Episode: 214 – Live At JFL Toronto 2016


Episode: 214 – Live At JFL Toronto 2016


Harmontown comes to Toronto along with Emily Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani to perform some weird improv in front of a lot of people. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live!


are you ready to my podcast history
I’m just the last 42 and Toronto Ontario
I’m very very very honored to say that harmontown is now officially in session
pressure cracks in everybody
oh yeah oh yeah
I hope you saw his Instagram today of him in his underwear in his hotel room
because I have been pushing myself to that all afternoon
turned every ounce of it thank you I believe you
I believe you
thank you
these are some Harmon start where you go
these are some Harmon Starve motherfukers is what I was going to say where’s Philip the guy that ran me down the street walking
I had dinner a little Italian joint kind of waste land area across the highway here and it’s running up and slap me on the shoulders and I kept far as I was concerned that was the last thing that was going to happen today or something akin to Toronto is New York with the upper 10% in the bottom 5% cut off
so it’s like a middle class Valhalla
which makes her terrible customer service
so why would you like why would two Old Farmers did you know you would like take less than an hour giving each other a very American sense of entitlement which I didn’t know I had until I came to Toronto has Canadian service and its side
it’s a little more laid back you’re like oh maybe they’re just maybe they’re just sleepy or just pretending to be there just like yourself between 11 and 3
I do have stuff to do I’m fully awake I’m on wheatgrass and I just fluid height
I was at the hockey museum for breakfast I’m doing things I’m meeting people breakfast breakfast
and Ontario strip clubs he was here that weird to ask me out answered Tom’s eyes
yeah the rest of someone’s running
what house are you from America
in French.
Lejeune okay calcium antacid
we’ll talk about that stuff. Would you care to come up and explain why you have so many
I’m here
you’re more honored to think that I have them with me than you’ve been to have them back and be like
are Wireless
what’s your name Jeff Jeff why so many times for red wine and fried I mean you don’t know what’s going to happen during your Day 2020 shirt in your pocket or you carry that around just like all writers in La could you could move up to Canada and we can blend right in absolutely
your album, so that if that’s how you would use across the room at each other we’re basically like everyone who Buddhism
how do you forget to Griffin this we have the most boring name in the world that way Jeff is boring but that’s that’s more of the British Commonwealth he spells his name with G2
give me her looks like
you guys are the Kids in the Hall there still that picture of Scott Thompson do it
every every bar has a picture of Scott Thompson doing that old lady character on the wall with the Tiara the dress for your body
is what I was getting at someone Shannon
with us sushi
144 he ever gets near the throne or if you won’t die actually just got back together and she’s like I find you we’ll never get it
British people what you guys you guys are
how are you supposed to go on
is she looks just like the British queen and learn English one that we have some level of allegiance to we put on the money we there a Sovereign Nation here in Canada but they still have some weird Commonwealth like a section of the younger General stuff and Lieutenant General the answers to her but doesn’t actually but does that doesn’t it corrected all sorts of times 5 years ago Justin Trudeau
Bloom County
I have to Wikipedia my dumb joke doesn’t intensive research I will entertain them by saying Toronto is Canada’s teabag
cuz it kind of dips into a Halo move of countries
indoor indoor freshwater
oh my God oh my God
a lot of times.
Play who’s sitting next to that guy
tell me some classic while this is centrica thinking that was a classic Toronto in the face of the modern Toronto is would be would be offended by me and flying a kite with my but I know that’s a that’s a Toronto Nyan like clip art image he had like a flannel shirt modern like it was like I got to say it’s a series through hologram taxes but now he’s just like you take selfies and
but he still has that operate the flannel into the network
and it’s not it’s not doing well in his hometown we should check in with Spencer
no need for any of that but I talked to us about Toronto give us over here and there’s this driveway outside and I wanted the guy to pull into the driveway but he stopped just on the street and when he stopped just on the street someone got into the car a woman and this is you know this is a weird thing to happen sometimes you hate lubbers or sometimes someone thinks their the Uber and they’re not or whatever this stuff happens but she didn’t pick any one else up I don’t think you held anyone right in the taxi goes like no no I did not
and I was like yeah and I’m like what the woman just like she said something but I couldn’t really understand her so it was great and then I was like did you call for an Uber
you said she said something like that like it’s fun
getting into the car to make new friends
I just
I would like to be your friend I haven’t done my research but I think it’s like if you cut off the top 10% of New York about a 5% and 95% of the guns I think because otherwise why would you come from a land of anxiety
is it a traditionally though has it been renowned does look pretty crime-free place
listen to Niagara Falls place right this is the place we share Niagara Falls with half our water
no I mean if you go to Niagara Falls the fun side is a Canadian side
although at Burger King with the big Frankenstein on top that’s fucked up
you guys pick class it up a little bit the hotels look like in hotels
put a nice hotel in Buena Vista
it doesn’t if someone orders a vodka on the rocks that you you’re allowed to just eyeball it
but maybe you cleaned it all up I mean maybe your way is the best way to UK same thing you didn’t only in airports and in Toronto are they like I’m buying you a chalet like will you let capitalism into your cold black communist heart over porn
do you want to I want to enslave you you’re working for me not your owner I’m changing you from him pour a bunch you’ll make more money
they don’t get it but don’t know how happy they just drink beer
I think it’s cuz it just so I could so it’s so it’s so geometric for them it’s so they they can be more efficient there just like I calculated exactly how drunk I’m going to get in I don’t want to draw attention to myself I pointed at a after a while going to have a double or triple blank likely this is silly like there should be a difference between what I ordered and the melted ice
has been delivered to the stage for Ray
thank you I hope you brought enough for twelve hundred and fifty people
what is going on here mustard this guy
what is happening
always look high
since I love
is going on right now
shit shit
is this 43
tires for a baby
that is the precise unit of time that you’re allowed to do with the exchange rate
thank you so much
I’ll be here soon I’ll be here one election from now
why don’t we bring out our good friends that we’re already here there cuz I like
I know them from from from friendship and stuff in their podcast the indoor kids
but you and the rest of the world is now that know them from all over they know they’re now they’re not wrapping up there the melt down there they’ve
hello hello I was here earlier. I loved your hours set up before we came on I was really no Prevail you are just out here doing an hour-long show
was anyone at that show
oh wow
are all flowing freely here is that what you guys have this energy this way
I talked to talk and I’m a grown up and I found out one of my cousins was in the audience
and it really freaked me out or hot female cousin which is played by you in a wig
beard always picturing that by the way
I would like to have a picture of you in a wig
Nike backpacks for me
actually come out even.
Come on is the female name and come on come on
can I search for being racist can I ask you
play lately I won’t have this chance cuz I swear I swear I know this is going to sound like a bit then I know that I’m stupid and I know I’m just committing to my Midwestern like I don’t understand
my Uber driver block you
it’s perfect is the modern who’s on first. Is name is Muhammad is a common name Muhammad
but you can correct me if I’m wrong it’s not a unique name it’s not like a crazy
when we talked about the whole like oh you made a cartoon it’s like it’s like okay we had a single Graven image and all the stuff in like lake that is a good question if Muhammad and he is born with the exact face of prophet Muhammad
send that to horrible.
Or the or the face that Trey Parker and Matt Stone would have drawn and that’s the whole point that I thought I would take the whole point against you’re not supposed to with like depictions and sings and mimicry and so and then put a human being but that’s true we should do you want to drop Muhammad right now and 3
that’s an interesting point and I had never I’ve never thought about it why are people allowed to be called Mohammed but you said you’re not allowed to draw his face on his face how do we how do you know exactly what that guy looks like a star is born is born in their house and we can all comparison
so you’re punished for being a really good character characteristics so you can only do it if it had is at least the size of his body if the proportions of a plane’s this and his
like an extra
sense of Duty to be like more good
I mean it’s a hell of a thing to have to live up there
Muslim kid and you go to Disneyland and you get a caricature and my name is Muhammad
these are the questions that are going to get us killed before before
I think we’ve been more things that would get us killed in the show then we’re talking about now
Lutheran girls named Mary don’t feel compelled to that’s true and I don’t talk to anybody named Jesus about whether or not they feel an extra man to love like that concludes by Islamic questions
he don’t have anymore that was sorry I have a I have an unquenchable empty what you feeling do you have the equivalent of a bar mitzvah
go from like being a kid to an adult that we don’t we don’t have that gets Batman’s voice fits Bruce Wayne
and later
I think I think wiccans have a have a thing when you drink when you turn 13 in the Twisted Root only have men are the first. That’s like a very like obvious like before and after that I don’t think we should
I can drink a little bit but it’s okay
don’t a lot of questions I know don’t have confirmation I thought we told her I mean can’t use it like we spread it all out and I think it’s about State Controller I think that I think that the axis of power between Fathers and Sons is so it’s such non governmental power to leave right now if you want to
am I I think they want to spread it between like oh I get drunk on front night I wrestle with you and the kitchen floor but not really like it doesn’t end with someone being circumsized
not if you do it right I think it is it capitalism like capitalism wants everyone to be babies is a big ball of money that says like you know in God we trust on it like it seems like he wants you sucking on that titty for your entire life and then it wants to just tell you that being old cost money and the energy and meanwhile it tells your kids you know what math Next Generation racism
we just told them we all hate each other salt money
when we’ve been have more like so it’s your they wanted like a market like call Mark elevenses and you’re turning over
I’m in my van.
Basic like first wet dream for young man should be like a dream if you know what I mean
then you don’t got a wet dream
I mean look at you
look at you you clearly jerk off a lot and I’ve never come I just actually did I did I did in my I did
what does a jerk off all over you do a picture of the mountain from Game of Thrones but I remember I did actually finally after years of reading about it in those textbooks and to having your help. You’re at your gym teacher tell you about it when was this how long I was in my thirties were ever there was a full-time job I just never turned back like like one day Pam Dawber looks different and working Mindy reruns and that was just the next day every pillow in the
my mom’s apartment was Target fabric Swatch that wasn’t fucking just just like I first drive because nothing even before anything was coming out
what did Camila Camille have you had wet dreams I always did preemptive strike the show right before and I told a 10-minute long story about that I’d rather hear he’s gone
are you staying I blocked you I had my
I close my eyes a boy and I opened
you must have come 7 or 8
I literally Department did mention is that I had a very conservative Muslim upbringing sounds like when I first came and I had been waiting so long that when I came to I swear this is completely true I found out I had I had hit the ceiling
no no no don’t don’t leave her hanging
I swear
now now
I swear I woke up and I saw him I must remember to brush and dripping from the ceiling
play how I swear and I thought it was maybe 5 feet are you being racist about the height of the floor
I’m heading to ceiling from this okay
wiper how old were you probably like 11 I’ve never been able to replicate the results
a triple.

I find that incredibly remarkable
why do you think it is with men like their make there be more volume to take funny that we also like plus you want to everybody wants to come out looking for geissler’s
but I think the women are so good at 12 but I don’t want to die I don’t want to I don’t want to say women are good at anything but but like wow so my next question
that is truly a self-administered thank you thank you for that I’m a master of all worlds to make a sweeping statement when I was just going to say that women are so good and men are so fragile like women are so good at like like having to listen to it I think that men’s think I think that all men have experienced like maybe a woman saying you’re like oh wow that’s a lot
I like I like spinning it like and we’ve been like a Dremel. Like a broken water pipe
yeah you do you do with a preemptive strike I read a thing that says like you’re cuz you’re what you’re doing is your you’re getting rid of overstock.com
do so you if you if you if you like have one of those special days when you’re like you don’t have any phone calls till 2 and
you just so you know it’s tough to be a lady guys really like they just haven’t masturbated that recently do you think that you got that impression from men like they do you think that a guy
a replica of yourself that’s half make
it never made me feel that way but I was like
actually make sense you feeling weird that you had phone calls all day 9 a.m., okay so a guy with a guy and he is a geyser such as a dude that has no phone calls
make a phone call. Got free time before she came over it doesn’t matter you still not going to make a bunch of beer
I didn’t know I was at a bar I was at a bar the bartender of the Galaxy they think that you’re also tomorrow
and as I was walking out a person kept yelling something and I and it was over my shoulder I realize that my brain caught up and realized he was yelling Hodor
and that he was very much directing it at me
I looked at him and an n n a person like it’s it’s it’s when you realize what’s going on but it was like 30 year old man and he just ran in a sweater and he just that once I was looking at and you just smile and went
maybe he was Hodor
have a good night
like The Gift of the Magi like like have you had luck contacting Hodor lately just kidding I love harmontown I’ll see you at the show
but I didn’t expect it as much as I really needed to do that moment
play a song Isaac
and then turn around and it was like like if I did this in Los Angeles this person would feel bad that’s the Dark Side of Toronto do you think he actually thought you were Hodor it could be because you asshole it could be
recognize you with the wrong people recognize people as the wrong celebrities that definitely happened like I should not be doing that but you’re like a white guy so it’s okay like I remember when I was sitting there for an NBA player sounds like I can’t go on to Chauncey Billups and be like you play in the NBA right now
that’s the worst thing I could have done how do you think I felt
imagine a timer today fucked up like these people do not have that these people
that’s not show me everybody
I’m curious go ahead what is these people have gone under tell us tell us what you should report it to the police I’ll be a sketch artist what did he look like they’re not taking to Uber like a fish to water and Toronto they’re not having you guys having a world and then you’re going to phone call
I’ll just tell you where they are and you’ll walk to them for 10 minutes
are you okay Uber Uber blow hohos it’s it’s the worst experience with me, the car looks like a little kid has a magnet behind a whiteboard
I don’t know what something’s got to give your Apple I watch taranto facts
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses a lot but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like a verb you’re always in good hands
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did you know that did you know that Toronto is named after the same sidekick to The Lone Ranger
Jesus Christ
once a week until the day I die
there is no more did the chyron I mean they have a population here in an artist who’s that what’s the last name of the artist that is investigating the murder or something you guys should know what you said does an Inuit population and somebody got murdered in an artist is in charge of the investigation I fell apart cuz I started to get scared like I don’t know the local like hot-button stuff like I don’t know who I’m going to expand the TV like they’re news crawl it said there was a
YouTube to play for a murder victim and I feel bad like I was a person
and there’s probably also cultural fighting ramifications off of what I’m doing I’m probably trampling all over horrible goes to the abuse I really don’t know what you’re talkin about
your name is not Carrie Johnson I think that’s funny you look weird your instruments are weird I’m sorry
I’m just trying to parse through the facts
that’s what it look like if something was it raining anywhere or First Nations or what was he
boo boo goo
this is the fupa group that did you just look that up
you can sit here what’s your name or you just look this up
I’m very excited about that
okay it’s okay yeah so tell us everything about this
award-winning and you what artist has been identified as the woman who was found dead earlier this week in the Rideau River in Ottawa and her name is
hilarious to me
hahaha her family movie on
even if they’re not like there’s probably some raging
cut to now
I don’t know if that was the same man or a hockey player to know you a little bit
Google are the front two rows
what is your what is your speciality
you’re the piece of bacon
and that’s what I do is I actually need a few but what’s the address
people that were mad about that than the hall Muhammad drawings
latest love bacon products hair
well she’s leaving more poor you and she’s being very self-effacing and I’m going to get in so much trouble
make sure you vegan girlfriend
you have 23,000 one song
is your dad calling you later I promise there’s no fun thing to do and Ariana Grande
lady in a lot of Big Girls Don’t Cry
I won’t say if I’m going to a donut shop and there’s one that was licked by Ariana Grande for it
would you eat
you know so you your friend Megan and your friend Alexandra you guys have this we can go friend thing and then it’s some I’m going to just move to LA is Megan has 500 likes can you believe this is a cake
it just looks Salon in the hot town Funk Town vegan Ambler
go to Granite fuck your wife
alt-right foodie Instagram
they would not need to be vegan though
call the cook on Twitter me tell you you’re awesome I can hear 50 awesome than one person calls me of cocking it ruins have a wife or a girlfriend or what why you have kind of liberals
I don’t even know what that means
Chihuahuas I grew up on you what is your relationship with take off you Hoser
is Devin are walking down or something
really you guys are actually that’s great
so I guess that makes sense it’s kind of a local story taking place right around here TV like
I have a lot of like really funny comedy Friends by the showmen Silicon Valley than the guy from here to Toronto in the game Toronto Second City for 25 years
but you said you’re saying when I leave in private Roots here we should probably get some information for Anya and then do a hilarious improvised
stats from sometime in the event that Emily Gordon never has a Bazinga you have to do your dance
so so so I know why don’t we just do your biopic like where were you where were you born and raised in Ireland was born in Canada okay. Why
I mean like most of Europe
she raised in Ireland both parents are Irish
and then they came back he speakers
talk to which is like you’ve go there it’s like like a confined space Rigo just to speak Gaelic and can’t speak English
vegan girlfriend
I posted a question
all right so you’re raised in the house are white how do you end up back in Canada, Canada and then I moved to Toronto cuz I was I was vegan and I wanted to be like in Canada
and what’s the place called
what did you say
shark picture
you know what the other word for cupboard is this is true for cupboard cupboard Elmira
and all right so I wanted to be a comedian and a vegan at the same time it’s really hard for doesn’t need to be on Skype
I’m going to die
I think a vegan ism is a point that you really want to be pushed in the movie
that is like the capital of Uruguay
I need a I need a device
yeah she remember what a Mennonite is in Canada charged me like a like a like a like a
what do you mean
I meant like, she’s like a diet Mennonite I guess you guys are more hardcore I don’t think anything I mean I have now who’s on first
and everybody you should watch your biopic
Anya Anya
the girl who knows about
goodonya thank you sir
I really feel like I need to mirror all right so we probably won’t have control over lights but they didn’t
she’s a common
I hope it’s not I hope it’s her strongly
I think I hope you don’t get burnt to another vegan
Finding Dory
Weezer Weezer
soy milk or is that people don’t because I I really I’m like not into it Mom you kind of singer we’re coming apart
what race is Yoda
did they find out she’s big and all the colors
and I’m hella vegan guys so
we’ve got to get you to the mother country they have their new haggis there or vegan is it going to be like
what’s a spirit guide
avenge me
I hear the old Lord what how best to avenge you how bad
start an Instagram account
must be nice to have the song laid out for you pretty girl would you be my vegan girlfriend
and I think he’s hot
you mustn’t this love is perfect you shouldn’t mess with me the Irish
she can hear everything we’re saying
cuz it is there a Green Hills
that’s not going to happen again
Ireland 2003
what are we having to speak Gaelic and I don’t even think that’s the language and maybe I I don’t actually know from those
I heard that Lisa Spector at 11
winter is coming
Mennonite for their legs
I found out the Mennonites were responsible for 9/11
I can only try this once in a lifetime on you
true look within yourself
and you’ll find another for Satan and tell him yes yes he met your name is Elmira
actually does make sense
oh okay we haven’t yet
you know what this family has no more left
you have no choice I have no choice but to trust that Mennonite boy that was calling on you
what does that mean does that mean what I think it means

if this family must continue by any means we must continue our love
town of Elmira be the cupboard in which the non-perishable Dry Goods of love love to be
already when it was open
all this is for you
you’ll see
the movie I’ve got the credits rap puspos he’s going to rain all night
Pikachu gangster
you speak too quickly you going to save that for the actor The Rock
you should maybe add
wooden pipe
what’s the show about now
it’s like that but it’s a felony
and it’s not treasure how you doing over there I’m so good remember when we were talking about rituals for
tell us more please I mean who’s the perfect masculine it mascot Bruce Lee to everybody to all these fucking perfect get bodies like physical violence in a healthy way it’s not like I mean part of you know at least the traditional masculine identity in some form is bad
what does one do on Bruce Lee day you’re 12 or 13 year old boy
you like you follow you you follow like the code of ethics that Bruce Lee puts forth on how to do a one-inch punch
all the one-inch punch that I used to have a little flip book when I was a can of Grizzly doing lunch on and I would like trying to train I want to flip book that’s amazing flip and then you start trying to do it in one hand it’s very good techniques hours just trying to order like we’re going to just like learn to breakdance and we never can we see a little more
what do you mean I’d never work
oh my God
I took like Corey Feldman could be here tonight
very good kids
the sexual and the violent person their brain start to old man who do you think’s doing the research and I know I know I know you like things with their fire truck toy and like it in and you couldn’t think of a healthier way to collect and redirect that then martial arts classes like cuz you would go like okay yeah you have to like if you really concentrate and go to bed when we tell you to you’ll be able to kick the world’s ass but you have to wait for the world to attack you like next generation
the naked man above it and just push doing push ups
can I say something when I did my show you this beautiful theater harmontown going to feel like harmontown in this space and you guys did a great job
it smells like a harmontown
more so really I’m in there and they’re very chill and they’re very very well
do you think it’s just it’s just me pimping you guys too much or Emily if I like like because you were at one point you you had a therapeutic career you’ve many like things about like relationships and things do we bring up a couple in like and get to know them may be there
he may have an issue that they’re trying to deal with that there’s a couple right there okay if you guys want to go back to schools here
all right
and we’re totally going to watch people have sex
hello, is your favorite I would say put it in the holder that way you guys have a natural at given taper you feel like cleaning in like you you have that visual cue if I have to talk so your name’s are again and Lauren alright so what’s the problem we’ve been living together for the last little bit but I’m broke and I’m going to have to move back in with my parents so we’re going to be splitting up that way but not altogether but yeah so we’re not going to be seeing each other as much I mean
even living together pretty much since we’ve known each other how long have you been together
okay so you have moved in almost immediately
what happened what kind of beer for you
I have my own house I just never got no more and you moved if you lived in the conference crab
everybody your workout and then, you fall on hard times and you got to move back in with the family
why can’t Colin move into your fucking house
he supported you for a year
but what would you what would have been different situation with been those who pays the rent and the house that you guys have been it you have been paying you haven’t been paying the rent even pick the right at your place yes okay alright then spending all your time at a time you had even paying rent on your house what is your issue with having him move in with you he’s kind of supported you and some some fashion so what’s the issue with having him of it it’s not as much to him as like my situation with what are you what are you doing
why are you being so bad
and I moved in with people from my Residence at University have a bunch of room for just calling in love
very much so yes
perfect start at the same time
I saw a bit of equivocation on
being Ian like look like a thousand people and it’s always been the path of least resistance the logical thing to do so if there are a couple of little question marks on their labyrinths lake map what the fucking metaphor what is that I just I just sprained my neck for us to have a couple head scratches when we hear this situation because they’re at a time in their lives when maybe they shouldn’t have the shit all figured out like they so it sounds like you had a hundred percent control it was his apartment but you always had your own place to go back to human teeth like
like like it during lovemaking crying on I’m actually from Montreal
like lately she could quietly slip out but but but but is more of a like a burning man kind of tent
but you’re seriously committed to know like if you have an 8-year contract at Alico phone what is the orb either of you what do you think the next step is a place so you’re you’re you’re searching for new place moving back when are your parents
I have family in Peterborough Peterborough is Peterborough
I don’t know.
Where the fuck are you with
I think I did the term called sliding not deciding which is like when people end up couples end up moving in together more out of necessity and like they need to print more than because they’ve decided like I would like to spend all my time and have all my stuff paired with yours and those relationships end up splitting often because you don’t feel like you’re choosing to move in with someone you love you feel like this is all we can do right now because I broke a shit and I think three quarters of my adult life
being shut up with two two grocery bags of garbage bags
I can fit everything I own in the tube grocery bag
I think the obvious like it doesn’t sound like you’re reliving such a situation is stable but I think this would be the next level would you guys moving into a place it’s just the two of you perhaps if you want it and maybe it’s our time for that now but if that’s a goal may be that all you can agree on now is if that’s the goal and then you go to your parents house you go to your fucking Burning Man and you guys make up if we go backwards it’s going to be a disaster
I’m not saying that means it’s going to be I am saying if that were possible then what’s the point you will find I think that that it will it will romanticize everything you’ll be like you’ll be brushing your teeth again before you know it but it doesn’t matter if it goes good I guess my biggest concern is I made steps to becoming an adult the millennial adult and what have you done
401k and I work in a bong job so so you do have a job your job doesn’t provide you enough to get your own place
it does. I will forgive you for for having to take a backward step two terms of that treat other human being that’s all in a time before they figured out a really chapped the workforce and exploit them to the market will bear you use I am sure that’s no different than any country to go to my parents but you want your shame in that
take a nap but I think it says you’re striving to like whatever you’re the next thing is you want to do if it’s a better bong shop where you get paid more that’s the thing I mean I got your bong shop Road
we’re looking at legalization 2017 and Canada so you never know Jeff I will fight that to a t a i didn’t have an opinion I was just
Hillary on your map
oh where you guys on Kratom actually I sell Kratom at my shop not for human consumption of course but no Eva lot of customers who would methadone is a serious problem for a lot of people and if you can find a natural substitute a why not absolutely
why don’t you work right now and when there’s a line outside tomorrow tell your boss I should be in Associates pipe dreams on George Street in Peterborough 416 George Street North come see me for a locally-owned and operated for 20 years so a gofundme.com
Masters Degree in Family Therapy and this is now what I’m doing for living it’s always okay they told me it’s okay to go into Brandon’s supposed to do never be afraid to start over that’s all we’re ever going to do over and over again
sorry I didn’t hear any of that I was just playing what are you doing what’s going on with you in school for psychology right now I mean do it for a few years
you make Nori harmontown
it’s a little misleading but I’ll I’ll take the apostate to Harris Teeter in LA and desperately need shows you should just get on stage and talk and you’re like oh okay
I thought it was supposed to be ashamed of that it’s like it’s it’s that what that they were Colin gives us bombs and Lauren and Emily give a psychological advice and I think I say things are racist
but for free
Metro reciprocity with all we all just like Mel just provide everything I feel like like for the vine that we got on my walk on stage and then the amount of volume and love that you get when you coming to Hermantown show but not to inflate the sun balloon but like pick like walking on the street and the people come up at all just felt passionate and moved in or out of each other’s apartments or it back to their parents apartment
let’s see that house you’re staying in it’s good practice for mental health
do you think are they listening
are there any of them in the house tonight
this seems like a great but I feel like we got the Run
Ainsley’s he’s fine down there
let’s keep moving forward let’s hear it for Lauren and
all right
I had I had deep fried cauliflower tonight yesterday I had it with buffalo sauce and it was unbelievable deep-fried, so good you can get them at a local reference you Canadians
are you aware of the Church of the Latter-day Saints
about Mennonite
the great God men who provides you with cologne and shaving equipment
what’s a weird reaction
crazy thing to bring up two hours into a show crazier things there’s a Doctor Henry Lee forensic wizard who has a very very big acts like he’s Chinese and he like he clearly has dedicated most of his brain to like like studying forensics and leg sound like
I think it would go a little company of the government
technically I was going to culminate this in an in doing an impression of him all right but
I’m actually about to pick up a personal check
anyway this filthy Chinese guy want to see you today
he’s a genius in his pit he wants to do a bar with a with a Nobel prize-winning Pollock and
and a very nurturing Rabbi and the bartenders comes everywhere
talking about the kid that Germany like lately get it comes down to this bowl and pineapple and are you serious yeah I like the kids of Brother is like eating pineapple and a theory that like cuz she had some pineapple in her stomach that was digested on a certain amount that you know if you do a timeline it’s like well they’re just like like like the theory of like what if the brother got really mad that’s nine-year-old brother that she took a piece of pineapple out of his out of his bowl will not stir fry
he’s he’s explaining he’s going like like how did she get clobbered in the back of the head with a heavy object and a lake lake what is there to do at the pineapple and how about this
Jake’s cheesesteak
steal my papal
I’ve never heard so many consonants removed from a word
I guess just one but it seems like such a six-year-old and he’s my ex I could just adorable and I wanted to make it like a little meme like don’t steal my papa
is that the brother was eating a bowl of purple Stilton and there was like a giant E-Town Maglite and he was real Peter Parker is a show him like either reviewing the case may show a picture of the of the crime scene but not the crime scene but the house and they cut his leg that’s the most important fruit in the world
the Killer by mistake lifting story but it kind of think when you look back
story story must be told I don’t really think like that makes us all worse than everyone but they did in this house of wound was made and they have like everybody agrees that the low point of this thing was they put up they put a blond wig on a pig head like them had a child actor boy that was the right age come in hold the flashlight and I just driving that other thing he’s already somewhere else
after clubbing a pig head in a way I can’t wait to see that sounds like a role of a lifetime
well how about this pen Apple thing Hannah said that crazy guy doing that dance you guys familiar with that Viral thing you put down and we go like this I have an apple I have a pen
totally coincidence I don’t really know the actual how it goes wait but it’s very catchy
Gangnam Style oppa Gangnam Style
Gangnam Style
Ontario which is what is what is the capital of Canada
no Alberta is the province right Calgary is one of the strengths of the most populous city in all of Canada
effect it has a hockey Museum
no shit and a CN Tower
and if so
tell him to call back to my show that’s how many people doing like you should freestyle and that’ll be a really fast
could you please tell just for you guys
we only we only have like we have to be done in four minutes until I gave you the character you got in the mail
you find yourself outside of a waffle iron
Rico and it’s a waffle iron
what is find out somebody closes at
night we open it you open it
waffle iron was maybe a chain of restaurant here that’s what I thought the third level engineer
open the waffle iron and then says guys look the temp one scratched
that’s why I got that can make you sick fourth level search so long for adventure feed a cold starve a fever on on Emily’s character
oh my God
is there a lift around the waffle iron is there more stuff here
oh you’re in a kitchen did I say that okay you’re in a kitchen is there outside of a waffle iron
is there a is there an Elmira anywhere around
the waffle iron is a destination Elmira
Seguin the nearest Elmira standing cover
do you open it there’s canned food
Treasures Kings and food in here to make waffle batter there’s a box of Bisquick it’s in a can
does that have an animal parts Bisquick I don’t think so
how do I use detect vegan products
the ingredients also says speech about why veganism
play my gluten allergy
I take a picture of Camille’s character while he’s doing the 20-minute thing and I upload it with a battle with the sunrise filter
you get 26 lights
and for you get for comments but they’re all the comments were there just at replying some fucking random person who is patient zero of this comment thread is patient underscore 0 patient underscore 1
is the number one the word one that’s there, all right I’m making waffles or not
I see it as it is there a new update for my Apple watch no not the power of your words I take out my staff of golden rays
we’re just a weapon I just made up into a rage
OSHA is my step
just coming into assets department on your from big and girlfriend
Mennonite everywhere
calling Lauren we went to a muscle time
I’m Jeff Davis is her being married Dan Harmon everybody
thank you so much for Just for Laughs everybody here at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Leah backstage and Sage management we love you drive fast take chances all


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