Episode: 163 – NeuroTitties


Episode: 163 – NeuroTitties


Author of the quintessential book on autism, “NeuroTribes”, Steven Silberman joins Harmontown for an in depth conversation on the history of and hyper-intelligent nature of autism. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live! Become a member!


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campers nipply across the stage look at Mountain Joseph
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you’re too kind what does that mean you’re too kind I don’t deserve my George Carlin Hitler what am I what am I going to Landmark book like it’s the I don’t know why I don’t know what you call it a kind of bridges of me and for those of you for those few of you in the harmontown demographic who may be somewhere on the Specter of those were a couple of years you might be aware of a certain kind of tension that exists between the actuallyautistic which is a hashtag that is used you know the latch actuallyautistic and and the and the like really really beleaguered frantic sometimes
do it sometimes unintentionally filling his parents of of autistic children who know they they they it’s it’s one of the most ironic / find will ever since I’ve been writing the character Robin and Community have been drawn into this world and fascinated by it and it makes holding hands across that Schism somehow possible if so it’s a really good book if you’ve ever had questions about autism what the hell it is which we all do because in the seventies we were cattle prodding children still liked it like a we can talk about that they were called tingle sticks one of the most popular it was I who that the guy that did the dad vented is it that treatment method was a hero to some of the most loving parents in the world because he represented a light at the end of the tunnel at the end and it was
vaping Staffing kids for not hugging you and then lo and behold after a while they start hugging you was looked at it we did it with your doctor’s appointment.
Go to the modified cattle prod I assume they’ve
what are the weather Rochester child to give acid the stage right
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babies up the bolts are obviously obviously obviously
obviously I didn’t that I pissed people
I mean I read the whole fucking audiobook
it’s like 12 hours long do you finished it I did listen to it at Double speed was you can read me the list of list of the movies
yeah I know I’ve tried this with other books like I didn’t I tried this with the Scientology but can I find myself having to slow it down but I don’t know if it’s just the language of his writing is a great journalist I would love to talk about that too I’ve spent so much time researching his butt with the book sounds like at Double speed
but anyways yesterday
I’m a little concerned but like like I’ve been seeing the picture she’s she’s she has lost a stone not a kidney stone she’s like she’s like 14 lb or more which apparently the Irish still use stones to weigh stuff which doesn’t seem scientific because they come in and which which Stone
could be a heavy one hahaha well I don’t know what it is what is the stone by Stone and I think I may have found it while she was gone like I have like like cuz I really I literally all right like I’m accustomed to the fact that this will elicit a reaction but in honor of our of the book will be discussing tonight I say this I don’t care I haven’t taken a shower since she left
yeah I got whistles yeah like I I I never thought about it I never did it you know maybe my chiropractor was probably like it’s like
I know I know my chiropractor has has OCD and end like I know I must be time I must constantly challenged his career path I got your message every time I leave his office he must be like why why why why do I have to care about the human back so much that this man is in my life because I like every time I every time I come into the office I have to because you do you face a table and then it goes to go down to empty my pockets it in my pockets are always just like there’s just like you know random drugs and like beer bottle caps and like house keys and just like wads of money
and he said he always liked that look on his face is like I might as well be the baby rats
and he always goes like you guys I give a little bit of lint on your shirt and I’m like if she ain’t noticing lint out of my shirt she wants to hang himself because he had some other stuff on my shirts 5 weeks of residue do you know blood stain from my back acne
I’m not compatible with any of my mom saw that like like one time you said about like all my stuff like you said cuz he kind of money clip like you keep telling me that but 40 to think I think they think everything’s kind of baked up here that guy I got my phone and I got my my pocket that has all of my money my wads of money and I also feel like I probably lose like $600 a week that’s which is fair to me it feels like karmic like like like like like do you give the panhandlers or encourage panhandling for is Spencer does do you pull over when you see a guy recycling cans and like throw money at him that he didn’t ask for it to encourage industriousness
are we be up Scanner is our job to program the homeless with our money they actual solution is just ooze so much cash that you randomly just comes out of you like actually actual trickle-down
cats with Reagan was alive today he would do to be like this is what I meant Star Wars initiative that was the idea of like Star Wars space station was trickle-down Justice right like we’re going to trickle everything down she may actually walk in during the show she landed at 7:30 I got a text made it may have been no just a little arts and crafts I did it I did it yeah I cut out a welcome home but I don’t let her know and I’ll go from a string
bare minimum but I really wanted to be there when the when the dogs are cuz I feel like they do that that would be that would be that’s what’s important you know and facetimes weird like she gets punished for calling me or FaceTime me because I’m like I wouldn’t I wouldn’t be able to be with Erin I wouldn’t be married to Aaron if if if text messaging wasn’t invented you know if I I wouldn’t be they wouldn’t that wouldn’t be anything I don’t think if I was they didn’t come up with a technology that allowed me to like you know it’s just the word isn’t it the worst of all possible worlds cuz it’s like it’s like you can’t in a normal face-to-face conversation you have the option of minimize eye contact like you can’t do
that would FaceTime you can’t look at a George Jetson screen and then just look like the way you have to like lock eyes with a deck of cards sized version of your wife been like stare at her and then like yeah then what did you do
and I drank some water. My wife this is an image of my wife okay with you which which means you don’t love me and I like like what
the bad FaceTime is bad for me so no and I don’t know but then on the other hand like my cat Fizz like she’s sick and like so then like a like a like a like a like an Indian oleico emotionally like kind of stunted person like the reason we like animals because they make a convenient like frosted like I guess they can’t let you know he’s just so of course I’m like bawling about the cat I like punched a wall they haven’t done it 20 years of the big hole in the bedroom wall and I was like that’s like rolling around in a bag like I recorded myself crying
because halfway through it I was like this sounds fake
you can separate those two parts of your brain that is that well intend to say
wait there’s nothing I need to do right I’ll just come out of the speaker Grandpa
going to the suspense is palpable
I don’t hear anything
I must have a voice memo or
Basset Hound
what does the crab somebody that doesn’t cry enough that’s why I recorded it like this is a cuz I wanted to talk to she cut when she calls me on the phone she walks away from its feeling unloved I fucking cat that I’ve totally neglected that’s why it’s dying because I don’t
you found it like it was already it was it was FIV positive but but I’m saying like once we got the dogs it was like you need to take that feline ship to the curb girl prank friend I don’t know why I pause with her friend. Trying to think I’m a big girl to like that’s her name
she’s been she’s been neglected as a dog Thrive like I have not like she’s she’s been chased out Wave by the dogs you know like she’s she’s like repelled by the dogs particularly Harvey and like she comes right at me with the dogs upstairs with you and I’m downstairs and she comes at me and just like she’s like any I need a friend really bad right now the dogs can’t get at her and then like every time it’s like it’s a bummer but I just want to be honest about that because the important thing about that is like okay this is not let’s not celebrate this is a man’s bond between him and his cat let’s look at this is symptomatic of misappropriated emotional funds in a lake and end and I did I share that with my therapist and I haven’t had a really good session is based on that and she said you know it’s time it’s time for the chapter called Dan doesn’t have feelings to come to an end and I’m going to I’m going to
I know how to breathe and I’ll learn how to learn how to talk to Aaron about about how much I love her and and can spread that peanut butter of feeling across the bread of life
speaking of which happy Rosh Hashanah I think that’s what Rosh Hashanah means the bread of life right yeah there’s no greater tragedy than the life of unleavened I think famous Jewish Cooking cooking host Emerald bird guy
what’s said alright termunde and thorough and enlightening journalistic investigation of a phenomenon that is still a mystery to everybody it’s a New York Times bestseller he is flattered Us by coming up from San Francisco his name is Steve Silberman
hello hello hello how are you
are you are you going to sit down and he’s settling in all right at the ones you and I’m strangely adamant about the type of gas comes out he takes the opportunity to sit down in South but he does he just want to be robbed of that Repose that’s great food or something cuz you were just standing there with the mic and it was like he’s going to he’s going to do stand-up high chairs slightly scary that’s a good segue into our talk about autism which because because the the big the big theme in the book is the is the realization which is ironically realized how long after hands
Asperger said it originally his his his feelings on the subject lost to the ages until recently that that this is you know it’s less about diagnosis and treatment that it is about realizing that there’s there’s different kinds of brains and there’s a lot of ways we can we can make the environment compatible to anybody that we happen to run across that’s true basically in 1930s Vienna he started seeing these kids in this Clinic who were interesting Lee mischievous they would steal a bunch of shit to build up their chemistry sets they would get kicked out of school because I didn’t take the teacher seriously it was sort of a clinic of Last Resort when we did was obsession with particular areas and one kid was obsessed with poison and was there because he had stolen cyanide from his school
show me the kids ended up there because like through the court system and stuff and the thing about this Clinic was that it was amazingly Progressive place because it was like half Clinic have school like kids wouldn’t just bring their kids wouldn’t just get brought their for diagnosis or whatever the people who work in the clinic actually lived with the kids and observe them like tying your shoes in the morning if they could or couldn’t send that’s how they learn to recognize autism and Asperger’s and his colleagues believe that autism in autistic traits were very common and in fact that people with autistic traits have been accelerating the evolution of science technology and culture for Millennia and we’re already familiar to all of us through this her to pop culture archetypes of the absent-minded Professor Doctor Who write well that wasn’t invented yet but artistic people would soon make sure that it was
which by the way it should be noted Asperger did not discover Asperger syndrome in this is like the end and it was later what was at the 70s when somebody coined the phrase Asperger syndrome yeah it was an Autism diagnosis that contain the word autism and the reason one of the reasons why I proved to be so popular was that it did not carry the heavy burden of Shame and stigma that the word autism carry because parents had been blamed for autism not by Asperger write on my Note 5 Leo Connie O’Connor Asperger’s Tesla in the parallel I kept thinking about cuz he wasn’t appropriate parallel because Addison was successful and he was he was better at issuing press releases and he was two of them
I mean he had two advantages over Asperger he was even though he actually was from Eastern Europe to he lived in America he worked at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore but even better from the perspective of History he didn’t work for Nazis like Hans Asperger day because Hans Asperger is wonderful clinic in the University of Vienna hospital that happened to being a country that the Nazis March into in 1938 to Annex for the German Fatherland and so at that point Asperger’s position in his culture became very very tricky because the Germans inspired by the way by American Eugenics scientists were attempting to basically flush people with hereditary diseases and disorders out of the gene pool is one of these things about this book because it’s completely unexpected there’s probably a whole entire books written about this stuff but they’re probably they’re probably tend towards conspiracy
dramas in things like this with the cold hard facts are that are the things that Hitler’s reading while he’s in jail before he writes mine comp are coming from our side of the Atlantic you were becoming obsessed with Eugenics and unashamed of them because they didn’t have the current stigma because there weren’t no Hitler yet I have a conference where the that you do it’s like the World’s Fair of eugenics yeah by the way there’s a slogan that conference the self-direction of human evolution that creepy leaky guy that was actually a real slogan from the American Eugenics movement and they have like the ideal Paragon of civilization was this white athlete from Harvard and Composites made of of the perfect man which were based on the 10 handsome as guys from Harvard
really some of those peaches on the nose of the panels being done there included titles like a Jewish problem right and it was the Negro problem and all kinds of stuff about Negroes and and and and what are they and what do they want why are they hanging around all the sudden it was it was bone-chilling I was completely unexpected cuz here I am talking into a book about about Temple Grandin but I’m seeing like this crazy like Alan more like it feels like an alternate history where they should be Zeppelin’s of this guy that was the thing man it’s like a million books written about Asperger syndrome or Autism or whatever but they’ve usually looked at autism through a strictly medical Inns and there’s actually been very very little written about Asperger in his clinic and I felt like why hasn’t anyone ever pulled the camera back to see like the burning Jewish storefronts and
you do you use of euthanasia going on around us is that it was the 1920s in play ladies love short hair and sitting on flagpoles right plan for a growing Menace Adolf Hitler invent antisemitism a great idea that the absolute ugly truth of it is that there is an uplifting aspect to the fact that we were flirting with it and open a are inviting Jewish positions to a conference to talk about the Jewish problem they weren’t they weren’t banned from the thing it was like let’s just be because it’s fashionable do anything about it
DeRozan lately and trying to talk about it by publishing books about it by by by by Azizi triple irony of of the euphemism of the word Eugenics which means the good write the fact that it took what happened then for everyone to be shamed into a proper a historical perspective is it is simultaneously totally cynical but also kind of like well good that’s what you get language
and thought is deed and you can’t just walk around seething with hatred and be polite about it that is going to end up being the same nose like actual bad physical things happening lately lake lake lake Barnegat used to Muse like they must have thought for a while like they could flip a coin Waco I went with sides America going to come in on because we were certainly making money from both sides the selling oil and bullets in the living room where we got into the war was like yeah I’m sure the rooms in the headquarters where they were the Pearl Harbor
we gotten free sushi bad by the time it gets here
hits 1939
anyways so weird side nobody but you had to do it you had to you had to Sri shine like long-lost light on that back because Asperger that it seems to be one of the big answers to the question why was this all so complicated in an arduous why is something was being discovered way back then still in the seventies being treated with cattle prods and part of the answer is because Asperger is just like Bound to You know there’s pictures of him and there’s swastika somewhere in the picture what the story is worthy of a you know a Robert De Niro movie or something like I mean the guy was a hero he didn’t she didn’t like no no zero I mean we have no idea you know he probably had to make some concessions that we don’t know about the picture of a guy who by virtue of his love
of these children it’s absolutely horrified by the idea and he’s a sort of some of it ironic get to concessions tonight what are the stranger and more poetic concessions that he makes that you talking about is that he he tries to he tries to make a case for these kids continuing to get treatment because they’ll make good code Breakers exactly and if you think about it with Alan Turing in a sense we use the aspergian brain to break the German code but they were too busy killing the children the carry those jeans to to make you some of those talents the children that invented as they as they entered adulthood if they were time and time again what we’re seeing is that we have to issue the myths I don’t think anyone suffers from this miss any more the idea that every single person with autism has some kind of hidden superpower like a next man but it is true time and time again that
environmental understanding doing the equivalent of a ramp for it’s a cylinder has been in this case involves heard of opening your own mind changing your own time scale that that those are the people that suffer from childhood autism that are raised in that patient of an environment which is no easy thing in a capitalist world I’m the day they do flourish they do learn how to communicate in their own time and to the extent that there is disparity between the way they communicate the thoughts in their heads and mainstream Society they they have always been the is not an exaggeration to say that they are progressing our society right and one reason why we didn’t know how cool autistic people could be for a couple of decades was that they were put in institutions because the guy who took credit for discovering autism who is not Hans Asperger but this guy Lee O’Connor said that even the special.
and took his kids like this kid could recognize 18 Symphonies before he turned to correctly identify 18 Symphonies by Connor instead of saying all this is really cool this is a specialized form of intelligence which is what Asperger said he called it autistic intelligent but Connor said oh no these kids are just unloved their parents are refrigerator mothers and over ambitious father so the treatment is to remove the child and put them in an institution and have their family pictures taken out of the family albums by Italy and never mentioned again is that one of the most chilling things before the rise of the gap between World War 1 and World War II there’s a German doctor who sends out a questionnaire so so we’re still in a time when if your born with what we now call autism you’re called feeble-minded you’re you’re you’re you’re settled into into it into an Institutional world and you’re a ward of the state and you’re a burden on the parents emotionally and financially and this doctor sends out this questionnaire that says
to the men of the household specifically and Nan says how would you feel about an artificial shortening of your your child’s life to the extent that they are unable to live with their disability asking these two leading questions about euthanasia and Not only was the response overwhelmingly oh absolutely but with an extra order of fries that is I wish I wish however that you just wouldn’t ask exactly I was just don’t tell me we should just kill the kid and tell me it was natural causes that would be if you’re if you’re looking for what I would like to order from this venue and and we have to you know it’s dark so I don’t have to sympathize but we have to we have to we have to we have to remember I don’t have to
possible for there is there a kids disabilities and they were like they were they were they were born ever a ticket to increase social standing you know I have an autistic kid didn’t mean oh maybe I should get a promotion at work and also and also at some point they were being bombarded by Propaganda that such children were a burden on the state and they literally have pictures of you sort of drooling Maniacs from the sign on the Insignia 50 million reichsmarks a year it’s probably to hide it and they realize I was such a bad PR like nobody’s going to really sign off on that even the hardest you know Alexa like Nazi like you know like household is not going to go to turn off on the killing of German children and even if they are mentally disabled or whatever and then they just put it away on the secrets well right and in fact I mean something that I talked about in the book is it determines really used the killing of disabled children and adults as a practice run for killing the Jews that’s how they figured out how to do
we can put the trains here and move the bodies here in the first one that get the gas van the things they would do it but it put a pipe for the exhaust pipe of Van they would they would slowly feed them last that’s that’s a specialist diet yes and even though it’s supposed to be a secret project like old people would say when the feeble-minded are gone we will be the next to go and have children would run away from these buses even though they weren’t supposed to know what they were for directions when we are closing in on Berlin at the end of the war and they liberated one of the camps and they found loads of twins almost all the survivors were the twin children because they’re doing lots of tests on on twins in genetics find a way to fine-tune making you know perfectly Larry and children
who’s that euthanasia program to do the kinds of esoteric medical experiments that would have been impossible in cases where the patient was expected to live basically you find is your is your delving into that Darkness your reading so many books letters you know you’re you’re knee-deep in that world so did you come away with it with an impression about what our obsession with Eugenics was was it a genuine was at face value of fear that we were going to mongrelized ourselves into Extinction or was it was it just a just a completely dishonest like deal like I saw an ad from some start-up dude who was basically selling some kind of new genomics scanning technology and he was talking about things like autism and ADHD and dyslexia is like glitches in the human programming
we can finally find tune you know our own code so that we can eliminate these glitches order like that’s exactly what you genics came out of the notion that we can perfect Humanity by eliminating difference but there’s a I mean in again I’ll use the word irony but really fittingly because neurotypicals that are the villains in the story if there are any of these neurotypicals they were people invented by autistic people and if so is it was sort of a hacked because of a wonderful word because instead of always being medical Eyes by us that allowed them to Medical eyes us it was it was invented on the internet in the late 90s which is not founded on logic
he was surrounded by Nazis and completely incentive eyes to to toe the line to the point where your cautiously assuming that if we saw every moment of his life we probably would clock our tongues because he probably would attend end but but he we have this tribe of of cognitively variant people who because of their seclusion that they’re there because they they they they tend to propel has societally towards things like ham radio which is which is available to talk about that advent in the second fast and I was just absolutely is autistic people have been trying to make the internet since before there was internet and we all we all love that world we all love emoticons we all love Facebook we all left but it’s because you’ve done the research now so it might have been
a key before reading this book to say autistic people invented to the computer languages that we use of an autistic people invented that maybe that would have been something but it’s clear from your book a minute is it really the general fact that you can say that before I wrote this book I wrote for 15 years and so and so I actually went to look to figure out what the history was like what were these people who announced they would be super geeks on the Spectrum what were they doing before there was an internet and they were talking to each other through Morse code over ham radio because there was no facial signals to parse you could obsess about your favorite technology and really get rewarded for it you could leave your old bullied geeky nerdy identity behind and become like this amazing person on the internet with your not the internet ham radio with your call letters
and so it was a strict meritocracy like programming is it didn’t matter if he were a total dork like if you could do the shit you were cool and the ham radio community and also the science-fiction fandom Community we’re both organized by the same guy who I read about him in the book and Hugo gernsback who almost certainly had Asperger’s syndrome and by the way I do want to say I’m not just diagnosing people willy-nilly like if I say in the book that somebody probably had Asperger’s Syndrome there’s always a higher authority involved like Oliver Sacks or in this case of Hugo gernsback biographer Gary Westfall believe he was aspergian anyway he was a very weird guy but he had a genius idea which was to make home electronics available to habias rather than just scientist in other words really cool kids like I could order stuff from his mail order catalog put it together and become a ham radio operator
there’s pictures of nerdy kids act and now but he cut and he sort of developed this culture is it when you look back at the 50s you like oh, con like everything comes together at all snaps together the the the culture of fandom the culture of of an overlapping with with nerdiness the our consumption of Pop Culture there’s always been a fascination with science fiction associated with with people on the Spectrum and it it’s it’s because of the lot that the ability to logically consume it the fact that you’re talking about world world built from scratch with to make more sense than the confusing World described in Catcher in the Rye is there a Great Gatsby it’s like when I guess he was rich what am I learning from the right the right and where is it’s like you know so I can access every aspect of this and I can be the first fanzines and in fact the word fandom the concept of fanaticism fan groups and things
culture which was connected to this this science fiction pulp pulp culture comic books and catalogs where you can buy chemistry kits and like it was all started by you know a guy who clearly wanted to create his own world where I know that but he was his best bud was Nikola Tesla sign that future world that’s one of the passages I was hoping you could there’s two passages I was I don’t know if you can like willy-nilly like like page him up at the one of them is Tesla talking about the future describing you know what the world is going to be like do you put Tesla on the Spectrum wasn’t neurotypical I actually don’t recognize him but he had many many on such a crazy was like fascinated with glittering things and he was very very honest so like when his two
ask him who is more attractive he said something like well you’re not you’re not quite as ugly as the other two other frankness if you read this passage
if I can find it that is maybe I can quote when Wireless meeting ham radio when Wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain Tesla told an interviewer in 1926 we shall be able to communicate with one another instantly irrespective of distance not only this but through television and telephony we shall see and hear one another as perfectly as though we were face-to-face despite intervening distances of thousands of miles FaceTime exactly in the instruments through which we shall be able to do this will be amazingly simple compared with our present telephone a man will be able to carry one in his vest pocket we shall be able to witness and hear events the inauguration of the president the playing of a World Series game the Havoc of an earthquake or the terror of a battle just as though we were present
what’s 1926 people and it seems like a no-brainer but yeah kind of that’s cuz we’re on a podcast Tesla and Asperger both not probably not neurotypical and their Rivals they’re successful trademarking like dominant guys who who who popular popular French culture Foxy Brown has it that that Edison you know there’s backward things about our current society that are that are that are hard baked into it because Tesla’s like more populist empowering I don’t know his his his going back to AC vs. DC and is Edison’s proficiency for trademarking and patenting and his desire for her geminii lately conquering Tesla’s reclusive fanatical desire for everything to make sense right and one of Asperger’s
the crates was that he was able to resist peer pressure so while everybody else around him was thinking in terms of eliminating difference that which is different from the norm is not necessarily inferior I’m not saying like thing to say lies day it’s the neurotypical of the world and who are you to have a gift for politics racism seduction charm White Lies flattering Jean
black lake lake
about it is these are all these are all things that for a kid wants to memorize a map of Los Angeles you know what I made my friend Crystal has a couple of of autistic loved ones in his family in describing with their their one of their obsession with like roadmaps and things in like every time you meet somebody and ask them where they coming from and where are they going at it and then that’s his conversation is that instead of small talk he can tell me a better route to take next time leave your drive can I just jump in and tell little and I went to an artistic Retreat so I was one of the very few neurotypical people with like about 70 autistic people of all ages and the second day that I was there I went up to a guy who I thought was cool the night before and I said hey man how do you sleep and he said why it was like an excellent question and I realize like how much
fucking energy I put into like reputation management like every time I walk into a room. How’d you sleep I’m Charming you know I have to share this where I would have to somebody at a party and I said I stood next to him and I was like I was like this guy I love them like I’m an outcast I’m going to I’m going to log some hours here I’m going to be a wonderful guy and like like like what’s this and like I’m going to talk to him not cool people that I look around the park looks like everybody’s here and he just spent the next eight minutes in a monologue about how I’m like well I didn’t get the list of people that should be here I wouldn’t be able

are that it was maddening because in my mind I was thinking you are prick
dumb stupid here you know that happens on a cellular level all the time and interactions but like at the core of it of course when you take a step back from it is like you say I love the nickname for the Monday and so it’s like those are people who think they rule the world but actually the mugwumps how easy is it to go back and reverse diagnose people like I do like the other student that can you look back at Dustin aspr Chaucer are these people like for instance like is there a way to well some people are much more promiscuous about their retro diagnosing than I am like I’m at science writer so I have to be strict
was wired and I did that interview where I would like told the guy at the end of the interview is like by the way I took a quiz online and it’s like maybe I’m there a guiding principle for I mean seriously self-diagnose and I believe it’s called a self-diagnosed peer supported basically if you were. You know if you’re allowed to lie artistic. Say yes you are like us then it’s cool you know if you just pick yourself up and there’s no sort of know where the games are held against it’s not at school but virtually everyone who I met who had an official diagnosis
really didn’t eat like you know special forms of support and whatever and it had a hard time passing among the mundane talking about the emergence of of the concept of neurodiversity which is simply to say that dyslexia all this takes all of my friends co-creator of this cartoon I made it like like like Joel McHale dyslexic Rob schrab dyslexic like probably a GED to like every those those those letters kind of like if you live in Los Angeles and you make stuff you’re always like in fashionable diagnosing yeah I like like like whatever and I mean when I first came across your community I thought there was kind of like looking at
maps of the spectrum to the other end of the telescope like most people look at you know autism only through the medical end of the telescope you know but if you look at it through the cultural it like I call my book at neurotribes instead of like some word related to disorder like I don’t claim to know what the order of the universe should be so I avoid the word disorder but it’s there a certain if you just wanted to sell books you would have called her titties there you go inside
neuro titties
rent a pop-up book
that domain name right now I would bet you anything that already exists
but you’re ready to talk about what you were trying to talk about but just let your you describe yourself as profoundly neurotypical you you’re you’re you’re very very outgoing friendly and you admire year fan of the artistic Community as I also am in your case it’s it’s not so much out of a sense of kinship it’s almost like it’s sort of like sibling and kind of you you actually admire the things that you do the qualities that you do not have a great minds do not necessarily think of a messenger in your book that you written you’ve surely noticed that the artistic Community is because I find them amazing and fascinating and especially in the in regards to their conflict with groups like Autism Speaks and the ironies that into the the the
yeah I read I read more than one essay by an autistic adult celebrating and also rolling their eyes at the fact that they took a neurotypical to be the Marco Polo of autism China I was very very happy to see you at a party in the Haight-Ashbury in San Francisco where I live and I was very very happy to see actually autistic people in the audience because usually there’s like this huge divided between like the Autism Speaks parents and the clinicians and the autistic people but kind of it everybody was in the same room there and what was really great was at some point in the Q&A afterwards somebody asked me like what do you think the virtues of getting a diagnosis in midlife are and so while I’m thinking about them thinking like
I’m not supposed to answer that question we have experts here so you know I asked if there was anybody in the artistic section sort of their were sitting together I wanted to answer that wanted to answer the question and this woman stood up and she said getting a diagnosis in midlife was like finding the Rosetta Stone to myself was like holy fuck it is there a lot of Happiness Is there a lot of tribal pride is now but that’s after Decades of like being brutalized and exterminated and you know I mean yeah it’s their groups of autistic people like playing World of Warcraft in the room right now going to suck on Monday and call me up earlier and yeah definitely in for like one of the first things that I figured out by going to the retreat was it most of the clinical stereotypes about artistic they were completely wrong
start touching people like lack a sense of irony you don’t get Sapphire and they don’t really have a sense of humor and so this one autistic I would just been appointed to the National Council on disability are rhenium on of your autistic self advocacy network was introduced to the group and so they were doing flat pause
turning this stigmatized Behavior into a symbol of Celebration and so from the back this girl said yeah it was nice cuz it sounded freaking out you know so it from the back of the room this young woman said we love you
if we were capable of feeling such a statement that simply comes from the fact that there’s this weird skepticism and I keep coming back to this this thing I never get to finish this thought cuz I don’t really know what this fight is it it’s cool if you want to think about life actual Spock if he was a real alien being that thought logically about things would he or would he not be in favor of eugenics late late late because when you applied cold this concept of the cold hard logic and he’s a scientist. He’s a human calculator not not there’s more to it than that there’s one other passage that if you can find it it will be earlier in your book it’s about that guy that got the the Tesla of chemistry
Henry Kevin Henry Cavendish and opens unexpectedly about two hundred years ago because that allowed me to describe a very autistic person before there were these layers of clinical cliches so I have the reactions of the other people around him who had no idea what to make of his fascinating peculiarities or whatever and he was a guy who took the same walk at the same time every night wear the same clothes everyday when they would wear out he would tell is Taylor to make an identical outfit he ate the same dish at every meal leg of mutton there was a there was a chambermaid who surprised him on the steps with a broom and so he ordered a new set of steps so that it would never happen again was able to hold hard logic that goes into genocide
measure the density of the Earth in a Shack in his backyard he figured out how to do with pins ones and it was like the best estimate of the density of the Earth for a hundred years or whatever and he didn’t just do science he invented the fields of Science and yet he was completely immobilized practically a parties like you just stand off to the side listening looking away and that was something that asked for her picked up on like you know Connor was like they’d fail to make eye contact you know but a swear word like No actually they’re learning really a lot about the world they’re just not looking at you right because looking at you is actually overloading their senses and there was a there was a colleague who described him the light metaphor the the white life-forms nothing could find that I’ll just use you as a Google engine
but all over the country World readings and selling this is graduation.
But don’t we need different words for things like compassion in a world where the people who have who have been responsible for creating a more Roddenberry like world are accused of describable as not having it at the people who have been trying to cure them in childhood are people who are cattle prodding them right right the people who supposedly have the empathy that these people lack are the people sticking cattle prods I feel like there’s a word we’re missing in the English language that person could invent us so that we’ll stop making that that that there’s a distinct you were making it’s not a hundred percent accurate about whether they’re feeling things. Yeah that’s true and the great thing is once the internet was finally and I talked about how very artistic person that helped invent the first social network that was open to the public actually just gave me felt and Steve gave a place to autistic people
were they could talk to each other rather than just talking to clinicians so instead of being isolated patients brought there by their parents they can just talk to each other and one of the first things I figured out was it autism persist into adulthood like believe it or not this is one of the things that most people forget but up until the 70s or 80s really the 80s the diagnosis was not really available to adults or even teenagers and Americans are people why are the diagnosis going up one reason is that teenagers and adults could not get the diagnosis until the eighties and nineties and that was one thing that was Asperger syndrome was good for was said the early 80s systems that are now available to clinicians to diagnose autism diagnosis just went through the roof
even some artistic people is Rain Man like people think I know what a cliche Dustin Hoffman Raymond data with the cards in the toothpicks whatever but actually it was completely revolutionary because even people who have been an Autism circles for decades had never seen an autistic adult onset autism recognizable to teachers to parents do autistic people themselves to clinicians and so that was one of the elements of The Perfect Storm of Autism Awareness that created the apparent epidemic neurological thing as it is it is it a developmental thing in the brain that we still don’t have a buyer biomarker for it so there no blood test for autism in real brain scans for autism that you can’t
the subject of much debate but the problem is that every 6 months another study comes out it’s too much white matter it’s two little white matter it’s too much connectivity it’s too little connectivity the conflicting studies about what the biomarkers of autism are a hereditary and it was one of the diagnosis that your book would need to answer that someone would come to is what’s going on with this autism epidemic and you what you get right to in the in the opening of the book and and I’m slowly answer throughout the book and it seems to be correct me if I’m wrong it the two biggest factors are the what we just talked about the diet the increase the increase the widening of validity of the diagnosis and but you hint at earlier the book was this odd like it’s an engineer’s disease that it’s it’s that the people that it does seem hereditary and that are modern
World created by autistics option world that we all love that we all fantasize about it science fiction that autistic make a reality by actually thinking outside the actual box that that that world in in a in a crazy like Poetic fairy tale makes it possible basically for engineers to fuck more that code that that people who used to be defined by their virginity are now able to hook up a big rise of like an autistic by Birthright or something like that at home in 2001 and yes that’s interesting but that might be happening it’s cuz this is Cullen assorted meeting which is basically with people who are carrying trays for a certain condition get together there’s more of a chance I think that their kid will have the condition that’s how I
first got and talk to them because I’m not a parent to another relative I now have an artistic trans nephew I will say but I got into it because I was on a boat with a hundred computer programmers and towards the end of this Cruise in Alaska I asked this big programmer guy Larry wall if I could come to interview and then at his house and I noticed that he customized his house like you turn the buzzer on his clothes dryer to a light so it’s not so startling and annoying and he said yeah you can come to my house but I should tell you we have a fantastic daughter and then it’s like six months later is ready about another family in Silicon Valley can I come to your house when it’s at the End by the way we have an artistic daughter is in a cafe in San Francisco telling that exact story to a friend of mine and this woman at the next table said oh my
God do you realize what’s going on there’s an epidemic of autism in Silicon Valley is like the hairs on the back of my neck went up you know and that turned out to be like a doorway through which I stepped into the next 15 years of my life and this is an attempt to get right what I sort of planted on in the geek syndrome because yes is sort of mating is passing all these Dungeons & Dragons people getting together by talking through this finding your way through the dungeon is reputed to get through that dungeon right until but why are autism rates also going up in rural Alaska for instance you know might be done anyway so this was my effort to get write what I sort of went out on indeed syndrome take me 5 years
then why does a stable Fox why does its forget in value 09 valuable is everything operating on a pier darwinian mutation engine or do we do we store for their feedback going into DNA are we there for expressing our own Evolution through increased incidence of of of of of of a disease quote unquote disease were compatible with with an emerging world and also more causal of it right of pigheaded politicians increased desire to think laterally increase need to to do it to create a world that is not an assault on the census is any is our species cook surviving the same as a goddamn giraffes with their long necks one of my favorite moments and in the book and then on to the mystery is when
Asperger asked the kid in his Clinic if he’s religious and he says I don’t like to say I’m not religious I just don’t have any proof of God and I feel like he was like you know a lot of people are like that now between the mundanes and the autism we hate you. We all have to fight the good fight as poor as foretold in Quadrophenia is that if it isn’t that beautiful women to take it to Colleen describing this year old retro diagnosis of this guy who who time and time again I mean he he discovered Oregon you know before the guy that’s credited with discovering our guns could happen to an end and it was one of the most
eloquent ways of describing with the guy didn’t know he was describing an autistic person just came from a from a colleague and I thought it was so interesting the distinction between different kinds of light has proven glimpse into the soul of this elusive genius Henry Cavendish was provided by the chemist George Wilson who wrote the first full-length biography of Cam Edition 1851 etcetera. He painted Kevin this is emotional life is a series of negotiations he did not love he did not hate he did not hope he did not fear his brain seems to have been but a calculating engine he was not a poet a priest or a profit but only a cold clear intelligence ring down Pure White Light which bright and everything on which it fell but warmed nothing
Another Cold Light warm nothing from San Francisco I don’t forget that part right but you talked about you said you were married to a fellow that today is a really nice very artistic as well as a hammy tacky host I was thinking like is there a is there a way to weave these things if you’re at cuz I was like as a journalist is the cross did you ever find yourself looking through that lens as your as your
yeah I mean I wrote this is really the story of a people walking towards Freedom out of the darkness more or less and do I relate to that because now I’m a happily married a man yes totally
I guess that’s all I wanted was It was supposed to have a certain amount of autistic traits and he is more than I thought traits Like A Love Affair one in this room who thinks they might have in social situations I feel like I’m running out of energy and I really need to get some place where I’m by myself and not too worn out by constant attention obsessive obsessive Focus like once I figured out that this same guy had work for both Connor and Asperger’s us answering one of the huge mysteries about to the mystery I was getting upset like I
I ended I remember this moment when I really wanted to be able to see a room in Vienna in 1938 so I literally like plowed through Google Images until I found a picture of that room with the portrait of Hitler behind the podium it was like yes I am God I can see into a room be nice to 30
describe with your research that’s a question I have as a Dropout journalism major and a lake cuz I tried to find out how to work the other day and I was astounded that there was no information about it online. That not the specific kind I needed there was so much of one as a person who doesn’t like the mechanism in the Coconut that confuses you the money so you didn’t get to the bottom of my coconut filled with ice cream from my local a vegan start because I’m high and I was eating out of the coconut coconut ice cream and it was like this thing is fucking amazing it’s so good and I started looking up coconuts think you can make oil and then the other thing was like why would a tree trees like an apple is designed to make a ship want to eat it
oops at the seed somewhere other than where the tree is that I kept thinking like what why would you play this hard to get as a as a treat the answer is obvious to anyone who probably treated me in 10 seconds but not until after I was amazed that I could Google it and and within an hour not have found the very very simple obvious answer that probably people who grow up in Hawaii like know immediately or whatever it’s like the dog out there just like a float they’ve bypassed mammalian technology there in probably created a coconut is a little waterproof submarine a boat with a little bit of potable water in it and a bunch of sperm in a bunch of coconut a get like I know you can like this design to like flute to another Island Grove packing brilliant who is the recently deceased unfortunately neurologist to actually brought forward to my book and was very good friend of mine and a wonderful guy he wrote books like the man who mistook his wife for a hat anyway we were once
health food store or whatever and I picked up this bunch of sage leaves that were very furry and I knew that Oliver was not only a neurologist but a botanist kind of and so I said I wonder why sage has such furry leaves and he looked at me this it because they like it was kind of like do you like hanging out with me I wanted you to come have a barbecue but if you’re bored you want to wait in the car reader and listen to your thing a double speed that made you sound like what what’s the name of Martin Scorsese paper books I’m kind of a slow reader because I have to stop look up
we were done or even if it’s worth I do know I go what’s up what’s the etymology of that come from and then and then I have to go back to a bunch of other pages that reminds me of other words and then I have to look at all the pictures of the inside of the room if they reference the painting I have to look at all the artist paintings for 5 years writing this book so if coconuts
we’re president known enough if if if if if if if if if I can find out about coconuts in 2 hours on the internet lie my question is how much information is actually on the internet you said this is a 15-year you describe yourself as sitting and stacks of books at universal truth how much of a how much of our information is and what kind is making it over to the Skynet is there a bias toward a certain type of information are we learning more about lightsabers and less about Bob Dylan and lake-leto lately or is it more about those two things and we know nothing about I try to put things into the internet that otherwise might not make it so if you guys have coolshit whatever it is like that’s not in digital form just trying to make it available in digital form for
people are upset because some guy 300 years now is going to be riding the definitive book on something and he’s going to find your shit and it’s going to be the central piece and some enormous World solving puzzles that like the fact that we didn’t even talk about this by the way Asperger Asperger she the Conor to round out his role as villain very clearly like if you type those names into the internet you will see that they like simultaneously just started diagnosing autistics at the same time Jaden McNeil and Woodward and Bernstein to this ship since the ever said that Asperger and Connor discovered autism virtually simultaneously amazing synchronicity which I even say in the King Center on anyway it’s
turns out that Asperger had this Chief diagnostician named George Franco and he had a Jewish problem with the Nazis he was Jewish and so George Franco was rescued from Vienna in 1938 by this guy in Baltimore named The O’Connor so
same guy like fruit for autism heads like that’s huge like it’s a huge stupid here’s the crazy thing is so I reading the book it going man this counter guy what a villain and then he saved Jewish scientists and clinicians from the Holocaust every basically everybody in my book is really complicated right he really buried right may have done it because Asperger was associated with not deal in 1943 becomes the world’s leading Authority on autism some help for the next several decades he never mentions Asperger’s work even though Asperger’s Chief diagnostician and a woman named on device also from as Burgers Clinic were with Connor when he quote unquote discover to autism like no one knew this before my book was written and so basically conard never mentions as burgers
some people say he just didn’t read it was written in German Connors native language
because it was in this obscure German medical journal Connor cited numerous times in his work you know and so the one time that Conor mentions Asperger’s name in public is in this very dismissive book review written the 1970s and he’s as oh yes Asperger what that man discovered was at best a 40 second cousin of my syndrome and has already received serious attention from investigators which was total bullshit it hasn’t even been translated into English yet or is it a suspect or a version of if I could do the shit you know because that’s the problem with marrying Aspergers in history was it a very the concept of the spectrum
tell Connor to find autism very narrowly and where is a Spur routine is this lifelong condition ranging from people couldn’t talk at all to chatty astronomy Professor has considered all of the upper tiers of society and indirect if not direct result of that sorry why
buried autism and someone had to find it again because this cognitive psychiatrist in London and Lorna Wing figured out the counter was wrong by basically walking through a suburb of London called camberwell looking for autistic kids and oh my god did she ever find them many more than Connors narrow model would have predicted this is so she was like all these kids these weird kids play their favorite phonograph record fifty times over or you know couldn’t read social signals are ya one got one teenager had three wristwatches because he kept them to various time zones and guess who’s in the 1978 if you’re one of those kids and you’re born black because of that Legacy of specialization of diagnosis you would get mental retardation you don’t come down at Pachinko machine with the kid in the hoodie in the independent movies hitting himself in the head you’re you’re you’re just retarded because you’re poor and that’s like
do that made me want to see people I don’t want to either but you know they say stuff like that you know there were no autistic adults in the past it’s all now that would be news to my many middle-aged artistic friends I have to say but it would also be news to the two generations of autistic people who ended up in institutions very deliver it right and you know they were like it makes Five Guys in Eastern Europe who like knew about his work or get out because one of the first basic prevalence studies of autism in the general population Connor she didn’t wait for autistic kids to come to her office she in a colleague named Judith Gould went out and pounded the pavement
like Doug through medical records in special schools and all this to look for autistic kids and she saw so many of them she was like what the fuck is going on like why didn’t anyone notice these kids before and so then she stumbles over a reference to Asperger’s paper and was actually in a journal that Connor edited and it was a paper design to make aspirin work look like a separate thing anyway but she’s like what is this paper who is this Asperger she didn’t speak German her husband did he translated it for her she reason it’s like this is it this is the artistic Continuum that’s what you called it at first but eventually put continue was like to maybe to science fiction a rainbow rice natural image you know so I came from Lorna Wing rediscovering Asperger’s work
after it has been buried by Conor for many many decades
is there a is there before we eat before we let you go I would move milk you dry like I really appreciate this is amazing a interview with which I called credit myself absolutely I really done a good job interviewing you I did a good job booking You a New York Times bestseller on our show
about autism which all of you clearly have I did. I did a salad for all of society and I won’t gay people into it
the greatest man alive tonight so is there anything what kind of boat exactly I know you’re I know you’re a Ginsburg fan from the land of beat poets I mean from from my favorite passages from the book and I don’t want to I don’t want to just like awkwardly and artistically bid you goodbye I like to eat is there do you have a favorite like like kind of like I’m nailing it here or this is a great great part of my book that I love reading out loud oh my God doesn’t want to share I don’t want to do that
I appreciate it if you want or can I tell can I tell you one thing I saw someone here before bringing this really cool piece of fan art the really cool piece of fan art made for me about this book was it was bootleg audio cassettes
neurotypical here out to the neural neurologically diverse world.
It’s called a legacy of autism neurotribes a legacy of autism and the future of neuro adversity by Steve Silberman with a B
welcome home how to change what they’re cracked and I brought gifts for everyone
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you’re not that got a good that masking tape what’s your name
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La France and did you do both of these are
and your name is what Miss Nicole Nicole Nelly at thank you so much just really really groovy and that guy made me a masking tape Harmon it’s like all made a masking tape and then like a lacquer over it that I still have but and then I accidentally blocked them on Twitter
he was a casualty of the Harmon block that we’ve talked about which is overall given me a great deal of mental stability but there are sometimes I had to some someone else I’m going to have to send me a link to a place where people who get Harmon blocks to congregate at talk about whether they’re blocking was just very differently I just saw I just saw it I made him a masking tape Harvin and I was like well that bad guy should have been blocked so he didn’t know if we’re if we’re joking around like like you know like I sometimes there’s some rason you know like we’re as each other some stranger’s wrath me I blocked
yeah like I feel like sometimes sometimes owner and I have an arbitrary definition for unearned razzing you know I like talking is for my own protection as I don’t want to get eaten out of the twitter-like I’ll just like there’s so many people on here that just wanted to say I love you and hear me say I love you back and like why it was so you just block people but you don’t have to hate them or judge them you just go like this if I make a joke and then somebody says get over yourself like that’s not why I got Twitter I love that mute button to love that Twitter mute button button if you say if you mention the word Twitter
I think I got somebody back and say she was making a joke about ended up messing up and she said Teen Wolf and I asked him if he was like I was like I have I have a like a standard reply that I’ve had I have a sticky note but I got to cut and paste to all the people so as not to keep writing but I’m not the guy that fucking made Teen Wolf mute button is not enough for me that would be enough for a healthy person clot blocking and specifically I have to also the advertising the block with a hashtag and then I might
and then sometimes it’s tragedy did you kiss the Blarney Stone
kiss the Blarney Stone I didn’t make it to the Blarney Stone cuz that would be cheating
you didn’t cheat on me the whole ear in Europe for a month’s McDonald’s indoctrinated men
with abdominal muscles and all of them look like Colin Farrell
yeah I miss that they are responding like we died just this last week was with shooting I think will be a web series around wherever we went there with two two irish guys are helping me and they would run into somebody and they’re going to call you from Limerick you know Shawn O’Connor you think it’s going to be a web series you think it’s going to be web series have a travel show Brian playing like an exaggerated version myself going around Ireland’s and being emotional a self-destructive and stuff and I think it’s going to be a web series because I’m not sure exactly what it’s going to be maybe it’s going to be a I don’t know I just shot a lot figuring it out
sorry one-woman show cuz that would be weird you mean if I if I was to watch all the footage and then transcribe number for a minute as a one-woman show for what about like a mixed-media mosaic serious though I’m going to yeah Spencer became an idea man but he’s really like he’s really really need to categorize sick so it’s going to be on network television so well you know it’s not going to be in network television show harmonquest so we still need to get some asses and seats

I want to get a harmonquest., I mean that’s going to happen regardless that’s the thing with the link up and we’re giving them away, we’re having trouble with the on a Saturday night it’s like there’s 240 people responded within two minutes and then there’s a couple of nights where it’s like 60 and 70 people are you guys
Mexico space are you going to give us our generating new characters for us and I mean will I get that someday soon if you you know come get it
I know I know I know, I want to hear one
so okay I know I missed the boat there’s but there’s this there’s a gentleman In This Very Room has been standing against that wall for the whole show what what are you doing you just watching the show okay. So I wanted to know I didn’t I thought I’d be rude to ask earlier when you know Steve was on I thought he hated you know sitting in New York Times Best Sellers or something yeah I know I thought he was going to kill Steve Silverman
and I’ve been watching
what about the other guy says it’s D that Steve Levy okay yeah that guy was praised his name anywhere to sit right there’s plenty of places to stand I’m not going to lie I don’t have a problem with you standing there but I’m going to comment on it
not now Steve I know you said that you’re not real like practicing religious Jew but I you is there something that you that we can always like to do on Rosh Hashanah like I do something that we can do to participate in your awesome new years before
it was to not Tobar Flash in October.
Send her over here
closest no juice in Ireland but there’s only there’s only there’s only one Jewish temple but while I was there I met a lot of people that were like just once or the garbage temple in all of Ireland Dublin well I mean famous rappers and leprechauns at have like there’s competition for that corner both of them if you pour salt on their feet they have to give up their gold flakes
and they’re both just think they’ll do if you if you say well there’s your golden and I’ll tie a ribbon around the tree that has the gold into it and then there’s a ribbon on every tree like
what does trying to say is Happy Rosh Hashanah to it
I can be right there is only one temple in Devon there’s there’s a reason for it I asked you like the Industrial Revolution and Stephen just the Jewish people didn’t immigrate to and also Irish so they put them in a hole
they’re obsessed with like over there
that’s a good it’s like it’s either the most ingenious are the worst decision you could ever make like ours is back by mess I know used to be gold but they they converted the lock in 1938 so if you have $2 it’s worth $4 because you’re clearly luckier than someone with a dollar
and it’s very complicated and a lot of people think it’s going to lead to a big crash
were they talking about fairies and shit over there I hear they do that all the boggart came out this morning or something you know Lexi’s on the port bow
I mean they don’t they don’t talk like when you’re ordering your coffee there is there. Like I left you today hope it does it does feel like genuinely a magic over there and there is like that when he was a kid that he was afraid that that because he believed in fairies if you’re the kid who believe that the fairies would come in and climb up into his bad and like picking his face bed bugs they talk about they do do do it took me a little while to get used to but I ate a few days ago and I have
I had just like a Celtic drum and in the shop when I was trying to do it but you have to leave a scar you have to
I got it you cannot drop in here any longer so we went out on the street and the drum started out like bus gate is also illegal to ask about a life oh so pretty cool I bust in front of Tommy Hilfiger for a little while just advertising Tommy Hilfiger and then I thought it would be really fun to do the soundtrack to rent
on the streets of Galway it so I did that until I met this man that was blowing bubbles named Seamus
we’ll be right back
could be rude did not introduce yourself welcome back from the Emerald Isle of lyrical way to your shity fat mountain of tits boyfriend who just wants to be loved see mr. blowing bubbles and I needed to ask him what he was doing a lot of blonde.
I said I will you blow bubbles near me while I sleep
yeah, I’m sure he thought he picked up on it like he was blowing just one thing of Bubbles and I turn and there’s a whole line against the wall like all of these bottles of Bubbles and so I like helping him get his bubbles together ever and the moment that I was like oh Sheamus like I don’t know I didn’t assume this is Seamus Seamus isn’t neurotypical as he he was like polishing his bubbles bubbles bubbles and I was singing I was just like improvising about people that were walking by like teasing his kids he stops with the bubbles and he says have you ever had sex
the bubble bubble gum from late 50s early 60s
and your parlance
alter Sheamus didn’t I told Seamus I said that you know we’re going to be something that’s it for the silly silly travel things so that’s what those guys are doing would like that’s a big camera and did not care the kids have you had sex that conversation with you and I said I had sex once for two years ago and he sang this as he’s like you cool or in Ireland and so he go with a woman and she was the only lady I ever had sex with a then she she died last year probably cuz she was so fat
continuing to blow bubbles with eye black
don’t bury the lede Sheamus
I think they still talk about it is like no no no they don’t talk about it no more. Don’t talk about the saddest thing was that we put out a hat to make money and I because I’m a brilliant business woman put money in the Hat myself so people would be like a bit yeah we made we made nothing like a cashed with the arrow and headed into it and handed it to him and I was like oh he’s like we made this year oh I gave it to him talk to Sheamus from him and I was leaving to go to Gail talk which is like a village where they only speak Irish
I just started to cry because I feel so awful in there like gas to take a walk
it just I don’t know it just hit me with a really dark night like at a certain point I thought it would be funny to just list all my insecurities I was like sitting all my insecurities and I felt like I was kind of explaining myself a little bit if you guys ever feel that way
call harmontown
but you just want to be like you mean because he was sort of touched and in multiple senses and you wanted to like it was like a dark going to like the guy that paint our house to the guy with the headphones like that I started crying about that I never met him and I was like me Felix I was lifting all these things that I was insecure about and worried about it maybe like really think about those things just the same as to not only does he blow bubbles all the time he is always like the good couple times when I was joking I was slow down a little bit
hahaha I know sometimes you would accidentally blow them in my face but it was like he was happy he was a happy person and I was like I’m beating my drama in like demanding the world to tell me I’m okay and I was like what’s wrong with me that was that was why I felt bad
is there a look at it I also when I took with Brad at McLane Southern California so I’ll be able to go to my first time taking surf lessons with in Ireland with a trailer with Alan the surf instructor was very nice and I’m sorry Danny was very handsome but he was very short I wish some of these people were women
would make sense cuz they’re half the population I don’t understand why everyone in Ireland’s a guy
that wall like the teacher rare wonderful female comedians in Dublin Alison sudol and Andrea Ferrell and so they are playing it there are plenty of events hang out with a lot of women
I just know handsome women I really understand your joke
connecting dots meme
Triple A Chinese restaurant buffet
what it taste like jelly chairs not those Gummy Bears. Gummy Bears I mean they’re not good. You just eat them like a it’s like everything that is also something that distinguishes them from gummy bears is that their flavors are very distinct like the yellow ones taste yellow and then the dark ones are gross or like licorice yeah
Doctor Who was eating the whole time Doctor Who eats jelly babies I think I can smell your jelly babies from here that is a kind of citrusy or like yeah they are there I want to go blow bubbles
Or the puddle from Peter Green the Green Jelly Bean what do you think about all the baby was here with your furnace and jelly baby to chase a green I did get Taste of green I looked and it was Ring of truth in advertising that it’s about soccer that’s all that’s going on right now which is wrapped in sheet metal in Subway guy people live in the most complex set of tasks to do with all this for the ball on the stick like an egg like a combination of a football and I played it with a bunch of 8 year old boys
which caused a lot of problems and they kept on calling the guy that was producing with a penis that was producing my credit surf instructor making a joke about them or anything and it wasn’t even on camera at 6, I needed it so much that I was like I feel like there’s no company was that insistent about it I’d start investigating, I need to be like this is exactly what I didn’t want.
surfing and children that’s a big thing. Sounds like a pedophile to me time touches full heart
sounds like this guy Wednesday hanging on our little secret surf School
no one will believe you I’m doing dumb friends but you’re really dark like that make you feel special I chose you surf School
we do not already have a 2 p.m. okay well what it is good for students now 20% less likely to die by shark attack cuz the relative to the ways that they’re likely to die from coming or a surf school cuz because the other ways are spiking
which include disappearance
2 healthy sex in your adulthood sir School
we have the least I got the date wrong on that okay alright
they was at Daniel High School
brought to you by jelly babies review for you guys and that’s going to have to wait another week okay so a couple things to warn you about Nigel puked on the duvet Lake and I hope there’s not another one but you know he is cute
still on the bed on the floor and then there’s also like we would just be prepared to take Harvey when he when you get home when you walk in the door I would like to video tape it the dogs seeing you again I feel like Harvey may be like him a pee because he’s been peeing like emotionally and he laid in his back and just listen to beautiful little Rainbow of pee all over my shipping part of that was the steroids from his ear infection medication also the cast iron
she’s she has and she’s having three different types of medication and one of them is a bag of fluid that I have probably told you about cuz I own two cats before and there once their kidneys start going so now we’re one of those families we’re going to have to hang a bag of that and do the subcutaneous injection into Fizz
do you think it’s too late to book another flight back to inform us of the audience tonight that he taking his first Rush Hour Since You Been Gone today
at least you dress up for me
relieve the what the first shower why would why would I select the first shower in like 2 months
Dan did you cheat on Erin
with video games now
I love them I cheated on you myself some some good self-discovery I spent a lot of time I did masturbate
now I don’t know that I’m okay so you seemed a little unhappy I just got off of a 14-hour flight first class first class and first class
what airline has a British British Airways very nice damn that I spend a couple hours of going on a rant about a cab Academy’s poetry and yeah I had a friend who was saying you know I’ve been getting into it on my own and it’s no place to to find it and I did it my way. Just poetry that is that mean the right now.
up here dude it’s a sexual organ
what do you know we’ve lost track of we lost package try to push it maybe 25-30 years ago when we don’t even know who we only know the definition of American younger the younger American poets know if I read I read the writing program in college and I ran the writing journal with a couple of friends of mine and then I just end it just you get in the habit of just just following it and keeping up with the new younger American poets are and so it wasn’t an angry rant was just saying to my friend there are these places in town all over the place and they’re free and its frequent and it’s often in his face lit up because he generally was reading on his own and loving with his aunt had discovered how to read a book of poetry which we don’t even teach kids anymore. We don’t need some help so it’s come up with a book and what that means about their lives the same way and Alden comes together and a lot of kids is just as exciting as possible I can get you that right now
but if you know it it’s true and you spend a lifetime developing then stack it up on top of itself and stuff so there was a rant then I want to see them between be screaming about the Jets kick in the Cleveland Browns ass
hey that happened my quarterback has a broken jaw and second-string I destroyed you guys that defense looks amazing our coach is a genius
suck it suck it
that was a haiku I know Sports Go Sports Go Sports definitely no Sports no Sports
Sports suck definitely Sports Talk Show that is Arsenal in our French coach sitting in interviews and just been really had this with in quality and the players will be able to go today in the boys I’m single I was hoping someone would you know if you slip your dick into a swimsuit which by the way don’t get a swimsuit with the zipper I was going to have one sharks will come
I thought you were coming over
Damaris Brown
take me to call and Elliot for the lovely art that has been Steve Silverman tonight everybody
I just always want to take Chris for a check directly Kevin J our internet guy Seven Hills Ahmed cheaper and Justin Russell
call Jeff Davis
Drive fast take chances off


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