spirit you moved the mechanism that you are if you’re in a place where your where all the cords connecting to you are 99% barf and 1% nutrition yeah you probably like you’ve probably picked unless you figure out how to now take out a new organ or something that actually turns barf into
sunshine or I said once you have barf you identify that it’s barf and you step around it you don’t even try and get there or if you borrow into Dramamine and I don’t know why you put Dramamine out and it goes back around the people and they don’t even need to start barfing last and then it’s like your job that you enjoy a place and you collect barf and then you likely put out this other chemical and then the barf recedes and people are passing by go later or something I enjoy doing most importantly like yeah you move that factory to a place where there’s the compositions are better enabling you to put out good thanks yes for sure we can both agree on that I said there are some people out there I think we could have some of these trolls on our side if they could start to understand that there’s like a way people like
people stare at people that troll because they don’t trust
they don’t trust the economy they don’t trust system to tell them there’s a difference between good and bad and there’s only good and or bad and that those people they they are they are able to be hypnotized by the bad guys faster than they’re able to be yelled at Enough by the good guys to pick a side
I think that people who troll are speaking a language that they are used to speaking because they they come from negative situations they don’t even know that they’re necessarily being negative I think that if you are a machine maybe you want to operate efficiently and that fucking with these trolls is inefficient and take the energy from your machine do you know cuz I think that you don’t I’m not trying to save Souls necessarily there’s there’s a bunch of people that are worth saving so I take that level of compassion that you’re expressing for these trolls and I give it to people who are actually fighting for good in that example then it’s like you’re so you’re so you’re saying by Brandon Johnson My Philosophy representative like a 2d overhead map where there’s like light skin over here and trolls over here in like like there’s a bridge sunflowers over here also like you’re really your urine really specific position where you put yourself where you’re able to expose yourself to the ingredients you need to to then
you’re ending your pumping help to the people that you are saying deserve it you know that need it needs like me for instance you in my life I would be lower you pump me with levity chemicals
I mean
how many was it is useless to you I knew that coming in like I just don’t tell me that I needed this Epiphany things that you’ve said in the past of the show with getting to this area is like I know you’re I know you you get this like I like I’m getting there now because I’m like I just like I’ve been to I just basically like why why am I letting so many things in an uncontrollable World control me will this is the thing I think as we get there cuz we’re always getting there regardless of what level one of the things that we passed on is the information so that don’t make this real quick is that we’ve had to all mobilize but the older people have had to talk to the younger people buy had to do it because they’ve been fighting for 40 50 years right so like anybody who’s 30 and under didn’t know how to get together and rally and do other shit so I kind of feel like it’s everybody’s do to say this is the part of the journey that I would do like this so that you can continue to fight
you get this thing called a depression fatigue or you’re really tired of taking it all the bad shit and listening and trying to save puppies and people at the same time and you get this road map it says okay so this is how you do this and one of the ways that I always think you do it just my two cents haven’t fought for a long time is you really don’t spend time on the people who have a very clearly executed that they’re not going to come around and you really spend more time on the people that are working hard in the streets to do what they do like you take that compassion for a troll like I said and you give it to a mother 3 who’s taking a bus everyday and then you really do see it go farther like if I stay Patrol I don’t know that I’m helping anybody that mother fucker aging with the troll your engaging with like the shark fin that the troll is putting above the water and they’re only putting it above the water because the rest of them is like safe tucked away and is not in the being engaged with like that’s what they come for is just to like do this kind of
shark fin look at them as machines cuz it’ll make but the metaphor either for me like the the the the bad guys in the radar like Jojo interaction with him whatsoever and no relationship with him and no desire for them to be one thing or another breathing farts you everywhere you go you go to Albertsons and everyone’s in a bad mood because just collectively everybody is convinced that the fucking that that that everyone hate each other in general I mean this is just a function of the new the new fought Wars that we’re having the meme Wars that is I like this is the least of the former Soviet Union tested this and demonstrated it on only little satellite states that tried to break ranks we watched them pack and fucking troll them and say you’re having a civil war down the street you’re black
but don’t like your white people tablet down the street from you and the people that are in their homes going like I don’t hear any mortar fire as a massive confusion gas it’s just gas you didn’t have to ask for it so and so I guess part of my Epiphany is like yep yep now that I’m thinking about it like that was that was my reaction to worrying the people were going to die worrying that my family was going to be safe morning that I couldn’t take care of my dogs my housekeeper my neighborhood myself like I let that fear make me go put money into a mechanism of hatred and violence and it’s because my gauges and pistons and things were poorly designed for this change in chemical compounds in the in the in the atmosphere not poorly designed
upgraded filters feels like I don’t I don’t like the word filter because it’s part of what the bad guys are doing it like I’d say it’s more like take it off your Michael it’s me chit Knight Rider references the show Michael says detecting a change in the atmosphere there’s at least likely to take it in and fucking study it like there’s a 10% increase in nitrogen in a decrease in oxygen okay I’ll work on a schematic for a part of my engine that will fit Boutique do the boobie nitrogen powered that will generate more oxygen or it doesn’t take even if that just means like it starts with self-examination and and and then it’s awareness is like be aware of what’s happening to you it’s it’s it’s time to to check in with yourself about how you’re feeling when you’re feeling it and don’t be afraid
to say I feel sad I feel like I want to give up I feel so angry I fall I smash him he’s facing but that like you don’t have to do any of that stuff to feel it and if you just examine those feelings of the you like like I have a board meeting inside your heart and go okay so we’re taking stuff in and let’s figure out what should be aware of that for a week do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss go in a huge family gathering if I can steal food do you miss the meeting apparently I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker
myself and one of the blackest film nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands adventures in Blackstone in love with Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
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recommending a guest order swap I’ll tell tell you what he’s doing in a second so yeah
I guess the reason I thought Brandon was recommending I guess who I was because I don’t know that Ben Nelson is I only know what Ben Nelson’s objective is it a very very overview fashion your your your your project is a think I’ll project Minerva lemon ever project you give us the Wikipedia paragraph that I read Minerva’s is effectively a way to create a university the way it’s supposed to be so basically everything the university say they do I keep people out of think critically he could both problem-solve teach you further understand other people interact effectively communicate effectively turns out they don’t do any of those things and stuff isn’t that like related to the decline because it’s like not about a curriculum anymore it’s about selling these digital products that are actually supposedly pieces of an education
no it’s not even that anymore because what they’re really selling his education if you think that universities are actually buy the education of the people choose University’s business education money on lazy rivers in campuses and tanning bed and force teams they are in fact telling you first of all it was a family if they what they need the kid engage they need to kid to say I want to go to that school cuz I might get laid and I might have fun I might not kill myself and then it but it simultaneously the more important part of the family the parents need to go oh and after that job placement and I think is one other thing which is you know that, just sell different packages two different students and one of the things that causes don’t talk about us special either. I believe the highly selective schools that claim that their need-blind claim that oh we don’t really look at how well for you are which is a total why they sell a very different package to Rich Kids then they do everyone else
the problem is Rich Kids the top 1% or 50% of the students going to the school’s 50% right and you can’t do that if you really need blind so for them the pictures very very different the pictures look at the theme park that you’re going to be going to and yeah you know you got courses in this and that you can choose whatever you want to look between you and me / between everyone once you get in there no apps you take whatever courses you want there’s no curriculum you’re guaranteed a diploma families like for instance if someone was
absolutely one hundred percent of zervos Lee dyslexic which is not a crime and Geniuses are dyslexic but someone who is as my father who has not treated at all and is therefore functionally illiterate cannot read a piece of paper publicly without fucking up the words can’t form sentences without confusing us and then like like but I still want to be present there are you’re saying it cuz it’s this is what boggles my mind to the family if your kid won’t get a nap here yeah so shockingly underreported story from a couple years ago was I have enough University North Carolina the restaurant called the oldest public university in the United States
discovered shockingly three years ago to nobody’s knowledge that’s for the previous 18 years they invented classes that didn’t exist put them in the course catalog didn’t bother assigning a room to them cuz I never met and they were specifically in place to enable several of their athletes to get Phantom a surprise I know when this was discovered it was some secretary deep in the bowels of the organization that took all the blame and everyone else the head of the sports Department the Provost the president no one knew no one knew right and when it was investigated by the accreditors the people are supposed to actually be Watchdog in these folks they said you should do this again 18-year the gay boy fake degrees and people look at this oh my God that’s that’s
from from whatever guy Anthony Michael Hall sorry Anthony you did great in the season to since I was a kid that has always been an athlete thing that it’s much more pervasive and just passed judgment said oh my God you know horror the horror of that what they’ve done internally like if you look at some of the most selective universities in the country is that what they do is they just don’t chase you out to anybody until I give you the very very very selective University you’ve all heard the name I will I will protect the Guilty by leaving out their name I had a friend who is a teaching assistant there are we going to say exactly where but what is that
basically you only got Grace based on tests and if you missed missed two of the test it’s on 2% the final and it was a girl who missed both the midterms and then skipped the final they didn’t take any of it so when it was time to time to give her grave the TA gave her enough and it professionally looked at the Fe said take a single test and you said yeah that 50 +
what are you so that happened to me I think in astrology
I definitely got an F on a test nose like seeing your example. So so so now just tell us like why why is that Professor doing that in Italy institution when you want to have half of your students to be rich you’re going to have to make a lot of exceptions even the very best universities that makes sense the fucking Marquette and I had to drop out I got an F in English because they busted my you didn’t go to it to even go to the leaving after University yeah
high school because the higher you climb the more this grade inflation is occurring my always knew it never heard it from a qualified individual how does this have anything to do with loans well not so much because he schools don’t really give out loans right because it especially does a student that you know can afford to pay $70,000 a year who can do that half of their students while the idiots idiots better equipped to go into the workforce no not at all I mean fact with you if you look at how employers rate the quality of graduate from universities its abysmal abysmal ninety-six percent of officers University say that they prepare their students well for the job right the job forklift is what parents really care about 11% of employers agree 11%
I left ten years ago just like that bubble bursts were somebody bothered as with Enron somebody finally said come on and then after a lot of having no one gets a job that went to college basically you but however there’s a metal channel to that which is if you can afford to send your kid to Harvard correct me if I’m wrong I’m going to get a little classes to hear I know opposite direction if you could afford to send your kid to Harvard you and you don’t send your kid to Harvard
your your kneecap in your kid because your kids a member of the 1% he’s he’s he’s garbage larvae he is he has blue blood Mayflower fucking and he needs his Harvard UV ray that is tanning booth to pass through so he can be a baked in Harvard fucking moron and go get his oil wells and his fucking come back except the people chose not to go and compare the two people who went turns out that if you are from the top of the 5 supposed to come out of Stratus right so basically top 80% right it makes zero difference whether or not you chose to go to Harvard or just a school where does help and it does help is if you come from the 20% poorest households in the country which make up a tiny tiny tiny fraction
of of Harvard students actually do have some better future earnings at cetera if he went to Harvard person. But it’s not that much usually start at zero correct cuz he’s huge huge huge amount of amount of people that will help but guess what
successful in life and this is actually at the damnation of universities I don’t think it should be this way but what makes you successful in life is just how good you are right but what universities should be doing is it should actually be out
they should actually be teaching to do those things where you go when you go I don’t have a little bit of piano I’ve always liked English class I came here to be a journalist made really go wrong your Billy Joel make you into Billy Joel that’s what I said school should be a household should be your kids should be born with proclivities that are natural interest that are natural sometimes those are contrasting you put a piano in front of your kids you put a you put a football in front of your kid you put a lock pick in front of your kid and maybe I just didn’t D&D tournament going to be an expert thief and they respond to Stephanie don’t respond to stuff you do you break all by the way is a subset of that you know you break all gender norms and then all that stuff because regardless of what we think about this I’m patting myself on the back for what am I burping you at the professor says that app is actually a C+ is he say
that because of that girl’s background that was supposed to be the same as a rule that your prophecy teachers they get rated on how good their skin go away go after she missed the first midterm Dad to call her into a teacher-student conference and have a written down corrective action plan even though in the rules she could have missed the midterm then after you missed the second midterm they have to bring her back in and have her sign on a different corrective action plan gives a person clearly didn’t work and then and only then if she misses the final just doesn’t show up then they can give her enough people don’t bother doing it but there’s one other thing is that University should be done which is what you were talking about at the beginning of the show which is those filters like the way the train your mind to deal with what comes
not you that is the job of universities that is the definition of higher education University don’t do that is to Absolute morons I can become legislators and we’re giving also like I’ll say it I’m going to sound like one of the bad guys we’re giving safe safe spaces to get to the complaint The Catcher in the Rye made them uncomfortable cuz it has the word Fagen it absolutely terrible I wish there was someone here because we are good at complaining but if only there was someone help me there’s got to be a better way I want to know how we got here and where we’re going. So where are we going we believe that we’ve got something that that works you and you’re exactly as I remember it you know we have a whole group people that way so we actually started the University of Eastern University program which one of the Claremont colleges here in Selma California
in our students go through a completely re-imagined four-year undergraduate curriculum accredited it’s very very selective very hard to get in but unlike the traditional profile of of of the University’s we just choose not to discriminate Choice until we reach we charge for a black it is across the board among the different kinds of black people for the black people program and repair what we do we have no quotas we have no buckets we have no slots we don’t say oh you have to compete for this you know position if you qualify for a program with this very hard to qualify to be if you qualify you get in okay and we charge for tuition fees room and board the whole thing less than $30,000 a year to less than half of what the ivy league charge
sixty-two seventy thousand now and despite the fact that we charge less than half 80% of our students can afford it. I’m going to pick my nose right on camera cuz it just is a trapdoor bugger and look I can either live with it or I can fucking confront have to do something with my thumb that’s why my nose looks like Harrison Ford’s at 44
so so I want to try to I’m going to I’m going to try to recap what you said so that we can try that cuz I’m dumb and drunk and you’re saying is that you do it because it first of all you haven’t built a brick-and-mortar a building yet where is that you’re saying you’re using existing universities but you’re starting a program started undergraduate program other than using kind of a campus baseball swing music City Baseball Ossipee star students they actually spend their first year not in Southern California but in San Francisco and they live in a residence hall in the middle of the city and then the next three years they travel as a group we live in six different countries all over the world so they go from San Francisco to go to Soul Hyderabad Berlin when is London Taipei and they come back next to the graduate I’m not but perhaps our students will leave your body Rosebud
go to Harvard
please forgive me I’m I’m I’m I’m sitting in the cities OK edit button rewear these people are going The Faculty like there’s nothing you’re not you’re not so we have not invading existing schools and saying he back on your infrastructure that you have your own teacher about your own curriculum has their own curriculum and the correct of the way it is in the first year they spend the entire first year training their minds they they learn for systems of thought you were talking about complex systems basically we talked about at the beginning how how we are all complex systems write anywhere from people to animals to the first years has systems of thinking right so how to use logic and reasoning statistics how to look at the world around you and understand how things work when they do isn’t clear how does think about unintended
effect of interaction how to think about how to communicate effectively so one of the things that you were talking about is one of the things we actually teaches called audience right hashtag audience which is a habit of mind to understand who it is that you’re talking to before you start talking like to actually understand
what I’m saying and and by the way there’s the corollary to that which is why are they saying those things to me what are they actually what is the question behind the question or the statement behind the statement that’s like communication Theory into that part of the problem is it’s pronounced in the original French ization and I would can be so it which I agree I heard a student telling me explaining to me about that you’re picking apart things that I looked it up like what is this it’s like a it’s like a sort of digestive process of Indian piece of information you can just look around your world to start for roeding it with a hundred different lenses to sharpen your view of the world don’t lenses filter light don’t care
yeah because I feel like a sweet if there’s one thing off of resistance time generation axe him the David Cross Janeane Garofalo Brandon Johnson generation I I I floated my boat for the longest time Brandon I have talked about this how our generation kind of we we we weren’t like Millennials however we were just lazy as lazy like we learned how to be anti-corporate when we were 25 we learned how Jamba Juice is just booking bulshit rtmr is bullshiting Emily corporate building but we didn’t end in the millennial start cuz they’re like I don’t know why these people are going to be fascist they intersect with the right president and I am on record as saying that if you can bear it scroll back to this horrible fucking podcast however I also went on but I got us something to drink on my way
do things made Rae Jepsen all right so don’t go back to my generation is like wheat that’s like a little bit of paprika a little Pepper likes it so could we please just change lenses constantly and always look at everything and see who’s gaining who’s losing and question everything and kind of like to be jaded about it a little bit afterwards but actually just look at it you actually have to get down to the core of what the issues are right and I think that’s actually where our generation with we were prying I think probably this is why I came up with this concept which is when I went to call just that I was praying for I was trying for exactly that I wanted to go to college movie will be crazy somatic John houseman’s at the front door I expect you
didn’t agree with you on this one. So how you going to colleges as depicted in our culture are these places where your fucking the bullshit starts off campus the goddamn Pentagon of of culture our children are used to like what you’re allowed to protest your letter they sent a national guard on to a campus and someone got shot and it was like this is over now you fucked up is when a journalist getting shot in the Roaring Twenties is the reason organized crime. What the fuck I was like always there was this respect for these things that that that should have kept me safe honey podcast with the cameras I go can you go
what are you Dan I’m an O positive I think you should be a little more o- sometimes that’s a problem to generate 300K a talk to you we have a full show tonight we’ve also got I think some of those Noble in very well with you I think either that or we’re going to get it you look tanks are going to roll through the building when she went to the two of you are together but I just want to like flick a little personal background
who are you on this war past my house will be teaching me all of my classes and also that you’d be allowed to be John Cusack in a sure thing that was the other half of the college game was that you could go you know what I’m a fucking English major I’m going to skip the midterm but I’m going to make it up on the you know it’s like you cut classes another do you make your choices and then I go out of college dramas would feature that moment with a kid would have to come to terms like yeah but your scheduling your time and you’re picking out priority because I never needed to go to class because the classes work them either just read books out loud to you and I could be the one of my own
look exactly right into our I thought that you know choice and in college should be made when I was ready for it but I’m actually not a big fan of choice right at the beginning of no idea what I’m trying to avoid high school’s over
like the mama cat like drops a crippled Mouse like not a dead one up you can go do stand-up Wednesday night and then your grades going to make those choices exactly but I think we can expect a voice I should know why did you go real quick while I tell you your grade drops a grade level if you if you skip a class yeah because I’ve never had that was about to kill it was a joke about a cooperative
but the group gets a grade shares a grave oh yeah right sure so that was very offensive to my young like if if you transfer me into today like yeah I was at risk of all right you wouldn’t miss any classes you would have gone to class because it would have actually you would have seen your mind about you say oh my God I am smarter this week and I was last week and I’m not going to miss out on that opportunity and sometimes you do have to put in some structure the problem is when you put in structure and you been to University doesn’t deliver you got to show up and then you show up here like why do I want to hear th texting while you sit in a circle desks with all your fellow freshman going I don’t know what you want to do do you want to do
oh okay not to wait and see I I came up with this idea when I was a freshman basic how to fix a curriculum on University and I spent four years trying to argue for people to listen nobody care of two
you know and I said what what what can I do I couldn’t do anything I was in all these committees and all the rest nothing can happen so I gave up and I said you know I think education is kind of important I think it’s kind of important for universities to actually educate students and my guess is this is going to have some bad effects in the real world but who knows who what do I know I’m you know uneducated twenty-one-year-old I just have a few words agree so I went out into the real world and then I encountered human beings and I encountered human beings in positions of

pretty dramatic levels of decision-making and they were intelligent high IQ they were well-meaning they wanted to do the thing and they were making awful awful decisions that impact on a lot of people’s lives right in the Working World corporate world we were like making decisions and companies were going out of business and making boneheaded moves start office politics everywhere and it just got worse and worse and worse and by the way it wasn’t even a a partisan thing right I can’t I can’t even track when you know you know who has gone by when you look fondly back at any any you know government that we had over the past 27 years and you say will look you know you your Congress control on the right on the left cetera never look back and say oh my God why wasn’t that like a look at what you know the House of Representatives able to deny denied
Bexar what are the Senators able to do in 2002 or 2017 or generally not well-functioning organizations right and and they’ve they’ve just gotten progressively worse over time you are an educational activist yeah absolutely
we want to reform reform nobody is standing up for the rest of us in terms of getting educated and more about can we do business in terms of Agriculture can we do medicine can we do can we do business they don’t do architecture they don’t do dance they don’t do art anymore they don’t do any of the things that really feel those three things that I listed in then and again from our perspective totally right and the most tragic they no longer do general education is the most important role of an undergraduate degree that’s why I called an undergraduate degree it supposed to train the mind so that when you then figure out what you want to do you go to get a graduate degree or you going to the workforce or whatever you and then use the general systemic thinking it was
Adidas all goes back to capitalism 9in in Brown Deer Wisconsin like it’s happening around but looking back on it I’m aware that like programs are being listed and pulled actually at that time all the programs are being lifted up old Relic trade programs by the podcast huge beneficiary of the just the neighbor said there was a program at my high school where if you are really interested in Food Service you could take classes at our high school and then there was an internship and there’s always say that he was like one of the last people through that shoot and hat and was able to he’s not now Wolfgang Puck he’s now a fucking coder
he’s going to be the digital job he’s but the but she was able to not slip through the cracks and fall into fucking hell because his you know he was got hit a different kind of he when he didn’t Excel on tests are in Geometry or whatever but you was fucking nailing it in these food service classes there was programmed and every public high school Derby like tendrils going into you want to know you were dirt balls that that’s what I affectionately call them is like like like we have a fucking auto shop at her high school and then also we have passed for you because they are not like in the old world European class system like oh you were born in this tax bracket so you’re going to be a mechanic it’s more like hey you can’t stop making making horrible jokes to the teacher after class and you don’t also care about isosceles triangle you you but you are like there are opportunities there are like everywhere for all of our kids
fit like what you could end up being a genius proving that you are a genius in something that wasn’t necessarily testing well this or that area that’s what was happening when I was 15 it going on all around me in the follow-up to that is really that they started caving in on the other side the school papers started shutting down the first time after school paper editors no more school paper you were what were the last ones we don’t we don’t we don’t train kids to be creative anymore we train them to pass English test now the obvious to everyone in my audience probably seen the documentaries or is it because of these the government agencies like who are who are like I guess accountable to their voters in the state of the school districts like oh you were going to use to make your kids smarter like they’re there their they’re terrible people now they’re rapists and murderers in charge actors like make them smarter and then the school’s go okay we’re going to
A10 end of this weird thing happened for the test to become being trained to Pat at other schools lose their funding and all the stuff then meanwhile and the 1% side all of these campuses who used to be the places where Society fuck your parents even yeah they paid for tuition but they pay tuition because because you know what this is a burgeoning industry this idea of keeping your young adult mine like like your parents are going to pay fifty Grand and they’re going to get a hippie spit out of the Chute and they’re going to be like like there was likely way there but then from also telling me about this like there was this past year was a shift in the 80s 90s like where it was like basically in general financial institutions started
hanging out at the bars where city government hung out at and started going hey you want a pack of cigarettes and follow me to my van and then all government became slowly like metastasize this entire thing the entire the separation of government and and and business just disappeared and now government is just taking it up the butt not using that derogatorily maybe they’re into cuz they’re enjoying it and they have a right to to do it really we need new colloquial
meaning of the word for pussy and we need to do other than like always I think you might you might have a good important points in about about about Dynamics but obviously this was a nefarious plan but it’s certainly evolved this way and again I think it’s a lot because of unattended consequences right so give me an example of like at least from my perspective a lot of these things changed in the early 1980s US news world report came out with the ranking of colleges and I would argue that event actually accelerated all of these previous inclination that then she shouldn’t have acted upon cuz it was never in their interest right all the sudden they have their in their interest to do stupid things like restricted number Susan come to your university cuz they wanted to have you know low acceptance rates and then have a lot of profess
for everything but you don’t actually want the professor to teach the students you want to be in the lab doing research and then you want to spend as much money as possible on that Professor to do research that you would go up in that in the rankings and if you did that guess what you need a lot of rich kids to support this constricted number of seats right it would be a party school you would show pictures of the football team you show pictures are great fans and people spring break in it up and both of those have in common and with all of that has in common with meanwhile in the inner cities of kids being pushed through that can pass a test all of that goes back to the Hydra in the outcome is that if if the school is going to wear it comes back the banks and everybody else those institutions want to hire ultimately wind up hiring the Sons and Daughters of rich people
if you directed the US dollar to measure everything if you trust it to give equivalent everything is going to have a price human life is going up in price like the week week week we know this is right under our nose we know that medicine doesn’t work privately we know that education is not working privately we know that like we can if if if you had people think systemically right so if the government rather than saying we’re just going to subsidize universities and and to keep a blind eye if in 1965 when federal financial aid got in implemented and all he said would be any Universities ellsworth-federal and she laid if and only if the cost of time that University rise at the rate of inflation or lower yes. You know how much over University with cost now
like what we cost what we cost in tuition and fees I wasn’t listening to that cuz I was thinking about I’ve been trying to bring up our second guess cuz I want to plug the keymaster into the gatekeeper or or or blow up snow globe New York but let’s bring up our old friend Josh and Rocky
oh yeah looking fresh hi hello socialist judge dressing differently now that it’s at the last time we talked I figured I wouldn’t wear a flannel shirt with two birds kissing a jacket those thank you it’s a luxury social issues luxury yes I so I’m a little I’m I’m conflicted personally with my ideology I agreed that I think school should be public institutions I think that as a society we should value education and we should put people in our government that value education in again the tendrils of capitalism have infected Education Health care about about all that check but I am also very intrigued at you destroying Harvard
Foreman grill for me I think that Harvard is the Isis of comedy and I think that they deserve to go down the best, yes I mean just look at us and I’ll actually tell jokes and love it it’s like it’s you get into Harvard because you have the same last name as someone who got into Harvard and then oh my God look at you you’re riding on the show that used to be good and is now bad it’s so weird that there’s more Harvard people the best Harvard Alum is the Unabomber anyway I don’t know as it as a showrunner who is therefore accidentally hired the ivy league guys like you know I am looking back now actually since the election is like there’s a rat in the room I used to like tomorrow
call my ivy league guys cuz I have class issues because I like I am I good that you didn’t like the fact that there’s a cobra laisha to keep the lights on a show up to work and you want to be a comedy writer you’re you’re you’re at the huge disadvantage which is at the same time means that okay so if you want the veal cutlets like go with the people that had the support system because if it’s 13 if you were harvard-bound and you decide you want to be a car at Harvard writer that you can you can then split that assembly line into hacks and Geniuses and so there are still there are people that come out of the ivy league that they want to work with me.
I’ve worked at these guys in like yeah it’s like it’s whatever I did I didn’t mean to piss on your parade and go like it’s a fun ride home but yeah
education to what what if we tomorrow if we created a utopian base on the moon and we said okay, what would you like private money for it but I think I got to absolutely private universities are still private lightning Berkeley’s public Harvard is private Stanford is private as soon as public right now I’m actually opposed to the idea of free college and I’ll tell you why because it’s a progressive policy
who so so when do you think about college I guess they just ate. Higher education just college right like Louie Louie’s playing and people are checking the college right who goes to college with people who is the tax base of this country a hundred percent of Americans one way shape or form you pay in taxes into this government and so if you say I’m going to take 100% of people’s money and effectively give it to rich people who can we don’t need it and people who will be rich maybe some of them will need you know do need are like. But eventually we’ll be able to but I can do it according the numbers script like crazy like there’s way less rich people than four people or you know those few were rich people than there are people that could use college for a short but the problem is that real
people are overwhelmingly going to college with poor people in from Horsham cuz I cannot afford it and if they couldn’t then they would overwhelmingly go to college if they can’t afford it earlier but I wanted to see if we were on the moon if we only had the ball and some pants and some we got a hundred people and designing a society like which parts of our society are driven by the by the moon dollar if if if anything is going to be if there is going to be a million-dollar I should say that’s what I meant was scrapped yeah cuz it sounds like more like you’re being more pragmatic
why would an education ever be purchasable why would it ever why would why would why would any child whether they’re one years old 25 years old 48 years old why would I be student be if this if it wants to learn anything why does it benefit your Society if moon was the moon is going to go to war with Mars and the moon has decided to charge money for education and Mars hasn’t bars I feel like Mars Argo win in the long run now we have a different problem here to legalize everything but if we legalize all drugs tomorrow here in our situation we’re going to party.
well I’m just saying that I just saying like what’s the difference between have these conversations when there’s an existing the Silver Bullet you’re you’re you’re being a little tricky with numbers and and was statistics because you say that poor people regardless of how affordable colleges wouldn’t go know I’m all for the way to get aggressive aggressive because if you can afford $70,000 a year right and somebody says but that person go for free on the taxpayer’s dollar that’s something I’m totally I think I think I’m fine keeping the bike 6 rich people the money if the 94 out of the Hundred Mile so we don’t know what social class is going to yield the doctor that produces to cure for cancer they don’t need a bunch of them are going to jail
can afford it mommy and daddy are writing that check right but the kids I can’t afford it might be the ones to cure the disease that we don’t even know we’re going to get yet so we need to focus on them
means test access to call just make any sense is interesting but denied access will never yield the result is what God I sent to this problem in the first place where if you look throughout the history of America sweeping programs you know for example you look at like the Golden Age of Comedy write the Golden Age of Comedy you had all these Public Works theaters and places where people could do music and and and all of these things were funded by a class traitor in the white house right and so without that these broke Jew immigrants that like my come from you know who wouldn’t be able to go learn to play the trombone and then become Sid Caesar do you know and so if it was means-tested it would be like if you make $14,999 you get to go to college if you make $15,001 you don’t get to go to college just a badly designed program right I mean but I think it goes beyond that we’re the idea and end for those that don’t understand
means testing is to put out a sort of Line in the Sand where you go if you’re more poor than this you get this if you’re not you do and and certainly there will be absolutely people that are rich or who don’t need the program of who will benefit from it but if you look at mean it it it realistically at the numbers there’s far more people who deserve something I will be getting and that’s why I believe that Health Care should be you know the totally free in public and public universities and I actually do think that there is a place for private universities for-profit private universities system optionally because I don’t believe in like that it was all in thick educational privatization would be analogous with elective surgery like I want to look like Mel Brooks been okay then you have to pay for that the government
all the rich people this is what you have today you have the poor people going to the poor University and you have the right before the rich University taxi to go higher and hopefully no where near my friend okay well so it doesn’t matter which university you go to it’s the results that you yelled at the skills that you correct piece to provide those results but that’s what happens by half of University of Wisconsin to develop something for their company but when you limit access you guarantee that you are not going to get the best out the exactly so you wouldn’t have to do you have to change so yeah this is a good way to get me I’ll give you an A solution that I would Implement if I wasn’t like mad magic wand right to my magic wand would be the government declaration which is if you want to be a non-profit if you want to have any better of dollars any any kind as to follow Brands not pay taxes all the rest very simply
your student body needs to roughly a line to the socioeconomic Spectrum in United States
if you do not do that all of your federal funding gone right at that point you saw the access problem overnight have to do anything for free right you just have to actually get those units to Harvard won’t be 10 times and then it would be 10% and 90 in from the bottom they would take no chances right this is this to me as something that I could that system sounds better for congress if like Congress had to have like a representative like spectrum of wealth as like America but for like you know if we talked about how you need a college education for a job that we talked about do you know how it like for me personally and for a lot of people I think education is a human right then anything that you do to get rid of access and it took to limit access to all people it is bad and end and that’s not to say that like you know if you go to the poor school or whatever we do it would be in a situation where
because of the taxes because of the money coming in there be all this new money coming into public universities so those schools would become better right if there’s more people if there’s more perspective or money coming in then people who go to those schools who lucked out and become you know people who can hire people they will go I’m not going to hire from Hartford you know that this hypothetical. It’s just realistic is dry but that might be if you actually create a March match morwell resource for education-focused public university that actually teaches people out of thing whatever they’re doing then you’re definitely right by the defendant that the shift is the title shift just dumb enough to perceive the two smart people are agreeing but that you guys are different distances from the problem she did not distances from the problem being up in your you were you were born from it and I have a fucking like you’re you you wanted like Diggie in in like plug this
wire into that wire like Hotwire this car and Josh is going like why fucking cars man or I’m dumb and I need at least half true I think absolutely that your system has a place within the system that I’m imagining you know I I think that they’re absolutely it’s it’s it’s absurd that you know the IV’s run the way they do with Legacy bullshit and end all of that and that absolutely needs to be reformed and they’re absolutely is a place in the world for those who choose electively to join up for profit specialized in a private Institution for ITT to we will we will leave links if you use the promo code 100 but let’s get real
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if you’re new to this podcast it’s time to play Balderdash
and so Spencer are we are you prepared to 222 part of the game is that we’re going to rotate through dealers I think yeah I think I’m more of the game is simple each participant will make up an answer
to the question right will you have any you’re better I’m better explain games will let me by dash for the first round all right and then and then I think that I think it’ll I think might be playing around it’ll it’ll become learn-by-doing it’s pretty simple it’s basically like I’m going to give you guys a piece of paper I’m going to give you a I’m going to give you a box or something like that that that that thing has a sort of explanation if it’s a movie the movie has a synopsis if it’s if it’s if it’s an acronym then the letters I’m going to give you stand for something in real life somewhere I’m going to know the answer to that you guys are going to take 2 minutes I’ve got a special surprise for you during that 2 minutes to write a
but attempt at a convincing answer to what that thing is
and then I’m going to read them all aloud including the real answer and
and then here’s your answer car I’ll explain more in a second
Spencer you’re going to do one too right yeah okay so players so
he’s never far away so he’s going to read the name and then we’re going to invent yeah fake answers so I’m going to
I’m going to start with a really simple example because I think I think I think I think one of my least favorite categories will actually make the best practice round it’s called laughable laws laughable laws all right so if I say I say to you guys in Garfield County Montana it is illegal to draw… And then you just you just have two minutes to write an answer to that please remember to write your your name down in the lower right and your yeah and just write your answer the other spot and then for this 2 minutes Andy Dick is just going to go over there
we’re going to have two minutes of Andy dick while you equal microphone for Youth and yes it’s over there sorry okay is anyone lost it okay if I get my newborn turn off the nevermind
you’re done already I didn’t even do my
at what minute are we on I brought like 30 minutes and 30 seconds and you do whippets does that where will it be in D music
what what you hold on to him and hold on
thank you sack
oh for the podcast and he’s blowing up a glove I couldn’t find okay and he’s blowing up thank you but keep going we got about a minute
okay you can have in your car I’m headed
think I can make this work at
you put your name you got
somebody else is making at
we have a live 80 our team here that is amazing I don’t know which one is yours so we can do it after right when it’s yours cuz it’s the one without the name on it
it was me doing it wasn’t it I don’t think I delete sounded like it was coming from over there didn’t it
all right this is going at this is going pretty good I think
okay that’s the two minute alright thank you Andy Dick he’ll be back in a moment thank you okay I get it I’m okay okay
those nitrile gloves that can we strike that all right into the longest strike ever that was still on camera so we can see you are as weak as a growth opportunity I feel like I’m right. Maybe I should just be the permanent ball and I was kind of thinking about just having one so now you at home and you guys but it’s your your job to try to guess which one is the real one and then each person that guests the real one if any of those people get
a certain number of points it’s either one or two I think it’s one anybody who’s who’s answer a cruise guesses I think that guy gets too pointy this is means testing in action
I got the points here where is it is it what you get one get a vote if you get your answer voted for you get a point if you get the right if you guess the right answer 2.3 points if none of you guess the real one that’s is a right and if someone accidentally get on right in Garfield County Montana it is illegal to draw
Shuffle Amy’s up I wrote the real answer one of these pieces of paper so you not getting any clues we allowed to use Google no okay
it’s not called Boulder cheat what would it be cheating if you are allowed to use in Garfield County Montana it is illegal to draw funny faces on the outside of your window shades interesting
is this is in Montana
yep okay
a male phallus on an overpass also interested
a man enjoying himself to The Isley Brothers live album moments after his divorce
Sharon is final Sharon
you’re not supposed to tip your hat if you didn’t answer to those listening you made the right choice
a commissioned mural on a Monday bitch
okay so those those answers again in Garfield County Montana it is it illegal to draw funny faces on the outside of your window shades a male phallus on an overpass a man enjoying himself to The Isley Brothers live album moments after his divorce is final Sharon
sorry I guess that’s a crime in a lot of State Sharon a commissioned mural on a Monday bitch guesses are whom way are we supposed to guess yes funny faces as my guess is your gas so I put a little ass there and then then what’s your guess what the overpass over past Fallas so I put a put a b n there and then Josh funny faces its Montana it’s weird funny faces okay so in the game of bother Josh what would happen here
know what’s on the overpass in football so that’s okay because some of you guess the real one the real one is funny faces on the outside and Spencer there for it gets a point for getting the right answer and I get two points because two people voted for my answer o one point for guessing the right answer now I get two points to guess the real answer two points two players who guess the real answer
I’m learning the right off the thing
but you just left ran offstage fire World on stage and he’s back to the chair where did not roll away he stuck the landing that’s a total of I can’t remember it’s okay because you got two points for getting the right answer
right goddamn I mean we could just do the rounds without keeping score what you have that’s not fun right I mean
wake up Harman I don’t know how Doug Benson does not his show is awful it’s it’s really hard to do this job is Balderdash I just got that I should have ran around my nicer we can do another round of I mean you don’t seem to want to bother Dash dealer and then the other is a terrible podcast are losing each other and we’re all losing the Doug Benson it feels like using a holiday game that ends in arguments might not have bed
give me give you what we stalled just a little bit maybe ask them where we’re going in terms of education does Sue matter what’s the uptick on that the way of getting out of this conversation that we had with you earlier that sort of like what should we expect
anybody nearly as good an early or late
I could have sworn we said to hangers Andy Dick one Hangar Andy Dick as we’re working with right now you know so give me an example some nervous now on our third class of undergrads Shadow started this past September and where are the first one and two clas awesome and up for this third class we received more applications their class ever than dark matter on Mighty did what’s the ballpark 20,000 for the applications from 179 countries how many people are you going to take took last year just under 2% which actually shows that you can be the most selective University in country and the most used to can I hook a divorce without trying it’s not that wasn’t the goal it was just we stop discriminating do you have scholarships yeah 80%
amazing amazing so what do you help what is your biggest dream with all of this would you would you want a brick-and-mortar one day now know why my biggest dream is at other universities are forced to follow because what we’ve we’ve shown third-party assess our students and show that would our students have been able to accomplish in eight months no university has been able to demonstrate that they can get their students to accomplish in four years and that’s on critical thinking problem solving reasoning and communication skills do you have any sort of entitlement program we we have endowment but it it will take a long time to realize the right now we’re doing a lot of fundraising to enable all those scholarships and it’s it’s hard work. Thanks for doing that to her that sounds like and where are you
oh no hold on hold on but hold it love it is in the category of The Marvelous movies in boulder dash and I’d like you to try to convince each other what the plot synopsis would be for a marvelous movie entitled
San Diego I love you
2 minutes of Andy Dick will happen during your writing yeah
yeah I saw this in Germany once it was amazing
yeah don’t hurt yourself we’ll get we’ll get we’ll get somebody to help you next I’m sorry
when does the time it start I started yeah you got it
Atlanta rap 30 answer

no no no
to hanger to hanger to hanger and he’s taking the house to hanger to hanger to hanger and his dick in the house
I’m Healing Ministry about the bridge like the midpoint
yeah he’s writing don’t get me
he’s he’s in the competition and you’re looking at him and banging of take a look at me now I can talk to you about this
they’re all they’re all right again I’ll interview you baste a nice time with a sponsor by Excedrin
is that a setup in my supposed to see how did they how did Batman 2 minutes yeah
let you down and eat and eat and eat everybody’s card over here I got I got people forgetting to write their names that’s a normal Balderdash thing
okay I got I think if I can
and that’s okay and so
I know the percentage and write their name then okay
I remember why why are you so mean to me don’t think you wrote your name
no thank you though God bless
if that’s a call boy I’m sorry that wasn’t it I know how that sounded but it was just like yeah this is it’s obviously it’s not going to it’s not going to take out. You know this isn’t what I’m saying this is Smorgasbord to be sure
keep on your toes you know if I like this I like
no. I really do I think this is a lot of fun right now right now it’s because you was a listener.
Are you back in the bathroom all right San Diego I love you is a movie and the following possible synopsis include the real one and your job is to guess I got a little shit-faced know that was exactly the explanation of the game San Diego I love you trying to keep her family together
while promoting her father’s invention try not to laugh I love you
San Diego is taking over by Oceanside gamers
San Diego happen I love you it’s just the Godfather but everyone’s name is Skylar Skylar Skylar San Diego I left you two pads Collide in this 1980s culture crash between a hip, and a Marine drill sergeant
interesting a romantic comedy Musical
about former High School sweethearts who fall in love with each other and their hometown
so those synopses again either native while ago and the last one it could be any of us tries to keep her family together while promoting her father’s inventions San Diego I love you San Diego was taken over by Oceanside Gamers I love you it’s just the Godfather but everyone’s name is Skyler I love you to Babs Collide in the 1980s culture crash between a hip comic book artist and a fastidious Marine drill sergeants San Diego I love you a romantic comedy musical about former High School sweethearts who fall in love with each other and their hometown
okay okay I will start the guessing with Ben Nelson noted educational activist very very bad player I’ll go with the culturecrash the 1980s
culture culture culture Clash of self-imposed Exile sure I am going to go with the culture-clash one cuz it sounds like something you’d read on the back of a VHS and it reminds me of like you know Lily Tomlin and Mel Brooks are the couple of the 90s and this’ll a key I’m going to go with the daughter trying to hustle organic products alright well Brandon has I got to go
oh you got to go it sounds like you said he had the right answer but I was going to guess the last answer the fifth one whatever the Wolves it was the Dead the musical
are you just do not turn on give it to me or is it sound like he was about to say that you’re the right answer and I didn’t want it then use that knowledge to cheat bands which means Ben gets a point yeah alright Brandon gets the right one which means Brandon gets to point right tries to keep her family together with her while promoting while his inventions and then once again drawn in by Spencer’s prefer stability to emulate a board game wow look at it it makes a lot of sense he’s like a boulder that Stringer person apart are you still keeping score
I think I’m at 6 to maybe someone is too I think you have to use who in the first round of all right
now Andy I want you on deck but if you’re not going yet we’re going to get better at this for this third round we’re going to show you how this fucking this is going to go good
yeah we are there bring enciso back just for the
what do you buy Balderdash and see so see so we spent too much money on you guys
Cecil you saw it coming so
I guess I’ll do the category of peculiar people so this is just a name or pass these blank ones look like a historical figure is not necessarily true it’s just a name that you so you just have to fear I’ll pick an example one so that we can get the tone like peculiar people example would be O’Shea Jackson and then the answer is the real name of raptor actor Ice Cube that was a bad thing for them to include what happens if you get too if you know the real one I think at some point this is Ron. I’m almost certain
I need those points to feed my family then you have to win by 10 then just keep playing until wow that we could do all right the name is Jeremy Bentham Bentham
and where we supposed to do you supposed to just say who that person is like why their notable yes what their deal is okay two minutes of Andy Dick
if you love Christmas Nativity at the Crystal Cathedral you’ll love this next ACT and eat a cat harmontown
try to hangers for 1 by 6
you know where
at 1:30 we’re at right now we’re about 20 seconds in 1 by 4 by 8 piece of lumber to saying it’s better if I’m on Deck like a little earlier
you’re at 2:35
follow this isn’t just Stomp
is my is my Off Broadway show called knock knock again
please don’t
listen with headphones God bless you for 1 minute and 30 seconds so if 30 more seconds Sprite
hello remix
oh I got to spend this bed and put his name okay. I didn’t hear you were in a lot of hats okay thank you that was two minutes of Andy did
2 minutes up Andy Dick the show
yeah we could get that
did you want to do something on the back right now to begin DJ cash you know like you don’t look as if anyone could bring it aboard like teletub Telltale everybody about about about being unexpectedly bisexual and some like putting your life for
you can just tell us how you’re doing how are you
well that was certainly an action
so better than a scruffy figured tossed a tractor coming onto the stage….. How are you like likes I’ll let people know how are you are a pit some hit people has different light you wanted me to stay on for the blind listeners is there all here right now because you just that you told a great Norte about the Christmas that one on Vice yes it sure you got to have something different plant or you going to revisit that it’s probably going to be you know the Yuletide log something low-key they have very low key
take him 50-50 right has Christmas it’s 50-50 he’s had a standing invite we just let her know where your yard him you heard him
you went to Santa Barbara last weekend you were caught in the fires trapped tell him don’t forget to tell us what the Paul McCartney song when you get a chance I had that talk about the Paul McCartney Christmas song which is a very polarizing song that piece of shit horrible I don’t hate Paul McCartney I hate this is Christmas song okay that’s probably that’s probably shity and hate to correct generous worried because of my activation it’s anyways.
phone for me when is that the one against the gifts are out
barking Christmas song
you can steal a second muscles advocating hilarious kids to be out there going this is ridiculous in love with the result of this last round of golf if you want to give me more money. Where do I put this microphone thing
I can’t work again for 3 months that’s what Grace for 3 months
now that’s an estimate using the phrase green listed refer to him I would lose a lot of people are rooting for Andy Andy Andy says grayless today think what he means not to put words in his mouth but I am that everybody loves Andi but he can’t get work cuz it’s like like blacklisted cuz it’s not like there’s some reason that your beer your band it’s like he’s at he was he was he was he was periscoping from here and now Periscope add some tips feature I believe Andy is 100% subsisting on Periscope right now please give it’s an it’s a new business model Periscope you can you can give anyway what are you doing Andy Dick telephone later on operators are standing by
if you like that like what was it that post Weinstein like the sex scandal all the stuff and I was like he’s going to survive this fine because he’s a human hurricane because like the one headline about Andy Dick but came out during that whole Purge was like the headline was so complicated it tripped over its others like Andy Dick confesses to sexual assault ask the cameraman if he’s married falls down eats a trash bag and bed late like ends up marrying exhibit if you’re going for Andy Dick Journey The Last Man Standing
alright I hope you didn’t mind me speaking about him like that while he’s standing on stage because it’s it’s nice to know that he’s in the back all right dear. Your question was who is this the name
I didn’t try to change the name is Jeremy Bentham the possibilities of Jeremy been so far he is assuming he
you’re welcome he is one of seven genders or two Sexes all right he is musician Adam Ant
a noted moral philosopher
his preserved body is on display at a London University
the boy who ate the most spaghetti
look for I’m sorry I’m drunk the first Puerto Rican shortstop for the Padres musician Adam and hence the moral philosopher his preserved body is on display at a London University the boy who ate the most spaghetti or the first Puerto Rican shortstop for the Padres
square toe American weather
Puerto Rican the first answer adamantium stresses Spencer Gifts For Adam Ant
all right Ben Nelson I’m going to go with the body in the University Mall right Josh
although I want to see the boy with the most spaghetti cuz it’s a great answer I’m going to have to go with Adam Ant because I’m just going to follow whatever Spencer doesn’t work at all right I’m going to go with philosopher
all right looks like complicated round most notably because Josh and rasky high-fived his own answer to thank you
I just thought maybe he could strike branded as I would love to say the boy is spaghetti and all the right answers of course well the car says it like college College master knows knows everything that goes on in the college including if a body is preserved in the university in your University and his name happen to be Jeremy Beth though I don’t think that your copper plate as well wait but you knew but you knew both were correct but you decided to know which feature of Jeremy Bentham with the answer but I realized
preserved to know where am I why am I yelling at you okay well that’s why complicate bother to ask if we didn’t have him up there we were here we would know he was a noted moral philosopher and in which case Brandon and both would have technically guess Brian put weed because Ben’s up here we know that been guessed right along with Brandon I don’t know how to score in the bull who gave the right answer they wrote it tomorrow for the UK 3.0 for having he was buried in the familiar with Jeremy Bentham that you were like that you were right here like well he’s my answer all hell yeah
points 7 points per game has one Balderdash and America do the tigers telling kids out there and and then I’d like like how do they would say one of those dates if they’re interested in what you’ve been talking about like what it where they go. Calm why is geography why is the who what it what do they do to get sucked into your nerve ending Google it’ll it’ll come up but you can go to vrv a m i n g a m i n g e r v a single come up as the guy who’s using it for his educational programs sometimes Wikipedia will it will outrank us but where were or two
operation for constitution so and the goddess of wisdom and the project. Calm Play Click ban I’ve had it I want to participate in this Moonraker project educationally I want to become a super super thinker and like I don’t trust the current system even whether or not I can afford it it fucken is going to end with me in a drip pan of society or president as you know athletes think training the bodies are so if you think the training our minds important Minerva’s we should be regularly just to tell us about shit that’s like would normally make a sad but we’re going to turn it into a little games and things but we didn’t have a chance to do that this time I’ll be back thank you I appreciate you coming back and I appreciate you guys
I’m going to not not just missing each other even though you had some disagreements it was interesting to hear get stuck for a second I felt like I might be on a ward worthy cable access host I hear there’s a certain PBS interview show that’s not live as a vacancy so in this week give Andy Dick 2 minutes and
and he will break your heart that he could change you left at least answer me lyrics
hey hey hey hey hey
hey thanks, thanks, see Dam down once Moby gets a hold of these recordings he’s going to add a beat and this is going to be going to be suing them are we going to we’re going to the people the fact you have a written or edited
top of my head I hold a crisper on for being the directions for us drinking all the audio thanks Sharon Hill for doing a bunch of shit that we should probably have her up here that can explain everything if she doesn’t I keep I keep I keep dismissively saying she’s a person has me all the titles already thinks I act like I do want to take continue to try to permit the in a castle so that we can have everything and and nnn special thanks to Brian baldinger depending on whether you’re from Norwegian or not for putting us in touch with Ben and they probably some interns that are like going to sue us later
thank you baby Jackfruit thank you I didn’t got sick
keep hitting the wood with a hammer for God’s sake Fallout 4 Christmas time thank you goodnight this is the end of harmontown I’ve been Brenda Johnson
drive slow and don’t take chances


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