Episode: 301 – SuperNova


Episode: 301 – SuperNova


We’re all mad about scooters, Dan gives an audience member a backpack and makes a new friend, then Spencer debuts his new role playing grading system. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden and Rob Schrab.


hello gang
Dynasty typewriter at the Hayward it’s whatever the theater is called down here in MacArthur Park Los Angeles Hermantown is now in session episode 301
I shitted my voice back I just got loud for no reason just bring out the Gamemaster extraordinary Spencer Crittenden everybody
secret treasures what you got secret treasures on the secret treasures I know your secret no
all right I’ll find out
well let’s see what we can bring up the mayor of Hermantown who
yeah I got a little baby backpack I got little baby backpack I’m back in town a little tiny thing the size of a wallet hanging on the back what are you calling
it proves I’m nice
only got so much shit so why would I have a bigger backpacks in it I just have room for my ex to see
got your little mini backpack it’s a Rick and Morty little tiny backpack
and I see like an improper I like. You kept the tags on it
to prove that it’s you know I’m kind of mint condition cuz I thought I’d give it away to an audience member tonight
are you saying that somebody here at the dynasty typewriter is going to go home with a tiny wallet-size Millennial backpack
there’s an impressive it’s a whole Mosaic of Rick and Morty scenes and thanks it was in my office on the pile of there’s merch every day comes in with a here’s the toothbrushes the Watchers the thing as a little tiny backpack I brought it home to Cody she said I’m a little old for a little tiny backpack wanted to take it to the show and give it away to somebody and you have worn it so
You Got Talent you could you’ll be able to say it was worn by
Dan Harmon
okay so what’s going on we we were just talking to you said you like the Ant-Man and wasp yeah the new Ant-Man movie haven’t seen it but I think he’s heavily involved in that Ant-Man business so it’s good to hear that that’s good I really like Deadpool 2 I think I mentioned that much and that again I thought Deadpool 2 it was awesome why do you like it it’s just that you when you’re shocked that like something like lands like I like superheroes and this is a movie
this didn’t kick me in the face yeah yeah I mean overall I am 45 years old you’re a spider I get it like I do you climb walls are still climbing I know I know you can climb walls I don’t care anymore I also don’t know what I care about him and don’t don’t go to me for what you should be watching my taste buds are dying so is my soul I sit in bed and I am leaving you the the best light for the worst life I’m listen to podcast about people being murdered by ahead and play Minecraft and slowly rotting away with a big smile on my face so if I was 19 time for urgent care about spider people
like like a beer 19 you’re probably like Jesus Christ this is my my die-hard yeah man I don’t know I don’t know from Kidz I don’t know what you care about is that Spider-man become Spider-Man Spider-Man spider spider Child 2 hours red
I guess so yeah but I promise you that the
the controversy over the E Scooters is definitely manufactured thank you
I see it as nothing but a bun I’ve never been trained by you a person riding around on a scooter that they rented with an app I’ve seen them I’ve puzzled at them and then someone’s explain it to me and my only thought was this is fantastic probably take me years to muster the courage to walk up to 1 and be like so what do I do it’s real fun but like how do you have your red one oh yeah up and down the shop
me and Dan have a shop now you haven’t been on one of you being mad about stuff right they used to be mad about rock and roll another mad about it what what what what’s the deal with the beef about the Santa Monica
Dan takes it away I certainly don’t want to blindly dismiss if anybody has a legitimate grievance I just I said I’d sort of like, there’s it that you know check is being used laterally and experimental e as it should be somebody like fighting ghetto it’s funny how culture progresses and things that the impressiveness of a way out ways any possible inconvenience like the potential Solutions scooters they just like you just throw them out in the street just throw up like there’s no they don’t have stations there’s no it’s sort of like GPS technology and these things that we associate with flag bridling us and no we’re all in an orwellian Society it’s like well yeah but it also means you could just take this fucking lump of metal and just go roll
lands and if you find one in the bush in front of my place is this is this somebody that wants this back like I have to go take a pee wants his back or can I come steal his scooter I don’t know what that was a picture so you can’t find it so he can get it but what if they’re like like we did with dirt bikes in 83 that’s the way I could get on your ride your dirt bike going to be fucking dish it you run in and play a dirt bike dirt bike to steal and now imagine a world where okay who needs to own this piece of shit just taking it to my friend’s house to play Atari for the dance Play Summer to take one of these I found a scooter and I live in Chelsea he lives in the Upper West Side
that tracks it’s a bit of a ride and I just tell her I I figure out how to make it work
and I get to your place and then I drop it off just leave it just leave it and then I come out and go but yeah I mean locate them with your at you can go to where’s the nearest one you can’t find it and I put it in your garage or you can take it into the house yet or you can just stay here and where’s my nearest scooter Herman’s house I was at sure that’s what I’m confused you stay renting it like okay so if you went to the 7-Eleven Jeff and then that means a lot to try and get it they can’t because it’s already in use by you so that’s that bush scooter might have already know you’re paying for the time to take a scooter home and charge it you get like 10 bucks for that it’s awesome the problem it was rolled out in Santa Monica which just has garbage traffic and especially guard
bike traffic which doesn’t in a great while we’re here to use and you don’t have to go out and be a weird biker to drive a bike don’t get me wrong if you like a bike that’s good but anyone can do it so we’re having more of a traffic problem because all this bite you know what is essentially bike traffic is now being forced to contend with road traffic and that’s a problem because the roads weren’t built for bikes but that’s a problem for bikes and not scooters it’s just a prop bad etiquette on a bicycle to be on the sidewalk I hate when my Grindr on the sidewalk to get killed by a family of scooter people but you would have got killed by a bike 2 weeks ago so you’re just fearing rock and roll I just want to add this as a as a former La bicyclist I just want to add I’d rather have people hate me for being on the sidewalk the fucking guy right
it’s not a bicycle friendly City anyway probably get killed in the road and they have the right away and yet they’re getting like probably hurt as if they were motorcyclist to know what they’re signing up for sorry if you’re out there and you got injured in a motorcycle accident I’m just being glib bicycles games and stuff you just riding on the side of the road let’s let’s find like take it to the streets like yeah I want to know how to do it it’s great how do you know if the battery is going to die on it it’ll tell you when you scan or looking for him it’s great
sorry about all the answers
alright so
I was eating dinner with my friend and you remember from the dead fish episode we were having dinner when you’re just so the topic and dad said come up again and look like before I really have always had a problem with the saying that his dad would say you know if you if you would go I got I wish I wish we could have gone to the zoo today and then like his dad would say wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster
it’s the fucking most awful thing I’ve ever heard
it just doesn’t it doesn’t scan for me it doesn’t you don’t wish into anything because it did sort of like like your one parent about the way from tank fill one hand with wishes and feel the other hand was shit and see which is more valuable
are you going to be in full of shit value to the amount of you have to wash it is like a maze that you could wish for a toilet you could wish for
if you’re wishing in your hand you’ll be fucking doing it for weeks I got you a handful of which is right now and you can still use them to do stuff yeah fukin lunch box I got a bunch of a pocket operators in and let her know that if it’s good they’re like little synthesizers that the kids are doing all the kids they love them is a book called what makes a mirembe but sjoberg is Sammy Glick and he says it’s like a about the Hollywood System back and they like thirties forties fifties and sixties are your friend doesn’t want to ride that bike punch up your script for $50 because you tell someone so if he doesn’t like $50 he can sit in his hat pulled over his head and call it curls
that’s the best thing
I think a lot of people get away with invoking shit in his I quit statements that I’ve been counting on you to not think twice about a my dad used to say if I want any shit out of you I’ll squeeze your head by wait what yeah, that he would often and it’ll come out of your ears cuz I think he thought that weight this Kids 4 years old he doesn’t even understand what I’m saying but he had his child abuse they do you see a blank stare and it’ll come out of your ears it if I need it out of you out of your head will you know there’s an easier way to do it
squeeze the butt
what did you shoot out of you I’ll keep going to work from 9 to 5 and accepting the accountability that comes with reproduction and providing you with I will wait and I’ll put a special trap into the toilet cuz apparently I’m in this for shit
not wishes they have zero rest mass that means you can move at the speed of light they lived a thousand times it won’t cost you anything which which which which which which like I fucking wish away motherfukers you can’t you can’t you can’t flush a wish you don’t have to poop like sex
the fucking e-scooter business like I wish I wish I had was a fucking millionaire like that that’s a
your hand will you already existed
Madame crapper I wish I didn’t just sit in my hand the best in one hand and in the other and see which one fills up faster all right Dad I I went away and did what you said and I have a handful of shit see
I still don’t get your point man I just said I wish you were a better yet you can fill up
like I still don’t understand your point I just have shit in my head like that’s like just reinforced I feel like that I already had that in the form of your father that he should have called his bluff and go all right give me 20 minutes and come back out with a handful of ships and that they had the wishes still the faster
which way is what it what is its mass I don’t want that like witches are the only part of humanity that’s not redeeming quality that should be able to with a fuck them
Talia in 50 years like you won’t be able to do you know why they couldn’t wish we could what did we wish for greenhouse effect indirectly we didn’t really want that we wish for cars Penguins just whispered
they should have wished for the retention of flight
what what makes a bird of All Creatures think maybe we should get back into the ocean for four months while the house was out fishing even on the mammals that go back
to my boys the Dolphins like props Westside like like like we get it like fucking maybe shit was going ham up here like you were like a dog creature you maybe I could have flippers I go back isn’t your influence of hang out with us brontosaurus is there like this is fucking bullshit like I was like experimenting with the will of been told that if I start breathing oxygen I can eat leaves and hang out and then it’s like and then something comes up disembowels is like fuck this
I’m like on that guy’s side that’s unlike good good for you do you know what a Dave Klein whale says
Well Company exotic is about to have her in certain
back in even Steve
well you know what to do
dance leaving the stage is Rob takes just days after taking dance popcorn Rob test the new share it doesn’t look more comfortable
what do you think is it comfortable kind of like a high chair yeah is that what we’re going for people trying to make you happy about you more comfortable if I got a question do you want mine
I knew it I knew it
I still can’t see but I know what’s happening thank you thank you thank you thank you there’s a new chair
this hair does look comfortable
what are your thoughts on Senator McCain died
his name
all right you can have a little system but he seems like he was trying to do some good stuff he fought for our country he got his p o w o you know I mean like what do you think about Rob thoughts on John McCain died I think they were too safe I don’t think you took a real stand in front of like like what I would have is a thought like a frog or rivets are a valuable part of society
do you usually go to frogs for like political commentary cover me for share criticism try what you think about the genocide going on in Miami right now
I don’t even know the top chords bad for the show you guys are call jr. commercial people use the sound of people eating which want to fucking barf hungry I don’t know how much Carl’s jr. ads amplify the sound of eating but I don’t know that that’s true I think that if anyone knows how unattractive the sound of eating is it’s the Company’s trying to sell that is there anybody in the audience yes preferably of the
of the persuasion but I’m not going to say that was great
there’s somebody out of it
is there anybody in the audience that
that what is the is the that that identifies as the kind of person that would like to wear a tiny backpack who also like wait for it sorry who also would give us honest feedback from their perspective on what they expect from the show moving forward
all right
the second row
your name is Nova.
Your name is Nova
hey hey know the number was in Planet of the Apes the original Planet of the Apes I know is that what the television show
The Car Store
yeah it is what else do you need
what am I don’t answer that
I know but what do you think qualifies you to wear the coveted tiny Rick and Morty backpack
well I’m a pretty huge Super Fan of harmontown I’ve been to like almost every show at this theater and I love Rick and Morty I resent this line of questioning she doesn’t have to prove nothing it’s a consumer product you just have to want the backpack you have to earn the backpack that’s real move it
phone wallet me about my friend
hey what are you doing for Labor Day weekend over Labor Day weekend going to be on the backpack on Labor Day weekend do you want to go get a tattoo on Labor Day weekend with me and Rob
go see the big weekend to traumatize in the weather going to be like I don’t even know what happened it was like Thanksgiving at my uncle’s like yeah I also and then also if the audience is having a good time but then I’m also on top of that I should have a good time.
stick in the dick and give me the game man I’m not a stick in the European yeah this is an allowable posture for somebody got some snot dripping off your mustache ice did you just say I was acting like a real stick
don’t want to put you in between this job I won’t be able to open the Galaxy Tour Nova believe in yourself smell of a please Nova give me a name Nova what’s my name is that why you listen to the show cuz you seem sometimes just want to die in your like me and knows what it’s like he gets sad okay good that’s what I thought. So he kind of ruins at sometimes right now okay
funny makes you like legitimately upset not know but he’s not upset
show I get concerned about $10 I guess you’re concerned about you driving from Silver Lake wherever you’re coming from MoneyGram online. I want you to have a good time I always have a good time okay what do you do for a living if I may ask
I’m never going to put in for that charge scooters you can go grab them you can take him in charge of yeah man I see people doing that it’s crazy powered they are self mopower
they need to be charged and there’s like cultures of kids like they they roll in scooter charging gangs at war with each other that’s on My Little Dicky but I know this scooter belongs to the jackboys
scooter fights but all the scooters are out of battery
they’re all white one it’s hard to do Jerome Robbins choreography
answer Nova can I ask you
cast culture do you listen to podcast when your leg going to sleep at night like you make it part of your life I listen to podcast just threw out like my whole day cuz I feel too I don’t know kind of like lonely or sad with like nothing on ya so I listen to harmontown or Game Grumps which is technically not a podcast but there’s no like face cam so it’s like everything so what did you like my concern as an old-timer I’m thinking about you kids I’m like if I was Nova and I was going to sleep and I listen to harmontown can I rely on this show to like have like a consistency and I like sort of like oh I’m coming home to harmontown but it’s like like I just that’s that’s when I express anxieties that’s what I’m worried about I definitely have like I’m coming home to harmontown of like I don’t know there’s so much diversity in like 300 episodes
leave for white people up here this show is not my fault
how many ways continue Nova has not good for sleep I don’t know it’s like that’s like their voice is different or whatever but it’s a flat world like like like is there a certain time of day or certain activity that the podcast Works especially best for Sims Sims 4 Sims for Minecraft and have Nova do an ad for his right now is
hey Simms very broken very fun yeah you get to live as little people but they don’t do anything interesting they just kind of go around the house you make yourself food and stuff you can have little careers I just like making houses cuz it’s fun do you like Green diamonds floating above head do you like trapping people inside watching your Sims go to the bathroom for a really long time do you like making your Sims pee on the floor and mop it up while crying no I don’t like doing bad things to make me feel sad I get too attached to that Mom like their people making houses mostly playing is not my home and it just flies everywhere and every bummed out and like I said I don’t know why it has to be so bad at it
I never get well you have to be dedicated to it’s like you’re going to be late for work I do get like that that that that that Tamagotchi anxiety going to get away from any other xiety like you know like you get like a Tamagotchi anxiety or for like it traffic is like a parking lot on the 405 involved in your mom is talking to you when I get to tell my God
I don’t get it I have a level of chaos has leveled up because of a good chair
been happier sigala
real story here which is me throwing buckets of enabling on him trying to make him happy like like like should I dig a pit of spikes and have them fall into it and might be getting more cushion I I keep a peace in him more and more I flew into Boston like the Dylan’s telling this story you’re telling the story on the show someone else anyways he’s going to know if anyone else
damn flu Rob out to Boston mix
was there more
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes have the themes relate to my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker it myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerds like ever you’re always in good hands

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aren’t you guys going to buy weed together I heard back okay so here’s the deal to go rob approached me can you teach me how to vape
Adventure said
yes oh yeah yeah and now he were going to do it on Wednesday you guys are going to go buy a go to a dispensary El Chavo jom the ropes, yeah let me let let’s run through some names that sound like Spencer suspend suspension dispense dispenser that’s about all of them
but no I told her I would take him to the store next time I was going but I have had to start looking weed so it like it took a lot longer I’m talking about bees and love man we need to give that out just dope some guy dispensary that turns Robin to a blackweb station characters
man you need to give me when I haven’t done it if you feel different you drive different
you know what I’m saying you want different you drive different
they sell Bape shirts and Bape posters they sell date hats and babe socks fucking a man all right I’m going to take some I’ll go to take for Vape socks a couple hats I’ll take a vape
don’t get worse when you’re up here.
oh my God thank you I’m so glad this is why you’re here
but I mean public television supporters like the stars kind of thing but not like weird and you are you are you a science person to
I don’t know I like psychology and sociology and stuff not so much like the physical sciences I can’t wrap my head around it like I don’t care why it why rock is formed I don’t know Mouse’s
when when what interests you about that fascinates you I don’t even know but oh well I’ll just go with the psychology sociology thing I guess I really like
I really like a trying to figure out how people work I don’t know I have I have Asperger’s so I’m always trying to like I do I feel the same way I feel like I really need to understand people I don’t like doing what they’re doing cuz I just don’t get it what are they thinking I don’t understand I don’t know why I’m doing what I’m doing I don’t know. Thanks I could be comforting to think there was maybe a couple rules yeah I would be very nice to know
not even cuz I’m upset about it just cuz it’s like why why why why why am I doing what I did you think or do you see yourself a question grown-ups ass kids that your answer that you can plead the fifth but like do you see yourself in any kind of vocation in particular is there a fantasy job the only thing that I’ve really always been there like everything that I see am I going to do I want to do that I want to do that but the thing that I’ve always been like yes that absolutely sounds amazing as I’ve always liked acting like always liked stator acting and not like I want to be a star or whatever but I don’t know I just see I like being in plays and exactly Peter Lake Zurich High School College yeah I was like the 2nd that I was old enough to be in the school Plain Elementary School cuz you weren’t allowed to do it
Peter Pan Starkey she’s not like famous she’s like there’s like Captain Hook’s me than Starkey and he really likes unhappy about who is the anchor of the surtax do you remember any of his lying
I just remember him being like I’m not take my gun out and then just me being like dude for real no their children like stop I don’t know it was really fun I like them a lot if acting was a job that if if all jobs kind of but there was some fantasy Society where everything paid kind of in accordance with some sort of shared value system like acting has this like built-in thing or it’s like well maybe one day you’ll be back mad and because one day you’ll be Batman and then you’ll buy a million houses like for now by Janet Jackson commercials or acting well I don’t care I’m actually curious like people who like like like like like if we really got to choose and we could make a living wage and you could like do back brake
acting work in a theater and it had nothing wasn’t attached to this idea of my goal is to be Susan Sarandon and it was just actually I would like to do this for my life if you as a society could provide me with a guarantee that I can do it for 30 years like like that we could like come into black box theater it in going to go like hello I’m like yeah yeah I think you can lick I mean would you think that everyone would be like I want that job that’s a privilege job I don’t think so I think singer people are just like yeah every little kid wants to be an actor or singer cuz they want to be famous and want people to pay attention to put love acting and I think a lot of people would never want to be an actor
I mean is it another role that you like if you could do any role at I got any that use a small theater or like Broadway and is there a certain that you would freak out for I would there’s like a lot I would love to I don’t know if there’s like a long list and stuff but I would absolutely love to be like I don’t know I’ve been I’ve always been cast into like small character roles and then I’ve also never been considered kind of feminine enough for masculine enough for any of the characters so I always end up a little bit roles and stuff that can kind of be gender-neutral and I would love to be like a protagonist or something like Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors or like what temperature must figure something out and then we’ll we’ll do an embarrassing revised version of it
I’ll be your your your either either your I’ll be your I’ll be your plant your Andre oh yeah you can really ham it up here we go this is this is just her living her life
I’m a plan I’m not doing any more what do you why are you you’re denying me
what do I know if yes and a little and I respect your boundaries I love you please don’t be functioning plant without being able to work with your environment I get it right that’s good sure was it good
which is interesting it’s in Hollywood if you guys are around until the 16th of Cabaret with that love is a really good production and they’re very tiny feeder at the Luxor the celebration theater at the lacks its really really good you like a brewery I have not seen it but I would love to give him money with the film of the first front to back all right
it’s a musical about
not Nazi X yeah not the times and there’s a cabaret they under in front of course you’re doing me very well-known song
very familiar with how about let’s hear little music man Music Man Robert Preston deep cut yeah I know I saw that movie he is a con artist in the end o the ladies like you you ain’t got no trumpets and then he’s like no I got trumpets for real and then at the end he has magic Trumpets like trumpets.
I haven’t seen it in a long time. And they also very proud of their kids for even playing shity music because that’s exactly what we already understood to be the kind that the parents would be so proud that he would sell them the insurance instruments cells in the uniforms and then I thought you meant around to find out
that Adam problem-solve themselves right as they do in shity story heart attack
somebody called crazy with that Charlie Chan. What the fuck did Godzilla and crazy rich Asian food
see this is interesting because at least in Japan don’t they literally transpose the l&r syllable so I mean definitely it’s still like races because that’s what we make sure I like that goes you’re a tricky I mean we should definitely avoid it I just like that is what happens yeah but it’s rules for racism is it you don’t want anybody to think that the goal is to get away with being racist or prove that they’re not racist because you don’t want anybody somebody asked me that interview today is so and so racist there was a got you a question about somebody will notice us supposed to answer the question and I and I said that’s a deeply irresponsible question to ask or answer about anybody right now because it like like if you like is the goal to get a not racist card from Monday so that you can be as racist as possible on Wednesday like
there is no like that you you don’t want to ask that or answer that you what you want to do is try to maybe figure out like how to not be racist tomorrow to change the definition of sensitivity training and stuff for like don’t be racist don’t be sexist is more like don’t say these words and it’s that kind of thing just makes me how do I owe so how do I get around those were empathy empathy how not to do sexist racist thing but you’re still sexy as two raises but you know not like you but like a person
what I say if I say
like a like an actual he like a person with feelings one of those words of my mouth
repeated what you said sweetheart
okay fine darling but it’s hard to treat people like people treat them like they were they your best friend and then you’re like one of my best friends and I used to place music we’re at the ball up his rear end on a great game wait for the language
70s Wisconsin but anyways like can we actually worried about hurting each other like stopping people saying a word doesn’t mean everyone suddenly not racist or sexist but in front of the wrong because hackers are all about Cody and talk really well and then not say certain words and stuff and it’s somebody who doesn’t really know the who doesn’t really know the rules or whatever but they’re clearly like a good person who’s not racist or sexist or they’re not on the real like the wavelength of like we’re not allowed to say this anymore or something like that and the kinds of people who are into rules i e like like like those are the people that are going to be the first people to like adapt and pick up on shit and go like oh so if I say this and don’t say that and then I say this and don’t say that and then if you said that in the
did that new said that they’re like the kinds of people that have those kinds of brains they’re pretty largely dangerous people they got that way because they are not focused on empathy yeah they’re more concerned with like self-image rather than actually being good to other people there just like I want everyone to think that I’m being good to other people or whatever I do not want to talk about you don’t want to drag your friend Nova I have a few bones to pick
Mandel Mandel okay you wanted to be special
Nova special Nova special a different John or whatever away there’s a Nova special that I can never watch because my dogs won’t allow me so then it was like the big logo flash on the screen and then like big dramatic music and it was like it’s cool I want you all the time
yeah didn’t you asked me was to talk about how I don’t even know what to do it’s okay good I’m moving forward
yeah I just yeah you listen to the show you know like what what’s my job what am I supposed to do it’s I think it’s the same from that it’s always been I mean maybe it’s been different in your head but it’s always like kind of seemed the same of while you can have a lot of internal things going on and then we kind of get the same results at the end or whatever and you just you know you come out and you talk and then it’s like it’s your show you if Spencer any of Jeff and now it’s Robin. Hey guys get a question what when is he doing it right well I don’t I don’t know I would you listening to it you’re like oh yeah this is his harmontown like there’s like if you talking about like your dogged or whatever like I might think it’s hilarious and then somebody else might be like in and then you might be talking about a drink you had and then someone else I think it’s hilarious I might be like I am but I always loved the show because if I
I don’t get people who are like I had a group of soda except these kinds of episodes like I mean if you’re with your stuff up for me but for me it’s just like I love you and I promise to listen to it if I didn’t always really liked it and I don’t know I’m really hot like you talk a lot about how special it was that like the Meltdown and stuff and like I’m like sad that I never got to go there cuz I was like listening to every single episode through and I was like when I catch up I’ll go and you guys a lot of servers and it’s sad that there’s already a post meltdown generation that’s just sad
hey are you going to stab your parents like like like a generation born.
Are you sure yeah okay are you going to are you going to weaponize your tiny Rick and Morty backpack
that was too ready and answer that was awesome
yeah I mean I every time I see one of the room
I don’t know I’ll just I’ll just talk about like since I’ve been coming here and stuff like yeah I caught up with all the episodes of a theater and then I kept thinking like please don’t end please don’t end please don’t and if they can’t find a theater whatever and you guys came here and I was so happy and then every single time I’m like I hope he’s not like I’m going in the show I hope he’s not looking good in the show awful horrible architect today
no no I don’t feel that way at all I I know I mean I blow things up in my head so I hear like one tone and I’m like no. I mean I guess. Let me think about it
depends how many people love me I know I really don’t that’s not my intent
almost every single week since since you started doing the shows here I just I come early so I’m ahead in line and I make friends with someone in line and then some people come back like a lot and and then we sit next to each other during the show and then you know I love the shell after listening to the podcast so long then coming here like the first couple shows which is like I get really excited my things so I was like completely Starstruck and now it’s like in my excitement levels are off the charts now I can just actually like enjoy the show without this I kind of need that I listen to some of them I even like Cody and I talked about like very candidly in a way that I wouldn’t like are we listening to this podcast we love this bad guys it’s like the law
blur but the behavior doesn’t change which is something a guy like me what obsessed about like wait am I doing good or bad you like me or hate me but it’s like a podcast that the people are listening to their listening to because it’s like part of their family and your family you’re like you’re like Uncle Henry like I like I don’t do I do I admire him do I do I think I should do what he says or anything it just started like know he’s Uncle Henry is always there cuz I listen to these podcasts that are like sort of experiment too much I actually get mad at them and I’m kind of like like oh this guy always does that and then I put it on and I’m like going to do something different and I’m like what are you doing stop it I’m not listening for anything other than just the people that are on the show you and Spencer and Jeff and then whoever else might be here like Robert Brandon or whatever
God bless you God bless you you’re doing a great job
yeah we are
this is exactly what Dan wants to hear you’re doing great. Do you drink at it yet you don’t get high but you do drink I’m driving to pass the popcorn popcorn thank you know me.
I don’t know it’s not a lot left you sure you want it
yes give it to me there’s not enough left there’s plenty look at this
that’s the best stuff really hard out of spite that bottom of the popcorn bag tooth break or shit that’s the saltiest stuff don’t put it in my bag would you say though among your top of your to grab a couple words like an adjectives I present you with a sea of adjectives and I say Nova
Nova pick your like there’s a handful of adjective is a gram of them go a like like would you like from the Dan Harmon that you are like honesty like I want I want honesty Dan’s going to be honest with me you’re going to grab honesty right transparency because I’m transparent and I’ll deal with the fucking hurt that you just inflicted on me in real time where you’re at because you’re such an. You’re so on is that person he’s honest Buck you I’m going to kill myself and Liam mention you in the note
3H isn’t it is hard it does not go lay out of depressive gonna end up meeting me at the present but yeah but I also don’t have some real manager press a baller
thanks man it’s true
what is a Titan that you should never take anybody with you you should be about it
I’m trying to figure out your suicide note writers last night remember the time in the place because that’s the way that the show and I have a rich tradition of perfectly Walking the Tightrope I never I’ve never falter it’s less honesty specifically that word the word is more authenticity like and like genuineness or whatever of like you just come out here and be yourself you’re not like okay this is like I don’t know I’ve never really if that person is going through a crisis for they like who the fuck am I then it’s like starts things start to get a little bit brechtian to borrow a college student website
the podcast is about me figuring out what the podcast is on then you’re like all that and $0.50 will get me a Snickers I mean I’ve never liked not listen to an episode cuz you’re in a bad mood but like
I thought I’m dating myself a Snickers and a handful of shit will fill one hand supposed to put BatDad point was I have no idea I can’t even be real mean I think was his point of substance he’s saying like welcome to the world of substance like real things are just things that are real are closed because the guy that owns a handful of something invisible called credit but it doesn’t even have a hand that is all pretty filling out but I know it makes me mad I’ll let you know
for the narrow window of capitalism
especially saying don’t dream because like what what what is a wish like I have to go to work
play Punch up is it is it like like like you say here here’s my picture and what he’s saying hey son poop in one hand and wish in the other and tell me which get you more peanuts
neither. Poop has peanuts in it it’s gross but only if you eat peanuts
okay I didn’t know if we’re going to 1
peanuts I got water she didn’t want ham
in the other hand
I’d see all the shit in your hand and stone in the other hand looking looking a mess you made now going to bathroom and clean up the shit on your hands before we have dinner that’s my hands in the other hands then you’ll find out whether your left or right handed you always poop at the same time
rub on your feet
roll around in it
eat the shit
wish you didn’t do that
and see what happens if you go and see if anything happens you know just like the anti wish Lobby is so adamant about fictionalizing there wish their metaphor is that you driving home it’s like aren’t you a pragmatist just tell me which is don’t mean anything like what happened in anti wish man why don’t you take a wish to put it in the dragon’s ass like well hey what are we in Narnia here I thought we don’t mean anything when we are worth more than shit at least in this world definitely I mean literal negative value in most situations
like I got to get rid of it in the liability isms like for instance my dad would say you would go well if we do this no do that my dad would say if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle and where are you let’s ask them yeah I would like a huge thing that I actually really love about the show is that there’s been like transgender people and staged cuz like I’m transgender and there’s like they’re nowhere to be found in like you know there’s birds and bees
vulnerable and you felt like that haha I’m not really happy about it it’s amazing I love you I’m not a person who either happy I try to police myself being reacted to things like I sent my reactions to things like I am an old man and then I see something in the in the headlines and you know I have that same Instinct that other people have any go well now is this brother is bird scooters
turn prompts for like you know some new culture I’m like if it’s like not like a dumb thing then maybe we’ll stick around and it’ll be fine and it probably won’t even if you guys tried the void
the VR experience Galleria and then I will make it happen over time okay yes you have to know the void the VR Experience Saturday
is that you guys don’t like some Saturday but I really did do the void that’s honesty that’s true you’re right I’m sorry for right I guess I don’t know what you were saying there’s a snitch
now we don’t need to talk about that though it’s fine honestly I need it I need to hear that because I off of the envelope because I’ve often in the past like because it was at like like I destroyed my life is actually just blunder through these minefields and I’m just like myself that everybody will get the message that I don’t need anybody any harm that you like blunder through things or whatever like I said I’d rather people talk about things than just pretend I’d rather
so much
no but you’re the best by the way that I love you ignore them because they try to pretend they don’t exist cuz they’re afraid of messing something up you know like I’d rather you like kind of address it even if you like blender quote on quote ride me like a lot of people kind of my circles kind of don’t feel that way they’re like if you say one word fuck you you know and I know cuz I understand like I mean I’ve look like in the last two years in particular has been fucking crazy roller coaster ride for even my archetype so like even before that date you want you you made a watch me going up and down in like learning about like oh how do I address this and have it what language do I use here and then election happens and it’s like oh now I’m learning like what it’s actually like to feel like you’re like isolated and that you have no control and it’s like welcome to the party from its
I can’t remember what my point wasn’t going to let you drunk but job but I do appreciate that cuz I listen to book now on tape at her like called like getting over your addiction to approval at like like like right now at this point is in this this this Twilight of my life like I like my heart is saying
maybe about that’s that’s like my ironic job is like I have this like tank of shame that like it’s nobody else’s fault that it’s there and it’s like it has nothing to do with like whether or not I’ve paid more Jews than anybody else it’s just a fucking fact that like I have this crazy battery of filled with shame and like anybody that says if somebody says pass the salt there’s a 20% chance that I’ll figure out a way to turn it into you didn’t pass the salt earlier you piece of shit that it just it just like weird shit like that like like I got this like fucking bucket of Shame driving me absolutely crazy and so that makes it in particular like that it’s like oh what’s with this approval addiction cuz if you’re going to try to get people’s approval then you’re going to run into situations where people are going to say actually I’ll take a pass on that you didn’t get my approval and if that’s going to make you fly into a rage maybe you shouldn’t be in the approval game or maybe you should lose the shame and Center so I’m listening to all these
King like books on tape that are like hey like they don’t care what people think but at the same time I like it how does that help us I think that’s the good news about it is that actually we could we could actually all call out to each other over a of a Whirlpool like actually a quality achieved if it gets that chaotic we can all be like I can’t tell the difference between anybody right now I’m pretty sure it’s just a whirlpool
and everyone goes yeah and anybody that says I do want to drown it’s like all right sounds like you’re in pain like like his why should you want to drown and anybody that’s like you should drown I’m not drowning it’s like okay he’s a fucking deluded Nazi but even then Four Agreements says that guys made of light
just leaving with one thing tonight is that Nazis are made of light
I refuse that to be the title of the show that will not do you say we shouldn’t call a built-in same thing of like I’ll totally apologetically be myself all the time but if anybody calls me on anything I’ll be like you’re running with these are like no it’s all good and then if anybody were to be like what you pass the salt like that even if it wasn’t super mean I just do it with people asked me to pass the salt
that’s nice for you. For 2 seconds to microns and pass the salt over to somebody maybe I’ve been using it maybe I’ve been cruel garden and finally wins
feels like I met him in Amber I was like hello and he was like hi and then we’ve got bored out and shipped here in years old my best friend
play clink clink and and the thing that blew my mind that actually really challenged me cuz I thought they took that away from me to is self loathing it’s like it’s it’s another fucking Dodge that’s the thing I just realized that the other day like I was in the shower it’s just another way of like giving into yourself critic and like you’re basically doing it’s a Dodge it’s like a it’s like a check kiting scheme to say to me like oh you said some transphobic shit in the last podcast and if I were to go yeah I’m a piece of fucking shit, an apology or anything like yeah I’m like not a real Wrecking
accuse me of like oh you’re mean to this person which like I never was it was just like if someone misinterpreted something I said or something in like I would just immediately just burst into tears of because and it was like legitimate I wasn’t faking it was like oh woe is me but maybe you like unconsciously I was I don’t know I hurts to think it’s better to be the worst thing that could ever happen face with a two-by-four I would take that over like when I was on the playground and people would punch me like the thing that would make me cry would be somebody coming up and sticking up for me and doing like leave them alone and then I would start crying because it be like Oh I’m like causing everybody like like you’re like making people like half the basement for fucking cool guy now has to take time out of his fine with this piece of shit like fucking hit the harder they could only makes me stronger
it doesn’t even have to be like people liking you it’s just like you would pick up for me or three every yes and we all did okay he said you look like Ralph Macchio self-hatred is like just an excuse to not really like it’s a stopping point because you’re like oh should I should I go exercising know I hate myself I don’t have to do that but it wasn’t cuz that’s something probably important that you should do and you should just stop thinking about it by short cutting up with I hate myself and yeah so I think that’s what I was getting at is it’s a Dodge basically shutting down those avenues that we’re going to be frustrating which is connection where you might be accountable you might have to do the awkward painful thing is like not being a hero or a villain I just saying to somebody
did I sleep just regular person that maybe is or isn’t high maintenance like a maybe should or shouldn’t be my friend isn’t a hero or a villain but just is saying I’d prefer it if you gave me Splenda instead of Sweet and Low like like like the tendency to go like and or going like I’m a piece of shit there alternative
but also something sometimes the self-loathing as opposed to turning it out on other people can feel safer because you feel like you’re not hurting anyone know what you’re feeling in my suffering fine you know life happens to people who actually have their do English people are like I’m going to fucking cut myself until you call me back and all that shit like that that’s an instinct that humans have like because we it’ll it’ll give you a dopamine Spike tell you what did you what did you just say now I’m comfortable he said he said we’re boring no I said no it’s not OK Google
it is awesome chair that I got for you you’re welcome you pipes I haven’t stopped smiling
yeah I mean that maybe that’s why I love parmesan so much because I see so much of myself and you and stuff and also like you’re in your forties so I’m like okay cool like you know if I can make it I would like to think that honestly it cuz I would let you know that I like I think it’s cool that’s that is like that’s what I want to hear ya I don’t I don’t know I don’t pay a lot of attention to stuff made by people like my Edge cuz I’m like what what do you have to offer me for every year

yeah yeah I don’t know I guess any fantasy request as far as like segments like like like if you if you could just fantasize about like you’re listening to it your your I can’t remember what you said you were
what your ideal
is that all you’re playing Sims and it was in fact so any like that you’re like God I wish they would you like a top 10 list or just any kind of my favorite parts of all time of the show are when this is not a fantasy things happens constantly my favorite part of of any episode is when you coming
sorry sorry I cut you off where we going to say Nova
you have funny stories from your life would like something weird happened with the dog door or you can just someone ran into my garage cuz I’m very lonely and pathetic and it feels like I have a friend do you know who’s like telling me about something that I actually am not bored by and you know it was funny or like this you know people beat the little light at the you know whatever and it probably feels good I would imagine I hope that to know that like if I fantasize about slowly getting richer and richer that I realized that that actually just constricts your life experience down to this like dilated and just keeps talking about how I have more flower petals when I’m 25 of the show that’s like the funniest part of the show what is comedy it’s like you do what you supposed to be drawing from living your life and then dude I just think about like the only person that nailed it so far to Larry David cuz he migrated to HBO and then was like literally
this is a show about be arguing with my Gardener and I’d like
but you think it was like that is genuinely the progression like if you’re if you are successful at getting people to laugh like you you are rewarded in our glorious Society to a level where your like I no longer the top of this podcast as I would come out and it would go like I’m so sick of people telling me to tie my shoes like that that would be such a dishonest thing right now but I would come out I would have to come out now and say I’m so sick of the guilt that comes with knowing that everyone’s afraid to tell me anything about my shoes or else he’ll get fired but it’s honest well it’s also where I wanted to be it’s a ways they could get but I also like Waco who want yeah yeah
but I fantasized a lot about maybe enjoying being a stand-up comic or making like a sitcom or something we’re like I create the characters and then I can express darker things you know like I can kind of Express less Savory things because it’s funny you know like I don’t have to let me give you a choice between but without like if you cuz I think I’d like like as far as I guess that we would book do you like it as terms of categories like your favorite like screenwriters like like people that do what I do me talking to them fascist activists who feel the way I feel about about not going gently into this fucking horrible night at at the risk of depressing all of us spending like the 30% of us who are more than welcome here
look my math is notoriously wrong but I still got to work and then I don’t know what they’re like I should just have a delivery or something and she would just have like literally like a firefighter or a like meter maid or something like that like like she would just let it was sort of like these are the people in your neighborhood kind of like all the targets and stuff like he knew all The Insider stuff
think I was hot I know I wish there were like there’s like no there’s like hardly anybody here people really can’t even give to his heart for the room.
Neumayer he wrote RoboCop let’s book like I just want to reach out to El screenwriters but then is my show just like Elvis Mitchell like like I’m just talk at what would 10 of Robocop you chose to do this you know like I don’t know like a fancy for us but they have to do yoga with Dave Klein it was wild
all right well I’m sorry I kept you referring to you as her and you said you were a chance but a lot of people don’t want to it’s it’s it’s good for catching up it’s like it’s going to take a little time there there there there
they’re all fine. What what what’s the what’s the what you want to do you want to deliver any parting look this up go to this go to that donate to this like anything this is your chance to catch me on Tumblr. The only thing I do have you seen my post by post about almond milk or some people talk about my post about almond milk almond milk I don’t like it either you might enjoy my post I mean don’t search it out but if you see it it has a lot of notes
that’s fine
thanks for joining us up here thank you
but damn that was very that was a very emotional very sensitive to ever
seen in awhile you know whatever anything that happened to value between me and this gas I enjoyed it was in spite of you why and you have no right now to patronize and I’m trying to give you a compliment I’m saying you did a great job on dog whistle blowing I hear your dog whistle blow again. Better make Johnny Cash song I want I want to hear all of the stars what happened over the weekend that you were
what happened to call full of bullets and the prisons what’s up
I’m Johnny cuz I’m going round I’ve never felt so to this Forest foul a million redwood trees and drove a Chevy to the dam and I spent the night in prison and I ate your mama’s ham
I’m Johnny Cash I was in prison I’m Johnny Cash I invented the prism I was there I would Isaac Newton’s Apple fell on top of his Tony and I took him to Folsom Prison had sex with his head because when you’re tough you sing
Country Western Security Wing Johnny Cash Ring of Fire Wire at redwood tree and I’m free
sorry I only entertaining myself.
Play me are you out there
every time I try to take Serious place you got to sing that song to see the heart
Kristen lasius and Jake are come to me shake my hand shake don’t spit around way too many things holy shit you guys I got things first of all Dan Nova said the favorite part of the show was when it’s a beginning when you’re telling the stories to do clock that has like oh yeah when I have all this great stuff repaired that’s when you enjoy it I never flatter myself was thinking that that’s when they do it’s great we heard it from the source of butter on top of broccoli yeah I know but I tried to ask I forget behind
that was what my interpretation and I was like well Dan hates himself to I wonder if that was his interpretation yet but you don’t want to you don’t want to put more anxiety on me about preparing for the show you don’t have to do any of that I wanted to see if you felt that way tell you not to but look what I’ve done instead
your whole fucking shity show them how would you like it if everyone was relying on you to prepare stuff if you were unprepared I see how it reads this is all this is like last week all over again we have to we have to learn to have empathy or we’re never going to communicate with each other. Man it’s rough out there just did the thing that we’re talking about where I might go you hate me cuz I do this and like I’m doing that cuz I’m not communicating through it together we’re going to do it tonight that’s more Awkward to say that none of them so that was
do you have some mama
that was big one thing two is in in my news update my dad has a VCR now he got he got a harmontown fan named Alejandro who lives in the area and he hook my dad up with a vcr and he’s going to watch the Visa VHS tapes he has and see if it’s among them the The Goonies think The Goonies commercial has it but we will find out where the other episode what we’re talking about when I was a kid I was maybe in a commercial that my dad shot and he put it on local cable to TV or local TV or something and it might exist and everyone but me thought that was cool so I’m going to I’m going to melt
if I ever see that it’s it’s sure to be a letdown there’s no way it’s not
no I’m glad if you like. I think just seeing you as a kid is a isn’t is good enough sure I got a beard and everything you got your 300 chest with magic and I actually I I don’t want to alarm anybody but I actually started another podcast it’s about being a dungeon master and I’m giving advice to Duncan Masters way possible Instagram it’s just it’s just it’s just it’s not comedy it’s not funny it’s not entertaining if like going to class it’s studying it’s not good if we’re not talking about us then when I’m sure Dan hasn’t listened to anything right and I’m going to fucking lay some fucking head okay
chill metal illness called Master manual you can check it out
I’m not opposed to it make an offer
you know I’m saying I think you should hold yourself to I will I hold myself to a higher standard another D&D podcast
hey you snooze you lose suck my dick cuz playing
so nice to me over there they’re so nice I walk in there how you doing what did you do this weekend that’s nice how did what are your dreams what do you what did you what are your interest is really cool wow what’s up what are you talkin about by the way there’s a video clip oh yeah that’ll be later okay cool I got a video kill it I knew I didn’t know what you’re talking about no I know it’s not as if it was your was your laptop in the freezer what what’s that I’m sorry Jeff nevermind we got to go ahead I’ll pray for Jeff
dicks out for harambe good times Cinema president yeah good times sorry Jeff I know how much you’ve been needing this sorry I’m sorry
last time on Harman thing yeah
you see this happy time murders I’m aware of it apparently he didn’t do well this last weekend ready for the happytime murders okay KO dekha to many edges are you telling me a muppet is doing something what the hell can I get a room from Muppets in my life and it ain’t no other business supposed to teach me how to spell that murder is going to cut his hand is a picture of my seventy-year-old IP from my cold dead fingers I’m not doing it I’m not watching no murders Happy song
Angry Birds like this are limited to my childhood Crank Yankers every commercials of 1970 as a
last time you’re good company happy time please it was under my protest was written on a whiteboard come on let’s go it says the billboard no Sesame all streets somebody I didn’t need to give me more give me a little more says I’m a little less straight like you’re going to find that Sesame Street sweet spot
Sesame Street was already heavily Street
that was actually the fucking point I was going to point yeah it was truly the point of the show harmontown obviously joke he deserve anything you’ve said nothing I’m just going to shut the fuck up because it doesn’t matter
I don’t want to hear about it and that’s also that sounds like it’s about Dandy it truly is about John McCain’s death
shut the fuk up I don’t care
this is a good episode yeah
it’s become my favorite episode of the show ever I never thought I did last time on harmontown are heroes they were added a new town what was it the town of corn
set the town on fire they left the town and they were looking for patches when they gotta Crow from their friend brother Absalon from the church he was like you’re being reassigned we need your help over this way at this other place where they’re having a logjam at the stone mine and be in that general direction then you ran into a call I’ll call Tim exercise people you exercise with them and then left then you came across another call this new call it was more call tea and less fun than the last called they were summoning something a demon for some strange reason I thought of this over and over for some very strange out of character reason to the character so I can’t remember their identities they help the cult summon a demon
which is the antithesis of their jobs
we left them in the middle of the ritual again way opening in the floor and threw that game played at giant giant fucking demon arm was shooting Port into the material plane all right yeah
right so what gate is opened up in like a huge it seems like it’s maybe a 30-foot, Stevens Arms by Magic a portal
yeah he’s like crawling he’s like reaching around trigger pull himself out of this is out of the portal right now
yeah it is Handy Fraser religion up your job is to Smite evil it’s a big part of this whole thing but just let me know so I can know what to do
yeah I mean we’re doing our jobs you want the same to come through so we could Smite it yeah we’re keeping my eye on you
we’re trying to have a good time at the
are you didn’t have your stuff like that sure all that well you’re doing the fire being a demon but you do hit it one time do I get live and learn. It’s good
God damn it you’re seeing you’re seeing. It’s it’s it’s Steven Traub right there in the ritual you guys you see the ingredients and they’re they’re summoning a demon and you’re like what I look away for 2 seconds that kind of thing you know that’s where you’re at right now
yeah what what’s Rolling Hills did Sparta a flat expanse bar little ritual does you don’t know it close
they better in this ongoing thing or like I I’m that was a mistake I told you that I was wrong you have your Spell’s back because it’s been multiple days yeah sorry my bad OK Google I’m back baby wait before you spend anything shrubs should we just try to close this portal let’s say everything backwards
why we’re doing this the biggest arms and we’re really nailing the backwards talking I think the coldest term for how to make calling and make sure we meet one goal impress the cultists
yeah that’s that’s it’s a chaotic world the mountain can talk there’s a there’s a double deer impress the cultist a fucking idiots
when you have one religion but not you you know what your shambling mound I expect more from you thank you for acknowledging my race
that’s fine it’s just it’s just fucking disappointing and I’m not saying this stuff is it would think that I also want to add that is mostly directed toward me because I need to know better by now yeah I don’t fucking like I don’t I’m not a commander I don’t I don’t know how to handle this shit
this is shit that you’re doing to me cuz I don’t know how to fucking clean it up okay because I’m going to fucking leader so when you do this shit you do it to me cuz I’m not your fucking desk I’m just a dude trying to not die so you fuck me you know what you doing that you didn’t want you know why would fuck it I’m done I stop bowing backwards and say stop shut up. Get off and I start walking how you do my living room light up Bill. I’m trying to deliver T I never asked for this my dog’s got to be let out I’m going all right for you guys Steve keep them away from me DJ
I want it I want it I want it I want it I want to channel
I want to get manage that you’re rested I want to channel smite
the right one right that’s in the tack that you use on a Target Smite the arm
is it super easy to hit
anti arm all right you smite at 4:11 good damage it slices open anyways I was walking away right you know Sarah
I’m calling you a hero
yeah I’m saying you’re a hero yeah I walked away instantly the portal that was being open starts destabilizing you see its edges start to waiver and they get bigger and smaller and stuff and now now like a shoulder and a head of the Demons like like God coming through but now it like kind of cinches type on a around him so he’s like kind of more stuff than he was but now he’s more out then he was and he starts flashing out about let’s see what happens
but let me let me let me try again
I don’t know what you’re talking about cuz you’re gone by the way everything that happens is your fault cuz you left
can’t hear you
I told you the people that work hard cold as yesterday. Steve is if two to try and make you reposition yourself in the circle
but look we hear you I’m sorry me and I promise this is for change I take my Elvis played and I go right for the the the the the wounds okay. Carlos as you step out of the circle though the thing Didi what do you call it it be regulates it sucks up more and it a bit stitches tight and now it looks like it’s kind of strangling the demon but not likely flee just like he’s like that this is a hassle to get him can I cast bull strength on Carlos and give me a definition
you’ll get Plus for strength for one minutes if I get if I passed both banks on you and I’m going to let you know I can take this what am I going to give you plus four string okay
I can’t hear you don’t hear anybody is there a mosquito around
I just okay I can’t believe how strong and such
alright well then oh yeah well then
okay well that I’m physically using my all right
then press it is when you clock what do you attack
what do you mean time what are you attacking
okay but aren’t you in the shoulder it deals another
12 damage yeah it’s hurting him but it’s like he’s a giant giant thank you for the making me better than I am and that’s not really what it’s like he can’t get all the way out because the ritual has been disrupted
hey Chris you want to roll the clip
Chris Vincent you beat the last mission so here’s your mission complete screen
all right
that’s amazing
she burned a thousand times brighter and then return to original intensity
pressure Crittenden
I’m in Hamilton, Jeff Davis
we love you all drive fast and take chances won’t you
Jackie Abbott
Zach you got music


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