Episode: 198 – Complete Access To Air


Episode: 198 – Complete Access To Air


Guest comptroller Cameron Esposito, a baseball team clad Rhea Butcher, a just wrapped Great Minds director Heath Cullen, our transgender friend Jane Cook equipped with a key to Harmon’s house, a poked in the stomach Spencer and a very happy Harmon on a stellar episode Watch the video at harmontown.com/live! Become a member!


thank you so much for having me
you know them from this show which they created including
that’s what his title is he said no title he also asked if I could at least do not use his last name
does Jose Medina
Cameron Esposito
I’m in a good mood I poke your belly backstage oh yeah oh yeah thing is you always ask me if you’ve done it before
no no it’s never happened before spirals into realization what normal people do I add my relationship with you is based on something stronger than normality witches are undiagnosed spectral disorders like like like like whatever they may be like we we have a we have a we have an access of friendship that is based on pragmatism and and and and you know things you can measure and end it but it’s also sometimes it gets lonely sometimes you look around and you wonder should you about the family and what our obligations to family and boy died love getting those cleats when you guys like want to flaunt your normality
tweet to a stranger if you listen to their podcast just tell them how their family works it’s a stupid thing to do that’s that’s not going to trigger any one family probably identical to anyone in the world right
you heard amount of podcast that if that’s how you was the deal I told my shirt up because honestly I feel like as a woman in Hollywood it’s really important be treated here the same way as anybody else and so just if you wouldn’t mind yeah yeah yeah
a quality
but we’re not all equal that’s that you hit he gets a belly thing my finger is bruised on the on what I assume is a board
washboard under the flat superhero like like like like trampolines. You’re like a Barbie doll I got a solid plastic but you’re buying these lie lies and please don’t feel like you have to stop
that’s okay but my body won’t be a stand-up comic
it’s what I do everything I do okay well I just thought it was super normal like I didn’t even think I know this is a weird thing so maybe were like becoming even more normal through each other yeah like we’re leveling up
I’ve been nice
I think like okay I’m just looking for I don’t know what to talk about first just give me a second don’t act like you’re not entitled to anything in dollars worth of I’m sorry I didn’t mean to lash out at you because I drove through heavy traffic I’m sorry sorry about that but I’m going to do better than that I express remorse than I do so they can change it okay that that was generic but but you get the idea out of all of us
myself my lover Cody and my Squire Steve Levy and I we walked past there was a guy standing in the doorway and I don’t know what what the PC if we used to just like 5 years ago we just go homeless it’s a homeless guy and we kind of all go yeah and then what if he has a home but he’s it’s like he’s what do you say dirty he was a person of dirt
I wish I was still with American I think you should keep going in the right direction sensitive spot
what is a peanut a bean
what about this person deserved just get right to that I think I’m over paid for what I do I’m sure he’s underpaid for lurking in the doorway I would I would give him at least a dollar more an hour to do that than I had taken away from complaining about Networks nailery
are you still at that we had like about not about people that live on the street for just about every other issue I agree with you on that
I think I think Trump’s success is due to the idea that we can all be drunk Greg has so little to do with acquiring anything and so much to do with letting go right so much that has burdened us and all of the thrusters fell away leaving only the lizard cortex
just just just just like I’m a winner you’re a loser who just hit the moon and blow it up and sell the trucks to yourself and then lie about how much you did I just hit the fucking like that. I kind of mazing is that okay so we were walking and we walk past a lurker in a doorway ask XE and Crystal look it up
and so and hit an end and he like just as we got like cuz it was like this is a normal there’s a person of the things going to happen and then right is my ear was in his mouth he he made the sound and I wrote it down I spelled it ploum peyar like right as I want to be
and I keep scared the shit out of me I just jumped like a cat seen a pickle look it up YouTube
chapstick did you see the cat pickle videos of cats out of the line of sight of a cat when the cat sees the Cucumber it freaks the fuck out you like it leaps 10 ft in the air and I do Ben Chicago so I understand that reaction to raw vegetables
lot of meats that are not for me
you’re suspicious of the of the
so the guy went and and I freaked out but when I looked at him he wasn’t looking at me which is another was marveling at it once we were a tasteful block away and I can talk shit about the ways I walk through King’s Landing I’m not going to I’m not going to talk about the lowborn like in front of them I wait until we’re near the red red Jeep or whatever it’s called Anna and I said what was that all about that guy scared the living piss out of me and then he wasn’t looking at me so it wasn’t doing it for my benefit it’s just kind of weird and then and then Steve Levy said isn’t it possible he had schizophrenia beat beat beat and I was like very white.
the sidewalk and they did have some kind of report I have nowhere to go with the story but it’s just like to like that’s the opposite of schizophrenia and that’s like Velociraptor signaling that looks like a high-functioning like shit and the other theory is that the guy thought I was a dragon or I’m not make it fun. Making fun of mental illness I’m making I’m generating fun out of it I’m not trivializing the pain one indoors when one is mentally ill have to seek services from Chicago from Milwaukee time and so people don’t seek Services also Ellie is really shity at providing this stuff this is why I’d harmontown we are working hard to turn that around I’m probably going to the homeless
I’m sure I talked to them about that they said yes
yeah it sounds like
you don’t like what I do if I was the only one on the street and you want to save yourself what happened here cuz I’m not a super amazing person I’m just a regular guy I got cool jackets promise regular guy how did I get so lucky to live this life and then my motivation to say nonsense words at a loud volume I’m able to suppress and so then it’s like well congratulations to me closer to that guy because I actually have a reputation for saying things out loud that you’re not supposed to say at the wrong time to like I’m ones I definitely all I do I always go there but for the grace of God like like it’s just like it’s a drop of this in a in a in a pinch of that and it’s like it’s and also within the context of our society so it’s even more tragic because it’s like
think about when people have like a Oppositional Defiant Disorder it’s like oh geez what a prick that guy doesn’t know how to work it a Kinkos but it’s like five hundred years ago which is no time at all in terms of humanity like I’m sure Oppositional Defiant Disorder was like made you like the captain of the King’s Men being dramatic personality and now we’re just like I feel bad for anybody who’s like who was like yeah who who has no choice but to be like you know what else of for folks that might even be here or folks that that are able to deal with their stuff through like you know maybe medication or stuff like that congratulations
I’m so happy for you that we never celebrated I’m saying another time then tenants and then say to them I’m sorry you’re crazy it’ll it’ll make everything better okay so I worry over in a bar or a restaurant and you brought you got brought like a drink and it looked kind of tasty and you really kind of surprised and then the waiter was like oh shit I’m sorry and I took it to a different table
yeah for sure where you get that happened I was I was in New York I was with somebody that happened in the we were joking about the fact that that actually what if I was a cool thing there that if you’re superrich like like that was a delicacy where you where you order your drink you like like like I’ll have the usual Manhattan straight-up offensive line of briefly brought to the wrong table then taken away
right away sir
I’m at every time that happening to you there’s just like some cool ass dude that’s made it to that level and is paying $580 for their drink their they’re convinced that they can just taste a hint of your disappointment
I said that the vermouth with somebody making enough eye contact with you that you think they’re saying hi to you but then they’re saying hi to somebody behind you. That shit together you can bottles that we got to drink for a second it went to you oh my god
are you trying to play music for getting me at the airport stranger them how many times has it happened to you versus how many times have you perceivably accidentally done that with somebody cuz I feel like I’ve never done that to anybody but I’m constantly getting milked
everything is happening more and more and I don’t know how I mean obviously you’re recognizable from this but I will say it to my face is something that I sell for my business as you sell your television show I sell this is organic organic Kim Basinger in the original Batman
very frequently is like somebody looks at me I kind of assumed something is going on with the best of the best example of this damned if I made is that when we first moved to Los Angeles the dog park with my wife for you who you know and I said to read
that woman over there recognizes me and then said no dad is Sarah Paulson you recognize her
that’s fantastic
okay alright new topic I think we’re doing great
I I think I think it’s you I feel honored I think it’s her I think it’s her
alright so here’s a Half Baked.
I don’t think I’m talking about this up here before but I ate my brain is Swiss cheese and everydays an adventure
stop me really really stop me if it looks like a talk about this 3 weeks ago
I feel like Okay so
like ugly people
no this is this sounds news sounds knew I had a chance
I feel like ugly people and attractive people should be better friends because I don’t know if they’d outnumber everyone who’s neither ugly nor attractive but I’m curious about that because I know for sure that the clothing industry the concept of fashion was neither developed nor is depended upon by the ugly or the attractive because as we all know Attractive people can wear anything and not to not to cross any boundaries but what reminded me of this is what your wife walked into the Green Room wearing a like a baseball jersey baseball cap on the temperature
what is this
real player shirt down in the back pull your shirt down in the bed you’re welcome
okay you seem a baseball game in bowling shoes in mannequin like that could have easily just been a fashion Choice and then everyone would just be like oh should I be wearing that ugly person I wear whatever the fuck I want and everyone’s like okay well I’m assuming he would have got lost somewhere and confused with me we don’t have to fight about fashion and rules of clothing and color coordination or shape or anything like that it’s these medium people these people for whom the slightest variation in a shirt or pants can make all the difference in this world
rapper from and I have a feeling there’s way more ugly and attractive people then there are these who were these mythical fucking slept knobs and name in Harry Harry Harry Potter 7.
By the way, shut God damn it sound like it off on a tangent
two nights ago I was about to go to sleep then the last thought I had before I went to sleep and I did for this but this is the first time I’ve ever said it out loud besides Surya I thought I had another closing is that right up in bed and I said chicken nuggets are chicken new get
think about that
do you like Lugia text her if you ever seen a nugget get me a chicken nuggets chicken nuggets that is the most that’s amazing that a human brain to come up with that I don’t mean they like to my own horn but Jesus
Side bar Butler poison I just got
you know what I’m saying I know I got distracted by something I do meet me I remembered something tangentially related I attacked my girlfriend physically in my sleep
how’d that happen
I was having a dream that a in the dream about a man who looked like my brother
and who but who was Jeff Davis
could I have the voice of Jeff Davis with the face of my brother did they were doing everything they could is that at like like I know the dream culminated in me going that’s it I’m going to solve this problem the the the the the you know the way the way my archetype I guess they’re in their cortex likes big butts and I woke up to Cody going like that and I was like hitting her face
no luckily there wasn’t a one-to-one analog do I what I was doing in the dream in which I was like He-Man
I don’t know if they chalk that up to just bad I’m just not fit or I would hope that it’s like no matter how hard you try to kill someone like and how did she respond is she okay how she responded she was like she was like baby baby you sleeping wake up
send me some of that I am terrified of everything I can watch scary movies I have a lifelong fear of the dark I sleep with the lights on and like a lot as an adult now when I’m out of town Sleepwalker and she’ll wake up in the middle of the night she was sitting up in bed and go
that’s true though I should have waited until I’m so fat when you said cuz you know what else did this is my thought on this I didn’t really attractive really unattractive I think that’s that’s an overlap Earth at the zipper for your practice because that’s also important what I said about chicken nuggets or chicken but I do think that I think human faces have like elicit a reaction from us
that stupid stupid meme that’s been everywhere that’s like Angelina Jolie and Steve Buscemi at the same age and it’s like what in the world they look exactly the same
Ennis look exactly the same live the same face psychopath in your sleep I don’t know I talked to talk I talk a lot and went sleep and then I also get up and then I sort of do this for non-subscribers no matter how attractive the person. Not a position you ever find them in
make sleepwalking look good I don’t like standing over your wife into bed
the war’s thank you speech on things must be talked or die
I don’t talk to you thank you
your job is done back to sleepy time
full and screaming oh no then we have an en suite bathroom that had a short and sweet is what you just said I was being taught
I’m so sweet means like like they respect you as an equal at a time
I’m trying trying to brush my teeth Subaru manual
anyways to get to another room or bedroom light switch and in the middle of the night it would turn on the lights to turn on and there was no one in there so majan like you wake up
goes back to bed lights go on
pretty terrifying
I was asleep the whole time so what’s up
looks like Luna sure for sure I was I was I was your girlfriend in my twenties I was visiting my parents and I was in bed with her and I thought I was awake and I thought I rolled over in my wakefulness and thought that I recognized that there was a grey alien in bed with me and I would do it like like like like push to the alien away
alien climbs into bed with you and pulls the covers over itself and like waits for you to roll over it’s probably if you start to push it away you’ll have the element of surprise oh my God I said but we’re grey alien
Global strike
I like I covered most of my body with the quilt tomorrow there will have no success in this Invasion signed Marco Polo meet my movies like that anyways
well I bet I guess at the end of the story I just like I learned that I’m capable of of let’s face it violence in my sleep that will effect of my lover I was very very disconcerting to me cuz I’ve been walking around but I have been waiting myself but usually like I’ll fall asleep at 11 and I wake up an hour later and I go every night the other night I fell asleep and then an hour later I had a dream where I was being shot like like disclose somebody had a gun shot shot me in the gut and I went and I cannot make the noise again because I actually made the noise that I would make if I was shot and it was cuz I woke up was like I’m not going to make it
damn it I didn’t think I could feel getting shot more than
I thought maybe I would be one of those people that just stands there with a blank face while their guts likes Brianna in an alert that I got shot and I look like John Wayne was because I’m like I didn’t know what I apparently like like constantly wanting to buy it and record it again apparently of you hit her in the face and she’s sleeping she will wake up say stop hitting me you’re asleep and then when you are mortified she’ll go it’s okay I go to sleep whereas I’ve read says I had a girlfriend one who apparently had a I awoke to a girlfriend smashing me in the face with her open Palm because she was dreaming that I had a centipede on my face
how are augmented dream reality included the real Topography of my real face and chest
why was I in bed with an alien in my parents house in Florida but I but I don’t remember being magnanimous I just felt like I believe I looked at it as an opportunity to be outraged waking up to being smashed in the face and never occurred to me that it was an opportunity to be
get paid. We’re cool at all so I was more like shopping
free I get to be like the fuck man I’m sorry I’m sorry I know it’s just your fucking but fuck man just like you go to bed.
I I don’t I don’t know if I did all of that but I feel like that’s what I did so I’m with a girlfriend who I’m not going to spiral into self-deprecation put but she’s a better person than me and I don’t deserve her and she has recordings of me my gibberish sleep talk cuz I just I just say I don’t even use parts of speech I just stay like it’s hard to do an impression of it cuz it was like speaking in tongues and that’s how I would I usually say which is just like music to all of your ears of corn comes out your mouth do you know that I know you don’t really say that shit then what do I say
I used to say that I used to say more than no because I was a child and I didn’t understand the world yet now I’m going to do us like that
hey Cody if you’re listening you don’t have it so that’s it won’t pay off so you don’t you don’t have to do this but if it if you have the if you have the audio file that video file that you took of me talking in my sleep in that Palm Springs and you text it to me I’ll be able to access it fast wow if you just tuned in this is right show his choice of what we talked about and talked about the swamp talked about that we’re doing the drink thing I die really shines there that really landed
psych did I make a mistake giving up stand up that was great we can talk about Beyonce Kanye
I need to otters. You know so much I got so much to say about those two
yo best way to see Beyonce’s daughter’s for real like I have a lot of 43 year old questions about what’s happening what is struggling with the with the feelings of of of of the to the Adidas Ultra concept but the the crazy thing is it it’s through his label but is he is he producing and is he like behind a board when she’s like producing those songs are going like okay baby let’s let’s take that again was when you hit when you hit the the phrase like I could smell her perfume on your dick like like like like
how much it hurts

I want you to also be dividing you know what I don’t care if that’s what you decide about the red all the track listings and Carter was not one of the names on every single song in lemonade
every single song I think you know what it doesn’t it doesn’t matter to me whether or not it’s real or whether or not or whether or not it’s for whether or not she wrote the song there was like a sheet when when limited first came out everybody would like to go and then there was a dead white guys go like to meet we went to see her at the Rose Bowl open for a fat white straight guys that are that are outside of LL speak to I bet we’re very represented in that swarm of people that are like this thing that was amazing that really just grabbed
then we all went out and then there’s a sort of like weird a rosian that so I just am curious about the specifics of that lately the people that people are going like she doesn’t really believe in this is I think I just heard a question the magic of it now and now I’ve known him Beyonce splaining to do to the explaining to Beyonce but I am hoping with the feelings which are largely up especially doesn’t matter whether they’re true or not
yeah cuz it’s like empowerment songs and so in order to make empowerment songs you have to be wronged and so like she’s setting up the idea that she was wrong straight-up she’s been wrong what’s the temperature like there’s been some times where she has been
is there any and women trying to tell you guys what it’s like to be a black woman because I may be a lesbian but I’m still white and there are certain duties that are coming apart just when you thought I had perspective of melanoma
yeah okay so that was up talking about Beyonce now I’d like to talk about Kanye
okay so stop booking him on your talk shows just so he can talk crazy and then marveling and I’m talking crazy I’ve been over this he has seven number one albums we’ve given him permission to be crazy you know he’s crazy it’s like if you invite Gary Busey on your thing except it’s better I told this guy’s Corner no matter what he does until you hit somebody in the transcripts of the fuse on Allen and who he kept talking and boys usually crazy it’s like
what you do is going to come out and so let’s put him in our sane segment and he’ll just give us the weather right like that rating and out and then asking him anything Kanye West I can’t feel this when I wore a shirt to jacket I want to they’re going to school at something like I just it’s all about what you do it’s about the Rhymes you put on your pants and they put on your shoes and Stephen Hawking can do it I can do it Vango can do it who are these people they’re dead now that’s why I feel that black lives matter or whatever he says
HSN and everyone’s like lake lake or he’s crazy I just said I just wanted to say I support single one of his number one albums but I love his personality there and he’s a little bit indicative of the male experience cuz he is the most interesting thing you can do right now is like completely meltdown have so much power and I’m just like you want to see crushed look at these fights, sit on you you do like women have to be like in charge for their brand and also look at all this
it’s Hillary and Bernie I’m fucking telling you dude parents crazy
Cameron Esposito with meltdown on harmontown
will leave you speechless
what she say
articles it’s like you’re typing about a thing that happened a fucking TV TVs are any of the internet a fucking hate all of you as a person that’s the one of them interesting people left in the world because his craziness hasn’t fit down the drain yet. So I love I love I love you do do click click click click click but you’re crazy you’re the crazy person you’re a drone hitting really say like Aquafresh you know
I like Aquafresh over to Ellen for having like multiple videos candles
staying relevant people are yelling about weird like Hillary was on the show she was dancing in a room is like that but also like Ellen Ellen
keeping your shift going with weird but I mean weird animated gifs
Expo Center show on every day it would be weird if she didn’t have relevant people on it like it’s like
and airplane inside of a taxicab and we are also doing two minutes and everybody that gets in this will be the most famous person you ever seen we’re doing karaoke where they sing each other songs does just like I’m just going to dance but she must be doing something right she’s been the heir of her never seen it I know it’s weird I’ve I’ve seen the show can you believe that
can you do a damn good one
I’ve been waiting for like 6 years to do that very happy about it
all right P TV Cookie Tapper to Simon & Garfunkel big otters to come on the show tonight let’s bring out Keith Cohen
now you sit there very is
bullet your name stuck in my throat I thought for a second there and my drunkenness I was like Cullen
there’s an ass right now but you can call me Keith so we’re okay we’re all singular and then and then he has to go that we had at the end. 141 as far as I ruin to the show sorry guys do you not
Halo vampire books is that either and word Cola
I hate
Lana created a longer and more when you dye your phone is huge Dental
no Millennial it’s a river of savings
the last time they call them riverwolves that’s right but but really that’s kind of why I shouldn’t have said that because it’s more interesting to think that he’s out but they hunt Cayman you know what Cayman are fucking alligator and pavement thinking of came in as a baby tiny alligator they come as big as alligators have to be scary there like 5 ft right that’s what are you in front of you not going to be like
I’m not going to attack it and you’re great yeah these otters they travel in packs and they cuz they’re not Road know they’re not how do you say
locusts are just grasshoppers or is that someone else God know I would never
you’re not a fish scientist because I’m not that I know of a caiman they hunt alligator in there so I just imagined it was like headbands on and like little like archery bow and arrow out of a rubber band will Brian Jakes is Thomas the daughters use slings
what is someone will get that I don’t know if they’re here it’s someone will get that in San Diego and it’s weird cuz they’re little but that got full hands like imagine a full hand with little wheels and when they want to do like they’re going to maybe swimming inside your break and see if it’s adorable but then they look like they can go like this like that no problem that doesn’t matter anyway I’m sorry backup
the only because I’m to arguing so much pleasure because usually I am the person who is awkwardly saying a half the butt out things about lesbians
is making a hands or dick stroke I didn’t get there
I always thought I always thought if I was going to be an animal I’d be an otter like that would be like to give because they swim in their it when I seen him in Wisconsin they they float on their back and their bellies Chicago water and they eat like seafood off of their belly
can I just get a nice surf and turf what’s Splash each other or get on my shoulders are left bash our heads on concrete or what bounce up and down a slippery fucking spring-loaded piece of weirdly textured sun-bleached fiberglass that may or may not at any moment I have a different relationship with our weight and result in a fucking break you spent writing otherwise known as diving
the people that I texted Kim but you do probably do it now I don’t it’s terrifying I can survive in a pool most people do to survive on vacation
I would like an otter
awesome vacation and I was in the pool at Karen was not then she walked into the pool I got out of the water and honey just having observed everything you’ve done in the pool
so I can swim totally no problem and it was like
yeah I took a couple solo lap in the pool and it by myself cuz I took one left so I can’t talk
is it because cuz I thought I was a late bloomer swimmer and it was because I didn’t I’d never learned to have my face in the water is that what you doing because because the reason everyone else can swim is because they learned that it’s okay to have your face in the water again I do not know when I put my face in the water water goes up my nose which is called dying
the drowning is a goal to avoid that so if I’m out of the water yeah that’s called duck paddling to me a swimming pool is like being in outer space same thing she’s like being in outer space without a spacesuit on where I’m just like you know there’s a lot of ways to exercise but almost all of them you have complete access to are the only one where you have to pick when you get air
that’s a nice cool thing what was my specialty breaststroke perfect
SSS from the 1970s lesbian sketch show
the two woman Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In
I don’t know how many I’m proud to say I have no lesbian jokes in my chamber
I I died the Jimmy they look like jokes about beams of light
I looked like a why is that funny why is the what it one beam of light say to the other and I forget them
okay so okay what time you want the thing is when they don’t just murder crocodiles when they do it in a process that takes one of its 8 an hour more oil and goat sound when it’s like really got a spot on her again
they said there’s a group of them they get together they spend it over dinosaur Belly Up
if you’re a caiman
I said to myself my point is
Dan a terrifying I’m sorry to know about it I thought you were on a space does a nono don’t pick sides just just just stay in your saying you’re saying your stalls
all right just cook a let’s have a moment of awkward silence it was my idea
let’s welcome a guest of mine that’s here tonight because there are visiting from out of town and they’re staying at my place which is what was always promised to them and I think we should I want to make sure that they have a key harmontown Jane is here Jane, come outside.
I need you here looking surprised but again I’m not going to be 3 days from now but man Jane how are you I flew in they flew in about 4 hours and 6 hours, since I was going to have you been to my place yet I’ve been to your place I’m checked in my key is under the mat he was under the mat you dear man thank you so much to you have my key I have it on my okay I just never there we go
just repeat you have the key to my home and your pocket moving on
I do and I give
Hey Dad are you guys going to use the same bathroom and it’s not a fucking big deal I have a bathroom was on a call back I think it was important that I did that I’m on vacation and it’s like the first vacation I’ve liked taken as an adult like post-divorce on my own without like a child into or anything and it came out to LA cuz I was born and raised in La Touchstone with that passed and they’re going up to san fran San Jose San Francisco area for a few days to hang out in Crescent Moon Bay I think it is the bed and breakfast me with some friends from college and then I’ll be back down here next week for next week to Hermantown as well but spending time with the with friends from high school and friends from college
we’ll look at to know of the human side of you at some other point can I reduce you for a moment to your role is just a great week so Stark raving drunk last time we spoke which was on stage in Chicago but all are York yeah there you go
geographically I I I I I like all I remember is the last time we checked in was that you had said like it was it was like that you escaped dichotomy all together that it was like you were kind of like play clothes there was a transition but then I was like like like that’s kind of like it was a third-act they were you really like I’m not I was going from Glen to Jane and that it was going to be male to female and that’s where I had thought I was going to go if you would have asked me like 30 years ago when I was a college that was like yeah that we talked about the ideal then was back to Madonna that y’all going to I want to go all the way but in the years since it’s so what is a line that has to do I have a son who is a gendered who is come out as a cheddar he’s 19 years old and it’s learning about just with language
and with with with experience in with the with culture subcultures that are accepting of these in between states I’m finding out that oh that this dichotomy that I was I thought that I had to exist on one side or the other of their are these in-betweens and talk to sort of learning as I go that I have other options like among them being like a label label option well yeah a binary nbg acronyms and abbreviations everything that are coming up for that there are things that are just what gender anyway type of decal question is who am I doing this for what who am I trying to impress who am I changing for and it puts me put myself into this group of options and I don’t know and I’m actually feeling pretty good about not knowing I think I think certainty is the enemy
I found in comedy politics and now this but I already do that so that you can catch up
is is is the thing I mean that that’s that’s the Brilliance is the freedom to explore right which opportunity
nailed it
why can’t you talk like meat we were secure in our culture was like a pundit who said free simple statement but I was I was amazed at the amount of retweets of my retweet that this guy they had a little finger on CNN where they just talked about the state of the media and you knows the media is the meaning of responsible for our own dichotomous kind of like weird hyper-partisan psychosis or or is it is the media just Faithfully covering it what is it just a weirdly hyper-partisan psyche I guess you can hear from my tone what I think is the case but but but this one guy John avlon for I think Daily Beast said Americans are no longer assuming Goodwill on part of the folks they disagree with and I was it it was kind of Blown Away with
amount of people that were retreating that I guess tying that into what you’re talking about it’s like we are being trained we’re being socialized to be certain of things and part of being certain is you have to defend you have to like compartmentalize if you’re certain that a glass of water is poison and someone walks up to it and starts to drink it it’s your duty as a human being actually is a person who values the human race and who hopes that we survive to see a better day and colonize various planets and outlived your ass was fucking things
oh I’m a horse I should have a longer neck and don’t let them win
liberal world where that’s how you win
we’re getting close man has of trump wear like a closing the drop-off between us and draft got a little less deep freeze like feeling like really like we like if you really had the option of voting for them anyways I want to thank you for that you know by son and I actually put together a compilation of every time that you sent check giraffe in the first hundred fifty episodes of harmontown and it is 6 minutes long
and it is on YouTube and I expect you to find it cuz it’s fucking hilarious biology that’s the first thing we learn when they’re teaching us about Darwinism they to use the obvious example of the giraffe that’s more than you’ve talked about race on the show I mean what’s the difference we’re talking about NEX of different lengths
why am I looking at
hiding certitude
love this advocacy and I think it’s awesome I hope you’re nice be
follow that up with a but you’re like you’re a fat piece of shit right now maybe the best way to think and then it also exist in the same time when being a minority group means that you have to really fight for space and so that is what’s happening right now that’s very confusing because to give in a minority group is very certain about who you are in order to just have some boundaries up around yourself and that I think is why it’s so scary to exist right now and be in a minority group is because like I don’t believe that there is certainty in the world I mean this this is such a joke about my haircut in like this very surface level but when I got this hair cut it was like the first time that I felt like I really understood what was going on with me because it really is like and that felt great and I could use feel great and it’s just a real problem at this point
symmetrical haircuts are a thing of the past everybody’s got a blunt Bob fucking sorry about it how much are how much of that when you talk about that like like any move you made with your hair how much of it is inside and how much was it outside like that the as far as like if I if I got all short it would cause a shitstorm how much I guess that’s what I’m saying is that like still indicates indicates something to the world about who I see myself in this indicates something to the world and so I think like that’s the time that were living in order living in this time or like you have to carve out who you are and be really specific about what you’re saying but we also are fluid people and we are complicated and our world is complicated and we shouldn’t have to defend one thing forever for the rest of our lives so it’s a weird moment right now but you
how to exist within the contents context of a society and societies about boundary Society is about Comfort it’s about it’s about opportunities but it’s also about boundary conditions and I can’t just say 2 to the topic du jour what bathroom I’m going to use I can’t go in and just immediately demand that there’s either a third option they don’t use more after I’ve been in there
I just have a couple sweet I’m going to have to drive to do a punchline of every 30 seconds.
put put your point Karen I mean it’s really it is unsafe it’s very scary scary for me it’s scary for me as a parent for my son it’s very mature for my other son who is straight and stiff what is the strong advocate for his little brother in for his birth father and hope that somewhere along the line I’ll be adding instead of just babbling but it seems it seems to be that the American dream is moving from it just like we had a definition for it and we’re just slowly moving into this place of genuine like egalitarian kind of like I don’t know it’s like like like a sort of pragmatic view of what the original framers of that concept sad but weren’t actually thinking we’re trying to create a honeycomb we’re within each perfect hexagonal fucking comb which represents your right to not be mugged and beaten terrorized threatened
shouted down respect that perfect honeycomb that existed this ginormous Hive that we do rely on and fear being exterminated have came from the experiment Foster Brooks that within that we may we have to start thinking of ourselves as as like a gelatinous like organic oohs and stop bothering to go to live in this compartment that’s actually perfect
turns out I’m hexagonal
I said know you’re a you’re you’re as much Humanity as can be poured into that little cell and and and like your liquid and if you were to for instance meet a partner that you and you wanted to merge with them you could eliminate a while and that’s where the metaphor start to break down but it’s like that that we kind of like exist within their that’s like we wanted desperately kind of we all want to live in this world were just like oh shit, like what if what if the conversations we had to had anything to do on the next level that weren’t about like what is your hair feel like and is that weird or hot as the weather up there a Peter Dinklage are you are great actor or you just the greatest actor of that height like like I just passed it just just fascination with each other’s bodies and her cheekbones and pigmentation and private parts and behavior in the bedroom and when we fart and how we fart and why we describe a fart how we do that whether or not a one-syllable word for
Chinese person is more or less offensive than a multisyllabic crazy chain of syllables that ultimately mean I’m just saying this so I don’t get in trouble like we’re just we’re just we’re just terrified and facile surface things but are you guys at where we all want to be liquid we want to be but we don’t believe it’s possible cuz we’re afraid we’ll I think we’re afraid we’ll we’ll we’ll run together and will will will will stop being will be Skynet computer I’ll be like oh I was going to do that but if it
like Skynet will be like oh shit I was gearing up to Nuke you guys but you just evolved to the point where nobody nothing was funny because you were all hanging out whether we’re friends that’s what I think that’s the way to White straight rage like that that’s that’s where our fear I think so I’ll speak for them and say I think the fear is our toys are going to get taken away and everything that was special going to stop being special whatever they was really good and I think it would be a mistake to look at that simply as one privileged group happens to have that I think I think anyone would have that in the state of privilege what the fuck is going on
then we’re riveted
can I can I ask you a question about the retreat
I think I think what you’re talking about is a good smart person you’re wonderful I think it’s wrong about me I think what you’re talking about is the Bear real feeling of when you have a hundred percent of the things and then you lose some of that stuff and then that becomes a real feeling of loss it feels like an amputation cuz you said 1% of the things and I think what I’m talkin about is it’s brand-new feeling of Liberty that is happening tomorrow too and last night she said to me in the second to last night in apartment that we have lived in our first place in La she said to me there’s a way in which were first-generation Americans and that’s true because we are the first generation that will have gotten married legally like young you know we got to get married legally young so this is a weird fucking time to live and
how to write about in stand up hahaha it’s so terrible how could you peanut butter make Breaking Bad you know it’s going to Paramount and it’s like the answer is no because if a peanut butter company makes Breaking Bad and it fails which it will 90% of the time believe me this is connected give me a chance and let me pronounce chance like a French person the fire to the peanut butter company but on the other side of it writers have to overcome their addiction to just thinking that what you couldn’t say 10 years ago now automatically qualifies as edgy Progressive and stuff I am so guilty. All of my friends are like like that’s what we do like we push buttons like like in this new world where everybody actually does respect each other part of the I think the fear is among creative particularly
Medic One I think there’s like an unconscious fear of like what’s going to be funny if everybody gets a lot
I guess nothing’s wrong as if to say not that not that we’re all envisioning a future where no one’s ever having conflict but it’s like it’s more about like oh you know what you never seen roddenberry’s original Star Trek series they never go to a stand-up Club
City Music gets
biggest biggest spot is the only musician on the Enterprise
who plays a fucking like Rush instrument like he’s like
never go to a comedy club I don’t think I like like like like what would the what would Roddenberry and stand up if the answer is it wouldn’t obviously wouldn’t have to do with Klingons drive like this and Romulus drive like that
you like oh there would be there’s like something funny I think that’s the big panic I think that’s the big there’s a big fundamental question and comedy which is like in the back for not hating each other and take a 10% skim off the top of our pursuit of Maximum comedy the eyes eyes eyes for the sake of fashion and say I’m cool with everybody and that’s how you don’t get booed off stage and in being exchanged for that I’m not going to make you clutch your side that’s the best of I think that’s the underlying fear is that we would do that is about how other people are idiots cuz they serve you bad airplane food or they are like massage therapist but they don’t rub your body enough for whatever
she rubbed you wrong
Bluey in Marin and I say this current experience we’re having right here, he is about how weird it is no other people. It’s been a weird it is and so that’s one direction that it’s going to go in that already has gone in and I can think I’m an idiot for a while so I’m trying to crack trying to crack that safe cuz that’s my first like 15 years doing this job was just like
yeah I mean
reaching nnnnn that’s a whole joke want to make that clear is there a better or are you one of these wipe the jizz votes Hillary and both the same amount cuz this would be very difficult but I find it very inspiring cuz she has been committed to a job for such a long time and committed politician and I also find that it’s like very convenient that she’s doing
I’ll just know we call a liar all the time where was that is cuz it feels like all politicians are kind of snacks yet
the bunker
it would make people so mad because it’s like she’s like has access to money which is so weird for a politician have like money around them cuz it’s like every other present is like living in poverty because they don’t make any money for speaking engagements it’s really weird that she does I just feel like she’s kind of like owned by a lot of people in a way that just nobody has ever been owned by anybody certainly not like George Washington certainly not like other presidents who actually owned other people that happened for a fucking while those people are on our money I wonder what’s different about those dudes with ponytails that are money and this woman who doesn’t have a ponytail
hi I fucking love it I have a diet for my own sake set up road flares because I’m not I’m not informed I think it’s awesome that you guys are like like I I’m off because it seems like a shoe-in now I think that the media is now engaged in the business of convincing as it’s going to be a squeaker but it seems to me that aside from people saying well no one could have predicted everything else that’s happened are the only people that are saying like oh of anything other than Hillary winning I hope I’m not putting my thumb in any political scale by predicting that that’s just going to be the saying it just seems like that’s going to be the thing and I’ve been kind of careful for different reasons in the past I’ve like I’ve been just as jaded as Lonesome politics don’t matter cuz the bipartisan system is full of shit in the past this election
specifically keeping my hands up out of social Terror in a healthy way because I don’t want to I I sent that because the extent that the Office of the President is important it’s like I don’t want to get it an argument with anybody that would be that stoked about simply for the first time in all this time a woman being behind that desk at any cost for anything I also definitely don’t want to be a person that wave that flag in the face of someone who stoked that this awesome fucking social is Crypt Keeper is like fucking like like like he’s he’s amazing to he’s like kind of a b c like a stand-up guy is like saying shit to the politicians should stay I if I do seems like a fan of drones and so does she and their politicians the one thing that I that did make me kind of like I was like oh wait ok I can be I can be I can begin to Hillary saying was the fact that I just watching what’s happened over the last five months is like OSHA
all of this goes back to us voting for a black guy hit years ago
what is the net worth of black lives matter but that was particularly tipped off by some random Rock Obama having some power and so then everybody was like all these black people so what’s happening where are we even the primary in West Virginia West Virginia for Hillary Clinton in 2008 and then just in 2006 and 2016 Bernie Sanders I don’t know I don’t play games like a shoe Idaho
why do you look like a viking like Rhode Island

smallest eight you talking assholes
Man by actual dick shape
take that home with you
I wasn’t going with size 4. I was like why are you like a fucking like like just a just a sliver of
Paris are you over funded Harry continent
I just feel like it’s important to say because I can tell how uncomfortable this audience is that I think the all right well how about this Bernie Sanders that you that he would change our financial system in this country say about money I’ve no dude okay listen to Let’s really lay out an accurate landscape I I know 10 minutes worth of information about every single candidate in totality Peach flavors of things that I kind of just pick up culturally from my friend and I don’t know please don’t make the mistake of thinking that I would write my objective this time around I’m going to vote my conscience
there’s no reason for me to lie about it I probably won’t like to vote for her I’m not going to enact some weird Rebellion although I don’t think anyone’s a bad person for doing that are less certainty is the enemy I think I think I think one of the big problems with with with with our system I think the reason it’s become the way it is is because we we we are so successful as a nation that we we voting is just sort of look like gravy it’s not like it doesn’t as much as we feel it’s important or like like it’s not the same as in a third world country where it’s like one guy works for Nike and the author of the election is never the stakes aren’t that high in an Empire where it’s at and so we’ve sophisticated the process and it’s gotten to the point where we spend 2
years before the elections for treating the elections like a reality show including everyone talking about who you going to vote for who you going to vote for a lot like praying like they kind of removes the important part of level of what voting is when you’re when you’re kind of doing it publicly and thinking about it as a team versus a team and what’s what inevitably happens is that oh well it’s always going to turn into to Giant fucking blobs shouting at each other and in the real victims are the people who would otherwise just go that’s cool but I like I feel this way and like for those people that I filled the political tragedy in the United States is that those people are told invariably what you’re doing right now whether it’s not giving a shit or giving a shit about the wrong thing is equal to giving a shit about Donald Trump because
that would be amazing I think I think you’re right about so much of what you’re saying it I just would say that I think as I really people as a woman it would mean so much to me to have a female president and I also like her but I also feel that it is very offensive I will people say that you cannot vote for someone because they’re woman cuz that doesn’t make me a single-issue voters cuz I’m a woman on every single issue and I really think that right now we’re living in a very scary time for women this last week Oklahoma possibly making abortion a felony like we will never be equal in a country where abortion rights can possibly be taken away and there’s so much at stake right now for women in terms of economic Justice in terms of reproductive Justice and we’re living it like this real Crossroads and you know for every action there’s an opposite reaction if if you’re feeling that offense the insinuations of the only reason you’re voting is for this atom that you can imagine that the fortune pushing up against or just somebody who sang Jesus Christ I’ve never felt more ashamed in my life for being a woman than the day
I decided to vote for somebody based on whether or not they were going to make a good like like like that’s another reason why I feel like really really Lowe’s to bring my weird Heisenberg e and penis into the whole fucking think because it just doesn’t matter to me way more than it is I took it should matter more to I don’t even want to fucking get involved I feel like a weird Tom Cruise’s character coming into The Fray I don’t feel like no matter what I’m saying cheers then selected the time right now in this is a great thing we’re two equally intelligent women could be standing in a bar at that I could like them both equally and they could they could be fucking like really mad at each other right now like like like there’s and saying fucked up things I can send you a Ting that that they that they don’t think about their vote
the right way for me to come in and like I just I’m like I’m not going to make the situation better and I was like it’s going to come down to Pepsi versus Coke and I was like I can take this one out it’s only four years take me for a person that’s like don’t mistake me for the kind of person you wouldn’t like I did it there’s a translate the key to my house I think Jonas I’m mr. Shmoo
don’t mistake me for a person you wouldn’t like is the rallying Cry of a comic saying I don’t like Twitter phone but I honestly just want people to like me and I honestly don’t care about health care right now or and I don’t have a skin in the game of of women’s Reproductive Rights eyes I I can tell you where I stand if somebody asked me to fucking back I mean it’s not like Rihanna has never mind what is it going to snow in for him too and I just want people to like me and I and I want my friends to not hate each other especially my chick friends cuz they’re all so cool
what you do I would say that I can sense of discomfort from the audience and I would just Google that is the thing that feels weird to me that’s our boundary we can talk about how it feels to be on either side then we’re lost that’s that’s when people solidify their issues is when nobody can talk to people have to resort to name-calling I love the conversation we’re having and I’m not the only got to see whatever’s happening for you and whatever marginally Journey or going on I know you thought this through this like this is stuff we should we talk about we should be talking about the fact that like we have had a black president for the first time and what did that mean we should talk about the fact that this woman is running and what does that mean we should be talking about all of these issues like conversation is is what we need but that’s the answer to everything in the middle of that issue that well yeah but then there’s the whole draw a wall between
that and the point of you like that’s boring I’m going to project onto them a tremendous amount of whether they’re Hillary or Bernie supporters out there
the projected onto them a a Dan Harmon a kind of like overriding thing of like if we start we really it’s hard to escape that gravity of that thing where I honestly honest-to-god like lake lake just in the like your passion for for Hillary is a candidate there was like like everyone loves and speak for myself I respect and love you love you weird Iris Iris Iris I want you to like me and I like you and I I I want to reward you for your honesty and encourage your I’d never want to punish you or anything like that so I’m I’m using that overriding principle and when you like I can so I can sense that that like the Hillary thing like there should on the line for you and I can sense your joy and your
we are part of what comes with that meal is just a little fucking shut me off like fucking spite like like an end and end if I just focus on that go with the fuck is this
did you just forget it I don’t want that’s what to me with a political conversation kind of
you but you you were going to say that no matter what I said
you had that locked and loaded in Grapevine
more than I love sitting up here as they head or normative cisgender male hearing about that
I’ll say and I will say I would happily go for Elizabeth Warren nor can I understand that but I will say that has nothing to do with the Hillary’s gender that I don’t like using that as a variable I have so much land at that time anyway tell me about the show I want to go where is the way I can slide the knife and like where’s the chink in the Armor All vote
I want to go for your ear
how many beats per minute taking a minute to just acknowledge the fact that I may be just shamed you into that and the beautiful beautiful bride wore all the way power I feel like I don’t know I got you I got you to open up button as of this gendered
how much is a
I do want to know I want to look back in your read I’ll talk about grandmas in a second but I do want to look at your retweets cuz the great irony of this whole thing on the quote of everybody should be nice and just talk about the issue is like you got a retreat by Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump and like these horrible people that I would be nice mean while they’re popping Vicodin and like screaming about having people now I don’t know what it what are you up to read to me I just want to look at the list of retweets you got on your Chorus Line the movie and I was present but I just I think that I just mean the irony in among the appetizer or whoever retweeted the the progressive-minded people you would expect to retweet let’s disagree about the thing at hand and be nice to each other while we do it also total dick faces like Trump and Rush Limbaugh also retweeted it like
we should do that what was the tweet that I retreated was a guy saying he was it was a correspondent whatever you call him a pundit just saying like we’ve lost yet I got you have an asshole who is City to entertain the humanity of a person that disagrees with us let’s prepare if I say yes are you being literal did Rush Limbaugh I said I would be interested to look at who retweeted your Hitler
well yes because everyone would agree that Hitler and Jesus would both agree do unto others true I like like I couldn’t agree more. We all know what Hitler would do to Jesus
to give you Jedi are they
yes they are
Jesus if you just figured out now that you might have been
can you plug in an egg it was hit by a thank God of Azaria when you seem like you have a great day
grapevines is to talk to us about the show
is that the phrase your second Murderers Row and it’s like when it’s a hit list of awesome people or something I a k so it was a murderer’s row of data in cells they were just over there was lined up next to each other
actually like a bench at a basketball game or do you think there’s a crazy thing what that what we’re murderers have evolved to project an on murderous pheromone so I’ll murder is chained together like they have a hydrophobic head and a hydrophilic tail City naturally chained together and like an amino acids that
are the murderers always like just recognizing tumor behind you think is Target does not exactly rocket science.
It’s person so I know I wasn’t impressed I was surprised
and you’re like that’s not a surprise it’s like a squirrel trap is your earlier possible lipid membrane
embedded with proteins I love you and that’s why I poke your belly
yeah I got the key to his house okay Small Talk small talk
nice weather so like like it it just interacting with people like like just it’s not weave mischaracterize of this small talk like we have this thing where we go like oh there’s Small Talk where you say these no one ever have a small talk every situation is the weather in Everyone is always trying as hard as I can to kind of connect it’s just that I think like some people like like sometimes sometimes you just trying to get away from your time till it’s politically possible to get away food later when I sense they’re not going to be good in the conversation like conversations with people who you consent are actually doing everything on paper right like they’re they’re being a few Civ there been complimentary there there there there there there being open
they’re saying like I know their kind of technically saying things that are like like oh I like your jacket I liked your and that’s a that’s a lot to make it like all superficial exactly are you often find yourself going like yeah but I don’t that doesn’t set me up to say anything except for yes or no and I feel weird like I have a script and I don’t like fucking hate this I won’t allow it doesn’t happen often but I mean like Built My Career around avoiding those sorts of situations how do you do it you refused great opportunities sometimes though.
can you have a career that has some Integrity of a research scientist social interaction for a while I spent a lot of years involved in positions of like managerial responsibilities or if I go to some sort of the big quotes
just stand around being looking really uncomfortable which is very easy like hanging out at the corner of someone approaches you quickly go into a jargon field explanation of something so that they didn’t feel uncomfortable and leave you alone I have a lot about that
I love that options then are you over here with the baseball person
Dan Harmon I don’t think I don’t see the worlds that dichotomy
people just like that was what was
what is the population of people that are like their main oppressive boxes are introvert and extrovert that you do you like just sit on that like 30 sec I would give a fuck about this Hillary Clinton shit like race don’t give a fuck about it because you were a bathroom that didn’t have urinals then yes I would like there to not be separated remember as a child is my dad driving me to the bathroom at Dodger Stadium and having to pee in a fucking trough it was a job in the bathroom
today I almost washed my hands in it because they also had your nose and next to it
gay people we were to Pecos down it comes back and then each other ever would you use Google Talk people out of wild
I think that’s an important thing to say like I think my demo my audience I don’t want to speak for you I think it is important that maybe this makes us children maybe this makes his genius is maybe it makes us wandering idiots that are like satisfied to be idiots maybe that makes I think we are really really super caught up with the fucking fundamental line between do I need people or do I actually resent them like like like like like it’s something that has Pura get out has particularly we don’t own that I have acted like like I love my formative experiences have they have to do with like this weird relationship between. I hope everyone likes me at a meeting this person and I don’t know what to do when I meet them and it look like I need them so bad and so explosively uncomfortable that it just like the wiring goes through
wait I was trying to calculate my relationship with other people and I’m trying to go to bed at the same time my heart explodes with need from other people and it’s like that is like this it’s not to be taken lightly and I do think that people that feel that kind of intensity kind of assumed you know this Hillary versus Bernie thing that is very important but but whether this is a selfish or luxurious you’re privileged with what I am going through that sort of them that’s the kale salad like on the side as late as like we should run the country who ever fucking running it they’re going to be fucking neurotypical and they’re going to make my life a living hell out of everybody and I’m going to always like we spend my life I pushing up against plexiglass and going like to hear me and if you can hear me do you think I’m cool and if I say do you think I’m cool a little bit less will you think I’m cool so I’ll fake it if you want me to fake it I’m going to do it
but I’m also committed to honesty cuz I know that’s cool so I will halfway turn I’ll give you a full Hitchcock profile and say does anyone say
voicemail one thing and not needing in like like I actually and also on the other side of it like like people feeling their needs like walking into a room and being able to read all of their fucking like deficits and liabilities and Assets in an instant and you just read their minds and that’s like how do I react to the piano roll of a conversation it’s a struggle how do you alleviate that pain liquor I am not voting not voting. I know you like drinking that’s what that’s the choice that’s important to a brown liquor white liquor so first of all
I understand where you’re coming from what are all in if I introverted extrovert and I love that beautiful insert was it’s a batteries thing that’s actually what I meant by it like the introverts they need to charge their batteries themselves and extroverts charge their batteries with other people I really think of us as machines I mean a very good you know I’m a very introverted person like I it’s really easy for me to talk to people behind a Podium or a microphone in if you chatted me in the green room while I was eating string cheese which you did will be no problem when you would assume that that was easy but I’m very I need to like spend a lot of time on my cell same here in order to fill up my battery this is where we actually talk to each other not to say that we don’t then go talk to each other backstage but then we do we’re Workaholics and Budweisers okay
and I was just talking about like hey what fills you up so that you can go do your job and I didn’t cut it a time by yourself or is it time with other people cookie clicker game right now about my friend and I think a lot of performers are actually people that really need to focus way of spending their energy for me it feels very comfortable to be fighting microphone cuz it feels very controlled I have a problem with lack of control and we’re weird machine where it’s Battlestar Galactica is real well this one better be good just wants to
I’m sorry but I mean if you’re about to tell us he went from vanilla to Rocky Road know we’re going to be like so what I went from research scientist at a laboratory to the public face of a museum called bench right I mean someone who just literally spent all their time at the research in in Research Center working on things I couldn’t tell anybody about I did that for like 16 years to being the the the the research scientist presenting the face of of a museum I have to lecture I have to travel around the country I have to do all this stuff do blogs I have to do videos and stuff
I’m an introvert I’ve always thought of myself as soon as birth but I’ve discovered is I also really like to be a teacher not because I liked being in front of people not because I really like lecturing but because I like
teaching people I like watching the lights turn on a people’s that’s that’s my nectar right I mean that’s the thing that actually makes it worthwhile but after giving a lecture some place I will go back to my hotel room and I will curl up and I will cry because it was such a beastly experience for me to do it but in the end it was so important for the people that I did it for like before performing a daily
can you shut up about it before you have to perform when you cry though
do something and you know you nailed it why would you cry laugh and cry it’s just weird dynamic it’s a lot of the stuff we were talking about today at this idea of what really motivates you you’re motivated by the positive right that you’re doing something good in the world but you’re also doing something to cover up something some personal paint with whether it’s a shame or whether it’s guilt or whether it’s something in your past that you’re always trying to do what’s motivating you and a number of different levels and from for me it’s shame I mean I’ve I remember being a child and never being able to perform well enough to make people happy when you go to the hotel. Crying like absolute fatigue but also just this overwhelming sense of
did I actually do well did I ever everybody’s telling me exactly yeah cuz you don’t even know I don’t even know cuz it’s so out of kilter with this this this world view that I assigned myself and I just I floating like fucking cloud of I hope everyone likes me or learn from me or whatever and if that’s the case why wouldn’t I function just as well in the Third Reich as I do here in this environment and will therefore what am I do I have any
cross my mind you fucking Nazi
I’m standing my ground I’m not going to say I was kidding
officer post Louis CK World The Comedy should be dryer
I’m not going to crack a say I just got to accept that you’ll never find me curled up in a bit
I don’t want it the pillow cases for the guest room gets mixed up with the with the master bedroom pillow cases and your tears am I starting to somehow get into my pores like 3 weeks from now and I don’t even know why but I’m having an extra a girlfriend hitti dream
okay not. A funny call back it didn’t happen like that at all the way like there’s. Connecting in the third Act of a show and then there’s the wire where you just now it all makes sense and he had and we thought your show was the wire
we’re not just tired and wanting to go home and watch Game of Thrones all right well it’s about that time are you going to watch Game of Thrones with Cody and I
I’ve never watched an episode of Game of Thrones she’s trying to not have a face story about it
you’ll figure it out he’s a dragon now over the wall. The wall is south of a King’s Landing and is covered with an umbrella called the unsullied
just remember as if there’s a male character and it does exist in a very gender dichotomy between a male character on a genderqueer on her shoulders and I want to go somewhere on the way
bright Renly
you can go straight and sexual orientation it is
was it like that was your limit I like watching what people’s limits are
that is the first time you brought up Game of Thrones I don’t I laid down and then she’s she’s a lady and I have no idea what was happening there but she obviously was like don’t tell me I’m fucking anything other than the most awesome person in the world even before they involuntarily unit Munich Champions dies he had a sexual answer the phone. It’s not a good point and you’re being sarcastic when you’re using left to be fair my mom warned me about that you got to taste it
my backstory stuff on him and he was like this email to someone in a box know what’s going on
sound like a positive transfer old
today is also like if you’re watching a male character and their on-screen like some shit might happen they might fight you don’t know if you’re watching a female character
sombat’s up going to go down to dudes in Game of Thrones can meet without one of them stabbing the other one in the gut just thinking of Lakeside conversations were like what are you getting to the twenties
is Boardwalk Empire
and I always liked about it because he’s not here but the podcast thanks that was awesome I don’t know what you’re talkin about I find myself like when I would I watch A Game of Thrones The Limited extent to which I’m like his scanning for like like like of female abuse like in terms of like like how like like like his terms of which characters have them status like I kind of feel like there’s I’m not going to I’m not going to throw out a word like equal because I think the world is kind of honestly primitive insult is intense like like it’s like within that context it seems like for a soap opera set in a world where
everyone without a dick is weaker than everyone with a dick is that within that context that there’s a heck of a lot of like among the female characters that you’re watching them make choices and affect their powers he has his scenes where there’s no stabbing and he’s in this show that have power on all sides I’m a love of me that little faceless Arya Stark a girl has no name please I know your name
it’s a get sacked for awhile free like how your ears buggers buggers rape spoiler alert on a lady, it’s a it’s like a it’s like it’s as if somebody bought croissants in the morning it’s a very side of like there’s no plot point to it it’s just happening well the decidedly random like seemingly totally unattributed acts of totally random violence
in my mind because I’m not definitely different perspective have like like like all I ever perceived as I got Man part of what makes this show really great is that you never fucking no like literally Peter Dinklage could die in The Next Episode and they’d be like we told you don’t don’t assume valuable thing in the show where the conditioned that. That’s my that’s my privileged it like a consumption of that frosting as I go all I’m receiving his pee I don’t know what’s going to happen next up she got raped and you’re you’re pissing me from a different perspective or you like you’re like oh yeah that’s okay it was the rape and that is how to make sure this woman could be powerful somebody attack her and I just think like ladies got that shit already
statistically happens to a lot of us so don’t know and name is expired that gentleman could who created a world in which by coincidence as well if you can fart smoke that kills a guy Pete Chief theoretically could have created a world where there are women and men are not that we’re that there that that that power shift does not exist it’s not even like I have like some huge political statement where I’m like sitting there going like this
eclipse in love like this there’s nothing to eat and it’s just hard to watch that stuff I have to ask you like fast forward through it’s just not fun to it so it doesn’t feel like the really ripped up now I just don’t want to look at the nose of his actors it’s actually also that I feel for those actors who have to go through that the gals who are like that that’s their job on that day and they have to be like like there’s a whole crew of this job enough and you know that there’s like a whole crew and then like take me to set that morning was 5 in the morning there in like in the Ukraine or whatever and they were like okay so you think it’s supposed to say there is it there is a distinct lack of of dangling dong in the screen cuz I want to know what’s going on how are they attached
I know mostly Crazy Glue what what is fuck a boring guy Kit Harington comes back to life and Beauty pants like in harman’s had that got their character of the wildlings of Big Papi what do you think
I’ve seen your dick
nobody that just magic could have a dick like that that’s small Cody would have it because of trying to catch up and falling and 2nd I’d like I watch a and he said that is like nobody could have a dick like that and I was like come on the extent of like where it where Game of Thrones is operating my sexuality is that one barbarian said to take your dick is a dick in the Game of Thrones
cool alright I believe dragons are here or is there a is there a Rhode Island equivalent in the Game of Thrones
I didn’t have any kind of dick I want it though I mean if I could be killed
same body that’s the whole point that’s something that offended me it’s like like if you had bypass surgery in the guise of the surgeons were like his dick small it’s like not cool meanwhile in rape country are you done raping Mike I know I’m behind a shift all right I’ll help you later I’m joining your side is what I’m saying all right Game of Thrones bucket it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a it’s a different style pop chips are made to order them stupid
well it doesn’t change me I know popshift come from the store
judge me I’m excited to see how well that functions as my friend and butter buyer
Bethel weather
all right I thought that’s harmontown I take animation to send there please
misurata Cameron Esposito for Discount
Rhea Butcher and her adjusted. Let It Go YouTube
and Shane harmontown Jane
will be appearing as has been done in guest room fast and take chances with us. Damn it Spencer exist
all right
remember to send the right thing Siri how are you you’re a bad person
everything was it comes up.
is It Something I Said
I can hear you
I’m afraid of giving
Peking man
Alvin chipmunks


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