Episode: 326 – Bootie Etiquette


Episode: 326 – Bootie Etiquette


The return of Spencer Crittenden! Jeff helps Dan get his singing groove back. Crab alert! Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden and Brandon Johnson.


we’re going to 2nd Road and crying 11 what’s up can we get a u
welcome team
bring up Spencer Crittenden Charlie harmontown is now in session
can you recognize your retirement and the spring
Rockin to the beat going downstairs so your mom has said hey I got excited but then I got something happen I don’t know I’d stay terrified I didn’t want to wrap all of a sudden like really fast like I went from wanting to wrap really bad to not wanting to rap really fast cuz you didn’t feel the flow or clogged and then I and then I just panicked unclog that float like I’m being for real right now
welcome back Spencer thanks yeah I got a couch I see you’ve accepted my demands or one couch and one pointed polish pyramid is here in town you know the Grievances and what we we keep up we keep a line there everything else is a transparency and stuff but it was weird because like I wanted to agree but like the Spencers Guild was like no
headed home guild at the authorized to strike how how are the Spencers Guild producer Guild negotiations going to tell who’s talking about anything right like what stance anyone’s taking cuz you’re also a producer always in my own benefit house harmonquest oh it’s so good I know I don’t know sometimes I’m getting real mad and then I’m like this is bad
like you should be getting mad what are you getting mad at just like you at the boards all these boards on my car just like things that needed the last episode I heard I was like hell yeah he’s a lying about the show seen it before but she’s watching her fiance’s ex-wife in it that the reins and she doesn’t have any pettiness there but I’m just saying like there’s a lot of English on that ball but she drank all of these things she was like oh my God that’s so great she was like really into it but yeah errands really funny and everything is like working really good and yeah I just like
that’s over it but I just I can’t believe the lethargy on my face like in the beginning it’s a crazy the first season I guess cuz we’re like oh how do we do it and then I said that we did like a bunch of Tanks where I was like John Oliver
you know like you do need to do cuz the camera takes away 10 lb of energy says this time around like he’s really light in the first place just remember being like this like this let’s just have some fun and I’m watching them like I might blind I look like I’m blind to everyone hated it but here’s the thing with those cameras like it’s one thing to get stage-fright vs icon comfortable people looking at me I’ll be fine and then there’s there’s another layer where you do like single-camera work hurts like a year or whatever but it’s one camera and my job is to ignore it my job is to focus on the cookies cuz my I could never look at it and then there’s that live for
the tally light comes on in your camera to that’s your that’s your camp but it’s not even like the director says to you hey Dan if you when you’re going to look at the camera that’s the that’s your camera and points at one of the cameras and so the thing that freaks me out is I go okay so I know it’s not live there not editing in board so that it sort of like it in my head that it’s like I have control over whether the guts to me and so then I unlike while I’m never going to make the decision for it to cut to me so that I can hear how I feel it’s just a weird thing you might be at a totally different talent I think sexually idea that not that they’re just doing it
like live edit and then the seven or eight cameras are all rolling at the same time so that they’re all good to go you no matter where you’re looking that camera is rolling about harmonquest there’s no Tali light the light the red light doesn’t come on and says this is the one that’s on you right now but you can take a camera take to any camera at any time and that can be in the edit yeah you can also get the fuck out of there the same way so if you know that the cameras covering you that you don’t particularly agree with the take on you can throw the take us like ringing the camera that’s on you like the steak is going to suck cuz I fucked up the line straight to Cameron Showmanship you guys or talk about you guys. That’s why I don’t like Spencer and I are over here on this side of like
our top the top of our game is like I’m the world’s most comfortable nerd like I am no longer going to vomit by being in front of people or even a camera but then on the other side of that line is it’s just like oh wow you’re playing make-believes easier also like boy Karen’s hogging the spotlight tonight like I just was going on and get it like The long-form Improv cuz I just a bad listener
I just feel like why I just start thinking about it like oh I should I should come in as a crab or something and likes like then I’m like I’m her writing a crab thing in my head that the other people are going to fuck up when I come in because it be in for a few more on and end of end for the 30 seconds then I’m sitting here going like this is what I’m going to do it for me like a Hermit Quest I take copious notes and I’m writing things down as I want to remember the name of the thing that Spencer said the name of the school year after expenses laying down off this detail and I’m writing it down but while it’s happening something in private happening and I’m not listening to that so I’ve got the detail but not the the moment that just happened so it’s a hard line to walk yeah yeah baby
well it’s electrifying some of our chops tonight we can do some drills all right all right why don’t you just play some good old-fashioned right now
call God
I didn’t mean like that and the Crowd Goes I’m trying to get to know you but what did you mean precisely Dan betz but let’s walk the line between thinking ahead and being in the moment I’m only going to be in the moment, you’re not going to think about the crab character that’s going to come in later on
like I seen on us all right can I get a suggestion
you’re on a spaceship okay
snip snip I’m a crab I hope no one’s to the left of the direction I move
Captain Trent Esther why did you let your crab out of the tank you know that it’s against Academy regulations to leave wild animals on the spaceship the academy had it their way this ship could be made of regulations
as far as whether Herman is allowed to roam the cabin I think he’s been on a few more missions than you nurse Falco
but away he goes
crab alert crab alert
travel alert installed on the ship destroying crab
Herman destroyed
you don’t remember last week when you asked me to put in that crab software
cuz you told me you need all these lasers and some of these drinks to be poured on crabs telescreen bright
I captain I mechanic Bay
you can do you can do just about anything with those computer tools can’t you Marcus oh man at
anyway, back to what you were doing I just wanted to know was it successful with my crap thing like invention was a good do you like it yes it killed my crab
I better I’m going to come down and see you Marcus
over and out nurse Falco yes I’m going to find it hard to believe you didn’t know that was going to happen I’d be lying if I said I didn’t I tend to know exactly what’s going on aboard the ship it is my job as of the spaceship nurse
well I have a little bit of a scrape on one of my fingers okay. Are you are you being ironic are you in or do you just told me to fuck off when you talk to Marcus
Taco Taco pick up pick up look up we don’t ever we don’t ever have anything going on okay I was going to let you know I was going to put the good shoes on just so you know all right
boy you can take the city out of them astronauts
all right you can’t
you can’t
you can take the astronaut astronaut out of the city that’s what you can do and what we did do what we fail to realize we could never do was remove the city from your bones you Urban magical you get a lot of time to get a chance to spend with the higher up so I’m glad you came down and you wouldn’t mind a little of that sticky Wicky that I’m smelling everywhere I have no idea what you’re talkin about officer but it’s right here sometimes or what
you can shake it back and forth just to make the setting for yourself if you want
sounds like Cheetos but I probably got too high
at the signal 3 Captain franchise that we have we have an incoming message from your archenemy Diablos
put the weapons on standby charge the shields I’ll be right up
I can’t see are you is anyone there Johnson are they on weight me Diablos
no yes
Johnson I can’t see those back. Why can’t you see those are Shields you want to be able to see write mode what about division mode and Marcus you have to be the captain I’m too high
where am I at the right shoot up we need to get ready for a facial procedures
what exactly do you want from us spaceship I want it okay hold on for a second I got you hold them off for a second but he said there’s a whole thing sorry I’m nurse Taco I think that we shouldn’t put the shields up with you put the put the shield back down to like he just did but I think we should let the ship be Shields down situation I thought the captain Marcus God damn it is more rooted in the handheld Shields being raised for infantry or the old Hagar the Horrible thing coming down over the the the head think it’s like an engineer
cut the lights all right or is it does it come down like I’m up and down together like we only have Vision Shields Shield perfect fire Diablo a fuck God damn it I was looking at these Cheetos all right we’ve been hit under my leadership which is some bullshit by the way thank you fucking the worst time to make me Captain
got to shit that’s right and this one is injured so you will have our other ship that sounds perfect
now let us pass and get to safety
so we can tell you about that other shit all right I’ll do that and then I’ll monologue
wifey came Diablos two thousand years ago at the peaks of Mount Olympus
on Earth
dot-dot-dot Red Bull Red Bull Captain I just don’t think I mean it’s not like I’m still
it gives me heartburn know it’ll make you come back okay we need your stage leadership I tried to leave the ship off to high you didn’t do you get rid of them talking about I only West Wing off and I cried
anyway get back upstairs and show us why you’re the captain captain okay. I went back in there and I said I would like my job back
nurse Falco I’m back from the mechanic Diablo completed lower all Shields captain that puts us in a very vulnerable situation does it
That’s how ships work
all Shields lowered
as you can see we are quite vulnerable over here right
we have no other ship to give you
why was I just monologuing all this time
cuz you’re a fool
wow damn fool no
no float it over to a section of space called the fantabulous on Zone but that would mean if I’m getting fantabulous
if you thrust your engines your entire ship will explode from the chain reaction from the anti dark matter that no one tells Diablos how to fly
no boom
what really happened but actually happened
Captain Crunch after I can’t believe that work yeah he really he really fell for that Hook Line & Sinker I mean I kind of didn’t work because I was bluffing so my bluff failed miserably because it turns out he was actually in the antimatter space and really blew up I thought you knew that that was your poor know I was making it up and you couldn’t tell if I’m a ghost I do not see how this go
close to the crab Marcos
yes that’s Batman I’m a crab I only came back in the crab all right
everyone loves us
damn you’re very in the moment that I spent more time listening yeah then usual I usually don’t listen as much as I was
cuz you’re what you’re thinking about the next 10 seconds I have you yeah I tried not to do that this time
happy yeah very very happy wait we had a good time I had a good time
I are you there is nothing I know how you are you happy Spencer’s back with us yeah oh yeah I really loves it cuz you said you could do the show without me so I was like oh okay yeah well explain yourself now was it you or you just busy you said you were bummed out at one point yeah I’ve been depressed I’ve been not feeling great I also I talked about this a little bit but I have a hip sing this couch is great actually but it had been not great to sit for a long time and you know to drive and then sit and then drive and then also just as all snowballs
but yeah I know I don’t know it was just how are you feeling now oh yeah I resigned to my life no I’m kidding I think I’m going to get surgery it’ll be great people love it oh boy I hope my leg doesn’t fall out I my back it’s doing a lot of work lately
you know when your body is messed up the rest of your body gets messed up trying to help know yet that’s great silver like oh yeah I like the synovial fluid teeny orgonomic cocktail culture are like mine drugs because they’re all natural elixirs is out the source of the furniture is designed by
chiropractors in the drinks are normal pretty much they have dumb names like the store regularly a lot of their drinks are just names like S1 S2 S3 S4 chiropractor
what the hell are they doing back there I’m sure your chiropractors are different all of them are voodoo people they with the weird thing is like which would how much Voodoo did they get from the latest chiropractor convention where it’s like high-tech Voodoo and then how many of them are like DIY Voodoo and they’re like you you mentioned the guy was like allergies or something and what he did is he had a little packed like a suitcase little thing that you open up I had all these little files if I think what do you call like homeopathic water that was charged with Essences or whatever the fuck and so presumably these vials had allergens in them and he would hold the allergen near you and then he would do this with his fingers like you’re doing like a give me some change kind of hand sign with your fingers and he would say that he was tracking the resistance on his fingers because when you would sweat his hands would cause resistance in his hand
so if the the allergen was with close to you and you were allergic it would make him sweat more which meant you were allergic to the First Act of Wizard of Oz though it is a tornado can except it’s like plastic crap that they assumed it was like basically like it looked like a handheld a barcode scanner scanner as to ask 3 and he was like like measuring with and then he’s like oh yeah I don’t think it’s real I don’t think it’s accredited science or anything you know I think they’re just like
hail hits I put a bunch of wires in a box solutely screwed my back playing terrible golf in Florida once and I couldn’t even lift up a pencil off the table without like like weeping in pain and I went to a cat that our church has gone to and he just like instantly fix me like I was a bad mother fuker relieving back pain their bad at being content with that right so like physiotherapy there are real things and so I assume all chiropractors like Cobble together collections of real and fake tools they’re just some of them work often does the average American want their back cracked I’m looking that up at six months to three years of God damn it I’m going to go broke in this motherfucker put up posters it’s like
can you say S1 flu flu Seasons coming and remember all immune deficiencies originate in the spinal column is it you know it’s like this whole culture it’s the every everything that a chiropractor can possibly do that will that the AMA won’t like find them for I don’t know not what I speak of how that works but I don’t know if it works fine or if they just jump in your window that good good I remembered that The Simpsons the chiropractor I can’t hit the garage door is it closes and then running out the grass are so great just peek Simpsons
anyways. Joyful like like what a great time to be in a writers room that must have been like this is like like like oh Homer Homer is a dented trash can and it turns out to be like a chiropractic miracle I could for coming over to get your back episode
I don’t know I didn’t really start watching The Simpsons until I moved to LA in syndication I would watch The Simpsons in X-Files back-to-back and then I found some navel lint the other day what is this show waiting for me to bring out a parrot
been doing a lot of composing in GarageBand poop song on Instagram a good man too much GarageBand positions that aren’t there to soulful to be funny so I just listened to a mono Loop can we can we hear when we should laugh at those
we’ll be the judge of whether or not they live right now and it’s like the reason why I like because I’m not supposed to be good at it so I can relax and just put myself into it but I’m getting to a stage now where I’m going to get my feelings hurt if people make fun of me
West Lakewood Vin Diesel does his kind of like karaoke videos
like everyone is loving it but we can’t tell him what we think I don’t I don’t know anything about that but well it’s tender about his love in it so he’s he’s loving it is he good or is he always not like I go and I are you okay I went to a good thing I want you to play in Nashville Tennessee with Chip Esten an N. It’s called Santa’s Pub and it’s a Christmas decorated double wide trailer and as far as I remember in the middle of fucking know where is a good place to get a divorce and the sign that says no swearing on stage no cursing on stage and after I sent my second or third song
I believe it brought the house down the trailer down and that and I went about it it was a greatest place it like it was the most Tennessee shit I’ve ever seen him so good okay he’s one of my songs yeah I know yeah
I rub the screen myself for the strings
liberal Embassy good
sounds like somebody just scored in another Alan Ball movie huh I’m not making fun of here are you playing keys or that like you actually putting down there cuz I wouldn’t let you like map out Melodies In A like I found this really cool app that stuff in there too that why do but let’s play it again on the supposed to go put some words to that lets you should we pick from to cuz it’s you know because that’s our know it was part of my style it was like
that you’re Tom Waits The pianos Brianna King you’re freaking me out of trouble how many more do you have one more okay no lyrics for this one either but yet but
it was more delightful
play some for the gunship
call my baby ducks and baby duck baby duck baby duck
who do who knew that you had all that Joy inside you know how does the app work with you making Corridor just be you poke the screen at the spot where you wanted it’s different from playing piano you just put a note in a grid and then it gives you a little filling out to me out of no don’t say that I don’t know I’m an appointment that’s all from scratch call you use it all that and a guitar in the more the more interesting musically when like it’s got that kind of my favorite
it’s going straight to like a Aviation museums like tour video
I mean that I flatter myself but but like like that it would be professionally but it’s not it’s not turning the first one if you listen to it a bunch and if you made it I think you have to have made it
play the second one at but I want you to do voice over at the aviation museum even though you probably don’t know a whole lot about Aviation okay yeah the Vintage Aviation Museum and this is the music and then you’re doing voiceover welcome aboard
whether you got here by car boat foot or our preferred mode of travel
you just found a second home
for the next 3 hours
the blinking lights on the floor will lead you through a Labyrinth of educational and sometimes amusing exhibits
we love exhibit Morgan Freeman what are you doing here are lawyers require us to tell you that there are no such thing as ghosts
if you see a pilot with unfinished business
he’s probably a rapist
exhibit one
Kitty Hawk 1911
if you were getting pasta and Nebraska in 1911 you probably weren’t thinking about Orville and Wilbur Wright okay no Nebraska I think I said
those two boys had their eyes on a bigger prize hey excuse me crappie get out of here I’m trying to give the two of you need to blow away puppies Behavior tell my folks we’re going to take a different form of the tour I’m changing the blinking lights to properly, follow the same old two or you are going to follow mine but I have fun Pizza Rock and Roll aviation history
pregnant women should follow the emergency exit
in an emergency along with non-pregnant women and men

sorry my wife is currently pregnant and I at the time of recording this by the time you’re hearing it my kids probably 8 years old
I’m not even part of the tour I’m just the emergency exit speaker
Exhibit 2
what are you going to do with it
more bass Maddox it’s a living
in the 1930s Sixers
gravity was only on a few people’s mind even though the planes were working
you know what sorry I got to go
hey man
yeah I’m over here man I’m over here I was sleeping over here
Dutchess Dutchess I’m Amelia Earhart
my dick
okay if you were warned before you put it away are we going to do that second thing what it was like to be the album title by Soul II Soul
on fantabulous on records what you know I don’t I don’t know if I have the lyrical gumption you’re going to make up lyrics
I’m leaking out there let me hear it through
is it weird
that’s what I want
I adjusted the velocity and you’re laying it down you know cuz you’re mad at your dad
isn’t that bad stuff the title of the song then
so mad at my dad so mad at my dad so mad at my dad and I don’t matter. My mom too bad
I have that entire pedal next to you oh yeah the robot voice then when you going to be about do I have written down lyrics to be a man and I’ll and I’ll try my worth to a to make it good all right when I when I hear this song I think about
Dead Leaves
it’s official
show me a flight nurse that are going to pick up there it’s like someone angry who’s like on an ongoing on a tear like someone is going on a rant but this is this the song yeah because it’s like it has this is driving like kind of bouncing is to it but then the Discord the notes and stuff kind of like they imply like a anger no I mean I’ll do some of it but you guys have to help what else is it doesn’t talk to you a little I think it’s concrete and Dudley Drive okay
take this anymore my dad he is killing me concrete dry leaves I can’t break any of these will not do this show or buy dad will ask me no more these damn leaves and my God damn father
see you see how I had something for a little bit and then if someone really took it it would have just seemed like I was a real genius but then you start some kind of backup vocals I didn’t mean that as a no I just meant as like how good I did do you kill killing it and then you had to wonder like oh am I supposed to bring it in to the station right leg is it going to end soon and then that that had the best through you I certainly was done at the point and yet the music play wow that was good I never I mean that’s that’s that’s the magic of collaboration session. I’ll give you a poetical idea for you to sing to that Melody okay. Make your cocktail
what are you drinking there
you get two gases out again
I think it’s kind of the same Melody let’s do
I’ve been on the road a lot and there’s a repetition that happens of going from hotel to hotel leaders or hotel to hotel to Cedar hotel and does it moment of Amnesia that happens where you wake up and your eyes are still closed and you’re not totally sure what room you’re in are you at home are you on the road and if you’re on the road what possibly when you open your eyes what you see
that’s cool
I don’t know what room I mean
Newmar improv on airplanes hotels theaters in theaters autels airplanes airplanes I just want my mommy back I just want my lover
is the struggles on the road
you just miss me when I’m on the road cuz he want me inside you
hi Brandon your turn
well aren’t you what you are you wanted suggestion you want to do area
Thanksgiving okay
ready people like that suggestion
Mama comes dumbass
I’m going to cook some turkey turkey turkey turkey
Grandpa dead at the foot of the teddy bear
knock knock pick white page
did Grandpa leave a foot at the table
I’ll try on okay Jeff
I can’t find my turkey soon and yet you must say I know
Spencer give Jeff a like if you go to the Google headquarters and stuff they have like all these cafeterias that have private chefs and it’s just awesome is like a Wonderland
the Sands at something
it’s something at Google office catering Wonderland and you know how the traffic is and yeah okay all right I’ve been there I’ve got all this
are you ready to go there to wait and you just go to the Google office to like a clubhouse they got surfboards
the Google app I went to speak at Google and they told me a story about somebody that had been this just sort of living there for I was going I got sleep pods Jeff are you ready for your song yeah okay
here we go I mean also let me know if you want like a metronome so that you can take advantage of that wasted real estate in the beginning of the song everyone has to do what did I do I don’t know what am I going to get to Omelette angry and still don’t know why
what are download tasty treats Google Style
I want two gigabytes of sandwiches to make me smile
right inside my office I want something something
2 orifice
almond butter
all right a little bit of weed in this mother fucker that’s fair it’s really scary because you got to destroy yourself with like writing of the it’s hard to sing right now we do but the four of us would do like a like a Boyz II Men kind of full-on like we will have to look at each other’s mouth
but I would say the lights on so whatever like it when will fill in on this on the side I will do I will do Sonic augmentation I want to be the Yoko Ono
oh no oh yeah I’ll be the Shakira this is going to be the hard work together it’s like it’s like a Bell Biv DeVoe like somebody’s got to do a little bit we could do and they don’t be a baby could be easier to take the wheel you take the wheel if it doesn’t that’s not that’s not that’s not a human man
pyramid channel to Rochester Ave. Man who is the reference
I just want my pyramid
we got to start over
if the first of all can we give you another title
like like some kind of Nick KV
or wearing that was he
how about hot dog water like a Limp Biscuit
really trigger word Limp Bizkit hot dog water got to cook those dogs
hot dog water with nitrates and salt
because that’s the problem is everybody was like doing a thing of fucking time otherwise why would I do if I was pissed you as you doing all the work is on what dancing
or idea I thought that was more complicated Australia now we did what we did to Manchester
there is nothing better than an unplanned harmonization so blame the methodology I text you in a bit I think Dan was right and I died I misunderstood him I think it’s better that we all try to really fucking isn’t that what we just were trying to do for the fucking real is it’s all over. I can text you the song oh thank you that’ll fix everything Q
thank you Haley no signal in here we should just move on the other thing that I have no we can do it
I like a little b y l b Bluetooth so it should work well I didn’t tear drop baby drop it really doesn’t work as well flavors that can’t rain all day hell yeah all day I haven’t gotten sent already I’ll try it I can under the meantime I can try or drop and there’s no harm in that wow all right if you just joining us it’s the best podcast ever we can plug it in exact dropped off right now you can give me your phone I can just back it I can just plug it in
you got a guy to Dan or you could like a pass it is it an audio or is it a lightning because these are one of these lightning only I don’t know we should cut this out the podcast no we leave it in the stays okay I just just a thought as they’re going to do an extension grab a water right now can you get me my half drink and Coke
oh yeah the half drinking Coke if it’s still out there I drank and half of it when house or when are we going to see when I’m going to see the end of your process like how much longer do you have on harmonquest fly out where we got two episodes left to cut and that happens I expected by the end of the year I don’t know if we have a date or anything but it should be before the next year I know that they are all your favorite children do you have any favorite episodes episode eight that had jest McKenna from the musical podcast she’s so good she was a lawyer we wanted to have an episode that was kind of like the episode thank you so much where Matt Gourley came on our podcast and was the skeleton Gary the lawyer but I we couldn’t get in for that episode so we had a different Court Case episode and I was really worried because if you guys listen to the podcast Matt Cory Lee really killed that episode of me really nailed it just throwing is he from Orange is the New Black
UCB I don’t know exactly what he said but he was he played skeleton Gary and he did an awesome job on the set on on harmontown the podcast and so we want to recreate that and then we couldn’t get a book for that episode because I think it was doing cool stuff and I so we got Jess Mackenna and I was really worried because it’s like will Matt Gourley did something you knew unique that’s unreplicated bull how could anyone else do this and just did if anything comes like a wave of way better job it was she’s just was a tour-de-force and knocked it out of the park holy shit that one’s great they’re all great but that would have the one I just did that’s why he kicked the season off in style he was the end of the season to write in the end of season 1 Season 2 Season 3
in the house and I went to high school together and Junior High School together I walk around talking like Matt Gourley like I speak a certain Matt Gourley language were you just trying to say the stupidest thing but make it we need a demonstration before you lose your friendship
but I I just walk around and just think of name because if you if you listen to super ego and superego fans out there or pistolshrimps in Marco Marco condo so I can absolutely hilarious he’s hanging out with Michelle Obama Conan needs a friend a co-production with Earwolf it’s not by your wolf it’s a co-production we do need to check on this so we can get this right
that’s better but no more what’s the methodology are we going to do for the house
I can’t take this anymore.
Alright human man knows pyramid man what was the suggestion thank you where are we doing Brandon’s idea of the ABA be the kind of thing are we whatever will just agree on it the meeting like so meeting out of her system
I would like to create something magical after that we don’t have to I just want out on a good process that’s all audio blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah beautifully all right oh yeah
self care self care self care and btsm I heard
Bi-Lo initialism
start again, I want to start right off the bat
a little town in just start it and I’ll go do it to him
that is to say give him a camera thanks Brandon okay I don’t know if you’ll get a counter
track Edition do Counting Stars
I heard it 40 times now a professional musician
click beetle
just starting to fuck her over I love the metronome sounds great though huh I really meant that I mean I was like I’m a smoker hilarious 120 wait outside
I’m holding up to the mine but it’s plugged in in the Box okay oh yeah that’s true I sent to text upside down it’s the best thing I can do for myself
no circus where are the clowns I’m just a dominatrix dark elf
I’ll inflict the pain that I should
put myself a hair okay yeah
all right all right we just be like oh yeah
all right but now we worked it out to take the full Nestea plunge into the deep end of the musically I want we are using a a track that is not reminiscent of the famous be wrong it’s just a capella and they’re just like the whole time they’re like it’s not going to sound familiar me doing it Boyz II Men Boyz II Men oh oh song
God damn it I ain’t helping nobody end of the road is what you’re thinking
now we come to the end of the road something friend yeah something about a friend that is a friend
when is Father’s Day
oh right is that what you saying that’s not bad or voice to vent so it’s just I thought I was on the first leg of this track if I can finish the photo finish with all of my hunky hub for the place that you are not alone at all I don’t think they made that song but they do a version of it, Campbellsburg, put another straw
all right so are we do what we’re doing we’re going to we’re going to go we’re going to sound like that band that I’ve never heard of shy all right that’s what we’re going to do we’re going to do that what they do in that song but to this music om keep holding up the microphone and yeah and we’re going to improvise okay okay so, get the title the title of the song
Factory reading reject dildos I know it’s going to be all of your thing hanging out here I don’t know what you guys are talking about musical stylings so if you were to say like potato what would that sound like translated through the sound so I can hope to replicate it along with you
about to come out to be a good OK Google I want pussy fast
stick close and go fast fast fast
I don’t know why just open the highway and your butthole but I want to come out again then go back in and go back out and get back to you again and again in the ass, okay
very much like Bell Biv DeVoe very much right after I need to change that and then at the end of it no one knows their name
people that mistake them for Bell Biv DeVoe are mistaking them for Boyz II Men
I was also the fact that right now because we’re live streaming the somebody’s already taken this into a fucking like to Ami or fucking like Capitol Records and already stolen our song I don’t care because we can do this we could do a hundred now I should just play the right now that’s on the stove. That was the song
oh my God I forgot where the best podcasts of all podcast
I would have been house hunting with Cody looking for a looking for an upgrade taking my time
that’s it that’s all it is that what if I was offended by the first time but there was no booty he’s coming home and
booties having motherfuker

tell you guys a couple things about about Open House Booties their filthy they serve their tattered your percent of the house to ring consumer is going to put on those booties under fucking duress Shuffle around you’re already dirty ass house who you Kiddin
and play cake by the way by the way I want to see your backyard bitch
what what do I got to schedule my feet for I’m trying to give you millions of dollars like I want to flow around like if I don’t. That’s part of the whole house experience into the living room got to bring them booties you got to bring them know it doesn’t you’re not hearing me say it don’t matter they’re called shoes your feet go where your heart goes or you’re not buying a house two baskets of booties at this place for the front door and the back door but one of the backyard was always a saltwater pool and I got the booties on I’m not going to walk out to see the pool to lest I forget the most important thing that you want to be on my mind is my feet and my Booty’s so I can put them in the outgoing basket I have my freedom around the backyard grass and dogshit
dirty Human Society feet oh your backyards all over my feet and then I’m going to go don’t forget to scrub up for surgery and of course I did it wrong I went all around the backyard in the booties everyone does that or that I was going to say half of the people do that and by the way the other half of the people why are you so experienced it house hunting just buy a fucking house
like not not the most valued customers you know you know you know you weren’t coming your open house someone who goes to so few open houses they don’t know what the fuck they’re doing cuz you know why is a motherfuker buys houses so he don’t go to a lot open once I want to go to booty etiquette
that’s my favorite Sir Mix-A-Lot song
what’s the dopest thing you seen in a house that was the shittiest like most low-budget shit that you’ve seen somebody trying to ask for I just seen some bike stuff wherever I thought like we looked at a house today and I was like this man is gay and Hispanic and are there was no photos or anything I just like like super upper-class like like like I was just like it’s amazing how your house can express the amount of anxiety you’re under even while being like incredible like the the the expression of like floor space and like the work you had done in your house and stuff I don’t I can’t open the door and going straight back to a pool that has like a waterfall like pouring you know like one of those like waterfall sings It’s a sort of like
like he just screams Hispanic point was that I was like Conjuring this person in my head because I was like that neighborhood that were in is so stressful if you it’s like there’s like these beautiful houses but then you would like on Hollywood Boulevard so imagine going to work everyday and like you like it you’re like 15 minutes it takes me 15 minutes to get to Burbank or whatever then you like your first stop is Hollywood Boulevard where you’re just like it could be seven minutes before you can make a left turn I just did and it ended so then the houses that are in some of these places you like all that stress is manifesting itself is like popping like popcorn inside of here and then I and then I project a few things like yes I went a snack because I went I was thinking like Catholic and like
thinking like this person’s exploding inside and I wonder where they’re moving to and I don’t want their house cuz I don’t want to wear no booties
what does the booty house that was actually booty house what’s the scene somebody who’s been trying to patch up shit have you seen any houses where they’re like clearly I asking for too much money and if duct taped like a Jacuzzi to a back wall are they being fair or are they being like going like will what who got murdered there like what’s the what’s the ghost so you know I like and yeah but that’s there’s nothing apparent my house last when you bring inspectors in and they don’t find anything but then you’d still find out your butt
termites and I mean inspectors can find that shit but like whatever why you
are you tired yet are you at now I would look for a house forever cuz I’m like I like my like the house I have now but and I keep going like I know I’m counting on my fingers I want to get mad at my house if I move into a house for the what I meant 46 years old the next house I move into
it’s overwhelmingly possible I’m going to die in it but like if it’s cool enough like
maybe I could play leg and I would like to get like mad at my house like I would like to experience like what the fuc where the fuck did I put the goddamn scissors
How many goddamn hallways are there in this goddamn you know I just want to feel a little bit of like OverWatch I got too much house like a little too much house
do you want rooms that you don’t even use that I just like to use them yeah with VR being a thing
you know you’re going to end up that’s a room right there in a burning Room everybody your next house needs an extra room VR is coming coming strong
Now by my account cuz Cody and I we here’s our Dream this is what we want we want a master bedroom that we’re going to it’s going to be like it’s just for us
it says so far this tracks but it’s not our our personal bedrooms it’s our hotel room where we spend all of our time with a couple you know we we watch Netflix in there we we do everything that we doing in our master master bedroom right now but like because Cody will not be moving in with me officially like we want to weatherproof that that
concept so we’ll each have bedrooms that contain all our clothes and I and it and it has to have a bed
because otherwise it’s not a bedroom lake lake lake because the the master bedroom has to be like a place that you’re not necessarily you don’t necessarily have to be a part of your house to straight intimacy and togetherness is red wrapper from your protein bar whenever I like I won’t be like god dammit mom like it’s like when you staying in a hotel it’s easier to to just feel like you’re both on the same team like no need neither person is like will I’m going to work some shit out now will it with you know it’s like you’re both both in this space that’s like design for your comfort like Jackie Gleason and although of The Honeymooners that they all lived in penthouses in New York hotels where there are making the honeymoon Honeymooners and they just lived in hotels and the whole top floor was their crib and every day that go to work they come back sheets are clean and everything’s good to go I would love that like
the hotel living I’m never home I have an apartment and pay a fortune for them never there
burglars is that right oh God damn Jesus
when that guy like drove through my garage and my insurance company put me up in a hotel for a couple weeks it was like
that was fun I got two things of that life like we left with a couple days available though we were kind of like okay we can go home now they fixed the garage we’re like should we just stay here I guess it would be weird if we stayed here but
that’s what we did the the rap tribe
what’s a mike reveles in photography so the stairs I will bring them to you and if you call you call on my back service cuz I am bringing those bags to you
I think it doesn’t take it to be so crazy when we actually learn the words to be songs Bellman okay well look global warming
I think it’s a lie
the terrible tiger people are just too
if I talked about my bass about the hotel room was a little things that I say a lot of hotels and we talked about the toilet paper thing little things make a big like like Magnolia Blossom like this eleventh issues that you just handled after cleaning somebody else’s poop but I’m not going to use any of these are all his waist I’m sure there’s a difference it could be split but if the alternative is that new role where years in charge of on shucking the fucking you know what I’m talking about girls can you check if I can fly that shit we talked about the fucking do not disturb that falls off the most doors and hotels have this fucking smooth curvilinear a kind of thing and you put the do not disturb on cuz I don’t want I don’t need the housekeeping to come out if I’m there for 2 or 3 days I don’t need new towels I’m flying like a 1 or custom
look up I don’t you sleep in the street by the way you don’t have to waste anybody’s time or energy to cleansers and water to wash the things and all the shit and then you leave it ever been like that all the hotel Waters was making the drought water okay for everything handle and you’d leave and door shuts off every fucking time I really did you shut the door please come in and get a fucking check it and fucking is like just make a do not disturb thing at the hangs on the goddamn door they do but like them to handle designs are there in like this is good
remotes can go fuck themselves forever and a day that they don’t work it’s a travel hack that you could bring your own remote sometimes and it just use that your own remote which is a weird right now I’m going to a Marietta bring my Marriott remote oh yeah that’s the fix I wish I could go back to that one city that had the vending machines are all linked by Tony Stark credit Network and you were just like subscribe to all the vending machines in the city you’re like snack Tarzan you could just walk around and vending machines would be like no transaction necessary just like it’s on your tab was it going hey range that sounds familiar because there’s this one soda machine in Griffith Park that uses pay range and it’s
sometimes I’ll drive out there just to get myself a nice Pepsi
the beautiful drive I see a coyote just to get a Pepsi
is it the new culture in and hotels in my experience is that everyone you walk through and there’s 11 ballet guys there’s 11 Bellman there’s 11 Hotel like receptionist does 3,000 people standing by the elevator and every one of them every time you walk by even if you just went past them a second ago they all have to say good morning or good afternoon or hello to you as I can when you just dispense with that like I don’t need to have to have to touch base with 40 people every time I go this way or that way these are my problems I like it meet while
the world is on fire
hotels bars should be open from ever 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. they don’t open until like like never on Sunday and I can’t you can’t give you can’t get a bloody drink
a bed so if you’re going to have a bar in your place then it would stand to reason that it shouldn’t be like Baker’s hours like your bar should be like part of the like you’re in the pillowcase business you’re in the toilet paper business you touch the stuff that touches my butt hole your bar should be open it should be the reason I don’t go out in Denver tonight I got a hotel to come back to and I totally approve make it all fucking card only swipe swipe you don’t know what’s going to come you’re fucking hotels bar to get drunk but when they live in your city and you like you sell something that makes people piece of shit how do you wash my have one guy or lady or was it doesn’t matter or anything and thank you thank you
you’re welcome is what I should be saying why I’m saying thank you you’re welcome look what I did
have a person who is there like
hotels are the darkest part of your life there trains transitory you wake up with a head wound you don’t know where you don’t know where you’re going you don’t know where you been you might have scabies the next day you like a year year year year year only in a hotel because your life is like it’s moving its moving baby and the bar like everybody needs to be open you need to be able to Sidle up to it it’s like what it’s just a living wage give the one person a living wage for two shifts when it says there’s always a person there yes it’s true sometimes for hours on end no one will be there wanting to drink that’s what’s cool about a bar is when you get to it it’s empty but it’s already open and there’s just a creepy dude washing a glass and it’s like the open bar and you walk up to it you become Dennis wolfberg right now. I don’t know if no one’s going to get that reference
YouTube would rather for motherfuking hours a day VIP lounge Brandon
let me tell you what a VIP lounge you walk into a fucking bear trap here Brandon a VIP attendance eat forms of ID so that you can maybe have some pop off vodka with your olives 6 hours from now when the fucking bar opens and it’s not a bar it’s a salad bar in VIP lounges can my privates can I get over the The Listener thing is she ever fly out of Burbank and it’s an early flight I almost hate to tell you this
the only thing I liked about Guy Fieri is that his fucking bar is or is it gay fairy but is he friend or fioretti both terminals in the two little tiny Terminal 2 at the Burbank Airport have guys they’re open at 7 and they fucking serve booze and they have fernet-branca and if you get a bloody mary say no garnish because if you get it with garnish there’s no alcohol in it because there’s nine thousand things inside of it so that’s what I will give to you or harmontown listeners if you fly to Burbank go straight the guys crack of dawn it’s open and you can get the fucking wasted and I wouldn’t eat the food because you’re probably going to have popcorn shrimp and there’s some was going to yell at you and have spiky blonde hair
that’s great fun the point of a bar if you watch The Shining
when hear him out everybody let the men talk with mister Shining
JL shining Jack Torrance goes to the bar
that’s that’s the villa and you have a conversation with the British guy and then he’s like I don’t know and and the and the British guys like but you’ve always been here and you will always be I always when I watch out of my Thursday yeah I know it’s supposed to be creepy but it’s like it’s like they’re supposed to be it’s supposed to be about it’s like it’s like a self-imposed one of those things where they call those things in the center of like a Puritan town where you put your hands on your heads off it’s like a it’s like a yeah it’s like a self-imposed stock pillorying pillory yeah I’m a bad person I’m in a dark place I’m never going to be in a light place and then you you go to the bar and then you park it and then you you like you wind down
on the gears that that would otherwise you know who knows what they would do we don’t even know thank God for bars there’s none
what all do I feel like The Rustic Annie Rustic Inn the old Ron room like that’s the bar from from we don’t shut them out doing that shut them out they got to go Wings though you guys have those wings but I feel like those places are like that is kind of creepy bar where you feel at home open before the show is going to be open after the show
I’m sure they aren’t even trying to Courtney to think I know it was like there was a do you know if they’re going to be open it Steve I know Steve leaving right now
I went because I know in the past they’ve been trying to coordinate a thing where we all go over there afterwards or whatever cuz there’s no place to go over here and see if anyone ever goes to Vegas when people talk shit about going to Vegas because it’s Vegas can be a nightmare there’s a little bar Way Off the Strip called Champagnes Cafe used to be called Tony Champagnes Cafe I think it’s just called Champagnes and it’s like the drawing them and it’s 24 hours a day and it’s always just chill and it’s fucking great it’s like like you walk in there you can go in at 4 a.m. and it’s just like there’s eight people there it’s not ever crazy and I love it
or the double down if you want to really get it I’m glad I like a choice 24-hour Dive Bar three or four am by myself in a suit sat down in the bar like this is going to be a bummer I’ve been here many times has always been fun this is going to be the one night where it’s kind of like to suck ass is graffiti and like punk rock music in the men’s room is really just terrible it’s like the thing like like episode of like Locked Up Abroad and a dude comes in and driven into the Bentley he look like Daniel Craig but like a little healthier and Robert Kraft to sit with a bunch of great looking girls
puts a bunch of hundreds on the on the bar a sandwich bag of cocaine a Ziploc bag of coke and and just thought it was live police station he hears of a Coke I’m going to pitching and out outside together like a Bugatti or Bentley something awesome outside and there’s like four or five just like screaming hot girls and the bartender very casually just took the cook and put it behind the bar took the money is a gold you like until 6 working fee and there was only like maybe before they all walked in there was six other people at the bar I would like a square and a horseshoe-shaped bar and is that makes sense and
he a few minutes later part of the drinks and then gave everybody a black cocktail napkin with a giant rail of coke on it and put it all out for everybody at the park
me that guy over there that lady over there all the girls I like talking about like a golf pencil-sized rail of Coke
and it was for everybody guys just fucking fast asleep right next to me that we have a good time and he wakes up about like 2 hours later we’re all having the time of our lives let’s go back to my place and we all get into cars but you know you’re with the guy he went with you started yourself into his Memento movies I was simply sitting at the seat next to where he sat down at this all played out then we went to his crib and everybody there because there was like a $2,000 car driving
what is the guy that was tired I don’t know like five or six minutes off the strip we get into the place it’s a penthouse and I’m not joking this sounds like one of those Jeff Davis tour as if it were going to say she can happen he had an indoor pool and an outdoor pool on the roof of the goddamn building his place was the entire roof of the building and it was a full like like a pool the size of the stage and then outdoor pool and we just fucking did blow and drink and like like until noon and I don’t know his name. Why don’t you ask
I think I think it composed for Black Panther
the drawing-room just another time the drawing-room the devil down in Vegas I went in there again after the bars of the bands are done I went in there I sat alone again this is not going to be fun like 20 roller derby lesbians came in and they were selling T-shirts and they just were harassing me and mad at me cuz I was like a straight guy and they were just talking shit and like just chewing ice cubes at me whatever this is a Nevada Las Vegas Nevada
and I don’t know why I like I said but it was just a Nevada
he is pitching mound different Logan Utah the airport like you to walk to either we did lose we went somewhere other than their I when we came back he was there wait we call the dinner like where do you know where are you I’m ugly
crying at the bar because he was likely it is like a sweet like you’ve been at a barn door felt 48 hours
so if you felt that he wasn’t always a roller derby lesbians from whatever in Vegas team right maybe they’re from out of town like there was a tournament whenever I don’t know how I bought a t-shirt then we were friends I woke up and like the fucking
Mandalay Bay or where the where the fuck was I stay in the Shark Tank and they were all there to Heppner was into not getting laid I was just a bunch of drunk lesbians on top of me and they got up in the morning we all had breakfast together and it was a fucking best time again Double Down Saloon bar in a row
why did we not put all of that in the song section only unclean and I use the Ladies Room instead and I come out in a tough little like punk rock chick with a wife beater on like half my height
you motherfucker you don’t get the fucking use the ladies with him you got your own fucking ladies with the men’s room and there is a inch and a half a brown poop water on the floor as you can I’m so sorry can I buy you a drink
she said she thought you were just like I mean did she think your threshold was just not taking advantage of the women I know I just kind of working back there in the car if you open the door and it was like a regular men’s room which is also disgusting if she would have been like like no that’s the point I know why you use the women’s room and you’re cheating but because there was actual due to she’s like police in this place was sitting there playing pool in the pool tables look like are they have like sand traps and water hazards on it of the worst pool tables of all time
did the most lopsided pool tables of all time and playing with these two gallons of friends of mine and there’s a big biker dudes at the bar like like Hells Angels looking guys and it was four or five people like you know like three girls two guys or vice versa and it’s sitting at a table and about as far as I am from Spencer which is 15 ft by 18 there was a trash can and they had a table with like 20 Corona empties on it
and they were just throwing them into the trash can and trying to bang come off the wall and make a bank shot and go all over the floor now this is bottles everywhere and the bouncer is a big tough guy and all the bikers just keep looking over the shoulder kind of role in their eyes and they just throwing a glass across the room and missing half the time and making a ton of noise and finally one breaks and the big old like gray-bearded like Duck Dynasty looking bouncer the biker that do is do the street name is caveman
reluctantly walks over and he goes you taxis outside and the people thank you we’ve been throwing bottles for 20 minutes with a very nice in it and just when they’re about to throw you out all you got to do is Double Down U clean
and that’s messed up you got to fucking do they give you the fucking mopping the rag in the thing you got to clean it up but at the site next to it says $20 puke insurance
what if you think you’re going to puke or you think your friends going to puke you can buy $20 insurance and if your friend pukes are you peel the bark Lynn’s dude is it just the price go up after the if you didn’t buy no insurance or not on a bet in blackjack if it’s the same price after you puke than a box if you didn’t buy it I see where you got a I think you can’t buy it as a boy you just going to clean it Insurance before you can pay insurance $20 before I know but what if you puke and then pay $20 is that legal
no I think you have to cry yeah that’s what I used to be ass juice sorry
I think I thought it’d be dreams in the sky the ask for me your couple of vascular will not leave you could for like whatever they charge you for it to get a pay five bucks for it they were just empty the bar mat into a glass and you drink
but now I think it’s the any bottle of gets below I shot like a bit like the drag of any any bottle could be vodka whiskey Kahlua better than whatever they marry into this opaque bottle so you have no idea what’s in there and they also have bacon Martini which is just Bacon Fat floating in vodka which I think it breaks 5 laws a bacon martini and eat a slim jim you get a free t-shirt
wow what a deal
but if you have to ask just one for losing right
just says like it’s not it’s a t-shirt definitely doesn’t get you anything I want it I want to hear and people who know what the teacher represents are like I did the following three things what are you doing
yeah I was playing pool with chat with these two girls in a
they’re good-looking and that they’re not great at 4 but I’m better than they were and we are playing for drinks and then
are mangoes or whatever and then it’s like I go to the bar to get a drink and I say it in then
what’s the steaks over there I said the stakes are high and if I win I get a kiss and you guys
win one for us
he was on my side Boyz
they’re adorable. That’s all just getting a big bus and go there right now oh yeah when I was there I ordered a drink and then a girl came in I was like what are you drinking
I thought I could do a Jeff story thank you right
has anybody did anybody on my recommendation start watching Love after lockup
fuck you guys I’m sure plenty plenty of people did but not hear what I say what are you doing you sound like a crackhead like I don’t know what that I wasn’t really a sales pitch that I that that should be success tell me about as I have no idea what they’re getting out there going to marry him and it’s just it’s just insane man if it doesn’t often work out it was so it was the batting average on that now it’s chaos it’s just chaos because even the people that work out start working out give me that give me that khyron that says that you are out of there like that you didn’t go back or its but it’s like various combinations very interesting it’s a very slim
all the people that actually like a population that goes to jail over and over again it’s been like 3 to 5 % so you’re watching something I would like it is truly just a slice of life like you will not see that sort of relationship Dynamic again the big headline of the show seems to be that even the sociopath cuz you’re like boys you’re going to be knee-deep in sociopath on the show really on both sides of the of the prison yard like we the people who are going to to subscribe to Lover’s from prison and Etc answers no Heroes no villains but well you’re depending on your definition of crime and maybe cuz it’s not a show about what they did to go in prison but you definitely watching them like okay you’re a bad bad boy the dude that shot of a house full of cocaine and then ask his girlfriend up put a knife in her vagina is a villain but the specific
the interesting thing is just basic on the show is okay like none of the people including the prisoners who claim to understand that this happens all the time but they still feel this emotional attachment that the people no one in the show seems to understand that if you’re in prison your entire world is a different context and that you’re in your value system is different in there for the people to whom you say I love you and let’s make all these plans for the future like you’re not necessarily a liar or a Superman like 8 or 8 you what you are is a person whose whose understanding of life is completely different when you’re going to get out of it so they just keep repeating it it’s sort of it’s just people over and over again
important and how good or terrible Your Love Letters would be if you had 24 hours a day for 6 years to think about writing a love letter to talk about how that will look dude you the the the utilities at a time and they don’t necessarily equate that with just a disingenuity it with dishonesty like it. The people on the outside are familiar with the idea while I met this person on this site so the idea that I was the only one is is not it’s not a realistic expectation but more importantly oh that was the courting process was winnowing it down allegedly to just you but then the personal saying the talking head while I got to over here and won the interested in the music picturing people is like vegetation like if you’re if you’re a human you’re placed in prison and then you just these roots come out lately Cecilia of these like
here’s and there’s going to they’re just looking for any kind of water because the end of these stories don’t end up with a lot of people going back into the joint cuz they’ll violate their parole or something and as soon as they get in there they’re calling again and it’s really hard for the codependent people on the way out because on the outside because they just went through this whole reality show relationship where they finally figured out that they did do that relationship was it but then as soon as they figure it out the person’s back in prison and giving them exactly the sugar they need which is calling them collect and asking for money and it’s like this it’s siren Call to them not because they love the person that much but because they love the minimization of risk that prison represents for them
I’m so fascinated by that they’re outside and they’re less free romantically they they they’re so scared of being hurt and left that they have the one point they need barbed wire and the other person because they’re terrified of getting hurt I was like oh you’re terrible and everyone’s like always scratching the oligo you’re terrified of getting hurt so you’re with a convicted felon at but that’s how terrified you can be of rejection if you went to prison down to say you were doing like a big Federal stance and what would your like role in prison be like what click would you run with my guy who will be the fixer fixer I’d be screaming lipstick man like egg
we all know what we would be in prison where is the 60% of the population that will never go to prison like we’re terrified of the idea we celebrate in our jokes and comedy and movies out everyone on the inside is getting raped and boots it’s the tution likes it that way because we are all thinking oh my God that’s there was a woman who got out and there’s if there’s a scene where she just got married and she’s like she pulls up outside the prison that she was in and they’re taking pictures of her flipping the prison off and there’s a guard out of the perimeter and he’s like we do it at your pictures and I don’t get my face in it or something like that like it’s like a prison equivalent of trying to shoot a movie inside a Brookstone at but it’s like he’s 500 yards
text fellon should take your pictures and get out of here like like that he’s familiar with the fact that this road that he stands there and watches basically just a regular thing that a Camaro pulls up and a man and a woman get out with a six-pack and pose flipping off this place so here’s the thing I’m watching that going like I I will I wouldn’t flip the place off I wouldn’t be shocked to find out through the mail a week later that I violated a finger law business like it’s like this date that the way that we employ our penal system is simply to say are you capable of fear if so fear this and then we’re all afraid and then we have no respect for the people on the inside and the people in the in side or treated like animals and whatever sorry it’s the end of the shop
this time watch it
my recommendation was good this time it was 20% more fluid I’m telling you watch one episode of season 1 of Love after lockup and and tell me that you didn’t want to watch the second episode and I’ll be fine with then I’ll accept that my new favorite thing is I got screwed on a flight lost we got like 5 hours of delays and stuff like that watching over the shoulder of whatever whatever the person next to you and watching on a plane with a lady next to me was watching some sorta like low-rent Game of Thrones stuff it was good
probably better without the sound I just watching these people if I can so I can fight it was great
damn so that’s my recommendation to watch the lady that next year on the plane it’s called low-level fucking fucking fights with eight seats away and I’ll be watching some piece of shit like a millennial slapstick but I like it’s hot billboard far as like I’m not watching fucking bad dog celebrities are the voice of the dog and then and it but then you precisely for that reason that you like it’s definitely a movie you were never going to see you keep seeing seeing God damn it I can’t because you’re watching a movie in order you got nothing to do it then you’re like what why is she doing aerobics is the dog Evil animated one where it’s like kind of like Mexico that is kind of Day of the Dead kind of stuff
yeah I watched that over on the seat next to me with with no sound on the person that made why isn’t it it’s sucking the story yeah this is great I knew exactly what was going on and I didn’t need to hear the words it was like it was like a beautiful silent like try to accommodate was really it was gorgeous you have always told me that you liked your Mexicans to shut up
that’s a show Lazy Boy
what’s Spanish for cliffhanger
yeah I don’t think I made myself very clear when I arrive earlier alluded to
it wasn’t what you think and I was trying to think of who’s the funniest guy Hispanic I know what to say but then I’m sorry with me being like this is Angela Lansbury and like feeling like I felt like I knew that I was gay and Latino and it’s it’s a that’s the thing that’s why I ran into trouble cuz then by the time I stopped talking I was like oh boy you just really you really did a number on yourself
cuz all you did was say I knew if I know a person by something other than knowing them bad move brother what a dumb move fortunately we’re in the middle of a civil war between the yeah yeah I mean that’s kind of the epicenter and replying to it just people beaten on True Crimes murders True Crime Community posted an Instagram an international women’s day that that had this like crazy kind of just white text on black
meme like that was the sort of like what I don’t want to editorialize any of it as is going to be objective and say like somebody posted like I was just such a strange thing to post particularly at International women’s day like like it and then there were people that their luminaries are friends among them like going like hey this podcast Network like is this really are you proud of this and then so then that the person in particular got shitcan so it’s just the age-old now within the True Crime Community the same Schism thats everywhere all the time which is on one side you got what the fuck dude it’s called freedom of speech called you process all that stuff is on the other side you have what the fuck is called empathy what the fuck is happening and and and never the twain shall meet and everyone should be unhappy and angry and interesting but it’s where would I go to find this anywhere
no you can’t say cuz you don’t want to be a probably Google I don’t crime podcast International
I think that I I think what I might my point is that I didn’t want to I didn’t want to I do want to get involved as far as like like like like but it doesn’t mean it’s the guy the sword and scale guide the Mike Mike Mike the day know about it I’m like I don’t want to I don’t want to stir anything I don’t want to I don’t want my presence to affect anything other than people to watch locked or love it up to watch that song between rival True Crime podcasts that somebody killed somebody else in a true crime
then there’s there’s a harmontown true crime podcast as there are people last podcast on the left or whatever the fuck is it next week I’m sorry I miss miss cute that before but yeah okay so next week sir Rudy and Hannah from the red-handed podcast they’re going to be here I’m actually a little nervous cuz I just Starstruck and I want it I want to do a good job but so I’ll be sober and we’ll talk about what I’ve got a couple cases that I don’t hear anybody cover in enough the case of the smashed garage yeah the case of a eucalyptus tree or Dollar Tree so next week next week those ladies will be here and until then keep your hair
dish and keep your spoons from the help
do you want to try one last go at the song even close it out with one last try
Felicity on the phone when they are the more the more poppy one
and then you take it out I want you to make it about what you feel like the audience walks away from the show with okay thank you for joining us here at the harmontown
are we ever going to plead DD again
Zach going to be no no no I’m not plugging take out for 10 minutes
and the answer is yes, we’re going to play D&D soon I miss it that’s what you said last time
mic drop how about the mic technique of your marriage
Zack mckeever’s got the Beats on I’m here, come on Jeff Davis Drive fast take chances we love you I’ll see you soon
play podcast Network


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