Episode: 138 – Hologram Crawford


Episode: 138 – Hologram Crawford


We meet the laziest rapper, Curtis Armstrong becomes the latest member of the Harmontown family and the plot in Shadowrun thickens.


from Hollywood California meltdown, cuz there’s nothing you’re harmontown it’s now it’s such a
we brought in this age the mayor of Hermantown
thank you thank you so much support of people put a lot of faith in me I don’t want to let you down but it won’t be a good show tonight so I got to be a joke why is that
and I know I’m tired and I’m not very talented and I and I do I don’t make plans and then I come up on stage and then it’s like the green with you about tonight show I think it’s going to be a good one because tonight you’re drinking out of glass as opposed to a Red Solo Cup by think that automatically steps up the class factor in my my notepad see I knew it
see there is a surprise later tonight
going to take his dick out by the way because we can’t play music anymore I have to play stuff that people need to donate to a store that is free so that we don’t get in trouble another with charging people so if you want to or you know somebody that like plays music and wants to play something kick ass to start off the show go to harmontown music. Tumblr.com and all the info I’ll be there to do I have a song that we can play the start of the show me play throughout the show so if you know somebody please give a knife to meet you
nice real nice real nice yeah that’s Harold knife and his girlfriend Cindy meets see you thought I was being self-deprecating I’m just I’m just a journalist why you so tired I’m going to go back to the office after this I’m blocking Episode 600 for tickets to the last 48 hours of your life over the weekend they had us come out I think it was Friday we went and flew to San Jose and then drove to this weird spaceship in the middle of a desert these thousands and thousands of Yahoo people like work and crazy over there and they had to drop into their they have like a fire
chat every Friday where the CEO of Marissa Mayer like conducts this like whole thing and you can read it style you can like type in I think anonymous questions and they get uploaded or downloaded it sort of like a closed-circuit Reddit for a Mac for that she does every week so if you have a like a beef with your paycheck or something you can like like what the books with my paycheck and if everyone’s a teacher
you don’t get one but listen to free email address we’d rather they have like guests that are like the people that work at different departments come up and do this thing and it’s all like a big kind of pump you up Yahoo thing and they have purple beer
I’m boring myself really good I have nothing bad to say about you there’s some purple is Justified but I think overall probably they just put cancer has died and it write a major I don’t like I don’t think anything’s anything that’s supposed to be a color is ever that color right yes I’m just saying like when things are orange because you feel like they should be orange they’re not usually orange like like like like really see things the way that air conditioning in the air conditioning industry like there’s a worldwide conspiracy to make the 69 degrees in your car either warmer or colder than real 69 degrees because human beings have a certain temperature that they think it is 69 degrees and it doesn’t match what’s real 69 degrees
somebody told me that when we were doing the AC repair things in Community on Netflix and you can tell cuz I just watched the harmontown documentary can I really shut up I don’t think Netflix is I think they’ve got a real real size of a lemonade stand going over there I don’t think I think they I think they might be flexing some Mets
I think they might they might they might they might they might have some some viewership that Netflix is Sydney meets there
Cindy meets all right so are you are you almost done
so I’ll get my own out there
Carquest to do new it was true
I scream you knew what you saw was true
wait wait wait
what was MC John about to come out to start over though I start a measure in I don’t know if you called her measure and then if you know what I mean cuz I’m like doing my set up to the Price Is Right in the one so I can so that’s it that’s a toughie whoever whoever wrote that song you look real that Let It Go Let It Go for eight bars before you jump into a really hype it up for a bit okay so it’s like so you started okay
okay judge I thought it would be like for two more cuz it just seems that okay let’s try let me try it
1 2 3 4 5 6
Kristen Crump
see you hear that did you hear it it like resolve anything you’re right you’re done like you’re done with that thought and let it go all the way around
go to school I like to learn
how about this happens when it starts just just start just like him even if I let you try that but I’m not always going to be able to do that makes me happy. Kevin MacLeod if you’re out there come to harmontown and visit the show because I’m a celebrity turn out as soon as kicks in
seasons of fall
Arkansas home here without loving at all
the cemetery football hits
play what you were playing around
Tom and Jerry and I’m not as good a rapper
I got no thank you
go to the house to bring a tbt2 to come to your house when you get you loose
oh yeah you’re right you’re right you’re right if you were a new viewer you would be you would be upset about Joy I have some questions you guys brother in full on genetic siblings but their parents are just so mean who’s opening fat John.
Embassy John’s the younger brother said you’re going to watch us do this right
the parents made how old is MC John when he made him watch the parents have sex again 5 please five years old and their parents are having a good one they didn’t know he was going to be fat
aureline keeper like a like a good if you can make that change they wanted him to be a baby it’s a family of gardeners so then the irony is the big fat John is like you too fat to Garden we’re going to make a great John then they made a John that was a good MC but who is like he toes the family line like he’s like I’m by like to mow the lawn but really he’s an MC I don’t know it’s John that do complicated is big fat John at heart a better gardeners than MC John obviously we are heart goes out to big fat John he’s in the he’s the Dinklage of this Game of Thrones we we all know what it feels like to be like you know the misfit and like not not not love I mean I admire his courage to even step into the way I think he was thrust into it I think I think I was actually really awkward situation I can hear someone mistook him for his brother and shoved them in and he was like I don’t rap I think I was sad I thought that was sad
it is he much better as he’s so fat now that he’s a regular size it just it’s just a horrible world with a bad body image play like a regular sized person with a normal metabolism you know it’s like he has grown up in a world of Cindy Crawford Billboards dating myself
whoever your Cindy Crawford is hologram Crawford
this new generation
sending meat
it’s probably a porpoise truck and Weirdos
have you got a new porn fetish like it used to be like
yeah I got married and then I was like I’m going to scratch some new pitches
I don’t feel like I’m in stockings and nipples ribbons and things like that that mannequins and
why don’t you come over and rub my nipples phone number in a rub your nipples am I doing is it like this is this is my thing I like to rub do you were wearing socks that really kind of nylon what the hell yeah that’s a tricky one
I get I get mad when like yeah I like people who are things that I’m like that’s my fetish but it’s like you’re not my wife and also you work in a bank so what’s it what’s it look what’s the weather with the look what they have to wait a little bit of like like like leg with like like any kind of like nylon on it I’m not saying like I see a outfit I’m saying like Yeah The Fetish is for assembly legs and nylons yeah we’ve been over it and I feel like we’re not making it you know we’re making progress but my talking
set the thing everybody’s got buttons right you guys have buttons old sexual buttons
sexy do I envy people who get turned on by bare legs high heels big tits and like a can of beer but because it’s clearly their planet do you like driving down the street it’s like play Big Bang Theory is on five nights a week at a sex of my Raonic thing is like a woman is a can of beer between her tits and big bang theory is that it’s supposed to be there are some people in the world who really funny joke plus I’m jerking off
because I also let you know there’s a lot of stuff that I am like you like I’m sure people like I’ve said on the podcast like those people would would if they were walking past it on the street they be like that’s that’s nothing that’s a fire hydrant to be like man that’s my jam
I saw your message I was at a party last night that was very pansexual it was kind of all over the shop and there was people that were trans and I was like I don’t know the words I will get them all wrong I don’t know all the names for things that people are or don’t want to be called whatever but a friend of mine who is gay but he is a man but he is in two other men but he wants he likes to date straight men because he wants men those are colored people that you don’t know the phrases that’s colored people
did they change that are you my grandma
can I look at the window like we would try to that was never it was never attracted but like I think there might be a I don’t even for all I know it’s now I don’t even check in others and how would you remember when Kramer was apologizing for his little meltdown on Letterman and he called he called black people afro Americans lately and I was like this is really weird striking fig it was It was supposed to be a healthy thing the National Association for the advancement
I mean Grandma. She’s like saying it she’s trying to do it right yeah it’s funny our grandma’s generation so my friend says I want men to to treat me like a lady but he’s not a woman he’s a guy but he wants to be like straight men I might wait till your last boyfriend was a straight guy goes yeah you got my last boyfriend was straight and I go did you guys fight all the time
I’m like that’s fucking fascinating and he prefers straight but it seems like it’s pretty gay picture a lot of us say that that’s what they like and I think that’s why
if you can observe a straight dick in a gay but or mouth
the moment you have observed it as straight it becomes gay psychology should know better he’s the expert eye when he’s being fucked by a straight guy always reflect wedding cake and a thing like what was I going to say probably something new flame at orientated clumsy the world’s become too complicated color people you’re on your own
the what was it about sexuality and try to remember is that you are thinking of someone who you’re talking about that I am stations about it is that I was only kind of three or four Crayola Crayola is in that box now there’s a bunch which is great but I just don’t know like I don’t really have the vocabulary for it so there was this switch where it which I totally understand what it was a definite switch from our generation to this new generation which is that now you’re supposed to you’re supposed to ask a little bit
which in our day because there was only so many things and being different just got you beat up that I kind of tried to Broach this with when Curtis was here we’re talking about Revenge of the Nerds would totally let you know that moving inside politically correct to the politically correct to commit more crimes than it ever solved but but but the but the interesting thing about what you watch that movie is that you can if you want to understand like the Jenna acts like concept of political correctness and progress all week all we ever understood was going from bullying going from bigotry to dropping that and so when you watch like the eighties movies where it like underdogs are the new Heroes what you’re seeing is a lot of for lack of a better word ignorant ignoring what makes people different so I can see like unlikely families and one of them’s gay and one of them but they don’t make gay jokes they don’t beat him up for being gay so he’s one of the family
then this guy smokes pot and they don’t they don’t smoke pot with him and it’s just like they’re all put in this big pot and that’s the Gen X version of progress is that we stop we stopped hurting each other and and so if you and that’s when I ran into trouble every boughetto recently or a couple couple months ago six months ago now it was like when you were my friend Jenny was up who’s who’s who’s earthshine you said you brought to that party and it was a big fat g h know that I have to but I have to have to get in touch with you cuz I brought your absence to a party and it was everybody’s favorite thing I’m being tweeted about him a lot cuz everybody got Stone to the tits on the fucking advancement very good I was drinking a thousand times with her because I thought she was presenting their email and I was just drunk and whatever and then someone complained on Twitter and then I did not ingratiate myself to the community with my
what you took away for Life podcast you are too sensitive or whatever but if you use that as a yardstick like way out there this is like crazy New World they were crazy expensive now but but in reference to sell the stuff but like you’re actually supposed to know explore and ask which was like kind of like goes back to like 60s and 70s kind of like when we were at a high of our Lake Norman Lear kind of driven like let’s and racism but then like the 80s 90s if they could Usher to this world of like you do I put your hands in your pockets look at the ground and as long as you’re not hurting anybody you’re you’re you’re actually like for progress and it’s like the way I put it was like when I was a kid on the playground anybody that like asked you if you’re a boy or a girl or what you preferred to be that was called a bully
I was asked that a lot I was asked if I was straight or gay I was asked if I was a boy or a girl I was asked why I don’t shower I was at that’s all kinds of questions and they were not they were not fun questions to be asked and I was I was not happy to be asked them and the answer is we’re not going to make anyone happy they were no one was seeking any actual answers and there’s a kind of psychology there you go I’m going to be a Hitman in person when I grow up and I’m going to like I’m not going to I’m going to go with the flow and then now we’re entering the new world of going with the flow all of a sudden now where the we can end up being the the tide of bigotry by going to the flop
Four Corners
quarter to start the second bar
what was his name Richard Jenkins who made that song Academy Award winner Kevin MacLeod Kevin MacLeod there can be only to make another version of that song with I got a Bottle Bar a little give me a little ramp Kevin the camera no red light anywhere
that’s okay that’s alright
the closet is behind the cloud is Highlanders name
thanks for backing me up guys
alright so yeah Netflix seems popular that was my one thing I wrote on my notepad we talked about race and sexual preference again
we finally solved that I think
I think we did it was International women’s day today was today today or the only day in the year that has 23 hours in it seems kind of fact that I tweeted a bit like that that I thought deserve more response cuz I combined it with that blackout day that just happened which I don’t even know or understand but I also looked enough to see that I’m not at that me trying to understand it is like not the point and so I tweeted this morning Jeff you’ll like this International women’s day right after blackout day wait no way and I remind you that white men control the length of days and I don’t remember what I tweeted wow
did I hear you correctly and do you say spiders and sodomy
no but I wish I had what was it inside of me or answer the right I think of something I got yeah it is that what I like really lean into it for yourself wherever you like distract me some videos of the song is like this like resolving things and then I’m like I’m on a different path
yes he has him very happy about that
I’m going to play a couple of hours just to remind you how much you like the disco song by Kevin MacLeod
so you eating liver
winter summer spring fall ahead with me now she’s in the bathroom and she’s throwing up so I feel bad and I bought her a puppy
they said you can’t get it neutered yet you got to take it home and put it in a crate and let it outside when it’s he’s in straight so it knows to pee outside I thought your mama’s so hard she’s now 3 beat why she’s 3 ft tall 3ft wide your mama’s ass. I can’t keep her inside I got to put her on the lawn and play with her
your mama’s remember it’s an actor from the 80s all the ladies like 80s icons you will see glasses
well wait does that weight that a new character the lazy rapper
are you guys my pee is I don’t know put some pants and poo and fuck your mama like she was a shoe Snoop Dogg kind of phones it in so why don’t I I thought your mama in a bin
a Mama being I went to the store where they sell them and I bought two mama benziger mama home and fuck it with my friend and my cousin Jerome the same person I’m very close with my family
the rapper in the crapper I thought your mama like my name was
the lazy rapper
Collision is going to be
he can stay.
6 measures what
it’s better pay off
you can try and grab it was grabbing Hood where’s that guy going
I’m not working the grout I’m just bugging you my luck is a bitch is too loud that’s my cure for snoring but your mama’s so how to get be ignoring I’m a lazy rapper that I’m putting no effort fuck your mama and I’ve been all right
is a lazy lazy rapper
thanks guys thanks I feel like the only thing is that it’s just less loud Styles like the city center
but it’s got to be kind of a appendix
okay cuz I’m a cowboy baby bow baby do. What your mama in a boot and a shoe what was Snoop Dogg and Snoop Dogg rapper Rob
I don’t know if you have a gift card is that who probably shoot we were saying that that’s what is it his name is 50 Cent’s because they they pulled $0.50 worth of metal out of him when he got shot was that the idea that’s why he got the name 50 Cent don’t have dark red I thought that was that I thought I had something like that
I don’t think I’m getting it right but it’s close to that
black people don’t have it easy and cops are bad all right.
But that but there are some cool caps that we’ve already talked about that obviously there’s some cool everything is all cops are evil Luna figured it out by now like for instance if we always had the internet all they said you’d be seen as an emergency
there just aren’t happening like that overnight but but I think I’ve met I’ve met cool cops if you ever met a cop and like hang out and like like like an off-duty cop I had to go do you have to write something about like the police force were back in Whittier that I hate it cuz he was an asshole it was the chief of police back and Whittier and his program of harassing the homeless people and so I sat him down we had lunch at took him to Mexican restaurant and I meet him at 18 years old 19 years old and we sat down and had lunch and he’s like I don’t like you you don’t like me I do so he gave me the kind of like you can’t handle the truth you know like a Few Good Men speech or do you need you need people like me on that wall
by the end of the lunch I actually liked him he was a human being at the end of that lunch but I hate what he the way he operates that’s why he was a human being after it but I still think that he was teaching his younger officers to come in and treat homeless people automatically with disrespect and automatically as less than human on this world there’s the kind of people that think there’s two kinds of people in this world and then they are still good people like that and that’s that’s sort of that’s what that’s the sort of like what we call right-wing and left-wing in America lately is it because there’s such as appealing thing about the idea that there’s that there’s rules and that there and that there is no chaos and that there’s never an exception because because that’s how you do get shit done as you wake up in the morning and decide that you deserve something and something needs to get done and stuff and if you did plunge yourself exclusively into what we would call the
General left kind of psyche would you get shit done or would you what I don’t know like like is that are those the competing parts of our are species like this idea that on one hand like like like youyou everything everything’s crazy is it like we Lowe’s in that make us do these rituals and if they are constantly embarrassing themselves and getting us all into trouble and and and serving as an example to us is like had you can’t think like that but I go because like I got pulled over a couple weeks ago outside I just landed LAX with pulling out of the parking lot I always park at ran a stop sign was right by the police station there and it’s like a stop sign I got pulled over but the guy came to my window I can see him through my side view mirror he was like a very young guy and I really feel like you would probably very new like rookie he came at me like I had just robbed
presidents bank and kicks his mom in the wall
running out of here is he all right is it the same guy or
Carmen calls Yahoo ridiculous
I want to get home he’s dropping a penny super nervous what’s going on what’s going on what’s your name
did you just returned with an A and W
everything’s falling the shit you just returned with a giant 2-liter bottle of water did you go fill it up in the bathroom or what
the water thing
get your I like your shirt when you come inside of Christmas on the camera was cooking for Jesus
why are you so into hydration at this is the thing or is this like I like that that’s how much water to drink during a performance tonight

you sprint to us
twice so what was the first the first time was the p in the second I was the mule up with more of creepy
are you are you you don’t feel attacked right now right here. You feel safe and okay good I’m not I’m not making a joke when I say that what you’re you’re you’re you’re a journey for us to have you there at some point today too or is it is your water bottle when you carry around I mean I get a different one sometimes are you are you on a digital kick that you’re on right now I got Diet Water is it something you’ve always done now I am sick and I got really paranoid that if I didn’t drink water I get a sore throat how much water do you think you drink a day
100 L of water a day
when was your name how much what are you getting for a day do you think you’re being evasive aren’t you you know that it’s weird to drink this much water and this it with this much urgency and you’re not telling us you’re just telling us what we need to know are you diabetic can you have a like a like a feeling that you’re going to get sick yeah
yeah I don’t know what pussy do some of the Samsung Placebo I think you and I wish I wasn’t feeling up and I wouldn’t drink tap water
oh I was wondering about that too
I’m up I’m a bad interviewer
I guess I guess that thank you for for bravely coming up and giving us more ants and I might just have to get up and run out and go pee we’re not going to we’re not going to make a deal out of it or did you ask a question what we just talked about like some other than water to do that and so far all you are is
what’s the weather for all you are is the water guy I mean you can’t just on your mind
that’s not fair that’s what Donald Trump tries to do
close I really think you go to the doctor just say Dan Harmon said to ask am I diabetic and Chase are you diagnose and him is diabetic like your fuck I’m so thirsty and then you go in and they’re like yeah motherfuker goodbye ice cream welcome welcome to who else besides the drink pass it by 11 if you would you lay down on us
okay I don’t know this is kind of like a question my friend had
like so he said like this was a good start
if your friend said he said like he was reading on the mythology guy that Joseph Campbell if you like a lot of religion say that you’re guilty right but that feels better than a feeling of like you you have no say in what happens with the universe so like what do you think’s tougher as a feeling well I mean I think that I think that what you named it already what stuffer is the idea that you don’t have a choice isn’t anything we can’t handle that we don’t we don’t perceive the world that way we make choices in real time we think of them as choices it’s only the introduction of philosophy that suggests the idea that the technical concept that that that we that we technically don’t choose anything and the irony is that probably that’s true I mean what the hell is
choice I mean that that that to Beetle drive you crazy because if I if you if you all of the circumstances of the same than that would that would be like saying that I flip a coin somewhere in my brain like like I’m some Primal level and that would be something that we didn’t want because we want to think of ourselves as being creatures of of of some substance and not just a bunch of dice so we believe in choice we experience life as choice choice is something we made up we also made up like the idea of like you know any kind of like you know organization to everything cuz what is it is we’re living in a very very slow down giant explosion nervous response there is a possible
I got like you like Linus blanket for you like
oh yeah yeah I got that we all have our own text that that’s a very healthy one to have my life yeah mine is PCP
I strangle a prostitute like I have to touch the light switch 3 times before I leave the house and then I’m like
you’re just like me out there.
pinky Nate always Hermantown
I always appreciate it when people come up here and they they they subject themselves to the scrutiny. Mission unaccomplished
walk at any Pace you like you can Sprint that you can jog out you can walk out you can crawl out we’re not going to make it when I get to make a deal out of it I mean look at this fucking guy don’t move I’m taking a picture of this this is like the height of balls is that Garcia had the greatest death of all time
how did he die as far as I know the circumstances of his death Anatole I read that he was quite is the state and he in his old wife would’ve been with wherever they had the family over who’d walk out in the garden and he would just improvised story for his grandchildren and the Lamppost improvisatory for them to all the family goes away he comes back in the family goes home it’s just he and his old wife and she said let’s have champagne strawberries any cuz I haven’t had champagne in a very long time I think I’ll rest until she goes off to get champagne when she comes back he’s laying on the couch Dead with a smile on her face as she sits down next to him and drink some champagne and strawberries and just like she likes it that’s a great job and then it is funeral
they all go but is it a conference on a train car are they all marched behind the train card in the cold rain whatever it is a bunch of Fancy Pants Society people that won’t want to go more and check out that they realize it smells like crap because they’re following the wrong train and it’s got oysters on it and it says if it’s rotting fish and they’d followed for Miles the wrong train and then had to go all the way back in the other direction to follow me back and his friends of check I’ve said it’s like he wrote his own funeral because that’s exactly what he would have written but falling asleep while your wife is off to get champagne and see her coming back and you have a smile on your face and she finishes the champagne is grieving I like that you do you hold your breath so I would come back and I will be like
why is that better because what the fuck I was looking forward to having champagne like the one afternoon they were in the aliens are old peoples going to happen no I’m the bad guy but I’m saying like that’s what I’m afraid that’s what it is fear of death is the thing that makes you go now like I want it I want the good things I want a t a t i c came in with a bottle of Ketel One who sat next to you and you had a smile on your face as a pleasant way to go just I would have done would have been the first afternoon that we die stopped working and I would be like I called let’s have some kind of boring life would be like
okay let’s go to the let’s go to Costco
and she’s like I’ll go get the card and then she comes back and I’m dead
look at my cards and look at the card billing I can go to Albertsons because no bulb
what’s a great don’t have to go to Costco unless Wednesday to get out of going to Home Depot
all right what can we eat graciously like I told him to come because there’s never been a more overwhelming demand for somebody to come back specifically for his performance in Shadow Curtis Armstrong came back
thank you thank you thank you I’ve never been there so relieved after the show last time we were like you split we are back in the Green Room sounds like a really wanted to come back at that seems like forward I like it better to ask him say no like one of us has a smell like I’m going to say no but I said last week you said you know you have to come back everybody always says you have to come back and then you never hear from them again cuz I always thought you said to me we have to have you back and I said great that would be great and then I walked out thinking while he’ll never got this great wow like actually get ass back no one ever does that
which you’ll do until this season of King of the Nerds and then I don’t ya is playing it by plane from friends bring up Spencer Spencer Crittenden
cheap fabric
okay I’m getting high in the back of her somewhere I probably have about 10 minutes to do what needs to be done if I grab his like rubber hose it’s what time is it
that’s the thing about handjob I like giving them
you never no one ever tells you yeah well you should you should give you to just give them a tad Spencer impression like Ranna to Brock’s no I mean it’s just learning new things about you about your your co-worker do you have any impression I will not make you do them are you a person has Impressions and you or do you not have any Hunter 2 I don’t really I don’t really have impressions as a child
we’re out in the parking lot is giving xjs
looks like you could you bring those to flaunt you’ve got water in every pocket oh yeah
shoot me now there’s more than one guy that drinks in a normal amount of water Dan I’m sorry I came on and I cut you off those there was backstage but I left it there because I was self-conscious after I figured I’d let you know you starting on me I still think that guy is being dodgy he got up twice this is what I was very close together to get water but he
Stillwater is part of his life I don’t know I think the guy is like shady and dishonest in a terrible person
obviously I’m kidding so so all right so where did we leave off mood lighting to ask me those really awkward questions
could I have the follow up each time cuz I wasn’t sure what you meant she she is sick I don’t know how much more of she’s puking chase that sounds like diabetes she thought it was by the way my lovely wife but she’s doing with Wayne Federman called human conversation that says it’s 55 minutes of your life it’s not that big a deal give it a lesson from the Chicago Tribune
it’s a pleasant chat I mean honestly I’ve only listen to what episode of something kind of addictive about it it’s like a sort of hearkens back to a kind of like I don’t know morning or afternoon like kind of it’s just a man and a woman and it’s kind of it’s it’s it’s funny to me I listen to it but then again I’m a big fan of my wife I don’t know but this is Wayne Federman fellow seems very very funny to he’s kind of Basketball Team from Ed he said if he sort of has a kind of like a little old man sensibility that kind of like I don’t know who liberates you to look at the world of randomly refresh like he doesn’t use profanity at me he I don’t know it’s funny when I think about how he must see me anyways Curtis
I know I can start right I feel like you know you were sort of on a roll and then I came out and only three feet away from one of the greatest most gifted interviewers of all time I know I didn’t hear before it be prepared to answer some very trenchant very Salient question
when did you lose your virginity
and why
in any order okay I lost my virginity at the age of
21 or 2
call Jill
what did Jill Jill she’s here I lost my virginity at the age of 21 or 22 in Kalamazoo Michigan sounds like you had a gal in Kalamazoo zoo zoo zoo zoo
and she took pity on me where none had before and and he she deprived me of my virginity only once is it is it still the same Curtis that was playing Tableau violin up and do this is just slightly later Curtis and just buy a couple of years I did English accents because I thought it might make me more attractive
so I would learn to do English accents and in fact I remember Jill telling me that the reason she actually slept with me was because of my English accent
so it works how did how did you do how did she encounter it like well because I would do it but I know you were working the more it wasn’t like a governor one it was more of a sense that could you do read to me I would do well I mean I would do my idea of regions but it would really would be would be like a bad cold and then there would be it would be Nigel Bruce it would be a cockney or you know that sort of
that’s a very good Nigel Bruce by the way you can do impressions
as I could do him doing Nigel Bruce doesn’t get you laid it would it would have too much sugar what you’re doing
who only has sex with straight men call back
my favorite part of that bad of a joke was watching something funny has to be going on right now
call the young lady and you were part of a community we were in in school college and I had done I had done a part in a play that somebody written and I did it with an English accent not because it was required if he does because I thought it would be a good chance to show off my English accent and it worked all right well we’re getting to know you and I’m trying to play it cool but its 9:11 and we’re trying to establish a tradition here at nine 11:11 thing from last week we just sing the 911 song
11:00 so I coming
that’s going to end up a pensive
why you got to be like that ain’t no fighting and I got to be as fat yoel queda and they try to do it in Iraq and Iran you got it I’m just trying to be cool in New York I got to look up to the sky and see Fallen pork what I thought but I found out it was
is fucked up I’m going to cry
I’m traumatized I saw a guy who told me it was P to the dsv I got to get that in the city you see I’m just a deli worker in a wrapper on the side Turner lay low when open up wide another live my life to pay my revenues
why you choose to attack us
just wants to get down got a tower on the left and now it’s down by the fuck you do that now everybody’s change the language is rapidly more broken up because of 911
wow the final casualty of your ability to rap
I put a blank I blamed it on my love and then do you want to do you want to drink her decision when you do the cup is in your eyes and that’s all right it’ll be a reminder that I’ve been taking the ice all night
where to go down with chill in my room and I was it since then yes but it was just the one enjoyable was it was it was a good time it was very quick
it was very quick but yeah I mean she only needed the one that’s yes it went perfectly once it’s done and it’s done and you move on with your life and she did and I never found anyone who was as attracted to the English accent after that never was like a one-time thing that work did you try that you attacked him written
what time is in a bar I need a roommate with Irish and we’re at a bar pretending to do Scottish accent nobody at the bar that’s called the Irish but he was pretending to do Scottish there’s nobody in the bar but us and the bartenders neighbor far down the other side of the room and so for some reason he was talking about a friend of his he was doing a Scottish accent to tell the story as I started doing it too and then these girls next to us in order to drink so anyway
and then all they’re at their friend showed up in the more girls that the bartender’s had known they knew me and they knew that we weren’t Scottish earlier in that evening
now we’re doing it because now we just don’t want it like now it is embarrassing to stop doing and we thought any moment did you go get the drinks go leave sit down somewhere and leave with more people came around Aberdeen and girls that are named with mouse and I had never met this girl in my life I appreciate DJ
seeing her every two weeks for the rest of time for the rest of Eternity I kept running into her and we have talked for a good 45 minutes in this me doing this bullshit Scottish accent so every time I see her I should walk into another part of different side of town that I returned to whoever is next to her okay I’m Scottish so one day after about a year-and-a-half of this a dozen times and I kept doing it and I felt so bad about anything I didn’t want to like I wasn’t getting anything out of this she just kept she loves that I had and I was not so
give me like a weird-looking I said I got you like how you doing you like as an actor like you should practice speaking in the American action and often as possible
I see you still looking at me like just do it I’m like what do you want me to say
I was just good at that story was going to be called You’re an ass off in the people for social profits earned me a penny and I profited nun off of doing it was just I felt weird and then it turns out we went to the same three places all the time it was a weird being back in Wisconsin where this never happened I remember moving from Wisconsin to LA and going out and trying to just to hang out because that’s what I did in Milwaukee like you just went out and just drank and made friends and I like I remember small talking some guy it’s a bar
cuz that my friends dragged me to and it and I was like so what are you doing he’s like I silkscreen t-shirts and I work in the Anythink why you take the thing and you do this and you describe the whole process and I go to then do you like mass-produce them and do you sell them like they’re like a PO box or whatever and it like a man
I don’t like that’s hilarious
going to go home and write a hint
in car headed towards Milwaukee culture I think there’s a share of dishonesty didn’t like you do institutionalized alcoholism as well like I said we weren’t we weren’t good people just because we didn’t have like we didn’t have a reason to like fuck with people that was a recreation it was for assholes you called those people assholes have you caught somebody saying something to someone that wasn’t true that person was just an asshole and an LA it’s like oh but you see the coolest guy in the world has more people and we all came from all these different cities and I don’t know if it’s not the planetoid I sent it to a guy and he was daytime drinking at the drawing of my little dive bar and
cheers might have a chair more drug addicts but at home that you hear when you leave the age of Jack Lang and some water and we’re about to the song it’s in the Jukebox whatever they were having a conversation so I just got down to we’re not yelling and I sit near him and we’re having a conversation what do you do is like I’m a writer and filmmaker I live up in the Los Feliz Hills here and I got a great house Mary. This is just like life is fantastic I’m doing what I want I’m making these movies no one watches them to kind of you know this is the kind of for nothing and I I’m usually broke and more Mortgage in the house all the time but it says I’m doing what I love him and he never once asked me what I did which is very you know, having conversation with people in Los Angeles with strangers
awesome things were and so I just kept asking questions like Alexa or you grab it I grew up here in La I said before I got me to Broadway as a kid and he goes
I’m at work now he’s blind because you don’t remember that he’ll forget to show you on Broadway lyrics
it’s the one with the
what he doesn’t know is he’s now if he’s not walking towards saying that he was honest and also I found out he’s my age is a year is a year older than I am she says that he’s in the one with the on what about about that your brother that go to The King and I was I was I was on Broadway and a 1985 in The King and I so he might have been a different production of the time I’m like okay I know it does that your brother was dead at that point that’s the guy with the last guy that played
the the cat because there’s only one white kid in The King and I the other kids are all these kids have the king and the prince and so it’s an hour about his life and everything I’d learned all the stuff and I’m just going to read everything you said it’s been bullshit so before cuz maybe serious like I said
so did I and heat his hair fucking went white and I was doing it but also by the way I never missed a performance so that there’s not even a chance that he was an understudy I wondered if he was one of them and maybe did you just auditioned for cuz you’re currently auditioning for it and he picked up his shit locked up
that’s one of the
the black kid in The Wiz I put in the busted in the theater 8 in bars and do that
was absolute monarchy actual liquid everybody
where to get hydrated
I wasn’t going to say anything
curtiss-wright okay
oh oh yeah yeah Music Choice seems racist
it was it was your 911 song
but we were just that happened last week he will just do this I hug you even bring everyone else walks by like you’re not even there why could your tender Soul lies with his eyes
and his body and his body as a bad person impenetrable decent I think I see through all that just seems ironic that the words of the grocery store other than just like a kick to the kid
I did it but what is it that liar guy like like like a God damn it I swear I was just talking about this is a thing with alcoholism to there’s a there’s a sort of disorder where you start to become a pathological liar and Wheatley Bandy that Fraser and pathological liar and we tend to meet somebody who lies a lot but it’s like there are people who truly cannot control like that and not just can’t tell the truth won’t tell the truth and they can’t and they lie and they lie and they lie and I think there’s something there some link with alcohol there where like if your brain starts to fucking life if you’re like committed to sitting there drinking that’s what you find like at those trash there’s like there’s a guy with a million stories and they they kind of it starts there’s some there’s some syndrome where you start to create your own memories
stack them up and then like your drawing on those and you don’t know it’s not the truth except that guy I would be willing to bet in that moment when you said the reason his hair turned white is because he realized that moment he was lying that’s what you’re going to get caught cuz he realized that he was like yeah oh shit there’s no way I’m telling the truth right now I can’t I don’t know I think that he knew he was bullshiting me from front to back he wasn’t drunk he didn’t strike me as a as a career Drinker like a crowbar because we we we we have a conscience and we what we tend not to lie to each other because we feel guilty about it as I will we look at like sociopathic tendencies as being like like oh that persons cheating and they’re using like a saying a tool to open a thing and they can get more shit done then we can but there is a dark side to it where they can’t control it they cannot they can’t just be normal they can’t feel other they can’t beat they can’t be beholden those wonderful thing we all share which is this River we’d go down which is like
speaking truth get get on it motherfuker know there’s is there something else which occurred to me was he may have been lying to you he may also been lying to the to the bartender because if she was really good looking he would of course tell her that his wife doesn’t love him and he doesn’t live at home a lot as well it wasn’t that he had them burned out on her is that he she happens to a even know the woman or she knows somebody else that knows her there so I like it was like kind of I think send me verifiable that that wasn’t the case that’s very likely I think that he was just I think he was creating a fantasy world that end in that world everything not only is great but also has always been great and always has been different and easy to do in that world because if you’re a person who has planted at a bar in a regular basis to the left and to the right of your people who can’t flit in and pull it out and you can tell pieces of that
you can lay the game without without without choking just sit at home and drink like you go to a bar the idea is the chorus line of linear connectivity that you could choose you can stare forward and drink or you can bother to connect with one person and control it and if that person says I’m a trumpet player like you start to feel like you’re getting your life done like you’re a cooler person than sober people like it’s a camera behind the bar pointing at me I’m getting there the trumpet player I’m expanding my horizons Butler then there’s thick of course like any biosphere there’s this fungus growing on that which is like people who are just like they’re not they’re just more alcohol than man weird what if what if I became one of them what if I was just playing what if I lost my whole life and be see you then I’m a spider a spider a spider
I work for embassy and I’m a spider
tell me more than you think it’s the truth let’s not do that let’s just drink at home like we should
the solution put start playing Shadowrun we got no I got no errands so we should do
so somebody has nominated a soft to play mercy how is that I think about that Jen Jen that we just met
no offense Adam democracy being what it is
hi Jen hi Jen how are you in anything at the show
going I think for the past six weeks I think I just moved here in the fall from Arizona so I came here with my sister’s first so you’ll wait for me so they are your sisters in the back or what they’re actually in the UK I have like 8 questions for you though you you came here from Arizona to do what

okay what would you what you want to do with the big green what do what do you do if you had a super duper pie-in-the-sky giggle would that be editor something like that
you never know I’m young so film digital it wasn’t rest of you God damn it I forgot her name already Jen you are obviously and Jeff is good for you I hope I do it justice about your sisters your sisters being in the UK like what does my older sister Amanda goes to school at in London and then my other school University College London University of College London and other words Universe katchia can you do can you do an English accent
yes and I know how you guys like that funny so you just got to know I have a girlfriend who taught me
there is a mnemonic device like a children’s rhyme that takes you through the whole lineage of every monarch of England from the get-go to the now go I’ve heard it but I had it’s like there’s a truncated was Chuck and Jim Pookie and checking the cookie and then I imagine being a part of a country that’s older than 200 years Lego just weird that you like could like go back until they’re like almost a year zero with like the people that are part shut up
well said one thing I actually I’m channeling Aaron right now I brought cookies I just came back I got back like 2 hours ago I came down from Mammoth I was there this weekend and I had the people drop me off here so I could come so
who is the guy that looks like my dog ate a ton of them and had to go to the emergency Rich Dog drug addict hospital cuz he was high as fuck to recover from
who probably did not learn his lesson because he eats cakes off of the middle of the table 888n of pot Rice Crispy Treat I had I had one of those and I was fucking a ripped but I was really really bad I have like a quarter of a pan of those and I was just not feeling it
yeah I went a literally not feeling I weigh more than Harvey though so
can I correct you are now he mostly good high for charity it’s really a bird is not a pro
I apologize there’s no pot and these cookies I bought them so that’s why I’m refraining
anyone can have them I think people were scared that I was trying to poison them or if they just don’t like it was always possible
all right boys in each other
as long as it’s not me
did everyone front of Nate ran out right things we would have thought he’s a reporter
do what you want to know the reason why in Milwaukee we can’t go trick-or-treating at night is because of this urban legend about the idea that people put like like and it never happened like the only instance is the second really impressive thing about our species and our country like 250 get about like a razor blade in your Apple is a poison in your thing has been going on every year kids don’t get hurt that the only instances I think the only documented instances of kids getting poisoned or hurt by like 10 Theodore or maligned Edibles during trick-or-treat I believe 100% of the cases are are a shity relative of their own home trying to pin fucking child murder on society because they hate their children and they poison like Milk Duds and kill their fucking kid and end
everybody’s a theory of yours are only one or two recorded instances when this actually occurred it’s the parents did to their own kids I don’t think there was any death though it’s always exaggerated for the kids and then you go like a man with such a fucked-up species were so fucked up shit in your head with a holiday where kids dress up as Pokemons and ask for candy man how are you going to keep people from coming in those
how do you know they’re not going to come all over the candy and put acid in it and then come in the accident and stabbed him in the eye of the needle places where your brain goes like we don’t we don’t largely do it I’m not saying everybody stop taking any precautions you can take a fucking kids come to the door and give me some candy nobody has anything bad don’t start
we’re we’re we’re we’re all right we’re all right people we’re fine we’re better than giraffes
you don’t come with me on your candy if you trick or treat in a giraffe neighborhood
do elephants eat shit out of each other to ask so they can take their truck and I feel like you’re not you didn’t digest all the grass in that I’m eating it at the Frog the death
to everybody but us on this planet every species but us is a piece of shit murdering horrible homicidal sociopath with the crowd listening at home doesn’t know if everyone else has left the building
we’re good we’re good people we have our moments you wouldn’t go trick-or-treating at the house
I would not you think giraffes would I have that much malice aforethought that it would come all over your Snickers
yes I do I whatever they would eat me if they would put something and put them up there if they’re sentient giraffes okay that I’m glad that there’s none here I thought I would avoid that I would avoid a sentient animal like the plague because if they’re not if they’re at forthcoming with their sentience if they’re not going like over here I’m sent you I don’t trust them and then includes his fucking dolphins do you pronounce
plague plague like Bagel like a plaque I think it’s your part giraffe
come all over you
turn on Shadow time our heroes had not found Baldwin brown but we’re still in route to the neutral Drop Zone there they met with mr. Johnson who was less than pleased by not having Baldwin Brown in his clutches however doctor friend he’s him over with an Agony spell on himself and after some strict negotiations by what’s your name Mercy O’Donnell things were smooth over until the cops showed up it was time to bone out and use the Flaming Grill illusion spell to cover their escape will they found out in the semi truck with a Johnson but without Baldwin what would they do get paid from will they find him instead all right that’s over
and I you don’t if you don’t feel it deserves an Applause you don’t need to apologize just saying
spare either way that’s how I feel you’re in The Barrens it’s early morning let’s say 3 or 4 in the morning you’re in a semi truck full of btl’s with a Johnson you think you’ve evaded the cops you’re on an empty road winding through fields of Rebel towards the building said to be hiding Baldwin Brown
we know my mighty eagle Spider-Man that building and it just does there’s a magical barriers inside they’re like magic barriers inside the building manager barriers yep all right
I can take care of that shit and what whatever I believe in you live until we arrive at this place
all right I like it are we all in the back of a big truck your narrative leave to be position wherever you want it’ll it’ll all work out cuz I was confused about that last week cuz yeah well last week one truck in semi-truck do they call the cab and then they call it the hollenbach’s I think oh yeah in the hollenbach’s all right
am I using my sort of my sense of where we are going to get there oh yeah you got a map in your brain you know every where you’re going so we are program we will arrive according to my sequencing a question in the estimation on how long before we arrive
say what how much time before we get there while you’re getting there right now as I’m driving now and stopping definitely as you get closer you pass more and more intact building’s run-down as they are and also people in the early morning like congregating or standing around in the street small bot Barrel fires cast of Warm flickering light across the street the truck rolls up to a stop the building is just down the block and less you want to like roll up to the front of it but you know usually
yeah tell me who played we don’t park right in front of it yeah so that’s where your part not right up in front of it. Can you find out where Baldwin Brown is inside the building no but my collection of mental map says do I have some sort of a building available to me not really you just said just looks like a small building should I ask for project myself inside that building where the barriers are and where we’re Baldwin is he asking the group know you guys okay with that or do you want to try another plan I was going to give him I was going to give him a strength boost that might help him find Baldwin Brown building what’s your name
already bro. What is that Florida garden Fest do it
what’s a really good doctor
and with that his strength is too sticky
I have a very strong now
you’re feeling free stronger
this is kind of a bad neighborhood some ways you stay with the goods you’re not the kind of people you want to valet park with
can you get my meaning if you ask rope reject perhaps I could create some sort of Mind meld between us and then we could stay in contact okay while you were gone into the building and I try to take a look at your Baldwin us with a mind-meld communication with hartigan happens over the buildings you Glide over two large parking structures that are broken and damaged with the ravages of time and in between the nestled in a tiny tiny spot almost too small for a property you see you see a vintage wooden house standing bright and cheery squeezed in the tiny lot you see the houses made out of real live walnut wood planks in a wood shingled roof it’s a real throwback to the older times yard is overgrown with plants and is blowing you can see it with your astral vision is glowing as you try and enter the house you’re repulsed by a strong man of barrier
Force it’s it’s is blocking all astral travel is it it’s going from the from the man of barrier the barrier is glowing right way to get through they’re not astrostyle attacking a barriers can I take out like how do you attack look at can I attack those with my astral with my with my war club you can try but it’s a tough barrier you could tell by looking at it all right well I use my my combat Focus weapon my Comanche war club and I try to attack the barrier okay I’ll pay you all right you look like you’re getting gas really blocked or to guard though I would like to relay a question from you what is it are you all right so far so good
I would smack yes why would you not attack on a striking with the astral form of your Club at pings harmlessly off the barrier surface this is some higher-level Magic’s okay I go back to the to the group
for the record he says he is all right
I guess the guy said it doesn’t is a big man of various magic is beyond my capabilities I don’t I don’t know how to get through them. What do they say tonight but lower the defense against conventional assault
I assume
can I can I counter a spell against it could I give him a spell that would increase his body’s her I’m sorry I’m a girl so sorry. My name is the new world I’m sorry I didn’t know that you could do ya have to ask
call back you know you got pink eye
camera to camera 3 camera 104
how do you buy snuggle fabric softener
if you casted The increased body and make him tougher to kill and more resilient but it won’t help him get through the barrier not on its own oh okay what is it that you have you have been sort of like with me
yeah it is it is it says that sort of barrier to show to pay you look that question up on the future net weight it’s called a matrix in this can you look it up on the Matrix and you find out that man of barriers are not affected by physical manner protective gear I should head in there it seems like I have managed spells I could go in there and Catholic a high-level Mana bolts and then try to knock it out that way too
but I am getting a little drained all the drains been out you’re still drained okay
probably would the Internet of Things
on the outside of the building do you only have seen the wood and exterior of the house
copier I also have an auto picker which I would think would be locked so
I go and inspect the front door or entrance to the building cross through the green yard pass the yellow mailbox that has the name of the yellow minions painted on the side you go up to the front door that’s painted blue in the woods I mean the paint is chipping it sold as hell but it’s it’s a classic throwback lock you could definitely pick it with that lock picker all right and I’d be following her I want it I’m going to go as well cuz I watch my magic friends failed to so are we leaving the Holland Holland truck and I’m going to go into going with the physical people I will follow I will follow as well but behind rear guard for protection
I’m staying I’m staying in the car I’m I’m inside the truck but I’m still going to be in the astral plane right now kind of overseeing think you should stay with the truck cuz it’s like a joke in an 80s movie we’re going to come back is going to be unblocked they’re pretty dry but they’re good
I don’t drag can I have a water
it’s because of him here is not covering outside of the house and it is covering the whole house it is it’s like it’s like paint so what what lock is she picking the one in the house it’s all front door yep okay portion is down I mean I like paint in that covered the entire thing I’m sorry I was confusing you pick the door in his slides open silently which is odd for an old wooden house
yeah well is a barrier still there you can only see it when you’re in the astral plane no one else can see any barriers okay
I like an astral barrier would like to use my sense of a detecting enemies to see if there are any enemies I can’t detect you detect two enemies inside but with any sort of specificity location or anything at all you could do is De Pere I got a number I remember there’s two there are two enemies meet me there at 3
don’t change at random mushroom I’m going to change it by killing people
this guy I go back to the truck to go back into the physical world and I and I say guys it doesn’t matter because you’re not getting in there that’s it just doesn’t does a magical force field around this house you’re not getting in there I guess you’re talking to friend cuz everyone else is outside the truck that’s right I’m the only one who stayed in the truck either it’s just suggesting as a player like fun seen the doctor
remember to set the back there about you know you know me Me Maybe if you could have done better if I could have done better like that you know it’s hard because we live in this world. Just every step you take seems like a step back every time you do something it wants to he wants to enforce the fact that you’re not you’re not supposed to be free and it’s supposed to be happy and I don’t feel like I’ve never felt like I deserve happiness it’s not true you’re a decent girl
you could have anything I just don’t want your life to be like mine I want to find my parents my parents are stuck in working for my mega-corporations and Magic is being used like a prostitute and I know
I don’t know if you know anything about me
but I used to be a very well-respected doctor
what happened
do you remember when the president was shot yes I was the doctor who attempted to save his life Wow but I’ve been drinking
he died on the table under my hands it destroyed me I just went from bad to worse after that and and then I wound up here with these people
I’m just telling you thank you I’m just telling you that you could save yourself now go find your parents that are your life. And drinking all you’re telling me is that you found yourself at the bottom of the barrel does the rest of us work would nobody’s with nothing I’m more of a nothing than you are
maybe you should take your own advice and put some of that some of that ends up like that healing power on your on your own soul your own self
maybe you’re right I kissed a doctor okay
we start really making out
yeah. They’re coming
we’re not, you may have forgot to turn off your family
oh my God that’s embarrassing how much did you guys hear you know like the other stuff that seems I’m hearing of hurt on a lot of Shadowrun you know we are all the Misfits I don’t think there’s anyone that should be saying anybody else you know you you more than me and I think this is a little Powwow
hey, and cuddle Appaloosas just come and cuddle up everybody pretend you’re not going to physical huddled with the bottom of the barrel
but we have a job to do and everything that we do right from here on here on forward catches a little bit higher makes it a little bit better people I don’t know who this guy mr. Johnson is or what he wants the ball and brown yeah should I be on this call or not
it’s a lot like your short of this joke that we have about the Norwegian family where for example maybe this one comes from Stavanger and maybe this one comes from Bergen and maybe this one comes from front I’m I am a quote from Oslo and this one is the angry one angry at the oil is being taken from his place money in the world but it’s being sent to other places and go back but we’re all one family and end up stories or purchase or dumbing it down for us
clarified at 5 Mana bolt at the barrier okay what’s your magic plus fill cap size 7 in + 11 + 7 + 8 into the man of various surface
the end I mean what that’s it that’s it for that man of Bolt No Time for Action
fart gun engaged
all right leave their name yet come out to the coast somewhere in here I sweep the room I taking my surroundings what do I see you see the front room there’s two large couches and all sorts of framed photos and like coming in from the kitchen when he’s in the room apparently you can walk through Amanda barrier motherfukers you don’t have any
I don’t know everything about me
again the people from the streets lay no Street smarts
you see you see an old lady ruffling around in the fridge
she doesn’t seem to notice you must be your intense stealth capabilities or she’s a robot
like my parents
I holster my weapon all right and I used my social skills what do you do with them
hey Mom
yeah it’s me Jersey are you are you home Jessie
yes I’m home so long my eyes are not good about a girl with me I hope it’s okay I know you’re old fashioned but time to change all right just have fun down in the basement like you always do it cool if I go back in form again
you’re in the truck right I go back enjoying him I think right am I with you
all right big being very embarrassed about the whole matter Barry experience
alright two enemies were scouted in the house
like the lower level the house the kitchen leads to the basement for some reason
I use my stealth to get by the grandma and I go down into the basement and I use my spy monocle to see my surroundings really dark but you can see two sleeping figures in a small metallic dome in the darkness in the basement they’re not in the Dome the dumbest separate nearby I had downstairs as well my drama is Aries Predator you do that silencer equip is anyone else to do when anything I am in the kitchen right now I don’t I think you’re outside the house I might leave the house little ladies like some friends I am a friend of Jesse’s and I’m just outside waiting for him to grab his effects would you like a coffee
how to Analyse truth to see if this is really coffee and I will I will enjoy coffee
you think you got to take the coffee or she would really enjoy the coffee
find out next time
all right
Play the song magenta.
good morning Brian everybody Spencer Crittenden David Curtis Armstrong
did he come back next week and come back
so now you’re an asshole if you don’t yeah I’m actually going to go in that house and take a whole ton of ass in there right yeah yeah yeah
thank you Chris and Zach and Dustin back in the booth
and I will see you next week and Friday is going to be on Friday
thank you good night


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