Episode 355: Hershey’s Rorschach


Episode 355: Hershey’s Rorschach


Our march into oblivion continues! No guests! No role playing! Nothing to lose! It’s worth mentioning Spencer is feeling pretty sassy this episode and it shows. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden, Steve Levy, and Rob Schrab.


hello her and her are welcome all
play MacArthur Park town is that
Everything Must Go
my friend a 1994
what tribe in 1994 almost mint condition drivetribe
Rob tribe
Rock Drive only 4,000 miles on them
the all-new 2020 Spencer Crittenden
2029 four-wheel drive to 1973 Manor Apartments
thank you
text Laura we got two hours
she has to do that for 2 hours
yeah everything let’s go that that bit was pretty good pretty classic Jeff
classic Jeff
I seen it was a song but I don’t to be like Trump but she know she signed up for Halloween costume you want is dinner and if so how should I do it or should we do it and I’m like why you do like this is like that and then you can introduce us each as if we’re like
pretty clothes that you just saw for $5 every month phrases before
you want to do it so I don’t want to do it again the whole thing over again but you you are me and you do nothing to do so everybody can I wear the costume I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t I don’t like pimping the audience to you just like her bringing me for not doing it how how do we do it
If lost
I went to Norway I was at a an Animation Festival in Frederick Frederick starred
great I think your story will have to be on hold for at least 5 minutes
Rob’s got a tablecloth
is Nosferatu
what is a browse but I browse are like I did it I nailed it and what did you do you didn’t do anything you yeah yeah I got off of a bunny a piece of shit chairs and there’s a stack of considerably more comfortable chairs right there
a stack with cushions
a Dracula cape
tight ship my pants in Norway on the plane from from from Norway to Heathrow
well I was kind of sitting in it without knowing it the whole time because it happening but it happens
I want I woke up I think you know I think you know at least know you know I’ve had many stories where I didn’t know what I thought was a fart was a shit and then but then but then I pretty much the story ends with it coming out into my pants but this was different I I woke up in the hotel room the day of our departure and his kind of blowing a lot of farts a drink a lot of beer and ate a lot of delicious stuff and I’m just farting all over the place and they’re they’re big and empty windy farts you know they’re not really hurting anybody there not bothering anybody or there’s a certain they’re loud and fun and and or laughing about it and we get we get we get to the airport we get on the airplane and going to do it on in the cabin
is a flight from Norway to Heathrow then connecting back to LA how long a flight is it London being the Chicago of Europe is it like a 2-hour Flight 2 and 1/2 hour flight flights were they happy to take your first class money but the plane is simply a bus and for your first prize money what they’ll do is they’ll take that money and then they’ll put a tray in in the middle seat in the front for Rose those people out paid extra money so they don’t have to put the arm rub their arm on a poor person
and that’s first class but that you can’t buy people not rub in your fucking head as they walk by people bumping you with their jackets and manage everyone crammed in the same picture to see baby that would be cold but
so I go to the bathroom during that flight and I’m peeing and yeah men when we pee like if you’ve ever been in a public restroom with men at your nose like they they they take the opportunity and maybe it’s partially it’s kind of has to happen it’s like a time to fart and sometimes you kind of like at the urinal in your account I have this reaction like what the
how dare you who are you are you my are you my jokes agent
he’s here everybody my joke has representation
is this a package deal in this Joker the fuck did you think I was pointing out you fuck
so anyways
I go to the I go to the men’s room or the people’s room on the plane there’s no Men’s Room planes are the future and I’m peeing and then I just I just let you know it’s loud it’s kind of a contrabassoon cuz I’ve been sitting for an hour and 57 minutes and then everyone starts Restless bustle in like getting ready to get up and I’m moving around and I’m like why did I sweat in my butt crack in the in the seat and I’m like that feels like wrong
I feels wrong and also it smells a little bit like
release well because since because smells like just crazy sense memory the thing I always when I smell like diaper smelling always remember my sister’s hospital cuz I was like I was like when I was a kid that was the first time I’ve ever been around like adult pupus was this institution where my sister was being housed and I told the story before but the the moo moo gati how much time has elapsed since you think you like release the poo poos and then the you haven’t you noticed it was one or two hours and so I guess I was just sitting on it like like like a white my ass honey I previously not that would be insane if I if I did that then they would have reacted to that
I just have to wipe my sweaty fat ass you know I’ve been traveling it’s an airport I guess this is something that happens I guess I just have to wait my sweaty ass and we get to the airport lounge and it’s all packed and stuff and there’s a there’s a guy sitting there like looking at his phone it’s one of these like you know the bathroom is like you know like the kind of tends to go for the metal stalls but Europe Europe they have their you’re more likely to get these like closets maybe some exotic hardwoods and it took pictures of room like a line with all these kind of like little rooms that are kind of impenetrable and hard to see vacancy or occupied I guess there’s a little red thing with a second it’s not like I really like being a beans out to your eyeball you have to crouch looking is a guy standing there someone in his phone looks like he’s probably waiting for what
behind them and waiting and waiting looking around and there’s there’s a bathroom with its door kind of like not all the way closed and I wait and wait and I’m like looking at and I’m hoping he sees my eye contact and then he realizes maybe he missed the bathroom opening and then I finally go is that one open over there and he’s kind of like blithely there is a go for it
don’t know he didn’t say Governor but like he it is like he has something like that it was like it was like like like going nuts or said something like blue eyes kind of like a blast British phrase go nuts
so then I went over there I open it up and it’s a handicapped version of all these things I liked at him and I don’t know if he’s like you know is it like Forest Whitaker in the dream and crying game or he’s like laughing cuz I got to check it out now you’re I never saw grinding crying game anyways it doesn’t matter. I just like I got the door open it’s a bathroom there’s no there’s nobody there’s no special needs people inside I’m kind of like I don’t know what the etiquette is I don’t know if that guy
note Forest Whitaker you’re free to go should have in it and I have a sweaty ass so I need this you know you don’t know that I got you
say go in and I have 15 minutes and do you have a lie fudge like like like just covered like as if I just took a shet which I guess I did discuss staying
but opaque. Opaque just crossed just like imaginative and then fucking sitting in it and then if I can get anything then
continue with your play Jeff what did you write down
it’s important documents well that wasn’t sweat and then I’m like well hopefully it was just one of those things really goes like you know it was that wet of a that productive of a fart and like and it just like I had like my big bear like ass cheeks just kind of contained this Grand Canyon of poop and like I wiped it away and I look in the underwear am I do know her she’s Rorschach Watchmen in there yeah
both of them like hangers in the army training and Ohno
and by the way
you can you can take that up with the with the good people of British Airways
keep going to report physically-challenged person that actually had a right to use that particular bathroom was not going to go in there and go like fucking shit in the garbage can and the ironic answer is owe me fucking mr. physical privilege mr. bounding around and two great legs I had to fuking I ruined their Haven
then I put how to put on my pants with no underwear you took your shoes off is there a garbage can in the stall with you it’s it’s it’s I mean it’s a handicapped yes or no it doesn’t really date in an airport lounge it’s like more into water closets then stalls were talking about like kind of a small room and then cleaned yourself up hopefully then put your answer and coarsely but I will say
all right but I will say in all fairness I was wearing brown pants yeah
Protech Protech but also margin of error in my data clean but if I did not your your going commando I go to the end up back to my duffel bag I look at Dino and Cody and I go I go back to get my I get a new pair of me and he’s out of my duffle bag and as I look at them and go
bragging about how he killed the head of Isis
triumphs and Finn Graphics I am having a bad day the president is having a good day that’s usually how it works so I can I salute the television and did you guys know that when you’re in Europe you know it’s crazy cuz like their news coverage makes him look like a fuking idiot
it’s probably the only time in our nation’s recent like a post television history when they’re actually is no fucking disparity because it’s like just as mean to be objective with that guy he’s like but you know if I can see your assets of the same shit about him is CNN because it’s just like the president just said he was 9 ft tall and his dick is whistle like what would it have negative spinner going to put on that either pretend that cool or or or you just tell people what happened again so anyways yeah I went back in and I used two different stop there by realizing how lucky I was because yeah the other stalls they don’t have garbage bins and I don’t know what I would have done I would have walked out with a fucking yeah lot of shit and now it is socked I was worried for you
so all is well that ends well
spoiler alert
at bus
she come out every time you nail one but I’ll tell you where I could use some vodka right now we better bring out at some point
I would do before the show happen Steve Levy came out a few times and was treated to just a thunderous Applause and audience reaction was that because the last week when we talked about it or was that just organic okay I’m hearing some yes is I thought so what what happened when he was delayed last time more than usual and Light
yeah oh
cuz that joke was so good earlier
and it’s a tender moment for us all to enjoy

yeah there’s nothing by the way there’s no guest tonight so this is it
that is correct we should do something about how many more how many more how many times are there five minutes to write more after this is 5 more 6 6
501 and 505 points 7 to write about what inflates the wacky wild inflatable Tube Man
what woman Ami am I said it bad
Oh I thought you were saying
how do you say woman instead of Lady know you should
there was a
there was that we won’t though I’m busy
what Indian here there was there was a lady animator legendary Norwegian lady animator getting a Lifetime Achievement Award in the at the festival and host was going over her credentials and I swear he said the same thing that he said and of course if you are familiar with animation at all then you know the movie poop been to
who’s going to be worked on that and then they just kept coming and coming early and then afterwards we were asking about it but no one no one could tell it no one was like oh no no no Google um did you do it so it’s like you are Jumanji like there was nothing no one no one remembered hearing it no one could explain it was he said poop van to now and the only the only different opinion about that was Gina Who heard poop man to poop van too and is like the idea that they I mean it sounds like a great animated film this sequel of one at least
and then there was none and there was more you think what do you think poop man to answer the questions of poop man
I don’t know but I don’t poop Man 2 I don’t I don’t even care about but poop van to I I just I just like a great movie cuz it’s like there probably is a poop man in that movie but he’s accompanied by three to five friends and a dog they’re all pretty comfortable and
I don’t know I just picture like kind of a cool Neck Road movie or something woop van to make poop there was a movie called poop van and it did it in spite of its obstacles did so well the people were like yes another the poop man was so long they cut it into two pieces like I Kill Bill sorry they had to use that special Fork that we all keep in the bathroom to break it up
you know what I’m talking about that schedule pork we all keep in the bathroom
another thing that the guy said which
he said she also did it goes right on his phone after saying that I’m looking up that I’m looking up the body of work. Just let me hear your bathroom is it maybe Port van to import van and poop van to there’s also a tube and Toby but she worked out apparently the big guy with that they were going to show that that weekend of the guy said something I ate he goes and she just did work on the
educational video
about sexual assault of kindergarteners for kindergarteners it was like he was like I don’t know it’s just from the point of view of the kindergarteners
looks like the audience before 11 would be like the first anime in financial model to really like Picture film for kindergarteners because they don’t have a lot of discretionary money that she did for the government to educational I think the budget was probably fixed how was your how was your time overall and then in Scandinavia I like you know that there’s self-described as a kind of like compartmentalised people if they’re sort of you know it’s a it’s a it’s a colder climate and where is you might think o that that that makes them all warm and fuzzy there they’re a little more you know more than more than a few of them kind of self-described the Norwegian people as being kind of
not cold but like compartmentalize they didn’t use that word but listening them described it that’s sort of what they’re describing like it and they like to get drunk and like they sort of View getting drunk as like its own thing and what happened there stays there and wasn’t one of them describe the the the culture is exerted like in this is one person like the movie their own point of view of sure this isn’t like a traditional thing but like in Norway you might get drunk and like have a great time with somebody even sleep with them or something and then you see him the next day two grocery store and you can deduct just don’t pretend you act like you never met him that one person’s life but but but but but the general picture all kind of average that was a sort of like I just kind of ignored it be like
I do respect I like as long as it’s not dishonest and nobody gets hurt I like I like the idea of distance professional distance and things they’re not big Huggers they said and things like that but they are there’s a difference between that and not being nice and they’re really wonderfully nice and funny people and they all kind of look like Spencer or David Kline and in in there they just very like it’s hard to escape the Viking thing is they’re so jolly and you know broad-shouldered and kind of like a hyperbolic in and fun and it was so is great just came to town and there was a bar fights like a middle-aged guy tackled the older guy
and help tackle the middle linebacker and they got up and then dance together and have a drink and it was like no harm no foul no hip tackle what’s a what’s a hip tackle like will you tackle Somebody by the hip hip
yes okay if you check on somebody with your own half I think I should have called doing the booty bump
there were there were more than a there was a handful of people who traveled like great distances by train and car from all over Europe to come in to see me in particular because of harmontown ending it’s a surprising people from from from Norway that were like such big harmontown fans you know why wasn’t I invited because we didn’t know that I was going there for to talk to them how do they say Rick and Morty in Norwegian
I did try to write a song in Norwegian thinking if I could take maybe if I chipped away at it for over a couple days like an old man in a foreign language in English you’re a brilliant songwriter
yeah getting an Emmy for it
I need some kind of Metra alright. Okay
I mean I never bring it up but
you kind of did what was that what was your like I is into the Norwegian language that you thought you could do in the short of trying to Ryan because I started such a challenge to just gives you thick as you thinking in a melody and then you’re thinking of syllables so then you see you thinking English syllables and they were like oh I want you know the other day I had a sausage and you like that’s the right amount of syllables now you got it now you going to put that in Google translate you’re going to find out how to say the other day I had a sausage in Norwegian now are you going to adjust the melody or you going to like rephrase are you going to search around for where it’s like and then on top of that now you got to look at the word that it’s ending with I guess which is going to be like Margaret and you’re going to be like oh I know what rhymes with that no you don’t you don’t know a single word that because you don’t know the language
in the day of Google translate and I underestimated the difficulty did you get one done and I tried it out of my pants Norwegian dictionary what would it be called I don’t know the word for rhyme I went this guy and I didn’t try that
you figured out how did you pick up I think it’s always a good thing when you travel to a serious or not
stupid shity to me since I sat down here I haven’t seen you in weeks I come in hey how you doing you look at the floor you don’t say anyting and you just sitting on everything I do and I came out here because it’s only six episodes left and now he’s sitting on everything I say what what did I ever do you know God damn well whenever you want and it’s always when your dog and your wife kick you out there’s nobody waiting for you that you could have been with it was this or being under a bridge how do you know
what is your problem years more than that yeah so the dog and Kate I did I can only imagine I know that every once in a while they’re going to be like why don’t you go to the
words in case you have to pull straws out of your lives in like fucking cotton swabs off your eyebrows that you glued with toothpaste cuz you you thought it would be funny in the middle of Kate probably like trying to confide with you about something was troubling her at work and you’re like she said a word that rhymes with claws you’re you’re Santa Claus and you’re like based on any true events at all this is completely made up that is not true
I’ve been doing toothpaste Santa Claus
I need I need a new pet
does toothpaste work on cotton cotton balls for a glue yeah
if you’re strapped so that wasn’t the rift that you didn’t actually knows that you do that
I did it last Christmas
Christmas lights cotton all over my face and two oven mitts in
minty fresh elk doing in here
I gave you Joy I didn’t realize it was the very first time I ever remember it took so much that I know someone knows you okay
have you been I like the very first time I saw you too and he was wearing his fucking leather baseball cap and his gray sweatshirt and
and and we we we it was a we are having a vice beers with Bo Johnson after the workshop and and then sure I was like talking about he’s like eating Fritos and drinking beer and he said you said something like you know they punt riboflavin in these Champs
can I hear this Rainbow Play It’s a meat tenderizer and it makes you thirsty for some chemical in Coke so if you eat Fritos
you get tenderized
and then you want Coke and then the coke makes you want Fritos
this is the first generation that’s the first I was like who the fuck is this the Milwaukee County Sports this Workshop students when we were in high school we were we were aspirants and you were Squad Rob no no I was in I was in workshops I was in my last year of college and you both just move to the walkie-talkie I was like probably a little a little like in between living with my parents in Brown Deer and like living with McKenna in on the Eastside of Milwaukee did you graduate as I wouldn’t be living with McKenna until I decide to just pretty much living with my parents in like crashing on people’s couches in Milwaukee connect that first day or do is going to take a while
measuring scale
now I think I think we connected all right cares there’s a question for the ages who cares Rob does I do what you do to pretend like he doesn’t that’s his shield how important is your friendship to rob a billion dollars rental terms
how can you see rob you see I just left giant bag of cash no no you didn’t
do you like white like emotionally it’s worth a thousand hugs
not a billion dollars is 1000 measure and how much what is the hunter to dollar conversion 9
that’s not bad
you may probably the stage
it looks like he’s floating ahead of floating head
he’s like a green screen guy
why is that expression what’s the expression he’s shocked at his head is a floating head
Jeff’s helping golden quote
ending of standing up something to hold with his hands that aren’t supposed to be there why did they put a sweater on
will you crop those out though
I don’t have anything to talk about anyway so that’s the thing
just doing something behind the curtain
that’s why I had to be behind the curtain
they shuffled back to their seats
someone really enjoyed that was this big news here to the out at like 38 bodies found on I heard that I read the headline but it was it was it was all over the time it was just all over the TVs if we went cuz we were out but I usually don’t see TVs and was from an airport so it was like they can’t we kept to be like Cody’s like what’s a lorry and it’s a bus I think I’m showing as I can maybe the truck is here and I was like thirty eight bodies found on a phone on a lorry is the truck full of dead people
obviously human trafficking thing which one of the worst atrocities in modern times many lives playing like every hour to women are is probably

why are you applying ghost
is robbing some of the most vulnerable segments of our population so there’s probably more slaves living today active slaves and their other have been at a point in history is not a candle no one cares
here’s something I think you’ll find interesting I will call her driving from the airport to fly and our driver out of our we said to him you know cuz it’s Halloween it’s Halloween and he said he actually just started recently about 2 years ago
Halloween start doing good I don’t like I didn’t ever heard of Sweetest Day
yeah I want the guy who knows how to tan Phat trampas about it sweetest day I remember hearing about it it’s just made up its one of these made up holidays I mean it though but it was just as called sweetest day to sell candy it was conceived of by confectioners the first day is the sweetest well I wrote down this note that was funny for me because I left my boarding pass from the tree on the connecting flight on the plane no big deal I was able to just get another one that’s just a boarding pass Lake here in the airport anyway but like I was like that I wouldn’t choose to leave
I’m always doing that I was like leaving shit you know what her how important is and then on the next flight on the 1/2 oz low I was convinced I couldn’t find my airpods earbuds what the hell are they call airpods Jesus Christ Apple get your shit together they’re coming out with the airpod pro cool I hope I can use those with my iPad 7th generation non-pro with second type of apple pencil mini are fucking idiot
set Tim apples packing everything up you think Tim Apple you think with a name like that he played be ready for the job but I wrote this down
why am I always losing everything and when I look at it I remember how I felt
keep going if you want to talk about slavery real quick you know I don’t even like using the word pimp anymore because the proper term is sex trafficker
they’re right yeah
sweatpants stands for no but it’s it’s like it’s like a sanitized version of what’s actually happening
I’m sorry I wrote down why am I always losing everything cuz I was just I was the reason I was really genuinely in the throes of this sort of like tailspin just because I lost a stupid Apple product like ending it I was like it wasn’t like that was valuable to me it was like this idea of like it’s the ego hit it was it was the fact that I could lose my boarding pass and then have that be such a Centre of attention and like I’m so absent-minded I get my boarding pass on a plane and I got on another plane and then left something even more valuable in spite of having every incentive and it was just it sent me into such a depression cuz I was like what is my fucking problem you also had a load of shiting your pants now I didn’t this is the trip out that that that that might have been distracting okay I didn’t lose my airpods did you look in the pocket for a second I was like
so depressed and so self-loathing I was like so you’re such a piece of shit there’s something so wrong with you and then I was like I’m fine
maybe you have too many pockets obviously though his pockets see how many were working with the closest thing to me that you’re talking about is like when I break my phone when I dropped my phone and shattered the screen I feel so existentially destroyed it’s like what are you can’t have nice things do you think you are a shit I’m one of those people now yeah all right yeah
come on take care of your shit infected
and then crack
you’re going to me again God
Human Rights of Man I was really appreciating all the iPhone XI launch Day memes of people were exchanging a lot of animated gifs of like apple about to press that button that makes your iPhone 10 turn to shit or whatever a guy like putting on lipstick in the mirror in the same page after a decade of servitude to a corporation I would like to know what I really do think they just push a button that makes like three generations of iPhone back when just understand that it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter I’d like to
understand the meme where it doesn’t matter what the meme is a mean to be like a scene from fucking office space or something who cares we got to be the button and breaks all the phones we got to be we got to be brainstorming in this memoji space there’s a lot of there’s a lot of untapped like creative space in these emojis that we haven’t figured out but you know we could be the first ones to get there was it memoji, memoji is the an emoji of your face that’s built with your of your facial features it’s about a bitmoji and I don’t have that phone you spaced that were very excited about I thought I seen you in like a group text Spencer Spencer someone’s going to do like how I can put my baby up to this thing and she goes poopy diaper and it’s an elephant saying and homeboy but if
figure out what that is and Tapped Out Market people be fucking will be enshrined in the halls of Internet history will be the the new viners Tik-Tok will pay difference to us
did you know what the fuck you’re talking about we got to stay current now or like a tick tock as a platform famous for paying difference Rachel treatment you get from Tik-Tok if you text Jeff I’m texting Steve texting Laura
I’m texting back I’m texting Lolly your dog
so I bought I bought this I got a phone I wrote one more than Emoji am I a scared I am like I don’t know like I listen to so much True Crime and then I like I just feel like you know like the Mark David Chapman like like like like like like we’re getting crazier and crazier and then are crazy or people are going to get crazy enough stuff but didn’t always the contrarian but sometimes that’s helpful when you’re in a tailspin it was like I don’t know maybe maybe the internet’s like a like a release for them like they don’t have to like track you down and shoot you
they can fucking do on your Instagram and call you the fucking idiot and you know like feel like they did something
this is kind of an uplifting song
these are all people that could shoot me I should stop blocking them delete my Instagram or should I order that getting a little you broadcast your workout sign I hope not right when you meet someone on what Instagram and Instagram and I don’t have their is it
that’s enough Snapchat question it’s a fun question of this remix okay so for the folks at home the three books are
birds Italian English and English Italian dictionary so take that one now and one of those books which is waste thinner than the other is either in Italian to English or English to Italian
right I just wondering which language is pitching and which is catching here like know that the other book is Gallery Buffet soup cookbook okay princess of tulle on your titles do these three books have one of these books is my friend Jenny Mack from Texas how I taught me
do you have the book ask yourself kind of a philosophical question about yourself like like like about you your future your wife what you want what you don’t want what you want to know about yourself ask yourself that question but don’t tell anybody how many pages are in the book oh boy
462 pick a number between 10:00 and 460 and you pick up number for me personally okay
I got it okay now it’s 6969 the same time though that’s why I asked one of the other person it’s serious shit
eating my pussy I’m sucking his dick
69 out of the princess and lions are like
I said K women should vote no no no the number I picked was 15 15
now go to that page that line on that page is going to be the answer to that question I don’t know if it’s the one I want though it’s up to you lady okay sign what 15 is what I said Phil
time spell accountant okay, is it a sentence or is it just a line of the page and then climb to the top of the hills in the south of stornoway Harbor did not the little town look sufficiently picture as with its White House has its shipping its Castle in Plantation lying and Shadow under the green of the Eastern Sky then away to the West what a framed picture presented itself the big bands of great Cloud lay across the sky
so you kind of get the idea
what was the. What would you what would your question wasn’t a clear answer maybe it means a small they’re sick. Is that the Italian well this is what it looks like a bunch of French or Latin or by Sir Thomas Malory hell yeah I know that guy
Valerie never let you drive what’s the first instruction why you ask yourself yourself yourself a philosophical question that you want to have the answer to okay I will let me think about this for a good it’s kind of like Karnak and someone fill time while I’m the Scatman
give me ww.w. Wrote the dolomites biopic do you think they was that better than quite good though I thought Eddie Murphy did a great job but Wesley Snipes was the fucking shit okay I got I got my clothes, and the book is titled what then
let me see more in the inside, cuz it’s very hard to read
every man’s Library edited by Ernest rise romantic collection okay lamorte Darth Vader the death of arthritis in the introduction by Professor rise in two volumes volume 1 the sounds good pick pick up Skyfall is a page number that falls within the beginning in the end of that book flip through the pages to stick a finger in it and 401 so I pick a number between 10 and trailer with queso I’ll go with the okay I got it you got it
it’s funny it’s fucking funny now picking up for because I think that’s how many is the number of lines on a date on it okay pick a number through 124 to 10
Langton okay now I want you to read us go to that page or read it that line and you have the question still in your head okay
not so good I think if we went with 69 it would have been a lot better let’s go back to that okay okay in your defense I lied I knew from watching you that I needed to pick I have a philosophical questions that I don’t want to share right that’s why I picked one that was worth sharing and to be no Take that bullet for you that’s cool okay give it out read that line Supply call all the way through okay well it’s kind of in the middle of a battle on train the lady of her gentleness
for his true service that she would bury them both in that same place where the battle was done I think that was my answer
so now can you say the question my question was should I give a death weight in my life
both now read the question and you got but I did get a death related sentence that so ballon that is a proper name I’m sure but I think
sounds like a trade and not it is it sprayed like like pans together like talking to God so Bala and prayed as a lady of her gentleness, which means so he prayed the lady of her jumping with us a type of standardized prayer maybe a prayer that you have an accent that means that you actually are credible in that or are you or are you just a foreign guy that’s like oh no praying you could pray on someone we actually have we actually have Mallory right here it’s kind of afraid the lady of her gentle it is that is that a way to use you pray someone teaching them of their teaching there was soliciting it needs a lady of her gentleness
, for his true service
oh, that she would bury them both in that same place where the battle was done so I left at 9:11. The lone Ian’s 911
but I couldn’t
you know the phrase don’t shyt where you eat this is a character that is asking someone to bury him and someone else it’s important to him in the same place where they battled so the answer to my philosophical question would be will fuck yeah give death weight in your life that’s what life is like yeah Blake a pick out your pick out your ready for cemetery plot while you’re alive what your estate in order to write your will pick your pic your funeral plot like it’s not that’s not living outside the moment that’s that’s at that’s praying to the goddess to to bury you where the battle was fought you don’t put me right here when I when I when I drop unexpected but you said the answer is yes I can give them to give weight to the amount of weight that it deserves which is like hey we are all here fighting it together and bury me on the battlefield don’t bury me on the golf course
anybody here have a novel on them and if anybody here carrying a book that’s like fiction I Got 5 On It But you robbed I don’t want to play you gotta I want to be buried on the stage play you don’t have to be afraid that the president can’t read
and it’s it’s fine now
I’ll do all the work for you that this is a book with your name sir Zach Bush because I already said Jeff when someone else named Chad huge dick
Chad scientists like Chad wait for it all the heavy lifting philosophical question and don’t have any and all who took out directing I don’t I don’t really I don’t play I Don’t Wanna Live you love me and are now I don’t got a lot of news watch I don’t want to be at the why do I have to do it will just do a question you won’t pick a color cuz if someone’s making you do something
it’s like a game
I know right you won’t pick a color. I don’t care what your name is really want to leave me alone
hello Alicia
gravitate at least are you ready to play this game. Okay here’s the deal if you wanted to play this game no life
God damn prime minister of respect and Sky did you see the movie Alicia
so is Matt Damon know it was bad know ya know it’s Alicia Alicia see because you want some sort of philosophical question answered in your life and seeking wisdom that’s within that are can we sure are we that little microphone might not be on let’s turn this mic on if the Applause what did it want to think about it for a moment
I’m ready you got it. Keep it to yourself as I can. This is a book that Zack butcher daily the author of Endymion if I’m saying that correctly butcher gloves and what was his act with your seven and eight pages and Stripes around page 5 so between 5 and 708 pick a number
you got it. It and no telephone number
bogus 666 of the occult leprechauns pussy while the goblin the hijinx in the page 27 it’s going to take everybody says that the Scatman stutters but doesn’t ever stutter when he sings
watching David tell you the stutter in the sky is the same for you I’m a Scatman
I’m the Scatman
I love this game an okay Lisa from Endymion


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