Episode: 165 – Where The Moon?


Episode: 165 – Where The Moon?


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find me gas comptroller Steve Agee please give it up for your game Master Spencer Crittenden
an affair of harmontown Dan Harmon
I’m so fat and sad and tired
I know it looks dumb the fucking a dad on the fat fat set myself up but
chairs I don’t care I care about your opinions zero Fox given 05 Kia
did you remember the I was just I was just sitting today and I was thinking about just hit me cuz we were all paying attention to that it was all too intense at the time it was a time when you want to do like draw attention to one part of it but remember that the halfway through break rate halfway through the horrible headcount of his victims hitting its peak the Bill Cosby’s Twitter account tweeted go ahead meme me remember
28 year old kid that was like look counterintuitive right now and what you’d like to do these days is they take a picture and said you just like you know those pictures that you can you threaten to sue people for before putting on the internet cuz you’ve always been such a hound dog about your likeness that sumbitch the house of cosbys shutting down motherfuker
full circle farmer do the hashtag ask Trump reminder that in advance of the BuzzFeed articles aren’t going to be showcasing the kindest things anyways whatever it doesn’t matter it doesn’t matter
Blood Moon Blood Moon
that’s funny you watch it jiggle
okay we’ll get the tow cable at my house and I I sure don’t know I’m just talking to the authorities now I was waiting for me and I was letting my dog’s poop and I we were going to we’re going to come to the shop and they’re super moon traffic all over at Los Angeles tonight people are very excited about when I came back to the car you said that Dustin well I like Dustin where you at. You what you want Justin to come out and do he he told this story I do I do not want him
Dustin Dustin was also in the car
and I got people walking all over Los Feliz I guess they’re going up to the observatory to look at the supermoon and a guy drove by Spencer’s car while they were waiting for me and he stuck his head out the window as if they ask for directions and said
did you could just point it up can I get that right where the moon or the Moon
like a New Yorker, it’s
can go and there’s a there’s a gas station kitty corner from it
but also you can’t see it from here right now in the best in the best light
walking up like like Pat like up Hillhurst right now with a can of Coors and their hand casually strolling to look at the moon at the Griffith Observatory If Ever I don’t think they know how far they are walkouts like four or five miles straight there where the Moon is a is this is this is a bunch of notes about about our our delightful guess that we’re going to talk about and there’s only one thing that’s not that it says where is the Moon
I was once in my car and I was at the Denny’s parking lot over it go our goals and there are a bunch of guys hanging out in the parking lot and I overheard one of them go inward the North Star in a star is a fucking planet
put the fucking things twinkling motherfuker
cuz it’s not twinkle twinkle
that’s like a Richard Pryor act like a Richard Pryor would you dialogue between 2 and 1/2 of a 2 people from the neighborhood did you feed your phone calls hey hello hello so anyways I saw two who invented the luggage
what was that phone call about hello Box Company
it went well well well well well well well well well that’s all that’s a box with a handle
no I’m sorry I can’t meet on 3 hours later Standing Ovation I don’t know how she does it
I’ve if you if you detecting a little bit of like I guess I kind of went after Bob Newhart there a little bit and and I and I didn’t realize that I had it in for him but I just I just remembered that I did I did something at the creative arts Emmys on stage with Joel McHale and it when I watch The Telecast cuz I felt like I killed but it did cut to a shot of Bob Newhart going
he look like a mosquito flew up his nose at everybody I’m sorry I’ve made you laugh
thanks for having me under the super moon Sunday Jeff is pooping yo
is there a terrifying and I asked Mike
different Canada man
yeah that’s true in the world weapons in Canada are plastic so jokes like that are funny or there
just don’t don’t come near me why I hurt people that have you ever would have you read a paper from here like I’m the last three hours we people are bummed out about it you are trying not to like yeah there was a drunk guy just out back of the nerd melt when I was walking in and I was glad he did not stab me and just before anyone says anything he was white he was a white drunk man
Rachel motivated fear
that’s not I’ve got her. Just drunk. I pictured him as white immediately thank you I guess his name was Frank
do you know his name is Frank because that’s hehehe firmly grasped my hand will looking to me you touched him he touched me it sounded like everyone but he touched me can I be frank
yeah Spencer is age. Frank yeah he just wanted to break down some hardcore with you and he he grabbed my hand was shaking is like I’m Frank and I was like oh great I’m Spencer and he’s like great-great-great and he’s like and I’m like yeah that’s great news like I like it and I’m like yeah I think I need like your thinking you’re thinking and I’m like yeah most of the time I’m thinking he’s like
that’s good that’s good he was just the rest of the time he was just commenting on how great it was that I was thinking and I thought he was going to turn into an angry mode at some point like you don’t like this guy thinking too much but up you cooled off and then he shook someone else’s hand and they wandered off
the first of all that sounds like that he sounds like that smart bot online you know like though if it would harm your child even though it’s really cool what it says you the conversation doesn’t it it only lasts a couple it so you go like hey how are you and it says something amazing like like hey what do you think of John Travolta and you like do you like John Travolta and he’s like what do you like yeah I bet that’s what I I like popcorn that’s how it is to talk to my roommate when I’m talking to him it feels like that because I’m just like hey how’s it going he’s like how you doing and I’m like I’m doing good and he’s like doing good is good and I’m like what it is like doing my what conversation is like conversations are doing my what and then he just wanders out
you might have to work as a robot beer what what was because it was like an all it was like yeah cuz they were it was what is the what is the old old white guys bar there’s two just old old dudes hanging out and then we wandered in and then these Mexican guys showed up and they’re really fucking high which isn’t a problem but they seem to carry on as if if people knew who they were high they get arrested so it created a lot of tension right off the bat and it was not dialed down from that point on uncle or something I didn’t feel like they were hanging out as friends it was almost like this is the equivalent in the Midwest of being dragged into the woods to go deer hunting
and we’re going to we’re going to get yelled at and then you’ll be a man wanted to get yelled at night like the younger guy he was really like drunk and high but he was having a great time and he just wanted to talk about football and he was in a great mood and everyone was loving it but we were loving it too much for the older guy cuz he thought that we were making fun of the little guy but we were just was great you know he never has yet come on man he’s drunk but then the weird thing is then he turned to the kid and go shut the fuk up what is a fucking tell you
it was that that was a burst that you know that was a half but no matter what topic came up like like like like he didn’t get the like conflict you wanted so I put my glass down on top of my laptop on the bar and he good just going to put that they’re like yeah it’s like liquid on your laptop OK cares about my laptop with a good start like hey man you don’t like night bowling
we’re not going to fight him so we’re just like lately we’re just talk or just agree with a bowling or like there used to be a lot of good bowling alleys around here and he’s like yeah then what happened
nnnn mechanic mechanic is like you know like they were real bowling alleys in the glowing ball, what is this what is this napkin or something with them so you don’t like night bowling huh you are in the idea is that this is threatening your gang is the worst and then the other guy would be all like yeah man it’s like the balls are green
weirdest shit all right so it’s it’s really hard to tell that story as funny as it is because we live in sensitive times that you don’t want me to do an old old white fat Dan Harmon doing a fucking awesome Mexican accent do his precious this guy is like like you know that Donald Trump says I’m a lots of lots of them are wonderful people who ever lived had that like bowling
with with Christmas
at 3 in the afternoon in Culver City next to a big dude is probably like McKenzie like Smurfs or something nice about it you don’t like day drinking
yeah they got to bring those guys and pneumatic tube and just like ask them questions like that like the aliens ID for your ass I have a dialogue without there being any kind of resentment or anything but just get just get so what do you want from us you can do many things to fight about I will fight about anything I was drunk I don’t have the crazy, like power play and everyone was trying to like a void around them and not get into like everyone was trying to tiptoe around everybody else but that got everyone so stressed out but I can’t go ahead but you can like see it happen it was just a bunch of car wrecks his people were trying to accommodate the other and then just not doing a great job
minority person walks into a unfree white establishment and end much to their shock the white people are are are following some code that they now are finding that existed and it’s very traumatic for them and it’s no better now now it’s just as bad except it’s just like it’s all kind of like it’s like one person walking in and going to this is going to be bad and then every one of the bar going like shit wear all-white aren’t we an argument about about everything is fine but everyone is just worried anyways I’d love to Dan but really an old soul mate if you think about it because I was reading her book today and hurt her story is very very interesting her latest book is sort of a memoir
and I text you through the whole her whole origin and and everything and like surprisingly kind of like Corey Yates Health exploratory and like confessional but it’s also very very very light-hearted and adorable it’s it’s it’s it’s a good luck you should check it out will let her talk about it and plug it and you can buy it cuz I’ll probably get the title wrong even though I just read it because I really listen to it so it’s just an arrow to me just go out
it’s 4 hours and 12 minutes at the speed 1.25 please someone who has never ever called herself the queen of the Nerds but it’s called that by other people Felicia Day
okay like it when you sit near
all right so I tell this to everybody but it’s it’s it’s what you’ll notice is it’s 5 degrees hotter up here so you can see me sweating I would yeah if you shave your beard it probably be a lot cooler now let me speak to that real quick heatsink face heat and sweat your travels down the beard dissipate I mean most people would call Dripping but a hairball which is the last thing you want to wake up to ever told you that you’re here to me it does anyway I don’t know what I don’t know what you think of me has been here I would have been here yesterday without an infant which should have been creepy
you’ve always been out there on my radar but I’ve always been I mean one thing that we will be talking about is how I think we’re both Workaholics and they could be expounded I mean you’re definitely diagnosable and had to overcome it like you’ve gotten past it and I was like hearing your book and I’m fucked up and I’m not I’m not through this year like just the other day I was like well you’re not working I think go ahead and still there but at least I’m going to go play Witcher because you’re working on yourself I’m actually just satisfy my addiction to the nervous system being like how stressed out but I’m not I mean she’s not like anti video game
well I mean it took her a long time to get there like shoot she never said stop playing video games and she’s like like when you were ten years older than you God God damn it I would call out for the other room like why do you play a game that makes you so upset
cuz you love chicken stick ball so much
what are stikbots shut up you never speak perfectly either
I’m going to stop by to get paid to do it one day what speak ok
I had to tell you I can’t use any scissors I couldn’t my mom had to talk to the principal and not holding me back into town to meet a boy
Isis are toward myself
because you’re not supposed to be able to read at a college level
the tests have nothing to do with reading comprehension they put you on a balance beam what that’s like how you wanted a cat do I owe this person is going to need to balance another thing that happened to me that’s kind of the only Vivid memories for the one year I went to school and then I was sequestered for the rest of my life which we’ll talk about that girl named Jennifer and she was balancing on the balance beam because we had a thing we had to do which poked me in the eye with her with her with her now and I had to be a pirate for 2 years in a row between was it during the this wasn’t at the high-stakes balancing thing or is it just the study cuz I was like you could have been Rooster Cogburn you didn’t have to be a pirate
or Snake Plissken True Grit violation he had a crush on me I gave her that credit
are there I mean you keep saying the one year I went to school because like I don’t know I don’t know if I’ve ever met a home-schooled person and I certainly wouldn’t picture them as as like you know even though I think they’re there their they’re capable but you know
but your mom your mom told you and your brother out of school would you were kids because because you you were hoisted by your own petard as we stay on this show has our special pants made of Pride explain later but because it was like a broke I was like I have we moved to Mississippi so we were from Alabama which is already a problem and then we were moving to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi which was a big problem because that was hickville to the people in Alabama so that was subject and then my mom was concerned because all my family is very highly educated and it was like the worst school system in the world so she was like what’s called one place they make you wear uniforms nope you’re not going to school
that was just that sit at the beginning of the day slips to around noonish and white books kind of like the the the generic cereal at the grocery why you creepily taking pictures of me
you like photography
you could trust me
oh that sounds
I’ll post it on Instagram you’ll see it’s a cool photo photographer
and then if she never will
do I be like well I’m going to educate myself so I would have a strict regimen of like Lost in Space is at 10 a.m. you better do three math problems before then and I felt like yeah I’m really educated myself like that that was the totality of my childhood basically programming myself around old noir films musicals old science-fiction things and then eating buffalo wings at the t g i Friday at one point you like a violin Prodigy and that’s exactly what you’re you’re you’re one of these kids that’s in college at the age of 16 or whatever which is like like worms are in Revenge of the Nerds the what what how old were you when this is weird chapter happened where your mom was grooming you to be the new Selena like like
it was such a strange like flash I mean we were living in San Antonio so I don’t know why you would think it would be inappropriate I mean I don’t speak Spanish or sing or speak Spanish or any of the things that you need to do to be a Tejano star but that does not a person who will well first of all she I just found out the other day that she crashed a car into somebody in Austin immediately got out of the car and was like I’m Felicia day’s Mother
and it actually worked it worked situationally in Austin but it.
I was just driving around your mom’s neighborhood
we would go into the to the mall for hours while she brows and we would sit inside the the Merry-Go-Round a shame you know you just get in there as kids and you’re like it’s just at World of clothes around me and I’ll be in a different place please God but she would tell the Clinique sales woman about my pirouettes and I wouldn’t be forced to do here was to everybody in the makeup department at like 9 p.m. so that somebody who could possibly make me more of us to our she would go on to them and one of them happen to be a Tejano producer who had a garage that he recorded music in and therefore that was like a door opening to my star happening as a Tejano singer kind of an accordion Hispanic Tex-Mex music if you’re not familiar with Tejano it’s very jolly Grimm but you were in the book at either of the The Closer on that chapter is that then was it Selena at you guys win
happy I mean I don’t know where you are really the reason why I kind of came to a close and the terrible story it’s like if you played life is strange
that’s crazy shit
I’m streaming it and I’m like oh my God is this she was like laughing uncomfortably which I’m doing right now too cuz I’m sweating. I’m talking about that and it needs Jovi away and can we change the subject for a little while and I don’t like feeling I knew it was when I bought it from playing video games I want 15 I don’t want to like giving a headset and yell at anti-semitic things that people that may or may not be Jewish like I did I want to lick and I thought it was really really interesting that giving the date because that’s how we’ve always played games that you save your place when you go back in the way that they made it part of the narrative
what did your time and prayed yeah and the game coming out to certain but after like 7 years but it was and that you kind of levels but you have to be able to read my time to actually get through the levels know and Green Lantern
you didn’t like that so dumb and it was his exact same mechanics but I was like oh they did they figured it out this time because I was like enjoying being Juno and like having a psychic friend and
sleeping live or is it a girl gave away I know who I’m talking to and the fact that you’re not that there the whole that half of the point of this interview in the end your career has been like this that there is no need to be a good what we were going to get to this eventually but that that that you’re describing your early life which is like very very parallel to mind your experience with this new technology when we’re at that age like you and I were both the both the first people that we ever held hands with our kissed where people that we met on computers and it back then ironically there was like way more except there was like less like a bubbling fury like it was but it was a warm welcoming more equal world gender-wise back then I think because it was nerds against the world and now that it’s so ironic that like all this time later that it’s like it’s like there’s so much more
the division like a cultural division which is so I did but I guess it’s not odd when you realize that the technology turned mainstream and so back then it was like you had to be you know the kind of person that was capable of having that much hatred of anybody you were probably better at football then play late late late side of the bubble and where is Zachary 200 I don’t know if there’s a hacker magazine 2600 so that I that I remember trying to get one of those and I’m like I’m going to be a hacker I was like there’s a coolest and I was like opening shimmying up a telephone line and opening it and knowing wires and I was like I guess I’ll just play the game actually in real life
in that in that get in that magazine which I think is still going on that they would really show you how to hack phone life I did it but I just like I got codes and numbers and things and I tried tried you a used it till I call places and not get charged then I called like naughty naughty things I charged you but didn’t get charged because I used like a code I just to see how old how old are you and how old were you when you were 39
they weren’t even women they were recordings I will talk to a lady there about sex and stuff and I was like but could you use these numbers like the system till I can call one of those things and not get charged and I tried and it was just like you very quickly found out that it was just you know it’s like you’re just trying to trick people into paying for what is like a big long message can’t hang I will if you want some hot juicy action why don’t you
Anna and I was just like like like recordings after I was just like a woman that goes like a recording of a woman going out late at night I like to wear my bathrobe and I hope my man comes home and gives it to me I was just visiting a shity recording I was all like I wanted to be like Matthew Broderick obviously and Albert from Little House on the Prairie on that weighs kids show remember whiz kids episodes it was like oh it’s from Barney Miller played a cop to go to this whiz kid it was just a total like it was just taking war games and say okay let’s make a TV show so it was like a good-natured cop going to a Anna
time for Matthew Broderick character in in the producers of war game
play a different show there was a cute Ally Sheedy type that was like his tomboy kind of like hoodie hoodie where a friend friend friend friend till the time where she put a dress on and he was like the address I’ve been let my hair down in order to get this microchip from the way he would he would he would hack Android hack his refrigerator like like they show they would show him how magical people have computers were likely would show him like typing in his bedroom and then in the kitchen is refrigerator would open and his mama go
play he said he’s just hacking the refrigerator to open and they can then he would like to hack traffic lights and hacked like now he just hack everything
the car now because the onboard computers are so complicated that you could actually hack a car and drive it for somebody killed Michael Hastings what the government killed Michael Hastings because he got too close to the truth really you know really reach in journalism that put a you know revealed a lot of corruption and do the Big Bird Patchogue
saw that yeah that’s exactly the government released a statement that said Michael Hastings definitely was not killed by a hacked computer or hackers hacking his computer but just as a completely unrelated Public Public Safety note if you were hacked if your computer is hacked and you are killed it would look exactly like this I would reiterate that is a completely it actually said something along those lines is like this is what it would look like if your car was hacked it would explode like this didn’t happen there be no way to know if it happened but we know it didn’t happen so it’s just like the most weird the most suspicious thing anyone can do you stay away from the truth from your frigerator cuz something might be a plot point of your of your of your career
is World of Warcraft leg leg because obviously or maybe not obviously for people listening like like the your community the weird metric to use but I’m narcissistic so I’m reading Tucker and only understanding it’s a parallel to my life which is happening the same time like like the world’s shittiest biopic would be like cutting back and forth between what’s going on with you it was made and where we don’t know each other but there would be no reason to do it other than the fact that it’s structurally works out really perfectly cuz it’s like your your community is based on your community college which is you experiencing World of Warcraft and you got seriously like I was surprised that your description of how hard the addiction was at it sounds like a paper just as you described it in one line like video game addiction first of all you have a you have a tendency to laugh at all cuz it seems like a silly thing to be addicted to the second of all
seriously you would therefore then lose all respect for the game but the night is you but you leave those Highway cuz you like a fucking serious shit like I might life is it started as a great thing that made you feel good I am at a low time in your life you were at you were like it it said you were you were already trying to act to do any auditions and you’re you’re sort of not you’re not actually expressing yourself you’re not too close to the truth with your art and and then you start playing World of Warcraft and it’s like putting you in a good mood and you start feeling like you actually are an honest ground and then all the sudden it’s kind of takes over your life and you stopped going out in auditions and you stop doing everything away that maybe go oh wow this is Real World of Warcraft took them off the grid of life

I seen that happen if you say I have anime but I want to do in my I didn’t want I hate it when people like the inherent nature of that video game will ruin a person’s life has bulshit simple excuse for for people’s problems
really awesome
but to me you know I was I was actually making a living as a great living like you can work for 5 days a year and your commercial actor and you can make you can have a great career you make enough money to live and then you have no for filament in between and he can only take so many classes are go to coffee with so many actors and complain about your agents before you feel like this is not working for me so my brother invited me to play World of Warcraft and I was like I’m a warlock and I’m good at this guy’s and if it turned into this thing where I was getting the sense of fulfillment and side by just playing more and more and more and I don’t think it’s inherently bad and I think they’re if you can moderate your behavior that it’s an amazing social and justifiable social outlet or you would have been increasingly as we have these all my worlds are as important as our offline world you can’t denigrate somebody’s online life as being escapism or destructive because we’re all going to be living in a void one day you know
Robin be staring at are the the construction of our walls that we want to Which Wich in my case will be probably a Normandy castle with some fairy servants and whether that’s good or bad like you do to me I think that sense of fulfillment that I got couldn’t connecting to actual people behind those other characters with very important to me and I will always treasure this friendships and those grades and those clothing items that I want on the raids and helmets and things like that but the problem is I didn’t have anything to do with my life and I didn’t know what to do to get out of the mire of the acting and in to get ahead because as you said I wouldn’t call it really early I wasn’t sure that you know straight-A student and I was like I can’t I don’t know where else to work hard to get ahead in this business is not Merit base and so I just you know where I was supposed to masturbate you know what is it what it what is Rock Bottom look like in a World of Warcraft addiction I made a couple examples from from your book but
having a very organized person I love to do list but I would make it to do list about what I need to do in the morning to do World of Warcraft better so I would literally have a strict like 8:15 you need to wake up and I have a coffee and then we can log by 8:30 to do a half-hour of farming of dream for oil and then you have to commute from Ashley no estara to whatever other region is to get the other herb and then you have to start this herb and I would literally like listed out I had a very comprehensive I would have been a really good while secretary from for any better
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses a lot but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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you also just got a little used to describe your internet going out and you driving around in your car crying because the internet was out like things got added up to like having two three characters and you know playing 12 14 hours a day and then go to sleep dreaming of being a cartoon character and then waking up with an agenda to be more cartoon characters and it was inherent in just a place that I was in life that I used that as sort of a 8 to fill the hours that I didn’t know what else to do with because I didn’t know how to be fulfilled otherwise I got out of it is I got in as a support group which is terrible I hate say that word is just so dorky the secret which is even worse that anyway
it’s it actually got me shut up Steve I feel you remember this
I know yeah of course it feels like hey come out and share your victories every week and my only victory was like I leveled got a new Helm and they were like I don’t understand this it’s okay my dad like you have a valley in there where you’re like you’re like this addiction is more pies I like you’re going from the joy of World of Warcraft the radio pilot about it it’s like wow me like you were like a junkie and World of Warcraft but then you get out of it by stopping playing it and writing about it instead and the Ritz pilot and then like you and your friends from that group based on the secret secret secret and said you could do whatever you want to do a group that
it was that really the truth because that would be even sadder no I didn’t know it was on I think it was just in general in the form of the group of four I was there I’d and I don’t mean to now I’m sweating anyway so it was fine it was four or five ladies in every week we get together and I wrote the script and nobody wanted to make it because they were like I don’t understand how you use a computer to talk to other people with a game because that was you know seven eight years ago and people were not that Savvy and YouTube it just started so my friend was like let’s shoot it and put it online and that was literally the start of everything I’ve done just kind of braving the terror and decide to pick up a camera shoot hunker down and the description of the amount of work that you guys put into that thing well not accepting Help From A system that was like Wow will will do this but you know we’ll own it all this stuff a new you repeatedly kept resisting that urge and we’re really one of the first I mean cuz this is back again and I remember
then I wasn’t paying any attention to what you were doing and had my head up my own ass but it was channel is like I did a couple of those like and that was I mean I never would be a couple but I never would have been brave enough to pick it up because I didn’t have any experience don’t make it you know honey what you did was like revolutionary and that it was internet video before internet video was a thing right Channel 101 predated you too but then you’re doing this and like I’m slightly post YouTube world there’s like an all the beginning of the idea of a web series like the courts about the guilt but in the world
Trulia masterpieces Cinema 6 season 6 years it was six years old videos and we actually weren’t on YouTube except for the first season so we shot the first three episodes when I tell and traumatic detail about shooting your house which is not a fun thing because people will go number two in your toilet copiously and then you’ll have to clean it later which is I’m a hypochondriac I don’t want anybody’s Elsa’s poop in my house and was like she lost me
make it because of my Channel 101 background of everything cuz you’re not with that thinking that you’re a bad person but just thinking I know we might have not been friends or something if we’re too country because your couch mattress ifucking that was a I was boom operator for 8 hours Play It’s Your show because I don’t know if you start to believe your own mythology or you’re just so used to telling people at the story and I was so grateful and I was like I would list every single person who came for free and my editor is like this is not like no one I understand that you want to take the Kenny who is your podcast who showed us how to set every single day and you know and all these other people that your listing who volunteered the Colleen and Bob Hooper for reason they donated their furry costumes to see the list of trying to think everybody and then in a chapter shoes that you have to be funny or so that was one of the angle and yes
sing all my dining room table pisses me off because I had to do like a monk guest star to pay for that table cuz I was going to go get a table a real lady table so he’s like you didn’t use a coaster you murdered them know I didn’t
you got an email that the publisher whoever said that is because it’s 20 minutes of audio during which I’m like someone uses a coaster it’s important because you’re planting seeds are cuz this turns out to be a very actually needlessly because it would have been a good book anyway like you’re and you’re a likable person and you’re sharing your story and people want to hear it but you really like crucify yourself like I said they going to let you walk all the way up go look at them with this and it’s like it starts with like like what you do Diet Coke rings on the table but you’re taking that somewhere in like you’re very very confessional and thorough about clock to clean a nervous breakdown and not die before I wrote about my story you know I
like if she’s at home
Quaver acting and was just like I want to do the webcam for a while I was testing for a show called like Samantha who which was a Christina Applegate show and it was being testing against Melissa McCarthy and an Asian girl and I was like it was Melissa McCarthy before she was Melissa McCarthy and surgery but it turned out I made her a superstar attacked that I could not I mean my hand was I am not kidding it was a most and then when I had a panic attack and I when I noticed no in in going through a lot of therapy and stuff like that like oh you were playing with panic attacks your whole life and body like kind of looking like wow you’re terrible like I can see what you’re doing and it was so bad at the audition I walked out and it was a most ashamed I’ve ever felt in my whole entire life and at that point
I think I need to back off and just do the web more but I don’t know where I was going with this it was very traumatic on again I I relate to this like you’re you’re you’re at the height of your you know your story goes from a meeting with the goddess which is like a Comic-Con you’re hanging out with Joss Whedon them you’re like I can’t believe I built myself without permission you use the phrase without permission was like yeah exactly late like like I did this without permission and then like the second half starts to take because if it’s if you haven’t like checked in about this like compulsion you know his engine like if the whole time everyone’s been smelling like go get them the whole time it goes to your head then you start to get with nothing else to destroy you but yourself you start to destroy yourself.
for six seasons and it seems like all your Associates I mean we were successfully had a little bit of a budget but essentially making extremely low budget movie in my house for six years I was the only Rider to ever write on the guild and it was so many not only that I did all the social media all the marketing all the appearances all the coordination I mean I would be on the phone like trying to get the cast to a convention like where are you okay I’ll go meet you outside with a bad there was no possible way to delegate in my behavior as well as just not having resources I mean we had no resources so it looks like we got fans here every year but we did when we did because everybody’s expectations Kiya Juliet no more resources to support to make it bigger and basically I did it by just literally working myself almost to Dad and and it and I would never trade that for anything but I don’t I don’t know if it was the most healthy way to do things because when I started adding other things on like a company and other projects like that’s when I really started to clap
Maps yet but I don’t know if I’m going to be late late late late cuz it yeah then I was like then the parallel stop cuz you’re like oh I figured this out and I’m like wait how’d you figure that out cuz you’re like cuz the doctor said like you’d getting a horrible heartburn that could put you at a heightened risk of esophageal cancer feel like that’s a deal-breaker I’m not going to affect my I’ll be crazy but I’m not going to let it affect my body so then you just decided to stop being crazy and I’m like what
play bad I’m still crazy you said that I can understand is that you realize that the paraphrasing you but you realize that the things you do are not who you are that that is a realization that I am actually understand and it’s sometimes I feel it in my heart but I don’t know if it’s any of your business where you are something to someone that you’re not somebody like if you’re in a position where somebody knows you and that’s Fame and it is like what small amount that I have and in very interesting where areas but like the minute you are as in a situation where your work is basically an in that kind of external validation is important to getting what you want done I think that starts to mess with your head and your value starts to kind of like being sucked out onto your skin your outer self I don’t know is that weird or what
use the word workaholic and unlike low does that mean productive like I’m mad and it doesn’t it doesn’t it anymore than alcoholic means like for fun drunk or something a holic and it doesn’t have to be like super great version of it I guess I’ve always I like a serious problem for me like I said I have to confront now that’s it like they’re at the root of everything that’s going around in my life I just I’m just I don’t have I don’t have an identity outside of what I do at all likely like this show is likely is a huge part of keeping me sane because it’s a way for me to to to do something while that involves Being Human and fulfilling myself but it was so late because I don’t I don’t know but she’s like what do you do to recharge what you do to fill up what you do to relax as I play video games
doing the video games in the wall you know I’m like a Witcher and a vagina
how is that different if I if the if the if the Google is is a guy from Dreamworks How is this different from from from the life you just described as incredibly stressful that’s okay I guess you’re right that would think that would be a good comparison though because it’s very intense you could get really worked up and stressed out just playing sports but no one would say you going to stop playing sports man it’s cutting into your attic that those people exert exert themselves and also there are probably people who shouldn’t be using Sports because the does stress them out but I think the I think the typically people who do physical things they get they exert themselves in the lake physically like have a catharsis you know because they wear themselves out and then they go and they have no choice but to take those big deep breaths and relax themselves and set their nervous system back to zero because I know she’s right because I
I know for a fact that when I’m sitting down to play a video game absolutely right I can’t wait to do it so you would see so then that you think I’m doing this to take a break or relaxed but I’m just like I’m just using it to avoid like I’m using it to Valentine’s to do like what I’m saying
then actively participating in the story and projecting yourself as a really hot today while I curl up in the I don’t watch TV and I don’t use Facebook I curl up in the arms with my lesbian wife and I’ll be like I wrote it sunsets and shit
I mean how is it better listen I will cuz it’s two lesbians doing it first of all
so how is it worse I think that if you find a sense of meaning and something and yes I sometimes you just want a little bit of emptiness like that’s what the TV said about like give me a relation vs. liquid coffee is a stimulant and then potluck kind of makes you giggle and fall asleep like I think that’s the scissoring thing right there saying like I wouldn’t believe it but I said cuz I’m minding like an Xbox controller my hand and I’m like it’s like I’m now I’m going to do this cuz it’s like I want to like I want to jump over to doing the same thing but none of my brain yeah Joe I’m not like taking in I’m not like refilling my soul
I don’t know how you do that I don’t know how you do that I mean I think it’s relative like what he’s supposed to learn French or I go to go to meet friends I find it so ponderous to go out and there’s not a point to it playing board games or bowling I don’t understand how I’m just supposed to sit there with a drink in my hand and talk more than 30. I don’t know why do I see your therapist so now I’m sweating because maybe you’re up can I bring you in like a box and yeah it’s tell me what you were saying before again it’s is like you got to you got to hang out with your wife and just watch the sunset and then I’ll open the box and you would like hello
I got to be playing video games I would honestly be I would I would I would think that I don’t feel alive if I was on learning something so I would be like I’m learning French restaurant or I learned to Mandarin Chinese for six months because I needed to go to the gym and it sounded good to do that and I I picked out seven words I was like my God I’m amazing I so amazing night bowling and punch don’t have the answer but I know it isn’t that just retirements I don’t know I mean I would I would I would feel like I was wasting my life if I was just looking at Sunset is nice but it doesn’t have to be all the time it should be
treat that it doesn’t always just sad because all it does is super moon people like they’re not going to be relaxed tonight literally some bit of werewolf is assaulting of an old woman right now cuz of that Moon
yeah let it be awesome if I’m sorry I’m a little high but it’d be awesome if you made a like a jet that went the exact speed that the Earth rotates and you could literally just follow a fucking Sunset around the world for until you ran out of gas
that would be possible just never had a fucking stop and I didn’t you just you just Johnny Sunset it is all in ya
the Greek myths of Apollo is that you did that is a god they were not God who had sex with animals did that go for Apollo Promise by the way I feel centered is I watch House Hunters and I see all these stupid bastards who get to quit their job and move to Denmark cuz they’ve always wanted to and I’m like I want to do that one day I’m going to do that and then I feel like I sent her by so it’s like I’m stressful
all right but I think I know what you’re talking about it when I watch intervention I’m always like
but that Forensic Files for me I never seen one until about two months ago I was in Baltimore in a hotel and I would not fucking stop watching for what is a river seen it it’s really hard to solve cases and they break down how they eventually solve them and every time
I do that every once in awhile they can’t use luminol because the criminal had used a technique to make it luminol proof which the show cannot disclose bleach
I like there’s that worried about about their other show having that effect but it looks like I’m learning from your show is if you’re going to murder someone about nobody no crime Shonda Rhimes somebody else have a lie and nobody no crime LeAnn Rimes what’s luminol luminol is it just blood detector it’s like you if I kill you or is that guy tells you it was you can mop up all the blood and it looks you know it looks like it’s gone but then they spraying luminol and they shine a blacklight and it’s just like oh isn’t this Blood
take me to text the iron or something like that I didn’t have that was Murder She Wrote
see Angela Lansbury and the Queen of Sheba and like the 60
I don’t remember but I’ve I’ve seen photos of our young and she was really good looking like her babies her Young
oh yeah what are you talkin about you guys bring your book out here did you I did but I got her books of the recent part of your story and we don’t have to talk it’s it’s it’s it’s gotten boring to talk about
the New York Times bestseller so they can’t take that away from me ever which is pretty awesome as a fair Legacy to the 7-Eleven by the way
why don’t we just get excited about it because I think it’s funny and also empowering in and kind of subversive of the intent of people who who who who come after people under the banner of of of of of of online like the beginning of just that chapter just about some horrible Jason you read the comment that people leave the intention being for you to like I mean the way that they speak you would think that their intent was for you to just go and hang yourself or corn it forever a judge and it’s it is weird weird the internet is such a sewer and then it’s so late like 4 when people get so specific and so targeted it’s like wait are you at
when I heard you reading this stuff out loud I kept thinking like oh this must be their worst nightmare because these are their words and they’re supposed to like somehow it’s not completely their words except it’s just one tweet and then of course that discredits my whole argument but there must be people who the weapons they used to attack people that you know everything that scares them like an uplifting like Fairy Tail irony to hit when you see people go after people that hard and that viciously cuz you know even though it seems cartoonist you know that that means that there’s something you could say to them that would make them cry
I mean I take me to funny thing is it before that whole incident happened last year I had finished my draft in my book and there wasn’t a chapter about negative comments which if I I’ll just read just the first part and some of the nasty tweets context of that incident particular cuz I’d rather just not give them more coverage but and it’s so that the chapter existed about trying to weather negativity online and how it specially because it’s a piece of that particular incident that was just a Confluence of a bunch of you know mixed with some coins conservatism that gave it a label mixed with men’s rights activist and swirling Vortex the worst of everything coming together to me that’s my perspective and and it’s so pretty with the route so that were sort of a class like we talked about before of gamer girls and I’m sure we’ve all seen those memes from like three or four years ago like gamer girl said and it’s his girl with the little chunky glasses I come out and walking her and saying that is essentially that this girl
is adopting these things because somehow she is trying to get attention or be Mickey’s game where guys are sexually attracted to her but she’s really a fake so that was really I think the roots of this festering thing that built up over the years that kind of exploded in that into that particular but like I’ve experienced a lot of this in the chapter before this even happen and it really you know several times I really did want to quit you know I did not want to make videos anymore and I believed them because underneath of your in our district I’m insecure so let’s get together and say hey you’re horrible in an hour you know just a little bit at the top one page or something like that I have a folder label tape folders
skies are nailed it labeled hate folder that sits in the middle of my desktop it’s where I save screenshots of the worst things people have said to me online 50 shades of blue shut for some reason it takes the sting away to hurt all the toxic comments is a hoarder corner of my hard drive aggravating the losers I’d like to hunt down in real life and Robert were never with a dump truck then back up again and run over them again too far if it’s too disgusting to say to another human being I guarantee that someone is headed to meet online the internet is amazing because it connects us with that one another but it’s all so horrific because it connects us with one another when the connection or not the only real life analogy I can think of is if a random person were allowed to walk into your home punch you in the face while you’re eating your oatmeal then walk out again with no fear of consequences after 1 incident you be looking for a new zip code with you so unless I’ve collected over the years at Felicia Day a woman using
sexuality pretty profit for male Gamers and pretending she’s empowering women and progressing quote-unquote gaming culture her nose is so fucked up did someone hit it with a sledgehammer or what at Felicia’s congratulations you have a vagina and play video games now do something useful to do but lake lake lake the people like like if I talk about Minecraft too much so when someone eventually will we get it you’re a celebrity and you said you do nerdy stuff get over yourself I went what the fuck today somebody called me yeah they called me the Kim Kardashian of nerd dumb and I’m like I’m not nearly that successful but it’s you that doesn’t make any sense I hate Steve we get it you got a cap on and you’re sitting by the microphone
I can just sounds like been there done that
oh we get it your mother you over at your mic but we get it the Caps back on a we get it you can’t win
bear it’s like it’s like the agent orange of its criticism of somebody else for those exact same thing and ironic but it in her phone it really is hurtful because I think at the end of the day like I am who I am because I was rejected a lot I never felt like I belonged anywhere and now that I’ve been able to break out of that and and show people that is acceptable and b v I guess more mainstream or more visible than I have people telling me that hey you’re just a sellout and your pandering and you don’t believe any of this or you’re useless and your nose so let’s see if you honestly think Felicia Day worked hard to give her she is eatable a fucking hell
even the worst ultimatum
it’s not like yeah sorry everybody fence posts he eats a lot of it’s just a fact of life in Simi Valley and I get through it so he thinks everyone has a magnet and anybody could that’s what counts
that’s all I’m saying I have a lot of time conspiracy websites I really do I didn’t even earlier a couple episodes ago we asked if I had any conspiracy theories and I was like nope but apparently that I have one Michael Hastings no no I think most conspiracies are kind of you know it will everyone knows about three more than why do girls always use the nerd the term nerd geek and gamer can’t believe they just shut the fuk up she’s nothing but an attention whore that uses her gender forever as a key for attention tell me would you have subscribe to this channel is Felicia Day wasn’t a girl if you say yes you’re a fuking idiot
someone tell that redheaded country that the kitchen is down the hall and not for the camera
all right yeah I hate him he’s dead right Marie Father Knows Best was Robert Young
Fred MacMurray never was in the same room with those children though like he would shoot like in a separate unit and then it would be a double with most of the things he could do that was William Frawley who is the also in the show but he why did he do it
use didn’t want to do a shower give me a shoot all this stuff out and let you know like a couple days and just fake it if you just pick to do that your leg fuck all these other actors all just just put me in a box and I’ll do two days those monsters anyway I feel like I’m putting you through the rest of it is something like that every day but then I’ll see hundreds of more positive comment and you’re the cool thing is that I just want to book to and I went to 13 cities and you know going out in the world is strange to me
the coolest thing was there were so many guys who came up and bought the book and they were like I’m buying this for my niece who’s 13 or I’ll buy this for my daughter who’s 16 and I just love the idea that there were these fathers and and guys who work biddy really know what to do for these girls who were at this age that you probably would have been in the cool things that you might Love Like You Know Gaming or anyting in anything that made them feel less popular likable did they wanted to give them any tool that they can find to be as who they are and I think that was the coolest thing I learned to nerdy to be caring about something that are like our World War I like I like
why did you say that your country hang like that that are it’s like why are these leg like weird that we can’t possibly are nerds that successful now that we’re able to like split down into like can’t and I don’t think so something in there like because it seems like from what they’re saying it’s just almost like immediately over targeted like some me with some of the worst things I hear I when people are like you know it’s the whole mess thing it’s lately that says like one cares a fuck you and bored with you or what if you really if you really really really do dislike somebody while I always say like the opposite of Love isn’t hate its apathy like it’s it’s the silence that hurts people like us more than the attention and it’s the only one you would like come after somebody I just think I think that it’s so it’s so
do the thing that’s really weird about it is because I have a 15 year old misogynistic little prick inside of me I can access it and I have one of the trunk of my car to I have jars of them in my basement.
But but like I I can I can I can run that simulator it’s not that it’s not like the circuitry that isn’t able to go down there with a couple of switch flips and and when I run that simulation I’m like like the thing that outrageous me is like why is everybody trying to make something that’s like mine and personal and fucking awesome and it’s all about being radical and honeycomb hideout what is all these bulshit talk about apologizing backpedaling and no one had to be doing that until it was just like this weird syndrome of okay the culture group to the point where okay there’s points of overlap somebody says something and somebody react and then it requires like that talk about sensitivity it requires all that stuff is like you ruined it you know the person who has that complaint
necessary for somebody who wants their needs to grow up in a in a in a in an environment where she can flourish they have the responsibility on them to do things like stand behind you publicly if you get Doc’s there whenever and say like this is fucked up and you guys are fucked up and fuck you Adam Baldwin and whatever likely listen to it I got you I got you I got your back it’s now it is like because if you don’t now you’re like not he just pisses me off cuz I’m always the kind of person who I like to be genderless in a sense that I’m not putting you know what gender like amending girl game like it’s not something that I need to do because that essentially gives gamer to the default to guys right so that’s just the way I think I don’t but at what what kind of rages me is that there is increasing need for women to have their own Esports League or women to have their own thing in order to be and they shown studies that makes women wear confident to participate and things are not true
finally went female-driven which I’m like now just get up there be one of the guys will be there be equal and be represented as a person but there is this need on the Internet is specially when you’re in little ecosystems took all people other you know how your other your races different your sexuality is different your gender is different and you should be ashamed of the difference is that is essentially where it’s it’s kind of power I guess is motivated because there are different kinds of people coming into the these worlds are different opinions in the frustrated like Blake semi moderate people who had nothing but soup recipe will race that could have been suppressed until they were for today but there you know it’s coming out because they like they’re being asked to pick a side and an issue that doesn’t have to be an issue like the whole like everyone is agreeing that we
I want to live in a world where we have to have the fucking conversation 24 hours
it was a kind of an essay about how they hide of gamergate like we need to stop doing this and we all love gaming we need to show a positive face and when I saw you know because of so much hate her that I was getting I was like you know I saw some guys and some Gator shirts and I would assume that we would have been like Yeah by 5 and then I was just like I don’t want to deal with it I cross the street you know just kind of and it was almost unconscious and I realize because people really attacking me and shaming me that these those kind of comments were like 20 times you know at the height of that incident I I was so constantly changing my behavior based on someone physically fucking up what I love a culture that I love and something that I love and I’ve always wanted to spread the love of and show people hate gave me I have spent the most time being cuz I really want to show people how awesome it was to play mme and how fun it could be in somebody Ant could read it and understand why they’re you know nephew would like these kind of things so during that. That’s why I wrote that essay which led to people posting my address online and
a lot of people now just saying I’m afraid of Gamers which is like literally the opposite of what I said factually
brighten your seats this wasn’t even this is another misunderstanding people talk about the suggested subjective experiences they’re not saying this thing happened to me that is a crime that needs to be punished they’re saying this is the experience that is happening to me subjectively a big fat straight white bearded male and a middle-aged that is a never had anything but good fortune but being in the spotlight is nothing to complain about even the negative parts of it but it isn’t when you know when you would like to run afoul of the public and people are tweeting at you around the clock you should kill yourself no one likes you why the fuck are you in my newspaper are you dumb piece of shit the guy was Fletch why are you doing this plate lately and there’s nothing to deserve did it like it’s important to note like
how much it freaks me out so if you do happen to like me but have a vagina and have people that have wieners like adding that I know where you live I’m going to fucking kill you like I love the furniture in your house and like in at the time you know you’re signing I’m signing hundreds of autographs I’m like yeah that makes me uncomfortable and I’m like deciding to go away and then I looked at them and their Handler with me I was like did you just really say that and then I’m like okay a he’s trying to freak me out because he’s trying to use the pot you know just either he’s a patrol and he’s like look what I did guys I went up and you know said this you know there’s a possibility like somebody have a camera might like it has to go through my mind because I literally had people in my house I have restraining orders against people who are you do have taken it so far and to imply that those kind of threats aren’t as you know
socially damaging and also potentially threat. Fischel if you were in a public forum and even the internet can find where you live like this is a real estate Mutual the thing that you were when you write that blog entry your that’s not what your time you don’t you don’t lead with that it’s not about crimes committed in recompense needing me done you’re saying the in that in that bargain for your going how did this fucking happen to our culture Gamers look like assholes like that’s what I thought the point of that was and it especially from a point of like we we all love this together let’s figure it out and agree to disagree with respect because it just got to a point where is crazy and thank goodness lot of people have spoken up and I especially leaders in the end in the gaming and like gaming companies are taking it seriously and it just like to me I love it and I want people to know that gaming is amazing and you know what that really is a future of our entertainment is gave me I just went to the scene called the void and literally
put on some other Oculus in a backpack and I ran through a maze and I thought it was in like a Skyrim I’m not kidding look up the void it really I did it in person it might be the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced and I realize we are going to be living in old world that intersects with nobody else has or we will be at venturing truly in the worlds that we want to escape to now just in passing fiction and in twenty years or Cindy crazy put on the real thing that is nothing compared to this cuz I was actively running through that I’ve experienced so far are you on what is no no no it’s a literal know it’s like a rvr order a tiara and you put it on
you literally stepped through a portal and you’re in an Indiana Jones ruined or you’re on a spaceship and it feel in your shooting the first time I tried Oculus Rift would make me really nauseous a lot of things literally walking through in and there’s supposedly they’re skinny or skinny in the walls and their skinning seats so that if you look at a seat like this a Green Block right and reality or like a gray block but in my in my Oculus it looks like archaeology archaeological to and it really could feel it and it looks like you’re feeling I’m not kidding guys
yeah there’s a fire they also have a wind so you look out on a waterfall you have wind in your face and you in the game think you are looking at a goddamn waterfall
it has and there’s a there’s a there’s real salad in there but then but to you it looks like
remember that guy in Temple of Doom and I love you food on Fear Factor is that there’s cultural definitions and I understand even maybe you do I like to eat
I’m still here for testing so if I bring the birth of the wet the wedge Iceberg wedge or do you just some nights Ranch on it would he go there
I was with the kitchen though. What did you automatically do when you open the fridge I broke all the eggs I threw it in the pot but I also and everybody under 18 like a plug your ears not for what you what you think but I just want to share something with my fellow at my generation buddy was in 3 minutes I was out trying to slit my throat with a knife
I wish I wish I wish you were here to croutons real people put on VR goggles and go into the same space as I was in there I was
in the void with another person and I saw the Halo that she was going to go to Halo and she was shooting and I was shooting was like there’s a spider behind you and I was shooting her and she was like
Friendly Fire basically in that situation do something story telling me if I don’t get ready for us thanks thanks everyone born in 1973 and thank you Total Recall the original have been like every all storytelling has been like through a two-dimensional pain and it’s like
Theresa Lumiere everybody
it’s her birthday and she’s a hundred and thirty years Young
hahaha usually she was the DP on horse walking out of a warehouse
please put your hands together for Fitness pocket
that leap might not was not pretentious I have might not make that Canyon that might be the grandest I may have to hang up my American flag helmet
The Six Million Dollar Man reference and it’s weird because we’re going to have to write stories even more so your leg like Beyond like David Mamet taught your writing how people talk as an audience is watching a stage you’re going to have to just create you have to become an expert at creating awkward moments I think because you’re not want to get like news stories will be like though the you know I’m not saying we won’t still enjoy watching people run over explosions and make dynamite at a chewing gum or whatever but but fighting where was but but but the technology is going to be really really really good at you do you walking into a party and then like you’re just noticing saying is if you’re just a service going to say because I personally think as a gamer like people will be more drawn to doing things in group like literally going off living room
I can under a lot and I want you guys to get along I want you’d like her if you met her like a Luddite about it she’s like if I was playing like pop the pop the pop the cherries or whatever
lake lake lake lake map
Bubbles and the Frog world like like something on my iPad if I told her it relaxes me and I could be honest about that should be a great one and relax yourself with those and I know that I’m like I’m going like I got so many boxes I got a real good seat but first I got to talk to Chris tonight. It’s like play it until I’m asleep and then I go
why am I just a little tiny like messed out the Jewish producer
I want a game but every picture seats
don’t want to fit in my car so I want a movie about a painting I see a sexy pic deal I see Hasselhoff I think Ringo Starr I see Bethlehem

why do I see Bethlehem wow
that was a written character don’t applaud and I wrote that 3 weeks ago doing a one-man show what’s it called Billy Crystal
colon the characters I am I say it’s like 90 characters including the old blues Man
rules for playing the Blues
are used to play the blues so good thank you thank you though
now the old blues woman
wow this is great $60 a seat
Northern comedy this is kind of art
cuz he drinking water in between the sentences I got food in the Mike so excited
I play video games and get relaxed I play like competitive games I get horrible acid reflux and I can’t I can’t do it I got play Heroes of the Storm with my brother likes God damn you stupid girl you stupid I don’t know how to do it I will experience where I was playing Left 4 Dead 1 and I just accidentally stumbled into like this group of like I didn’t ask because I was middle-aged and it would have been a weird to ask this even know what no matter what but it was like I got the sense that I stumbled into a group of of of younger guys that knew each other from high school and that were that were either gay or bi or something cuz they just like they seem they just think they were they didn’t they weren’t calling me fat cat never eats 5 seconds is one thing that I was like I think these guys are gay
because late because they’re they’re not fucking calling me a faget and the n-word they call you the and I’m like you’re trying to argue with them
like you can I’d like I’m five or one of them
I want to know who put the muffins
look it up when we get it you want an Emmy
it’s all good
call back from podcast Shadowrun with us for 10 minutes
it’s the new one
fffff I’m actually in the game analog Ashley
TNT live on Twitch call critical role and it is because I played it a campaign for three 3 years just for fun for my old improv group you know and I played it was a hi Charisma very low intelligence sorceress who would just be like Fireball. I don’t care I need a fireball I got 3 more jobs you’re dead
that’s that sounded like so many conference calls
the Morris Brown
I know it is that is that enough people I can never figure this out I think so but you always say it that way and then that makes it sound like I don’t know there’s enough people to see that’s that’s exactly
what we need
who said that come on up exuberant exuberant man
dog chewed up my glasses
what’s your name sir my name is Dewey a kid named after a character in the movie I saw when I was 20
I’m going to just dig a hole lay down
and a hand you the shovel cuz my back was hurt.
Well welcome to me thanks for coming up why don’t it’s not like you’re doing us a favor you shout it out I want to be up there you’re welcome doing is worth everything I’ve noticed actually played Shadow Legends Bar and Grill wild card
okay so Felicia will give you the first choice you could be the character my wife usually plays who’s like the face man can read his name straight what happened to Jeff Davis of characters Eve Liberty and she’s like a sprightly fucking I don’t always agree with him because he’s really complicated so not like that but but so none of these guys actually know what a play Shadowrun so friend okay Mercy O’Donnell the face man or the face lady or
okay so then what do you want to be the doctor oh yeah well they’re just little it was it will have hand that down to your friend doctor
all right all right
he is a little timer
so yeah I mean it’s some we never know what’s going on I don’t remember what we did last time when I was just drunk won’t start playing
what song is this where it happened
so we don’t have any musical queue I assumed right that’s fine
don’t worry I just want to confirm I’ll give you a little something I mean wow my phone just turned blue have you ever seen a blue screen on an iPhone
the new one came out so all of all of these are dying well it’s a good thing that nothing happened last week I was going to read Jason climber he’s the one recap the last time we need a recap I was going to read his recap because it said the gang walked around in a storage facility arguing about what they should do Eve Liberty Center of some crickets nothing happens and the recap it was something like that
all right let’s go. We got a lot of fresh faces so I’ll do like a real like an actual verbal not prepared recap so you would enter the facility you walked in the front door and started costing accosting the I guess the cashier at the storage facility and then you murdered him In Cold Blood
after that happened you walk through the door that you could have always walk through the whole time without killing anybody
the New Hampshire Cricket Detroit to search for your Quarry your Cory was a big load a big storage container full of mp3 mp3 that were locked by specific very high security musical locks if you recall you learn Perfect Pitch from a strange Conservatory for the sole purpose of defeating these musical locks
the fuck are you talking about
are there locks that unlock with music OK Google cameras everywhere you don’t know yeah yeah you were just talking to hack I use the on the on the phone yeah hat guy or hacked by cocci but hacking a bad joke give us more zero in on the no I mean I told you that there’s no of that there’s none of that information available there’s nothing like that I mean you’re looking for a vault that walk with me I don’t know what you’re saying man you look at you looking through of what you’re looking for a vault that locked with musical locks writer musical acts may be different than other locks let me let me look this shit
I’ve literally never heard of a musical lock and all of my shadow running days but I will look it up and get back to you
all right you do that you see you see a vault that’s locked with large large magenta locks
it’s not like any luck ever seen
looks like one of those musical locks
open if I sing
but isn’t that kind of musical
I don’t know do you smell egg on the locker because I have a mother’s egg allergy as it says here and I could not be there heck
suggested one of us possibly to start off singing Katonah. Phone like we just learned he and is he at the Lock moves or adjusting anyway I scream
ice cream nothing happens
better for not depression beautiful song
I’m going to look at these. With my image Med given the vacation Monica Lions won the Deeds of the blocks casing is made just a regular ass plastic and two on the back of the lock is in grave to specific does a very specific set of words almost like a sentence or a message the word they say Frankie Frank’s album one track to we going to find that that album and I dragged its we already have the other Cricket has the cricket brought it back
all right I’ll put it up put it for somebody put it in their lair
show me that I have an ostrich egg allergy Sophia
skillsoft that I could apply to people apply to that I could actually play it possibly get into your brain hole
beautiful sign for the right under was standing by the window
Cavalieri check out his pocket lessons together
is the roller door rules open automatically you see stacks of note boxes upon boxes full of MP3 dealerships the real mother lode
the very valuable I believe I had Trilogy video game
on the first PlayStation was that the arcade game where you were like fighting one of them down third-person thing I love that why when you found when you find a hell sup he’d go sometimes it just a random things one of them being
and then when he got hit eat it sometimes it go
MP3 chips more than you could carry on your own and we can okay it was sorry I missed that part we can’t carry all of these eggs in any way
they’re done some sort of scam you can just tell by looking at him he’s are the egg free ones
them the data from them without using the physical casing oh yeah you could definitely rip all of them but it takes some time back I got an idea I’m going to go outside and I come back I had an idea but I can picture us having a car
maybe you should get one but we drink a lot and I think of it all things all things considered you know I think we’re saving a lot it’s not out driving works in the future will they let you do it drunk yeah
the computer doesn’t for him because we going to get car
what does someone in by a car on board computer in the car and kill us I got it I got a second idea I run out I’m looking for a car just a stranger’s car alright cuz you know also what kind of car is a storage facility or a cart of some kind there’s like a loading dock I mean there’s carts you don’t know where they are though cuz he killed the guy
I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to use my you know knowledge is a former law enforcement officer including my undercover training as a criminal like Baxter is very complicated and on the way I certainly learned how to hotwire a car I have a cellular glove make out so I would make a glove that can lift everything and it floated away the glove that Strunk the glove maker it is for fingerprints and stuff it’s for spoofing fingerprints
how about you load the chips into me
that’s great idea
W2 box record storage for so you’re carrying facility or transporting weapons and guard the door and someone would have to feed at the same time I’ve never seen larger and carry more it will help you some what you do that you get to larger
I took out twice as many ships as before well that’s not how the math works out
45% more chips you still woefully away you’re still not nearly nearly two cat Gathering them although going to take some time but car it gets hot wired
where you going
can a handle
you’re outside the place I’m going to drive through the through the doors and up to the up to the storage unit all right I don’t have to flip a bitch is that still a phrase yeah and then I’m going to back in through the doors so it’s like what from their point of view I said I’ll be right back to it first backup which is a little embarrassing over time they’ll forget it though cuz the second time I said now I got a different idea and I left
came through it kind of close to the loading dock it arrives at did pulls to a stop right outside the thing
no we didn’t awesome
I have a open the trunk let’s start activate my adrenaline boost to help with him strength and velocity is faster than faster than faster
soon all the chips are loaded in the car
imagine being a guy that grew two sizes
yeah there’s no decreased body on my list do I need to walk home or
how are the roof dude you can disperse it if you want I want if you want that happens returning to normal size you realize you can fit in this car on your on your ear pieces he’s like hey man I was I was looking at musical locks and flipping I was flipping I didn’t I didn’t kill the live video feed that gets product you know they get sent to the police station so you got about thirty seconds before this place is surrounded you
so the cops are going to know what we look like forever I mean they already know you look like we’re okay. I hear the fuck out of here
yeah I popped up
all right let’s go today cuz he’s a character
Felicia Day everybody
tell her you’ve got her get her book you’re never weird on the internet at 1.25 speed it’s brown doing doing Newcomb
Dan Harmon show producer reacts the audio video camera Manning 7-Day Khalifa’s cousin who’s met him pet him I think five times in his life who is responsible for making the screaming stuff happened thank you Kevin and who probably was our connection to collation thank you guys so much will see you next week
angry bunny
everybody everybody


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