Episode: 131 – Dirty Little Potato People


Episode: 131 – Dirty Little Potato People


Harmontown 2015 is here! Back To The Future 2 conspiracies, Ireland and D&D goes on hiatus as the gang begins a 2015 ShadowRun campaign.


book of the Meltdown Comics in Hollywood California time in town is now in session
please welcome to the stage the mayor of Havertown
thank you so much the Futures version of the future wearing metal hat I think you have to choose whether you’re a lobo and it squeaks louder as it had what’s the rank of Lobo
what weight did you actually know what to do
Lo Rez Bojo and Flapjacks I recommend YouTube It’s amazing
there is a higher the next time I got nothing to think about my world is there is there is this one actually whiten it up there’s these videos traps at me there’s this guy this is my new Fascination is the people who are like exposing things like the Illuminati things that the patterns that they see and stuff you’ve seen the one that’s like a Angels in the Outfield there’s a guy who’s who she’s proving that Angels in the Outfield is like a pedophile at it’s like a pedophile spell that is casting on you and it just keeps like fries right now and look look where his eyes are looking right at the little boy’s dick
it’s in the back to the future 1 is like fucking amazing like there’s this guy who’s just like he sees every every every moon landing JFK and a 911 in Back to the Future like like like like he literally says at one point in his video the movie is is crawling with 9/11
Ivy pointing them out there that there is like a point like for example that goes back to the future and leaves the trail of of of 11 as it heads for the movie theater and then at the camera pans back and there is a fucking goddamn car there with a lasso for a logo and it’s like 11 when ever he sees JFK’s head everywhere he doesn’t know that there’s a difference between Back to the Future 1 and 2
referring to him as the same movie as I know that’s the second one going to get a little bit of vodka has a mustache has a WIC effect I take a drink with vodka capillaries up whenever I have asplos Civ
the other day I I picked a peck of peppers ass
it’s just Vodka it’s not even spit it’s just pure vodka
good for you if you send the right place you can get fucked up is all vodka that’s a compliment very very handsome little boy
if you want to watch Angels in the Outfield later
Jan is it me or is your beard achieving greatness I can actually I noticed backstage I can actually grab it with my fists now there’s a thing here I can grab your beard I lost my trimmer at the wedding. It’s somewhere in the house I had my beard trimmer to trim my beard for the wedding and I haven’t driven it since so this is if you buy it it looks it looks like you’ve managed care. Nice like Gentle Ben kind of beer
I have it anyways I YouTube YouTube
so yeah just check that out just Google or YouTube Yahoo
back to back to back to the future 911 was really interesting because the guy is convinced that the Hill Valley is identical to Dealey Plaza and that if you if that Marty McFly is standing where Kennedy was shot when he’s looking at the head towards Almanac and then in the window are you see the sports Almanac you see two different presidents portrayed two-dimensionally but then you could see a Kennedy head that it’s three-dimensional does proving the point which is the Kennedy is a transcended like a multi-dimensional being and his assassination has something to do with this picture I’m 911 Spielberg has done it again for the Twin Pines thing of course he’s like he’s crazy about the Twin Pines
I said now there’s one pint motherfuker
that you’re
it’s like why is there now one Pine
it’s a bit it’s a kind of Leaven
definition of zeitgeist
that wasn’t even funny
yeah they’re right there right there a hot crowd we got it we going to reward him
going to reward him for this Heat going to make some make some popcorn with it
the so this is the last week I think that the the music is going to be just a free-for-all copyright wise like like play Beatles all night but we’re asking if you go to harmontown Hermantown music. Tumblr.com if you’re a musician anywhere in the world really there’s already people that are giving us stuff that we could we can use under a term that they can agree to like what will use people stuff who who let us use their music and we’ll we’ll be able to give you credit to play whatever he wants but I would love to like if it was all Armenian music hip-hop pudding
yo hip hoppers out there within the sound of my voice you know you could be you could be really I’m sure that would be a real honor
I pray for your Beats to be served up alongside my my dropped science is going on in the news I’m playing it on my iPad and that you don’t have those Sims you know how the Sims like they talk like gibberish likes him language dick big like there’s a guy every time you every time you click on the a guy that’s going to sell you something or buy something from you he didn’t go see waves
yeah or lips
yeah check it out for yourself it’s free it’s free to play so check it out but of course after a while you might have to buy magic dollars to keep potatoes from taking a year to grow
God damn virus is this style of game terrible and I forgot someone named Kyle coberley
Baby Alive
send a send disco shirt with plant
that seems like a little bit of the backyard Shenanigans like that guy’s a little more into you than me
Johnny Carson’s on the show
America map
Davis that even rhyme with anyting selfie sticks
are happening in the news
in Paris I was at Eiffel Tower like a couple weeks before you and everybody had their goddamn self
we will be Selfie Stick It
you got me man I don’t know that they were all over when you were in Paris I don’t know that’s a hard line previous trip to Paris I think I encountered like somebody came up and thrust a note into my hands that was like this long tragic tale of like my child is basically like a a global kind of Bourne Identity version of love I ran out of gas my kids are in the car but it was like much more like creepy like I you know why do I know where the exits are where’s my safety deposit box I can’t remember how we responded to it you said yes I got to happen to you
like what age do you remember what it is like what’s the in and out of its like
yeah I just got to have to give the note back cuz you use your note back cuz I don’t have a selfie stick if you don’t have a friend to hold your camera and I thought all this must be something like maybe it’s Canal based maybe people want to take the baby there’s too many canals here at a station like a gondola you know I like that can’t take a good selfie Jimmy people lose their phones over the canal dating but then it turned out in Europe as the selfie stick has arrived at Humanity couple other people I saw a couple I was walking in Paris behind a couple not even in like a
Christie Place I was behind a couple and they were walking and holding hands and the man let go of her hand took the selfie stick extended it got and got like a tracking like like like like like selfie stick shot of them walking just for a little bit and then put it they both they kept their heads forward while he did it he got the shot and then re telescope such a better shot I guess it’s like a little for them I don’t like it I’m beginning was it worth it Adam
Adam if you have a selfie stick would have been easier for you
I would say yeah if everybody that next week everybody playing selfie sticks and we’ll do something with them I don’t know it works for Ellen you get a selfie stick with if you had one with the music if I was able would you would you get us out now I would not I know I was I was I was definitely had a lot of opportunities to go to self sick at work and it would you would you would you by Ron Isley carry it around and use it to see what the hubbub is about it just seems like a stick with your camera stupid at the strangers I take a fucking picture with me
yeah whatever he said to your beard and really good you’re not having a properly great beers it doesn’t matter Liam Neeson Liam Neeson in Taken 3 and he’s he there’s a link to a LinkedIn like promotion where he might have a particular set of skills skills like enhanced conversation
Dominic persuasion and throwing up your LinkedIn profile a lucky winner will have me read their resume to their prospective employers explaining their particular set of skills
for real yeah it’s pretty it’s pretty why don’t we try that that’s what you supposed to do on LinkedIn and make a profile what is LinkedIn everyone outside La uses
I don’t understand it at all
it’s a job fair
it’s a resume it’s like a it’s like the internet equivalent of well someone’s driving by you on a road throwing your resume through their back window
so that they have it
accept it unless you’re hiring a backseat person you’re going to find it and be annoyed you going to be like who put this garbage in my car or my inbox the cool thing about it is that everybody likes I’ll see you every once in awhile I get a LinkedIn profile like a LinkedIn request from somebody like from like 12 years ago that was like like a bigger shot than me in like now it’s like sending me their LinkedIn profile that’s kind of cool Boardwalk or something
LinkedIn is great for people that I just I don’t understand
you know so it helps you get it maybe if you stained glass but you don’t like the cut-glass you said your LinkedIn profile out there’s some guy that’s like he only likes cutting class it is not a stain it
I think that’s the idea
did you enjoy your honeymoon was it fun in Paris and Dennis yeah I figured out why I love Dublin and Ireland cuz we went to like this Irish storytelling night like it’s very touristy thing like in this in this bar which is like you get a dinner and this lady stood in front of a fireplace and told Irish stories and sing songs and stuff it was really cool and she explained to Irish history and I kind of dawned on me like listings of the stuff why I said Iris cultures cuz they’re their European culture without they didn’t have a Renaissance they don’t they don’t have didn’t participate in those rich people bullshit like they their their their their own little little thing like they do if you go back in their history any other like European culture it’s like if you go to their museums or whatever there’s going to be some like red suspenders at some point later so I’m like fancy pointy shoes or like a windmill hat or something
oh and then we did that so this is what we’re famous for our we look like flower people are like lately better better better butterface country of Dublin I thought I thought you said City the potato people they just grew with the potato dirty little people and they
and they had to
date date ddd’s I wish that I wish that wasn’t enough for you to get letters about that
they’re fine with that they don’t care but they are they have a great sense of humor they don’t they’re not effective
you’re right I at least we had our Irish friend Graham Linehan here last last last a couple weeks ago that dirty little guy
shut up Adam if you told him ice Ty called Irish people dirty little potato people out of context but like that about sums it up a little potato company
yes and so they’re there
all of their songs and poetry and literature in things like they’re they’re not they don’t come out of any kind of nobility or anything it’s kind of like a very nice on me until I was really learning about it over a over mashed potatoes
we still love potatoes over there to that there there’s their civilization exploded because of the potato with potato became a saying like that they could do and they they grew they grew in population quite a bit and then of course there was the potato blight and then things got real bad for them and you know the rest is history
can you sing a little Irish song for us about it
that’s what that’s what she would do she would go there and there’s a there’s a what’s the shin Lane in the shin Lane and was a lovely woman would take the form of a very seductive lady
Ashwood, calling when the things and blah blah blah
that doesn’t sound right
she sounded beautiful I bought her CD
that’s how beautiful she said it I don’t even have a CD player
I just bought it cuz I’m like make more music I don’t know keep making it doesn’t doesn’t carry as a Potato Patch I made that all out that there’s no there’s a lot that was that was one of the coolest things about Irish folklore was the ferry that fairies like you know have our understanding fairies take the Tinkerbell’s of the wedding that day they’re always for us are always small and I always have insect wings and they have like let you know they let you know there’s a very specific Fairy like kind of getting her head but but but the word fairy originally just met with his looks like it’s just kind of crazy like magical beings that are kind of one foot in one foot out like I was pretty Christian mythology that got a christianized but like the way that they christianized it was to say that would Lucifer went down from heaven into how they were there were a
Angels at yeah who were like totally like hail Lucifer I’m going to go with him right away and then there were like the Angels they were like Lucifer I’m going to stay stay up here but then there was a
kind of wondering downward and then there was like an angel that went to God and said come on give those guys a break don’t don’t make them go all the way to hell and and I got like Snapped his fingers in at the exact moment you know when he when he called you know it’s like play it where it lays so some some some angels were like you know in the ocean and somewhere in a rock and somewhere like I had half of their head in a flower in their foot in a feet of a pork chop or something
that’s the kind of fairy you are you know that you’re the you’re at your if your if you could get a pork chop for a foot in the nut like I like a flower for a hand in it but it’s just like the other fairies are like they could be monsters are like cenobites there they’re angels to summon demons does it to others
Anna Anna leprechaun is one of those a leprechaun is a fairy Jeff did you know that I did not know what it what do they call the one that has half a foot in a pork chop
did you enjoy the Venice Italy how was that she is also a fairy I did not know that all fairies of every monster you could werewolves are fairies I made that
but I was afraid you’d rather I got to walk around Venice like by myself on Christmas Eve cuz I didn’t even realize until daylight like how crowded that City can get in the winter it’s pretty dead which is why Peter Weller recommended it in his architecture blog Aaron read the reason we went to Venice is because Aaron read this article by Peter Weller who is not only wrote a Robocop apparently but it’s also a PhD in like Renaissance architecture history not yet it is arguably like more into like Renaissance architecture then being in the RoboCop was in the article talks about why you should go to Venice in the winter why it’s so beautiful and so are all the travel based on this like
article that he wrote and we did we went through going to a lot of the places that he recommended and we kept choking I got a probably running to Peter while I finish dinner on Christmas Eve Christmas music Cruiser Christmas Christmas night and yeah I finished dinner and went down to get our coats and we’re putting our coats like this Petticoat in wax Peter Weller yeah just froze and Aaron looked at me like give me the select it was like silent like communicating leg like I’m like yeah fukin go for it like that cuz I don’t I’m not going to talk to him like about like I’m not going to go like dead or alive you’re coming to Venice today but I’m going to talk to him about fucking the bulshit you read him go bad
and now you’re here
he’s going to help his hands out like an amazing thing is
understand like Peter Weller like while them for the beautiful Christmas miracle is his butt while he’s while he’s talking to us people are he’s speaking in Italian to these people who are putting his winter clothes back on him
and so as he speaking to Aaron about Venice he’s becoming this old Italian man because like the cane for the scar from the Hat are going out of the RoboCop can I came in and was like slowly became like you know I don’t like like like at night like looking at a pocket watch eating the eating a panini about like like how cool Venice is and why he wrote that article and I just sat there and stared like the different version of that story but that’s out of that it was a really magical thing like that
call Char how do you kindly just want to run out like right away but the you make it last as long as he can you try not to over kill a man around the corner where they roll around on the Kabul repeating every every every word
it had to be a gift like
look at look so odd I think someone gave him a purple cashmere scarf for I’m sad that I got that joke
did you ever see the new Robocop no like we have a scene where I got goes like you should make it black I don’t understand what they were doing I don’t get it I don’t like it
terrible terrible movie. Never never was released was kurtwood Smith that he was in it for work together. He sat in front of me as a screening it was so bad I was freaking out cuz I woke up in front of me or do they kill you too early I got out while the getting was good
cabin x what was ever called the
it wasn’t Cabin Fever cuz that’s a thing right
it’s something cabin deadly cabin I wish I was
it took place in a cabin there was a I’ve never seen that one in front of me and the other actors in the film and they brought a bunch of people into the the Laemmle Theater like in the Sunset Boulevard and it’s so bad I think the audience thought it was a comedy and then came a comedy of errors like sinking down and rest. It was really really really really
well alright let’s see what else we got here I ran into a kid in Paris that they learned English from watching community and Sopranos
can you do an impression of what that would be like there’s no pop pop
mad about it meant about it and there was another kid there and he had this there was this other those other friend kid that showed up and he had an app on his phone that he showed me I just like foreign people who don’t know anything about them what are they doing
like I know how could you show that you write had never having been outside of the country you know how could it ever be appealing to like you know like people who don’t speak the same language when they’re when they’re when they’re when they’re in grade school in French than English like I said one of them with French subtitles on first and then to change of the English subtitles eventually turn the subtitles off that’s that’s something they do there with English like you no more so than we are steeped in French that it’s a little it’s a little more natural for them to be able to do that but rest assured we are a lazy Bunch that I really am I can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t do it like I can’t like like Aaron Aaron knows definitely more more French than me but like also I think this is crucial favorites like like a Shameless
app that you can’t you can’t like you have to like to be willing to be wrong in order to ever successfully speak to someone who speaks a different language you can’t be held up by the lake lake beer that like seizes me I owe you just end up going like I’d like to flip bacon
Aaron would like slide slide into the French Uber and just relax.
And a driver be like huh
but but but then like a couple minutes
we’re like talking to each other about stuff and then Aaron Aaron got like bronchitis she thought you might have pneumonia so she got up in the middle of the night like coughing up a lung and she got on the phone and she’s like I can’t do an impression of it cuz it’s like fluent French and I was just like speaking to somebody about getting the doctor like she called Somewhere In Paris like a regular person trying to get a doctor and it was like it was just a lot
Jesus Christ speaking French about dying and being sick and stuff like that so it was like she took out sticks and made of Fire
and then energy puked at Versailles
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures and black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like ever you’re always in good hands
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yeah I mean you know what it what it what it what else am I going to talk about who cares right bring up my my my honeymooned wife Erin mcgathy
are you all better now you are you healthy again I still have a little thing in my throat and today Channel 101 pilot and there was an older woman there this actress who was brought in her don’t think do anybody very nice when you’re done like very like six seeming saying earlier that made me kind of worried about her health like there’s a fog machine and I she said and I said oh no that’s okay okay if you looked at me like she was looking for the pizza out there she was like examining the pizza which is strange that she had eaten pizza and was just looking to seeing all the pizza and then she looked at me and she said it’s something
fire and she’s like it’s something on fire
the fog machine it’s vapor and she’s like okay then five minutes later I coughed and she said you need to get some help I guess I’m still a little sick. You don’t sound that good in bed at night
are we supposed to sleep together
power not always sleeping
Brad because she keeps coughing
well then why don’t you start living
yeah I know I I got I was very very sick and I was very proud of myself for calling the French doctor in the French doctor came prescribe antibiotics in Versailles after doing a ton of research and tried to convince them to go there was very self-righteous about how great I am about enjoying a historical things and I threw up on his bed was ushered out but when I read the scored it out I was so sick and you know you’re sick you want to put your face up against something called in the courtyard with my face with on the stone
literally like behind the Golden Gate where the 16th for Saint Marie Antoinette and then and there the people of France looked and wanting to be there because that’s what the French Revolution is right and if I put my very fancy coat over me so people didn’t think I was homeless and it worked that side of the gate so I bought a ticket but people don’t usually lie on the ground that are faced on the stone is a shoulder and then I had like like like my little guy like I was kind of doing something
I was very sick you know any position yourself in a sleeping position when you have to sleep and you want people to think that you’re doing it on purpose it was not going to bed but have you ever tried to educational situation sleeping you have your hand on your on your face and just your head down and learn how to hold a pen while you’re sleeping so it looks like I’m doing something I’m just glad you didn’t make me go I mean I I I didn’t go I don’t I don’t I don’t want to go to some guys house
end the end the end the only answer is it was this guy was really rich
meet you if you didn’t go

also hates Paris why is it so absurd because it’s like we cut their heads off we didn’t do that turn people we turned our back on the idea of automatic kitty fucking
No I don’t want
this is where this is where the Royal Court Matt for the last time when they when they said you know a Louis XIV Maria tonight you have to you have to stay or you have to stay hostage because we have this big list of people who are going to be the head and there were so many moments. She’s fourteen years old is my life and my life is perfect in my life or my life is my life is terrible I was so many dresses and she has no idea what’s going on then I care more about that that stuff obviously you think Peter Weller
architecture he was RoboCop at that well at that particular time but wouldn’t she was at her side I found a bar I could drink in in Paris because it was a British steam bar supposed to be like a pub. I I can’t illegally guitar they don’t have a like a burgeoning cocktail culture in Paris they do in the first week of December and I friends there that are the Parisian rock and rollers at the mirror on the first night and then I was on my own and I kind of like I kind of felt like I wasn’t like like doing anything cool I was seeing some flights went to the meaning of museums or not but like I was intimidated by the
except the how do you do is please and thank you and stuff and I have my friends how come girls here just do not look at you like a New York before I people like flirt with each other like they make eye contact with you and that guy or that guy is good-looking girls are gorgeous everybody’s fucking skinny for some reason and they are all smoking and nobody makes eye contact and my friend trying to get a girl in panties so she looks at you one time that means she is very interested in you if you look at you a second time let me see is going to fuck you
I didn’t get the fucking first look yet I’ve been at the last time I was there I went to this fancy cake place I got to do something and I really fancy place I found out a way to get your French girls look at you walk around with a really nice box of cake box with gold letters
the Wii
I went to a club one night and there was a place called Shake cast out and on the carpet is all dicks pussies and tits like I did this weird horny thing and down the basement piano and it was Serge gainsbourg sold piano I used to go play a kind of it as a second home and there’s cigar or cigarette burns from work on his cigarettes on it I went I went there one night there was nobody there on the last night I was there I met these people and they took me I went to this place and I just did my my old experiment I’m just going to a place and posting up sitting at one place all night long no one talked to me for 2 hours and at the end the like the kick everybody else out there you can stay
and in the end the doors girl that I loves you so beautiful and she actually made eye contact with me and I should have to DJ there or one of the DJs and they took me out with us I go should I meet you there in a minute you walk with me and when we went there and down in the basement where I’ve been before I feel those people Smokey people playing piano girls start taking the shirts off and guys lighting cigarettes limit of Dancing with the shirts I was so fucking friend to could totally relate
perfect date with a girl she took her shirt off she laying on the piano and a guy that she doesn’t know is that there’s a picture on Instagram in this guy is really good looking guy lights cigarette and put it in her mouth they all took me to this party afterwards where it was three girls the girl who was one of the DJs and these two guys crazy house it was like 85 mph winds Frank gehry really gay Parisian house together we can see through that room if you can’t see now that room on the top floor is one giant bed and when it goes Jeff you are gay no and I said no jacket up my tie off and all of them took my fucking shirts I was going to make an hour
how is a pastry
I meant so why that’s happening this guy comes up
just got done smoking a dick in it
here is the hugest he wanted to watch his famous Charlie the Lady Gaga’s hair like super duper fat famous French hair stylist and he shows up I just told the story come on tonight
it was my French and my car payment at 8:30 it was fucking French
did written all over me I drank all on my arm and on my face and my neck and my shirt airport and I would have covered in writing and the French guys are the airport seem to like that was just another day at the office for them like
it’s okay if it does get very friends in Paris
French got a different word for having a New Year’s Eve and invest some friends that were from New York and we were in this Tennis Club at like 5 until 5 a.m. and the music the music off the board but where we were it was pretty bad it was like a whatever but it’s called when you type it words into a website that gives it back to you
translation yeah like a chance later but what you want to say I like a Stephen Hawking lifelike automated clearing the paper this DJ with typing words into like some sort of like child’s toy or or a dead person’s toy and was playing it would be underneath and everyone was really into it
except for the deaf people ironically even those are their life is a game
how do you speak very I speak very little French but I was at the door and I spoke enough friends to the guy that somehow like we got into this club if it was like a private party at everyone’s dancing and then everyone’s making out and you are taking people’s faces and saying do you make out do you make all of this happen there’s this is just this very free energy and it’s like a very special free Club downstairs who looks like a jolly old elf
how do you had to stack full of presents when you watch if you were to watch a 70 a biopic about a very famous hairdresser from the 70s this would be that guy you came down wearing a bow
why did you go to McDonald’s in Paris
because everything was because the kids were talking about it like it was the most amazing restaurant in the world and I would call it backed up
but anyway this guy is wearing the guys wearing any comes down he comes down into bed dance 411, Bonnie and Clyde’s pool like hipster Club in the the bathroom is crazy
weather is crazy cuz you like wait in line for the bathroom and you get to wear like a wood split off into a man’s or woman’s hour or two stalls or three South there’s one that has a door and then there’s like a trough or urine all but it’s like right there so if you’re standing in line and a guy just has to pee like he’ll stand there and pee but the more shocking thing about this became if you are a man who had to sit you had to wait for this other thing and I learned pretty quick like I learned a lot of friends for I am so sorry I am going to sit before you
read for a second but what I say. I mean it was it was actually like this this really like neat human moment where I was like yeah we’re all in this together like no man has to ship it then I’ll see you when I get to maintain this mystery of like you don’t know what’s going to happen in there for me and that is why I am waiting in the poo poo come out of my butt before you do whatever Mystery Oil do in there
Diana Barry came to the middle of the dance floor and I came along cape and not healed but men’s heels like to see pictures of restoration heels like Fred and just started very sincerely vogan and I was looking around and no reaction reaction and it was a beautiful I don’t like he saw me looking at him and then all right this is the time when I do this when I do this for you and I just sat there while this man boat for a night while you’re waiting
I’m not a pair of man you know I was. I wasn’t a New York man for for several New York visits and then do you know showed me the the the dino side of New York and now I love New York someone will have to you know Paris is very intimidating to me it’s it’s it’s absolutely of no like like like I don’t want all my fear of Paris into me Gayo paris’s shity I think the deal with parents is if I could totally make a bunch of sweeping generalizations speculation is that like even though it’s a city that everyone on the planet wants to go to unlike other cities that everyone on the planet wants to go to they have they refused to succumb to the tourist industry they are the tourist culture like
do English but that’s that’s where you get that that that stereotype of like what you have to try speaking French otherwise I don’t like you I did I finally got that when I was there so I think I’m putting myself in their shoes like suppose you’re suppose your parents and you just want to meet New York like like people into your bunk beds over backwards for people that don’t speak English in Italy people like will throw their arms around you as a stranger it’s a pair of people are busy they got shit to do and also being an American doesn’t charm them if that’s not enough on its own to be interesting to them they got shit to do I want to go buy a razor razor in New York and I went to a very busy like and I found the razor and I was hoping I could walk up put the razor on the thing she would type it up I would see a number I would overbid euros and she would give me a lot of
why not a perfect game cuz I got going
white one day like you’re you’re here now lady give me the fucking razor
you can give them shit back cuz if they’re not mean we just got shit to do and I think they’re quite trimming their dreams and things like that it’s not like look like
Mike Mike Mike Barber
like when you go to Venice every other building is either a hotel or a first or there’s obviously it like obviously tourism is like the culture like if you’re going to if you’re going to roll your eyes at the idea that you have visitors than you you’re an idiot as a Venetian I think like you either the die is cast for them and for Paris they’re they’re they’re like look I understand that you’re in a waking dream cuz the Eiffel Towers over my shoulder but I got shit to do and I’m not I’m not being a prick to you I’m just like when you wander into my my my boss said you’re kind of like you know you you just a different mindset of a Taurus or like like like like like you’re you’re off work I think this is cities that the cities that make that choice so I figured it’s a binary thing almost I got like okay let’s face it people are coming here to visit
sing about a turn off about the touristy stuff obviously it’s like several several like that it’s whatever I have to wait is it okay if I eat this here is like only if you share with me the story where she went to a Sex Dungeon
I know he would have time travel
this is
coordinates it like horror on your forehead
do you like the idea of having to replace the gate which is such a pile of bullshit would just called the box of cake
and then to see where the Armory and all that shit as I walked in there and I didn’t finish all the cake and so I went into the ark
you going to share that with me
I was in Napoleon’s tomb with my half-eaten cake and then I have the box I want to cross the road to the musee Rodin and I wanted to see the statue of call Zach charging at me I’m assuming they’re going to go you can’t you can’t bring food in here and I like what this is it okay if you can bring food into the thing you have to give it to me
if I can eat my cake and no one gave a shit what you couldn’t bring cake to the museum in the States was the best
are you guys on the show
then we got it we got important shit to talk about with with with the Spencer Crittenden
hey guys if you know wouldn’t you believe it I read a fucking article about men carrying cakes in public and it’s a great way for men to get the female experience of always having eyes on them you know because men are a traditionally stared at by everyone whereas women are and it’s really hard to kind of fathom that experience of all this constant attention
when a man is holding a cake they get all that attention are you really busy right now or no
it’s in his Mike’s just a little a little after I think
did you say you read an article did you realize yeah yeah ready. I love that you really really are an article that I read was like is probably really hard for for you know guys to Fathom what it’s like to always be contemplating you know gays is on you and how that changes your behavior and just the way you hold yourself in the way you walk and then her partner just was by chance carrying a cake and noticed that everyone staring at him and they talked about it and she made this not exactly scientific test where she got the guys to carry various tub baked goods in public and like a plate of cookies you know nothing nothing
cake look like a birthday style logical ramifications the mystery behind it or is it because everyone just wants that cake I think that they said it was it was part of that it was both some people wanted the cake and wanted to make jokes about getting the cake and other people seemed like they just wanted to wait for someone to drop by and look at it looks like they went to eat that you don’t strike me as a person that buys flowers 911
walking on the road with with with flowers in your hand is aphrodisiac to everybody like everybody likes diet cheat day yesterday and I went to a froyo place and I got the biggest bucket they had and I filled it I filled it a quarter of the way through and then I put peanut butter cups and then I filled it another halfway through and I put all peanut butter cups and a little bit of crushed peanut butter cup and then I filled the rest of this year and I was just walking through last year with it with it was it was obvious that I wasn’t like taking it to a family and had one spoon in it
myself because of the crap I was carrying I did feel like all of this extra meaning to every I wasn’t allowed to just be in in in a in a in a shell as I walked past people I wasn’t allowed to just be anonymous like I had this prop and I was a story to any everybody and every window cuz I was laughing in Frozen all the time and candies
I stay in the Garfield dress
so I mean like I don’t know what’s happening to me right now we’ve been talking for ever about a you know that the like trying a different game from my childhood my high school days called Shadowrun here at Spencer’s been like reading the books and like I’ve seen him outside my writers room like sitting there reading the Shadowrun bucks getting very excited and you like like we’re not we’re not going to we’re not going to play it tonight but we’re also not going to play D&D and where it will get paid fuck you people
if you if you want to know how it feels to get that kind of reaction take a tray of cookies and where am I connect list
and then maybe you’ll start to get it
but they can’t be oatmeal cuz that’s
the most masculine
the pickle behind your ear like it’s a pencil and you’re like a handy Smurf
Allen on the other ear just dangle a piece of pizza I forgot your cookies to stay tucked behind that guy’s ear microphone size pencil line is ear cartilage is
it can’t be that stuff laugh is identical to judge Doom Christopher Lloyd’s character in Rodger rabbit right after when he’s when you find out he’s a cartoon and he’s turning into a cartoon and you like has that maniacal laugh that sounded like I was making fun of you I mean I’ve gone through first I was like I’m a man I was like and then I was like okay great we’re off
at the truth but my yogurt from in front of a mirror I’m not walking down the street I’m in a room with mirrors and I just I’m seeing my own yogurt yogurt yogurt Salat gross or when it’s not frozen have sugar free gum with the size of size when there’s just the one lady Smurf right now and they don’t think lay eggs
what do you know the lady Smurf was created by Gilgamesh what’s his name
where do they do they come late I don’t know I know I know there’s three apples High
are they supposed to be 3 apples tall shrooms then they look like they could be easily crushed underfoot but three apples man but what how do I get tickets for the Pac-Man cartoon that they definitely ripped off Smurfs like the they had a Gargamel figure I can’t remember his name Messmer are you sure Packers are going to proofread a type of way but what was that cartoon be like he’s just floating in space and he’s like
gloves that I’d be wearing gloves in his hands are scarier and then you cannot have a little risky part of the glove and you have a hand
I didn’t realize that I I we are creating filled out the glove shape the perfectly
that’s why it’s that shape sorry so I bet I know why I bet I know why they wear gloves maybe because the old days like cell animation like the color the one you were at you the way you make things move is by putting like transparent making sure that anything that’s going to be moving a lot is like a different color than the thing next to it maybe is like a good idea
Craig David
of course cuz we all grew up on animation but it is it is it because it’s a different cells I wonder if there’s a secret door there cuz it’s like it’s going to move to a different color different different shade collector of He-Man sell the second biggest we are you know it’s like he’s like you’re cringy or whatever day you have to pick the number of fingers that I had to sit down and just as I go case time for the figure conversation
how many how many fingers are human beings going to have I think it was like take it easy there cowboy
five fingers runs into money
The Simpsons have four fingers out. Anyway percent more fingers you have to draw reminded stuff
have you paid if you play Shadowrun before know what do you eat with your impressions of that it’s a great system
the shot I believe that the Shadowrun universe is it sure is Dan
we’ll be right back
Squarespace is helps you make your own website
I’m here to talk about bonobos
it takes place in the in the dark future of mankind corporations have taken over the government mega-corporation imagine that but in addition to that additional all that far flung future business where you know there’s all the hacking in the laser swords and the implants in the bionic thing there has been an Awakening has happened along the way of the world going to shit just for regular conventional reasons why do trolls and elves and goblins and Orcs And things I think I’m pronouncing that right dunkelzahn he became the first dragon president it’s true it’s a good name
no bond means before we embark on this are we saying goodbye to our I’m glad you asked you 100 what is good journey mean Dan just a reference to the Dolph Lundgren He-Man movie from
doesn’t the third biggest collector of emac
creative you if you if you actually look at a bird’s-eye map of of a castle Grayskull it’s identical to Dealey Plaza
yeah so what that’s a great question Jeff I’m glad you asked for an early I don’t really know the answer that I think it’s easy enough to put a story’s not done obviously you don’t know how I DM then
it’s all all fire
okay yeah okay so set it aside did the answer to Jeff Davis is question
all right yeah do you want me to do some special guest tonight I’d love that I mean I don’t know the the the the guy from Homeland is here
can you just cut can you come up and just waved everybody he’s the he’s a terrorist I can’t help it I’ve never seen the show
sorry that was a that was a misfire I guess
I know there’s a young lady young compared to me it’s your 30th birthday tonight where it where it would you somebody tweeted me about their 30th birthday are you here
are you do you want to do want to be looked at or do you want to come up here and be a piece of cake
what’s your name you can say no by the way but
okay if you’re coming up okay Laura everybody
happy birthday to you
if I told you my fix on that song I have a fix on happy birthday song happy birthday to you
are you going to happy birthday to you
Lori a big lake or a dragon your purple sweater and a yellow stripe are you from LA to Chicago down here down here
over you didn’t just come for Hermantown right you had you know you had to Hollywood signs to look at stuff so here are you are you scared to be a old man
is 30
process when you’re getting to that age and he’s going to go through it when you’re like yep
happy birthday to you
where the best audience of all time that I run around and we can help you with
I’ve got a funny things to tell if someone is like looking
is 25 years or younger yeah yeah yeah who is John Bobbitt
it works
Lorena Bobbitt am I going to learn when I’m 25 you’ll be taken to the woods and
I’ll tell you who John bober this to me he’s the most guaranteed ComedySportz suggestion. It’s horrible. A friend of mine pointed out that he went under like 25 does not know that story but went why white when were they when you were when it was it happened you were too young for your parents to tell you but I got it was just kind of happened
so it happened like early 98 Goodyear
94 why was it notable
yeah it was like true crimes involving penis in a mishap at a friend of a friend of the woman didn’t like him she was mad at him and she’s super glue to stick to his stomach
dialogue from Reservoir Dogs that’s what you’re thinking of concert though that you could stand that you can pick a random thing or not a random thing a very decidedly because that’s the thing you’re looking for that there’s a there’s a there’s a momentum to pop cultural Zeitgeist and the John Wayne Bobbitt thing like the full move that serve leg stops just before the toes of someone at a certain age and I got very Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding skating my roommate Watch the documentary about that that I was listening to
is back in the news but have you heard about it before the documentary then the incident I was like oh I definitely heard of it but yeah I don’t I don’t really yeah little bit like maybe this is an illusion of where in between them like I’m the last one I can remember is like Octomom takes to Global Society at all but it looks like everyone’s talking about it because it’s just like when you focus in out of the everyone just wants to talk about Octomom reversed Oasis of the Sand Bar of like they are those days over because I know a ton of True Crime things that are constantly in the news Casey Anthony was pretty
I’d like a little thing like it doesn’t count because it’s like relative to what should be important to anybody it is one human life and it shouldn’t it’s a it’s like yeah our decision to focus in on it yeah Casey Anthony was at I guess those just pop up once in awhile it just feels like we’ve been through this patch right now I was just fucking like darkness dark to start early like this River Styx of like like Bill Cosby’s head floating I can recognize that but like like like like everything is just wore over just kind of like real like everything’s going to Real
have fun but now there’s a bigger fish to fry than 350 million people focus on one verdict of 1 days to be sure so those things that pop was just wondering if you’d like but I think that’s how you remember time like if I look back to the 80s I’ll remember like all of those things these little Maples that we danced around and I won’t remember like the lava flow of actual Society think whites are or where they’ve been but it’s just it’s like it seems like I was one of like going to invent some phrase for it now or you can’t even exist as a as an entertainment like kind of person like you you have to make a decision in your life what are you going to dip a toe in that River or not but you have to have a relationship with it cuz it’s like there’s just too much of
bailable reality now you can’t you can’t like there’s there’s a camera on everything everything is documented all of the all of the goo is she picking up it’s all available to us I could I could I could tweet like like hey everybody like like come to work at we’re going to have a sock hop tomorrow night let’s have let’s let’s go we’re going to have a good old sock hop and I know that somebody at a 350,000 people that are like like like looking at that I know that someone is going to go that’s it that’s a little bit of a bummer considering that someone got strangled by Sox yesterday like socks like hashtag socks water like lately lately come to think of it my relationship with the word sock does need to change I’m not I’m not I’m not I’m not being there that that that guy that’s going like like give me a break let me say what I want I’m saying I’m saying like
Imperial potato people
I’m going to get one of those I’m going to get one of those mouth swabs and mail it in so I can I can I hope I’m one of them I hope I’m one of those potato people
what what what is your hair that you’re letting it I don’t know I got to find out I want to be a dirty potato what do you what do you think you are you must know something I feel like I must be pretty Irish but beyond that pretty polish

you get a letter from the company of mr. Harmon at we’ve never done this before but we’ve never got a text back so I conclude that you are from this day bring your father is Victor Hugo
what’s that what I prefer I forgot the birthday girl’s name Laura Laura Laura let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s do that thing that we do for everyone’s birthday
give me some vodka we asked you did you have any with wish-fulfillment where would you want to live in the same you visiting here in Chicago what would you do
don’t coddle her
where did the English language
all right well happy birthday Laura let’s see I don’t know I’m bad at 2 list every major events happened in the last 30 years
for each of the 30 steps back to your seat I will I will recount of the world in pictures
I think we’re coming up
she walks so fast and just a blur of Bill Clinton
you guys are great at Segways
talk about is what kind of characters we would like to play yeah so yeah I mean there’s there’s a way you you guys going to make the characters so in general there’s kind of five roles that the rules are kind of like classes but they’re not really there’s no strictly classes in Shadowrun so different the first role is the face you know he’s the guy he’s like Jeff Davis he knows people and he tells stories and he talks and you know he’s that guy he know you know that’s a roll yeah it’s a crew of people in a movie in a caper movie they go to a guy who knows some people are is effacement that’s the face because the title of the game Shadowrun comes from the idea that in the future there’s the corporations control like the world the mega-corporations they can have their own armies and they have their own law and the world is kind of a mission Macho’s of craziness and alliances and that stuff and there’s
and there’s these mercenaries that they that dwell in the shadows that could you know if you if you need something done and you can’t do it through legitimate channels like the 18 you go you go to these people shadowrunners he’s a troll in in Shadowrun is a troll and I make the rules you said there were no races classes after the face there’s what I hate to refer to as the street Samurai tattoo template actually a guy who owns weapons yeah there there’s a muscle you know sometimes they got a rocket launchers sometimes they just got swords and sticks and shit but they use
her past Street samurai samurai then you got you got the that’s your hacker that’s kind of like the whole thing about the future is instead of the internet they got the Matrix in The Matrix is like this virtual overlaid world so like if I was looking in The Matrix I see like a virtual mic stand in like a virtual table and then it would be like it’s all virtual reality sort of thing and then the Deckers they they hacked that shit they have these little portable computers that can do illegal stuff and they can steal money and you know do do hacking things like hackers would I don’t know they could disable your cyber eyes or something you know
yeah if you have them at that make up car and Saturday you can get Cyber eyes lots of people have like in Plants bionic implants face the street Samurai the Decker then you got your rigorous a ringer is like a hacker but they work with vehicles in machines because in this far-flung Hugh future people don’t really know how to drive everything just kind of drives automatically using this thing called grade guide which is essentially like if you had to do what ways pulled you to so it’s just like that and so no one knows how to drive unless you like spent time learning how to drive and then the advanced people are riggers where they can actually jump into the into the internet and control vehicles from the inside like go in and be the vehicle and they also control drones with their robots and stuff so that’s the rigor then you got your magic users with your broken up into your shamans and your sorcery
as well as your ad apps and shamans are like you know they they pray to spirits and that’s where they get their magic and sorcery and then add apps are like they’re like people that are really good at stuff in a magical way so like if you were if you could punch through a wall because you’re like magically strong but you couldn’t like shoot fireballs and stuff
that’s why right yep yeah yeah yeah like there could be an addict whose like a Master with a swordsman so like if you think of a swordsman who could like slice a grasshopper and a half with size clothes that would be like an almost magical level of skill or someone could like be so good at card games or shooting guns or something that it really you know it’s like it’s like Neo in The Matrix I would say
I tried Adam my tried
I got one I didn’t want to fight that way
I tried to help you anyway
like atoms are like there’s a guy you know he’s maybe an assassin and he’s got magical abilities that augment his assassin ship like
there’s probably a permutation of of of of of the class system that allows for just about any kind of character you would want to be so it kind of begs the question like what you know yeah so knowing what little I’ve told you about the setting if you had a character concept that be a great place to start so like if I was if I was in the world of Shadow run like the well-mannered nerd who knows enough but not enough to save his own ass you don’t like something like that you start
three appetizers do you start with like a tagline is your character concept you know
I took care of you, so I wish you were for sure you remember that most people would have ever and ever
so exhilarating to go there but haven’t turned yourself that you wanted Scarlett Johansson to keep turning for black through the ground and then the Earth to start juggling this solar system and eating it and then but it’s not a movie like like like if they make the big deal in that movie which is like a Asian guys with guns like I totally know steaks deal lately about 20% of her brains you can just make everyone in the world fall down right and then like for another hour and a half after that it’s like you can always kill the planet
her like taking the Sun out of the sky and throwing it at guys
and Lucy should check it out
the weather at the job of these shadowrunners is it like they’re kind of like guns for hire the people that like they do illegal stuff the whole thing is okay there is this incident that happened where the Native Americans they formed their own State and they stole nuclear warheads and their whole in the whole world hostage and as a kind of a result of that gets better really really hard with this email today explaining all of this and then I had some questions about like attitudes towards the other races and in the email you see you said well you know like everybody hates Native American I thought you did that is not that is not the diction I use I feel like I’m getting a free ride in this country for too long
no that’s not that’s not what you said about I thought everyone in the world was racist against Indians because they took the world hostage with nuclear weapons or terrorists but the missiles didn’t didn’t didn’t get to where they were going no one knows why so then as a result of that the governments of the various nations were like Hitman You companies you need to be able to protect yourselves and so they started hiring private armies and then they got this thing called extraterritorial status which basically meant that corporations set the rules instead of the government and then they form their own government called the corporate court so as of that all the corporation started rewriting the rules and started getting all the money and start making everyone kind of
Toby and wage slaves so when everyone is as kind of just slaves to corporations and corporations only have to play by the rules that they said when they don’t want to play Within those rules they hire Shadowrun shadowrunners to do stuff like that murder politicians or steel Hi-Tec shoes
those are going to be your first two missions
yeah I got Shadowrun is one of these covert operations and shadowrunners are basically mercenaries is Shadowrun the thing is it in the world you need this thing called an s i n that’s essentially like a credit card number that everyone has looks like a credit card in the social security number it’s what the government’s used to track you but shadowrunners don’t have those so they can kind of live outside of the world are outside a locked but as a result they can actually have jobs in the normal way so the only way they make their living as with crime and with doing this if you got your outed as a Shadowrun are you are you imprisoned is it illegal to be one that’s why they always use false IDs you’ll probably be running with three or four false ideas to have someone like oh that’s Kyle Robertson James Jamerson now
so, they have ways around
Margie hair
there’s a really big towards Brown fan over there
hopefully not too big if we’re going to make character are you going to be here next week you don’t have to get the pudding stirred here a little bit we’re we’re making we’re making we’re making characters out of I mean I don’t care
I searched for the presentation of it maybe we should come up with character ideas and then if you change your mind we could go from there just for the audience five roles what you mean by that is is is like that kind of skill set in order for there to be a successful at kind of typical Mission like you I don’t want those Point covered a couple of gray knows people so if it’s all if it’s like oh I need to be smuggled into the sewers of boring out I know maybe maybe he knows maybe he has a guy who’s high up in the business so if you need to get some business until he knows what’s going on at the she Wass a court for instance
honey bear in Starsky and Hutch
he’s like that thing that he said your hair has become a tremendous as well as easy to maintain how is that I just let it sit there like a v i mean obviously I’m going to be the face man of the group that’s that’s the magic user because I’ve never done it all right so you want to be a shaman or a sorcerer shamans kind of they Revere Spirits were a sorcerer
DDD function a shaman
do you want to be a sorcerer
apartment and Humanity of blacks were okay or at the Irish potato sore throat
I mean so there’s human and or control and elves and dwarfs are supposed to be pretty good at being a sorcerer
you want me to be announced first one
who has no opinion
I’m at Decker
as a as a GM could you give some advice on like what would be what would make us happiest as individuals when choosing
yeah are you saying but what character would you like to kill off less quickly than your other character
choosing characters that I mean if you think about a character in like a TV show it’s like that could be summed up in like a thing and then a character like that might be appealing to you so it’s like oh she’s the bubble in the girl next door but that could be like a kind of concept so whatever appeals to you add the concept of a character you might want to play even independent of abilities and stuff that’s that’s what I brought the new like you could never be in real life and then the other is to like kind of plan mythologized version of what you are in real life what do you do when you play a play a little girls man
oh yeah
how to say no I play is I play as the character I exclusively to play as characters that are skinny
I’d recommend that they can jump higher let me utilize your relationship to make a decision for myself right now only because I think it will be fun I want to be a 15 year old girl who’s an elf sorcerer all right yeah yeah young high-school girl age
well Aaron Leonard franchised disinfected like a little punk rock chick we’d have to do
when what when were playing I mean what do you tend to find yourself doing you no like you you you you you certainly crap craft a lot of things like you you like to find you like well I’m I’m I’m torn
go with it
yeah I was kind of thinking that likes to eat like taking the existing I would agree with that like like like how can I make that car do this or any other part that part of me really wants to play like so it was like something that I’m not but I would really like to be like like a really short straw in a grip man
I do not feel like a zombie I feel like a lot of phrases that are funny when you just say though obviously like crafting first immigrated from immigrants from Eastern European country good news most of the Eastern European countries have been buried by radioactive sludge so there’s great reason to email from them
emigrate is a 21st century form of immigration are you you send yourself to a to a computer
like within the game the things that I enjoy the most are like my character like pretending to be something or trying to talk to people I don’t know I just like talking to people about how they see the face man you know you’ll do real stroll up to the security guard and be like hey man I’m here on an inspection on a roll some dice and maybe he’ll believe it’s always my favorite part of the adventure is when Aaron is in charge of
go ahead and go talk to the guy okay
so you just yet everyone would be really bad
okay well I enjoy I like talking to the other characters I also like magic can I be a magic face I mean face might be like a guy who are a girl who’s like so charismatic and beautiful beyond you know the normal world
I think we have a wet but yes that is a yes
I mean how did that happen every look about face yeah yeah yes I would like that
Carmen what do want to be with my old like when I played Shadow run the first time like I you know if his name is Jim play play that’s fine I guess he’s at lake lake specialty in stealth and kill it kill it you know killing the killing five very very sexy obviously is but I’m like totally unintentionally I’m not going to physically described them
the guy kind of ripped and I will photocopy
that is a promise if I find a doodle
Mario World world weary that’ll be like your duty to bring to the character 6 for 13 in our numbers and shit
what’s what’s left to Marge
you can’t be black
can I be can I be
is there some sort of cross between a Street Samurai and then I hate your grab like a person that can read a mood can ship with the mood is a situation changes a change in the situation before it gets their highly perceptive going from a to be an in-between that there were several different types of people to encounter or maybe is there somebody would be like if they can have jobs
that they would have we said you can’t be black
I’m not even I don’t get any perfectly steals for the people who can’t read this at home
you know characters that world sometimes there they have these underground jobs like there’s a greeter at a hotel or there a greeter at like a casino some underground Casino or something but they have all this other information so for people in that world they have one face
four people in the know they do something completely different and they always had that sort of broad personality at the for the people in the regular roads and then I’ll be out of the other side of their mouths there with Rain by one formation Pickler doing something else is that how do I make
convince other people that can change form and putting other people in Black
the street Samurai yeah yeah I mean that’s a thing definitely it sounds like what you’re describing is the guy who has the personality like a like a precog psychic abilities so much is Magic I’ll be in every man we got to figure out your guys is racist
what batteries do you want to be demarsh I want to be Norwegian
and my name is Porta guard humans and dwarves and elves
and then there’s oryx and there’s trolls and any one of those can be from Norway
the second one
dwarfs dwarf Norwegian dwarf what about Dan and Arin
I want to be from British Columbia
and I want my name to be
Mercy O’Donnell
I want my race to be I think I think human Mercy O’Donnell the human from British Columbia with the face that you’ve never seen that looks like a picture of the Galaxy in your like how do they take that picture but it doesn’t actually look like
I am very excited. I’d like to be human
all right
I’m going to be a 15 year old girl named Juno who’s elf sorcerer all right I think we got got got everything settled then so do we have a show next week my character is converse
is there a earthquake. Oh my God the new year so there’s no show next week but the the the most one the one the one the week after that how about that for for the next u.s. men’s group in terms of character know I’ll take care of all that just think about the characters you want to create and their backgrounds and what they their interest might be you know stuff like that now you’re like a super magic guy so you probably don’t want a lot of like robot Parts girl girl the rest of you guys think about maybe also what kind of robot Parts you want like maybe if you want to wake up a metal spleen
no no you don’t know how are you making that decision why would we want to Metals you can have laser eyes and I don’t know it’s that’s part of it if you want to have a robot arm that has like a like a laser eye in it
do you want like an eye that shoots lasers I can’t I can’t do it because I’m a magic user your Magic’s I love this still think about those things so now all work on making the characters you know backgrounds your histories what you do on Thursday evenings and stuff like that
it’s like he’s just looks out at the futuristic cityscape and wondered how it got to this
over over over a vial of blue liquid
lake lake lake we should we should do like old-school like like like mazes and monsters you have to like introduce your Rihanna of the yeah I don’t know we’ll figure it out what we’ll do it we would like except PowerPoint structurally
I hate PowerPoint
if it is a game play the same as a daddy and I mean for you guys that probably will be like improving things by I’m going to I think we’ll try to do is move the game play session into the middle of the show so that we’re not always like rip-roarin drunk and it’s not like the thing that we save for the and it’s like it’s like I think we do at the goddess point of the story and not the not the end so that we can just a thought that way that way it’ll maybe we’ll get a little bit I’ll have a little more consistency I’m always so fucking drunk by that by the time we played the Indian like I never remember anything dead and when I say we I mean but it would it be okay if I if we didn’t want to speak for everybody but like if we did do you have a presentation in two weeks
character is What Happy Looks fine and also it’s a visual medium now so any any incentive to that you can put on a character that that’s that’s all the more reason to Jane is here is Brett earthshine
I’m glad I didn’t like the absent but I’m kind of a Georgia Pine overhead the shit is fucking Wild
I have to either write a song for Community tomorrow at so I shouldn’t Google
I have to feed the baby tomorrow though what’s the song about
just as soon as it’s a song that that that Brett Britta used to listen to in the high school so it looked like a like a like a cool like Alternatives like Allah hoo like maybe Portishead.
Yeah a little bit Workshop that’s what I was trying to do the Portishead
do you want music yeah and what do you what do you have what do you have
Young Thug
what kind of food do you like
I mean like like heroin
I got the idea kind of like very very laconic
not mainstream
blood blood
Phaedra coming to Hermantown MN wedding
everybody thank you Jamie for the birds
damn damn damn
fire escape
Andres art degree
can I have the money we love you


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