Episode 352: Throw Me Under the Grassy Knoll


Episode 352: Throw Me Under the Grassy Knoll


Guest comptroller Brandon Johnson, and the “Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know” podcast guys (Matt Frederick, Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown) talk podcasts, Harmonspiracies, and Schrab’s “Creepshow” episode. Featuring Dan Harmon, Brandon Johnson, Spencer Crittenden, Rob Schrab, Matt Frederick, Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown.


Look At You Beautiful People how are you feeling tonight
we’re here at the lovely downtown Dynasty theater my name is Brandon Johnson I also wish I was Jeff Davis to a joke
start work my friends let’s get started you know you love him if you’re lucky
Pacific Steel
show director Rob job Creepshow director
dungeon Master Blaster
people do pranks tonight
so much so so let’s sit down to know the man says god dammit
October spooky spooky show Welcome to the spooky scary is Monsuno
I remember a ghost
I like to eat toast
too boring. All right let’s see what’s going on everybody you guys have a good weekend I don’t have I don’t really have anything to talk about so thanks for coming but we have some gas so we can we can chat with him about all kinds of stuff about The Addams Family the gate let me know yeah those guys are crazy
like you mean oh oh cuz it’s October yeah
yeah they’re nuts man altogether ooky weather at OVA, comic strip that was the Martinez the scientist named you see that’s the kind of snobby shit that’s going to get all of his Addams Family expanse from coming over the Munsters mother’s name is Herman yeah I can make my own table now it doesn’t even matter what, why are you doing this what channel is can you make
please play some cables the Food Network with Comedy Central go
can you splice the History Channel with Nickelodeon Nickelodeon’s
can you splice I don’t know
I got it I got can you splice Spike TV with Camden the reason for making your own cable is for cable management you want it you don’t want to have a bunch of extra loopy Loops you get a hundred feet of cable what are the odds that you need to go 100 feet away you know you probably usually need 71 feet of cable and I had a bunch of extra go to the monitor I needed the night I took all the extra and I just cut it through another connector on their took the extra slack that I cut off use that to keep the chain going to another monitor really satisfying I got a guy took that hundred foot cable and I I turned it into a feed for three different monitors in my in my gym can you rewire my sound system
oh so you don’t know how to
well I don’t actually don’t know how to make audio cable yet call me when you’re ready I need to stream it not now when I’m watching a movie and the sounds coming through the speakers you can’t stream that he can fix my sound system
I thought you did a great job on that Rick and Morty draft good I’m glad you liked it
I don’t know yet I got I don’t have to make up things to talk about it seems like I have a lot to talk about show on Creepshow show called Creepshow on shudder which is an app
streaming service here at remix to who
streaming service has your life if you let the compliment comes out and then second I love when dirt bike is a Xenomorph
because it’s been like you like to asshole you a real dick right now but you were like man you like car flap to the 4th power bitch
aren’t you standing up for me I gave you props for what could have been a basic put down but was really extra high I thought I was on your side until now streaming service Premiere episode of the new show premiere on a streaming service has shutter if you’d like yes
spelled with D’s not in that 90 is not a god you can’t it’s so difficult shutter we’ve been talkin about this since February
go ahead what it’s on this app spelled I mean I won’t tell him how to spell it go to the App Store to download that shit
maybe you got a big job you promise him you’ll pay him $5 a month later or something but you probably time enough to watch shrubs episode
pretty good I liked it you know what just so sorry you got Jeffrey Combs
Tom savini you’ll real you’ll know from I mean that’s the guy did all the all the make up for all the George Romero dead movies and he also played in Dawn of the Dead he was like the leader but your name of the biker gang smart Dust Till Dawn yeah, we had a great time without kicker stats was going to say speaking of wives is French yeah she’s all over that sexy yeah she’s made up her mind to stop
and yeah I was pretty excited I had a great time at your older place did you get to meet Stephen King no better son Joe hell who wrote Time savini’s episode Atkins in what which remember when the the the installment the book in wow wow now that’s Joe Hill
I mean it’s striking isn’t it a mature Joe Hill doesn’t want us to be just a bit but you you met on YouTube
lake lake what is just do you get 50% from your parents are or what what in the hell did you eat Jose kids cuz it’s like you can see how sexy you look like half Stephen King like like I’d how much I’m sure I’m sure no nobody wants to really hear that that much like my dad and people would tell me that I was growing up like a God damn you look like your dad and I would I never took offense I look like my dad and Stephen King wrote
enjoy your privilege
Brandon would it make you feel better if I brought out three white men all right our next guests are the founding fathers and host of the iHeartRadio this stuff stuff you should know networks there’s a lot of apostrophes in their chain but their podcast is stuff they don’t want you to know please welcome mat Ben and no from that you guys hold your applause for last names and I’m like no
hi guys no problem
I’m a bad I’m a bad introduce her I said please welcome at been annulled and and they waited cuz they thought I was going to say we realized I thought I thought you nailed it. Thank you I don’t I’m waiting to decide so when I was much younger Art Bell coast to coast and he would he would open up his lines to like the alien abductees Time Travelers and he talked about all the usual stuff and toys
holla back. For a while even when there were Republican presidents is like life was not so politically mired it really didn’t matter Art Bell was so long ago and then his his his Thrones been hit it off and stuff it was just I just recently listened to this is my opening question really listen to who who’s the guy that took over for for art at episode of his show at the maybe a couple years ago and there’s some guy that was like talking about carnivorous plants or something and how they are there they’re still hiding their existence in the hollow Earth or whatever he’s talking about and the guy was going on and on the phone and then he’s like and that’s why they don’t want you to believe in Donald Trump that’s the thing how do you start it. Is it because he’s not part of the system and they’re trying to hold him back and he got like he got a couple sentences out and then George eventually it was like TomTom time I got to cut you off
that sucks I’m sorry but that is the one topic the one topic we just can’t talk about on this one now living in this time when it’s like I can’t describe but anyways you guys have like this super intelligent kind of approach to talking about conspiracy theories you your ear and that’s what impresses me about your show you keep it you keep it on my yard you don’t lose your wigs and you don’t have Colleen’s from people that are like hey I just talked to her we have a hotline to call in episodes are we play back the the most batshit ones it’s just not live just in case was commenting to Spencer we were talking about the NPR the Radiolab episode where you and I were disagreeable you and I brought these guys
as a hobbyist I’ve been getting into
centrosomes no offense I talk about you or whatever then we now we met and I are on the Shelf how are you guys what is it like to be smart and in the conspiracy theories loaded question but I think any of us hear the term conspiracy theory especially now and I appreciate you pointed out this lake is in that’s occurring where the there are a bunch of very far right people who are now into conspiracy theories
yeah but they always were but they were never it says it’s the other way around it not to get derailed by this but I almost feel like people that were Fringe it’s as if it was the same on the left with the Bernie Sanders born out of that considered themselves Fringe In The Camelot of the bipartisan days people that were like what’s with this election shit and it’s like like the fridge you got drawn into the to the process and I think the people that didn’t know they were right wing 15 years ago figured out that they were connected directly to her she will be reading what would I think we all agree is like a fascinating correspondence or something where someone has is really out there idea but they thought it through they have internal logic and we we get into like a paragraph for page for and they go and that’s why
Donald Trump just like we we prefer the term conspiracy real is because there’s there’s Insidious language that happens if you are on the new are you watching a new show a few years ago someone would say the idea that International Banks are laundering money for drug cartels is a conspiracy theory and then they would say that because it’s sort of a thought terminating cliche and now all the sudden saying that drug cartels are working with banks to launder dirty money is the same thing as saying that the Queen of England is somehow I half reptilian alien and the difference is that one of those things is fucking true you know I like the cloudiness of it the the
your take the structure of your show is that you you can’t even answer the topic and then you you you say here are the facts and you you you lay them all out to be in it isn’t it I always find it kind of important to go like oh yeah yeah yeah it is important to keep those things separated that example of a topic for your kind of like yeah I thought I knew the facts but actually what’s important is to build a little box around what you know to be the case because it often contains a bunch of crazy shit and then you will typically take a little break and then you usually will then come back from that raggedy here’s where it gets crazy and then talk about the the the more proven assertions that may be associated with those things and so is that why you guys got into it in the first place or is it among the trio is there a are there different philosophies on
this is is is no like a dude there’s a Bigfoot for real and I have to hang out these fucking nerds just to get him to talk about it I guess there’s sort of we do have kind of like different role as I guess I’m sort of maybe more of the skeptic Matt’s a bit more of the True Believer about some of these things I don’t want to like pull you out of your mouth I grew up in the church very heavily when I was growing up are you sure it was the United Methodist Church that’s how I got my start in a little more hardcore than mine Court Methodist Methodist religion as many of us probably have a little bit at least when you get the college or you’re really like getting more academic and listen to Pink Floyd and you like there’s no way God is real
play Jars of Clay right up into college like that kind of music last town in in Georgia called coming is literally called coming how is it spelled c u m m i n g it’s Forsyth County it’s one of the it was the most I think it was yeah it was one of it was one of the most conservative towns in all of America is is where I grew up it’s it’s changed a little bit at this point I’m not there anymore but it it shaped the way that I viewed the world all of just all of that and it’s just most of us were born and the economic strata in which were born that shapes us a lot in the struggles we go through for me it was all internal because I was very privileged in in my position and
the struggle was learning that my worldview was not necessarily correct and the things that I based my entire life on were not necessarily correct and came to conspiracy theory because you have been brainwashed potentially well I think I’m yeah I knew that there that had been pulled over my eyes and it wasn’t necessarily my fault it was other people trying to shake me because they believe this certain thing right at least that’s how I ended up getting there and I also spent a long along about five Summers working in a private club in Atlanta where it was the most wealthy people in all of Atlanta going to hang out and eat she crab soup by the pool and I really didn’t like what I felt there that did you not like you want me to head over to him it was mostly griping about Pinot Grigio but it was I mean really intellectual cool people I’m sure but it but it was good shape. Also shaved my worldview
long this window that I could view the world through that felt like there might be something there because I couldn’t trust what I believed in for so long that I should at least examine it with a lot of things we look into it’s like Eva’s as Bonkers as they get there’s usually a nugget of Truth like buried somewhere in there and that’s the part that’s fun about like I I consider it almost like a thought experiment we do sometimes we talk about this stuff as opposed to being like a True Believer like it sinful Hat type it’s more like this is interesting what did people think what is the internet say what’s the science how do we get through all that to something that’s real and I think that’s all we attempted to anyone it sort of a false dichotomy to to say that something has to be absolutely true or absolutely false right it’s easy to say that it’s comforting to say that but it’s usually not the case. You know
yeah I mean we look for we look for meaning in chaos the conspiracy theories are kind of
there’s a conspiracy theory at 8 if you call it something different if the religion you know God conspired to get those unseen forces controlling the world like we we fall back on the positive version of a conspiracy theory when we lose a friend and then we blew it because the alternative is to stand there throwing dirt on somebody’s box that should still be standing there and what else you going to do is that the only reason why conspiracy theories get get get get created is it is it is it just that like need for control I don’t want to Discount the other reason which would be that the true I don’t want to but I mean like the ones that like kind of just Blossom organically do they is that the you guys noticed anything in your studies cuz you’ve been doing this for over a decade right like do you have a kind of unifying theory about how conspiracy theories get born
that’s so that’s that’s a big one yeah so two things I really like you pointed out that sometimes they are true right not often not near as often as the people calling Coast-to-Coast may want to believe a but we see we see two interesting things first some conspiracy theory stop is ultimately classification and categorize Asian Witcher things that our species is brilliant at you know we we are hard wire to connect dots because back in the day that kept us a lot right and nothing really has changed with our neurochemistry a but the the second thing you know sometimes
let’s real quick short the reason we all know the term conspiracy theory today is because the US government sent out a memo after the assassination of Kennedy after the assassination of President Kennedy and the memo was sent to papers of note and to broadcast radio said the following they said okay this is the official story that’s what we figured out no we’re not we don’t have any secret Smoky back rooms Lyndon Johnson is just a dick he’s not some Mastermind and if you hear anything else other than this official narrative you are to call it a conspiracy theory the term of abuse from the start I like it’s a cement to Discount everything that comes after you know because that’s the whole point of time stay on the show like this isn’t a conspiracy theory this is a fucking conspiracy

may as well while we’re here.
I just did yeah keep me
I can do one answer but I’m afraid none of you can do that because the Jews won’t let you know I think that’s where the guy said like his dad was involved in like the state department and stuff and he mentions like like stuff happened to Kennedy and I was like I am sure this is a lie but you just crazy and obviously there’s tons and tons of conspiracy theories are about business with someone purporting that to that their family member was like talking some shit about shit he did to this is crazy we can’t confirm he is dead he did get shot sure that’s happened has America has ordered them yeah and the fact is there are there were factions in both the Private Industry and in the criminal industry which is also privy to guess
in our own state-supported at times criminal industry that very much wanted that president out of the picture those things are true but you know one thing you have to be careful about when we put all these puzzle pieces together is we have to remember that in addition to being brilliant at creating patterns are seen somewhere none might actually exist our species really
really shitz the bed when it comes to working together so the idea that there would be there would be enough Arias shadowy Empire that somehow even though there are loggerhead every other goddamn day of the week the fact that they would have some sort of Avengers level team up is it asked for us to believe in a lot of good things about Humanity that are unfortunately that would be anomalous it is especially funny like I remember when I saw Oliver Stone’s movie how terrified I was and how anti-government the whole thing made me cuz I was just the heat it it was it was Camelot back then when that movie was made and it was talking about a time in which from the standpoint of that that movie’s production it was like a goddamn can you met the people that did this thing they’re still watching their they’ve only gotten more powerful but it’s funny now on 46 and I live in this world where I’m thinking about the the idea of
JFK getting assassinated and I don’t think it’s a laugh and anybody but I also don’t want people to take this the wrong way but it’s almost like I’m I’m like God how great that would be fishing Governor government was that powerful cuz what what have we learned in the last 2-3 years it’s like we wait we we’ve been dissecting a pickled frog and we we we we’ve been covering these things that they were well that’s impressive that’s complicated but we’re certainly learning no one could start this thing’s heart it’s been soaked in for Mel to hide the fact that it I’m looking inside of it is because this fraud is destroyed it cannot hop it it cannot do anything that we are we used to have three branches of government right now as of three years with act like we now have like 12 to 25 just like Game of Thrones factions I’m I’m sure it’s temporary I hope it is I hope the constitutional
it’s amazing how how quickly your reading headlines would say White House decision to pull out of this flummox is the Pentagon while the CIA accuses the CIA whistleblower of compare cooperated with the attorney general who is doing this all for the Supreme Court is like God damn I used to panic that all these dudes were out to get me a route to give each other busy I should knock over a bank I just want to know I just want to know what movie knows how many he’s got his finger on the pulse of all this shit like that there was a story that came out of a year or so ago or Mobi like talking shit about how he was friends with NSA guy and knew that the Trump pee tape was real and do all this stuff and then it just came out as like a very berry lead in Like a Rolling Stone article that in fact Moby is friends with some deep level CIA types and he was telling the truth
we did those like friends we fought
yeah I wish I would cut friends the thing that’s so fascinating about it is every time they think I this is crazy then a little bit of something that actually happened turns out to be true right like there’s there are always these you know you can think of them as breadcrumbs but I think that’s why it remains one of the most popular in any poll what happened to Kennedy what do you guys have any kind of like her treatment and of researching like this what you do you get to the here’s where it gets crazy part of our show and we have to analyze 12 things that would enter the possibilities of the theories that have been approached with something like jack-a-bee
shots and you kind of have to just way what feels the most plausible what feels the most possible and that’s generally what we do we have discussion about that but we busted we also don’t agree actually on this to make you feel good
yeah alright well I’ll just okay is the compartmentalization of intelligence agencies and you and you never want you to the left hand know what your right hand is doing if you’re going to do something in secret and that is that something that people who have been creating intelligence agencies for a long time I’ve been doing since the world wars that’s just the way they run and I believe that JFK was taken out for a lot of reasons and I believe personally this does not mean it’s true that it. He was taken out by some small group of people within like I’m just going to be as I can within the Deep state that took him out for reasons that perhaps we don’t even know that and it makes a hundred percent sense but I also don’t fucking know
I think it’s really I think it’s really really weird it Beggars belief to say that Lee Harvey Oswald given and connections with Russia and given his International passage back and forth I could have been a lone person I it’s it’s also like think about think about first off the fact that his records show he was a piss-poor shot like that is that is clear has been confirmed by multiple sources he’s not some kind of you know Bourne candidate who you know he are Manchurian Candidate Bourne Identity Manchurian Candidate I am of the belief that as much as we want to believe in state actors often what purports to be a state action is ultimately just like
state is a finger on the hand of a larger Private Industry and I’m going to Wars are about resource extraction idealism honestly and when it gets to the back room with the rubber hits the road so I believe that there were heavy private interest that were let’s say if not directly if not directly like sending some you do Bank Hitman or whatever to do some some shady stuff I believe that there were private interests that were heavily involved and had the wherewithal to atleast Purdue’s and assassination really fast can we get into your background little bit been because I think this is one of the reasons why are shows so interesting because Ben when was studying to perhaps going to do this time to understand at least the way these things function in them
yeah yeah you were working understanding of of the way States function so when put when Ben is telling you things like this a lot of times you know you may be a little skeptical listening to the things and taking us back but Ben knows what he’s talking about is what he threw me under the weird thing dropped in there about like been how many times have you had to escape a country and there was no laughter and you just went seven eight
that is that is primarily due to my my poor planning skills fraps is the best way to say it I was originally you know it’s something Universal after hours I’m I’m working for the state department but in the course of pursuing that as as a career or whatever I mean I I quickly became disillusioned because I do not I believe there are many great people I know that we did it’s a good job if you want it, she said made you be like this might not be the job for me yeah it’s not I mean it’s not going to talk about it right now because I don’t want to say
I don’t want to say that everyone who works in the state department Ernie the alphabet soups of agencies here I don’t want to say that they’re automatically villains I but I do want to say it like that it would you have a monolith is the banality of evil we have is monolithic entity with such power in such influence in such reach then very quickly morality becomes a matter of convenience and performance and I I couldn’t I can’t hang with that’s going to be a crazy weird dental floss floss thing like love America enough undoubtedly what you probably love is the idea of the Democratic Republic the idea of the thing that you’re protecting then I could see like Crossing that threshold up like I love that so much I’m going to separate myself from that and what I know and what I’m able to share and I’m in even maybe some of what I do because hey that’s how the sausage is made
only nice things are but then it’s like I can only imagine like where the deal breakers are the greater good is the greater good is like jam tomorrow it’s always a moving goal post you know and people like no one thinks no one thinks yeah I’m the bad guy history is going to fucking hate me man I’m just going to go all out everybody not everybody but people who often do terrible horrific atrocious things tend to think that they are doing it for a greater good they feel like they’re you no rush to little like the bad men who keep the other bad men from the door and that’s just not true they’re regular people doing bad things you know and and when you’re just like you said when you’re does Trump have a time machine
do leaving where’s the buzz is deciphering Tesla’s is like your notes and stuff like that and it and they found the secret said okay okay but don’t want to get into something that we we talked about before on the show and that is the concept of gaming out what could possibly happen using simulations on a global scale of governments of a populations and the way a certain X Factor in here by time machine business set up this is almost a time machine where if imagine you had a simulator of the world in global politics where you could you could see what happens if you can run a simulation
if they’re doing something for some reason or if we happen to invade Iran next week what would occur what what all that what were the puzzle pieces look like from that point for if you could do that effectively enough and accurately enough you could essentially have a time machine or at least a crystal ball version of it to where you could decide precisely which actions you could take and then you know a through z certainly even the public information that we have about Cambridge analytica like like like that’s only what we know that that that AI is already getting to that point to the extent that we are online to the extent that we behave in swarms the exact that all right talking about recently
you know what I’m talking about transporting someone 350 theory is the reason is brain is melting is because time travel is cancerous I mean he’s losing his fucking me. I mean I would watch that Fringe episodes from Back to the Future 2 I may need troops out of this and the some people are going why’d you do that. Just like flash ever this time travel Theory where it’s like this guy is just some Biff Tannen that’s been like fucking thrust into the gear
works by it’s not by his design if he had a time machine she would have just invented cocaine and successful hot tub company and he be like blowing David Hasselhoff he be fine or something it’s like he’s he’s very lucky that like it is easy to believe in him as like a fucking crazy like monkey wrench that an alien or a time traveler would just casually knocking not random like Rhinestone Cowboy like the guy that walks in the door in like I’ve got a bet like but big by virtue of his proximity is Spencer’s pointed out many times Donald Trump still running for president for 25 years they constantly was running for president he and then and then finally like these like he did
it’s like if you look at the swarming behaviors are things like but him winning in the way he won and things and then and now the things he’s doing it’s just like it doesn’t lend itself to a crazy Cosmic Theory like you can’t imagine anyone but a fallen angel or a robot profiting evil Promethean figure bringing all kind of going like would you rather Minority Report when she’s like walking Tom Cruise through the mall and she’s like Duck now get an ice cream now because she can see a little bit of the future and when you so what if you look at Tom Cruise’s Behavior as he’s being Cyrano to buy this free Cog his behavior per our observation is crazy right cuz it’s like now browse this magazine now do this now be random put on this hat duck by a balloon hold this spot now move forward that’s Donald Trump
lake lake and it’s also our reaction like like like the way that we are reacting to him being president reminds me of all of the people in the mall in Minority Report we’re always just just shy of going like freaking minute what the fuck you can’t every time we’re always just warm never works and it sounds like there’s been a Tipping Point now which scares me more than we’re seeing this shift it feels like
times up like another brush we think the bomb is armed to the Russians have a time machine right that they used to influence the election and it’s theirs I know about this character who’s a trump and he meets a Grandmaster who calls himself the Don and he takes him through time and he has a son that was Barron Trump Barron Trump bright and they’re just these similarities in the book and then it’s in a YouTube video but the YouTube video is kind of the thing where they kind of put their finger on the scale where they make it feel a bit closer and then they use them things that aren’t true too kind of connect-the-dots a little harder than their connecting but the end result is there’s a book in the 19 hundreds it’s like there’s this Trump guy and he becomes the president of the world and it’s in this place is like he has a mansion on on whatever the place the actual Trump Tower is and so there’s these weird connections right to drop so we’re talking about
I mean the book the book is called the last president of you guys remember when the last president like all of the all of the rumors and things that we’re going on our people were like that guy is definitely the Antichrist do that guy’s definitely that you know what are more about Clinton and Obama then they should have got the guy that Trump has a wound on his head but anyways enough it’s just how we view Authority a lot of times and then I’m not being very kind of course but a lot of it just have that in us where we don’t want to necessarily agree with everything the person who’s telling us what to do says lays it all out man in such a Brazen way and I’m not excusing his
Insanity like in what we’re going through right now my wife and I have a running joke that we feel like we did jump time lines around 2 2016 because something feels off something feels wrong with a different what I mean Berenstain Mandela effect Barron Trump trump I don’t know I’m glad that you still feel it’s like a joke though you know like that’s got to be comfortable not a joke
the whole situation did you just get here or no not at all I really know and I am I bothered as well like I said I’m to the point where someone makes a trump joke and I think yeah but he’s still so I can somehow up there you know what I mean and then it also as a cheapskate it bothers the shit out of me that every time I get a check from somewhere that guy’s getting some of the money I don’t know what he’s going to do with it he’s a lunatic and it’s not funny anymore we are in the wrong time like when he’s in a bad mood
and then I’m like why is it what is that I didn’t have that relationship with Obama
why am I why do I care like I’m so happy that the president’s upset and is he a bunch of fake even the fucking cynics and the what do what do you call him trying to contrarians like they can’t even muster the point of view that you’re under estimating to McGinny’s achieve trolling you like I like those weeks where it’s just like damn is dude fucking up and he’s not taking it well and the teacher like when is an egg not an egg I got a horseshoe and everyone’s like what the fuck do you spell horseshoe wrong I like those moments because it feels like a resolution as a writer I feel like the Mad King is like on the pyre in like jousting himself but I should know by now that that doesn’t happen like like like like like
but it’s out so then I and then I go into the Panic where I’m like this whole thing is like beyond my control that’s the reason why it’s bad in the first place so in these moments when he’s sweating and the cia’s yelling at the FBI in the FBI’s yellow eyes should be in a higher state of panic then when everything is running smoothly but we’re just torturing children at the border yeah that’s the thing that sadly has occurred to us remember a while back that you and Nolan I were hanging out and we were we were talking about something we had lost some of the VIN and vigor about this fucking guy which is how we were fries then and then and then we sat like a we had this moment where we we went back at an arm’s remove and thought about what future historians would think and then it hit us you know just how going back to your frog example like this there’s that old cliche about slowly when I arrive I know I know it’s late but it’s real
and we also had this we had this moment where we’re like it is stunning and astonishing and terrified how quickly Things become normal we’re watching this guy publicly and hilariously fall down a set of stairs and everybody’s like that’s the bottom stair I’m just really pumped for the biopic when Gary Busey plays him I think that’s going to be a lot of fun but I want to talk about something really a comfortable at the reveling in somebody else’s misery because you dislike them are country and we’re happy with that I’d leader of our country is it in
set me about the guy that makes me afraid of him when I’m in serious mode is that he represents this everything that he says he’s joking about it he’s are used to get the heart of America in his hands whatever but everything that comes out of his mouth is about an end of Free Press is about as it is about I am the only kind of patriot I could ever possibly be is the kind of Patriots it says I have a right to hate America Etc that whole flim-flam plate like this idea that the reason the country’s greatest because you don’t have to love it for God’s fucking say what kind of codependent relationship is at and everything out of his literary fucking syphilitic mouth is about her if I had it my
River there you can take a poop if you don’t like things and I’m just like I don’t care that you’re joking it at your stupid fucking dangerous because it doesn’t take intelligence to overthrow what we have which is Jesus Christ to fucking luxury that week that look like a whole engine is driven by a patriotic derision of cynicism like we constantly going I don’t like the way this country is being run right now so on one hand I don’t know what you’re saying is shouldn’t we could get shouldn’t shouldn’t drive us all into the streets are underwear that we we can derive pleasure from the president’s misery for me and those moments I think because I’m so deprived of them in an extreme way and in all of his other days to me I’m just like it it feels like
a brief suspension of a migraine that register displeasure if you suffer from chronic migraine it’s like there’s not a nail being driven into my temple right now Trump like any fucking person who occupies that office is sweating bullets that’s what you should be doing because part of your job is you’re allowed to invade countries at your whim you’re allowed to like launch missiles you’re allowed to do whatever the fuck you want you can I get a blowjob is a Mad Max kind of situation at least it showed us the holes in the system in a way we haven’t quite seen in this has been refreshing but I do also worry about it cuz it’s like what we’ve been real for lining stomach window for those who have state fairs and then from their Hometown for h-man what would happen what we’ve been gazing into is that there’s this constant fear of like god dammit this guy was 6 IQ points from successfully being Hitler like like he was always a
every time he fucks up every time he gets on a phone call from being recorded or transcribed every time every time that the next guy doesn’t matter what his political leanings are our definition of insanity has been forever changed and the envelope is too loose now there is the checks and balances I have been eroded comes president and wears a a burgundy jumper that with a logo on it that is the Earth with a with a heart above it it represents like no more fucking bullshit no more hatred I wear like yeah and then he tweets every once in awhile hey Betty Crocker got her spoon in my ass and he misspells ask we’re going to be like in spell The Zone name well that we shouldn’t tolerate that much Insanity it scares me that forever now the Office of the President
is just like it used to be steeped in starch that right that I think kept me safe but is that a course correction well I love that you said forever that’s a that’s a fast any word in this conversation because what we keep forgetting I think in in National discourse in any conversation about this is that this is you know you’ll see that shit around July 4th and people are like what a bold experiment are the American experiment
200 years is not a long time at all really right now if this if this shit collapses right and we’re all just running around having a conversation about when we have to eat a dead body then what what’s going to happen is that in the future people say a bunch of folks got together in this one part of the world and for all what would you like for round two hundred years yeah but everybody saw the right they had it right because that lasted fifteen hundred years where whoever was the son of whoever was have the crown on last if I got like time moves more slowly underneath those crowns because those people are even dumber and we sped up time because we fucking rule that we we we we took capitalism and democracy to an extreme we did the most bad and we’re on the most on record in Rio
Wonder books and we add fucking things to the Constitution it’s like it’s where the best of a bad lot is my first two points on the first point is that while this purports to be a meritocracy anyone here would have a very difficult time explaining to someone from another place like yeah we like people cuz they’re the best they just happen to be fucking related to each other what a coincidence right that’s like winning the lottery 12 times that. That kind of hierarchy that kind of a risk aristocratic approach to things happens and you don’t like like okay if the president is the the best compromise right the way the system was designed then why are so many related
everything that got this guy elected or things that I felt like licking it objective sense in terms of a few of the bipartisan system I was like people would say I’m afraid Trump’s going to win and I would say Trump’s not going to win because there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans of the whole so I went into that Glockenspiel routine is that’s why he got elected and it’s also could be standing here and he’d be like through the same thing and saying the same thing that I was saying and it like it is a bummer cuz I was like why somebody Clinton’s why so many bushes what why do we have dynasties if this if this job has anything to do with anything and now here he is the first guy to break a streak and will not go breaking my heart by the way it’s set up a hierarchy and then they die
for more than two hundred years for this is the conspiracy is one individual or one one government or branch of government it’s a group of individuals that are half elected Have Not Elected you know where we are where we are because we allowed some of our power to be given up into politics instead of just basic daily maintenance so there’s the the larger lie is that it’s Trump because the truth of the matter is it’s us we saw it we were told it was coming and we did not believe it
well said Bells harmontown you guys this is like I don’t want to get blood out of this part of his culture is literally as all the conspiracy stuff and it’s so funny that he’s taken all the joy out of it to be sucked all the meeting at a gift like words you know I mean like I didn’t know Alex Jones on cable access I thought it was the guy of Waking Life and then I would like to have you ever been there then have you ever been to the beach on you guys is
it’s like start the 1% is there’s a hundred percent of a one for the 1% and there’s a 1% of them have a pool inside pool it’s amazing what I look on Google I got like wait where is what it what is the 1% of the stuff that I was depending on how you define it is currently trying to Define generation x generation Millennium whatever lives like this okay what really 1% I think maybe I’m like what yeah I think I’m a one percenter that didn’t see one percenters but the rest the other two I get Elena of us are nice like
David’s dad and I also do feel this is I guess why I you know I attended Eileen in the ghetto the more liberal directions cuz they do I do feel like I’m like I’m clearly not holding like I like I got a lot of luck going on here and I’m only falling back on the fact that I’m not forced to share but I do feel like I look at my house and I go if I had to give up like 12 square feet you know it that and it is like I look at it like a video game pretty sure everyone could have a modest Hacienda
amadas Hacienda
giant Urban centers that like we stack people up in these tenements but are we like those as we know they can have neighbors were living very comfortably so we know that there’s nothing necessarily about stacking people up in a giant urban center that necessarily means you have to live in squalor we just use that as an excuse and then like I just feel like people could live everyone could live pretty comfortably I mean the math is there that is correct logistically if you look at it logistically everybody all the billions who would have something like an an equitable I don’t want to say worry free cuz there’s no worry for your life but who would have some kind of situation where we are not I want to be careful but we are not we are not having people who are starving we’re not having people who are dying of preventable disease
explored various parts of a bridge episodes classic conspiracy theory that is absolutely true which is that the the the more rich people you get getting like access to technology and and and free time and a larger view of things the more they are going to tend to use their power influence and wealth to create a situation where they’re not going to do what you do with weed they’re not going to go holy shit I’m really high how can I get more of this and share it with more people they’re going to do what you do with cocaine which is like holy shit this is really good who saw me go in the bathroom there if you’re going to be like I got to get this shit on lockdown or a lake like a big there’s just an instinct about it and it’s all it’s like you don’t even need guys in a cigar smoke room it’s money itself will crank it it it will
if you don’t and here’s where I say dirty words that I don’t want to be associated with if you don’t regulate unmitigated unregulated rampant fucking High Noon capitalism is going to go and tear the middle class in half and half it’s going to tear the top 1% of the middle class and shove it up and it’s going to tear the bottom 99% of the middle class and shove it down it’s going to capitalism unregulated doesn’t become the perfect pyramid of money it becomes it becomes it becomes monarchs overseeing potato people like a Coke industry is actively working toward what I would argue is neo-feudalism also you know I find it very optimistic that were speaking in the conditional
at this point this idea why you is you can build a poor person’s check on your huge fucking piece of land and charge them for it just like we did during the feudal shit we might have to three people who were paying you rent to live on your manner so you don’t have to sell your manner it is fit is unconditional to where we are and should they not be able to afford that rent maybe there’s things I could do to keep the land of direct deposit paycheck to Bush now you can live here for another month but if there were a specific form of currency that only applied right to that manner right to that land and this is something that we write with your face on it and then we had a difficult time
tracking the three of us not know and I were thinking we posed this question we’re we’re kind of we’re kind of shity each other and conversation I don’t know if you pick that up because I don’t have answers to write and one of the questions
show her on your podcast are what are you what are you saying one of our personal LOL it’s like you guys are dicks to each other than you headed out in the Glades wake you guys have a like an almost pic of going like
even if it’s absolutely not what you were talking about you’ll you’ll go like that you know what that’s a good way of putting it and then y’all can see we mean it or at least I know I didn’t know we all need to do that’s all good did I find I love you we love each other really cool thing to do because like why you are so fucking tired and you understand that it’s good to do to people that you work with or been friends with since you were nineteen you know like it’s easy
I think that’s a that’s really cool to will it it took us a while to get there it’s going to it takes a while it takes a while it takes a while good job on the draft it was a good thing you did congrats on the job by the way thank you God damn premiering show us on the trailer to oh yeah oh yeah I did that
and Harmon Quest yeah it’s great only inverter how do you spell it that’s nice that’s nice I hate you guys seriously do you think there’s anything to Magic and I don’t I don’t mean to lose you you no no I mean I mean like spell thing from the Dark Ages like that’s kind of made its way all the way to 2019 you think there’s anything to any of the ritual ritualize versions of that Tyler Lee everything to me I guess because whether or even if it’s just the intention of wanting something so badly and then Rich realising the the act of saying that this is what I want Like a Prayer
I believe in it on a subjective level like I think that there’s there’s almost no limit on what you can accomplish ritualistically with yourself like it gets boring answer it’s like the Miracle on 24th Street while he thinks he’s Santa but I think you could convince yourself in the room with you when you cast a spell I don’t think there’s any limit on what you can like make those people affect if you can say like like the human capacity to believe in the word bulshit but like that makes it like like like like like cause-effect relationship like you could draw a circle of chalk on the ground and say the reason I’m driving the circle chocolate ground is because you’re a winner in your a loser and
I’m going to flip that right now by saying chaka chaka Muka Muka I said it backwards
lake lake lake

I mean dude I believe that we’ve seen we see all the time like people will drop down on the floor speak in tongues of people regress in their hypnotic sessions it really whether or not it’s a real or not real Hulk exist could exist Midland mediocre home I’m glad you say that because I think I was about this weapon I psychology which I think is in line with what you were saying you picked up and I was and I didn’t want you to feel sick
sit here I know that you’ll be rewarded grease from Grease them up through the grocery store because like so so there’s this there’s this thing with with the Olympics right the Olympics are always like guys a peak of human ability right and Drug everyone’s on drugs do everyone have a green people ugly okay so you’re married to the color idea of it is going to be
you originally grey thank you for a Time watch yeah Thunderbolt is different we could go on when baseball first started it was considered cheating to use a black people to catch the ball I mean I thought we were meeting about it okay if this guy plays baseball bat or something like that and I like spitting on the ball or whatever that was a thing and now it’s like you no idea that like Lance Armstrong and amazing cyclist
got in trouble right Boo he used drugs and you only have one nap so he got to pass our best chance to see if fair to middling Hulk as you describe it is to have an Olympic event of some sort people sign a release like yeah I might die whatever they can do what they whatever the fuck they want you know what I mean like what caliber. Olympics holyshit
Texas energy the idea like the idea of people doping it’s a lost battle it’s going to happen to the little Pandora’s jar is unscrewed and everybody’s lying to themselves if they think they can screw it back on Pandora’s. What was the caliber of Hulk was was Hogan was he a middling Hager was seeing what you guys see the video of the quadriplegic is the word you he’s paralyzed from below his neck and he’s operating a full body skeleton
that’s cool that’s awesome that guy at the Olympics should eliminate drugs that you know what I mean that’s that’s a good point grocery at eliminating that there should be mixed in the genetic engineered Olympics that sounds great would quickly lose its luster if it is because there wouldn’t even be a device to cheat in the they wouldn’t like go into the purest Olympics in like sneak steroids they be like I want to go into the steroids Olympics and and it just have this like crazy fucking like weird like dark future thing where it’s like and coming to the corner using the latest it’s cybernetic augmentations Andre on drop off
I just have a race around a circle
watch that would go crazy with long feet winsey organic Olympics really did it again with your weird long feet human interest story there in Dynamics and DARPA and some of the robots and Androids that are being created some of them are very humanoid like what do you guys think about all of that stuff what do you where do you think we’re headed with all of that ended in our lifetime you guys look younger than your hair I I am I going to see like an actual like fucking like just like wake up one morning and it’s like everything like
algorithm thing or will I just be like a seven-year-old guy gone like
I need that like a hole in my head Cody and Cody I’ll be like I’m 40
yeah I know that you know it’s it’s it’s more and more I went back and I re-watched the Terminator franchise will parts of it and I was like yeah the robots when they started out people would talk about it in hindsight and they were like we could tell the difference between those right and it’s a fit it’s a story about a physical analog but now we’re at the point where in terms of software in terms of like online non-corporeal conversation it can be difficult to tell to discern the difference like we we have rounded a corner our friend that’s a horrible word for him his name is Ryan Krause is the host of Cold Case murder mystery files he constantly he’s talking about just like look all you want we’re all going to become a i and then our problems are going to resolve it
all and he talks about the Terminator franchise and our relationship with it as a sort of measuring that that you’ve got your 1981-83 movie where the you know the robot is unquestionably the bad guy the whole premise is set up based on her fetishization of fearing technology classic beautiful wonderful modern myth that just like that before the words algorithm an AI or household words it was just sort of like they put they put this thing in charge of defending the country and then this thing decided that the best way to defend it was to get rid of all the people beautiful perfect it set this thing back in time if you blow its fake skin off what’s underneath death but Chrome it comes for you the sequel comes years later and immediately what are we doing and why did we love that movie our our our love affair with our village we love our Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger like we don’t love to scream Queen
things that run from them we love this metal robot and then he’s the good guy in the next movie wheel of the guy that said I’ll be back wheel of the guy that is the robot the robot in that movie that people out of people say that movie is why I know about the first movie I fucking love that new testament where now the robots the good guy the ads that franchise could use it as our sci-fi kind of relationship continues like we’re getting increasingly more like we’re doing a mating dance with technology we are we we used to Simply Rod Serling would simply come out and basically say imagine a world where we get so automated we basically become a Russian door that opens when your car pulls up but where are the limits and if that garage door new you murdered someone who stood it and where will it end
and you proceed forward along those eyes were like cautious were cautious be cautious but that’s how it Tango begins that’s how a mating dance because it’s literally about like a relationship with an AI That’s better than a relationship with someone that you know do you know exactly what stories we’re we’re we’re becoming aware that not that we’re shaking the phobia when it comes to the difference between human and nonhuman we’re getting increasingly races that we’re getting increasingly like heightened about like your cheekbones are different with your identity politics regressing where the idea of
we got it and it’s almost like you wonder what a crayfish or a dragon flier any that sheds its skin feels about itself as it starts to evolve this is exactly what it is that is that a metaphor for like what would do it was like this war between the genders in the races in the cultures in the classes and we’re just like reading ourselves is it because what’s underneath is we got to like we got to just become an algorithm or we’re going to die in 8 billion barrel of monkeys like sitting on top of a planet that needs to give up its oil or if I could. I think where we we we have messed up often is this assumption that what’s going on now is the endpoint you know what I mean like some species of Life sort of exist in this in this state where they have you know they have like the origin point
right and then they create the other the other animal is or life-form this Midway point and the thing at the end just to your idea about shedding skin or I would say entering a chrysalis as well it is something different fundamentally alien unrecognizable it’s it’s preposterously self-centered for us here now to assume that is a thousand maybe even six hundred years the the people that call themselves people are also going to refer to us as people pretty ridiculous I feel like it’s Optimist they’re going to do we’re going to be there species would we survive six hundred years from now there’s absolutely no way that what we are six hundred years from now is going to refer to us as the same species that’s that is one scenario which they
it’s the Cormac McCarthy the road I’m going to care about their opinion evolved along even the slowest lines 600 years which is nothing we are we are at the point where we are either going to change so much that what we are now it will be
forgotten historical Neanderthal act like we will we will simply there will be people that was study how we thought there will be people who will I hope the listen to the podcast the logo with the birthday cute their skulls were separated and they just kept blithering in blabbering and like they self-medicated and they coped with all this shit they had a whole internet and they just used it to be racist they have these things called hands are they had to use their hands and fingers and intelligence was a field and that they were up Roxy and that what we became was it or I or they or is M yeah we will for sure that kind of takes the pressure off doesn’t it looks like fucking Bay of Pigs who cares I would go out
are there a is there a way to spot a conspiracy that has legs versus away that like classic line conspiracies follow this pattern
absolutely yeah you can just see it like there’s a trick to see it I do check for like three or four things we are like all right that’s worth researching but that’s how I would just say generally sorry been too if we can go back and say historically there are there’s more than one version of this kind of conspiracy that has occurred that’s generally the first step to going okay well there’s at least a precedent to something like this happening completely implausible in general I got syphilis
Netflix it will just like that has happened but that shit happens a lot and over the years it has and it’s really hard to even detect oh god so let’s not do that experimenting with humans I mean some of the most brilliant people on this planet have been really fucked up and wanted to see what things happened like if you think about Anatomy invented a tool shed
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Ben Franklin Humana Jay-Z his landlord’s is one of his landlord’s children was a resurrection man the house he was living in at the time I was like the next place over was where they publicly hanged people so they would hang someone and then a long story short but he knew the smell think about the smell he knew there was no way to live next door to a place where they hang people and he liked it and he was like like calling people into his
it’s like when you dig up bodies and use it to
I was interested in these things that we walk around in the only way to figure it out was the cut them open after they were dead and just pull all the bits out and COI which is weird cuz he was around so many Mouse she could have just looked and you would think it was in the life expectancy 17 back then did you use that you just didn’t want to talk to me I don’t know if he’ll ever in a place to stand and I’ll move the world directions Resurrection in there was a loophole in European law at the time which said that it was okay to dissect dead bodies human bodies cadavers but it was
there was no legal way to procure them it was like a Grizzly version of how marijuana as worked in some parts of this country like you can own it but if we catch him by digging it up and then that goes back I think what your building toward is this idea of human experimentation it’s only tangentially but we’ve had a couple of thought experiments on her show before when you think about World War II and Unit 731 in Japan and what the Nazis were doing in several places they were experimenting on humans and they were taking humans to to to see the limits of what a person can withstand right and they wrote all of this shit down after they tortured people this way and they took a ton of data and we’ve had discussions about what what do you do at the end of that conflict where you stopped those evil people from doing terrible things to other humans but they’ve got all of these pieces of
it down silent cabinets full of with data that could possibly be useful for for us to know about what Humanity can withstand ergonomic desk chair Industries stuff like like I didn’t know you could make someone slouch for 90 hours Miller was really into all this one would not should not write it down to the day doing it’s the palimpsest thing that men are you really great about time do with history we’ve been doing that to each other that kind of thing where were your we do terrible things to each other but we figure out something and then we know for the future that that is something we can or cannot do is always someone saying I’m not the bad guy hits the greater good seriously think about the origins of Gynecology which are barbaric vagina
just so damn that origin you’re in the ballpark in New York thank God thank you
I honestly don’t know where you’re going with this whole thing but we’re talk about conspiracies in the flags all we have four things were definitely on the right path or if you’re like you know what’s missing these four things it’s probably just the ones will chlorine the ones with ghosts are usually bulshit you put that on everything Anyway by ghost for go to episodes a week do we got a we got a did I mean the star of the show that Rob does you know she’s a producer and stuff and she said that two different psychics told her she had an italian-speaking evil spirit and then she also had in the same spot she was diagnosed the spirit she had an aura photographer take a photo of her Aura and it had a spot right in that same spot but that’s a crazy
serial proper where I understand she just has his Spirit spot above her head being a cynic but I’m not saying that spiritual stuff in ghosts are real but it’s about that I tend to gravitate more towards the provable kind of government consensus right here on the station weed we don’t know really I want spirits and demons and I haven’t seen anything but man that be so cool with you going to live it up my night I know I just keep sending me links to this Navy UFO thing on stage not bringing that up because of gravel like I’m separated from the earth and I’ve gotten from more than one person like have you seen this so that mean everyone so I can go to a flippy craft
call her all kind of figured it out but it’s it’s funny to watch like a new generation saying the exact same things about the exact same amount of obfuscation and started like that like there’s articles about people going like yeah there’s three categories of these things going to Mike. This is all the same stuff from the seventies early if you guys been following this like this this ties into the way to the way to identify something that might have some sand to it versus something that’s sort of order a creepypasta cuz we lost it like conspiracy theory itself is a genre of folklore that is like that is an accurate
Tracy wants you to not vaccinate your children so she reverse-engineer the story about Ben Franklin and vaccinating his kid that’s exactly it quick way to identify something that might have some sand with is usually as people who have some sort of power weather Financial right or a socio-political who want more of it and have figured out want to lose what they heard don’t want to lose what they have two that I that conversation the thing that’s interesting about UFO, and ideas is that we can float the idea that there’s something in the sky which most people don’t understand and we can play that with the idea that extraterrestrials a give a shit enough about this planet that they would they would spay and the vast chasms of time and space to show up and like stick things up people’s butts it’s better that’s a weird
what does I am being productive as we don’t know what they do when they get here we might perceive it as they stuck something up my butt because of our tendency to take away then they put something in my butt and the aliens I like watching the news and going like we did more than that I feel like we taught them agriculture Waka likely choked me and he’s going to be like in your Taylor and we are also I would I would further at that point that we are we were operating from our understanding of physics at right we are operating from our understanding is reality in the world as we perceive it which is the best kind of a shity flashlight in a very big very dark roof what what we know and what we can prove we know what we can all agree on is it yeah we see shit in the Skype
we don’t know what it is it is literally an unidentified flying object and that doesn’t that doesn’t mean we have a government to spend billions and billions and billions of undocumented money making shit that is now real this is true that we’re not going to see pretend there is an Area 51 you guys just a thing yes and I never wanted this shit out of it and did you see that I was the first world Empire that’s in charge of everything and has unlimited spending to have a place where cameras can watch them do the equivalent of all the black-and-white footage of the guys invent the helicopter
Groom Lake Area 51 is just a place where the Air Force is constantly trying and failing to make like a diamond shaped helicopters and then and then people are like we’ll look at that it’s like yeah that’s it’s got to be a guy that doesn’t believe in aliens and anybody that was ever visiting us
hate you why would they send
but it’s not going to I just did that is there a little dude in a saying going like humans I’m watching them with my sports car that I flied know they would still play polka hole in space and time and the thing that popped out would likely not be visible to us what do you do equivalent of a drone to but did not that white water is milk bad I just before we get there the important things important thing with a
what do UFOs do we know about Project Blue Book in a bunch of these projects that occurred from the 40s on word up that were studying the government studying UFOs what is it what what could it possibly be to do the Cold War as well as we got into that Arrow just trying to figure out which country maybe is outclassing us with technology should be worried about that at that time but then the official story was that it went away we don’t we’re not worried about anything like that anymore that’s that stuff is hogwash there’s no extraterrestrials everything’s fine then this footage gets leaked and then we find out that way in fact our government has been studying on identified flying object to this whole time and there’s a lot of data there and there are people that you know about but names within our government they were actually Tom DeLonge I mean if you guys feel when cuz the big headline of that thing seems to be that the Navy said in an uncharacteristic like they’re like
yes that’s legit they tried to get in front we didn’t want you to see it I didn’t weirdly underwhelming why is that go under welding know my God was sort of like just so scared right now that that like we’re just being gentle people now like like like like like at the Navy’s like some guy was in charge of the base like tomorrow for like saying the wrong thing about a haircut so like what is my job for real like I’m I going to be an admiral tomorrow am I going to end up the Secretary of State probably I get like like I’ve I’ve had this conversation with my fiance I’m going to fucking play it as it lays and it came across his desk and he’s like
Bruce Henderson and Henderson is like the truth sir is like you heard me at ease do whatever I tell him what’s it but yeah it leaked it’s not footage that the Navy hands out we don’t know if it to you about if I can a lien but like fuk it was just like the Navy says real footage of a real UFO don’t know if it’s an alien yes those Bros you here flying those Top Gun planes that’s them going like what the fuc bro that is supposed to the traditional thing if you got the shed but then I had to follow it up with like Panic if that’s what they want you to think that realm is just the norm if you think about the Vietnam War what was allowed to actually be reported within United States of what’s going on for a strategic Advantage something like that if we’re if there are actually extraterrestrial species
need of some sort or some faction visiting us then why on Earth would anyone who knows about it he was afraid for national security purposes for Humanity’s purposes why would they ever come out on any news source anywhere in say yes this is a thing like they died I can’t imagine that ever occurring but also people are very terrible at keeping secrets like super shity on it yeah like I said I kind of like this could profit you against it like we have seen people definitely facing like we’ve been so cynical about the the supposed incentive of like well nobody wants to get fired and everyone just does what they’re supposed to do and it’s like
a jumper cable has been attached to the wrong post of of of of a system and I’m not saying it’s perfect and has any kind of inherent lack Integrity to it but it’s just the weird fucking Rando dude like has has revealed that most human beings even if they work on the government payroll are kind of like cool yes sir I’ll do that God damn it dude diary this mother fucker maybe do some fucked-up shit pay Stacy if I get shot tomorrow tell him I said Stacy’s like what did you just tell me what I think I was at like I’m finished with my job this motherfuking told me to do some crazy shit I quit will you should quit was that I did quit your whistleblower who you should quit or fired you’re fired you’re fired and it’s working the same way of Starbucks does and I find that refreshing that they’re not so different. That’s what the one layer of it I don’t like this is all working exact way I would think human being
who’s that are that they’re on they’re not all weird people in warehouses keeping the Illuminati secrets from us that it’s been exposed that they’re mostly just Dunder Mifflin right and exit 2 in to what you’re saying like there’s this paradigm shift and it goes to like the cost of information right in the 50s for instance people would say you know if a if we’re a g person we’re government agents we would say well the truth can’t get out people learn about shit through you know one of the following 16 ways will shut those sixteen ways down and now that there are billions I always think about like I never growing up in your parents did something fallible and Schumer and you were like what the fuck you’re so much supposed to be you know what I mean like I’m fighting my birthday cake
yeah you should I turn 10 or not yeah right exactly seen that fukkit moment from the Navy or from people who are supposed to be kind of psychologically a fill-in for an authoritarian figure it’s a lot like the cake throw an SMS to the top of the show about how like that level of cooperation just doesn’t happen I mean it really doesn’t say I think Matt is internment camp or a government toppling say the Panama Canal then you have multi-levels of agencies coming together trading information between each other Sydney the agent sent what you encounter U Q10 town of America sorry to interrupt you but yeah I would you just like it’s like yeah you look at a black box and it’s like you it’s it’s it’s it’s effortless the song
silence if everyone’s on the same page it says that that’s outside the box of America conspiracies abound because it it with a lots of cooperation because it’s it’s all Deadman switches where if no one hits a button and nothing happens and yeah I’m I would counter though I would counter though how did everybody in this room immediately know the three to four things you names because I didn’t oh okay well I just recognized them as problematic I’m just like oh yeah I know for sure is that there is no point to understanding what’s happening in Nicaragua Granada there’s no point in understanding these sort of boring details and it and it part of politics is to try to
things in that box like Health Care is it like the forces that be a big big they try to put healthy try to make Healthcare feel like the invasion of a foreign country in Central America did they try it whatever I’m derailing it but but like it is in Ethiopia they can they can keep a real big secret like no one will blow any whistles whistles and anybody in a third world country like like like from their perspective you wonder how those people feel to go like goddamn you people work together pretty pretty nicely absolutely it’s not even more from where I’m sitting cooperation
there’s nothing interesting thing about conspiracy theories and real quick is that you the depends on what side of the coin if you have if you have seen a system actively hunt kill find named destroy entire communities it was somebody drops a conspiracy theory on you you’re like yeah that’s some problem with Society a beneficiary of that privilege you’re like a fuk with your body cord made an effort but I really can’t tell you how smart they get will CIA crack cocaine that’s a great example of an actively think that’s a great example of an active lie perpetrated and relatively easy to prove conspiracy but here’s the perfidious Insidious part it’s not so much about keeping a secret as it is about the valuing the truth right so so again the things you didn’t
people can black box as you said they had a secret for some some set amount of time eventually the truth out right the truth becomes more valuable than the crack right. And so then we have to ask ourselves what crack are we smoking that like what that get you high for that is worth money for 60 years that’s worth more than the truth and what defeats conspiracy is a a transparency and a ground game that has people talking amongst each other so that is one of the reasons I feel like certain communities are able to survive those conspiracies no matter what the cooperation is on the air at the other end because of the price of this particular item in this neighborhood has changed or has not changed you can’t talk to me about global markets
do you want to play yes I actually because it’s that question here it also becomes a question of
I love these are transparency because what people dismissed as conspiracies I whether whether it might be a demonstrable young true or very probably a fact the one thing those have in common is that speculation thrives in the absence of transparency and then also people are your people are inherently narcissistic which is not necessarily a bad thing people are explaining the story of themselves to a worldview so like these like the far-right Deep State people are always there they’re not looking at stuff that makes them go oh I should change the way I approached it yeah I was walking more right than I thought of where I’m multiple levels and so what it would I appreciate here is the point that you’re raising the we have to emphasize it is we have to emphasize
the highlighted italicize it I don’t give a fuck the important part here is everywhere you look stupid and then they’re in on it
people are not idiots people are not stupid whenever we run into a community that has something that has the monster bleed from the first approach seems on true or seems crazy you have to listen to those people because they’re not making it up for shits and giggles nobody serious like nobody woke up one day and said hey I think the I think this law enforcement department in this part of this community is actively hunting these people nobody said you know what would be funny you know it’d be a real like just a crashed it together and go let’s play Let’s see what happens we’ll lie about how much we make on the dollar
what if we want to be completely clear let’s it meant it to say that groups of people or institutions or be an organization religious groups what ever you want it however people get together and hang out they are capable of cooperating when as null said they are either preserving what they see is their status quo or they are increasing what they see is like the share of whatever pie they have made their head going back to your idea of non Oriole any articles of Faith write ultimately what it is is the it cuz the way I never Parts conspiracy theory in that sense that actually if you if you unhitch from the stigma that the historical stigmatize conspiracy theories a term of abuse like you said and then you start to ask what what is a conspiracy and what is the theory and then start to actually probably the most valuable way we can like digest conspiracy theories to start to
ask ourselves in what way am I a Bilderberg and what am I like someone else’s conspiracy because that’s like like why was I why do I have this life and who doesn’t have this life and from their perspective is it possible I’m In Cahoots with my neighbor even though I don’t like them as a bit like from someone else’s perspective couldn’t you say I’m In Cahoots with them and like to kind of like actually look at life in terms of those connections which is really just another way of saying problematization like you’re if you’re looking at who’s benefiting and who’s not what a drag but for me anyway
do that. Didn’t get a big enough laughs to reel will never say anything sometimes I say things that I think I’m like why there’s a big great big laugh cuz the joke is I could never be that shity of person everyone’s like
the worst part is if you see some of the backyard yeah you’re not back there but these atoms they got a guy that’s just a hand in Arbonne Dale much I’ve been trying to drive to We wish you a happy birthday Jeff Davis we miss you so much
listen to stuff they don’t want you to know on the stuff you should know Network shout out to Matt riddle right there in the front tie he’s the reason we were able to be here tonight. Thank you either Matt and get them a good to me it’s alright it’s going to be on there by 12 tomorrow
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