Episode 345: Oh the Places You Won’t Go


Episode 345: Oh the Places You Won’t Go


Harmontown is honored to welcome Conflict Journalist Robert Evans to the show. With topics ranging from Syria to 8chan, Robert has done all the homework, and takes us through, with stunning detail, the conflicts that will define the era we live in.  Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden and Robert Evans.


hello gang how are y’all doing
testing testing 1 2 3
MacArthur Park where he still melting in the dark Hermantown is now in session
Spencer Crittenden would you please join us onstage their game after extraordinary
I must bring out the mayor parmesan
Dan Harmon
hip to the hop
camera shop say your mama in a raft on a lake tell your mama tell your mama is going up and down so your mama is dancing in the sprinklers shaped like a clown when I lay down $100 bet that she couldn’t swim in the water coming out the fucking so hard in the mouth like a girl’s dress. I like that play When the bat okay I only have one item in my notepad oh yeah but we’ve got a great guess he’s very provocative wonderful to talk to you so you don’t want me to have more in my notepad but I already texted Jeff about this today look so many questions I have about this
you know to let me get to the all the way to the end and then we can all just got to lay it down as you found it. I had like life’s going good and I left my new home and I knew the work I had to do I knew how long I had to do it and I was kind of like I was like I’m going to stop at this bar and it’s 11:30 a.m. and I’m going to have one before work and I’m not usually that guy don’t judge those guys your name is Cliff Clavin and I wouldn’t be embarrassed if I was that guy but I was like I’m going to give this a try and also I’m in your neighborhood so I wanted to see what is the new neighborhoods bar like at 11:30 a.m. well I’m not going back because it’s fucking packed it’s like a Friday night for them because it’s a different it’s not the drawing room is I’m really learning something incredibly special so
probably be making the Trek to continue to drink there when I’m in that day drinking mood because this this was like a TGI Fridays but there was this guy well I had my one drink I just I just eavesdropped and and I heard a monologue from a guy that made me finish my drink very quickly settle up in cash and fast walk to my car so I could finish transcribing it without him knowing I was writing everything me and Dino a group text right and we had a conversation about this you’d be like wait a minute but this is what I texted my two friends that has two friends
I I just ran out to the car and I was like so that’s what I did I didn’t stand a chance of not getting this all verbatim now I am going to do this in his authentic Patois he was a 6-foot fiveish African American man who so I’m going to let you know it wasn’t late it just like I look for nothing else this week we’ve learned to ask what’s racist
but but I just I just want to be authentic because it’s more the working-class nature of his Randy what you’re doing a I’m not going to pretend he’s from Jersey the crows in dumbo I’m not doing a thing I don’t think it’s funny that he’s that would have talks the way he does I just like I just want you to understand like like this is a working-class monologue from a very specific archetype I would put him in at 5565 6ft for black gentleman and he is at the bar next to Fulton Court for sure and I can tell you some
politically incriminating shit that he said before this but I don’t want you to I don’t want to I don’t want to put him in one category or another I just found the monologue so fucking fascinating in a vacuum I think just start with what’s a narrative and then we can go back to that if we need to okay so I’m going to try to do this very Tastefully
I’m going to try to be okay
Lou Diamond Phillips okay
Lou Diamond Phillips
deep part 3 ft from the curb
you know what I’m saying
36 in
so I’m right in the ticket
and he comes out what are you doing why you giving me a ticket I said sir the law is your car needs to be a minimum 18in from the curb he says oh that’s bullshit that bullshit you know so I said okay I’ll make you a deal
you can take the ticket or I can call a tow truck and you know it’s going to be much more expensive and then his wife comes out as she was much more subtle more kind so I eventually said okay I’m not going to call the tow truck because I like Lou Diamond Phillips you know what I’m saying
came out like a hole
and all I’m saying is so what makes his job more exalted than mine
he can do his job but I can’t do mine why is that and I ran from the bar
waiting I was going to wait I was a Jose away I’m like some daily notes but it was like he quieted these server down because it because they were all like I don’t know like you. You’re fun to listen to but I don’t know what you want us to say is he the hero of that story he certainly is I think he’s the absolute what is interesting about the conversation you and I had absolutely one-hundred-percent side with Lou Diamond Phillips in this story I would first answer this math question not that I would have wanted any beef with him I I but I am like the answer to his rhetorical question is the reason Lou Diamond Phillips can do his job and you can’t do yours is because his job is to make people happy and yours is to make people sad I next you know of no fault of yours but not accepting that is weird but that there’s Lou Diamond Phillips
was it was there no Contrition on Lou Diamond Phillips part about parking up a foot farther away from the crib and he said yeah I heard the reason is like yeah that’s what we got and we know his wife is very smooth and you know he got him out of the tow truck driver Village Lake any person to part 3 ft from the curb which I do want to be a law because that’s all that is 36in he had to pay the same ticket that a garbage man or a parking enforcement officer off duty you would have to pay nothing sound like he’d actually got away with anything and in fact kind of sounds from my perspective it was 20 years ago or this guy is the biggest Lou Diamond Phillips in the world that the only difference between Lou Diamond Phillips and a parking enforcement officer is that a normal person getting a parking ticket
is there because he’s famous this guy’s been telling this story for 20 years whereas I hope it was like yesterday or was in the last week it has to be Reese has got to be one other thought about his job is because God gave you and Lou Diamond Phillips both one chance at coping with Lou Diamond Phillips his Fame
and you’re blowing it and Lou Diamond Phillips has made a lot of movies that I know you haven’t seen you didn’t see bats in the theater I did I know Lou Diamond Phillips his good everybody right now name in in your mind name for Lou Diamond Phillips film one Young Guns
I actually forgot Young Guns and I was like for sure La Bamba he must be thinking about La Bamba and no but you point at you two very good point like Young Guns like you’re you’re Siri on it was he went into law enforcement because of Young Guns because Lou Diamond Phillips is that is his the reason why he’s started to go into law enforcement is because Lou Diamond Phillips who is the the kind of Representative of stoical morality and then he meets Lou Diamond Phillips just park too far away from the curb Young Gun of parking enforcement or the LAPD I don’t know he wanted to be in the FBI he wanted to be and everything you don’t go into parking enforcement because that was your end game that that was just saying assholes that come across him doing his job I mean it is his job is to really rain at people’s parade and that’s not his fault but it’s
bad day I call him Alabama because there was the MTV interview it took us a long time ago and it was the worst soundtrack you ever heard
is that what’s the worst moment in movie history and they asked the guy in New York from Brooklyn because it’s one that Lou Diamond bomba comes out and it goes you know what you’re all right or middle name to parking enforcement I bet that’s a safe bet
obviously it’s some point Lou Diamond Phillips or his parents decided he was destined for Success it is it’s the story of of the thingy that you ever heard there’s a guy at a bar talking about being a parking enforcement official and Lou Diamond bombo was being an asshole was Lou Diamond Bamba on a bad day or who knows why when do you park 3 feet from a curb is it because you think that’s within your your right to do so or is it because he was with his wife maybe she was we don’t know they got that hospital I’m not trying to do things that the guy was behind me that’s what I’m saying like I already knew the guy was like I interpreted everything he was saying is like a projection of
it’s like Blake people thinking this way I tend to side with the celebrities I tend to side with the publicly shame that tend to side with the visible because I think that people tend to project onto luminaries this like privileged that may be partially true I mean I’m not being like a fucking pure apologize to go do the actors go to their job and they’re just work so hard like that’s that’s harder than coal mining and I’m not implying that I will say it’s a very hard fucking job I should know I have fucking work doctors very hard moving them to the brink and then I’ve said with a kubricky and flare great now put film in the camera because I needed that
from Danny Pudi in that moment
and you love Dixon that’s why you’re here
I know somebody that ran into Keanu Reeves on a bad day and Keanu Reeves was being
likes early and it’ll suck Keanu Reeves he was a fucking asshole you ask anybody else can a super cool but you you can’t get one pass if you’re a famous person because if you have a bad moment with somebody than that I’d rather think that that culture of refrigerator replace it must be doing something right and it’s like because because because in that model like the guy says and I like.
what do you mean you like Lou Diamond Phillips why do you hate him now is it because you think that I mean obviously you believe that he won the lottery he didn’t learn anything otherwise you wouldn’t be asking the question why is his job so much more exalted you you’re implying that he’s the recipient of pure undeserved privilege at the same time as you’re saying which is a very familiar thing to me at Rings Balin me where I’m like you do every interaction you have with somebody who’s just a little bit off and they’re like your girlfriend’s picture whatever I’m kidding I’m kidding you write Rick and Morty why don’t you fucking loser you’re rich the swimming in a pool full of money we’re looking like you should learn to take off here this relationship and it’s coming from a projection on the part of someone who’s asking themselves what would I do if I were Keanu Reeves and if their answer is dark enough Keanu Reeves is guilty of those
and I think that’s like a very memory of when you think that you you might have misbehaved and that’s going to color somebody’s memory of t-shirts all the time it mean when it says as much as much as I love it when people interact with me I do I do what can I what can I ever do I mean I do it legally like I’m not a good person I’m not a I’m not a pleasant person to be around so I’m not an actor so I don’t I don’t I don’t know I never consider it my job to be like publicly digestible no but you are like your mother fishing for that but thank you
if somebody were to know who I was and on top of that by whatever like Winston is their fault or not their fault I’m not getting her fix like fucking like I didn’t get a drink for an hour or whatever I don’t know like the end of his story about something I said there was kind of like dickish when we did the other apartment or like a documentary thing are we watch you go through your first like on camera like I am a person that people want to meet and you were kind of Miss trustful or like going to the scrutiny of strangers liking you for either some reason or no reason or whatever yeah
that’s right Jeff
we’ll be right back I remember it like one of the word like there’s a story where we were doing the upfronts like what we remember when we did the sea so thing at New York or whatever was it was that terrible terrible like played with the lovemakers or whatever we we did like a test of harmonquest or something it was a fucking nightmare afterwards there is someone who is backstage that was like I guess a fan or something that that was like a great show and I was like that’s like the literally the worst experience is the worst show I’ve ever done and like I just remember like giving that guy like the cold shoulder and carried out with me I’m like you can’t treat people like yourself or whatever but I think that would be great and so like kind of any time I interact with fans I think of that it’s like I never want to do that again and you know what I found out pretty recently that that fan wasn’t a fan at all it was Tom scharpling
I feel you know Keanu Reeves or something when you say not a fan you don’t mean dislikes matter a lot to you and that gorgeous I just leaves it’s it’s like if one person just had one bad interaction with me and it just so you know they told that story that’s one thing but if it’s like oh there’s this guy who could potentially you know talk about me to in circles every time ago like when you walk on stage and you have you thought you had a shity show all I did and then and then somebody comes and goes I love that show you really shouldn’t say
now that’s just suck your wrong you just say thank you and because if they had a good time but like the what if they’re lying if you walk up and say that then they’re a liar but it if is saying that they mean it like you just walk away and say thank you means just like you’re wrong what you just said is wrong you have bad taste in experiences and people but you don’t that you don’t have to do the opposite for me oh my God thank you you can come to go ugly I was told to stop doing that and I went from doing that to just go and like thank you so much that’s really nice of you to say I thought I did horribly you’re helping me by feeling that way and then we’ll go.
I Must Praise And I don’t know why it people said that but because they’re idiots they don’t know right now they get off their tractors and they’re like you but they’re nailing it I wouldn’t know I got a marble for a brain
just kidding I’m kidding
that’s what that guy
when he gets in his car while Lou Diamond Phillips Park that far from the Kirby’s like who’s going to give me a ticket so marble brain
I was in young gun that was Lou Diamond Phillips was thinking and you said to me it in the text cuz you are inflamed about this at the you said you were excited and ask that guy to name two other movies besides La Bamba and that Lou Diamond Phillips in he wouldn’t be able to do it we can actually forgot Young Guns or just interesting because what because I was I was actually thinking of Lou Diamond Phillips other kind of like and then like the most of like like been in a better than a dozen movies that are just hard to recall like 1997 the bats which is a fucking amazing and he’s great in it Phillips
feedback also in the movie A few years ago and you would have been out a hundred bucks all right our next guest
what if it was Lou Diamond Phillips
I guess they are a proper podcast to bring up Lou Diamond bomba ended the whole crowd with a gun fucking first dirt bike has pulled that I would also have the parking enforcement guy out and I would do some real fucking work like the guy that does you no heavy weight for a gimlet media like I don’t know why I think we have the juice to get Lou Diamond Phillips on the show
all right so are our guests tonight has been a guest before I believe you was a guest last I got to lose either fucking Phillips are there really wasn’t an audience but I got to say if I had to three man crush occupations like there was there was the guy I met who was an Irish firefighter who am I cheese they fight that too
it’s a little racist but I used to think I was Irish before I sent my spit into a computer that’s the definition of racism has fight fires look when I when I when I engaged to The Stereotype of the Irish being to fight I mean I’m like my eyes I want to be Irish so bad and then to be a firefighter and Irish firefighter in your mind you think I do this like I think you love me but you don’t
get up off the floor now I’m going to sing a song with me Fists
two beautiful people during their cereal has I don’t know what this third man crush occupation would be but this first two word occupations this is right there who knows if it’s never happened before firefighters were before I’m not sure please welcome conflict journalist
fucking come on
put your dicks down and lift your pants back up for a Rob Evans
Robin Batman
what up Rob weld an answer my question as to whether or not I was going to try a really offensive Irish accent as soon as I got out on stage so I don’t have to now thank you for that have you been to know if you’ve been to Ireland and no I don’t think so are you at Nick Lee descended from the Irish people not at all but I can sing every word of that you’re black and tans and it’s an old IR a song about beating up British paramilitaries of the streets of Dublin refrain of that has come out and fight me like a man show your wife how you won medals out and Flash Anders tell her how the IRA made you run like hell away from the green and lovely Lakes of kilos
to the first couple Rhymes you thinking oh shit this is racist and then you’re like oh no he likes the black and tans want to know if he wants to beat the Irish militant being like Metals in World War II come out and fight me I’ll beat you up yeah that’s that’s what the song is about 10:30 when you grow up in a country like Ireland you have your clothes
they just kind of an event that right as I get rid of the orange band around your arm all right sorry I do not attack these people can beat up a fire
I do not want to cross them but you you go everywhere where I would never want to cross you just got back from Syria by way of Mexico or I was just there for a wedding buy a rack thumbnail of what you were doing out there which I thought was really interesting the precursor being that you your kind of your your freelance right because you don’t like you said the big new news organizations they don’t send you due to the Middle East unless you’re going to do a story that fits in a you doing you doing Isis stories a big paper to pay for you to go out to Syria cuz it’s very expensive that usually want you to travel up like security which kind of bollocks is everything up an image of the hell out of you
reporter in there for a couple of weeks and you’re selling your stories to the different media Outlets or if I don’t have to do that anymore so I love podcast iHeartRadio behind the bastards is like the big one inside like that’s my regular job I got I got the one stand whistling somewhere series of companies and that’s the way things work I guess are you a print or photo or both I do print and I do podcasts like online and stuff so like the way I just raised a bunch of money for my fans I just asked people like I said I’ll write this audio book about how right-wing terrorism works in the United States and the sort of plot started in the 1980s to create like a network of stochastic randomly organized terrorists to carry out attacks to stabilize the country have this all that came together and I’ll write that and I’ll put it out for you if you guys raise a bunch of money from me so that I can go to Syria and check it out
what did what what brand of gum it’s a amazing thing and also a sad Testament to our what are you going to do Big League Chew so this is like there’s a complicated story and it’s hard to tell like how far back to go when trying to explain this like the short if I’m like pitching this on an elevator is there’s like a quasi Anarchist feminist revolution in Northern Syria and they’re sort of the folks who did most of the fighting to beat Isis and so we were hanging out with these people and like talking with him about how their system works and like watching the sort of thing develop and that’s like the the the short pitch
that word doesn’t mean anything this is where we get into the longer explanation of it in the longer explanation is that there is this turkish-kurdish terrorist named Abdullah ajilon who is like a man at absolutely a terrorist killed a shitload of innocent people back in the day and then the late 90s it gets arrested by the United States and I think Kenya and a couple of there’s another country involved in any way he’s been on an island prison in Turkey this whole time like for the last twenty years or so and in the last 20 years he’s sort of like moderated and he’s just done a bunch of reading and he came upon an American Anarchist philosopher named Murray bookchin and he started writing stuff where he’s like oh shit I was wrong number one I was wrong to be a marxist-leninist number to the kind of terrorism I was advocating isn’t okay and if we’re going to actually reform Society in a way that fixes things like I wanted to fix them rather than just trying to overthrow the government into their own we need to actually overthrow the systems of Oppression that are at the basis of all the four at arianism which is the domination of women Buy
and then so we need to fundamentally reorganize Society in order to fix the gender imbalance if we’re going to fix anything and do do a series of like weird flukes of History the terrorist group that this guy is the figurehead of wound up being the most powerful force in Northern Syria when Isis was on the March and they formed a couple of little subsidiary groups that then took on a life of their own and got us air support and backing and they beat Isis and now they’re in control of a region of about 4 million people and so for the last couple years that there’s been like okay well we have all of his political Theory this guy’s been writing and now we’re in charge we should see if it works and it kind of seems like adults are there being other things like proper and a kiss like a Paris commune and like Mikhail bakunin and Ken and Emma Goldman and all that I would call them and inspired in certain areas another way I’ve heard it I just a journalist today was telling me he thinks it’s his opinion of her Shabba which is what the region is called is the the world’s most

that’s an inside joke but like that idea and this will eventually lead to your remind me in high school they could kind of battle that my teacher to tell me of like at least the way they characterize it like during the Cold War when you’re going to third world countries in your pitching them democracy vs communism and you’re basically saying if you if you go with us your grandkids are going to maybe have a lot of bread like that they can buy it at a supermarket if you go with them everyone’s going to eat a lot more tomorrow and that was a mischaracterization probably that conflict but it was like the Paradigm like it get cuts to that which is like
authenticity Fidelity of messaging talking to you and I’m talking to you fucking straight have you ever felt like killing yourself yes
are there any of the other person is going like talking to you didn’t mean to scare you everything’s fine and okay goodnight I’m going to go fuck your Aunt Irene and then drop dead Fred’s over here is a sneak out my window and they’re authentic is I’m so glad you brought that up because he also is like that is this shitposting thing where people flooding a squirting ink there they go like a fine ship Posey company where the posting is like the sort of the tactic and it’s not like fashister inherently right-wing or left-wing or negative or anything it’s just a thing that you can do to start a flooded discussion or a conversation online with nonsense usually bunch of like meeting with memes are like stuff like that in order to kind of distracting to sort of conversation usually not just nonsense that stuff that’s like deliberately kind of emotionally provocative in order to
I have do real productive dog whistle and it’s the example that I brought up in the case of terrorist and was how like the 8chan shooter had a bunch of like references to internet memes and stuff in his Manifesto that like had nothing to do with anything and also would bring up people like Candace Owens we wasn’t a fan of but he knew that if he dropped her name in the manifesto would start like a right-wing left-wing fight and he could like sort of get people talking about that as like while they were also group told his people white people hate black people on the wall is the term the internet of your the Grinch your Oscar you’re a fan of entropy entropy is going to get you to where you want to be faster because order is not getting you anywhere
all right anyways I’ll show you have a new children’s book coming out broken into 9 fractional pieces I was going to go over the places you won’t go because the Nazis have bombed the train have kids by the way God no no no no no no no I don’t have kids if you did have kids how would you deal with that question
because people would like load if you had kids would you stop
snow is like I don’t know I’m not a parent so like my advice on this is is almost meaningless my my opinion as a former child is that
you retired child as a retired child retired
aren’t we all my love that I think you should let kids be interested in and read about and study about anything they want I don’t think you should have really let them watch anything they want my parents had for me that like a lot of disagreement with my parents but they were like we’re going to watch what you watch on TV but any book is fine because at least he’s fucking reading and like I don’t know if that works in the modern era because that can mean like the kid ones up on fucking a chance away that I don’t know how are we supposed to get of that kind never works which is not to say that like taking a site like eight Chan off the internet the way that it has currently been taken off his bad cuz I don’t think that’s censorship I think that’s being like hey company do you want your name associated with the site that killed 80 people and they got and I really don’t but all that shit still you can post that help women say that let them have lower band with the only thing that really works in the long run
when it comes to like fighting authoritarianism and fascism through raising better people is giving them a solid grounding both on like a one-to-one level and sort of the example you said as a human being of how they should treat people by how you treat people and number to give them a thorough grounding in history on which they won’t get from school because like school history education is our garbage so don’t just tell them about World War II in the Revolutionary War talking about Bhopal India and the East India Trading Company dying I guess I’m not even willing to do this and I’m the coolest dad that could ever live automobile Paul
that’s kind of the problem cuz with the hero for opting out of reproduction
the singleness to find a fine way to go I don’t know I am from earlier like what can what can be done to like fight this and how do we actually fight it and like the answer is that nobody if you want to have a world where Nazis don’t regularly come back into power and kill a shitload of people and then they have to be fought and then they get like beaten down for a little while and then 80 years later they come back again if we don’t want to have that world and we also want to live in a relatively free and open Society nobody gets to be just a comedy writer which I was for a while nobody gets to be just a whatever you do know because we just a teacher or a hairdresser or a construction with its everybody also has to be involved in local politics probably have to be an anti-fascist everybody has to put some responsibility on themselves
it keeps it from getting fucked up
who is one of the one of the problems we have right now in our society you look at some of the worst people who are currently on sort of the side of the right that’s pushing a lot of violence right now and the people often who aren’t advocating a directly themselves that who are saying things like that 600 million Muslims are radicalize terrorists and then a guy who reads them a bunch goes and shoots up a mosque in Quebec City that particular guy whose name I won’t mention here as a screenplay that he just couldn’t get sold in Hollywood and Steve Bannon had some scream place that he just couldn’t get sold in a lot of these guys who are currently right-wing grifters stoking outrage against immigrants and Muslims at screen place they just couldn’t sell have TV pitches they couldn’t fail and fail hahaha you’re a success you’re on a stage right now proud boys founder Gavin McGinnis
so they get into politics because it’s easier in the people who are really good at this stuff like a lot of them enough some of them succeed in the ones who are decent people and don’t succeed to go find something else to do with their time but the ones who don’t succeed and are shity will then I can just be racist and then I can make a shitload of money being racist and using the same tactics I learned to rile up a crowd and get them to hate immigrants and they’re focusing on politics because it’s the only place that they can make a living because they’re not quite good enough to make us laugh
full version of Christian rights like I know four chords and I love Christ yeah a little
I can warm up later love learning words so much that I learn six guards talking bad about Strasburg
it’s but it’s like it’s the same thing Christ I love the Christ I love cries to chords
Smoke on the Water if it’s Rick and Morty thing doesn’t pan out
walking on water
that’s not it should be Walk On The Water I’m saying that song was Smoke on the Water before it’s right yeah but it’s supposed to say walk on the water
and see Dan if you become a grifter you never have to take notes again
I can busk well you’re not going to keep your lifestyle with that also I can’t play those three chords
out of curiosity what do you think of cord is has together I do they work they work together and there’s several different kinds of cords what do you think of the difference between a major and a minor chord is lens of a logic pro user the differences that the middle line is either closer to the bottom line or closer to the top
what do you think about me bitch
what do you think of such score it is I think it’s a sustained chord generally
what’s this Danny what was just stating the chromatology
don’t know man where it big fight I don’t fuk with you what are you saying
new Downton Abbey
it was a bug bug bug short-lived spinoff the overtones they they were always that family it was like well I think the servants took the wine be over to you more about the diet tonic or the chromatic I think both him and the candidate trailer they’re like what new testament old testament
close to a hero both can I be president now cuz if I can you’re the idiot
if you prove that right
anyways you planning music Rob good God no no no never terrible at it. That was for people who play the tuba and wanted to two boys were for people who couldn’t play anything but had to get a music credit rice in a marching band or sitting band stop me do you want to talk about that at all you got an e-mail blackmailing you 450 you did did you pay it
can you loan me five Bitcoin I happen to know Glenn Maxwell who is really in deep shit right now and she I haven’t seen her in many years but she like she is a pail and she is one of them probably the procuress for Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual trafficking and Empire and I met her at a charity event and I believe Jeffrey Epstein was there two is for Michael J Fox’s Parkinson’s disease thing we brought her on stage and I sing a song to her and everything she said was a lie because you couldn’t talk about what she did then we went out and hung out and we remain friends she has said she probably in her phone book yes and then like I got a grapefruit told me get her number off of your phone on my dude
like text that we have is just her saying happy birthday like it’s not going to be talking about she’s going to buy the world’s oceans because she’s a very fascinating lady I didn’t realize that she was possibly and applied if you received the spam saying how to email saying that your social security number has been compromised whenever
confidential confidentiality management hello
oh, I just signed by Nobody Does this whole thing sounds pretty fugazi it has come to my attention mine
but you may be at risk after a potential leak regarding Jeffrey Epstein her phone I believe privacy and I believe but I love the writing so bad I believe privacy and confidentiality are very important in the world we live in and I am willing to offer my services to help my services in helping keep your confidentiality and privacy out of the public eye I have resources and friends at all the top social media science news outlets in government and government all the types of government has Kevin De this is Kevin with I
apostrophe work with them in the past helping others keep their privacy and return is I require a one-time payment of 5 Bitcoin send to a link once payment has been received by my team will will will get started scrubbing the internet to keep the Privacy right we’ll make sure so
no one else got that email right but is that because you because they know that Glenn Maxwell cell phone number is like my only because I call her right now and but you know I was I was a humble brag that I was collateral damage of FAP gate or whatever the fuck it was like people like it’s it’s not it’s truly I think what that indicates you have like actual knowledge we could be like The Young Turks or they go take some kind of like web-based newsagency do you like we have asked her phone’s been hacked to me that’s how I suggest that that email coming in today is that I almost posted she sent me don’t listen to buy Bitcoin cuz you don’t really understand what it’s worth
Dayton is that weed through a prom themed based birthday party and she came as my day I picked up at the Peninsula Hotel I just I’ve never been to a prom if I went there and I got her corsage is that I’ve never done this is I’ve only seen this in the movies until I pick her up and we go to the thing and we took a photo together and then she sent me a photo framed in a sterling silver like your kind of 8 by 10 size frame and I have that and right before I saw that email from this clearly spammy bullshit I almost posted that photo and send like this isn’t going to edgewell computer at my I have the guardian and I have Reuters but it comes up right off the bat and it’s all day pictures of Glenn standing if Jeffrey Epstein
exactly the year is like I knew her and I have a photo of where I looks like I am I’m the young Jeffrey do you have a take on this story I think you should get rid of that picture man that’s not going to be good in about three months or everyone does 6040 I think 60% he probably just killed himself apparently a suicide that on watch to is murder every suit you could make a case that almost every suicide in the US prison system and there’s a huge number of them is murder I don’t know what are do you know statistics about prisoners who are of such strategic significance is that like like never before
arguably the most important ahresty in the history of Criminal Justice I don’t know how to exaggerate it failing is murdered on suicide watch. There was a prisoner who was like this high-profile was Lee Harvey Oswald and they do a great job there. Well here’s the thing here’s a funny little question to raise about suicide watch my neighbor’s doorbell record my dog taking a shit
what’s with these stories that come out from federal penitentiaries of the most notorious for potential Witnesses what happened later like we quit you can’t put a little bubble gum size of paper saying that the fact that he either committed suicide or was Neo aced it was the day the Glenn all of her like this trash ever of documents came out about him and her involvement and that’s the day that he killed himself that he had him going oh fuck it I don’t want to get involved in this like I’m Steve Levy just sent me this link it’s in the New York Times were the staffer on guard Duty before it happened was like I was the guard on duty with my shift ended at new guard came I never seen it before I said what’s your name and it goes Steve and I said Steve what and he looks around for a second instead of Jamil my name is Steve jail
I want to be real I don’t want to live in a world without Steve jail
I was tired and that seemed legit so I let that’s the person who would have been on guard Duty when he died for the store can I get that job by taking improv classes
that’s what I want to make light of a fucking murder because if that’s what it is I don’t want to make light of a suicide if that’s what it is but it’s so high profile and it’s a good questions of rule of law here like I just don’t understand like when you arrest a guy who has a safe with a bunch of diamonds in a passport that’s fake and is like an alternate identity in Saudi Arabian everyone agrees I have this like I imagine being this guy in a box and going like fuck man I never thought in a million years that Trump would be president because I think he thought he had all his bases covered and was like if it ever goes wrong with the Democrats I got every Republican in the world on my side and then he never foresaw the one thing that would fuck him completely
which is the Republican Party being hijacked by so much reality TV celebrity that he’s like I’m in this cell I’ve done it before I’ll do it again I have literally everybody on my oh shit everybody there’s not a single person in this world that’s going to stop me from being murdered now I don’t know man I am like he had that he was also pretty deep with with Bill Clinton and then I would be calm and he’s like he’s like hey as long as I just keep on keep his Rolodex up I think you’re making not the same mistake he made but in terms of where you’re looking here as to his mistake I think you’re making the same mistake he made which is that he looked at the doctor did not pay attention to where the people at the bottom and what brought him down was not Trump becoming president what brought him down was a mix of two
police detectives who didn’t care that it was the end of their career to follow this case and a really really dogged journalists at a local paper in Florida who stayed on the case like a fucking pitbulls and wouldn’t let it go and Dad’s right about this and this story is like when people imagine that pedophile conspiracy that they think is at the center of world government they imagined like 5 year old kids being sacrificed by satanists in the basement of the pizza place and the actual conspiracy that we had a huge man of documentation what actually went on is that a bunch of Rich powerful people around the world wanted to fuck high school girls that the whole conspiracy they weren’t 6:15 to 17 years old that’s what Jeffrey Epstein provided that’s what all these billionaires and Millionaires and presidents and senators and members of the Royal Family
weird flex but okay
rent right before the day before Jeffrey Epstein killed himself asking friends of mine that we all met gland that we all hung out with her and she’s quite fascinating and she’s a very interesting woman end in like you multilingual and just act like awesome like wait like we should totally involved with this and I think like all this paperwork came out all these documents came out like that would really have affected Jeffrey Epstein and Trump Bill Clinton the Sultan of Brunei Prince Henry and then he’s dead and the question do you think Occam’s razor says I mean beside this is one of those situations that applies to things that you have some precedent for I’m not aware of the situation in which a guy who had a sitting president of former president to Sultan of Brunei a member of the royal
only several sitting Senators most of like the his name right of people had a vested interest in him dying so yeah there’s a real good chance he was murdered is it also possible that the guy who had only ever lived like as the richest one of the richest people in the world and who like was used to having every whim catered to was broken by a few weeks of prison and just decided to end it cuz he couldn’t take it I mean he did it before he made it before yeah yeah but that was a real fucking different story like like a basically a life sentence and the rule of law because if you would never all focused on his autopsy and I’m like who cares if the autopsy says it’s a big f d
like you could you could go into this guy seller I’m sorry I must be frustrating you better cuz I’m like I’m like I’m like the liberal qanon but I’m like you if you wanted to kill this
duccini like like it is as easy as literally like
sliding open a thing on his cell and going like
my name is Steve jail
I am never going to come into that cell
like you know what to do right that’s the thing keeping them from killing them self he’s regardless of conspiracy but I think you might be dancing around is that is like the story the story is that if you want someone dead and you want them dead by their own hand the easiest way to guarantee that is make them be a normal normal prisoner in a u.s. Maximum Security Prison get it that’ll pretty much dude fucking job for me
describing like the threat of being thrown into General pop isolated if I apply when I would assume my Occam’s razor is to that is that what you said is that he said fuck it I’ve been I’ve been in jail since early July and I’m looking at being in jail for the rest of my life and he just said the first moment on the loan people alive I’m outraged about Jeffrey Dahmer dying in prison like I don’t like we have to be like like like wheat we have this like attitude about bad people in our society where we just like lock them away and I hope they get raped to death and I hope they died out the kill themselves Zach you got to be I want to hear MC Steve jail don’t I don’t even as a joke driving away I want to hear this around seamlessly to something that ties it back to the original topic and is also uplifting oh yeah so I’m in Syria and I’m talking to this guy
I’m talking to these guys who have been at the all of these people men and women who have like just been dealing with this brutal war against Isis and the last survivors of the caliphate they have in a while it’s parked prison camp part refugee camp to seventy-one thousand people not all of them are Isis survivors but a lot of them are and it got them locked in this camp and they’re trying to figure out what do we do with them and one of the first things that happens is they start trying to send a lot of these people back to Iraq because a lot of them are racking in origin or that was their Port of Entry and as soon as they send them back they do with want your French fighters in France says we’re not going to take these people fucking they’re not friends anymore and Iraq hangs on the same day that’s just what they do in Iraq and so far not too hopeful lifting can I help
the rose Vavoom Constitution says the death penalty is illegal you cannot kill a prisoner under any circumstances it’s not okay so they stopped sending prisoners over to Iraq where Isis Fighters and so I’m talking to these people I’m trying to understand cuz me and my partner Jake we both have reported from the fighting against Isis and like in my case at least I’ve been shot at by these people at also spend hours and hours and I were talking to people have been tortured and beaten from them had family members killed and I’m sitting in like I start by talking to like one of the women whose planning out the criminal justice system and like trying to build this thing from the ground up to be more Equitable than the one in Syria which is not exactly a super hard story but like they’re trying to like do a better job and she’s like no you can’t you can’t like revenge’s is a sign of weakness and revenge is also something that has been endemic in this part of the world in particular for centuries and it’s part of why we have so much balance is one member of this family kills another and they kill a member of their family will we have to do is Rehabilitation and so
a person talking to this lady who’s in like we’re in a nice like office room while she’s like dealing with Isis prisoners and stuff and I’m like what you’re used to talking with the Press there’s a good chance you’re putting on a show for me so we get down to the ground level to this actual prison camp where they keeping all these Isis detainees and we start talking to their guards to these people who have like I talk to this one woman who was telling me a story about how the day before she been with this Isis bride and her kids and the bride head knocked her down and her kid had one of her kids had bitten her on the Armature show me the bite mark with his kid head like ripped through the skin of her arm with his teeth and like the other kid have gone off to try to get a gas can to pour gasoline on her before like her other comrades have gotten them off and I’m like what do you want to be done to these people and he’s like the only thing we can do is try to rehabilitate them is try to treat them well and take care of them and bike eventually hope that it gets through to some of them and like a particularly get through to their kids because that’s all you can do is try to rehabilitate people and be better than the people before because if we just start killing them because we don’t think they
he fixed then we’re exactly the same as the dice is Isis and then I start talking to the other guards these like young men with AK-47 about like what do you think should be done and they all have the same like we do we have to try to fix these people we have to try to help them because otherwise like this is fucked otherwise this whole region is fucked if we can’t get past all this violence everything is fucked in for a little bit of like respect it when I’ve been in Mosel at the end of the fighting I’ve been talking to people who have gotten like headlights led the city during the fighting against Isis and I would ask you what do you plan to do when you get back and almost everyone’s answer was with his neighbor of mine went with Isis and he informed on me and that’s why I had to leave town or when my car got taken away or why I went up in prison so I’m going to tell on him to the Iraq the authorities and stuff and it was like this cycle of violence being perpetuated and every all the Kurds we talked to in the Arabs we talked with this Camp were part of this thing going on a job we’re like you can’t fucking do that anymore it has to stop somewhere so we’re going to try to
stop it and that to me was the most uplifting thing that I saw there and we spent some time with this group of older women who like part of the neighborhood Council to were doing it like the kind of what cops do in the United States like the the Civil side of law enforcement so they really elected representatives of this neighborhood and they would go around and one of the things they did is when there was a murder obviously you saw them are you try to solve the murder and you try to get the murderer in jail and it’s usually pretty obvious who’s done it but you also have to deal with the fact that there’s two families that no hate each other okay and so you have counseling sessions between the two families where you try to figure out what the family of the murderer can give them murdered in order to try to set things to right and you like sometimes it’s months of dealing with these conversations and at the end of it they throw a big Feast between both of the families and everyone else in the area so that everybody sees this beef getting squashed so that there’s public shame on the side of whoever
is it another family starts up the Vendetta again then everyone knows they’re the ones breaking the peace this time when this was like at the undergirding of everything that they’ve done and so I’m talking to these old ladies about like the fact these women who had lived fifty sixty years under the Syrian regime not able to hold a job not able to have any role in governance and who are now acting as like their own local government for their neighborhoods and I asked them could you ever go back to the way things were before and they’re like oh no they have to fucking kill us and later that night my my fixer takes us to the graveyard at the end of the day and that’s all you can see the graveyard on picture 5 and I want to show that because it’s it’s kind of noteworthy so these are the way they do graves in that part of the world every single grave you can see is a garden so they plant flowers and all of the Grave so that like every grave is a sprout of life and as we’re walking through this graveyard which is all soldiers in this who died
fighting the Islamic State we’re walking and were talking and my fixer hebat is explained to us how this justice system works in the important she believes should be placed on Rehabilitation and how you can’t just try to hurt people you can’t just kill these people even though their families guy you have to try to keep him alive and rehabilitate him and right after explaining this for walking through this graveyard and she stops at a grave and kneels down and kisses it and says this is my brother he died fighting Isis at the age of 17 in 2014 so like that to me was the thing that was like hit me like a fucking bullet that somebody can have an experience like that which should be a generator of so much hate and it can in the proper environment and with the proper amount of Hope in with piano and acceptance of the realities of the situation take from that things can still be better
yeah and then literally grow a flower take you out jail is fake it’s a hoax
we’ll see you next week thanks for coming Tracer Crittenden
the beautiful thing to find uplifting things in a horrible horrible world tonight
Jackie got me he’s playing one very rare Jennifer’s Zack McKeever up there
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