Episode: 68 – Jolly Rodger


Episode: 68 – Jolly Rodger


In the middle of working on Community 501, a very tired Mayor Harmon takes to a crowd of Harmenians and revels in their eccentricities. In D&D, an Ogre cums.


Hermantown is our session
please put your hands together for the mayor of hurricane Herman
cuz I’m overcompensating very excited about the work we’re doing but it’s very thorough work being baptized by fire over there at Paramount right now where you going boss I’ll just I’ll be right back I’m going to get you some ice cream but we’re working hard we start shooting the first episode of the fifth season tomorrow morning at 7 a.m.
and then and then at lunch time we we table read the second episode which Crews supposed to be finished with my now that that’s that’s that’s why we’re we’re hard at work back at the Keebler tree and you have to go back to work right after the show back in the Paramount from home or what I’m going to go back to Paramount now I’ll probably sleep on my couch there in my little my little office for Christmas he said he was up at 4 this morning I don’t I didn’t ask him why but but but he’s got to get some sleep or something that’s crazy I can’t too that’s probably why I’m excited about what’s going on over there and I’m just doing my best to make all your little rapscallions happy but I am a little wiped out so I don’t know I don’t know what generates my entertainment on the next time really entertaining is it is it my Boundless Energy or or or or liquor or
or fear or anxiety I don’t know I don’t know if you could draw off the energy so you’re the greatest thing in the world
extremely good. I feel like I feel like I’m kind of betraying it like I feel like we should we should do something to earn their energy strangers
there’s no there’s no wheel for you listening
Levi this age I know this guy
I got that Mike hello Levi I feel I owe it to those to the homeless kind of Cary Elwes Princess Bride As you also have his mustache from Glory which is that is my Three Musketeers must ask what you’re looking for fucking describing me this is awesome. Did you wash your shoes oh wait I’m really fucked up before I came here. They’re so Levi we met in Madison Madison up there during the harmontown tour from same thing
ioana and where you live on the banks of the Mississippi and your big big old Dan Harmon fan for that but you are really your kind of I’ve never had a hero so I don’t know how to put that in terms but I whatever that word is in comparison to you what do you what do you find her what do you what do you find heroic about Dan but not only that but he gets up here he doesn’t do a bit it doesn’t put on Stick he’s just Dan Harmon up here and all of us
put your feet up
I just got a glimpse of this Bangladesh City and that’s why I don’t where I went the same thing with shoes more comfortable for me personally the weird ones all of you guys with shoes I don’t know how you can do it like it’s so there
you’re awful people unlike unlike something I have this like practical purpose they Shield the human foot has from broken crack pipes over a pile of dead cows just a couple weeks ago you wear shoes when you have to walk over a dead cat can we can we did learn a little bit more about walking on dead cows what do you want to know I want to know why you’re walking on dead
what do you mean by what I want to know I’ve been busy. You have a hand in their deaths if they did before you that they wouldn’t be in California I can’t technically tell you why I was walking on that dead pile besides the fact that it’s rich in nitrogen and which is a good fertilizer for plants for the podcast listeners I was not thinking that was a twitch
you can do you can use live cows poop. I’m just making the best of a situation by I rent a property and I live on a Farm by be asleep and the landlord is a terrible person I really hope someone listen to this my address and I’ll tell you later I love you too I’m sorry but my landlord just as poorly and then when they died he says it’s awful just pile them all on top of each other and then just let them sit there and then you go you yeah yeah
well I swear that I mean when we haven’t scratched the surface and Levi I have a lot of deep emotional pain are we allowed to scratch the surface, you can talk about me every which way the conversation which I thought was nice. I wouldn’t be shocking you to say your you have weird mannerisms that’s not it that’s so if I do it but then I would also I would say that you are more comfortable talking to you then lots of other people who you would assume Blake likely some kind of my heart I don’t know I don’t I don’t know what that what that factor is but it’s like I mean you have yet to I mean you don’t you don’t wear shoes you you’ve got
weird mustache your your your you’ve got a manic energy and you identified yourself as a transgender and in Madison WI debt you identify as a female you said but didn’t sexually I wouldn’t want to fucking do a weird story about that I had a friend of mine where a couple I think a month couple months ago and we had just some hallucinogens and we were walking around it was just me and him is a dude and this is a very lonely guy and like he used to have his girlfriend and only one girlfriend and he’s been broken up and so it really needs companionship and there was one point during the night where he was like you just want to fuck
and I like we’re sitting on a bench and I’m just like I felt I felt really really bad cuz he told me that I’ve been getting mixed signals off me like I’m a very flamboyant flirty person and I apparently have been doing that to him and he’s like I even made up a joke how do you want me to go to Jolly Rodger you in the bushes what not really looking for a Jolly Rodger have to tell me we can just drive it and our laughter would reinforce it is it is it it’s not like a Jolly Rancher
pirate booty that I guess that’s it snowed and it can be whatever Levi’s I thought it was a secret.
They lived in the diet and they’re sad now so I don’t know where to begin. Where the middle and I don’t know where to add my girlfriend doesn’t know where to begin I saw a video that’s online maybe you can tell people had it how to get it to it on YouTube which again on paper if if someone were to be afraid of someone like like like this video has all the earmarks I don’t fear you
but but but but the facts on paper about this video which are that you made it by yourself you play me Jeff and Erin and yourself and in the beginning of the end restaurant in the in the beginning of the video realizing that harmontown is canceled that week you basically not to put too fine a point on it you take rope and other implements and you abduct each of us talked to you and I didn’t abduct Spencer you came willingly flew in your eyes for you by yourself in this like apartment playing all of us doing a harmontown show for for you yourself wearing different wigs in. You think it go around behind you is where you actually live in there is just dead cows everyone
it looks like I haven’t seen it I’ve done. I’m very intrigued by my room
it looks like
show me if your hamster had biopic like there’s like Swirls and then there’s other than what is written on the wall
what is it is it just random thoughts of a community references Doctor Who quote on makeup on my own I really like it cuz I have to do it all the time by myself I really like it when my friends come over I have a big box of markers and I had like as a woman but you still have the male facial hair is that is that a conflict with the pets accepted like and it goes back to like the fucking thing is I really want to have I want to be able to have the room on the inside of me and have kids that’s the only not the only reason to be a woman but I mean that’s the reason why I wouldn’t like going to a surgery right now I mean that’s you can’t get that like you’d have to drink a magic potion for that to happen so let me know
weather is transgender transgender or you just Express as another gender and then there’s transgender as a subset of that people who got okay. I’m going to take physical step and you’re saying well the only the the brass ring is having a uterus and that’s not achievable through medical science so why not have a mustache
I mean that’s basically I want to be able to have all the kids and you have a technical medically heterosexual relationship because medical you aren’t you have a weiner do you have a sexual relationship with your girlfriend so when you guys do it it’s a weiner going into a oh yeah I like that but I don’t know no
since I know that I can’t have what I want and to try and force anything other than that is sort of childish then it’s like a know except what something gave you and like live with it like I can’t what am I going to do if I gave you a uterus right now with a magic wand and I cannot
no matter how much you know that no no biggie but if you had a uterus right now would you continue to have a relationship with a woman I would only with her like I said it’s so much Love Actually it’s yours and Aarons left like listen to the podcast it’s just listening to us sometimes like not only you guys fighting but just you’re like no joke you play
each other and I was listening to it on the way here you’re talking about him Aaron was looking to Game of Thrones and you can do it like this voice or whatever Downton Abbey and she was like still like fuck with her I was doing like closed-mouth British accent emotional pain and you raised your hand just by default but are you do you have any actual short-term things that we can help you with to the hell hole that I
and that is not helpful I really the town’s okay is it’s hard I don’t want to enable anything but I will say you will fit in more here then
quite possibly is like God the people out here just fucking like I want to live and breed a few people out here they come out here because they’re chasing their own thing and then and then something you want to do that any more successful in building their own thing which means if you’re in a room with a bunch of people in one guy’s got a weird mustache number two guys going to shark fin on his hat like you can never quite dismiss anybody because somebody might be a millionaire or about to become one or that’s why there’s a whole culture of like you know it’s very hard to 44 bigotry and Prejudice Sir with other synonyms to gain a foothold here because it’s not it’s not incentivised financially or socially do you guys have an accent cuz I haven’t heard from yet
Los Angeles do you have next
yeah I can tell if I’m if I’m if I’m talking to somebody I can tell that they’re born and raised in Los Angeles I can detect the LA speech but let’s just give it to me so I think everybody thinks that they did they don’t have an accent Right Alright well we can’t help you live out here but but yeah do you need any advice I know I don’t need it
think I can make it quite on my own but I guess if you if you were open to advice like the first thing that would happen to be covered in shoes
you’re clearly a
I I believe you when you put when a man with that is that committed to not wearing shoes does I don’t know I’m not in the market for advice like I truly believe you because you’re worried about my shoes and I bought laceless shoes I like looking at your fancy facial hair that’s kind of fastidious you what I would expect like fats and something like some kind of like you’re very you’re very what kind of walking contradiction because great it makes you a fucking what that’s awesome do you think that your feet are like hobbit feet like that on the top but do you think are they like they’re developing
is it are you are you maybe like the the shoe wear equivalent of a nudist in that like you thinking that maybe we should all not wear shoes in the fuck you want to like make me wear shoes but where is there a route to that was there anything where do that after I know he was Bloody cold out there
damn yeah doesn’t wear pants anytime but he’s always in shorts and I bet they will give him shit for that all the time. There’s not some root like kind of important issues actually like those kind of traffic I’m not I’m not I’m not picking on you I’m just saying cuz I’m I’m I’m I’m getting the dialectic here so I can cuz I want to find out like cuz you’re different in that you are committed to not wearing shoes and I’m curious like if there was a
expound on that you were forced to wear shoes I’m sorry I couldn’t be looking for like the moment I turned your origin of an opera house
we’re back.
Is it like at it maybe is it like a like a something else you feels
do Shih Tzus shoes or shoes or extra uncomfortable feeling baby it look what you did choose to walk through the cow carcass field okay
that was me being Taco take that tone with me Levi alright well
thank you okay
enjoy your stay in Hermantown
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sweet treat cuz you’re such a good audience we can go see Brad Levi what else what else what else
what do you think that’s about why do you think you are on the people everybody all Armenians are fantastic and many of them are exactly like me and that’s probably a puppy a problem a breakdown in our lake lake of a lot of very little eye contact and a lot of like people get like I’m very flattered by this but then I have now met a lot of people that are very nervous to be meeting me and I and I don’t suffer the illusion that is because they’re very much special about me I think it’s a it’s a it’s because I know how they feel like I buy it when I moved to LA and like oh my God my album Kirk standing over by a lot of weird shit and feeling like a really conflicted and weird about like having like face-to-face encounters with people just because I had a one-way relationship with them for a long time and had built up in my head that there was there was there were they were a symbol
make my point thing I meet a lot of people who are nervous to meet me and I even meeting the mailman I’m nervous to meet the mailman like I don’t make I don’t I get very uncomfortable text messaging saved my life because I could never talk even on the phone to people in like I could okay okay and if everyone thinks I’m a dick and I can’t look at people and all the stuff and I don’t know maybe it’s just use the crashes language possible to be very efficient about about communicating it and I think he can take it I think Levi’s so crazy to think about so honest about it he’s just like there’s nothing I don’t know there’s like nothing’s going to happen you know looks like where is somebody else their head might explode or something I don’t know what it is
oh God know your special my friend power over you that you can scream out at the roller coaster with me
but it’s okay let’s do it looks cute let’s kill is keep the show special what are you what are you looking for a good friend what is your last name Bill
Morrison Morrison Morrison and meats and a bag of rocks at your lovely tonight he has brought a little kind of lovely wooden shingles with quotes for my show on it and that he’s giving me a handful and I think he’s he’s going to turn to dispense to the crowd if you alright
you found a middle ground but it was at you brought the food and then we made fun of you because of the food had had mold on it and then the following week in my opinion what was a passive-aggressive move you brought you brought inert rocks as if to say fine
Little Rock’s dad but this is like now this is what I brought you Stone it but it but it has a big stick
but the weird thing is supposed to have words on them right I ate the country like Pac-Man that’s the quote for me I don’t even have this one is when I’m quoting you fuck Batman we fuck you when does season 3 of community was written on anus
it was it was posted somewhere leave I know that they were all
did I mean to say adderal and I said anus I like this one where I I I take a bold stance and say I take adorable ships they like unicorn tears
not correct I want to take it back cuz like in order to get through all of these and there’s there’s like 60 two of them I had to like sort of plumb the depths of the web to to Wrangle enough of these two so there’s there’s almost no duplicates tonight 6262 over that right I don’t know I can better that I am going to be a millionaire and I’m going to smell like a butt
that’s me being Define at the Dan Harmon guarantee
or your money back
not giving me the right to do whatever whatever whatever you wish with them I would like to find out some things about this early Maple the yellow ones are yellow heart the ones that don’t have much of grain are Basswood and then the dark ones are cherry
I wonder if there’s a type of wood that would have been booed I’ve got about seven or eight is so if you guys have someone get shorter than once when I can come up and grab lunch room and keeping I’m eating the lead paint of my own ego damn, all right thank you Billy you’re going to hand them out now
it’s a special night I don’t know if it’s first-time visitor accessible for special night you know what do you mean stories about about about jerking off and you look like you’re half asleep in there and you look really mentally exhausted I blogged about this fax just writing is it’s it’s it’s it’s so hard it’s it’s right before your eyes get sleepy before you before you get frustrated like your brain actually just like you just was where is out cuz he was just like you’re running it like a motor cuz you’re like looking at this fucking Blackboard and going like okay so why what what does Annie want again and it’s just like and then one person goes like I think she wants she wants to feel loved and then
hello what what how come you’re being so mean to Leonard
and everyone
unless that solves everything if I say so but yeah it’s just it’s just you problem solving up against the boundary between it in the ship that you need to know the whole time have they gotten on board and are they are they still intimidated to talk or does everyone with their coming out and they’re they’re great break up into smaller groups just so many of them in there so like a cert all of the circumstances are so strange but but I think once we have just takes a while and then we broke up into small groups and now they’re it’s it I I don’t think I don’t exactly have my ear to the ground like in terms of gossip and stuff but it seems like they’re all y’all really like each other two which is kind of a feet with 14 writers like they there’s usually one person if I do hear from Stanley mistake
what’s your feeling about the about the episodes can you compare this is how you felt going in to previous Seasons I feel better about 5:01 then I felt going in to previous Seasons but I don’t I wouldn’t I can’t bet my life cuz I just so I don’t know so close to it I can’t I I I don’t I don’t I don’t know like knobs or Winx to the fact that your back is there goes like I like the fact that like is there any kind of dealing with that or are you just going to kind of just picking up where the last season left off of coming back and having to do with it seems like lately automatically going to generate Asda context of I don’t know how to explain it like that feeling is in the air and so I’m not I’m not I’m not doing a bunch of inside jokes and go on like what
I had a bad taukojumppa or we all have bad tacos
now it’s all gone around the fan every time as a reference
that’s not entertaining you know to do that
add for an actor to Let’s Do It Let’s do let’s do q and I don’t know why I spun the wheel
anybody have any questions
Jesus Christ
camera over here as a documentary guy
if your question is how is the documentary going clear Lee it’s not finished
do some shots to pick up
how I learned about America
what was your question
did you give me aware version of any animal during the
give me a where version of any animal during a full moon which animal would that be wearing version of any animal you can wear whatever you want
right so that where it is not is not wolf specific you could be aware of a whale
no control over this right is how every full moon
I just I just want to have to think practically because
I don’t keep track of time very well and I just want to make sure that like I’m not like it a plate like it like if it was a tiger then there’s places where that’s not going to be cool so so I feel like I said boring answer but I feel like I just do regular house cat so that so that I maximize my my ability to like hide but also blend in and get away and if anything should go wrong I’m kind of wasting the power by just being scared of it I guess some Snickers bars and that’s probably a bad idea what I like I like I’m not just turning into a cat where will wouldn’t work because I I’d have to I just I would turn it to come out and I love you.
be near a body of water at all times will then maybe like a weird chimp so that people could barely tell the difference so I feel like you just need to feel it
but yeah I don’t know I don’t want to be aware aware aware like otter what about the Werebear how kind of cute
you’re kind of a bear
can the Gateway well be aware bear
cuz I where I was thinking either because again I was thinking I would like to be an otter cuz they like swim with her back and they they crack up crack up and clams on their tummy if you are where are you be like a six-point guy eating clam. Is tell me that you could do that as our we’re barely can do it wouldn’t matter
but I want the other would have to Rampage what was that where where otters and wolves Rampage and werewolves are for after a page I think if you were aware fish we have the copy of that you would have to Rampage oh okay. All right Moon Colony are at the question is thank you for getting back on track what’s your name
ordinary name
as we had Levi what was your name
not really.
Is it really Chad
are you not you weren’t born Church
that would be fucking awesome generate
kind of boring in 5th grade I figured I was an adult so I can do myself
are you ready to judge taught you a lesson they coming into my own and I can have an identity things I decided that my my as a writer my name was Dr Harman even though my middle name is James Mike but I was at Dr Harmon and I tied it when people say what does the AR stand for in shape rutabaga
I didn’t I’m not proud of it talk about that you or are you and your nickname with Pac-Man for a while yeah yeah I like a man called myself Pac-Man I’d I made a windbreaker that had like a little Pat felt Pac-Man on it I didn’t make the Windbreak I made the felt pack on it and I would just like everything was Pac-Man like in Wisconsin knowing what to get you for Christmas you know that everyone has a belt buckle and you know everybody’s got a gimmick back to my gift to get if your a child abuser
yeah and I was the moon I want everything to rant about that’s the goal I don’t enjoy ranting
I’m just sitting here looking at or about doing anyway
I do it because I have to it’s like a like a does a car enjoy producing carbon dioxide it’s got shit in it and it’s like has to get the certain work done living on Earth produces a byproduct called rants
I think you find stuff to rant about the fancy is the VIP moon going to Phoenixville orbit to the restaurant mooning you there were a couple people I went to the harmontown subreddit and there were a couple people that were really taking me to tasks or taking my idea to tasks as if I should go to the Moon with me which is which I did not
what does he give up his big house like you were instigated that bullshit that you started
which is this I do want to address that point and I did in the subreddit as well with a little little tapir aunt but I have a big house and know that capitalism as a system like like the idea that you could respond to somebody question in the world that you’re in by telling them to that you don’t give them any credit because they haven’t yet reduce themselves to a criminal level of poverty is this is exactly the same as saying go fuck yourself like there’s no difference between that we are all within capitalism we all survive within capitalism by buying and selling thing I don’t think it matters like like like like my big house is me going like this is what I deserve I’m going to work this hard and make it so I can have this much space to move in I can walk around that space and got Jesus Christ real fucked-up system that made me work that hard for this much space
you know I do I don’t want to go to the moon and live in a little cubicle a big where there is no such thing as property and hierarchy will go up there and where and we’re going to have a good time but it’s not going to be it’s a community people that question me on Reddit
going to be it’s going to be a special detector that zaps those people every time you talk about it only going to be over, boys are gateways man yeah but you’re allowed to say okay we got to take the right people we got to engage in some elitism cuz we’re not going to take 7 billion people to the moon and even if we could that would just be like then keep them on Earth and fix the Earth the idea is that okay it’s just them two big be the most of the people down here feel like they’re nailing it even the people who don’t are like Wanda I don’t want to go to the mood some people would be willing to go but you got to pick the right ones to take your best shot at starting over and so yes you are an engaging and de facto hierarchy and deleted them cuz somebody’s got to actually start the thing but the goal is to get up there and you know hand over the reins
the collective we decided there’s going to be a situation or we’re going to terraform how we going to live it well I don’t know how to terraform

I I kind of feel like I believe we should take somebody who knows how to do it yeah
I’m looking at it this way like I don’t think I like I’m not going to give myself credit for knowing how to grow stuff on the moon like like make make an atmosphere
but I’ve gone swimming with my goggles and stuff. I understand the basic principles of stealing things off like so I figure
nnnn and we have we have yet we have yet to terraform I think you’re a little cocky on that
I’m just saying there’s a lot more credit scientifically that maybe you can figure out because because both places are right I have the identical problem I need to be airtight accomplish both of those things we have not terraformed anything yet so I’m just saying like Okay we got to we’ve gotten to the moon and we’ve been we’ve been we’ve hung out up there so I’m saying can I please get up there and hang out there so that people leave me alone
there will have to be like hydroponic you know like basil Gardens in so I can garnish Levi special carcass fertilizer
all right what one more question that’ll in this segment All rights are you there in
worst insult anyone’s ever said to my face as a good question I don’t want to get it wrong like I don’t want to
I remember I remember being really hurt
when I was like in my 20s and
I said I was I was I was helping this this this this band load into this bar like it’ll take too long to explain why but and then they were having trouble with like this bouncer or something and and the guy that I just made some comment but I was I was actually trying to ease the tension between them like the leader of the band was having trouble with the bouncer like there’s some misunderstanding but if they’re going to get paid or if they were taking the door and I just I just tried to like like make a funny joke like carrying somebody’s bass chords or something and I was like I was like Chewbacca
it really hurt my my my I just I really felt his like to complete to get the time I was like like like like it was like a weird like I probably had an image in my head like I look like John Cusack
and then he was like no I when I look at you like with my tiny bouncer brain and improv skills like I immediately say Chewbacca you’re like so I like it’s profound you like you are Chewbacca other which means you’re gross do they are and and unlike animal I felt I felt better that I remember that sticks out my head was the only Latino in the Star Wars movies for the name is chewy what you charge for like Jesus
he’s a mechanic and he never fight alone the first one I do hope when the first time they get into the money I sit down oh shit there are gold dice or silver dice are dashboard dice how you never see them again the day he bumps his head on them when he gets in the first time that’s the only time George Lucas unchecked in The Phantom Menace and they fight
welcome to a sign video
so expensive
yeah I could you know where we can get our car fixed I don’t know what’s in it for me
I mean we all saw it
have a great Christmas day cuz he was in and he got a key user you’re not in a man but like I mean like Angry Studio heads or co-workers and things like that other stuff they just call Human Resources if you could conjure up what would be the most painful thing for someone to say to you about the pretentiousness like who do you think you are that area cuz I’m from Wisconsin and I grew up with the like a brother that was like five years older than me and was constantly like he would he would go like like like what the fuc
Daniel has to do his laundry and my mom would would would say to my brother is special and my brother
comfortable while you’re there by Dr Harman is right here
and so I just lately I I don’t I don’t like I don’t like I had to learn to take a compliment overtime like a one of my 80 therapist told me at one point like you should what do you deflect a compliment that actually insults the person that’s giving it to you I figured that out after a while if people buy how to say thank you it so it said you did a good job but but I still terrified or anything like they they exist if I if I if I like like Iron Man costume from Comic-Con for sale AV club headlight I know not to click on that cuz I know that the reason they’re putting that up there is simply said that like everyone to come there and like leave, to go pass hole like I’m still sensitive about that stuff cuz of me
crazy it’s okay for people to think I’m stupid it’s okay for people to think like all kinds of like like like that I’m abusive that I don’t want them to think that I’m a bad person but but but when it gets into like like people thinking that I am less blank than I think I am like it kind of really it was really threatens me because it implies that I’m some kind of it started like just like opens the Schrodinger box of my entire identity and goes like his attempt at first implication is that I’m a contract of myself like I and II implication is that that contract is like Emperor’s robes I guess it’s not there anymore they got it really kind of terrifies me cuz I could I guess I must believe that true I’m not wanted to be a fatty
he really like
die I guess I accidentally it was on me like he was this young guy was like opening the door for all of his all of his family like his grandma walkthrough and his mom wants you and I kind of like darted through the door like and then like he said something like a real classy I think that was a defensive because I I felt
nnn because I said that he was like he just like fucking I can’t really think of myself as a fat person so I got like a Chewbacca thing and then I went and looked in the mirror and it was wearing a tux because it was a Magic Castle
I guess there was some formal event and then and then and then a thing at the Magic Castle if you haven’t been don’t you call it the hurtful Castle but he was right I will I mean he was right to I didn’t have my fucking Emily post simulator on my friends were five people ahead and had already gone through the doors I was just trying to catch up to them but in his world it was like
looking for you guy
and then and then I was kind of sending I should have just said I am so sorry fuck that guy
but remember that guy at Tam O’Shanter yeah that guy really really quickly I mean sometimes I’ll just make me angry but but like also just the idea that I talk too much that I’m out loud mouth he sat there the whole time Jeff and I were having a good time that we told this story on his podcast but what haven’t we told sitting there in this restaurant and kind of having a couple beers of summer summer day like I was just out with some friends and like like just kind of living the living the summer life like that guy in a quasi fancy restaurant in Los Feliz and and there was this table with this guy in these two elderly women and then he kept like like with one of them one of them looked over I think at one point which is why I made sure that we weren’t really being that obnoxious at a certain point but I guess we were I guess we use profanity
sometimes when we when we communicate aloud story that might have gotten a little lunch at the bends over here like you’re you’re encroaching on our ability to eat our coding the hall or whatever he waited the whole thing settled the whole bill and stopped on the way out and went to the three of us said that so flustered this is me at my at my wittiest when I’m actually under the gun I went
to which he replied to go fuc yourself. Yeah I got you under the thumb of his like Mom’s inheritance or something like two maybe three days with us. Just like they can we get a table for two at 8 and they are there like when the answer is no they can’t because we have too many tables in here we should get rid of a couple so it’s a comfortable place instead they fucking Jam these goddamn Logan’s Run fucking tables together as if as if it is
human at all
closer to a stranger than the person that you came to dinner with my fucking mind is the Wiz when the people next to you who are in the same portal situation can’t have the fucking like humans righteousness to go I guess we’re all just prisoners of war in this in this shity place let’s let’s all Rise Above It by ignorant each other
people next to you talkin to your friend having an intimate conversation I’m a hyperbolic guy I might I might compare seasons of TV shows do you want to say everything grab my god-given word power to make my point I won’t do it loudly I want but I but I’ll do it effectively and then there’s a certain combination of words every fucking time I eat one of these places where your cousin so it’s somebody always looks over and goes like Excuse me I didn’t problem for years I was in the bullshit what the fuck
are you poor
sorry sir what is I rude to you with a girl at a fancy restaurant and philosophically spiritually you know she was an atheist it turned out and about I understand and I understand people need people need religion sometimes to you know it it gives a meeting in that whole thing I’m like wow there is that that that that kind of aspect of it I think that religion connect people with with the unknown and that’s the primary thing but it has come to be a sort of a crutch for some people because I’d like to to to to put it very
I really like you do you know that this business sort of background notion in our heads that if you get cancer it’s your fault or something like that and I just like a woman over here it was like like I saw her head, so now I have my attention on the lady next to me because she leans over at your friends did you hear what he said
my date is it has no idea that I’m now listening to them and I’m just going to go home.
So anyways I when I got my Master’s Degree I just wanted to say that I wanted to focus on he said if you get cancer answer your phone
I’m horrified that I’m here and I’m sorry that’s not what I said look on the woman’s face at this barbaric act the action of my part I actually said that I was but I beg your pardon
I overheard they can hear you talking about what I was talking about and you quoted me out of context and little did I know they would have destroyed my life but I was talking about religion with my friend it was using a hyperbolic metaphors and things and you you you you I didn’t I don’t I don’t think it’s people’s fault when they get cancer and she’s like oh well I didn’t I didn’t know that you could hear me and I was like well I didn’t I didn’t want you to hear me it’s a very small restaurant they see people very close so I guess there’s a financial reason behind that but we are both the victims and job I survived cancer
I’m on a time on a date to that that’s not surviving cancer but it’s also like it’s also a thing that I want to be hooked into you know in like like like like like look up the tables together and it was a fucking nightmare it happens every time I go out to eat if unless I do the thing that I’ve learned to do would make me a curmudgeon Anna Anna Anna and not as fun to go out to eat with I walk into a restaurant is that is the situation I go no we’re not eating here now my problems are over but I I don’t know why I’m telling you this is like to do and I was sitting in a couple on a first date dating that guy have ears on that side of my head in that has multiple ears
and a regular Chit Chat and then another couple walks into the restaurant that they know and the woman the young girl goes with a young lady goes like Oh my God what are you doing tonight I know I never come here it’s so ironic that you’re here I got to go
actually I think it was close enough that I actually kind of did that would be incredibly me think of the hand on the table coincidence
I’m sitting right here
I thought we knew each other we were all fast
well I guess that makes me an asshole but I think I’ve said this before it’s like if you are watching sports or if you watching news with they’re improvising because there’s a high-speed chase with her I’m going off prompter and they’re having a rest if you hear the word you know a hundred percent chance of going to be no irony in the first two sentences
all right well I mean I’m a victim in in my restaurant stories
I know
I’m more of a victim had to sit around you people all right well let’s happy so that we can
Aaron up she probably peeing or so if I know her she’s taking a shit we’re both cleansing she’s probably the bathroom
Aaron taking a poo Lady is sometimes have to do
cleanse I got to pee constantly 7 minutes and it’s actually getting in the way of work cuz I’m not kidding like I actually just go I’ll be a little more dehydrated and just have the liquid kale thing is mostly water so I think you’re okay health-wise exciting to talk to you I haven’t seen here really like a date I hope no one overhears our conversations
Spencer how how how are you I’m good I’m I’m also getting adequate hydration
how do you how do you how are you liking being my assistant it’s good I I I feel like I’m doing a terrible job but I think I’m doing okay I would do great at performance that’s fired an A plus I guess anything that I needed something and I wasn’t getting it if I needed something I asked you for it because I paid to get it for me this boy could be for you and could leave it.
if you if you want to do something
is it that to make yourself feel like I’m a better assistant here we go
for now this is something that I have I feel bad asking an assistant to do
BBQ but now that it’s disguised as entertainment but I can’t because I think my car is like the inside of it the passenger side floor it’s just it’s just it’s just the garbage can I mean I think there might be a couple Dungeons & Dragons books down there something better with the books all right probably right save the clothes soak a rag and Dungeons & Dragons
I listen to last week’s show
I was in the end I really like taking things off and I walked over to the mirror as his witness my own expression on my face I was through it was a great show and I’m going to I’m going to leave it because like I am going to Rockport road to every week ending Sunday night
the car from Rocky Horror are you in
I like this movie like I I bought some Bronson in London and stuff like that so like I really love it so I like yeah I
they’re called like that for I am so like last Sunday like I was up at 8 a.m. and I decided that I want to go to Farmers Market Santa Monica again like 2 hours so I like pie pie Wednesday and then I can come so it was around I don’t like two or three times. I just fell asleep and Gunther Hermantown
all right and Mariner Mike back for God’s sake you
you want to call him
but thank you thank you for playing already today is it a boy like you discovered the rocky horror when I was in high school I was a big does a big turning point for me getting out of the little Suburban House going downtown Milwaukee and Saturday night getting my curfew extended seeing people like the stuff I never I was terrified at the prospect that guy as flamboyant cross-dressing because I probably was like he’s suppressing like like this like we might my friend in high school like he ended up joining the show and I was always like like like like like like I was I was you know 16-17 years old and I would like I never
I didn’t think I’d like to smoke pot or anything by that time and it’s like maybe drink drink beers and stuff in basements but these were grown up some like crazy people and it was downtown God knows what they would get up to at their apartments or backstage I got others I just remember looking at them as as as if they were like these crazy they might as well if any prints or Boy George or David Copperfield I had a real so I had a really bad experience with it I was with Matt Groening some friends in Santa Barbara something we let you know what to do when people put on the show and it’s all this interaction and stuff but they’re not to be mean but it’s up just to describe him some really creepy real syphilitic old queens that we’re running it
sounds like a lot of people having bad they were virgins to Rocky Horror but it didn’t raise their hand I did and I was taking up on stage like like Fay Wray and King Kong and they all of all of the men in a little like a little Speedos and a little like a dingy sweaty like like not been washed ever like Spandex and then I’d like the lingerie like like hairy legs with Garden stockings on they all stood for the legs apart like an aligned and I had to lay down like I would lay down my arms out of these guys headed to other guys pick pick me up at the hands and feet I just like randomly up into their dicks in Falls
just just just old is syphilitic have hockey
that’s how that’s how you got to do psychic powers
is like it was a big threshold there cuz it was that there was a lot of that going I think every company that does rocky horror that’s like part of their function ceremonially you know there is the guy that plays Frank N furter you know that is it is is you know is going to be this big flame point like like covered in makeup fishnets like like like outgoing like dude who’s like challenging your sexuality while you’re in line and then like slapping the whole company is like and I’m on the freeway and the terror that lake lake and then the most important thing like going through those moments in and being afraid of like what might happen and then realizing like any haunted house or anything that physical contact with people that don’t do the same things you do or dress the same way you do doesn’t actually there’s nothing but you know it doesn’t you wake up the next morning and now you’re just cooler
are there nothing happened you’re not you’re not unless you wanted you’re in full control of everything the whole time like needles in their hands. But I was just feeling like I had graduated something and it was like it was it was my posture changed a little bit of change back in the interim but downtown independent movie theaters in a little small towns there’s little kids like me or the back before it was
an Oscar winner and stuff but God did you do that
every every answer to every question so sleepy and sad
alright you can get probably get on YouTube and just watch Rocky Horror Picture Show up so you can certainly get a DVD back then it was like the pic the first question if you would have let you go in and you yell out stuff on cute it was always like the idea that there was such a thing as a script for the movie or it were a copy of it that you could watch him practice or something that was unheard of that it was such a mystical thing you had to go to the theater to see this movie with all those are also cool and I’m sure afterwards because I do this if I watch the performance and I really like that was really clever this called back for really really good me and my friends try to start new stuff so if I’m a sad.
Eddie just random stuff like the way we would be to pick a spot in the movie or we just yell out
I see if it took off the previous week and Charlie Brown dumb experiment was 17 years old
you see it
last time on harmontown
after bargaining for the life of Sharpie butts a lot from the foreign Haim The Frozen City more specifically the yaralov for 9 you left the city and put on a show in the blizzard
alright kill the music
that’s all that happened everybody short and sweet
Fallout A lot’s going to happen tonight my friend
so you guys are in an Icee Icee candy and you walked in there because it was the only way through two elements yeah we’re good to go for a sauna keep going through the canyon and see what see what goes do we need someone to play Chris de Burgh you should we go without whatever you guys want
hello I was tempted to leave I can’t go up to I love that might have been that might have been a good way to go to the canyon
you’re okay you’re kind of lighting and you didn’t decide what we started that show that you would have really done over but you just you didn’t really do anything she was a rapt audience member the entire time I don’t know excited I got in my head I had so many things that I wanted to do and then I just got really sleepy and
but I used the number to beauty that is passing us on the daughter of blue without her footsteps behind you crunching in the snow so you guys
I’m behind you and I heard it from behind me and I’m I the last one yeah I’m in the rear and I turn all the way around turning all the way around you see him on the ice and no a familiar Knoll named your thing but I’m back we’re going north right hell yeah who could forget you or who could forget
yeah he’s he’s the P1 right the one that smells like pee all the time oh yeah okay okay
I’m just saying you know I was scouting you guys were going the wrong way by the way not supposed to know I mean it got turned around but I just came back from scouting ahead they have this big black gate is crazy it’s full of demons shouldn’t be going towards going to kill him yeah let’s go to that gate so they are full
okay alright you guys go ahead you’re not coming I mean I’ll stay in the back okay I’ll be careful alright I mean yeah just another day
I wonder if I haven’t seen you I know that you are assigned to follow us and I haven’t seen you in so long you no Frost Giants can stomp on you I haven’t heard we had no experience with that yeah I mean I wouldn’t know that you got stomped on personally but I’m sure I’m sure that’s true Side bar with my friends I’ll be over here
to the extent that I ever knew you’re like I just don’t think that this is your arch acting really weird look the same good perception that me
or some kind of no don’t don’t want you guys have like no intention or whenever detect intention sense motive my Q10 point
I-80 is a sensitive person
he doesn’t seem to be up to anything would you roll I rolled up for
alright can I get like it’s on the level I don’t know I’m going to cast to text thoughts on them you detect thoughts
what would you get Sharpie
you’re too many demons are at this big black gate 7
and that’s on the far side of that is going to be
the Admiral Dark Tower open right the gate lies the black keep all right we didn’t come this far to turn around now I’m feeling pretty energized from that show Happy Feeling I think I think I think group group around president all the time and all time high let’s have let’s go it’s a nice skeleton army you got by the way we’re good we’re good figured your butt but at what cost at what cost is too high
what’s an erotic only audience those flying things that were coming That Never Dies ketosis if I get on Cocoa do you think that okay
I’m going to send Avenger do you meet me where are the one who has stealth to go first and check it out I just want to get a distance I don’t want to talk to your teacher about it like a c I think I see how far the black gates are the Avenger up into the sky but after a moment or two Lee returns he gives you a look that says it’s snowing it’s too hard to see from up here I’m not used to this kind of climate it’s cold
the very subtle look
I almost thought I was going to be a wrap all right well when I want you to still do my sort out you know that for Eveready the two of you go ahead down this I see Canyon and you round an icy Bend and you see it the black gate it extends maybe a hundred feet tall and you can see about four levels of catwalks that are kind of strung together by these metal stairs standing on the catwalk kind of patrolling around or black armor dudes as well as demons and Devils that you kind of sauce and fought with that a yellow Camp how many of them are there there’s seven demons and you can count 1 to 4 human guys who armored guys
and then three of the bearded demon types all right I see everybody I’m there patrolling and say something to you guys but I give me info there was a week on that walks you say it’s kind of like his, like I said you’re a Stage production of West Side Story and I was like a lot there so we’re not walking under a maybe we can pick them off pick off a couple of them before we engage the catwalks fault you know sizable skeleton army goes forward to maybe pick a couple of mop and then you don’t have time to escape any call call the Cavalry idea all right
I have a treat token
what do what does that do to treat alcohol hurt cats eyes are the gate what’s blinking this gate will it’s just like wedged into the ice climbing spikes I think that’s what they’re called right of the skeletons to just do the old saunter out there go fuck you guys and run back and stand behind the skeletons I mean
when they call reinforcements they see us
who sang like a wave and I will show him our ass and then I’ll come build those guys at the gate will just take a couple people and I’ll come running and I’ll come over there and they’ll be the the cast of Ben-Hur will be there
skeletons to lie on the ground like it’s like they’re their fallen soldiers maybe someone who has Bluff could be like over here just come in there and kick this guy’s ass
blunt force it
all right so so who’s taking the lead then I’m on my way I will only let me let me just do this I’ve always wanted to do this I just walk when was going to walk around the bend in
my wife and I need change for a dollar

also look at this street all the guys on the wall kind of like turn towards you and they’re looking at you and then the devil’s kind of hold out their arms and they start the bereaved with flames all right I’ll be over here by 2 behind the skeleton army, and I read a book
did you hear the crunching of footfalls and then the four armored men are upon you they managed to scramble down this gate and chase you guys down to where you guys are like I General via skeletons and do kind of a Thermopylae you know the Spartan kind of thing up so that the clothes off the pass so you know they they seal off the past but these guys are approaching right they’re going to let them Clash yeah that makes sense do the demons see the 40 skeletons and it’s like going yeah you know I don’t give a fuck they’re very confident they’re just demons bracelet do
they just give you plus to strength including are stab-lok fun rules all right you see your skeleton army kind of engage with the Enemy these are these human guys in armor kind of clash in the skeletons are actually really well trained in magical and cool and stuff but two of them managed just sliced the two of the guys in yeah and the other three don’t manage to do as well and they just kind of poke at it at these armored guys but only five can get in right now but then the rest kind of have him surrounded and armor guys see that they’re they’re going to lose but the skeletons aren’t going for the final blow right now they’re just surrounding him
all right I jump in with my flaming swords and attacked the nearest armored guy
with your flaming sword you jump into The Fray like you trip over a femur of one of the skeleton troll
so these guys are alive and I kind of like at the at the sword points of our skeleton emissaries of skeletons are kind of waiting skeleton situation
you can’t we can’t use the phone
where’s the back door you’re asking is cuz it’s not a temple fuck you guys harmonquest ended workout work we’re going to Admiral darkstar’s Fortress
is there another way in the only way is through this Gator if you have climbing equipment you could climb up the canyon and then go around this gate
or you can wait for this gate to open what does it open for you no large traffic
where large traffic like a boss
maybe bus but what were the stand around talking traffic that’s arguably useful are you going to sneak our way in that we I don’t think we could send me the number to powers
the skeleton dispatch the remaining guys and you continue on to work the gate
as you approach the gate you hear loud sounds they sound kind of like what the sirens would sound like if you knew its sirens were
what are the way this is definitely magical in nature but at the same time you see the gate that grows are it doesn’t grow a split kind of develops in its middle in its wings open like a giant door and standing in that giant door is one of the largest ogres you’ve ever seen almost 40 ft tall with a small metal platform on his back and you see kind of dude standing on this platform on this back holding crossbows is over start lumbering through the gate I forgot to look at this guy right after that yeah when I get to go I’ll shoot a fireball I don’t get to go Fireball
save a little more Gusto man
all right where do you aim at like I think I are at the platform or the hit the guys on the platform Mass I guess yeah for the platform yeah okay that’s why I assumed by the way for all your podcast listeners yeah so you do that you throw your Fireball in it except over the guys shoulder right onto the metal platform where these snipers are stationed it explodes and you see you know two corpses just fly off yeah
the rest of the guys take seven fire damage and yeah I mean yeah how many of them are up on that platform platform have ranged weapons I can’t really see why I can’t really get him from a distance
I want to see a tree to plant a tree under the ogres not to have a tree grow up and shows
Patrick Grubbs but maneuver
God I wish you were 15 minutes late a little bit at the end of the show
how close can I get to be able to get to where it was standing
okay. If you want on on Coco at a Gallop over to the ogre I looked over at at Sharpie I give him a I give him a wink stuff about to happen up to the job to be over right between his legs
reach for my hand between his legs and I say now
I’d like to see you die maple tree
do I do that you thrust the treaty Oak and into the socks know and then before you’re very died very eyes before your various sensory organs a tree Springs into being it grows in girth as well as length as it reaches its final Heights which is somewhere between this side ogres midsection and smashes and break through the pelvis
don’t run when you take 20 damage
a bank I think the the very clever little little witty back brace Angel on My Shoulder
at the moment he can’t he can’t move his legs are kind of too far from the ground to move at the moment.
the Tyler let’s see the bottom can become invisible for five rounds do I say I want to use that as you get behind them so I can figure out the guys off activating your Amulet of autumn you gain invisibility I’ll write you wanted to get behind want to see if I can get kind of behind where the ogre Elder came out of the gate right you can do that I’m going behind him you do that all right. My Turbo at one of the remaining guys up there
yeah you strength the guy directly in the
not directly in the shoulder in directly in the shoulder
he takes 7 damage nice did you have the one to 10
four says I get one to you then. Thanks for reminding me on the sheets so I don’t have to memorize everything anyway that’s an extra seven damage so I said 714 damage
what’s what’s the damage to the Slayer dungeon master relationship the relationship anyway not the ogre yeah yeah okay it’s far
21st word swipe swinging your flaming sword you and Lisa crackling art arc Arc whatever open windy flaming energy and it strikes him doesn’t directly and match the chest depth for yeah yeah
he seems a little worse for wear and then you know you see a couple of the sniper is remaining take their positions at the edge of his thing in the fire down on you with crossbow bolts
yeah I’m so happy you get hit with one of these bolts and as it strikes you use you feel caustic burn is acid seeps into your skin You Take 5 burning damage a puppy face
acetyl do that to you
the other elements is
but then the ogre start striding towards you he’s off the tree yeah like you like that all right but I mean it took all that effort to get off so that’s it that’s it for you or you want to be technical they caught it caught him right in the taint right
there is a bit there is a bit of like wooden penetration just not like that like like a horn getting rammed up to your tank might Pierce break the skin it was like that paint the but easy since he’s moved faster loads
we just made an ogre come
by wrapping a magical tree into Escape I put that on my resume
did he get sleepy no
do you believe we should leave right
I asked about his feelings
yeah I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to get a cash buyer ball on this over again okay for him to get shot with an arrow is there still two left out there right
you throw your Fireball again at wiz’s right over the ogre shoulder before impacting and exploding on the thing I think it was a platform
you see flaming corpses fall off the side two of them
call Rodger
I was the only one he was wearing pants in Miami
shut up the Raging boner
I want to know more about the Joker’s pants are these days I mean just just just standard burlap kind of okay
did get it filled with come yeah
porous material exactly
my face because if it’s covered in perspiration because I’ve been riding my horse I’m going to take out my
yeah around in front of me or whatever you call the action of putting it in the position of shooting it and I saw the ogres face
and so I do that
you launched a fiery Arrow right in the ogres face and it strikes right there
stealing six fire-damaged night oh yeah you want to jump on him every time whatever he’s he’s worried he’s worried about you you’ve got a fire in your face and knocked his prostate so that you
more analytical this week before you go up there and hands are so small
I don’t want to know if her learning about Tyler sexuality
I like to climb the tree. Can we do that you climb the tree I was doing I’m not going to have any leftover thing to do anything cuz that’s fun to treat this round will yeah I always try to push it just take position up in this free can I get ready can I assume okay how many fingers Crouch yeah you are a tree you wait for your next turn and do a Power Attack with my sword at his at his like Achilles tendon
packing at his Achilles tendon with your flaming sword you do so
dealing 12 dammit yeah
you gotta fall down to one leg of the tree as it is his turn
he reaches down and swats at you cork who’s stabbing at his knees
Achilles tendon
no it’s a yeah I know where that
in the Tain
but it yeah I know he he he he fumbles around he has a hard time you know and he doesn’t sweet he gropes about Bales Megalodon is charging right now
deal with Starfire
just sliced heel treated we’re sending the most confusing signals right now
poor guy just have a bigger orgasm with life
putting in at sharp Eastern I want to I want to use my arm and I don’t I don’t want to use my armlet can I get can I buy a smile on his face again are you know you only have two level three spells I think right it’s not you want to get out of here just as much as you do I’m going to jump and see if I can jump up onto the just do it just to make Chris de Burgh mad casting the ogre right in front of Chris de Burgh
that’s my spot up there
Daniel Pierce Crouch
is that is that my move yeah fiercely
more than one tree token I’m sorry too I’m going to use my my armlet of Summer to heat up metal that I have in my possession throw it into my backpack what steel does like have a plate of Steel yeah yeah for striking out for stoking starting Fires at the road into my backpack I treat like a little stove
look at their I tie my rope to the strap of the backpack and I create like a like a
African fruit in it
around my head. Exactly exact position at his at his throat so I don’t hit Sharpie and I said it’s like shrapnel and that the metal
so I guess
yeah I know you do that it you whip it up as as you start whipping around your head the backpack starts Catching Fire and Jesus Christ you guys what am I a monster
and you throw it and it hits him in the throat
I know I’m all over the place
I don’t get it healing 11 damage
build your clutches that is burning throat I got to say I didn’t think that was going to work
I have accomplished so much in a turd it’s like a watching a PBS show invites the enemy to drink the lemonade but then
I guess I’m jealous I’m jealous
yeah he just closet is thrown as it’s on fire that happened where I was going to go so I can try to call go next to him I’d like to LEAP onto him you leave on to him is there anyway I can get his head isn’t be on his head like yeah let’s do that
we do that climb up the Rope
don’t go down there and I go and I go up to leave
what what’s your fortitude my fortitude
hey guys how much do you mean you don’t have to climb through to get to the
I would not be my first into this 10-4 good buddy
you are overcome by the Overcomer now
I just keep sliding down a pant leg until I come out and I do I do one of those like
do you need to cut your way out of these pants you don’t want me to cut your way out of a burnt pan I came down the other one all right and that did not go as planned you guys you should have said it if I die I didn’t expect ogre come to me that’s been overwhelmed lesson learned some huge red
well well indeed
is a Sharpie on immediately Sharpie takes 12 damn
I have a thing called the rod of the serpent
has a time and a place for that what did somebody yell out a bladed weapon kind of guy and just looking for a scorching Ray on his on the back of his head King Reigns Band-Aid would be
casting your arms in a magical manner you unleash a blazing scorching Ray directly into the what was that part of his head you mentioned his neck right then they put his neck and it burns and it burns dealing 16 Dam
we can kind of see through all this stuff burned flesh and skin is exposed spinal column in a kind of
is he dead
Cricket image everybody thank you Tyler
secondly Viber coming up and it’s hardly Adam for the great line everyone else with trucks here and McAfee one more time for her please
thanks so much
I’m just gave us one more time for your marriage and have it thanks Bill thanks for the sticks bill
and I think speak seek Donnelly for all of your free, quit stuff that was on your seats when he came in here is and God bless you and we’ll see you next week


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