Episode 346: Every Day is a New Hate


Episode 346: Every Day is a New Hate


Author of the new book It Came from Something Awful, Dale Beran teaches us the history 4chan and 8chan. How did simple websites transform into centers of white nationalism, violence and tools of politics?  Featuring Dan Harmon, Brandon Johnson and Dale Beran.


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how to pick Pig had something now that’s going to work at night and it cut it cut it it’s not going to work I’m not I’m either that talented tonight in or if it was a pretty big disappointment he comes here for my wrap like they was here for his rapping no don’t don’t let him put you on the spot you’re disappointed that you’re here in general it’s a 8 decade man that dictated you guys are all statistically more likely to die tonight
cuz you didn’t stay at home was it worth $10 might be worth if they gave you $10 right whatever I would have I got in my notepad
let’s take a look
and I just I’m sorry tonight I got a little
hello drunker than I usually come in this drunk unless we have a special guest
are we have a special guest tonight but I didn’t mean like usually am like like Yeardley Smith I was like God dammit Lisa Simpson’s coming to Norman Lear my boss it was an accident tonight in light bar in our guest is going to suffer alright each lane
how is this helping the freeway system
all right you’re not confused when you get into that thing and it says like that doesn’t seem at all like you’re in the hands of an infrastructure one Parker Green each lane what think about it like if there’s a bunch of faucets at a at a trough where everybody’s washing their hands right so everybody can get into each faucet and wash their hands but if some guy or something lovely lady comes over and put his or her hands and your stream then there’s confusion
so if you can regulate the amount of hands going into each stream you’ll have a smooth flow
I’m going to put that in a different way which is which is that didn’t someone looks at us like insects from from above and they go well if we could just figure out a way to slow this spot and instead of them going we should do our job better building things
look for good thing they put a fucking thing that said you guys should intermittently stop
it’s a job that’s stupid and no one obeys it no one knows what the fuck is going on it creates tension it’s like welcome to the machine it’s like really like that Pink Floyd song starts with oh my mama
freeway it feels like you like when you were like a freshman in high school it’s like it’s like what there’s a sign that says one car per green each lane you’re like everyone is like trying to muscle each other out everyone’s in a hurry is a pack freeway ahead of you and everyone is like pulling up in this thing in like looking at each other like
bring up the worst in everybody that’s what they always do they throw the trouble to the to the people who can’t deal with it they didn’t they make it your problem but you knew damn well as it look like they think they just think they’re just like a fucking thing there for the poor people to like bump up against like a little slow him down that’s all it is it’s like I’m telling you it’s like something
okay so I think my adderal doctor is getting cracked down on I went to see him today and he was like he took my blood pressure and it was snowing hard and he’s like rain in the prescription they went by the way who gave you the diagnosis is like that would be you
and he made the space that was like he was hoping to hear the absolutely has been his responses can I give you a questionnaire that the medical board gave me a fully expect next time I go to the doctor is going to be boxes in the hallway I’m going to drop this questionnaire in the mail to some federal oversight committee that’s like I promise I have trouble focusing
I’m telling you we will we’ll keep our fingers crossed that does not sound good
I’ll bet you a million Adderall tablets currency of the future stockpiling I don’t take nearly as many did this better not get out
I always check the doctor into going they will you need 30 niblets a day or whatever the answer is 15 and then I slowly built up it’s like one of those like I don’t know it’s like Clash of Clans junkies don’t know junkies don’t stockpile how dare you
currency of the future like when we were all like ship deep and water, we keep heels
biggest dope the best thing to do is stay awake during the apocalypse yeah you got in the first round you should be stockpiling carbon monoxide there’s things you should be stockpiling I’m not yeah yep yep yep no I don’t care planet Earth I’m going to say this is the best week we’re doing right now will plumbing and fucking air conditioning can you imagine what those things are gone to be no Halloween I’m going to do one of those things
I’m going to insure my pet to my fiance I’m going to be like you’re right let’s all go out right now it’s early Steve Levy me you were leaving
she took the note it was like to be on Jeff call them out so I can seem to agree GIFs
I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to be one of those controversial guys in the apocalypse I’m going to I’m going to say yes let’s all take the cyanide tablet together
but I’m going to I’m going to hang out
what do you do just so I know what is the thing that’s going to make you be like Fuck this I’m not sticking around I’m not I could not I’m not I’m telling you I’m leaving this life under protest
. Because I think that’s what God will hate
I think he designed me for suicide I feel like I feel like I’m like I’m like I’m in the I’m in a vocational category of like like like I’m supposed to fucking thinks I shouldn’t exist I also want you to talk to someone at cetera but like I’m telling you
I’m telling you I’m not doing it I’m not doing it man doing it I just decided that during my bladder infection
cuz I’m like this hurts and it hurts to pee yeah
that’ll make it feels like I got to pee when I don’t have to be you know what I’m sticking around
all my predecessors this is when they checked out you know you’re going to look like
I’m sticking around I want to spit in the eye of whatever is left when you’ve been reduced to nothing I want to be there for that fucking leg watch you The Watcher fucking Marvel character why are you still alive because I want to be that like I’m going to fucking like I want to Vasquez and aliens with the grenade I’m going to be like I want to look at nobody and if I my lover’s knot left and was going to like hang on to that grenade plenty of time for that that’s just dope claiming ownership over your your own sort of like I’m not leaving his dope me on the other hand by motherfuker
I’m going at the first sign of some bullshit I’m talking about you can’t when you can’t get your car when you can’t get your license plate tag
in the middle there was
all right well yeah I’ll feel I feel differently tomorrow like I said I came in a little drunk I’m a little numb to the whole thing I’m like my bulletproof I said give me a blow job shot care how much is pepper okay look our next guest
is an author got a new book out called it came from something awful please welcome Dale beran
or not and you know he doesn’t have to
there are no wrong answers hello sir sit anywhere you like I think
people may never been used in Mattaponi don’t thank you for getting special drunk for me I know I’m not special I appreciate it you aren’t good so I can keep drinking and you won’t be like okay okay
yeah it’s about the history of for chance last eight Chan yes yeah it goes back to the very beginning yeah it goes from like 2003 when the site with Fortune was found it all the way up to now when we’re not alright terrorist epidemic that is formed off a check in until I guess last week when we got cut off yeah so I thought I was right about something like really irrelevant they like I will book came out and I’ll try to explain it to you and then like I went on vacation and there were all these horrible shootings in like I was on the bike at my beach house so I can do it on the beach house smells like at I was I was going to be in B and like that the owner was like they just shut it down right like everyone now knows besides real that it’s going to be one of these interviews is my big pet peeve with interviewer is where they go what do you say to the people who say but I like cuz of their just saying like
the people who say shutting down venues for like like making it bad people to convene I spoke to the founder of eight Chan who also thinks it should be shut down those like one of my sources say the bus is like please shut it down right that’s the point
yeah I know if he’s like yeah he’s like 25 he’s a disability ft tall is in a wheelchair and he looks in the Philippines is a programmer yeah that’s the founder of H and yeah so it’s it’s it started in 2013 about right yeah yeah so maybe twenty-seven now yeah but your let’s say you’re in favor after all the research that you’ve done you’re like yeah pull the plug but in case that gets people’s dander and I don’t mean if it get your dander up you may be a person who liked me when you hear stories about stuff it’s like I don’t know I tend I always skewed towards the the Middle where am I
wait that’s not going to hell like like don’t don’t you can’t make microphones illegal because you didn’t like what someone said into them the war on terror and then of the spread the fire elsewhere which does happen but each and in particular it is it’s just so poorly moderated that the idea that you’re going to have a place where you going to allow all this legal content and no one’s going to police it the internet it turns out there it’s very hard to run that there’s a lot of people enabling that ends when it’s gone it turns out that most of the shooters like 19 20 years old and that they posted stuff like the power of the Poway shooter was like a year-and-a-half I’ve learned so much is 19 right so it was clear that teenagers are going there finding the site getting radicalized by these older losers that have been there for like 10 years and then a fortune even longer
so if that’s broken up and like they go hide and Discord servers are they go hide in a weird place is going to be a lot harder for those teenagers to find it and this to happen it actually like when you D platform it when you punch Nazis on the street they do go it does that like solve the Nazi problem no does it’s just saw those systemic issues does it trust those know but she said she truly forgive me in advance for being like this weird like but what about or whatever guy off but like honestly want to like it’s I may be dating myself it where it’s like the internet began is this place that was the Wild West right and the beneficial parts of it were absolutely because of its lack of
oversight censorship and when we when we talked about net neutrality we we we we worry about the idea of corporate psychology creeping into a place that was possibly the Bastion of free thought and the and the ACL use very sometimes unsavory but I think admirable kind of stance is always like look if Nazis want to get a permit in parade we have to protect their speech as much as we protect a Million Man March because we don’t cherish the quality of the speech that were protecting a Setter so it right throwing this shit at you not not because I actually want to challenge you because I’m 46 and I’m tired and I want I want all these kids off my lawn sure but I’m actually throwing it at you because I think I’ll probably like maybe there’s a bell curve of my listeners who I would assume
especially even if they’re decent people that they’re kind of like skewing drugs will wait a minute what are we pulling the plug on microphones right yeah so if you think the parts there where the First Amendment covers the government’s restricting speech so when you let the Nazis marching in free speech zones and things like that in his heel to defend them that’s that’s really defending their right to the First Amendment for the government not to do another story when you are building all of these tools that allow the person to use this message board and then there’s another company that creates the DDOS protection and there’s another company that runs the servers and all of the creative people have created together this space of their contributions have been created a chance and allow it to thrive and the in and you’re right the internet was built as a decentralized place where anyone create a website anyone can go and put their stuff online and I guess the internet still allows and you’re not supposed to do that but the other the other part there is that why
if you have all the stuff that other people built their they don’t they don’t have some obligation because have their creation use that way so the fact that Facebook or are the company that does DeDe Westbrook section like hack attack protection against websites that they’re like know that you don’t have a right to use all everyone’s junk that way like everyone’s creative work that way so Facebook is evil and yeah they they have a lot of awesome they also have a lot of terrible problem I can’t believe that I’m accidentally like like but what about going on behalf of this I feel like I feel personally like the thing of scooting me off of out of this arena is precisely because transparency is dead vulnerable
he is dead Freedom Is Dead visibility is is nothing but a liability etc etc and it’s partially like every bone in my body wants to rumble the the brigands and end in fire brands that have rumbled me for instance like they are they they coordinate they reveal that 9 years ago I fucked a baby in a comedy sketch right he should be fired but it’s okay baby that’s all baby yeah but I mean I mean they but it’s that almost fired me and it’s also a partially people that you could call liberal that were like oh I didn’t know that he should be cancelled his life should be really try and it’s almost like I look back I got rumbled by these guys
by these guys I mean like this not of that internet and I like Rusty
Shadow I cast when I was 27 sure and I thought like that I felt like them and aren’t they just kind of coming back to haunt me and saying you were like us don’t fucking high road us don’t you waiting lines with Jessica gow don’t you don’t you dare how dare you make Rick and Morty and like say that it’s not okay to be racist we’re going to fucking out you in like like Rumble you say I’m done them yeah but at the same time I don’t like I will never advocate for it it’s hard when I hear this like it’s like it’s like oh shit we’re going to we shut this area down I’m sorry I don’t mean to be overly contentious I love it because I want I want cuz you wrote a whole fucking book about this and you went back to the roots right we had a conflict journalists on the previous
I read some of his shit and I was like God damn that’s a compelling case and they think it’s right it’s when you start to contextualize in terms of global politics right if that’s what you feel like your mind starts to go if we if we knew about a network on our internet that was radicalizing use etc etc. So right so I think you’re kind of sending them a little too much credit I guess this is a different breed 7 your mindset would not wear these has only one I only want to say this to be perfectly Fair like things that I said
in text at the age of 27 we didn’t have the same words for it that we have today and I want to wake up but I I I was I was a young man that prided himself on seeing beyond the Grand Illusion but you weren’t looking for a racial Mentor you weren’t looking for a racist that could sort of help solidify that you had been correct in your thoughts about society’s but I think that’s because I was talented but that’s the rockaways white obviously untalented why would they be proud of the color of their spread
make it back to 2014
alright Brandon in history a role to the history that answers some of what you’re asking
I just want to say this is the beginning of the reason I like through all this shit at you is because I eventually you’re going to take us from the from the route to the leaves and I didn’t want anybody out there to have a resistant read to it I wanted them to like a lower there are and go like look okay so we’re just being objective and you obviously no one writes a book about the Ship Without diving deep and opening himself up to it and I just didn’t want I didn’t want to I didn’t want anybody out there to be like in Han Solo is so why should I buy into this that’s that’s it so yeah I mean imagine something where the Creator himself it’s like this needs to be destroyed that’s where we are with this debate where it’s I mean it’s just like you create anything right you make our and and like if we are too bad no one has the right to pay attention to someone else
do that right it’s it’s like the right to promotion is what they’re asking for more like you can you can put your garbage up on a website know what’s preventing you from doing that but all of the stuff that it takes two to like read something like a chain which loses a ton of money it’s supposed to say our as a vanity project who makes money off of this sort of speech like who makes money off these sites crazy businessman in the Philippines who just adores it and his son also is a VHA music that’s why he owns the site how much you think they lose its not sure I didn’t actually get that number out but I know that it’s probably in the thousands of dollars so he’s kind of like he just loves making that kind of material yeah so yeah it has been many times where people have tried to create the sights and and and they just flopped and so now we have this weird scenario where a chin was just this one weird guy who who
going to a great deal of money in an hour and I’ll run up until last week but what if your book is called it it came from something on how you want to do. You don’t need to sweep yeah the nutshell sweep is that in 2003 he was the start of Fortune and it was really out of the sort of nihilist 90s nihilus or the slacker culture which was another recycled something awful wear that suit of humor you like dropping on a life for the kennel care about politics whatever I’m going to just sort of have this race to the bottom of transgression of humor and worse and worse and that site got so kind of dark and cynical that it had a spin-off which was 4chan and fortunate even less motivation to start a bit like a fifteen-year-old kid was in the anime and he combined that he copied a site in Japan called to channel to channel was really dedicated to otaku culture so this idea
like I was going to drop out I’m not going to climb the hierarchy of success am I going to go to school it’s too hard I’m not going to have a job going to just hang out and consume fantasy products all day that Tyler Durden yeah like or anyting Peppy’s Fight Club thing with things that are appealing to people are people that like unplug and Vibe whatever the fuck Big Lebowski like we’re just sort of like I’m happy we got to like we’re not turning to comedy movies like whiny and Janeane Garofalo David Cross Lake alternative comedian who began is actually just like thrusting their hands in their pockets and going like I know one thing I sure the fuck him not Judy

I’m not I’m not for sure the exact opposite part where you filter is like they’re like we’re going to have a socialist Revolution and Pikachu is going to get her whatever like I like that’s like you’ve caused her over there like you at Waluigi out there fighting the proud boys right so that that how do we get from there is through this these websites so so up until 2007 Fortune becomes widely popular it is where memes come from that’s where they invented memes and they should have invented these trolling collectively importantly though is because the it’s the anonymity culture right yeah there’s no way to know on 4chan
who you are. It’s it’s just ramping carnival-like write it in a world that where you can do that anywhere but it’s like 4chan almost like you can’t go on to Fortune to go hey it’s me you know me mr. clean you can but it was like look down upon but yeah I was almost all Anonymous so it was a default the name that you put in the box was and not a message with the software display to whoever was Anonymous in to self the leading content was super fast for netiq a sort of like that the Facebook feed before the Facebook feed we’re just turning through the third most popular, that upon comments and that’s what I like weird ecosystem generated memes so anything was interesting or gross or the most insane stuff pop to the top and I was at the constant flow of that was like what the youth culture was about you think that’s because it’s easier to show an image than to be clever to be weird gross and funny that’s really what it was in like the
the founder of something awful describe it to me is like everyone was competing there to be the most fucked-up piece of shit possible and they were all winning right that was the competition would you look at the movies from back then Pump Up the Volume Heather’s I’m talking to you Christian Slater in the blame squarely on headache and my brother who was no fucking hero in the neighborhood marveling at what he called me the Beastie Boys generation as he looked at me in my thirteen-year-old friends we were like behaving the way we were in a mall because I think we had gotten some impulse in her head from watching Weird Science and Breakfast Club and I was thinking a tree like
your job is a hero is to hack culture right are everything around you is horseshit John Hughes told me so the extent that I smash it I am a hero right so that’s what I kind of go over in the book with the crazy thing about that is that like that was new and we still have it today but it started in the 80s and then the nineties and should have got worse and worse at entertainment culture and marketing culture just expand it right so in the sixties you felt it was about like socialist Revolution we were back to you today on there about like they had likes since your politics and they were going to change the world and then by the time we reach the 90s it’s like we’re in this psychic garbage dump the second garbage dump is like full of all of these different marketers and all the products I’ll just pop culture I’m just like skimming in the bits and it’s represented on the internet and we’re going to accomplish back together in the memes and that’s going to be a culture and we’re just going to drop out because it’s so hopeless so that’s where it was
and then it totally slipped in like 2008 and inanna Fortune first anonymously the hacker Collective and they’re like oh we’re so powerful we were so many a young man like hundred thousands of people all collectibles online which is what a power like we created memes that was powerful we can intimidate people at hackers and troll armies that’s powerful and they said well we have these things that we believe and we believe in libertarian internet Freedom where anti-corporation or anti Church of Scientology and suddenly they became this like cogent political movement so the opposite happening like they’re protesting on the streets and I’m like going to the protests and it’s like the raids that they have online direct rest is the same cartoon characters supplies there cuz you said you said they flipped and 2008 and what you want to be clear about what you mean that they they flipped maybe from Towing the line that they would you would automatically assume
maybe people are outraged like how could they possibly be Nazis they flipped too conservative is what you mean they dropped out nihilism to political activist so they were on the last then having one hand in her pocket the other flashing a peace sign to both hands manipulating the political scene on the computer right in the glow of the green line by Ronnie I’m just trying to put her in the right this finally finally finally
funny ironic finally got their man I hope you’re listening
yeah like ironic Convergys
yeah so like last week when the Waluigi is fighting the proud boys or whatever you like 2 days ago he’s got the anonymous mask on the Guy Fawkes mask which is like from a comic book which is from a movie but the movie is about anti-fascism in political activism and right so they took all that pop culture stuff movies and comics and they’re like oh this is real this is sincere we’re not ironic and we can meet somewhere lobbying group it’s sort of like it’s not unlike Baby Boomers going to wear silver foxes let’s do this probably when was the Tom Cruise thing happened with the I’ve seen documentaries where it’s like well it’s almost like the weather man or the the it it’s like any kind of like activist group like the the people that were involved in that
you you have no way of knowing they vanish of those people who take their place or leg and then that that I am not your personal Army kind of things yet our x-ray It’s like because it’s like we have this power let’s use it to make this girl kill herself yeah because she’s a slut and then people go like what does that equate with our battle with yeah that was a huge problem of making a decentralized group so anyone could say oh that’s us and it was that trolling sensibility where the boards were still full of Niall Louis and they broke so there’s like a big split so half of them are like no we’re going to have we’re going to be real political actors we’re going to fight for democracy and the Arab Spring and the other half for like no we’re still and we want to still do a noxious things like hackforums so easy for him was flashing chips so everyone has a seizure right that was what they did to say
start a fight back against the image that they are activists there was a big split there but the anonymous hacktivist Collective years and they eventually. But then that the FBI arrest all the principal members they go after all of them and most of them went to jail and that’s the end of the movement and then we got the moment that you’re waiting for wear after that happens then the boards are like Ultra nihilistic the losers are there than they are for like six or seven years new kids are coming in and then they slipped to the right that’s like the movement that that’s the movement towards the right and that’s because like those sort of Dynamics we’re really it’s you have less and less opportunities for kids to have fulfilling jobs to move out of their parents have like adequate housing have access to education that’s getting worse after the
2008 crash and then on the other half you have expanding screen world’s expanding entertainment products it’s you need to live forever in the video game to my sis ID makes it really easy to do that they’re like you want to play Mario Maker 2 all your all day yeah that’s great I like the guy who ironically is like a closer cousin to conservatism because you want you want no oversight you want no regulation you you want the free market to figure it out and that makes like hell of a lot of sense if your parents trying to be way the fuck wrong about you being good at Mario Brothers not leading to you making a lot of money World kind of like says to them like mounting student debt and also the there they’re riding this wave of like it’s too many Facebook post about affirmative action gone wrong about
everything that’s click Worthy is like about the world’s gone sour write all of these dreams of the voting Voting Rights Act and all these things political correctness is gone mad that there’s nothing fun for a 15 year old rip out about going like yeah yeah the cover of my book as well we’re like the same time that’s happening Tumblr which is the majority of female image sharing site that sort of like a a female version of Fortune except nice it is developing a new sort of set-up leftist politics which is full of feminist critical theory but it’s also a very rigid and its structure and it it’s preventing any valid reason to debase run this idea that like okay there’s six white male to the top of this power pyramid and then the idea of particles Everett with everyone
to that same level as all the other minority groups and then you have this vast group of men on the margins young men on the margins at 4:10 and then like we are at the last ones right we are losers and they’re Furious. Then they want to abandon the last for that reason and of course like you’re saying like it’s very polite that culture so they should have agree upon of moral value system and they also have a pendant and then they said that’s it that’s the moral system they’re going to have and Fortune as trolls and like young men who wanted to offend they were like really delighted controlling that culture being the outside or inside of staring into the skid me like all right if I’m the loser I’m going to be like the best loser that like right of the worst loser in a book about about Tumblr being a bag of shit
is if if fortune and considers Tumblr the girls Camp across the lake and they’re going on Pandora
BNS attack and fucking video of them your young I’ll be on Instagram but like showing myself swimming in my pool it’s kind of like the weird thing is that tumblers politics and got imported into the leftist politics and then for chance politics got imported into the right and it’s like those all of those ideas at like incubated there then those kids grew up there few years older and they just now they’re everywhere right so it’s like God the feeding into each other and it’s a it’s a sort of the bottom line is sort of more of an anthropological one which is the best children are communicating faster like their speaking a language we don’t understand that’s what drives me away from the whole thing is that I don’t get you kids anymore I don’t get when you really mean it but it is three phases with tears coming out of your eyes like
do you mean you hate me why can’t you understand my dryer so I can go like I was saying in all new friend should have somebody that Instagram like I’ll I’ll give what I consider to be like kind of like I’m a middle-aged man and like somebody like me a little bit like a juvenile get a job at now I’ll do what I think is like the right thing to do just a little harder puppy like like like like what the fuck is wrong with you I’m going to sue you and then I’m like what the fuck is sherwell
say in my book is based on fear that’s the fundamental value that they’re all powerless because you’re a Tumblr like the result of it is an inbox full of
of vulnerable honest people who like if I start talking about it I’ll cry cuz I can’t I can’t pile through the messaging app people reaching out to me yet and letting me know personal things and pretend like I’m coming to your house and going to meet a lady with a scalpel I mean they’re like yeah it’s it’s because everything on the other side it’s all about identity right yet but I think that besides themselves Tumblr and social media is based around us up self-obsession that your post you’re putting all the stuff up and you’re creating this Hall of Mirrors where you like looking out the Selfies and you like what selfie best reflects my lifestyle and that’s what it can trade dictive that’s why it exists in the first place if they want to keep going back but then the politics and reflects that
obsession with cultivating your your identity in yourself so it really comes from likes some asphalt the top is just like I’m raking it in it I swear I ate it it it fuses with Joseph Campbell wear it because the ornamentation of ritual and stuff like that when anonymity becomes a culture and it’s like wait a minute how many days have we been doing this like are you a are you a bird man that’s like allowed to rape me or you are my fucking Banker like like like I don’t understand that question but I need to ask you a question I never got an interview
let them eat cake thing and let lit-lit let’s all have a Halloween party and then it grew and grew and grew because people were finding more and more segrate healthy outlet for me to be who I really am and who I really am I mean who I really am not answer that’s a commentary on either a society is not allowing me to be who I am but in any case isn’t it like that moment in To Kill a Mockingbird where you know Atticus steps out the porch he looks at these guys in the hoods and he goes hey clay Simmons
I bought bird feed from your house the other day hey Jon Goldberg there probably wasn’t John Goldberg in To Kill a Mockingbird
revised To Kill a Mockingbird
AAA light is a disinfectant and it is an annuity is a fucking problem is fan culture yeah and myself and people can understand who I am it’s me Daphne and I represent only the best things in the world yeah that’s that’s the right then in the background always think I didn’t you have the title the trailer is full of shit and go my name is Tyler Durden it’s on my birth certificate I risked my identity I choose to call you out Daphne what you do is you put on the ski mask that you cast like is there what is my point I don’t I don’t
they’re both off or something requires something there I swear to God I want to repeat again the shit that ever happened to me when I get rumbled by these drugs I deserve every scrap of it like you hear me guys I am not come at all I don’t know about that but I want to say in terms of dialectic like if you have to remain anonymous in order to accomplish your goals right we have a tradition in our culture with those people we we are pretty sure that those people are saying one I don’t believe in a representative democracy we are being fooled by our migration to online
into thinking that we don’t matter is people and it’s almost like I’m sorry if this is a crass metaphor but it’s almost like the entire internet basically says to us you’re automatically in a hood when you log on and it’s your choice how much you want to roll it up and show your face and the people that choose to do that our influence stairs and there wasn’t nothing in their dishonest if you do nothing if you exhibit no effort at all you’re in a hood now people have to because they do bad things like they do things that they don’t they wouldn’t be actually willing to do if their job was on the line if their mother’s love was on the line so I got like that so you’re right that are not the anonymity of Fortune create a really toxic environment in really
allowed it to Fester like that before and you’re right that when they’re Anonymous when we were not under State treat each other like total garbage they do garbage things they know there’s no consequences but at the same time the other side where there were all these corporations who were like oh well it’s very addictive to replicate the eagle online and enchant people through this Hall of Mirrors where they’re constantly looking at their self-image and so then you get this vast population of young people who are interested in doing that and fill the whole culture around that until we know animus and Fortune culture was like we are built around rating corporate space is on corporate online space is breaking apart breaking apart the fantasy do you think you’re going to be a wonderful dwarf in Second Life I’m going to go in there and ruin the whole experience for you because you’re under a delusion that that that that aligns ironically with
the transgender Movement Like icon like will you go like I I am allowed to be proud of myself like it I would be outnumbered at work I’d be outnumbered at school I’d be outnumbered everywhere I went in real life but online I’m able to actually access other people that are telling me I to feel the way you feel you are not alone you are not outnumbered you’ll never win a district there’s no way for us to take over a fucking section of a city right but here here you are at the internet is lowering shamed walls and that includes four Pepsi’s yeah that’s true yeah so I mean I read about this in the book where there’s lots of positive ways where if your trans or if you’re gay and you can meet other folks and that’s where have people described it that way the internet in the 90s it was like a breath of fresh air that they could actually do that and then the but the flip side of course is that you get groups you got a group think that if everyone wants together
weather in the like I love suicidal I call you I love you
I know what that’s great we should all think about how we going to kill ourselves or how we’re going to get like so thin that we’re going to be anorexic and that happened on Fortune as well with the in cells and so forth said that they got together and they’re like I’m such an otaku I’m so doomed I’m just going to I think that I’m born to be on Fortune for my entire life and never go outside only like looking anime that’s just inherently who I am and then the rest of them are just convincing them that they’re like exactly right yeah and so that generated like like this weird groupthink and it got even worse and out of that culture grew the alright so it’s crazy because they say this is also what causes addiction is loneliness and these people were very lonely people deserve to be lonely
yeah I mean you can say that like I I also like to mock them and I don’t like particularly like a lot of them yeah I don’t like because I think that they don’t value skills that we all have to own yeah I mean that’s that’s the other thing that like it’s kind of like the being like my first job out of college was teaching middle school and there was like the one kid that got bullied and like then he just became an asshole because you’re right because he’s like I’m going to own it right that’s my record that’s what I’m going to be or he was an asshole and we all knew ya ya ya ya ever been kids that you learned you stand up for him and then as you turn to them before somebody punches them you like I got your back and then thanks Niger and you like it
say that word Brandon I’m sorry buddy I just
so you know I don’t hear any of it
even as a joke I just let baby to you and see if we go to Utah whisper in your ear can I say it one more time go ahead a present
for your birthday
who wrote the Edwards like lingerie maybe you standing next to me we have a concert and I look over them like you can sing along baby
new special to my friendship with your black friend failing at spire
quit this beautiful n-word the hard-r boost your ear reference photos with part of the deal because they’re adjusting so how long ago does this journey start writing this so I found Fortune very early on maybe like two thousand four I was so I started my career at doing webcomics and they were linking in my side I saw that they’re in there for a logs that they were linking my comment so I kind of found them that way and I knew about something awful and then they were at my local anime convention in Baltimore I thought
you know that there is a word that was the only place they would meet they would have a 410 meet up and they would like sing memes and stuff and like one year they sing The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song in the rounds right that was like what they would do Right and started the way we all lit up like yeah but it was clear origami became hating black people I love that man in there like we were trying to replicate what’s on the screen sure yeah so so I knew about them then I was like this is crazy and then I saw that it was expanding and it was been venting all the stuff that like to set this huge impact on culture and then I tried to report on them in 2008 I went to their to the Anonymous meetings like when they went and intimidated Church of Scientology into the protest I still couldn’t figure it out
and then so you’re leading up to the P cuz I’ve seen the documentaries and up till now we’re talkin about here I was here so were you riding that way you’re like he’s our great this is a great thing yeah I I I thought they were pretty inspiring that that they would at least kind of have agents here for the right height or culture like I want to be a Linux guy I don’t like you so fucking means you’re a man I want to throw my mouse in the garbage and have fingerless gloves like yeah I’m awake let’s just like drop out and kill each other youth culture that I grew up in ririe like whatever it’s just like we’re just watching TV all day in like making shity jokes like that changing into like we’re going to destroy the car right like that that idea I was like oh that’s I’m glad that there should have finding some political agency
you’re right but I I kind of what I was doing, still and stuff like that but I wanted to be a writer so I was like oh I’ll write on them but I still don’t understand what the hell was happening and I kind of like I went on to other work for the last work that I did before the 410 book was I was doing I didn’t like a pilot for Cartoon Network I was doing like cartoons and stuff that was like oh that’ll be a you know I’ll do that side but by 2016 they start popping up back in the news they were intimidating the art scene across the country but also in Baltimore select my friends are getting harassed by 4chan and I was like oh I just was in the wake of the Ghost Ship fired on you remember if you’d like they’re there was one of these sort of show spaces that caught on fire and it was like a fire has a lot of folks San Francisco I think so yeah and something went wrong
decided that point well like I will we hate people on the left with young people that are kind of like I said her happy and out partying and they had already moved to the right and they’re like let’s do this all over the nation let’s intimidate these people with the show spaces
no. At that point I was trying to explain it to my friends are like know they were in there are two were like singing The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song like 15 years ago that are like it was like it was like alright alright it up I kind of thought you know a few people to read it or whatever I tasted the magazines they said no and then I self-published it I’m meeting them in like millions of people right at their like everyone was like you know baby boomers were like what the hell it like because at that point Richard Spencer had been punched by Aunt a fire with the Pepe the Frog pin which is the 410 symbol of loser them Trump had tweeted himself at Pepe the Frog and people are like what the hell is happening so that article at least was one of the first ones they’re probably would have been other people that would have rushed to fill that void but I just accidentally having to be first and then I became Doom II to write the book if you were like well now we need to book you can sell the book and then it was kind of like
it’s like those science fiction movies where like it’s kind of like the trooper like they’re like there’s the mystery Zone and like like we’re going to tend a bunch of Marines in that they’re not coming back but like then like then let you know that one comes back and he’s like all fucked up like that’s me like they didn’t expect me to come back right there like like the contract was like you know if you don’t make it just yet you got to get the money back right well I I want a circle back to the Pepe the Frog thing because I believe they’re shooting a documentary on the gay bomb shell of a question because of what has just happened which is okay so we see what the movement was in Portland
as I understand it again as I always say this podcast if I know about it it’s a it’s gotten through a million miles of gravel because my sole purpose is to avoid the world but what I understand is what happened is that the
the unfortunately named proud boys which is literally when I call my dogs like I I only because I just want them to be happy I just feel like we need encouragement in and end it but I looked at every time I call them know your actual stated movement which you got to give props to the Hank Aaron call in the fucking bleachers like that they’re like we’re going to do the thing what I saw in the news was there like we’re going to have a parade that steamed antifa should be a terrorist group throws down this ridiculous like passive aggressive child Supernanny episode like Gauntlet which is like what are you going to do show up and prove us right
show up and let us know, right so my question to you is would you guys like the Big Monty Python like 20 ton question is in a world where now the president of the United States is like down to talk about classification of terrorist groups based on amorphous ideologies because as far as I know antifa means against fascism right and I really would prefer to live in a world where that’s not sure however chilling in my pool in a world where that is it look like does that affect your because it’s like I don’t want to say aren’t we is it like isn’t the same thing to say that this section of the garden hose of information that is eight chant like oh that’s evil that’s that’s a terrorist cell
right and I don’t mean to make light of that observation because God dammit the fucking links are more severe than if any of these people were brown or is Islamic I mean that when you when you start to compare the Shaded like that’s when it all gets black and white as comparisons are so it’s like it’s like are we moved our aren’t we all just don’t you just keep moving forward into Civil War isn’t that what we’re doing and is that just what we’re doing you’re asking me to predict that they will be a Civil War in the United States is our is our ideologies at like 8 Shands evil it should be shut down it is that the same thing as the President of the United States saying the word antifa which means if you show up with a homemade gas mask and throw a fucking rock
cannot see like now all the sudden you’re associated with them like they want that H and to be illegal to they want to pull you to be a terrorist and some just a kid that threw a rock right so I think you’re the answer here is that I do think that unless the systemic problems which create fascism go away or addressed this will continue so I mean it really beg the question like what is fascism which I go over in the book but essentially when you look at it the people that analyzed in the 30s there was this combination of vast groups of people who are disenfranchised on a Aaron who wrote the origins of totalitarianism called them d d d class right there at without context they don’t have a job to these would have throes of capitalism their front end so totally D contact buy multi cultural identity and the last Refuge
is it a pain if there were right here in is and yeah and then they imagine they also have this other fantasy where they like Society is falling apart and just like I’m dissipated and my purse I’m right in there LOL there’s a reason I don’t have a glass slipper yeah so like right around I thought I was I was I was trying to slow you down so I’m trying to work in the Cinderella in the city at the church right like Hallelujah
I was just I was just backing you up I was trying to support you so yeah so they are the anti they’re not getting the glass slippers right context in whiteness which is like the last thing they can do and then they imagine they’re not talented right yeah so there and they don’t have friends and they’re like oh my whiteness gives me contacts and gives me identity and then the other thing they do is they are like what why am I in the bottom so they have and if you don’t really read a lot if you don’t think a lot denser the default ideology is a sort of social darwinists idea that life is a zero-sum game it’s a cruel hierarchy where there’s a few people on the top and I’m on the bottom and I have to cry my way to the top just like sort of like a cruel competitive business plan capitalism minorities fall to where they occupy the space the temperature
and you’re like I’m sorry for my friend don’t apologize he’s a little racist
I’m pretty.
A profound thing is a finer line between capitalism fascism there always has been and that because both things to say if you do your work down here you could overtake your shity ass boss fascism says if you want your shity ass bonus long enough he’s going to slip up and you can split his fucking throat a a very depending on how ever I’m here to tell you capitalism better scarcity so anyways so yeah so yeah then the next step is imagining a world of minorities are the top debuts Earp’s that place that’s for me and I have to win the gold and the politics is to displace them put them
the bottom to violence or whatever that’s the rough picture of how it happened to them exactly the same it with the install communities with these men on 4chan has the exact same Dynamics are happening so you have a group D class totally marginalized groups they have a fantasy of becoming the breadwinner becoming the middle class and you see that in the shooters were there like oh that’s kind of what I imagine will happen after we kill everyone and create a fascist State and they imagine that show their personal crisis of dissolution where they’re on the internet all day surfing pornography that’s like the nation in general and they’re like oh well other minorities that are coming over the border and the whole nation is disintegrating just like I’m disintegrating right that’s their image also they really did make themselves poor black teens in America where white people started to make themselves minorities so they were like heck yeah we also have these issues there’s drug use in Ark
Chinese Rapport were not working we are just were suffering just like they are and we want the same route we want to win and we want we want the same route to Excellence that they get so we want Grant’s neighborhood has more perfect podcast of but brought to you by Radiolab or whatever ice like in paper couldn’t be more boring like we’re just going to talk about the Supreme Court like decisions and I’m just like so addicted to it because it is like it it makes you realize I goddamn the national psyche like oh we’re just weird embroiled in this shit and of course we all know that as individuals you walk down the sidewalk everyday and you have all these unresolved issues that you won’t cop to and the reasoning
talk to them is because thank God you don’t have to cop to them you can put off those thoughts for another day because what’s your job will you need to graduate from college they need to get a job you need to make money you got to get all these level-ups you need to do before you get to finally pronounce to everybody you lose here’s the truth about him of the color of my skin in the shape of my brain and Lose It by quavo
working my way up
it’s going to be a sick shape though when I get there you guys are going to be excited
here is a crazy yet what whatever I am not going to fucking dance plane the Supreme Court it was pretty to everybody that I know that please recommend listen to the crazy the Civil Rights Movement was entirely based in the judicial branch and it was absolutely because which I didn’t realize it was like you you go through all of these black history Heroes and things you got the appealed this case you don’t realize that overwhelming seem is the judicial branch and then you realize the part of the part of our nation’s history is actually people who are going hey whoa did you just a branch shouldn’t be this much in charge of the fate of our country as if they were key right it’s where people like
we’re not right to make a flight from the bench when it when it turns into a different thing and became what’s to come what city are we in now that we’ve clamped down or they or were they never really that scary to begin with and they kind of hyped themselves I mean they are a real threat and it’s true that yeah when a chance gone they’re just going to scatter to other places but I do think there’s kind of calls for some help here which is that they’re all teenagers or kids or men with the Adolescent mindset of material very variable they have an identity crisis inherent
Buffy rerun if you are like 10 years of Buffy re-runs I have to be present in their groping around and they like fascism that’ll fix it
yeah I’m trying really trying to land in a place where I understand this because I act like I don’t go through the rest of the chronology like I feel like we hit around 2012 and like we got gamergate in 2014 and then the end of the Trump stuff you’re going through the rest of that timeline but I I’m always going to have the key issue which has I’m always going to be that guy until I see the light which by the way I’m also picked Second Amendment which none of my listeners would agree with our time in the way that I think about it is that like you know if we’re getting closer to Fascism do you want less guns on the side but I don’t want to be in control the Constitution people who who tell me the time I shoes to burst into flames sure that’s not my right
I I don’t I don’t I’m very uncomfortable with the with anything that mitigates like just people like it’s very difficult for me when it gets to the point where were talking about it and part of it is me dating myself to an age when the Internet is just a ham radio it’s just a bunch of nerds go can you hear me can you hear me and maybe what I need to understand about it is that this is how all of us communicate now but I almost feel like that makes the case stronger in my mind that kids need a pool hall to hang out in and if they’re being racist and sexist and murderous and horrible and if every kid that does a mass shooting even if he’s literally every single one of them can trace can be traced to have hung out at one pool hall I I definitely
and willing to spend tax money on the FBI investigating that pool hall right shark
is engaging in something it is is it is engaging in anything other than Freedom cuz you want to save those kids now I want to snow
I don’t believe in capital put him in person you think it’s okay to Rocky Horror Picture Show switch statement like I don’t I don’t know man like I’m like where are kids supposed to go they hang out they smoke pot behind the gas station on the way in the in the storm drain like we’re do you dry out then driving like a storm heavy stay at Erin really I do not want to be guilty of is contador boys will be boys are just a Harris cell I am like I just keep getting hung up on this concept of like isn’t
like is this the thing like like like like this this like it’s a fucking IP address where they all in at the only thing it has in common is as the place where these Twisted Dark Souls are communicating with each other we want to go like break it break it and I’m worried about the crisis that will occur after that no I’m actually no I’m not worried about the crisis we are absolutely Justified punishment for for the fact that that’s not what we should be doing right I mean it’s not the solution to all my Solutions are treating the symptom of the disease writes a lot of people were like you know a lot of the problems stem on YouTube where the kids just watch YouTube all day and never once I put sweet the YouTube algorithm will like kind of talked to the corporation a corporation

that’s not going to solve your fascism problem in America right so I mean the issue was like it’s not necessary I mean bringing kids to pool halls we’re bringing kids other places but like it’s more like there’s just so many kid too because of the way that Americans steady work since 21st century is that yeah it’s really hard to have hope in your life and have like a like if you describe like go from like okay I’m going to work at school really hard then I’m going to work in my career really hard and then like 20 years later I’m actually going to be happy with my career and my life and all that like so instead they like 20 years old in like I’m never going to the house at $100,000 in school debt and it’s you know there’s all these preparations were like if you play World of Warcraft all day we will like that’s exactly what we want you to do right so it’s like those are the things that are creating it may be the most important thing for 17 year old kid listening to this right now who is like somewhere in the weird middle is to actually say to that
you know what forget what anybody is telling you the actual objective truth is that you have control over your own destiny you have control over how you feel about the universe you get to make up your mind tomorrow how you wish people were treated you get to treat him that way you you you’re going to be told by a thousand people a day for the next 20 years you’re not the other side says you’re not allowed to do this and and like okay we don’t even know if that’s true but would sure right now kid is that you definitely have agency that you absolutely do when that stops being true you won’t be listening to this anymore and you like like like like be careful because actually by the grace of this great country you are fully able to be reached by both fascists and socialists
find a kiss and rapists like you I just be the last one I don’t let anyone trick you into thinking that they said that they’re only reaching you through some limited Channel I’m pretty sure front part of the big problem right now is that if there’s if there’s a phase of thought like it is getting through to you and we are counting on you little fella fella at little little non-binary heart Armenian I like like to recognize that you are somewhere caught on the fence in that Verdun that you are that that that you need to take advantage of those forces it don’t let any of them trick you into think it was a war about what you’re allowed to do you’re allowed to do anything you want you were born with the freedom of speech were born
Freedom if you are when you want the law used to say you weren’t allowed to be gay 1998 they let you begin like it didn’t make you not gay and 1997 like we will catch up. You don’t need to radicalize you belong to a country that whatever I’m going shopping to do I’m a public place don’t match shoot you little shit bags yet but I really did I just don’t want to shoot I don’t care I mean that. I really do not know.
don’t apologize I’ve lost it I’ve lost it what is there is there a journalism version of this like it has this happened this phenomenon of Fortune H and it’s happened before was it like was it yellow journalism was the Time magazine in the 20s have you ever seen that the underlying dynamics of of what fascism is we see what what happened with four chambers replicas replicate in the 1930s where was a group of disenfranchised people in the same way who are searching for a certified entities an excuse for being on the bottom and then were so angry they wanted this form of power politics they didn’t trust the press in the same way that film with their internet film with a table to where they able to spread out like people are spreading out right now
about this where it’s really a result of industrialization in the modern world so it doesn’t stretch farther back than that so it’s a response to all of that its industrial capitalism to film and Media company now to propaganda General tried that all that was part of the dynamic I mean the new part is that we have the Internet it’s now manifesting on the internet that’s the new part and so did the group thing part with her altogether convincing each other of it that’s a new part that’s a new internet part of the phenomenon but for the most part the those two there’s that replication and then the second time we’re meeting has been used to get people together in this respect I mean it’s really like you can think of if you think of it in historical sweep the way that I frame it in my book is that everyone in the late 19th century thought there would be a crisis of capitalism it occurred and instead of what Mark we would all become socialist they became instead of
many of the countries in Europe begin fascist and anyways invented we’re like what the hell is this and almost took over the world it was defeated militarily but then philosophers of it afterwards and thinkers who wrote on his head. The feet it actually maybe it’s just militarily and so now we’re at a point where inequalities at the same record highs as it was in the 30s again for seeing the same Dynamics again and so there was sort of this error in the nineties and eighties where there was the end of History I would have said American capitalism will last forever that’s my last forever and now we’re seeing a return that I am out of the thirties wear youth culture is about we now again have socialist and communist youth culture fighting on the streets with that confuse culture does the same Dynamics are creating it so that’s the replication yeah and we can serve chart
five years from now so what world war was that where we’re at or well no matter what
morning there is that what I was saying before about them being so young and them in this first a personal crisis is that like during the first eight chin shooting the Christchurch one everything that was happening in the boards was that all of these Trump supporters and fascists were breaking away and they said well maybe I should support Andrew Yang because he gives me $1,000 a month right
the shift right but their kid like and they felt like oh well this just addresses some of the problems write the problem is that I want to join society and they don’t know the answer to get information on a button is there a reason why women didn’t start this sort of a movement
thank you ladies I appreciate you being I already had that big ass holes right women on an inlay ya manners got the answer that we know that for some reason men when they feel like losers x-ray toxically that when they get in the situation there’s a toxic response and they should have feed into it and become worse and they own the identity of being a troll being obnoxious and then no one wants to defend them and they get even worse and worse and worse so there is like this new leftist youth movement which is kind of created by people who were in The outright and got out of it up people who on 410 and realize what was happening and this would have liked this YouTube section where they’re like look we’re going to be compassionate to you we know what’s going on we want you to come to the left at the left has better Solutions so there are efforts to break it apart just to recognize those underlying Dynamics
one of a cult mentality
I guess I’m going to have a right at the end now it’s like yeah
my girl is going to die unless you getting roasted
yeah yeah yeah cuz I was hoping not like I haven’t figured it out yet in the end I could have settled my projection I mean I know this is what your book is about your book is about researching facts and stating things but as a human being like where are you at when you wake up in the morning cuz I know I go I go up and down up and down by I have these like mood swings I feel like I’m living in the end times or a child I do think that I think that if the systemic issues are addressed if for example the Democrats win in the next election if Bernie wins
if someone similar wins and there are social programs implemented and things get better for this bass group of marginalized people then they will get better okay what happens if those things don’t happen right so I mean look what what asking for a friend
okay yeah like well what happened in Iraq when they you know they had millions of young men who were angry and jobless and didn’t have to go set fire to oil wells yeah so you know you have a vast group of disenfranchised people who think they can never join society and they’re all Angry young men write what happened to those men you get him a right Lake Brandon Brandon stop pushing your agenda you get yeah I was also a region stop it
your people have had enough this is not a real thing going on I got
find giant anxiety that has University
they want to make enemies how many black teenagers have you know if I don’t know if I mentioned Rick and Morty that’s if the class then they’re just like what would happen to read to it
that’s not their response right they’ve they’ve been much right it’s not acceptable to sort of go off on your own but if you are I came and got that shooter look on your face
sometimes there is a great thing out of and I hate to say this but out of Oppression comes like a closeness so there might be this camaraderie that is not some Angelic we’re all African it might be like we’re literally together and that’s the camaraderie that keeps us from getting distance from one another and have a terrible spelled the cast in president
Brian yeah yeah there’s only one so fucking what
Civil War that’s I don’t I mean is it is it more likely a civil war will take place in America than 10 years ago five years ago yeah right I don’t know a lot about this scenario I mean I think that America does have a lot of safeguards but you know I mean to say it but you know this friend Mike my run to the far left there like they weren’t surprised by Trump they’re like this isn’t this isn’t a glitch right this is like the American like the ultimate like McDonald’s 30 days Sparkletts bottle I mean get given the right of the fall of the Roman Empire he had this expression treated like the empire was so strong that it could survive its worst lead at all these Works leadership that the structure itself
good enough right we’ll be fine so yeah so it could be that we have really terrible leaders and the structure there’s enough safeguards there half the population of the Earth that’s I mean I mean like
Chinese Chinese going to remember
but remember that holds all of our debt but we can default and we have done that for what we have defaulted before
what was Chyna
hey that were they going to stop bill collectors
that’s why I love the we all think China’s just going to hang out and love their money
what kind of our debt it’s going to take a lot for them to fuck us up China all right there’s only all right all right here’s the quick break down a guy comes up to Burroughs ten bucks okay you can’t pay that 10 back you know you’re not going to pay that 10 back and you got 30 in the in the time of the broad that 10 okay who’s your new anime
you guys already Blake’s wait wait wait
doing that 30 bucks becomes worth less than $8 because we’ve done this too many times. China what do you want to hang out the pool, mister poolmaster and then let me know
You Don’t Own Me the guy that you start to try and take them the means of him using another confidence this is not a number
look up OK Google nothing’s going to happen everyone
no you’re not worried about China what would the world would turn right fine I’m not worried about China. Don’t worry about you didn’t worry about getting worried about Russia Russia they’ve never said anything like that it’s the spotlight with Michael bab more money if ya Israel
is there is a run each other in Spanish little bit worried about Russia do I mean what are we going to have I mean yeah that’s true are there other versions of Fortune in other countries or do country suppress the growth of these sorts of movement yes so that’s the other part that you asked if it and repeat it I talked to her a Japanese scholar whose are a writer and for his birthday is writing and he told me that it all happened in Japan on to channel before it happened in the US of the exact same Dynamics an outcome that was similar to ours how did they demonstrate that
they had had said about activist Collective and they went left us and said it was rebellious with starting a taco culture then they went to the far-right and the Scandal that I wrote about was in 2012 or so that was sort of the guy who is running to channel he got it was clear that he was there to taking money from the traditional conservative party there to delete messages because the board was going to the far-right and then some weird stuff happened where he got kicked out and that was 2014 that was gamergate so at that time the fifteen-year-old kid now in his twenties Christopher movepool who is running for Chan he got kicked off he left Fortune he’s like I told it to channel related in any way to the rapper 2 Chainz if only
Channel he kicked out of to channel because of this far right radicalization now runs where can we still runs 4chan Christopher Poole now he got hired by Google to a no one knows I asked who I was like hey you know you want to tell me what he does for you while you hired him and they said no rights he’s really good at running making really cool addictive websites for young people trains running on the YouTube and they get rid of clothes and YouTube which is owned by Google so and then at during the to channel Scandal who took control of to channel was this crazy guy in the Philippines who was a US Army veteran he was running the servers in the Philippines he took control to channel which is very profitable unlike the rest of the chance okay
money to buy a chant during gamergate and he still runs a chance oh that’s Jim Watkins at the guy who last week of almost like you have to shut it down and he’s like no so he’s using the to channel money to run a channel to the only profitable Enterprise a real quick everyone who’s here in the audience tonight you’ve been doxxed
social security number now they will they like they never noticed me being talked about eating now they really hate it they I mean if I were a woman I think I get a lot of shit from them but but I got a pool that I always am and yes my fiance says he flag that says E85
that’s stupid Fair Fare I mean there is a little bit of a distinction there where you want to go out on the street and they want to use any means necessary right there not nonviolent protesters that is a difference they want to intimidate those people and I sympathize with that and in many degrees but at the same time it’s I can see yeah I mean it’s fucking weird we get if we win TV was being invented America was like tuning in Fritz the Cat or whatever the fuck with the first image was Felix there when the prince has a different thing
going like hey how are you you should distribute your wealth like like like the FCC would be like and we wouldn’t have that and in the internet kind of existed in spite of all of that is that
this is a place where we’ve identified the place where is the MOs Eisley of mos Eisley these guys are nice like the idea that we know where it is that like we know this like weird type is a game we’re like oh you’re here then we’ll we’ll just move somewhere else for that that I could understand it currently and I understand this is totally poly in it but like I’m just offering this out to you so that you can say something back to me it’s almost like during the Reconstruction. We’re like
bed sheets got to get rid of bed sheets
like it did their their hoods are made their buying there is a minute sorry I won’t bring it up for you to charge it so it’s it’s treating in one of the symptoms but not not actually it’s not like it’s all the people that were there were like oh well now I’m no longer or not right they go elsewhere but I was 15 years old here is my story I was pretending to be an option for a little bit
toy around being a Nazi and then the thing happen the federal government shut down each and that’s when I learned I needed to be racist I mean the opponent there is that like a Chan and the Chan and websites like that they take a lot of work to maintain you have to be you have to have full-time programmers you have to build it and you have to constantly rebuild it and maintain it it was worth every day is a new hate it’s something that people have built and maintained and like a lot of those people are trolls like Watkins or they’re people who regret it like the founder of each hand and it’s like it so it’s a little bit like a man would be to to be ripped apart by his own people because of his disability disability
I mean that’s one of those weird where he yeah I mean that’s certainly a contradiction yeah and he kind of almost tilt it to the far-right for a little bit he into that when he was deep in that he was sort of deepening cell culture and it was administering some of the sites that had started gamergate and he wrote for a one of the most famous trolls was a fortune troll that then started the daily Stormer and the founder of 810 Fredrick Brennan he wrote for the daily Stormer in this article was like I am a disabled supporter of eugenics he’s like people should yeah he’s like people because he said that his dad had him to collect a disability checks it was like people should be tested for this disease that was like the darkness of like it’s like Ian body so that idea of like really people on the bottom on this site Funk Rock like that that joke about what it would it would it would it would have my dad and cancer
my dad and cancer or what is it going to shed weight cancer my dad beat cancer
no it’s not about to show you what I mean listen to this guy’s booking like he’s he’s on the edge of the Earth like Jay like listen to him and it’s like someone you know you built your show you made your show me like you all this creative forces went into making this so much like I want to write for it was like you get to use it why right so all the stuff that someone else Bill why are you maintaining that why you building it like all of that like do they get the right to have a chance to stand the idea of like it takes so much money to keep this place alive or was only possible because someone kept pumping money into it like taking walks and be like
did you know that it just seems I don’t know you’re right that part of it is reactionary with people like we need this problem and everyone on Twitter and all these experts are saying they like what would you shut down a chain that will get less teens radicalize which is true Rite Aid we when they break apart they have to reform but yeah it does not address those systemic underlying problems that create the people in the first place so you’re right it’s like whack-a-mole where there will be another one but actually what happen if they went to another one they win in the end Chan and Angela
we’re going to eat you out of the go to 60 and I don’t know if that’s actually if you look at the site is incredibly it’s only the fluke of Jim Watkins in the Philippines having all the money through two channel that allows a chance to exist the next when they went to immediately collapsed like the guy that’s running that there’s no way and it and this has happened it happened like 2006 and 2007 where they like for tens not bad enough we want to even worth 1 and then they went to these other ones and they all collapsed it was actually very hard to maintain of the chance to read your book and find out what is the money that goes into the antenna that pumps these forums like open because they actually are not just part of the Central Park of the New York of the internet bad metaphor it takes it takes a bunch of fucking money to open that part of the internet
and in fact it normal libertarian free market politics wearing play it wouldn’t be profitable it would shut down so it’s an actual fucking political someone has to be passionate to take a loss that still is not to say they don’t have the right to have it but it’s certainly important to know who that person is exactly I mean maybe maybe they leave it open and use it as like a FBI why I do whatever I mean it’s the same bill Discord which is this chap at red and have to maintain in this a ton of programs so who who who loves it this much so like you know the people that build these things they have the right to say like I built it it’s not you you can go I mean you can go learn HTML right you can learn that you can code HTML input
let’s follow that money has nothing how is this not raise suspicions about people that aren’t profiting from something for over 10 years ago a charity for you I mean he’s a troll that’s what he wants to channel to channel to channel is different with the first one I didn’t have images so without images of the server cost so much lower which means that it actually is profitable it’s a business model that is profitable to channel also like Fortune first in Japan it was the sort of dark otaku place where they are tacos hung out and then it just became one of the most popular sites in Japan and it was like deeply influenced from the culture and everyone kind of uses it and they kind of delight in the anonymity because Japanese scientist of structured so it’s sort of like similar to 14 but at this big cultural impact so he he gets all his money through that and we think that’s how much
that I don’t know what the numbers are I mean I like I don’t know how many minutes got to be a burgeoning Empire don’t like being talked about. Even though you tried to talk about the move Jacob Lee I’ll tell you I got your coffee on a mannequin leg I rub it on my nipple and harassed A co-worker going to talk about that stands at the end of that’s everything we did wrong you don’t have to I’m just done with this like I can’t think of a single bragging but they are Alderman in two thousand whatever it is
do you say whatever you want can I ask before we go real quick what do you think the average person could do I know this sounds crazy like with it at the Kent Brockman peace but is there a way that people protect themselves from being a target of these groups I mean I think the best thing is not if it if it were they really do a Target you will you if you can take proactive action of the target of gamergate Zoe Quinn the main one she dedicate a lot of work so what exactly to do to see is a lot of resources I would recommend her book for that but yeah they’re definitely recourse their people are more cognizant of now that it happens but certainly like yeah over react you don’t want to try and let it get to you because I mean like you see they’re idiots there and like it can put a gun in your mouth
yeah people don’t like being told that they’re horrible human being yeah and it’s funny that is full of a very deep sensitive Souls so it’s like a very easy to get upset about stuff that was in the news that there yeah and so they love it yeah I mean they’re all to mately very perilous which is why they do it through the Internet so he’s not going to recognize that you can get your book is called a came from something else came for something awful look for it at B Dalton
back in the 90s DIY stranger things like in the mall I think the only thing I have left is a rap about
gather round for the wicked
Wicked rhythm
address of Crocker Park
can you set me up a picture talk to Mike when you not working
alarm for 4
I’m sorry I got the wireless antenna and I’m doing my go to David’s brother 1989 standoff at McDonald’s
God bless you all we love coming to you from the lovely please play Zach McKeever
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