Episode: 211 – JonBenét Gacy


Episode: 211 – JonBenét Gacy


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and I have a Hollywood California harmontown
all right is the four-year-old gone a four year old and so here’s the thing about parenting
don’t involve me
I do it from the back of the room cuz like I Spencer points out a little kids they need to pee and poop and pig bladders at some point A1 like there’s many many points we could go into but I thought you knew about it. I just have systems to that’s where their bladder is really just explode in size I have a question when she cuz I was just listening to an audio yesterday my car when she sat back down did she start crying oh yeah we created a child star who when you gave her a chance you can be knocking over liquor store you gave her a chance when she had a chance to speak she was like
looks like she’s been reviews Nick and then she got back in her seat and she cried you like fucking blew my chance
but honestly it was a joke wouldn’t you just got cuz she was sitting up on stage and she liked it and then I know exactly how that feels like I would love to not not you know like I was a little kid in his pajamas and come out in the living room and I’m sure it’s probably that half of the audience or more it’s like like was the was the kid in the family and it was like look at me while they’re doing it your parents can hit you
it’s it’s safe to take that moment in Texas Chainsaw Massacre when you’re flying down the cop car it’s like like nothing bad can happen
second question how old is tomorrow okay I got you all right I was trying to visualize him cuz I can’t afford this is the Christ that humanize me of course I’m all I’m all caught up in the Hollywood lifestyle I’m a cynical person I’m a Capricorn and hierarchical and patriarchal I’m I’m self-loathing I I don’t smell the roses I don’t notice out of avocado trees or eucalyptus I do know she makes me muffins It’s a poem for a dead eucalyptus tree she represents like you know like this is real life man it’s fucking God is in the moment you know you’re living in the past and the future you got to keep it real like your neighbor and then it like I was like thank you so much for doing the show people love you you should come back anytime and she was like think I have two screenplays for you to read
so I didn’t have it that wrong
and her son makes horror mazes for a living now raring to go. That’s that’s what that’s what we’re supposed to have you get into something when you’re like 12 and you’re still into it when your 16th right but it makes you want to check in with that guy have you ever gone through one of these horror mazes that you just heard them from across the fence I only hear I hear whatever he plays on a loop about a 30 second Loop that goes for about a month-and-a-half just just by guessing from meeting him and hearing that the soundhouse Spooktacular do you think they are I don’t know I wanted house is a scary haunted house you’ve got you’ve got less restricted I’ve been on the Batman ride and the American Eagle at Six Flags Great America in Illinois the Batman ride they strap you in a fuse this is a metaphor for things yo there’s something is something less
sorry but having control totally taken from you buy it like a corporation you know he does like a roll you’re strapped in like worst case scenario is this thing just kind of exploded American Eagle the world’s oldest roller coaster in which is just part of the psychological this is a mine fact like lately like it’s a world
do you like what it’s made out of like out of driftwood from Coney Island roller coaster float it over to find its way to the Great Lakes are they built a roller coaster out of it and they strap a little jump rope across your lap and asked you to hold it real tight and send it send the reason that’s that’s terrifying is because you you can’t let go of your sense of accountability Terror as I think this may be could be somatic to our guests tonight like I think I think a big part of Terror is how are you supposed to know when you’re really in trouble and can you see death coming and if you do what do you supposed to do like if I roller coasters starts to go wobbly am I am I is it going to be my fault if I died because I didn’t blah blah blah are the people watching a video like watching my head fly
I think it’s certainly not your responsibility what’s that thing that’s wrong with say an alligator at Disneyland Jesus Christ they look like and feel like the ghost vilified than Richard Nixon because God forbid Corporation admit they had anything to do with a fucking alligator fuck fuck fuck fuck you have a brain or a weird very glad aren’t like only continued by someone’s passion everyday so yeah of course of a fucking feeling this system you should just keep going and I’ll bet that’s why we have to be
just have a thing maybe we can make a new law that says like you don’t have to do it doesn’t open you is that admissible in court if you say sorry about the alligator
if the president have to visit a flood otherwise it gets yelled at about no flood
say you’re sorry
Primetime alligator
where what part of the the park was the
was it part of the animal kingdom part of the park or this part of the Gators
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it says no swimming
you think they have more than signs give me out of this fucking things underground cattle prod you try to stick your hand in the till
who cares if there was a God damn I don’t care Disneyland before I could speak you’re going to have to make the choice to like hold jingling a keychain with Mickey Mouse on it and holding up one of those one of those who know the name of if I went to college and pestle Mortar board at 3 learn how to do know that’s that Mouse looks like so it’s like it’s like it’s appealing on a
basic copyright laws in the public domain and it was like he just cuz it’s older than fucking Huck Finn
I meant when we said that it is Dennis Hopper still alive or is it if anybody we know they can do a perfect Dennis Hopper impression I want to hear re-read what you just said as been a timer
going on vacation man you’re going into a slaughterhouse
who’s on the ride animal Critter Country van
didn’t do any of the comments sections as always
siding with the fucking in human system it doesn’t need your hair
if someone falls off a cliff while playing Pokemon go it’s a tragedy you don’t have to make a fucking point about your priorities and it’s like call Bearing the American dream pieces of shit
get on the internet you get but what is the sound of crickets
it’s a bad place to make your phone ring laughter
I might forget to turn my phone off so just in case I do I’ll to a Fail-Safe here might my new ringtone you suck
are there other stuff you just found out that we were talking about Dennis Hopper okay I’m very sorry but your texts are you saying that you did
that sounds a little bit more like Bill Paxton from Aliens
I just read your put a nickel in that side of the room anywhere is to be brought up a sign you were like into the sign like oh it said no swimming so of course if an alligator eats you you deserve it and then someone over there what the fucking Cricket phone and then and then back to you with a side of the room just trouble trouble
I know I know
uehara got a lot of shit in your plate there was children and I was like yeah I really want to go get my wife wait maybe I’ll leave late like like
right now
can’t blame her can’t blame her I was I was five seconds away from doing the same thing but look I there’s things that I I mean like it doesn’t matter I’m excited about our guests to the Stockton that we can hang out anything anyway
I’m not going to I’m not going to tailspin interpreting that as if you just like the show in general that’s what that meant it wasn’t you that you liked the part where I stop being the only thing up here
got my eye on you guys and see you at the zoo lights when I got my eye on you
can I obtain
secret apps
that’s how it is with all the ladies
did you get in okay I got it okay thank you what is it like when it’s just like a small hotel what is a self-serve it’s like a like a Marriott Express upstairs I think it’s probably just the night of it was like you’re probably just listening to me watching the night of voices pregnant pauses and then the things are going on but yeah I know
yep. Kind of sounds like I murdered Cody and I forgot I think we can I do want to take time away from from the guy so I could go on with the drama here for 24 hours so I give us a little tease. I found a head in my trunk I can just go sit out and then
and he called Manson but you turned me on to that possibility that we have now at hand it off your absence to someone that will give Marilyn Manson the absence of malice that you make that’s why I hope it was his point of view
band playing I was proud of it but you guys alright let’s bring our friends out here
also I had a glass with her to think it’s okay thank you sorry it’s like Thanksgiving dinner and I’ll just have them dads like your time to cut the turkey and I’m like what the guests are so stoked I feel privileged that we could we could we could bag these guess cuz I think they’re probably a lot of people want to talk to them cuz they’re podcast my favorite murder it’s like meteorically popular
is it true that is more popular than our podcast and I have no idea I think it’s I think it’s a bigger than our own I don’t see the one thing I want to be a hold up a quarter of the flipper
and in a in a in a in a Jewish wedding between the audience and then create event
that’s our promise to you and we will sit Shiva for you should collapse and kill you maybe one of our guests has Jewish and can help us out about about murder and podcasting and be certain that she has to be Jewish or at Late Show podcast murder podcast
the last time I saw you care if I feel like it was decades ago was it in that bar that bar we are just talking mess of shit on that one person I was your podcast invite my girlfriend is why I found out about it just like such a huge fan and I was like oh that’s Karen and listen to it as of yet you know she’s really really good has always been an old soul because I remember that conversation is you being like so chill and accepting and I wasn’t even though and I felt like I was like toxically like bagging on our mutual friend and like it because I had like axes to grind that we’re like I was probably like 27 or something but we are tiptoeing the shit out of this thing going Karen that she’s like she loved you anymore because of the conversation because I heard
was that in that conversation in spite of talking to the like who you might have been a toxic turd and jury still out like you you are very forthcoming with like you told me was very vulnerable part of your life which I don’t even know if you sure that a lot of your on your podcast you talked about like bouts with epilepsy where you would have liked these like a Russian literature the Russian novelist style seizures in like wake up in there
does a Russian novelist for the rest of your life
controlled with medicine but when I do have them I believe they’re there Grandma they’re the big ones I just go for it but that’s the reason I stopped drinking after going to go don’t fuck around with seizures Grand don’t do exactly cuz you still prepared to handle a seizure if it happened or it’s because it actually increases the seizures they have no idea how to tell you things but it’s all am I right
is all Theory it’s all Theory so I mean I was a huge Drinker and drank every day and night and had no problem with it until I start having seizures and then they said oh well you are having seizures because from alcohol withdrawal and I literally said to the doctor but I’ve never stopped drinking problem
so you know do you know because you worked on mystery show The Yoda of my drinking and Saturday morning at the drawing-room you have these people that they’re called the zombies they’re the people that were at after hours on Friday night and there was at 6 a.m. so they are there but then also maybe me and Gino Jeff maybe I did I didn’t know I was out of the after hours and then I came here and Tina said yeah we came here from bedwyr real alcoholics
anyone can go from drinking to drinking
we woke up and said what’s up let’s go to the bar that’s like like like like Isaac Newton even said like if you’re drinking and you keep drinking that’s nothing
he called it no biggie fascinated with True Crime just is a human being I mean I think we could just do we could just no doubt about it a little bit in about murder itself and of course we’re going to do that no matter what but I’m I’m super fast in but I have this problem I was running my mouth about gender and all the stuff on the on the show and like practicing it by going like of course we’re all equal in the no difference in the tell stupid General statements and stuff but I do feel like I think you guys a touchdown and a mutual friend capsule and is doing is it the other thing that’s going to get True Crime saying and like talking to her about it it’s like there is this theme the rising that’s like well okay it’s totally understandable politically not cool to imply that women are wired differently at all and yet there is this beautiful like
Advanced state that it seems like I don’t know it just seems like women are more into True Crime and it seems like it seems like now there’s all these amazing True Crime shows happening because there’s a generation that’s bringing it out of the gutter and like owing to making the dark chocolate the artisanal True Crime stuff which you like you don’t have to feel like it’s a guilty pleasure anymore it’s not like Oh I’m a I’m trapped in a trailer and I don’t like myself so I’m dwelling on the grisly details of people the only people worse off than me and I’ll just keep you in scratch offs in and looking down on done murder victim we thought maybe that’s what it was. And now are we noticing is there a Jew you can like please tell me gender means nothing has nothing to do with this or tell me women are more into True Crime for some awesome reason
we are so different we totally wired differently
look up all the time on the on the podcast we say shit cuz we’re just talking and then later on people like I just let you know you that was totally wrong and you’re racist and then we collect sorry that is not we met all the time
definitely should trigger warning don’t listen to this podcast yeah if you’re honestly just don’t listen to it ever going to talk about exactly the same which is why are women so and True Crime I’m very sorry that I don’t know her name off hand but this is her articles written but it’s when women watch True Crime shows say for example and picture themselves being a murderer and the victim and that they were is not that I don’t have no it’s not that man’s fancy her
and it gives so much bad things happen to men to you guys
what happened you had you ever experiencing both position that’s it but I didn’t even think it was like oh because of the cultural ramifications of the whole class you look whatever it is said that you were always in True Crimes you’re the victim is usually a woman I said that there’s that too but I was actually it is that is a mythical feminine characteristic is is just like this could be just as much of a yocan infantilizing like sexist thing to say you’re more into it if you’re more if you were actually I said you get it made her better scanners when I lose my car keys
yeah I know, but it’s it’s a rectifier dehumanize whenever you’re different
but but I feel safe, which I did see from your big brains they work differently because with the goddess of Mythology like at the bottom that you know as low as a as a hero can go like the Japs. Louis and white guy of down-on-his-luck I leave in conditioner and B on a hero comes to this point in the story where it says on and off and involved aqueous things swampy bogs and Wells and woo metaphors and things and there’s a feminine like energy to it sometimes it’s literally a damsel in distress or it’s a witch as I thought it would literally a woman sometimes it’s just a destination or whatever but it’s Campbell cause of the meeting with the Goddess that it’s just feel it almost feels like what I think of True Crime and I think about how it when capsule in our friend when she talks about murder and why people are
interested in it I’m like I just have to keep making her repeat it cuz I can’t repeat it cuz I try to like repeated to other people and go like well the thing about murder is it’s bad what did you say what did you say just remembers how she has something to do with people who murder people are they are closer to death I when I say it it sounds dumb. Like she says it’s like amazing thing as someone has had anxiety my tire life and he’s also been into True Crime and like that store is my entire life it’s like proving the fact that my anxiety is legitimate but also the same time sing it like making me prepared on how to avoid certain situations where I could get killed
people trust you guys like like like like whatever that thing is that made me feel when I heard your name again Fox you think I’m a piece of shit from 20 years ago you’re a stage person you’re you’re very put together like I feel like there’s not a lot of shit people could throw at you were it would slip up and reveal that you had some fucked-up value system I give for epilepsy
how did you guys how to do Georgia and Karen get together on this like what what was the Nexus of you guys starting with we have to make a podcast about True Crime the shore

version is we were at a party together and I was telling a terrible story about a terrible a violent thing that I witnessed which was at the South by Southwest I think it was now three years ago I was on the street I was actually I was the last person in line and I fucken love telling stories like this and I never get the response I was I was the last person in line and then I my friends had walked away to the front cuz ex was playing and they walked up to hear X and then I was like I’ll file on my waiting line and I walked up and I walked up to say let’s not wait in line like just stand out here and not fucking car came broke through the barrier plow through like 30 people thank God my back was to the crowd but I mean we were we are mere feet away and I told that story to party at a Halloween party where most people at eating a lot of Edibles and so everybody around me just kind of went Gray
and it was like what and then she from like two people that goes like tell me the story of what happened tell me everything grab my own trust or whatever that if that’s the combination whatever it is is is true crime in general is it a safe place from this sort of from our our anxiety about political correctness and stuff because it’s simultaneously what could be more sensitive than caring if people got killed that you guys aren’t the Insane Clown Posse you’re not using fear to like do you like you’re not going
Mike iae it’s not if you can’t dress it up as a noble people have died and there is on our Facebook page there was a woman that got on insisting that she was a fan insisting and it was like a probably likes almost 300 comments this woman going I’m a huge fan of hot guys I’m just saying isn’t this exploitation isn’t it the worst thing you could do is it and she was arguing with every and people, I really don’t think that’s the way they’re doing but isn’t this entertainment at the cost of it the person who died isn’t this and she just kept arguing it and finally I said you’re using this word entertainment as if it’s all fun a day at the carnival and it all this is entertainment to me what it actually is is me going into the reality of being murdered having the person that’s in the apartment once I’m fucking dude walks and or family at the fucking people who have to deal with this murder that liked is
never find the killer or they or goes to trial naked fucking off in 5 years at a part of our friendship that I think brings a lot to this is that we kind of bonded over vulnerability being a Sing-Off brene Brown and if I can go and like someone became friends it was like in this like the idea of being Super Bowl around each other and I think talking about how much we’re fascinated and scared and have anxiety over True Crime and depression is is like big part of it we didn’t like hang or but there was not a bonding cure or destroy the podcast but if you guys being like a friendship the conversation would go that way what do you think about Nancy Grace
I think she is bad for journalism I think she I think she is that the fact that she focuses it’s like any small blond anything that size that’s when she jumps in front of that camera I rarely see her talking about people of race and color which is so many of these murders the more research we do there’s that real creepy and like this what we’re talking about like these are the things were stumbling on as genuine amateurs is when you talk about like women of color who are murdered their cases you’ve never fucking heard of even if you think you’re like the True Crime expert there is like Georgia did want about a murder in DC that was just like it was a bunch of very young black girls and you’ve it’s like not BTK and it’s certainly not jumping grass baskets vehement about like what the fuc
but it was hungry I like brunettes and you get that like definitive about what’s wrong and I think when we talked about these True Crimes it’s exploring exploring the murders and exploring the crime instead of just being like here’s what fucking happened in. It’s like isn’t as we make True Crime classier in this golden age of TV and I’m not counting one of your favorites the OJ thing though that which I love to like the delightfully delightfully tabloid do you guys talk about you what do you think it’s do you think what killed him as having to say uncle to 70 * 5
idea that we could make it you’ll get past the re-enactment footage with the strobing in the end the end the end the end the male voice over going like what she didn’t know what a red lace bra I don’t know if you’re obsessive like any of those shows with reenactments talk about exploitative I hate my head I love the 2020 or what is that if it’s him doing it I can’t watch it even though I love True Crime and murder of the week should I can’t do it because he’s such a shity writer sharp and then he’s kind of like he’s scaring the camera down like a weird snake where you’re like okay just move on or something weren’t you
stop asking questions, give me some answers we don’t know why you keep asking me questions like this picture should be 20 minutes
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through the New Black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like you’re always in good hands
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show images of wood for sale there when you watch the True Crime cuz you’re like oh a death happened I want to know details okay so like like we are conditioned to be a little bit ashamed of that there’s a little bit of like has your rubbernecking on the freeway like like like that you’re slowing down traffic don’t you understand it’s your patriotic Duty your duty to your species to not be fascinated with the innards that are squirting out of someone that has suffered this horrible fate not the fireworks for you you’re a terrible person you’re neither but underneath that is this Insidious message of like that this then carried through by serial killers who do these like interviews and they go like I’m a superbeing because everyone else is ashamed of this stuff and it’s like we’ll wait a minute what if we weren’t and what I meant early be so terrified right now
thank you sir
I know it’s super weird this dude walks away slowly state of Georgia and Karen and dad is weird Georgia can you guys as well as a woman you’re watching this and that women you think feel like you can put yourself more in the shoes of the Killer and the end the victim as well how much could I watch it this is this the same for you to that we say like you start trying to crap in your own mind how you would have done it I got it what what part of it is like I’m going to kill somebody and all I need is like a backyard we did the opposite where I’m like how would I fucking karate chop this dude is trying to kill me I like his parkouring in my fucking apartment.
Jeep racing there too which is my first question we actually kind of memorialize a man and also like honoring like isn’t our fucking draft don’t do it that for sure like I can’t stand and baboons like if a if a person dies the weirder the accident the murder that we are desire for the tale that we call ghoulish tis just a human reaction that’s that’s thinks you may have been co-opted and systematized by pharmaceutical companies in hospitals and everything else I can bring you just kind of you don’t deal with death we think of death as a disease and weirdly that like people
we have this like crazy relationship with or lack of with death and when people are so but we still have that we could get a rabbit is it cuz of someone got impaled with a stop sign and we’re just like how does that happen where was he going to talk about member of last Halloween or the one before when that guy. Not car accident on the 5 and he ended up it cut in half and up on this on the exit, and it was so intense is horrible I’m sorry I did not come here for this.
looks like he’s on the side in LA on a freeway going like 95 cuz everyone else is going 95 and going how’s it going to end this could end up I’m in a 10 box driving 95 of this could go really badly will it went really badly for that guy
like that was but like amazing foot like what I concentrate on female murder so much is that it’s not fucking Fair like you’re losing your life you’re going to college or you’re trying to live your own life and then some fucker comes and takes it away from you and he’s just some fucking idiot drug addict piece of shit and it’s just so unfair it bothered me so much I want to read about it and find out what their experience was in front of what their Stanley the entire their entire circle of people that they know and have cared about and care about them their lives are fucking changed forever I don’t like about me lines in 2020 and all that stuff in any movie about it I hate the journalism because he was being a cold and not emotional when is happening but my girlfriend what we’re watching the staircase again if your parent Lee everybody gets Valium but their lawyers like here take a bunch of Valley and whenever you’re being interviewed so that you see
like so you don’t overreact oh my God that was a nine-one-one call thing where it’s like I think so much that everyone would start using me and then and then like I turned my you talk funny you act weird you have an appropriate reactions into a fucking gold mine but on the playground when I was in sixth grade and if some if my wife got murdered 17 Kodi for 72 hours
that night I tripped over his leg in like like like I done was it was gone and I was like I had something something something clicked inside of me that like sealed off at all kind of processing of the of the viscera God tonight if I can’t watch I got to go like this when people shoot up in Kik Tarantino movies I I can’t see I can’t stand it when I think about it I get nauseous when I give blood I have to turn my head and I always have to ask if I’m okay cuz I like to get light-headed and but but I tripped over a guy’s leg and I didn’t save his life or anyting but I I was James Bond until the paramedics got there I didn’t do anything right I didn’t I didn’t faint or puke and wait was it like like I said I’m calling 911 because if you if you and I are together and you that like a belt flies through the window wraps around your neck and kills you and and I get her tires screeching I feel like I’m going to
get the belt and then your purple and then I’m going to I’m going to sound live recordings going to be me going like yeah I was drinking with my friend and a belt wrapped around is there anything you should hurry sir what’s going on where are you supposed to mean that that behave that way and I think they’re starting to realize that now that whole thing of like he didn’t react correctly he was very cold or shit that women get that all the time if it’s some mother whose child is she must have done it because she wasn’t crying in public lawyers that they give you sedatives and that’s because I don’t want you overreacting to the police or to the prosecutors were right and then I never heard.
what’s your what’s you guys is most like if you had to pick one like murder mystery trial or at our thing about that. That is the most like the one that you fascinate on 123 John Wayne gay
JonBenet gaping at little drunken clam
I heard it was Jen Cooks absent that made him commit all those cars you can read all about it on man splaining a joke I came up with Marilyn Manson’s a blockman I thought it was pretty funny Georgia
Georgia your Jon Benet serious about it and I’m in the promos oh wait which I love I love I love not knowing because it’s so much like my thing is like I’m really full of cases because then you don’t find out some fucking like dick lips and like drug addict who killed her it’s like a bigger fucking mystery that it’s like maybe it’s just like diabolical thing and said it was like no this fucking asshole got drunk and killed this this woman who lives like better than him and he took it away you know instead of like it when I hate when it has like a like a cold case and then I love when it’s a police officer and an investigator that finds out OSHA I just never gave up on this and then
one day like I went back through all the shipment and I found a lot of it now as we have modern DNA stuff but we found the thing I love that stuff I don’t like it because it was just up to whatever if a policeman things about get checked and if someone was a little sloppy for whatever reason why the police didn’t have time like he was he was the only fucking detective in that like you in it I think it’s like DNA evidence isn’t sucking final any more like there was there was some case in Michigan and they like tested the DNA on this like cold case and on her jacket and the DNA they found on the jacket was from a perpetrator who was in prison but was four years old when the time the crime took place so like clearly did he borrow her jacket
it’s just funny because I wear that jacket on Franklin where the as it’s at Frank Lloyd Wright Lloyd Wright my I just did something I got to go to the house for the first time and I was like shooting some stupid thing and I went down there and
what’s it walled off now I think there’s a guy on the other side of the wall
I know he hasn’t sent that he was the killer will never know whatever it is when I want to assure that they brought cadaver dogs in and they all hit on the same room. I got it in my room
but you don’t do it she’s not the six-part it’s so funny cuz I like there’s no way this was from my grammar school but I have this memory of being in the library of my grammar school and opening up a book about John Wayne Gacy and I went to Catholic school so there’s no fucking way I was in school but I was somewhere and I opened up John Wayne Gacy and there was an illustrative drawing of where the bodies were in that in the house and yeah yeah yeah
drawings and it was like underneath it said there were 37 boys or how I can trim if that’s the correct total but somewhere around in the thirties and it said found at the way they explained it in the house but I thought it meant in the walls and then the wait was drawn it was like it looked like there were people in the walls I literally start at the picture for 10 minutes I was just like and before that point in my life I thought everybody was living the exact same life I was living I thought everybody was middle middle class I thought everybody had two parents in their house like I had no fucking clue what the real world is like it also it was this real amazing it was like an epiphany but the scary version of an epiphany cuz I was suddenly was like there are grown men out there that will kill boys and put them in the walls of his house if you hide the boys in the walls of the savings on heating cost
Jeff that when you when you when you
when you fixate on the John Wayne Gacy murders so you probably fixated then I’m like the timelines of that he’s he’s still alive right side in jail after a long while I love over and over is like a rare case of like like like a fountain of like knowledge about John Wayne Gacy cuz he just hung out and kept answering questions like what and then what and then what and I read some of that stuff and like so when you’re reading those accounts where it’s like he just kept ringing boys back to his house and then it was like to talk about magic and those that do you want to watch it he has like the big thing was like the rope trick I want to show you the ropes drink a story which is one of my eye I don’t know I am thinking of thinking of I think I’m getting it like a glimpse of like victim and murderer like like like I because
but maybe it’s because the murderer is a visit at the victim is a boy maybe maybe that’s just like you detect a difference there because the victims are a different gender word boy so it felt like my school I felt like the man murdered boys that would be my age and put them in his house in like what the fuck are we talkin about right now it was like getting secret documents United me but it was just like this book so and put also would I immediately also went into is like that moment where he’s it’s the guy that owns a construction company he says you did pretty good, have a great time so you can go cuz you’re 16 and you’re broke and you want to get drunk who gives a shit afterwards you’re going to
concert whatever you like with with with with dudes three times my age that I looked up to and then it goes from super fun cool chill everyone’s drunk to let me do the handcuffs and suddenly your handcuffs and then the bottom fucking drops out and reality switches and it turns into a nightmare but it’s still reality like that is the area that I fix it on and can’t get over watching the show cuz you talking about on your podcast I survived in the show
Acme like like like that for it first arrived so when you guys are consuming their victims and their they survived and then they’re talking to the camera and they’re taking you through every granular detail of an experience that absolutely should have definitely they should not be telling and it’s so what are we watching the I will tell you this and sorry was this my sister forced me to watch I survived one time and I was like I don’t want to watch this I don’t want to get involved in this do not make me into that, I know I swear to God I love it
and basically made me I was at her house so I couldn’t change the channel and she forced me to watch it and this is the difference between I survived and all of those other shows is it is the Survivor talking slightly off camera to you saying here’s what happened to me and as upsetting as it is an insane as it is and there’s all kinds of it’s not all just these murder attempts or hideous things there’s also like there’s always some fucking Australian that’s like I hike too far up in the mountains are the toxins released
they thought it was like driving they thought it was totally sad episode should have hung out to dry the total lack of Our Own Story and almost every time at the end it’s some bad ass one is like and then he shot me in the head three times and you’re like I’m sorry. What the fuck is happening and it’s a person sees these people all different type of people surviving gunshots to the head or being brutally fucking raped and dumped into a ditch or whatever it is and they’re sitting there as a whole person telling you what happened to them
and saying like I know you didn’t mean it this way but like giving voice to a story that nobody wants to hear and being like that’s my experience that’s why I walk can you do the fucking around their neck or whatever it is and at the end usually they’ve set up some Foundation to help victims almost every time it’s some bad ass woman who’s like and now I run the crisis center for all the women
that’s right I think it’s so much of the murder thing that I’m fascinated by and I think women to because like we’re so empathetic and like overly so that like we see the sun
happen anytime anytime
places play I’m sorry to laugh out loud please stop killing my recently with my friend Kato Kaelin Danza friend guy the most lovely sweetest pleasantest he’s so much fun to be around and he was in a good long time and we said that one time I think maybe we talked about the show before we sat down and just like he told me the whole story about everything that he knew what happened that day when the murders happened to it
you were too and I haven’t golfed I’m a terrible golfer I suck at golf and I had an old ratty ass golf club with holes in it and clubs have been in the car for a while so it was kind of like like liked are coming off of the van for the trip so I turned all black and he made the joke to cut everybody off at the past like I just don’t leave it on the ground somebody finds that cloud
he’ll be out golfing and someone will take the gloves off through it like in a bush and it has been about twelve years I think since the murder 10 he said every single day somebody comes up and says some horrible shit and and he was kind of like this babysitter to the kids because he was like he was just a goofball Baseball playing surfing dude
scenario that he was in is so it’s like one of those things were just then suddenly a beautiful life you want to be in the Guesthouse and OG never came down to the back house and never spoke to him but he also felt like I would follow him around you didn’t know that for sure but he felt like I was having people tailing cuz he was super jealous of Nicole and end Kayla was never fucking Nicole Nicole is generon thing with Cato if you’ve ever seen him like him like at parties like that you have Fourth of July party is like that and he is like this awesome babysitter like it would kids love him and he’s got the energy of a toddler and he just runs around and piggy back rides and he is the best actually broke my heart cuz I haven’t met him I was like oh man that’s a bummer
you didn’t have any day but it’s still kind of bimbo why is Jim in a way that you guys like he wasn’t like he wanted nothing to do with his nervous tension of being up there not knowing anything he came off like he was just being giggly and and that Generations first Hollywood murder I mean we hadn’t had a black dolly or anything in that we had cameras and and there was a racial component but it was above all it was a celebrity murder and and he represented this new said it was like this amazing thing he had a mullet and and he was living in the guest how it was like it was the Midwest like Dakshin to take Emoji I think she was really like that anyways like bedrock with just with the because we’re at we’re talking about like True Crime
play murdered I don’t even know what the statistics are I’m going to assume 99.9% the victims are women that the perpetrators are are are are are men the what you guys consuming this I kind of junkie level you you already stumbled into the class system thing but you know it’s like blond and blue eyes and it’s like have you reached any conclusions or had any changes of heart or new affirmations of like and I’m not even sure how to pose the question like do we do we are we doing things from the world of the Seine
to indoctrinate women into like a victim culturally are we are we are we all participants in the some kind of like our we are that is it is it is that is that a real thing that we are we somehow and I think there’s a way that that could be true in some General in some general swaz I’m definitely not educated enough to speak on this except for Feraligatr we tend to blame the kid alligator and not that bad of a corporation and I’m sorry but I don’t know about it but we have a bias there if somebody if somebody gets killed by a line chart we tend to side with the lawn jarts Americana recall what are you talkin about
at your friends
lawn darts and then lawn darts and we’re like we going to stop with laundry Cornhole Bean Bags I know all about what I did not know about maybe when we born 1980 there were giant lead poles with plastic bins on them that they were designed for airtime and for penetrating the human skull
so anyways we tend to side with the victim genocide against the victim so I think that it’s even before you get into gender politics it’s like the pot that the potential for bias exists to this like where is where is it coming from and what is it so I think it’s the journalism I think it’s what story cells and what’s the most exciting you have a child that’s in in beauty pageants is a six-year-old dressed up as a 35 year old Secretary and she is murdered we’ve been talking about it for 20 years and that’s because that is the ultimate that the news can bring that up and sell to Millie magazine easy you see it constantly like in touch once a month has of JonBenet story and it’s the oldest Tori there is part of the fascination with that it is that it was a fucking rich or rich white family and so like big they’re part of the reason it’s never been solved and with such a big deal is because of these people got away with it because there was right family you know it
well we’re bleeding the bleeding are we also lacing everything with some kind of fiber optic cable that sends the message that you know she left her house I think that would be gun isn’t that like it’s a holdover from television as I’ve always said it’s an appliance if you talk to your refrigerator till tell you nothing is cold enough and that’s not true have you talked to your toaster it’ll tell you like all bread should be like crispy and hot and brown and that’s not necessarily true I like it attitude but if it’s just that the television it happens to be able to talk to you and like an end would end and the television would tell you not enough people are sitting right in front of me glued to me afraid to ever stop watching me and is that and not so much of course a big help in keeping of misogyny that gives his oldest world’s oldest profession
you can’t beat the hours the butt break out of it because it’s really really specifically about a time broadcast error thing of like just be afraid to stop watching your TV ladies be afraid to because this lady left when she stopped watching as she got her hair done because we’re not experts and we’re not all we can do is like impart our experiences and part of that is like it’s not it’s so hard to walk victim-blaming and telling women like you can tell someone to fuck off before before they fucking talk to you and you can fucking pepper spray someone before they try to talk to you you don’t have to fucking polite and it’s and it’s this all week ants like others I’ve been instances where like I should have been killed or I shouldn’t have been so nice and it’s all I can do the same my experiences with that which is is that with
talk to fucking be polite and smiling and cute and fucking precautions for not being like the perfect little angel that has her perfect social network range around punished for that if you live here to fall is person we know now television is a dying art and we know that the children of today are online and they’re kind of like making their other they’re forging their own path so they’re not in the same way that I feel like I was anyway taking the stuff in like just pull cloth and just accepting whatever they see where it’s like oh yeah I better be scared or whatever there’s so many more there such as I feel like there’s so much more independent thinking when people get on even when it’s Facebook like on our Facebook page people fight for 7 Days about some to go back and forth and that’s because it’s the kind of love of the discussion and there really is stuff that gets said and learned I think and I think these days people aren’t so
maybe maybe women aren’t as willing to just be like accepting of that like most people don’t that the whole idea of like oh I can’t be rude or someone’s going to think I’m a bitch a resting bitch face or any of that stuff is like I think that’s cool I love resting bitch face I think it’s hilarious and I think you should get a lot done with it and resting bitch face comes from years and years of being bombarded with people then you fucking men when you fucken smile at them I think it’s an open invitation to talk to you men are allowed to have resting bitch face of all time and it looks like savoir-faire lesson
Ryan Lochte in the news because I love that the Colt Colbert and Trevor Noah and everybody is just taking a thousand tons of shit on the kill somebody I watch that forever
if we find out that he ever like murdered a puppy up and I would be news because I got he’s just so jumpy like I love watching I love watching entitled Rich protected assholes just get in trouble
the Shell station in Brazil and then he didn’t have to go on that Matt Lauer and talk about it he could have gone home yet where is comedy of errors that all had to do with like you were telling me about that cuz he told his mom and then his mom talked to follow up on the story
yeah, I don’t talk to my parents never know what is mom is at the gym begun
going to say it without cheating on his girlfriend and he was out but band shakes in Brazil and got super drunk you should have cut the flight and he peed on a thing and act like I never told my mom
and then I came home
I like The Outlaw Josey Wales a definition but
I got a plane to catch see your dude later you’re going to get in trouble with everybody and South America by xai is I feel fine I miss him and I love the Olympics I didn’t think these Olympics would happen I don’t know why I didn’t think they would happen because of the water turn green pretty sure it’s safe to do it with none of us will go to hell for 444 verbally lynching and he was like I like people from different countries on it cuz it was like he couldn’t get into the inner sanctum and expose and how they all fucking partying stuff and
so he from outside the walls of that inner sanctum was like well what can I do in like I mean this is what I’m hearing but was like an article that was like about all the dudes
including America if you choose not to be out in just to interject that I like the Olympics because if the US women wear their own country they would have come in second for gold medals and that’s how many fucking gold medals the US women did also there was a way my girlfriend were watching the men’s synchronized diving all the guys look and one guy’s name is Steele Johnson
there’s a woman named Misty Hyman does it make you want to watch the Olympics then maybe you and I aren’t friends
you work for Ellen for a long time right leg like a good things to say about him. Did you see the thing where she she posted the whatever her Camp posted the photo shop think of her riding Usain Bolt and I go grocery shopping
the joke is he can perceive racism all kinds of places how it was an uncanny ability to bring that you’re fighting back I think I’m not looking at a picture of racism joke about like I won’t answer for her
sure that you gave her a misty Hyman
oh oh don’t knowing that we’re definitely not into victim-blaming is there a intersection called
is there a list of of of things that you guys are putting together when I watch Forensic Files I’m like you know like Jeff and I always say okay so if you’re going to get away with murder have a boat and some ya always say that I don’t know is there a list of things that you can acquire that are kind of like don’ts for people that would like to stay not murder victims
well so I can hitchhiking I mean everyone knows it but you would not believe what went on in the 70s girls we’re getting murdered there were three freeway killers in Los Angeles between 1970 and 1983 different serial killers killing hitchhikers on the freeways I can kill you urban legends are happening that wasn’t just Society coming down on something that threatened to threaten to the automotive industry
no that wasn’t a scam of any kind of dangerous thing to be doing for everybody was gay men that that the two two of the freeway killers were specifically killing picking up and killing game at and there was one I think it were Porter that was in Orange County that sound of file that said like like the the freeways bad killer or something and that’s how he put it together that this one person was responsible for killing here and the end it was the same person responsible for killing in Orange county is just another one of those things of like the victims that don’t matter when you guys killing women which is like what’s really happening people just really don’t give a shit if she ask for it
I may even have to tell me a sex worker pockets of serial killers is like Washington State’s born rich theater do all the killing there or they’re all exactly and they all move along or go somewhere else and do it and she’s like a bikini coffee place or lingerie coffee place in the middle of the countryside with guns on the racks that you live in the capital of serial killers and the you letting women just work alone in the middle of it all work out

are you going to test this Theory I hope they do cuz it kind of pisses me off and it’s so unfair and then will never change it like I can’t go for a fucking walk at night without like because I weigh and I’m smaller than a fucking do just feels like who was raised badly and hit his head as a kid and that if you and I got into a fight I don’t even know I meant it like like I meant to say
I’m not too late if it is it’s not an option because I’m a 6-foot nerd like I I’m such an easy kill like I and I I want to have that I would totally kill you
and then why I don’t like having my Underdog status taken away from me cuz it has my reenactment was my Masterpiece Theater
you’ve never had to worry about being in the elevator you’ve never had to worry about walking through parking structure just I mean like in certain neighborhoods that I might get jumped Eric but I’m not I’m not get sexually assaulted probably black black women black women so so and you guys mentioned it so like the most fit if you’re like if you’re a niche like you’re in the murderer you know about what’s his name sleepyhead the sleepover sleepover sleepover sleepover
bear from the motel on pajama man and he’s like an informed documentary about drug policy or something like that like if you’re in the market for white guilt to end in your shopping cart is full already but I really like like like fill that fucker up like that documentary because it’s just every frame of it from beginning to end is just shining a flashlight on a spot that has no flashlight that Everett no no camera trained on it nothing like oh do you want to be the most prolific most successful serial killer in the world just live in this neighborhood and kill this demographic
what is it called high risk you’re a high-risk demographic so that’s why when they when they killed prostitutes and drug dealers and drug addicts a corker a sex worker scuse me it’s because it’s because Chris and this is why they don’t really worry about it is you’re a high-risk victims urban women like like they’re they’re like they’re like a Lotus Leaf like that there why would that be like women on your jury if if they are the most at risk if they are the most likely is there is there a horrible like is there anything behind that Wheel of Fortune
letter pieces of his monologue was yes and he didn’t I didn’t really I don’t know if that was based on anything I’m scared to incriminate myself so I don’t like I don’t know what yeah I guess I would be trying to get into the area of like again is this like is there a victim is there a victim signal sent through media you know it’s like you deserve it you deserve it you deserve it is that so fucking like could that be actually so effective that would carry over into your outside watching television light and into everything that you do like I can you can you really just to the individual many people is even in that Grim sleeper documentary that fucking woman Pam he drove around with was such a badass as she was she had lived the life she knew that whole neighborhood she knew the guy I think she had been his dick
I’m right like it was it was an amazing example of like I think that the storyline might be victim but I don’t think the reality for the average woman is victim and I think that’s kind of think that’s the thing is bubbling up and all of this is like now that everybody has more of a voice on the internet and people get to kind of say they’re shit yes there’s fighting yes there’s gamergate yes people with there are people who want to hate each other they want to other people so that he can get away from themselves ultimately what’s coming up out of all of this is strength and a voice and people that are watching other people for themselves and then maybe they didn’t have a strong mother or strong father have any good example but they’re watching people online going to be like you be polite no matter what you still are an individual that can make that decision for yourself let me know yeah we get it
and it’s like and so there can be Evolution I think because of the way I kind of the internet is and just kind of the way people are connected to my therapist says I can I can be a douchebag at 27 and I’m talking to you and like I can I can slowly like the force myself to think differently it’s actually possible giraffe can’t do it I can’t do it
correction online and people are slowly I think slowly learning that you can suck up badly and still go sorry I was wrong and he said they do whatever but it’s like going it’s like that Lindy West story where the guy was harassing her to the point where he was emailing her asking her what he says if he think if she thought her dead father was ashamed of her some really intense really personal trolling she called him on the phone and said hey I found out it’s you why did you do this and he had this whole thing of like I’m so super internet trolls that’s just as real as the internet and then moment in the time is taking place there’s a real human being on the other side of that there’s a real human beings on the other side of all of these things and I think people are slowly starting to learn that takes the form of something that feels dehumanizing to the wrong people at the wrong time I think one of the big Iron is is demographic
I’ll claim ambassador to ship and back brakes just go ahead and say white privileged Spectre me so I can like Blake Blake always felt like an underdog always very prideful about the fact that he always knew how the systems work and why they were unfair and all these things suddenly being told no you don’t know nothing it’s hard being this it’s hard being that you have this weird impulse where you’re like wait a minute logic should rule the day it always has for me it’s by the getting beat up in gym class logic always prevails so why are you being so logical about this and then you’re hearing somebody go like that’s what the fucking person just said to me that is a pig
and that’s what happened right now it seems like as this water table risers but I do think I’m hearing an optimistic message here and I share it like I feel I go through these phones for I’m like we’re just toxic pigs but then it’s like listening to you talk about murders as my girlfriend and I go out to sleep and it’s like it’s murder, if murder itself which should just be this horrible thing road flares are set up in traffic is stopped and people are yelling things out about OJ and gloves not fitting in throwing Barbie dolls with duct tape on them on to the jump the ramseys launch and everything grows around at the scene of a death everything gets toxic everything gets the actual beautification of the courts as reflected by a societal rot there was a we all are we get to death but it’s it’s undone by a podcast where your hanging out and there’s a little bit of coffee and a little
there’s a little bit of don’t go in that house girl and theirs and theirs and then a lot of like depths of like what would it feel like to be in that moment and all the stuff like that reminds me that like that’s not possible if not for this whole flood like this unfortunate matter for right now for our friends in the in the south side of the fear of everything we talk about is managing fear it’s dealing with fear with you are dealing with a person online that you fucking hate and you want to tell them how much you hate them that’s all well and good and you can do it and you can type it in and it’s there forever but at the end of the day it’s in you it’s your thing and slowly but surely it was like we were all in grammar school when the internet start
wherever whatever and then you sold that was probably a 13 year old in a basement somewhere it’s either I mean and we’re all developing and growing as these conversations are happening at lightning sucking speed and as we do and develop and grow that we are learning to manage ultimately our fear of death and and ultimately its human connection that makes us happy I found in by all these rules that you didn’t even know you had until it’s too late but it’s like somebody is creeping you out and it’s like you have these instincts kicking in about oh I don’t want to be a bitch if I survive this the this that there’s a similar thing playing out for everybody online because they’re on Anonymous there’s like some of that stuff is getting lifting like cowardice being revealed because it’s like oh you started an account
exclusively for trolling but then fist still start flying and that person will still express some kind of weird defensive some position no matter how much they think they’re like just vandalized like like some kind of group thing they gets freaked out when you like come at them and so we all get freaked out when we feel unsafe and so it’s like okay if the internet is a cesspool of a bunch of power Dyson toxicity give way to a Venice that you okay so let’s put some sticks on top of that and a gift shop over here and let me know what you want yourself above the water that’s the whole idea is just like instead of the yes that’s a reality just like a fucking Donald Trump’s tweets every single day or reality but that does I have friends were in. Getting Panic about Donald Trump because that’s all they see it’s all they hear it’s all those news networks talk about
not okay with me the idea that this man thinks that he is going to build a wall is not okay with me it’s not okay with me and he says all Mexicans are rapists none of this shit’s okay there’s no reason why you win an election of opposite I would say sit Duncan Trussell stereo. On what Trump is doing which scared the shit out of me
like talking about murder makes me feel better even though I have these like fucking crazy issues about being scared of being killed is that when I like when you acknowledge these people have that this has happened to Andy and it’s and they’re still humans and you can still fucking relive their experience and it makes you happy for your life a little bit more I feel like it makes me value life and value the fucking experiences like that and that I haven’t been murder yet and how lucky I am and like egg knowledge but this happens all the time and they could go like this or you could Live 205 like my grandma and like you just don’t have any fucking clue what you’re I think she’s already wow
I have been investigated and losses if you’re not the Grim sleeper but you still are you are you putting pressure on yourself to like are you shifting your about the less than famous like serial killers and victims and but like a deep dive and find those those kind of rare ones that people may have never heard of the fact that they’re rare means that there’s less software to run on that pipe it’s like there’s the point is the system is looking at it as a bunch of garbage so it’s not every fucking article takes a paragraph from another article and rewrites it
read like 18 of them before you can really pick out the stuff that that wasn’t written and every other article I researched so much fine do after beating track ones that murders I love looking like a clear motive in a clear suspect in that suspect is still alive and yet it just hasn’t found either the right websleuths or the right second detective to open it back up and it’s it’s for the prosecutor in the first person who went off
no it’s not I mean I think that in this age of murder and
whether or not you want to makes you want to live more or prepare for death as your mother always told you underwears important
I don’t know if that’s the evidence has to go somewhere. Did you did you girls know that there is
there is a material twice as soft as cotton and then I shared my work and you guys punish me for it
I was honest and I sent it myself now I’m going to do a mass shooting all right after a quick Manifesto
by the time you see this I will have murdered a million people I love my undies got theirs. They’re made of a space-age fabric
if you replace cotton which has a horrible Legacy of actual murder with a new synthetic fabric that probably probably the only bad thing that model ever did the new fabric it is what’s up yeah I know that’s the crazy thing I mean I know it’s weird you don’t even want to see you underwear doesn’t want them back but
bet bet bet you you can just keep them you can just explain the system I truly do think I mean this is a golden age of of of podcasting where we’re in The Sweet Spot now five years from now I may have to be more shameful in my advertising because I won’t be able to say I’ll be like you know what you know what’s great is General Electric’s new cluster drone
take care of those anawanna bowl third world dictators from a distance appreciate this past season mean that all they do is cradle your balls labia and or combination of both which you are fucking American and entitled to have privacy is different from honesty
this is a company that will swap your Nethers in fucking like like their stuff their stuff on your mother’s they’re all so soft on murder which I think that’s a problem
either position about that
do you like murderers and all they said was we believe they are as entitled to comfortable underwear as anyone else or I had my opinion that is their corporate position I value that I don’t want to wear underwear made by a corporation that that that is dipping their toe and politics I want I want I want them I know it is they wouldn’t win a popularity contest saying it but the truth is my favorite underwear company would be the one that said you know maybe if Hitler had had better underwear everything is through the lens of underwear not a Jedi want them to put genocide and and crying and and and morals on the on the on the on the hamper as they say
on the back burner
put something in the immediate sense if you wanted to slowly simmer bag of dirty clothes get that thing 20% off jerk-off pooping in the house all let’s all get our first man that is my Uber.
I just say it as up as a feral audio podcast I’m never taking another note about the way we read an ad again
invited you to the scene of the murder of monetization
I want to call you
do you want a hit with the advertising but I do want to say that you’re so comfortable that I do want to say his lines between like I know we’ve been indoctrinated in our society when we look at people in pictures who care about their underwear companies that are selling their underwear as like weekly a lot of people in my audience who are a larger demographic than people would like to believe
I’m talking to you Senator Ben Cardin don’t know what I’m done. Under where exactly you know where you don’t cuz there’s they don’t matter which is why they should be comfortable and you don’t have to be like you don’t have to for instance just a couple of bullet points let’s say for instance maybe you don’t love the way you look in your underwear maybe it’s not something you look for this isn’t that kind of fees are comfortable I’m saying like and also I just want to throw this out and I swear I know this is something that I tell them I tell you people in spite of my my sponsors wishes I’m sure these things are good for wearing more than once
they’re better than cotton for fucking being a slob do you could I wear my me I giving away more with wearing the end days longer
angry at commercials that I yell at them ask my husband I just like can’t even fucking do it this is beautiful and I love this so much. Calm down 20% discount or something like that
if you coming to my house
Everything Must Go
been a word
pay for half hour add-on coronavirus I don’t want to go there and goes into the hashtag or I’ll just flash harmontown just buy a bunch of random Dobie and the early aughts it was like they knew I was stealing all their stuff for cuz they turned 40 and be unable to steal it anymore and have to buy it but I would have learned all the Adobe software what else am I going to use
Photoshop my stuff
can you sing
is the is Amanda’s dad still happening right now
I don’t know if they make themselves legally
kind of Acclaim accountable I don’t know what that is.
That’s actually the part I don’t know I’m just over here
most of the time during these two hours certainly during these two hours certainly and I’m glad that you asked me that question so I can finally tell the audience that I feel that murder is bad no the only thing I could think of during this whole two hours is the fact that women feeling safe is bad for me you know
is there a parade in Cypress, Hermantown
enter the code I could see it either way so I didn’t I wasn’t sure if I was afraid cuz I was like I could make you their argument just something to think about I thought I figured I should have bring it up too early
eliminates a certain je ne sais quoi ready to propose
sarcasm know in a general sense
we talked about me to take we we we we we we created an uplifting like Sunrise that we’re looking forward to on the internet in real life and what is it we’re just joking the planet where like you guys are a legend in this crevice where your breathing oxygen into a pocket that was carbon dioxide and it feels like you’re in the darkness but in general should we just go to the moon and colonize with like a couple hundred people that was the premise of this podcast it’s so exciting like it makes me feel like super if I can get some sounds like this is so cool you got to watch how like this whole thing fucking and laugh at it but before it gets really awful I feel like I’m in this just right
the price for Baby Boomers feeling that way but they’re kind of like a golf ball in the Moon
I’m at where I’m at Meijer like Google
Coban and they’re like fuck you fuck him like fine I’m going to wash my hair with different intelligent people like you’ve studied murdered and it had a consumer Community College Dropout is it I think a lot of The Optimist walk around with the optimistic idea that we’re headed for a gigantic cataclysmic shift that is going to see a lot of but I think people have always thought that they always think that it happens all the time I think if you’re plugged into certain messaging that’s the message that you’ll get but I just hear something maybe it’s cuz I have epilepsy I don’t have time for all that shit
I really don’t I’m stoked to dark or whatever but like my mama had Alzheimer’s for 12 years she died in January it’s fucking sucked for 2 years straight in my family is blue don’t worry about it it blew it was terrible and it’s not terrible anymore and so I don’t give one single thought if they every day report that there’s an asteroid coming or this or that cuz I’m like oh my God we’re okay and things are only getting better and that’s maybe my ridiculous opinion I’m literally fighting to have that opinion because it’s one of you two’s it’s one or the other day where we can feel that way. It’s like if they ask for it whenever the Ashford is it the after is Donald Trump at the asteroid is smoking the zika virus whatever this thing is they want to snooze
they don’t talk about the cheaper, Short North
and that you should be locked down for an imperative I stopped looking at the fucking internet and I’m like I live in this cute little apartment I was fucking nice dude that I met this great Catholic everything is actually fine and then you look at like you take two steps out and look like ruin it’s like oh man newly wed couple plays video game about raising a baby like there is no way to to have a headline and no one would click on it but from a general perspective truly the objective empirical scientific headline should be every day 8 billion people get through another day taken back to the Earth from a note of merciless God that has had them in the crosshairs since they learned to stop being mean
windows and Windows 8 billion people when it comes down to it yes there’s groupthink and yes there’s like when people do weird shit on math but at the end of the day when you’re standing on the street and somebody gets hit by a car everybody runs fucking toward the person that’s down that it’s just his numbers out
it’s called the Nightcrawler spirit
$500 but I think that’s the true Instinct of people if you’ve gone you know if you’ve gone to a certain direction to shut that down that’s your choice but that is not common that is not the I don’t think that’s the comic looks like they went out at 2 he’ll bring a stupid podcast into comedy with microphones up here but the fact that a group of people all come here just to sit around and I’m going to group of strangers and laugh that’s really magnificent a lot of underwear in the state of it like like like these people are hard to hang out for 2 hours and whatever they left the house is some of them probably chose cotton from a place they couldn’t know until they came here tonight there’s a new thing hot in this dump of fabrics you should dismiss
why should I not going to sit and it deserves to be called there was a guy that works for the that is named was annoyed and the reason they drop that ad campaign is because that guy the guy thought he thought they were talking about him and he went and killed people at one time he held up held up at Domino’s Domino’s right where you held it up no no can’t keep telling people to avoid me
start up I’m going to send a message to Izzy and then it’s like Nord was like the fucking TV talking to me was like another actually talk they’re telling people to avoid it true you killed himself
yeah exactly that we should we should be friends with us cuz I want to listen to every episode of your show that I like I’m hooked on this show
thank you
is there any well we have you here at me and you cuz you did us a favor by appearing do you have any other side things you want to plug Mr Chuckles oh yes yes my big dick oh yeah the end of September I think that’s our next big this was actually our plug for a long time so now we don’t have to go to see a live stream of his night vision photography
goodnight everybody judge Jeff Davis
turmeric rice with the Dan Harmon kill anybody
kill anybody


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