Episode: 287 – 287: That Brain, She Die


Episode: 287 – 287: That Brain, She Die


Dan’s still in bed recovering from shingles, but Schrab wants to know why Dan won’t go to a movie with him. Rob Schrab almost lists his top four Infinity Wars spoilers, Spencer shares history of the incel movement, and Dan explains why his brain is gendered like a battleship. Featuring Dan Harmon, Brandon Johnson, Spencer Crittenden and Rob Schrab.


wake me up and walk into this installment of harmontown I am Brandon Johnson singing for the lovely Jeff Davis will miss you so much I can’t wait to have him back it’s so good to be here glad you tuned in put on your shit in pants get ready to take a shit cuz we’re taking you to harmontown what do you bring to the stage someone you know and love and you know you love him Spencer Creek
I don’t want you so lucky to call him to wonder they call him the 20th Wonder of Downtown Pomona stage you look so good don’t you agree
I laughed but not least
phone IKEA bed $79 we’re offering a special right now here in Amish town the first $15 gets his bed for $74
the mayor of harmontown mr10
yo yo yo rapping in bed sleepyhead yo I didn’t want to be awake but I got to get out for your mama’s sake I got to fucking pussy got to fuck her but I got a kiss until I start tonight I got to stay in bed and play Minecraft but I like to fuck your mama and her crack so I got to try to be a master of Both Worlds I got a fuck your mama and all the other girls yo when I when I go to the street thank you for getting me back I’m beat I’m just a Minecraft bed wrapping motherfuker I thought your mom like my name was Chris Tucker
Tucker morning morning everybody dreams mayor and you were there I was merely a fly who dreamt of being a man and now the fly has awakened that’s great
let’s see what are we got here and then let’s get back to bed we ordered french fries no we didn’t all right composite sketches
True Crime shows I noticed that
all stories true crime stories in which the composite sketch actually plays an active role
the people are always liked it in the sketch came through and when you and then we found him at the train station he looks exactly like you a photograph of him in the Navy show its which granted it’s either they got the most information you could get from a composite sketches of is the person’s race like that’s it all it is is just a racist drawing of either a white guy or Black Or Hispanic guy never looks anything like the guy is it like it is with a white guy it looks like it’s at maybe the darkness of the hair is represented they but they always like do this big thing about how accurate the sketch was it’s never accurate end end end police work doesn’t seem to work eyewitness accounts are garbage so the sketch by nature is going to be garbage yeah it’s pretty crazy how people just get shitt wrong what do you call him
unjust what are those what’s the technical terms is the
Ronald Roscoe positions around the church for the with The Rock The Rock the wrongful convictions that are their turnovers fucking crazy like a we came up with DNA and we open that box for like home and everyone in prison is like it’s like a crapshoot it is crazy but there’s a thing called the Innocence Project I hope people know about it is amazing
what was the thing though there was a little there was like there was some case where the guy was like railing against the Innocence Project a little bit will be amazing if he just bothered so he’s like well I’m here since my stack can’t go down anymore I may as well experienced being a villain I’m trying to do old guys but I can’t remember who it was a difficult position of like it was some crazy case and then they were saying like that you must acquit the Innocence Project like wanted to they were claiming that the Innocence Project was like pressuring them to to command it was like it wasn’t quite as simple as cuz the Innocence Project is going to want you to please
play out necessarily but it was like something close to that we’re basically because the guy wouldn’t just do the thing that would make the Innocence Project put another notch in their belt they just they just dropped them in my garage because he was sticking to his actual convictions and I can’t remember what the fuck it was but anyways whatever it mean Gandhi was an asshole to who can look it up lately not look it up let’s have a deep dive tonight until what made Gandhi an asshole I think he was racist against like maybe some race that maybe when he was growing up beat up his dad I don’t know tonight on harmontown but he ate that race for them know I love that is more importantly we need to understand
I would order just that I don’t care what we think anymore but we got to stop our hero worship like a God damn sure do you know he probably like he probably owed somebody money you know you probably cheated at cards they loved eating their race who cares you know he did something he did what he did a good thing you know somebody makes an album that’s a good album then you find out that they’re bad unicyclist I can also do the fucking World falls apart like like everyone sucks and then we’ll be like at we’re just Brooke grudgingly interacting with anyone so it’s like yeah he made that movie that we act like we have fallen from this world where everybody was in a things are so much classier and and more heroic and gilded but we also know that every time I pop the hood on any one of these people from Britain that survives into the modern world think they end up God they were a horrible piece of shit just like the invitation there should probably be you know we got to stop expect
people to be either gods are monsters what whatever you may be the inspiration we can draw is that people are amazing even when they’re just people sometimes it’s like judging the past we could sort of be inspired by the fact that despite the fact that Martin Luther King had Mistresses and did all sorts of crazy sex stuff and smoke marijuana that just came out and also was a cokehead that also just came out that we could still be inspired by him yeah I mean that’s up that’s always been a good classic example cuz it’s like so it’s like Martin Luther King cheated he was up he’s a philanderer he was like that out there at the Clinton letter K was like and it has like a goddamn can I don’t know it’s perfect. The problem is that we invented like all this technology that we can use to like it’s a black light like we look at each other and then people are supposed to just be people that’s what you’re saying
it’s crazy because why does someone assume that because you’re good at rally people to fight for the rights you’re an RN husband that’s the thing that’s that’s the putting on a pedestal Behavior which is unhealthy and usually comes with not viewing someone as a real person so in a way it’s kind of maybe dehumanizing after it’s fashion because we eat because it’s hero worship because of hero-worship gives Cinemas guilty as anybody like wheat you want to you want to live in a world where people become the focus you know like like individuals so that you can go okay well if that person turned out to be racist you’re a woman beater or whatever is good that you have to go I was a close call cuz I was going to have to stop eating meat for a second there and like like the focus on these people and then we go like what but it’s funny our capacity for it doesn’t always take the form of like cynicism like we we collectively but I think we we do it like the wave like we one section A
the Colosseum like Rises up and says this guy remember if it was the Geico kony2012 remember that guy that pretty much through no fault of his own just happened to be viewed by 80 billion people for end and then something like while half of the world was like this is amazing and it automatically makes the other half of your body go like why is it amazing let’s let’s ask questions of the guy ends up in his Street in the underwear and in the underwear in directions to the San Diego in his underwear
I think that is a very interesting point I wonder if there’s science that because you do get a sense that people tend to buy 4K until I get binaries it’s like if there’s going to be a yes then there is naturally going to be will know more about like like a gut instinct or like a sociological thing more than it is about the actual facts in a situation however so I thought I’d like to so-and-so like you want to you want to get all in for some reason like easier paste we have four people because it’s like a vampire bite it’s like we’re like hungry for their neck and when we react like this cuz it’s flattering in the first step that the that we’re not doing what we’re doing which is like we’re going to we’re going to hurt that person there’s this new thing where everyone is swapping out now Donald Glover Bass
performance this weekend for Kanye poopity scoop they’re saying on Twitter without even know what that I don’t worry about it it’s all bad so it’s this idea that like these people are interchangeable and I kind of feel this and now we good thank God that he showed right up Donald Glover’s right here and we we have our rapper it’s a crazy thing and you’re like these two are not related at all one person going to be having a mental breakdown in the other person to be having a great moment in history and they’re not either one in service to you at all crazy to watch us within 24 hours within a week be like well we’re done with Kanye who’s the next he’s there I mean it’s a total Breaking Bad Guy is bald now because he’s at Breaking Bad he should be Lex Luthor it’s like the dumbest shit and that’s where that’s where racism comes from
like if you recognized if you can connect baldness as a. You sure are going to connect a rapper and Blackness and like specifically but but like yeah it is it is like fucked up that your brain goes there and goes but we’ve always had that it’s like you could only have one Kevorkian it is time you can only have one dr. Ruth at a time when Madonna Like Johnny Carson comes out he’s going to make a jokes you can tell and so who’s the slut who tarot card is it is it Madonna or is it Dolly Parton cuz of a giant tits or you know that good through the decades apart is it kind of seemed to you you got to pick one you know the concept of good ones lie like a Dolly Parton there is really just saying like we do pick famous archetypes and just you run with those what’s relevant and so the bad one is Hitler you can see that you always
put Dolly Parton now I’m just saying she sexier than Hitler yeah I’m going to disagree I think that it’s important to understand this stuff because it’s like what we’re talking about us like this over-simplification or something this very late mental laziness and like I think we need to understand the aspects of our human mind that do that because like for instance I don’t know you tend to forget like you forget a phone number if you know a phone numbers in your phone because your brain makes a mental shortcut it’s like your brains always defragging and trying to do they have to save space and it making bad judgment since karyotypes to save space and we need to understand that but I think the concept of even admitting that is like it makes certain people insecure or not feeling control or have to deny it is like no it’s very freeing to understand what’s actually going on behind the engine we just have to you know take that into account because what we do have a car that needs to not break right now you can forgive yourself you know you
there I go again Being Human I guess I got too sorry I fucked up like like cuz I’m going to fucking monkey it was a fucking robot brains stuck into my head by a God that really just experimenting as he goes and I’m like I’m wound up and I’m I’m like not used to living in concrete instead of a jungle and I I I I fucked up I’m a monster right everything that moment so like yeah we also use the other thing we don’t know how to cope with happiness either for the same reason like we we get in there now learning how to cope with happiness getting there I got the therapist therapist ordered we shouldn’t order me she told me that’s the last thing like I got to I have to learn how to process happiness you want to go to the Buddhist temple with me tomorrow to process happiness you fucking hippie wow
a going into eggslut one morning oh yeah and he yelled at me and I heard a yell that sounded like Rob’s Rob and I was like Rob schrab he doesn’t be in Glendale and I turned around like 7 in the morning and it was some other car that I didn’t recognize and I didn’t see him but I was like I’m certain that was a Rob schrab noise but I don’t see any rice crops or high screamed when I thought you said you said I thought you said exit exit exit yeah I thought I thought I said I’m like my first instinct was selling a business eggslut how much do you know that that that Glover video Spencer a year for eggslut
tell your assistant little a little loose with eggs lady with those eggs eggs a question about it which probably doesn’t even apply anymore cuz I think it’s kind of real names of businesses I’m just wondering what is going on what kind of Pop
who’s the world’s bulshit are we living in with Spencer my dungeon Master’s walking into eggslut is am on the way to LA Fitness to do push-ups in Glendale Glendale turning it keeps turning now I’m talking about my dungeon master going into eggslut before I go into LA Fitness to push up and Glendale Scarlett you were saying you’d watched a bunch of videos I don’t know what I’ll be childish video and I was just wondering because I’m 45 like
wait what did you think is it are the are the are the winners whiners know some compositing and there’s nothing really went in front of the camera but I mean there was one when they go with just before I mean to be sit down and look at it if you look at something like Birdman if you’re watching for it you could cuz I know they probably did there it’s like a, can return or something like that. I think it goes through it through it cuz that’s where we were with the boyfriend video like I was like watching and like a cat that Nick had a change there they change their butts at the point where they might it be if you don’t you don’t have to have a fucking later why frame in order to like fake of a water Ray that’s true
knowing knowing those crazy guys I do not think it was a wonder you know they deserve they deserve and they deserve my thumbs up I’m going to cut down that added to the 10 million views I just registered yesterday that’s that’s quite a Monday morning when nobody wants to do you like the video that you watch your kind of compelled to be Atlanta for the same reason I thought there’s a very interesting music videos just because it’s like I don’t know why can’t who can make this it’s like this just like its I want to see it because it’s like I couldn’t do it it’s from outside your your world from outside your Tendencies it’s from outside yeah
crazy thing about Glover is awake when when he was just the funny kid on the set like you still knew he had a 350 IQ and there was always something frightening underneath about it like because he was just so fucking smart and and you could see that he would just as it was like he was just use like a stem style but that’s not the way Bob Dylan was where there’s a lot of detractors of Bob Dylan where they go they go all he did was hang out in like learn learn shit like I don’t think I don’t think lovers like that like it was just like he was young but he was like he’s just like
it is late late late like he’s his he could have done anything and now he’s like at that Century post and it’s like
just from outside that’s all you know is that it’s lateral like it’s if that’s it it’s it’s it’s crazy like I haven’t watch the fucking show yet but I but I watched that video and I will read his profile piece in and whatever magazine wasn’t it was like oh that was always when you look backwards you can see so clearly the the the growth but like looking forward you would never know if you went back in time and you were like he’s going to he’s going to do that you ever think you two make up I don’t think we’re fighting I was trying to start something
I remember him saying in his Instagram and he helped you didn’t I didn’t hate him or whatever did you ever reply to anything I’ve seen him since that we we we have we had we had a little meet and greet like like 2 years ago now or no
are you sure it wasn’t weird that weed weed weed weed weed weed weed we’re just catching up
yeah yeah
you see that that finity War ever see that show
yeah finity war came out at the Marvel movie
no no no I don’t want to be separated by Infinity Wars spoilers are here it’s time to hear what happened in Infinity Wars before you see it
is social security is shame on you like that
set what you got to go out again I said the format is fucking up my it’s the world will do a beat will do a beat while I wrap and then and then and then we’ll we’ll wrap for two measures I think they’re called measure straight bars bars bars and three nights people Jeff does and then drive and then and then travel do an infinity War spoiler and then after heat after it’s finished
bring that beat back Etc so it’s kind of like I don’t like there’s a list of fact we are years now and don’t spread the spoil after I spoil will what if we’re here you do as part of the performance we have to give otherwise someone may not have heard these spoilers is what you’re saying that’s on stage right now
hey spoilers and I’m about to spoil the spoiler so don’t retweet the spoilers quote 2 spoilers like hints about the spoilers cuz you just going to spoil it for everybody else you haven’t seen Infinity Wars and you want to you want to be spoiled spoiled thank you cover your ears now cuz I was just about to get spoiling okay so I’m going to say let’s make this a 10-minute bit
okay alright know that way that way people can are not Farmers off at 10 minutes I’m just going to say this at some of the spoilers are kind of dumb and don’t really pay off wait what you’re not really going to do actual spoiler. What are we doing then what are we doing the boiler to think I’m going to get out for spoilers and in and three of them are going to be fake if everything was going to be spoiling your going to pick which is the spoiler alert because I don’t want to deal with this heavy silence between a wrap be like
crabs are ready you were going to do what I thought you were going to a movie with you’re talking about it’s just that you committed so much you convinced me drop it
infinity infinity War spoilers this is the segment where Infiniti get spoiled deal with it yo knows that you are welcome boys and Ghouls and I’m just spoiled brat. You don’t need to see it as almost a war spoilers Avengers
I read spoiler I’m the bad guy
there are free Scarlett Johansson cameos in Infinity Wars
do professional men as a child in the professional
okay that’s that’s that’s that’s one of three of that guys spoilers just do the first one OK Google are the Hulk I’m grandma
weed of the infinity Wars
there there was a mishap on the stage
and nobody cleans it up in the movie Behind the Scenes, grandma’s going to view yo is this stuff doesn’t rhyme it’s just interstitial styrofoam
Thor’s friend I’m the original spoiler okay
and jump on my balloon
no spoiler with spoil spoiling
dammit spoiler
from now because I’m going to send our other amazing recurring character MC gun control after the spoiler
MC gastro using AR-15 the most devastating weapon in terms of human lasala T combining a body count greater than all other previous gunpowder based weapons
The Punisher use awareness to shoot down his balloon
using my awareness firing rifle with a female werewolf be aware we’re Rusty
Meg Tilly’s house and got Stoned by his house yeah just outside he didn’t even know I was there I could never be with me all the time you want me to go get drunk by yet because I met a fan who gave us this free pots tough situation ended me 4 lb of edible weed down my God don’t deny the show and the guy counts we had no shoes on and a wet corduroy suit
go to the pool to get to this
and he had to be a ton of pot is it a thing to people a new pot you normies would call a lightning rod of the tongue related stuff when they went to kiss concerts to Gene Simmons even though they all had tongues
call a strange time when cats was around and Gene Simmons was like the guy that likes sticking his tongue out that was like his thing and like he was coming out and my mom would go it’s almost pointless to say it but it just it’s still but still it still makes the Mind real like when you just look at what what our parents were frightened of us I mean I was a kid that was like Boy George uncomfortable like I like my brother was into all these cool music like Boy George and prints and hot stuff we talked about that before and I was like I was like I’ll just do it myself because I just I’m not that confident in my and exploring these boundaries that these top 40 singers to explore but like and then the things that your parents were we’re like
you got to go to a special Camp if it if you had a poster of animal is a dudes in makeup just like your guys that just wanted to look pretty
kind of amazing I mean we all need to fill count can I just have what era Phil Collins sussudio Phil fingers that my brother had tasted music I did not know there was an 8-track in the basement next to the 8-track player there there was it was like one of the five tracks like I just and I just said I just listen to the same thing over and over again and then so then it has I hit puberty and it was like time to get my first album you know cuz I was like getting hormones in my body is like I’m going to get an album for my birthday not a toy truck I was like I don’t I don’t have any favorite bands or just started tracking bucking Phil Collins see you didn’t like Phil Collins you were just I just acknowledging that probably not a lot of people that are
music music he’s not like me or something it’s like you could be. It could be as cool as it is as it could be anything you know I like who do you know who I discovered late in life that I’ve been a fan of my entire life because like I was listening to YouTube and it just like you know how just kind of randomly goes over to the something that has the same tags or whatever I don’t know some 80’s song and it just took me to a Billy Ocean playlist and I knew every lyric and I and I was super happy and I went by the time the 16 songs were done I was like I guess I’ve I’m a big fan of Billy Ocean get ocean of hits he really is he really is Dan I’m not even kidding about that which has a lot more
then a lot of people think it’s something no number 10 Caribbean Queen
can I have the right number 666 Billy Ocean ocean of hit number 6 to make you cry
love songs I remember you got a lot of hits got a lot of hits like his music did you watch the videos as well though is that part of my lover boy is a Sci-Fi video where he rides a horse to a cave and inside the cave is a fucking Star Wars can’t ya just let me be I don’t care let me know I want to be your lover boy but I also want to be a solo I want to be doing Cody was wearing a neoprene jacket she was talking about how she’s like I love my neoprene jacket and I call her my being and I was like
now she’s wearing neoprene did that your mom’s cream goes to bring what what is the texture of the neoprene is it soft it’s like a it’s like scuba suits like a scuba suit a spongy sort of sharks by Robert Redford had to wear in order to keep from the the heat detectors from picking them up in sneakers sneakers
picture of a little hiccup with Robert fillables and then a fourth syllable that separated and I always think of Billy Ocean and someone goes it can I get some of those styrofoam eggs
isn’t that there’s another thing like that what is it what’s the song I Can’t Remember The Girls on Film or boys on fit on a three-syllable word sing Billy Idol Eyes Without a Face is lawyer without a case baseball Without a Face

what was that what was the son of Billy Ocean did for the Jewel of the Nile or Jewel of the Nile what is the downtown
oh my asscheeks hey Billy can we do in Philly that was great can we get one of them but not getting Electric Avenue
I know you Billy are you okay now I know I know in your street culture that you want to do it the same way twice but Street culture we got a customer to serve so let me know we got a platinum record half in the can can we just take it from the top or I was just just get this shit done I okay I have to go to my mother’s house after this one thank you one thank you that’s all before I dye my hair
and I got to go from here to move my mom’s couch when we don’t have time to do it and then when I get home to give me that look, it’s best you know I’m done I quit a contract what the fuck Billy where I wasn’t it slowly and looking at your mom’s the one that has the problem that you’re here oh my God
he’s where he needs to be
what comes around
fighting over or we will open fire starter you’re ready yeah I think I can
you know I love my mom I love my mom a lot hurt your feelings I just said we’re going to my father again when I Let It Go. My abdomen open
I can’t reach the controls
to record your album
if jumping tell my wife hand
I know he resented me
somebody get that man’s name
and I want it engraved above this building
no problem Billy thank you very much all right regarding an album Now what is it okay to leave this and I love it Billy the sound of you turning into a Kaiju reference that’s great but let let’s let’s just rap you up then like a like a Christmas present baby alright take take 93 Billy Ocean baby
Caribbean Queen and going and going and going
did you know you’re carrying the same smile and I thought said poop is what the Richard Richard admitted his pants when I turn into demon leave it leave it leave it leave it all right did you give me a ride to my mom yes alright thank you have a great weekend and do the barbecue record all of this at all sorry I drive on the wrong side mate he want some of this
oh wow
that’s why they call you I was she needing it here have some of this is this coke is green never touch it Billy baby to nostril and they make a green that make it green now is this your mother do that let me tell you something
died 20 years ago I don’t know who my parents are or Billy I don’t understand I mean don’t you think I would know my mom’s identity and I would at least don’t have my parents
but Billy I’m sorry that the cocaine talkin making my eyes green look my hands are growing 000 Billy Oh Billy
do you like it when I turned into that demon before yes yes governor
you want to see me do it again I guess yes a good scene
I believe it Spencer did bring you something oh yeah but I got to say I tried it outside and it might not be good for the show but don’t let that stop you too too rough I don’t know I’m just hi
what is a little while ago and I took one puff and I’m lit how does driven here I know this is going to sound crazy but it’s fucking hot and I find that when it’s hot you get higher Hell Ya fuking blaze it 420 show I watched you guys watch Vanity Fair confidential I would do we do we can’t get enough of it I watch the one about the busting of the Silk Road I was going to set it was confidential.
trouble I don’t want to believe that go to my house turn that shut off and let’s just watch the unconventional it doesn’t really make any sense I had at the end of every one I always ask me to go Wyatt why why is that, but that was a famous hey yeah it’s on television watch the Gilbert Godfrey documentary so it’s great really really real Berkeley 102 is really good his last movie was better
the previous winter that you when you were in now I like still wet after harvest what’s that he did he did a lot to harmontown documentary a lot of documentaries about comedians it all up in that shity can’t get enough. He’s a he’s a Black Ops a chuckle fucker Wow Wow on the podcast intubate me fired
this sounds like there may be some history there that I should not dive into know it was a great guy I mean he did good stuff Spencer that make some good words yeah yeah yes Rob thank you for the dice yeah the bag of dice thank you so much I was almost going to ask you point-blank hey Rob what was the thing I was supposed to ask you before I wanted you to bring up this thing that you did because it sounded really interesting you would ask me for some dice a while back and I was like saying hey can you set me up with some D&D dice. I’m having fun I’m just talkin to your story being rude I said hey Spencer this is the text this is these are the real words I could take a 10-6 Spencer Hey can you set me up with some some D&D Dice and what did you say what do you need them for
I’m going to be on another podcast doing Dungeons & Dragons will fuck you get the picture now that wasn’t a real text what I say then whatever I’ll bring him to the show Adam Sandler movies that he made when he went to Netflix The Cobbler Ono like hateful eight and hateful eight hateful eight no is ridiculous 6 right hateful eight was the Winter’s Tale which is why I assume you guys are making fun of me well so I’m in El Coyote disheveled hair hobo comes up to me and he says hey you you look like you’d be perfect and I’m like to give you money you’ve
fat sack of crap and punch him in the face if you wanted me to start his next movie going to be in the next movie character doesn’t punch so what the fuck
fucking bullshit I just want to put them in the movie
hey guys is this seat taken era for telly from series of Sharon Tate
got a stomach cut open
so yes now we have pissed him off with to answer your question
have we ever pissed couldn’t turn do you see any money Spectrum
I hit him with this this recent meltdown do you can you do once you have it wait to have a meltdown Kanye West has been in the Press lately doing different things he stopped by TMZ where he announced that slavery was a choice the four hundred years of Oppression was a choice and has fired its management has gotten on and off Tripp Twitter in a sporadic way came out and wore a Maga hat and it says that the rest of the worst as you’ve been going on so some people are mad but what I see is a little bit of spectrum ish or a little bit of some people are saying drug use meds on and off meds yeah cuz we talked about that on the show every once in a while I was wondering do you see any of that well sure of course
oh I think Kanye’s being completely rational and was born without any like neurological yeah I think about ass he’s always been a weirdo I mean I mean Platinum before like a how I get always there a little bit of a you know how much shit did we put up with from from from old white guys like not to go there repeatedly but like Kanye like it’s under his belt before he he was famous for being crazy for for basically just saying the most of the context that it was happening in unless you I guess they came storming the stage at the VMAs but the VMAs R Trucking fake Awards like like there’s not even not even really getting an award for any
I’m going to come up on stage is that where he did the Taylor Swift think you can remove man butt but other than that it was just like I don’t want these these floor tiles on the floor for my fit you know like do you like a perfectionist and I was always like, it is corner cuz the first place people go as though you’re crazy you’re manic depressive your your diagnosis you and but who cares lake lake lake it’s a capitalist Society so like I got the cure to my schizophrenia right here it’s called I’m a billionaire Blake but in the end I do think that we we don’t wait like like Frank that I don’t know this is white guilt talking but I feel like we we unevenly applied at rule to black men like we we let them go crazy from getting rich and then we will you really break out the medical clipboards like in a way that we don’t was like white guys that get rich and go crazy I think we love all all dismantling of celebrity
it is interesting because there is that feeling of like yes we kind of all knew that he was crazy I don’t know why this is different you described it as something the difference that I’m hearing is that it sounds sad lately everything in the it’s like that. That explains a lot cuz I came in all I saw was him tweeting pictures of his second place that’s a little sad but it’s it’s it’s also like it wasn’t so sad that I wasn’t like laughing at it because it was like yeah yeah of course it does if it’s not too late to do the time trial races in prison they look so good for you but but like anyways but I didn’t know that that was the Backstreet I didn’t hear about that TRL or whatever it’s big like a classically hates TMZ
strikeout up and punch their photographer has break the cameras but he went to TMZ and at some point was addressing the entire room instead of just being interviewed just stood up and sort of gave and held court and then later on they should have had bootleg footage of him doing the same thing and getting to what do you mean he took over or do you mean like you went into their offices they will let you usually do have a celebrity sit down between two people Harvey and the dude and they’ll talk right so he was supposed to be facing forward talk to you those two don’t either side of him and he at one point gets up and turns around and tells the story about why he got liposuction how he got addicted to opiates to see any of that shit like you did Rob Kardashian and I was trying to go to the Grammys and I was going to break carpet and then they gave me opiates and I was taking a bunch of day and then I went to the hospital cuz I took too many they gave me seven and released me is where you started so like he’s having a moment right right right
yeah that is what we did spell suspended their judgment yeah they were like they’re like well this is serious he’s like it’s like Gary Busey like like like where you go we kind of felt that way about Charlie Sheen but we were just like never let him go you know like like but also there’s this thing there’s this crazy thing was Sheen Charlie Sheen people were like fuck yeah right it was like I was a trump effect where they were sort of like this is a rallying cry for guys who wanted to live this way for a long time in cells basically which is also a crazy new thing cuz he also will it I want to examine this like what we experienced when we hear Louis picture Kanye saying this stuff cuz it’s part of it is is vulnerable he’s saying he’s like clearly it’s like there’s a difference between a guy going Alpha and like
there’s a difference between he’s clearly out of his mind and he’s clearly out of his mind like oh he had how come he didn’t know that saying that saying I could lift a thousand pounds would make him seem weak but then someone saying like you have been really weak lately it in a way that is then you then you immediately go well then I’m on your side if you’re being truthful and I don’t want you to get hurt so get off the TV there’s also this rap braggadocio oh that makes it difficult to figure out when somebody’s being crazy has never won a rapper. I mean in air quotes you never want to wrap her too I think this is amazing but like it’s just the word liposuction that’s probably bent that’s probably the first time that you really been introduced
Remy Ma I got a chemical peel I’m over here trying to get this light bulb for my life phone it’s an interesting it’s an interesting thing to watch because people are taking there’s this very fine line where you say are we sitting on this dude because we should on people at this point are we getting out a little bit of racism in that we’ve never really had the back the black dude’s so now that one’s going crazy what happens to be rich and it’s been very vocal about every fuck the system to get rich are we are we doing this thing I used to watch Jerry Springer and all the talk shows where there be a black mother on stage should be a big hit on by a white audience for being a bad mother and yet there was a section of it where you were like wait a minute, you all are just being straight-up awful about the shit right it’s some of that is what I’ve seen some people who are taking a pot shot of the black millionaire Verizon some people who
have no no respect for the fact that were watching somebody with a mental illness it’s a crazy crazy thing to watch are you fucking with this in so shut it all down with it yeah man I’m just sitting next week I mean we knew we we we kind of hate the claim this but we serve we started at Gilbert are you in cell movement on this stage would cook is Cody Cody found it while going down the rabbit hole and she was remember that guy that the gazpacho blog guy he was he was in cell he was the guy that I don’t know the origin sound a Blog by this guy that among other things he had this blog entry where he
he was behind two women in a restaurant in and he overheard them saying one of them said they have to guess Pacho and the other one said what’s gazpacho the other one said it’s like cold tomato soup or something in the other one said that’s gross and then and he said and that’s the moment when I knew I was going to try Gus Pacho and then he tries to be sick and I loved it and that’s the thing like this is amazing that’s that’s the it sell things like he was like these gamergate dudes what I kind of know what you’re talkin about a community means involuntary celibate it’s a men’s rights activist and people who hate women and then have radical beliefs that are predicated on the fact that they’re not getting late so it all dates back to I mean all internet culture comes back to like something awful and dislike and video game cultural Circle
in 410 and it kind of spawned a bunch of stuff but it’s just like racism and white supremacy was always kind of just under the surface of that so I mean for 10 kind of popped up a bunch of times they made operations against Scientology and stuff but they weren’t really overtly racist for a long time but races factions of them started gaining more Steam and then when the gamer Gates thing blew up that kind of coincided with the pickup artist movement and the men’s rights activist movement which is also but you know Center in male body building culture and all this online culture and so that kind of cold out last with this online gaming culture movement in gamergate and they just from there it’s basically everyone on that spectrum is just a different shade of some form of Nazi it usually comes out of misogyny but it ends up like expressing itself is some form of Nazism but it’s it’s generally under gamergate but then people like gazpacho man is probably like he felt empowered because he had some gamergate related blah
where he was like here’s this girl playing a video game on Twitch and so isn’t this the problem with video game and still like it’s all this like massages and stuff that comes out of this this like for 10 culture but it shows up in all these Avenues but there was in cells during gamergate and before gamergate and they were just made fun of the same way you know like losers were made fun of that’s also part of it is like in the culture you’re making fun of people for being losers and you’re also doing that to like hide the fact that you’re an anonymous loser as well and so they’re kind of self-hating about it but it has like being around forever but they’ve just been could attach a decade to the birth of it what would you say like 2011 maybe later it’s only it’s knew all this shit goes back there’s a really interesting about that if you really want to like oral history trace the roots from that that that in a Bloomin into things like gamergate not stuff like the the kind of inextricably braided flowers
and of you know men’s men male male rage for lack of I’m trying to think of the classiest praise to the like male male Alpha energy being bound to video game and internet and hacking culture like I can’t remember what a publication did a really pretty pretty in-depth backward look at the whole thing was the guy colors like Angry Uncle though cuz it all starts somewhere but it’s not as if that means that’s there was a Ben Franklin that started it and it’s always been the names and stuff in it just like it was just circulating and she know it seems as if these dudes are not at these dudes are intelligent and that’s a section of
the left cuz I don’t even know if they’re left they feel like they feel like they have distanced themselves from any sort of political party as well I think it’s it’s nerds that grew up watching cartoons that were like you bump into someone and they drop their papers and then three days later you’re having sex with them and you’re a loser because you failed to do that in there like I did everything right I’m pumping at all these women holding papers and they’re like will know you’re a fuking idiot if you believe that but they are fucking idiots who do believe that because we are at sending that signal but it’s like I think they’re all these people that for so long they’re like I’m a nice guy why don’t people date me and it’s like because you say things like that and but we don’t actually sit explain that this to them but it’s like so there’s all these people that were so long think they’re doing it right but it’s like no you’re a jerk and you’re racist in your misogynist and no one’s explained to you subtly it what that means because you probably don’t have a support network because you know then that’s how people get radicalize is because you do
support network and other people are like actually it’s because of its or not. It it’s a sort of like it’s the syndrome where it’s like the first world Empire and people get comfortable and then there’s this shift if if you if you if you stopped it if you do start doing anything other than constantly a sending as an Empire I think what happens what we’re observing is that if things will level off and then start to get to a point where oh this is the third time I heard Time Magazine mention that whites will be a minority by the year whatever and that o College isn’t working and it doesn’t matter for job placement at least the dream starts to fall apart a dream that if you’re sixteen years old you never knew you were buying into but you subconsciously were so then you turn 16 and it’s like that that that Judge Reinhold monologue and fast times where the party is over he’s like he does his monologue and goes like I’m waiting for the fucking party to start it’s like like these you can you can be a you could be a white kid
and be familiar with these phrases in these Concepts that have something to do with progress in the world is getting softer or or Progressive or what or its crumbling and its melting and then you like you just you just get this High out of going yeah but everything’s bulshit that’s why movies like The Matrix and Fight Club and and Star Wars and whatever they’re the all the stories are about you fucking waking up and realizing that everything full shit you you going to be going to figure this shit out and that’s how you been coming here or going to wants to be a hero as one thing to be like in a cradle being fed titty milk from ablam that his feet never touch the ground and you can complain about her liver you and I talked about that were like generation xers like do it like all we knew is that we hated Pepsi and I was there it was that easy to be a rebel or just like fun of Pepsi
we’re in our heads maybe we’re like yeah fuck Pepsi but then then I’ll have a Pepsi later like I mean by that I mean I’ll have a billion-dollar Corporation later I’ll be I thought this chick as we watch The Big Chill and we went to The Breakfast Club I’m going to go I get it I understand how Society works it goes up a staircase especially if you’re a white dude like you can complain and be hips the whole way I think that’s where there’s a concept of virtue signalling comes in that that that these guys think they’re calling out which is like the only reason you would ever say it was bad when you’re walking up The Stairway to Heaven is if you were trying to impress people on the way up if you’re going to like here I go to heaven 2 it’s lame which is the day that I think that’s what they mean by virtue signalling that you’re going like like I’m part of the liberal hivemind that guarantees that I’ll always have dirty money
coming in from podesta pedophile ring in drone strikes and I think big league league owl but I’m also going to make everyone like me and have have sex with all the women because I’m lying to them about how I thought Oprah’s speech at the Oscars was just fine the opposite of a dog whistle do the you think they will link up and militarize do you think they’re going to hook up with the Trump supporters better I think they think they’re better than the Trump people friends I think they both are on a different level where they are more aligned with say an evil Bill Gates versus a Donald Trump with a billionaire none the less you stop being one of these guys the minute you you admit that you want anyting
so that that that simultaneously is good news and terrible news because that’s a lot like any terrorist cell because you basically like the first guy to say so great I don’t want to blow anything up anymore you’re out Isis like like you you got to just be mad and show up like like it ends like they defeat the purpose if you and showing up makes you express the actual feelings of contentment that you were seeking in the first place that’s a crazy but if I can’t forget to take it that’s a crazy point because the truth is we know that people lash out cuz they’re lonely but when they get together and they have a drive to explode things that yes they have to get to that final episode that’s what I do fascism is like it’s catalyzed by by like privileged people that exploit that phenomenon like leave a certain amount of lower-class discontent that will recycle itself like a
compost bin has poor people just get sad because they’re poor and then they’re poorness will make them like invent new music and and and and be more religious and just generally happier and make a rich people go like Jesus these poor people are fucking ecstatic like I should lighten up a little bit maybe give something to charity or whatever this thing like that system that system breaks down when when when it gets bad enough for long enough that somebody out there usually a 70 year old mummy or like several million of them like they go oh the poor people are doing that thing where they’re bummed out about being poor again I feel fucking poor instead of instead of building a wall between me and them and letting them be poor and listening to their wonderful music I think I’ll I think I’ll start exploiting their their sadness in their anger because if I go like this they start going like
yeah none like either money comes in or there’s like an agenda like I want that I want that regime taken down and then it’s like an orchestra conducted by fucking dangerously stupid selfish sociopath who are just like I think I think I think this guy over here it says poor people shouldn’t be as angry what are you guys think and they’re like
a dead end the end the end this guy is it has the IQ of a fucking handball or you wouldn’t have been born rich and said then that’s the days that we’re in I feel like like like I dread that we’re in a right-wing slide into an edge genuine fascist regime and I also feel like a lot of us are reacting to it but by going Oprah I’ll get elected next and that’ll be even worse like I don’t even want to argue about that in your wildest dreams like I’m not sure if I really thought that was going to happen I wouldn’t be so fucking terrified right now cuz I ain’t trying to hire someone to clean up the mess when in reality it’s probably a couple years is the country about whether or not we should do have but it’s just fucking like 60 years of fucking steady this is called stability and then moving in either direction like
all at once is called you know a movement are we able to fight these dudes or will they burn themselves out or what is the for what do you what is the forecast for these dudes and do you know any. I don’t know when it gets just all these people are like they’re so far gone they just got to be told like you know this isn’t this isn’t going to do what you want but they don’t want to hear that like so I think most of them will just you know not go anywhere the same way most you know racist people just yell at people are most in don’t end up killing people but still it generates and Bubbles up Killers Casino like this ain’t like I think it’ll still continue to be dangerous but I don’t think it’ll be more or less dangerous than it ever has been like or not ever I mean obviously we’ve crossed the point it’s gotten much dangerous more dangerous Riesling but beyond that I don’t think there’s anything my most admired a Mystic hope is that in this is like the still a nightmare that optimistic version of the future which is why I can’t wait to retire cuz it says no no no
world for me anymore is that is that this is going to get bad enough that but the people are still going to have enough of a toehold and there’s enough of a Blue Wave whatever however you want to characterize the it’s a pendulum going back the other way but that the pendulum will have no choice but to go we no longer have a sense of humor about this this this this and that and it’s going to make it even worse it is it’s it’s it’s like it’s like if you grasp it it’s just moving toward of super volcano explosion because we’re not going to we’re not going to learn from this fucking experience if we learn anything to lighten up and take people less seriously we’re going to we’re going to be like I don’t give a fuck what you have to say about due process or how you’re you have a story to you set this word and this word is connected to this word and that school of thought and your fucking toast forever wrong tweet
at the wrong time motherfuker done and I like like that Society will progress along those lines because we don’t have a sense of humor but like why would we they’re fucking Nazis I feel like we got tricked into respecting people’s opinions are just going to respect everyone’s opinions are opinions are like assholes and everyone has one and they all stink that’s what we respect is that everybody has this smelly bulshit know opinions are terrible and they need to be terribly well defended before we should accept them as anything other than Society being a talking about how the world should run in between these ionic columns it is it like what about fantasy what about the fact that Vice just ran their second article within a month about how
from Rick and Morty fans have too much incest on their minds are those are people who have their opinions overly respected the vice magazine or the other Vice magazine writers who got away with that because we all know that PornHub is nothing but incest were in along with it as we go as we Guild up for fighting Nazis week we also are like we are we’re not learning the lesson here then I’m not saying it’s an easy lesson to learn I don’t I’m not lecturing anybody or saying that I have the solution or think I’m not exactly along with everybody that’s doing everything but like blimps are becoming intolerant like as we fight intolerance wee wee it is a steady slide because like
I’m ready to retire because I read that magazine article it was like they dug up quotes from me about kinkshaming and incest porn whatever and they were like yours with Dan Harmon had to say and was telling the article was a little bit it was responsibly written like I didn’t feel like a person was trying to come at it was cuz I feel like if they could have daytime if they wanted to they they they would have done the included like giant passages of me talking so that I was clear and contextual and they felt like a responsibly written thing but at the same time I couldn’t help but feel like the kid that wrote the article is born of a new world where he he was basically only able to entertain the idea of freedom of fantasy and taboo online as as in the same category is the least likeable taboos themselves where the ship is thing you could do is go will some people believe that instead
what it was fifty years ago which is the cheapest thing you could do would be to go some people are turned on by that and it’s just increasingly becoming like because it’s like like like that we’re going to eat we we we we we can read each other’s minds now and everything that we say and so now we’re just like it’s not resulting in US loving each other anymore its resulting in us like like getting off on on learning what I perfect person is by virtue of pointing out at every everything that everyone else is doing like we’re not looking within and we’re not like admitting anything to ourselves we’re not like we’re not we’re not we’re not relaxing anymore like this thing that would fucking that you want to be able to weaponize and point at this right-wing movement like a fucking Canon is is levity is
is is is awareness and a high IQ and humor because they are in a full state of panic cuz that’s the thing that yeah those guys like you can you think they control us I mean you wouldn’t believe how much we control them if we were like fucking actually cool with each other and ourselves if you guys not being fucking triggered by words frankly you cannot fucking stand isn’t it a thousand times at a protest against Nazis and hear someone say something mean to his wife at the fucking night she has to be like like like a stop to stop protesting the Nazis this guy is like being really mean to this this lady and and then someone else try and then it goes did you just call him a key because that’s my friend and he’s a transgender and everyone is like we’re trying to prove that were like fighting for Good by fighting each other and there’s a
she’s over there it looks like it just want to like 9:11
what was
what if we start a fire it’s like a reenactment of every night right now. Please you two cents
I’m too sensitive your two cents please rob your two cents to 2 cents because you care about things you guys have people that you fight against like we fight against for race or sexism in the in the vegetarian world are there was surprised at when I am so sorry we’re at a time when I didn’t have it when I went vegan publicly was the amount of hate that I got which I was like what why would you the minute I would
yeah pretty much just letting you know I got I mean I don’t know what Democrat liberal why is hunting still a thing it and you know I’m anti Zoo you know I’m anti puppy farm and that kind of stuff and you know I I I
did consider adoption instead of having bacon on your ice cream and end and this lots of lots of hate don’t tell me what to do and I don’t like being that you know just like just like they felt like they were being attacked because I said this is this is important to me I used to not think this way I had to click inside my head that made me understand like what I was eating had a history to it that wasn’t just like just showed up there was there was suffering behind it and I didn’t want to be responsible for that and I got a lot of anger towards me just wanting me to shut up do you notice that when people stand up for our rights there is this I didn’t notice this in the past maybe cuz I wasn’t there but there is a thing people immediately think about what they’re going to have to do with that
yeah exactly I mean when I say something that hits too close to home like yeah you know you put bacon on your ice cream did something have to live in pain and fear and die horribly for you to have that little bit of on your ice cream how was it worth Do We crave what would if you had to kill something to eat dessert like that is attacking someone tell me how did not change somebody other than I mean to consider like where where it came from I mean everybody is the trick but Rick really quite angry and I don’t want anybody because that’s the quickest way to geese have somebody shut you down or yell at you or turn you off or ignore you or whatever I just I used to think one way and then I was
I realized what I was doing and becoming a part of I ate it just it was a it was a big turn from you so I was imagery or did you see processing it was a friend of mine died and I started looking at life and death differently and I got my dog who I adore her and I remember like I I started posting puppy pictures ironically on Twitter but then I started admitting I actually really like that and then I start putting all kinds of animals on there and it’s somebody said you’re obviously vegetarian you love animals and then somebody says he’s not vegetarian he still needs to meet Rob why don’t you know calling me out on it and I was like well yeah I say I love animals why my being a part of this I just made me do a lot of research and

and and then something just clicked inside of me and then I just I could not be a part of it anymore and
it’s just something that I I feel if
cuz I’ve had this experience when I you know wrote about it or posted something about it there are there’s like a bunch of people that written me and said you know I never thought of it that way until I start seeing your post stayed the reconsidering a lot of stuff and I am a vegetarian or vegan or or whatever I’m thinking differently and I felt like I accomplished something today I guess that’s the right way to do it but I don’t want to shame anybody I mean I don’t want anybody to be feel bad I mean like I used to eat meat for 45 years my parents still need me you know Kate still eats fish
shaming anybody is is not going to do anything no wonder I wonder if there’s a part of us that has a response to discipline because what I heard you say was that you took an idea on and then put it right to you so mediately we have a response to change like a Lego willy-nilly change so we the same amount of energy that you feel going into a force field when it’s because I want to get a little bit underneath this because yeah we could talk about the social dynamics it’s like catching more flies with honey and like the way you should do it is to prepare a pasta dish on Instagram and tell people how happy you are with your eating and blue bags underneath that because then the Malcolm X of veganism would say fuck that I’m not going to play nice just because of all the way down underneath it is basically we don’t like people when other people when they’re activated
and it’s not because we want them to fail is because we were all like these sperm cells like headed for what we perceive as the same age maybe or we we just or maybe it’s just more simple than that like a primate so I will chat with needs to keep what happened yesterday going today that’s part of your job as a private in the other half of your job is to want to be a hero if so what’s up with someone popping off next to you about how many things should be different but you have ill will for that person it’s just that it’s like well first of all your fucking with half my job which is to make sure yesterday happens again today thousand examples of that make you a hero by the way it like being a good person and I was with electric did you know the certain Traditions that actually are that we praise people for honoring like knowing the alphabet and then stuff like that but then you’re also fun
with the other half of my job because to the extent that I wanted to like bring change I wanted to bring it to other people I don’t want to fucking be told that it’s time to change it but make me feel like it it feels like sin to us which I kind of admire about our species out how do you how do you do what I want to do which is not
make anybody feel bad I just want somebody too I just very boring answer is that is that you don’t have to you shouldn’t do anything differently the only thing for for your own personal satisfaction would be did not take it personally the way the reaction that it causes because before I would tell you I would have to be your vegan Evangelical coach to come up to a level where I was like you know the best way to do it to keep people from throwing Tomatoes at you is to blah blah blah I would it would really good with the tomatoes I am more concerned about like Spencer who who felt like I was shaving somebody be because of the ice cream bacon and Allergy I mean like I don’t want by definition is always is always going to cause trouble if that’s necessarily true of for not eating animals if your argument is because it hurts animals because that’s telling
someone that they’re not being compassionate enough I think there’s other reasons that you can argue for it that don’t involve that and I’m not saying you have to I’m just saying that like like there are more than one ways to Advocate that aren’t inherently attacking someone but a very common one is a way that assumes everyone thinks the same way as you do and that way you say something that then could unintentionally attack someone who doesn’t assume the same things as you are my sister who is amazing activist write what she always likes to do is trade so what you’re with you’re trying to get something out about why someone should be a vegan you’re supposed to say your high blood pressure will no longer be an issue it’s a give them the Power of Choice instead of saying that would race they get even angrier and they’re like why I want to go out concession my feeling about that is is is is like okay well
I’m saying it would be if we were all empathetic if we were empathetic to all life maybe we’d be empathetic to each other and I and I think you do if we’re going well I stopped eating meat I don’t care that the animal is go through whatever but I stopped doing it because I’m thinner now seems like not a very Noble. Do you believe that the person has your best interests at heart it doesn’t even have to mean that they’re like they would take a bullet for you or anything it’s like do you do you think that they have your best interest at heart which like okay so I don’t trust those guys that are have a six-pack on the back of my car like as I come out to the 7-Eleven parking lot like I don’t trust them like they’re behaving in a way that makes me think that they don’t have my best
interest at heart so they can say everything they want about about why I don’t trust them but they’re strangers and I don’t believe it what I want to know like why why can’t I
until you shouldn’t eat meat because animals feel pain and fear death like you have their best interest at heart because he’s saying that they don’t have to pass right so they’re saying if I let this person into the parking lot of my 7-Eleven life like I could get mugged I could end up exposing myself like if if if I say okay I’m interested in being more open-minded about this topic are you going to answer the lobby of my life and then just start moving fucking plants around because you might be a shity decorator you could be over the rightist person in the world about how my Lobby needs to be unlocked but you may suck at decorating or you may be the best decorator for some what is it in a completely different building in like in any case like I have to stay me and and grow. I can’t just like fucking let you in like a fucking virus and
reprogram my nucleus or I’m a bad person that could end up hurting other people so so I need to trust you and nnn like is it when we have Isaac social cues that we can use to let people know that they can trust us it’s it’s a bit that’s I think to me that’s job number one in all interaction is like try to let the person know that as far as you’re concerned like you don’t you’re not out to hurt them what it says like Ted Bundy work a lot of like a lot of like you think you’re better than me because you are like that is like no no no because that’s why I said that is because you were you were bringing up that people give you a lot of pushback and so if people are giving a lot of pushback I I know I experienced it myself I’m sure I have tweeted stuff back at you and that’s what I was experiencing
in those circumstances where it’s like yeah this is what you’re doing you’re throwing a lamb into a wood chipper it’s like we’ll know I’m hiring someone to do that for me it’s not the same but I know that’s me pushing back at an argument right you may then so that’s fine if you want push back but you were saying that it’s bad that that happens to you and so that’s why I say I was surprised right which I I mean I was like wow I didn’t realize this this and it was not just me saying you should stop doing this it was just me saying I’m vegan it would be like just being in a restaurant with a bunch of people and then I’m saying I’m vegan and then I would pull out my wallet in the car but you got to love their wallet everybody jumps on that and I mean like actually it’s not leather Ed’s whether it’s it’s not like I made sure to get it it like
it’s if I’m going to go vegetarian and I do a little bit of research you should really go vegan all the way through the hardest thing about it I’m sorry about it was weird to think a lot of people go there was like I don’t think I can live without a hamburger I don’t think I can live without cheese that was the thing that that I was like really I can’t that’s not really a good excuse and then it took like maybe like 3 weeks for me to break out of that have it there this is why I’m sorry go ahead this is why I think it’s all related to disappointment because your ability to take on a new idea and executed has something to do with your discipline when you bring it up two people I think they immediately feel called out on their personal discipline so it’s a it’s a difficult place to start I also think I think like I said I think people want to know what is the benefit to even entertaining the idea that you’re giving me so I think that is the game sometimes you know
it’s interesting I’m on this the reason wondering I’m fascinated by this is I’m on the Facebook a lot I made a Facebook group that is Los Feliz Echo Park Silver Lake it’s the neighborhood and people will get on and do exactly what we just did where somebody else say I don’t like when people ride their bikes on the sidewalk and you get pushed back and it’s the most interest it sit there any any point of view almost you don’t you go lay Kelly Lake of the window see it all the time I would like the woman thing I could somebody goes like someone’s this is a profile of a woman who says when she was 13 Johnny Depp I’m making this up don’t sue me like I’m ripping one of Johnny Depp picked her up as a hitchhiker and saying they fingered her and he made her be his personal assistant and he never thanked her and she got pregnant so I can renew my portion of your brain that goes from
do you like I got a police this it it at I think it’s linked somehow late late is it leaked and I started putting road flares on it where I’m like wait if this woman who’s 40 saying when she was 13 Johnny Depp to this or whatever like if I don’t police it if I don’t type up and go give me a break first I believe you second of all like why you hitchhiking if you didn’t want that you know it’s late I also like there’s a dick be a deeper problem here and it’s actually like just becomes racism sexism close-minded this God dogmatism fighting like just general bad Humanity that hasn’t been tested at this many RPMs because there’s been no internet is a little condition ignore me just like we like we need the medical you evolve a little bit to get Wheatley
we that we realized carbs in gluten or whatever we go through phases we’re capable as a side a guy you know it’s bad this thing that you’ve never heard of before we have this tendency when we receive communication we’re running a little bit of an outdated forcefield protocol it’s still just as dangerous as ever to trust anything you here but there’s a difference between not trusting thing being a skeptic and being a cop you know how like like like like a lashing out acting as if if you say nothing in the person next to you says I deserve all the pants if you say nothing to your pants teleport off your body because the bad guys certainly are afraid of that and you know what that’s why they’re bad guys because they’re right because when they’re of what they’re afraid of is if everybody starts saying I was
the pants to be evenly distributed Z will lose some of their pants valid fear that makes them the Death Star we have an irrational fear of it when we were dealing on a human level at Lake we just don’t want to go like we think that if we don’t get mad when you get cut off in traffic that everyone going to start cutting off in traffic and it’s just no science to back that up in her face back what’s going to happen when you fly into a fuking right it’s actually we don’t you finish that idea because I think you’re going to get more appreciation of good driving like a true crime podcast I’m just like we’re the bad guys really get away with it don’t they detective on his 68th birthday with with half of his face removed from some skin cancer procedure that he was barely able to pay for with his pension explaining
to me that’s because some dude it is about to get injected with chemicals tomorrow on his 90th birthday after raping and eating like 48 people for 70 years lie I just that justice has been served sooner or later that they don’t get away with it and get away with it when California was a cop who started killing people as a cop as a cop music cop the internet is and they found out about it way too late the internet is showing us something that we were able to leave we had we evolve a certain amount every time we invent the campfire people come around you and vent plumbing get exposed to more people varying levels of Internet menace to humanity each level or like fuck so many new people so many new ideas I’m going to go fucking insane this is crazy died I’ve done my neighbor used to be a bear
now it’s fucking Arab what is happening to him like I got to figure this out like we always been just barely like like it’ll be a prophet or it’ll be some kind of movement or it’ll be a horrible collapse in a rebuilding we like will keep up with it the basic late Motif is we just keep learning and increasing resolutions that there’s more bad than good in the world that we we can see it more if you if you if you invent a camera that can see everything in the universe it’s going to pick up more bad than good time we’re living in a real-time Library Ferry with instead of it being something that we would have read about 10 years ago and been like that’s fascinating we’re actually like holy shit we know everything about that shooting we know everything about that genocide we were there we have pictures of it
a bigot later and meanwhile this basketball player that that that that that nailed a free throw and he was a meme for 20 minutes and he turned out there dog fights in his basement in this is like a big Bill Cosby’s with the weekly it’s like the cameras everywhere it’s that we just were seeing the surface of reality we just got to like we got a not let it give us a bad trip really like it’s it’s okay the silver one which is what we look like we’re squirming massive flash there’s a lot of like sebum and wiry hair nipples that have no reason and this is the naked body of humanity and it’s not a Wonderland it’s it looks like me and Harmon naked and without reason the reason is a British bands was watching some movie that that had something to do with good vs Evil
disillusioned when I think about like how evil is more powerful than good like I took it out numbers it not separate it’s like that’s actually only a reaction to the false impression that anybody ever wanted me to think that good and evil were like this fucking Rocky vs Drago even matched like thought about good is being about one-fifth as powerful as evil in almost any contacts like one-fifth the size 1/5 the the advantage would like like like like because if it’s good it’s good and it’s not evenly matched with the amount of like like like my therapist says that like negative shit like affects your brain five times more than positive she somehow I like that shirt and it’s like it just burns off like fucking flambe and what have fancy restaurant evolved to survive danger so it’s
so is that a grizzly bear not like you know you can’t say probably not you have to say oh God that’s definitely a rock that might 1% chance be a grizzly bear and then you know you are not the progeny of of The Chimps that are you know I hate to be a Spur are wired to speak but I’ll tell you one thing is being the first person to call it when there’s something to be alarmed about like like we have a lot of our joy is tied into like alarmism we amplify negative outcomes like if you say hey I’ll flip you a coin and if I flip a coin you win $2 and if you lose the flip you give me 50 Cent it’s like you could do that all day and then on average you will win a ton of money but people will not see it that way people will be like no I could lose some serious money it’s like people have a psycho
logical tendency to think that the risks are way worse like we are definitely still do seek incentives and 5 but I think I mean what you’re saying is that we’re not going from giraffes don’t have the 50% good 50% bad perception like they they’re just thinking about leaves and there is a place there the worst like we graduated to having a concept of good and bad and we’re just we just keep finding out that we perceive good a lot less I like it but we should still look at it as a gigantic leap from the hippopotamus which doesn’t give a fuck who’s good and who’s bad and what’s good and what’s bad a hippo has no taste buds in its mouth for that and we have a thousand we just have eight thousand more that taste bad
sometimes we get addicted to the fine-tuning of our existence
you know
got to change those couches
is alderton square an alarmist primate species that learn to adapt like a mild amount of packs when we see accounts hunted by a bi biological killing machine couch Hunters what the biological killing machines
tune by man to find and Hunt couch yeah and murder man through you can get so high that you’re no longer really time yeah that’s what I like and then I like to push through that into being that high again and that’s like 300% I like how it hangs in the air it’s very fun I don’t know if the cameras pick that up but cool I don’t really like hanging in the air Blue Apron oh shit had your door every day I’m currently eating Szechuan chops with fried pork nuts
Szechuan chopped pork nuts simple things are you just I can’t risk a trip food come on here if no food only forgetting I’m going to take burning from the edges like out like a map and a fucking Western like it it’s just like coming in like I’ll look it up right or ask anybody cuz you think that you can jump start your fucking dead synapse that they were made you not remember Jeff Bridges name and the Garrett detectors
did you know that
that brain she died
that raised she died that’s why that’s why we have to acquire wisdom because that’s all we can offer these new kids we can’t we’re not going to be smarter and funnier than that we’re going to eat only the only thing we can do is be like kid take it easy don’t eat that Barry or do you have three hands hands like calm down here is your there’s no way you have an opinion about this you’re 16 give me some gum did you say that brain she died that Branch would do that makes sense like in a context that I’m not getting well if I was being like kind of nautical I guess what the scotian Jamaican Bob Marley but with Robert Robert Shaw on the high seas Androids Dream of Electric shrimp or whatever
play just trying to get Primal you know is like that but I was I was like I was like forget about you know like Words is that brain she died and I was like I did note the ultimate fuk U is for guys to feminize their own brains that is like the way we do ships and everything that goes to it’s a shity because it’s partly why we’re buying a real girl still got it yeah
dude you being Pilots climb on that big fat cock and go fight some Russian
husband anyway let’s bring the singer out again out here and sing a little bit and she’s not running good today yeah I can’t tell it’s polarizing that’s what it is men using the female pronouns refer to their own brains
Civics are going from battleships to brains and calling them women wouldn’t it wouldn’t it wouldn’t be like a slippery slope anyway would just be more of the same at least we’d be talking about our brains
hey you’re talking about it very very crazy thing is if we started calling women he and she and him because because we were like that’s it we’re taking it you don’t like we’re like like the only battleships are women now I like like like that last parade was out of bounds I don’t like how many of you showed up and I don’t like what you burned from now on by him that’s what you are if I want to talk to a woman I’ll talk to this gun
I’m going to be seeing her believe we pushed through we finally pushed through
I think we just revealed to Rob
yeah schraub
when does when does solo come out and how long does it usually take for a movie to go see it together I’ll go see solo with you for sure are you serious you might see a movie together I make these exceptions for these some of the Star Wars movies not the recent we haven’t seen a single Star Wars movie together since Phantom Menace there was there was the one that came out after Phantom Menace there was either the second or third of the trilogy and and you said have you seen it yet and I said no and you said are you going to see it and I said not in the theater and you said I will pay for your movie ticket if I can go to the theater with you and sit sideways in the seat next to you and watch you wanted it and I think we did that and it kind of joining RTD2 it wasn’t like it was a sight from aside from that invitation it wasn’t there was nothing cool about it so it’s not only a memorable but yeah we watch The Phantom
together we sure did make sure did we were so excited we’re so excited it was a rainy can we get a confirmation on the solo date though you two are Solo costumes but yeah man new Solo or old soul of one of each I want to wear my address on my garage or what
your wide garage in your garage tickets yet the garage is fixed yeah they haven’t quite finished but the people that deliver on this fall to the Palladium garage justifiably complaining play before Night’s Alright the garage away there’s the fluorescent light that he’s pretty sure it’s on all the time but is never has the patience to ask what is definitely not on during the daytime somehow so it only knows to come on at night and then stay on all throughout the night
I think so sorry ask about that water dish or a little rag he doesn’t mind it though I’m sure he don’t you fucking laps it up he loves it and he loves Barbara and Bart Barbers like I can’t tell like I mean it worked out as the ultimate like even in the dog world that’s like disrespectful she said no she fucking like aims at Intuit wow
why are now she get water is there one water bowl for the dog out so she’s drinking her own pee pee only water I went to Sara Bareilles I would say if she had her own ball that you only drank something malicious is coming out but I think what we’re finding out if she likes you know where she’s trying to pee in it so she she’s telling Harvey this is my bowl
despite the baby dogs communicate with their pee Twitter or Bowl come on I smile like if he sees a boy dog that she has a crush on she will pee the dog will smell that and then it’ll pee and then Lolly will smell that in a pit so they’re having a different I think so but do you like me
maybe yeah well maybe maybe maybe huh yeah but they took it out of me Nigel let’s Harvey at home Steve Levy
our Town’s finest Nigel let’s Harvey win at Fetch and then he humps him
hell I know the small one in Harvey’s the big one so it would not be wants to win it’s Penny the fuk the other one thing and I got a hump you how are ya should be on our way out of this another episode of a show and go back to sleep and pretend this whole show was it yet that’s true so hope you wake up from stay
when you go back into stasis Levy do they need to buy tickets to Boston or something what do we need to
June 22nd at the at the Wilborn theater get tickets. I wish I could be there probably be there at the Wilbur Theater
Wilbur for food like the horse
Korean BBQ the Cradle con
on the 23rd adrenal con it’s going to be all this information can be found somewhere so right just keep in mind that we have shows coming up and if you want to be again and you live in the East or an area critic on cradle can look at the beat
yo we got high as fuck this episode y’all don’t know Granny got high as fuck so it’s a blunt so good suck the job also we highest find was overlooked in the forest and the city but one man to the clowns like I said he welcomed pennies float like a big bowl of monitor the hydrogen levels to dance don’t smoke the humanity
how far is deals about some candles and some Kanye but this is America yo I want to stare a cup
it’s a girl I knew come on in the golden town the honey do I go deep into the darkness we use your melons yo who’s that pussy I’m smiling and it’s yours girl and it smells like rose is my name is Moses part that shit to let me watch John the middle let me hit it like a credit let me eat your pancakes in your pussy let me be your Apprentice Gary busy somewhere though is rice Chris Tucker motherfuker City titty butter Nutter
I thought your mama was so hard so guess where I did it probably is some words will always right but it is supposed to be able to hide you need to reach out like a wedding Jolene bridge in a pop song
Oh Eminem and I be your mom pussy Verizon you didn’t do no girl seems like so long ago when you came from around the way
yo did you know what I’m saying you know what I’m saying girl
yeah you heard that oh
oh oh oh oh oh
do sunflower seeds help as another pair of words that will always ride horses
you know this song is singing
all the people be fighting all the time
2016 motherfuker
what about severe dry face has paid harmontown
Satya for Jeff Davis with a bunch of people think he’s in the house thank you. Love you baby. Thank you so much for stopping by people eat less meat for Rob take an umbrella Johnson in for the lovely Jeff Davis who is in St Louis get out of there
get out of there get out of there
good night
colors colors coming for the house


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