Episode: 286 – 286: All the Shingle Ladies


Episode: 286 – 286: All the Shingle Ladies


Dan reacts to being diagnosed with Shingles by bringing a bed on stage and eating eggs. Fellow podcasters Keith Malley and Chemda Khalili join Jeff and Schrab in Dan’s bed to discuss infectious diseases. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden, Keith Malley, Chemda Khalili and Rob Schrab.


are we started
yeah I think we’re all okay now the key is with
with shingles is that dumb as not to
exert myself
hi folks
I have a herpes virus called shingles
you can Google it or I’ll tell you a lot about it tonight and I’ve learned a lot about it but it rides on the nervous system it’s a reactivation of the chickenpox from when you’re a kid it comes as a result of you either being 60
at living in a third world country or having my lifestyle which apparently is high stress or low Health going to go with the ladder so yeah I went to New York with Dino had a good time and appreciate I think I got the shingles I think I got I got a fever for the Flava. I got the flavor of the shingles on the way back from people call you shingles dick
sorry is it my car my comedy car alarm went off outside the production crew cuz first of all I want to say to the subscribers that your car I hope so
I’m eight minutes this isn’t helping
here here’s some of the things that shingles loves Car Alarm the doctor told me not to do listen to Carla workout go to therapy I did I didn’t do the weekend Dracula show that the super tight like family like these are fun things for me but you know I’m taking it easy I have to not like even good stress is bad stress cuz this is a nerve is a virus lives in your nerve endings so I’m trying to take it very easy so we this we did a little soft open
all soft warm open for those of you were listening for free that’s cool
that doesn’t make me what you don’t know is that Dan is laying in a kind of a cool I might nibble on wood and I didn’t get a bed with actions bag of hard boiled eggs at the pressure got me some Minecraft flavor wedding some Eggland’s Best eggs can you open these for me I love to mix up shingles doesn’t like lysine which is weird because the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park love it they need it in the book anyway that kind of fucked off with that in the movie and it didn’t really talk with a licensed dependence and I love lies and you think that is the reason why the water after his cheetah speed is screaming it’s pissed it’s downright ornery
no don’t go is it going to scar on your head or is that going to go in if you can see this one that’s right in the middle of my forehead of its I couldn’t leave a divot it’s kind of cool I got to say when you get a disease that’s like has like a Sci-Fi twist to it I can at least get into that and then get through the Searing pain which by the way has subsided I’m not in any pain ye as a little tingling but I think that’s because I’m on these meds every time I noticed it like a half hour after I take the meds right slowed down Harmon fucking stop you talking a mile a minute that your license is back on, we’ve got some very low energy mild-mannered New York friends that are going to be joining us in a second they’re going to really keep me calm the from the East Coast where where the where the Vibes are chill and I are you get shingles
later on as well cold open is over I think this opens about the heat up I’m saying where’s my music.
You know when you get chicken pox when your a kid
this is a cool stuff I get it
if we’re wrapping for wrapping low I was a slow beat down is chickenpox
turn up the rocks
make a black Pebbles motherfuker they don’t have to travel boat don’t fuck with me not today Japanese low energy got to relax in my Minecraft bed gotta do some runs off the top of my head I said it’s you you adieu birdy do I fuck your mama in the laundry chute I put my pajamas on the back of my neck and back harmontown is went to get a new session
pirate comptroller Jeff Davis who came after restarting air compressor couldn’t have just given up his truck your shingles for the mayor your mare is Dan Harmon thank you guys where we haven’t started at the trailer down the train everything’s I was more comfortable with that, just in totally awkward experimental no title sequence eating some eggs that’s okay I don’t want you to be homophobic today cuz we got our East Coast friends coming up in a second we’re going to make amends with the whole nation and my chicken pox got the herpes virus like bagels and lox they go together
birds of a feather podcast and Pros in the sunny weather that came out to visit
I thought your mom would like my name is Limp Bizkit do because I’m need to keep my nervous system on exerted so I’ll write a rap about my blankets Minecraft I don’t know word
oh yeah hell yeah really good and I want it Steve leaving got on this I don’t know who put the you know the bulk of the physical form even made it
with no one I’m obviously surrounded by a lot of people who care about me and I don’t I don’t say that enough nice thank you
to get in here with all right have you got the chickenpox before Jeff Golden Belt its face herpes and no did you have chicken pox when you were a kid apparently you could bring up our guests cousin cuz our real guests is the face herpes when I have someone to introduce them to think that’s why I think we like Ridley Scott alien movie is because you know what resonates that Giger like stuff that parasitic like something’s bursting out of you these are when you had chicken pox when you were a kid you know you mostly like got rid of them out of your system like basically killed most of them whether you got vaccinated or or had them same difference
the day there’s there’s like bands of gorilla gue are gorillas like the same virus like it gets it hides in a certain kind of nervous so I don’t know why that nerve cell makes it possible for them to stay alive but asleep and so they just hang out and if your immune system gets low enough basically it’s like your immune system is always on patrol and I imagine these things poke their head out once in awhile get beat the fuck down and then so if I was talking to Julian splitski hope doesn’t mind saying I wouldn’t have someone who’s also have this she said that a bunch of TV writers about it like leg like it’s like a vitamin D deficiency can at Lake love you dizzy and have a single party like like or we all we all look what I saw
when you were a kid that it’s like at the same virus head in one type of cell which is your nerves though it’s not like a nerve disease it’s a virus that could only hide in that type of nerve cell and that’s why don’t we ever happened in one side of your face or body that’s how my doctor like figured it out right away and you can actually trace the cranial nerve path that minor on I’m lucky cuz they’re on my face you get them on your back you get them on your leg you don’t notice them for for 2 weeks I’ll take the back yeah but you don’t notice them then you get the belt of blisters are and I could I did a little research and because I got a big band of it on one side of the body but these these little guys they wake up girls you’re welcome
you are so shingles woke take it back babies they they wake up in these nerve cells and they go oh shit I think this guy’s either 60 or living in Nicaragua and drinking like LED water maybe Detroit like Flagler he’s down for the count to make a break for it Red Rover and and and what they’re they’re stuck on these nerve pass and they they they go straight for the surface of the skin there like a let’s cause chicken pox again so basically like you can’t give shingles to anybody you can only give shingles to yourself shingles are the sequel to chickenpox that you get because your immune system gets so low that the Riddler comes back to fuck Batman even though he was like beating in the first movie being in bed with you the only thing you could possibly get it if you were chickenpox free as a kid for some reason if you were like a boy in a bubble a
I let you out and then so you didn’t have chicken pox ever and you were next to me when my head exploded with these gross blisters which they’ve already done and they’re finished but if two days ago you would rub your forehead on mine you would have gotten chicken pox I’ve already given you crabs just by being here for the last 10 minutes and I have gotten bored of myself and my right people let’s bring him now that we all did America dish Robert and Rob was going to take to drive to Boston I know there was a huge outcry think about 7 people retweeted him
it’s just too much pressure from from from the seven people that that that that he pretends to be when he changes accounts until I just want to say that’s a really generous thing that she dropped it off of making a false account so he can he can get a free trip the last us and what it looks like the original podcast or something like that it makes us feel like we should quit they been doing podcast names of 2005 like they I think unless there’s something about their episode codes that I’m not understanding their like in their mid to thousands are there any on their original podcast which is Keith and the girl right let’s just bring them up and then we can ask them all of the questions that I don’t know I kind of want to stay in bed because the blanket
I’m roasting in here and it’s really warm when you do what you want I’m going to look at where it lets her let’s bring up I want to make sure I don’t fuck up their names but that up bring up our new friend Keith Maley and him. Khalili
Hamilton khaki
I think I picked Nike tie him to Jeff can you shake his hand for me to behave you’re too but you know you have a scab on your forehead and you have to get like I feel like I told people I have to tell people I have shingles because nothing to do but like it changes my behavior because I don’t know what people’s relationship with the word shingles is and then you meet someone and they say I have it in my right eye relationship is now Dan Harmon I met you guys are currently rolling out of an Uber with the gallon of green tea and a bag of hard boiled eggs what’s up contagious is it too bad that I’m here after the fact and then I don’t think so that’s good enough for me
okay I’m mostly made it for that Bronco right now. I don’t think if I wasn’t going to live in the horrible caustic environment of my blood system I mean the only thing you could do is I mean I agree with you like nothing really but lands on me can really set up shop there like they’ll be like what the fuck is this Irish rock garden did you think I’ll grade another blackout or do you really think it is medical I thought that cuz I had a massive head not massive massive for a writer a head wound had a black a black out kind of weekend to Tribeca and I thought I thought that since I couldn’t remember how I had injured my head
and then I had this like I started feeling this pain going down a half of my face and I was like oh I guess since there’s no such thing as coincidences I must have like passed out and smacked my head on the nightstand and maybe just select there like a like a cartoon drunk for an hour or two real life together is like maybe I maybe like fell down and slept on something weird that the hotel staff doesn’t wash as much as the pillowcases or something and then it just then I could see a good look Too Close to the Mirror after I got back to LA and I was like there’s something blooming and then I like for a split-second do you think man maybe I do have to quit drinking then you’re right yeah for a while I started thinking of that I got shingles on my head to
Shake shingles on your head it’s not your you’re an alcoholic what’s the prognosis for taking medication for this yeah I’m one of the lucky ones you’ll never hear a single story this fortunate for most people eat this must be if you don’t catch it in time it can be a solid my friend Julie and I had it two years ago she said it was for 19 days it’s like two two weeks is 20 days and if you just if it just runs its course which is just will
for a lot of people you get this like neuralgia I think that’s what it’s called it’s like this deep nerve pain that can last for two years because of the damage it causes coming out to Spokane so sexy from bed
this is sexier why do I think that maybe I’d I’d be remiss to that it did any of either of you guys wanted when it spend some time in here but I don’t feel comfortable in this heat I’m going to give it a guy I want to take off my shoes cuz I’m not an animal like Jeff the people for whom it more rude to take my shoes off because of how gross my feet are wearing kind of wood split amounts to a blanket already you came already bedded so you guys have been at it since 2005 Lake like you were you were podcast before maybe they even had an award for it honestly yeah they there was still the iPod and there wasn’t a category on iTunes for how do you keep doing it says listening to your most recent episodes on the way here and you clearly I don’t know how you started a nerd
wise but you’re you seem very happy to be doing it still and very good at it I do have a dream to take that for we have a premium premium program where you hear all our shows where you can hear everything from 13 years ago so I want to take that first show in redo it and not tell anybody like like you have the right amount of like radio people in you write them out I’ll take it but I mean it’s like you guys are professional is what I mean you sounded like you keep you you don’t do what I do and just have people on and just talk over them what’s the house phone that is how much do you guys plan your plant probably at least 3 hours for an hour show so you guys are always right before the other meeting in the middle of the week
we get together three hours before the show to to prep for that with our producer Andrea and the couple internet sometimes and then they purpose for the guests and also news and and then I have to fight with Keith about how many rape cases we have to talk about on the show that day he’s fascinated by stories and those cases is it up I’m not please that’s my catchphrase is version of me too I’m giving them all the attention it is it is it really more like that is it like a date to hear about this monster so it’s no or is it like a true crime in Canada when this story so amazing I have to tell it like you know but then it said no it was made at the one we got into the wrong car at the worst thing happened she gets into another car for help the worst thing happens and like I don’t know I wish somebody told me the story comedy podcast
sing about this wave story that you just told me good luck. Go all the way we should be plugged in is the one that said star Burns in the garage so there’s there’s we also started because five days of 5S shows a week wasn’t enough we started my opening line and that’s where we talked to artist inconvenience about the very first humiliating times on steaks okay but we will talk about Cosby being found guilty this kind of thing I was fine with that was it was fun and I’m sad because he’s a hero when you’re a kid and then also you find out he’s been a villain since we were kids right and I was talking to a Hannibal Buress the person that did the stand up that got everything started for him he doesn’t like it though because he’s afraid he’s being seen as that’s the part
when meanwhile he has jokes but I’m like who can’t your superhero you’ll get your jokes in there I don’t know I think it would be great to see everything to be Associated directly with that provided a service Comedy Club record the show
hey right if some ass or wasn’t there with her phone just can’t tell if you’re serious or not I honestly don’t know if I am or not I just got the big sick I watch the big sick and see what the guys doing stand-up and then there’s a Heckler in the audience with a long story short they fall in love what am I learning your phone do whatever you want to do what I want to know this is off topic but you took out a light bulb in New York in your hotel and then smashed it on the ground did you ever find out why your brain did that was the beginning of the herpes virus is making me do things for the Dow or rather I should say the reason I say I did it on purpose because I don’t want to let myself off the hook and say oh I slipped but here’s what I definitely did on purpose
light bulb bulb cover and I was like and I just wanted to pull it off and it did it just one glass over the bulb to make it a little softer and I was like I’m just not being pulled to get you your own curiosity zone for the kids are on their way to say where you drinking or do you just have to do cuz we definitely live in a state of having a break sometimes he asks where you sober like if it gets confusing like if I’m a story about me finding my car keys
severed a tendon in his thumb by Julian exact same thing he was in London and pulled the angles to keep the bulb went out he tried to pull the casing off in the glass shattered and
somebody said hate when you do this while I’m polish I would have called two people in 2018 it’s so don’t worry about him
Gia because we all evolved from the same amoeba basically and then like even though we branched off like that there’s some part of us that’s similar to The Moth when we get that drunk they were just like that that’s why I drunk guys do what a moth would do if it had hands which is just fuck with a light bulb I don’t like dancing flame work when you when you when you first get a new place you don’t and remember all the the business that you have to go through in that first light goes out in that first room neon flower work it’s a rental in a hotel at all your first day and you’re like what the fuc
a lot of things but in my hand how do I get it out of my head I want I want to hear Wayne Wade’s new place have the floors work there’s two things that cause me rage in hotel rooms that I’m in a hotel a lot cuz I like travel comedy gigs might just be in hotel sometimes never work that you have to fight with the TV remote constantly and then when you shut the door and you got to do not disturb but I always put the Do Not Disturb thing on cuz I don’t need housekeeping to come every 5 seconds because I don’t want to come back into their everything shut the door like like make it so that it stays on the doorknob real issues on this show.
stretchy arms I can put on the do not disturb sign slink right back in it when you leave and you open the door and when it shuts it wants it like I done something about leaving we can come up with something better in the brainstorming sessions that they spent trying to come up with new ways of saying do not disturb. I’m a Lotus let me Bloom what the fuck are you talking about the men’s room in a fucking the gallery I mean Picasso’s what is that I’m single and in here
pictured you looking for the bathroom we like fukkit you take your dick out and people start pointing I don’t know why I’m sorry maybe it’s the shingle of your friendship between us and we don’t talk about it but this working out to the feel like 15 years now all we met at an open-mic it was a weird open-mic where you got to do literally anything for 8 minutes so we watch someone you know drink their own urine or what is the weirdest he looks like when you have shingles for the eggs in tea
sorry I hit you that’s how you met but it’s weird that I pulled up a container of year and looking so he’s good he’s good that would have been supposed to take your time just trying to find some okay so we have a yes or no to a podcast by his jokes but I love that he was you know going for it and so I spoke to him after one of his sets we started dating shortly after and the year that you don’t know this town that no no no Peppa Pig is so are you still up
how to keep your phony baloney relationship alive via podcast before we did but the podcast I think kept us together, but keep the thing that works and I was like oh my God I hate you for 23 hours but then for that one hour podcast and you’re super fun but the math wasn’t adding up so we had to break up I don’t know how many more times are going to say your name but I and I know you have to have this conversation every time but I just I’m just curious what your what is your take on the how much how much do you prefer being put behind the CH like how do you how do you say your own name and you so you go for it but split it but it but if I if I do that I feel it’s like I feel like I’m doing like a character that again how does it feel now so weird go back to when you were fine and no dad not go to buckle and
congrats like a Cracker Jack in the Box in it if you were born in Israel but raised in New York since you are for yes really this is why we broke up he’s the worst listener whole singing thing that’s all I know is singing things that you’ve done backup on other people’s stuff I’ve collaborated with people on world music and dance music and all kinds of different things this probably one of the most I don’t know which days it’s popular in different genres But Country one which was from delirium which is world music some people know that in the with Po and Sinead O’Connor
like that I just been a lot of hotel rooms she did pretty well are you guys kind of like in your partnership as far as like your Dynamic are you are you do you think of yourself as more than the will they won’t take kind right now it is is hemja the the the the the she bringing the dessert is there a contrast are you like are you like throwing down and fist-bumping and and she’s like mother guy on like like like trying to make you more like a bowl or yes yeah she’s definitely a keeper
she thinks people that everybody has good qualities that nobody has good because I’m not in that phase right now but when I’m when I’m down I don’t even think anyone have any good qualities like Isla it but then when I when I’m relatively stabilize the lake or up I feel like everybody is the hero of Their Own Story like there’s no such thing as a bad person stupid down like I mean like when I’m when I’m off I’m like well what’s stupid you know like what is that like like like who says that guy over there eating a brick is like smarter than me or dumber than me like maybe he’s a genius at brick eating like I kind of I don’t really feel dumber than you know some people about other stuff and some people talk to themselves
are you working or just having conversations with nobody across the street you know and then responding and I do what I say alright what if they see something that we don’t see and what is there is a person over there and that over time become like I can I can relate to them cuz I I do a lot of talking to myself at home and I think it’s just me having fun and do invoices but now I’m crazy guy singing rapping talk while I make a sandwich or take a shower like I’m I’m I’m only a paycheck away from being the guy in the street to get my suit is all the thing holding me up cuz not to be glib about it but like if they’re homeless then that’s that you know they’re going to do a couple things that you do it is it in your own home like out of a sidewalk I don’t think that’s the real reason why someone’s taco stuff on the side like it that’s their singing in the shower I think they’re I think I’m mentally ill and a geyser
come listen out of work then I would probably be a guy that was making a lot of noise out in the street like I’ve had four different reasons maybe or maybe not I don’t know and I don’t want you know they got it went once I was committed to almost as yeah I’d be like yeah I’d be like talking about a lot like this is great with me what are you what are you eating over there it looks stupid I got to go nice dog how do you know when you’re finished that kind of stuff like you right now is every homeless person watching you being in a comfy bed to someone brought you because I got a light out homeless them better
I thought I saw you know what is the freakiest thing I ever saw. What was it when I was like when I was like younger in Milwaukee is like a twenty-something like you know I think about this all the time to even when I hear people that are like you know that I get a thing you’re so stupid like your fucking not see on Twitter or whatever but like I never being like like I just thought all homeless people were like bums that didn’t couldn’t get it that they were like like I don’t want to get a job so someone give me some never talking to this this friend of mine at like who is a comic and she’s like doing some volunteer thing for homeless people and I made some comment and she’s like what the fuck is that what are you talkin about what do you think homeless people are I’m like I don’t know they’re like people that don’t have jobs and stuff is like they’re mentally ill people that don’t have a support system like do you know what schizophrenia is your nose is like kind of like blew my mind and like but before that I was still an adult and still a smart and still thought that I was right about everything and it just it’s not like she was an inside
Wikipedia or showed me anything it was just like one person going like you moron like like what you don’t even know what these things that cuz you don’t even think about him and then when I moved to LA one of the first things I saw that freaked me out cuz of Milwaukee’s all the homeless people die off like once a year they break and everyone’s cars and just died while they’re trying to get warm and like mosquitoes like 30 Promenade there was this guy and he looked like he basically looked like Danny Trejo like he was so like prison katadyn like scary looking like he look like he could you just looked like you would cast him as like a no-nonsense Street Lethal like a gangster in but he was like he was just shrieking in my crying it was like like like he he was he was crying like a baby he was at it was a crying like like like somebody had taken his balloon and he was six years old
I remember thinking I was probably like 22 years old maybe he just started to like go you know lick lick lick lick some chemical and now it’s is kicking and he doesn’t have a family that’s like going to you no say hey when you pass I support you you know cuz you at hear you walk up to somebody who’s like but it’s weird because like they’re not always just like talking to a fire hydrant looks like the person was simply in loading but it’s it’s funny how how strict are standards are for what you’re supposed to be doing and feeling and how empathic we are like I was at guys not supposed to be that sad about anyting like nobody was looking around for his missing kid we knew he was crazy because and I did air quotes for the people listening because because we just knew immediately but it’s funny how like that amount of empathy results in
did you like we’re like insects to I could just go always a dysfunctional Aunt so like clear path and anyways you look like you’re probably going to say something 20 minutes ago
I’m just into this is so surreal I’m just I’m like oh night time stories with Dan Harmon I was going to say that I feel like a lot of people experience that in New York like you you’re constantly around people and we don’t really have cars we don’t have a car so we’re riding in public all the time and you’ll have these breakdown moments and maybe more women than men because men’s tear ducts are kind of blocked but yeah bro I know all I know is that when we’re not showing her balls the right up in a tear duct
so my dad when there’s talk we go to for him though I thought you were playing sad music accidentally hit my iPad with one of my balls she was crying on the train and there’s like different responses most of the time another woman will pass you a napkin or tissue from her purse and that’s it that’s all you get it’s like we feel you now you know shut that shit down by the time you get to the office

should we bring up when I was like when I was ten or eleven I was in New York with my mom going to Subway and double-a whatever that one was in there and the guy that was ranting and raving about Reaganomics band in trickle down and he was screaming at everybody and nobody just gave him the time of day was reading the newspaper looking at this shit doing his thing and he was screaming screaming screaming and pulled out a knife like a small knife still nobody gave him the time of day at like like he’s not going to do anything but the moment he walked up to my mom and started screaming all the men stood up newspaper down like you can Bluster around me but I feel like the moment he started doing that to a woman who got their knives you’re never alone I don’t think I was going to be Alan Greenspan cuz he was raving about economics all right
thank you I think I maybe you want to crawl in there do you want to make this turn into a animal that’s right before you pass out hopefully you’re off the road out of public but you’re just like you have reduced yourself to nothing but cortex that I did I think if I did break that thing on purpose it was because I had been that’s what I had to shave that state I was like just looking at it like like I was on an alien planet and wanted to know how gravity works like I was like how good it feels like it was feel good after I remember I remember my emotional response to his chattering like I just stood there and then I remember going there is more like it wasn’t about the thing is is it exactly what glasses supposed to do when it breaks but I was looking at myself and going that’s what I do with my time
you can just drop a human being from even even even the height of comfort and and privilege and it’ll just it’ll just like it just shatters like what I think I pulled myself out of nothing because I had nothing to be upset about I I did this thing I think that’s why rock stars like trash hotel room cuz it’s like you just you can’t manage all of the everything’s fine before when they ornamentally put that the kleenex like in a little beautiful Lotus this shape I don’t you take those out because I’ve been handled and folded into origami by the person who presumably had been cleaning up somebody else’s poop no offense to the housekeeping industry which isn’t Noble wonderful profession you take that out of the way the offense with Dan from and no offense but then we need
and you don’t have no Kleenex and I kept the ones I have in Oregon made into sadness speaking of Kleenex with bring to the stage All Over America Roberts Rob
are humans sister
I’m the guy out of the bed like it’s like the couch it by Johnny Carson or she had to move down to the the panel
give everyone a chance
call Dan hello
should I get in the bed like Lila gets into bed with Kate
did she go under the covers go deep go deep
that’s nice except night pretty much wraps
I really didn’t do that right there
it’s really hot in the right he looked over at 10. Like wow the New Yorkers are prudes
egg Nigel Nigel dismiss does it but he doesn’t hate the way he digs is with both front paws in unison so he’s like oh really that’s kind of funny also he’s he’s back to full health now because he’s he hump the fuck out of Harvey today he waits for Harvey to come back with the ball and then he humps him and then he likes he finishes you have an orgasm but he finishes dominating him and then he does this like hind leg like cat cat cat kind of burying a turd going to move like you scrapes dirt dirt at heart but guess who guess who gets to Phantom fuck you so when you went into the doctor
and he opened the door and you’re sitting you know in the robe and everything and you just pointed at your forehead
did it did it take a look at it a long time and then when I know you got this form of Herpes and shingles the first I told him I was like I fell but I think I also got a rash from a New York pillowcase or something is that what they call them now and zoomed in on the rash on somebody’s chest is really good or sees a ton of people to Sugar cuz he was just like I talked to him for like 10 seconds I have a I have always record my doctor sessions and Casey said something when I need to remember later end of the audio file from me walking from him walking in not me walking a bit him walking in to see me to me walking out the door and remembering the hits top 5 minutes and 7 seconds and the guy I like like he like I was like I said a couple things about what what I was thinking
it’s all over the place he’s like looking at me while I was talking to you like you know what worst case scenario shingles was treated like shingles cuz that’s the worst we going to treat that right away if that’s what it is if it’s something else who gives a fuck did he when did he say herpes he never said the word herpes I will find that out online postherpetic something return flight like back from San Francisco and it was like like going to dinner, like the stewardess was like people just sit down just sit down you know that’s how bad it was and I was just like holding on holding my breath the entire time and when I got off the plane I had like this rash that was grew above my my eyelid and I went to the doctor
and that he would look at it he was a o u got herpes rosters awesome. Please know I mean what I mean like that’s why and what he should have done was not the kind you think of basic because that’s the only kind anybody thinks they don’t stay on dates with his moment for that day to get some excitement or something he needed a response so I was like but I did I didn’t rub my head on a
thing that gives you the herpes and he was like no no no no no no that’s why they made their pussy so Keith came. I’ll try to do it to try to Natural when they’re ashamed of how do you how do you say her name Kendall and then you say it is different so 13 years years ever have a fight and all those thousands of episodes like like I mean like I got like a bad one not like it so this is such provocative entertainment cuz they disagree so much but like yeah and it’s like shit there like pissed yeah yeah what was it called that this the first one that we had we
we’re really fighting and I was like what we do everything else on there so just turn it back on and let’s finish and it was actually helped because a lot of time so just stare at me when I’m when I’m trying to argue with him and it’s like how boring is that and how much that like how far I can go and he just he can’t stare so he was forced to respond to me are you a new relationship like I think it’s like 10 years ago I’ll be the universe bucket with teeth do you think there are good and bad people of course like what it what do you think is responsible for that you think they’re boring good and bad or do you think it’s there they just get the luck of the draw and there’s a lot of it starts with E and then you take your personality whichever way you want you realize
people need help and your hair to serve or you don’t and you’re selfish
I think it’s that simple I think so we’re being tested every day in big and small ways to like like usually we can get by by probably not like doing too much of an extreme choice but basically there are people who are like you know what it’s it’s been three Wednesdays in a row since Mercury is in retrograde now I’m just going to kill this dog with a knife razor like a compulsion that someone would have example being healthy I think everybody prefers to be in shape but they don’t want to do the work yes yeah they don’t want to exercise I don’t want to eat healthy but if they did they would look better and probably feel better and I think that’s what it’s like to be I think when you’re bad when you’re evil you’re being lazy and when you’re being good you’re actually putting some effort into life that I have a problem with you guys are allowed to think that way cuz I’m a good
but I I just I just feel like the night but then I start to like micro scope of that and go well yeah but if I’m if I’m lazy and then I decide to start working out like okay now I feel like I’m a good person because it was harder to do that than it was but it’s still what I felt like doing I mean you get it I guess it gets into that whole stupid philosophical like Free Will vs fate thing I mean like if my brain chemistry is going to result are we on the synaptic level making fucking choices like and an S R Us I can find like if Kate says hey let’s go for a hike I did and then it but if I go I guess I’m walking and I’m having a good time and it’s nice and then I go I’m glad I did that I’ve liked doing that.
fun I always say
what is she whenever she says let’s go for a hike so the next time she says let’s go for a hike I know this time I’m not going to do that noise but you do it anyway I’ll do it anyway but maybe the way I can buy into it is is healthy and unhealthy like we all get depressed we all get like an Enzo or like it’s like a sink full of dishes like nobody wants to do the dishes but like you don’t it’s not like o this battle of it just sort of like like I don’t know if somebody told you to eating a dog turd made you live another fifty years eat the dog trainer you don’t I don’t think that makes you a good or a bad person but you if you eat it and they were telling the truth and you live for another fifty years there might be all kinds of other side effects to like oh the reason for that is because there’s like an enzyme in dog terms then like also like a list year to human psychology
vitamin D and doctors in all the stuff so long the way you’re getting all these benefits and you’re like thinking more clearly and you’re so that and then you’re like will do. I ate dogshit the other day and I feel like a million bucks so then this homeless guy goes hey can I have $2 in your life you know what fuck it here’s $2 that Jim Carrey movie kind of thinking you’re like so the whole time it’s like it’s like you could eat I think it’s like you could that’s the way I look at it as like there’s people who are eating like they’re like resonating with the they’re like sick and there’s people who are black and white and gray on the show and off so for example a close friend of mine we’ve actually were roommates with each other with my husband but that Johnny you were closed and he was here with me for a little while we could sense that he was the stress of life was starting to kind of skew his thinking and skew like his response to life in general and to go into work and things like that and then
we had to separate ways we were all moving and he got butt hurt about it and spray painted the entire house and it just felt like an ass hole in all the corners when you repay you have to repaint the corner fuck you and you know no one should deal with him he should be locked up for however long and and my thing is he should be spray-painted his but I believe that he can he can find another path and become a good person and keep his right
well I guess about that it just is yeah I remember the story before I broke up with the girlfriend or cheap she broke up with me so I was all fucked off about it and she was mutual friends with all my friends and like and then I was I was just handling The Break-Up really poorly and I just like I couldn’t stop thinking about her and all this stuff and I was just a drag to be around and in it and I found out that everybody was in Palm Springs without me and and I was like what the fuck you guys don’t even like me now if you like her more than me and Stephanie I was like is just having this terrible day and end in my friend Dino said that look I know we love you we just it’s not a it’s not a bad it doesn’t make you a bad person if people don’t want to be around you is like you have a cold ass against not dripping out of your face like we can’t wait for you to get better that’s it and I was like okay so I’m sick
like I have a sickness called like I keep myself and I hate my girlfriend and I hate my friends and I hate everybody and I wished it why can’t you know it’s like it’s just all sickness you know going to bring tents water and food camping trip because I didn’t trust that it would be fun with that group of friends and sure enough they forgot to bring everything essential and they all had to go back on making fun of me for getting the hotel and they all came and stayed in my hotel
jerks what is a sink a camping trip is bringing tents and bringing food and water but they forgot to do all those things I left it all back at home when I get a second I found myself sitting on a rock in the Moonlight was talking to a rattlesnake
what is a rattlesnake say he tell you to eat the apple yeah you should totally eat the apple eat my nuts eat my alarm at
train to like kind of keep a cooler from the toes up so they that’s how they do it that’s how they get you can’t run away the rattlesnake a little baby rattlesnake is sitting right next to me I like hey little buddy but you should do you should move on
suck out of the way man I’m fucking hot pants around my boots because they were snakes all over the goddamn Jack all right I got one duct tape but not attend Justice I bet you can make tape out of the dangerous most dangerous out here where I can’t even use a third of my ability duck desert and damn it I’m an all-terrain chicken what am I doing in the one place where I can get the rub that in the chicken face
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can smell food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually know that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blackstone, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
all right, here’s a here’s a here’s the one thing I how handsome is Jeff looking chap is there more is pretty boys you were asleep for a while there were you not wear your pajamas inside you can’t even get close to comparing me to Jeff Cuz obviously I’m trying to make it a contest exactly is a beautiful child church that offer ever comes over it like there’s one thing out of my nervous system is jacked up I was going to save this for a non shingles but now. I can feel the herpes coursing through my mind I just wanted to what what what bring up one thing and get to the bottom of it Venetian blinds what the fuck like what is the fucking
rule with what direction to pull the fucking stringing around the neck are you supposed to pull him to the left or the right you pull them inward at a diagonal angle to to have them go up and down right and then you have it and then you can put me down for them to stop
it’s like a handjob kind of pull my Venetian blinds up halfway and lock them in place half way what am I doing I see you pull diagonal until it’s about halfway and then you would send the Whipple over bring it we let down so it’s vertical board stick he’s got the reason my back hurts from the pope to home the bed frame has three sticks and a large hole for a pillow to fall through we’ve got two walleye use the fact that I was hot to get out of there cuz it was it was to send he was hot but it was really the board about just the promo not any of them just the frame we we got to set this thing up before the show and putting a putting the whole back
Pour It Up is going to take some time but finally tackling the Venetian blinds and Ikea headboards. Forget about how to lift them up and what is that suppose they’re halfway up and you want you want to do is very quickly very quickly with the way it gives you got other things on your mind there’s a reason you’re going to close the blinds how do you release them and they go all the way down without stopping a quarter of the way down slightly going to get a little Lube truck is about to be like Cole you know get some hymns
I think cam. It’s not intuitive but once you get it down there like holy shit am I a wizard sense you know I I will bite you when you look at it makes it just looks confusing as fuck and I’m sure he understands it don’t get me wrong I come from a long line of levelers and knows that we change your name to Davis during World War II because whether or not to Gold are you an Outdoorsman Keith know I can play along for a little bit I enjoyed I do enjoy camping because you’re doing nothing but no I here in LA and the keeps running Runyon Canyon and trying to give me to go and I go
I caught one of the conversations you were having it caught a little piece of the you talking about the landmark Landmark is this it’s a group setting it’s a Therapy book group therapy so and I do not believe these guys can do one on one therapy but my ex-wife when she left me and landmark what’s there to do it she paid for me to go to so I thought that was sweet. Never gone because it just seems like like get you know you could have got that anywhere else at upwards of $1,000 and then other lessons they throw in or how to stand up for yourself and they have us doing it an example in this example I will say to you when you come to a landmark seminar and you tell me no and then I will keep trying to convince you and you keep saying no standing up for yourself
friends of tell me about it and then I gotta remember one of them Without Anger like a well-trained like aquarium creature like like like this like that that that that saw a glint of a herring spoon and knows exactly which group to jump in a cult is the definition of a cult is the following things and she ran through the entire definition of a cult has like one thing which is that you have a Hurst like speech about whether your occult cuz it isn’t there a fake use going to ask you is it a cult and I’m like alright well then that’s a correction of course I can
just like we just we just use it for things that we don’t like I mean we we we we do is just like oh it’s creepier it’s weird we don’t like it like you the definition later because you could be a Mormon and talk about someone else’s religion is if it’s a cult I remember when I was in like a senior year of high school and I was like going to go to Madison we’re driving to Madison and and apparently like white why you going to Madison it’s like I’m going to go see this movie discount movie at midnight it’s going to be cool and they sat me down and I had they gave me this lecture about like how Cults are bad and that is against Jesus Christ and we’re really really upset we really are concerned about what you’re going to do why you want to see this I’m going to see the Toxic Avenger what the fuck are you serious that’s what you think I’m going to go see the Toxic Avenger at midnight at
Addison and you’re worried about my immortal Soul coaxing animal movie where man is you join the call today I bought the t-shirt and drink the Kool-Aid Man by the sneakers to Temple
and it’s quite a bit it’s been quite good I’m good how are you shaved recently like to fit in with the monks know I’m bald I know but it looks good
thank you it’s like you you freshing you freshen it up I freshened it up so you’re jealous last Monday that was free but I did for the next hour I want you to go out to the phones and what you call five people for every five people you get into Buddhism you come back the leader the whatever the what the president that sits in the front which is the president what’s the guy the president no no no no
you remember who did they do this a little bit like anybody have any questions
911 what’s happening
it’s every time you look isn’t it it’s too late and it’s going off at 11 not in front of the New Yorkers it’s a big joke to us out here we give all the shingles we do all the 9/11 that okay
poker face right right I told my landlord wants them like I’m very sure that I saw one bed bug is like oh okay you think I should call somebody like at your place I’m like it’s your place should I should I call one exterminator
Saudi sandaconda
do we podcast for other people or for ourselves why do you keep doing it since you’ve been doing it longer we’re changing the world a little bit each time will be done in two and a half years we both both weed there’s obviously a eagle maniac and haven’t figured it out and as soon as we do. But you know obviously getting in letters about that sounds almost like we saved the person’s life that’s beyond thrilled if you’re saying it’s possible to do a podcast for years and years and make money at it yes
wait a second we might need to look at this underwear out of this and look for a boner pill company I don’t need a boner pill company isn’t about making your deck work it’s about making sure your dick doesn’t stop working do you think I could fit under this bed yeah I know definitely
I was right
oh no I’ve been at work today sweetheart
what are you guys doing for the bed and hurt himself really bad
turn on a dirty frame this is the opposite of stage diving podcast of user is there anything to when you’re in when you’re going on for haps have a real connection with the gas tank size for a Ford Focus like they’re your guests like you want to treat them with respect and no they don’t know but we got there and they’re going to make your shoulders there for you there for you as much as they are for them so just do do do unto others… Show that you care and that you respected their time right favorite guests that you guys have ever had we had a guest that just was normal
that was a good time that sounds really fun how did that go because then you can get to know them they share what’s happening on in their lives your are saying something that you can relate to and you actually leave their everybody learn something out of your relationships you bought your farming nubani Depot and excitement for 13 years you’d just do you still learn from each person you learn from two people when you open yourself up to new people you can really learn a lot that you couldn’t otherwise if you keep you close yourself off and I’m not saying you think all right did I meet every different kind of person and when you get people to open up you really didn’t say you’re my age that means you’ve been doing this for so long
now that then yeah are we worried about your drinking I don’t know I mean I did all I can go ahead everybody everybody’s got their own medicine for a lot of people worrying about my drinking seems to get them through the day I got my own methods
have you doing under there making some Headway literally I I I don’t want to check with him about what his goals were he did I remember him saying do you think I can get under the bed I think I got under the bed
I don’t think I can get out of the way you should have thought of that before you think I’m just running into the Winnie the Pooh and somebody put a vodka bottle of pills but I like the same thing okay one one bottle of your butt
I just found out that my favorite children’s book is there’s a live at that patient of it happening somewhere in the area of Rancho Cucamonga what’s it called
yeah I take a tubby that’s not my favorite
little cute little puppy doctor but See Spot Run my favorite is the hard to get turtle now I love that one with all those animals without those Turtles and colors hard to get and word problems and word problems my favorite is Frederick by Leo Leone boo oh God pillar and she used to talk to other moms are like my son’s reading the Hungry Hungry Caterpillar and she’s like fucking hipsters there’s a monster at the end of this book and it was you all along know it’s Grover Oh I thought it was a mirror
hey hey hey hey
let’s make fun of them mercilessly Pippi Longstocking too much like I don’t want to bring them into this world are too much like responsibilities like I’d still have to be a baby I can’t even believe that I’m in my forties I still want somebody to make me dinner and do the things so I don’t know why I would get up and also my brothers both had had kids and and they both said it’s so much more work than we thought in his life that’s all Mom and Dad talked about that we were just a big. Uncle
your diaper but yeah well your brother person

who’s good people this bad people I don’t want the poop so the peas in the thing until you have an uncontrollable like oh my God I got to have one and not that other feeling which is like I bet they’re great yeah I don’t know I never liked I think I got that because I was teaching me to want that so like at 18 as I felt my clock ticking but then when I turn 30 I was like oh everything they said it was bullshit and then I just want to buy my day was great what a revelation to realize that so many lies and yeah I mean the you don’t even know for years and then it’s like too late to take it back it’s like crazy there’s like a bad kid there’s no way that I would have a child my child and I would never be right that I would want to not hang out with you always wearing a suit
just kid hanging around the bar and then I’ll be like thinking about the dog needing to go out and I’m kind of like you know it’s an animal I can hold it you know and I like if you had a kid do you never no way right but then I think about you know making a little Cody
you got the name oh no my girlfriend’s name is Cody and and you know you’re going to get a giant crack in the horrible shit monster and the girl a girl if you want a girl that you erased forever, what’s the what’s the what’s the latest one that you I’m sure this will be good
I did really made it all right girls 12 years old Goes to School thinks it’s just looking to keep him out of his hole raped or her he was so funny when they’re really really not the teeth Maddie story rapist really hot go so this kid thinks he is a relationship with his teacher because he’s very mature for the teachers just using them and invites them over to his house and have sex with a child who are the characters of UK you guys not care about the Golden State killer get a car cuz you’re in the eagle State we’re still crying about 911 too busy not forget what’s that what has moved on, it was like we never forget we set the alarm that was 11 minutes ago Keith get over it I think that alarm was the show off
hard time breathing do you want someone to pull you out by the feet Rob no no no do not do that and what’s the New York equivalent of the Golden State’s Big Apple no. I feel bad I don’t know the Empire State right
I’d only got credit for that that was amazing that you can head that trivia have no thank you it’s just experience we don’t have that you don’t throw it on the ground and let it chatter that we used to go a lot every summer every other summer and then like 10 years ago my parents moved back in with a couple of times but we no longer speak so just not really I can’t tell if I don’t speak to them if they don’t speak to me but we’re not speaking part that’s like you Dan and I don’t want my parents to hear me say I could see but it’s it’s a it’s not held together with the kind of fun anymore
straight bullshit going on buddy you talk to your brother anymore podcast and there was a strange kind of thing when I was growing up between him and my mom I was just trying to be more clear than anyting you know what the big deal about that is that sounds like fine I thought I put after right after I did it and I was like I was like oh shit my brother I don’t want my brother to hear that I don’t want my brother to stumble onto this by himself you know I like so even though I turn them on to it because it could get away with it I’m going to it would be so much worse if you just wandered in into it that I have to have to guess that’s out cuz maybe if the only it’s only telling him it must be so bad if you felt you had to give it to him exactly at that point it’s kind of like it was the only right thing to do after the wrong I had done this is like I shouldn’t talk about other people
do is try not to get real he’s like kind of feeling as it was just like I had my mom and my brother had like an intense more intense relationship then then then then me and my mom pad in front of a crowd so I kind of like I just said I like I like I like I like I like being like I don’t like talking about my family anymore us to go running or something I got it like I’ve now since like I’ve been I’ve been I’ve been doing this for so long that now I’ve got two faces and one of them is like I don’t like that I just try to avoid talking about anybody but myself as much as I can but back then I didn’t really have any kind of rules that was still coming from a zone of like you know what whatever the fuck you know if you encountered me in your life than your part of my tapestry
I heard it after that I was like I better I better email my brother so that and then I emailed him and then he would I don’t think it’s too much it’s very silly but you should anyway I’m definitely going to keep it in my show talk to him about it it’s just like I mean it was just implied you have sex with mom it would be more line to someone referred to me as my own chosen nickname Darth Vader get your ID I mean I think it was all in there I think I kind of did a runner I was like let me tell you about my brother and that’s all I heard it I was like I better I better I better a better tip them off that I clown them if I want to try to salvage anything cuz he might get mad he might he might not. You might be like whatever you fucking turd like like he must have listened to it then he emailed me back and he was like he’s just like kind of inconsolable
about it I probably also wasn’t very good at resolving that kind of thing back then so I like that’s why I don’t talk to the kid that I’ve never met me and I think it was in some men some respect what he said sounded healthy to me which is like oh I just had a kid I’m sick of this family like I have a chance at a fresh start here which is something with my therapist has to be a close to she said you don’t have to don’t let people tell you that you have to like you do have this connection to these Walton mountains that you grew up on you know like that sometimes like just let him be and I think that you like like like you got to find your own thing in like like like soap and my brother was like yeah cuz my chance to start my own saying in like started fresh in like my daughter will never know this weird face Brothers she’ll never know what hit her her uncle this is uncomfortable but I help
how old is your nephew that you’ve never met a nice nice nice sorry I don’t know I say over over over 10 and you’ve never spoken to her never any drive by my house are crying no I think my mom sent me a couple pictures I’ll cry cry to Coco cry happy that you like to see some beautiful weather or something like that was kind of a happy crying and crying cuz you’re happy for the Mexican people happy their dad or whatever I think you missed the point but yet
I haven’t really felt the truth of the movie is you’re crying with happiness for the for the dead Mexico I want to come out now I want a Mexican and a list of Bedford he’s a very Mexican movie with roses made it to her. So that’s shingles you might have shingles one side
well that’s the one I’m resting my weight on are you testing are you snorting Dustin Reid a pro podcasting how do you how do you find an ending in i don’t like what do you what if you get caught in a rut where your show is apparently two hours long away is he did keep making it two hours I keep my grill I roll it back 5 minutes yeah why can’t you do that I don’t know we could do we could do that I guess the same reason why it became two hours cuz I don’t know I don’t know what I did vacuum how do you end and we can just pull that we we couldn’t do that feels awkward to me that’s not that’s literally not possible
I think what we need what we don’t need it now because it was pretty soon we’ll be in front of an audience again and woke up
you know I’ve been away for awhile what’s going on with the audience think we’re going to work in one back we’re going to we’re going to be doing a residency at a theater maybe we’re reversing the Trope of the guy under the bed having to hide while the people on Topper are doing it there’s a guy under my bed doing it
you know you’re going to believe any kids now they say there’s monsters under the bed thinking it was a good idea or bad idea to go under there so he’s coming hold on are you okay I think it might be a good idea he wants everybody to feel accomplished you said I wonder if I can get under the bed and now you don’t have to wonder anymore I wanted to come up but it just started sticking that thing in my ass
so you want to stay there longer so you can keep doing it no the New York square you would make a great mom thanks buddy how you say that you’re being sarcastic as that’s what everybody says right like we all jump on the women that say they don’t want to be that literally jump on him but like like like we act like I don’t want to hold your baby and people there’s like that that’s like a guy thing I think like like cuz everybody thinks it’s like a Trope we’re like oh you’re going to hold the baby and then you’re going to turn into like a dad that wants a baby at the end of Jurassic Park when he’s got the two Sleepy Kids on them and Laura Dern
lake lake Avis night is that the second having all the time and it and that’s not me saying I hate your baby or I hate babies are just like I don’t want to hold you baby likely just because you need your baby held at this particular time because you are experienced a brief taste of what it’s like to be a normal human for a couple seconds like that doesn’t sync up with me wanting to hold a baby
why I warn people that I’m not good at holding babies and they keep insisting on the third time I run with the baby I just realized if people would just characterize it is what it is which is a favor if they would go would you mind holding this baby right leg like it’s like like what you do with a bowling ball full of hornets would you mind so I can get a drink so I can retest my youth I know I would do that favor as a friend because you’ve done shit for me but they’re always like you want to hold them you want all of them don’t you you’re doing them the favor you have to be jealous if I came up magic I know I’m sitting here pretending like I’m a curmudgeon
for hims and now it’s acting up sound of a tendon I think I’m actually so old now that since anyone’s made me hold a baby it’s not even got mad at a party where there’s we were theirs for tile people would running around you know like like all of my friends kids are in college
have you ever been given the ultimatum have a baby or we’re breaking up now so we can scoot you along here
should we all grab one side and just see who stronger
Tony and I are up in the air I think what you know we made a decision like let’s be the couple that doesn’t know if they’re going to have a kid you know I’m like we like we like that it’s like white have a favorite color what does that mean when I say my favorite color is orange like like the everything up the Orange is slipping what’s your favorite movie it doesn’t make any sense right it doesn’t but do you have a favorite color red leg is slipping of what a t-shirt of a t-shirt in your bed. I picked her up and being a kid and them asking the elementary school class like what is your favorite color I wish I could go back and play Greg Lake I think I was that kid in ways that I didn’t understand I was being that kid but I want to go back and paste being that kid and like actually draw a line in the fucking Santa go fucking stop tickling me
sing Malik non-consensual tickly I like you I want I want watching my girlfriend’s sister and they’re raising their kids and they’re like they’re doing all the like those kids have never been hit they’ve never been like like they they they’re there it’s all the troops that you would roll your eyes at 4 modern parenting you know but that they’re they’re great kids there they’re totally like a happy and healthy and they like the boy is two years older than a girl any like loves her and like hugs her and says I love my sister and stuff and it gave him a thought process instead of telling them what to do ya like be engage with them like in a way that I’m like right when I first was watching them do it I was like don’t just fucking don’t you know that kid is fucking manipulating you teach him who’s the fucking block my head I was just like doing with that piece of shit run your life but you and the kids you lean over you don’t have me have a fun exercise
stand up real quick I’m sure it’s yours
okay about Rob thrashing under the bed might have caused the bed too because of the stable
are you kidding on Ikea furniture for Rob to have died would be very fitting I think it would be a horrible way for him to die but it would be the best way for your friend who have died
Lego Hide your forehead your friends I I I cry him
how you doing okay hey Dan this is it’s not really my place to say this but we had three endings that we passed ya never never let it guess make you get out of bed benches he’s the game master is not really a guest he’s like kind of a permanent resident to think of myself as a guest
because it gives me more clout I meant the gentleman actually under your bed but I seriously don’t even know what he is he I just started showing up and I felt sorry for me alright well I think there’s a little bit of format needed so that you know you know what you said we were playing D&D and we’d know okay well we’re going to end the show at it with the Indy but you know if you miss that Spencer’s those were the days right oh yeah I mean I’m a really structure driven person so I just crave a time like a Vine I need one of those trellises otherwise I’ll just trip everybody did you do you ever bring a candy game that you wrote anyway even though he says we don’t do that anymore even though he says he eat we don’t do Shadowrun anymore yeah I actually I still bring I can’t I bring a session for every game we’ve abandoned
Balderdash it’s good but it doesn’t it doesn’t often come up but I like to be prepared for your NPR remote piece about the permits oh yeah yeah I know I’ve done all that stuff is for every show we do most of it doesn’t matter but I do I do come it does that bother you at all cuz you do all that and then went out and bought some eggs it was part of it is like we’re going to need some eggs on the show I love it I appreciate it I like not having to do the work that I did write does it mean Chris anything does anything bother you about the whole set-up you can say no I think the beds a little loud
the big Garrett like Hawaii or just like me ending color is indeed more underneath I could have used it to be like three times Rick a dear little post that are holding up the center to bed it’s it’s not structurally a grown man was thrashing around while someone was like laying on it it looks really shaky I was really worried that Rob was to actually just go ticket tomorrow and yeah it was very we was working at pretty intensely while I was under it play high low tomorrow you play that it’s like red is red light green light
sure but differ on how you play it you say is that funny cuz I will not agree to it so I know how to play first take your dick out I’m glad I said yeah this is right with the roomie I got the simplest version is you say the high of the day and your low of the day we expand it a little to stay with the lesson is of the low and we’re grateful for but we can start with just high low with the high of the day with below the day that sounds like a show Closer I like that I think the high of the day for me was robbing hilarious and under the bed and what was your ladder
where’s Milo I just been kind of an a
like I can’t turn on the news kind of depression and so
watching Twitter freaked out about Michelle wolf you know and all that stuff and get to catch up with it like a come on like it we have a fucking rapey racist fuck face and that’s her fucking issue isn’t that a woman made a funny ass joke that if you can’t take it then we’re the bad guys I just got into a mild the world is full of bullshits spiral today when that happens how do you get out of it
you put on a suit I took a nap and put a suit on okay that’s nice as he comes in with a 5-piece suit look over everything without 11 piece suit
that means I have space shingles is a tie on the back everything the low is for a split-second it’s out Rob would die but then he started the whole show you caused her low I cuz I cuz they’re low I’m sorry it’s actually made love with I told her rape joke earlier and I can’t tell if it was appropriate or not but I went for it it’s hard for these days are so safe space Not Safe you are here and not discussed it at all
Keith Maley I said my high would be being a resident of harmontown for a minute Milo is the poor homeless person that’s going to come across his bed and be so excited and then laying it for a second and it breaks and he has shingles I don’t know you put on a couple suit and he will try having lunch with Kate we we we we watch this. Have you seen this on Netflix The Chef’s Table have you seen that it is there’s like a banana episode about like how this is how we started got it interest in going to a Buddhist temple but there is like the Buddhist woman Chef who is like talking about like how to eat and preparing food and and the thing that we’ve been trying lately is eating leaf
and like taking a bite putting your spoon or Fork down and chewing it and being president feeling the food in your mouth and because like usually usually people are like eating while they’re watching TV or check either email or multitasking or whatever you’re not really and you just shoving food in your mouth you got to tell the same process to What’s The Celestine Prophecy say again I have you read The Celestine Prophecy it is like that is just being very Mindful and president and I know I’ve found by doing that that the food that I’m eating taste better and I’m more satisfied and I’ve had like this more kind of just it’s a it’s a great time of the day not for the waiter that is a pain in the ass made her own food at home yet
they provide you the ingredients
and the the low point I’m having the chicken-fried coca seed with raisin bread burnzie’s point is is Dan interrupting me
then Tyler My Little Pony was just saying goodbye to Cody’s are good for it she had to go and I did I just come to the show and like she can’t stay over tonight cuz she’s got work in the morning and and who knows if we’ll see each other tomorrow sounds like at the end of the weekend me having to come do this show no offence to the people that enjoy it although I don’t understand your enjoyment for the last few episodes but traditionally Sunday nights before I come here and kind of aloe cuz I’m like weekend’s over and like no more sleepovers with Cody and then we kind of wasted our time together sometimes I feel like we watched that and tried to watch that Hugh Jackman PT Barnum Musical and I was like covering to Jacqueline Barnum and it’s the kids would you guys started with your Lowe’s my I was realizing that
cuz I went off a Twitter when I got the shingles and was like I’m not going to think like this Michelle will think I don’t even know who that is what happened I know it sounds like totally aggravating in upsetting and I totally have no clue about it and it’s not like not knowing about the polar ice caps it’s like that sounds like it’s not knowing about some shit that’s like just tennis I wasn’t going to help that subject as it was only going to make me upset you know so I kind of feel like I dodged the bullet kind of high get out of that encourages me to stay off of Twitter who invented the word snowflakes got really hurt by a woman doing a joke about makeup putting everybody really went up the fucking handle going to make you know anyway this world like my hearing all about the bullet I dodged the thing like oh yeah it was like a 22 with it and you know he was in effect
like it’s lower than that that makes that even a thing that is on my radar oh my new low is is is this happen to be witness to this low back peddling I don’t answer I don’t like this low expanding at the closer’s ever had like I got to get going to start bike shingle shaving me isn’t even your shingle for the you have other love like I had a kind of a pain free day I might be imagining this look less red than when the show started I think you’re actually healing as we watched and passing them off the irony in your face and you can see them get scab year like that that’s good news like we needed the scab year they get this pic of you get a scar I guess I was going to take the fucking
worrying to death you got to be if you start picking at it take care of your tasks are you not concerned that he has every right to sleep no oh yeah sure okay or do you want to go that way and then crawl in the bed if you share a good high low in the bed you can you can close the show and let’s go ahead
Spencer high low it look like I could do fucking dozen dragons again I’m high as a kite my man
and Milo is the rest of existence
yeah Dan fucking ticket to that only problem I had with hello is that you is it you no matter what your ending on a low and there’s no way it’s going to close a shift from the low and what are you grateful for I mean we should have played you guys go last cuz you you probably use it to close your shows that are good at making them good
what are you doing you like a fucking cat
stop it if I can read it was so sad he like I got it I got a tweet in my timeline back when I was on Twitter and it said there’s it was a guy saying like I think he’s being robbed a Boston and it said above it Rob schrab retweeted because that’s why I was in my time either one of them is Rob I like all his talking about nothing on Twitter anymore that was yesterday then there was like two days ago that’s a long time for a Twitter junkie that’s like you know maybe staff at a time I deserve a big big old chip for Michelle Wolfe I don’t even know the closing song Dan Harmon
it’s about time to learn what we learn what you think she talked about how we burn the herpes. I had don’t let him get inside you you got to go why do you got to keep on rapping at the end of the show don’t take a crap in it but it it outside so why put it in the toilet flush it down a bunch of like a clown put a red nose on hers talk to my mother in her purse climbed inside but your pussy Gary Busey Tim. Take it with the hook Ariana Hodges C
don’t need to worry for anyone all the single ladies jingle jingle all the way
little Raymond Tang to England to Blue Apron Blue Apron general for hims hims.com forhims.com Yelp for hims.com going to go to the website that called me to eat Adventure I’m going to fuck your mom in a second mom had a crutch they got in their car and they drove too much but you don’t cease them saying that I could do that last
sitting in bed and doing all the wrong things. Calm forhims.com
I meant to bring it down there my headphones up, face in the plate gray or just shingles on the earth fill it out fill skirt and I am happy. Pray High David Firth
describe the supply and narrowly escaped from a horrible crushing death
the Gamemaster who didn’t have to play a game Spencer Crittenden we played hello hello and I win right no point even compared to read like it wasn’t even close videos I’m hoping happen tonight from the madness sleepy tomorrow check out there suffering from the horrible loss of Arsenal in the last of your manager 22 years how you feeling
find figures in a long time let it go I’m your comptroller Jeff Davis motorhome guy Sarah everybody back there doing cool Boston
take me to starboard and I don’t want to go I’m not going to watch Bill Maher talk more about Easter up and animals I don’t know
go to Bob’s then go Long Island Long Island
play The Wilbur Theater the 22nd which month
22nd of June 20th Estacada if you’ve not been there I think one of my favorite thing is in the oryx in the continental US it’s a good good time we’ll go get whatever time it together and probably have some glass that whatever the facts and the money back rib rub travel be there by his own self Proclamation come on now the brake Braille the Cradle of Aviation Museum Netflix through a convention or Long Island
it’s Long Island
long is Long Island anyway you go in there that’s fantastic
what’s a 10 Long Island
how long the energy go to the harmontown Instagram to see some Choice boomerangs that church did Jeff sodomizing with a foreign object so I go fund me page so we can get this from voice there they were on this is turning down you may see more
French drive fast take chances we bid you a fond farewell


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