Episode 351: The Cowboy Rulebook


Episode 351: The Cowboy Rulebook


Mitch Hurwitz is back! Mitch and Dan talk Arrested Development, Golden Girls, upcoming projects and the future of network TV. Singer/songwriter Robbie Fulks joins in with some tales told via country music. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Mitch Hurwitz, Robbie Fulks and Rob Schrab.


when it is down the step brother how you doing
we got too much going for you tonight you guys are not ready for what’s about to go down live Los Angeles inspection
Spencer Crittenden
our musical guest
Grammy nominees
Robbie fulks
oh damn baby love one by chance
the currents are different or or a rehire them change it back
I like my curtains
I like but damn I have no I have no singing for my eye my iPhone hear you have a thing it’s just the wrong thing
we’re going to rely on Zach exactly it whenever we need like a beat I’m going to I’m going to give you the finger and then we’re going to go
big lady everybody Steve leaving
Steve Levy I see how do I use Island and I’m feeling good I’m looking at your face well I just have kind of like you think I can’t plug my phone into my guys is it upside down what’s happening I’m excited about the pretzel bacon king and the new phenomenon that is what was the pretzel bacon King I want whatever you get the idea it’s a goddamn Burger King Burger looks like on the pretzel bun I’m just a bank I don’t have to but I don’t eat fast food with that thing looks really good first of all big pretzel bun guy like if you’re on a plane and they come by with the basket and they’re like what kind of fun do you want there’s a pretzel bunny in there is anybody like first of all fuck that shit
Peppa Pig Peppa Pig
I know I have a gluten allergy
so I can’t eat pretzel bread but I ordered any bread do you actually have a gluten allergy happen apparently like when I was born. I don’t know how’s that working out for me not good I hate it cuz apparently I make pretzel bread so can I put my ears.
you can sit here if you want to know I just want you to invite me out I’m sitting in my car I was saving you I was saving you I told the audience we got too much of that Robbie Riley how you doing Robbie
forget you have a mic. Does mice everywhere videos of guys sleeping in there Tesla’s on the freeway well that’s amazing like I don’t blame those people for taking the video I don’t blame them proposing it there like hear something you don’t see everyday sign of the times I find amazing as we should you go to the rabbit hole of the the response that it evokes it’s hilarious to me that’s like you have to have a war over whether this sleepy Tesla guy is a sign of everything is 0 sound like so the first people to be like oh real
yeah just what we need more fucking bullshit on the freeway
I did the other people I don’t know looks like a pretty good fucking beta test to me
Maybe wake him up with what the fuck did you do today
go to war over a fucking blender like I just like like like you can’t find Middle Ground here the march of time ain’t going to stop cars going to drive cars going to be asleep
the guy should not be asleep behind the wheel I’m going to tell you was a Tesla order I have spent what the amount of time I am willing to be behind the wheel with my eyes closed has spiked dramatically the reason is because formerly that you’re in a car that will absolutely stop sooner than your foot would stop if anything in front of a Jesus fucking Christ
can you please welcome our guests for tonight what will rob you folks is here he’s going to
police officer against for tonight
I don’t have it right in the spot but instead of me playing one of my stupid little like like clips of music do you want to play or guests on kind of like what did you need I can maybe dance boom mic for your prayer guitar
we are about to meet the person who created Alicia oh that’s better than anything I’ve ever done
find a friend and a anime
sorry I was back there waiting for Rob’s introduction so yeah yeah yeah
do that when Rob doesn’t get what do him on this show but thanks for coming Emmy winner
don’t you dare deny Wreck-It no no no
dropped Nick did you get the Bread Basket that we sent over
I was listening to it can be dry
can you can you can have a pretzel like a bun on a burger and it can be to dry okay wow
all right I’ve never experienced a pretzel bun to dry the normally buttery in and soft well I don’t know you know maybe I’m on the private flights and they don’t give you the good ones or something I do all the shit
why is your Arrested Development private Airline giving you dry pretzel well and
and you know it’s not it’s not like I’m starting a streaming Network and now it’s like another bad investment it’s like of all times we had such great luck with it right now.
get out and then and I thought you know what’s not out there and I thought will like add wasn’t too much content right so this is not a lot of content okay got to tears oh yeah I spent like advertising is $4 a month. Okay and then like more advertising is like $6 a month, what did you generated over at Netflix to think of you like an overall deal I was really jealous I did I did have an overall a deal and there wasn’t much to be jealous about I mean there was it was nice to be able to use the pool whenever I wipe the Netflix.
yeah they do a lot of things this spot is great and their restaurants obviously are worth it but I did a couple things over there and then bring it back Arrested Development and then ruin that decision but I will get it today I need nobody’s listening to this just tell us why you’re rude at the touch of the show is dying but nobody has been nobody know how many wires are things I have in here before
you get canceled and you were going to announce your comeback to her right has not denied your
awesome fans at the table or yeah I feel bad for you have you met a granny house to himself in singer-songwriter we have a distinct that’s so nice
if you want
can I see a singer that sing music are you kidding me that’s my first love but I will if that would I mean I just don’t want to waste our Robbie fulks on that number on the card here right now
no I was I wouldn’t there
well I don’t want to appropriate the scat
from the people who gave it to us not the people but you know what I mean
text kamie dudes that easy a great name for a finger of privilege
to pretend to Joy White Privilege while we have it.
Anyway, we should have waited at the white people don’t understand
when is there when you’re told that you have privilege year year socialized to understand that that precedes it getting taken from you like people can just say hey you’ve got privilege and you can be like thanks over here for a while and I noticed that well first I noticed I was trying to be a very good citizen you know that thing where you just trying to show that you’re okay
why there’s no and then I really did think like like no you know this is a good opportunity for White Privilege as I pretended I was on the phone and saying I feel fucking kidding me the cop
but I did notice like a my best behavior he told the cop to go fuck himself and that’s if that’s not white privilege than nothing is yeah and in our neighborhood the police if he’s going to keep doing that until it falls over and then it’s like
please shut up you’re in a different Zone than the rest of us do people pay money to be at the show this is Andrew Yang rally where everybody just screams their heads off
what’s the Roman Colosseum make this count
walking my dog and my dog in our neighborhood the police have been killing civilians okay and you know like sometimes when they they bring out like the the garbage you know it’s sitting there and you don’t have to stay there and I’m walking and walking and walking and I’m missing and then I know I should turn around and throw the dogshit away and as I was turning around and putting my arm up a police car with the window open to do by the same time look like forgive me for people who don’t have a visual of this looks like me like if you’re the cop online
oh my God he’s right there
my God I could have been killed right away that’s basically right this is he and he’s going to go over there and come through you
play music brain controls his arm and his leg at the same time which audience that you’re not supposed to talk you’d be like I’m talking but I mean it’s possible that the whole crowd hated and then we all learned that person’s name Lisa case now he’s not here right now he’s belongs on a backpack full of explosives are all going to die
that’s really smart otherwise that’s against the law say we’re all going to die
and you know that because some people would leave that you can’t say there’s a
that’s what’s going to happen every 4 minutes it it’s going to get like he’s like a great you he’s got it no no no no no
first off I do is was like I forgot my wallet in the house cuz I’m just going you know I’m running out with the dog take a shower I don’t need to my fucking idea to tell the grass it’s my daughter Vanessa learn the situation we got to prove to this guy know this is my dog shit
dad and it would be
K Beauty
outside the home Michael Stipe killed in Korea
play Robbie fulks permantly to Los Angeles are you are you still a Chicago we’re over in Silverlake a Jeff Flake Silverlake I’m trying to figure out how I got here we were just drinking in the drawing-room and now we’re here yeah I think you live her for good or are you guys just chill still in beta testing at you and Donna still living out here I think we’re here for good yeah we’re in a temporary place but I think we’re at we like it here it’s when it’s nice and everything nice would you be willing to give us a night give us a little more
music in grey tank you’re obsessed with boom
now if I don’t know Robbie and I’m going to I’m going to pick them up right now he is one of my favorite musicians of all time by and I know it was her friend Robbie North Carolina
yeah what what what am I doing that song is that what I’m doing can I sing you a song We were singing at the drawing-room.
We used to have good times together
now I see you them
it made me cry.
So sad to watch good love go bad
remember how they used to be
you said nothing could change it
DC Young Fly
so sad to watch good love go back to yo
I remember all the time
back in the day
you used to fuck around
and it breaks my heart girl
don’t be like that
heaviness in your mind
slinging rocks
Special Victims Unit
you expecting you to come in at that time that was beautiful except for the Special Victims Unit right now but he doesn’t care about rules for him it’s not let let’s bring out iced tea
how you doing nice to hear that you are a bit busy been busy on a couple shows
when I can I shrink down I’m baby T
Richie Holby jams
you just weren’t uppercase t on that mountain like alright it’s just me I’m trying to get out of a contract
with Sony you know they invented HDMI just to put digital copy right inside You chords
that ain’t personal business recording Beatles song z i c I didn’t realize that you were active I’ve been learning how to learn about cables I’ve been cramping my own rg59 coax fdi3 g6g damn I can make ethernet five each at 6 cat6a 10 gigabytes per second fuck you seem like your kind of in a bad mood about this way you lay a thousand feet a cat 6A cable to the Hacienda udata ready for
10 years bitch George is the future of business
and every home going to be at the old internet
to be able to be located in my living room and sell shit to someone from India this in my bedroom
by capitalism I mean Hello to but
it sounds like the definition of capitalism is now
that let me know how many bucket like good that’s why you like something are you still in the music of me and body count we do it at hardcore for us that it’s kind of more of a country tip of a Bluegrass yeah I mean if you don’t think that’s a double beat yeah but she called the road to T
well I’ve been personal all my life and I’ve been eating peas with a knife in my jeans I don’t know if you know what I mean it ain’t personal 882 What It Seems
danform shoes up in Duluth trap in my inseam
I don’t appreciate that thank you Robbie for trying to wait for me and figure it out but your big mistake was I ain’t going to figure it out
I’m a Wanderer you know I was like looking at your fingers being like damn let’s do this all right come on. Life is great to have iced tea on the show it’s always great I think he knew more about measurements and he was leaving and you know because I think like in seen that matters yeah you know I was going to be in the movies there was like the inseam is like an illusion till I get your dick being big is that a real thing like what is the age to go somewhere like your ankle up to your crotch
okay then you’re fine in the movies there was like a kind of swollen crotch which is not a good thing that you want to be sure you don’t have that you’ll need some of that powder in movies it’s always like that you know these horny Italian Taylor’s your crotch
you should do a show called check in at your crotch and it’s going to be like schitt’s Creek and like crotch would be the name of the town because that’s how do you still want to do stuff Mitch to hear ya I do I know really do some of your stuff I have to do my hair like I was going to do a show called a motherfukers which is this woman who they called mother and her last name is Packers Packers at school and that way you can say that are groundhogs eat something I’m doing now I’m doing Russian doll meets Groundhog Day so I don’t know maybe it’s too close
I don’t have you or did you watch anything I hate it when people ask me this but only because the answer is kind of always embarrassingly know but I have been watching succession lately you haven’t discovered succession yet you a little bit like a defensive ranks and all the staff and so I could have went and I’m like yeah but I can see how people would be like tweeting you and going to Bitter when it was the thing at the end where the author you haven’t done one of those shows were at the end you get to talk about the scenes
when we wrote that scene with the dragon kind of it happen just like oh there’s Arya Stark and she’s like drinking a diet coke and just like this is awful why you doing this to me I thought you were real quick just dumped a bunch of kids riding in a room
the real heroes are the fucking ugly people that had to write this shit fucking her hairy character I just want to do one of those and I want to like really seriously talk about the show the most ridiculous show
we were getting that we wanted to do. We wanted to explore Los and that’s why we had his penis showing when he bent over like that
TI performance is the casting in succession are great and I got it really is like I Cody was watching it just for for her own purposes and said that the only way I’m ever going to get like cooked into a shower because I’m lazy and I still have talked endlessly about like I don’t know what it is that keeps me away from watching shit but it’s like Cody’s got the laptop open it starts with me hearing dialogue and I’ll get some so jaded unlike was that supposed to be funny I don’t know what is a dramedy or or a tragic, do do be do be do like whatever whatever like I just I just have this is Jaded like membrane and then gradually things will land and I’ll be like what what’s going on over there with those Housewives and why why won’t they already show up on time to the party

I want to say that out loud cuz it makes me sound like such a fucking douche but it was like but it is that’s how good the show is is because it was probably like a couple hours later when I’m like I got work to do and I was like come on episode just like all the boring shout out of my car back to go on the characters are more nuanced that you think I really like about it is that it doesn’t try to purposely it doesn’t engage in like hot rod unpredictability it actually gives you perfect and you know a lateral enough that there’s a confidence in the end it’s there is that thing we don’t often get to do in comedy where you leave some things unexplained getaway in comedy is how about you explain ever
and you want everybody to get every joke and and that oh yeah he’s just I feel like Rob left to go every 30 minutes Wise Wise that you didn’t introduce him because
cuz what for
but anyway yeah they get to you get to like to look into the character’s eyes you know what is she upset when she is she relieved as I mean it really is it’s a spectacular Love Game of Thrones to is that I like I like good dramas live like serialize because you like you you get to pick a character you go like that person’s the best all these other people annoy me and then you like okay well that person I also understand it it kind of settled in like velcro you like like slowly than just like I love all these fucking assholes in like 4 episodes of a show called Everything’s Relative in the conceit which and receive didn’t quite let me do was going to be that every episode another character basically thinks the shows about them you know like they’re the normal person like the Michael Bluth basically so they started off with the white guy said it was 35
the project we were going to do together which and then we can just open source now cuz I’m retired right way to do it when streaming platform can I’m going to mention this whole thing is it’s just your last name so you don’t need to make up a Silicon Valley cougar named Media Master Plus
when you think what’s the name what’s the name of the show on with the premise let me give me the elevator pitches Tonight Show it’s a platform okay that’s what you already you’re way off all right that show your master plus a platform
you guys I just I’m doing a couple beers too little and too content which were trying to avoid but I got is your people’s webcams and then they’re basically it’s almost like a mirror there is a show that’s the show like you see your own life it’s not flipped like a mirror
the key difference watch yourself and you’re going to love it is time that you get yours your own self is enough well I think it is although we are in a deal with schitt’s Creek I will be honest we’re trying to reach trying to go Downstream of that a little bit and then we have something called a head up your ass has that your ass family that’s crazy
schitt’s Creek
that’s hilarious show by the way I don’t mean to be a dog dog I miss this show
no I’m not but our idea was its multi-dimensional we were going to do we’re going to team up with something to do it I have a way to do it you sure you want to tell them what you’re doing is your joke that’s not the way I want it back when I’m done doing okay yeah I know but like CVS will say no to does not like some institutional racism or something where it’s like no your Korean you can’t get this turn off it’s all access everyone’s allowed to watch
can you battle are you are you have a deal there are you are you exclusive that I’m working with Iran on a thing you say is very nice. I’m working at CBS all access it’s not like you have to pass any fucking test look like anybody’s welcome I do that I will say CVS being like you I think that they’re playing at the smartest cuz I see so which was NBC’s half-hearted attempt to like they’re like oh we see where this is going the world’s going to be mini Netflix has put a little bit of money into this thing see so and what we created harmonquest for them and then spend on a lot of strange I heard it that’s all of it
around that we can I take CVS on the CBS all access all access easy like unignorable but it’s also like to sort of like it’s just it means nothing so there I think they sat there with like to do eventually the thing with the antennas I was going to watch it in my right and then like so we can’t call this thing snap crackle Dibble dabble in on that compete with all aboard on the trouble which is CBS all access so you could go
what is the Hermits Herman’s project you go talking about for you I don’t think you would it for your you’re outside the Daniel thing it’s like if you’re a millennial the Millennials like us just give me the elevator pitch. This is all abbreviation initials take him to wait but I got to take care of The Beverly Hillbillies like the whole conceit yet but you’re okay I would like to watch the fight
to garbage man
found a genie
worked in sanitation as well as the garbage man
but the garbage Genie had thrown away half of its wishes
but the garbage man didn’t care cuz they were happy delivering garbage
so now the three of them are a family delivering wishes that other people throw away
and the genie is dying
I think you pulled out that Western medicine can treat yet
so it’s got some heart to one of the garbage man is withholding his final wish which he could use to Cheers the genie but he wants to fuck her
that’s why that’s why that’s why
Tiffany delivery
misunderstanding very concept of what garbage men do
that’s not a title in the title
what’s on CBS partial access my audio group on Earth their logo happens in Moonraker I don’t remember them from Moonraker three people of every part of Earth life that you’re going to they’re going to CVS is going to start a super Colony with you know if we were a we’re going to be gene splicing at some point and we will be able to do that we will be able to decide what qualities we should have our end you can imagine how badly this will go
your people got like so you want to have a kid which by the way shame on you yeah I want an SUV and the doctor I’ll take you down to go so here’s the different packages this one if you agree that your kid will be super into anime for seven years the Japanese government is is willing to give you $10,000 for diapers tightly in a lake like 4 or 5 years everything will be or broke them their life will be broken and straight off a while ago like the the mistakes we would have made we would have probably gotten rid of fear right I mean anything about like what people’s biggest problems are usually fear-based so we would have gotten rid of that we’d all be dead
people yeah a little bit of a what is the fifteen-year-old the comment have to be so ashamed Griffin don’t be afraid to say whatever the fuck you want I could beat the piss out of you
go ahead let it rip after all your username is a string of fucking dollar signs and a missile emoji
you’re too shameful you like Nazis Robbie
Robbie and the Nazis
speeding and not be cold up here did you just take a bath what did you do with the lyrics for you we can do that we can just we can just go done
nothing nothing matters anymore nothing matters of A Soulful solo song about how nothing matters anymore he doesn’t care doesn’t matter
when I go
I don’t even
blush when I’m finished I let it mellow in spinach does that eat them
give Tuesday
nothing matters
nothing matters
do you like it
I don’t I hold my nose when I urinate
yeah that’s where it pays off to have them definitely been waiting for me
I came back on stage and Robbie look like we did a gig in New York to get with with with Dino and Stephen Colbert and Louis CK and Tina Fey and a bunch of people and everybody is freaked out that you were there because I was even even more uncomfortable on that stage than I am on this one but it doesn’t even go by the lake Robbie Fox was going to be here and they were nervous about being on the stage with you because it cuz I don’t think that’s true what you’re saying. Tina said that she used to get guitar lessons from you back in the Chicago Second City days and they all took lessons from you because it was like getting a free Robbie fulks concert
learn is that piss you off
it was frustrating yes like I would have charged something else that way I can get a duet together was it was it like Johnny and June song or I’m trying to remember I think it might have been a success by Loretta Lynn yeah she’s a good singer right now you guys are fantastic at it but you told me before the show not only met her briefly went to just like I’m having a fucking freaked out right now because I have to go up to the stage and sing with with Robbie. You know I did a I know the stories of Interest or not she had a birthday party one time she was turning 40 and she asked me if I’d known she didn’t her husband asked me that Jeff asked me to come play and was just surprised for her and I am so so what’s the story here what once
one story is that I thought I didn’t know it would be like right as in a rock club and I didn’t know what it be like her parents or would it be comedian this world what would it be and it was basic is Rob Schneider’s a ride Rob Schneider was there and Melanie hutsell they were all there that’s joke for three people but an office party basically a 30 Rock off as like the cast and the end is in the producers and stuff for the club that holds 600 people and they were Milling around and Tina sat on a account kind of in the middle and watch me play everybody else ignored me
and I was with like a seven-piece band making a lot of noise and I prepared some special material and I think this is mildly interesting I’ve never told this story before but I thought I Was preparing to stuff and I thought it was to a complimentary of Tina I wrote a song about Tina and about our old days in Chicago and this and that and was feeling really kind of corny and positive and I’m 2 minutes into the song I thought well I do a joke in here so the song was a dud Tina Tina anyway I put in line about Tina your faultless in my book that I go date night I’ll Overlook like that date night was a terrible movie that she was in
just explain that and so I got to this joke and that’s like the the crowd was kind of like enjoying it up to that point like it was about Tina and it was positive and then it just turned the whole mood of the room really turned on
it was a total miscalculation it was a total miscalculation and I eat I apologize to afterwards cuz I thought I’d kind of ruined the moment and she said oh no that’s she said I expected you to insult me because it’s you she said they’re just all scared of me she said
she’s having tense like she really is like like to meet her is to have been met pretty hard and that’s great
but I see you
you’re funny motherfuker I don’t you admit you turned around and walked away I thought that was best meeting Tina for me
get even get a chance to just kick her in the balls over the date night thing
is it is it must be harder well maybe it’s not but is it harder to play for a small audience than a large audience and spun to yeah that is kind of daunting I don’t know what it’s like to play for a large audience may be a little cold donate to do in Chicago that goes you should go as at The Hideout or The Hideaway doesn’t even have a name Jamestown loho it was by a Rubbish Tip and some debris that is correct and I went in there and saw the show and my brother Bill
this is kind of Robbie Fox playing as playing with like a Bluegrass Country folk stuff and I texted my brother and he texted back and I have every one of them is records and I put you I met you half of the shower so that nobody knows how much I post my brother is on the phone right now and you got on the phone and you insulted me to my brother he said I like you more than your brother but he’s a piece of shit I said you were terrible in date night I remember.
the date night events Phoenix. Would you be honest with us if your name was fake because it seems like such a rich Lee musician named Robbie. Like I said I would be like if somebody said hey the handyman is coming over to fix the sink his name is Robbie fulks it be like what the hell
really I have no I have never encountered a point of view but I would not have had to be a country singer at what I don’t know what is your mom not like Robert sohrab’s name is also Robbie that was my dad and yes you’re right on your birth certificate Robbie Robbie
Robby Schreiber Raphael tell him why
my mom when she was pregnant they were a lot of restaurants being made and she thought his mom is a Flintstone us back in Wisconsin restaurant boom boom restaurant not be a hunter gatherer like we are there was the foraging she would have gave you Frank Roberts
what what when did you leave the South Robby Robby Robby Robby close Robert I left it when I was 17 Jeff there still owe ya like high school friends that have grown old and hideous looking. Not a lot of people not attending at the saying this but there’s a song If you want to listen to is called that’s where I’m from that is one of my favorite songs by Robbie it’s it’s a beautiful song about about like you’re not country but you are country cuz you came from country
yeah I need my wife and moved to the suburbs and I we got this house that we almost certain couldn’t afford and I thought I was a fancy neighborhood for people like us and then I found out that lot like all those people came from you do crib death I or somewhere like that in a way out
is that
I’ve heard that side what it has that bridge by Vincent Price vs it’s just I forgot the visit
you can’t do this right now in English 3 for your life he’s out there
who’s singing I think it’s really valuable to you and mean something to you and I’ll fuck it up in the middle that’s why I am here singing to it might not be enough to hold the thing I want to hear some Vincent Price when he went nuts how you doing
I know it was
I’m not doing this with you do with the what are you doing looking for an ice bucket so I can lie probably just kind of Marvin Vincent Price
last night lady with the with the place we appreciate don’t make an unconditional Steve Levy ladies and gentlemen spiders
we did so much fucking Coke than a thousand goes to reach my soul but this next musician I had my heart since your first name Robbie fulks
playing what’s the name of the song again that’s where ghost
back in the driveway the end of the work day and how fast that world disappeared
a fresh line on a pine tree
I don’t know if I want to do this song you thinking a shit out of here
a man climbs as high as he can
but it’s hard
belongs where it began
I can see and do in battle we shoot down fashion in flight
and sing songs about Jesus that’s where I’m from
Deep In My Blood
to call the picket fence that’s weird
dirt road
night school track and know that place
my young ones would never know
well I watch them grow now I see
one thing separates them from me and that’s where that’s where I’m at
true, but white collar neck time left
half naked in the Moon
if you’ve ever heard Hank Williams
brother you know the whole blessed
a long way down a hard Road that’s where I’ve come
some place I can go home that’s where I’m from
how about the next hour I want to take guitar lessons from you I’m ready as well
oh well my dad showed me chords and stuff and and my mom too and yeah just records after that you know I would say no but do you listen to
do you know what the people that I like when I was young you know I think a lot of them really I still like them a lot of them is what I’m trying to say and that’s like the Doc Watson and John Hartford and then later on when I broke for my parents taste a little bit in the Beatles and obvious stuff like that I guess I don’t I don’t know that happy last what was the last time the Beatles yet
where you at now creatively and or and answered anyway you want like in your in your life now like I don’t know what your path is Ben from youth to and and how you gauge that with like your relationship with other people hearing your music and things like where are you where where are we finding you right now are you are you pursuing your own Bliss at the expense of pleasing other people or is it the opposite are you like I don’t know it’s a bad question I guess I just always curious with musicians like you you’re clearly a very confident guy and wondering like have you been on his journey of like what’s your what’s your relationship with what you do are you do you go home at night in like putter in a in a in a dark room in like play things into a into a little hard drive and only listen to him yourself and then cut your forearm a little bit
or would you like another Grammy or or are you like is there a British guy
come on baby come to me now get up we got too much to do slimy
that’s a great question.
yes or no question is
take me to La with Donna your wife and yeah I’m out a lot and yeah I’ve been really like found a slot to fit in here yet but we’ve only been here a few months so and stories about 3 years old
I technically lost every Grammy
I’m a pretty small I have a real small and so was just cool to be included in that yeah yeah but when you do when you come to LA in Chicago you play Makeba sweet you look awesome music store in like and you’re funnier than all the comics that I know and the music that you want me to pick like people that play for the Troubadour and it was like you play the triple door on my brother and I came but the headliner with some like like some Young teenybopper Band Brad and I got those people couldn’t follow you cuz I love you in a bunch of old dudes playing my Bluegrass because they couldn’t fucking follow it because I can you pick like like local musicians and stuff in the day everybody just fucking with her after it’s so this ends in December this podcast
we have a podcast where you just compliment me and that’ll be the whole podcast Staten Island
go to use the restroom stair 2 minutes 3 minutes 4 minutes they have Chinese
haha I’m curious about the skin or you yourself like what is it like if I ask a question ask a question but I will say it like it my friend Jim Valley I was just Talent is the thing you can’t do and so it like on your bed like for me like I listen to that I just paid it boggles my mind I don’t know how you could do it
Define like when something becomes the song I can do do do you do. Are you like sitting in bed and you watching succession on HBO then you’re like I got to go down
I only got 2 hours left to finish this song stop asking the question you’re going to have to
yeah I’m working on it man
here’s my credit I got a question for you at your work is going to be so self-motivated you know in like I’ve sort of even shows and TV because you have a heart attack
what is he doing what is going on

when is trout stocking
but I’ve chosen a field where there’s always a gun to my head and do you just don’t have that how often you write song how often do you recharge
African music
that’s a heart attack the second
not often enough he just leave his phone now there’s a good chance Tina Fey’s number
he actually left but that’s that’s why it’s hard to question somebody out of the room
I mean I even for like created during The Question of like
route me to come back it’s hard to explain to The Listener what band did in that moment but it was it was like, I got a man with the strobe light over
and emotions were definitely coming through this very emotional it’s what the evil teacher does in Fairly Odd Parents when he says fairy god. I had some of that it had some of that
I haven’t seen that he does these poses various ones mean I think it’s funny or why not why not what difference
is all the time it’s like when I quit how does the plague
the brick that it is a song that goes what do you mean by the brake like when they like cut here and there and got like okay there’s a song and generated in a pile or do they like it if I can answer for Robbie I think
you’re going to have to do I think I do think it was playing music and writing music because it takes three minutes to play three minutes of music by right where it’s what would we do usually takes a lot longer it’s like I’m proud of you know like you know how long it takes to make 6 minutes of improv 6 minutes do you wait for inspiration or yeah I know it’s a great question. I wonder what the other days still hurts if you sit here long enough right right I’m sorry what
there’s no back support
all right so if I don’t so with like we will will will will making a renewed vow to work on our joint project yeah I think it’s a great idea I have an idea for it well not an idea and I I I don’t have an idea for it to make it a period piece we do not talk to you about late 80s fashion like
I can get it on
did you wait what was the first show you worked on was your own show right yeah it’s like it’s such an amazing like you but it was a good learning experience Sophia was originally portrayed as like having had a stroke and that’s the justification for why she was so flimsy she had a stroke it destroyed the part of her brain has sensors or speech. That really old lady that supposed to like and then Bea Arthur’s character well you know her singular occipital lobes good fire in conjunction with the letter A
personality explained after chemistry every golden girl I guess I started at the end of season for November season 5 and then I was on it through the end will the show get worse probably a show that people probably didn’t put a lot behind will net and that Susan Harris created and she was and is a genius since the beginning of the second season the second season premiere began with like the fucking ferrets in the cages in the garage whatever and it was it was as if like the floodgates would open to like all right
gratulations you got season 2 now here’s the thing we got so and so coming in he used to show run now and I think it was one of those weird things nobody had a program to older people and and nobody program. I successfully on Saturday night I guess it’s like Mary Tyler Moore or something and it just it became number one in the country it was a huge thing I’ll do it wasn’t him so I I you know I didn’t walk out of there with like a great like the guys were on Cheers in the butt but it was it was incredible and even just just being able to see you know these for amazing actresses naked was right now but that was back when you were allowed cuz you’re so I got my God you were expected to
it was their Duty as a show of respect
but what was the what was the tone like on Saturday the season for like was there are allowed each other and better you know played to the crowd and everything and and and be was you know they didn’t get along great too it was they were Ops I was thought they were opposites in the sense that b was kind of scary on the outside but so sweet on the inside and you know Betty is so exciting. Have a wonderful anecdote about that but it was like it was honestly it’s more credit to Chevy because of the Chevy like he was it was more about him respecting her so much. It was very easy rider the kind of Wither him yeah it was something like she just met him and she was like she said something like I’ve heard about you and I that’s okay or something
who started flag and he was like what and if it was like laughing at him and you could see him be like goddamn and yet you know it because she’s sort of fearless and shoot yeah that was always at you know also be are there to do all her scenes with the Stella Stella had memory problems which we later found out was was deeper than that and so we would have to do her scenes 20-30 times so she was just in a bad mood different story yes okay I’ll tell everybody off the Earth Betty had said that they wanted me to tell you they’re doing what they’re doing a layout upstairs and she said oh yes and someone took pictures and I I just looked at her confused
give a message to sassy is always been upstairs, that’s amazing you did not have to go through that because it was that was a great experience but a lot of good it shows her but it was on was not I mean it was I didn’t just you know you’re not doing your voice I suffered for that entirely that’s the thing is like if I could do it all over again I spent so many years I just writing it kind of in vain I guess it’s easy to say cuz I know now that all the things that I wrote in between didn’t go anywhere anyway so I may as well have been in someone else’s writers room but God d n y suffered as a showrunner because I went from I wasn’t it I was an officer and I was never an enlisted man when you have a strong point of view it’s show running is a whole other thing I mean it really is it’s like
being a chef and then someone saying okay now we got a hundred of these to make $1000000 of the Studio’s money and they’re there to help you and that you can’t actually offend them by saying for instance I think we can beat this joke just things that I had to learn that had I come up as a staff writer I could have been like on point season 1 I been likely means possibly I would say like the best thing for people who want to write in that kind of thing that you know it’s going to sound counter-intuitive but I do think when you’re in those jobs and you’re coming up its you want to be of service you want to be of support you know and I think it is a bad impulses even though I had it say Well when do I get my voice out there when do I do my thing I do think the experiences support someone and and it does give you a different perspective when you’re in that job in and sometimes not a better perspective because you are upset when people are supporting you but that that’s the skill set
spider that what they had written for me was not good enough for me all of your training as a as a supposedly amazing writer tells you that’s what I should eat writer would do like you don’t tell his mother wasn’t hurt a lot of people working together it’s it’s hard to it’s hard to be direct about that stuff and that someone recently said to me I was in a room and I said oh that’s funny when somebody puts up another I said that means it’s not funny conversation changes
come on all right the people at broken
but yeah it is and it’s just interesting to me that that could be a form of selfishness when you believe that you’re doing how much not communicating with other people like you think you can think that that makes you not abusive for instance not a it makes you a bit you can feel like it if you’re if you close your office door at are just like I’ll just do it and they’re like you close the office door it’s like that’s a form of abuse to a black person that’s like but I don’t know what I did with the other revelation of that kind of job and I know a lot of people here are pursuing that kind of career is it you’re working way up you’re trying to find your thing you’re trying to be funny or what if your comedy do you try to get your pilot bathe and finally you do and you got all these employees and you just have no preparation that people work for you it’s just not part of what you’ve been planning you haven’t been thinking of you to be a manager
I’m going to worry about their time off I’m going to I’m going to make sure that their feelings are okay it’s just not there and you have to kind of make the shift that it is it that it’s a privilege like you have to realize you know it took me awhile to realize like me to go there where you live then I get to have people that count on me they’re happier since it is in a position would you put a shock collar on your dog
do you know that she was part of my dog behavior you trying to modify barking
are you just going to terrorize your dog you’re not going to teach the dog to not bark it. I think it’s supposed to praise them when they’re not barking so constantly praise them better than they were when they parked just be quiet
I think a lot of people’s dogs do ya think that the new house being bigger and empty I think he’s just he’s he’s barking more and more and more like the dog is doing you a favor it’s got a big space to protect so that’s a good that’s a foreign or dangerous
I was Jack they love this point you’re making a big deal of this point you’re right
Robbie and I just made love in the Green Room
you forgot your phone
Tina called she does not appreciate the dick pic
is that Rob Center
do you know any country songs you can sing or any any folk songs we have an opportunity here for like what you can say whatever you want no my God this guy is still here country songs like existing country song album
what you mean Michael Jackson cover up your man in the mirror is fucking at rages it’s really good but now probably not so big on the charts from him you know it’s like let’s do different versions of all this stuff and then we could disassociated with Michael Jackson that could be good drunk go out and check it out are you a Willie Nelson fan sure yeah I mean who would say no no fuck Willie Nelson Milan like it was like
like when they weren’t fighting me with their that they would put on a Willie Nelson album and then you know Southern Comfort on the rocks in a fireplace go in and it was like Willie Nelson so I guess this is the only country signs that I like like like Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain because I know electric Horseman soundtrack with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda Waylon Willie Nelson soundtrack like red-headed strangers on the desert with the other Cowboy Willie Nelson song where it’s like there’s another one that’s like the Cowboys would you say
Pancho and Lefty by feel like it’s like almost didn’t already do that song that’s like Cowboys do this or that and I don’t do that and pick that cowboy real book
why don’t why don’t we rewrite the trail by Robux on right now
never wear blue jeans
well after Labor Day
when there’s rattlesnakes born
Cowboys ever drink whiskey
outside a saloon with no Wi-Fi
cuz they never one for Lauren
these are the rules for cowboy
are the rules every cowboy
Alloys are always riding around with
if you Cowboys beat the one on the left has to dance
that’s not yet if three Cowboys join up in a market they have to have a quorum
if there’s 11 the Cowboys or less there could only be three pants
any carpet Cowboy walks on is now Magic
that means you can lift up to 4 Cowboys in its weight
if you go to a restaurant in Florida at 7 or Cowboys
you have to give the cowboy to your right half your plate
the rule.
I think that’s
I’m going to get school I hope Willie Nelson doesn’t hear that
or David Duchovny
do you write a song like that down it is Eddie
do you what’s your process done when you’re a musician and you’re writing a song like that or something in the shower so that means great title of the song I’m a write the song around that title but do you ever do that like you think of like that should be a song that phrase that I thought I’ve ever heard schitt’s Creek
yeah absolutely right now that’s I think that’s there that yeah that’s the Country Way start with a hook with a title and it kind of work around that
who is Spike TV writing in away
is it I want this episode to be called an evening to remember saying it was that every you could expect like six shows that were like swipe to the left OMG but you can’t complain about it cuz you never know which one of those is going to be like because there’s always something in the air that’s like
my daughter is my uncle
in the future I like how did that what they didn’t expect that to go more than eleven or they leave there’s like me and you do you do you give yourself an assignment or do you just wait to see what what comes do you do you will you say like I write this weekend I really want at least put something down well to be honest I don’t like writing that well it’s not fun you know so so you don’t have to you have a you know you got a deadline but well maybe once in a while someone else throw me a project or something but yeah usually it’s like it’s time to do another record you know so you ain’t got to write the record hard
I got a project about you folks it’s an app called cord but I use it to make my own songs by work out and you can hit this button and it goes song Ematic and it gives you a for when they called measures but you’re like what is what club bar the bar is is what it is and then you hit the thing and then it goes like
C major
F major is a great chords flat major major pain
are you scared like John Henry was on the steam engine craft 1608
that’s yeah that’s too
Siri are you having
are you coming home
I think it and it really seems to work a great song helping Rob that’s not helping Robbie was like why is that
that’s vandalism what you’re doing like we are like
you aren’t distracting and you’re like fortune that you’re the fortune of this song
been Rockin Robin coupon do you say you It prepares you for being in Nashville yeah it is Jeff. This town we were driving down and were driving along a bunch of songwriters and in the 90s or everything because it’s a five-year Town Nashville we got to weigh the patient has a 5-year town so he goes well the town is right in the back I said like a fuck this town who know a good song title
punk rock so what it what is the things that demarcate cuz we we do different controversies lately was like a hip hop guy like hit his the content of his rap was like him riding a horse or whatever and then they were like oh that’s not eligible for whatever it’s like what is the I’m assuming the answer is it’s not definitive but like in your mind what makes a difference between the genres of music like what is country-western that separates it is it about musical like seriously you can tell that you’re marking my questions so I tell you what I think I think I’m a little bit divorce from what’s been going on in country music for the last I was twenty-five thirty-five years I am not real up on it
but I think it’s like that still connected to what it was in a sense of his kitchen sink songs it’s like Universal subject is like you know it’s like microscope down to the level of the the family and the you know couple individuals in the house trying to get along things like that and and I think it does that better than stories about that in simple language better than any other genre maybe upbeat Happy song but you got some very like really lonely sad songs like this I forgot it’s about grade singing say that to everybody and Country Music real high and like you got a big ass Ranch and hide your voice there’s nowhere to you know he right here right now to go check out has forgotten but not gone that that song as sad as fuck but I love it it’s really like Lonesome and and drink you this podcast needs more compliments
but you also need to be kept humble with a run for your money from the algorithm
is listen to this Robbie by Algonquin had a guitar
hold on acoustic guitar
uh-oh uh-oh
Rob stop it
no rap
Gravity Falls find me algorithm I’ll tell him to take your soul to hell
you believe that your music will save you but I have a different tale to tell I was born on August next to Christ with phones in my femurs
that’s where everyone has bones
big deal my name is Mia so that wouldn’t be a country song Ramblin Fever is back there during the Hiatus Merle Haggard
the song called Ramblin Fever and I go into the Green Room in speak really loudly about Golden Girls for the next 10 minutes or so
my hands are too long
and I don’t stay on one road long enough the bog down in the mud
I’ve got Ramblin Fever in my blood Jesse Davis
when I first heard that Lonesome Whistle
I’ve had a Ramblin Fever on
that one guy
there ain’t no kind of cure for my heart disease
but it is time but like two dead down on the sofa and let some pretty lady rub my back and spend the morning drinking coffee
dreaming about when I’ll be coming back cigarette lighter
call home
Redskin Ramblin Fever in my
10 degree fever
bet you are becoming a Hermit and everybody is giving him a picture of it
are Jeff Davis giving up her Robbie fucks everybody
thank you so much. Gerald Jones get in there
a podcast Network


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