Episode: 216 – No On Prop 60


Episode: 216 – No On Prop 60


The Michael Jordan of porn Riley Reid enlightens Harmenians and Californians why we need to vote NO on Prop 60. dontharassca.com Later military nerds enlighten us all on why not to join the military or get out. Watch the video at harmontown.com/live. Become a member for $5/mo and support the show!


Hollywood California
Advance the mayor of Heineken you know you love him Dan Harmon
thank you so much
and he won the debates he won come on he’s just so good so facile is a people-pleaser he’s a verbal wizard players he grabbed my attention like it was a pussy
I was asking our guests tonight who works around sexuality a lot to confirm something that I felt it isn’t it’s not it’s not on topic about that that recording but it also feels like I feel like that but only when they’re impotent like like like that is that you don’t talk like that when your dick works it isn’t for me to say that it’s like it’s like it’s like the idea that that guy you don’t you don’t you don’t you don’t say that to another guy would you say that if your wiener works you have Sean Connery never had to grab anybody by the Pussycat another guy about it in a trailer
the minds of Billy Bush and Donald Trump is really wet vagina and a hundred miles from here to see further for Billy Bush to be like like I am soaked boy I was a different yellow 11 years ago because he can’t believe this is like what what why is this guy saying he’s being a little chicken is hilarious I declare his philosophical the answer is yes it is he really supposed to win that moment so I have to stop you there sir and demand that you apologize for the women of America that may be listening to this Wednesday
space work was off there
Billy bush
what I wonder is You’ve Won lots of Mike’s you you that you had a mic on like I do lots of shows where there’s a microphone on you and I try to remember to mute myself if I ever have to go use the restroom or or say something flagrantly sexist but I don’t think they clearly didn’t know that they were being recorded because if they did then they wouldn’t have done it right but I love the fact that there was an engineer is like I’m just going to fucking sit on this thing for all good for 11-year Wayne Brady went on my shooting a terrible TV show before I was on Whose Line before he was on Whose Line called quick wits which is a very ill fated show on NBC a long time ago Wayne Brady went to the bathroom his name is Mike was hot and she went to go pee but he was still alive in the studio
everybody else is all like like Steve Carell was there like was like all these people before they became anybody and Wayne Brady was peeing and we could just hear zip
he and then he came back and he didn’t understand why everybody was so happy to this day I swear if you if you run into a an actor from community and you and they said they meant they start talking about Chevy Chase they instinctively start going like this because it was like that could be potentially scandalous oh yeah then this morning when he
but I swear I’ve seen them like in parking lots like like off off-the-clock like like
yeah it was like how did you hear about it did you hear about the thing I realize they were doing it and then ended start laughing and then explain it to me cuz I’m not an actor so I never I didn’t know what was going on either I was like what the hell is it in the butt butt
I think it works like that you can just knock it out
another show or two before the actual event but right now is time to you still have time to stop working on your your really hacky basket of deplorables Halloween costume or any other topical word play driven costume yeah if you’re an empty word puzzles wait why do you find you have you heard of somebody who’s making a basket of deplorables costume so I can costumes that are going to just meet you when it hit people with a bottle and it says you have to put it all together oh so you aren’t you never laugh out loud you know it and then it’s like they want to live in a world where Halloween is like this parlor game where everyone’s running around
I’m going like read my lips are like a big lip and there’s like a tax coming out
I don’t like I just just be a werewolf or something man you don’t only funny whenever so I think I probably mention this when we talked about this a long time ago was my friend Melissa dressed up as Barbie and she had a big shrimp on her head that she would shrimp on the barbie it was pretty good I will and that’s exactly and you instantly knew what it was that you didn’t have to puzzle over it may be okay
maybe I guess I just don’t want I don’t want you I don’t like your costume to be a riddle I don’t want to have a question and an answer I don’t like it’s like if you’re going to do that go as what you are a vampire but you’re just going as a different kind of vampire everybody this is coming from a gentleman who was founded an old computer monitor on the side of the road put it on his head and call them and put horns on the side of the computer monitor and called himself monitor because it was joyful and it was like it was a difference that’s like like look at my monitor do that yeah yeah how is that
because you couldn’t beat him and the Minotaur but you’re a monitor I’m saying it’s it’s a it’s a fine line you are not blurry it’s like yeah I guess it’s a razor-thin but it’s a line that still separates like Joy from joyless my relaxation enjoy like a big fat do deferred diaper with a computer monitor has had a monitor and I won because I was living the dream I was cheating the system and they loved it and yeah
like I I do Halloween right I start with Comfort right back into an explanation I just got to go to the 99 cent store I see some stuff I take it to my body I didn’t win back the pumpkin carving contest because there was a conspiracy against how good my pumpkin was
yeah I guess a dragon into a pumpkin scary faces we know who won
all right so I was I was out of town I was in Santa Monica for a wedding this weekend and I this is the craziest thing to this is a first for me I ran into my wedding planner on the on the beach like I was just walking and I’m there for another wedding and then I ran into I didn’t know who she was at first she was like Dan Harmon as I live and breathe and then like like like I don’t know who that is I said it’s like like 8 but she’s standing on Santa Monica beach with a clipboard and a pen so she’s she’s getting for however I know her like something happened since then that you did I don’t want to let you know ask questions about like legs are getting signatures for a permit for a new shampoo or something I I I I I don’t think I ever knew anybody like I was like a couple steps and I was like
wait shit she said she’s out here working who works on a clipboard of the pain of the beat in there was like wait wait wait oh my God it’s Christine as my wedding planner and then I was like a shame cuz I was like oh I’m sorry it didn’t it didn’t work out
and she’s like I don’t care get married again
paid by the hour at a wedding at least you like your wedding planner
I put I put I put in the fuck out of that thing everybody likes you would she have been recently married I mean like that was also if that was that made it nice and relieving she’s like that better yeah it is better than it’s a good business model for a wedding planner you want me to run you want those do you want that you won’t turn over yeah then when she runs into her again I’m going to
there’s some advice thing there is a special that I haven’t washed yet but the director of a great minds was telling me about it think that use HIV to kill cancer they like you can modify hiv’s protein structure so that it’s a little noodle that it uses the plug in the white blood cells only plugs in a cancer cells as they tried it on 20 kids with leukemia and 18 of them are alive and kids are free I think I’m going to get some of this wrong you going to watch it or look it up and then likely go ahead and crack me but you can give cancer or Aids
can you imagine living in our lifetime
where we’re at where we not only cure cancer was what to put in put we use eggs after you laugh at that cuz it’s like oh yeah it’s like when the supersaurus or whatever
like I just said Raptors attack of the T-Rex at the Jurassic Park but I don’t know if these kids have seen Jurassic Park 1
you know you’re talking to a millennial TV or they’re like exposing Michael Crichton formulaic use of the
Historic Park idea recycled for your new Cowboy show a baby year old Immortal little a I puke
good I’ve been out of town I haven’t seen it I loved it I got it again tonight and yeah we’ll see how the series play the pilot delivered everything I said I want it cuz I was like this should be a show about like creepy scientist living underneath a fake dead wood and because they deal with people that are just like so much more than the sex dolls so much more is than target practice like they’re creating life down there but they’re also creating it for the exact purpose of using it hedonistically so I want to see like weird polysexual like confused psychological people in lab coats at having weird relationships with these Nano Nano slabs that they then push up into this town and forced to live on narrative loops with it and inspired by like you know what we’ve learned about that science from like video games and stuff in the new the new the picture of Westworld instead of just being
Jim brother be like you can shoot them shoot them it’s like it’s so much more realistic the depiction of it what it’s like to like show up to Westworld because of we played all these video games now where you we had to create doesn’t buy it said it’s like you walk down the street and there’s this like a guy going like they have narrative Loop is there but yes yes but he’s human and not just represent like everything’s kind of inverted Blakely gets richer Benjamin’s eyebrows in the state of Kansas, can fill our Game of Thrones Cole
whatever whatever tonight I’m going to sell your Game of Thrones hole
that’s my promise I won’t make the verbal Segway from from that to that but
he is certainly I’ve I’ve called her the Michael Jordan of foreign like which is which is no so far remember the the current the modern porn world like it’s it’s like beyond music in terms of like how hard it would be to be distinct raqqa like like to know your name but I think a lot of people have heard the name Riley Reid haven’t you all right
three dudes audibly came just now
2013 La weekly rental rates on their list of 10 point stars who could be there next Jenna Jameson which means nothing free to everybody that was back when Jurassic Park was in busy I mean if there’s anybody that represents like the she’s the she’s the most legit pornstar I think we could have to talk to you about the stuff and she’s she’s a wonderful gal and made friends with her recently because Justin noticed from her Instagram and she was a big Rick and Morty fan because she was she was singing a song from Rick and Morty I think we’ll be pushing her butt up in the air had been over raise the posterior to the song with the president does with Rick and Morty that she was sick
we were weak talk to her more on the couch and relax take a deep breath
you’re the service Robin Williams
please like I’m Riley Reid
can I get you a drink would you like a another vodka on the Rocks I’m still drinking my a Rick and Morty song during one of your films
during one of my films it was just like a recording on my Instagram video okay I’m so nice all right so well you should have said he does the voices and I wouldn’t have texted you or whatever however we did reach out to you by the way I’m not being aloof I’m like I have like no turn down here one of the first things out of the way actually have 60 that cuz that’s what you were telling me backstage is like it’s it’s really important during the debates about this prop 60 think you like it’s a fucking house of mirrors I didn’t even know that that that that
you do want to hear what she has to say since when you’re voting that this thing is dropped on you as a California voter that you’re informed but it’s like you have a relationship with her boyfriend how have you been with your boyfriend we’ve been together over a year related but like how is sex different from the sex you have off camera is there is there more people in the room then I’m going online sex but I mean it’s also a very intimate connection you know because we’re so in love and whatnot so that’s like a totally different realm than when I’m like having sex with somebody on camera it’s like more of a grotesque like I’m just going to suck you in then work with you again couple weeks later or something
which if you were a person floating in the corner of the room that was invisible and it was watching you have intimate love SpaceX
what what mechanical things are you doing things for the cameras I assumed right like
I have to be I mean for some pornos they are like you know romance scene where they don’t even want to signal to the existence of a camera and they don’t care about opening up but usually I have to like hold my ass cheek to make sure you can see the penetration and you know you’re not it’s not as you know usually when I’m like fucking I like to ride my boyfriend’s dick and like have my clit rubbing against him as well as the penetration and in regular broccoli ice cream
how to space the Seaview we’re trying to get you the truth hair
you have a favorite position being having to open up for the camera no matter what position from doggy or this or that I even like you just have to like I have to hold my ass cheek open where imagine in porn like like sitting in a senior required to hit like in an average person see that you have to hit like all these like Kamasutra like hieroglyphics for saying you always have to have four positions what is always blow job in between so like that’s like you know the usual mandatory kind of a thing and then there’s the you know the scenario that goes along with the form that usually they want you to keep alive throughout your sex scenes so very illegal if you don’t keep alive me to talk about you and you keep talking about pizza I should go back to work you know like they wants us to keep that Essence alive it’s not I’m not really but you know I mean sometimes
but not the whole stereotype are we definitely lost the narrative when we watched film like you’ve seen Boogie Nights I assume like and they go you that’s that transition from film to video it where where that that foreshadows the transition from from to the internet world where or it is just now it’s like is it is Gonzo the right word what it’s just like it’s it’s just like it’s not narrative it’ll always got Descanso mean like brutally disgusting rats what’s your name so it like right team is traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting apparently I can get out well actually, no limits is that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week
I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes would like to my own life so there’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands adventures in Blacksburg, but Desmond Thorne executive-produced by Amanda seales new episodes every Tuesday on all major podcast platforms
so the just to go back to that that one Luther cuz I’m just curious if you’re hitting those four bases for instance when you’re doing a scene for work when you’re being intimate with someone that you love are you you said you mentioned you have that this favorite position might that mean that it’s like you don’t you don’t you guys don’t hit all there’s not like a bunch of guys like you you might just do a very boring like like let’s just do this because this is what I like in the kitchen and we’re fucking everywhere in the kitchen so it’s like I never comes in and goes what’s going on here
not anymore and sinks what is the difference between a director in a bad one might like to micromanage the sex so there are sometimes I’m on the 16 and they’re like okay now like run your hand down his chest and then put your fingers in his pants but I know there’s literally times where I’ve been on set and it’s really sad that there is literally a woman sitting there telling me what to do I’m like how do they even edit your voice out like I don’t understand like literally the whole time she was like okay now brushed her hair behind her ear and like it’s yes it’s sweet but at the same time it’s just like I don’t understand why her presence is here and I don’t know she was she was she and I was like so disappointed I was like micromanage sex like you’re going to tell me how to squeeze and lick his balls
just go and do it yeah. Ok Google Safeway then into the prop 60 thing cuz first of all I like is there do you perceive a wall between yourself because you work in pouring and like civilians like anybody outside that industry like do you think that you’re like do you feel alienated isolated do you do you like what you and you if you go to a party and someone says what you do is there like I mean do you do with what I do like the next to the plane I’ll sit on the plane I text somebody if they ask me what I do I’m just blunt and I tell them like I’m a pornstar adult actress and usually they’re like like like
child star who also happened that happened where a lady was like writing a book on sex sex workers so she’s like oh my God you’re can I ask you a million questions but I’m very comfortable personally so I don’t usually have any like weird it’s just that but I do get recognized a lot I do have a lot of people like no you’re extremely organized and that that’s the other part of the questions like how safe do you feel because I podcasting like sometimes I feel like it’s not fair cuz I haven’t done that I could have an advantage where I can’t give the first impression of myself they already have the impression of who I am so it’s like an unfair Advantage cuz like I have no idea who you are as a scene my ass off like
not fair it’s also very interesting as a special gift for you make everybody here
custodian of Records go through fairies and collect the certificates when I tell you about the chocolates I handed out before the show
tape head cleaner
you know what I’m saying or are you too young but it makes your butthole get nice and ready for
relaxes you but also it relaxes your butthole
I would think those stalking is what I’m talking about like that you like we have a twisted relationship with sex and the sex industry in this country we have we have a twisted relationship with staying with a twisted relationship with media fantasy like we don’t have our eggs if you do I don’t know if I’m not saying there’s some other countries where it’s like where they’ve achieved it but I’m just saying like there I would give you told me that you get frightened for your life seven times a day I wouldn’t be shocked but I don’t think they know you fans like
do you like some fans really think they know me I’ve had like I’ve never had like a stalker I’ve never had to like put a restraining order
thank God I don’t plan on this actual amount of negative or unwanted attention that anybody would get like being a good-looking woman like you might you might just get that anyway right when you compare that with our emails like I’ll get some crazy start off a email talking about how much they love me and then it’s like and I hate you so much and then I also love you and I hope I never talk to you again and then they’ll email me two days later I like I told you I was sorry about that. Sometimes I got drunk there’s no culture set the boundaries there’s no so have an intimate knowledge of you that you don’t have them if people people people feel weird emotional connection with actors that don’t show everything and do everything that you’re getting a whole different thing
here’s it’s like I don’t I don’t think it’s I’m not shocked at all when I run into people I’m very lucky with the people that like listen to the date it’s definite that I can I run into somebody that I listen to a lot and I’m like I know this person I own this person a little bit there’s like other guy know who they are and like you said there’s an advantage there so I just like by the end of the conversation cuz it’s very uplifting news that you’re like no you haven’t you’ve never filed a civil restraining order like kind of says it all like it’s not as bad as I will take over there also might be I’m guessing this have seen and know so much about you physically and like intimately that there’s really like like they’ve they’ve already got the answer to all those questions select like
yeah I mean there’s something to be said for I mean do you have an opinion about that in general like like you were you were going to be a Psychology major in college weren’t you at the end of my freshman year I was just I was going to be a psych minor but that means nothing when your Refreshments I will but you have an interest in this shit ostensibly like what do you do you have an opinion about like our relationship on a national level with pornography like what is going on there so you know what somebody who’s able to distinguish the difference at this is fantasy and this is this person’s job and you know when people choose to believe that the bang glasses real like they’re allowing themselves to be manipulated by Society I’m going to stop you right there
fucking Bangbus but collectively do you perceive our our country again you can stop me because this isn’t my jurisdiction but but we’ve got we’ve got it was debates going on right now where there’s a guy was a real with rampant verbal misogynistic nothing else who didn’t like like like it here safe as it is running against the fool who will be the first female president she’s coming up like like like as a woman and as a pornographic actor like what is your like how do you see this country’s relationship like in general not into all these different people but like are we when you take us all collectively are we sick are we healthy are we like in there anything that could be said that needs to change in general or is it just a fucking complicated well I mean I know one thing is that we currently like the most popular taboo is no longer incest which was definitely a thing for a while where you know the most
can I park a break from my search engine probably contributed to that a lot.
Is I think it might be trannyporn but it was for a very long time incest porn so that’s that says a lot for you have been mainstream of firing pour in a little bit like they some some some what consciously somewhat just in direct result of it being a PornHub but they are like like I’ll do a little funny things and April fools day they’ll they’ll issue their goal a good Saint Patrick’s Day. How many people search for leprechaun porn which I was very positive thing because it’s like there’s Knology just as like the what’s-his-face Kinsey did like that was the part of that story was like it was about revealing to everybody that their relationship with sex was was was simultaneously private been there for a beautiful snowflake but also shared by everybody everybody’s a freak everybody that everybody’s everybody’s coming and and and
lake lake lake and it’s and it’s okay if I like
why would you say that
I like our attitude I think I feel like we’re really fucked up about it and then one of the things that we do and get away with it because we’re fucked-up about it is week we treat your industry as if it’s like and therefore it’s like the danger of that is like well if we value people and if they depart taboos about 4 and have to do with like caring about people then like it’s like we build this wall around this thing that we go like oh that’s a toilet you know because that’s where I go every night a lot of people like I have like no meaning of life to them like oh you’re a pornstar like exactly like I am a toilet to them you know they like they say that I lose all I can think of the right word I want to say but like you know I’m just like no longer equal you know they’re like you have no rights you know like with Justin
we’re just seen you on the yacht The Game of Thrones visit people invaded and didn’t invade we wanted to but we are just meant to go to sleep so nice and asked you to be on the podcast and I heard a story like third hand through him about you being at a party and like somebody just kind of like just a casual matter-of-fact like somebody not from the industry somebody that didn’t know you with somebody that was at a party with you just kind of like like saying things and treating you in ways that sort of implied that that you were down for whatever because of what you did for a living I definitely have a lot of people automatically assume that like I’m the world’s biggest flood and I’m just going to stop there to great day I’ll be let’s play Glee lyrics
but I do it for a hobby that’s what I mean I wanted to see sex. You know it’s just like even though they might be way hornier and freakier than I am they don’t just automatically assume because I do it on camera and you know what maybe just I have more confidence with it they automatically assume that I am like a freaky person like randomly tell me I like tell Mom importance then I like I was like raped once and I’m like I don’t know how this is associating I don’t know how to respond to you like I’m just a sex worker but I have a question your story like I do fail TV shows for a living but just times like you could be something big on camera like a big Network thing or a small things we do for Channel 101 I got Little Friends make videos are little friends are our actual awesome friends and you’ll come home after it like shooting something that we
well paid or not paid and you feel this great sense of that was really good like I did good work today like
it goes all hand in hand if I feel like my fellow peers were like killing it then there’s any days around like stuff like that saying it’s all going to win an award film sex and we did it we did it that was a good one sexual passion that was going on that you’re like it was hot is that something is driving for a while you’re doing a thing like I want I want people to really watch this I want us to be like in door I want I want this to be a clip that people will will enjoy it for what it is like I mean if I’m not really feeling the person is going to probably show on camera and I’m not going to try to like false advertise it like you know like there’s times where I’m not totally into my partner or you know like maybe they can imagine I’m so easily distracted there was eight people around with microphones and cameras equipment and some someone
stick the whole time and I’m like you’re just watching me slab on this novel like totally into like the person I’m fucking I’m like they’re enjoying the show other people that must be cuz you’ve been using enough filming out where you see an actor like another guy they’re going to G’s not this fucking guy again to kill right now you can say fuck that guy and I know no way
because he makes the sound to go I just changed it

I just like I like looking at the director like really like I can’t take this guy’s stuff because it’s a foot fetish nylon thing is it likely that’s the one of the categories that I’m into lake lake lake legs and Osteria stuff and so I end up like I’ve seen this guy and his version of going is ill and I can’t like I was just ready to go Saturday night
I got my Emmy in one hand I got
I got my I got everything I need to see your left-hander like a foot in his face are you saying that that’s what you’re supposed to say when someone puts a foot in your face that’s not what you’re supposed to say
you you you you you you you glossed over something that I think is kind of like this is just a like this is the big bug zapper in the room like like when you when people find out you’re you’re in this field like the association of that real or imagined with trauma like lately like okay so like that is something that people lead to something bad happened to you you look like 8 meet my dad and my dad’s like yeah my daughter is a pornstar when it comes up they automatically like did you do something to her like I do. Kind of deals with as well as I do because nothing ever I’ve always just been this crazy sexual Fein my whole entire life so like when I was like I asked to be an extra on apart I was like wow that’s awesome and then like I saw them doing anything I want to do that I was already like having guys run trains on me I was having sex with girls threesomes orgies like all in high school like it was a totally fun and what I was doing
play the street is a place where it where is that where that is like your your status is rising when that happens instead of being maligned by the people that are definitely manipulating situation but speaking of which you’re like so so would you when you look at your childhood cuz it said that your Wikipedia says you’re moving around a lot you’re you’re from Florida those are two warning signs
sorry Florida childhood is that what you’re saying or is it necessarily I mean like I lived in normal you know like middle class if not like slightly lower kind of life like I mean my parents are divorced and remarried but like like you know everything was totally chill in my family like it I don’t I think I was pretty normal I would tell her when I was going to do like acid and shrooms like I’m just so you know like what is the living in town here but people have worked like a producers and the two people that I know that were in it like there was a really sleazy what was the industry like I got like a turn of the people that created direct it run the web
is it a is it a fun industry will be in or is it is a lot of creeps or what kind of creepy people but I’ve like kind of worked my way passing through all of that he only goes through like I started off with a different agency who like sent me at once to Seattle which I was like this guy is just has a camcorder like this is definitely not a poor nose that per second like how it’s structured cuz the most of us are just like anybody’s guess you have an agent he hasn’t he works for an agency or is she so he gets the day that all the gigs come through him he calls you and says like okay double anal on the 13th of whatever is there such a thing as
play bad luck to do it on the 13th
do you have stuff that you do don’t do the little guy and it’s like whatever I do and then there’s a run the industry that was the that was maybe our overconfidence tutorial I could sort of like Blake statement because the women get paid more and the women that do have like kill right side seems like the guy if you if a if a woman says I don’t work with that guy that guy is like like like a significant part of his career is kind of fucked like especially if the woman is you and so like they like even though like but I think back then even though that was being sad about the women that were in these scenes
does hierarchy was still probably male-dominated but now is that different because you’re Your Own Boss basically like you have your own website Europe you produce you told me you edit your own stuff and when I marveled at that you’re like most
I could be a pretty bad editor and still be a great tour and editor but but but it’s still like pretty cool to imagine you with headphones that got the fight to use vinyl cutter Avatar Adobe Premiere
you’re a giver taking over to After Effects just throw some lasers on there
not yet not yet I just do this pretty fun like Halloween thing but know nothing you’re producing your own stuff so you and your website read my lips. Calm that’s like you’re going to like
I bet I bet most people who have seen year your face and heard your name it’s probably like it PornHub is becoming like this thing is getting I definitely am very fond of them because I do think that they helped my career a lot like especially if not for the last couple years I haven’t been less than rated number for and the last couple months ago he’s been the rated number one pornstar on PornHub so that automatically this comes up a lot and currently I have like this a program with them where is I upload my videos and I get some money based on the ad to use or whatever so I have liked but I don’t put any like my super sex stuff that’s like on my website it’ll be like me washing the dishes naked or something in the house like almost a million views will because the no one knows how to monetize the internet except the porn industry has always been able to because the porn industry kind of runs on
I just did I just did did VR and had had boobs like I like like pouring will one day free us from everything but it will advance Us in ways we didn’t know I was like that’s a nice boobs like and their mind
that will now be able to like it’ll have memory of like what makes you ejaculate and it’s supposed to be called the perfect and it’ll also be self-lubricating a tall cold open of a dystopian
places like the Ed 209 when you go ladies and gentlemen based on me but the shipping cost for Tuvok
thank you
keto chocolate peppermint
yeah so important support how big is mainstream with buying and it’s making its making making us maybe hopefully relaxed about pouring a little bit it’s also helping self-starters it’s like but it it might also be if you have to like I have to contact them constantly to remove scene-setter up on my website exclusively for myself and one other company so they’ll take my own anal scenes from my own website so I have to email them and be like hey take down my pizza delivery girl anal seeing like I’m special that exists online and it’s like exclusively at my website I saw the thumbnail for that one so it which means I was like I was like it was like I shouldn’t have been there.
I wanted to say this but it’s like I don’t know if you hear this all the time and if this makes you happy or sad or what your reaction to this is but fuck it I’ll just like like my girlfriend and I watch porn together we’ve seen you a thousand times in different things and then we met you and now we it’s like both of us individually and as a couple like we don’t like we don’t click it you anymore why is it that because we’re bad people right because
I think it’s also I think it’s also just American society that way it’s kind of like has betrayed us to be in like the way that the standards are like you don’t suck your friend is also just like like all that there’s a threshold you have to go through everything has to be about Taboo in order for my girlfriend unspoken agreement that we’re doing something base crass animalistic together and so then we meet you and you’re like I let it get out like like like like can I borrow a cup of sugar and whatever and and end time of I’m afraid Trump going to get elected to and look there’s Game of Thrones people and it’s like and and then and then yeah and besides that that that border which I don’t think we like but it doesn’t it doesn’t bum you out just like like it doesn’t make you it’s not like
watch and then we end up like touching her something each other we don’t like we don’t like put the laptop open and then I’m like
but we’re both watching and do you want to try that no
but out of all these categories on the internet how it’s like regimented sexuality but that also I think it’s a step towards that you can you can mark your your transition if you were to become curious about bisexuality you could like drift in categories tag clouds and things and you can kind of like you is more supervisor Belen cure a double if we buy the person’s own discretion but they caught it maybe it’s because they caused the most pleasure maybe it’s cuz they’re the easiest for the most money or whatever like what your agent calls and says I got a Boom-Boom being in a boo-boo do do like like like what which one makes you go I can sweep I want more of those
and it’s not all too sure there’s a lot of prep time
makeup you know in the makeup chair kind of acid are you this dick for fake
Miss Desiree impossible because a lot of their stuff is like they’re not even shooting sex the whole time they’re shooting add shots are like you know those little gifts on the side of PornHub basically that’s like you know the obvious fucking even though like you can see over the counter but you know it’s supposed to be like your relatives would like that guy technically doesn’t see even though is like under the shots where it’s just like over and over like these 30 second Clips in there like once so many of them and it’s like we’re not even doing sex things or just be like making out with the camera so like now I’m like having sex with like a camera like like literally if they want me to go
5 yard line with unit for a bridesmaid with another all the time the guys like the legs and Dicker are just like below frame and then there’s just like women coming in and going what are you doing
what you think that is important all right let’s see what’s going on
I can’t do anything or you’ll get seasick he can’t like get up and start
the airport you put on the helmet you’re like what the fuc
that was a that was the new glass that Jane kick-started for me and question
I never thought to answer that looks like a therapist has a therapist
anime porn
this is what I used to look like before porn I didn’t like watching boy on girls sex to me like the penis on camera kind of looked weird so I would watch lesbian sex or anime porn that it was the Allure of anime porn for you I think that it’s just like ultimately super fantasy and also now that I know most of the performers that kind of makes a difference of a wasp what British comedy I think so and like sometimes even though it doesn’t do it for me sometimes I just have to look at pictures like just the picture alone is enough because I can create my whole imaginary interviews
Liz Meriwether better and I respect her and she thinks it’s too it’s too I spend too much time all day obsessing over these things I can’t just watch like Parks and Rec like usually in like without like being drawn into conflicting voices in my head what if I’m with a girlfriend or something that they inevitably just get the impression that I’m like this fucking asshole so like
Dad blowjob is Faye Reagan is like packing it up
I’m just so yeah I’m Riley or anybody here karaoke at sardos hip hop in the valley know
there is a karaoke place
right is it monthly or weekly or when is it weekly you know how to treat a lady I love that my wife
I just move to the Catskills near Warner Brothers of the First Coast Guard us to do karaoke but weekly there is pornstar karaoke and I went there once did not know that my friends invited me and it was like what the fuc Stephanie Swift I got some kind of vaguely recognized because I’ve seen and they get up there anything about porn star karaoke competitive a shit
they’re not having fun they actually trying to win karaoke at 10 on the tables at start of this is true that little slips of paper what I just I haven’t been there this is got to be 8 years ago ever so little for the paper I need to table it said I hate respect our neighbors don’t suck on their lawns or in their backyards is apparently the pornstars were getting out like doing karaoke in the banging other nearby for private property and they actually have blue jeans
he knows that’s mine cuz I do black velvet they have to be uptight about something so they funnel it into like something that’s the California voters are going to go into going to standing in your neighbor’s garage or at some elementary school and then this fucking thing is dropped on you without warning is like you have to have an opinion about condoms and pour it all the stuff you already had the whatever the prop was that went through right so there was like a condom law technically we’re supposed to use condoms and we’re shooting .50 penalty if we don’t so nobody even though so I’m going to describe an ad to you that I saw tonight because and then you like was get your perspective on this because it’s very from talking to a very deceptive that there’s a woman on camera and she looks very sad and true so she should be sad but she’s like I said there’s Loop holes in the condom law and people take them and
we need we need a lot of prevents the loopholes to and I’m an adult film actress and I got AIDS from doing the adult film in all the stuff and it’s it’s it’s very sad and it seems very serious and it leaves you with the choice between not caring about someone you life and like voting for this now you tell me how many how many people have gotten the AIDS from doing porn in the last decade there hasn’t been anybody who has contracted actual HIV from Corrin for the last 11 years so this whole kind of law is very misleading or in the way that they try to sell it as trying to prevent HIV or other STI STDs and I myself have been sitting for 5 years and I’ve never contracted gonorrhea or chlamydia or any of those are, you had it would be like at workplaces Hazard and it happens a lot in the end of crap but even I myself
contracted an STD so and I personally the regulation now today is every 12 days we get tested it was Prior I think it’s either in a year or two that it’s been fourteen days with prior it was every 30 days and we all collectively agreed really, but we feel like we should be you know too if we cuz we were having a couple like scares like a false positives that come up and then you know there’s a hole like I can’t think of the word let me know when they can collectively get everybody together no it’s okay you guys are possibly I’m kind of a thing so they’ll like get these people but even in all the scares like it’s been eleven years since anybody is actually contracted it when there was it was people who do like anal cream pies where the girls who got a s h i v so like even with
night with an industry or my agency none of us to anal cream pies because I was the crew like other girls who worked with the same performers who did anal sex or regular cream pies they didn’t contract the disease as opposed to the girls who shot like anal creampie as they were able to contract the disease and which isn’t up for being repealed we’re not voting for that this is like a big piece of like duct tape and then something that someone wants to put over the existing kind of lies are already there and from what you’re saying before that kind of like this did this ship was being self policed by your industry it’s not like you know like when we Sue and they film us they’re like hey are you under the influence of any drugs or alcohol are you 18 are you here under your own free will there is never questioned saying are you tested and are you clean like there is no like legal stand
on this but this is an industry-standard that we’ve developed to be tested every 12 to 14 days and they wanted like legally come in and demands that we we’re apart house and if it’s not shown in every single frame of the poor know that is you know being out there. Now any civilian can now sue us for 25% of the makings of this film or something along the lines I can’t I’m not totally sure with the with the whole thing Emagine Theater my favorite of all the close-ups like I like the I like the far away stuff if there’s a condom that visible forget about that like like the what is the agenda behind this
pouring out of California move it somewhere else or do they just want California cleaner because even in the way that they if you guys like check out your you know voter’s ballot you know check out your sit here and you actually read on top 60 it’s really misleading because all it basically is telling you that is like let’s stop spreading you no STDs in the oldest tree in bringing it into the broader Community like it’s making it sound like we come in or like just hang all over you guys and giving you a heads and say it which is not really like I said it hasn’t been 11 years it’s been eleven years since we’ve had any contracted musicians like the founder of AIDS Healthcare Foundation or something like that it makes him now he’s going to be like in ducted into likes legislation where he will now oversee all of poor Nan
kind of like control all of porn in California and I mean this guy is also spent / 1.8 million dollars of AIDS Healthcare Foundation just on trying to get this you know bill in it or getting paid by taxpayers dollars once he is the money that went into this like that the reason is a commercial tonight during the debates there won’t be another commercial because the porn industry would have to use it blowjob money till I can make a national airtime spot there’s no way that we can compete with these people using research money like I said she go to that stuff you’re talking about earlier with leukemia
I want to see versus cancer movie like a Predator versus just gets dropped in your lap and it’s like like the key points here being you’re not you’re if you vote no on Prop 60 the only thing that you’re affecting is just your stopping vote no vote no on Prop 60 you’re not making any dramatic decisions about the course of people’s lives except that you’re just like saying like like like that there’s someone that’s trying to do that this time he was trying to change things and they’re not make they’re not changing things to bake there be less AIDS among pornstars or the community because that’s not an issue they’re lying about that they’re misleading you about that no I’m from 60 means what exactly
yes I did because it also is suzette’s not suing performers of suing producers and because I produce my own content is if he’s viewing something on my website he will be able to sue me directly and he and it’s it’s just crazy at how what it what it does and what it effects and how misleading it is because basically I see a pornstar you can throw Financial rocks at them until they die legal name and my address or publicly and you know I have a huge fan base but I was well as other like transgender performers and gave her former two are more of a Target you know towards violence than I am now those kinds of people are set up for harassment so you know people who want to harass a transgender like maybe they’re super big fan but they hate that they’re a fan or so fucking weird psycho like
wow yeah so no on Prop 60 safe enough to say if there was anybody that had anything to gain from it what I’ll be doing I’ll have to move a lot of gravy for a little to defend yourself in small claims court against people that all right what was it what you do you mind sticking around with some of the some other friend’s name is it is it Jeff Jeff Jeff Davis
is it is it Jeff is Jeff to the Cook Brothers
all right was it so it was not Jeffery or you would have said yes okay brother that that that sent me the video or the sent some of the video of the that
Alex car guy was close
and you can this is your brother you’re the brother what’s your name Lee Lee quick I can’t you guys there’s microphone spray right you can’t have a seat to take some Mike’s so Alex you sent this video like I don’t know how much is it supposed to be a surprise like it’s like a wedding proposal is like you sent a video that said you’re a veteran and you you you you know you’re playing the veteran card it’s good to find card to play I like you’ve served your country you’re out of the service you got you got some you suffered from PTSD stuff or injuries or no no injuries just kind of acclimating to being a civilian again after the Army getting over everything and you got your little brother here and you guys are from where I live in Florida now but you stationed at Camp Pendleton
now he’s a Marine currently
tell Alex you are you’re retired army or are you still active know I’m I’m out I was in for about five years I went to Iraq for a year in Afghanistan per year and no lie you’re active Marina in San Diego. I got I had a little easier the only problem is I don’t talk on there that I got the worst food poisoning on my fucking lying checks totaling so Alex is a veteran card which is fully valued card but also you love your your brother very much and speak very highly of him and in your video what you’re saying to me is you he’s in the service you were in the service and you just thought maybe because you guys are both big fans of the show
that if you came up here and made it more important that maybe you your agenda was to maybe what we wanted to talk to you either didn’t need to be on stage this is awesome but yeah we just wanted to be able to talk with you and the fact that we’ve had all these different experiences that I don’t know if a lot of your fans kind of you know the nerdy or type people don’t tend to be in the military so I know which is a broadcaster so I I shot video and stuff but I was in an infantry unit and went with them to wherever I can. Thanks.
I’m a engineer so like basically demolition construction see for shit like that
so what is that so but you and I mean your video review maybe I’m gilding the Lily I don’t know I thought your video was like kind of like am I putting words you’re saying I’d like to talk to my little brother like I’m out of serving I don’t think I need that I’m almost done and then I get home free yeah I got like a 11 months left and then I’m getting out and moving back to Florida and hanging out I haven’t been in long enough to like officially retire and get like tension and stuff like that but I’ll use the GI bill I want to go to school for music and so I’ll go do that and not stored in Hangout
the two things that hit my mind were like well never wanted this is a pretty contractual issue I think you’re in it until you’re out of it and the number to correct me if I’m wrong if your brother is enough of a sociopath and a podcast we convinced him to to not risk his life with risk maybe he’s the kind of like like that’s where that’s where we want people that are really good that programmable and and deadly it’s not a real sounds good
all right
neither so your experience Lee has been a lot easier than your older brothers and the same training and all the stuff but you’re you’re coming up in 11 months on your you’ll go home and you got training you got the GI Bill Alex you you were in the shit I’ll be a nerd in the shed you had a you where you were shoot no more and more isolated definitely you know you can’t throw out with all the with all the the meat heads out there you know you’re scared of her locker guys have all the fun with each other because they have they have a have to have an intimate relationship with Daleks where were you stationed I was stationed at Fort Campbell in Kentucky that the hundred first Airborne Division but went to Iraq for a year in East Baghdad sadr City and then Iraq Afghanistan for a year and he stuck in it
what’s your what’s your home base like it’s called a forward operating base or five that’s where we lived and in a racket was the old Ministry of intelligence I think I’d like Saddam Hussein’s Ministry of intelligence that we kind of just moved into so it’s like big old cement buildings and then in Afghanistan it was just kind of a camp that we set up with 10 some gravel and but you know I go out on patrols and missions and stuff like that with the guys to shoot videos Lee what would it mean right now I could be if you guys send out what where we are like the us right now if they did Mexico if a marine got sent out the desert right now
yeah the right now is kind of a peacetime Marine Corps they’re basically Making Moves Like We Do Muse Marine something fucking This Acronym you go on a boat to go on a boat in your visit Asian countries and you like show your forests around the world in like that we exist but for the most part we’re just doing like a peacetime like a building hearts and Minds missions and stuff like that so if I went anywhere right now would probably be a pretty uneventful deployment just so did you have your photo apps where you hand a blanket to a hurricane Survivor but anything can happen right now I got some serious she could go down and like you could be
oh yeah yeah you be stressed right right in there yeah that’s actually that’s like so super recently deployment opportunity has come up for next year sometime it’s a 6-month deployment and put by the time it ends all have supposed to been out of the Marine Corps for one month so I can do a six-month extension to go on a deployment or not go and get out early and it’s like with my luck I’ll lose my legs or something or I could go and do that in like take the gamble so like what’s the what’s the upside for you like a bigger pension or well it’s it’s total brainwashing to because like
I haven’t been deployed or anything like that we live in like me everyday life is around all these people who like oh yeah I was there for the initial push in Fallujah or whatever so like I’m at a lower status than them based off my experience in the military so like you have that just ingrained into you since day one that you want to go out and do things and stuff like that but then you also get like you don’t pay taxes for the time that you’re deployed you get like combat pay you get a bike
sorry I cut you off I was very lucky that shows like for Marines and Army and some are bases and we also got to go to Bethesda Walter Reed like the hospital for the world’s most of the Marine the wounded Marines are at and it was fucking crazy man like their brains blown to bits and and some of the nicest coolest people you ever met they put like like it’s it’s not but just like people getting blown to bits like I obviously have never seen it firsthand but I work with people and I’m around people so often that have had that like right now I actually got tasked out so I just check IDs of the gate and I’m like welcome to Camp Pendleton and have a nice day but there’s this old dude who calls himself agent white head and he has like he is a retired military ID so we have to let them on base
but he’s always like saying that he can like my control people and stuff like that and he has like two prosthetic legs but like and he’s a Vietnam vet so I like I do got messed up.
What you where you guys at at I want to know a lot more of a problem. I think he’s in the back right now but I guess there is no vision goggles and a republican so I’m in Warren Strong armed forces and defense and all that stuff but it’s like Truman was a Democrat and he was a civil rights Advocate and and dropped the bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and get the other one right then
the new key may be like like you guys span a couple years now in the armed services like the guys and gals around you are they are they right wing like to the bear mostly right-wing to the max and I like pretty like kind of like do they say like like crush it that makes you like crazy you one thing I find a lot in that like I’m I’m that’s left as you can get just about slightly less than him maybe but like one thing I found was like yeah Trump sucks but
it’s a good Christmas present right in that shrug is like there’s the world in that truck
It’s Like Me Now by the pussy to being politically liberal view do you disguise yourself when you’re if you’re surrounded here and attack cuz I imagine his right-wing people in Hollywood that kind of like they probably feel a little clammed up like like they do want to alienate themselves it could cost them money you could cost them livelihood I don’t know, it just doesn’t go with the territory but then again there they must exist so what do you guys do when you’re in a Pantera Barracks are at some Army term military term play say something like I can’t speak for him but I personally I’m like let me tell you why you’re wrong and then I go into a speedo and I’m like I’m the only liberal Marie never I’m great so
yeah I was definitely stayed more quiet when I was in the Army and this was like I deployed to Iraq in 2003 so it’s pretty recent after 9/11 and everyone was kind of like ramped-up 206 Infantry Regiment in the hundred first Airborne Division which is actually technically the Band of Brothers guys from HBO thing as we did shows to like NATO like doctors and so I can you do, because I’m that you can you can reference Voltaire and they think they dig it we also did a show for the big red one which is straight-up infantry Grunts and they were just like proud you know murderers their job is to go in there looking for Naughty or fucking and sucking dick in it
I imagine you have to get to that space in order to I mean your job if you’re going to do it well or even if you’re not invested in doing it well but you’re only invested into maintaining your sanity you’ve obviously I mean that’s the definition of a soldier right you have to you have to leave your Humanity at the door you have to become a machine at you because you would because the hierarchy and everything it’s like Reliant even that’s a weird thing with the countries that we act like there’s this like left and right hand but it’s like the lefties in our country argue that we need sticker Bartok body armor like like like there’s at we’re at we’re at damn ambidextrous where at where at where at where right-of-center Empire why wouldn’t you be right-of-center if you were an Empire you would be conservative because you’d like things to be the way they were yesterday more so than Fred to have them change their behavior that would indicate that we we are a we aren’t we we we we have people in our country that vote and pay taxes and and and then speak very loudly about
incredibly left we are but when we measure our country as a collective and observe our behavior that we are we are full on into into blowing shit up with a full-on into occupying space is influencing democracy across the globe depending on our interests like we are we’re down to fuck what is my I don’t think I mentioned this in a little video but I was not 43 and did that wouldn’t immediately have a million reasons why I couldn’t fit it like like I would I would absolutely mean like I know there is only one path like you would have to go like okay yes yes I got to go by surrender all of my critical thinking because otherwise I’m going to keep fucking up and I could I could I could hurt somebody I know I could fuck him for something up for everybody if I’m not
I’m not if I don’t just put blinders on it just like lately I gotta just like I wouldn’t be capable of doing it successfully but it looked like that would be my choice that’s that’s the for me that’s a shity thing it’s like the more you think the stupid are you are like if if someone is like hey you fucked up so you got to go do lunges up and down the hallway for 5 hours or whatever you like okay I’m going to go do it just for no reason and I’ll think about something else like there’s no there’s no opportunity as a lower ranking person to be like I’m smarter than my leader I have a better frame of mind the name a better like a geopolitical understanding of the situation than him or her so I’m going to make this decision. I don’t even want that in my editor

yeah I got it on a sitcom that will that will cost money in and make us worse television has to go to Uso shows like the girl performs the troops to the military ball once a week but said the truth came out there and perform like sex shows and stuff is like pouring that’s like if you went out there and just like Mike shook hands and said hello and like the met people in Iraq and Afghanistan they’re Muslim country so porn was not allowed at all in the military class but obviously every I’m sure I first saw it here from from Awards
I send care packages to guys in the Army very often
my panties and he’s so your service to our country and your love of your brother has gotten you up here and we’re very weird very fascinated to hear from you you’re a you’re a good egg like what what do you what do you want to do with this opportunity is there any albums to plug or any any any props if you if you’re yes on 60 you know let’s hear your counter point or you want to say no I don’t think we have any plugs we just wanted to be able to chat with you and is there anything when you’re listening to the podcast that you’re like well none of these people on stage or listening are in military service if they knew what we knew maybe is there is there anything that you’ve heard heard us express that you’re like come on
I’ve got a few already turn on Jeff’s Twitter later you know like a so I have a daughter and she was born when I was 18 and I was like well I’m not going to finish college so I’m going to join the military and have a life that way. So that’s why I joined and then I was like I was already super liberal and shit like that before that and yeah I’m ready to get out the friend and I think it adds to the story a little bit to Dad is a career military army officer and so we spent our lives as kids moving around every two years around the world and my parents are very conservative that we definitely grew up in that world and you know had to figure out how I can I don’t know if you know a parade rest
that’s how I stood in front of him which is the military position of attention
keep and for how long shoulder-width apart hands behind your back
really let me know what would be a good beating then I go to bed now
spare the rod is there like a Jeff you should really think about being an officer and like now I got I hate I hate my job in jail the whole time because I I don’t like all this fucking rules and like yeah that’s what all great generals say I might get your freaking me out maybe you guys can clarify this if your nerves in your the military lake lake and you’ve experienced it’s like I am I mistaken in assuming that no matter who’s been president through these span of our country’s history there’s never been like a dramatic like I know is that Republicans are better at starting entire Wars that’s better for the
military but I don’t think you guys think like that when you’re in that line of work I don’t think you’re like like firemen don’t go do this guy’s profire like I I want him to be my channel like like your fire menu of your job is to put out or is there another words like like it’s not like it’s like a jackpot like you want to kill motherfukers they are going to vote for whoever is most likely to start the next for just like a bottle before her Bill Clinton like like like these aren’t these are people who reduced the amount of fucking up people we do are they the same as the rate that it increases correct I think the only president that hasn’t declared war with a Carter I think I got to go every Democrat except for him maybe has as it’s almost like the president doesn’t matter at all
except when he’s old fucking lunatic that like to actually shit I don’t think we would have invaded Iraq if it is Al Gore had been present at the classic example you can’t just wait I’ll go as president to be great but you spent your military career and got your GI Bill play you’ve been at Camp Pendleton you haven’t been stationed in a country that were occupying our fighting it’s our defense budget continues to just it’s more important for my college I’m going to be with you been gone with major college education worthless enjoy it. Enjoy your degree infected whatever but because we haven’t valued education as much as we have to fetch it for that reason it just kind of confusing me when I see like video footage of like yeah rooms full of hard-working men and women that are salt of the earth
lower middle-class neighborhoods and who volunteered or or for military service Corps like so invested in who becomes commander-in-chief of our military and it’s like you don’t think Obama is going to like it would be a boon to your industry as I was in Afghanistan when Obama was inaugurated and it was like a funeral out there everyone was because they think he’s going to want you know like the Muslims and I am feeling brown people even if he did pull everybody back and assign you to the Attorney General’s office so you could go raid dispensaries likely go to there’s always work for a hypocritical politician to sign of people not like just thought it was the worst thing that could happen to our country that you didn’t really love America you know saying Obama’s one letter away from Osama like and really meaning it is middle name is Saddam Hussein at the same shit
we don’t want to think that about our military like I want I want to think of them and police as like people who are so close to the action and that they know the nuts and bolts that there would be a culture shock in a conversation with them of the politics would be different but it would be because of a real thinks it wouldn’t be because of hypnotism wait like like like for somebody who actually has to be the one whose hand is on the lever finger on the trigger I would expect them I would grant them the right to be so hardcore right-wing because of their real basic like fundamental philosophy and the risks that they taking stuff it’s disappointing to hear that it’s more like yeah as in the trailer parks do in the military watch like they watched Fox News in the in the separate from the ideologies that it’s like will the job is to have to deal with the repercussions of how we think but like we’re we don’t like that they’re just thinking the same thing that weight
be happy doing that right yeah but I think I don’t get it like I feel like I think you just barely touched on a maybe but like like the whole Colin Kaepernick kneeling for the flag national anthem and shit like that people are like he hates the troops but it’s more like why does disagreeing with certain things America has a trend for Sanic for me and that you don’t appreciate the people that do one fight for the things that you do happen to stand for it doesn’t
you know I’m saying and you know there’s there’s liberal nerds in the military and there’s there’s all different stripes in the military there’s definitely that mainstream right-wing go kill Muslims culture but I don’t want to share all over everyone you know I meant other nerds there another bright people that I don’t know what that were in the last thing we want to do but like you know that is a thing like it’s like to take advantage of in the nineties we developed this phrase support our troops like like we we we like Ugh because we eat we figured out that like like oh who the hell can support our troops what do you want monster you’re talking about young men and women like risking their lives for a country but it was like if it wasn’t support our troops it would be support the war and it’s easy to not support a war it’s impossible to not support the troops and so that’s a usable ideologies I’ll take like lately and so we Stateside when we get reminded of the fact that like oh and Vietnam of these poor kids came home when we spit on him cuz if we confuse them with the Deep
what sent them there when they’re going to make that mistake again but that growth on our part was absolutely abused by a war machine that want that that they told us that don’t do that every anymore ever again and it was like it was fun it was used for a fucked-up purposes and like like so we sit over here and we go like I don’t even know what the fucking like like how to treat veterans you know it’s like they accept this and then you get this like empire were just well I’m liberal so I want these guys who lost their arms and legs to be taken care of I want them to have better armor on their Humvees when they’re patrolling the area is respecting play Glee Glee
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a representative from Dollar Shave Club comes over and just gives your genitals the perfect shave seriously
store hassle in the battle and battle the locked up razor Fortress ever again what are we doing what are we doing what is a fucking show
I’ve never seen a nickel from any of these things underwear and razors and I’ve never seen fucking freed up I agree it’s insane that we’ve created a dichotomy between quality and price
especially with shaving equipment like why why can’t the top-notch Shaving accoutrement also be the cheapest are you saying that I should I should probably go to dollarshaveclub.com harmontown and pick a razor that works for me from their lineup of amazing blades Jeff I can’t control you
it sounds like you’re trying to tell me what to do I don’t want to be told what to do tonight I can only share my experience with you Riley Reid’s did 437 movies and and doesn’t have AIDs that that says that says no on Prop 60 to me
I’d like to use my GI Bill that says that says vote Democrat to me but but don’t be fooled into thinking they’re not also Hawks all I can tell you from my experience is it I get a first-class shave when I use
the executive have a beard
call built on lies my brother actually just ran out of his Dollar Shave Club razors this morning. Calm slash harmontown and support our troops even the claptrap is to be believed that I can look and smell like a million bucks without paying for it that seems to equal x maybe you’re a republican so think of it this way like when you do Grab Your Lover by the pussy
don’t you want it to be a smooth
frictionless experience
here’s your chance around me need an orange rotting pumpkin for it for it for a president but we’re still going to need to shave and we’re still going to want those shaved, my charming Town that’ll get you a discount if you go there and type in / Marc Maron I don’t know what’s going to happen
how many years will get longer with Marc Maron
we haven’t we haven’t had the president on here are like so here we are. Telling you it’s dollarshaveclub.com it’s just a few bucks a month do long-term commitment you get a box full of shaving stuff is that right is that right I hope so
the lights are going to start going out we’re supposed to do an ad for a tuxedo company in a promising me free suit is it is it has a corporate structure like like you’ll get your money
I just feel so dirty right now maybe it’s because I don’t look and smell like a million dollars because of dollar save.com
play Lake be my girlfriend
my girlfriend go to the first anal bleach is free
and if your assholes not perfectly bleached will they send someone to bleach your ass home to your house she she she got offered an anal bleaching cuz she gets like like like like like like there’s a guy I was like laser laser scrapings or so I don’t know she’s like she’s like she is a guy
he’s a German he’s a he’s a guy is a skincare guy or like like like she’s getting very wonderful soft skin and like like like like a fake doctor and then one point is like he told her he said you know we do anal bleaching so I think and then he looked at her butt hole is like you don’t need it
good for her good for you
glass is almost trying to tell my ethnicity by the color of my asshole
and you’re like like wriggling and that are like like like like
and then he falls over there’s a poison dart in his back into my body at also like my like I don’t put fake nails on I don’t dye my hair I don’t do any other shave once in awhile yes but how much you paying for your raising
what about what about lifestyle diet exercise drinking drugs like like lately are there you have do’s and don’ts in Lake Arthur sacrifices you make to maintain you are like I don’t like to skateboard and stuff like that and I don’t do that anymore I have a scrape on my knee I can’t say no. Daily to like maintain a I don’t work out or anyting I mean I feel like I hit that daily heart rate thing and I’m supposed to go like my headlights are so you know I like to perform up to my standards and my quality of what I think is most women do
parts of your body insured cuz I feel like if I if I if I made my living off of being attractive and being appealing for other people to watch me have sex I would get my best parts insured do I’ve heard of like some people do like keiran Lee who is like you know a big-time browsers performer as I get into the million-dollar insurance policy on his penis so pleased to say that. Like what’s your name for Entertainment Tonight hosts us when everything is a Gibbons or something like that with her legs or smile or when she have an insurance thing I mean is that okay
no way I could do that with any kind of like just a bad version of playing the stock market like I could just say I’m going to ensure this snail with Lloyds of London and then if it dies I put on it and collect the Goddamn money will cover that for $60 a minute until you stop on it and I will pay you a hundred and twenty and there’s a two-minute moratorium on sale stopping in
I mean I would like insurance I think I feel like like like do you know says the desert is where Western Society like like where we Pete’s like that’s you knew once we started demanding food that we were just like now I’m not hungry but just a little more food just for the taste like in front of everywhere that is and I’m saying is is the the invention of the idea that like like oh hey man like nice pants yeah be a shame if something happened to him are you you mean extortion no I’m not going to do it I think I’m almost certain I heard this exact sentence on Bangbus
I’ll never forget getting an envelope from and it was who was Christopher Reeves still alive and it was a the envelope was from an insurance company and it was identical to a fucking like extortion racket because it was a picture of post-accident Christopher Reeve fall off a horse leg injured his neck and gives at like 2:25 I don’t know if you have horse Insurance that’s the problem he has a picture of a visibly affected Christopher Reeve like he’s like they’re going like this next to the photo that I’m getting in the mail and it says Don’t let what happened to me happen to you
how is the set a note from a fucking Criminal
how is it that I dented how is it that against the law don’t you’re threatening me
that’s what insurance is it goes as beautiful house beautiful family be a shame if something happened and I have $60 but they don’t even saying it will do it will destroy your house and your family give us $60 you just guarantee that won’t happen that’s more honest exchange of goods and services that insurance which you saying like I don’t know something might happen your house and be like yeah something might for real like a mafia guy might be stormy or a tornado might happen to that I don’t know
looks to me like you’re an alcoholic baby had a rough night it’s has manian devil came through here
they’re spelled the same but they’re pronounce different umlauts this isn’t making sure that your cancer your tornado your flood won’t pay out there if they’re a business that’s what you know about them from the get-go the weird thing is that then they’re all tied into the government because the guy with a gun can pull you over and demand to see their paperwork and if you’re reaching for the glove box of the wrong way and you’re the wrong color and Grandpa portion of the show I just like it I like it I like the round up a group of soldiers and pornstars and
I just speak my cat guardians of Vitality and violence lend me your power
I guess everybody go home and watch Westworld in the and just do the highlights of the debate I saw him she was more of him fucking loud mouth and it in like interrupting her and he’s like like like when he spends the whole time but I can you let her go a minute you let it go a whole minute it’s like an eight-year-old and I don’t even care I hate all politicians and I hate government but but I was I was traveling today I flew home if I wasn’t in a car and it recorded the debate I’ll watch it later maybe and and the only time I’ve ever truly loved to it it was today cuz all my funny friends were being hilarious Megan Ganz is a writer and it works and Community she wasn’t even a joke she just she just wrote crying you act professional and play by the rules and you get interrupted by men. Timmy says the fucking hole the Hole shooting range
I can’t compete with him without looking dumber than you are like like like because who would she didn’t get to choose her opponent
I was very likely six hours after she wins two things are going to happen the Republican party is going to start maligning her by maligning him the Republican party is already there and basically just have out him but they’re going to six hours after her inauguration re-election they’re going to they’re going to start saying there’s a there’s a woman in the White House in the only reason is because she hurt it was a one one woman raised like they’re going to be like it wasn’t even a fair election Halley’s Camp Pendleton is it very Trump Hillary probably right like I can’t pedal okay so like the the debate that the debate that went on a couple weeks ago right now I just like scan IDs or the gate and I’m like you can come on your brown you can’t you can come on
your brown you can’t because my job but so all these people came through with like their Trump stickers and a trump hats and they were like yeah Trump is stopping Hillary and the bait tonight and has a game that is like once you once you leave Camp Pendleton and you like you go 30 minutes north or even down to like the Gaslamp in San Diego on Sunday start seeing all these like Priuses with Bernie stickers and which is that that was our dude the movie at close range with Sean Penn and Chris walking because if you guys please rent that because this guy is stuck is Sean Penn from Crow from at close range
do you know Mister walking well enough to just the short Chris now
swear to God it sounds like it sounds like Christopher Walken is joining us for a closing a rap yeah it’s time to put a beat on
before you get peed on
you want to beat yah Vincent Price Bridge has Christopher Walken I’m going off my phone right now because I forgot my Yahoo Zack you got to be
yes I got better be skit as a beat for a walk and we can end this thing cuz we’re running late you in a wrap Riley
the sex industry needs regulation but it’s can be self-regulated they’re doing fine they don’t get eggs all the time
vote no on Prop 60 if you want to get schwifty with Rick and Morty fan Riley be going every time she got all you need
slash harmontown is getting down with the military serving to the Pentagon
the brothers truck they’re going to give you a different look at military service and what it’s like to serve I thought your mom was so high you had to Swerve
around my dick
but let’s pick a different direction cuz of all the misogyny will talk about fucking your daddy for one night only I thought you’re driving so hard to run into the yard 5% and what about my scalp reduction surgery that I had look it up there’s a story about Donald Trump getting advice of his wife Marla Maples and then getting so mad at how bad it was that he
Jeepers assaulted her and raped her
I got a feeling you haven’t touched a lot of pussy I don’t think that your works and I don’t want to disparage people whose dick don’t work
because I don’t want to live in a society based on sexual Acumen I’d like to leave it to the professionals
and watch them and find a girlfriend cool enough to just be content with a giant fat walrus running on top of her
but that’s me yo yo yo Dollar Shave Club going to give you a dollar shave but that doesn’t mean quality will be safe Lincoln model us she was on the move I mean your daddy I think Dad him but your daddy my daddy yo don’t Patty dummy
I’m just a laddie I’m just a grown-up rabbit first you say align how about my name is
wrapping your fucken open
What’s Up
picture of a Hummer currently cook
the Koch brothers
Riley Reid everybody
go to read my lips. Calm and support her as an independent producer and entrepreneur
what New York Comedy Festival at the New York Comedy Festival thank God thank you for your thank you for your sacrifice and we love you all. Thank you so much for coming on Comedy Festival and like I said that help


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