Episode: 323 – Adam Ruins Harmontown


Episode: 323 – Adam Ruins Harmontown


Adam Conover, from Adam Ruins Everything and CollegeHumor, ruins herpes, hymens and Harmontown. Brandon Johnson is our guest comptroller, and Schrab is back with another new chair. Featuring Dan Harmon, Brandon Johnson, Rob Schrab and Adam Conover.


he’s not with us tonight we love him so much doing that but let’s just get started we love you downtown
Crab Shop everybody
Raleigh that comfortable chair boy you just kid
get everything you want don’t you
hello, we both share very nice for those of you who tuned in for the serialized aspect of our show shrab complains about stuff and then the next episode people have indulged him
he mentioned the chairs were uncomfortable now he’s in a big Lily Tomlin overstuffed sofa
I hope I hope you get lumbar problems tonight I hope that’s too much comfort for this bike problems you guys want to go to Lombard Lombard
all right there’s only one I feel like I have a voice in my head it’s just hard when you going to fuck this up but I never me
every every
every week that goes by and I don’t bring this up another week goes by where I it just itches if it’s like the footprints in the snow I just I had this experience at a bar in Burbank and I wrote down the kind of flowchart through it I was there with a friend who kind of like I digested it with him afterwards I got it all down accurately and I I wanted to just relay this like fan encounter I had
I’m not sure right now and it is the only reason I want to do it is because I just found it incredibly fascinating and I and I said it probably goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway that I have no problem how you approach me like like like I mean it would be weird to punch me a lot of people to make jokes and like you know if it’s helpful to you to understand like like you know I could I could I could tell you that there’s things that are like how am I supposed to react to that but I also you get one you got one saying like I’ve made I want to run through all of the things I cringe about when I think about like you like I’m so many times I’ve been near anybody and I just I just had that urge like you know like what am I going to be in the same billiard Hall is is this person and I’m not going to buy
JK Rowling Harry Potter that happens in your kind of like visit there’s a little blurry line but I will say the people that usually come up to me because I’m not like you know if you recognize my face at a bar probably means that you’re you’re you’re deep in and it’s usually a very pleasant experience and sometimes it’s a little socially awkward I think I could name two times when the gluten now this last time this isn’t too in like 10 years where I’ve been like that guy is kind of evil and a dick
but both times I don’t think the person didn’t really know me that is there no it said so it’s like that date and I’ve done that too I remember Milwaukee we were famous for one of our exports was a band called The BoDeans what was it what was their big famous song go to get the run away, Boudin and I was at my the the the drawing-room of Milwaukee which was called The Uptowner and a very fancy place and it wasn’t and a friend of mine said that’s so and so from the BoDeans and they gave me a name and then I went up to them my mom love that song I am looking for a hideaway can they get a runaway and I lived in Milwaukee I did I was 19 years old
and I was like I went out and they said like Jimmy or Jodi or Gigi or whatever the names to my mom’s a big fan of your band could I get an autograph and my hand that I looked at later and it was basically like oh fuck yourself or something like like like not not not like aggressive but it was sort of like whatever I had said to him it was clear that he was like what you get for not knowing who I am what my song is and telling me your mom likes me like fears your fucking worthless thing for sure you’re not walking out of here with anything worth anything yeah I remember that still because I’m embarrassed that I did that but like I do I I mean they’re full or I guess I should say not but I I I don’t I don’t judge anybody who ever likes maybe has like a moment where they’re like oh my God like it’s you it’s like such a flattering thing obviously and if they then like have spit come out of their mouth
are they are they are they do the mental equivalent which is like they try to nag me you know like there’s some people that do that they’re like please like sometimes if they’re rude to celebrities it’ll be cool I mean I feel like I should hopefully have just claimed that enough to say like this is not me going like I met the biggest douchebag and here’s blow-by-blow everything he did wrong
but it didn’t mean it is that but it’s like it’s not that is not
it’s just I still alive if this guy was listing I would want him to know I’m at the point of the stories there’s no way this guy is listing the I would also want to know you did nothing wrong you don’t have to you can erase this from your head it is not on your car mother said you were at a bar
and somebody came up to you and started talking to me I’m just trying to okay
trying to figure out what to type so I can find it I’m never going to find it
are you
are you now do you have any advice of people who come up to celebrities
do I have any advice no not really I mean I think last time we were having we were having a pretty good time that was a pretty historical night for me at least I’m at red buttons Tony get a couple times what what what’s this story you’re not getting out of this
you know that it is one bright so I’m going from memory cuz there’s a in my mind it’s like a it’s like a flow chart where every time this guy has a chance to like go left but he he drills down okay so I’m sitting at this billiard Hall in Burbank where I write most of Rick and Morty and I like this is it sits up for sometime inexplicably in Burbank there’s this like and I’m like typing and then a guy comes up and I see him for referrals and he’s kind of like he’s he’s he’s bobbing and weaving is like captivated
and then he walks away for a second he comes back and he goes excuse me is anybody ever told you you look exactly like Justin Roiland and I think I’ve gotten that one before like like as a as a bit zoom in on my flow chart where you go okay like this could be this could be a great guy right. Could be a funny bit right didn’t even occur to me that they did not occur to me I I assumed automatically I was I I was like okay what he means is a big fan of your your who you are and not that I would mind if he do Danes do not recognize me to be switched over. That would be fine too but it didn’t occur to me I just assumed I processed it like he’s doing a bit because he doesn’t want to be regular
he wants to do it with me if you want to be fun and I can just laugh at that I can go hahaha
in and out a lot so we can see the thing is I needed my fucking notes because it’s like he did so many things wrong so many things and they were all like one it after another the first one like I skipped by striking skip to easily because just bail on the whole thing
can we can we just try one more time alright let me let me think about it just do it don’t take off your shirt
hahaha I know Kohl’s
that’s good that’s good to me and I remember like well yes that’s you standing the joke but it’s also if it’s technically in a technical narrative it’s saying I’m not who you think I am yes so he reacted as if that were the case and then just went okay and walked away but he liked it like a 2-foot lap like around like an invisible sunflower that he was pollinating that was just like his own self-loathing or something like the ghost of his dad I don’t know and then like and then he came back and he like he was like nah nah it is you
it’s you I do not know you anywhere and I was like yeah yeah yeah I hate how you doing and what are you doing here and I was like you know I work here at work or work around back and
he goes he goes I don’t know that
I’m not some sycophantic fucking ass kiss fan I don’t like worship your fucking life and know every goddamn detail of it and I was like cool you don’t have to did you use a list and I tried but what am I what am I doing here I thought you were I thought you were shaking down in Justin’s voice but but but but why didn’t you just say I’m not just saying you’re wrong about that shit to you don’t have to say no because I because I also I didn’t waste it on you on you can’t you be like motherfuker who you talkin to wait a minute I’m going to be right about this you’re going to see because
because yeah he shit on me I’m thinking what I’m thinking at this point is he he’s he’s going to be embarrassed at some point and I could keep him from embarrassment you know it’s like a like a partially in your teeth but it’s like if someone with parsley and their teeth like biting you but he’s he’s at he’s already being a bad person so I was like well good I can’t wait for you to get the selfie tag it and feel like a terrible piece of shit just enough like it’s fine and then every all Justice is done and and then and so he asked where they were like 90 fucking things and I was like really that decisions that choice that’s amazing like like like you knew you would like the flowchart just as he’s clearly not like to you actually kept it going after he was being aggressive it going to be tomorrow
I kind of respect that you were like in for the bit so you can fuck him up with this selfie that is some Gamemaster trash it I will always yes and you I’m never going to be like excuse me I’m eating that means like my mom died or like you have a hockey mask on I don’t know like like I’m never going to be like I don’t consider that fair to like turn me into the you know like to put that on me that I have to become the person that that that radiates negativity because you decided to pee in the pool you know it sounds like the best I could do is be like I’m swimming in pee now so after he was like going I’m not some kind of sycophantic
you just went okay I was like yeah that’s fine yeah that’s what you would do to it. You you know and you and I are not good people were passive aggressive were from Wisconsin you interact with a million terrible people and you always do the exact same thing the shity or they get the more you like yeah yeah and then you’ll throw in something like, but you got like yeah well I’m probably going to keep doing whatever the fuck I wanted to do
but it was nice talking to you but I don’t have anything to say in this situation cuz he’s not telling me how to do the voice is better okay
I get it game recognize game
sedan what is that what is that what is that is that a hot signature just play me just like teleport to the end it will bring our guests out I’ll be with you and I was like yeah no problem and I took the selfie with a selfie walked away and Mike Mike Mike Waldron and I are sitting there working on Rick and Morty and I was like he was marveling at the whole thing and we were comparing notes it was like he was like how often it was like not not like and then he’s like so he’s going to answer that he’s going to go post it tagged it and if I know
I know our fan base going to know in 5 seconds that he should kill himself and died by fire and I was the guy absolutely like it was a selfie on the way out like he was there for stuff and then he was like one last thing can I get a picture that was the thing like he waited till the end cuz why wouldn’t you and then and any enemy so then he left it was like we really thought I was like a second so that the epilogue of that story will be forever unseen and and then and then and then but then five minutes later he came back and he was like
I just wanted to congratulate you on out rolling me on that joke I was doing where I pretended to think you were Justin and you fucken just stuck it out and I didn’t think you’d do that but that was just you know congratulations I was amazing and I’ll put whatever I knew who you were the whole time
yeah well guess what amateur hours with a real comedian and you’re walking up with your wack ass basement bargain joke it was cute until you got aggressive but now that you met the real Dan Harmon and fucked up in front of them and leave
but you know he wasn’t it wasn’t a lie cuz I ran through this a thousand times I’m back to completely need was like Salvage you didn’t have anything to salvage ever like like like what are you you like I’m going to get you to remember the details of the story while I’m shit talking you blowing up
where is him
I heard you in real time Justin didn’t like what you said it’s been a week since I call you never told that story I would have had like some I would have I would have had the whole thing in my head it was it’s bad podcasting but that’s why you’re here I mean otherwise you’re just you’re it you’re you’re you’re experimenting I guess you’re walking around downtown and your leg let’s go to the podcast we don’t know his bad yet let’s see if it’s bad if those people I feel bad for the rest of you you’re getting what you paid for you know that but sometimes we also have guests come on this one is no exception
just gets better and better really really intro to dry out, and reducing people I just I I did this is one of those what are those what are those what are those shows that I’ve been hearing about forever that’s always like you should watch this it’s really funny I could see from the ads probably was never did just drove into it I admittedly because he was coming to the to the show I’m so impressed with the stuff can’t wait to talk to him about it and other stuff cuz there’s a lot of stuff he’s able to talk about and he ruins it all please welcome Adam Conover from Adam ruins everything
yeah anyway you want I think
so nice to be here what do they what do they call a person that is in a polydactyl that a word more than one hand no I think it’s one person knows more than one thing is that I think so I think so polymath probably right
I watch like five episodes of your show today around multiple seasons of stuff I was really really impressed me out of the way is that it so it may be an ill time to plug but like there’s stuff coming up in July was that it in July we are on Netflix now which is very exciting and we also have new episodes coming out the end of March on Netflix they’re not new but they’re new to Netflix so but it’s weird because people who just have Netflix are like behind everybody else but they don’t even know that there’s more episodes does the show to watch is a very strange State of Affairs yeah that that satisfaction of when that Netflix seal opens and you know you’re going to get like .03 sense is that what happens we have not we have not gotten a like a residual round on it yet so I don’t know how that is.
is that you’re never going to see at 8 so it means they just they just came in your window and took your dresser

the State of Affairs of being like a modern creative person is like just hoping that a platform bestows is unearned Lexi of eyeballs on you in like a windfall and then hoping to God it doesn’t go away for no reason later that you don’t give a fuk by some algorithm tweak that they made to try to stop anti-vaxxers or something certainly no one’s watching you now it’s bizarre what’s the what’s the viewership like on TruTV what kind of world are you married and are they are they are they are they are you at 7 last night but is it still that world in basic cable or you know I sort of don’t do find out that week so we can do it when I get to pay the premiere was good and then I get cold later on you know all we did was flat flat or whatever but I mean
numbers are crazy like we heard last year that like oh well you know it was flat has been go up from year to year 3 right and that’s a little disappointing and then I found out later that the ratings for all of cable television had dropped 10% in one year so we are flat we went up you like we’re we’re beating everybody else looks like telling people about my weight but I’m 46 years old if I get a little bit fatter that means I’m like fucking loading into animals at least you could you said you found out later but like it was it was years of Venice sinking and being measured as thinking but everyone just kept blaming the shows like yeah like how can you blame all of the shows for all shows failing and react
physics office is also failing and by the same amount you have to take that part off of yelling at me now they’re starting early with that and now they’re they’re starting to get it and I have conversations with TV Executives more when they say like yeah you know we got to we got to get on some new platforms I mean cable television just is not doing well I’m like you’re not cable executive where are you going to go
he’s buying an oil company the next week I got pretty soon we’re going to be Time Warner mobile starting a streaming service sometime hopefully before La collapses into the ocean and I think that’s their next big thing Impractical Jokers is on our Network and that’s the best thing ever be the practical jokers if you guys have seen the show wonderful show wonderful prank show they run it like 23 and 1/2 hours a day it’s just TruTV is on demand Impractical Jokers most popular shows on cable right and then people are just sitting there watching practical jokers in after while my show comes on and then we always have the best leader on the network remember what happened at yours isn’t is it yours isn’t constantly being run cuz that’s another Factor we do you know they’ll do to our blocks throughout the year and stuff like that
Adult Swim they don’t they don’t eat it maybe this is privileged me because we’re a gigantic hit you’re welcome I haven’t heard a goddamn decimal number since I left NBC Thousand Ways they’ve got it you know like you’re on lunch box under programming on a ground clock a big round clock Harmon explains television even be able to yell at anybody like it looks like you’re taking a dip it’s like white witch which what dip like maybe maybe maybe you accidentally adequately capture the appeal of the show maybe 80 people want to watch the night and then another 10 people want to watch it so that that’s that’s ruining television may be rude here is a cable but
happy to be surviving in the area so it’s there’s everything is exploding right now in a million ways and everything’s being disrupted so I’m very happy to just be surviving at all. That’s the that’s the that’s the important news is they created Leanna biggest compliment I I have is that I was so I had so much shit to do today I’m in big trouble I’m like I’m like really really behind on a draft and I wasn’t using you to procrastinate cuz I really did want to finish my fucking draft but I knew I had to watch it at least an episode of your show and I did and then I watch 5 cuz I had to pee on myself away was real I really like it by Plies of seeing the show
oh my God that’s pretty nice I mean that’s a win-win if there’s anybody for like what what are the Clapping people know I don’t know I want to be a clapping person one reason why maybe people use my I statements like I think a reason I didn’t I didn’t flock to it is I live in fear of my own cynicism and stuff I struggle so hard to stay positive and even humanity and stuff and I remember I think the dark kind of Club footed cousin of your show is Penn & teller’s bulshit on Showtime I have a I love that show when it came out and but there were certain things that that there’s certain things totally did that showed you that I knew that I wanted to do something a little bit different from but I love I’m a huge fan of Penn and Teller and and what those guys do
Vegas is incredible if you never seen it on our show things like that I’m like not handy at all like there’s no like live demos but a little bit you know incredible exception that made a difference is immediately apparent from the pilot and then it’s there and every show I mean one of the things is that totally there is just a clear difference in that it’s a comedy versus tragedy kind of thing like it’s like at the end of the day either your show believes the viewer should kill themselves for not to infect inviting people up to skepticism and cynicism is not implying that if you didn’t already know this it’s because you’re dumb and
so like now that you know this you know that life means less the opposite I’m in the one of the models of the show is that my character has and that I have personally is it’s always better to know that I don’t believe that there’s any you know there’s any virtue in ignorance whatsoever and that you’re always better knowing the truth and the reason is because that makes you more powerful and capable and you no more able in the world and so we want to make a show that that shows that but I’m not a negative or cynical person by nature and so it was important to us to have that positive thing at the end I think it was actually on the pilot I think it was the best network I’ve ever gotten where they were like you needed something positive the end like the show and they’re like the fourth act should be just an uplifting message of some kind you know and that’s the best prototypical terrible Studios
check the guy you love to hate positive fourth act piece like what was the hardest one you think you could did that or are they all like oh it’s actually there’s always something positive there’s somewhere that people can do where it’s like now that you know and they’re doing the bad thing you were doing before he was a good thing that you can do you know instead of like giving you instead of buying Tom shoes in our pilot you can give money to people directly and that’s much better for them right the hard ones are where it’s like really diffuse like what the solution is like our climate change episodes for the most difficult one and we did this whole episode where about climate change
that was very important we did it in 2016 and the big takeaway at the end and this was like literally me that a lot of times I’m working through it myself you know like I I was literally wrestling with what the fuck are we going to do about climate change no one is making any progress how do I think about this cuz it seems really tired and we talked to this climate of thinkers and philosophers Dale Jameson who made the point that like look it’s not it when people talk about climate change and they say is the end of the world is coming if we don’t do this the world is going to end that’s always false right you can always make a choice today to make a better tomorrow and then how things no matter how bad things are going to get you off the hook right because there’s no there’s no such thing as the apocalypse right because I’ll always be people who are living and he’s at the best reason to be positive is because of the Paris agreement because every country came together just happened every country came together and made this agreement and we didn’t episode where we talked about that and they do that
the 4th thank God for the Paris agreement because it’s not the best I ever had and then and then and then between shooting and airing was November 2016 and we had to release that we released a little bumper at the end which was like
we’re kind of worried about it now and you should like phones call somebody call get one of those apps that and call it congressperson fuck you know Bobcat there
the episode The really obviously when the title of the episode of different of my Camp zooming in on that and there’s this character Emily in the show who’s your off two antagonists yes whatever it is you’re ruining everything for her and she with you on the original CollegeHumor series you sad and placed herself that she’s at you know she she gets these episodes where she gets to ruin you know which is a combination of a Corrections segment which your character is excited about which I was really impressed by I thought it was a storytelling like I I love I’m really impressed with the amount of character that you’re doing a show that’s just
like a TruTV like Fantage me this is my name and here’s a thing I’m going to ruin it the right you have arcs and and each episode has a story to it it has like there’s a n n business started for someone to finally cuz nobody points out this part of the show to meet very rarely does someone say oh I like that story arcs you know and we put so much work into that part of the show is it enjoys it but they do in the back of your mind because they’re they’re inferior non-elites the conscious pleasure but they’re allowed the unconscious like Joseph Campbell circles allow his work to seeping and every level
I know why
but it really I truly it really really a tight here’s the thing like I eat for a nonfiction show to like I’m like it was like it was a little be reminded me of Doctor Who kind of a weakling I do have a companion yeah and she was like it’s my turn to fuck with you which is like first of all he was all the shit that people have corrected us on that we did in the past and if but here’s a really impressive thing to me as a master Storyteller in the First Act of that story Adam is like oh goody I love being ruined because it’s like The Addams Family right leg like hey what if you ruin the Ruiner will ruin her with love and he loves ruination and I was like well it’s probably going to just be the thing right she’s going to get increasingly frustrated but then there’s this threshold that’s crossed where they get they get through the corrections and they start talking about this thing
backfire effect which is a thing you may have heard about probably since the election or maybe I haven’t made maybe but not but not by that name but this idea that when we when we were we were emotionally connected to something that we believe unlike with something else like if I said what’s that you’re eating and you go Slim Jims and I got you know it’s better is Slim Jims Ultra if you don’t care you’re probably going to be like I’ll try those you love those conversations like what are you listening to the Pixies the you should listen to The Pogues okay and we’ll have pee and I’m okay I wish the backfire effect happens when you tell somebody that’s obvious example is who’d you vote for Natalie Portman well she rapes children you should and she pollutes the rivers and you didn’t know that it so you should vote for Bernie trying to change the name
what is the Bernie Sanders has Natalie Portman and Bernie Sanders
everybody in your shows are is his name to who they were named to imagine it was like she was going to say is that her actually not only is there a deflector Shield actually Studies have shown that if you just lobbed a kind of like you’re wrong about everything the Earth is actually round at a flat earther if if they’re a flat earthers that has linked their fucking actuality or there their heart to Flat Earth which how else would you be all right if Sean Hannity woke up tomorrow and read a study that convinced him climate change is real and we had to do everything to stop at now right his whole life is based around the opposite his career as his family really is relationship to his friends are you know if he was like no. I think climate change is real he become a pariah among everybody he knew is that is his emotional identity it’s his social I didn’t eat everything he isn’t a person so there’s no way
write your money at Martin’s and swollen testicles like your beard it could be your wallet it could be your social standing it could be if it if there’s an investment there the the the invasion of of an alternative fact can actually make you just double down and yet it’s almost like your must mean your muscles tense up and and this is incredible episode just to learn about this stuff in a digestive away but also that I’m watching it as Master Storyteller your character in the show that’s the threshold he crosses where he’s like I don’t want to hear about that it implies that your show doesn’t have any value in which is what my identity both of my own personal identity is wrapped up in the previous episode really work doesn’t mean anything how you get Doctor Who to like question himself and I love that so much
punching in the face tell you that it’s not about like a car chase in order for this to be like story I thought it was really cool and it’s okay Carmen landed it is using. It is explained in your show the reason for the backfire effect the software working with and maybe we should call the hardware Hardware emotional wires they run faster than the logical ones yeah but you’re never going to win this way we may as well just accept that humans are passionate illogical and if we do that then if that gives us the tools that we need to overcome the backfire effect like that my favorite thing about the segment was you know we went there this guy we interviewed on the Shelf Steven Lewandowski and his Partners in Academia
Bunker’s handbook and any other explain things better and a lot of stuff we already do on the show and the thing is six me the most is it’s about the power of stories right that people so often when they believe something is wrong they have a story about it like here is and you know you just like any fact that you know you probably have a story for how things got that way right America is like this because George Washington chop down the thing and the person with the thing and whatever right and so if you can replace the bad story the incorrect story with a story that is both true or and more interesting right that’s how you can convince them and we told her that I was like oh that’s the that’s our fucking show that’s like all we do Rosa Parks yeah let’s do it I’m waiting I’m ready to talk about it a list of things to do
ruin right here tonight and then we moved on I have to just explain that I I’ve been I’ve been doing like an hour of reading in the mornings before my Instagram workouts now I have more to explain what I want but I’m proud of you hears that is the path that I went through I’m going to be a hipster artisanal black historian for my workout so why would I do anything that we learned about in high school so let’s skip Rosa Parks then I think first of all that probably takes a lot of work how do you skip Rosa Parks probably by being smarter and spending more time so let’s do Rosa Parks have this George Washington cherry tree story right Rosa Parks was an old black lady who was on a bus and she had a lot of bags and she was very tired and and the climate of of of racial Injustice
was just like bubbling and Anna Bruen and this innocent perfectly unaffiliated like woman who just who was represented all of America because she didn’t want nothing to do with none of this she was just tired and she wanted to sit down and from that sparked the revolution because and it’s like now realizing like that was the Sinister propaganda about hate you have to be an activist you should know later when you’re 20 you learnt you you hear these like Whispers of these like hey you know that Rosa Parks a total bullshit was orchestrated Rosa Parks before Rosa Parks said where they weren’t supposed to work for the n-double-acp what do you think about that and it’s like I got Spurs that I remember at some point I was like oh boy you know
read her fucking Wikipedia page yeah which is the truth probably not a good idea but the truth is it’s an amazing story of Claudette Colvin of February Claudette Colvin was the original Rosa Parks yeah it’s 15 years old yeah but you was pregnant so it’s a little darker skinned so they were like we got this Rosa Parks in the Wings To Go to fully it was trigger point there was a pregnant yes there was a yes and she would not have withstood now this is also a thing it’s like to do you want to put that kind of pressure on a young woman that is going to have to go all the way up to the Supreme Court everyone is going to attack you for the rest of your life Rosa Parks died she was like she was attacked for the rest of her life she lost her job as a seamstress her husband lost his job because he was
want to talk about his famous wife at work they had to change states she died alone in an apartment that was robbed like he was robbed but then she was moved to a higher income apartment beautiful beautiful Apartments owned by the pizza pizza people Little Caesars Little Caesars the pizza pizza people because what happened with she did get robbed people to sort of forgotten about her she was in Detroit and then love would lovingly the community stepped in and said you can’t Rob her any more than she was living in took all of her chairs
play never sit down
hey do you miss traveling with your besties like a girls trip do you miss going a huge family gathering Viking soul food do you miss meeting the parents so I can get out well actually, never misses that but you can still do all of these things with me Desmond Thorne on my podcast adventures in Black Cinema each week I take you on a journey through a new black film how it relates to the culture and sometimes out the themes related my own life so it’s always a little tea and a slight bit of embarrassment and of course as a filmmaker myself and one of the blackest Phil nerdiest film nerves like a verb you’re always in good hands
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excited because when you said that you’re glad you did that goes like I just experienced that exact same thing as my only point out about cynicism is it this is what I shut this is why I chose not to because you hear those that cynical version I call you Rosa Parks she was in the first one is his other girl Claudette Colvin they fucked her over cuz they know she was pregnant so I hate life for you to hate everybody to hate Rosa Parks but now it’s the fact is the true story I believe is always a better story and the true story is that she was an activist and they were then they were thinking strategically and so yeah they were like a cloud I call this happen to her you know what I bet we can find someone who will play better in the press it was purely strategic thought it was sort of a bitch she was really rude and she would not to press send that I don’t like
that goes to show you I’ll show you how smart and committed those activists or the end of May 8th of the nwacp was at that time and and how good a job they did and a story about her being a little old lady was you no more or less created by that movement because it’s a good story that you know like it’s it’s not it’s not an evil story it’s like it’s helpful to the movement of putting a different face on what is the city at the end that’s in its press and that’s politics in it and any others nothing nothing wrong with that but you up before you give afro leave a fuller understanding of what the movement actually accomplished if you understand that these were activists who are trying to accomplish something and they went about it in a very smart way and you can to right and so then when you look at those kids like I don’t know the kids who like one of the Dianne Feinstein this week and Mike went to her office and look how smart that is you know till like children were literal children saying hello we would like to plan it to be around when we are here in elementary.
we are we are a pack who has pushed the children into a senator’s office the children can’t tell you what schools are from because they’re not supposed to be part of their not political pawns when there is a group called the sunrise organization that hires a bunch of people to pound their way into Democratic senators offices the same move that they did to Pelosi it’s not a bunch of kids not random it’s a it’s an orchestrated event where people have cameras where they set up old female Democrat not a cool tactic at all. The boys always do Scully lateral Prince and first of all we don’t use kids as pawns that that’s number one number two they don’t they don’t send them they don’t send them into a candidate who doesn’t have a green plant the green plan
wait for them and when they did the same thing to Pelosi Pelosi handed them a plan why weren’t those kids given that plan before they walked in one with those kids hooked up with the knowledge they needed and how come the adults allowed those kids that yell at an older senator California take your ass to the Kentucky Senator’s office go to Philadelphia’s go to go to Pennsylvania office don’t don’t just put the female candidates the female senators had to receive the most kids would love this brings up something that I was going to be like lead with tonight it which would it and not know which was just as fascinating fact that we out here we go here we go again two years
actually kind of three years later I remember distinctly the point where it was the primary season was Upon Us in and I remember if you if you go back I swear if you rewind the podcast you listen to me being absolutely silent about politics and the reason is because it was the whole it was like Hillary people versus Elizabeth Warren people versus Bernie people versus things and I was like I threw pure cowardice knots for nobility because as you saw it later as soon as the election happened I was like what this world’s I got to say some shit but I was just sort of like it’s time for the groundhog to go back in his hole in it I mean what is the release of the backfire effect we all know now we’re watching this there’s a shitstorm, it’s a shitstorm that includes our best friends yelling at each other
podcast possibly getting inflammatory if there’s somebody out here that the that that says something it’s like I remember I remember years ago you don’t remember my friend he’s being up here and going like what what about Elizabeth Warren and just like I remember other people that I respected and who I wanted to be happy like fucking basically how can I describe it other than bullying him like like like like shouting and down in like this backfire effect me that like that’s why the angel traditional we don’t talk about religion and politics right because those are the facts that
we’re all invested in yeah means that every time we hear something other than what we already thought we could attract people are already attached to their identities to specific candidates in specific you know like platforms and like I don’t know if that’s necessarily a bad thing right I think that is kind of how it works like they’re not helping us I think we I think we are kind of doing actual I think what it is is it actual politics like has actual you know political action is it’s not real, more like people are using the word socialist fashion authoritarianism actually doing politics in this country for the first time with politics at the first time in like 50 years and so people got to like learn how to do it over again cuz I remember if we don’t talk about politics at a dinner party
or I don’t like it like it was very easy during the bush years to I don’t like it all right moving on you know we got a couple years to the election now there’s like you know there’s actual shit to be worked out I mean I didn’t recognize them as politics because the morning after the election it was this thing that was making all the women cry it would that that wasn’t politics to me which means I’m a massage therapist like waking up to that like yeah why is that so red laughter like her that it wasn’t the political thing to me it was me realizing I was
I was part of a problem without realizing etcetera etcetera so for me it was like a journey of self-discovery and then I was as my self discovery is unfolding I’m triggering people who are going like Jesus fucking Christ stop talking about politics you fucking lump of fat hairy shit with gross Flappy tits pedophile fuck how did they do you want to talk about behavior and we just talked about policy did you get if we got back there like let’s just talk policy do I don’t want to see our show is this is not political because it is because we talked about issues that can only be resolved through politics politics has all Define it half-assedly right now being like the process of how we decide what we’re going to do you know any
in a country of people who have different beliefs right how do you create a consensus or create like a dominant majority for particular issue right but we talked about you know so we talked about like mass incarceration and and you know criminal justice and climate change and things like that we don’t talk about it we rarely say the name of the political party or like use that sort of like angle that you’re going to get on it from The Daily Show right and part of that reason is we’re trying to get two people in a more we’re going to hit people at their best and at their most thoughtful and their most open to new ideas I’m rather than activating at identity-based move them to the backfire if I could bite you can actually avoid let’s call him trigger trigger phrases a little bit yeah we we will we will try to make arguments that we think nobody could disagree with right like you know for the most part friends but we’re making a
argument about about like that such and such a policy is like discriminatory you know everyone if you present the people the basic premise of like it’ll policy shouldn’t be racially discriminatory right we can all agree that everyone should be treated the same by the government ever woke up yes I agree with that and it’s not happening and it’ll go okay that probably shouldn’t happen in all that dealt with you and Gage than that way they’ll all agree with that is that promise to you start with it where it where it’s like this person is you know like this party is destroying America people will get I’ll get the bread diplomacy a bunch of diplomats people who were really really fine and good at like talking around the topic in such high-flown terms that how are you going to argue with this yeah and then maybe that’s what good diplomacy is when you like every time that
every issue tends to get like pulled down into factionalism and they they love to a tribute catch phrases to it and those catchphrases are often indistinguishable from perfectly logical words like a cloud but as soon as they’re down there they’re off the table at so you have to be like this weird person who speaks like they sound like a thesaurus because it’s really doing is kind of like Rising above everything and floating and going like this belief that a man kind of talk about the stories that we know it’s a cruel Tomatoes cuz that tomato Riot stuff you know we didn’t episode about about guns for a season premiere this year and we in the past like our first year I was like will never do an episode about guns because that’s like one of the big fault lines of American society
Susie do that episode does how do you ruin guns and so after the show for a couple years I was like I think we can do it I think we can at least make an attempt to do an episode that like gets people a little bit off balance and hit the issue in a way that destabilizes them that hopefully they’ll be a little more open-minded to that you know we we we try to hit things everybody misunderstands it’s about. Everybody’s wrong about this that you
was there a fix it yet another enough I think we did it was there a did you kind of ruined it for everybody. I mean it was really interesting because we really want to do an episode that would speak to everybody and speak to I hate saying both side because I don’t actually believe in this in this I just ripped my fucking binary Galleon dialectic the coalition’s are based around these catchphrases in these buzzwords the very narrow sort of cognitive troughs that they’re like stuck in you know and so we were trying to get people out of that and say hey here’s a couple basic things that we can agree on and then here’s a couple things that everybody is getting wrong right so for our third Act was was entirely about how guns interact with race in America which is something that you know is very rarely people who are pro con controller very rarely hendecagon
Steve Harvey pro-gun-rights are very rarely having a conversation and that was our approach and then we was very difficult to do that without falling into both sides of them because that’s the you know that’s the shity version of that there’s a lot of shit to go around you know you’re wrong you’re here I am in the middle I still not top of my bulshit mountain right but I think we were in similar to come up to me and tell me pay this was both sides bulshit I’d be like okay we did our best you know like I’m not going to argue with you but we tried not to do that that’s a remarkable and chilling like description of the of the ice were walking across it where it’s like there’s a term now for both sides ISM I wish there weren’t sides and now the term both sides is absolutely attributable to what
Tyler dumb Hitler but yeah
math apps that you can never say both sides ever again while taking yourself seriously as a arbiter yeah you would because now and I I’ve actually detected that with the drive to started to notice like I won’t talk about freedom of speech anymore because the truth is the Millennials of hard enough I have heard that phrase so many times during arguments about why they shouldn’t complain about you or your they’re all like the day I die it’s either going to be prostate cancer a heart attack or I’m being shot specifically about First Amendment shit that I won’t I won’t talk about it anymore because I found racist when I say freedom of speech because because the dialectic the dialogue changes what’s going on back there
I don’t know if Brandon will rob wanted to random things you want to see if Adam can ruin cuz here we go here we go skateboards I never seen anyone do a trick
okay there is oldest trick in the book but they always fall off they’re always like you see the guy do the flip of these is a fucking he takes a couple Stutter Step since the only thing I’ve ever seen anybody want to skateboard apples apples ah yeah okay apples are really interesting because they if you just like plant an apple seed in the ground this is weird and true you get like a random Apple like something about apples mean they don’t breed true they like breeding crazy ways you know you’ll get like it’s a weird fucking probably inevitable apple and as a result of people for most the time will Johnny Appleseed he wasn’t planning apples to you know eating they were only usable for cider so he was actually playing booze trees all over America is 100% true as in Michael Pollan book The botany desire, and as a result would happen is if you randomly got an edible Apple you be like holyshit I’m going to be a billionaire cuz then you would start grafting the tree and cloning it right off of your original tree and so it was sort of
striking oil like to find an Apple like Granny Smith and the most apples are clones that’s what I know about Apple’s I’m a literally just repeating things from New Yorker article but that’s all in the pilot you go by the way every time I say something there’s a bug up in the corner of the screen there’s yeah sites the reference or anybody believe anything I say I need to let them know it’s in a book somewhere or out why else would they believe it either 2011 or you know I am sure that
prison did the recent you know it’s a proper kind of like I got it makes me feel more comfortable that’s a big steam of your show to is the idea that pure review and the idea of you being wrong build trust it’s okay to Biryani wrong admit you’re wrong and actions page of the newspaper you know it’s when someone is what we’ve tried to be transparent about our process that so that people like one of our had a research Natalie sure has a great phrase for this I can’t remember exactly what it was but it’s not the idea that someone is perfect or that you know its credibility is more important than accuracy right cuz you’re not going to be a hundred percent accurate but you can be is as credible as you can until you can say about someone hate they do their research they they approach these issues in a credible in a respectful you know top of their intelligence way when they’re wrong they fess up to it like this is a person who I can trust in a way right and so that’s it that’s the ideal that that we go there
always use my therapist would say always use your eyes statements if you’re taught you know if you’re talking to somebody about emotional issues just always always make sure you’re always talking about how you feel that way like what you know you could be you could be a crazy person but I know exactly how he’s nuts cuz he’s always liked those windmills make me want to eat more salt sex episode and I did not sure what to think about so I guess the one the one the one nice thing about it is that if I have a kid I don’t think I’m pretty sure I’m not going to have my favorite thing that people will come up to me and say in those it don’t say I didn’t do say we didn’t circumcise your kid because of you and I thought ya
and you can change one life if you have a small child’s penis in a positive way if I want to say that circumcision our position there’s no particular reason to do it right it’s not a terrible thing to do and people to do it for religious reasons that that’s fine or whatever there’s no medical reason to do it and so if you’re of the general position that I am which is don’t perform unnecessary surgeries unless you have a really good reason then hey what why not not do it you know and like there’s certain you know I don’t want to ruin anybody’s didn’t have a piece of their penis that it left untended gives you an infection and they roll around in dirt

that can get dirty it’s got a part of the time on harmontown herpes and I was looking at all of them to the prom with herpes is that people the real scourge of herpes is that people get a herpes test and they’re told they have herpes and they’re like oh no I have a horrible STD and now I can’t have sex with normal people you know I can I’m a pariah and they should have feel you know like but most people who have herpes 90% of people have some form of Herpes that talkin all over the body right but like so many people have herpes don’t know that they have it and that’s fine because it never affects their lives at all is because
for most people it’s so asymptomatic you wouldn’t know that it had it and so sometimes people I’ve talked to people who like I want to get an STD test and I told the doctor I wanted a herpes test too and they said don’t get one because doctors know that your beauty product Lee have it and finding out that you do have it is going to make you put a social stigma on yourself so you’re better off because of that thing that like everybody everybody has no that’s not now you know they are like everybody but that yeah it’s a shame that that that you’re at your episode on sex to Hyman to herpes of the forest Actos
explains all this stuff all the things that were wrong about Shame Shame surrounding sexuality little boys are having their dick tips cut off at first based on best now we’re not questioning anybody if you’re if you’re getting your dick tip cut off for a 5000 year old reason why I’m not saying this podcast is not saying hey it’s toward the gate I have no business there but but truthfully if you if you’re just as it’s questionable reasons we don’t there’s no science that suggests it was a bad in the 19th century that that they thought would stop kids from masturbating that’s why I took off in the United States but not in most of the world be like if I masturbated more but I I apparently this this procedure does not stop people from masturbating probably the main thing is done is his probably really increased Lube sales in America because the foreskins a natural lubricant
and if you don’t have to pick any more lube and I assumed you said but if you’re if you’re gay not being circumsized the HIV risk vs condoms reduce it by 80% there’s there’s a small effect that’s been shown that being circumcised can we can reduce the risk of STD Transmission in certain cases buy some percentage right but it’s like some small percentage is like your chances of transmitting it at like 10% less or something like that which is to my mind not a good reason to chop off part of your body and you didn’t wear a condom right or if you can practice pay for sex you don’t need to search a cold
an articles the one that said if we were to if we were to circumcise a third of men on Earth we could reduce the cases of cervical cancer was caused by HPV by a couple thousand per year right that you’re going to circumcise two billion people like billions of people in order to just give out condoms you know that gets a better that that’s a better a better plan than hey we’re going to go around with a scalpel still like everywhere in in the world that’s a little lipstick comes out and it is because they’re not circumcised be so bummed out like I tell you
Singapore the reasons is been able to persist is because it’s not a particularly bad thing to be circumcised right and so it’s like fine it’s totally great because it’s a blend perfectly in with our kind of like bullying young girls are saying like there’s this event that’s going to happen when you have sex for the first time you should think about it more than the guy does cuz the guy could just stick it in and go away and you however you’re the recipient of this thing and we’re trusting you with this like drum skin that’s why I like you better not exactly it’s practicality that that perpetuates that Miss it’s a little more Insidious than the circle then on top of that I got the impression is unrelated to sex talking about it because you know
expert on Anatomy I’ve never seen a woman but but yeah I’m in the vagina and then the first time and it comes through it’s like you know ruptured forever that’s literally what I pictured my entire life was I was like it’s like a freshness feel it’s like a fucking Capri Sun
close at Capri Sun again that’s what I thought it was and I had sex in a football field that the band comes through but I really love this goes back to how much heart the show has the character of Emily is standing with Emily’s boyfriend who’s a health teacher but you guys are are are preoccupied with the the myths surrounding the highwomen because the first one on the list is the Cherry Poppin daddies and two of you as men are just like looking at that a CD case and like arguing about why it’s bad which leaves Emily to like walk away from you guys down the football field in a beautiful haunting shot where she just basically says without preaching that like this is also by the way you can use this myth of the hymen there countries where women have to show proof of hymen
get a fuck it yes food stamp or whatever the name something that doesn’t exist in that form right then that doesn’t even get back to can be used to like really hurt people and it’s a good if it’s a myth it’s crazy it’s like the same thing as IQ tests which you also ruin which have been used extensively for racism. That’s that’s just like to watch the show I mean it’s really want you to be unhappy with the world to be a worse place that is like it it’s a superficial joke you know is like ruin Comfort I mean something that is contrary to what you believe it’s like unless it’s really a bad situation is momentarily uncomfortable
all my gears are grinding and then but then as you learn and you start to embrace the actual truth it’s really fun and rewarding to learn a new thing and it because you know that it makes you more powerful it opens the world up to you what are the reason they showed as well as because once people learn the things they want to go tell someone else right away to change but then I saw your episode I always knew this this explains everything the your credit card numbers they’ve already been stolen the fact that it seems like every once in awhile like You’re vulnerable to identity theft is is is based on the statistical probability of the gigantic landfill full of everyone’s credit card numbers that exist online yes that are that are sold to people in like billions of cards about your credit card because it’s like a school of fish
what are the odds are going to be eating very low and the credit card company is all that were the banks and more specifically all have their just like okay we’ll just send the case we’ll just cancel the card refund thing when it happens then we’ll call you on the phone and now it’s more annoying right because your your credit card with people that have the cards canceled you know it’s a fraud protection is too strong right but remember being a kid and I remember but I don’t know if it’s illegal for me to say this but I remember being in that phase of my life like 16 17 and like I remember going to the site to sign up for real I did some stuff I thought maybe at a change in 20 years but they used to take your credit card is or just literally a card that has the number on it and they were
literally just go 175 and then the thing that changed over 20 years is it now a computer does that but it’s no more secure at the only thing that eliminates one person over here in your credit card transaction we’ve got like a chip and pin when you’re using the register is you’re not exposing your number in the same way that you used to be but the number system still exists right all you need is a Sirius Radio to shore distributors in the shortest route to Justin you can use you can use someone’s card right exactly how would a person say do that maybe you can ruin poverty for me to get online and Google you could you could get online and Google and go like I want to become a person who trades in
so much effort into it you might as well write a screenplay the Oscars did the by the way I said that was a dumb reference I don’t know if all the great movies won did the did the favorite win anyting best actress Olivia, I like I said I thought maybe the guards and one for the Spurs scoring black panther is the community composer for a Marvel movie Brothers Discovery I can’t claim credit for like discovering him but I did because I was the creator of community I did have the honor of signing the special letter to the
Grayson board or whatever you call it we’re basically it’s like to get a genius Visa which is essentially saying she’s going to take an American’s job fuck you John Williams doing fine on the TV show royalties
both your parents are super smart right yeah they’re both my parents are our phds you piece of shit with a PA
is this is this where you get the unraveling from childhood but I was also a super ATD kid and I couldn’t keep my head on straight you know so you know I am I thinking a lot of time watching my kids science shows you things like that would end up I realized only a degree of the show I was like but I realized as dipping we do sound effects for every little thing you know are they impressed you ever called him. He loves me not yes my parents aren’t my parents are impressed story ideas from
almost the opposite of my weed in episode on science which is what I’m very proud of because I love science as dear to my heart as well from the systemic problems and science with science fun to hang out with you no use overuse of mouse models like they use mice for too many things and stuff like that I watched it with my dad who’s the administrator at a PhD in a vice president of the University of Oregon and I want you as my sister who’s a PhD in nuclear physics and Science News really good Outlet if you guys like learn about science and I watched it with them and then afterwards they looked at me and they were like you really simplified a lot of stuff in this area
don’t want to hear it I was like sitting there watching them during the episode as they were like I don’t know yeah that’s kind of painting with broad a broad brush in a fight my dad and science funding and the NSF and and you know corporate and and billionaire funding a science of the probably that my dad worked at the NSF and Cave grants and he was like no no no it’s a good system I like your here’s the thing when people are when people are so close to something is like you’re a lot is oh Adam ruins everything is a great show until he does something that you know, right right and like yeah I’m sorry that in six minutes we didn’t manage to like the status of your like fucking PhD the biggest problems with the internet people get so fucking excited when the ocean of everyone dwelling together accidentally runs over a single goddamn thing about that that that
important to them it’s just be excited about that don’t get mad about it
I think it’s so funny oh my God I finally I’m the person here we did this thing on on Mouse models which is that you know mice are mice and rats are overused in medical testing and Science and the reason is because the models are very it’s very easy to get the mice it’s cost-effective and it’s replicable you can do it over and over again and it’s an easy cat funding to do that right there problems he told me he said you know those those rats are bred for cancer easier to give cancer cuz that’s all they get is cancer remember that kind of broadly true I mean it it’s like there’s such a specific populations are the number of variables righto when they’re when they’re testing as a result their findings then became like really really narrow and just you know we talked to a fucking cancer scientist who says hey we shouldn’t be using my speech
this much right at the systemic problem in science and I’m you know Reddit we got so many people say I am a scientist who uses mice and he doesn’t know anything about mice and I use my very well you know and the thing is from their vantage point where they are at their particular post grad program at the University of whatever doing their work like they have such a specific their whole lives are there little corner of it you know like sort of writ large and I’m talking about I’m doing an overview for a general population of the field from ten thousand feet up right and so like those even though I were talking about the same thing our perspectives are so different that like they can’t you know they can’t quite go to the Gateway to go together you know and they have that strong reaction is there a version of an episode where you ruin the child parent relationship
Anna Blake
symbolizing them and I got to go my mom said this my dad said that and I just tell that story about my dad Taylor fat guy it’s so easy to want them to be wrong and all his stuff and like I’m passing but it’s kind of like licorice Rob’s used to tell me the story of shrubs going to grow up to be a God knows what he hasn’t thrown up yet no she grows up to be a book artist Ryan sjostrom has these stories like when we’re like 20 and we’re hanging out and strap remembers being a kid and your mom had your comic books and you know she never ran the rocks and it had a Sci-Fi book and there was like some naked nudity in areas outside
skip ahead of her time wandering likely do we when we True Crime takes me like people are so faster they go like oh Ted Bundy Ted Bundy’s parents were like this I’m like according to who fucking Ted Bundy when I think if you had slightly less of a support system know what I’m saying is I wonder what field of psychology like like like like the idea of like like I picture it like a bug a boat’s wake like like to what extent I know it’s like nature versus nurture is a thing but I’m saying like like people like wheat wheat in the interview people about their childhoods we do they call Jesus so and so what do you remember about your childhood will my mom was always very encouraging about the alphabet oh really that’s weird because your life ended up being a bit
fucking alphabet you alphabet scientist your brain your mom like washing your dick really hard makes you into the alphabet like we’re going to have like a scientist who studies the stages of life so they get engaged and we didn’t episode about their engagement we didn’t know that Admiral with weddings remix about having a baby right now he’s tied at the end we should have had a very soft you are messing with the other that was like hey you don’t have to have a kid right that was sort of trying to get take that shame all that pressure off a p
it’s not your chance to make the world a better place imperative to have children I personally and if people want to have them great but I don’t think it’s a good thing that we we have to do it right so at the end we have Emily and Murph decided to wait until they don’t have kids and so but maybe maybe one day you know God willing if we keep going we will do that episode but yeah I don’t know I feel like the the amount of like the fucking butterfly effect of parenting is so vast that I feel like it was the worst part about it as a parent I can’t imagine having to live with that cuz you feel like everything I do is going to be like that fucking Simpsons episode where you know suddenly suddenly they they turn into some kind of weird monster because I do XYZ was completely unpredictable and actually have almost no control over it at all like all the things that you do I talk to
what is about about you and my parents doing that’s why I see none of its are things that I know that that they never even thought about or that they they’re just tiny little quirks of their personality that we’re just you know like a little bit too harsh about this for a little bit too loose about that or or not panic, and they’re like by the way all that other shit that you’re going to remember that’s awful I’m so sorry I came off that way earlier today Adam you got to remember it’s so important that mice mice are overused dinner or whatever then I guess it just didn’t serve your adult brain you’re developing brains like you create this like rocket thrust behind you we go why am I who I am and the memories that don’t serve that narrative they just throw ya like like like like
old man Withers down the street was racist and that’s why I’m not and I decided that and so I forgot that old man Withers saved the spacelab from I’m not going to rip a narrative that’s already halfway into one I might as well complete with his racism in that case told me was it still racist I don’t know why I ya business this is conflict because I believe something is going
I believe they have to react a video of a badger robbing or something like a fast motion video on it and I loved it but one of the things that I believe is that your real life is not story shapes that people’s lives are not actually stories and a tenant that’s only what we impose on to them and if they’re real and they’re actually an upcoming episode or season finale is going to be about exactly the problem because on our show we use stories to and in the way that I described it to give people information but in reality the real world is not story of shape right like we tell rr3 beat story about Teddy Roosevelt’s wife Roosevelt did not have a story like that to his life that’s something I imposed on it right through until the end it to the extent that
the stories we get we get further from the truth I think we do that for our own lives as well but it’s really the only things that are strange shape for like the day cuz the sun comes up and goes down so you can always rely on that and like the seasons and life and death and the kind of like General nature of how this too shall pass like you’re mad at this person today maybe you’re mad at them because you love them you’re going to find that out later like those kind of like those things that aren’t peluda bowl by the fact that everyone else is going through them all the same time that create static and it but the individual signals I think if you were to the accepted as possible to have an individual have a relationship with the Universe I think that the story structure holds true I think the nature and
but I do like I do know exactly what you talking about cuz then what we have to do is function together and then so then we go oh Teddy Roosevelt you know there unless you want someone else is like well actually and we’re like you’re actually being me and my stories about pressing the special 30 would actually is and everyone all signals and just create static but your heart is beating every beat a muscle like crosses it gets a day or two for ax Story 4 chambered heart but my my believe I agree with that except that I believe that’s like a structure in the structure that we impose right at the structure at like I believe the story of the universe right if you have any was wiped out nobody would care there’ll be nobody to care about anything there would be no you know it’s sort of like the sun would be revolving but there be no vantage point from which it would rise and set right there was there would be no one to observe
complete. To being sentient I’m really I’m what I’m most interested in is understanding the the universe has a truly is right there with his fucking I’m just getting going to snow 7 to contact her but like what I’m really interested in understand the world as it truly is and to the extent that I an opposing my own structure on it that’s an extent to which I don’t really understand it as it is and it seems like the story is like such a deep peace of how we think deep like characteristic of how we think that we can’t escape it even as it distorts the world that we’re trying to observe yeah I mean she’s there was that is Real documentary footage is surveillance footage because those people are unaffected because the cameras not in plain view but they can’t but what about what what about actually it was mounted
it was mounted by Macy’s because Macy’s didn’t want their parking lot robbed it was a choice made that is a way to look at that to to to to to defeat yourself and go oh so all I am is a is a conscious monkey that’s just like projecting a an illusion onto a chaotic Universe it go can’t you just flip that and go what will flip the telescope looks in the big hand and into the monkey I can go and in the universe’s point is that monkey for the time being according to that monkey in that then. That’s what the monkey need to know to actually understand the universe because as far as our monkeys relationship with the university only if it’s a monkey is through that telescope even though it’s absolutely a fraudulent telescope because of the monkey understanding with the Milky Way things won’t help the monkey and the milk and it won’t
it it it’s like yeah I don’t know I’m scared I’m scared you’re scaring me so I might panicking and legs
make the television lamp. I mean I agree with that last statement all you do is make it till I make my show I might try this that’s me trying to work that shit out you know like what are our season finale this year is literally us like grappling with those issues right and the issues of like is the structure of our show make our show list true it’s fucking Mehta in the best way thank you you should you should ruin the word meta it’s a it’s a Greek prefix that means nothing it means beyond the shores up the fourth wall that makes you identify with characters do all kinds of stuff like that you also have an offshoot that’s like an animated thing where you just investigate history we did animated episode
and they were and they were specifically it was the the network wanted more episodes in less time and they were like all year and I said maybe and they said great yes and then we did them and they came out quite well but yeah there is like we end up creating an entirely different format for them where it’s me interacting with an aerator withdrawals you can you can listen to Jerry Ranieri history of animated Adam ruins it for him
watch 10 minutes of it or you’re going to take a great for a crack rock of your ear in or you’re out
you will sell all of your shit and lose your teeth over the show
my most important question it was sort of like hinted at the beginning and I purposely avoided it but like so do you believe in humanity do you think we have a chance
and we’ve only got in the broadest sense in the broadest sense of truck what am I supposed what is what do you think my job is here I got to ask that
you know I got to ask I got to sleep tonight what are you
so he’s flattering you saying whatever you say is going to affect him so thought I have sometimes is that let’s see if I can do a pessimist and Optimist first I thought that I have sometimes is that the the amount of time that we have been on Earth in our current form right like the the modern world right is is so short right our population has gone up by I don’t know I forget when the Earth had a hundred I had 1 billion people on it as opposed to 7 but it was less than two hundred years ago and so the amount of explosion is massive and if you saw any population of any creature expand that much in that short of a time you’d be like yeah it’s might not end well right like it going from 1 billion to 7 billion giraffes giraffes
new kind of tree that’s artificially tall because you got to justify the next it’s almost like we’re the pat would look like we’re complete absolute cynicism and optimism meat was like 8 billion of us where he hid the gold it was like everybody was like oh there she goes there goes New York and then the lights came on the next morning there like we used to it it’s like we’re not we’re not as bad as but at the same time at the same time okay so that’s like the worst that’s like the worst vision of humanity right and Anna and that vision wear like we’re almost like a bacterial infection that found too much like substrate that would allow it to grow right like we’re growing at this rapid pace and it’s unsustainable way and the crashes are coming right
and that’s how I feel sometimes that I feel other times that I think the the humanist worldview doesn’t get enough credit sometimes for how beautiful it is because I feel like atheists to people want to call and tell the 80s don’t don’t give this to you often enough because you know if you if you’re looking at the world in the western part that we live in a natural world where you know things are happened because of chemical reactions and that life is essentially a complex chemical reaction write humanity is in a chemical reaction that not only it it actually escaped the bounds of biological evolution of begin a process of cultural Evolution where you know the rate at which the rate at which were changing him out at the rate at which our species has changed is orders of magnitude faster than any species that has ever changed before right because we’ve created this process of cultural Evolution where things are happening in our minds right through language
and that’s something that to our knowledge has never happened anywhere you know ever right and that makes us the most liked undoubtedly the most remarkable thing to ever happen in the entire universe certainly as far as we’ve seen it so it’s unbelievable that it’s just it’s just chemical reactions like building upon each other complexity creating more complexity creating more complexity creating more complexity and so that is the mere fact of our existence is the most beautiful truth in the natural world and as a result it kind of maybe I mean I was going to say doesn’t matter what we do it does because we still need to behave ethically towards each other and try to improve the world that were in but the fact of our existence is so marvelous that it’s difficult to even comprehend
yeah I just spoke to you on musk about this you’re welcome we were just having the same conversation and Canadian cartoonist boyfriend Steven not like you can you hear and the podcast he introduced to me a million years ago which was this idea of information as a field I eat an organism in its own right although it doesn’t meet our definitions of living but it does mean our definitions of like wants to be and it that information is a field it goes it’s like if you look at just us as a sort of Patsy I guess you’d call it that molecular molecular Boom Beach leads to Cosmic RNA leads to life leads to competition between giraffes and beavers leads to us having eyebrows and having podcast done with the whole point of it is that we invented hard drives because we’ve got our
cells are bursting with information I heard the reason we have these chromosomes are just like so tightly wound it’s like whenever you fucking like that the shop last happening ballet of information on wind and then rewind in your baby’s sounds like it’s gotten to a point where it’s like enough is enough coincidentally right at the time when we are also smart enough to make new ways for information to to to go on and my big fear was always and look I’m I’m just going to say you wanted to share that
he made you a major solar panels on your cars and you know but I like these like what we’re experiencing right now could we intersected with like the kind of it it’s becoming to a point where everyone is an atheist and everyone who’s like a fundamentalist could actually both agree that it’s over but the atheist or green because it’s like well our species was never anything more than basically like a boot drive like a weird kind of like intermediary like oh what do I got to work with you to the guy that’s like like trying to devise a university like you have hydrogen you have a certain amount of atoms like
we bump into each other want to make more of the things that bumped into each other so I can just give it a trillion gazillion gazillion years until it gets to a point where okay finally we got like plants and free things like crawling around in the only one I like now they’ve got the agenda driven that’s like it’s on autopilot so if you’re a God at this point you’ve walked away a long time ago you’re growing basil in your flower box and that’s like going but it’s like like like like because all it’s doing is just going like look I got one every every living thing has just gone I got to beat every other living thing I got to fuck more I got a minute but all of it is like bent towards this Apex where you and I are like I need to know how to make eyeglasses in this microchip and the say and his alphabet
and that we have gotten finally right to the point where what we’re experiencing is an actual spiritual abandonment of our original West sorry that the no no no no this is me projecting other shit I don’t want to miss credit anybody but my fear is that we are as primates we are at the Event Horizon of of biologically going okay what’s next and but the information is going like nothing’s next for you you fucking flip man actually a coupon from where we’re going is violence that is nihilism
that that we’re we that we have at it we’re at a Crossroads where we could actually I might theory is if we could actually just recalibrate for a second and realize that we are direct descendants of chimpanzees and that by their standards we are gods and just stopped at the end they would go what’s wrong and we would go I can’t even talk how many spotted leopards are hunting you and we’d be like a spotted leopard of nuclear Annihilation is like the way you made that up. You’re crazy I’m going to go have an orgy because I learned to fuck and I’m going to go extinct because of you
because we could just realize like we we we’ve eliminated the spotted leopard slippers we control the weather and we don’t give a shit we don’t control the weather we do because a chimpanzee can’t just go in doors we invented indoors we do control chimpanzees definition of whether we can change it from raining to not raining by stepping to the left 3ft chimpanzees could only do that to a certain degree would I say that is that was bragging about how you just compare yourself to a chimpanzee you’re rich you’re happy when I say that if he was sitting
is dad there’s there’s like this concern there’s like this concern that we are that the bad thing is something we’re going to do you know like we’re worried about you know we’re worried about building a I are worried about like doing the next level or eat you. I mean and I’m concerned about the things that were doing right now right that like when you know we’re actively we’re destabilizing like weather systems and climate systems right now you know and that we’re we’re currently building you know a lot of people are like a friendly as I got to come to Consciousness it’s going to Skynet us you know but the the this writer James Bridle read a book called new Dark Age and it’s all about how we’re building these systems that


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