Episode: 42 – Harmoncountry: San Francisco, CA


Episode: 42 – Harmoncountry: San Francisco, CA


The tour ends at the golden gate, where freedom to live is achieved by getting drunk, talking nonsense, meeting strangers and, well, you know the forumla.


San Francisco California
wow it really is an honor to be on stage here at the punchline I love this rug I left this city I love all of you already
I got some very good news for you to harmontown is now in session
hi Jeff Davis Farm part in the Walk of the mayor apartment down to the stage mr. Jan Harmon
what’s your mama your mama in San Francisco affect your mama from the bay to the coach about your mama so hard she thought her name was Donny Most
from Happy Days
generation gap
is it possible is it possible to suck a mama’s so hard that she speaks her name is Donny Most
who is Patsy on Happy Days he played Ralph mouth and
and and and and and and and and and you tell me
is my Michael okay cuz I’m out of here already cuz I’ve gained 300 pounds on the tour which is not a bad thing you look fantastic
thank you
always wear a pinstripe shirt if you gain weight because of it did look like people associate stripes with tents and circus doesn’t matter. I’m like Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now I’m the king of this River when you Savages like you worship meant you were not fat at the beginning of the story yes that’s the point of getting fat Jeff used you and fatter than you were
if I was thinner there would be something dishonest happening I would have been I would have been on tour and it would have been going out just have the salad like like I ate the country
play Pac-Man
and y’all are the ghosts
and you blew tonight and you ain’t blinking yet
again generation gap
San Francisco Jeff our favorite City
these guys not really from San Francisco
okay just checking I’ve always wanted to be set up for entire life it’s more San Francisco this way cuz you got booed over here cuz that joke is not going to show up Saturday just yell out Saturday I don’t care if that guy’s name is Saturday
Saturday Saturday Saturday you want to play with you don’t like sports you don’t know much about but I do know I begged it is time for a sports car
I got the wrong one
smooth Sports
hello everybody Welcome to smooth Sports Corner
which airport drive to host Dan Harmon has to be hard to please a Sports Corner going to fuck you
but softer damn
Super Bowl Sunday is coming up who do you like who do you like big
who which of the choose which of the two teams playing in the Super Bowl do you favor Titans coming up to the Titans. Not the team Giants or tails I’m I’m I’m talking mythically I’m saying these two large forces at when is the Super Bowl not the mundane ball I enjoyed both of them I think they both enjoy to be honored and compete with each other right we are we are we are we are we are at a rare rare 50-yard line on the on a battlefield Battlefield between two armies which which team do you think are in
Super Bowl
I think Jeff that that when you look at the conferences
and the way that they proceeded from from wide to narrow right with each each All-Star going to a new conference star to a to a bracket and then finally drove to the finalist certainly you looking at to huge huge Talent between two teams in the Super Bowl which two teams would I be betting on I would put my money I would have tell you right now we’re in San Francisco
right but you said the Giants were in the Super Bowl
use that’s what you said the Giants play baseball Giants that’s the World Series I was so proud of myself
Giants are a great baseball team who I believe have won the last World Series out of there Jeff
yes they are
I mean they’re not in it spiritually
are you saying they are in it. I think that much is obvious you are certainly
and what do you think about their opponents could you ask for a greater battle Jeff I mean years years that the old the old the old like the oldest rivalries in Sports San Francisco and the fact that the 49ers are playing the 49ers from Maryland in the Superbowl would also judge will you call the eagle with a bird Mariners more of a blackbird
the crow this this is closer to a crowd at the bar this Seattle Raven
who splits Denver Raven is the capital of Maryland Baltimore Ravens
traditionally like in mythology the 49er even in the stories of our youth is always waving off Ravens with his pickaxe get out of here you old coot I’m trying to I’m trying to take the opposite of Blackness with my ass my pickaxe in your a blackbird you’re coming down and trying to get me gold it’s amazing that these fucking Titans giant turd and where do you put the point of the money line on the 49ers
take the best Raven you can I don’t care take Pickens
take Pickens out of the Frontline put them up against Johnson to call them the average 49er the average Raven what are we looking at we’re looking at a fence of yardage and defensive knee icing
where do I put my money spread in the Niners for short I don’t even bother to 69030 Niners I call in the Niners I’m a sports fan
Eminem’s better rated sportsbet the young rookie Off the Bench that’s what I say Blues the quarterback entirely don’t use them
like what are we doing out there we’re throwing a ball and we’re catching it we’re getting tackled every time what precedes every tackle on the Ravens side of things it’s a it’s a pass
it’s a hike
it’s a touchdown it’s a it’s an it’s a scrimmage
back it up to the to the to the to the route of the prisoner with Dan Harmon
the quarterback and you’ve got a safe game for the car
Tito’s vodka of vodka
Lisa hey do miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually do that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film Earth-like ever you’re always in good hands
adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
then you are already on the stage before the show or I felt them out and I know you’re going to show us a couple of Aaron Wright Erin mcgathy hooked up a Serial womaniser with a self-proclaimed flat I’m allowed to say that you called yourself a slut she hooked them up and they’re going to watch her have you guys made out yet can you make out right now
I know that’s not just fucking make it out this isn’t New Orleans this is San Francisco
right right what would you want to come but just give us a quick report can you come up real quick if you want to it’s okay
cuz we can’t hear
it’s John and Lauren is that Brian Brian and Lauren okay close enough when you have a weight or something
if you want me to remember your name if you if you if you if you if you intend to invent like helium or something could be a Dave go ahead but invent helium
hey my name is Ryan hey Ryan what are you doing I’m just standing here
I’m Dan a little problem with naming human beings didn’t anticipate this population density Jeff
the people that invented graveyard you can see what we do if we put a headstone to the whole 6ft plot like like weed we didn’t know there would be 6 billion people we got to change our shit up and
how you guys doing tonight
I got a little drunk before the show
before the show you’ve been drunk for two weeks it’s all built up in there a camera crew put a camera in her boyfriend’s head
that’s what you get for your troubles
the hot cookie released from my spleen all of the alcohol for the last 2 weeks Jeff I said Brian Lara you guys met earlier during errands
to Brian
what are the chances that you and Lauren make out tonight
I’m coming I want to be modest here about 95%
nice it’s almost it’s just it’s a lead-pipe cinch it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s in the bag you’re saying
I would say in the bag like I said 5% a lot can happen in that 5% but 95% Lauren what do you think
because the truth is is that I came here wanting to make out with Spencer that’s sort of my Spencer to the stage
you hear your name is poked by a temptress
holds your bag but will it hold your bagging
call Spencer
it’s good to be back again
that was like the minimal effort required to get you guys to do that
Spencer Portland
why are you kneeling right now
they’re human beings
giraffe wrap call meeting at least you got to go real hard to get jumped by treating I got a long neck from Charles Darwin I want to fuck your mama like it was a Harley Quinn
put my neck in their pussy it’s not like that very busy
all right
did you hear the audience realize he’s that dig a bit he’s really drunk
oh shit you have been drunk or on the store
when is disproportionately
in this corner let’s get ready to rumble
all right so Lauren you were saying you wanted to make out with Spencer
he’s right over there so I can make it happen get it on
I don’t want to rape you
sitting across the table looking rather packed full of dice
attack using a weird like like like like like like like like Porky’s movie
Blues win against those titties
Brian Brian that with 95% certainty that he was going to make out with Lauren and honest about where he feeds in the aquarium likee
I have a I have a personal problem with this archetype like I when I when I when I like a chick I asked her out and I’m like in her face I go like do you like me or not and this is the guy that works with her at Blockbuster
and and understands her and watches down heavy and let’s
it’s not it’s nothing against you I’ve never lost anyone do you personally but it’s just like whenever I meet a girl who’s got a guy like you on the side of my egg like me to say whatever you want cuz I know the first test is I’m supposed to go home so I know I’m not supposed to do that and so because I know I’m not supposed to do that I watched like three girlfriends is going to go over with the China China don’t care guy
Anna and I are just like I’m 40 now I’m supposed to have a 10 year old kids by now but instead
what what kind of dies can we roll to find out how this plays out but they’re all characters in a certain campaign right now that’d be a diplomacy check man
that’s it that’s a straightforward answer so it’s not always impressive more interesting it’s just the rules
I’m not trying to be a bully I’m not trying to be a fact about this but I want to find out because we have a woman on stage and everyone said she wanted to make out with you
let’s roll the dice on that let’s see what happens alright critical in Tarzana or we shall I roll a dice what do I describe though that’s the describing music you just you just grab you making out on stage
making out on the stage everybody leaves
all right
he’s not he’s not he’s that corruptible is not vital of a I don’t even get what’s happening right now
it’s over my head and I don’t know I don’t know maybe I should sit up
14 man that’s not bad but Spencer describe me succumbing to a homo erotic encounter vibrant pink shirt approaching you see what can only be described as a way Fishman from San Francisco approaching cotton off guard by his charms you take him to the Green Room
that’s all that’s all
let’s check in with Ryan in the Loren later right it was a 14 make out roll
it’s harmontown everyone stay there
is harmontown and in San Francisco like we’re this is where anything can happen and we’ll all right Brian and Lauren right I know they’re trying to learn ever
we’ll check in with him later
it’s a runner it’s what we call in TV writing it’s called a runner it’s not an Acer is going to be straight to Runner building is learning scuba diving Zach is you know he’s jealous of the Schindler I don’t know that
he always hated Schindler John Schindler
bro you got to put me on that list bro we’ll be right back
welcome to San Francisco where where the food is good in the in the mood is high where Greg proops is definitely not going to show up right special comedic guest now funniest stand-up in harmontown history now
Saturday stand up stand up guest and okay
all right we do we do stand up right at harmontown we do a little stand up and then we do like what’s what’s in the news
Holly Molly
the country yeloli ya Mali Mali
I read that out of touch with Molly just a country named Molly invented in
gun control and Molly
the captain came on the radio is like bugs and want to let you know about the weather in Mali right now it’s 82 degrees with 100% chance of getting shot
punchline San Francisco every jokes going to win too and proud going to Tropical, Dean happening, the yo-yo was that gun control gun control you know it’s more like fun control
all right
AGI interracial mingling
what’s the deal with these black guys dating are white women
Fashion Week

super colors the colors are so big I don’t know whether to weather joke would Fashion Week
I would have brought that into the station or hang it with you you know I’m trying as hard as I can
freestyle battle rap can you come in and what I don’t know what that really means so what happened to Dan tell me what I mean is what it means it means I’m going to feel you out of those jeans I’m going to pull your pants down around your needs I’m going to give you my
wow yeah we’re going to make love that’s what it means
this feels wonderful that’s good funny cuz it’s true
yes Jeff this is the last stop on our tour we’ve done more wonderful place we’re at the punchline in San Francisco California call me about it. How do you feel about this departure from the store
are you burping right now and yeah
I’m bummed that Greg proops isn’t going to show up great person never going to fucking pick her ever even be saying that won’t make an ironical preps appear onstage grapefruits to hear see that’s not going to happen
sketchfest the guidelines is that what you said
it’s a science museum and gave her but there was a girl came up to me I don’t want to take the strain off its rails
but oh well Aaron was up here at a girl who I couldn’t see cuz it was in the darkness she’s just three minutes into Aaron’s whatever you call it cast and a podcast and she bounded up to me and was near tears and said
what’s that
okay, I just wanted to find out who you were
car accident lady names
I didn’t mean to offend you if I was
you were you were excited though right
what was your name
Gabrielle what what happened tell me now cuz I didn’t want to be rude back there but I just feel like an ass for blowing you off, no my mom said she was going to take my car with me I’m 21 like your mom’s going to punish you and take the car like what’s your mom’s name Sharon Sharon alcoholic
well live it how your mom’s not the haluk who wouldn’t give you the car because when I give it to you you got in a wreck
is it Sharon and wouldn’t we learn tonight that’s the name of the guy that takes you across the River Styx
I knew exactly who she was with my friend Sharon Gates jokes I forgot your name out yo give me a sex joke to you about
starting over
her name is Gabriela Triana version so they can do the chorus Gabrielle do the more of an Eminem me kind of thing Gabrielle
yo San Francisco yo Bay Area if it was karaoke don’t want to scare any update Andrea Club in rhymes like my name was Tyler Henry know that was just just ignore that now it warmed up yeah yeah and then Gabrielle got her mother then I want to tell to go to hell if it’s the chip cookies away cuz she was human then you know what I’m doing I’m drunk but I’m human we all get drunk too much sometimes but I’m going to spit a couple human Rhymes and let you know that your daughter is going to make mistakes she’s only been here at that enough to eat 21 birthday cakes
that was kind of a clever rhyme I won’t get distracted by it though I’ll keep blowing a task is the number of cakes measured at her age
all right did it rhymes with mistakes
Sundown Apartments have to do Sharon remember your daughter remember when you used to never get those youthful water shoes
you were barely treading them you could hardly swim do you remember the guy Sharon’s father like no need to your him I got I got mixed up and I fuck your mama so hard she thought she was a positive manner is this it like start of it starting over I thought your mom was so hard that Mars needed a rubber tree
starting over
Brielle your mom’s name is Sharon is going to teach her the meaning of Karen about her daughter don’t take your car away just because she had a bad night followed by a bad day she’s in the Bay Area people grow here I don’t care what they do live but if you mow here and your lawn is your life
it’s cut like a night a tree up Gabrielle go to trunk show me a rap.
Dan Harmon I don’t know what I’m doing here I don’t know what I’m doing
Four Hands made me to
I like your dancing on my
oh my God your mom has invited
but she didn’t show up because she can’t remember went before she grew up that she used to be young she used to meet you so now she sits at home and she just judges you and she pitched in the chair with the lamp next to her like in a movie like her name was Ben-Hur even though
yo I’m so drunk that I’m blind I never saw it go to a city and find a more forgiving group of people then in the San Fran I thought your mama cuz my name is Dan a to the rmon I’m going to fuck your mama to change then again I’m going to put your daddy too because this is a great place I’m going to put your dad and come on your mama’s face your grace to hear it but both what they need in their Spirits at her wrap dispenser
your mom is a bitch better hardest kind of black it’s dark like you don’t really want a mind what she says because everybody knows that behind the scenes she’s less and everybody enjoys it everybody want to find something to see in a bit everybody loving the show
going in then we’ll go to the court
a g a g coming up
cjd in a rap
some kind of music are going to fuck her in the whole pull it out and fuck her and make her whole tub price between her eyes and then put it right between her warm thighs yo that’s what she’s going to do a side job
come on down, Gabriella.
I’m sorry that you’re you’re okay and no one got hurt right
when she killed three children and now a veteran
what’s a bubble gum
go ahead sign
just really upset
acknowledge it while we’re changing like
well I mean is he’s not here tonight right so if he was we can fix this I’m sure I’m sorry Gabrielle
Apple child in the place to be I got a Apatow powwow chicken and fricasseed I put my appetite
no no no no don’t play it if you don’t want
I don’t know you’re not comfortable and we will reach the end of the really good you’re not what are you doing
what do you want I don’t want Gabriel to either feel better or go away
I want I want I want I want I want I want to do a good show I want to I want to probe deep into San Francisco and a touch these people I would make them feel like they got their money’s worth you guys are crossed over into the realm of being touched. I thought I feel like it’s still a very superficial you guys could get closer about you and your mom one to grow on
Sharon your mother Gabrielle
it’s the other way around well that’s the twist
sneak preview 5 years earlier
yeah I found a magic skull
if I had your life I do everything different
I’d say things like that 21 years old but I’m still a bitch
flowers later at pitch card worst worst musical score ever for a movie worst the worst
old Queen all the time
this is a commentary track with
same stuff over and over again then you’re like
Coldplay in my day
I’m going to be
take the keys to my car and what a good movie this was
Gabrielle latest gentleman
what are you doing what are you doing I play Queen
you said Queen
last show of the tour man I know it’s a bummer
when we learned of every grown at all those people I think we have
I know I have you guys
from this one show that I’ve joined you
you know the roads hard using a deal and then you move on I know I’ve grown to the point where I used to meet about that I’ve grown to the point where I can’t wait to go look at my mirror at home which was twice as wide cuz I got to get to the one in the bus like it’s designed for people who fit on the bus I know that I know that the amount of sweat pouring out of me for a day is his reach run Jeremy proportions
I’ve grown biologically I’ve grown grown organically
Great Clips everybody
it’s on like Grey Poupon
you told me there was no chance I didn’t of the Greg even existed I can tie down actually exist I’m an ephemeral mean ephemeral. Stop. For real that’s what it’s like
that’s what it’s like to do what should be me
bring enter the punchline when you come to the financial district this late at night and go it’s all in order
a very special edition of sports coronavirus Greg proops
what’s going on with great poop is going to talk about the San Francisco 49ers even though that were the gayest team in the NFL we had gays the most and I’ll talk next thank you. So makes us awesome
we apologize for it cuz we knew it was out of line but fucking we set it and we didn’t really mean it okay or k brothers and sisters help us win the Super Bowl by being there for us and holding our balls
Greg do you know the two teams that are playing in the Super Bowl I do I’m I don’t like your audience unlike your audience Dan I don’t just read graphic novels all day I I participate that’s right straight white guy world is not a world that I’m unacquainted with I didn’t vote for Mitt Romney and yet I know some of the things his people in France and I know that the Baltimore Ravens who hilariously are named after Edgar Allan Poe who would have been absolutely stunned and shocked and an NFL team would have his name
the Baltimore Ravens for real Once Upon a Midnight dreary
is it really just because the Ravens is automatically is named after Edgar Allan Poe the Baltimore and San Francisco
I didn’t let them know I’m not a johnny-come-lately ever since they won their third Super Bowl I’ve been down
I’m joking a Super Bowl is an event that happens when nevermind you guys don’t know any case is earnestly as I can about sports and it’s funny because I know nothing about sports that’s what’s going to make this awesome
is this the beginning of a new beginning
I think that the 49ers are going to beat the Ravens and here’s why I think that their yardage will be better I think that the grandpa was doing sports Coronavirus
and all Edgar Allan Poe seems SportsCenter Alex Smith whose head was Blair a smashed and smitten horrible and teary and Kaepernick did kiss his guns and upon this day did kiss his guns and many runs on many runs
Vernon Davis
with great Tamara day
weekend and not upon his sincerity
and Alex Smith’s out upon the bench as head is spinning the phone is ringing the phone is ringing answer the phone the phone is not ringing but Alice Smith thought the phone was ringing
and how about one and hard about you and how about 1 and her body now because Harbaugh one was of that crew and hard party was of you to
and we knew that Harbaugh would say run their run o negro in the field
I’m in Eagle Run on the phone with me
Greg since we have it here it’s been a long time I hear, doing we can play as soon as we have you and we have Steve Agee and we have Spencer maybe we could do a little O D & D let him get it on
Erin mcgathy back of the stage Erin mcgathy
7 microphones
here you go
I learn and Brian I’m so sorry I did all this pressure. I wasn’t here earlier it sounded like they were there being made to have sex on stage
and it’s extraordinarily disappointed
there really is nothing more disappointing than two people copulating in front of you unless it’s been recorded on film by Czechoslovakian Coke slaves then it’s always titillating I’m who’s with me
here we watched your show at the end of my bed and bath that afterwards it was but though the first time that damn it I said I love you to each other after your show here
I don’t want to say that my shows a cataclysmic event that forces people to realize their deepest emotional needs but in this instance I think it did precipitate a little bit of what only can be described now as an internal Eloise and abelard love
where letters will be wrecked in future and our Lord were in a graphic novel couple years ago
dispensary reports you now to probably call a couple audibles and bring am I the only one who’s been drinking I hope not
what do you think have you heard me hit one consonant the entire night
Greg if I find out you’ve been smoking dope or doing any fucking alcohol
friends and family all I’ve been doing is sketched us we don’t get paid
you don’t get paid right do your best or do your worst bring us up-to-date campaign if you if you would
when we last met the party was still trapped in the confines of the Infiniti fish after taking out a long and destroying the kidney the party took on a tricky slime and discovered a magical in body book
all right getting through a sphincter the group faced off with a B start guarded by a nice dog tentacles and gas venting tubes the fight group fierce in our heroes were wounded in the shadow of desperation Jeff learned that is mysterious dagger was intelligent and could talk
regrouping against the nefarious organ system are heroes face down their fleshy fo the Wounded Heart thumps loudly as the whole fish Quakes wildly you feel sick in from the orange powder drifting through the air from the ceiling the ice stock reopens it’s injured I the tendril guardian of the organ whips around wildly it is time to fight Spencer Spencer
I want to I want to you want to see the green room that we need to like hit point up cuz we’re about to die I take my magical shards out my crystals and I use them to heal up the group healing crystals out to your Satchel you rub them on your body before tossing them towards our teammates version of it is it possible for you to die what would Spencer do is you just keeping you alive he told us backstage you’re about to die I require you to heal yourselves really start the next round it’s important that my Loot and I I start strumming chords and I know that I can’t summon animals I can speak to them
and yet
I try my hardest as a gnome Barbarian with my magical Lutz
to play a song that will summon a unicorn to come to our age
what’s summoning is this
what does IT music do a hair upon my ears like a thousand or Boreal butterflies salmon to my oral Falco teeth
what gay wind blows
Tylenol with codeine is that you
cuz I come hither from hockey buggy would an oh my God the purple Darkness envelops me and now once again into the pink Glide I am born how grateful I am to Siri once again all the 3 so happy to see you since we last night I put on a belt now I’m a woman woman you are boom calculus and even in my Anodyne a unicorn state which is Amber sexual a giant horned have I for you
Tylenol many weeks have been trapped inside this antenna fish we’ve knocked out the heart the lungs but was still not free driven advise advise further than advice for my magic horn is made of gold and corn

it is the key to most things infernal this infinite fish. Not Ducks man anyway watch I butt fart and its general direction lavender violets that Josh window down its defenses in an immense way Forge unleashing a powerful flatulence from your rear end I dissipated into the infinite fish is in the sides
turn off fact to know if a crown
just put the first show I have another one twice nightly am I your being accosted by the forces of the Interior infinite fish aboard I leave on top of a of Tylenol trying to Ram the same and Extant
with my Scatman bagaicha I believe I labor board affirmatively horned unicorn and try to Ram the exterior of the infinite fish
Rodger Dodger with a horn on top of it colloquially referred to as a unicorn the two of you and Eunice in charge directly towards the heart or the exterior the wall the wall
charging directly at the heart you do slash or do you just ran with the horn
do you fly right by the hearts in the play itself in the far wall by only there was a cleric well there’s not
however would the continued use of a sphincter out pops Valley since the prince you’ve met no only just before
what’s happening tonight the role of will be played by Steve Agee
it is human in here that wasn’t use your fire started and swipe at the hearts I swipe on my T swipe at the heart of the infinite fish brandishing your golden sword you swipe on my niece white towards the wall of the infant of fish
you notice that your sword to goes wild in the blast not emanated from your blade instead strikes one of the tentacles flailing about it severs the tentacle cleanly in the tip falls off onto the floor should be worse
could be worse but I was not bad so so the heart is done the heart isn’t done you naughty e missed and hit something else at 10 to call the tentacle yeah you’re getting attacked
pull out of my
as you’re attacked
as a matter fact I was saying you were attacked that’s happening
daddy beat up from my ass that I have borne study Tylenol
sorry it’s super and I Have Become
backwards now text
ask doubt CEST
the heart gives An Almighty thumping you feel the ground shaking spikes and some sort of Things fall from the ceiling music Battle Ground has become very dangerous
no one gets hurt though
but be careful just be careful you guys
yes the camera shook a little bit for a forest you’re not within a forest
that’s just what it’s shocking and entertaining
I can see the Unicorn inside of himself and be like oh cool that’s a good point
please don’t treat me but I don’t know about Dungeons & Dragons of the bed I’m sorry flaming sword in a vicious man are you brandish it towards the giant art
striking the surface of the heart you score a flaming blow the wound is cauterized in fittings as it gets hurt
I remove two arrows
Viera the good where’s the Ted Nugent one and then the Green Lantern
he studies have enough Tylenol and also because I would like to go to mount me in this land
she laughs Kaylee
back is so Broad and my haunches formidable
you’re making your main smells like lavender I’ve washed it in Winston in the recent past
U-Box and I put my my tooth on the microphone you’re bucking I did not like a zebra Iraq you stripe after stripe and yet alternatively
I’ve never been happier I orgasm as I shoot two arrows
that was an anticipated annual bonus
shaking wildly from the rocking of the horse and the organic I mean of your hips that’s what I call a quiver
yeah all the same your arrows go wide and plant themselves in the membrane wall of the chamber
you’re still happy
Sharpie Sharpie you really fucked up right now I know you couldn’t see me
Sherry I want to fuck you Scott.
I don’t know I was doing it for the movie
Conjuring up magical flames you launch a scorching Ray directly at the heart of the heart it’s strikes directly in the heart land deals will appears to be 20 damage
call James.
Even though I am Immortal this site shall I never forget
green camouflage boxers for the podcast Dan took off his pants he’s wearing camo boxers and then he ingested to beverages at once
both hands some things one can never unsee
I I strike my Emerald Emerald dagger towards the heart yeah you’d like that wouldn’t you I would love that instead the heart shutters before glowing brightly hit him it’s a blast of light and you all take 10 damage and how that shitt sometimes you get damaged I take my Emerald and I going to do you think that’s a good idea that’s your dagger talking hey man do you think that’s a good idea hey Jagger you and I’ve been through a lot of bulshit together yeah man now is no time to fucking fight I need you as much as you need me you should take out that other orange thing hanging from the ceiling that you killed one of in the last episode of killing I take my Emerald dagger and I said I plunge myself I leap I jump on top of Tylenol with codeine and he
around the room and ever-increasing Spirals and as we are rise up to the height of the orange nerve sack I swiped with my Emerald dagger
leaping astride your horse with a horn colloquial returned to his daddy but I can’t even talk you right at the cross the four of them chambering is you charge up the wall you leap off your unicorn plunging the mysterious Emerald dagger directly into the heart of the orange apricot of Doom
there’s a brilliant green blast of light and it deals something around 8 damage striking the nerve directly it explodes emitting a blast of purple powder you feel dizzy and weak all the same you feel like you’ve accomplished something great the infinite fish gives a great shutter as if it’s been violently wounded it’s on the road hey guys you guys have to try this purple powder man is fucking that
great leaping armadillos this can portend no good like Liz Taylor at a banquet your informal before the main course
daddy Tylenol Eliza from the line that she’ll hold
how how far away is the heart the heart’s a good twenty feet off can I jump that far you can run that far I run that far and crap at the heart or close close started
striking directly at the surface of the heart you manage to cut a wide blow on its side fuse the big guy
dealing 14 damage
y’all ready for this
and I am really really trying with time and I’ll shoot it to Rackley at the heart I smile at everyone I wave my hair and then you know those things lessen your accuracy
giggling giggling shaking totally throw off your just just shouldn’t leave us out of it to shoot the arrow at the heart
yeah shoot the arrow cuz I just rolled the attack you did you just say
just bought stupid stupid shoot that poison arrow
nobody ABC snap
pulling the arrow from your quick up quiver and knocking a quickly along your bow you have a song in your heart as you let the fly that Arrow
it critically hits
punching a white hole in his heart he will give it you see it give a flip off you later about I can’t even fucking talk I’m leaving heartaches drawers in a violent explosion got bits and blood fly everywhere and you hear the Beast give a final shutter you feel yourself falling falling falling as if the Beast your inside is crashing crashing crashing to the ground it impact with a violet
can I really get into my portable hole so that we don’t if it crashes we don’t get hurt that seems like a really good idea every would get my portable hole that’s what she’s hiding inside the portable hole you take cover for what seems to be an eternity soon you’ll be out of there so bad your head steady Tylenol your heads are swimming at the collective
it makes the time pass
afterwards anyway anyway
I just going to describe okay
after what seems like an eternity or heads are beginning to swim the Air Supply The portable hole is beginning to lesson and you feel yourselves get slightly dizzy perhaps unicorn farts farts aren’t so helpful to breathing I open the portable hole opening the portable hole you see what you haven’t seen in a very long time the blue rays of the daylight
Great Clips
Erin mcgathy
your gym teacher is my wrong
that’s a way to spend an evening
did I dream it was Greg proops up here for a while cuz I don’t hear myself and then I’m worried it’s going to be
okay do you owe me $5
mixed results
depends on if you were counter. Cheese’s Jeff how do we how do we give the people of San Francisco a little bit back we’re taking their support I’m I’m I’m recording images of them three teachers at everybody gets a free t-shirt
well certainly certainly we could give away a lot of free t-shirts
chicken noodles chicken noodle dick sign we can do that do you know it
where can we get all the women on stage with no chicken noodle dick on Tuesday if your if your gallon you know the words to chicken noodle. Could you come upstairs right now
yeah a little bit get up here
just you
that what’s your name
Martha are the one that gave us the big cookie
and you are
Charlotte Charlotte how far could you get with chicken noodle dick
do do do do
Bad Ink got a chicken in Compton
I got to work all day
this is not the way to end the show
frankly we should we should know better by now
play All My Life by Magic
looks like a bag of free t-shirts
no really
I see your hands
across the span lands
reaching out for harmontown
I got a big black jeans size 2XL
I thought your mom was so hard
these trash bags can’t fill the amount of love I have for you
I got a tiny itty-bitty little small one first where’s the right it’s got to be for a girl don’t don’t fight over it the whole thing was just going to say I have no idea and Martha
then yes you work the room
I dropped my pants at her.
Epicenter bring me it’s okay to be gay
who’s the man I go to the bank and have a delicious
#Harmon country hashtag
get it right
try that new Vine app
don’t worry about it
hey let’s dismantle the fucking government
go to the bar where we want to drink is that Dan Harmon
all right where’s where’s where’s crowd-surf ever
are there last year you guys can we float Dan Harmon to the crowd right now
take my wife and his wallet here we go I want to thank first of all Erin mcgathy and Spencer Crittenden everybody
Steve Agee
how about sucking grapefruit coming out on stage
did the nurse one song Make It Count everybody Jam
Area code
here we go
baby birds
haunted town in the country
made it to the bar and get me and Christina bring it back
thank you all I’m just Davis one more time for the mayor
how do you stimulate sap day on Wednesday at 9
let’s all go to the bar and have a beer belly
we got 15 seconds.
harmontown America is the greatest tour that ever been
thank you.
I think tonight officially all the merchants free


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