Episode: 327 – A Cardigan with Stab Holes


Episode: 327 – A Cardigan with Stab Holes


Suruthi and Hannah from the RedHanded podcast are this week’s guests. They share their true crime expertise, including some crime role playing! Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden, Suruthi Bala and Hannah Maguire.


Pig anxiety we were all late how you doing now
from downtown Los Angeles harmontown is now in session bring up the game Master Spencer Crittenden
when is Spencer I don’t have a couch anymore what happened to couch Co-op we need to go see this last episode of the mayor of Hermantown you know I mean like them or maybe you don’t know his name is Dan Harmon
to the right to the left, let me my brown is poop in my yellow is pee
we tried Dara
700 species of
and undiscovered in the jungle ready to rumble
rainforest Extinction truck your mama with Grand Distinction I opened her legs if I can I got the streets in my blood o yeah
we’re just saying at dinner that you had the streets in your blood streets in my butt Cody thinks it’s because I had a head injury but was freestyle rapping in my sleep and it’s Pitch Black in the beginning you can hear me like Freestyle rapping gibberish because you didn’t act like it starts in the distance and then gets closer because she’s like grabbing her her her phone right I’m really impressed with myself I think I did late late it is just that I’ve been rapping so long that I’m now a real rapper and that’s how we know so that I wrap in my sleep Cody thinks it’s because I got drunk and I came home and
as being like a fun dog dad and I was like wrestling with the dogs in the front yard like doing my impression when I think like a man is supposed to be I guess like and just rolling in their shit and I like they can’t I was like yeah I was right role in their shed and I thought I was covered in shit and then I went inside and is very drunk and I took a shower and I got this morning this information and I fell in the shower physically in dogshit I was trying to play with the dogs and be cool like I like I like I was trying to be like a Chris Pratt type of like guy Michelob Ultra you know I’m going to eat later
can you learn the names of the food he’s going to eat like that like me and you took a spill in the shower and straight back and hit the back of my head out of the shower and I was just laying there and then I went to sleep and I started rapping
what in the shower unconscious I thought that she didn’t call 911 when she just she just started
you need you need to have for my name is why did you say earlier
my name is Freddy James word
it shoots fire
eat some eat somewhere
what stops is McCarthyism
classic man Madam you have a concussion
you should have been in a fucking hospital if there’s a cure for the Mad Science I was dropping that she has Alzheimer’s I said my name is Angle spicely now I feel fine and I made it to her but I just kind of lucked out did you land on your head it sound like I mean I don’t think I landed John I think I finally landed like getting out of the shower or stairs that look like I have big feet and stairs are way too small I put like a sleeping bag
or whatever and I I was crawling up the stairs and I slipped and fell backwards down the stairs in a sleeping bag and man I can remember the sound my head hitting that tile the echoed in my head and then around the room you know it was bad and I’ve been depressed since that’s your origin story
if you’re if you’re like a character from The Boiler Room in San Diego on the show I got like attacked by dude and my head hit the pavement and I’ll never forget the sound of your head hanging out the sidewalk so gross and ya know it sounds like my brains out like going to fall out of my head
Fisher and an anti break ya a break in life yeah I died on a pavement in San Diego today I asked you about and I was like I was like 8 and he was like 4 or something and he was going through this phase where he would like throw tantrums and hit his head on the stuff about people everybody wanted a walk and we walk past a candy store and he was like
tangent of 8
I could buy you any candy on fucking broke like you like waves like we’re fucking kids together here I’m just bigger than you that’s it like a money and then and then he just barely got down on the sidewalk and started hitting his head on it and I was just like my little brother Walks Like a half a block and it looked back and he was still going at it
and I did talk to him when he was like 20 and I was like are you all right
he’s a firefighter I mean we need the right that worked out but it’s arguable that he wouldn’t have chosen that I mean it’s a dangerous job right there like yeah they’re like doing like there’s something incredibly dangerous cycling pavement pounding of like maybe he maybe he damaged the part of his brain that’s like you got to get out of a burning building and the person that a person chooses that job is a person that’s okay with eternity death means nothing to me if I told him you would have grown up to be like what a candy thief or something or she and you store owner
play in Whittier and me and Morgan muchnick freshman in high school and we’re waiting for Morgan much necklaces or hanging out waiting for his mom to pick us up and drive us back home at 2 South Whittier
and we leaned against the door of the liquor store and it opened so we fell into an open empty close liquor store
and we stole all the candy we had little like sports do you like dance bag is like drugs for leg warmers or whatever you fucking had I don’t know and we it was like whatever and we just took all the starburst all the Skittles all the goddamn look like they liked it mags week we’ve got a couple of those and that’s the cash registers right here and in Morgan much like white lace grand larceny or 15 years old but still that that puts it into like a bike burglary
and we had a duffel bags filled with candy and for the next 3 weeks of high school we were hot shit
ask him to chill later if I hate it anyway what’s Traverse up in this all right I knew you were just larceny position your voice well maybe it sounds like another public domain thing but I think I do have temp temp lyrics for it then I can present after I hear it again but
after having you he likes it so happy
yeah but he has temp lyrics remember the old on I-45 kind of thing let’s do a Boyz II Men style a creation around it it was good like while I’m like why would okay be be there but you got to understand their temporary lyrics okay like you know like I don’t want any gossip about like all those lyrics to they don’t sound very refined where’s the see you guys know but like Dan he writes pimp lyrics or he tried to tempt dialogue and then he comes back later and actually like rewrites a good just to get it so that’s part of the process is
camping stuff it’s important let me make sure this will play in the background know it won’t wait how come on man I thought garage being had a setting where you could you could you take and have it play in the background that’s probably only the iPad version oh yeah
what count you harmontown won’t you lick my balls
and then after that we can have a little chat while mankind Falls
it’s been said that we’re all be dead right now if I fight I wait I forgot.
And after that we can have a little chat while mankind Falls
it’s said that before we’re dead will see our species die welcome to harmontown I’ll try not to cry
I I I I know by no courtesy applies when I hear it because I know you’re here for our guests their Delight we we have we have flown them in fresh for you like Maine Lobster in a in a in a chest of ice so that you can enjoy them here in the desert there there there there still chilled and they’re in my opinion I think they’re the Goldilocks of of True Crime podcast and it doesn’t have to be your opinion I just think that it’s been years since we had the my favorite murder girls on and those years for me have been filled with just endless truekind listening and Cody and I in Tahiti we kind of like hit this point where we had run out of of True Crime podcast like the four or five that we were listening to on a binge and they all ran out at the same time and we can so we listen to like probably felt like hundreds and hundreds of different people
and just judging and sneering and bullying their speech impediments and whatever just like bonding over that selection process and then we just found this this these two British ladies and I’m just so thrilled that they turned out to be willing to come out here and talk to us so please welcome our new friends Hannah and ceruti from the red-handed podcast
anywhere you want
perfect perfect
I forgot to plug in help yourself to some vodka at any points there’s class is over here thank you for your great good song that needs to be some scrubs scrubs Scrubs & Beyond hours
I’m here by now I think it’s free for a level we hiked up to the summit of Mount Hollywood by accident hurled herself off of one of the letters when it was still hollywoodland right what’s the first an actor is 19 Savage like nineteen thirty-something jumped off the top of the actual letters if she didn’t it doesn’t really count as jumping off that I used to walk up there back in the day we’re booked before like there was a motion sensor like the security and you could hike up there and you can just hang out and have a drink
the last o l on Hollywood it was very good and now if you could just get killed by a curved displays coyotes to the Jungle Girls there so bold now I keep seeing him this last year I swear to God as one of your driver car by or something or you come out by your car like don’t come up to people like a like a domesticated dog like happy to see people and it’s like this is this is going to be bad because like they’re going to get hit by cars or they’re going to eat every once dogs or something they’ll go away but what they’re going to do is eat your neighbor’s cat spray
dang I am for real like like if you live in Los Feliz or near the park you’ll just hear the sound of animals dying Rainbow Loom things were great on the other side of that wall in my backyard at the fucking actually need to talk to you about this because you’re on the payroll you’re famous on this podcast for having like trapped a coyote fighting metal yeah I don’t know they’re open my window and go fuck you
did you see wildlife today the one coyote signs about rattlesnakes but no actual rattlesnakes yeah I was just good cuz she had a non-human life-form in London
that’s parking lot of the brown recluse or something like that like a spider that if it bites you you could like necrotize and lose your foot do you have anything in London looks like a creepy crawly that could like kill you hurt you hospitalized you take balls to be a fox and walk through London I mean like that’s where they invented like the
what it is they caught what kind of horn do fox Hunters blow not sure if I know what the name is a flugelhorn the subreddits you know you guys have anything you’d want to know from these ladies a large share of the question circle around the theme of is it
traumatizing toxify anxiety-inducing is it fucking you up in any way to be constantly thinking about people getting murdered and researching it and all that stuff and I I I mean do you want to speak to that first I think we know yet what the damage is being done we’ll find out in that maybe five years is just like lying dormant right now the damage we doing for also costing we don’t know each other two years ago and I’m kind of like what you and Cody were doing. We would just listen to all the true grandpa cos I’m leaving like that’s all right and then when we met we were like we could do this we should we should start a restaurant we should stop podcast up cake business exactly and then I left that party thinking
I think it’s a lot of women listen to of True Crime podcast what is it because what is the alert and I think it’s quite good too I don’t know I think it’s just fascinated fascinated by the Reddit thread like there were people who delved into that question of like what you wanted to know about the area that all if that’s a word but and it was when there was one Post in particular was like all the way like crazy how are you simultaneously like a Tyler Durden the edgelord and anti True Crime like where they perpetuate his of blood whatever it was like it was like somebody that was really just wanted to shame the genre
I don’t think it’s a righteous John ra at all I told you guys what we had dinner the other night like like among the many like almost innumerable variables that that I like go to within my head is a true crime Lister you guys are just showed up at The Sweet Spot of all of them and that especially includes this spectrum between the kind of jewelry like where you’re just like actually like into how bad things happen to good people and you’re kind of like on the bad things side and on the other end of the spectrum is this this compulsion that a lot of True Crime podcast have especially lately where it’s like that you can tell they kind of feel bad about what they’re doing to the point where they are now kind of contorting their language to make it seem like they’re a public service like this is about remembering the victims in a separate like you that’s not a bad thing or anyting but Rick really do we do we is it what would it be so bad if we were just we were just fascinated with horrible things like in this like
way that we were kind of fixated on it is that really such a bad thing and you do you guys ever have conversations about that with yourselves about like what it what are we is this a healthy thing we’re doing is this is this unhealthy in a in a good way is it healthy in a bad way like what like where do you put yourselves in relation to the the the karma that all let me pass me. I’m just fascinated with people and I think that’s why True Crime is so popular because I’m always wary of people he described his as monsters I think that’s quite dangerous language cuz you’re separating them from your self actually you’re just as capable as of doing that as I do have a lot of the same stuff that they do really it’s just a separate but has never been so adamant about point and that’s why I think is interesting
I know what you mean I think like it’s important to
no fixing blame and Gifts like name the victims as I think it’s quite easy to just like real off a list of like a party town I’m not identify them as people for my money I just draw the line I don’t want to I don’t like to hear and I’ve never ever since I was binge watching Forensic Files before they were true crime podcast I I know I always hated it when the implication which was the bread and butter of those old-school true crime television shows the implication that you kind of deserve bad things to happen to you if you leave your television set if you go out into the world like like wrong place wrong time I’ve I ranted about that like to stay that underlying religion of like well you shouldn’t have gotten to that trucker cap like I don’t care how like risky the behavior is like no one has personally for lazy selfish reasons I don’t want to live in a world where anyone ever deserved anything bad to happen to them because I feel like a bad shift going to happen to me and people are going to
Brightest Bulb in the drawer when it comes to like minimizing risk so I it’s okay to say that was probably going to happen because you engage the mattress high-risk behaviors but that there’s some kind of lying there were like shows will imply almost that what did you expect and you guys don’t do that but at the same time you’re very much not you’re very funny and profane and almost so I mean you’re you’re you’re you’re you make jokes about the from the cruise ship that episode of making like jokes about like who are these people and what kinds of reactions are having for their their their family member going missing and I remember just being perfectly for me this is my taste exactly because you weren’t like they’re pieces of shit for having a bad thing
love your Disturbed questioning their their their judgment of the aftermath like what how the cruise ship has handling and how they’re handling it all that stuff like a question about though cuz I would say that the reason I mean instinctively we wouldn’t be the kind of people that would victim-blaming it just feels crappy and it feels wrong with that, can you put myself in situations in which I should probably end up being the address I do enjoy hitchhiking I’ve done it several times
True Crime because you’re going to be like so like standing on the road and that’s a bit old school it’s like I don’t even say every time that I’ve hitchhike I have absolutely had to do it has been no other galaxies. This is a run around the shop to Rudy refuses to stop at typing I was certain I was going to be murdered by The Hitch-Hiker
I got a hitchhiker one time and the guy left my car and he got out of the car and he said thank you and he said to me where is I’ll never forget you said don’t take any wooden pussy Woodlawn wrong
since 1994 I’ve never taken any wooden puzzle undercurrent of like oh I’m preparing for the day that I like this is going to happen to me like we’re women wear the prank was like when I went Cody like we are early on in our relationship I think I’ve liked liked bullied her out of like expressing it or something cuz he can see how much it upsets me like but that the the I bet that concept of like I’m unprepared for the day I encounter one of these like monster is late like I’m good like Cody saying like nobody judge her this is her talking to her fiance that I did not know when he’s going to like a podcast we get out of the genre like Cody can find him as feeling that like one of these days one of these situations is going to happen to me and I’m going to nail it you know and I honestly like you make me angry because I
stop it stop saying that like just like be terrified all the time like don’t don’t get like I can’t like that’s the worst feeling in the world for women love True Crime podcasts or in your love of it with me right if I walk through a parking garage like a parking lot and then I hear footsteps behind me I don’t think I’m going to get raped and murdered but I think that’s kind of a neutral setting for all women right of danger or think his murder is always an option every time you walk out the door
then I forgot all the time because I feel like women probably feel that way so they will be running True Crime podcasts that you know sometimes I feel like everyone is but I think it’s more just always been interested in so I’m just going to pack my like like to go look for who is the most disturbing film the most disturbing book Carlin from Hardcore History kind of comes back to the idea that people are fascinated by the streams of the human experiences I think the word he uses it’s like that’s why it what war is it’s like what drives the society till like to throw people at other people until like one of them explode or something you know and so it’s like that is like it’s so far afield from our normal lives is it somehow fast and like you said it’s like we all have the same DNA and stuff so it’s like what what separates us from these people that lived
version and an end that is fascinating maybe I think so and I think it’s always we got feedback from people saying all that episode was too gory or ultraviolet but they are hiring like a bit like listening to a description of a Grace and Poise and maybe that’s like maybe 40% of that is just Americans think I’ll bring some people have Grace and Poise but since are like a huge part of us for sale I like listening to these voices and but you guys have the sort of confidence to you even though you’re dealing with these are really like gray area
especially in this time when I feel like or I’ll just speak for myself I got to feel like I feel like every time I open my mouth I’m just in a Minefield and all I can do is just as little as possible but it’s kind of nice listening to you guys like you’re you’re you’re you’re smart and and and like your win win win the conversation sometimes goes into these areas of light about Society about like a cultural things that could be construed as possibly politics although I think it’s a shame that these things are called politics these days things like the in cell when we did we need to the Elliot Rodger thing I just it was such a beautifully concise like it was used to Rudy like kind of like ran down just really quickly like what what is an incel what is the deal with this I’d like like it was so it made me feel more in control of egg of this
Quagmire just listening to you guys like as in like like talking about it again I have no questions which actually tickled me thank you also here’s a huge service you provide this is a call to action like everyone has to stop endorsing the lie detector like you got to love that every time there’s a lie detector involved in an investigation two guys typically stop and make a point of how lie detectors are horseshit and that no one should ever consent to a lie detector test whether you’re guilty or innocent whatever the larger crime is lie detectors being taken seriously everyone just refused them because they’re just get a bigger Applause
that was a weird in the 911 call I guess I do have this hang-up about Lake play everyone gets judged for their 911 like I’m going to something’s going to happen to Cody and I’m going to call 911 if people are going to listen forever to my 911 call and was so calm about Cody he just kept talking about Chevy Chase don’t like that because just like like cuz you could say you could justify any narrative and it would make sense because people are fucking crazy and do all sorts of crazy shit so like I don’t know what did Amanda Knox or whatever she did like flips or
that’s what you do what you was in a sentence like that’s what you do with your guilt he’s like yeah both of those are true what I mean what do baby cry in the dark I don’t believe that cuz she was too sore stomach and I just kept talking about how dingoes eat me and it was like something to make yourself prison and then they found the baby’s got into town and then I think I messed up I mean that’s like damn probably feels uncomfortable by weird weird
911 roleplay exercise sure how to do it but if the person is like neurotypical in their reaction like another words they’re like screaming there in hysterics oh my God that’s horrible thing is happening what is the what is the thing that the 911 operator immediately says yes ma’am I calm down I need a couple lately it’s so who like it is so predictable and why does she need to calm down she’s screaming here’s my address there’s a headless body in my driveway it’s okay for her to not be, she’s giving you every piece of him because it’s a shock Factor.
who’s going to be 911 jab someone should be 911 and then someone else I think we just go or secretly pick one of us is is is is a murderer and then we’ll do a series of 911 calls and you guys will determine which of us is the most expensive should be the dispatch
yeah that’s what I don’t we got to figure that part out
personal trainer and a fine mess all day ask you to do is just we’re going to close our eyes and then you’re going to tap one of us on the head and that person will be the murderer and I we all close our eyes closed her eyes is picking as the murderer no crimes now they’re married somehow indicate to them that there
I’m going to walk around everybody so you can’t tell exactly how did people play that game do people play Four Corners single forever Four Corners when I move down here no one played Four Corners and then people started playing and then everyone is playing and I was like did I bring four corners down here and make sure you exclude Spencer cuz I’m just closing my eyes to like tear in the group that’s that’s good

I might have been four quarters down here though there was a northern California thing where you got a murder on your hands. How do I how do we start this if you were pulled just to be clear if you were poked on the right side of your rib cage you’re the murderer how do we I think I can get one who calls from 911 we should we get like a thumbnail of the murder though so that we’re all doing the same so that are the same crime like we just need like a like a like a like a cause of death of spouse is is decapitated on the kitchen floor
okay that’s fair and you calling night
I think we can I guess when I go I guess not you guys cuz it’s alright well yeah I got this is perfect.
I thought he would like me being smart thank you for helping us thanks for being nice to me I needed actually this is a collaborative effort we are making this up okay alright so yeah the prospect areas that we’re going to try to do
Carter’s going to make a lot of sense because we don’t have a listen to a police officer doll make a 911 call 911 car lot more false butt dials right like that a crime has been committed and they’ve seen at the cabin on it
lady what don’t you get after you have been a dispatcher I think you are the lead detective in there like the first 48 kind of guy everybody gets sat down and you have to make your first statement your your background is in theater right you working like a PR or like those of us who aren’t the murderers we just need to be so fucking good and in the mall you saying that you’re not the murderer because you’re the murderer we need to leave that we found by just talking like a murderer right now
who’s going
can you calm down sir
so it’s still in the house I don’t know what you said to text you where are you are you are you safe can you please calm down
address to 117.
9007 Goldendale Drive I believe there might be my real address from when I lived in Milwaukee
okay we’re sending we’re sending peace now tell me what happened please calm down
Jesus Christ oh my God
calm down
now I know that’s not helping
all right there, calm down
my character was African-American
I don’t feel good
rock band phone oh boy
are you sure it’s closed I am
princess blood coming out from under the door
okay I’m going to need her and tell me where you are
that’s why I’ve been asking you to calm down
I just can’t touch it with my own City since I was away from the door I think she’s really in trouble I need to know where you live first
Angel nephew slow down hold on
please calm down we can edit that out
London oh wow
alright alright sounds good I’ll talk to you later
play all the other boats are pulling over to the Atlantic right okay and shout out to the dispatcher for not freaking out
Iran 911 emergency I just came home and I’m at my husband’s been decapitated
no I’m I don’t think you understand it so I’m quite a situation with going to Hansa I think you need to urgently send somebody
a my eyes I feel like I’m being home so I’m I don’t appreciate you taking that time with me it’s it’s it’s a 911 Street Yukon just I’m writing this in the police report
I write police reports just stay on the line can you describe the scene for me I did my my husband has been decapitated paying attention visit so what nerve by your calmness I would appreciate if you stop saying such things cuz this is being recorded and I’m sure when I eventually go on trial for my husband’s mother they will pay a recording of this at my trial so stop by a thing that Yuri
all right decisions or do I do I go
Anthony said the murderer
Only The Odyssey
I am a manager at Barro’s Pizza
this is 911. Yeah yeah a friend of mine that works here hasn’t shown up for a couple days and I’m worried about him but I couldn’t find them I want to file a missing-person report you need to calm down
I just saying Johnny’s number one on time he’s always here first one and the last one to leave and I he is he’s my favorite employee I just called him with called his home and when we’ve been to the house and just no replies when I said I feel like something bad has happened our lines are very important and just doesn’t sound like an emergency I’m going to transfer you to Police Services but please this is for danger and people who are like on fire and such okay I’m worried about you. Yeah that dang thank you you know what actually what do you need
what’s a Taco Bell to my manager cuz I had a very successful Barro’s Pizza at 58th way airport and they the guy what was his name is Raul clack clack clack clack clack
what was that sound I’m going to check them out haunting closet
I’m around I’m Moonlighting as a self-employed pizza maker
oh my God
I’m dying all right so now now I think we all have to go into our first meeting with like Leslie detect okay yeah alright look I’m I’m not going to slow down wondering why I’ve asked you all here about a crime in withdrawal implicated where we all married to the same to all the same same murder
it seems this event convert multiple universes and I’m here to find out why
now why was everyone not call more to call explain your logic
I was just in a panic I got I was terrified first for my wife and then for myself I ran out the door and the cops shot me
I just I really don’t do door handles a likely story
what about knobs
and and Sir Rudy or whatever your character in his name was if it was different and I am a professional and I know these things I’ll move on went through a Hole Sun salutation situation everybody remembers it well this is kind of unrelated actually you’re just here because you keep poking people in the side
look I got real strict probation situation all right he got a poke three people every month what the fuck I act like I don’t understand why I’m here I’d like to have a lawyer present route before I answer any questions I run a very successful pizza, likely story alright well will the real murderer raise their hand
okay everybody on the audience gas on 300K cycle 1 2 3
I heard Spencer master of Game Theory
you guys know about the Monty Hall problem
I don’t know who’s enjoyed this basilica
these are getting a question I I rather liked from the subreddit rather liked you just saying cuz I’m interrupting I like this question I rather liked this question didn’t I just does anyone think that our generation being obsessed with True Crime will create better serial killers it’s like we’re all doing research on how to get away with murder kind of we’re going to make a superbug
I would say I say I say I’m not sure whether True Crime is in new Fascination like how how long is America’s Most Wanted them on television. That’s a dumb leading question do do do you do do we or do we not think that more people are kind of forensic Lee savvy than once in twenty years ago I think all is we know so if you do if you were going to fly into a rage and like murder somebody or kill him for insurance like it’s safe to say that you are going to maybe take extra steps to being a serial killer would be a big step I don’t think many people would be there to let just because I think I could get away with it that’s a but I think I’m glad you
it’s my time now I’m so well-educated in this but I think the average kind of killer who likes you know decapitate that’s my house and then tries to cool and I think they probably all going to be more sophisticated than law enforcement are constantly getting more sophisticated and I think the pieces that people are better understanding I like luminol or you know DNA and things like that but there’s so many different paths to the investigation like when we talked about like Chris Watts the guy who killed his wife and his kids I think I’m really recent case the number of unbelievably stupid things he does like Googling things making calls on his phone till I figure out what he can dispose of his wife’s body I might be you what were you doing what were you thinking every Fire TV stick to be in the world
Yoko on CCTV about three hundred times a day in London they is cheaper just to put a camera out in front of your place and not plug it in like it to look like you have ICC blind spots in London and people know exactly where they are and if you’re going to get into a fight or commit a crime they didn’t know where the cameras aren’t plugged them yeah I remember going to Lincoln and her kids website fry and twenty years ago now it was like you could you could plug to locations and London into a like a map and it would show you the route where you could stay off camera was just a matter of principle Casino in Reno Nevada and
a guy grabbed a friend of mine is it this woman like grabbed her by the crotch like Travis tile and a horrible human being and I grabbed the guy and security came over and they go if you want to kick his ass go to the parking lot and go to the right and stand by this one thing because the cameras don’t work there for a reason that’s where they go and they thought people they deal with this guy here is where you here is where you fucking go. Is this cameras but it but those ones don’t work for a reason cuz that’s where she gets that was do you think that true crime fans are more or less predisposed to like be wanting to commit crimes so because I might believe like people with a bent for justice might be more prone to do Juke I am so then maybe if they’re less likely to even do these kinds of crimes so then the kind of people who like this stuff aren’t the kind of people who are going to use it to get away from crimes I don’t know.
hi guys like a bunch of like True Crime stuff and fictional crime stuff and with the police always say is smart people are the first ones to get caught because they think that they know what they’re doing well and they also think that they can’t get caught and also because they’re smart when presented with evidence and Lodge there they go oh you’ve got me stupid people get away with it because stupid people jump see logic and they just don’t fucking care the the the the tween need is his name is Josh Powell is that the the Powell guy that I think it was Mormon by the way
Mormons we got to talk late like listening to True Crime it’s like yeah I will put a pin in that but the guy who drove out to the truck out somewhere came back without his wife in Utah and then like forever they’re investigating him and then he eventually it did the two kids he he killed them like inside of house if I like he he he had seen a true crime case like in Utah are so there was some comprable case that he was documented as having studied basically end of lesson that he is not entirely bright mind but incredibly sociopathic mine had Learned was simply don’t lie as like like like
Who Lies as possible if you if you’re going to invent a person for instance that like killed your spouse in the alley don’t don’t just say you don’t you didn’t see their face don’t say you saw it and that they were looks he know and they were wearing a fedora like it you’re going to the more details you give the more you’re going to get cornered and caught the guy was just it was a it was like he was like it was childish the way he liked is it the cops at him down and they’re just like the cops were almost addicted to shame and the part of the perpetrator where they’re like well this is the part where we corner you and you eventually like just admit that you can’t lie anymore but she just had like this weird superpower where he was like
any kind of any just that he found the the reminded me a lot of Donald Trump’s effect on like like the media is a swear it was just like we’re not it weird that we don’t know how to deal with this and we’ve never had someone just like with no they’re not smart they’re not stupid they’re just be just like went through like he just didn’t you just said as little as possible and it just sat there and he got away with it until he killed himself and his kids are having studied all the stuff the answer used to be have a boat I don’t think that’s true at all anymore now the answer is just don’t actually like like like as long as you can actually get rid of the body like like don’t just say nothing
get used to the feeling of everyone pointing at you in screaming murderer but
the react to that like men and then I’ll have a sandwich lately and then like our society if she doesn’t know what to do with that person I think how to get away with murder someone not connected you to you in any way that’s how you do it and then I would do.
okay we should cut this out it’s very easy to get insulin that’s crazy I know it’s not today I carry in the human body so they don’t transfer it hell yeah we’re in solving problems or heart attack
crazy that leads to a question I’ve always I’ve always kind of had about true crime or a crime in general which is like do we sing that there’s a and I don’t know if the charm should be serial killer or not but like yeah I guess it should be do we how do I pair my braces question is there a is there a fringe of incredibly successful serial killers who are so good at what they do that they have body counts in astronomical numbers and will never be caught and have never been caught or is it like no we just we catch them eventually you know what I mean I don’t know how to phrase the question sort of like the time I think they do realize that it’s a Serial hopefully but I do all that matters are the hardest to solve we talked about it quite a lot on the show because

hey do do exactly what kind of just said they kill people that they don’t know there’s no connection I no connection between the victims no connection between them in the victim so it’s really hard for them to connect the dots and realize and I think there are definitely serial killers out there with huge huge headcount headcount people but since I didn’t care about prostitutes die all the time and ended at that supposed but lots of Serial murders or just like that don’t know what happened like that problem first might be still doing it that’s been banging down the doors on the police station saying I could follow up on the rack. Nobody cares if it’s like we’ve been there and now I will be over
no one was telling them that what that what they had you know mothers and fathers and sisters and social work is telling the police to look for the thing is serial killer investigations also expensive and it’s very sore thing and it’s about who how much was this person was to society yeah like traction on that victim-blaming like, talking about the starting times of so it was bound to happen eventually this was inevitable. I think that the definition of them. So I think definitely they’re all serial killers out there with huge body counts but we haven’t tracked down because of who they were kidding I’m weather doing is why I like it’s if communication between Police Department
great lake is near some American like truck driver guy that they think he’s a truck driver what do they call them lot lizards I don’t know what that the that the term is for the lake that the sex workers that frequently truck stops and things like that hitchhikers and study the jurisdictions and they got this is his investigations will never be yeah they will never be related to it in any single investigators mine Mormon I’ll do that we took that out on a couple of episodes with the DNA stop now people just giving all of that DNA to be private company than that put into public effectual databases the police can search through them and then they put the Golden State killer where your aunt I catch a horrible senator
come down against that but I never predicted this would happen I always predicted that we would have a point as a society where we got to have an increasingly difficult debate right we’ve never done any of that for any technology we started putting chips and cats like my cat out of microchip in and I was like and it was it was it was safe to have that is because they were like thinking about Littles do that I’m prisoners to and that way you wouldn’t even even eat as many bars are the chip is the bar like just letting the prisoners and then our children does we love our children we do anything bad to happen to him and then like civil liberties start increasingly all of a sudden one day the Golden State killer is caught and then it was almost like a footnote that by the way the way he was caught was this incredibly like way too late to have a debate about it or well and fresh will be processed where because we all want to know how much Neanderthal we have
as we thought we’d swap our cheeks and send it to the services and then somewhere along the way everyone just it’s like oh holy shit you can just how do we feel about that you have the the success stories of like the Golden State killer and now they’re running the DNA for like the Zodiac Killer and they’re like we’re going to get him and all this and yeah cool but then like the story that I missed it there are so many obstacles about ticket when we were reading about the Golden State killer and we did that case about the 40 or old case in the bottle the back room. He was a high school teacher that had been a couple of rapes and the time that he was living in and he has he had his his they took his DNA was in the database they said it was him arrested him they took him in they held him in charge him. It was like his nephew or something and by the time they were able to identify who it really was his life as Ava he called me a teacher anymore
even if he proven not to be around that kids anymore he’s going to win any what he wanted and he’s Gray
yeah I like all right you didn’t run out while he was being forced out of a plaintive wail you don’t have to resign now you can be a complete ass hole at the end and get reelected he’s going to be really like it has a podcast reviews but I did look at yours cuz I was just curious and is that where people that your Central Park 5 episode going like I used to like this podcast but I didn’t know it was going to be about shaming the American president
he wasn’t president when he became famous for taking it off. What you want me to do
that didn’t happen as part of the story of it’s not like you guys did take a big break and go like by the way here’s what we hate about America I was like I just thought it was so amazing that there was like yeah there’s a cluster of people are like one star I used to like you and then I found out that you that you don’t like it when people try to kill people with glad you enjoyed 17 hours of pre content before you yelled at us so big that someone from that demo couldn’t get through the day is long but I just like well they would think I was packing I mean listen to them they sound like
like I did like gay character is enhancing a dumpster behind Hogwarts
call voice of a dumpster that’s a good magic and I took all the CDs out and I’m going to burn them on my lawn and lightning that’s great because the seams are toxic and I have your money
fuck you
can I ask is just like a lot but it feels like there might be a separate it there’s like there’s crimes that are kind of salt and there are the details and then there’s times where you don’t have all the details do you prefer one or the other is both part of it as one more fascinating because I don’t know I was thinking that it’s like part of this like the search for truth it’s like the unknown is there and can I pieced it together but there’s another part that’s like oh here’s all the details and maybe I can own all these details and use that knowledge or just kind of the opposite of like a search for truth in the void I don’t know does that mean anything in times of the cases that we do it episode every week supposed to be misguided but with Hannah and so TimeWise we just got to keep trying him out everything I’ll be ready to go on Tuesday night so what we really want to do is do a long-form show about one particular case like a duck’s back door where we have the time until like properly
investigate and get a lot more and more of the details together but primarily what we’re doing on red-handed is storytelling so it’s just finding finding what we can and piecing together the story I mean link to that question if I really enjoy the ones where there’s not all the details about that and we can piece it together on interpret it in a different way but I think it just comes down to time we’ll text each other sometime like I need an easy one this week and by that I mean as a whole shit, documentary about that and that’s all this information I can read it put it together and it’s like kind of said we’re not doing an investigative podcast we’re doing a storytelling one with our opinions in there so it’s just time but the interest is really with the ones where there’s not that much out there
I’m were captivated by myself but again I’m not a huge fan so I was wondering if the staircase do you think that dude killed her or his son killed her and what do you think about that one was what’s-his-name Pizza
Jordan Peterson
I don’t know I don’t know either I’m on the fence I’m afraid I find the old friends of browsers you like this is a story about a guy pushes wipe down the stairs and and tried to act like you didn’t really got them through forensics and that was like the 90s or something and then there was the the whole documentary and they look like there’s yeah it’s back and forth all over the place every time that story is I think he and I and the kids do some other classic so they can somebody asked in the subreddit what about Madeleine McCann but I do know I feel like I do
she was on shi’s birthday is she was on holiday with her two parents in Portugal you have dinner every night in this restaurant with that friends and leave the kids in the apartment unlocked door unlocked or on that ride and then they be like it’s just like having dinner in the garden but it’s like a fucking fall like it’s not like having dinner in your garden and then one night they go to today they basically do a Rossa of one of the people having kept us going and checking on all the kids every like 15 minutes and they go in the room and then Madeline’s gone but they are brother and sister is safe in the rooms too and so really it’s either she wanted it all and she fell down a well over mine and I adopted or the parents built up and then the whole investigation was did the parents do it or not because when the mom comes out of the room the first thing she says they’ve taken her
high-end darker like cult thing in there like give us your favorite one kind of sounds like she was expecting something was missing and you so when you do feel like she doesn’t like judging someone whose kids just been since this is an example why is this case like extremely like it’s a magnet for everybody the reason is because there’s enough room for speculation that it just didn’t it’s a Sandbox for everybody right okay so it at what point are we do we ever think about families of
victims of suspects when the stuff is still unsolved no matter how cold the case maybe do we how do we deal with the karma the thought of like these are human beings that move on through their life they haven’t been convicted they haven’t been in there don’t they have a right to like listen to podcast and like do we ever do to you guys run this through in your head like what if what if so-and-so or their family or whatever is listening like most of the cases we’ve done
we never allow for the victim when are the mocking the victims so I would hope that they wouldn’t ever feel
like we were bicycle couple people in love might get on a tandem bike and ride it through Central Park to I just have never seen it in the wild
it also it also destroyed our scene-setting of New York in the 80s AIDS epidemic the crack epidemic the gang wars Research into the crack epidemic and then the next and then it was 9:30 p.m. in Central Park in Central Park five in Central Park in this couple write-offs on a tandem bike like yeah so. Like I told Madeleine McCann like you get you where you guys standing it sounds like you’re thinking like like
I ate it feels Grody to 2 then go
the parents waited until this new Netflix documentary came out and I’ve had a lot of people who would like to store parents said it had not changed my mind I haven’t watched it yet so I don’t know. Feels like that because it’s just incredibly sluggish and they haven’t got lots and lots of unnecessary information about Pride illusion the 80s like I don’t know why the dated her is that they sedated her and then they go off to dinner so I can have a great time and they come back and she’s got that baby they just drop them off and then they got all of this being said but it’s like their occupation
you’re like one of your doctors and your you know you you just want your kids to sleep while you go have the minister sedatives all the time like that well I got I got converted this is the interesting thing about this to me is that the reason the way that we found the guy that I call Asperger detective oh yeah I like this guy if you have you listen now I just really want you to listen to his bike and I’m not saying that you’re like him he’s so I want to know whether you would love him or hate him I’m excited he’s a very interesting guy, it’s such a weird forgettable name and say it like it’s like his that’s what I love about I pick up marketing Guru he’s not a person person he he owns it he’s like
reviews are 50% 1 * 50% 5 * that one starts are like that. It’s for the ice saying that I’m like I’m like well if you’re going to hate somebody for this stuff than he’s my hero and then the other ones are like he’s so deep and thoughtful and interesting cuz he I’m sorry I’m badly but he did with the reason we found his podcast is because Rosanna that are named Rosanna from the California Dreamin she was at she just does California Dreamin California to touch myself in the balls just hearing that she’s terrible people are talking like they don’t go to graphic design school for their logos they don’t go to like how it would like Brandon school like they really into True Crime and likes the weather
does people have the worst California and she’s truly she’s really good at California Dreaming I have a boat I just very academic and somebody asked her and ask her is there any True Crime podcast turns up dead tomorrow or missing I did it you’re going to jail
make it worse over the worst of crimes was Austin True Crime and it’s called Blake killers and cattle or Savannah murderer from California Dreamin was as if Cody told me this bit that she was asked is there a case that you changed your mind on based on an episode of another person’s True Crime podcast interesting question I’d like to ask you guys and she said yes Asperger Detectives
this guy hits his back to give him the same deal buddy I’ll fly you out from Los Angeles
I can’t I can’t it’s called like Cold Case
Christ murder file multiple case murder mysteries Cody said he’s talking like this I hate you want I mean like like look you’ve been he’s polarizing but he is like he he approaches that she said yes his treatment of the Madeleine McCann story like it changed her mind and when you listen to it that’s what that’s than episode I would recommend if you want to get into the sky as his Madeleine McCann episode because he makes it seem incredibly obvious that there was never a plan they what they were on vacation they were they were using micro doses of like you know kind of sedative that they were caught they’re very comfortable with as a professional couple of doctors they were like just keeping the kids there is there the kids already on the trip had been actually getting up out of bed and like
you know they they just they cross the threshold of like let’s just NyQuil on the butt on a pro level and and that and that actually like not that they they didn’t OD on because you’re correct they wouldn’t do that they would know the right amount and what actually did happen is that the the kid was high and got up still and was two little round the place alone and like was playing on like the spot where that one of the the dogs did go to when they were investigating one of the corpse sniffing dogs like to send it on this one area of the the the the room where the Asperger detective I have to stop calling him that Cold Case murder mystery may be like fell off the couch was for right it’s like like like it’s just she may be climbed up on top and I fell in like
freak accident total freak accident they they found out about it and then they kind of like just worked out a thing where they like and it is actually like that version of events I feel bad for the for the parents if that really happened because they they would be in a day would be their lives would be fucked they come home to that and it’s like it’s a tragedy and that’s saying a needs that it’s just like a magic on that and it’s like God the what do any of us do when were pushed to the point where a lie is equidistant from from the truce in terms of like how much you fucked up your life or your leg I don’t know what I’m made of and if I’m ever put in a position like that I’m not sure maybe we kind of like we’ve all been in situations where like I was just just easier to find the child and they do an autopsy
which is an incident of itself is just incredibly strange I mean how old are you I think that’s the thing that makes it feel like it’s not the parents because if they if they did do it I think it’s like you sat down like they say it was an accident they didn’t maliciously mud they don’t they don’t from Portugal that one holiday that that in like a holiday Resort where are they taking this for your old buddy that the British police went and helped as well as the Portuguese plates and the British police are looking for money and they never found her and the parents in a foreign country were able to dispose of this for your old buddy. Well that’s the thing that doesn’t make sense to me so that comes in a back door and takes a kid how did they that that was one of those ades points
this is an aav Center Asperger’s or or like what were the bad guys name you can’t say it was like oh I must have liked this one organized thing you can go in and snatch a kid and if they did take them they took them and that person doesn’t then put the energy and resources into making someone vanish
not to your kids like my grandma kind is incredibly high risk like it’s the same thing with Amy Bradley like kidnapping someone he’s on a cruise ship with us physically know a cigar like why is the game for you that is so cute that makes that worth it in such a hot it’s like high risk high stakes
I think
give me the potatoes out of that I think she was as I think I went on a cruise with her family and she disappeared as they were like out to sea like around Aruba and that’s all the stuff they get to Aruba they can’t find us she’s been missing for hours but they’re on their own the ships that when she’s clearly here we just don’t know why so they did a bit of a haul false that any way they never found her and that was a couple of sightings of this one guy and he’s just a worse human being said that he contacted that family said I I know what I know is she is she sleeping on a compound with this man who’s got sleeve tattoos and long long time I can extract a few years that I sent him all of his money and it was he was just sitting on an island in the Caribbean all that money for months that time anyways that she was sold into sex slave
that’s cuz it’s the top Caribbean why she was so obviously it has the same rules as and the Netherlands for sexual except dress and another picture which people think is her
from Yale a sound like one of those like sex holiday websites extracted off of the washer like they went that far out to sea a nightmare scenario cuz it’s like you find out like that these these Cruise Lines they’re they’re owned by they’re not accountable to the laws that we think they purposely even if they are American corporations they purposely work through international law because that makes it a lot easier to abused labor for instance of the guy teaching new shuffleboard can only be paid a penny if you’re not an American company the case for Aspergers in Texas
I always act like what do you guys have a I don’t know what the word favorite means in this context do you have a favorite case I whatever that means to you and then I’m going to tell you mine or not one that you can’t do because it’s too gross cuz that’s another question which I think the answer is no to like is there something that somehow off-limits saw that there’s a Most Fascinating or the or the time I leave it to you whatever the word favorite might mean I don’t know like oh yeah I would never do junko furuta it’s really really bad I think we’ve done a lot of research and come back to your first question or like how much does this fuck you up don’t refer to as the only case that I’ve looked at and read about the
was like I was in floods of tears after I tried what happened to that go it’s horrifying
these girls do a Halloween episode have you done you’ve only been on for Halloween episodes are like they go out of their way to go into the war because I honestly like I don’t I don’t do these things kidding myself like I’m here to be at your house the opposite like I’m I go to True Crime to take a break from the pressure of the like that that existed like I do if I choose right or wrong I’m a good or a bad person and I’m listening to where the pinball machine breaks down like a Spencer alluded to it’s like debugging society that going okay well this is Yul Brynner in Westworld like went nuts and started shooting up the saloon like I gravitate towards that I want to know details
I don’t I don’t like we would never bother to go as far as to say it’s because I want to prevent it from happening or it’s because I love the people so much or because I think I might be the guy that did it it’s it’s all just like rubbernecking it’s just sort of like what what went wrong what happened how does this work how it’s just I don’t know why I did that was we gravitate to the stuff you you wait but we we got you said you wouldn’t do that one guy that’s too fucked up right do you have like what do you have a favorite
it’s a dumb question it makes no sense with her favorite murder story and it doesn’t make cereal okay I’ll tell you I look here’s my thing I’ll talk for a while I tried I have a finely dang it’s a platform this is my
this is my request cuz I have. I don’t remember who did that I think maybe True Crime garage did did did her but I don’t hear a lot about her and I continue to be confounded about what could possibly have happened and why there’s not more investigation Kanika Powell I think she lived in Maryland that she’s American for sure if you look it up Kanika Kanika Powell
young lady who her apartment it is like a guy comes to her apartment door knocks on the door and says he’s an FBI agent she’s looking to the people the nightmare of the story The reason people gravitate to it is because she does everything right she never does anything wrong and it it she looks to the people in the guy says I’m an FBI agent can I come in I want to talk to you about something and she cuz he holds up a badge and she’s like she asked him some questions I can’t remember is like do you have a badge number or like is there she knows to ask him something and he just fucking walks away and it’s like the middle of the night and she then goes over to her window and she watches the strain dude who just pretended to be an FBI agent walking away from her apartment building and she hears another male voice saying I did that guy
reason we know this is because she she keeps records she emails friends and family about these incidents that she has another voice saying other way or something like that and the guy turns around and walks the other way she doesn’t see the source of The Voice have been around the corner one way and it goes the opposite direction emails online that’s part of what
attractive about the cases that it’s just so it’s it feels like real life Creepypasta because she’s we have your emails that you send it to her friends and family and where she’s explaining what happened to her and then 5 days later another knock on her door and a different guy at the door says I have a package for you
and she goes where is it or something at Lake again she doesn’t she doesn’t do anything stupid she reacts exactly the way you supposed to react and the guy leaves and doesn’t leave a package is the different. She is like a span of a week she works for a laboratory that does work for Homeland Security that’s part of all is why this is such a fucking freak out because you can’t ask the cop can’t ask her job anything about who she works with and she had one of those jobs that where if you asked her what she did that day she had to tell you I’m not allowed to tell you now there’s lots of those jobs and they’re not all Area 51 like level shit but there’s just certain jobs or you’re not allowed to tell your family what you did that day at work she had one of those jobs and and when the when the homicide investigators call her boss you know after she’s spoilers dead
they they keep telling the cops that we can’t tell you anything about about her job at and who she worked with and anything and the cops are just like okay
it’s so like so that don’t those two incidents happen within five days and I think it was another knock on her door and she’s sitting in the emails for her mother and her sisters heartbreaking every time and the police come out and they talked to her and they look for Clues and and they should call the FBI because the guy and the FBI said yeah no that was definitely would never do that ever we don’t behave like that we would blah blah there’s like a whole slew of reasons why that could not have been us thank you for not opening the door like lately she she emails again like her her family and goes I think she was going to take a vacation or something like that and she was like she said she had some errands to run so she took the day off of work after the last time she talked to the cops it is specifically saying like I don’t want to come to leave or come back to my apartment building at night time
because I’m a woman and I live alone so I’m going to call into work take off of work and like the minute after she talks to the cops the third time she goes from there and does her errands and she comes home from her errands and the guy that was the UPS package fake guy is in her hallway and shoots her to death and runs away and that’s it no robbery no sexual assault didn’t want in her apartment just wanted to kill her fine was killing her not in her apartment like didn’t need multiple men at least why isn’t a task force I what is going on I like it like this woman worked for a fucking lab government contract and everyone online all the weapons loose keep saying like well you can rule out the idea of government hit because it was so sloppy like why would you have a fit in our government
like if I what if I if I if I work at if I work for a it is it’s it’s that that we’re not saying the Illuminati killed her and that they could still possible for someone that she works with still like want her dad and have a couple friends and stuff like like I can’t it’s just that I formally request that I only feel you guys up for thought you never do what I say because I just can’t I just don’t understand why I sit in my bed at night sometimes and it go like what the fudge it makes me feel it unsafe I’m like wow so people can just decide that you should be dead and then eventually they’ll kill you no matter how stupid they are what can I do for you
I want to go I want to go to ischia Italy
how come because I have a podcast
what are what are what are what are what are some podcasts that you guys listen to True Crime wise that you that like inspire you challenge you whatever
oh sorry what do we listen to We went to Transylvania we do the road trip through Transylvania just his food so it will be fun and we listen to in the car is Patty just packed we just need to use a straight in one of the good ones and identical twins and they both like. He has got these kids and then he’s a PE teacher and he is having an affair with multiple go to school but he’s in love with one particular fifteen-year-old yesterday and then he moves his house and then give her hugs wife’s clothes and wedding rings and then he’s like oh my wife ran off and joined the cult and then the police say like okay cool see you and then now
because of that podcast they’ve dug out the entire about God and of the house that used to live in I can’t because I have like stop holes in it and stuff so yeah I heard that one that one is like dirty John doctor death drop out with listening to weird look like look like TV like Active cases where people are like I thought I’d try to do a podcast this is happening to me I can’t believe the boy was thinking there’s a popular one now go to Live and Die in LA and hate them I think it’s an incredibly poor taste in like I like you I like really irresponsible
are you doing and what’s going on
our work
I support and freestyle rapping over and I don’t do feedback no feedback feedback give that to Jeff thank you
can you do feedback
yo I got bigger
whoever smelt Oye the fitness 100-200 planks you witnessed Obel I’m going to curl some biceps and fuck your mama so hard she was a tri-tip steak with bearnaise sauce your mom and I’m never at a loss of fitness
don’t care cuz I’m losing my hair and this is what all the white man or leg man do you want to live my body is going away I’m turning into dust and I’m here to say
I like to have a midlife crisis today driving a Tesla isn’t helping the Earth we found out because it has a giant battery in it that’s charged by Cold planet and then you throw the car and it garbage. And your change do to your car
global warming
comparative advantage Prime Fitness Gear cable plank
I’m just David you can try to Spencer Crittenden in your game master Mayer
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