Episode 253: No Church People Got No Hortches


Episode 253: No Church People Got No Hortches


Comedian Jamali Maddix comes by to discuss his project exploring extremism. While role playing, Steve Levy discovers the most beautiful horses he’s ever seen. Dan closes the show with a rap about West Virginia. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Davis, Spencer…


Gloria’s Uptown Burbank once again harmontown is and now it’s session
it’s so good to be back we miss you guys I miss the most
oh yeah I never said thank you very much for us to track we now don’t know is Saturday night a better night if we’ve been slowly because my my my liberal views of slowly seeped out and needed one Nazi that’s been replaced by five Democrats
or or are berniecrats just more patients or do they have less to do on Saturdays
I don’t know we know that we took off with a bunch of weeks off should we just do the show once a month and then have a heightened interest we don’t know what the ice everybody’s Steve Levy
flattered flattered by your by your numbers and your and your applause thank you it was in a sneeze or Italian what would Frost he said what he said Frost Frosty Frosty Frosty I hope not
give me tourettes we could we don’t we don’t we don’t know who you can’t make fun of people anymore it’s it we would get an internet now or if you don’t know how silly someone is you just you can find out how they feel it’s just ruins everything is okay if it’s like Octomom happen tomorrow is there would be like a Tumblr blog from her the next day or she’s just like he would be like stalk me
starting to get a d a p in Octomom like everything we wearing a mire of of of of of information soon as we’re not getting smarter where we’re getting scared where it where the chimpanzees and we just have alarm signals we talked about that in our pockets
and also listening to talk about in our pockets too like I was watching intervention again I said years
and someone use the phrase short end of the stick and Kodi my girlfriend brought up an interesting point I have never really examined that phrase Cody was to get a whole stick why is the short end of the new have a short end of a stick it doesn’t even make sense maybe it’s like like you know drawing straws or maybe like to grab and whoever grabbed it has less thick like that that’s the first quarter than the other two were sure the same time that you were referring to that crazy baseball bat game with the hand if you were to grab a stick which end would you grab the short end or the tall and
there is no no the tall and you would grab the Tacoma baseball player you go you want the short and because when you’re grabbing how do you grab the tall and their leg by putting your hand lower or higher
I think I think I understand that cuz we have wishbones in our culture probably not the way to get the short end of the stick and always means like I got involved usually like short end of the stick is more like we decided to do you need a driver program and then my turn came up on prom night I got going to get the short end of the stick their you know it wasn’t like a luck of the draw as much as it was like I got fucked by the system you know like I agree with Cody just got a whole stick whatever that’s where you’re imprisoned in a matrix for your valuing and some sticks and someone’s laughing at you big stick is laughing at you
long stick is laughing at you
boy this new note taking app
it just says leaks that’s all it says it looks like it used to be the worst end of the staff and then it got changed the wrong end of the stick that the that the wrong end of the staff at the short end of a short time because less stick to get hit with
Tupac I want to be on the shorter end of my stick
I want you on the wrong and that are you saying you’re saying that if someone’s holding a stick right then if there it’s a long and is pointing at you you’re getting stabbed if there if the short hand is pointing at you there committing Harry Caray in front of you like right but that expression means to get there or to get something wrong but I can’t not sure I got to remember what you mean by that I don’t know what are you holding the revolver or are you about to get shot
I mean you didn’t you pay no money you go cruising for bruising are you are stimulating the marketplace by being a dead person you’re in the market for getting shot
and if your aunt I was watching intervention and there was a woman today here’s the thing about intervention I watch it I want it relentlessly of course there’s the joke I’m addicted intervention haha but but but but I also but here’s my confession about an invention as I think I’ve confessed before I think truly a guilty pleasure Beyond like let’s watch Gremlins to guilty pleasure this is a truly guilty pleasure because I watch intervention with Cody and we absolutely we we we pick and choose who deserves recovery likely based on what they did to earn their addiction so I can fit if you got molested pass like you’re you’re done like you’re fine like like like I don’t care what how much of a prick you are in your parents at 35 and how much coke you you need to keep doing if there’s some story from your past where you went camping and someone was like let me show you how to fish and then they was it meant something else and then like you could do as much as you want and you can be like you can throw chairs at Jeff vanvonderen I don’t care
play Blake like your ear. You’re quite a group for you I hope you recover there was like there was this Indian guy was like he was adopted by this like beautiful white Christian family they look like these Christmas cards as family and and also as a as an extension of their Christianity they adopted this kid from India who is like 2 years old when he came over so he probably only had like the Vegas unconscious memories of like like like you they looked like he was bound like in a pool of diarrhea or something you know like I said there are dead or rescuing a human from a from a part of the Earth where the parents weren’t in Surplus and but then he was like you grew up as part of this Christian family they finally they start
you’re so beautiful brown but we love you you know they were kind of like doing it wrong like they’re like you look just like us to us and it was kind of like but Jesus would be even better than that heroin and I guess he had my permission to be all fucked up sort your shit out man there was a woman it said she’s a dick she’s been addicted to crack for 30 years I mean mission accomplished
what did she invent crack she must have smoked the first crack and she’s doing fine yeah I think she knows exactly how much to not do make a robot with the morphine is that busy mr. robot
alright the pool of diarrhea
will you start Slumdog Millionaire right like now I know I mean it’s like
there’s a pool with a pool of diarrhea saying bye
cost money to make a pool of diarrhea like that’s not something that happens from lack of upkeep that takes work and money
what else is in here
what if you what if you were the pool guy that’s the worst jobs I have a pool of diarrhea and why did it have to be olympic-size like what this is why the Olympics
the Olympics coming to LA in 2018 with my God I’m so mad about that I hate the Olympics you guys and fuck everybody and fuck America
we should do the show it on Saturday Spencer we got a packed house that’s one of the few things I can and they like the ioc they’re bad people they said they come in and they’re liable Olympic Committee give us the money because the Olympics there like a mafia they just come around there like it would be a shame if the Olympics were not allowed to happen to your city maybe you build a couple of stadiums maybe I got too because every time the Olympics coming to town when it when it when it when they went to London when they went to Rio the people all go broke the traffic sucks you’re late for work your life is miserable and a bunch of people that run Contracting for like the soccer stadiums in for all the infrastructure they all get rich but it’s all Kickbacks it’s all their cronies friends up like that
they’re just sending out lawsuit so you got the the gold medal fuck you pass money you got the Olympics special because we’re in there your town and everyone Olympic is in your town this money because he can’t use the Rings like you know there are bad people in the commute time to go to be longer so just get up early and is headed and it’s all under the umbrella obviously just as everything in Hollywood his kind of Under the Umbrella of like like oh you’re a PA and you don’t like being awake for 16 hours and then changing my cat’s box like what you hate Marilyn Monroe or something you know it’s like we get away with a lot of abuse in Hollywood cuz it’s Hollywood and everyone wants to be in it so the Olympics got to be like oh you’re sitting
the single Global I’m trying to rip the Olympics represent International Harmony so you can’t say I don’t want the Olympics are right but I wonder how it breaks down that I just met on Thursday and then I kept running into him I’m like, come on the show man he’s got this documentary series that you can tell from the trailer is really good but haven’t actually seen it it’s on viceland it’s called hate thy neighbor but I thought you can you can absolutely tell it’s awesome please welcome to Molly Maddox
hahaha can you talk like a chimney sweep no no I think I probably do sound like a change my best impression of a chimney sweep in here I didn’t realize that people get surprised if this accident coming out this face right people expect the person
would you eat it you said we expect you to be riding a horse without a
I will after a few people tell me to be wife
hi Manitowoc you were living a dream about who it is that’s what makes America great means if you could just have enough technology to breed horses that ate Cole we would be very happy that would be our dream so you can have a literally a 10 horsepower horse holiday where all the poor people cleaned up the shed and played Frisbee with it
350 with the ship
I’m very nonchalant League lost over he said why a free ancestry from from from Oklahoma and there’s like a lot of jokes about like Buffalo chips I don’t know like like like like like disc-shaped like like manure and I think there’s like people that like throw it and contests I maybe that was yeah it was in my iCloud but I was just generally kind of like imagining like how would Corporate America turn cleaning up shit into a Ford or a fun activity
Walmart on questions cuz most of us that aren’t that Cosmopolitan I think it’s like maybe those of us that listen to NPR like at 11 of American that has the sense that okay John Oliver’s accent is its lower class and its Origins then like say the two other British people that I work with on community like Tristram Shapiro as a director I was and he sounded more like James Bond’s then then John Oliver that John Oliver would tell you he’s from some part of London or something like I mean over here people get so you can tell it across different invoices know we can’t we have cuz we have we were discussing this the other day American
I know what an Alabama Walmart is and I don’t know what a we’re just sure Dwayne scotting is to the point where I made it up that’s where somebody pooped in your chest like week we would tend to maybe like there’s but you know people with Southern Accents like like like we like we have a whole culture being here that’s where you associate start of explaining this like I don’t know the least about it and you go there and even within the boundaries of London it’s a it’s so confusing to Americans I think because we are history is 200 years long and was defined by everyone going I don’t like this I’m leaving and like everyone just spread out you have to go a million miles from someone to sound different from them and America in the UK which predates cars and free dates like the land of milk and honey where you just fucking split when you don’t like a
I’d like it you walk one block from the queen’s English it was the epicenter of it and as I’m about to steal somebody’s a stand-up it was a Rick Rick Overton a joke about going to London because people are talking ugly
so where are you from are you back on this that’s like what can cause a fucking Borat god dammit is doing is he doing East London
did you okay is no that’s not like that is a weird thing now where is like like they couldn’t travel to Travis just a way to doing so what else is Big influx was it the new black face coming up to me what’s going on in this country has Justified bullshit you know inside so that the accent isn’t isn’t no one that said no one actually is that to say that he’s doing it at a very cartoonish version of an accent that does exist to get that you can pinch me for it
but that particular outfit and I know one is like that’s so cartoony that knowing that she speaks out that mind if I take off after what he was doing 5:30 that he was taking the piss out of people that would do that right at the same time my people would mimic that to its defensive probably has a lot more callous around it for you because you’re right now drawing a paycheck going around talking and not see some stuff I haven’t seen yet but I can’t wait to but if it cuz you’re just going in the trailer or are you are you so like outside of the the whole concentric the cosmology that you’re like a race is bullshit and this guy is a white militant this guy’s a black militant to me and what’s the different where are you
like actually just going and these are weirdos let’s poke home or somewhere in between like what’s your kind of
bike what light cuz they’ll card you stand up in this world when they’re the stand-up use what’s the Food Lion and the little people like that we have to send me the show is I never liked all you can take the piss out of me I will only take the piss out of your ideas I’m going to take a picture how you post I never said I believed in I do not believe it off of you if you have mental illness is crazy to hear you out but it comes up that I don’t believe in I’m going to say it when it comes to you doing stand up for the show I mean are you aren’t you talking about going and doing these interviews and how are you not how are you not taking the piss out of the thing that you said there were the winning take a picture of people with no teeth I’m going to say you know teeth out
that’s not my thing but I didn’t want to do that cuz I got the easy way because it’s like if you’re a big fat dude and you’re racist and I mean it’s like really like it makes perfect sense to us that that turnabout is fair play and we should just talk about how fat you are kind of like trying to find the lines there like we just now figured out that you can’t just talk about how disgustingly ugly kellyanne Conway is like you have to focus on the disgusting ugliness of her ideas I did do that because they told me so much cuz they basically lights Clam Bar in Georgia
stop and get to go that way across his other and they said if you come in that we can’t guarantee your safety right and the best bit was I was with my old and they said you can go in but you can do it right and I was like that’s fucked up, camera crew went into labor today no. I told him I can recover Jewish and that and he says he’s in he’s like why are you standing there with binoculars you can come inside now and I said no I won’t go inside because at that point I was like I’m not good enough then I ain’t good enough now
the Ku Klux Klan boy who’s the best fit it into my Hut and at one point with walk in my clan bought like you should come inside a chicken wings I want to hurry I like they said he didn’t say that but he owns a crime bosses stereotypes isn’t he won’t cross
fine point on it like it’s like really committing to be with the idea that that’s what Nazis are the behavior you just described that they’re like Sims that when they see a person of color they go nope nope nope because because that sort of Asher’s their destruction it’s like it’s like looking at MP3’s and being like no thank you as a record of it is because I do that happened in your life for and I can only print to Lynch me and stuff like that and people relationship
catching bad guys if you hadn’t messed up people who like he’s a likeable guy but he just ain’t that weird thing if you know you know this guy that in America for decades that’s been his thing is that he counsels probably maybe with people you sat down with that he he he sits with them he’s a black guy and he Daryl Davis with as well
scarier thing or I’ll speak for myself that is the scariest thing it’s that it’s these it’s these Twitter conversation just the idea that that oh they they’re not just the Keystone Cops that live in basements and shine their Jack boots under posters of Hitler that they only cover up if they’re Jewish meter reader comes over like they’re there their They’re Out Among Us and they’re they’re comfortable enough buying Fruit Loops in a grocery store full of people of different races but that doesn’t make them jump up on a box and say I can’t be in this room there’s too many black people because that would be easy to handle and what’s what’s scary is that they’re just like hahaha joking around with us and influencing elections and like that now that’s what’s scary about that is that it’s like it forces us to do battle with ourselves because all of a sudden
does the Cobra action figure that you can throw down and see a GI Joe 1
it is being without the Nazis in the right to do that where the road and we’re supposed to katisha and walk around and go back later I have never been more offended
as I sit here in my compound sharpening my bayonet I regret that America Has Fallen to bigotry your guests jamali maddix
midget impression of a Nazi enough to be completely honest with you man what kind of worried about them cuz I was making a film I didn’t want to be like Paris about these eight guys it’s burning a swastika badly right but it’s the 8th is the guys who didn’t own suits worry about decided that the marketplace believe those guys and 1/2 don’t end who had any rate or like I like votes could you call you call the thing is the thing of rock this whole idea of a white Utopia where you going to walk around and only see of a white people go for a good while it doesn’t exist
how how can you live in Detroit and no one’s interact with anyone from any of a race
what you see that documentary it when you watch it when you watch a documentary there’s two things you might you might notice when is that all of these guys get tired like like I think racism and misogyny both kind of like you don’t become a good person but you can get bored with hatred like you especially if you are well healed like prosperity and age even independent of each other but especially combined there’s nothing there’s nothing more harmless than an old Rich former monster like they’re just like I’m going to eat some Cheetos and play some video games and it’s like they might not have its Homeland with anything in themselves when the most active parts of their lives that you know the most important than that and you also see young people of color asking the question of this older activist to buy a you know it’s so admirable in his in his willingness to go into the mouth of a lion like that but then they’re saying like so you made 50 old X racist friends and where
are the streets inhaling tear gas with tops that say they’re not racist at all the steps I took that’s why you got to watch it cuz it’s just fucking amazing for those things where there’s no heroes or villains you just walk away from them confused in like freaking out and then you go back to England can I see a quick question when you do the show without revealing too much about what the secret of the magic trick of making that show great you know like in the production side of it but how much did you guys just roll up on that gown that KK bar in Georgia so my juices had to go to the bar the night before I thought they would plan the swastika line because what it was it was all these different wipe our groups coming together to form a Super Why power
together this has never happened
I feel like that’s what it is it national socialist movement and he said we could and then when we got there they were like so he was like Hey I’m going to still come in she from goo okay okay and then prevented the Browns going to do. Yeah he ain’t coming in here or I could use that to go to my pictures of that black I was trying to convince him to let me in but they knew that you were coming I can come inside so he can come so I came anyway with addiction and the guy came in because I only want us to move the cars into the lot bit and so the guy came in today and they knew I was today
black dude with binoculars across the street
yeah I got mad. I do not want to make you scared at the time only when I get back to the hotel, music festival in Ukraine and we didn’t have to carry and I know security and I and I and I don’t know
so I went down comforters at the time that we had with stopping you what is propelling you is it what is it
that’s why I was doing already signed the contract if I commit to it because I feel like the only thing worse than eating this tarantula egg is looking like a dip shit and I like and I want to keep it funny time so he’s going to take a dick head up there used to unlock the first episode when he was kind of lying in the second episode go really heavy and I remember is that like the reason I carried on like and was willing to do crazy shit and dumb shit was like I went to that refugee camp
and it was like the most depressing thing I’ve ever seen in my life you don’t pay it was like sadness like you don’t know it seems like Saturday’s share my life and that any type of spectrum in the political debate you are very right-wing or left-wing that you can make a house. That thing is you know and that kind of time for people to sue if we don’t want him here for economic reasons and you know and those reasons but you know which is the payable you know you can have those debates but people saying fuck them that you know no then go and and try to understand why the fuck they think that goes to come and get this. Just as well you know I know being there is way more
Darren you can you feel it on YouTube on the cells that react to light and symbolism in things like your body doesn’t have a gland that filters for Facebook and YouTube or film and TV your body if it sees what is unmistakably a man’s been shot by a police officer and the gun is trembling in the cops hand while his wife behind the cameras taping and his kids in the backseat and the blood seeps through his clothing and you try to go to work that day and you just get your world’s greatest Grandpa coffee mug and like like like like at you we act like that different way more different then I saw a guy get shot today and watch them die like there may be some little difference because it was on Facebook and you could close the laptop but you your body experience trauma
and when you went you went to a refugee camp what I’m curious about is his ooh yeah I went to crisis is that a bunch of people need to get the fuck out of somewhere we’re going to die right and then you see the transcripts of trump talking to the Australian pm and he’s like he’s like it’s 1,200 people that Obama made a deal with the ticket in like like like like there’s there’s people all over the place that need to get the hell out of Dodge file say where there’s a chart of like how much we think about pedophilia and it doesn’t correlate to a chart of pedophilia and I’m wondering what this Refugee thing like how big is the prob
show me the other thing I’m wondering is when you go to the site where you are face to face with a refugee is there anyone in that area that is either that isn’t paid to toe the line of like keeping them miserable because my job is there anybody but nobody around there that’s going
sure this isn’t that kind of show
What is macaroni
are you going to attack me
my name is Matthew McConaughey mcanally Special Operations from 2001 to 2007 and I was a ranger then the 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger regiment can you explain what that is
most of us have just been from playing with Legos for 30 years
the branch of the army I can sugarcoat it I was really good at killing people in front of the podcast you you’ve had a tax right now before that I was in the army that is like that the guy’s a joint out of high school and I’m like I don’t know what I’m doing and replace axle in the Army Band oh wait I’m in the Infantry here we go check the traffic to camp in Iraq in 2000 when did we invade Iraq
yeah it’s been a long time for me it’s been rough I mean we’ve never stopped invading Iraq I think I know ya when did that stop it started like visiting your parents have so many friends are still there if it’s like okay good I went there during the initial vision and then about like 7 months in we went to I hope I’m not going to kill for this we went to the Turkish rather than Church’s refugee camp in a rock and those people were so scared and really at the end of the day when it comes down to the people are afraid like those people they had they had a small argument there like weapons that we didn’t even have like 50 count they had at least three ma Deuces their 50 caliber machine guns they had their machine that I which you know if I could have saved them I couldn’t be rich right now but I didn’t cuz I was young and dumb anyways it was really interesting to talk to the people I bought an owl off of one of them
40 bucks is pretty cool but it was your job to keep people from getting somewhere know my job was to show up every day not die and not kill anybody I guess but sometimes you that’s my job
where is it that we’re talking about rent and Refugee like
I mean we’re having these moral quandaries about whether we let in refugees we’re there we judge them are there in where you live that’s up in the hills what is that that’s why I drive up there all the time when is that that’s a
now we’ll see let’s see how many refugee camps are there up there about that you know she did have a kid that was probably something like no fight but nothing 40 bucks the kid was it was it was busy with Harry Potter Vehicle Record you can see it was pretty cool yeah oh yeah they had a ton of weapons but the but at the end of the day or what it was they were scared they had no idea what’s going on and we just invaded their country which should they already eat wasn’t even their country like they were they were guests in the country there was hosting them that we’d they
escape from another country and then this other country that we had largely reputed as being well it was led by Tyrant but they were scared at the end of the day fear drives all human emotion and drive all human activity like it’s a net you can you can you can talk shit about every human being that you want to but beer is like what drives us it’s it’s so overpowering we’re not better than fear we’re not better than what created us a map of ideologies about like something I didn’t even really crazy yeah I went to the PNC I went to the Democratic National Convention and I got chewed out by a bunch of people with a hated me
could you help people for a living I was really good at their shity places and everyone’s scared and I bought an owl and I don’t and that’s any different he would have bought more weapons from them cuz he how many weapons do you buy from Refugee is the prophet of possibilities is going to a refugee camp actual refugee camps in a war zone like the real world that we don’t live in currently in the refugee camps are bad places
weather like in Sweden anime 1 a.m. went to the khans 1 know the guys one I’m going to the one in Cali
I went to the rectory, Kelly I went to the one in the Sweden was you know there’s a lot more to hope there is a lot more you know people saw the end of the tunnel in terms of refugees I mean what are they fleeing massage

now they hurt this is a refugee camp
are there any Syrian refugees down and that was the fuck I want that’s the one I kind of changed my life a bit what you got the camper down one is because he was a day that I’m kicking everyone out to bulldoze over and that one of the accounts was that the refugees would blend in down their homes and the account number two was that there was two of the Nationalist foreign Nationals Burning Down the homes until he was too kind of guy I knew he was a guy need to hug them and this guy is look like he hasn’t like fucking slept for like a year and you just covered in syrup hasn’t worked for years and he was saying how like what
40 fires days he’s just like a volunteer fire guy and he’s going to find these fires that being that guy to get kicked off of generators and stuff. So you know people who is Matthew McConaughey and my hat’s off to anybody and that is fleeing and there was a quote I saw this goes to a k k k bar in Georgia that’s what I did with his make a mediocre our show it’s like it but you’ve been doing it for like 4 years in like but that’s not your roots right or is it like what was your like before
AutoZone. So she was 16 and I’ll go through your stage and then I didn’t do it again till they eating and I was very young I believe I remember 27 is the worst because you’re too old to complain but you’re too young to complain about that and younger than you do their likes fuck you old / young man
a lot a lot a like that you threw my next birthday
play that whole year is going to be terrible 27 I think is the best like short of 29 or 27 I think is a little better because it’s still a bit more complicated I find syllabically complicated odd numbered birthdays are fucking fantastic for when you want to say I’m blank years old I don’t have to put up with this shit whether it’s helping someone move driving to the airport or buying a Honda like I have. Like whatever you just randomly Appliance I don’t need that fucking car and they’re like wow that sounds true that you can be found on the show
he speaks with that power Spencer how old are you
I’m 28 no 20 set a 8
c-27 is a birthday you don’t even want to admit some reason but there’s that one thing you can just stay at Hot Topic I’m 27 years old yet get out the xl’s episodes you said you already got 10 more coming up you said to say that but yeah I’m doing might be doing more I think should we see me for
you’ll have to wait for the fish guy and you won’t know he’s the fish guy cuz the fish that doesn’t do with it but like what so since November but also it’s like if it was like brexit was happening and then November was happening in the states the elections are happening around the same time but there was like Trump was tweeting they’re going to call me mr. brexit because I think I think his point was it’s kind of like it’s kind of like talking about a dolphin I think what he’s what he was saying was like like everyone keeps assuming that nationalism doesn’t have a foothold but pretty soon they’re going to say I’m also a national
it was easy three years ago to say you didn’t even have to ask a Canadian or or a New England England England is Jewish person mother Yahoo’s the you never had to say like what do you think about America cuz you knew the answer would be like in America up to it and you’d be like you’re jealous and it seems to me is that it’s like we’re all experimenting on a global scale is happening all over the world all the countries are becoming more childish more secure more more isolated which actually makes the conversations like what do you think about America more interesting and like less predictable cuz it’s like this has been happening over there like how do you guys are over here. Kind of like me how do how do we process American
I don’t know like what’s the I mean
add the rise of of fools like really more hard to write politics in England that I think it’s a large portion of the more right when I did this because of the the large pushes you have a left-wing ideas you know and I and I think both of those ideas get big of a day two of the other than it was left in the center because I’m saying is I didn’t help. You know I’m not falling out and it’s like we kind of had this idea that you’ve you people with crazy that we always have. Your Cokes are too big to send your men to yourself crazy things legal over there it’s better to have a TV show
because I think what Trump does it look kind of throw it in England of that is true of like I could go take care of that
I mean to Spencer and I’d like an egg timer again that his car he tells his card call me I want to get high
10 minutes before this way to show me it your weed is ridiculous country of 44 together here tonight fucking have some fucking Integrity of mints that were like like it’s like they’re like Gourmet kind of plague that’s the nice thing about legalization is like now there’s like this guy gave me since he’s shooting some stuff with star Burns and it’s about drugs and so some people do some companies game
Stephen I got Lisa Gourmet like like the Gilded like 80s dark chocolate kind of just barely high like for 2 hours and it anyways what that wasn’t worth it, the kids these days I wish you were one but you’ve you’ve invaded American soil but I think the kids your age here they’re like that they’re fucking desensitized or something like they’re smoking some monster Gon Jinn
I did I just don’t think we should be grown by dudes in lab coats I don’t want to smoke. That’s that’s too much I mean I mean like I should be a different thing like we’d Got You High that’s how we found it to be like crossbred to the point where he’ll make it legal by me saying if I’m up for my person faces too much everywhere I’m saying there will be the emergence of these things that I am old enough to find which is like casual should be a little more Forensic Files amount of weed you know lately
what’s a pair of bifocal should make tonight
I travel the comedy group and grapefruit is a, and if you’re aware of him where you get that goes from Dagobah
I’m at 1 to play freely recreationally available and we walked in there and this is all the insect 10 a.m. and he’s for like Stoner dudes that are working there who call clearly know the show that were on others they just they’re all really high in the morning so Greg is like buying like the funky is hardest ask
the whammy of the moon out tonight
but I talked to the guy like what’s the weakest shit wouldn’t you smoke like slum it like you would be bummed out if somebody offered it to you and I took that and I went and got some chocolate Greg stuff forget about it and then they give me what gets me high
enough end up on TMZ but I did want to ask you like it so just now let’s talk about comedy but relating to politics cuz you’re half my age you’re British and and but now we’re living through this time so your perspective is totally different from my butt like what is a comedic creatives obligation or what what is a good philosophy to follow when she hits the fan on a global scale this much because why can’t I just keep falling back on
if it seems like you’re in a history book and then politics aren’t politics their current events if it doesn’t see that way but I don’t know how much of that is a refraction of a butt butt butt years so what you would have you thought about this like how political am I allowed to be I try to be honest about how I feel about that thing and not trying to hold the line of of being like I’m going to say it’s cuz I think it has a moral obligation don’t say I don’t think I’m morally obligated to buy anything else in it do you have a totally different political views images of comedian out there has that view your freedom to do it
obligate. Like all these things are happening then I must call my black turtleneck to smoke a cigarette and then have the philosophy that I do understand which is the comedy is its own political we’re supposed to be funny above and beyond anything else anything that impedes and neither is like that’s fucking Satan and you should dammit to hell if you have the the opinion than the intelligence in the end and the point of view and funny that that’s great and I’m going to hear it you I’m saying but in the same time I don’t think I think I think that’s also I don’t think every comedians now we do it so I think I think it’s something that’s why I’m saying I don’t think so they said they’re probably are comments out there that are probably regrettably being like you know what
I have this opinion in that opinion like but everyone’s just going to boomi free censor that we would want them to try to figure out if he funny as it is it is it harder to well if you talked about Bush This is my perception if there’s a million variables here in my perception if you talked about Bush you were being a couple if you’re bringing politics in your comedy and it it it it it was like needless there was a band called The Dixie Chicks
there are their liberal and they were performing in Texas I think they said that vision is not my present we’re not proud of the present and they got all sorts of shit like the show with the good show it’s meant a little more boring because we had things managed and then there’d be a drone strike here or an invasion there and we did was all manageable through Ted Koppel and all this stuff so if you were a rock band and you came out and said we’re going to do some stuff for my new album but also I want to talk about James and Chad there might be like a bunch of booze you know that like booze from people going like Lynyrd Skynyrd I wanted to
making up bands and relationships but the year old maybe doesn’t even have the answer to which is like how different is it now and how does that difference equate to an obligation because I sometimes I sit in my five bedroom house in Los Feliz and I do nothing has changed for me so why would my boots your real change and then I go you were talking about how you don’t wash your ass like you need to keep talking about what you’re thinking you said that like to know about Bush was less important so that part of the confession of what it was when it’s so speaking up for her
but amendments also where they like when you lose your finger people
that rhymes with your word would you think you’ll find that people start talking about Trump with the things you do in the internet kind of losses it was so hard to unbraid for like if I were to if I were to say hey Trump’s a piece of shit and it looks like three people booing one person might be booing cuz they’re like your comedy’s lazy another person might be there like about it it was wrong and I came out to drown my sorrows and laughter reminding me I’m an idiot and then the third person might be
it’s sort of like haunting the stand up clubs these days I’m I’m kind of like I’m I’m vastly approaching the threshold recycle according to my predecessors the Baby Boomers it’s like I’m getting to an age where I can kind of clock out and be like that world’s a mess give me some ice cream
you’ll find enough people I know kind of don’t even really do the breakfast thing anymore cuz I forgot it’s been that played out I love him like like like like like like like like like you don’t have anything new to say about it but yeah continue
I’ve never been in a remember a time when it’s been like this. This is this is this is the way it’s hard navigating is a human being and not gain as a comedian you don’t say anything until walk with my also reflect you know and you know this is right by an orphan this great comedians you do it and I’ve done it sometimes myself with people kind of see what the issue was of why may become collected or why brexit happened in attack. And the thing on the 8th of the image of what is that one dude you know the things of why the hell is this so many reasons why that this is happening you know and it’s I think I think of some of it lies on the economics of that stuff that I’m not intelligent enough to understand and social shit
I think I think you know we we we spent a long time of telling people to to shut up if we agree with it I think that’s happened for a little while because we all thought if you told me if a martian came down and puts the technology to me and said everyone will be connected I’d be like oh so there will be a little less binary thing. It’s crazy it says it’s like like we are obsessed now with firing this person get rid of that pretty like we we we really like it. It’s like one side of your face
I’m just saying
it’s just a it’s a form of marmalade can’t say in order to understand that was the other thing about that documentary that I that you have to watch it
driven by how he he looks a little bit like a sound of a Knockin but yeah I don’t know I could have predicted the fact that we would actually connect to each other telepathically and that I would actually Usher in an age of of like really kind of weird like the pre-columbus suspicion of the other like it’s it’s almost it’s like we’re weird I feel it in my own bones like I I’m a really bright open-minded guy that grew up on the internet but we now just like
I feel like I have been indoctrinated to scanning information on screens through a ship of is this person in enemy or an ally and if so and then the flowchart receipts from there which is so dangerous and and so prophets only the worst of the bad guys probably because I did because that’s the thing is that there’s this young black activist to sitting across from this guy and what he says do you think these people can change do you think a white racist can change and one of the guys kind of reflexively goes like no like whole fuck because that’s how we all feel about the enemy we don’t approach them as if they’re people that can change because of liberals in America are like I’m so sick of this goddamn like
Trump’s my punishment for forgetting them who can I listen to you some more Willie abused us and go like a snowflake.
Full now you not see but we are more danger of wheat we revert to fight or flight really fight and fight so I asked you a question and then I answered it
usually they go like it’s 9:11 and then like sometimes when there’s like a thoughtful gas they’re like
Cornell food and I was like I said I have a great idea why don’t you come back you’re here for a while working if I show you should come back
Pink Guy neighbor
you really have to promote that show or we violate his Visa you have to watch had a great title visa thing is really complicated you ever talked to a UK person that comes over here like I remember when John Oliver would come over to do community it was like so fucking complicated so weird
it’s weird who can get ice at like like like like who gets it has again because the last time people just left England would we start the start of another country and told him to go fuck off they’ve been take me to hurt before you did all the score for communities Swedish Swedish am I going to find him is that where he’s from Swedish and I had to keep I had to like sign a thing that that verified that he was a genius cuz he was a genius Visa because he was like a Visa that said like like he’s not stealing a charm like I can’t find a composer like this sign a letter this guy remix music that I can’t believe
that’s how we got Spencer exactly Okay so
hi everybody
what’s going on I just think that went Steve I don’t like great I realized I really liked him okay
maybe I don’t like them
how do I roll my faith is what I’m saying like I
start access get back on the going to it’s going to I saw a video eyes I saw myself from the side I saw I saw it switch video the Bryant the Ryan Elder time does music for Rick and Morty there’s a lot of me talking on the phone from the side sitting and I am a just a ball of I don’t think about so I have to like if you’re happy like like fuck him you’re perfect like I have an issue and I’m old and I need to I get to buy cholesterol for me it’s not about how I look I have a fucking perfect life if I if I if I thought I could live for a thousand years I wouldn’t do anything physically
it’s that I’m worried about I don’t want to I don’t want to I don’t want to I want to make it to 69 I believe you asked for the bit like because I can see that roughly people that men who in America who has achieved a little bit like they’re tending to drop off at 69
like I said it’s like if it means I never did ask that I did lots of acid I can take 69 how much acid what kills you at 69 I don’t know what’s 1/8 times in my life didn’t change your life I had a friend to he did acid and he was a different person after that experience in a good way or a bad one in the best way I know know my face like I got to get out I got a country to serve any like left my friend Jeremy he he grew up in a house to chiropractors and his mom wouldn’t let him take any like
he even want to take prescription medication so he always lived in fear and we looked we live in a bubble town and he was starting to get sick and and die and we went to college and there was a day where he did acid with a couple friends of mine and like the world open up till we start asking questions about like society and religion in like at the education system and about and I mean you see a lot of intervention about well you know parts of Gateway and other stuff but it’s cuz I’m talking to anyone 20 and over like it’s a decent truck stop to stop at like just a check out before you turn Thirty because after 30 you’re going to be like you’re going to take ass if you’re going to be like I haven’t done my taxes
why am I doing that but if I didn’t do my taxes but when you’re 23 like like like I’m only speaking from experience it’s just like I’m the biggest the word pussies not really that I’m trying to out mode that picture was the biggest state in the world stuff but but but but when I was in my twenties I was like what what what what how might just chill man I don’t want to result plus being lucky acid and mushrooms and stuff like that and I do think they give mushrooms to PTSD people like PTSD people
it’s a it’s like this fucking Fraggle Rock you like there’s pcsd people in the corner there like dozers or whatever people with PTSD they’ve been clinically I get all my news from NPR psilocybin like a clinically gives you a sense of perspective that until you get it you don’t have it and that can actually be incredibly helpful for things that we can have an otherwise figured out how to treat anyways explained it to you
explain it to you or give it to the end of the asset to the mushrooms
no I was just at what if you do your taxes and then take acid and then
yeah I don’t know if you can actually fly
that’s awesome the only way to see how you were doing your taxes and we do a little bit and he can tell you walk me through it at the most like Herring nicest guy we just we just sat there and listened to music and it went outside and like like look at the trees and it was at the greatest it was really amazing I did it I did it my friend shot McKennitt like we were doing coke and he gave me a tiny piece of papers and put this under your tongue and then I asked him what it was
he said it was was acid at a weird Milwaukee and we were like an acid in my house and in Milwaukee and I rented house and spending the night at the stack of newspapers and we were going through the Family Circus comics on acid fucking fence what do you mean why does it matter if the Price Is Right comes on in your like what
Price is Right is the most important experience that any Young American yeah and have on his advice to a little high so high my mom knew I was high from watching The Price is Right
because I was in the audience right between two bidders, in the early 2000s but you were amazing cuz I was still see how red my caseworker
I was sitting right next to you
I was sitting with you and you were like kind of been like I don’t know if it was weed paranoia or social anxiety about the other people were like four people are yelling out and like I’m like damn I guess what you look like you know how much does it cost the guests of Drew or whatever right behind the Bitters Road because it’s actually not a great place to be seen on camera you must have been right in the hole between I was add to my moms
I look like a Jim Breuer character but I don’t know how much this cost how much that cost
cheerleader I think she wanted and you were so happy it was really great it was really really good after the elections of stuff another world that we could have but like I was before I might have been like you’re a two of the state if you’re saying it’s fun to sit and get high and watch Price is Right but like unless you’re laughing at the capitalism but now I look back and I go now that was a wonderful guppy tank for capitalist it was like you you could be twenty and get high and pretend shop for the same shit like you when you’re when you’re that age you’re like you’re you’re about to go to Target and and comparison shop plungers and stuff you going to buy your first plunger and start thinking about what a plunger is cheaper but I might need more later and it’s kind of exciting as it is a grown man and it was like a fucking yodeling dude came out and it was like
I told you that I feel like we don’t know what’s going to happen if you don’t know what the games are going to be but I was like we’re praying that the Cliffhanger comes as we embraced status and fucking like that was designed by like an SS officer there was trying to exploit THC influence your stomach is dying till I come out if you’re high but a pause and then this fucking pump it would go up for no reason there was never any reason for any of the conceit it would just be just be like let’s go to the Moon of savings and it would only be guessing prices of shit but there’s no traitors like a genius
I bet the one that we went to see if I got the first to like really short like Hans didn’t to fucking anything he was going to Basecamp something about halfway up the mountain to go with the final thing and she and it wasn’t like I don’t know about that and he went right to the fucking last one stopped on the very edge and it was it was Bedlam there was
it was it’s so loud in there cuz I got to post up for a little while you guys were announced it like that come on it’s about kitty litter
the most fucked-up thing about going to a Price is Right taping the most fundamentally fucked up saying is that you’re sitting in chairs and your angle of view is so different from the cameras you if you have to go like this to remind yourself that there’s that linoleum with the 70s flowers on it it’s like it’s above your line of sight and it the whole it’s like you’re sitting the first couple rows I just had to say just like
and can you have some can you have some recap lenience and because we we haven’t they say that again but can you have some recap lenience because we I don’t remember anything Jeff and I realize I sent this is going to be the strictest we didn’t do a whole lot sorry if it could be a part of your going to have to drop and give me 30 while I do it then cuz I’m being strict which is a quality of Recaps
all right last time they met dr. Neil and carefully time snack with menil on their side they spent a good 25 minutes haggling over the price of cow carcasses and then eventually settled on a big to Gold a piece I don’t know it was a bad deal but
it was good for the farmer
you guys you made a costume of the cows and went out to be paid towards the creature that seem to be attacking at the cows and eating them or killing them
Charmander came in and you guys met the noise I think I’m scared it off but I need to identify the elves and it was in Hot Pursuit of this robe to Flying figure
that happens okay so you’re headed to the direction that the creature kind of took off in which is again towards towards the friary the church
and yeah is it it didn’t make too much noise or anything. You basically only heard his footsteps so we know the direction it went or where we can still kind of see it even though it’s dark out. I say we run as fast as we can and not slow ourselves down by the fact that you kind of he was like 30 feet away from your attack
I won’t I won’t explain my reasoning until later okay we were going to wait and wait and wait and then it was going to go away and then Spencer be like what do you think happens if you wait that long I just left the thing is that that’s the same thought I had to end up Burning Down the family’s house like I called metagaming right I should not even trying to punish it but I should be in real life but the good news is that even though it took us all day and some of the night to practice looking like cows we did we did find of a flying rope to figures that the lead so let’s let’s let’s have a nice backgrounds are the same
keep asking the same burning door you make it back to the Priory it’s it’s that Old Stone building it’s pretty old once again you see it seems to be boarded up it seems that that’s more reinforced than it was before and sitting outside is that patents again he’s sleeping and looks like patches before the pageant was a young Church boy who was guarding the front exit when I use Carlos through the water on right Pryor that’s the episode that we did in a tent at Chris Hardwick’s Colt the best one that was a crazy Place huh
how are we up a weed are we at patchin’s right now I mean let’s say you’re in the clearing outside of the church I’ll put you in 20 ft. But he’s asleep in a chair but we lost sight of the creature yeah they took it was really fast like you were running in the direction it went but it disappeared pretty quick which is one of the only buildings in the okay I got that arouses a patches out of his sleep hey what’s up you guys hey

we’re hot pursuit of a rogue flying figure we have reason to believe he’s answered The Priory so we could we need to access we need to get in this place and they kind of just boarded up inside with me outside when they told you to guard it what did they tell you to do if anyone attacks the place or if you had to give them any news of an impending attack just not let anyone in that we are under attack of a sentence you to death really I feel like I should be understanding what you’re saying but I don’t know no wait no so you’ve been left out here too. I will know I’m guarding I mean in a way guard duties always being left out to die somewhere now that’s not true at all guard guard Duty usually by default would be someone that person would have any grass in grass like you’ll be guarding from the inside
I mean I’m locked out of the church what is the what’s the priors name again or collaborative Berthold Erbert hold can I tell you something patches should be yeah yeah your management which is a lower rung of a church we represent
someone in their spooky yeah probably something right and we’re the good guys I don’t need to get Urban on you all right but I’m saying you like if you were our Ally and told us how to get in there to investigate because we just followed a cattle mutilating floating man right right to this spot
what is wearing a robe I didn’t know that you were sleeping right right break it down break it down now that’s going to be as quiet. You know I’m not good at my job I’m just trying to help how can we are you want you want to really do something good when I make up for that work with work with the ATM over here I will never judge you YouTube
I thought I was already on your guys’s sorry if you know what I like about you and you’re all so you know all the quiet ways to get into the Wasteland that was smart of you the underage girl shoots
things you’d expect in an organized religion building
well we don’t have those weak empressive
can you call out to a father Abernathy
we want we want in the father Abernathy on fire
nothing happens you wait let’s say 3 minutes or less if you choose to thank you guys I think that the odds of it being someone inside The Priory and the odds therefore of it being a church official are high making this a sensitive Mission stealth operation less of a hack and slash more of infiltrate and celebrate
all right I think they’re I think there’s milk shoot I think there’s mail drops okay you need to talk
well yeah we could go in the inside this that there’s there’s multiple buildings that kind of form a perimeter perimeter around the inner yard but then the inner yards Scott smaller doors they’re just kind of people doors that they’re not so public you know they’re probably less reinforced who knows what’s to that
patches who’s the weirdest of your bosses like the one who’s been behaving recently the most strangely the father he’s been super suspicious I mean the prior he’s also the father
there’s a lot of work done at church was he the father prior to being the prior will be right back
well that goes both ways I mean if you were the father of a infiltrated church you’d be paranoid but it also if you were a Dracula
you’d be like does anyone know right into the building building into there’s kind of a narrow narrow passage way it sits on say it’s 3 ft wide and it’s covered in like what do you call it there’s like barrels and all sorts of things like like storage items boxes that are that are holding kind of stuff for horses but it’s all just piled in kind of that’s made out of iron chain link so it all looks kind of noisy but there is you know you could go through it it’ll just be loud or you going to be real careful or something so it’s like a it’s like an attached garage
is there a quieter way to get in here to do we have to go be a one-man band as we walk in there
the cellar access is on the inside but now we go in another door but I thought most of these doors are boarded up
let’s see I’m pretty I’m pretty stealthy spell Loadout was that I did a fencer do you remember the third one I don’t really have any magic that can help us isn’t easy for me because I’m smaller the kind of like shimmy through this noisy box and Shane are you are smaller yeah alright too much easier if you want to try some of these bordadoras first try to pry these off for do you want to go I guess one more question is there are there any functions coming up where I mean these doors are boarded up like these guys are relegated to they’re just going to stay in there and never come out or they are there any Town Hall meetings coming up where
all there was a big ceremony but I don’t know anything about that tell us about the ceremony I don’t know anything about that they just said said it needed to be guarded in there I don’t know man I think it’s what you don’t know if I don’t think it’s happened yet there’s a ceremony about to happen I don’t know man they don’t tell me nothing this guy at door on fire we going to get in there
are you suggesting I don’t know if you like that door on fire and they’re like in the basement lights lighting doors on FiOS not us here
don’t know if here is better than where we were before we started sliding doors are fire why do what I’m an optimist and chain kind of video game where you going to do your little booty move through the I have a lot of dexterity not a lot of stuff do you have acrobatics
all right we’ll dexterity as well I have some stealth for
dairy chocolate 15K read that what what what do you think I should do I think you start trying to get through into it like just see when will you have the opposite side of the rope from an upstairs window I bet oh okay
I want to text seriously and stealthily make my way across the room past all the loud metal stuff you said you’re a dick sturdy was 15 or 8 the role of guys 15 to 17 on my phone
you’re not just being aloof no Jon Favreau needs a DM and you’re like dude speak through the passageway and make it to the other side are in a large kind of inner inner sanctum kind of inner inner yard area
the large inner sanctum yard area. It’s a concert I want to cross right and go up across the ancestors took like a side yard you want to try it too
not that you can see did you see it did you see any other doors over there DJ
I walk around the perimeter and look for doors around the perimeter yep that’s all you see and they are there’s a 225 horses that are tied up and they look great look real nice horse has the nicest horses you’ve seen in several days you guys are the nicest person ever seen a single you understand we have to let we have to take these work and we’ll see if we can hear you people inside can hear you you can’t you don’t have a walkie-talkie whatever that will end up being your beautiful
can’t hear you because you’re being quiet
does the staircase go up or down it goes up
you guys I’m just going to go exploring
I’m going to go up there so beautiful you have to see if you get caught in there
beautiful girls in your stats
Spencer I go up the stairs you do that you do that you go up into a room it looks kind of like the room of a Tavern or Inn in kind of it’s it’s like from a video game it’s a narrow hallway in each side of the hallway is flanked by Three Doors it seems like us like sleeping quarters kind of upstairs room how many tours
6766 doors behind door number three
go with your gut man go with your gut alright you open the door or wait sorry you open the door oh it’s nice you see a chest there’s a chance that the floor of the bed at Treasure Chest in this world exciting the chest and there’s a bad and there’s a person in the bed and they’re asleep because you’re still pretty quiet
how can we can we can we have a turn out here though yeah yeah I remember when I held outside the front door stealthy but you are acrobatic right is there is there a way for you to get it extra super acrobatic I have a fly I have to climb a great climber what what’s the outside of the building look like it’s like Ruff hewn stone brick
remember when I climb the porcelain Tower of benezra home all right how high is it is this wall go yeah you do that you easily make it on like 40 people take 25 feet because you make it on but to what looks like a kitchen as you can see in the windows cleaning up after this party I’m with the Millennials call a tank top of a kitchen how do I know what the kitchen because you saw in the windows way to tie off a roping Arena and let him climb up a gargoyle
0 what’s it going to be great
text Terri 12 it’s easy to climb up a rope that to me so I don’t class it’s hard these are these are knotted ropes meant to be kind of easily I look around our area you can see the yard I see two horses they’re like real nice
oh fuck wait wait wait you’re not going to believe these horses looking at the horses I’m picturing us like we climbed up something yeah you’re on top of the kitchen cuz he went up the stairs square and you’re looking into the yard and then inside of it in the middle Square there so you can see like this looks like an Abbey I don’t know looks like a fucking mission building you know the long kind of mission and in the window you can see Steve opens the door and he’s like he’s he’s walking into one of these bedrooms and he can kind of see him you know you don’t really see too well you just see him over there
he’d wanted one of the doors walk around on the rooftops all the way around us to where he is and you’ll end up on top of his roof on top of the roof that he’s under I’ll be on top of him what does our access to that roof like like to that staircase or anything like that who can we get to the staircase we have to climb back down on the inside of the yard kind of okay we just get in there and I went to sleep but be quiet or do you want to go rooftop I’m sorry I dragged right a b a b a r like the courtyard the building’s form the guard wall like all these building, the building cellulose go to the roof of the building that we saw at diarrhea in Italy
okay are we got them all right I keep my rope tied to the gargoyle and leave it there in case we need to get out that way I’m going to leave that rope there are the courtyard I got to pass the horses into the app yeah but I have to stay there cuz no one to get the Rope off right there okay sweet we climb down the Rope horses staircase one door okay we go up that staircase Steve’s Hall you see the door it’s still open you see Steve he’s looking at you
I wasn’t worth it we need the horses we don’t need help I will help with your generation of conspicuous consumption you don’t need those horses you’ve only just saw they’re so beautiful and can hold all of my armor and swords I have perfect for you it’s called two legs and and and and self-reliance
okay look I’ll make you a deal okay
medieval equivalent of a fan
yeah just a different thing about the front we brought horse when we leave we’ll take the horses to the perfect Escape vehicle great we’re not right now we need to focus but sure yeah
I look all right I tried to go get a look at the prison see if the prior it’s it’s a person you saw at the church but it’s still snowing very important we saw at the church that bad so you have to admit if you like passion
ever ever
skin patches all right we go somewhere we were out of earshot with a little I’m still learning my voice I just want to say this is what I wanted to share our thoughts okay we haven’t started infiltrating a Nabi we should open all the chests this is Mike know that you think you can say that you have a right to say that when we’re brainstorming but I want I don’t want to say what I have to say I’m still a student we followed a robed figure we think that they’re here if they’re here I’m going to throw out some thoughts vampire done ghoulmaster ghost ghost Mega ghost goes out at night mutilates cattle comes back here at dawn break they’re going to sleep in a not just hang out in a bed
what do you think they hate the cattle there they want blood or there’s evil afoot in this place and it that means there’s probably an evil section where the evil is more afoot than in plain sight we be looking for subterranean egress I hate to you over use that word will you find music stores here no no
don’t swear it is Subterranean in the library why do they call my parents patch in ya patch of DNS
how come you didn’t characters names as your last name now it’s my first name no church people has her to
I’ll leave don’t be so what’s your last name
Steuben’s stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid
what nationality is that
it’s a basic training training and I know it’s raining at should have guessed patchin’s to Penn’s scrape okay thank you sorry I hope it didn’t do braids you know know it’s accurate. Is that close to meta game for a second that’s like we have Ferraris in the parking lot with letter right it’s a cold flu it’s a fucking clue. Those horses are too fancy
we going to find Patton’s depends what’s up
where are the guest quarters are here these are the guest quarters up here sleeping I don’t I don’t think we have any guess as to their chests inside
it would be in that good there’s no I don’t think there’s any guests here you just the opposite is behind us the opposite way we have to split up
one of us has to go up to the head priority priority bedroom and make sure he doesn’t have signs of do moisture on his feet right I’ll go to the library for some reason like keeper hold here that’s a yes no proper yeah yeah just did that other door from the yard is maybe the best option where’s that event happening the ceremony at the ceremony we should have laid our doors on fire right now
with thrown out like 9 places to go and I I think somebody should go down to who I think it should be with someone should go and examine those horses and see if there’s any luck identifying like your saddlebags.
Play me examine those horses and you’re going to check on the priority at the church you’re going to go to the library and check out on the church is the church where the library is the different placement for the prior sleeps that you’re still see her you should be sleeping prior you should go Chelsea everything prior what are not their jackpot OK meet let’s all meet look back at the church if we think of my rope at your rope meet back at your rope in the song Swing on a star
have you guys seen Hudson Hawk gogone show tunes you can sing or we meet back how did people keep time when is descending on over this part of the sky before the moon touches the top of that tree when standing in the middle in the middle of the things
put your hands in the middle because we can’t do all this stuff we have to make it up dramatic sing like a serialized Netflix show if it turned an ending you had to make an ending out of what is otherwise just an 800 minute movie say a little prayer for you guys I believe in our religion I don’t believe in our church I said it you found it out now we’re in a fucking Mission Inn
from the silver flame
you believe in the silver flame though fuck yes yes no I got I don’t like the Church of the silver flame
you guys look both learn from me I saw promise in you I actually fudge some of the memos would they sent me here on a suicide mission and I said I want my two boys with me. What was my reminder
thank you so much everybody thank you for coming
Steve Levy
Jackie McConnell Special Forces
is there a practice to Molly mad at everybody
check out a show Caitlin neighbor on Vice
play coronavirus Carver and Stephen Church Kevin J Seven Hills at Kamer Christopher F everybody here every day and all the things and forgetting lots of people thank you all for coming out again his dad Hartmann
are there is the guy from West Virginia to Trinity came for a rap stuff West Virginia rappe West Virginia that could have been and I’m going to leave in Spanish
yo yo yo yeah yeah yeah
are divided they’re on different sides West Virginia feels like this East Virginia said just call me this Virginia I don’t want to be East Virginia I just want to be Virginia West Virginia say fuck you then going to go over to the West End and then one guy from West Virginia came to the show to hear me rap about it plainly so I did so I’m a man of my word and a man of my bed because when I eat I eat like a baby I ain’t your mama’s pussy I don’t say maybe not I don’t know what to do, so hard I started doing verbally
about her experience as a woman it’s called explaining and it’s the hot new move
I’m in spleen to your mama it’s plain to your daughter mansplain to the mountains about the meeting of water instead of a waterfall goes down cuz it hates I thought your mama like she was Kathy Bates and I said
body positive
fuck your mama explained
to her and she said well now that you said it that way I get it
and I left and I explained some more I will try for next week we’re doing the show Saturday next week to thank you guys.


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