Episode: 321 – Rise the Boats


Episode: 321 – Rise the Boats


Comedian Mohanad Elshieky shares recent events in his life, while Dan shares relatable tales of house shopping. Brandon Johnson is back, filling in for Spencer. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Brandon Johnson and Mohanad Elshieky.


how many games has a gun
mic check mic check 1 2 2 2 Behavior right that good is all that’s left for you to write
hello hello are we allowed you can hear me right
yes or no okay fantastic
typewriter once again in Grand fashion harmontown is now in session right now if we don’t have a sensor but don’t think of it as losing a printer taking it as gaining
when it rain
thank you so much for having me and I Jeff Davis you looking good.
Debbie doo doo doo doo bee doo doo doo I got mad because I’m recreationally house hunting and this will be a sympathetic bit
people who love this is just looking around for houses and I don’t like it just went to a house and they’re like hey welcome to the open house in like you can either take off your shoes or you can put on these special surgical shoes like your Mark Wahlberg about to shoot like somebody in The Departed
it take off my shoes is it a house or not but house is a giant shoe house is a shoe for your life if you buy the house you get to decide who you are but I just bad mojo how much Sage can you burn to get rid of the fucking foot a phobia that lives there do you want to buy a house with it they didn’t give a fuck about people was a rush feet all over the place
I’m in a word yeah I guess I I don’t want no I don’t want that Mojo like I said that to me says that welcome to the house maybe you’d like to buy it and take off your shoes or put on special booties that to me says we we we hit all the bodies in the Attic extra special attention put into dishonesty, tell you if I come to your house and I’m trying to let you know that you have a used Bentley right and it’s a hundred fifty thousand you paid 200 for a right if I want to sit in that mother fucker with somebody on my feet I’m about to smell
right so if you want to buy a house yeah you might want to walk up in that you might say I don’t even know if this shit’s comfortable unless I got mud on my feet I think you’re picking up when I’m laying down I’m sure it was to be able to use it as I would you you want me to live in this shit or you want me to if you wanted to be less dirty for the next person that might live in it fuck you I made a mud I’m going to live in your house
fucking Dan Harmon never asked me to take my shoes off going to make your house more dirty by the way
you think my shoes are fucked up you should see my socks
you know what you deserve it there comes my shoes off anyways I feel bad for Liam Neeson married with an audience back what do you make jokes agent after this a joke over here what was he what was he trying to he was coming clean about the fact that when he was a part of me is like I won’t click on any other shit because it feel like my general sort of like the internet off on all the stuff but I also don’t think it’s one of those stories but I believe that you would probably doing an interview I think he kind of like I’ve done a lot of interviews and I and when you’re on a roll maybe you’ve taken an extra milligram of a
maybe you’re at Comic-Con and you like someone’s like pumping you up being like yeah but seriously why is Rick and Morty so genius
myself and and like I think he probably let him he’s settled into a confession about how crazy he was forty years ago 40 years ago and this is all of our mistake is twice the median age of the people that control the planet so none of them are ever going to go out well I get it there like this is my this is my realization this is both my Terror in my resignation is like if you lived your life on the internet as I have you are now you have laid down a paper trail like a landscape of you being a terrible person from the age of 0 to 46 now today’s 10 year old is who’s born on the internet and I say this out of sympathy today’s children because they have to have 35 Instagram account so that their parents can’t watch him go through puberty
is like they’re 20 and they’re going like 40 years ago you were racist that’s crazy lately but it’s like what everything 40 years ago was crazy to you you you weren’t born telling a story about like how fucked-up he was so long ago I look Dan Harmon goes to bat for Liam Neeson fuck off I want us to stop seeing each other I want I want the cloud that we’re becoming I don’t think any individual is becoming a worse person because of the internet know to not tell that story like if that happens
I felt comfortable and he wanted to confess what do you want to confess then
how did great wouldn’t it like I said I’m I supposed to stand here and say from now on forget it like I am I doing this for down the answers like to keep a gun out of my mouth because I don’t talk my mind to do a microphone it bounces around inside my skull and it’s going to get worse and worse and worse am I doing this for me and the other people I don’t even know anymore I know that the day I quit because it’ll be Dan Harmon quits podcast in dust-up over Liam Neeson us something now wait until the gas prices are now we have one more year of like man I
I don’t think that there’s anything that any individual can do because I think that every individual is actually a good person the things that I’m going through right now I told my therapist all the time like I hate everyone and except for anyone I meet I hate but none of us are meeting each other I I just like I hate what we’ve become I hate the cloud I hate this Collective behavior and I sent it before like when the when the weather man was the wrong word and the people that get outraged all of whom I believe I give them credit as an American like I bet they don’t want the power over whether someone gets fired if you and I are on a smoke break out in the sidewalk what we want to do is talk shit about Liam Neeson we want to like and we don’t want a fucking drone to monitor what we say and then take it to his publicist it affect his career
we want to be able to with all of our primate Hearts go like that is fucked up I don’t like that I don’t like what he said it was just to think about this as I wake up the next day and I was talking a lot of shit I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about I need to read about it like you can get away with whatever you want or was it what do you mean I mean what makes it difficult is that he spoke about a group of people who were disenfranchised but if you lift all the boats with the Old Tide then you can talk shit about every but I still don’t know what you mean by I am not literally it’s like I love a good black joke if it’s super funny because the super funny Has Lifted the tide because you are a Craftsman who has made a wonderful joke even at my own expense something that I love to laugh at myself right that’s when we’re cool or not cool if
broke as fuck and you’re pointing at me as you make the joke so what we want is a world where I can talk shit about women and Jews and gays is one of the Jews and gays are doing so fucking well that even there like I’m a little weird
breaking Hunter’s heart Jesus I mean like what would mr. nice it was like like making this confessional you saying like 40 years ago after he sure my phone is a little redder and it was like clickable and it was like she was in my name with bastard behind it to my face now if you say black in front of that you kind of saying my name because I like to go with black Brandon some days he got a brand new to don’t like combining but that’s the game the game is if you list everybody up you can do whatever the Only Rule is it has to be they can’t you can’t lower the status of the of the target if it’s if it’s funny that the person’s black or Jewish or a woman or whatever and they still
when that’s a funny joke we’re using the joke thing as a template cuz like what we understand is jokes and like we know that he wasn’t making a joke right it does it does apply like a rubbing from joke to confession because in his confession he’s still he didn’t lift up while he kind of a joke I made on TV ones that was aired and it was a funny joke at a time if I could go back in time I would erase that from memory because it was not a joke one of those aren’t you adorable and I think it would be horrible at all so I’m I’m sad that I said it once a long time ago and like will be all retract a thousand things that we said absolutely
I think that’s how every but I mean I maybe I’m unique in that I like you know I kind of like aerosol myself from the age of 23 going with look-at-me look-at-me look-at-me every should I take every thought I think and so Every Breath You Take It All darkness and all of the time and all when I could get away with it the time it’s so like misogyny so much racism still fashionable thought the world right it’s moving so quickly like I I am absolutely biased I have an agenda when I call for forgiveness like we’ve lost our shame on the internet which is a good thing because so much shame needed to be lost it was being used to hold so many people back but we’ve also lost our Grace maybe we lost our forgiveness we we we we I mean we are just recreationally in collectively hurting each other it’s not there’s no call to action because I don’t think you or you were you or you or you any individual I don’t think
actually becoming a bad person I think that we are evolving into a collective organism that is doing some terrible thing that we all want everyone to hear us they have to hear us be our worst at all times to and then we have to learn to shut up like we’re asking for followers and we’re happy every time I get more followers but we’re bummed that every time everybody heard us fart or burp or say something like that we should have thought twice before we said do you recall if you leave the clear. It’s not the 40 years ago it was racist it was a current they use a bastard so one of the things and all speech it okay if you say black hero black big dick don’t say Blackberry parent don’t say black by by don’t don’t do that would have been on his specific because
specific like the way he cuz I’m imagining it again I’m refusing to quick and now I’m and yet I’m going like everyone else just love each other but like keep but he surely was characterizing himself as an unreliable narrator know he wasn’t saying that word you’re saying just like come on if you don’t know how to navigate those Waters in general yeah cuz you say adderal, con I say too many interviews tired telling stories getting too casual and he was just like after my friend got raped I went out and I wanted to kill the first black bastard that I saw and I went looking for one is the problem if something happened to someone you knew and it caused be predatory when the reality is if that were true I clean this theater out
except put grass seed down that’s what I think his garden was like almost humble bragging about it like cuz that’s how we got in the character interesting really interesting to tell you one thing he’s been waiting too long at the present do you want to apologize for at least we’re not doing that joke that’s not it won’t it won’t help anybody got Junk is obviously
it’s not we’re not connecting those dots but you just given that it goes back to shit that you’ve already done I’m going to continue to do with absolutely no mistake that I am in the kind of like that that it’s not the it’s not the way to win a popularity contest like I’m going to go with my heart and I’m going to continue to side with the person the individual who is it was currently at that point walking the plank I don’t care how bad I’m not sure if they’re out on the plank like I just want to feel bad for them like I don’t care what they’ve done I think that may be a lot of projection on my part when I’m just like I I spent so much time like I I just feel like I’ve always been that guy and I I didn’t get this far till like I don’t want I don’t want to like like
boot people off of that plank is there if they’re wanting it for a reason then they’re walking off of it but anyways you sure you before we got gas. Cuz I was I was Spencer dropped out and and I just think about the Liam Neeson thing was putting on my meundies with your three x talker than cotton and I was having this like internal monologue and my head was Michael Richards thing and the weird turning point in The Michael Richards thing for me and I’m not I swear I’m not being hyperbolic about the personalization of this I remember distinctly cuz this podcast is so god-damn I remember carrying them The Michael Richards thing in to harmontown at meltdown and I remember talking to you and demorge about it like like like talking about it in the green room and both of you
guys like my Epiphany was like I was coming and going to you fucking believe this and the two of you basically going like yeah
in a way that was like yeah that’s the world we live in and it flipped my magnetic poles cuz I was like that’s important that’s why I bring this shit up to because I don’t like what is your take your number clicking on this Liam Neeson thing in like help me parse it because as a middle-aged white guy I’m going to be like
last real quick thing is that remember that he kisses Viola Davis so hard in that movie recently a camera with the name of it is and and there is this there is this thing that black celebrities are saying which is so he can’t be racist because he is very intimate with Viola Davis in this movie so I do think that that was way back in the day and then he does work on himself and then he probably isn’t racist it says he doesn’t know how to tell the story to the Press.
What type it’s a it’s a phenomenon right it’s like it is by finding people with it and burning that you you can you view maybe could State a purpose you can stay and visit you should accept that it’s fucking everywhere as the boats if we all do that part that we have to worry about it do to prepare for it to to deal with it I mean it happens because it’ll happen until the day race stops that you’re severely underestimated the people that it affect
he’s a new friend he’s he’s he’s he’s he’s he’s currently residing in Portland but if if ice has it in there way he’ll think she won’t be in Portland for much longer please welcome Mohamed El Sheikh
take me to 21 Savage 21 hey what’s up yeah we’ll get all right you from Lydia Benghazi until I researched you this morning we used to hate Hillary Clinton I wish it was actually a Grecian equivalent of like I’m Star Struck cuz I don’t think I’ve ever known someone that had Asylum Asylum and tracing it from but first I just wanted a picture because you’re growing up in part of a gigantic blind spot for me
go ahead and Livia you can be committed tragic sad whatever like this is like a funny question always go to like a sound like a war zone someone like me being a Child Soldier you know is being like I said my mom you know his background where the road is the same color as the building look like if it didn’t look like that like what my fucking first world like Xena phobic images what does it look like The Munsters neighborhood does it was like the Cleavers I don’t know what reference to drive I also like I look around Orlando like some houses that we have it looks like the same I mean destruction was like more like I was kind of different because like they have his War
I Like Houses you like Bill I don’t know how to describe like the material here that people usually has more like some men that like kind of like very like this is how I would describe a time when we was going out back when I see like someone gets angry on TV to punch a wall to get through it at Olivia can’t do that cement block kind of soda and then there would be these dents where you found a stud if you would like as soon they were super angry because I can’t even can’t even punch a wall there like so whatever you start a war that’s what you do when did you leave Olivia I left Libya in 2014 so I was twenty-three when I left okay yeah you can straight to ale or where it was supposed to be for 6 weeks
yeah like nightmare fuel for me a specialty smart bright you’re like missing so I’m like identifying with you like you’re 14 you’re in Benghazi you’re like the people are probably coming up to you and going like you’re funny like I talked and talked and you become you become an exchange student while you’re here here being America are you getting texts or emails this is the story leading to your request via Facebook messages from my family and the program was like 6 weeks that’s a whole program that was a it was important State University and after the program was done I was supposed to to go back to Libya that was the whole plan like I didn’t even pack enough for like staying
or so and then I was like getting late messages for my family and stuff we like hate to give you some background like back home when the when the war started it like the revolution the Arab Spring this Earth in 2011 lazy countries are like we like the labia soup down the government there was like no government anymore and it was like kind of like everything looks very mixed up and we can I used to work as a as an interpreter this is what I did and I used to take like almost like journalists and somebody has to take him to the front lines or so and you had such a facility already I don’t want to derail us Asylum story but I also that’s a different fascinating story like you’re biopic I don’t understand any polyglot like I don’t understand how anybody speaks multiple languages with the B20 let’s just go ahead and be real and talk about that job
I mean this was never a job like I was like all right this is what I want to do because the war started out of nowhere just like something out of the set it probably doesn’t pay well and it sounds like something that may I didn’t get paid a single dollar for it to interpret for somebody and then they got they tip you and then you’re like I’m supposed to share this with the other interpreters but I was dumb enough to be like you know and now I’m like I should have got a money for this shit
but you knew so it likely good take me to the moment when who who is the harbinger of this gig you are where you go from regular guy with no troubles to somewhat to being an interpreter.
The world with Livia but I have is like I cast to widen that when I ask somebody meaningful question I’m going to fucking drive I love them it’s the interjection display it’s my constantly do you give me more time to think and I appreciate
alright so do goats to rewind and a my manager approached me I was like would you like to do that like me cuz you’re a kid person who owned at school when I was twenty of you I was teaching English oh yeah I was out with an employee at that were like 700 and what else you speak like friendship to not to English and Arabic yeah yeah like hey would you like to do that and they were late and I was like yeah hell yeah these guys that are out front
your boss is coming with the clip-on tie is I like it like that was before the embassy that was just like hey we have these journalists who are coming here to cover the revolution I don’t like everyone I can look like from CNN CNBC you like whatever it was we need someone to take them to you like do you like some interpretation like the front loaders. It sounds like like you said it was for my country time there was like a week when the revolution started like what it was like no news coverage happening at all and no one outside of Libyan knew he was all I’m a satellite to buy like I want everyone outside to know what’s happening and I want them to you like capture that like correctly because like they was like we’re going around the city asking people if you like we’re not speak English that well
do they take whatever they assume that they say they’re just put down if you need a hot dog on the Blackboard I love you I love you is under eyelid I thought your boss goes like to some government guys so see you guys when I go I’ll take him to front lines that sounds exciting and you can go across this line because this is where like the actual like fighting is happening and journalists are like this go across the line or are you just like sometimes it’s just like it’s easy job like they’re asking soldiers and they like and then there’s like other times you would like
everyone stops running and you have no idea what’s what you were running away from and you just keep going until late you just like hides behind like a car or something like I don’t know what’s happening yeah at that time were you like there’s good guys and the bad guys and I’m just like good guys and bad guys we knew who the bad guy was but then a year after that it was just like bad guys everywhere and like maybe I’m a bad guy now you like you never know what was happening was just who’s in charge of us is drinking. It was like the revolution against him and then he died like a tuck to 10 months after it so it was just like the eagles like how are you seen as a conspirator with like with the west or decided to happen after like like few years and because I was still doing that job and then that’s cool I was working on it
it was programs that were sponsored by the US Embassy in Benghazi and we had the we had the Ambassador Lake Stevens who used to come here all the time so like we were seeing as people who worked with the embassy and like I’m not a person who did that too so got to connect to put the spotlight on me also I used to like you think about that conflict or what the result was is it is the situation that then after you went to be a foreign exchange student that the bad guys that. The guys are perceived as bad. Scott like that was after I came here they did they take power they did take power yet and so you’re over here learn about quantum physics or whatever no yeah and your Facebook messages from loved ones I can’t put myself in the situation I was getting text messages from my mom and stuff and she’s like
play like yeah someone came by the house today and they were asking for you and they like came through your room and like take some of your stuff and whatever I was like they took my face that look like what did they take
by the way I talk to you for a second because it’s like I I take this for granted this is incredibly funny he’s a great comedian who is like that like and that’s even if even if you are a fireman this would be an interesting story but like what’s crazy about this is that you still at this stage of the story you haven’t yet thought about a career in comedy no like as of a couple years ago you were like legitimately like Portland’s like people excited about you and your light like because you’re that good at stand up like you and work
that sounds like double ironic about as we have so much to talk about, Dee. So he has no absolute they went to your house I don’t see your room yeah and what were they like looking for your computer or at the time but like they were looking through my like they were trying to find stuff that would like time to the Embassy cuz that happened after the embassy attack in all of that and also the thing is like as a Libyan citizen what do you want to come to the u.s. are the time is like a very very long process because I was accepted into a program I got my Visa in like two days or so it was like very like a quick thing because you’ve already done background check and all of that so they would like Okay so this guy who we thought we worked with the US before with so easily did you ask there’s no way he’s not working for the US I don’t care I thought you were like special services
did they fight your intelligence like they aren’t like the Secret Service stuff okay so yeah so you’re getting these I want to interject you though emotionally and go like cuz I feel the same xiety even as a person who doesn’t even like I don’t know I don’t know what your emotional connection is to your family but you’re getting you getting messages from back home there’s a saying like they’re tossing your room is literally tossing your room your bedroom like like they’re looking for reasons to justify making you An Enemy of the State while you’re sitting over here on a temporary lily pad that is our government’s like job to like either renew like a library book or whatever at now but what it what what about your family
in your room I mean the eventually had to leave the city like they left the house to let the city be moved to another city because you would like we can deal with the shity so there’s like you want to the capsule which is tripoley the movie there’s you because you’re an intelligent interpreter in America size of the of the change of power in Olympia like I bet that the guy took it off he died or religious extremism like sort of a free-for-all exactly if it was so many cuz it was like the Libyan military and then you have like grooves are like we’re like if you had after the embassy attack happened and everything it became even worse there because like these people like all out attack was like a statement as if like we have power just like we can do whatever the fuck we want so
these people like more and more like in in in power and I came here like getting all these messages and stuff did I feel terrified that I feel bad not really because I’ve had like weird stuff happened when I was there so I was like I was like it was like a mental States what I was thinkin like no matter what happens I’m like okay yeah I guess this is something that we have to deal with what’s the worst stuff is just like being shot at in my car twice before the radio station I used to work for it cuz I used to host a radio show like was burned down to the ground because they were like not into what we were saying or South I was at when I was Benghazi you seen you walking around with

it wasn’t an opposition it was more of like okay so do we have no government now what’s going to be like the face of the new country and most of the opinion is that me and my cohorts had where to West Bend as they described them and when I say Western is it was just like yeah we want to look separate religion from government like we you don’t we want this and we want that was you we should try that here having this like crazy like I lit this high-pitched on him at your room like like your family safe now quotes family they’re like Facebook and you and go ahead and they’re safe because the the story of you then cuz I’m a narcissist so all I do is put myself in your shoes I think about what if it was me and I just want to puke until I die I like going like what everyone hated like like like they’re trying so you apply for asylum in in in in the United
end and as policy is they go okay will look into that and how to describe that process yeah so what do you get when you apply for an ass I love you so very very lengthy process it said you have to apply would like once you apply it’s it’s it’s very expensive to do so if you want to like one wrong box or something like that that can affect the whole process so they like you have to hire a lawyer so like that’s like 3 Grand or something just to hire a lawyer just before your papers and stuff and like you know like a person was like new to this place I’m like okay I am just going to look so sexy you can answer them and then every time that I can asking for more papers and everything cost millionaire you have to pay fees and stuff we keep going he’s going to this is there a Channel of like is Asylum illegitimate channel for people of means because they can just afford it the way I like maybe Harrison Ford has enough to stand in line at the DMV with me
like like like that you can do is there or if I’m rich people just they don’t like and I wasn’t like a person who couldn’t afford it by will I kind of like in the middle so I can do it the right way and not make mistakes and that’s it all right when you talk about these steps where you’re going to I’m like oh my God my heart is skipping beats there is countless thousands of people who had to give up at that point because they had to find a large little late people yeah people has Blake won one reason people give up and that makes sense to me is that the first eight months after you apply for an asylum you’re not allowed to work
you can’t have a legal job
so you just have to find ways to make money on such a funny thing to me like funny and I don’t believe you fell in a single peanut instead of fearing for your life since you have to have a connection with someone like you have some some Life Lion to take care of you absolutely unless your parents are coming back home or it was like I had to like transfer all the money I had back home to the US and like unlike some spending that money and then I had to get like like under the table jobs in Southlake work for the food cart when I can do this and that prove to our government that you’re not here to like fuck around and I like like you’re actually here and you can survive
without a job or you’re proving that you’re going to steal this is the reason I believe they’re doing that if it’s mostly to be like if you serious about being here you’ll find ways because this is the American dream is to struggle fackel whatever ya ya ya cotton expertise and we got free rides you pay the backhoe 110 degree weather happy February
black history for my workout if I’m learning about somebody
but yeah I don’t want to get too political or anything but it almost sounds like what you’re describing doesn’t Define the word Asylum no idea behind that word is like it’s almost like bubble leave the victim like work in some office it’s not going to be an ice agent it’s not going to be maybe there’s someone on the other side of the issue that can tell me oh God if we open those floodgates but I just have this weird sneaking suspicion that there is absolutely not a zero-sum game going on here where if everyone who came to your borders and said
I’m going to die I’m scared I’m going to die or are you already in your country and I’m scared to go back home if we said to all of those people okay well alright here you go rubber stamps that is that what would happen would be the destruction of America I just choose to not believe that but see the thing is like the thing is like if they if they put more means I like more money into the process of making that a fast process that will help like okay like they do a lot of like like background check and stuff but in my case for example like so you’re worried about me and maybe being not like a good person I’m going to do the same in this country and blah blah you make a trailer and maker of True Crime I’d have to say that’s in your welcome to do that as anybody
show me quality 8 months no job so maybe you can do it illegally we all know do you do your thing and then you got to work permit and then wait for 4 years to have an interview so we can decide based on the story that you tell us if you’re if you’re being honest or not know when those four years I’m here I could have plotted so many things against the US stand up comedy Sebastian one thing that’s the question isn’t that for years are Americans actually looking in your home country to see if anything’s ever gone down do they really spend that time while
I realize they know nothing and they were like you tell us everything from the beginning it was three hours and a half or just interview questions and then being like solabia okay tell us more about that I like what have you been doing for the past 40 route do you miss meeting apparently I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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I’m like I like you know if your uniform that place, sorry about last night I buy my parents paid for the bombing I bet they can’t point to it I don’t have you had a run-in recently in Spokane Washington on a Segway a natural segue that’s the thing is that it’s almost a shame it’s like do this do this like stuff the struggle and stuff but it’s also like if it were if it was strictly comedy podcast and we were like hey who’s this new Uprising, he’s doing very funny and it didn’t it’s incredibly interesting the idea that you were this funny given how recently according to my hour of research of you and Wikipedia like and I I said you the green or was that like a exaggeration or did like it was like four years ago somebody said to you
in the height of this like pressure where you’re like I was hearing a silent I was an interpreter and now I’m like here studying this or that it’s like oh shit taking clock I may have to go back I don’t know when and he said to you you should try, cuz I was going to public speaking class of the time and then at the end of the term my public speaking Professor was like it was like it was like have you tried, and I was like and then I say that I got this is
good profession yeah I can yell at people in the mic sounds cool if we could play a clip of that TV show in the 90s or something rest assured like yeah you’re very graceful and funny on stage you do these things and honestly like I was I was telling you the green or like I watch your one set and I was like I wanted to dig in with you about the minutiae of what you’re doing on stage because I tried to do stand-up from 17 to God knows when I hung it up at like it isn’t it like like and here you are English as a second language and you’re on stage and you there’s really specific things that you do like where you let the audience not do anything you’re doing a stand-up set in Portland and you have the bit that’s like
which is just like it’s very resident cuz you’re like the tea up is just you talking about like gun rights and that you’re the setup is that you so I tweeted like I don’t think that gun rights this way I can’t remember the setup at all but it’s provocative enough that I would never trust an audience to not
fuck everything up by acting either positively with Applause or booing or her own thing and you just let it sit so patiently yeah and then it makes your punchline so funny because it all it is is like the joke is like you go you tweet this thing and it’s like we’ve got a gun control thing or basically like I don’t think it should be this or that whatever if you don’t feel good you a professional when people tell me to do my Sean Connery impression I’m like no I can’t do it cuz you asked me to tell me the joke yeah yeah so so yeah
seeing those yeah they’re there and stuff like guns for example because a lot of people have opinions about that and mostly everyone is wrong as a comedian like every time a shooting happened with something I have to go on social media to have to like to eat something clever you know to like Ray is aware that said I exist the last time a shooting happened I just went to the tweeters in a road that we shouldn’t be sending thoughts and prayers and we should be praying for more gun control
which to me sounded like a very logical statement to post on the internet with the name Muhammad
and I believe in everything I said until that guy Kevin replied to me
you guys know Kevin from social media is there to give me a quote
you fucking muslim bacon 24/7 which is quite impressive I like man I don’t eat bacon by things around healthy also probably the worst argument against gun control your favorite to that me yeah Kevin is dead now it’s that pause the pause where you describe Retreat because I live in the cynical world where whatever I think of Portland I don’t even know I was like I’m watching for Los Angeles and watching the YouTube clip of you in front of a hundred people in Portland and I don’t know what’s going through your head when you’re willing to go so I tweeted thoughts and prayers and and and a wall
I’ve become so jaded so yeah call that I’m like I would never ever I got a I got a ride I can’t I can’t let this rest happened because someone will fuck it up can you not like what you’re best at silent I mean I mean like the silence exist there for a reason because like yes like some of the jokes I do like people would do that like someone would jump in a lake loser with something or just say something stupid I will just ruin the whole thing but I’ve been like few times to see like like that silence makes it like even better and I think I think it’s mostly because of the way I say it because I talk like very slowly and stuff and like people like I give people the impression like there’s something else coming out so like people like on the air to see what I was going to come next so no one will interrupt the silence and I think I think it’s a I think like this if someone else says it like it would be like more like
I hear that. I think that’s got to be like that’s so Portland in the states that you can do a comedy in Arabic know I would never do, in Arabic I don’t like the structure of like a setup punch line is like such a like foreign concept to Arabic language that if you didn’t like people like why are you quiet like why did you stop why did you can do like Lebanon if you go to Dubai if you go to Vegas more getting like more recognized and stuff but everything I’ve seen the like would like more storytelling and I think it has to do with the Arabic language is more like like you have to keep going you have to keep going like and just like it has to be like long stories and lakes are you can’t just do that like setup punchline like like like like like is that
traditional american-style I’ve learned how to talk in English that way when I do when I did it here because like when I speak in Arabic I never talked this way like I’m like I talked way faster and like a like a full of like energy and more like talking like way faster while in English incorrect to go like let’s just eat even though you wanted to stand it I just want to hear you tell a story really fast in Arabic just so we can like an Arabic class look like a guy goes into a bar and the bartender says whatever like we don’t have bars like a proper to straight up like I’m trying to think we live it was like a story I would like to know but I would just like to say it out loud but if you don’t know who you can give me a few sentences I can say them in Arabic that would be okay
give me a joke yeah I got a cousin to a doctor’s office and the doctor says
I got to hang out and he’ll be even though I can’t understand translate his you want to talk with my friend a guy is getting his annual physical and the doctor look at his chart and I’m afraid you’re going to have to stop masturbating and the guy says why the doctor says because I’m trying to give you a physical
what is the what is Ted Koppel saying to me I’m special.
What do I do
you were done yeah I was there was like people can just follow up with you later well okay well that’s a joke okay yeah there was two different tell you it’s worth it from I’m surprised you don’t know this
are people from Dubai do not like The Flintstones the people from Abu Dhabi do Clary be the angel on your shoulder
good job
don’t be Define about it
end and wonder if I’m still watching over him idea of like when do you think in one language and translate it to another in your head you said something in the green room. Like I think I’ve heard it before from other people that are bilingual are you said there was a transition visits tell me tell me the Ya-Ya for the first few years here I would like I would speak in English but like talk in Arabic and I always had like that transition when I’m like like when you tell me something or you just like goes into that fast process like from English to Arabic and Arabic to English now I’m at the point like what I even have my dreams and English like always be like I’m fully gentrified now
your brain is like and now it’s is very strange because I want to talk to my parents and I was like we talk in Arabic like sometimes like I have I find myself being like what was that word and you like who are you I’m like yeah you are after all an astronaut that like came over the Asylum thing happened 888 I mean it is definitely hard but like like I do miss him a lot and everything is very hard on them too because it’s just like because that’s his kids like in culture and stuff like that like you you live as a family like together like you don’t leave the house until I can get married there’s no like oh he’s going to college know you leave like everyone lives together like in a big house so I just sold
this family structure sorry to rewind your child then so were you like
were you a freak were you where they like where they like what’s up with muhannad he’s like he’s like so weirdly verbal or you just didn’t comparison of that like was there a departure in your childhood where he was there a point where where there was this conversation about will you’re going to go to eat you’re going to keep talking cuz you’re a talker yeah yeah I mean I mean I mean like my my parents like what it like
the thing with me is like this it was only be like hey do whatever you want you can talk about whatever but like can you like tone it down a bit
Yeah because sometimes like my mom like would like I would be outside of the house and I post something on Facebook and she immediately called you like the lead this right now what’s up dude is your family speaking which is my my siblings do it none of my parents do they like kind of understand it but they never like to learn English so like by they made sure that me and my siblings like we’re like learning English since we were like super young but damn like they’ve done we speak is that why are you allowed to go back home because that’s part of the whole process and getting the green card I cannot go back until I become a citizen a few years because your whole case is built on the fact that all is too dangerous for me to go back to go back and kind of like oh have you been lying this whole time on your on your Asylum status so you can’t do that even if it’s gets better there like you have to be
resource for lawyers and I do not know so there’s so many like and like even with the lawyer even with everything like the process is very vague is like the lake cuz when I when I when I applied you like okay so when I do I do my interview and do it like a few months a year 2 years and then it was 4:00 so it was like no like you just like living in a limbo like okay do I start my life do I and they’re like we’re just have to wait I don’t know how close are you to the finish line of this where you actually get citizenship finally I finished the biggest step was getting your Asylum approved which I did in last of Tober which was which was because it was such a relief you like I’m going to do in common with you doing all of that about not knowing if I’m like is there a decline it was just like it’s it’s like okay well you either have to
play more money in high or low gear again and do all of that or you’re welcome to leave so there was dancing with a guy out to get it got approved I was like okay so okay that’s just as good will now yeah in Mexico but I get my green card which is great so I can come and go as I like and traveling like do all of that and then in three years from now I I do become a citizen but you make no mistake about it and sorry if this is like insensitive or whatever but this is just me going like what my I just putting myself in the in the shoes and I’m going like
so there are points in your life and I don’t know how long they are and I don’t know how extreme the walls of that are but like you have to legitimately fear the idea that you’re going to get a letter with her it’s pink stationery or knock on the door it’s some bureaucratic saying it’s going to go you get it didn’t work you’re going back that you’re going to be like on an airplane and you’re on the airplane and not only are you miserable because all airline travel is garbage even if your first class to beat these people hate me and they loved flaunting it with their sarcastic Applause but you’re like like like legitimately like cuz I I mean like I like that you just this that you have to you have to atone with a with a with a death in your head that that that someone would go that you would you would be sent back and then and then and then you would get to an airport which everyone that’s traveled knows you’re not in control of your life
that’s their airports absolutely. Just like jump off a plane like Arnold Schwarzenegger and be like I’m going to run through the swamp troll Dandy anyone that wants to once you’re in that country how gay please like unless you’re uncomfortable talking to I said how high was that fear is that fear of like I’m going back to a place where people will put a black bag over your head or am I being ignorant or something cuz it was the case in fear of that happening and how much do you currently fear that now not as much now I not because like I like I have my son approved and stuff so it’s like the legal to even like be like all your needs according to less you like unless your kids late commit like I like a criminal like something like you like a criminal offense or something then you like you’re you’re safe but like yeah you might like these past few years there was a fear like
I was saying from 2014 to 2016 until 2000 like okay I’m still like good and then there was a change and in the office and then it became like a hundred but I’m sure you’re that I’m sure that’s a figment of your imagination because I have I’m absolutely positive that you have no real-world evidence that anything actually change from day-to-day after all you were already in America for all those years and then that election happen and you’re a smart guy and you’re walking around with your papers and you’re super funny and you’re Portland’s finest and you’re just renting your thing and you got your Asylum and nothing can happen to a show tonight
Spokane now like the last guys do that yeah yeah exactly yet so I don’t know if anybody know the story about what happened to him it’s just pretty wild buck in Spokane
is the trash place that gives a really good by the way do you want to drink I don’t lie. Don’t lie she don’t lie Spokane okay
no yes oh yeah as you said yeah I got by the sound of a prove that they don’t was like oh everything is perfect right now they know like this guy is Untouchable like you talk to me like you’re my papers on your show are like
4chan can’t stop me now
well said Hornet’s Nest again everything about me
yeah I know I only got like a college gig in in it was an employment Washington which is like Spokane what is that you know like no one knows where that is just a small college town and they want to come before we have like we have like an advanced I was like yeah shorty I’ll I’ll come and do it so I took the bus to get there cuz there’s like five to six hours or so cuz he would like to know he’s like I’m not going to drive I got there on Saturday when really well
don’t look it up it was amazing show all college Crowds Are a gimme it was really bad it was used to really oh my God it was it was like it was it was mostly students and then I discovered that most of them were they promised extra credit if they attend I was talking to a crowd of people who are looking at their phones and not even looking at me like just like I feel like it was a full room too and then I sat on stage and they’re just interviewing people that where are you from and they laughed a bit at that I got paid everything okay yeah I’m going to leave this town and never got coming back
then I we had we had to do a bus transfer in Spokane so that was the reason I was there for 3 hours then I get on the bus the bus is here on time which is played on the bus just sitting in the back looking at my phone and stuff and then these two people and uniform they come in and they look just like us are walking around and then like to do is stop somewhere specific before you guys get on the Greyhound station so we haven’t left yet still time
is it take if you’re going an 8 hour trip you tend to just sit there and it stops at Greyhound stations and you eat your you don’t get off the bus if you’re just checking the whole trip it was so first class from Pullman to Spokane and then left that bus because that bus doesn’t go all the way to go to Spokane and then where did India station for 3 hours and then the other bus game that was going to to Portland okay so I don’t know if lights like how big is it was like these guys getting on the bus are they getting on the bus before our trip starts before the eclipse do it like pointing at random people and they and I can like vaguely hear what they were saying and then they came to your house like I do they probably like asking for a few days or trying to match your ID with your ticket is fine like
talking down on the bus counterfeit red Greyhound yeah yes yes absolutely thought they were Greyhound I was like it was like yeah it works funding into Havoc what do they look like describe they look like they were like bit like an ID and I was like
irregardless my day the people they asked looked vaguely at ethnic I get to my the only dog I know that you don’t need my ticket to the lake now do you have didn’t do it like are you a US citizen I like that’s that’s such a weird thing for them to ask and I can and I was like no I’m not I don’t like what like what what’s your country of citizenship will likely be and they were like okay I got you come with us
yeah I know it was like okay you’re do off the bus I still have no idea who these people were

your identify themselves no they didn’t say anything when you came in into the bus they said nothing so he took me out they took two people other people out and then the fourth person they asked the ask him if he was he was a citizen he said yes and then prove it with people who is u.s. passport I don’t like that’s very weird okay to all the other people passed the check is what you saying but yeah I mean they looked at them and they passed I mean some of the people they have a proof of citizenship in a person like a citizen and you were like I’m from Olivia and I have a silent and they’re like yeah the bus but we still haven’t even mentioned another form of ID I was like yes I do
Greenlake so if they’re facing you and your in a bus and then they’re like you’re coming off the bus as they turn their back and you’re following them do you now see this logo on the back is at or am I just do it like ice on the bed I thought you were like CBB which is like border patrol something they’re both under Homeland Security so they work together these two agents were there from like that separate agency which is all I’ll get it that part too because that was like very interesting on the internet like you guys like us they pulled into other people they were like interviewing separately cuz you would like a G6
anxiety starts mounting if everyone in the bus is waiting on the bus was there I’m like a bad person you are like the bus is now going to come on and go to the other people who are like on the side and then I gave them my work permit like here you go and at that point okay or like okay do you sound like the work for immigration immigration officers this is like what I can like I can see now and then I give them my my car that they looked at it and they were like what’s your story like what’s your status I was like yeah I have an asylum approved this is my status and then they were like do you have your Asylum approval on you and I was like why would I have it on me that’s such a weird thing goes like it’s three pages with a big card and I was advised
but your office not to carry it with me cuz I could take it I want to silam and I was like this is like an electronic electronic look it up and then show it to them and that’s it you don’t need to carry a paper with you, if you genuinely have Asylum you have a place to keep your Asylum papers if you’re walking around with all your papers just like walking around like everything is here all right so I gave it to them and then I was like I do have these papers and they will be falsified I was like I was like this is fraud proof that you can’t you can’t you can’t do that election of 2011 you guys updated it and you can’t change any more website like almost every day and they love you now Dave I hated me so much
there do you want like we’re not they were like really not in today because it is the reason they they started Greyhound bus is a very cheap but so like most of the people who use it are like like people like people like, like a lot of people of color to use it in the area a lot of people who are like immigrants Hispanic and stuff to use it so do you know what it’s like growing up with some fancy buses just like wealthy white people inside of it because it would be inconvenient
so they’re there to rumble you because they did these are ice officers to a CD be there like organizations out both of them work together they basically do the same job yeah they both horrible they think you falsified your papers or did they give you your stuff back right still not giving me at my stuff that they were like holding on to them and it was like like your cell phone on no didn’t take myself out so they had my papers and I was like I was like no my papers at least I think kept using the word legalism and every sentence that comes out of my mouth you like yeah legal say that all the time like no matter what I say that’s probably very true is that a yeah I’m like what okay whatever and then
that second act that made its let him go looks like we got us a talker
where can I call you fucking Home Server Go Tell it looks like the point where you have spoken your case like misunderstandings whatever like let’s let’s do an NPR segment about what they’re going through and what their profile and whatever I I’d be shockingly sympathetic to whatever the fuck is going on but you you you have said I have this I have that I have that and they call it in yes and you can hear ya I can hear like it was like a like a woman’s voice on the other side they were like reading numbers out of my my work permit my like my gration status and stuff and I can hear it on the phone they were like okay okay so it’s in the system okay yeah okay and then looks at me like yeah there was no records of that now what was that let’s focus in on them
I definitely like I was like really frustrated I was like okay this is like getting hit like the whole thing is like being called because I’m like you know what this is inconvenient but once you make your calls and they see that I’m like in the system just take my pills making a mistake is that what that it was spelled that way but also like it’s not like they’re trying to break me at that point you like okay if we can’t get you on that we’re going to get you on something different. We thought at that point that that’s my fascination of the story is that they thought if they blocked you would eventually go okay I masterminded 911 or do you think that they were like going
one doesn’t just get out of this Valley with a ladder one needs to create a beat it was like both be like from what I read and stuff like they do that to people so they can break down like and just like say that they’ve done something or whatever and also that like they’re not going to make it easy, like when I leave you with like like yeah don’t fuck with us later to you next time I do not want it to be played with and stuff but like I was talking to one another but they wouldn’t I didn’t hear what you were saying because they would do the same with a whisper to one another and like okay yeah whatever and then I didn’t want to be told me that I have no records and I was like there’s no way okay I’ll let you know what my case is approved you know I think what you’re doing now is legal and if you don’t give me my papers back I need I’m going to call my lawyer to pursue legal action this is like getting too much.
even a dad likes it like very calmly because of what was the head of that register in their eyes when you said that immediately once I finished the officer that hasn’t spoken a word the whole time so yelling at me to take my hands out of my pocket in a minute. Now you just have your hanging out there are ready to go exactly at this point no glasses for you to let your good I actually put more effort you bring up you say hey what you’re doing is illegal a lawyer up as a now or treating you like you might have a weapon on you so I mean like I have watched enough documentary so you know where this is going and I took my hands out of my pocket
I say is going to be like looking around your old white guy huge blind spot doesn’t know didn’t know until tonight that Benghazi is in Libby etc etc all this stuff like I as a not just as like a curiosity shop thing but as a transfusion of self-esteem and like I want to know that which points are you going like
like like where are you at the nadir of like
I’m fucked they got me like like they got me like they caught me doing anything wrong but but like the the bullies one I’m going back home I was I was honestly like I had so many scenarios playing in my head my head I was like oh like okay what what are they like take my phone and then I have like no one like I was like no one important like no one knows where I am right now because I’m like I haven’t I haven’t liked it was like like very early in the morning I haven’t posted anything no one will know where I was taking from off of the worst is that they do like we saw embalming in this cafeteria and then he disappeared through a brief but adventurous phase at the subreddit gonewildaudio
all right so I take it we’re not getting through this because you’re pretty good you don’t have to stick up for me it’s then I got to be quiet for a fair that goes on so I can take us to the end of this is like not even where the story is like this is like nothing yes
excuse me for a second shut up what’s up you shut the fuk up
now then and then yeah I feel like you minutes I gave me my papers back I feel like I’m just silence and then do it next time have your papers on you it was like what I don’t know what that cuz I had my papers because it’s fucking Germany 1900 3006 alright biondes and we are selling those papers as well here on Harbor Town 100 we can start a business together
what they give you to give you a shit back to go but with a warning yeah what a lovely story no. You’re wrong nothing nothing let alone an apology hope nothing absolutely absolutely nothing now get back in the day I mean like they looked like in there like if you look at their faces they’ve never said there was sorry before leg day I don’t know how to describe that I have you ever seen someone like seeing someone’s face you look racist that’s how they looked
like seriously
no I told you
don’t Flinch that makes me look racist absolutely I look like a Caucasian like Germanic dude I had in my passport a bunch of things that I visited Saudi Arabia and Yemen and Dubai and the UAE and I had a customs officer and I look like like like a very white American dude and Arabic in my passport and then when I came back into like LAX what the fuck is this Saudi Arabia because why they’re one of our allies and I was performing
looks like white with your fucking next question 11 funded you need to let me trouble I want yeah I was on the bus like I got on the bus first I texted like like I texted my girlfriend I texted likes it looks like friends and be like oh my God I can’t believe what happened right now isn’t this happened and then I was like no one on the bus was talking to me like no one said anything positive or negative with felt like cuz they are so you get taken off and put back on like three people of another person came on the bus and they’re the third person they took away with them so I have no idea how many lost a lottery
Greyhound bus and everyone was just happy that we’re finally moving I mean like we see this as the United guy gets stung baton or somebody like chokes a dog if you’re sitting in the seats and then is very is very very normal eyes it’s not like this is something like this every day who cares he I put your your your socialize to go like I might job is to sit here lately yeah and then people can I say yeah yeah the internet same thing was talking to me I was like it like I have this thing like oh I guess I have to tell people on social media is just like hold said on Twitter and just like this pipe exactly what I told
what happened it was just like so I know what the whole thing posted a picture of like the agents who stopped me and everything just to prove that this thing actually happened cuz I took a picture of them like when I was like when I got on the bus they were taking a person so I take like Snap few pictures of that and like I posted that in a tweet as well
and then not an hour from Dad that stretches blew up it was just like going viral like everyone just like we thought we’d eat the whole thing or just like getting Lake okay taking Kate when you can’t that’s okay I understand Mike okay I don’t know why and then out of nowhere like getting DMV in emails when they like news agency like everyone like hey can we had you ever had anything like that go that big that like on your trailer before a dumb tweet about Uber no. They got half a million likes everybody else we die right has to do with Transportation that’s my my my friend but is it like like it cuz I like that blowing up that virality yeah is
I don’t want to leave the witness at this feeling of like like you’re even people that are on your side pushing you because you became symbolic and you’re alone though you’re being retweeted because people that want your your experience of it but I don’t know what to ask you about that I’m just I like like like like doesn’t the fucking world sucks in the air like the bus after having that experience what was your feeling but then as those retweets and viral things started coming in I guess I’m leading you to say actually that was worse because that’s when people started sticking up for me and that’s when shit got abusive yes it says when I got on the bus I’m not going to be like all I was like I was like
on the verge of tears like I’m I was like I was like just so upset and so mad because this thing just happen to get it felt like a human I think he’s like like like like in my brain I’m like oh I’m like I’m doing all these things that I’m doing, and I like people like me and stuff and then you have like this one brief moment when you like is reminded that you were in other and I’m like parently comedic trouble online like I didn’t you get my death threats and stuff like that it was getting it and then I think the point where I got like really big it when Alexandria ocasio-cortez also retweeted it and then like Pat like your thing and I was like oh okay wow wow okay this is some Congress okay that make you go like it’s out of control like I do when it got to that point I was like okay this is Nashville right now
preciate that or did you think that I wish that didn’t get that much traction with you might get in trouble like one part was like as a person I was like I don’t need this like I wish that this doesn’t happen to just an inconvenience but also there was that other part of me was like I am I’m a person who was like privileged enough to have a platform I’m a person who will probably be enough to you have like a voice and I can speak English what do all of these things and this thing that happens to me happens all the time like if I don’t speak like this is going to be going to be thrown away a lot of people would like surprise dinner like this happens when somebody I don’t know who put that into my eyeballs like I summer said you had to read the thread like Sarah Silverman or whatever like you have to read this and I read the whole thing and the thing that struck me first and foremost is that
you have again an audience and a voice yes and you get a lot of eyeballs on your story but this happens to people that don’t have recourse or anyting and the fact that you’re from Libya you’re an asylum-seeker you are going to the arduous process and yet you still as an American as far as like a legally like everything is concerned you get to make you get to be made to feel like the other and that you get to feel like you don’t belong absolutely fucking do and then what about the people that don’t speak English and don’t have any recorded everything I don’t have the $3,000 to get there I mean it’s like cuz I I can’t get over that person who was taken away because I’m like I he was standing next to me and I don’t know if he had papers or not it’s the fact that he couldn’t even speak English that well.
you was like being harassed like I don’t think he was even like understood what they wanted and it was like holy shit this is like disgusting and then what about it like people from Spokane was like this happens all the time Greyhound you’re letting those people both eyes and bossy baby on the bus all the time they’re complicit and they don’t have to you don’t have to because like there has to be a warrant or something for them to get on the bus driver say no you got to show me some fucking Warrington I think I think that happens sometimes too like what like do what you stories when I read like a bus driver like show me to Warrant because you cannot get it and then there was this other story with this African American lady who stood up she was a citizen and when they came in she sounded like telling people on the bus like don’t fucking give them your papers are your Fourth Amendment rights and all of this stuff and they got off the bus so emotionally where does that put you right now in terms of like weather like how do you feel as as a citizen or your desire to be a citizen
has not changed my desire by any means because like this is what they want do you want me to leave do you want me to go away and there ain’t no fucking doing that you have a boat you have everything that I I want to gain from you and it’s all about me is like because I I am clearly so fragile so narcissistic so fucking like likes entitled I’m not used to this idea of people not wanting me around here and I miss these times we’re living in his that we’re all connected and then just like I want understand when I get a self-esteem transfusion from you because I don’t like I’m I’m just a Huggy fucking like I’m like if you don’t like me and all this stuff and I’m like
and then you’re like texting your girlfriend you texting people and then you’re like, pumped I’m familiar with that chapter of outrage and and like alienation but what I’ve never been able to cope with is that other chapter where you tweet and you go this just happen to me and people start saying like fuck you yeah are you where the fuck is your name in my fucking Twitter timeline I wish you would fucking die with that because they all go
think about it I mean is it I’m not going to lie and be like oh that was like easy to deal with it is obvious like something like it’s it’s definitely hurtful I ever like can’t like you kind of like like I wish that wasn’t happening like it but it doesn’t make me personally like I doesn’t make me feel sad that they were saying this stuff about me it’s makes me sad and like there are some people like that by on that horrible and I’m just like in some sense I’m like I’m feel so bad for you to that you this is how you look this is how you leave your life is now I can’t get there this is it seems like it’s an incredible accomplishment to those who wish to practice it they are so impressed by they are so impressed by their systemic racism they think that this thing that they’ve built is so awful and it is awful it sucks but it is
not very smart it’s not very efficient it’s not the best way to do anything so the way that we who are oppressed feel about it is like it’s a fucking Matt is that goes by your ear to unstop your spirituality certain certainly didn’t stop you from rising up the steps out of a set of steps I know you’re going to get where you’re going you just can’t believe a motherfuker would build like that exactly around this guy’s guitar pull we’re friends with Paul feig with his Powder Keg thing called breaks a room here you have a deal with with him
I like kind of like the person of color experience to being in in in Portland and it’s kind of focusing more of like being a person of color like a refugee or an immigrant in a in a place that is like hyper liberals like an anti Portlandia kind of saying I was just letting go of this is this is what you look at the all of these people experience that we like yes I do have my own struggle and have my own stuff but I also like a lot of people and cut low and they share the same experience or just being like a place where it gets too liberal that you like Silas all the time because you reminded elf like no this is this is great like what what do you mean this is not good this is like the best way I can describe it was like
that showed at the good place
what do you think that they’re in the good place and everybody is having this is really great and then an Indian at the ending like oh this is the bad place it has been held this whole time is now I’m in Portland and I guess they’re giving away these days until Europe you are back to very kind of closet is like it is yeah it is a different type of racism that you deal with is passive aggressive races you can feel like an outsider in a very liberal how does that deadly play out like what’s the what’s the day today things that happened to you that what you are reminded that you’re the other
it is sometimes like when you like trying to go I like by by your day and then someone has to bring up something that they saw on the news we like like like I’m surprised don’t think about what happening in Olivia everyday is it about it cuz I’m like I left that place so I’m like I’m proud to be from there I love it so much is automatically America thought about Lydia for three years and then and then the times you like oh my gosh I want to do something about Olivia today and I’m like really sorry like to see this must be so terrible I’m bartending where you drink and I know you’re from Bolivia in Portland right now
they’re like two narratives for immigrants like I thought you were a lot of people think that you suck leave and then you have like liberals which is mostly like no matter what you do do it like sometimes you want you to be the victim so bad like like it doesn’t let you rise because you can’t leave because they want to make you feel like you need that help all the time I don’t want you to break through them like I’m doing it and then like yeah but you’re not a citizen so good luck with that I mean like I feel like you were trying to run away from us you don’t need their help we have to help you every step of the way cuz you need us you need a Soma exactly just like white save your kind of thing that just like I’m like I don’t need I can I can do this on my own and also like a word for us we’re socialized to feel that way it’s not easy but we’re in charge of the world
out Lucent of this world that we don’t run into more like everybody is very hard to be a sorry
everything all the time I hate it
rock that I couldn’t lift I want to help you Brandon but you’re not pouring up that that’s one of the many things that I might like that that idea of like when you if you’re a white American and you encounter someone that you perceive is
extrinsic in anyway whether it’s by accident complexion or whatever the the most liberal component of the white American I’m speaking for myself has this like impulse to be like I’m going to be an engine of understanding and connection and the way I’m going to express that is I’m going to ask you where you from and when you say Portland I’m going to go know really where Bo and that we’re waking up into this world we’re actually that’s you like fucking up and how would you like to it’s like I’m done talking
how is the how is the conduit getting here from the United States was like will you help other people do this now that you’re here at the end because you seem like you were an ambassador will you be an ambassador for other libyans trying to get United States is there are there organizations like that how can we help it is now it’s very very tricky like cuz I obviously like I do my best to help him not like involved in like any bigger organization or something but I’m like I’m willing to like there’s so many organizations in Portland said they would like to reach out to me to like like what’s the best way to help them out what does a lot of help there’s also merci Kors at like located in Portland they do a lot of work to Woodlake refugees and immigrants to organization mostly like do a lot of work to help especially like when he wants you hear that kind of like
do you like how do you say that I can be funded cuz actually it occurs to me that we need to update r c o i r Co up there less drunk and paying attention I don’t know like like one of these what’s your favorite when like if you could deal with, deal with that for sure cuz this this house like people I can date and they also provide like a lot of like immigrants like we’re like even like like people like who have been went through trauma and stuff like that I did get you like a Dachshund and stuff like a shrinking to help you through that so I do a lot of work. Are you record you process or no I didn’t I didn’t pay for them for that because the program I was on the Epic Portland State University for the program so after the program was done I was like well I’m on the
so now when I look at least I know a few people and right now I just like today like Monday are you still getting hates are you still getting threatened and stuff LOL or did your status like in terms of your own come for being here go up or down or where you at right now and now it’s kind of like in the middle honestly I’d like it is and everything is great and it’s taken down like we can just go back to your question like about helping us the reason that sometimes it is taken down because I called like we’re doing while I’m there in like help travel ban in Libya is on it and then like people can’t come in the country and like my family can’t come visit I can’t leave the country so I think would like stuck in this situation is just like what do we do and then something is it goes out because I like some things happen and would like someone cares someone I did something like that and it’s just like you, like
have more hope more late and then something I dislike ice in CPP things happen and you like a fuck this like is it like this is I hate all of the tunnel for you like there’s there is there a like do you see a place where you going okay I’m full on to this and nobody nobody can fuck with me anymore or always be a thing for you here is another color like you get a citizenship and what what does that mean like you are not like Andy eyes off of some America’s you’re never going to be a true American because you’re just you’re just different you you have an accent you your present color you’re black you like you’re never you’re never that we’re never going to be them and you can have an HBO special and you can still be at the other you can sell me the other I don’t like to bring it back to reality is the whole beginning like with this thing with the with that rapper 21 Savage like like this is Rose.
this is a person who has contributed so much to the community has not like is is super famous and then have the thing happened to them and like last night at the Grammys one person mentioned them and it was a Swedish producer I’m like I’m like what about all these people that like this guy is nominated and he’s not there and not a single person with talk about like because you don’t want to make it political why like someone is just waiting build a wall last thing with the red carpets it’s just like they weren’t really concerned with him until he started in Atlanta yeah it’s not it’s not just a guy it’s literally a guy who came to the United States made money in the United States and then gave back in ways that citizens do citizens part of it how does a person move from there to having some like nobody’s just being like
immigration laws to see if so what have you contributed to this country like if we want to like take it by contribucion like most of the people will be gone like you’ve done not to be corny but that old poem about like first they came for so-and-so and then they can’t possibly narcissistic nightmare patriotism to actually defending the the fucking line where it’s like actually I don’t want to be the guy that is responsible to be standing on my front porch having everything up to me please make this easy on me please provide me with a country that understands this shit so I don’t have to deal with it as you don’t be lazy and stupid and selfish you can even be a little bit racist my my grandfather was 17 years old and you got a there’s absolutely no way that the reason he lied
is age to go off in bayonet people in World War II is because he hated racism he hated fascism he hated the idea that being my grandpa wouldn’t be up to him one day he was selfish enough narcissistic enough to even misogynistic and sexist enough to take up a bayonet and go actually finally there’s a bad guy I can identify with like how are you well I wonder what you are Pisces are you at all of this it’s like it’s like you’re a person that has no experience that is parallel to mine and I’m curious because meanwhile I’m like
absolutely there’s no synchronicity between are like like rhythms of like I’m almost twice your age and I’m wondering like what is your feeling about the construct called America you can decline to answer that question I mean like the concept like on paper is great like if you see this is the perfect Nation about the name practice most of the things that this country preaches is is not a practice is mostly practice in other countries for some reason they’re doing it while they’re taking those American ideals in the American dream and they’re doing it across the world yeah
which is not necessarily a huge irony I heard the same PR special that I was like hammering on I don’t even understand what the truly I guess I’ll listen back and I’ll find out why
I can’t wait to I mean what is the problem listen to this point so you’re listening right now as a sober person and you’re listening to the podcast correct because you’re you’re listening to it let let our guests who is interesting talk you keep interrupting and while he’s giving interesting answers because you want to talk about your own narcissism and then I think you’re fucking blowing it you’re you’re making a giant bummer like like this guy’s fucking fascinating as you don’t let him get free where is that was that wanted to talk about yourself my opinion is that that is technically accurate but an exaggeration thank you so much everybody’s coming to Hermantown denied giving up her friend and Johnson
I don’t really get it kind of shaky
call Jeff Davidson County trailer Jack Hartmann your Mare
what are you doing I thought you told me she was never sent.
thank you all


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