Episode: 212 – The Medicine Of Attention


Episode: 212 – The Medicine Of Attention


Skull Juice’s Dino Stamatopoulos and Andy Dick and the creators of “Stranger Things” The Duffer Brothers all in one episode. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live!


oh yeah
alright alright thank you baby
all right yes thank you thank you thank you
it is now in session
yeah yes exactly yes yes I am your comptroller Jeff Bryan Davis
yeah thank you thank you very much and keep that going for the mayor of harmontown MC Mr Dan Harmon
yeah yeah yeah give him a hip hop hippity hop hippity hop but hip hop hip hop Hip Hop
I got problems no.
Is that is sad right now yeah why don’t you why don’t you love me
why don’t you pay me to talk to you why don’t you were trying to kill me
just kidding I’d rather shoot myself
I didn’t want to run it with shelf but what you going to do and I got problems with my face I don’t believe in God no more but if I’m going to talk with your behind
I don’t got my I got my own business or did I do
I think there’s some cool things about the 80s
I don’t want to share
I think they care but I don’t like ladies that just like a drug my back is broken and I’m by myself with a Shard of myself
I’m trying to I don’t want to be like one of those guys that’s like oh I’m rapping and then it’s like like my name is something and I’m here to say and then you’re like come on that anymore so I listen to more of these guys are so there’s some sad
it’s really really couldn’t have predicted it cuz it was so is it I’m still so sad
are you supposed to change key I guess I wish I knew more about music send that back but then there’s a knob that says blonde hair
it ain’t about that it’s about lizard
Romania humans and maybe we’d like to fuck me
oh yeah you’re like
you’re like the new Reggie Watts I think it’s the new show he’s got a delay pedal he’s great
oh no honey
all right I’ll pull the ripcord I have some food real quick. He’s in the back. I’ve got one that’s on terrorism or not
I make fun of them
so I hear I hear we have we have one guest here who wasn’t here when we started the show Bring Out Andy Dick and I don’t think her. And I think I know
yeah in remembrance were not going to point out when it becomes 9:11 tonight I think
who was the guy on the StairMaster there is a fireman wearing all his gear and did like seven steps or whatever they did on the StairMaster I love misguided like a I love that there was a clip that was circulating from a round 9/11 footage of the towers are falling and Donald Trump is that who is that there’s only a Pizza Hut spokesman in reality it’s like he’s just he’s just talking about he’s in a Labyrinth of things to say wrong and he he comes up with he’s just like yeah by the way I’m over at 60 Trump Boulevard or whatever which which was
tallest building before the World Trade Center and and then for a while it was the second tallest but now it’s the tallest again
like I didn’t watch that show clip with that’s the description of what happening is that he’s just like saloon doors and Justin just started yeah yeah he cares about trumping
I’m saying God Zacky not me starting a band you know that I’m just telling the world you started a band called you spell juice
yeah just like I kind of just do it because Andy needs someone to talk to her. I said yeah and he’s like well you guys just did this thing where you went is that that’s a New York and we read an old script that I rode with Stephen Colbert and Mike’s Towing off of TV Blossom Fame you play the older brother Anthony. And yeah we were Louis into the script and yeah we went to New York there a reading of the script yet it was kind of like before 30 it was like it was like behind the scenes at 11 send hired me to write it he wanted to be like behind the scenes of an Ed Sullivan Show with like jugglers and monkeys and stuff
to what that means I didn’t know Michael was part of the Robert Smigel and so I can talk behind his back towards he’s like why was he even there was it was all about you and your friends and how you keep in touch with people
he was a great minds the History Channel thinking it’s like he’s wonderful when somebody says he’s right here what is it is he is he is he does bring them in
breakout you walked in when I said you were great I mean he’s putting it in vibrate
putting in a long time Snapchatting these lovely people
why can’t you help sweet all grumpy
it is amazing I think of your career where it’s like yeah like yeah like there’s an unspoken like him and he likes his fucking hysteria and craziness and like act like that for the sake of it and then either disappears or gets beat up by Wesley Snipes in the bathroom
can I tell you what happened with that at the end
that’s a No-No
it’s about how Andy read an article on how black people eyes have been opened
Brothers scared there was no article it was my philosophy
trying to get away
we talked about there’s a whole group of people
what is that your guys are you say what if there was is that your whole there is a lot of black people can make it there something wrong with it and then I just thought that being black people
I’m serious they went in and I don’t like saying African-American because they’re not too much time to black people fight is that a magical phrase that makes people to think you’re a bad person if I was just saying like everybody it’s bumper-to-bumper out here a 35% of 45
because they’re they’ve seen shit like that they were born into it like they’re there or not it’s not like our generation goes like complaining about it sexy just got here and internet is Gen xers whatever we are is is that everything was fine until everyone started talking about it being and then the new generation of typified by just their related it they just they were born and they’re like Mama and the internet was like who the cops will shoot you if you’re
I mean you’re just saying people shouldn’t listen to our podcast and I think it right
I’m trying to think where laterally but it just shows the True Crime show we talked about was like well true crime through a certain lens it’s like it’s totally insensitive and non-pc cuz you’re like having fun talking about people getting killed in like both but it’s there is no person out there that’s like I’m going to I’m going to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong it’s just like when you look at people as a biomass then they emanate like these weird saying I’m sure everybody would be would love to tune in and listen to you guys like transgress a million thresholds a minute because it’s not it doesn’t mean that they’re bad people for listening and angry tirade about what’s going on
see what he were still open now I am right now I want a hot minute on Periscope Facebook live right here right now is all being video worst NHL fan periscoping I was periscoping and people make fun of me for doing that sure my eyes
what’s the weather in about like there’s no here’s what it is
that will be eyes will pop out like they can go watch this watch this and I think that that they were they were not that they were worried about them I think that this is just a weird thought I had a horrible horrible things to know when it’s still hard to even wrap my head around that it was still here anti-slavery what should soften the blow
of what you’re about to say which is you believe that a horse breeding program but I don’t even know why I brought it up I just had the thought that how come I can’t make my eyes pop out and you don’t know I don’t know any white people that can make their eyes pop out I think back in the day when they were chasing down someone they knew they’d be so afraid their eyes would pop out and that would be bad because it would be
listen back to the podcast by the way we went into Community there was a writer saying how a black writer was it was talking about how black people were afraid to buy watermelon Island because of the stigma of the black white people
you are most delicious I know you don’t like it but it’s great everyone wants to talk about fried chicken and our favorites but then we talked about Popeyes and we didn’t mention we didn’t mention that the name is the name of the place
oh my God
is that why is that why we didn’t say I wanted to ask if you’re famous for your people would assume while you probably thinks getting too because you’re you’re such an agent take it except you wouldn’t know that last night 1 cup of coffee last night at midnight and then I have to tell you this real quick and these two ladies are in front of me and then right when I walked in the guy was like oh no not you I we know you know
camping drive to Vegas that will help the ladies and they were done ordering done getting their stuff and they just kept talking about some bar they’re going to and I was just patiently waiting and then I said yeah I just want a cup of coffee with cream and then he was talkin and ignoring me kind of put the coffee mug over here and he didn’t start up the coffee there’s a thing as this one on Cahuenga where’s a drip thing and you press a button and and then I was waiting on every street happened the coffee
oh yeah you want to coffee or are you just not going to make it her immediately after and then the guy said are you guys close to something and he said yes and we’re just doing existed deals right now and I’m a I’m just getting a cup of coffee or open Gangnam coffee and this is what happened this is never happened before cuz usually I just take it and it’s true and I just been so proud of me
do you know what is the only one he laughed and then something he said one more comment and I said I said something to the effect of but thanks I got it because it’s the life I created and once again I deserve it I deserve it because I’m an idiot alcoholism and it’s kind of a serious thing and I mean just to point it out it be like if I came in with with crutches or not like a crippled and you said hey sorry we don’t have a ramp for your Kimbo the Clown
I kind of like that but I’m okay I just saying watch yourself or other people that might not be okay with it but I’m perfectly fine with it because I know I didn’t mean it like that at all I don’t even know that part about you like what that I’m a big drug addict and alcoholic cuz like I thought I said said yeah I know I just know you know your celebrity either what’s your favorite thing on earth
I said I don’t know I said I don’t know I don’t know what you do that’s my point you know me from being a fucking moron I admit it I am it and then then that’s what you were doing your kind of going with the fucking phone making fun of me in front of those people in the other guy comes in
write an answer you’re lying and fuck you know my God I am so proud of you.
I normally am not like that I feel responsible no but I stopped and I was his dad’s an alcoholic and I understood where I was coming from. You helped me so much right now with me everywhere I saw can go and I don’t have thick skin I guess and I and when people make fun of me I just I’m just getting smaller and smaller and you’re like you’re you’re like this Pokemon that like you
did you hear you you have some quirky name in literature that you curl up into a ball and like like like your your exploits are like well it’s not like you’re rude destruction is always higher than the rudeness which I think kind of equate still like like like like like like he’s fine he’s an equal-opportunity offender and he and he puts himself at the top of the list because he ends up being like thrown out of every bar in by the left this when you were like me like like like me out I don’t want to talk to me man trying to think like it’s hard to think up here but like I think I’ve never met anybody with your particularly sensitive whisker about like
hate to eat it it’s like it’s like that you you can go like from such a high like and I’m not talking on talking about on the wagon and just you like I’m not talking about I’m taking you can go from such a high mood like then you’re funny and you’re fun and you’re having a good time and stuff and then like it seems like a bit at first but you can take this rollercoaster plunge and it really is tied to like like it’s the most absurdly microscopic mention of of someone liking someone else like any any kind of Heroes lake lake lake if we could be hanging out in a porch in like the what is so beautiful and you could be like cracking me up with your with your stories or like like just being funny and cool and then like I said you were both thinking the same thing on the side of covid-19
Paul ride
lemonade in India
that Paul Rudd thing never happened to Nick and I guess just on it and did a great job
am I just a done it that day I was when I was leaving he brought it up because it was as I haven’t had this much fun since Nick Kroll was on or something like that it was like I didn’t hear that part
how do I go I’m so sorry I haven’t had fun that crawl through your eyes if you think it’s possible that you’d be sitting the bed and in order to cope with it I’d be like haha I love Nick Kroll he never should never thought you were trying to take me out of the never trust your mind I think I had to call you
thinking about it now I really thought he was being mean you’re right I did
where is he did doesn’t know me at all or ultra-sensitive fucking risky the world is yes that’s what I want to talk about cuz you go and so you but that took a certain face on the playground or something in this week we developed these really specific numbness is like people that gravitate towards microphones and cameras and things it’s like weird and version where you you callous yourself over in all of the places that normal people would be sensitive to it because you’re just like you just developed that cow catcher on the front of your train your just like okay that’s the spot where there’s going to be impact and then ironically you put some
do that you have these like this like big Batman just had naked flesh here but had like a bulletproof like like titanium saying and I was just like naked here everybody was just
babies cow catchers on transistor they really have things and I’ll probably die
do you think the jeans are endangered species that aren’t there or do you think you’re like is it is it is it about like I characterize it as a cat whiskers and it’s happening again but this time I know I think I know what to do and how to handle it for fifty So and I’ve been through it a bunch but what happened what happened is it is we did we did the Ben Stiller show and then all of the sudden you’re 50 you seem like 6 to 11:50 and then this

I remember the audition for Newsradio Paul Simms had me come in and read for the network and everybody in the writers and and I did it and I guess I fell flat but it before the audition went in the room I was talking like this and I am like that and then Paul Simms told me that I left everybody was disappointed in the part and after that’s how he’s going to be so we’re going to write for him and that’s what they did and I became this kind of like warm and fuzzy character that people on the street always wanted to touch and hug and all that but I wasn’t always that person and so I built up this this thing yeah I really did I I went into drugs and alcohol I started
punk band you know I made another Persona that that when I can’t shake now what are the things that I love about you is that you don’t punish people like me for just speculating and Tyler’s back in the nineties I would get mad at people for talking about you like the way that they did because I would be like cuz I have my own issues and I’d like like like like the whole like you have a problem with substances or whatever like I just don’t like the way nor me nor handle it like I don’t know and I don’t like in building the stuff and it’s like 43 your 50 and drinks with you and have to think I think it’s a great idea for you to be sober like I I really do and like
animals 2 years what do I do
oh no
timer set on your phone that’s now in that guy’s hands is that was an app that tells me how much time how much time I have after this right with all the information you can have everything
I’ve I’ve I’ve seen your relationship with with with our medicine I’ve seen your relationship with our 30 years has 14 so that’s been like 30 or more years I would have killed myself I’m sorry I really would have killed myself and I did any of those
works for you works for you is a tension like my my name is creating a show for me he was creating the new Andy Dick show for me and then I don’t know if things got a little hairy I don’t know what happened we were. I remember just having a bunch of fun a lot of coke Robin Williams was hanging out with us we’re having fun then he’s like I’m out and then I see communities created by Dan Harmon
listen to one more time left to do his money will show that you guys all love and then left me high and dry this is just by myself. There was a lot of shit that happened in the middle of that drink because I left me I wanted to even start it I didn’t I didn’t leave you County Central like looked at the outline that we turned it and then said like I know it’s like hardy har what so you didn’t leave want to know like lunch at lines community
just watch your episode
who is me when that listing I wrote you in community only crate and your part I love that I really and I know that’s all your thing with him and I know yet but I got this one you must have been talking with me cuz I thought I’d get to the right and I’m like so maybe we can meet up and we can talk about the same here or what yet
he’s not going to be here you’re going to be doing it on a green screen did you really did you look at the scripture for putting you in a green screen and we’re going to shrink you down you’re going to be sitting on Chevy Chase’s shoulder about a park in big
and there was
to act with I was by myself you didn’t even show up
Chevy Chase’s drug addiction I didn’t need to be there coffee guy for last night
that’s my point. I really don’t like that, I want to try to draw a connection between the the medicine that is attention on you like I said earlier it’s like to the point where you can experiment with that vocoder like we can turn the dial of mentioning Paul Rudd and you can make it that that’s what happened is that I think that that the world saw that how easy I have like a little bit of a whore and then they’re like now that spoke with him and let’s let’s do that and then it’s me and say that
25 lives like 3 years in a facility I live in one right now I’m in a facility when I leave here I go and I go back to sober living for the only one I mean
that’s the one thing that’s the one catch
I do think about that if I took one fucking sip it’s gone my house is gone you would look at me differently to sit on stage with you and all you see the back of my head and I said I wanted you to still want to drink
drink Scotch and Stephen Colbert drinking and every one of my guy I wanted I wondering you said if you drink I’m leaving right now my name means that so I have you seen him drunk
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like you’re always in good hands
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so I’ll add so the medicine of use like is it I’m serious like in your mind is it like
would it be easy to stay sober for 20 years if during every minute of that 20 years everybody was like Andy or you’re okay are you are right you’re so you’re very funny you’re beautiful you’re one down like like like like about this the other thing that makes me yes I think the high degree of empathy that maybe you can feel people that you knew that guy was fucking around like you’re hypersensitive to that that’s makes you a good Entertainer your your your cursed is that like you’re that seismograph is designed to measure fucking is it
I hate it when people don’t drink right we can hate it when people don’t
and we love it when he does that.
There’s got to be other things you can do that I can’t like I see holy how they fucking what’s it called
no it’s not a bad thing
he’s not that I want to call tenable in Lake Luzerne adjustment that you could make cuz I like like can we talk for a second just about therapy or you interrogated I live at that place our podcast survey really why I approached you know and begged him I just asked him if he could please just hang out because I wanted to get to the bottom of why he left me in the first place years ago he’s just like he just stopped talking to me I couldn’t get him on the phone and my arrow and we’ve never like sucking each other’s cocks or anyting know he’s never been attracted to what are you going to do
no wrong answers on that podcast it’s like yeah yeah
don’t listen to a podcast
but I think it’s true about the Millennials you know whether it’s their new to the party and we won’t have to respect the fact that I don’t know one thing you sent and I think you can or maybe it’s even more interesting if you can’t because look what happened you came out of your life like a bull in a china shop over buttons for sale in the shop in a fucking racist like that then all the sudden 5 seconds later switched gears into a one-night show was Andy Dick where you’re telling Linden and they’re sharing with you because you talking about your pain you’re talking about what it means to be a dick in a Starbucks with you you you would adapt it because you’re like a freaky as hell like Mystique character that’s like
because you you love making people happy but it has to be you. That’s all I have you can’t like only way you’re so happy you’re not happy that people are happy you’re happy
exactly what it is and by the way it does happen but I’m better at that I didn’t know what he was better if that’s what he’s referring to a New York City that’s what I was getting at the I approached Dean on am I can we can you be my friend I miss you and I just want to be crazy like what start a podcast and I don’t really fine if you’re my friend let’s do it and then I thought now I’m going to listen to this and we’ll just talk and get to the bottom of why you left me and I’ve been inside so after we talk a lot and I’m going to hate you but then I want to do another one when I call him the next day can we do another one today and he hates no in New York it was rightfully so unfair enough it was all about you know and that’s fine I wasn’t fine with it in your car wasn’t fine with it was do you know who created this thing it was Tina fancy
I’ll be right in all those people I don’t know if you’ve heard about it and we were live on stage like this and what’s his name Louis CK showed up and Scott adsit and I missing anybody Triumph the insult comic dog and
ask me if I bugged out and empty no created this great appreciation for Stephen Colbert texted him and said Hey listen to your first skull juice podcast like you got that that he had written with Stephen and then you never got to it because it was all about me you know we never got to the strip like I was trying to get a laugh
why don’t we just do it live on stage and then
stage because he was still assuming that all I guess is that old thing that Paul wrote here tonight so we need one of the chairs
if you want you can you can why would I hear at all
Stephen Colbert
no I meant I just have to go back and
working out the Kinks it’ll be okay well that was a weird events yeah it was now it’s time for some stranger things
women’s tie-dye should go to Urgent Care the same
any junk double-booked
hi guys I braced you for for being for being that having to wait and stuff when you’re fine with it yeah we’re just coasting gliding on the momentum baby
how do you tell the part I’ll tell you I figured it out there kind of like to do plus Brothers yeah I have to Google I’m in the look and go okay yeah I can’t tell if it has a shock of white hair in front which is a welcome for your remembering his name
Ross is wrong he’s not cooked yet so he doesn’t have any hair
mnemonic I think I I I think of pneumonia because I need to sit have mnemonics because I’m such a cold person I can’t tell people apart but I know that’s how I remember the word the money that it’s nothing I could do you guys are going to start drinking again thanks to everyone here every time I said I didn’t want to drink now he says he says like I’m going to like working in a talking now that the people I hated in the in the 2000s
what what okay so first let’s talk about whatever and keep calling a title sequence but it’s like it’s out of sequence of anything it’s neon letters in an amazing V with a cool John Carpenter who is this composer who did the music band called survive and out of Austin and little tree when we try to sell the showing me this little trailer of we put all these you know clips from old movies together with a silver carp in there whenever try to get the vibe across and some of it was John Carpenter music that we use with in for the flight like to find the NEP again to this trailer we didn’t we couldn’t find anything we use music from this band came to the show called the regular one of them sold used synthesizers like
just like you guys. You know I’m convinced you know which crazy to do that yeah I was wondering about like that when you see I got you see like a Toyota commercial and you hear a song you really like and then it look it up and then you buy the album and it’s like the only guy I’ve no idea but I always wonder about the phenomenon it like being a band who’s like all of a sudden I just I wonder sometimes like leak leak leak there they were big enough they were doing like they tell you they were using their Musical II shampoo commercials all the stuff that Joe Russo said like we should use them for the theme song of community
do you think there’s like I would wonder what their relationship is if they hate it or love it or like no no no no North Carolina Durham North Carolina Asheville
I have a have a neurological disorder you may have heard of it in Wired Magazine pretty chic
we met at lunch waitress came over and said you guys twins identical and I’ve never heard this response before you guys said we do know we might be we assume we are you could clear that up with a blood test but you’ve gotten to the point where you don’t want to know I don’t know what I would have went to psychologically and we be the same but look at it came back that we weren’t I don’t think you I don’t think you are you’re not even wearing the same shirt I want to hear that
what shocks me what shocks me is that it’s possible in this modern era you guys were born into a stainless steel honeycomb you were born in 2002
I couldn’t I didn’t I love that show so much do you know what there’s a there’s a Volkswagen blocking my car
I got to talk to you guys about why and how it’s so amazing I want you to talk to them now so give me a call so I can have the motorcycle and the writing in the way the way the way it’s so it’s so you really you know what I I relate to Winona Ryder I will relate to that character because the way that I don’t know if you guys directed her in this way or whatever but she is at person wherever you think about her and she even said that
crazy I know I know but I’m not
and the more she screams
yeah you talked to Lance Boucher I love you connected to that like smoking Long Island and then we had Winona and I said what you do and I love you and it will now Anna and then we started talking about like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters we started talking about like what’s cool about Winona what we love about Winona and that’s cool that that’s what I love about television that you can you can evolve like once we kill all the kids were cast we had a one scraper and then we rewrote that script based on all these kids and we just wrote to all of them we work too well known and they make the show I think they made the show so much better and more interesting everything was much more stereotypical with Kathy and writing in the way you shoot it and everything that other guy that I just
all of them is the lead man the police officer immediately stopping Tails smoking hero the first time remember that first time user
the word that you need
I’m going to do it a real here I can have him listen to everything that you’re saying it’s a real answer
by the way no one’s moving that Volkswagen so I’m going to go out and kick it in a second
you really well I mean YouTube thank you
but back to my medical question
babies that were born at the same time how do they not have your DNA like in a hologram that he was going like they either are or aren’t identical twins that’s why I don’t know I don’t know your thirtyish the new Young being nostalgic in the show for a time that didn’t actually like for me that’s what he did right to do that no because he has might be a block away he doesn’t know that you wanted car moved
that’s when I was like 10 years old that’s like filled with like all these memories for me but you guys are like you do your your your fondly recalling a time in cinema really like your favorite movies when you were kids right yeah I think it’s just hanging out with friends and doing naughty stuff and going on adventures and then the other two that was a huge part of a child in the other part was watching these VHS tapes over and over again into it all becomes like a blur when I look back on it it’s a blur of those are my favorite movies in because I always felt like I felt like there was a better like there was there was there always is always better but but but you guys are younger than me that if that weren’t true that you cuz you that you guys are just be fondly recalling like clueless or something
that you’d be like that Safari tea and I’d really go okay and feeling like a curmudgeon like I guess we just all of a melt and I think that when we were ten there was a there was like a joy there I think the John Carpenter really represents because here’s a guy who’s like his own music for his own horror movies at like that since feel and think about the budget differentiate the only thing that didn’t experience that was the only thing but it felt very very new to me so I didn’t respond before you got to the point where you guys were like oh I think we’re 80s files no no no no not at all
like I do why do people know a lot more about it than we do Wenona knows a lot more than we do
weird like she has like 700 like it’s like no one but yeah it’s like I don’t know if you like Audrey Rose is like she’s obsessed with this
says you got to watch Martin Scorsese Dracula
how do you say the weirdest interview yesterday it was like in Forbes and he was upset he was that people were calling him evil because of the shooting this show is let him. He was being sympathetic like he thought he was with everything he was doing these I was sympathetic was really creepy and and so we just let it go like it’s like like with 11 like when he touches her nose and you know I was just do it I mean no
I’m going to touch your nose like this like he’s making these weird Choice anytime he’s on string cuz he knows he only has like he’s like I was like what is cuz I look in the mirror and I might I see the episode of
how to be in Matthew Modine man looks like it’s kind of like an invitation to just like take it as it lays weird and he is at his Full Metal Jacket when he was tired of only when he’s gone for two years movie You’re Gone Forever you sign your life away like there’s no there’s no end date you don’t have to put film in the camera did you ever hear that story
I like riding over the table book I cut you off like now I had something to say no I don’t feel like talking
is it the okay so what did he did he did he cuz I remember him being not as scared as he should be that his neck would get telekinetically snapped like and like and she’s like snap snap snap snap and then he’s like hey this isn’t real you can’t pretend
you’re like doing like the thing they didn’t behind the scenes on Gremlins 2 and they’re like oh my God wants his coffee us
don’t try to country that part of the 80s
she wasn’t supposed to have mental powers

show about a monster from the upside down like that’s enough
you you guys are kind of famously I mean what was the overnight saying like I don’t know if that offends you to say that because you probably maybe a trail of like very hard work I’m sure you didn’t come out of a dumpster in the Netflix buy crappy tickets at tickets from birth to the night before you sell this pitch I think but we’ve always want we’ve since I think we hire a camera and they was third grade and started making movies we always knew we wanted to wanted to make movies and then and we went to was like that’s my analog but yeah I know I mean
move you it was like a magic the Gathering at a Tatian which like no Hollywood bread that you want to do was fourth grade
her third crate I want to do it now but yes we did that we used to do all the Jazz editing thing and then we were in high school I movie came out which is great and you know we learn on our movie and then we went to when we went to film school and we made some bad stuff and then and then prescribed which God has an Asian and then Chapman University in Orange County here I dropped out but it’s okay cuz as you can hear from the applies they’re not as Amos Lee crowd School
anywhere like so you just have a Chapman and we just kept writing and we were like we need to write our way in because I was going to give us anything I think that was the only one to colleges this sense of like we’re going to make this amazing short film and they’re going to give us you know it was you and then you’re Winger’s in Festival mindset and then we just keep it up keep going at it and is it okay if one of you is up the other is
I would like for you sounded like a douche or a really nice and I were whatever I mean whatever so I guess that’s what we do and then you got to start season 2 I was at the moment when you went out to your black Volkswagen oh shit they famously close the doors and both of you neither of you was telling the other one not to get cocky anymore like you guys do you make out when that happens if I was going to ask you did you guys ever jack off together
we don’t have to wait for an answer I’m going to wait I’m going to be here all night but you got you guys collectively we both go up way up and ever go away both down that’s not going to not going right which is each other it’s bad I mean it depends cuz it’s like it’s not a charismatic question to answer honestly if depending on the answer cuz I was just having this conversation with somebody else where I was cross that threshold it was like all right we got it now we’re taking care of regardless of what’s supposed to be like
working for a while now you’re fine and but before that there’s a time of like as most people experience it’s like I supposed to be not supposed to be doing this we supposed to wash dishes in there which is which most people experience for much longer of their lives than the other stuff me and cluded like I have more memories from that time during that time rewards my cander during that time I just kept assuming it was going to work out make fun of where we were delusional with very diligent like you just I just felt that it was going to work you have to put their wieners but I think you actually the weird thing is the only we’ve only found any success at all when it was pure panic as we get no one else we were going to do and we were out of money and it was just like weird fucking I don’t even think you know I don’t remember what my Starbucks and being like I do
priest of jobs are like hard to get man like I don’t know yeah like that’s ever going about she she goes to Costco and she doesn’t work for Costco. Jobs hard to get she works for a motion company cuz she so she goes to Costco it says like one of those people that’s like hey do you want to try some lotion for free agent commission illegal like $0 in a day or so or best one ever but it’s like fucking fragmented I used to go back to Milwaukee and there is a I remember saying that is there someone in Milwaukee waiting for you to come back
I have no and I was like but I just kind of kept his delusional and I was in the shower this morning you’re welcome and I was thinking about that like like I was like is that is that a good quality or a bad quality cuz it’s kind of like reconciling that with the whole kind of cultural awareness never have it was like we just fucking douchey privileged people as I take me to fetch with a symptom of luxury of my other like well yeah like you wait a couple years and another white dude wipes you out when they be real clear here I think it’s hard work and nothing else or anybody
it’s going to be the tallest and it’s going to because you worked hard cuz you suck executive producing and he’s your chauffeur happened
I work in the writers room right now working on season you were allowed to know because you would watch that I watch a show called stranger things I want to pretend episodes of serialized for all I know in keeping with a John Carpenter tradition or something like that the second season’s going to be like it’s called Stranger Things You Know It’s True Detective and it’s like like like all of a sudden it’s like 1973 in Detroit.
believe in the only thing I believe in is My Revolver and everyone’s either booing or cheering but that’s not the case I know that you guys are just as like it’s these characters it’s Wynonna and her kids and then and now even stranger things will happen we’re trying to treat as much as we can even notice Carrie Ward treat it like a sequel because there aren’t very many good one but the good ones are really good right into the hope is that a fact
you are the Halloween and then you watch Halloween 2 when you’re a kid kids when you saw it too I’m sure but when I was a kid it was like it was happening kind of Halloween it was like the original Michael Myers Halloween 2 sequel picked up where it left off another to kill people to hospital the scalpel Halloween 3 season of The Witch of work about like a microchip tradition and you always think when you’re a consumer back that I was I was like nothing happens like the way it should like like the decisions that are made are happening movie our plan the entire time is going to be to always do a new movie every Halloween that’s all we wanted to do it was going to be an ontology it was like he didn’t he didn’t even want Halloween 2
so successful that Halloween II was demanded to the point where I don’t even think he worked on I don’t think it was allowed to I don’t even take care of this cuz it’s just fucking money is pouring out of it when you hit oil and it’s just in the movies and it’s gushing out exactly motherfuker
what’s happening with you guys right I mean you can say yes to that without vilifying anybody didn’t expect it going is it going to be a one-year like it was always going to be plan to be no keep going. We had to go in with that mindset that that that was the intention do you think that their attitudes changed at all about like like bass. I don’t even know the numbers they look really scary I mean I don’t know I mean now they’re looking never before have we been in a position where
so now there’s a bad as bad as bad as your other to turn to you know what we think it’s cool and what we want to see and not worry about like longevity or franchise ability or any of that shit and just like just write a cool second season and then and then and then worry about the rest later which is not necessarily how everyone wants us to be doing it but I think it’s the best thing I think is going to result in the best in the best thing but I don’t know because I see all these filmmakers I admire and they mess up on SQL stand and sequels to make him nervous cuz there’s so many bad ones so
the main tension is resolved so I guess it’s different when you say that they’re nervous about the sequel thing you think what they seem like they do I seen it as ya dis its you know a new tension that then also gets resolved is always important to it’s like not to do the killing things season 1 where it’s like what we got to go get that it’s like different we want to do new different stuff you know and so I don’t know I don’t know I feel like we’re we’re fine we’re good scribe the worst version of the show
the worst version of season 2 as you see it in the eyes of the person that wants the worst thing for the show because I love I love home alone it was one of my favorite in Home Alone 2 came out or what the fuck is this is the exact same thing they just slide it in the pigeon lady for the shovel guy in
communicate with you can’t answer the question honestly cuz it is a question I want to ask kind of Beyond HBO at they’re still going Peak because it HBO you could kind of there was it was still born from a non Silicon Valley model and so now it like Netflix have combined The Prestige of HBO and the success of a tease and BC with the like fuck you were doing it different and we’re not sharing our thought process
Silicon Valley I love it like yeah I love it gets a little boring hearing pitches like having a little shity Studio on Burbank and every time you hear a picture kind of like so where should we take the Netflix yeah well that’s like saying I’d look to be a TV please that’s what I was going to ask but you can’t answer this is really think that they do you think that they would want to see that formulaic Lake plugged in thing or if they’re banking on us and then like if I make a dime Aiken want to do the back us until like it’s so crazy that you practice in the first I don’t know why I still don’t know why
didn’t say we wanted to show that we know there’s no reason anyone would let it should let it show run anything and then work and we never move
play don’t like no one saw it I still don’t understand I mean I think I think I love the rebel Spirit of like that they have I don’t want them to lose it you know and I hope that they don’t I mean because that that’s what I think it’s given him so much success so I just hope they keep doing it as they keep making crazy fucking decisions yeah like are show the funny thing about TV that I’ve watched happened is that the definition of crazy and like breaking them up its practical 8288 basically algorithmic because the algorithm of Television until such time as they make a computer that can write and direct television the algorithm suggest that the smart thing to do as lake effect would say like like like like who the guy whose ass I kissed the most John landgraf like when he talks about TV he goes like we don’t know how to make good TV
that works is statistically if you just like make deals with people that you like and you kind of like it’s like you just have to like keep making it and then the good stuff like works in the bath it’s the same as in physics where it’s like everybody worked from making weird shit up to justify Newtonian stuff like call Newton’s Laws the nielsens maybe why is it if an apple hop off and hit your head which makes perfect sense then how come when you turn the flashlight on in a train car there’s a boogeyman and then Einstein is like what if blah blah blah and everyone’s like Einstein did the possibly apocryphal story of them going of House of Cards was like
people keep in a spreadsheet and it said Kevin Spacey and and political Thrillers equals but even if that’s not true I said it I know that’s where they buy that whatever numbers v a r i mean I mean I don’t know what it is
how are we not
we punch this in and said all this would be good too right we were into whatever it was that doubt it’s their kids and their selfless and make this hit shows like what’s just try to write something that we want to see and then hopefully then we’d even have whatever that Netflix was thinking that even like I don’t even dare to utter it is like there’s no way it just it just didn’t even occur to me that I could be a possibility it was like
got your gut instincts are terrible to think it would be an ABC show how did you take it to Netflix with the actually we you because we were so not established and then you know we we working with a producer that we like some leave you but he’s a he’s a film guys on a TV guy so it was a terrible packages so we were like what go around to Studios not actually two networks which you know there are more C helps fund House of Cards but they don’t know and then in the Netflix help pay for it one of these people and I’ll make it a sexier package and so we are going around doing that and then mostly we’re getting passes we’re getting a few interests and then somehow Netflix heard about it they’re the only Network
anything that we have that we pitched in the whole time I heard about it
specifically agent like Adam breakfast pitching other shit to Indianapolis executive and him going over looking for stuff with her really well for my thing that they’re looking for those who want to give it to me now over the weekend and then it happened really fast and I think it helped you know how things work like you can’t get that first bite and then once one person is interested in and suddenly like oh it’s a thing like oh people like the other one is like 12 15 passes and then one person bought and then suddenly I was like oh my God this is amazing in change in a week like it’s like someone just like the one in one person like that and then if it’s snowballing and enduring that while I was having a Snowball Effect someone Annapolis heard about it so what is still the immediate audience here I don’t know if it’s still a thing but everybody’s going like okay so what do I do
lake lake and I never know how to answer that question are you with you obviously you make something that you love and hope it just gets out that we were riding stuff that like we thought like we meet with these producers are or what not and then only has one we’re looking for the weird like I don’t know activity and always and directors and writers of the little there’s a there’s a there’s a wait and look at this in a disheartening way which is that because directors shoot stuff and writers right kind of documents suggesting you shooting at up late and you and you guys made a decision to pull out of the shooting of stuff which is that advice which is Channel 101 which is like and you guys are like yeah let’s not make sure it comes anymore let’s like let’s write scripts and that’ll be the past I don’t know like
is are we going to I was telling these kids to go in their backyard and shoot shoot home movies are we telling them to run over their keyboards and I know that the simple answer is if you want to be a writer interview keyboard but you guys are at or what to do when they sell makers were talking like anyone’s going to make stuff now so cheap is like no it’s not like it’s expensive but it always made me mad like you just don’t make sense like just to get good audio unit is expensive audio in tigrigna lights and getting the people together and like is it ends up being like a big knot we don’t know shit about visual effects like it’s not you not going to make this note there’s zero chance of making something that’s going to get you in the door like that’s just my
what is a route I think for this route than most it does not it’s honestly one of the hardest routes I think which is to make those films in and hope it gets into the stencils and hosted the percentage of fat is it so small it was awesome doing a little bit of a tangerine is like $100,000 and getting whatever we realized is that a part of this was cuz you know when we are we’re at Chapman you’re going around and were interning at these production companies and you’re reading these scraps right in these are two scripts that are from people that you know we saw have representation a lot of this stuff with me we’re going to pay to write this stuff and it’s not very a lot of it’s not very good A lot of these in in Hollywood meet in needs constant everyone needs content so it’s asking if we can teach yourself how to do this then you know I think there’s at least like we’ll be a crack in the door that we can get through it I do really believe it may be sober night but if you like give you
once we wrote son Levi actually deep down. Was actually okay like it kind of worked its it ended up ended up eventually selling which one is the other stuff that we’d written like I knew I just knew I mean I just like to see if I was really really honest with me so I knew it wasn’t it wasn’t good enough and then we end we got to that place and I thought it was good enough ended up selling so I feel like I feel like if you if you if you fail enough in the end you try enough and I don’t know that’s at least that’s what works for us we we we we we we we fumbled around for so long I actually truly and I’m not going to agree with this yet but but but what’s on the table is the idea that whereas in 19 2002 when I was spouting at the most like
you want to make a TV show you have a camera in your pocket grab it fuc the audio make the TV show put it online keep doing it keep doing it keep doing it Talent will out that we’ve actually hit a point maybe that’s the theory would be we’ve had a point where it’s like there’s too much shit and the internet is oxygen it is just the air around us and and it’s no more shocking than anybody in this room is it knows how to make a video about two people farting in in flying a flying saucer then it is two digit like it doesn’t matter there’s too much to click on it it everyone gets and like like so we focus on script as a document because it’s sort of like part of the old world and we like right up our idea of like faded on this and cut to that and this is our idea
is that because the agency mechanism is still in control like that it’s still I think that can sew percentage-wise right it’s got to be pretty what I mean cuz there’s so much I don’t understand some of the words will certainly let you know I was searching Twitter to see what people are saying about the show and you know you click on these people that got like 10 million followers I think I don’t know who this is talking about yeah I don’t know right that’s a good one
your eyes can really pay about the craziness it’s a warning shot what was the one less than the first season. It’s a weird time to be doing this cuz it’s one of the first times that I can think of that you can you can come up with an idea and you can go well this is you know this is how long is stories is 5 in hours and 30 minutes and 20 seconds and that’s just how it is and you can actually you can actually put that out and I don’t know if I can’t think of another instance I mean usually you’re you’re writing to commercials are you writing to you know why are movies 2 hours because you have to pee I’m still trying I don’t know
that’s the same with the 22 minutes to 45 minutes I’m I’m raised in front of Cheers watching TV and so I come up in the 21st century and I’m like this Craftsman and I’m going to I’m like like oh this other show is shittier than mine because it’s doing serialized storytelling and that so cheap tactic now I’m in this world where it’s like a old man this isn’t serialized hello and I’m sorry I’ll try to serialize it for you
just remind me of the SNL sketch where Dana Carvey was playing Johnny Carson in a post Arsenio world who had had his fingers elongated because Arsenio has long fingers so it was called carsenio and it was Dana Carvey doing Arsenio as Johnny Carson and going like whoop whoop whoop that’s how I feel when I think about serializing something that I’m writing I know this is going to be binge-worthy and other stuff is like wait I feel like I’m purposely I can’t tell when I’m stooping when I’m evolving and when I should just retire and like like like what it’s like well if that’s like a big fucking weird my back for me yeah but that’s cuz you’re going I mean cuz we just watching my TV to be honest so we grew up on the movies and and movie structure so that’s kind of
I think that’s what truth to it and also because the movie industry is so sad like we try to get in the movies and it was just it was a surprise a little depressing right now and there was so much didn’t even when everyone meetings are you not just with producers who didn’t movies and TV there like what what are you TV ideas for YouTube guy just cuz he needs it so desperately that why the guy goes cop guy goes to the lab and then he’s like oh man in the lab here and then they like knock him out and then he wakes up and he’s like back to being a cop is it
he is done
really it’s almost like it’s like for me I mean it’s a tower Lord of the Rings like 11 years of Our Lives had another like now let’s do the Hobbit I’m like what
yeah I did so well at the outset of season to do you guys do you guys do dude you cuz you’re already did you do a nose hole like like okay here’s what’s going to happen from the beginning middle end in the whole season and then you chopped it up like a little pie yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I mean it it just keeps evolve any changes you’re going cuz once you get in there cuz I can’t force these characters to do something so sometimes or trying to force someone to go in that direction in this Lake will they still want to do that that’s feel stupid and so then you didn’t just keep changing and evolving but it if we know where the end it where we’re going eventually that’s that’s the gold the same thing with season 2 it’s just keeps it keeps evolving but we know where were we know what that destination is something you probably don’t like when this happens but
it’s not like I’m a waiter I made community
and I know you don’t to be pigeonholed as the eighties guys but you know Encyclopedia Brown brown but like Chinatown like flick flick he’s the smartest kid on the Block which means he has Asperger’s but he’s at and he’s like it’s hard for him to deal with people that he can solve crimes it’s like but it’s hard core like them it’s like he’s like a kid detective who stole your bike I found out somebody like you just like this is why it’s up your alley you guys could be a Duffer Brothers thing I’ll just write it like you guys can like I don’t want to be famous anymore I want to retire so they like you guys like it’s a Duffer Brothers presents Encyclopedia Brown book for bills and end until like a grown-up comes in like Michael Madsen comes into the garage and then they could kid actor you guys find
have to deal with like like he’s like he’s like he’s like who do we don’t get many grown-ups in here mister and cuz he he lives with his encyclopedic mind don’t give him any money like it’s like but it’s based on that it will erase the part where I legally left a paper towel but like
Encyclopedia Brown Mysteries missing grapes I got it. Here’s your three carrots but then he got gets a grown-up job and it’s like clearly as if he shows up when there’s a fucking dead body he supposed to just go somewhere in like oh I suit I think there’s a bike and I want to get back in there but it’s like a grown-up and he’s like I need a kid a kid can get in a doggie door like he’s supposed to witness the peace but it’s likely that he’s being used and he’s been set up that’s the threshold you cross someone just fucked with Encyclopedia Brown
Lake Leann in and he’s like he’s like just like he’s like fucking somebody fucked with me today like and I had a deal with Society it’s like I’d be smart and keep my head down and help them solve their fucking Mysteries and they wouldn’t fuck with me but they just use the F-word this much is not a David Mamet play but I’m just saying like he’s he’s a super genius has zero effect with Bill Pullman it like like like he is like that but a kid mentally unhinged he’s talking like he’s kind of Twitchy and like at the end there is like a girl like like like what was her name like Kimball or whatever Kimberly like there was a girl Encyclopedia Brown who was like the muscle that was like I also like
is a is like Watson but she was kind of like like she also was bigger cuz girls mature faster so she could beat up bugs meany anyways but he’s a straight to it but it’s like they fucking deep and dark like Chinatown Chinatown dark he’s been sucked into a grown-up world of murder and they’re trying to play him and he’s like I played my fucking roll and like now I’m like now I got to use my old like detective skills to like play with these grown ups and it’s like badass yeah you can be set in the 80s or not but you guys will probably be fine we’ll do it like it follows where like it’s kind of feels like a like a DVR or something and you guys can be like we’re growing
go to Netflix cuz every time I go there I want to get it so if I figured if I went in with you guys or you guys going with that idea
Encyclopedia Brown but there’s like yeah there’s a fucking cool of crusted blood on a carpet on page 217 now
Sarah Clayton neon now you’re into it that’s good I get it out that space movie Die Hard In Space if you can sue for that like I’d be in big trouble somewhere like what do you think about these you know all these but you remain to stay for this
I thought it was Die Hard In Space I didn’t I didn’t really think I mean I recognized devices used in Escape From New York but I didn’t think that those devices were the light bulb I thought that they were kind of like I don’t know I don’t know I feel like I’m going to get in trouble if people I admire so I’ll stop there if I had it I actually had to wear at a meeting and I was like vodka on the Rocks today and she’s like you’re drinking at 10 a.m.
and then they never taken a second video brown with the blood and they never come back that’s what that’s weird I think I think bugs meany is behind it
hi I don’t know that much about the eighties
we got you dude it’s it’s between you and I stopped watching everything and I got out of my parents house and I just started fucking and everything was happening where you like do you like these kids are dumb dumb of her brothers are you plugging anyting talk about me and he’s ordered pogo sticks or anyting no we do not know it’s all fine crew and hear their sales though we want to cuz I don’t want to threaten me and he’s at the relationship is good but I do want to point out that that I mean I think they have us by the short hairs but their product could be so easily pooped in
we could just shut your pants on stage of your 20 minute commercial or whatever was the best thing I’ve ever do a rap
but like
Lincoln sitting down rap
oh shit this isn’t the return of sit-down rapper is it needs yo yo yo yo yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
East Side West Side North Side South Side
Shay Johnson
how do characters look how much short my hair is going to kill myself I don’t know why I’m so depressed God hates me I’m so depressed depressed rappers
I would say I had a great day today go down to jolene’s restaurant with a good Yelp
because I feel so bad I’m tired of them barrels
you’re not supposed to say you stole some cheese from me and I ran after it like a cat tried to fool me
Jurassic World
baby Dynamite
really baby, fuck you 911 winners Charlie came down but my heart was the tallest your mama so hard at 9:11 get sweat I made a pussy so why did God damn there was like a terrorist attack woke up sleeping giant yo
get the UN consent before you Invicta country
thank you
The Duffer Brothers
Duffer Brothers
and Justin Marshall listen to skull juice
have a great night
take care


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