Episode: 119 – LIVE at the Vista with bonus Q&A


Episode: 119 – LIVE at the Vista with bonus Q&A


In conjunction with Cinefamily and Starburns Industries, enjoy Harmontown, LIVE from the Vista theater with a special Q&A for the HARMONTOWN movie, now at harmontown.com!


Christmas give a big round of applause writer-director to dry corneal Berkeley Dan Harmon Spencer Crittenden all the fine clothes to made that movie
I heard guess comptroller for harmontown tonight is come out on John Barrow
an addendum and Cetera there’s our boy
alright we’re kind of making the format up as we go for the podcast can I get the hell out of here do you want the Q&A to be part of heart we could do it as part of the podcast the podcast watch the 2-hour movie and then going to sit to the Q&A and I guess we could do the Q&A is part of the all right tell me what the fuck is that home don’t have visual so so and then he’s going to walk out when I introduced him
hey everyone harmontown is now in session
please welcome to the stage the mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
hahaha Pittsburgh you taking a break right are you halfway through shooting started I know you haven’t started yet kind of just fucking around I don’t know what they’re doing something that’s a life they’re amazing harmontown fans will agree with you so much the movie but the podcast itself is really language is in your absence sure that’s not true but I appreciate you saying that
oh right now harmontown is happening and I’m alone and I mean I think of the show at the hall as an entity separate from you in the next year wise yes I think of Spencer don’t think about you
think about me so we just watch this. The theater in Los Feliz
and we just watch the harmontown documentary which is why I my my my my my my self-loathing is being really I think we didn’t have a bathroom break I’m really self-conscious right now I don’t I don’t know what to do I think people are going to get up and slowly file out I wouldn’t blame them if they did and I know they did but they have families they have lie they don’t have families do you watch your movie
Vincent the family so we were we were asking and Seattle do you know guest controls to drop the n-bomb right at the end of the show just because he happens by the way that’s a great time in Seattle is Dino did that and the Seattle audience kind of just went by quite a two-hour documentary on the whole show in a Q&A better go to the bathroom and are you going to edit this out know why are you cuz it’s boring
no cuz now if you notice how people will know that I use the end it was like a kind of like actually answering your call to Adventure because they sat there and we’re like that
we’re not going to know we’re not going to let you know who cares it’s a dumb word how do you guys feel about it together and see how they react I can I get a new guys react better than Seattle before it what you want to know is that my people can I try to improvise a Muslim Muslim rappers are kind of just got really quiet
Dearborn Muslims
911 I just remember you got really quiet really fast yeah I mean a lot of shit was going on after 9/11 occur among them was that the Muslim Raptors or like we’re going to lay low for a little bit as part of the thing over here what do you think yeah what’s that that and you guys can come line up if you have questions and ask questions ever supposed to Spencer get up here
like a gazelle
hey guys
oh okay alright so do you have any questions
anybody that has any questions about the documentary you just saw it and then we can
this one person align my neck feel like it needs a line segment
sorry Julie that doesn’t land what’s your name sir my name is Brayden Brayden decision-making and what went into the film and if not what would you set the record straight on insisted the pedophilia is an option if you have the gumption tongue twister Ed
he didn’t put it in and I was like I was really funny in that moment I am provides alliteration
do you have any idea how difficult that is the joke was socially unacceptable tongue twister and I nailed it
put it in the movie and Neil was like oh it’s like this feels like offer I made the touchdown credit has very proud of myself that was about it really I just kept telling them put the put the pedophile joke back in the movie you keep leaving it out I don’t know what to tell you that might be the first time that that note has been there was a time in there were several cuts of the movie I had to make an agreement with Neil the guy your guests just ring to didn’t ask that question greatest I found sorry
it’s my chores his movie so come with me and he was very respectful what’s that somebody
what did they say they want us to bring the director on she’s very proud
it’s a very confusing time we didn’t know if it’s a culinary podcast and we don’t know what we’re doing but you’re right you’re absolutely right he made it even though you’re only saying that cuz you gave birth to him we should probably bring the director.
but that’s if it’s just a cure if it’s harmontown if she can just wander up and go I want to eat your face please
is that actually Nails mom no no I’m just trying to take away proud of her mom he’s a filmmaker
that was Shannon Russo wife of Joe Russo
yes sir oh yeah I’ll just say that upfront my question I myself have just finished a lengthy road trip as well so when you were on your road trip were there any deaths of personal hygiene that you sang to that surprised you wait can I am glad I’m here because I was at Circle time the other two other moments that weren’t on camera that you told the story before but one story from the road that always makes me laugh like I I laughed about this day was broke down and you went back to get fries like McDonald’s, so you went back to get McDonald’s fries
hygiene thing but you hid them in the bag and when the Blasted it cuz you got a quarter past Creswell hit the best you could hope for was that people thinking you’re eating slightly less shity fast food so In-N-Out was part of the I don’t know I can’t remember I remember going
you didn’t like you’re sorry a little bit like you just picking on the fat kid but I’m sure the movie maker is going to be there that of the pedophilia joke was going to be in the movie guys I ate extra fries wanted to tell us about how do you know when you have a fake name my name really I was just in my head thinking either it was having Wendy’s three times in one day or not changing clothes for the first 3 days of the road trip
that was just me I doubt yet but the question was what were the depths I probably shower more than usual which is still not a lot
I think it when I’m stationary and I have a person that loves me that’s when I really pushed the limits
like right now there’s like I don’t know wallpaper peeling I haven’t showered in a long time when was the last time you remember the water stings my skin
it hurts it hurts my skin I know that the rest of you get in the shower if you like the feeling of it and that’s why you’re not Heroes for doing it it’s weird that you get out of something that you like and then come and find people like me and make fun of us because we’re all just
sometimes you like to play basketball sometime
then you come find me how many showers did you take this month bro I don’t know
I don’t know 3 3 YouTube
either too many or too much is a little I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know I don’t know everyday is Babylon 5 I don’t you’re but you’re no I don’t know who you are I don’t know what you want from me how many times should I shower to make you happy
what’s up with you fuck you going to sting by skin I like to take baths I like to surprise myself in hot soapy water it takes a long time I don’t do that a lot either I think that answers your question damn very much and thank you Cameron
but when you go to a hotel they have no shower so you said you’re going to be cuz I’m here for a couple weeks and Baltimore are completely alone in a hotel room and I was showering 5 6 times a day just to pass the time I’ll maybe I was tweeting about it cuz I had nothing to do with such a sharp 5 times a day I was agreeing with you that when I’m moving and lonely I shower more but if I’m surrounded
what do you have to do that with a map to shower specific
energy expenditure is going to be so good at this I hate it I hate season 3 of community I came to a point where I was like I got this I’m going to wear my pajamas to work that’s and then I got to go
I was really proud of myself for a while I was like I’m in my pajamas called fucking culture jamming
why why do you wear pajamas the bed they’re comfortable yeah when you going to dream little editor dreams and your little editor bed and your editor pajamas that you I want relax sleepy you
culture jamming culture jamming
this is so cool you have a question about culture jamming it’s already been answered it’s not what is in this is kind of a Twist on the first question something that wasn’t included in the movie but not for Content but maybe just had to be cut for time or didn’t fit the tone that you wish could have been in there, tell the story just because I think it’s interesting that because I think there was a jokingly called Aaron the c-word it was like 10 minutes into the movie we just gotten out of the road and Neal I don’t want to say you thought it was funny and make you sound like you’re some kind of weirdo you were like or what’s obviously joking says a lot about your relationship because Aaron thought it was funny and we like joke about it but it didn’t translate the bottom line is things like the c word for instance like
changes the the experience in the movie you’re watching so I was saying to me like I want you to understand that I do not want to look like a good person of this movie but I also want you to understand that that that early in the film that’s going to be like this weird if you went on a roller coaster and then just a pelican dropped a deer lab roller coaster is it a space near a liquor store doesn’t matter now it’s a pelican theme roller coaster it changes the audience experience save that shitt for later Aaron says later he called me to see where it’s part of the story yeah you can’t have two supplements about to see one in the movie when I go a cat has to go to the perfect and I do like a fake echo on my own and then Aaron says why are you doing the echo they can
go later and I might that’s the bet it’s it’s meta it’s like if we did a documentary about how we fight all the time and then she’s as we don’t fight all the time and I’m like yes we do and she’s like no we don’t and we start fighting and it’s a funny bit and culminates in calling her the c-word and it’s hilarious in our lives and not a good thing to happen 10 minutes of the movie. What was it like to make a movie with a guy who’s in the movie he’s producing there was a good look I’ll tell you one last time I’ve been in rooms where people have said the c-word and the n-word anywhere that you get ready
thank you thank you
I hear what you’re saying I understand that that no it’s not about you being a good person or bad person you’re talking about losing an audience and so I don’t look will hear it just please don’t keep that part in I think that answer your question I don’t know I mean it doesn’t really qualify as an answer your question but every time I see it there’s this guy wearing this orange brown beanie cap and you see him twice in the whole movie and they’re really close together in that guy gave me that beanie during one of the shows and every time I see it I’m like that story to it that only I know and no one else is going to know this but now you guys do maybe ended up outside.
someday you’ll all learn that there’s maybe a place like I don’t know what I can talk about but there’s me a place on the internet where you can go there call Tom a10.com and see the making of chicken noodle dick
let’s switch to scene that didn’t make it the movie but it’s pretty amazing and I can’t wait for y’all to see it at it but it takes forever cuz you don’t want to jump cut within it tastes like 6 if there’s a there’s a honey bear song and there’s a song about until chicken noodle became the huckleberry
the Huckleberry of what
what does that mean what is Glide glow
Neil that’s not a thing anyone says read that
if you think you were referencing Wizard of Oz what the fuck is you talking about I never got that Neil what the fuck are you doing I don’t know how old is Huckleberry like he’s Tom Sawyer was that book contemporary classic
on the ground and sidekick and he’s like dying against a tree how are you my huckleberry
Silverado also read Huck Finn sure if you love the n word
also read Huck Finn
if you have the N word if you love your love the Corolla
sponsor of harmontown
I don’t know what that says hi I’m Adam Adam and I have a question for Dan and then one for Spencer I’m sorry I forgot the question you have to go to the back of the line ask Spencer it didn’t happen these things don’t happen if you ever are privileged to be fired from a television show the way you find out as your agent tells you when your agent tells you you’ve been rehired that’s it that’s why that it doesn’t know none of these suits actually like meet you and say that they are your huckleberry the window and firing squads officially not one person would have a blank
Starrett one blank in it you know an accountability like each person gets to think I’m probably not the one actually killing this person I’m probably a year oh that’s television everyone just goes hey I what am I doing I don’t know if I’ll get my parents are rich I’ll just do this
and then when I asked if if if you get fired you find out not by anybody telling you anything that would ever reflect poorly on them you find out by the phone not ringing and then when you get rehired again that’s like
yeah it’s not exciting so fuck you kid Adam request in for Spencer which isn’t officially DND as it were but a it counts that counts 5th edition of official Dandy’s just came out and recommended the new players
the Mary Joy of sounding answer I loved on the tracks
thank you thank you
hi I’m Mark this question for Dan since they didn’t get picked up can we kind of know what those Pilots were about in the movie The CVS pilot was it was about it was sort of a absolutely fabulous kind of rip-off it was about a is actually my fiance Aaron’s idea it was about a guy who had been a rockstar in the 90s who had returned to his hometown and open a bar and he was in his forties and he was just running with fire and kind of he was you know he was the consummate non sell out and rocks former rock star who people would come to his bar and be like me in this thing and he’s not a salad bar now and then is 15 year old girl walks into the pilot she’s his previously unknown.
and she wants to come live with him so she can get into an art school that if she if she has a residence there is in that City she can go to this art school just wants to go to so it’s really a bad was a dude which hopefully would have been Jack Black but then he didn’t want to do it so it died but it was pretty cool that sounds good but I thought was pretty good that does sound awesome what was the fox one I don’t know let me know if you wait long enough of everyone that hired you gets fired so the fact that I worked for it doesn’t exist anymore it’s every all different people now it doesn’t matter it’s not some guy going
you just sign a deal with some guy named like Kevin Johnson of the Kevin Johnson’s like I know it doesn’t matter fine
hey I just want to point out that I thought it was pretty funny you guys jumping on to make fun of someone for making a film reference that was like it’s like where’s the closest kind of funny I’m joking that’s fine I guess okay you probably deserved it yeah what did you do I think I was really happy that Emily followed me and I was like your back is going to hear your Twitter follow that soon going to follow going to be happy or something and then after that I was a mistake that doesn’t sound like he’s asking for I don’t know anyway go ahead sorry about that
number one I’m kind of new to the world of the ND I just got into it for Michael reasons Hollywood really want to be the second host to the other guy on the couch I don’t have a couch I don’t even own a couch
Trevor Saint Saint Saint Saint fun
he can haul a couch
answers for game design but I know it’s a lot of other game designers had this really personal deep relationship with a really cherish their D&D memories just role playing game memories in general and a lot of them saw it as not just their first objection to like rules and systems for a game but also for like building a community and having social interaction that your kind of you don’t be lame and be like oh man I miss my friends but don’t see them every week like hey we got it we got to play this game room contract to like hang out with each other and work our shit out because we have to play this game if that was your experience with the Indy like having really fond memories of building communities playing with friends a very social but that’s all in my opinion that’s the worst part of the Dragons is that it it really brings out the darkness in interpersonal relationships and they always come to the surf
it’s like if it turns out you really hate your friends haircut like in Dungeons & Dragons you’re going to get in a fistfight over that and like the rules have been my refuge from thinking about all the social problems that I’ve experienced it’s it’s still kind of games so I mean I wish I could yeah but he breaks up families like a game at Pax or something like that I think that might draw crowd I’ll do whatever anyone will you know pay for Keaton over here
not much going on
I Don’t Do It For the Love of the Game man I love the game
thank you thanks man
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually know a mrs. But you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like a verb you’re always in good hands
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the great two-part question by the land I should all over the second part what two I have a hello hello I’m Oliver Twist I have a tube to part bowl of that I’d like filled with soup
obviously that’s not allowed
yeah so what’s your Twitter handle
if you have a double question and 69. Twitter I don’t know
looking forward to rubbing it in NBC’s face
well they still owe the NBC still owns the show I mean so it’s like as successful as the show is and that they’ll be like there’s no way out of it if you’re making me go for the only way to get revenge on all the suits in the world is to make something in your sandbox that they don’t own and then no one gets to see it or you can be really Brave and 23 which you are and you could fit like don’t work with Sony on NBC and all that stuff but if you are if you have gone down that road and you created a show like community that has NBC’s money in it so needs money in it and now Yahoo’s money in it you know you can’t really get revenge on anybody here you’re in it with the fans in the money’s coming from everywhere and you can’t because I guess if it succeeds they get money and if it loses while they were right for canceling it be seasoned like I didn’t either case they’re not going to care this is going to be
what are the most important networking to world I mean we don’t know everything changes every year cuz I caught myself as like Ginobili quoted on TMZ halikan Harmon slams Food Network
their job isn’t to care in our job isn’t to get revenge on them cuz there is no them that’s the problem with them is that they’re not then we are them they aren’t them they are Corporation the damn is inside of a if you can pick if you compete with them then you’re going to fuck the Venom that you are like the only them that is is Vince Gill again and people who make show so I can get the people who make the costumes in the props and they actually roll the cameras it’s up to those of the van and Los Angeles is filled with them and then there’s the van that’s like that what the logo g o. Org whatever you end up tearing us think those people if they’re the good guys and the bad guys you’re equally psychotic cuz you have to just make a product so
play the Spencer Brandy 22 be in store or north of the negotiations with chessex dice have really gone South I’m going to have to get my own injection mold and surreal to do thank you
have a nice to meet you
but it’s ribs are like making songs about frangos dicks did you do between cirrhosis affect the time is The Flash faster than a video game is Minecraft season 6 of community is going to be worse cuz of Minecraft yeah
like that’s like you’re sure I keep Sky keep saying to the writers we should do Minecraft episode but it’s like it’s like a junkie saying we should do a heroin episode and they’re like yeah I bet we should
that would make you real happy wouldn’t it boss make that needle a dangling out of your arm like a prop instead of a fucking thing that we need to deal with clean up your ass
expensive or inspired you to have them in the VCR episode where is everyone asking many questions
what are the rules I don’t know man I wonder if the rules is this a joke you and I don’t know I mean it’s in the best culinary that’s right this is a Venn diagram of overlap I don’t know what words mean what happened was there a question as far as having Spencer on the Beast inspired Alison Brie’s brother I don’t know he’s a beautiful
no I know what it was I guess I can ask you this question there was a character who it’s fine to say What’s the never going to happen to me about Breda hooking up with Annie’s brother and that plot line kind of fell away and transmit into this dirt from grout lines so this brother was going to be like in taunusstein straight between the boy next door kind of inspired and it was like I was like oh I guess anyone can do it and then I don’t feel like if I can type in this cramped and then everyone thought it was me and then it and I got cast and crew
and so the writers really that’s my dungeon master yeah

you also the documentary that desperately need an ending
true as well and is there a question for me in the in the line even think it will eject honorable thing to say during sex
I saw you guys when the Massachusetts. So it’s really cool to see it all finished or main storyline of the movie with me before during shooting or did you figure out the true Focus during the editing process the ladders we had Thanksgiving a 2012 I shot my first harmontown on December 3rd and we get the road on January 9th I knew I was I had never listen to a podcast until he emailed me I hadn’t talked to him very much it was we had I had no idea what this movie would be about totally honest with you I had no idea where I think it should be we went out and we just chased or the whole time we were out there we look for things and then halfway through we had an idea what it might be about but there was a long until the process that went through a lot of different stages ups and downs and good stories bad stories good movies and bad movies and we came out in about Midway City
makes movie about Spencer and there is a cut that exist that is all about Spencer but that don’t clap for that
mom is here too I guess
it triggered a lot of light bulbs went off. Cut and put your shirt in my house are there two guys that I did I fail to thank and thank God is being podcast with James leche movie who was with me the whole process and Academy award-winning Kevin klauber Crossfire hurricane the Pearl Jam dock this abused embarrassing this movie in the soon-to-be Kurt Cobain documentary genius and he’s the reason that movie exists so thank those guys
thank you
this is a question for Spencer but what do you size welcome by you three should you have them I’m wondering any chance of a Spencer podcast I don’t know if he caught the Crittenden and nothing like that that’s a great title but I don’t know what I do like I just sit and fart at whenever anyone has a good idea let me know I’ll do whatever anyone wants me to do
part of the charm I guess someone’s been murdered and we’re about to find out this question is for Spencer I am cleaning up today this question is for Spencer I’m into it that will be the name of the documentary of tonight I’m also a dungeon master and not getting enough material for one day I’ll be able to make material for 20 straight days will the trick is you only play for 5 minutes with a bunch of people who keep doing what am I doing no I mean honestly I’ve learned to prepare less each week because you know if I was to say let’s prep plan out 5 hours in the first hour they’re going to go into a house you know the first thing they’re going to do is like shit on the house or turn it into the warp zone or
nothing that makes any sense so you just plan like one seed worth and then you have ideas of where you could go after that but that’s what I do it’s it’s it’s different than preparing for you and all your typical for our session or whatever I tell you thank you thank you
I am Jeff I want to know is there going to be a harmontown tour to part to do a lot of people the audience right now they want to kill themselves but I’m having a great time and and the seats are full in the movies well-received so it might make an obvious choice to let go I always thought the first one harmontown but you’re looking at me like I’m leaving involved like I’m there should be they should be several if this is a special thing is I like the side like this thing I like what’s going on in a tweeting at us. How come you never come to such place worldwide but I mean I don’t know I’m sorry
president in Spanish this is all just a Q and an it’s like going to fucking archives that’s it who is Spencer Crittenden
who’s that question to all of you I wish it I think he’s Hitler yeah this is like if you if you if you get to add you ask me I get to answer your phone when I answer I think he’s Hitler bearded Hitler
find me Hitler was I got a Nazi show
who is you and I don’t know who’s Hitler
thank you I’m the last person who knows who I am who are you I’m the last person
what is that what is that even mean
who is Ewan McGregor who is Ewan McGregor
do you like do you want McGregor what what you seen his name in print using his name is E1 McGregor Brothers right
Ewan McGregor and he’s one person I thought it was ewane Ewing like Patrick Ewing Ewing McGregor
Ewan McGregor
yeah he’s an actor who cares he lies
why do people lie
you are you you really don’t know who you know I don’t care who actors are what’s important as the person that they’re pretending to be right not who they are okay so you like Obi-Wan Kenobi real person Obi-Wan are. That would be funny if it says catching someone’s recording Star Wars and they’ve only read the book
I went to school with a guy sorry I went to school with a guy named virtute Gonzales
his parents named after their favorite character from the Star Wars movie
his name is artoo-detoo for Real Gonzales yeah oh-oh I’m not going to lie
I’ll just go with our to Gonzales
I’m so excited right now obviously that’s going to have a better Google ranking how the search engine works to D2 and it what comes up to autofill is Dan Harmon Chevy Chase fired in BC
there is an R2 D2 okay if there is a person named R 2 d 2 investment in this for the three of you I’m was there ever a point in time during the tour where personalities class or something happened where you just wanted to turn it around and stop thing was we left thinking where to get tired bored we’re going to get over this so soon but none of that happened for 20 days is really really fun you have a good time last leap year like you laugh the whole time it’s amazing. I think she she would want it on record it’s like no it’s fucking miserable for a relationship to get on that
go to that situation with the person you love with your life partner like that is not fair to the relationship every individual can gets to choose whether to have a good time on that bus but our relationship was like definitely like it was fine we survived it but it and we knew going in it would be stressful but it was like there’s cameras everywhere and air is love documentaries and is really smart and he’s the reason I was I contacted Neil because Erin was the one watching embarrassing errors the one who’s going like I don’t know I just I want to support you in your documentary I don’t want to look bad I don’t want to do other than going into it thinking all this stuff and I’m like it’s just it don’t worry about it it’s let’s just have fun it was it was a nightmare it was like it was like you can see the things that reality shows do to crazy
people that they cast because they’re crazy and then they put them on TV and I know that God has cameras everywhere they like to watch them on wine you if you’re in a relationship and I think at all little find the nuts and crannies of your of your on the bus and all that stuff but like cuz I think it was a nightmare
hello I enjoyed your documentary very much I just wanted to ask during the course of it I noticed a pervasive use of alcohol and I wanted to know how real was that there were there was all fake I mean Lowe’s water a huge bottle that Dan brought on stage if anyone asks if I’m an alcoholic I just say yes cuz that makes the conversation stop thank you for the day with racism
what happened with the Moonshine what happened with which
I thought you cuz you’re like shredded
it’s to that podcast that you that you can buy a large hear that episode of Nashville you go back and look for it so what happened what happens pretty crazy today Ridgecrest
you’re welcome I mean it’s weird that you go to
multiple aneurysm survivors
Shepherdsville Neil you made an amazing movie is my second time seeing it and it I still got emotional and cried and I think you guys represent not only you know being honest to the whole movie that represent us really well and I think and I thank you guys for that Cusick that you’re in my sister has you say thank you is there anything from the movie like watching it now multiple times with audiences that you’re learning or seeing differently like Spencer do you still get depressed even when good things and bad things happen depressed right now I actually think that it’s going to be fine you guys also make someone else deal with that I bet that was a less than everyone else but you learned
we’re also don’t do merch it’s not like I tell Adam Sandler makes his money he makes billion dollar movies that are just like if I was in another time you guys can that’s cool that you guys had merged with 7,000 t-shirts 80s know we did I know
I feel like half of it is the best are a fantastic way to make it to communicate to express yourself to exchange in Commerce the amount of money you make on t-shirts will always just give you enough money to make more t-shirts there is nothing there isn’t anyone out there right now there’s no Howard Hughes of t-shirt
our friend Ryan Ridley who lived off of a t-shirt that was a yes right there was a company that yet yourself as the villain cuz I know a lot of us here you’re a hero to us so thank you guys for the son of a bitch
you can’t argue with him he’s feeling some of the podcast siku’s keeps reporting in Easy survive multiple aneurysms like in a world where one is bad he just has them and comes up and reports into us from the edge of existence and the visual artist who had his visual memory wiped out by some of these things and is retraining his brain to see things you should watch the podcast listen to it
I was that was for the three people who walked into the vista tonight and plug-in seek has Kristen Wiig looks different
I’ve been trying to get I was just fucking left
can you reverse trap me in a very short harmontown let’s do it and then we can decide.
When does the podcast start motherfuker you motherfucker
how did you know is pain on your side when you know the timing that that’s what we were talking about I have no idea open podcast you come up with the microphone you do a live trap but knows nurse
we’re live traveling right now alright I’m going to Uber is like I know it’s a pain. I’m in here to from scratch
ladies and gentlemen I’m your guest comptroller Camille nanjiani harmontown is now in session
please welcome the mayor of harmontown Dan Harmon
wow thank you lots Angeles thank you boil we had a Q&A maybe you heard it maybe you didn’t hear what we’re doing it’s a city of lights and city of Magic City of Industry this is where the splicing in the shooting of the production happens and sometimes your your your present for the production of things dreams are made here in bags and there’s a necklaces and their their their their shuttle doubt through pneumatic tubes to the rest of the country so that it’s a culture war and if you’re listening you’ve lost
and we’re we’re here in the Pentagon of of of that culture were the Vista theater in Los Feliz wear a lot of you start your first movies when you came to La I don’t you love this theater it is also coming here and they got Reservoir Dogs movie theater I wonder who the Spencers 8 years old and doesn’t know I’m also on the podcast
oh yeah dancing
holy shit look at him go. He’s not here at my god wow what is that helicopter coming in tomorrow night at 4 is that you sucking noodles eating noodles from the helicopter
Rob come here okay drop Travis here and I was coming in with a super driver
all right so earlier Rob said he had to leave it as is Uber it was here
what’s the number one question is this the weirdest Uber ride you’ve ever given
how many how many couldn’t wait I know he was going to take me home to feed my dog so and jogs fine his over driver and that’s you
so we have we have Uber questions
I know if you don’t want to be used to being on stage in front of hundreds of people
is it is it RJ the letters or is it spelled RJ like it’s a ghost
are you will you here for that I was here for that that’s when I went to a a r g j j
oh there’s some pink noise what noise do a ride is Lexus line for Filipino I have 5 friends
what what do you call them
you heard me that’s not hard why you can’t say it like that
I’m doing all these call back soon jokes at these guys did I’m sorry I don’t hear you parents from the Philippines or English your second language what’s what’s the other one what’s the other one I don’t know what the
most Americans with what’s the biggest
I have no idea okay start fighting he’s a boxing punches
okay start over that all right does he do commercials does he sell things does yeah he sells how come you’re answering his question I know everything I can’t help it
it’s to you missed that part whole movie of that sells he sells what other people’s jaw
you let him know he doesn’t sell anything
right boxes boxes question what neighboring Community do Filipinos when they do their jokes about like oh yeah he’s probably a sewing so it was kind of like we would go I kind of hate those people it was just like a Boston of the neighbor is there a place that we had the same ones or the ones that were in the Philippines is there like a
is there a group that people refer to as kind of like that I don’t know the failures the assholes the scapegoats jokes to people you make fun of second generation his parents probably mentioned something this could go very quickly and then the whole theater just explodes
I’m we don’t even we didn’t even have a chance to explain if you don’t know is if the answer isn’t immediate than that means it’s obvious one but like the swear words you guys use like anybody blush and I guess what does it mean can I guess it’s like everyone in Chinese pussy disreputable person game show prizes a belly
sperm above child sign
sorry I like are you following up a story like your job was to be diplomatic in that moment sorry I may have I think I fuck that one up I was trying to guess Philippine no profanity
so thank you thank you we have a war to know to do for that
what is a I wasn’t even close to here that accept me I never is it me or no telling everybody that we can I get that one was like
okay so like in English darn
he’ll shit fuck seaward okay that’s the that’s my first prison that have a motherfuker off the goddamn whatever okay so are you left cash mendrek where was that like a V what’s a 10
what is a tan where is Filipino if you were the radio in the Philippines and you were like a shock jock
Johnson and you’re like fewer people are relying on you to be counterculture and see what he said
like okay let me phrase it another way when you’re in English having a fight with your significant other or just certain words that when they’re happy to say all right now it’s going to take a little bit for us to get past this it’s for Game of Thrones spoilers that’s a big one now you got to like backtracking stuff what’s the one that if you are in a fight with a lady from the Philippines the word you say and say oh no I fucked up
it’s Chet pretty mild
or just another one more intense
what is it what is its you LOL
but that’s definitely I know exactly what that is like an overly circular dish
two circular
flat clitoris
the biggest crime of all
you know what
do you know what you are I like to hand gesture
true that is not true you 3-dimensional is it open
I better get a water bottle on the way home here okay good we went to Santa Monica three times it’s simply just a woman’s private parts that’s it there’s no Nuance to it at all from an asshole
that’s probably the closest thing to it I should have been a dollar over that so what is it what is it
it’s just like
really really really really stupid I got that for you. You’re a no fear you’re you’re an asshole your parents language like that is like approaching the c word like it’s really like if you said that when you’re a kid your mom would slap you and go don’t say thank for that sister or some circumstance that front of your mother
it wasn’t my mom okay was she being a what you said it sounds kind of beautiful it’s not there’s no consummate it sound like
in order that is mean stupid and we called and I bet they were pretty close to each other something stupid but it’s also the word for owl which hero considered smart I don’t have a thing to combine those but aren’t we all different in wonderful
well here’s something in America a fanny is your butt but in England it’s your vagina had this this stuff called Fanny cream
is it supposed to tighten your fanny or whatever you know how weird why do you have so it’s just tightening your but I get it now why would I weigh more normal
prospective don’t ask for details man admitted do you have you visited the Philippines for 20 years how old are you how old are your parents here in the states so you haven’t been in the Homeland for 20 years is head
do you like candles I don’t know
I had Filipino food once and I

no it’s kind of good isn’t it this wasn’t telling me I went to a place and I got I was like it was Angelica was just and I wasn’t get this and it was what it was was it was a purple soup with bones and I didn’t know what part to eat and what to throw away
exotic exotic food did you eat the bones and throw out the soup
I’m a real purple guy
do your whole family is over here now all in LA
a month and how is it going is it fun it’s been fun how many podcasts have you done the one I said hey
you might tell yeah, there’s a little show going to remember you saying this again
what is a I just dropped Marc Maron off at Andy Daly’s house I guess this is my life now
RJ what’s your favorite episode of community any idea what’s going on here, there’s no shame in that there’s no shame in the embassy
Brooklyn Nine-Nine what shows do you like Seinfeld Seinfeld uplifting
Walking Dead classic
do you watch Orphan Black
know what you should I don’t even know I haven’t seen our people shut up about it I haven’t seen or experienced other than this one
seriously have you had like a bad one with me we know Uranus
yeah that’s the question
4.8 why not 5 when I only ever given all of you at 5 why do I have to work Monday
who’s there
just like you need to get the fuck out I let him just let him answer to get it
you need to get I like I understand you need to get out now no no my favorite part is that you’re looking into the rear-view mirror when you’re doing that yeah that is great object
you need to get out
what’s the lowest passengers ratings I have a 4.8 why do you think four point seven radio I don’t know why you change that tonight do you do you give passages fives all the time feel that that like a hundred concept of a star rating system because if fives are the only one that anyone’s choosing it’s kind of like you’re just choosing zeros
well all all businesses have this problem it’s a real issue we have to give the matter until businesses that have this problem you know I’d say Apple Incorporated does a really good job with it but you know for instance borders trade it for a while he saw that goes as it happens because they don’t focus on only the 10th that’s what everyone does their like if is a 9 or 10 is fine otherwise you’re fired and that’s not constructive because sometimes you only get to see and that’s great news and go like you look at the threes and you go like all these guys what went wrong and then you fix it
but I also like you if you worked under that regime and now you work you left them bailed a dollar in your face you really suck this bad apple business sorry RJ is this the worst of the best podcast episode
yes what do you think God is so you think it’s like do you think it was going to be something that you could see or do is God personal to you or do you believe in a God that you think is like able to like do you think that God is the same from one person to the next or do you think God is personal to you
you can take as long as you want and truthfully that’s not supposed to be an instant answer he gets paid by the
he can’t take that as long as he wants me to running right now yes please like you can think as long as you want and then start the meter I guess like I said between you and the unknown
all right that’s right answer I concede
I hate I’m sorry you’re right Dad should understand that religion is like it’s like it should have a small case our but not to me it’s not important as the most important thing in the world it’s like shoes or pants you don’t fucking wear pants that fit other people know you pick and choose sandwich shoes you don’t wear shoes we have been trained in our society to think that religion is somehow the domain of idiots fundamentalist people who decided that if we think about religion we decide things about ourselves and we have to pick something like we don’t we sit and we talked about this TV shows good but I only like this part I like the Shakira song but I only like the fridge and actually think I like her influence on this and we we pick and choose we mythologize our consumption about everything except for the most important thing in the world to primates since Thunder clapped and lightning
did our monkey friend religion why do we die why does the universe not give a fuck about us it’s like an important thing to give a fuck about that it’s like one man’s business between you and the unknown god dammit
let me see when is the world going to catch up
I think I’ll look at all these people here are there all right
they’re good people I just want to make this a good podcast
I meant I’m going to go beyond that that was an easy shot
has anyone in the room ever stolen anything
Arthur Hess Villa
okay let’s start with r j start with RJ are you are you willing to talk about it when you stole something what do you steal you don’t have to be running to Uber in Los Feliz
I steal money from my parents I did that to you spell my fingers are pressed charges and stuff to get what what what did you need so bad I remember the U-Haul stickers and so bad that you would go in your parents room and like I was just mad at them so I try to get back at them by seeing you when you did just what he bought another Revenge
who is who’s got who stole something you stole it for me I know it was great will you will you come up and tell us about the things you stole dice you didn’t steal it from the gentleman right okay I stole a baby self with unsupervised access to one day and so to take advantage of that to show my thanks for that I took a community pendant off the wall at some point
further on at channel 101 I had you sign it and and got it okay with you that I had taken it was a minute okay all right that’s cool no I went to years ago to my sacred Temple but then like like every I found out every season Sony just tracking shovels that shit do an incinerator we got to make room for The Good Wife for Shark Tank or whatever like
how far is the story this we don’t get rid of these frog sombreros and shit that I would have I would have fucking taken everything everything to episode I know we weren’t that that was worth more as Ash we powered a train filled with Whitney Houston’s greatest hits after her death we need to get those to the record store really quickly so we set fire to your set in the furnace on the Sony train to put your put your put your put your cup it’s everything you did everything you did it get in your life to its more valuable as Steam so good job getting that pendant out of there I’m just glad I stole the try and have a dolls from the Christmas episode the other ones are melting in the sidewalk somewhere and Sony train somewhere
do something big crazy stole something weird time are you coming down here and talk about our new sponsor space space space website what the fuck is that shit fuck Circle things come see you I will double their offer if you don’t mention Squarespace I will double their offer
what do they give you $70 you just made $140 all talked about products I’m on board for it. You can just get the mic out of the day go
saying I was a lot younger and I was homeless
but I use the ladder what team we’re all going to be as to reward your candor cuz we asked you to tell us about something you stole or not what I asked you to tell us about some of your proud of think so if this is shameful we we love it all the more
put the fake ID and I steal women’s purses and then take him to the bathroom and take their wallets out and take their money
you were at at at at that stage in your life when you are homeless and you were going to buy it so you were just this is how you were living you were going to bars and you just go you know what would you would you I’m curious about this would you pick and choose who you would victimize would you go that that person deserves it more conversation
taking your wallet
alright so you did there was a sense of karmic Justice in your head
there is that but but having decided that you were going to do that carnivorous Lee you then also the human achievement is that where is a fox would just eat a fucking baby good gazelle it wouldn’t go I got all that gazelle deserves this is getting a gazelle’s races like like when humans cannibalizing each other we still have this compulsion to go this person deserves that prisoners get so excited about pedophiles pedophiles
I’m so excited about rain now I got a reason old boy
what was the most money ever got out of a purse
did you ever get caught or get it get close to being card sounds like you’re pretty thorough about a pretty proficient
what are awesome
things but that was probably the worst stuff but that was it seems like you’re willing to share this it seems like maybe you’re like this is a transition your life you are on
oh what what happened to him for the tide Casa listener. She’s she’s rolled down the aisle in a wheelchair so I didn’t think to share this what do you mean you get sick
rare illness called ehlers-danlos and my joints are you look back on it and think I will I was a bad person I deserve this but she probably shouldn’t do I mean that’s that’s nice of you to take that responsibility to do that I take that there’s probably people in the room who who don’t end up suffering Misfortune to probably do a lot of shity stuff for you to like think that like random stuff can happen to you and it doesn’t have to have to do with whether or not you’re a good or bad person it’s like that might that might be helpful to you but I mean it’s it’s like I have like a million questions for you
I was really rebellious and I ran away from home a lot when I was a teenager and where did you live in the country California California
right how old were you at that point
I’m at my brother like Tangled with drugs and stuff is just smoking weed and stuff in my parents for that guy you need help parents are trying to like I don’t know how to be parents there like to hear your fuck up kid like I’m being a bad parent so now you going to your parents live in California
what’s it what is this condition I don’t have never heard of it. What
it’s kind of like loose noodles so like all my tendons and like my like everywhere is that stretchy
overstretching like there’s stuff in your body that keeps it like if you where to go it’s over there and you pointed to hard your arm could like fly out of your socket and
carton of milk and you find out about this at what age
five or six different wrong diagnosis I’ve been trying for 7 years to get a diagnosis for it so and when did you land on this diagnosis how recent years
is what’s happening at first when people go to the doctor what are they not to inspire people listen to podcast my God I have this which is what I would do
yeah well first it was just a joint pain and like dislocations and then like a bunch of other stuff started happening and how quickly was that
it started when I was about 21 and I’m 29 now so I think a lot of us are walking around with a lot of shity stuff we did I don’t know not to beat a dead horse but I definitely don’t think that you should think that it had anything to do with anything that you’ve done
I don’t think it’s direct karma for what I did but also at the same time you’re like okay I have a personal relationship with a guy with it with something and you’re like yeah you can balance out in your head what’s your name can we ask
you know I know that’s alright yeah okay that’s fine yeah they’re going to be like it’s someone else who has this disease that I think I might be
that my friends would know that have this thank you Christopher sharing I really appreciate that this is what I wanted I wanted you you helped me you make my podcast amazing that’s all I care about is all I care about I suck your Humanity out of your body’s that’s all I care about is a good podcast now I think this is how you get less than a 5-star rating
thank you Krista that works just going to make sure that I really like that I know I like that a lot my joke
no not your joke I don’t like anything about you
is it weird for you guys to see your cell phone screen and talk about. Where you guys want talking
play the story is about like something come with Sarah Silverman show with what 6 episodes
I regret
like obviously no come on you measure a man by his how many documentaries are made after mm
and the Beatles
no I I mean I ate why I drive and I like when Sarah fired me I was probably like at that point. Probably it was the word it was like my worst nightmare scenario I remember being so angry I knew I had nowhere to put the anger I had no I would tell people like the people that I dated him I would confido do like I’m telling you this thing that is making me very upset and I know that I don’t have any right I can’t tell anyone about this I can’t tell anyone how angry I am about this because I will sound like the most Petty piece of shit in the world and I can’t I can’t admit to myself that that I I wish Rob schrab less luck
then he deserves I can’t tell him I can’t I can’t express the fact that I wish that the Sarah Silverman program would fail without me I have these Petty thoughts about my precious and I can’t express that makes it worse and I said it’s faster than it was a year of because I couldn’t Express those things cuz I knew they were unhealthy Lake Robin I didn’t talk to each other for like a year at all and then this guy my cash died, comedy my cash he was an old-timer who
I did a bunch of the Channel 101 stuff and he he he died and it was at his memorial service Rob and I started to talk again and it was
it was I don’t know whatever I’m over it when I watch that stuff that’s cute
that’s obviously am insane
so RJ there is this movie that was playing earlier
yeah it was about these guys and a lot of fun can you talk to your friends and ask him when 4.8
okay. You said you were going to say something yes
it was angry with Dan yeah
I wasn’t I the one thing that I wish I would have said at the time while we were doing the interview is that I stayed I knew it was the right thing to do for me but I was not proud of that decision at all like it was a decision that I really wish I didn’t have to do yeah I don’t think anybody says I don’t think he made the wrong decision cuz it’s very hard to get it no I would tell me that’s the other thing I would tell people is like the crazy thing is if Rob hadn’t stayed it would be more of a mine fuck because as I told Rob Windsor fire me I was like because Rob had already been riding my Trail of Tears is that appropriate metaphor what is that Rob had already been on that Journey with me a couple times and I was like look I get it obviously this is pathological for me I don’t expect you two to keep doing this is Rob had quit I don’t
what is Sarah Silverman fired made from a basic cable comedy show and Rob had gone
friendship is friendship let’s just do it then I would be almost did I was really tempted to let you know but I I
I never I wanted to see if I could do it alone I mean like when when you’re writing or any kind of partnership you’re always like who’s pulling the weight you know who’s really the smart guy who’s really the the guy that’s just tagging along and I wanted to see if I could even exist alone for the longest time didn’t think I could do anything by myself even the comic book so
I said this is really a difficult decision but I really think I need to to do this question and answer it and it worked out fine we should you have your losing money being up here RJ RJ RJ will be compensated but we should put a ribbon on the show and for these people tomorrow like I mean
I don’t know how to do it cuz we’re sitting in director’s chair as we don’t have the equipment kidding
I was being kidding but the show has an addiction to Dungeons & Dragons as a show closer so I don’t know how to close the show really usually at the show RJ we play Dungeons & Dragons at the end and you don’t you don’t by any chance know how to beatbox do you RJ cuz I can rap
you do not know he does I could see it you know it seems like if I do I suck at it so I thought you were to beatbox don’t feel bad like what am I what am I what am I started so you could drift in the back
don’t skip. You stopped up
yeah I know that was amazing that it was like holy holy shit told me to do it
all right now fuck that up that was great beatboxing cuz I can’t be box I was lying Rob can you beatbox
oh yeah
Elizabeth you can beatbox like she wants to do you know you don’t have to use the use the q-and-a Mike let’s let’s let’s see how this goes
slow tempo of bad improviser I want
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah at the vista Los Angeles population to a free can’t handle this I got my motherfukers to the east and west chop a documentary about me it was the best kind of narcissistic Tendencies I’m going to fuck your mama so I will wait and see I’m going to fuck her in the lobby with a piece of popcorn and a Hi-C fruit fruit fruit fruit juice fruit juice with a straw and a box truck your mama so hard for her panties and her socks
Tammy’s aunt or an uncle said yo-yo canker sores in your mouth is going to get in the north fucking in the shower yo yo yo can handle this for score and two years ago fuck your mama so now I don’t know what to do about her beatbox.
thanks for coming out movie can I Jay holyshit Spencer sister for her communion with the audience I hope you forgive yourself and do well everybody was involved in the documentary I don’t know God damn it thank you so much for everybody that help starburn Studios future you and Camille and Spencer Robin
if I forgot you whatever will see you in Toronto and I’ll see you when I get back


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