Episode: 215 – Amazing Blades


Episode: 215 – Amazing Blades


Rapper Logic joins Harmontown and we continue our legacy of the greatest advertising money can buy. Watch the live and on demand at harmontown.com/live!


hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the theme to like to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands
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Oh Yeah from Hollywood California enough down comics
we’re all good podcasts go and they grow up I’m in town tonight I know Spencer
what’s up Dan no nothing nothing
do you offer this probably never happen to you but it would have people do you always say the opposite thing people say how’s it going and then you say nothing and then they say how how are you and you say that’s the same one but whatever whatever the other one is I did I do it wrong okay so it’s going to be bad show 23 in the front and 50 in the back of the new
where do I go I got to that place on Hillhurst oponopono pyan decorated like kind of like oh yeah
but it said I mean
so the only the oh there is one there’s one piece of business official business to get out of the way so as you guys know I’m a big user of the app cookie collector 2
looks like that you collect cookies each each Peach menu makes a sound
okay well I’m sorry about this but start the show over you but you can mute it after a while and you do play with him
and then you will gather cookies I have a 120.82 tredecillion cookies
at 16.157 duodecillion cookies per second but that’s a misleading figure since cookie cookies
each cookie you gather is is is a kind of currency that you can use to create for instant structures that that create cookies everybody please please please file slowly out of the exits is it cookie press the baker the dispenser you can get a grandma tree things that make cookies all right and if I probably don’t have to tell you each day of the week or special things Sunday is a milkshakes appear twice is off and I don’t have to tell you what milkshakes are for you use those to buy cookies to bring all the boys to the yard they recently did an update where they have league play now that’s why I’m talking to you guys so I my bakery it was called but not but I had to change it because I don’t think it would let you so I hid I had started a cookie collector 2 team called the crumb Rumblers
I’m just letting you know that I’m not telling you you have to join my cookie collector team and help me collect cookies it’s if it’s something you were already going to do
and you’re looking for a cookie collector 2 team just know that I have one called the Chrome Rumblers oh shit I’m missing a fucking cookie storm God damn it what happens when you miss a cookie * 38 minutes
the rainbow cookies the cookie storms are rather the gang leader of the crime Rumblers
how many people can be a member of that team infinite amount or I’m not who I don’t know but when you have a team you can all like you’re all going into this cookie collecting together
after all the cookies we clicked it added up and then we get ranked other than other teams that’s all how many hours are there right now just you as far as I know just me
I’ll see if everything is like I would have let me let me cuz I think there’s a passcode maybe so that’ll be our final order of business and then we’ll get on with the entertainment book from using our podcast for you to chill for your own creme Rambler cookie collector 2 Team all right my team book from Rumblers
yeah I’m the only member it says members 1 out of 50 OK Google active 39242 cookies passcode you want to write this down
771 milkshake
double milkshakes today Sunday double milkshake in Westworld
okay alright
is that your cookies or just somebody else we don’t tolerate any bulshit with phones all right
anyways okay so I was giving you that Pastor and I will get on with the show the passcode is 77181 3 I don’t know if that gives you access to my cookies
I don’t know if you can use that to like by shit on the I don’t know but that’s that’s that code again 770-1813 or I-12 listen so far I would say one of the best time in towns of all time
the crime rate LeBron Rambler syrup from Rambler 771-813-7718 area code no spaces use its Paces spelled from right do it all
if you if you yeah I don’t want I don’t want anything to drink from the crumb Rumblers
just pretend it’s the name of a movie and you you are you thought that you might get kicked off for a b in team but not I thought my bakeries name was but not night yet I tried kept trying to create the grumblers and it kept us like blank and out and I was like I bet it doesn’t like the butt nut and I changed my bakery name to Dan Harmon so now it’s it’s the prime Rumblers and I’m in there alone and let’s move on with the show cuz my name Transformers Earth Wars
they didn’t allow I got that they change my name for me because you wanted to be negatron
I didn’t say I was going to do Optimus rhyme but that they would have allowed that one but that’s already been taken to
all right well our team is Channel 101 if you guys want to join us Channel 101
anyways hasn’t cookie collector to become a competitive team thing now yeah and it’s going to be better than you guys that I missed out on that whole Amanda Knox thing is I just watched that documentary on Netflix did you even know what was going on when they was going to watch documentaries pretty interesting
where the watch is Fast Eddie’s right you won’t believe it happened right under your nose in 2013 you know I just missed out on a must have been busy on one of my hit shows
but it was very very very interesting.
Okay good alright I’m going to watch that tonight in Twilight Dark Age that we have pizza and stuff last night and they left the box out to the dogs probably cuz probably probably probably will still have some of that.
they say the house is probably kind of a mess
all right well if you guys are in my pocket audience then you’re a fan of quality rapping and the hip-hop lifestyle just my vocoder down here okay good
warmest make sure this thing is working to try it out this can I use later on okay what’s 2
do rapping rapping and trapping I’m doing running around a circle that’s laughing laughing up your pussy like a map in your pussy a cartographer ring your pussy saying here’s the north use the South use my mouth on the equator of your pussy Tropic of Capricorn on your pussy pussy archipelago on your lane be up your pussy is a map and I’m going to give it quite a bit left and right and went to get Dunlap and then go to sleep tonight
can we try it and if you don’t want to be pushing it too hard like this is like an acapella like you’re like a doo-wop on the corner kind of just like you just freestyling just just you don’t like singing acapella this microphone, man.
better stay away from the bad
all right well
I mean $10 that you guys got a cheap cheap admission this is too much program for you guys let’s go let’s bring it
ladies and gentlemen
DJ logic Professor logic thought somebody cycle. Hey psychological pass the salt what what’s his name of the psychic abilities
but that’s a real thing when he told me that I thought he was joking well I mean it’s a real that I mean he’s the gibberish so funny when I first met him he was like yeah man just come to my house this is very rare I was talking about Twitter cuz I was like I love Rick and Morty music
that was like what so I was like okay so it’s so me and my wife we went over there and we met him and Abby and they were very drunk and there was like nine other people that I didn’t know and it was very awkward but by the time I left everybody was family and was awesome and of course he did dude yeah I got to get my setup though I don’t I don’t have one I have I have like a PC but I got to get like a real like to setup Oculus is lighter-weight but you have to use a Gamepad in like you kind of like like that’s but I don’t know what’s going to be the Mainstay you might have been around for that yes I know that
fucking weird man cuz like that’s why I try to go no cuz I I like to keep all my stuff on the super down low cuz of hackers I’ve got like half before which sucks but they never really get any like real information cuz I’m like I’m like an idiot for like letting them know like if you’re having the easiest password to get in pussy 7067 do you mean when you say you going to acting like they break into your like Ben of like unfinished album you know that’s what I’m saying is like no they know they can’t like Netflix and then if you log into my Netflix which is my wife’s name and then it’s like family you know and then still somebody hack my shit and was like Yo dude followed me on Twitter fucker
stylized a pin in my my assistant who’s here his name is Christian he was like why the hell didn’t you have two step verification on cuz I can’t and everything has to stay where you just get like a a text your phone giving you an actual raps in music files and all that stuff I don’t do anything over there in it tape flash drives that’s it it’s just like me and my buddy my main producer and in my my engineer and so we just that’s it the only time I think we stand actual files over the Internet is if it’s like a beat and it’s just like it isn’t even anything yet I really like that beat if I like it and I’m like you better go back to that fucking email delete that beats nobody likes feels like that you won’t send anything over the internet and deleted my Dropbox and it’s not even like they got any serious information cuz like I don’t do that I don’t I don’t put anything out there really
but it was just weird cuz I was like oh shit they they they got my Snapchat and they were like but they weren’t even post anything is really weird they were just like go follow Gangsta Killa 7 it was like the weirdest like names I live in real Tara and I haven’t really done anything decent about it yet but I did I started using 1password this isn’t an ad like like it’s like I finally just gave in and started using one of those apps where it just generates these crazy long-ass passwords and then you so that every time you want to get anything you have to like go there copy and paste a long-ass password that even you don’t know it has Itchy Butt when the fat burning happened that was a warning shot across my crazy that’s how we know the guy that runs the server for the for this thing like that’s kind of how I made friends with him is that he was a fan who he was like down deep into that whole crazy world and like
let me know he said like do you have and like name to all of my Apple equipment and like some other shit that I was like what’s going on and he find that out your your your iCloud password which is so simple that’s how the fappening happen is that everybody’s like iCloud iCloud passwords are why are like that name their dog is just like ours just like password to your address because you know I’m somehow
ancillary Ali that’s a word related to like some like someone that that was the fappening a bowl
like they’re in my they were they had my dad they already hacked me they just hadn’t liked the way it works is it like they can you get hacked by like just an autonomous like saying it’s just like a drills away at your shit on a server somewhere but then you you the back or comes back and opens that Treasure Chest to polish it out and they had done that but these some people have found that the stuff and so I usually was warning me of this crazy but that’s um yeah like I’ve actually had that happen to me as well where people like tell you and they’re not actually dick they just do it for like over weird sport don’t like yeah I just wanted to let you know like
couple times and I when I was still using Windows back in the back in the day when people said Amber AOL discs throwback sorry I psers went through list of them and and probed them for open ports it’s not even about casting passwords it was like Windows was so vulnerable if you networked your home system the way to get it to work like often involves like if you’d only knew a little bit about what you were doing and not everything you were you were bound to be open to the public and so I just like I ended up like I just wanted to do it and then I was like I’m in here and then I was like oh those are your tax documents and that was like I left a lot of little I felt like a dick for even doing this but I’ve only goes better than not doing anything a little little little
document to the side look sorry I was here I was here and you’re there in around 30 year old dude and in less feel people actually got that like the ones who were like yeah I’m going to Dollar General all these like different celebrity that’s not happy with me he was like this this dude who like hacks into people’s Snapchats and it’s just like it’s just like how does like somebody go I’m going to hack this person shit in like Jack into the fucking Matrix man that’s like so weird to see that goes like those green codes when I think of some guy like yeah so and stuff
by being a human being that has feelings like that you and your politics of you say I’m publicly you could end up like you know being an example that that it’s made like it on my essay with you hack myself like I might make an easy fun Target like everyone even my fans want to see me go down like this is part of what they enjoy like they show up here to watch me fail like they got it was about the shape of my head or I love watching you go down you were born in Maryland or DC for those of you who don’t know it is as day it is it says very small saying we’re known for crabs but not the sexual gun that’s Baltimore
Baltimore really awesome shower Edgar Allan Poe. Now I can claim that she had Sun from Gaithersburg Maryland in Montgomery County and I was born at Shady Grove Hospital at 7:36 a.m. and nobody clapped what Wikipedia in your childhood section says it is you know what’s crazy so I grew up so I grew up Section 8 household welfare food stamps all that stuff to a black father and white mother and I’m bi-racial but look very white obviously which can be really like which can be very very confusing
but have jealous right now
yeah man sorry I grew up there and it’s weird it’s one of those places where it’s like on the outside a kind of like looks really beautiful but then you like take a left in your life in the hood like you’re like a really fucked up fucked up. Just going to anywhere I mean anywhere in the world is good places in his bad places and me I I never really tried to glorify any of the negative shit would you like a drink I’m okay thanks I drink Scotch
swag I only just started drinking only drink a little bit here and there
I have this water but yeah so it so I grew up I grew up there and it was it was not that great it was like a bad neighborhood like like did you feel if I said it says that your mom and dad were there both drug addicts and alcoholics my father was addicted to crack cocaine and my mother she was she was addicted to Pills and alcohol so I never actually had a father in my life which is really hard and then also all my brothers and sisters are not to get all fucking deep this is what’s really funny is why there is high the bar was when you came out like it was it was it was really it wasn’t necessarily
about where I live but my actual household so all my brothers and sisters they’re all black and they all look like and have black features and once again I’m the only one who looks white so that was very hard to identify when you’re raised in a black household with a white mother in the crazy thing is that my mother was also extremely racist for sounds weird but like that’s what happened well I mean I mean all all men hate women and look how many people we have together prices across the board or just know you know what it was it was one of those things where I think obviously like I mean it was it’s a it’s a it’s a very confusing thing cuz some people will be like well that doesn’t make sense and I’m like yeah I know like I had to live that way you don’t grow up and I am really asked you was super like bible-thumping like Jesus Freak and I’m I’m I’m a very like open guy I’m open-minded guy on the type of dude that’s like I believe in equality for all race religions
color craze in sexual orientations like. If you want to argue and fight and kill each other you do it over there I’m just going like chill and watch Rick and Morty until I can pop a zit and I always think like I don’t know how I didn’t become a Satanist like just a Spider-Man but but I never too late that’s true it’s damn down with her family because I know that her side of the family was very racist so like my grandparents would never let me like come over and I do is look up please and I’d like know the guest room cuz they were both like the guest room is not available and I would like to sleep on the couch the couch but anyway so that was like confusing if you’re
your siblings look more blacks than you and you’re in a biracial household but you’re not. It’s really weird it’s it’s if that’s what I’ve had to deal with my whole life and then leading also into my career because you know it like literally being a being called a Niger by your own mother and then go to school and then people are like you fucken cracker white boy look like 0
I put that biscuit in your own culture
that’s what I did I just focused on music and it was very difficult and so so it looks like a logical first you have I think that’s where Isaac by the way that’s where that’s where good hip-hop and like nerd culture totally overlap is yazz nerds are like wait how am I not it’s not a queda balazs I don’t want to make that that that that crime but like nerds always draw that analogy is very is it likely that it’s like wow you’re getting it from all angles like you don’t know like that’s why we get into like Spock and like Star Trek and then that’s what I used to do I love video games I’m a huge video game style of like Last of Us and Uncharted like those real games you can link jump in and in
golf yourself in and I said play those those games to escape until I run away from my life and not deal with it and then threw that as I got older through my teenage years I realized that I could do that with music and I truly right and now here’s the real crazy thing is I still my mom is like this super Jesus free crazy races wipe it right but then on top of that on top of that I’d like be writing wraps you know what to try to vent and talk about these things and she don’t you curse God dammit motherfuker in like it was very difficult but I work through it and I worked on music and then when I was when I was sixteen or Seventeen I left I left the house. Because it was just so it was just so horrific it was so bad she was just like on so many pills and I got two jobs to support myself and I work those jobs for a long time and it was one of the one of the morning and one at night unfortunately I didn’t graduate high school because back then I just I just there was so much going on I mean I’ve seen my father smoked crack I’ve been kidnapped I seen my mother
you know get beat by man in my sisters were raped in my brothers were in the street selling crack even sometimes your own father so it was a lot of crazy shit that I was saying but every time I was like this isn’t right I knew that it wasn’t right you know an inn in that’s why I think everybody else and I’m not going to say necessarily failed and I’m not going to try to highlight my family and say the right or wrong that they did or who they went to become but I think that’s what it what it is especially within the inner city in different places where oh okay if I go work at McDonald’s and I make 550 an hour or I can go sell crack and make $5,000 in a day and it’s really fucked up and it’s really terrible and it’s really horrible and when I saw this I was like okay well don’t beat women don’t sell crack don’t do this don’t do that what you need to do if you need to write about it you need to tell the world needed to tell the youth that are coming from where you’re coming from you know what to get out of that and so that’s that’s what I did and at our what I tried to do and
what you are good at it I was sure a lot of people are like I’m going to I’m going to rap about this more like more like bedrock
yes and that I wasn’t happy I think I was I was doing a voice like I was imitating a bad rap
I’m actually going to go home tonight honestly I’ve right and I love to write but I think that any person who raps should have fun in freestyle
yeah I was so confused about freestyling cuz you made that very clear
I went when we
look up when people are freestyling like whether it’s in a it’s a biopic movie like 8 mile or at one of those fucking 8milelake be rabid right now I can’t even see like people Catholic the second row this is great
I assume it’s like like if You Freestyle lie Than The More You Freestyle the more arrows you have in your quiver IE like you’re like phonetically engineering you’re mine from an early age like for you were a child you were like you were drawn to hip-hop I feel like it was like like he was like a savant like his first album came out or what it’s all about studying so like if you really want to do sit like there alot of rappers go. I’m getting bitched the whole as you don’t see any chance of shit job and then it never works out and it’s the people actually say I’m going to turn this into you know I’m going to make this a business I’m going to be a Walking Company and I’m going to first and foremost do it because I love it but I’m going to fucking make something out of it and that’s that’s what great the great did that’s what I’m doing my best to do for article ivory
that’s my homie it’s like it’s this is the new career path is you have to be a ninja and like make yourself out of nothing like you don’t get to you have a mentor and you’re in your development but I do have a record label that comes along but not before you build yourself out of dirt without permission
it’s got to be lonely and it’s got to be like how do you say he’s asking how do you know when you’re supposed to quit how do you know and I always say but it’s a very convenient answer it’s easy for the people that they’re asking they’re not asking the people
that question there’s a there’s never a writer’s panel for failed writers you know why I always say it’s easy for me to say but it’s like I do believe this like well you have to you have to really believe that you wouldn’t let that you would do it for free and that and that if you did it for 20 years and then got hit by a bus without ever having it amount to paying your rent that you wouldn’t go, and I wasted 20 years that’s pretty cool I got the right you loved it that’s a big part you know and I think I think for me I probably be like dead in jail or addicted to drugs and that’s what I saw and that’s if I could get to Debbie Downer but like legit seeing that I was like oh shit son got to write these wraps I can’t
and that’s what I had to say mom about Coke and then their third album starts and it’s like
I’m trying to eat with my wife
it’s just a message to fans my wife is like totally with that every time we go out cuz I’m like I’m like so nice because I I just can’t I just like but sometimes I’ll be eating like you okay today
it’s real shit I love my fans trail of my band I’ll do anything for my fans manifold know so I know not so I was at Fry’s Electronics today and so I get there and there’s a lot I like young Hispanic males working and those are a lot of my fans I have a lot of Hispanic males in Los Angeles California and I like to give a shout out to my boys house and Quan
does a real people 3 and I’m like well that’s so cool cuz typically how it goes is your hand like it’s like legit it’s like you can I take a picture like fuck dude you going to like buy me dinner first shit just going to fuck me I’m so down to have a conversation is usually like what what can you do for me there’s been times where I’d like I’d done a show at 103 degree fever without back like I know some girls that like throwing up and puking my brains out after the show because I was just so sick from doing 45 cities in a row and fans are like and they are like taking selfies with me so there is a negative side to it as well

but like today I got followed in the bathroom while taking a piss and somebody was like hey man I need me to shave your dick and I was doing what he was like
it’s like you’re going to let some should go Amanda
the weird thing is that he didn’t say anything so it’s a guy who works there and he just walks in he just like staring at me and like you know how sometimes the guys in the urine all you can like see on that like the with the metal slushy thing handled the reflection and I just see this dude just like and then I turn around and wash my hands and I’m like so many like doesn’t say anything and I believe it was really awkward
he might have been a murderer yeah maybe I have no idea there was a there was a point when I had enough people in to my surprise disco I know who you are I like what you do I’m so happy you’re alive it’s better the validation that that I hid there was a Tipping Point where I feel like I internalized it to a point where I can
live off of it hasn’t been cut off so I don’t know how big that tank is but that I kind of like I have the self-awareness that that doesn’t like it didn’t make me taller or more handsome or or a better person even that I did the stuff but because those people say the things that I always wished the people would say which is why I wished I would be I would never wish to be taller but it won’t answer but I understand exactly why I said you could have gone home anytime you wanted like Tipping Point where it wasn’t a bad thing it like it was all a lie it was a good thing that it was all I thought it was like oh I now know how my body feels and my brain feels when I assume someone in the rooms is is amazed that I’m going through the TSA checkpoint see that’s why I always
give that to everybody that’s fucking awesome and I know what that I know what that feels like but I always do my best because here’s the thing like especially with hip-hop and like the younger generation everybody thinks other people think they’re the shit that’s going to be really extreme to I always do my best to treat everybody equally and with respect and kind and introduce my time not even like unless it’s like a professional setting like this and I’m backstage maybe Bobby like amlogic or if there’s anybody
yeah you know me but what I’m saying is it is it like Hawk the real thing we were going from the lottery in the elevator and it was like there was and I guess it’s important that he’s black but I don’t see the world through that lens but but but it was at lately he had a baseball cap on like he really looks like he belongs in a Beverly Hills Hotel but at the same time he got to the air like his clothes were all new and like each but he was full of all this weird energy and it was like dragging a bunch of bags and then he like he came out of the elevator and he just called out to someone that I couldn’t kill snakes snakes like it was just yelling for sneak sneak
I was just like just just play it cool and I got in the oven and then I was just like to my girlfriend’s like do you think sneaks is famous or do you think that guy is like way out of line like
what is sneaks is just a friend like is the is the is the hotel ye going like these guys they they just come by and one of them’s name sneaks and they’re just too loud or is sneaks like a Grammy winner and which and why is that okay what I love about you Dan dude you’re like fucking crazy man and you make me feel good bro cuz I love the way you think man because I think about the craziest shit all the time bro. Like you know what let’s talk about last night no two nights ago and I was at my house hanging playing pool with my buds right I’m a bit of a bull shark in so I’m walking and I take my I take my dogs outside and I have a new a new little puppy’s name is Panda
what’s the breed is a corgi
what breed is a panda boo I just want to repeat that joke but funny
panda days I have a panda when kid
what’s the other dog’s name is Phillip Phillip Jay Frye we call him Friday for sure yet, let’s go yeah yeah so anyway so we’re walking and it’s night time and I see this snail with a fucking big ass shell and I’m walking past the snail in my backyard and I’m like whoa that’s crazy I hope like one of my dogs don’t eat the snail and so the first dog comes out and sniffed it and I’m I know and he’s like he walks on by and then the little puppy like doesn’t really know know yet so I’m just like what and he’s like oh shit okay cool you know how close he came on like this is so crazy I don’t like I got a serious okay and I’m like I’m going to make sure this fucking snail is okay because he’s in the middle of the sidewalk in my
and I got to make sure that like he makes it to the grass so I’m like posted and I’m watching my dogs and everything’s cool my wife so I can buy on like a real people coming by and then my buddy six comes out and I’m like you know there’s a snail watch out and then crunch yeah so anyway I’m like hell does this now have any kids like what the fuck but this is like real shit and I think so when you go off on such a are you serious
you’re always worried about with snails but is that they’re their deaths must be horrible because they’re like they’re like what was this Shelf
what is that formed to protect them from Warrior snails kill you having a shell is like this like it’s been as a like a fingernail if you’ve ever had the displeasure of realizing you’ve stepped on a snail it’s like I mean those that it’s like it’s like Jesus Christ taught to protect itself it turns into a thousand knives temporarily I never thought about that now you’ve given me like 80 million more things to think about that, but that snail stuff out to keep snails out cuz I like salt
he told me it’s like you know they’re not eating that and it’s poison them it’s like it’s like a little tiny Cuts them that’s fucked up yeah this is like the microscopic like fucked-up world of like Earth and all the shit that happens beyond Behind the Scenes but then our producer Dustin Marshall told me that acetaminophen the the reason why it it it is it is a fast-acting ingredient drugs or something is it has little molecules that are that cut up your stomach so I could get in your bloodstream faster and I was like man that’s fucking kid
Dustin you don’t know yet he’s fucked up like a reason I want to live to a healthy old age cuz I want to see how he dresses like Beetlejuice play
you guys could be right out here like Marilyn Manson Beetlejuice
I don’t mean that in a bad way he comes in he’s really nice about to kill a rock out hip hop artist to compare it to but I was impressed as a creative because you’re so young and your you had your own success so I’m and I’m sure the lesson you learned is that you know best and that you said that you’d have that Steve Jobs like lobe would be inflamed if it which is not a bad thing in my opinion like that you don’t like oh I got to the curse of Genius my friend is is is non-collaborative like like a healthy like fear of other people like that that’s what I’ve learned from
my predecessors both in, because I love comedy and I think I think like the parallels between comedy and like rap is like it’s in the same shit it’s all about punchline and timing and for me I’ve always been very open because I know what I know and I know how to rap and I know how to do this and I’m out of Reform and I know I know that and nobody can tell me how to do that the way I do it but the things that I don’t know I go to the people that do and I just I just shut the fuk up I was like 39 when I figured that out so I guess you’re more talented than me
but but I know it was you I was very impressed I can tell you you’re an old soul and or there’s no such thing as old souls and you were the son of the drug addicts and adorable political Rachel situation net worth for Vulcan and wise logic could easily make you more like you lulu reason we mad is because he’s working as he did a little thing for season 3 of Rick and Morty which shop
it’s not even a spoiler because you won’t remember this conversation 2019 when I want spoil the specifics of the episode but it was like a great to just a new you and like you came in and it was like I did but I didn’t expect what you came in and you you worked in front of us which is like it took me so long before I could I could I used to like I wouldn’t be able to ride on airplanes because of someone might next to me with you watching my process started doing community of the hit show Independence Day 2009
I went through a period where is that it took me it took me time to learn that it was okay to sit at a keyboard with a screen and have other people looking at the screen while I was like deciding what someone should say like that that was like the equivalent of Watching Me Master baiter poop like like like I get it I totally understand I had written the like a wrap for a saying in like lately was a placeholder lyrics is like from top to bottom kind of looked at it welcomed it found the tempo for it found a beat for it started going through the lyrics and then changing them adapting them to give the scene when Mozart
lifting us up and like there was no there was no ego the rain coming today are you saying that you generate your own beat right on the spot or know what happened was and I’m not going to get to I won’t give anything away but basically yet like like Dan said it was really cool to snag Light tan I wrote you walk in the room at Justin’s there and Dan’s there and everybody just being super fucking Cole has his first time I meet this guy.
all right this is my kind of party so you know so there’s this like template and it’s you know it’s all just like really fun stuff and in things that have to do with the episode that wouldn’t make sense without him kind of writing it first cuz out how would I know I owe you know so he doesn’t think then what I did was I go okay well let me see what would be a good BPM for this beats per minute how fast the song is okay and then I went on YouTube and got like a template beat if you will just something fun I was some Tribe Called Quest it’s all right I got that and I threw it on God lives through which is one of my way I’m one of my favorite Beats by them. I did that and I kind of caught a Vibe and I caught it and I basically took what he did and then and then rearranged it and then added things and took things away and and you know what came to came to a good place but here’s the thing the reason why I think I could do that is because unlike
people who didn’t necessarily grow up in like the Twitter era you know what I mean I had to do everything in my career in front of the world which was hard you know cuz once again there’s people like I mean even a fucking rat let me think about going my whole life being like you fucking you’re white or black or this or that you’re not you’re not that then you go to hip which is predominantly black play my brother
and I got you a whole album about my life and I like okay kinda
Nitro second album really bring it home for the brothers and I like all right you’re cool and I mean so it’s like it’s like you’re holding
Oh I thought you were a movie
I don’t know I I don’t know what I’m doing people saying things and I was I was adding to that for
yeah that’s great so I was impressed by that and so so but you were impressed with my rap writing obviously a real thing like like I don’t know if you’re doing like a bit I was actually impressed with the rats like it was so cool I was I was going for authenticity with my with my template wrap it was the student with the n-word and I didn’t know I didn’t know I didn’t I guess I kind of feel basically what happened was there was the word nigga all over this shit right and I come in and I basically I tell him that I was raised in this house so this is a word that I use them or it’s just it’s it’s a it’s a part of the culture it’s hard to explain but within my music I never use this word unless it is unless it’s a
Alyssa commentary unless it is it is it is a true representation do you understand so it’s the issue and quotations if it’s part of the conversation that’s happening maybe or something like that but it’s like it’s like I’ve always had a rule that until people know and understand cuz it’s just it’s just a word that’s in my vocabulary growing up in a black household having all black family and friends and it itches it is what it is but I know it’s like you’re not a racist man you’re accurate you’re a writer your comedian like you use this to write so I come in and I don’t like
but yes I basically was just like and showers are boring and friends and that guy anyway so I just leave it
economy of bad word good word use the word don’t use the word self-reference it’s a preference and there’s like and this is where we going to give race now it’s giving that guy anyway my mentor said that you never argue about you know like race religion and politics you know just there’s there’s certain that it sits at sports it’s like a thing that there’s no right or like yeah exactly so it’s like almost with that like here’s how I feel about the word and if you know when I go to concerts and I see the majority of the demographic work buy tanning concerts they’re all white so it’s like if it’s like Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t nuthing like whatever it’s like don’t get mad at the kid like you put it in you if you put it in the song and they’re they’re reciting the song and they love you and they’re paying to see you it is in a racist thing you know I mean it’s not from that place anyway so me I just don’t like to fuck with that
General Store I was just like yeah I’m not going to say that and he was like cool
contacts that’s what I can say is all about context like when I when I explain like my mother being racist or like on the on the on the album that I’m working on and I won’t super get into that but like I’m rapping for their perspective will you know a black man who told me that I wasn’t ship but a white boy and he was like you just a white boy Niger which is like so it’s really funny cuz it’s so like that doesn’t make any fucking sense what you just said it in so in that context is when I’ll do use the word electric fences about it but at the same time it’s not as simple as this libertarian linguistic policy of like lift little sloshed together because the most racist shit will be will be cloaked in false equivalence of people will go well I can say this but so-and-so can’t say that it’s like yeah context and history and all these things
who are certain about things then who have rules for other people about things ended the end of people that will quote unquote solve any problems we have with with anything really are the people that are so uncertain that all they have is to focus on is there is their own gotten their own instincts and they have like this code and I thought that was so I’m sure you’re not the only one that that made me that they give me like a whole was just out of it just made me happy I was just at that word can be like any other chemical and a chemistry set it can be like yep there’s sulfuric acid and like you can use that to like different people have different rules for how much of it they use in what circumstances they use and it’s like their own relationship with it I think that’s what it is that is that word is like your snail I mean my guys thinking about the crazy shit
Malone making sandwiches like like like like like like like like I’m just like it’s all over all of my songs about how I need mustard because it because I have the clinic
I refer to myself in the third-person as as as as as that and Dad and that and that I need more mustard and Jeff Jeff does the same thing
it is like worth of your stops at my house so I can get it goes here and there that I literally will use it as a pet named with my girlfriend like I’m going to be late like like we like the real thing we have to trust each other and all types of stuff and like and like you’re such a nice guy and I N N I wouldn’t surround myself by people who aren’t you know open-minded and in like kind-hearted and in one thing and I just kind of want to talk about this is there are there are extremists on both sides and this is this is also what my album has if you know what I have not talked about my next album at all because it’s not coming out until later next year but one thing that I will say about it is it has to do not only with race relations but I have to do just once again with the equality of all men women and children regardless of race religion Catholic reading sexual orientation because I believe that we are all born equal but we are not treated equally and when there’s amazing people you know
like yourself and I’m sure everybody in this bucket crabs you guys like Lovett these guys going to meet him with the show represent is like when people try to like pull the card and like flip it cuz I believe that there is Extreme is everywhere you do you mean an even like when that with with black lives matter for example right so it went when that hashtag was going around you know there was people tweeting me and say why aren’t you hashtagging black lives matter where you’re not black and if I was like why would you say something like personal that’s like the most race to shit and you’re trying and I think that there are extremists and in everything you do to me there’s white extremists as black history is that and I think like for example I just to bring this up like black lives matter what that what that term means it is just what it is represented from the black community is that there are black men women and gin in children being murdered and you know they’re just saying like wheat matter to you know I mean that that’s all it is and then there’s those extremists who do you like our let’s go kill a bunch of
cops are available. Where the extremist will be like you know on the other side and I guess all I’m trying to say and this is one thing with you know me or you don’t know me is that I’m here to represent fucking Mankind and good people like yourself who can joke around and have fun and respect everyone so
call the get good results by Dewey Vibe I like problem at izing things and things that we complain about like what would that do focus on language and you you should say this you shouldn’t say that and be mindful of when you say this or that like there are there are important like like goalpost to be moved by people who think that way and there are also horrible vampire people who are like you can police language while now I just I just found myself a new bridge troll under
you consider activism like if it’s not just expressing yourself which should be joyful and easy for everybody but it’s a chance if you’re if you are labeling in your own head what you’re doing is like speaking truth to power or or or or sticking up for somebody or a little baby chart in the sidebar of your headlight is what you’re doing difficult at all are you putting yourself at any risk by saying what you’re saying and it’s not to say that if the if the answer is no you should do what you’re doing it’s just just remind yourself of that have that compass on your dashboard next to everything else on your dashboard that should all be yours like like but always remember in those moments I don’t get too carried away because the people that were acting in racism in the fifties they were they were outraged they were victims
they were underdogs they thought that they were battling a horrible forced it was telling them that they have to eat sandwiches at the same as other people doing what was Eazy-E like they were expressing like all of this outrage and it’s like eight 8 it is we we need to like young people is like like there’s probably an ad on 141 analog between you and some white dude in the in the fifties like like like what as far as the amount of battle you’re fighting with this tweet tweet live in the moment to look cool like don’t argue with me and I think at the end of the day man it once again like I like to argue I enjoy it I love to have you bait and in Crazy conversations with people about race and politics and we
pigeon and fucking my favorite television show or cartoons or animated Rubik’s Cubes or whatever than hell I’m into but the thing is like I love doing that with with like-minded individuals open minded individuals like you know when I was young my mom was super crazy about Jesus and now I’m like I don’t know if God exists but I believe in energy and there’s in there certain people that would be like no fuck you you’re going to tell Jesus exists it is what it is like you don’t I mean as opposed to the other person going thank you for that information when I was young I did live above a bottle of both your brains are a little bit bigger real thing like I’ve had conversations and they’re like you know and this is why it’s I’ve always been kind of scared to have these talks and that’s why I’m excited for my whole next time cuz it’s not just about black and white in this and that once again it’s about everyone and it’s like
I was so scared for so long to talk about this shit because like as soon as you bring up you know black men and women in America is like what you say and they can fuck everything will think or this or that or whatever or religion you know and it’s is this like thing pointed at you and it’s like men instead of being scared to talk about it I’m going to talk about that shit and I’m going to bring it up but I’m going to do it in a way that hopefully educates especially the youth and just being open-minded if you believe your baptism Catholic or this or that I can you believe that that’s cool if you believe that to do to go to church on Saturday and not Sunday is going to hell because if that’s cool just like stop fucking telling them you’re going to hell it’s not yelling and screaming like hating and I did that just to see that’s like super fucking annoying to me man just let people live dog for those of you that don’t know that you were describing your last album
stop them which I got to go run and pirate after this I’m going to go right to popcorn popcorn time know how to play with any more that you know it’s crazy you took a back doctor share fam I want to I want to learn I want to learn Adobe everything I was like boom boom twenty-seven-year-old. Go they know that that one day I’ll be rich and I’ll need to use Photoshop
and I was right so much more money than they ever would have learned if I had been like a shit lately I think you dishion 1.5 which is crazy and this was like a really shity but I’m not going to say this to ship program but like it’s like it’s really Pro Tools and all this other stuff so I did this and I was on a Yahoo chat hip hop it wasn’t like some sexual rush it and and this guy I was like I was 16 years old and I was on really bad internet and I I said hey do you know a program I could use to record he says yeah I can give you the file right now and he sent me the file and he stayed in the chat for 6 hours and let the whole thing download and if it wasn’t for that honestly I wouldn’t I won’t hear yeah that really changed changed my whole life at that man’s name
if I could check night shift night at Yahoo messenger
Chick-fil-A bad press sugar bear
dangle the producer out over a balcony for me for 3 and 1/2 hours 2 hours and 45 minutes of like your mom getting on the phone when you’re downloading in the 80s about the boys new album secret but I have a Comic-Con panel next week in New York and I did it last I did it last year as well and it’s for my last album called the incredible true story which was originally going to be called the incredible true story and transformation of the man who saved the world but like ain’t no fucking blonde cowgirl remembering that shit
so we just changed it to the incredible true story which the actor name is tits nice
and yeah so it’s not really that an elevator pitch is the years 2065 and it was in 2065 yet the last human footprint was left on Earth before ascending to a space station called Babel I were there was only 5 million human beings left and the last 50 years from 2065 on we’ve been looking for a habitable planets like Interstellar so so it the cool thing is is that at the beginning of the album that you press play and at the end of it is ask it what I like to call an audio cinematic experience now I was watching the real thing I was watching a real fucking thing I was watching a documentary called I know that voice I don’t know if you guys have seen it but I love it it’s amazing and while watching it I saw one of one of my favorite voice actors of all times name is Steve Blum he’s done a spike on Cowboy Bebop he’s on Star Wars Rebels he’s he’s done so many different things and in his portion of the interview he goes yeah I mean you know like
this is a job anybody can hire you and I was like anybody can hire this guy are you serious so I got to reach out to my people and I got his agents information and I was like oh my God you’re going to love you cuz like you’re the best and and and we met we sat down and he agreed to do it might be just like one of my childhood Heroes I absolutely love this guy he agreed to do it and he plays a captain named Thomas anyway so on their way to this planet called Paradise that they hope is it habitable for human beings there listening to oldies music from a hundred years ago and that happens to be my album that they’re listening to from there to there and it’s like this cool really cool story and and that’s what we’re doing the panel on it’s basically a year later how much has happened and here’s the crazy thing one thing that I really want to say it’s like once again I do not I faced a lot of shit in my life in a lot of it’s been really hard but the crazy thing is some of the hardest things later in my life was being a nerd was like loving Rubik’s cubes and video games and pick it up at all this in hip hop
the weirdest cute Ute came into the room where we is it and then I watched you work and you like look through a rap together and we’re like do it taken suggestions and doing all the shit like it and then it in the middle of it because you didn’t bring it I should have brought my Rubik’s Cube Today Was a Rubik’s Cube and he picked it up and did it was like 1982 that’s incredible like record-setting like and then you did it behind your back and I wish I had it play my sister Christian where are the fuck he is right now.
who’s going to my record but it’s okay cuz I’m verbally saying as long as there’s someone to vouch for you it’s just as impressive as watching super fun you you you you came up from from underneath the the cloud through the through the through the clouds streets like I want you to have a radio play like shit song If the weekend can have a 11 of them then then you can have you can have several
I was very distraught at different points in my career because I didn’t have that and there was actually times when it’s not that I was going to make different music of the message is always the same which is one of the following your dreams and doing what you love you know sonically I was like man there’s just found myself in the studio like damn like this I really thought it would but I was like it just doesn’t feel right like fun radio songs and it’s not that they were bad it’s just I was I look in the mirror I was like not this isn’t me I can still make fun radio Type-S records but not that sounds like the same shit you know me and so I told myself like no I’m going to stay true to myself and my reason what I do and so just if not the flex but just to give you an example then is why we’re doing the panel again A year later so nowadays I’m not going to name any names cuz I don’t want it to be taken the wrong way but there’s a lot of
humongous pop stars that one cannot sell tickets on their chores into can’t sell records where they’re selling more they’re selling like 50 or 60 or 70 thousand now I know some of you guys missed talking to you
Dino this time you guys might think like all would know a motherfuker still millions of millions of Records like no that’s not true this isn’t like 96 you know me like that that that like like shape that doesn’t work anymore and they do
so there’s there’s artist a huge artist pop star isn’t only move in 50 60 70 80 thousand units in their first week and so I said fuck that your email because it’s singles and I said I’m going to I’m going to I’m going to make albums I want to be an album and it my first week on my last time I sold $135,000 a person who killed everybody keeps arguing on TV panels that keep going on television or the television going and where is it it’s so obvious like all you have to do is just look at the MP3 threshold that music with you because of the lower bandwidth because the song began is a thing it was yeah it was 3.5 megabytes and it was there was a Tipping Point we hit where the music industry was in big trouble as it was Avenue itself and then there was all this argument about should we Sue this technology stuff over and over and over again
Communications major in college before I dropped out a week into college but I did take the 1 class where they rolled out movies were like they State they said the exact same things that the record label said about MP3s but they’re like they went to the government and said you should make TV illegal fair if people can look at a screen at home why would they ever go to the movie when they put in people’s houses people buying records the people that made sheet music like we’re fucking out of a job I haven’t been selling sheet music bands like no one’s going to go out and see live music any more good people than just go home and play it by themselves you have you you you have itching so what you’re saying is verifying my prediction about how TV is going to go
either Vince Gill again or a twenty-six-year-old Vince Gilligan that doesn’t have a Breaking Bad like available to him because he has a right next file staff writing job or anything like that uses there’s no system left for him to go through either or like they’re they’re going to like Louis CK’s already doing it like they’re going to Howard Hughes if I buy the TV industry it’s going to turn into just everybody’s just self-employed like I agree I think honestly a lot of people went when streaming of Music first started everybody was laughing now and everything is saved the music industry so Universal Music Group which is like the biggest fucking label there is is up with up of two years ago more than they had been in years and years because of streaming so I think what it really comes down to is just it’s just like demands like we is as people in this in this era and time we want it right now you know saying like stranger things 1 episode fuck that I want them all
you know Fuller House season to hurry the fuck up real you want to come watch Westworld at my place tonight I keep there’s Pizza on the floor distract you from not having to answer that question because it’s kind of gone away some people still do like how many track is it all thematic like like that’s a good question did I had some good ones can I can I like can I go use the restroom and then come back I like I just drank like you by the water not to know if you’re going to come back an answer your question about a lot to think about that while you’re in it
I’m glad somebody finally traded me a chef
that’s how penetrating my questions are all right hit a beat while I was gone
Zach where you at we got Zach back there
what does that go the one showing is that with the Beats acapella key rap it’s a wrap that he can use to I’m in the CVS to it’s a name it doesn’t have to make that happen he’s going he’s not trapping it’s number one it’s not number two I fuck your mama what you going to do
I’ll tell you what I’m going to do
Royal Arms that Mama uses
you have ten seconds to wrap back so many ways Star Wars
not all the Nerf herders are scrapping Star Wars but
what is it that tells about your P how’d it go is awesome
do you guys know Dolly Parton playing the Hollywood Bowl
yeah. I don’t feel good and I don’t check it out so my mother-in-law is and shut up my wife was sitting back like 4 throw love you baby doll no sew anyway so we’re in the car and she’s like take a picture of that and send it to my mom I’m like what do you say she’s like yeah my mom’s favorite artist is up while I was in there taking a piss Dolly Parton TV Guide Dolly Parton I saw Dolly Parton play at the Greek Amphitheater my favorite places to see anybody and
everybody in that place had a good time with you, everybody laughed everybody cried she tells the greatest stories of all time as you quick question because I always was the last time I was in a lot of fun and I’m not necessarily I don’t know if I want to go to the form again you did it’s awesome but I always want to do the Greek by the great because I know that that’s the place to play satisfying like place to kill a lot of fun but I heard that it’s kind of quiet is that true, shows there and I’ve been in the in the front of in the way in the back and it’s it’s pretty tasty audio their connoted
is not going to work the property value in cash $2 what happened of a black show Jolene Jolene Jolene know that Michelle you have any sense but I’m looking out of my audience and I know my audience when I come to Hollywood but I really would like to sing the first verse of this as drag queen drag queen at 4,000 of the 6,000 people stood up there all dry clean only plays every instrument in the fucking building she plays don’t the horror the piano like a violin guitar she has everything on a program on Hannah Montana cuz my wife is
Miley Cyrus I heard because Billy Ray was going to Miley Cyrus sites Dolly Parton is like really like kind of Mentor for a heartwarming story about a small town and she grabbed it was quite small and I didn’t remember the state of Tennessee whiskey from Tennessee and and her father was real down-to-earth real good well-meaning like a moralistic father and when she got really famous they erected a big statue in the in the center of town of Dolly and he kept saying was like don’t let this go to your head you still Dolly you’re still the girl from the small town I ever let this become who you are and I got this. Statue doesn’t mean anything
in the middle of the night people go out and clean the bird poop off a statue that’s awesome
can I buy a real story
I thought I was like no you were seeing was really good at my therapy exercises I was like he loves you more than anybody else cuz it was bigger than your story that I got told or I’ll even if it didn’t mean to tell a story arrange the songs in a way that you could play a record from front to back on on the first side and set the table for the record whatever like you were going through this journey so like if you’re one of those can you bring that it was a total concept album and fold it open and you can clean your weed cuz you pinch it up here in the seeds down in the middle so like you’re making an album
how do you approach that and also that’s that’s what you think the market is right now that you think that people will get to 100 million percent not into the album that the market is in two singles and he pees and fucking get you don’t make as much money as you can as quick as you can then and once again that’s where I had to defy the odds I mean even with my last album it was rap album about space but I mean like fake like imagine me walking in the Def Jam okay like Jeff jam and space and wrap that was that an airliner what and I’m like I have a nose
Amazing Stories not music history of one person one of the few great artist loving a record producers like label people that would stick their necks out to know we need we need to make this record because this is going to be important the top of the head of Capitol Records has no nobody wants to buy that shit that ends up being Dave brubeck’s take time out the biggest Jazz record of all time and nobody ever wanted to make are there still people that you think do they even exist in the record industry that would stick our necks out and supporting artists doing that just cuz there’s no money in it you know who supported me with my manager but he’s also my best friend so I’m signed to an independent Visionary music group then through that we did we did a partnership with idj which is then it was Def Jam which is then Universal is his whole fucking Matrix and in yeah I mean we had to defile out a lot of the odds you know there was a lot of things that they were like we don’t want to do this we don’t want to do that and we were like fuck you going to do it anyway
and we did it in the reason for the reason we had that Leverage is because of the things like the mixtape Twitter because I’m just kidding I don’t know what is

I wanted you guys to be doing what you’re doing okay and yes I don’t even know what we’re talkin about the album say is it is it going to be another like siematic it is it is it is there is a huge theme I’m really excited about it I wish I could give you the title now but I can’t is it cold crumblers
cuz that’ll be fun. You know what I will give you the title to my next album
well well
a real thing cuz you know what cuz everything that we’ve been talkin about I think I think it’d be great and and you know it’s not too crazy it’s just the title before I give you the title I want you to know that it is a a word
not do that but it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s two words that I put together and basically the definition of it is the coach will evolution of man from scientifically proven the first man and woman from Africa and then how overtime culturally evolving into a you know lighter and lighter and much more fair skin so the album is going to be called africaryan and it’s no rush it and it’s about it’s about me being black and white and seeing life from from two sides and once again about that cultural Evolution and how you can go from the darkness of skin to the lightest of skin or the Aryan Brotherhood if you will believe that they’re pure of blood and at the end of the fucking day we all have you know that that in our blood and we all have so many different ethnicities in in our blood no matter how obscure we think that we are and that at the end of the day life should all be should be about peace love and positivity in equality for all every man woman and child that walks the Earth end and that’s what I’m saying on this entire album I’m going to buy
hair hair exclusive
I definitely I think what you’re saying is that you Manatee could use a good shave
and and and and they need to understand that they need to stop thinking that they need to choose between price and quality to get it amazing an affordable shave that’s what the fucking album is exactly what are you talking about you’re certainly talking to their language call Dollar Shave Club which part which line
razors right to my door where’s the camera hey
for a third of the price of what the greedy reads are going to be really wrote that can we put a beat on and maybe try to wrap I said can I have your phone
so that we have our talking points that we can like Dollar Shave Club and you gave us money from Dollar Shave Club will will will back clean up at the end of this experiment and we’ll we’ll just we’ll just tell everybody about that
yo yo yo yo yo when you shave you want to save you don’t want to spend you want to mend Dollar Shave Club bringing quality
and the clean-shaven I thought your mama and I’m going to be saving some money when it comes to shade you know what’s better than come on girl get the shades about to get it back to make it work I’m about to make it work for an amazing price it’s real nice sit by that shit twice members
Tom dollarshaveclub.com Dollar Shave Club all day long until the shave club.com movie Madoff what you would like us to Z the executive blade that sounds like another blade prequel go to check out lines go home and wait for the same to be delivered to you
yeah yeah yeah
who played it’s a it’s a product they have it sticking to make your face made but the mafia made Joe Pesci when you shave with this you going to look at she
two words that mean clean shaven
Dollar Shave Club is confident in the quality of their products think you can get your first month for free yo you don’t even have to give them pee but just in case shipping just pay shipping
after that after that few bucks a month no hassle no just just a few bucks a month the long-term commitment no hidden fees except the ship
yo yo yo yo
turn flash harmontown you’re going to turn the tide in your frown upside down and then off your face and put it in the basket and take it to a race black white need to get together tickle your skin like a feather oh you’re so soft I don’t know your ethnic
what I thought you’d take it so I thought you take it from there you know what I’m talking about you actually offended logic then I thought you take it from there it’s not a beard on your face to collect snot
with the knife that comes on a handle all your life you’re going to feel younger and more executive wrecked you give
dollarshaveclub.com where it’s at where it’s at in here Batman motherfuker Batman and Robin switch it up a trap Saving Grace this is how we doing man part done I’m about to chill with my homegirl Dolly Parton yeah bring it back again this is how we got to do it when we’re making them I don’t even know what the hell I’m saying so I’mma pass it to my man I’m saving my face I’m shaving my head
like to spend her to think of all rate
but I have had some criticisms
but I would blame that on crime
I’m I’m not going to do quota vigilantism
that doesn’t get us anywhere
I had white parents they got killed got killed they got killed when their parents got killed that was still it was my parents before I had my Parenthood fill
you think you know that it’s all about that bad just want to put fear in the hearts of enemies I fuck your mama so hard she’s a friend of me I made her but you go why Batman’s inside Robin pulled it out what logic Batman logic
I think it’s always good advice when you have a professional rapper on stage to do most of the wrapping yourself
they are like clean up some details I think we covered most of it
customer bills to pay and it was it was the idea of the general idea of that rap when I think came through is that like price and quality
I don’t need to compete it’s like if if if you’re a bi-racial rapper how much are they paying us for this
do they paying me because I don’t think
quality fruit low price and get an amazing and affordable shave and take my word for it
Tennessee Save-A-Lot shaved ice shave constantly your glistening balls shave
am I good name is Derrick Rose and Taco Bell don’t get along some on have you met them at the Doritos Locos I was just great that was a great joke
try again
and approve it they’re going to give you your first month free to join the club seriously we’re going to hear that shipping see you later
dollarshaveclub.com offers amazing razors right to your door for a third of the price of what the greedy razor Corporation is charged big razor you’ve heard a big razor
you don’t have to deal with the drug start I mean who wants to go to the drugstore just cuz you were here on your face that’s the way from the pool hall in the don’t go don’t go down there anymore to get your razors like don’t do don’t do that
drugstore in my corner for 50 years
he built he’s that that that that drugs there was built by slaves
what got you do your grown in your own country was true Maya might go to dollarshaveclub.com from their lineup of amazing blades that’s all there is to it
oh sweetie
the shave Shack
nice but now
Dollar Shave Club
what’s a good job in the city so so you get your first month for free is that up right you just pay shipping after that it’s a few bucks a month in a long time
you can shave faster than this app
harmontown there is no promo code you guys were texting me do the promo code the promo that you go to / aren’t dollarshaveclub.com harmontown in the commercial that are like super fast with whatever they used to have to get that micromachine guy you don’t know what I’m talking about
there is a really good impression of the YouTube heads will it what is he what is he do he has food fast so do you know I have the lightning lips did you know this I will I mean that’s kind of sounds weird but maybe you need to demonstrate as fast as gang-related rapping about my brother and in the things that that he went through and a part of it so it goes good we talked about being a street but it goes get down or lay down hit you with a Beretta you better stay down straight out to the playground live and how I’m living with the life that I’m given anybody that’s riding with me I’m riding with him show me the enemy and I’m a hit him the second I bid him I get him and hit him with the Venom you don’t need to pretend I’m another do it
I knew it already been through it I do it for the street but if am the life anybody that’s gang-related when I could do it on stage I say in one breath and I’m stuck in a bit of a getting hit with a better mood if it’s in a minute I do what I do whatever you can do it I do it for the street for the fan for the life anybody does gangly
shave logic to a gunfight because you haven’t heard
when I talk about life in the street but I know another and I have a brother that’s another that we had doesn’t get his druthers because because Society has trying to smother the brother that’s another Wiz Wiz Wiz that doesn’t that doesn’t that doesn’t get get what he wants
but then I’ll stop and go starting over
when you do something like that is that so in that instance are you when you do you think phonetically when you’re writing you obviously you must go when you’re ready lyrics you go a lot of people don’t understand that only you and I get
is that it’s not about like it’s that is that you don’t just go like oh I’m going to rhyme the word milk so that I’m going to say silk at the end of the day I started obviously liked the dictionary and a thesaurus as a kid so you know it’s just like like living given you know just like these words that that Jeremy Piven Jeremy Piven yeah but there’s but there’s a difference between just saying some shit so I used to I have this thing where I I kind of have fun with it so maybe that’s a real thing you guys heard me say it and it’s kind of depicting this you know Street lifestyle that this did this guy is living and I’m preaching to not live that way and in and not have to deal with that but then there’s fun ones so I got to do a little freestyles and be like it was a l o g i c e chilling in LA from MD the second I get it you know who we be right and then there at the end I landed in be like cuz I’m ripping the living like like almost like some Jack the Ripper I said a rip in a live-in is driving the killer the Ripper he’s calling with goes when they flow in this is where it’s all just kind of syllable
calling with going slow and you know he’s pursuing it doing it moving and grooving it’s stopping it right like all that just kind of flex and having fun but when I say it back really fast it’s just fun because like me it’s it’s almost like solving a Rubik’s Cube so like next time hopefully I can come and I’ll do it but it’s all about algorithms it’s like muscle memory or playing the drums it about perfect it’s about a logic anyway so what you do is memorize this and you just do it over and over and over and so when you are on stage and you are performing you know I I I slave away on that gang related words that the first one that I did that is a real thing I did this one is just like jerking off is just like all these people have no idea
delete cheating but that’s for fun though actually do it right that’s just like the fun little bad meaning into that to add a word in that word super fast but you just have to eat at talking shit about somebody they don’t know it might seem like a real satanic shit and they are
no I don’t think so like a brave that’s a new Autobots from Transformers dollarshaveclub.com if you if this if this person like that this is the company they spot you but you like can you like making fun of them are you allowed to do that
either be back or they won’t I don’t know if we offended me Dollar Shave Club that is the first rule of Dollar Shave Club totally fucked it up world is it’s like well there’s always going to be it’s like it’s more of a buyer’s market in the sense of just you know there’ll be another Shave Club
hey if it’s if it’s if it’s a dynamic industry hey can I just say that I was like super nervous to come out here and this isn’t my damn the kid say go ahead let me teach you some Street culture that’s not your jam comes from jelly sandwiches but yes this is this is kind of you know I appreciate you kind of like let me talk about it some more serious as well but everybody in the crowd who might not know me I just want to say thank you so much for even like sitting through this and then you know and I really appreciate this is fucking awesome and I hope maybe just maybe Masa that I can come back
but I think we should conclude with a this is what I was getting at earlier I was like our lives are intersecting I need it when we go to the moon and you did the Sci-Fi rap thing it’s about Exodus from the earth and stuff so I think like you could help us create like a harmontown Anthem that should probably be Hip Hop
what do you think it will close with that and then we’ll go not going to go well
but I think it will cuz I’m out here but are you nervous when you go on stage of the four and what’s that 40,000 people but some of the shows we did they were like 20,000 not really if I haven’t done it in 3 months and I get like as soon as I touch the stage of it like it it goes away but this is different but it’s not a bad thing it’s actually really nice because there’s less and less thing since I’m not to sound a type of way but like you know like the last time I had a crazy the last time I felt how I felt like sitting back there it was when I performed on Jimmy Fallon with the routes for 9 million viewers and it’s because I perform so many times in front of so many people in this and that that like I’m used to that perform on television was doing this like you do I have watched and I was like I wasn’t really helped all of us obviously I knew I knew I loved her community and it you know all these different things but I
you really know about this world and I did my homework and I watch fucking Harbor Town of West documentary with everything and then I got real scared like oh shit I can’t put this up you know and so it just really listening to all your albums but yeah I know I know that you are cut out for Podcast Addict like you should be because it’s just like your cup running up where I told her if she’s just some drunk you have leftovers that you’re practicing at raft on stage in your albums you putting those things together meticulously but and it’s not a waste of all of the the you know when you’re 80 years old and you’re a hologram like
if you want to avoid going like oh shit man I was chucking and chucking and chucking in a how much of that smoke went into albums and things that I took so preciously it’s like you’re fun to listen to just having coffee so that’s what podcasting is like Yoda but I really thought about starting butter and dog pizza and put it in and making all this money on record to just really get in the podcast where I was where is out of your head I thought about I thought it could be something I’d be really fun and maybe do like once a month and just you know and just have to but here’s the real fucking question don’t do it so
I was going to ask if if I if I truly if I do if I start my own podcast will you to come beyond my my avatar.
Okay cool thanks
all right play it beat on let’s do the harmontown and some pickled beets worth this is what’s going to play events that are not joining in on it I’m going to do like a I’m going to throw it to you and you’re doing what the fuck is the drum yeah
so we in harmontown Cohen Town it don’t matter if you’re white as opposed to a dark brown we talked about a lot of crazy shit like religion and politics and shave club I’m about to keep it going now I said I’m about to keep it going now. My name is 209 you have ten seconds to comply with all of my rhynes eye on the future of law enforcement enforcement drawing I can’t even see if I do I get a hemorrhoid future of Detroit that has a cancerous called crime get yeah what the fuck happened there anyway
yeah I already know coming from above you need to share homemade
come on down come on down homie keep it going I was very bold and psychological philosopher I saw your mama
Sands of Time Sands of crime you never get enough you only get me to your taxes because it’s cheaper at McDonald’s but your mama got to work
I love pants
because it rhymes with Dan and I got my pants wrapped around like an idiot but it’s all good they’re going to fix me on the overdose don’t forget about Dave.
thank you for coming to Hermantown tonight everybody
what type of logic logic psychological feedback
on Jeff Davis account trailer is here for your marriage at home and everybody
think I’ve begun drive fast take chances everybody my love you


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