Episode: 322 – WOKE AF HASHTAG


Episode: 322 – WOKE AF HASHTAG


Brandon Johnson is the guest Comptroller, Rob Schrab is at Spencer’s desk, and our guest is Brian Wysol, creator of the Adult Swim series Hot Streets. Dan punishes Justin Roiland for missing the show. Featuring Dan Harmon, Brandon Johnson, Rob Schrab and Brian Wysol.


for no reason. How are you tonight
tonight I’m sitting in front of it and print out
thank you, Carla Brandon
when you can tell him I’m Rick Jones
where did you go to lunch
wearing only the planet
thanks everybody for coming on a Monday night
boy we’ve got a lot to show for you
we all know my guy of Jeff but we got we got we got pics we got topics
I’m just going off of what tribes been telling me over drinks before the show there’s a big bigger than a big earthquake I thought we just went through that shit there’s a man named Ingersoll Lockwood who in 1896 wrote a book about how the Trump family is time traveling through the Tesla energy that exploded in the 1900 or the last president the magical Journeys there’s at your video and Tim’s right now but what else is going on lately
I say that assuming that resonates with a lot of people I don’t know if it’s the weather or if it’s like the apocalypse but or or in my case I mean it might even be at just like I like I like my therapist has been warning me you’re arriving at happiness it’s not going to feel like what you’re used to calling happiness it don’t feel like the misplacement of something valuable which is your fucking sadness you’re addicted to don’t succumb to the urge to find it let it be missing in your sadness what you’re experiencing is going to be this like banal limbo then I’m going to be like starting this happiness diet your miserable
I tried to message you get depressed
happy February by the way thank you so much you know where we’re so happy with all the new developments black history right now watch my Instagram workout but I’m like fucking like really bringing the black history Thunder
is that black
historical tomorrow
chicken eating from me yeah I’m like I’m like we’re like a little past halfway through and I work out every other day so I’m like I know like five of the Amendments now I know that our entire hit at the I know that sound corny in like weight 90 or whatever you call it virtue signalling but like is a middle-aged man like taking black history seriously bottom reading an hour or morning going like okay what the fuck is Plessy versus Ferguson here we go okay
if it is anything that deserves a choir of Angels the black history is history and know that we know that intellectually but I’m just sort of like the idea of this is everything comes out of this is like this weird experiment that we’ve done where we were the we were kind of the we were the worst I grew up so that we were like that the US was just like playing ball with this Global thing called slavery and that the US was like okay I guess we’ll do it to where we were no we were like really into it
I realize we did not know that and I end end that like like this young country like spent most of his life engaged in that concept like this like this God of capitalism that we worship we’re like there’s no change here you can’t be born special as long as you work hard you could take over the country anyways get back to work for free here you those guys should be able to not be only like what are we going to do it’s amazing how much should we got done despite all the people trying to stop us we really were like sort of anyway, I put on my 1800 races tat it’s not that hard for me I’m like really heavy I’m like
Danish bones strong but you’ve got to know the future that they could either service or undercover every step of the way I’m a little comfortable supposing that a genuine Eugenics style racist in the world like people who are genuinely like for real let me measure your skull like fucking like like like like like no really like the whole like biological aspect of it still has people what we have a larger group was like a lot of like conservative people maybe who are like don’t tell me I owe anybody anything and not. Why I just got here I don’t have to feel guilty about everything I don’t want to share my money now I’ll let you know that kind of shit not so much like I think a vast majority of us would agree actually that given
what we’re dealing with today we can all look back with hindsight 100 short years ago and go oops that was dumb because what that did is it fucked up for everything for everybody right now you know what I mean do you agree or disagree with that dumb White’s Plantation it’s interesting
okay. So that’s as much as I’m going to get out of this a lot there I’m just saying like like The Great Migration like over the Emancipation has happened and it’s like people are just like doing what you’d expect him to do just just like start to fill the rest of the kids they can get the fuck out of here half of them can’t get out of here and then half of them are like where do I go what do I do what do I dress like what should my name be what is my fucking role in this country in the woods for decades they hid in the woods and hid in the woods and then they started to form compounds so it got as far as Oklahoma and then some people got here and they’re the smartest thing you could do is go to North which is why US cities like Detroit but they didn’t get that far west but for the most part they would have to come together in groups and hide in the woods so that like first three four years after
slavery ends people are just out in the woods which is crazy it seems like cartoonish simple
it’s tragic that are cartoons that are tragic but they didn’t know what to do her like they just let people go this is what I’m what I’m saying it’s kind of like a panic simulator in my head when I go back in time and I don’t have the privilege of being like I’m like living in the future back then as far as getting into trouble.
but like know everybody was like having arguments about like well you’re free you should go away now or you’re free everyone should give you a bunch of money now or you’re free I hate you I got to figure out how to make you hate yourself like nobody was thinking about everybody was like wondering what was going to happen tomorrow and 80% of it was like trying to avoid something that they didn’t even know what they were trying to avoid they just were scared all those three thoughts that you just had where actual thoughts but those people had so self-hate make king of black people hate themselves for sure go go away who were like yeah I hate slavery we got to get these people out of here. Was that was what blew my mind was like like like the people that were there
this room today and going like so what can we do to make their life like how can we talk to that in a right way so that everyone there is that doesn’t have a bunch of like disproportionate disenfranchisement and everything’s I kind of like confusing and in turmoil with a lot of weird debates and scary awkward podcast conversations
we were at least a thousand years there is a thousand year plan that’s what those things are like the Marshall Plan in all these diseases like what a bunch of guys get together today what are we going to do for the next four or five hundred years people are thinking like Dynasty for real it’s it’s crazy because we don’t think like that but there are legit dudes that are like yeah I even know what I think I want to know what the bunch of people on a space station like harvesting so I had him a hydroponic garden everyone looks vaguely like Tiger Woods probably lately guy because because we’re never going to stop being racist
you’re never going to eliminate racism you’re going to eliminate real is first then racism don’t know how that’s possible it’s almost like you really cannot beat women you think you can but the the initial like attempt at starting that war has you fucked already a bad idea to begin with if you look at where we’re at right now and we have more women in Congress still figured out a way to get past us to wear yourself out trying to oppress you have lots of people that I like narcissistic
because they just want to be left alone they’re actually boring kind of privileged relative to other people that that may have that complexion and actually the war came to them because they couldn’t there was the policies like this morning’s lesson was about Me Maybe Phipps Clark you know who did the the doll test that was like a part of the Brown versus Board of Education taking the dogs and you got you got dolls that have blond hair and white faces and dolls that are brown skin and black hair and you say to kids that are
gather a bunch of kids that are two to five years old from segregated schools and from D segregated schools and you sit him down and white kids and blackheads and girls and boys and you always control groups in whatever and you say the kids which one is which one is the bad kid which one’s the should you wish you were with those kind of questions and like realizing that racial identity is Bored into you by the age of four and then it’s just fucking Saturday in place like which isn’t necessarily a bad thing worse than stuff like okay for a kid to know I guess that there’s such a thing as raised by the age of four it’s really not that mature a concept it’s kind of Dopey you can teach your kids to celebrate too which is the deal with black history month we don’t necessarily like
is it like peanut butter okay tell me what is the weather in Indianapolis
who who did it was according to Eddie Murphy it was a guy named Thomas Jeep Wrangler history month is a time to
Break by KERO halfway through my workout months I’m like I don’t want this to be a history of racism but then I was like it is and that’s better for me but I am following the trauma actually in point of fact, I’m going to be obscure I’m not going to look I’m not going to forget Rosa Parks because it’s like that’s curated and all the stuff but it’s like I don’t know shit about you know the details of Rosa Parks at up so I’m actually just going in order from Nat Turner’s Revolt 2 by the end of the month I think I’m going to be I’m going to fucking bring this thing into the station was like I don’t know but Bobby c l a w l e w y n
I don’t need the magazine 00
I was like somebody tell him like
Batman Red X like that man
Prime isn’t run by a black man
is that guy in the hudsucker proxy is there old black janitor in the hudsucker proxy he was basically God he kind of likes is like the janitor in the clock but clock building do you have any do you have any Heroes was there anybody that you learned about that you were like and then we got to go
incredible like GPS is a black woman well style-wise I like Langston Hughes but he’s got to be the person who I I learned of the least amount about cuz he’s a poet and I didn’t like read any of his poetry but I like that I like that there’s debate about his sexuality and like that it’s like it’s none of your business you know and then he like he got fancy and he was just like he was positive he what he’s his quotes were like like hey if the white man is happy with the colored man sorry for my own fashionable language the that’s great if he’s not can’t do nothing about that like if the black man is happy with the black man terrific bonus gravy if he’s not hey will you know it’s like this kind of like that I like I like that guy because it was like he like meant what I needed my
life right now is like overcoming approval addiction I like the Harlem Renaissance was like like about like I think I’m in my own Harlem Renaissance right now Brandon is what okay okay will park with this I’ve got emancipated from a certain tax bracket and I’ve liked done a great migration up to the urban centres of
so all you need now is a gold chain
I’m going to write poems about nothing but Rivers I’m going to give a shit if anyone gets it and people get to speculate about where I put my dick
I don’t even people like oh he’s totally gay which is very important for gay people if he was gay and he was in the closet then it’s important that he was in the closet why was in the closet and Sarah that’s important to current saying so you know you don’t detract from that but it’s it’s all so just kind of funny again like like you saying because he really really really respected black men so he was like my look at this look at this thing he wrote about about the the the the the the the regalness of the black matter whatever you like like wow that’s gay stuff like kind of like
that’s that’s fucked up right there that’s like interesting yeah but I really should read something you wrote you’d love it and James Baldwin James Baldwin two L’s went out one day
all right well I mean like is as if by Magic robbed what do you have to say about black history
I like Candy Man
that is a great documentary on shutter called hard Noir that goes through like the history of black Cinema in the horror genre that actually really really good to keep David’s and it is fantastic Tony Todd Candyman is in it what is the what is the the what’s the mean about the connection between black nests and horror like what’s the special relationship
see you know where they start off with the horrible horror film for black people is just like this is terrifying because it was incredibly popular and it just it was shown for that it’s kind of started all these horrible stereotype still see to this day for the idea of being what is the deal with the idea of being scared of ghosts and stuff like what’s that Institute isn’t afraid of ghosts I guess why people think it’s hilarious that black people are also afraid of ghosts make them scared make them more scared of ghosts
well that they touch on that in this documentary is like they go through like well first it was like Birth of a Nation where it was vilified and then then the black the black actor in like I don’t like to go see me to Brooklyn gorilla or whatever and then like there’s the terrible stereotype that he’s a fool and an idiot laugh at and then as you go through into the 80s when we get to like from Beyond and Ken foree going to play pro football we were all crazy ex linebacker that when the bat when the monster takes that guy down now we know it’s for real and there’s they go through that like the death is always to serve the white protagonist to be the magic hold on a second. Are you telling me he’s some kind of vampire
yeah but leaving that you didn’t go to the problematic line there but I think I nailed it with that roll of the black the black the black the black man stepping out from the corner during the explainer scene in a horror movie of like what we’re up against like a scientist is like so basically an atomic chain-reaction will happen so not hold on a duck in English are you saying the more these bookends attack us the stronger they get that’s exactly it Tyler and then Tyler’s recedes into Shadow his job finished
is there a movie called the book ends from elevated ain’t no tissue on the ground but they ain’t horror movie just like steaks its claim and goes like white people killing white zombies just like he’s just telling like it is just the zombie medium not necessarily being kind of honestly aggressive about racial politics friends cuz we don’t necessarily carry that tradition but what we’ve identified as the
fraction of the zombie medium is that trapped the living under a microscope and it makes them have to deal with shit that we are already dealing with butter refusing to confront and but you know it is anyways he’s a professor of African American women’s poetry at Howard University no he’s not
he’s just a gangly white kid with a show on Adult Swim please welcome Brian wensel manscape
happy February Lysol
this couch looks so comfortable I love it that this that you’re using like the comfortable Furniture as decoration and a gas comes out and sits on this that is a nice couch yeah you’re looking real sharp man I mean you’re good I’m not Justin Roiland I saw that coming at like 3:30 like
what day would I find it would be it would be over by now getting so big I can’t understand what am I going what’s going on I called Postmates and they came and I just let them drive away that’s how high I am like he’s at like places like this is a sympathetic the end of a baby animal trap house I don’t know how I got here too late to give her like you have good friends and like you predict that their bad behavior and then it if you predict it you could get like super pissed at them and it just struck me today while texting with Justin who I knew 2 weeks ago was not going to show up tonight and I only didn’t know the excuse would be eating an edible
I didn’t text him today because I I feared that but I’m happy to be here I’m excited I mean you’re a swell guy
running fine white imagine being him right now so that you were getting them on your side a little bit I pounded a drink backstage when I found out just because you should have fail entirely like a genius that started a Jenna 101 and did like the most amazing cartoons just some some of the funniest most messed up stuff I always loved it and is that my popcorn know okay Steve Steve leave me
and now you’re on your second season of hot streets
I’m so sorry I fuck having a goddamn panic attack nobody’s ever died from weed don’t worry I’m still going to be so bummed this is a mess I never usually do we need anymore but I thought just felt so unappreciative and usually it helps me with that but I guess not this stuff what can I do to help
you don’t have to do anything that’s why you texted to get permission to bail you got it you don’t have to feel bad about it but I’m not going to figure out how to make you feel great
I understand
I feel like Mike Tyson is punching my heart
sorry for letting you down Harmon I’m sorry
I can’t I can’t believe I have to talk to whites all by himself
yes so we were at Channel 101 that’s restarted this please tell us more about it I feel actually a nostalgic sitting here with Dan and Rob because I think a lot of people stories that that got involved with anyone what I think a lot of people were in some sort of a personal to spare so I was I was very out of place a breaking point in my life where I wasn’t getting where it was where I wanted to be can we just have to D2 to details for the T-shirt one details first I live in Irvine that’s not a good detail I mean if you live in Irvine that’s not a good detail shout out shout out to Irvine Irvine Company is that England
Jesus at the Orange County it’s like like Juggalos make the story better yes oh my God
how many colors music can we stop investigating that I know I’m a bad interviewer didn’t anybody think that I said is that you got to give me some more buddy I don’t know what planet I’m on what year is it I mean Jesus Christ is it Tuesday can I get fries with that come on is it a letter Y Grand Theft Auto V is it is it in the neighborhood that what’s his name is in the guy that stops the guy said yeah there’s like three guys one of them is one of them
by the creepy guy hey come on what the fuck out for me was bad but it was not necessarily like I feel bad because like I was working in property management for for me it’s not the job for me so like I’m not putting down to the job is just like I hated my job and I hated my life I was living in Irvine and I did not feel like I was surrounded by similar types of people creative people and I wanted to be a writer that wasn’t working out I wanted to get into MFA programs that wasn’t working out so I’m one day I got really high and I was watching Adult Swim and I’ve always been a fan of Adults Swim and I saw that only two people and I had had
animated Aqua Teen Hunger Force so I then I researched animation software and I just taught myself how to animate and when I found Channel 101 it was like I became a fan of a lot of the creators like Tweakers and and the old baby laser over here get out of that drama can we do it yourself honey yes I kind of tracing old cartoon what was your first it was called Digicel and it was really bad it’s really an intuitive and I was watching Channel 101 I was a fan of the content and I wanted to be a writer but I was up but fiction writer and I the thing that sucks about being a writer’s nobody wants to read what your writing so if you make something that you can watch
you know that is a lot more entertaining so I taught myself had it had to animate in and what was cool as like I was living in Orange County and I felt you know a bit lonely and I began submitting to Channel 101 and I felt I think I believe in my mistaken in that like people when that came out here like this is this is how I think about a lot of stuff, no one was like I mean I always liking it to punk rock I mean that’s probably flattering us culturally but but like what’s a relative to what we were doing a bunch of nerds making short films it was it was always punk rock so that meant that people look like well who’s doing what next other schedules through his own shit at the audience and so does every single month it was like well that’s it then then then
jump the shark and then someone else would say no it’s just beginning again everyone was wrong oh my God now probably about I think probably at least 10 to 15 how many of those got picked up for more than one episode it’s it’s funny because usually there’s you you begin submitting you get rejected you get better I felt that I was getting better and what was cool is because like you’re competing against your friends we just cool about Channel 101 is you respect the people that you’re up against and you want to make something really good and I kept trying to make something better but I think I was always a win-win I also like you I’m sure I’ll animation shared this with you and Justin
and Sivan in the air like the guys that the animation Cruise like they suffered always the same kind of curse which was that you guys are animators so you’re you’re weirder and so you’re making shit that’s even more like off the hinge a little bit and people would tend to purposely not vote for stuff because they they could tell from watching something that guy’s not going anywhere he’s going to be back here with a new pilot next month I always voted like that I don’t know if I ever voted for everything you did and just turn and I would like to be called Skin scrape all the skins off
does this is fucking best fuck you Mom and Dad gym teacher fuck you Jimmy Carter whoever was President it was open was really like it was like fuck you see a fuk u u g a fuck you casting directors fuk U System for that I came out here with a steamer trunk from the Midwest or Irvine and I like I’m ready to work and you would have me just sit out here and put a gun in my mouth and like you deserve what you’re seeing on screen right now that was that was that was the real joy and I would I would I would never vote for Justin stuff I wanted her to make a new pilot how many like shows did you make by yourself or we just how many shows did you pick made how many shows did you make before you got
picked up like how many Pilots as you may not very many because a lot of people should rectory was that they would start chat on they would get better and I felt that I was getting better but not getting voted in I was wishing for you is what we’ll Pass the Pigs was it was that was that was your house of cosbys I mean House of cosbys was successful in the back of this video called hot cross buns and I thought that it was really good but it’s what I like about you and Justin is like like somehow is like like I get caught in Lake spirals of over thought it’s the death of all the fun things and
and then there’s like so might Heroes like Rob Roiland you know you’re carrying that torch like it’s like I’m fascinated by you guys and therefore never want to ask you questions cuz I feel like I’ll just spoil you with over thought about like wait are you is that bad on purpose or like what is it for you if I got to go do you make decisions and be like I’m going to make this a little shittier well I think that’s that’s that’s funny because that that’s who I rode me in front of these people obviously like very organic what’s the feel like I’m going to paint this wall and then I’ll just make some Shin on it but I think it’s funny because the hot streets season one came out and people were saying that the anime show
that on purpose because I like I was really working hard on a small budget so it’s it’s it’s funny but you know they’re talk to you about the blocking the choreography you you surely must I don’t mean you’re not maybe you’re David Lynch like you don’t know that you’re weird is that what we’re learning you don’t know you’re a weird I don’t know that I’m weird I’m glad I asked I’m glad I interrupted us we watch the submissions and it would be like everybody who won from last month will be in charge of like who their competitors were basically and Screen all these analog tapes that would be dropped in our mailbox and I remember space goblins I remember the introduction to your style which was like characters that are going like like they’re walking into frame
can you use the tinkle toes sound effect from the Hanna-Barbera
my name is John Spaceman I’m going to go do this now and then like the editor from Tim and Eric was like they could that that that that just premillennial like fucking like late Beastie Boys lateral absurdity see I overanalyze and you’re like I’m just trying my hardest to do something from the heart and then everyone’s like Harvest
what year did you know you’re making you know what’s funny that the guys like that that’s not that the guys like to give me back my baby what was the bearded traveler where did traveler but it is my favorite what was nice is like when I made I made the a made that show and actually a Justin emailed me on the channel 114 arms I’ve never been in before to animate Doc and Marty but I was working on the on that show and that’s going to want a 1 show yourself yourself cuz we’re traveling now
bearded Travelers amazing I like my baby you are very nice to me because I feel like I meant
after I meant I meant I think I meant Dan before I met Rob but after the bearded traveler screen screen do you came up to me and you said that you thought that like I had a unique style that meant a lot to me so I style I mean you said that you thought that I could eventually have a TV show

he said it meant a lot to him just take it I don’t know I feel bad I wasn’t taking you away from he doesn’t even know he doesn’t even know what do you mean Joe Greene Jersey back at him to accompany says you said something nice to me and you go
did I mention my dick
we’re probably not a by the way I like it by the way this is why salt that’s a good question because all throughout I mean I’ve always introduce myself as Brian and people call me why so which is which is fine and when I was a child when I was in kid people to call me why so I am in the Rick and Morty’s write his room I would be called twice all and I think I think what it was is that cast which is my friend in my Channel 101 the guy who would have cast in all my shows in the early 2010 21 days call me why so introduce me to everybody as wise as well but I always feel really self-conscious about that because like it feels like Brandon yeah like I’m Speed Demon Johnson like I prefer my name is Brian but please call me Speed Demon I always feel really uncomfortable about that but if you call me wife
oh I like it it’s fine but like I also go by Bryan
and the the show we’re plugging is hot streets on Adult Swim already had a first season it had I haven’t even seen this fucking thing but I know one thing for sure it’s got a guy doing tinkle toes and and like something you you’re going to pretend isn’t weird on purpose
it’s a good show
I’ll really have to have to sit down and watch Atlanta and then watch this story Circle that’s all I’m really proud of the second season of the show so how do you get it from Channel 1 1 2 Adult Swim grind who is who is married to Rob schrab woman
we wish her luck tonight she passed my name to some people
that was able to get me this is really weird because like I got mine prank on Smosh Smosh Cape gave my name to some producers and I got the attention of Smosh do you know it’s like what’s it called
more marketing than Adult Swim tonight like Smosh Smosh years ago it was like the premier destination for teen and tween entertainment and I honestly I had made fun of them like for a long time because like I didn’t think they were funding at all and they gave me my break and
and it turns out that they were really cool nice people and I feel really bad but yeah we need people Smosh they they they love you and then how does that go to adults when it went from the people at Smosh got me a management and all that kind of thing and then I was already friends with with Justin of course so
my management team connected me with stupid buddy with rope who makes a Robot Chicken and and then we flew Justin Seth Green and all of the Robot Chicken people we all flew out to Atlanta and pitched it directly to Adult Swim the truck pretty cool Incredible The Wrecking Crew That’s What I Call You guys use Seth Green and Justin There Goes The Wrecking Crew The Wrecking Crew
so have you heard about this
they sell conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is a time traveler I have not and I really want to hear about this and you just this is fresh in your palate and I’m sure she’ll want to explain
all right well there’s this author there’s a YouTube video that’s like an hour do you know it’s for real
it’s called the last president
shut the last the last president what a 127 year old book reveals about Donald Trump time travel and Nikola Tesla
and I’m only like 20 minutes into it and but it’s like there was a book by an author called what’s his name angle stock bumper nut nut
Ingleside compost nuts some guy wrote a book in like 1896 a series of books about a character a bratty little kid called Barron Trump who he’s like a privileged son of like a dynasty and he will his mentor is the Don is Barron Trump in in in his second book which is called 1900 future last the last president Barron Trump becomes president and one of his cabinet members is named Pence and Barron Trump in the book goes to Russia where there’s caves that lead to the Center of the Earth where there’s a secret civilization made of silver they got the guy in the YouTube video
go to talk about by the way it’s worth noting that in these specific caves that are cited in this story they have found these weird nanofibers that are like inexplicable and stuff like I’m going to call this guy like I really don’t want to offend this guy because I really respect like I’m listening to him and I’m like like I don’t believe her I’m a Believer man like like I don’t want to offend anyone who has any is it is grappling with any kind of chemical application like I just insulted him
my testicles are satellites you know cuz I saw it in the Amway manual you know like lake lake lake is Harrison Ford tell us this
he’s not he’s not he’s not he’s not like unhealthily like like he’s not he’s not diagnosable in any way as far as this YouTube videos concerned he’s like this guy is like kind of a hobbyist okay you’re you’re saying no he’s a cuckoo bird but no no no no I’m saying continue why I just I just wanted to say cuz I feel I feel weird when I talk about people that I haven’t met and I always want to see they’ve been to those people like it if I’m offending you if this gets back to you you know like and you’d like to come on the show so is that like lately like
liquid get to the telephone number of negative ways I really am not dogging on you and not making fun of you like we’re very interested in your YouTube video it is crazy if it is it is it I hope that’s not offensive to you I’m not going to read it but apparently it exists all the stuff the the Don lives in a in a an apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York or Tokyo the Earth’s okay and he accidentally time travels through time as when does the then that ties into a story that may be apocryphal are not about Nikola Tesla who one day walked into a Tavern crooked and he’s like
test what’s going on I said I was able to see past present and future all at the same time and then okay
so there’s that story that’s out there somewhere but later on when Tesla died the FBI came in and just took all of his stuff all his notes all visited just came in and took it and apparently this is the the legend or whatever the conspiracy or whatever it is they they look through all this stuff and then I got bailed do you know what this means now I don’t know Nigel Bill night over two guys there and take a look at this and they hired was Trump’s uncle
as long as the legend goes and so do do they have this machine eventually says I think it’s that videos as well time-travel affects your mind it screws you up and makes you it deteriorates your brain and it’s why Trump acts the way he does is Barron Trump’s name cuz there’s two hours in the book and spit it Like Donald Trump we’re just watching where it where the end of a world that has been Retro 3 Retro pre destroyed by a time-traveling nincompoop who and end he he he probably doesn’t even remember anymore
who was an idiot and didn’t care about not fucking of time this is the world we would be living it cuz he’s at the stuff didn’t exist
I did now it reminds me of the Ford in the the Lincoln in the Kennedy thing which is Kennedy was killed in a Lincoln Lincoln was killed in Ford’s Theater both had shots to the Head
both Fox Marilyn Monroe
tell me about their second one had a secretary named Johnson wanted to be your whatever that they’re they’re they’re putting all these Clues being out out in the open because they’re arrogant they’re like going here look doesn’t Biff Tannen I’d like the front back on the logic of conspiracy theories or we wouldn’t be able to explain a lot of potholes videos where they show like like just a montage of like celebrities in moments of like mind laps or whatever when The Reptilian eyes show more or no
hahaha but it’s like it’s like it’s like a hobby for a middle-aged man then for trains
what you think about how the world might be fucked up and engineered to manipulate you don’t don’t just received into a Digicel app and like try to make us quickly cartoon all right let’s let’s get to know you a little bit what do you think I’m going to a new area
how do I find myself like you do you find yourself just getting really mad and I’m online and then like I’m listening to this really bad Africa cover and I get really interested can we say that that is to Felicia
don’t fucking remake it to take out all the fun so yes it’s like but also at the same time like I get really mad at the internet I get real I just want to rage and and and I fucking hate this Africa remake and I hate the Rosanna one is even worse and and I just want to go on the internet and just just talk about it but at the same time like everything has become so black-and-white that like it’s like Weezer fucking sucks they’ve never been good to go back to talking about the baby stuff
trying to get away from there and I fucken burn the building down
and then like you’re watching and then like I was in the my car and then the sweater thing came on as like the songs pretty good they’re not like complete shit you know so is like Grady where it is like attack or defense nothing is kind of like 15 years from now like the it it you just don’t know like somehow someway your opinion about Weiser it may somehow like Dent you right or am I weird world over here while I mean
I think I’ll continue to dislike Weezer but it’s not that they’re completely evil horrible people that need to be destroyed it’s just they made they made a song that and maybe an hour after several albums that sucks really bad what is the biggest change for you since this is a weird question but since you did sort of quickly move up the ranks what was the hardest thing to get used to be close to that we just found out that’s feasible I got my first job as a writer I was 37 and I was Rick and Morty Tracy really are really old yes I like that was my first job was my first professional writing job was Rick and Morty
and I was 37 and I think my the the
no matter what age you are when you go into a writers room in your brand new your inside of your head so I think like you’re in the writers room like I haven’t talked enough today or you get kind of get inside your head too much and now toward the end of the season I felt like all right I know how to contribute to the show and now I’m on a show and I worked on a couple other shows after that and then hot streets I’m running the writers room and now I see all the bad habits that I was doing like give me one like it’s like you’re waiting for your turn your like somebody is his talk is giving an idea and and they stop talking you’re like and then you go backwards 5 minutes ago cuz you’re in your head you’re like all right if Rick and Morty like if if they if they did this then
that’s a great picture a problem and if so when it when I became the showrunner for my show I saw that happening with with I’ve seen it happen with other another snatches I mean Jesus the writers of hot streets Incredibles I’m not I’m not talking bad about then but I’ve worked on other shows since Rick and Morty were like you see that happening and you want to I think the key is to just succumb yourself to the show and to embrace what is happening and to build up what is happening from other writers you want to help them because the greater good as the show but when your new Rider I think the problem is you get inside your own head and just want it like I got my own ideas I want to put my own voice in the show I think that’s okay I envy you if what you is like
so exercise where people are just keeping the shuttlecock in the air and so you’re not even bothering to like but but if that is one extreme and the Other Extreme is nobody listening to anybody and they just have their own ideas somewhere in the middle is kind of like yeah just long as you don’t shoot down other people’s ideas that’s what makes me just go fuck you like like like like like you’re sitting there listening to other people’s ideas and trying to figure out why they won’t work dude ideas don’t work because God hates us we’re here to beat him you’re on the wrong side of the law if you’re sitting here trying to figure out how that person’s pitch isn’t going to work I don’t care if it’s about boogers you fucking whatever they support it until it dies of overindulgence but ideas are a gift but I think it’s okay I mean I probably works much slower than
yours is like I don’t mind people ratcheting back a little bit and going like while so that person talk for 4 minutes trying to get their idea out and I but what I wanted to say about what we were talking about is this other thing like I don’t just so you know I don’t I never saw that as a sin
I would expect that I wouldn’t want to believe shit behind in the ditch just because we write Timothy like decided to make everything about Wizard of Oz I agree with you now it’s a like ideas are a gift but I felt like when I was working at Rick and Morty I felt that I was to inside my head you what you’ve you caught yourself not listening to other people enough what you’re saying right and when I’ve worked with people not just writing but like season two we were able to kind of I guess the problem going from season 1 to season 2 of season one as I don’t quite know how to be how to run the show so I’ve got certain Lieutenant that I’m listening to and
and they’re just going to stab you in the back and go do a fucking Marvel Showtime okay
oh my God you are happy for your friends for once you got a tearing down tearing apart Jesus Christ what’s wrong with you I was there for 2 weeks and I got a I got a I got to train people slower my God how dare you know it’s a happier for him than me who was Loki Loki
I do think people want to know how it all gets mad sometimes I mean it’s a goddamn nightmare wondering when you’re supposed to be overthinking and when you’re supposed to be under thinking I especially like Rick and Morty where it’s like you know to me very clear that it’s the the the the the key recipe is that it’s a swirl of two things that don’t usually work well together which is like will. Diddy and and an absolute like passionate legs over thought and I so we sit in the writers room and we we I don’t know we try to break stories but we also like have these at the top of every season we go let’s do things real differently this time around you know let’s let’s let’s escape this process and let’s do another one and it’s a whole different room
yeah that mean they’re all that they’re always there always real different rooms and everything’s the experiment is never over your never comfortable you never nailing it you never it’s like you just dream of this day it’s like the myth of retirement like the myth of the writers room at like how I like hasn’t shipped together where you’re like okay well we know what our job is we make pizza right people like the cheese look at all of the unexpected things have to do with our babies and medical emergencies I got to go home at 4 instead of 5 it never happens it’s always a schedule and ends what why did this story about a banana peel turn out to be our Citizen Kane or Ishtar like what are we doing wrong it’s funny because like whatever brings you like joy in the room like for us we were
and our writers room man I don’t know how to talk about this pet like
I guess there’s this there’s this sexual fetish of people liking cartoon horses like farting on people’s faces is bringing it back to the thing that everybody is the term what’s the term like if I wanted to go cuz I don’t know what that was just like
but it’s like you just follow whatever the joy is of the moment for us and our I like you are aroused by My Little Pony’s farting in faces that’s totally cool but like it’s some fetishes or kind of amusing at the same time
like the ponies farting in faces of Pokemon is a big on the farting on people so it’s like the video start with like either the My Little Pony or or the Pokemon
slowly approaching backwards do the creep did to the character and get up on that might tell us about that room so we are like we have to write an episode but it has to be serious like it if the pony farts in your face you die. It’s like the things that make you laugh in the room oftentimes will help create that story I don’t know that’s completely is when
away from a weird look it’s a conversation about a thing that is so frustrating for the same reason that it’s like the conversation about it is almost tedious let alone inaccessible cuz it’s like that’s the problem and I have always agonized about this cuz I’m like hopefully going to retire soon and I spent my life working I’m going to go ahead and say it as hard as a carpenter works with would but with stories no but I mean like I’ve said it over and over again it’s like the fucked up seeing is it from the from the beginning of time of the first moment when two people got to two pieces of wood and said let’s make a porch like the first time
don’t don’t act like I don’t know architecture
the first time that they figured out it’s just two pieces
I didn’t know what it is that they’ve never made it before you got to get some more wood to make the porch you can get online right now and type I need to make a porch into Google pedia and you will be able to draw on 5000 years
of people making shit with wood right because every time I joist gets invented or discovered there’s like racks of shit at Home Depot and there’s time life books and there’s people trying out and when things don’t work they don’t make the cut a granite and Nae Nae evaporate so when you have something as simple as like making a house that people live in or making a porch swing you have this like mimetic Evolution or people compare notes and share what they’ve learned and with breaking stories which to me is agonizing and no one wants to do it I don’t want to spend eight hours a day knowing only one thing which is that I don’t know what to do next it’s like what the fuck you man I’m entitled to more than that
I want a Sunday and a hand job right now my career is like propelled by this like will to laziness like that I never I’m like there’s got to be an easy way to do this Joseph Campbell must know okay Jesus Christ as get talked a lot off fuck god dammit okay maybe if I break it down it’s like I never eat that you like like I can never figure it out I can never work smarter not harder it is my that that’s why I’m so frustrated also by the technology involved the interactive whiteboards which I know we have but we don’t have because there’s no demand for its like we were the Golden Age of Television 144 pieces of wood
it’s what it takes to make a porch
know the runner writers room I didn’t make it what do you think
we should be able to know like how I feel like I I like if I if I if I could go back in time through a Russian tunnel and and Jonathan is helping people to access from 2009 onward all of the work on every single Community episode Rick and Morty episode like just be able to look at just The Strokes on the whiteboard in order and all that stuff to be able to make pour over that with the same on a facility that we can pour over our babies photos are our weddings and stuff like that like we have the digital technology but we don’t eat we somehow regard this idea that writers working Raiders rooms that we regarded as if it’s some kind of like there’s like this blind spot there were like well that’s none of your business how we get our ship done but it’s like wait a minute man and we’re all working towards like a common goal here if you figured it out how you can do it in 2 minutes then we can start accelerating our our television culture right
do that all artists hide their process which is interesting that you let us in that’s why I was always trying to push because if you use joists but the truth of the matter is with carpentry the joinery is hidden so I got some dudes are not using metal at all some dudes are using just pegs some dudes you just using a dowel and I was always ask if you look at this stage right now you don’t see a nail cuz Carpenters don’t show you how they make stuff that’s the game that’s what the Masons are built on is the first impulse was like yeah we know how to make a doorway not fall on your head when you over-the-door shoe all fucking how about we keep this from people and if you don’t like that I don’t like it and I don’t think about it cuz I’m a noble person I think it’s because I’m so fucking much more narcissistic than other creative I actually like in my head and I think this is changing on 46 but I think I
I think it might twenty-five-year-old like Max landisi brain I think that like call is always been like that just eliminate all this fucking shit that has nothing to do with talent and then just have a fucking dick measure a contest and I was like whatever what’s with all this mishegoss getting in the way and I like how hard it is to figure this and then out of it it like I don’t think that way anymore because it’s like it’s like it’s like digging through a Cotton Candy Mountain like looking for a you-know-what bad writer like what where was that going to go when I could use a good room for that I wish I knew how to use my beer did you go through a process twice all or speed demon as we would come to call you like my big lesson on community was that I through this like idea
well I don’t want to be an asshole so I’m not going to make them do anything which is abusing them like did you I don’t know how big your writing staff is weed a pretty small writers room we had I think like 5 Riders and all like hold up and going like I’ll just write the script you guys eat some M&M’s
it would it was usually I mean like even on Rick and Morty I think I felt like the first couple hours is just kind of like digging around you know and then you just eventually
actually like I used to I was listening to him down and then when I got to work and Morty
it was just kind of like digging it was kind of like
you know what happened on the show yeah I think there’s a little bit of warm up that occurs yeah yeah so you’re just kind of having fun as a group and sometimes you’ll find something that Sparks pleasure and you try to find what that pleasure is and how to get to it and have like I think in season 2 was I get schwifty song We all thought it was funny like how do we write a story for that because that brings us a lot of pleasure
never now that there’s no formula don’t know how to do is try to hide what they do because if we knew if we saw I liked it to me like I always tell my parents are people who aren’t in the business if you saw what I did if you looked at what I would do you were going to your doing nothing you’re just fucking around all day but it’s not true I mean like when you’re not writing you thinking about writing or your outlining or you’re writing or whatever or you’re you’re you’re doing a lot of you’re basically Doing It Wrong until you do it right and you do it wrong I mean the guy that I know that I know that my older brother’s voice in my head when we’re taking 2 hours to get started cuz we have so much to talk about and it’s like wait when are you guys going to ever do anything for a living except sitting there fucking jerking each other off and then but then I also
the same voice and I had as soon as we get started for the next 4 hours is like 20 minutes into it I know every ghost in my head like that I feel all of them snap and go like this is ridiculous why are you thinking about this for so long just have fun it’s just a good show so he has a booger race every lesson you’ve ever learned is about having fun why are you ruining it stop ruining it you’re ruining it stop you’re overthinking it and then and then you go like I’m not going to overthink it anywhere I want to go what if he just had a booger Bay and then he was like okay he’s got a booger a liko as a right there
I see you got a booger rain he’s got a booger Ray and he just read it and everyone goes and maybe sometimes you even just go all the way through therapy and you got like fucking just keep it moving he’s going to book a reg draw draw it was a bigger way and then they like the musician goes like
and then it added her like pieces of together and everyone’s got bloodshot eyes and there is right here it is they press play and it’s like whoever you are really good with that but yeah I did Morty didn’t I I really did I really shot good with that booger race they always do it a hundred percent hundred percent with that booger right hundred percent butcher a hundred years, booger ride the top going like the lack of a little something
yeah but they don’t want to call it the part where we agonize in the writers room because that makes everyone mad to figure out how to fix it and I don’t I haven’t figured it out well I think because I’m working on a like 11 minutes so I can we can do the book booger episode do you know and it’s not it’s not the 22-minute or stealing your idea and it’s coming out
well that’s it let’s punish Justin like because we got we got goldenfold voice here I’ll do Rick and Morty you can be the voice of celestra the Ice Queen and whites all you do the amazing Cube and we’ll improvise an episode of Rick and Morty okay
going to get them get them lubricated
he has there is much drinking going on in the writers room
not at hot streets
I don’t drink at work
you stink word to
sorry before we start with Rubik kind of like the sound like Howie Mandel from Gremlins because it’s kind of a character on Rick’s garage the day I got to put this inside this compactor could give me a new prom suit for prom tonight I’d rather eat glass than ever indulge in your adolescent fucking rituals you piece of shit everything you believe is a lie that you know your mom says a lot of things were she said yes when your father said would you like this in you I think that says enough about her if I if I ever die
can time-travel believe me a lot of problems would be solved if we would not be having this conversation

all right Marty luck finding that I live at this Serum with you pour it on yourself it’ll turn your clothes into whatever your mind thinks is important
that’s the Beast story it’s low stakes hopefully it will generate user kid go go go go talk to your sister about clothes while I deal with the one I’m working out on this bench goldenfold enters the open garage just extra me in the morning tonight I need some assistance your finger here and hold down that button and no matter what you do don’t wish that wishing was impossible
I was just wishing net worth
wow welcome to my domain what the fuck shit my portal gun I left it on the toilet again there’s no need for portals
call Guns in my domain please have a seat two chairs out of nowhere how did I do that
did you tell me that you want to probe me
I want to probe you is that how you say hello
meanwhile at the Smith house in the Beast story on my clothes
hi I’m Rubik’s
when you poured that serum on you it created me
and I am here to say in Rick and Morty
I meant if you put me to shape correctly I’ll Grant you a wish, I can do that for sure I saw how much PewDiePie do this all the time I think my generation I watched so much videos about people reacting to videos about Rubik’s Cubes so here we go I did it I made you the same color and all sides I grant you one wish
cut to back to Narnia Planet so that’s when I found out I was adopted thank you for sharing that is really great here have some more ice muffins
hey Ice Queen how come my my my body is turning into ice that’s because you’re sweating too much
are you are you hiding something is he hiding something I think you’re hiding something before you completely freeze and kind of just let something off of your chest just like just like your friend did here just just said something off your chest let it off Narnia mushroom that’s making it easy to release my thoughts my father
I think you said something about your father. My father
took me on a fishing trip
hi Siri out of a boat
I didn’t know how to swim
I was sucked down into the muck I had a regular eyebrow
and regular hair and then a caterpillar climbed out of my forehead
the bottom of the lake
gave me my trademark unibrow
anime hair became spiky as I moved up through the water
which was next to an alcohol plant it so I became an alcoholic
that’s why I drink and my clothes the color was bleached out of them by the alcohol in the water so I came out of the lake looking like all of the qualities that my character has that’s that’s fascinating we’ll be right back
Bengay foot cream makes your foot less foot hurting solution that can come meet David Hasselhoff and the cast of Glee see you at the park
do you have doing my own taxes itis
and I’ll do all your taxes call me I’m Spanish gato
we now return to Rick and Morty God damn
meanwhile in the bee story
Oggi’s summer high God.
That’s just it we just trying to punish Justin for not coming I think he thinks having too much edible as bad as this cannon is this yeah I arrive at least 50% I would agree the right to say that’s it now we know how the real behind the secrets here we go
American Eagle and giggled at the same time what do you think about giving too much information about a character like cuz I like I’ve been
tired what do you think about the idea of our friends don’t have origin stories we learned things about them that makes sense when we look at them as a whole but we don’t we don’t learn the as much as we enjoyed the River Phoenix opening to Indiana Jones the third movie it also simultaneously we were watching Indiana Jones die like we were getting too much information it it is that that’s how I feel about that stuff when I was watching season 3 episode 1 what I was what I was feeling is that
because there had been so much so much talk about what it happened to bets mom
that it had become a bigger mystery than it may be because it ended on a cliffhanger
to me like when episode 3 or season 3 came out episode 1 and you’re like it’s all about Szechuan sauce which I thought was hilarious but I would that to defuse that whole like cuz like people are wanting I thought that you have to undercut any efforts been that area I think you provide both do you give people the option I think there’s like 35 different categories of TV viewer there are people who relentlessly catalog there are people who who who hate what they love their people who shipped there are people who hate shippers there there there are but all of them represent like some small part of what you experienced when you watch TV show and I think that the responsible thing in terms of craft person ship you’re welcome ladies mid-word mid word inclusive 90-degree fucking move didn’t even
and didn’t break your arm Audi February fucking woke woke
oh my God is backwards
wait wait a minute what the fuk was not about willful denial of it either I don’t it’s just it’s just about respecting everyone’s right right is a strong word because I hate everyone and they don’t have rights to material but you’ve said this before and maybe a red there’s other places another book I’ve read about writing is like start the story is far into the story is and let it go to doctor who which Doctor Who evolved naturally but they accidentally found what I think is the way you survive post Golden Age TV it with a franchise a modular franchise serial TVs grape I love I love Russian doll I love I love it I love it I love the groundhog days are Jon renau it’s it’s fine like like I will I’m not going to I’m not going to end up being sick
I’m too old it’s too late for me like like modularity is like that feeling of like that’s my family I can come home to them anytime I want they’re always there Aunt Jackie’s always a fucking drunk maybe there could be an episode where she’s not a drunk is that fucks up your show it’s because you didn’t design Aunt Jackie’s character right like cuz nobody’s characters that they’re drunk cuz he said I could make me talk for 3 hours what do you think cuz I think like one of the greatest black holes of drama right now is the mystery box theory of of Storytelling where you keep teasing the audience and then you at the end it’s just a bigger mystery it’s kind of like it’s like there’s a tweaked version of mystery box which is Mystery Buffet
you keep opening it up more and more you keep giving people more and more options you don’t you never deny anything the first rule is that if it’s can and it’s Cannon you can’t you don’t move back on it you never said well you you perceive that wrong we didn’t you know you just keep adding more things you’re like you’re hosting a party Hugo Hugo Lake hate who wants to get high they just invented ketamine I just so I have it now look at you you always stay on top of everything and just like like there’s a room in every house for every type of person there’s a room in your party for people who hate parties that’s when your that’s what that like like that’s if you’re a good host plants in a dog in here man just relax like I I hate everyone else to that school starts at like this this is going to pay off one day like I would hate to make that promise
everybody who is it there’s the one-armed man again and we’ll cross that seems like it’s a little disingenuous it’s its own trick which is to trick people I think when people sit down and they want to hear a story they want to hear a story and I want you to go from A to B if you go out of throwing sand in a fight like I feel like when when when broadcast television started competing with cable television that’s what serialization and Cliffhangers started happening that’s when is vent television started happening and there’s good good stories that emerge from it and there but overall it’s like like if I’m just Knight Rider well the answer is Knight Rider has to go I just committed incest with to be continued
go to finish making television until you June in which I think is like not but I think I like Breaking Bad like really well like that’s like this like that to me was like bingetv before Netflix made it yeah I like shows that in the finale of that season they kind of tie up the Mysteries like the wire like when you get to the end it’s like that’s the season right you feel nourished like that’s the story on order and X-Files where they intersect is that both shows delineate it between mythology energy and modular energy so Law & Order was the extreme of it cuz it’s like they don’t want to lose a single viewer to the idea that you have to know who these people are so they just let you get addicted to Jerry Orbach like of course you should hear what it what is it what is a character
raincoat he’s an eyebrow actor some credit you know they’re going to fall in love with so just let him write your stories you’re a writer can give these people something to do sit so that if you watch one episode it’s like smoking a crack rock which is yes connected to all other crack rocks but not necessary to smoke that crack rock before that crack rock. The difference is like crack is the goal so
and I and I look like I always want to like what I watch I watch Law and Order in syndication on TBS and it was like I was like I got so fucking hooked after like five of them and I’m just like God damn I love Jerry Orbach goddamn and I never anything no plot nothing except for the one self-contained plot of the homicide that happened in the solving of it and then at the end of the season the lieutenant like Jerry orbach’s like I guess I guess I guess that crowbar murderer found out not to pry and I made it up.
and then and then the lieutenant like stops him as he’s about to leave the duration goes like and he turns around and she cuz how’s the drinking going and he goes
one day at a time
and then he walks up Dick Wolf that was an entire season that was all you learned about Jerry Orbach unless you like but then it like makes you go you gobble it up so whatever we do a similar thing with the Smoking Man stuff where it was like if they had been able to hold that line which I’m not I said idea of like every time it’s like all we wanted was give me more about smoking man what happened to Fox’s sister and all the stuff is like how could they ever resist that you like like giving us more and more of that but every time they gave you more of that you’re like you’re losing something it’s like ballast or something and it’s like you want to like keep that shit up there against each other and of course of the season I think I could just say yes to that question but I don’t I don’t register I understand that the minute lead said okay this is what happened with Laura Palmer
the show is over with but they went on another season like it’s the journey you know where any of these shows I mean I can’t you want to hear the light at me in a few that you can hang out but that’s why I was obsessive that was my big rift with Sony for the three years it took to fire me on community was that I was like yes this is a great show yes my goal is to make it fucking amazing in a way that would make you want to watch a thousand episodes of it but in order to do that we have to acknowledge that we we made a deal with a certain chronological devil we said that Annie Edison is a child and that she’s growing up we said that Jeff Winger is paying a four-year price for a for who I was telling a story here like we have to get out in front of this thing so far so fast that no one notices that we stopped having to go to Community College because at some point we’re going to have to
Sony would get so mad to be like what are you talkin about watch fucking Welcome Back Kotter and shut the fuck up watch Mash you dumb ass holes the show was 11 years longer than the war and everyone’s Rich why are you burning our money
television for credit and Alison Brie’s like a Vietnam vet dad I pretended to be dead they mounted a tripod on me all this week so hot streets tree that is introduced will get revealed in the by the end of the season so you will not be tricked history of Television someone will note that like like in DC like Pete this point where it was like literally at a show called The Event
before 80% of you were like even invested in anything cuz there’s like you were born on Netflix and so you’re kind of like but like there was sick this point where it was like the squeezing of the sponge for everyone’s like fukkit who’s on Shark Tank look like they were like they’re like green lighting these crazy series cuz it was like the idea of a vent television of it so what are the nnpc God bless their sincere Dopey heart was just like well then literally let’s just make a show called the event and there’s like the teacher campaign was that damn explaining to you what the show wasn’t
because it was about payoff so they would go the president getting assassinated is not the event
what am I leaving the White House I’ll tell you on the way the concert exploding
is not the event supposed to tune in to the show to find out what the event was breakfast cereal cancellation after 6 episodes play smack this kid in a backyard barbecue and it’s cold and it’s cold outside. Whether or not Betty is ugly
what what am I doing like at my job is to know what to say next to everyone knows I don’t have three teenagers who are you having on the season any major super celebrities this is Hollywood we’ve got Ernie Hudson then join the cast I like the black one season one of always It’s Always Sunny like I remember watching things this show is really funny and then Danny DeVito James acaster like holyshit the show it’s weird to watch the first season that’s how I feel like with Ernie Hudson I heard this story maybe you can confirm this picture and animation buff and your friends with Ernest Hudson I heard during that when they did The Real Ghostbusters animated series that Ernie Hudson auditioned for Winston but lost it to Arsenio Hall is this true
that’s true but I can’t me I’m speaking for him but I’ve read I had two interviews with them where he it he auditioned for the part but when that we cast him his voice is so powerful that I think what happened was like you had all these voice actors that are really funny and talented but Wednesday would be the head lead character because he’s so is voice is so fucking powerful that you can’t ignore it so I think they I feel like in the movies Winston was kind of something weird happened over in powered Baby by virtue of like a late and racism I’m not trying to highroad anybody it was the 80s but I was like I remember being a 10 year old kid and his first line is like look as long as there’s a steady paycheck involved I’ll believe anything you say and he was like very it was at that.
did that’s Crystal I get shut down but the month of February is shut you down
but he had that kind of like all be it may be equally problematic but from a completely different direction where he was the empowered he was powerful and then Ghostbusters 2 in addition to all the other weird things about it also cuz I just he just did an interview recently where he was talking and realize this but it Ghostbusters 2 they do this thing where they catch up with all the care if they don’t catch up with Winston. They just need just comes back in the middle of the movie like everybody has their own like business is unlike and then that’s where they all right I got I got service answer to the name of the documentary pic with a stick with it
stick it back on I I I swear it like if you’re like us back stories and I don’t care but like towards the end of that thing like it it gets so deep and intense like it’s really weird for me especially like you to remember being a working in a blue-collar city and doing improv like we’re familiar with the bobbits as a word that everyone would shout out as a suggestion for a comedy show. Because we were feminists because we we’re we’re snobs or like to shut the fuck up or not doing another goddamn sketchware I’m I’m a dick getting cut off fuck you fuck you fuck you so that’s all I ever knew about the Bobbitt thing and it is you know it’s interesting like there’s a documentary series they
unpack it for like 10 hours of it’s worth it is right by the end of it I’m telling you you’ll have like synapses that are like reformed it’s the easiest thing in the world that you didn’t know back then our facility to ignore abuse I mean I am really don’t like the way that we can like focus on the things that are like
did Spock it now though the women are shutting us down
appointment with the dick off so it’s that’s interesting you got to take off okay and and then it’s like and then it’s like some sort of like this like you really come away with it was a complete feeling of like there’s a lot more to it than just the dick getting caught on the unfortunate people who has long since before that were like does anyone want to talk about equal rights and the spousal abuse problem and all these things like this weird portal happens when a woman cut a guy’s dick off everyone wants to talk about penises and abuse and battery and rape and then these well minded people who are like okay great so now let’s talk about this and like the kind of tragedy is like well no I mean we want to talk about dicks and cutting off and
like we wanted we like tablet celebrities we don’t but it is not a downer I think it’s the beginning of the right of sort of like that celebrity, you know it’s really weird week before that you literally couldn’t say the word penis in in media you couldn’t say the word penis in New York Times like things like that like that starts starts to think it’s worth watching anyways I don’t know how to end a show so I thought I’d like recommend a Netflix thing what do you recommend better be fucking nuts self-indulgent but I’m going to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure the anime that I’m currently at infatuated with it’s really funny and cool and crazy yeah I recommended the first season of Attack on Titan but Dan watched it without the subtitles
you know what I mean it’s not the same show but the second season you know they kind of blew it a little bit because I’m good you are like there’s for some unknown reason there’s naked Giants attacking the world and I was like yeah alright well it’s about that time it’s time for everybody to start dreading Tuesday and so we end with her our traditional song
it’s been a good show
why are trees planted
what you mean
Bear Grylls show
I literally told you what to do I mean you didn’t have a point like you said I’m coming home with how we do and I want to know I got to control everything it’s how I live and grow out of control freak obsessive-compulsive about your mama’s so hard my dick was repulsive it came out to form John Wayne Bobbitt that’s what we talked about before Stitch it back on on a small theater
black history
is the history for me
watch History
I’m going out on that land
if you take me to restore
pull up a charge Sarah Hill
who am I forgetting
turn up volume
it was a good day


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