Episode: 93 – McConaissance


Episode: 93 – McConaissance


Mayor Harmon tearfully reflects on the passing of Harold Ramis and while the Academy Awards ceremony takes place mere blocks away, Harmontown hosts its own Oscars special.


Hollywood California
Dunkin Donuts near 174th annual Academy Awards
the chairman of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and their Harvest town
thank you
thanks for coming out the copter night that’s not you shouldn’t be expected to be here in Euro it for me and we have are the Oscars still going on right now. I saw 17 fat guys in tuxedos walking down the road for some reason it just let out or they just said fucking the award for best fat guy but do we know any Big East has put up with his fair share of shit he’s always got his iPhone Tyler get out your Oscar app
and let us know when to win the best director best movie as they come in
I’m glad I’m so glad I missed a in memoriam this this year that that’s something I meant because what a fucking so let’s start with that let’s start with this really sad shit Harold Ramis has has Shuffle
did you get them do anything funny way to come morn
I think that was just from being wrong it’s just funny how we sound it’s funny how we behave I never met Harold Ramis I don’t know I think family members of mine have died then I have not I just Asperger it out like I don’t know I don’t fucking care like I have talked to grandfather’s on the phone the night before they went into surgery that they may or may not survive and I have talked to them and found out they didn’t make it was like
and that’s just a fact
laid up against the fact that I was with when I found out through Twitter that Harold has died my knees buckled and I sat on a piece of Flagstone on a sidewalk in Burbank and I know that this is all about me I’ve not I I know because I don’t I don’t know this person he’s a celebrity he’s a stranger but he was in a sporting celebrity to me and to so many people and I I wept publicly not publicly like I was performing in public I wept on a sidewalk in Burbank Sears running down my face for about 15 minutes I was late to my next appointment you hear that
so you felt more connected to a person that you never met then then two grandfathers by especially if they beat their symbolic they spend their lives symbolically with their deaths are symbolic to as a writer most of my heroes I choose very well because they commit suicide and you don’t you don’t mourn them they more than themselves and then they kill themselves I am I would like like like like fits into that category and a small white liquid people that are really passionate people that really like their incredible yeah they leave too soon but there’s something comforting about or something that you don’t have to deal with because if they
if they pursue this site are brightly lit half Harold Ramis was not going down that path 69 is Too Young To Die for a man who wrote truly like every comedy that was for a Ghostbusters 12th birthday to see Ghostbusters
and I had no idea back then you would in Milwaukee there’s no internet or anything you at 10:11 to 11 or something like that the poster outside Buster close on you go I need to pay your ticket is sit there and believable football team
you don’t defile anybody’s memory by comparing them to people but the extent to which we mourned John Hughes like that means that we have to really observe the incredible vacuum that is left by Harold Ramis because his movies were
date that the weeks quote them
always a great week with all of his jokes all of his dialogue and yet you can’t find a movie that he ever wrote that that had
any toxicity to it there was never any sillier than others are dumb but in every single one of them the people that were Heroes were the people that were underestimated they were the people that they were they were people versus this Testament that made me really start weeping on the on a sidewalk in Burbank was it was totally narcissistic because I never even thought about it and I think that’s a beauty or such a testament to his work is that he just like a break into a wall of of all of our lives only when it comes out do you realize what’s missing and only only when you think about what that means do you do you realize something that you were holding onto in my case there was I was holding on to this idea that
that the good guys could live forever and I didn’t count myself among them I didn’t I figured I would be one of those other guys but I also thought that the good guys could live for at least a hundred years that you know it’s not forever I thought that I thought that the guys that just made you feel good I thought they could earn their way to some form of immortality or super mortality and it’s weird at 69 for somebody of that caliber to die anyways me the number died that I ever wept for him crying now talking about it it’s it’s all personal it’s all weird to come to you and say to you you can’t have that blanket anymore and take it away and for you to suddenly realize there was a blanket there I never knew I had it I didn’t know I didn’t know that I thought that you could write your way around
death I didn’t know that I thought that Harold Ramis was going to live forever and then and then he was gone it was it was it was a weird narcissistic fit that I had outside sun hat shop I’m afraid to even like your eyes are red and watery like the thing I also like people that I look up to I didn’t realize like you looked looked up to him the eulogies he got unlike anybody them ever like like there was a certain kind of eulogizing it went on for Harold people were like like she like the affected people in a very specific way that gets really really sad and March holidays
440 extra years thought that he would outlive me I didn’t know that I thought that I thought that when I died the world I left would have Harold an old Harold Ramis in it I really did I didn’t know that I thought that but I I really thought that it’s a it’s an odd strange thing you guys are 25 it is you’ve got your letter when you should hang on to him tomorrow
I don’t know but what if what if the world podcast with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering if I can throw food do you miss meeting apparently I can get out well actually, no one misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
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Jared Leto began tonight’s Oscars
is an amazing fashion it was and Sidney Poitier was there and I think it was right after 9/11 was right after the planes hit the buildings and do that was 9/11
Nevada County warrant online
how can I help
I haven’t told this guy before I was going to get my haircut and as I’m walking up to the back door of the of the place to get my haircut for many years I realized that my second appointment for the door is open and it he’s cutting one woman’s hair and she has two gowns Kong next to her was getting a haircut one beautiful beautiful black gown and she’s getting haircut and I’ve never seen these two before I like it’s only Sunday it’s Academy Awards like I don’t know what I was thinking you would whisper something in his ear
and he goes Jeff what are you doing tonight I just backed out
I won’t get the specifics she was she had been nominated for an award as a Technical Academy Award for a film in the 90s so she’s allowed to go to the Academy Awards did the movie you’ll be able to triangulate who she is and I won’t be able to talk shit about her for the rest of the story to all the props for nine and a half weeks
the reason why you feel like that Mickey Rooney’s come
it was spooky Make It Rock
the reason why you feel like making you rice, is Mickey Rooney and Maddie Rooney it’s cuz it’s actually Mickey Rooney they were 80 year old come out of them that was an important part of that it had been transparent it had to be Mickey Rooney’s, because only Mickey Rooney has come to Sparkles like no come Sparkles like old Mickey Rooney a two year old with her and she got it she got so drunk I was embarrassed cuz everybody it was the fucking worst night however it was the Oscars we’re Woody Allen was there and Sidney Poitier was there and like I just cried the whole goddamn time is it was so it was so amazing and also the in memoriam thing always gets here
but like you said this one this one would have been a real Railroad train for two reasons I could name I don’t know about these electricians with died but surely.
Sid Caesar
Jesus Christ on a cracker
I can’t do this thing tonight I was just thinking the green right before we went out I don’t know how this will work but the youngsters in the crowd if you guys watch to Caesar’s your show of shows
yes yeah like that to me like I was in a tour bus so you can tell from his voice at least 29 I drink wine out of a box for me Imaging Coco I don’t know if you guys don’t know her we know are as big as a grandma and a vacation with your pouch Heavy Seas with your show of shows everybody watch it just download the holotapes watch it when you start crying right now
I don’t I don’t I’m not I never cried about another star passing before Harold Ramis bent out of shape about bent out of shape about Hunter S Thompson but the reason I get bent out of shape is that I felt like the risk of sounding incredibly pretty presumptuous and not because I acquaint myself with these men but because I feel a certain relationship to them I feel like I’m a bi I’m a certain sub read of the human species I feel like there’s a confirmation there when these guys do this is the part of me that thinks like what is this sickness called life and how do you how do you get out of it how do you cure it at a guy that you really look up to when they when they take that way out I just you know I don’t want to hear me out all right but but you don’t still mourn because they fucking took off he said good-bye like those are the friends I like I like an Irish goodbye but but but
program is too young and too much red light at a plastic line room with a team of professionals get to clean you up before your fucking daughter comes out anyways. I don’t know if it’ll work at all but it’s Oscar night I did I did this I went and did I tell you guys I was going to get it I did this I went into the DND book on tape thing
I went into a little booze and I read a story for the point of view of Jordan famous dark elf from the underworld who walks the surface world and who and who doesn’t want to be like other drow and and is like he’s like kind of a Vulcan character and he has little adventures and I’m reading the story part of the story he runs into a goblin in the engineering you want to do a word you don’t know how to say it I’ll pull up a recording of a guy I went through the halls of Mesa and socket and your headphones and I did it but then you might encounter a goblin or too fancy
did Ice-T and David Duchovny probably fucking put too much mustard on it when they ran it I got it I knew what he meant I was like I don’t want to do that I can imagine David Duchovny like mustering if I can Goblin but David to suck a company can we get him over here but I was reading the Strait of the end of the story and I was like I pulled my Boost drink back tight the goblin looked at me his leathery lives hissing in the White Middle Earth Sun
I got the voice I did I just kind of say was like 52 pages I did in a couple hours but probably bought 20 and he said I was the best
he said because I understood
picture of a steaming I can go across the river the spirit animal phyla me what I don’t know is that I was like what was the foul odor I I can see in my head I know where it was over as we’re so when you say when you buy that story from audible.com
what’s the story called
days and nights of a fucking dark elf I don’t want Middle-earth sent I don’t know he’s like a pair of the most written about D&D character I don’t know how to do pickups for you and ice tea and Duchovny would be in the same by Drew made us to under normal conditions as you have to say versus ogres enchantment a good point good point
am I in my largest fantasies Spencer is the dungeon master and you do company and Ice-T are in a campaign together yeah I mean that would be a fucking TV because I dropped my bowstring back as well you don’t have a butt what you what the answer was just as friends. Business is Stephen Colbert love Community I just wanted to tell you that all right
who cares of harmontown so what do we do you know Russian Tea Room right now to have dinner with Colbert and it was right at the time like it was mid-afternoon here which means just taped and they met at the Russian Tea Room and sat down like my dinner was I didn’t have a real Liam Neeson Taken father fantasy cuz his daughter who is now what 15 16 which is weird that she’s old enough now to be a cold air fan that he took her to see Colbert and that Anna during the warm-up Colbert some snarky gentleman said like do you love me more than anything or something I got this guy more than anything and pointed at Dino and then started telling stories about Dino in front of his daughter
for a dad of a teenage daughter
all right by screenplay by the 12 years of slave
call Jonathan Quick guns for her but half of the major features I really liked her but it down every year lives it’s just a pageant a goddamn garbage bullshit but the category of best original screenplay like I have never had a problem with it it always is actually the best original screenplay and I still want that was nominated
but I haven’t written my face
set a reminder when we became an old old school comedy team
all right we were having drinks and we were for my Slumber by Jared Leto
but back in the in the house for Oscars for The whatever an Adam thielen dedication of a person as beautifully sculpted eyebrows and wonderful flowing long river runs through it I’m just hearing Oscar tribe I don’t care because he goes like thank you so much this award is important heavy in my hand wonderful award protecting me. His pelvis
you know 1971 there was a thing that happened in 1971 he keep talking and talking and talking and I slowly realized
in 1971 a woman was a woman was admitted to the hospital she had pains in her stomach and the contractions were getting more and more severe and she slowly her vagina thrush
a naked young man in the world he didn’t know what befell him are you fucking didn’t know it was a long his path but tonight is the end of that pack and I hold the
I’m making all of that up in 1971 and he wasn’t he didn’t then go on to talk about the Spanish Civil War or something he didn’t go out of the talk about which was 30 years before that I knew I knew you’d call me on that cuz I was like and and at some point he was like my brother
no plug has been his only one thing is that he’s older than me
the world’s my oyster this guy do some crunches holyfuck healthy restructuring where they they throw you a bone I give you the actors at the top of the show star what’s her name from 12 Years a Slave who played Patsy I don’t know her at the actor Tyler what’s your name
crazy name
Burnett Burnett Baraka won for best supporting actress
it was it was an intensely beautiful perfect for Point landing speed can you can you can we can we hear your impression of her that she said something to the effect of we win these awards for portraying people who went through a lot of fun she said it really beautiful and it was a really really good speech if I didn’t go egregiously actor e let’s think about what’s going on in the city or anything like that but it was absolutely about you know like like like like if it was like whatever you think about these whatever you think is pageantry bunch of horseshit however of
really do and that’s what propels this thing that’s The Telecast this idea that we’re going to be called up onto a stage and being given award and get to do this thing called an acceptance speech we’re going to either nail in it or or not they all have you fantasize about you gave an Emmy acceptance speech have you fantasized I want an Emmy for writing the Oscars
Freddie Gray
he wrote a whole lot scers
yeah never make the mistake of asking me if I’ve ever been to the Oscars cuz I’ll get to say oh yeah yeah I think about that if you saying we won an Oscar win an Emmy for writing the opening to the Oscars or Awards and he said that acceptance speech for the Oscars nominated for a Tony
if the Governor’s Ball is any indication I had a lot of famous people coming up to me
I still got it all right now have it better no wonderful people here at and do they all came here instead of watching me and the Oscars
I don’t know how to turn this into a game or a contest or something but I thought we could do something where we could have people come up and try to be funny like not try to be but really actually try as hard as they can to get a real late like like really good except it to meet up with categories in the name the category and see if it’s somebody would like to win the award for that category or ask somebody what category they would like to win an award for an Academy Award but also I don’t know how to do this how you see it though I would say you open the bidding was a certain categories start not with not with the like the big female five or six categories maybe like your best feature anime
music on Bishop
does anybody here have a weird category that other than best actor put on people best best sound design you really want to win for best sound design sometime okay
let’s give him a little bit early. What what’s your name
Sam botstein okay sandbox sign so we’ll make up some other nominees and okay honestly like your job isn’t to be funny if they’re not laughing like like like like like honestly just just really from the heart like what you think like a good acceptance speech would be we’re not going to be great
a high
Dudley Moore’s ghost
very interesting about sound design is a crap out of that says design design
I just made a special thoughts and right way for best sound design in a motion picture our Franklin
do you hear that
you want to send me to jail for
senior for spooky house
and Sam but stand for
keep running away like you little piece of shit you’re starving and the winner of the winner for best motion picture is
it’s really an honor to be chosen from such amazing nominees working on such amazing movies like space nugget and you know I really have to thank everyone for giving me the opportunity to work in a world where specially when you’re watching something about 5 I would but you know it’s just really an honor to you don’t have anyone trust me with their film about 5 I would and they’re just you know trust me to make it come to life and thank you everyone for giving me this opportunity and my parents my mother and father and everyone for really believing in me goodnight
let’s do another one but I may have a few surprises for Us Lancaster pie-in-the-sky dream would be to Winfred like beef Chick-fil-A
Ninja Turtle I’d be all right could you could you fantasize about giving an acceptance speech for a special effects award
against such illustrious nominees as as well
he is please welcome Julia Roberts and
hello Woody
you know Jewelers
it’s amazing to be around all these people and I never realized until the new season of True Detective
weather in Galactic electronic 5 have been working with her and the nominees for best sound effects in a motion picture on it
winter time
stupid dial
turn into mist
I thought you were Armenian vampires
what did you say before something
blue jeans insects a space story
3812 still want to fuck bitches
Oscar goes to
for blue jeans and sex
free fungus
thank you thank you so much I am right now and all the people who helped me explode everyday loaded every day on when working in blue jeans and socks and will continue to explode in the future so thank you so much
he really easy really overcame his whole sex scandal that was going on while he was somebody like a randomly select people that have pointy finger is going to come up and do like their their version of the most controversial I get to be like you loved me you would you like me to really like me or I could be like a political or whatever
how many games are you willing to do this at all assuming you’re here I’d like to win for please send me a word for a Japanese cream pie who’s Bill Murray and
oh I see you are off and valuable than the ones be used from other people that have used them
the nominees for best adapted screenplay
three times in a row of a fox face adapted from Judy Blume the same name
buy spindle Johnson Gregory Smith

I don’t know what’s going on
Seasons Change by
Shane black
a log cabin Agnes Morris Day Fred Armisen gravity
I have a kid who died I shouldn’t I shouldn’t have been in a NASA mission in the first place and I’m an emotional wreck also Hubble Is way outside of any other Russian satellite
Davis story
Dan Harmon in route Stratford Monster House 2
adapted from the novelization of Monster House Quest
sure again well let’s hang out and talk about it again
not might not my idea
how the winner of the winners under 3 story from the Spectrum adapted from the novelization of the Zone work Adam Goldberg you see me do you understand motherfuker
Doris Ward’s already never wanted to control the contents of an envelope one of my life news bad news we are available through the envelope with your laser Waterhouse guns and Mandan Denver
is the original price that man all right so all those people incredibly important in the work they do they all adapted screenplay doing a recap the name of the film with the seasons of winter must have three of their last four train goes to I heard about this mother fucker but I always want to work with him Adam Goldberg
I have to tell people at the Academy Something Heavenly Heavenly plagiarized was my story from plastic
I didn’t see the king I busted in The King and I I’m not sick and I’m a loser
you got to work tomorrow I don’t I haven’t even if you’re all probably put in some parts of New York but not New York City only you did not come out
Matthew McConaughey won best actor
best actor best actor
Best Director gravity gravity well directed pocket socket super Denver gem
all right I want to be stupid movie you don’t send
don’t send a crazy lady up with a better child you don’t put her in charge of the goddamn fucking Space Telescope
he’s great but so many accidents happen in that fucking movie and then do it hanging by a rope that accidentally tied around his foot and he’s like just let go let it let me do it on your own that point there’s so many fucking accident and she’s not going to live as she lands 15 fucking feet from the fucking Coastline and what and where she Cancun further Inland walk into the sand
15 feet further out and eaten by a shark because of the seaweed almost killed her she almost dies by Steely Dan tupid and then she gets up and glamour shot from the toes I’ll be standing there perfectly shaved ice as far as for weeks and she just came back from attic that’s just another space everything else moves everything else was her hair doesn’t move hard to do also a fuking dial all the fucking job and
I am alive I’m here again I came back because of the story is only about a person that we don’t care about that much I don’t care about that my him back up so he’s not there anymore
Suck It Up movie also
if a thing blows up in orbit
it’s going to live in a bunch of different directions to Dupree field does not move counter to the to the fake orbit of Hubble space space shuttle mission has ever gone at the Russian satellites not going to come at it so dumb guy had to know he would fucking disintegrating evaporate in the parking space which is a Russian guy with a bullet in his head stupid fuck it.
play about two people who go to fix the Hubble Space Telescope and make a call it lost in sucking space and then make a movie about two people who have to actually go through what it’s like to be lost in space don’t bore the fuck out of me with
really I’m surprised I’m surprised Mission specialist was allowing out of the fucking vehicle without much emotional trauma
fucking jump
open Amazon music app
self-righteous Tyler
all right Dan Orleans that with you already
I mean at least I called American Hustle gravity can go fuck everything
have the fake space whole can we go down and get the consensus of the crowd what should have won her with Tyler. He’ll be our Oscar curator
yeah I got to come up and grab it
I all right the list of movies for 84 best picture were American Hustle gravity
her the movie Nebraska 12 Years a Slave in The Wolf of Wall Street I thought it was good but not great I thought it was a good song but we just but he’s a producer on it and a movie made in this day I want to read that guy’s actual is there an Angelic Play Handsome like a guy from the guy from Deadwood is like in the barracks
he played two different guys in Deadwood and they’re all bad guys like like don’t try to get out of there such a heartbreaker you’re eating effective a hot wings
my personal favorite which I’d actually like to talk about watching a little bit of fast having slaves but which is which is actually important to talk about because I don’t know if it’s because of How It Was Written or directed her or act as acted like a fantastic job another question we both had while watching it what is it what is that set like when they call a cut what the fuck happens when you call cut on a set like that other set like what the fuck do you do I mean is abolished
eventually slavery loses its Glory when he’s getting my glasses usually the cameras facing the person getting getting whipped and there’s a lot of horrible affects the most brutal the most brutal visuals weren’t this opening on the ends of the whip but actually right before that aerosol mist of blood coming off of back to the thing I was most striking to me about that movie which has nothing to do with How It Was Written directed acted whatever but the important thing is to talk into my forty-one-year-old brain about American slavery which was fucking a minute ago
it was commercial and on top of it was like untenable psychotic the whole thing of every character in that movie is
protesting too much and I always get my child of the wild bunch of people ruthlessly Yu-Gi-Oh just do things that machines will one day be able to do and that is horrible in the psychology of all of it was like I kept a movie like I thought this was a good idea everybody was doing it the people that have profited the most are all tangled up in it like they they really need to say things to themselves into each other over and over and over again to make this all right on Commerce the idea of debt this person was it just a choice between is this writer is this wrong because we as a 25 year old hipsters we all go well. Von about having a slave that’s not cool
that’s not cool I didn’t see any of the nominated films but as far as that’s concerned was there a dissenting voice at all along in the movie at all and I’m just keep your head down don’t do this was there any sort of like keep your head down easier if you don’t tell anybody that you’re literate because y’all actually end up getting killed which is a terrifying Belly of the whale realization that he actually his freedom that he thought was actually in his hand but that he thought couldn’t be taken away from him that it doesn’t mean anything compared to the color of his skin of those circumstances are what you was in fact the fact that he’s literate actually puts him in great Peril and any watch this weird tightrope between it
people kept saying I owe the Shawshank Farm I owe them redemptions Redemption I have to up my crops are the emphasis on capitalism but it’s fucking is and that’s the thing we we Pat ourselves on the back so much for like outgrowing this concept but it’s not it’s just it’s barbarism combined with rampant capitalism if you if you are allowed to use people there are there a movie but I experienced that Epiphany while watching a movie even though I I thought I understood that we had slavery and what that meant and why I should feel bad about it I kind of didn’t have that movie made me kind of think about it on a different level I mean the stakes are different but sort of capitalism involved in the machine is no different than what
is now except do you think the people at some one of them went to the numbers and win if we know actually pay these people and give them wages the last song are they there I’m sure it’s morning time there was a cost analysis done when we can make more money in these are you know our slaves are our people working for us will last longer if we help them kind of along with us we don’t have to keep your bottom line doesn’t go up that much if you were allowed to is the law said that you were allowed to as as the as the Superhuman Amish Brad Pitt who comes in at the end of the end of the story comes in with this message and said to this character if if tomorrow the law said that I was allowed to treat you this way would that make it right and it can’t he can’t wrap his brain around it because it’s so it’s so based on the amount of work I don’t know how much it was based in reality
making a lantern and going out to your slave Hut and having all of your slaves coming to your house and do a dance for you so much harder than just having slaves singing how great fucking like there was there wasn’t about saving time
choreographer these people all right anyways that was a good movie I I think it’s really interesting like that my first my first thought as everyone’s is oh well if you make a movie set in this world you’re not allowed to not be nominated for an Oscar much less win one perhaps but I think I’m going to but I think it’s interesting that what you do with that thought if you go to Rotten Tomatoes and you look at the scores and store them by lowest to highest like the people that out of morbid curiosity I went looked at the reviews of that movie like what what is a big detractors of this movies Prestige saying and
she’s very strange. I saw a guy with a one-star review of the movie saying this is this is pornography for racist and soft-hearted lemmings
I don’t know if that’s the most profound thing in the world are the most idiotic I don’t know what that is I think I don’t know you are no doubt that person was an IQ that’s what they would watch it again. Anybody here first of all black feel strongly about that for better for worse we don’t have an after-party are you kidding me tonight this night man the conversation that you have respect between bother to
InStep that that movie not be regarded well like what would at least deals with important stuff so I can actually like have a matter that guy wins and not some of the people that was nominated like our poor people being told what to do by rich people from the point of the movie that was to sort of specifically go for the things that are the just for the fun of it. That’s going to wheelhouse if you want to kind of tackle big issues in Britain
what what what are the Act of Killing didn’t win
2020 through 2020 documentary 20 Feet from Stardom make it next year it’s two hours of people saying over and over again that it’s hard to be a backup singer I’m sorry of of of the definition of good and evil human condition in our capacity to lie to each other have fun in at like 4:20 to start and they brought one of the backup singers beat in the last half of the except it was a good day by the olives documentaries are great I think I saw most of them but that boy got the Act of Killing I felt like I wanted to run out to the street and say this is the most important, I’ve ever seen in my life because it
Indonesia is beyond its Beyond killing it’s because it goes into like what the fuck who are we we are in saying we are insane we are species of fucking liars and then and ends at just like we ate we swallow it down and it comes out through versus the other
some was raising your hand that’s always good what’s your name
strike one he said I’m not black
never mind, Sam or if you want to get over to the podcast very difficult position of great movie but you saying like
I mean slavery is pretty bad but
going through for me
I doubt the the bad stuff the pornographic stuff was the stuff that was like this is really good but I mean that’s like in Korea like you you put a film about the Korean war in like North Korea and the ship that North Korea is doing just going to win the equivalent of the Korean Oscars which is what by the way I want to know are you Korean congratulations
classic okay I understand he’s trying to make a lot of these films that are they sort of Oz shoes that are very real actual parts of violin parts of our history and this is something that I would say I would say that that’s sort of the point of the stones that are uncomfortable for the purpose of like getting the viewer to sort of think about it in Jenga
think about the concept of slavery in America as of the end of fact that the country’s built on and all the stuff to take this right back around the corner but the fact that I’m able to actually like root post fucking everything world like I was raised in the seventies on an awareness of the shed yet I when I watch that movie about the aerosol mist of blood coming off of someone’s bag that I didn’t receive through the movie Glory with Matthew Broderick to I needed to be brutalized I needed to watch more pornography about slavery I did I don’t know if that means I don’t know if you’re not there I didn’t see two of them but I’m not sure
like holyshit what a what a rock star this is something I need to pay attention to the attention they can get their message across that sort of seems to be a common if you show up to pick up the bouquet director is that a good if if if those people are singers jingle just killing grass like a comic book idea of the of the big concert because it creates a dichotomy between good movie versus these things often the Oscars are celebrating which is good for me
films like not documentaries but like fictional this case you really like Siri is heavy stuff like for me and I have to watch it again to talk intelligently about it I just missed for me in some ways I don’t know what it was heavy stuff but I don’t think it elevate to talk to the to the level of like our artistic achievement like you even if even if he’s a really good at a Tatian of that of that memo did not read what I’m hoping it gets better I think it misses them certain levels is like making a great film but then what are we replacing it with frozen Forrest Gump what the fuck
notable exception is the category of best screenplay which I truly feel like would it would it film that won best picture of some of the great ones of all time like what in All About Eve or what a Casablanca be recognized as even a moving any more like what people see what people recognize that will the academy look at it like I don’t know what their job is any more options of sides of this like prestigious thing where they paraded out the this Benetton kids where they were like they called him team Oscar or something did you see what I’m talking about their they’re there they had like a decidedly Multicultural multi-ethnic like group of 25 year old kids 20 year old kids that they they didn’t understand what it was
helping with the production or something I was I was at the drawing when you know it was when it was like it was like 2 during the pre-show was like these two of the two old white producers are the Oscars being broadcast television history of Dance
that this podcast will Air after everybody soon the Oscars and heard about the results and people here either don’t give a fuck as they’re here instead of being I want to try giving a shit about fake pageantry
sorry no I just been really uncomfortable speech about how Palestine shouldn’t be a state
I know that look I don’t know I just like I think the bummer is that none of us here have a real horse in the race we don’t feel great we’ll be lost I I just I feel like I said the case of a bunch of movies and nobody gives much of a shit about we’re all in the running for a prize that means nothing when he’ll Victor it doesn’t matter who gives a fuck I shouldn’t I shouldn’t mention of it eventually goddamn Chevy Tracker Caddyshack sign
that’s a shity mood and everything everybody who has a line for that movie memorizes A Freddy fucking fuck face new PS new new Franny Fox Banquets garbage Rodney Dangerfield movie
disposition is a string of bucking like couplet I do love me both have the courage to challenge the meatballs is not a good movie just give it to him in a word but Andy would have sworn upon you all right
I let it let me do the most racist comedy show me McGuire and Ben Kingsley
news about race and ethnicity
very well said band
denominators for most racist
and words to the friend word
my location
you don’t know me I want to get to know you
Sisters of the river by Johnny Johnny Johnny racist
Asian ice cream
so sleepy yeah yeah
Rowan at it again
that’s like a dark horse candidate
I don’t want you to I want you to walk to get me and the winner is
change Korean Swahili
thank you hello that I pronounce it right hello the Chinese are the same as Koreans and we are where we come from we come from the same place and I like to thank my mom and my jeep thank you
maybe thank you Sam
all right, Jerry no best costume design
Solo solo
goalie there are three is one that has a blaster on my side
the nominees for best costume design
Victorian sunset by
I noticed tonight that your ball is very exquisite
would you like a paper and tell me who gives a shit for gravity
he’s got a notepad and a Trapper Keeper with a rocket ship on it out
Jesus Christ whatever Blues
by Tyler what’s your last name Tyler Giffin really
masquerade costumes
my first time being here there’s a lot of people here that’s a little uncomfortable when we were in England close so we thought if we could put as many clothes as possible until we couldn’t actually see the actors anymore and it worked thank you thank you very much
music is an important part of the cinemas landscape every still has a song and every movie with the song has a song in it
here presenting all of the songs from this year’s nominations for Best Song in a movie is is Jeff Davis
in a beautiful omage to all of the socks
American Hustle
what up what what is the street with a wolf and he’s looking for love here here presenting presentation
hello hello
is it getting my bus is it the Oscars were over I want to see some of us came before they were over here to tell you you can have your cake and eat it you could do both
you could do both you can record it that are notified Matthew McConaughey will accept his award that has 10 years older no I didn’t get it at that it makes perfect sense. Good Heavens where we fucking gun as a people you don’t want to do what would you do call me that we’re in the middle of a
two and a half episodes in I don’t know yet I don’t know if everyone I keep watching it gets good talking with Connor sauce right now it’s a reconnaissance
that’s exactly what I thought of my girlfriend are watching it and we actually were Google Harrelson
Woody Harrelson car accident
that’s pretty good
episodes of True Detective
all right for the podcast listeners I was driving like a normal person

Tom and Jerry where we just were at the scene of a murder and now we’re going to do another murder McConaughey and Woody Harrelson going from one mother to another murder and you are still a little shaken and he’s like this is what it’s about
I’m driving right I’m driving driving
he does a permanent duck face
I don’t know what kind of sick son of a bitch does someone glad
precut motherfuker does my Motown muscle Towns mobile.
I can’t do it I’ll do it when I come to a bad accident
this is the one I can do
do you think I got a choice of other shit as I could talk like McConaughey McConaughey all the time
beat Matthew Pakistani
all right what do you want me to come what are you okay
you are The Silent Ones
what’s about to happen if I’m assume that that meant that. Keep your own weird fetishes and perversion
all right I’ll be waiting outside look at any time do you want to pick you up at the shack and there’s another little dreamcatcher weird wicker statue thing and who gives a shit but you guys are more dreamcatcher wicker statue okay
also if you’re in a car and you’re driving like really hard like steering wheel like he’s driving hard
I don’t drive I look up Matthew
look look
can we hold the roll into the middle distance and Woody I want you to mumble and the Rover act with your face and lips
so do what you do
and action
okay great
restaurant moving on I’m moving on turn around
is Drew the same thing what are you mumbling over axe McConaughey do your thing
current weather
so I can’t pick up
and action is my bad
what kind of sick son of a bitch kicks his little girl puts his dick in her butt
and puts antlers on her handloser in the middle of the swimming pool you know why we never looked at the girls butt
excuse me if you have some kind of altercation about the way I conduct my business
can I say I would like I really haven’t spoken to keep keep growing
is this the model a Woody Harrelson what do you want to go out to book a script give me the flat Woody Harrelson take on Life characters in Flash Gordon Rusty McTavish philosophy without really saying
hey there’s a big world full of pussy out there and three different kinds it kind of gives you a highway kind of gives you a byway
the third game was ever kind you want the rest stop love
love don’t exist
man-made he telling me love don’t exist find it any size text book you ever read
I don’t know if you’ve ever read a book but if you had you might find it’s not a periodic table of elements
so to speak
well I got a problem with the way you talk to me
you got a certain condescension about you certain heirs you take with me that I won’t abide
give me a favor I want to respect you because clearly that pussy
cheapest collapse two of the Xavier the same
I’m not condescending
explain why I’m kind of said okay I don’t think you’d understand
this killer is doing things because he’s some kind of pervert he’s not a pervert Marty if anything he’s a messiah
oldies goodies. Sorry season South this wasn’t about sex for missing the part of the Bible where Jesus come down from the cross and did a little girl with a corn cob
don’t want to be weird but right now it looks like you’re milking to colace
question my space work
graduated third level you see me later okay so I’m going to get some professionals in here to solve these murders how are these two murders of even related why are we following you around 1 and then another murder and you guys have to have to leave for two and a half episodes leave the dog I’ll tell you something what is six episodes that now and we still don’t got no deal
you put your spoilers in your badge and your gun on my desk right now literally the
so nothing happens in that show what stuff happens has terrible at mobile app like not doing good question for both of you before I kick you out of my office okay good
why is it
in Texas
we see all sorts of weird ship or every other cop in the bullpen and every other after standing behind you and everybody every extra and the seems to look more like a policeman both of you too
what makes you think you can get a good look at Mumble that much but I look like a policeman who is a lot of weight for a role in Hollywood what role was that
Dallas Buyers Club I love that you’re back on the case
call Marty what is your name officer
I’ve never hit a woman that wasn’t the question I asked Jesus Christ no she didn’t I say you too goodnight there’s more to happen we were hanging out and then he had to go do laundry use that so he was doing lunch is this
are you special
god dammit Pakistan if you weren’t so good looking
it’s a practice, so it doesn’t it it’s it’s it’s about it it it it there owning up to what our bodies with the Creator I don’t want to suffocate him we’re friends he’s a big fan of my work
I don’t want to suffocate you know I hate to show what the fuck I was going to say
because remember I asked you if I said that cuz I noticed he was following me if you ever want to hang out have a drink and or come on harmontown and he said at his work on the shower okay be well it’s a great show up for the beginning it didn’t take me two and a half if it’s okay I was I was I was two-and-a-half back-to-back I would have made it to me but I fell asleep at 3 a.m. so I finally dozed off about a man that refuses to enjoy TV show
a lot of bad ones out there not a good ones so what’s the difference between accept what is a talking like that I can accept checks in the horrible accident
I know he’s not making his bid for I cannot grefe I think he wants a company to start doing impressions of him is over acting is it at all they call all the time I think you’re a son of a son of a bitch
Youtube Woody Harrelson budget he’s the gravity of actors are curmudgeon gravity
Appliance Plaza never totally like who gives a fuck what what’s a lightsaber I don’t give a fuck tell me the rules make them up there sound in space if you say so. It’s just a bunch of stupid been called a driveway
they could have made a good or bad man
you’re right it was only because the only thing good about that movie is it happens in space if that’s a lot of great things to happen in the movie
but don’t give anybody else think Sandra Bullock’s ass looks great at 50 I just I just found it at the end of the movie you can hear if you can airbrush cellulite stuff or whatever but but but I’m saying I’m making a joke now as it cuz it irritate Aaron is that girl Kevin is on his River has become very funny cuz it’s about a you consume media along with everyone else and then based on whether you think the Frozen lady should have like wearing one outfit or another you can call yourself a feminist
Tumblr rate rate rate things and they go they got the Betrayal of it but I just think it’s funny that we both like a bunch of fucking disgusting larvae like sucking on these tubes that come from the ministry of propaganda and that the difference between a so-and-so and as such and such as people who go
I think it’s silly as revolutionary to post an emoji of an eye-roll after something that you didn’t like on Deadwood think that that counts as progress as contributing
Woods that I have a sexy and good-looking and technically wonderful I just think they wasted or even an awesome opportunity to tell the story about what that might be like thank you for the room is Spencer once again taking the week off we haven’t the microphone with nobody there I don’t want to I don’t want to take you guys to a little too personal Venture I can do it when it’s all right let’s do a quick side thing you have a better idea
I could do an Oscar wrap I could do it I got to ask her rap when I do both. See if it closes I have to go back and grab the closest show
but if it doesn’t then we’ll do Jack and the award-winning know what to do it’s got a can of Mace she got a prayer tattoos all around George Clooney got a fucking mama like my name was taking Rooney got to sit around my foot got the Earth’s in the distance about your mom I think my name was instance
that’s obviously because you can see the writing on the wall there it’s going to keep making up new last name
all right well
best best best somebody strap for each of the nominees to all right this is going to be the ultimate in prop bet okay
you and Camille are you pick for the best rap
all right answer to pickles
I want to see the docks
you know mr. pickles that I was calling on
what was the thing that you put on food storage for another day
I thought it was a bunch of bulshit
Emmy nominees for best rap song in a major Motion Picture our Mister Fister gravity
yo yo yo my name is Peyton. I thought you Mama cuz my name is Bob Ross
I don’t know Bella’s going to win I don’t know if that’s going to
next nominee is the butt candle remix from Wolf of Wall Street
cut candle light in the hands over I got a wicked side but rest till my I thought your mama so hot I said her rectum it seems like a same word but what your mama so happens it was a turd to put it up
very moving
very moving
and the Funky Bunch from 12 Years a Slave
slavery’s wrong yo what’s the name of this song I’m Brad Pitt and I’m here to say I’d like to deliver your letter today I can you can trust me I’m a good white man I’m going to do right man let’s finish this gazebo but
cibo’s Johnson is coming by later if we wasn’t so bad from 12 Years
hey yo hey yo hey it seem funny
Ice-T and snowman titties is mighty cold from Frozen
oh shit these Globe push them together frontal lobe going to ice capade going to go to my dick I want to suck your titties to the saliva slick but then it freezes my tongue stuck on it I thought your mom was so hard my name is Henry bonnet
yo yeah I think the rapper put my tongue on your little nipple out going to put my hand and it starts to slip over down a makeup word yo my dick is like a turd
I don’t know who’s going to win all right before I asked snowman titties is ready
yeah I thank you yeah I sleep
it’s good to hold this award is made of gold but not the kind that’s important in 1938
Amanda T squirted of fetus out from her vagina into the world
and it is immediately grab the microphone
what came next was Kismet
I recorded my first album in 1948
rapid kicking out the jams ever since Charlton Heston tried to stop me and couldn’t
I was in trespass New Jack City I had a featuring appearance in comic book
wish I didn’t agree to initially was signed off on later after I saw it
I brought I digress
you know what a bad way holding themselves gets in your wife go up the golden state is Joe Haden still ain’t as bad as best worst disease I’ve ever had gets in your blood and make more of itself you’re allowed to leave I haven’t today I want to fuck I want to pick up for the gay since it’s in a fucking bad disease yo get it with ease no but you shouldn’t don’t get it but yeah
call allowed to stand up and walk out about bills I can’t leave if you leave you love AIDS yo age rap that’s not crap cuz I’m here safe and I’m going to wrap how to wrap till midnight for the next 2 hours is my lyrical flowers going to grow up from the soil is that buy back of a science is what you will find you going to put it in the garbage called Rubbermaid going to listen to cover put it inside fuck your mama tell her butthole was why was whispering to you too sweetie she’s going to do he ain’t nobody going to leave till I get on the movies, going to stop by Southwest this week and do a bad is a worst disease that you ever hacked number one killer of the best people search open the seat.
put your butt hole open while it got to a stage is bad disease that you ever had why is that a little weird Original Gangster, drama going on right now in San Jose
shows taking over
all right
show me harmontown at South by Southwest tell all your friends


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