Episode: 324 – Aunt Tipathy


Episode: 324 – Aunt Tipathy


Dan problematizes things that don’t need to be problematized, listens to audio porn and gets to the bottom of The Flash with Brandon and Schrab. Featuring Dan Harmon, Brandon Johnson and Rob Schrab.


how are you tonight
you look so beautiful
happy birthday Steve Levy see believe his birthday I never really texted him happy birthday have fun we assisted your assistance on his assistant that my calendar and then I and then I can Steve’s the first guy I got a text in the morning and I was like well get this stuff out of my first you know he she should have left you a note like a calendar and it is humanise himself he just couldn’t get through the fucking membrane
couldn’t couldn’t break the the the titanium ceiling the whatever material you use when you just depressing everyone human
Beyond Glass glasses Elegance for the ladies going to be able to see through it hello I’m impressing you can see through the ceiling but too soon my love
yeah if you guys think you’re sick of me
you should beat sick of yourselves
for a change you what would you use for Levy oh I don’t know I mean obviously I’m using something that you can’t see through that’s why I think that’s my elegant point like I think that’s where the term by ceiling probably came from his but you know men are like like you know they’re like oh it’s transparent like like not because it’s invisible but because the men are like yeah it’s their legs like I I can see you while I can I get some Sidious and then I’m saying like then what if what about the way that you oppress everybody that you don’t even think about it all you don’t even see him feel like women came up with the term
women came up with a term it’s a it’s a ceiling
put it but the show with the show is called harmontown
February is over so I’ll be quiet. Probably a coin by the people beneath it
unless you’re like that jazzed about a fraction that you like we need a ceiling over these people with me cuz you’re a little concerned you don’t want to impress them too much you want to be able to see them it’s like the opposite of empathy like the opposite of Love is indifference that hate the opposite of empathy isn’t non empathy it’s like I know exactly how you feel I’m going to crush you
that’s crazy thinking about thinking about things from your perspective so I can know how to hurt you more is there a word for that antipathy 3 time
speaking of antipathy okay so here’s a frame Tiffany
I remember going to my aunt Japanese house for rhubarb pie and mac and cheese or roney’s and Spencer has been very depressed lately I asked him if it was okay to to to share that with people and he said yeah that was several weeks ago I haven’t checked in with him about that since I’m going to give him his space and he’s like I’m going to see him see him all the time but I just somebody doesn’t want to figure give him space and doing
talk to you know you’re here you reminded me of you interrupting with it antipathy word play reminded me that Spencer wasn’t here and and that that made me think about the fact I actually hadn’t shared something that I did ask Spencer what point do you mind if I shared that with the audience he’s like yeah I don’t care cuz they did think it was interesting and I was in a real ship mood and
it was hard to save these days if it’s connected to anything extrinsic week also like it in the world is so wackadoodle from my perspective at this point like how would you know if it was because it was raining or because of something you saw on a on the Internet or but so deep that your kind of like this is got to be biochemical this can’t even be I’ve never been this depressed about anything real in my life like this is got to just be a real thing and I almost think makes it a little easier to deal with intellectually cuz you’re like oh this is just blue crayon in my but I’m done Google
and I got and I didn’t like Midway into that I was like not sharing it with people that’s the that’s the thing cuz it was like this too shall pass you complain enough like like what who you going to get it where you going to tell me even saying this is going to be having this conversation with a colleague where I said like they were talking about being depressed and I was like you know you are having a lot of good fortune right now and there is it a fact that I’ve noticed where you met lasso of like when you’re allowed to complain like on Titans in your own mind you guys are thinking with nothing stopping you I was not tied but but that’s cuz I think that I have this I feel like I have a little license to like each other because I’m talking to people who would never judge me
I got way too high I am sorry that it makes my fourth change it I just Spenser was I came to work in this funk and I got out of my car and I got the elevator and Spencer what happened to be in the elevator the same time and he hadn’t done the show for I didn’t want to he just he just had taken one week off at that point and I said good morning Maria said you said hey sorry I didn’t do the show is everything okay I’m really depressed and my mood I was like so excited it was when you see somebody wearing the same shirt or like you weren’t worried somebody mentions the same Netflix show that you’d work like coming into work ready to talk about it like lately it was so instantly measurable how happy it made me to hear someone else say I’ve been depressed and I don’t know why and I think that that’s both you know I know that that’s
it was all so funny I was it was like God that’s so ridiculous and almost cruel that it makes you feel better here than misery love company and stuff and it’s like I never bothered to ask Spencer is it also making you feel better or is it just near a person that’s drowning they they they they won’t know what they’re doing and they they might grab your head and hold it under them like like with a reptile part of the brain if they’re scared there that they’re drowning see if they like have these techniques like I was I was that that’s what I was doing cuz I just grabbed it and pushed myself up with it was like you know there is this thing you witness somebody be brave you’re able to be brave
and there’s this great honesty you get you get a little kick from that we will do it while we sort of stress reach out to people you know when you open a Band-Aid in the dark and you see that little spark when you peel the paper like that it just seems like it’s the same thing in Carlsbad Caverns where there’s no light and then you open a Band-Aid and you like it’s one little thing and it doesn’t it doesn’t mean you’re going to live longer it doesn’t mean anything but it’s like it it’s the opposite of you got to pull that Band-Aid off is usually you going to open that Band-Aid can open that band aid package
and what can be reminded me of a like Spencer remind me so I would say I mean I want to say also I don’t think I have the word power right now and I’m on a deadline I’m kind of like clumsy and fumbling but I did I did Imagine sharing it with you dispensers been bummed out and I know that I know that Spencer’s night you going to enjoy anybody saying to him like you know it’s it’s it’s tough with him like I he’s such a smart guy like you know it’s it’s it’s it’s it’s a it’s a a I I I feel like to share that he’s spitting up in a funk I don’t even know I did that I’m sure she would if you had a button a bill will know then don’t don’t mention it because he’s
he doesn’t think he’s going to get joy out of like a flood of digital get Wells you know I do even if we don’t let’s see what he will sometimes I know that’s right that’s how I felt about wishing him a happy birthday happy birthday
worker who hated Gucci
she’s a pretty love inlaid kind of guy as far as I’ve seen and end the get sort of that you get what you give and and that he doesn’t like yeah he is it anxiety if you don’t want to be in a crowd of fucking warbling strangers at it’s like when people used to say I had a Christ complex how do you know I’m not actually Christ
choose those who choose
this is a kind of a tangible thing but did you ever go to Lake Milwaukee days do you guys have any of those festivals in Summerfest where you that kind of person who could do those mean yeah we were cracked in the comedy 10th I mean we would Traverse like the crowds but we wouldn’t stay there very long and spend the rest of the day or the night in the comedy title think I would have gone to Summerfest very often if it wasn’t for you didn’t have that like that little feeling of like you’re going there to work and and there’s a hidden area full of all the people that you see every day plus the occasional Bobcat Goldthwait their time Kenny are going to show up and you can hang out with them so, cam is the same when you guys are, can I get a really walk maybe like Sunday before they like after they close at 10
I think everyone would agree but I think some people are maybe just eight more able to handle something that they know is egregious which is like absolute zero control over your personal space and where and when you walk and don’t like I got that gets better pretty that seems that’s in criminal the exhibit floor at Comic-Con so this is been a long time coming
I think I think I’ve been thinking about this for thirty years and it’s like one of those things is just that little thing in my little bee in my Bonnet that I think it’s come up recently because of the amount of True Crime on listening to this phrase gets used a lot I hate this phrase
there’s no guest tonight so fuck you welcome to the show by talking when I shouldn’t talk anymore
I guess it’s always my turn to say something about myself you going to pick that up I accidentally read the fucking read it before I came I saw I liked the gonewildaudio you ever do the Gone Wild audio it’s it’s like I can’t get that anywhere else it’s like an open source community of people that are just doing like audio porn so that role playing stuff like like oh hellos you here for your 3 appointment just sitting over here
what do you mean your French guy making one up because I’ve been conditioned out of that share are you telling me what I’m going there for is there is there a Michael Winslow
I’ve gone wild audio
it is it is fascinating which people decide to use props and it’s it’s very funny like like sometimes like like like like big women who who like where did you get the impression it would sound like that to fillet someone like like like like like like are you are you are you really good at it is that why it sounds like that have you heard everyone else pretending to be late like like like like like like then and then the other people like whether or not they’re going to do space work in like. Let me why don’t you sit in this chair and then some people just aren’t content to let that be silent there’s a I think there’s like a chair sound in bandra
what are you doing with that finger I can’t talk to you erection who is there was one of two women that they use in different brackets and so it’ll be like f4m means female voice recorded for a male listener assuming that her sexuality I supposed for ask switch
if like I should do one right now
shoes for sale
hello I went to the subreddit it was like like somebody was like 800 episodes and I’m all caught up and then everyone can read that going to hurt me that’s going to be like a fucking warm embrace that not even sugar-coated it’s just going to be like in general what do you know it was just like everybody’s chance to just go like when you get to this one that’s what it really bad and I stand was like what lake is a way of saying like go fuck yourself or is that is that is that is that problematic because but anyone can suck a dick right know it takes a real genius
I know you got better you got better than so I can imagine it’s just like even if it’s not technically I’m not one of these guys it’s like
I just I was just kind of thinking about it cuz it’s like I know that more than ever like I used to have a real addiction to like saying the f word is the gay derogatory f word like just real conversation only like probably all over this podcast eye back cuz I was like it was a hard habit to break like like like I just gay and retarded all over the place in in the so therefore I am I guess what I feel like I’ve successfully killed verbally the thing that remains rattling against the inside of my skull constantly ly constantly wanting to just tell people to suck my dick like I haven’t lost that I feel like it’s the thing that I really want to say to ever
but all the time because of the great thing about you suck my dick sort of being retired there’s all these new ways of saying awful shit to people I mean it’s like it is really striking to me cuz it was like you guys is like debates about like political correctness that is a killing comedy blah blah blah and it’s like it’s an unquestioned it’s just like like the the the answer is really do you watch John Mulaney said on Saturday Night Live feel the craft feel the the unmistakable objective humor if there is such a thing like he kills it it’s what you might call a just a just a just a perfect set of sound like
she’s like oh do you think that he did this you think he wrote and performed this by first having a debate about whether he’s allowed to say things that the answer is no I mean if you haven’t seen it. They’ll answer for you as it is really coming from a place of Joy just doesn’t go into air is he he’s not he’s not either mad that the times have changed nor is he like wantonly stoked about the new way to think things. He’s just a nail in it doing it I did it just has to do with like sincerity and kind of like being in the moment which I can no longer do but here’s my here’s the thing that I would like to change my language
because I feel like it has antipathy inherent antipathy to it this phrase I don’t like it I’d like to eliminate it
they were in the wrong place at the wrong time
suck my dick
play Blake Blake first of all forget about the fact I’m not. I’m not forget about the fact that if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time you probably nailed it right you probably a terrible I would like to do just speak verbally did but forget about that lately cuz if you’re already in the wrong place so what you don’t want to be you don’t have to be wrong place the right time to be there is just something wrong is going to happen
forget about that I just don’t like the general like it was just like like like I don’t like the general like way that it’s used was always a victim-blaming now where is likely because it’s just like something horrible happens in these podcast you’re listening to or you like ripped in half by a gator or the yeah and you just listening cuz you’re like oh God I I hope nothing bad ever happens to me and I don’t know why you’re listening is just slowly going insane and it just constantly saying that over and over again like these people were just in the wrong place at the wrong time like like the idea that if I died tragically that that’s the way it will be characterized as a kind of really makes me mad in advance like my I don’t want people I was in the wrong place at the wrong time by a bus
it was it it’s it was it was it was a bad thing that happened I mean do you have if you have plans on how you want to die then sure we can judge you like if you were like man I wanted to die somewhere sexy but I was at a gas station at like 3 right or wrong place at the wrong time type of death that I wanted you know I wanted something bigger you know the wrong place for the kind of activity I had a grind to that it is like saying to less I mean like your you’ve now turned right because
it was the wrong time wrong place right time right place
I didn’t work so is zeros in math do probably or integers or whatever they call him okay so this happened so I have a trainer and I go to the gym regularly but I’m going out of town thank you guys for self-care I’m going out of town I’m going
give me 2nd going out of town next month so
I canceled my trainer my trainer so like but they but I’ve been going there for like about four years and they said well you’ve accrued through like your trainer canceling are you canceling or whatever you’ve accrued like like 30 extra days in there that you paid for it and if you cancel it if you cancel it they’re just going to disappear and I was like well how many how many will when when is my if I cancel it today when does it up was up like in 2 weeks so I said well I’ll just do them in in two weeks so I’ve been going to the fucking gym every single day for like 2 hours
thinking that I’m going to get fucking Statham for Kate when she comes back from her vacation yeah bend over to pick up my socks so I’m the opposite of State the opposite of states
how do I have you seen Stevens latest movie it sounds like you have
no but I’ll check it out when I need these comic books and socks on the men for the job
are you 50 and I’m not I didn’t know you didn’t pick up one sock cuz there was a baby in it
that’s Chinese baby we take it to comic book store would have to break my only rule is the fifty-year-old X comic book artist so I completed your job with the stuff you’re picking up off the floor now
my back is all fucked up it’s like really like it’s it’s fucked up and I’ve got like one more session tomorrow and I’m like I don’t know if I can do it I am so close to the finish line but I know why because they were trying to get well if you pay for another month you’ll be able to have more time to get rid of those sounds like I’m not going to give you more money so I can use the stuff I already paid for what planet are you from and the end when a drug dealer drug dealer quantity out of a rag and you’re you’re okay so one drip is my therapist said here’s your expectation
so like Oh I thought I thought there was going to be toothpaste this morning all there’s no toothpaste you got to squeeze the start of a weird like random toothpaste thing that you found in the Bible where you keep the plunger well I wish that wasn’t the case I don’t let that you know like one little it’s like here’s what I wanted here’s what I got.
I got I got I got high it’s better than like it’s it’s better than me did better than me just right now I’m letting people down in a deadline I’m like I’m in my pajamas in bed and I’m like failing to write Adam Conover about the blowback of fact I think it was most striking to me about it can you show us what they mention is that the human brain receives not knowing something as pain
which means guys like us Rob creatives were like boxers
we’re just as Macho like like firefighters but if every call was if there were no kitten calls
I haven’t gotten a kitten call
by the way why is that heroic getting a kitten out of a tree
fuck an easy gig in the world
they say kitten is scared to be in the tree got a lighter now you’re a hero come on you thought it was you two he was talking about yeah
wait what my every time every time I bend over to pick up a sack ass hurts my ass like a sciatic yes yes yes exactly you know the nurse yeah and it hurt do you want to go to my guy
what are my guy might do you want to go to this guy for your ass
simple what my guy didn’t help me but it’s your sciatic yeah I don’t have back pain anymore and back I stopped going to him
because one of the things he said it’s like you need you need better course drinks and now I’m like doing like you stop going Can we cancel I mean the reason why you’re going to continue to have a bad back at your age because you’re not you don’t have a strong core so you got the belly in the front and you got the back in the back at the party end and so like you should like you should be you don’t have any core you know what I mean I’ve been doing I’ve been doing my shoulders I’ve been doing my legs I’ve been doing my bad I’ve been doing my tree and my crack
yeah I’m not saying I’m not saying I’m not sending you to a korrala just sending you a chiropractor for some reason on my left ass every time I bend over to get out of a car or walk the dog I’m in terrible pain like my left ass is in a lot of pain like I’m almost I’m like I think I’m going to fucking die sometime like I might like getting out of the car when I was he just just go to the show I thought it was I thought I was going to cry I was crying so I got electrical jolt sometimes right yes and so like a fucking genius I did this morning I got what I need is Bengay which we talked about before I get out of the bathtub and I put Bengay on my
I loved ask and it mixes with the water that’s already on my ass and it drips down my ass crack now my ass is on fire
did you see that like I was going to do this and I know there’s a pylon and I went through
I can tag not going to look at the guy that keeps making the tiger shots I can’t I’m not going to look at him I’m afraid that I can’t act like water his plants episode 400 is that when tiger man gets involved
remember when that blind guy came and he was great and then we were like you’re going to come again and he was like fuck you I was like I’m blind I don’t remember why you but yes one show I like he was like he came up and he killed the audience love them and it was like a man with a great thing to have this like fun like
sharp like out of nowhere blind guy to start like cut coming up on the on the show and it’s like I’m sure he’s like yeah I’m sure everyone feels that way I’m fucking blind dealing with it I’m not your fucking candle to put on your coffee table
I really miss that guy
Amy remember that episode and it was a meltdown I feel like I was still meltdown
I will have to look up what episode that is
I think it’s I think it’s I think there’s a reference to take him in the title like so I like but anyways new favorite show almost through it cuz there’s only two Seasons of Love after lockup
I’m telling you man love after lockup and they say it is about people who mostly who meet and then
meet their mates through like meet an inmate.com and sites like that where I mean I’m telling you it’s a real it’s like yeah there’s a lot of like VH1 style kind of editing to it where your you should play Minecrafters like watch it with a partner because like like there’s a lot of opportunity to just talk and be cut because because every time someone says well I’m starting to have doubts about whether he’s playing it this way because of what happened at the airport and you know as soon as a reference anything is going to mediately cut to a seniority saw at the airport real quick but if you can get over that which you can it is crazy these stories get through the first season of the second season is like three times

crazier I’ve never example Mary it didn’t tell me that he had another family before he was locked up and now we all live together what is there is what’s his name is Jamaria there is there is one girl who doesn’t know
there’s a lot of events going to be a lot of Life what we put Cerberus, you know my situation but she not okay with my situation
it’s it’s it’s it’s all across the gender and racial Spectrum like it’s going to go Adam Goldberg so fast
the it eat something first I didn’t know I have preconceptions about the stuff but when I heard about like a love after lockup I just immediately first of all pictured like the the kind of like that the women that right to the inmates and then the it it’s like oh what’s going on with them and you got these preconceived notion there’s just as many guys doing it with the female inmates and the crazy thing is is the similarities the crazy things of stuff across is all lines of of of of gender and race I guess those are the two lines I don’t know other than classic the Monopoly guy’s getting out of prison there’s no episode like that but but I was kind of like Blown Away in an almost uplifting humanistic way to is it like oh my God
the stories this extreme like
gender is an artificial construct because it’s really defining these people is whether you’re out of prison or impression that the two genders and is relationship and the people who are out of prison I hope I hope there’s not an exception to this because they would definitely not deserve to be lumped in this way and I I don’t want to judge anybody ever for the rest of my life but I’m like fascinated by the fact that like it seems like all the people that are out of prison that are going to these prison sites to find a mate it’s like they all are going there because in every sense of the phrase on both levels of the phrase they like the idea of having a prisoner for a mate
Savannah includes after they get out Lake Lakeview in whatever way that you’re capable of expressing it like these people are like oh this is their recourse to control like they want to be a warden in a relationship now. Sometimes that takes the form of like toxic masculinity like there’s like
crazy the characters on the show you’re going to learn their names and be like there’s no boring ones it’s like we should ship because it is so extreme it’s so dysfunctional and don’t use it to the guy but man it is there’s a there’s a metaphor that would spice about it though because it’s like you’re talking about going down to the shore and watching we’re ocean towns into a rock so that you can build better pneumatic pipes and things late late late late where you like I want to understand the dangerous forces that are at play when two people that don’t want to be alone got their hooks in each other in various ways and it’s at like a few more
healthy relationships then oh I I went to a prison site and and and started writing this person relationships with more healthy starts to that the undercurrent of materialism this idea of like well this person just needs to eat they just got out of the joints like they’re trapped in this relationship or they’re taking advantage of someone usually exactly both in this crazy like aunt aunt meeting with colliding in the air and tumbling as they fucked of the earth square like both need being filled both killing each other I need control over a human being I have a piano and the other person is like I need a sandwich and and it’s just like it is it is truly intense man I can’t recommend it enough there’s a
reality shows are interesting no I don’t I but I thought that you had when he asked last week about is it real life and in real life does it adapts to script and I think there’s something interesting about what you point that has the very rawness of the lack of storyline did you just real characters that are super Dynamic like you can eat you can so easily go oh he’s the Marquis the trick you know she’s a sociopath like sidewalk or shopping mall where you met a few people watching and you it’s not like we it’s not like the human mind has a? In place of an opinion about a stranger you know they could until they get more data it’s like
exactly who’s Rick you find out later if you’re right but these stories and it’s like you go like I feel bad for him because like the guy the way he’s talking when I was like well I’ve known Sasha for 9 months I mean I’ve never talked I’ve never seen her in person but I’ve been sending her money and stuff like okay my pit he’s going over there and then I’m making one up I don’t want to spoil it really any other real one foot and then she gets out this poor guy and it’s just like to do this guy’s a monster it’s like while it’s flipping to its he’s he’s a monster it’s also your your kind of like you’re learning more about why she might be why was she in prison and Fred look like weekend and what is she supposed to fucking do it again like it’s it’s it’s no difference if it’s a dude like
dudes are like fucking you know they they could snap the woman’s neck but it changes nothing about the dynamic on that fundamental level that there’s one person who’s like I just got out of prison I really want to sit in a lawn chair in my backyard and drink a beer and stare at the Sun and and the other person is like I have decided a year ago that I am in love with this person and I need them to get a job and had and it’s just a cloud away we go Rock’em sock’em robots The only green thing about it is it is it after awhile you kind of like start to realize that nobody’s getting out of prison with
autonomy in a bullfight coming out and what’s that dark in it in the back but that’s the right blend of chemicals that they used handicap this animal’s natural strength over the humans that have the storage so I like it is a cyclo everyone’s coming out of prison completely addicted to being told what to do and also having some kind of Oppositional Defiant like impulse in them they’re probably addicted to some chemical that they were either being supplied and imprison or it certainly did not get like adequate treatment for their addiction to and and a slew of other crazy like personality dysfunctions but it’s just really fun to watch
what’s a recommendation number to well-produced reality show it’s about like the I think I’m going to mention that that that it’s the real life version of that movie Nightcrawler Legos of the guys that I can’t remember the name of the show now it’s the it’s the guys that go around La and they shoot like 3 in the morning like car accidents and likes chases and whatever news and there is like three three companies that are in competition with each other and they all have histories with each other and as soon as it was really really a fun show to watch are those are those guys the same as paparazzi paparazzi but I said are they like La locals are they transplants from like Eastern Europe and is produced by your kind of these are the guys that are my favorite and they also it’s there
show that they made but is it but it’s it’s like British brothers and of the first guy is just like he he he’s an adrenaline junkie like he he he as far as he is concerned chasing police and ambulances or or just trying to use this freeway system to get to an intersection point where you’re going to get the perfect that adrenaline is his idea of a perfect job and then the only dilemma is how am I going to get paid to do this like in a way that’s going to also feed my family and like while other people are like doing it differently in a way that’s going to box them unpopped corpse filming out of the market its he’s a real crime what happened to the small business
it’s sort of like cheaters there’s two Two Hosts but one of them is clearly like into it cheaters yeah oh that show where they go to catch the people cheating yeah there’s two hosts of the guy got stabbed one of them is like okay let’s go and other ones like why are you here. I’ll be one of them is a cheater and I well I’m good at hosting the show cuz I have cheated
I’m not going to lie my heart’s not in it
this is why I feel a little vicarious calling about cheating but I do know where they’re going to be an inside job
have you guys seen the commercial for the show that they like the task force that handles child abduction and the the gimmick is that there’s a new member of the team she was a child abducted and they don’t put an out and I was like that’s a little that’s a little silly and Cody’s like that she would they do that an SB you like you do you can relate to the victim’s the cop. I’m like yeah as a victim like if you had a trauma like that but but they play it in the commercial like she would like it’s like her superpower like she’s like I was abducted once check that shed
sale of sheds
you only knew one of them
you’re not Ghostbuster you’re not Men in Black
there is a shagging since you’ve had a house to yourself
no no no no no
you talking to my ear like nothing comes out
just a little Bank sign up for a while Cody went away for a week
when I leave because you really do you really do beat the little man up and then they come back and they look at it and they’re like what the fuck did you do while I was gone and you like
yeah I mean
he’s got a suit on eyelid very it’s very good with Cody like I fight like I never had a really like Les Claypool
I just got to look like now when I say it’s just like it it’s like I can’t simulate any more relationship where it’s like, it’s like where you like like okay well there’s like I have it in my head round my cool time to jerk off like carte blanche but like can jerk off whenever I want and it healthy relationship and then on top of that like also the real thing is is kind of open and deep and deep and loose and there’s an echo and the real thing is is is its voluminous and then and then and then and then it’s like now that’s a childish thing around
it’s like a compulsion and then it feels like a craft project like this is like a
but it won’t stop me from doing it again and I was wondering if you project you don’t have the pictures
glitter glitter glue
yeah it’s the grossest thing you’ll ever hear in your life
now we pretend we never guess so I can I can sit down
all right now the stage is empty tonight 3 lonely microphones sitting alone why don’t you interview the microphones pretend Airgas yeah let’s go a little feedback microphone number one
how’s your evening that was for all the dads
for all the dad I can
not proud of it
had to do it
we’ve got our British ladies of True Crime coming with it March 10th is that going to be let me next week because I hand the red handed red handed podcast I say this just in case you know there’s an episode coming up where I’m going to be interviewing people and they have a have a podcast so
if you want to get out in front of it now I will check out the clip there you fucking idiot there’s no clip
how would we have a cliff in the future do you stand up the whole time it depends what are you be the guest
take a take a load off
nearby me that weekend I wish I could go back in time and start just let me let me let me let me let me come around to that idea I just want to have a sense of control and comfort of my life
just wanted permission to like myself again I just want to get over my approval addiction my narcissism my fluctuating wait I would like I was I need a new pair of shoes
I am at my my here’s something relatable I like at least two of my six surveillance cameras are hardly weatherproof hello when it’s raining is when I want to see if there’s someone outside
oh I’m sorry I’m foggy at the when it’s raining a great great cuz when does anyone ever had a creepy person outside their house in the rain you got to get on those neighborhood things on on my Facebook. Next door app eyesight I got my next door next door too much they want too much info build they’ll give out like your fucking location to make my name is Knight Rider on there cuz I’m like
cuz I cuz I Cody used like a code name and I might but other people are clearly not using a code name and then I’m like and I was like hey I think I saw your cat my backyard and the committee identified it as an outdoor cat and I was like I really don’t want to be this this guy and I wouldn’t say this if I’d seen anyone else say it cuz I none of my beeswax but got major coyote shit going on up here and I had to stay where I was so what is a yeah I agree with you how can you have like a Nextdoor app kind of thing without everybody just having your address and then it’s it’s not like there’s a Facebook
Sony old Facebook every neighborhood has a group and you can get on you don’t have to you don’t have to like do anything other than just look at that page cuz it’ll tell you what’s going on immediately but somebody that heard gunshots I’m in for five people be like I heard gunshots in this look at and you can you not to use you know you got to give up your actual like info
I don’t know I can’t lie I don’t know if they want credit for this inside or not so I’m going to give them their anonymity but I have a friend who we were talking about the next door app and they said it’s it’s just a I don’t know how they phrased it but they basically implied leg it’s just making people more racist it’s just a bunch of people saying there’s a brown skin girl casing my house in people like like like now just using the word chasing to refer to pedestrians in their neighborhood like everyone wants to be the first person to notice someone casing there that’s what Facebook is great because there’s a there’s a lot of different ethnicities watching people post it so if someone is like take a picture of this dude think you stole my break but 50 people understand this thing that because to the extent that it’s
accountable to the planet how is it I guess the idea is if you if you if you seal it off then that’s like the psychological equivalent of a gated community and kind of promotes this white flight maybe mentality where it’s like our neighborhood is precious and it as opposed to our neighborhood is something that only we care about and it keeps it positive it’s a permeable membrane it’s a greenhouse gas like you needed to get that shit out you can’t trap it in and have them in the greenhouse for sure if your comporting yourself when you talk to your neighbors about your neighborhood in a way that only that that is suitable for the planet to comment on that’s a good exercise cheapest all neighborly if you know that you have to speak about the neighborhood in a way that you never don’t get pissed about
the architecture snobbery likely the wee people force it and it’s like a running gag like someone don’t go lost cat I lost my cat it’s name is vanilla and answers to anything that is a fucking cat it doesn’t never answered anything this life it’s brain is a cluster of nerves in his head and it’s us but I’m sorry I didn’t derail myself and then like maybe a couple comments like oh I think I had a cat like that once they’re so well maybe it broke its own acts while turning it away from the eyesore on the corner of that everyone is like you know that fucking piece of shit like who builds to outright out to the property line I hate modern architecture
hours looking at that shake cuz I’m Facebook they’re mad that the Whole Foods 360 is now just going to be a regular Whole Foods
if I find important but I draw the line I don’t know why I draw the line I know where I draw the line because it’s something I don’t I don’t know about and I don’t but I just feel like a goddamn we sell each other lots of land like in these Parcels you don’t even not even allowed to dig down and is AT&T owns everything five feet underneath your fire hydrant and mobile licensing any aluminum you might find from the fucking land anymore. If you want to build a treehouse and if they want to they can come take it down and write you on your forehead
that maybe I’m exaggerating but I just feel so close to the time for living in and I just I just can’t stand that idea that I’m top of that and your neighbors are like judging you based on like oh like always his front door is like right next to the sidewalk yeah if that’s what they want a Little Caesars never notice a fucking iced or in my neighborhood
affect me i y e y spend time thinking about it but we didn’t all think I’ll go like well maybe for those people may be when they look out their front door when they walk their dog maybe they’re having that me they have the same uncontrollable reaction to looking down their sidewalk that I have maybe looking at your punctuation or something I’m not a grammar Master but like if you use the wrong form of you or something like that maybe maybe some people just couldn’t give a pissed about that and they don’t get hung up about it and and and maybe maybe if it’s if it’s if I could understand that everyone was being the way that they really are a writer and you’re a word person like your your your your life is words these people are just looking at a house and they’re not Architects. But I don’t like lying but my heart
the reason why I said that it’s a byproduct of the fact that I care about the Aesthetics of a of of letters on screen you know like I’m I’m not I’m saying it’s it’s a kind of anything this shit talk architecture the lower-class person that Lake Mead good and moved to LA and I was at this like I just I’ve never felt like like I understand you can’t buy class you know and then like I just have this panic when people are like you know what are these people are mean and what do they have columns in there seeing to take a look at it like Call of Duty
people in La ten-to Setauket you get to this. We don’t ship talk it and then I think you should talk again after like after your first year he likes this place was don’t you love it right mind about that ship but you’re complaining you like look at this fucking frenchgate on the Spanish house with his Japanese roof AstroTurf on the porch I paid too much rent to have to live across the street to hodgepodge house it’s like settling in it’s like it’s like like the Steve Martin observation about how it’s beautiful that everyone that comes out here can be in their own world yeah that actually is still a valid observation I think everybody’s heaven but like maybe I’m going to sound like a really jaded nasty person but I’ll just like
what what if I choose my words right now running to like me right the LA now in spite of the fact that I really don’t want to anymore or you’re like you’re Pat your kind of like well I guess this is where I Live Now Blake is on Thursday that might like meme my feet like like La is like very much thrives on this anticipation energy but there’s certainly not enough anticipation to go around for the however many millions of people live in LA know so the many people do have to provide us with the foundation of a society which is for them to settle in and go like well this neighborhood hasn’t been the same since they open that booby boob most people are like I don’t give a fuk
the window I’m about to be tracked it makes you feel that’s why I always send a special shout-out to people from Los Angeles cuz I’m like you guys have to put up with so many people coming here and fucking this place up it’s amazing that they hang on to any authenticity and I think one of the ways that they do that is by complaining about the shit that we build that we missed Wisconsin we miss Kansas over like man I got to build the fucking house out of wood instead of building what they actually build with out of here so you see these neighborhoods that are like my own thing also took a different shit and I think that’s that’s how we live we live by complaining about the place but loving it well I wish though I wish they could put a little I wish they could remember the love a little bit
I need muffin Toledo’s love it. Love love hating Gaudi houses locals you know the locals love it if it from here they don’t leave they’ll kick us out don’t make it too hard to transplant here I think it’s you like I said I you know I think it’s us we get here we’re like I’ll give you my shit mnla is right and if you’re lucky you live long enough to complain about the Pagoda that just got built
I mean I mean I guess but then okay I’ll be okay but then you telling me that there’s nothing that your next-door neighbor can do to make you want to raise a complaint with some counselor something well I think probably not ever never I mean I can’t imagine that but but but I will I mean a thing that would we would make me wish they would do something different I guess it would just be about the kind of empirical demonstrations of squalor there they like like like so while I well here I am sitting here saying to people who have an opinion about a gray slab of concrete like that you have to steer around when you drive past their house because they wanted to make the most out of every square inch of the property they they they they’re built on and I’m saying cuz those people have a complaint about that but
wow look at is worth noting that if you had an engine block I move on your front one while I probably would never come to say anything about it except to Cody I would I would every time I saw it I will you make it look like we’re unhappy yes I have I have aesthetic opinions there just lower class once and practice those are the two words that would get you to speak to your neighbor I don’t know I’ve sat in my bed and there’s been like people playing music so loud that I got neighbors texting me is that you know it’s not I think that sounds so I don’t know who it is it’s loud over here to I Cody while I wasn’t there once went over and talked to some people I think is an Airbnb near my place with Rob corddry State there
my Wi-Fi he sings This Harmon Wi-Fi and I still haven’t changed it
can you encrypt that come on my Wi-Fi you get what you deserve
I hope you I hope you access my camera adjusted I hope you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time
choke on it Shaukat me rubbing my nipple while I grunt horrible Minotaur like it I love it I don’t know anything
like he was Superman could tell you
Superman City if you’re if you’re interested if you if you were if you were in a feud with Superman like you could lick you could just the cool thing is that if you had like a confrontation with him in public he can be like
you know I can hear you right where you talkin about nerd
my family’s not on Earth why are you obsessed with your family and everyone has a why you talking to me I don’t even know you destroy your life I would love it if Lex Luthor and I said bad why are you talking to me I don’t even know you. Oh my God
get over yourself one I’ve been watching a lot of DC stuff last couple weeks now you got my attention
what is he paying attention he’s like oh he’s been staying in bed all weekend and you’re chasing a deadline and you’re not there but the there’s just there’s the series where Batman and Superman Batman Superman Public Enemies you see that when they made a direct-to-video movie with it and live action and Batman I don’t know his play Batman and Superman I was at that’s interesting to see all of those watching all the Lego in the fall Jenny in the whatever is on the front of any the sometimes it’s Chris Parnell is playing Superman then you got like Tom Clancy
can see the first time playing so consistently Lex Luthor I really like his only read his book Tom Clancy is at all alive likely like how has anyone ever seen him isn’t he like Chef Boyardee there’s no
how could he ever there’s no fucking way Tom Clancy is anything but a like talkin night vision scope on the mantle of a unicorn dream I ate like what would he be he’s more he’s more idea then
like a heart and lung machine I’m like what’s the latest kind of assault rifle
are there any like bringing video games by and going like Tom it’s a it’s a it’s another it’s another Call of Duty type thing but there’s a zombie pack and it just it’s still got your name on a Jimmy’s at put my glasses on Sophia
alola world he didn’t create what is this get rid of that get rid of that is this the first person it’s actually over the shoulder and third-person goodbye Clancy out
add another ion lithium cell to my space station
240 years old if he’s a day
she went anywhere or where was he went when we were watching Hunt for Red October was Tom Clancy like a greaser was he like chicken

I’m 16 I’m wearing a leather jacket I just wrote this with baby and I have a 16 year old ever
we’re going to go to Lover’s Lane real act like Tom Clancy for the voice of Superman and mr. Warner Brothers I think you’re going to like what we’ve done
is this a private party
or can anyone join
loser you gone mad
yeah I think the Justice League will bow to your campaign you need to get out of here
let’s party doesn’t made you I’m Catwoman and Robin supposed to say her name was I supposed to say my name
stop looking at the camera when you’re thinking about saying stuff out loud your side to go to Atlantis Aquaman the radiation from the yellow sun sapping my strength
hey I’m doing are cool Aquaman
alright everybody let’s get it tomorrow and all the way down why is everyone’s identifying themselves as all right everybody get on the bus we’re going down which way we where we going to buy hope up so I can you gather strength we can only go to the surface of the water though this is the Flyin aquabus we can go anywhere we want to it’s me Frozone played by Alex Haley is Bruce Wayne
Eurozone to cross over credible credible and so they asked me to stop by
that’s kind of cool Zone
I checked it wasn’t the Italian the first Incredibles was it is it when The Incredibles 2 came out didn’t you think it was Incredibles 3 Because The Incredibles was so long ago but also to their credit was so kind of hit the spot and if you feel like you would had been to Incredibles movie because it’s been a long enough to be a third one if I was a person work or they did if you worked on The Incredibles I didn’t see the second one but but but but I wanted to let you know that my reaction to your advertising was good job of the first movie
so get that gun out of your mouth you
you’re right. You’re in a cubicle on a Sunray
you’re going to start things going to slowly move up like that like the handicap lady and the Gremlins chair take you all the way upstairs to a gremlin free retirement so let’s see that clip
we don’t have it George RR Martin as the Flash
okay so there’s a Flash TV series right okay are there episodes after 10 season premiered yesterday
for the dad my phone I want to know that I was and I know I I wanted I’ve never watch the show are there any episodes where it doesn’t end with him
running bad why am I tuning in you know I mean like seriously okay like okay well the end of the episode of shit how are we going to get that way I could run fast like I mean like really I mean you know I’m just going to use my detective mind to figure out who stole the jewels, the cops are like yeah maybe just because cuz you’re a really good detective you’re here cuz you run that so why did you want to run fast and leave the driving to us okay what do I do the third episode
do you have any hardcore flashband lake lake lake lake it’s like your jam is it the audience was like
this is a temple in which honesty is rewarded above all are you tiger man
okay do you want to come up and talk about the Flash
okay we won’t pick on you
so you could have been tiger man that was my point like like we don’t we don’t judge anybody here
so you can do a lot about you want to come up and share your love of The Flash where you get out the state right there be great to it was just a fucking passing involves I mean it’s not the Price Is Right but you don’t know
for a fan of The Flash you are walking pretty slow
but that might be that Superman was created by the two like liquid Jewish gifts that were like we said
Brandon Brandon left that got rid of the guy that left it that Mike as a rule we can edit your full name out if you want that’s easy given a donut with Oreo on it as somebody somebody gave us to us as a gift thank you ever give us a Donuts thank you
Jacob give us some background you look a little young can you tell us how old you are otherwise I won’t ask I’m 36 okay well that you’re taking good care of yourself I gave up a little while ago but I never asked people I think are over thirty how old they are so I thought you were like 12 fantastic you want to keep going so that’s the way you drink alcohol all the time when does Flash start my whole life but even the old 90 series of The Flash but I watch the new one to was there a TV series in the 90s that was the Flash
yeah they’re what I Begley remember it as a kid
wait wait what did you say was right after the first like Tim Burton Batman I was like 1990 I think I remember that David doesn’t work he just had it looks like natural kind of sluggish but his speed and you got a lot of work to do I see you got a lot of work to do but I just I mean just take us into your him and you were asking about it. He was he does like the background work and he’s more than just fast and you also
I would imagine it’s pretty valuable as a CSI agent to get
best superhero ever oh my gosh he’s a really good tip next Friday before the flash powers in the gig is that like the equivalent of Clark Kent’s Daily Planet gig that says his alter-ego is that Barry Allen is his name so when he’s fighting crime
he’s not that it is a he’s like okay cuz he just keeps the flash that I don’t understand cuz it’s like it’s sort of like if there was a character named like the Breather and he was like I breathe I get more oxygen peretz it’s Digicel what question of it it’s kind of like like like he’s moving he’s going to move faster than regular narrative so like if he’s fighting the king and the kingpins going to be like I’m going to rob that bank and then the flash is like I heard you going to run to the end of episode to punch people sometimes with rough night then he sent Mike a little bit does
being fast make him a better detective other than catching somebody that’s running away the other than that I mean like does he find Clues faster does he clean up his desk quicker but I think he’s running the tests faster maybe I don’t know mixing motion really fast and that’s him that’s him when he goes to work the Flash doesn’t fight crime by swabbing anything I assume she wouldn’t wear that outfit you get to that outfit when something requires it right and so he’s out there and he’s going to run fast and by running fast he’s saving the day from villains
catching mm
catching them hitting them with lightning he he has lightning powers if you run to the circle fast enough he can shoot lightning it people all the time every third episode and leaves you to open the door but I want cuz it seems like you could say if he’s I mean Jackie Chan’s efficacy is like a lot of training but I also like oh my God he’s so fast right so here we have the fastest guy in the world so like even if he’s not Jackie Chan TV wasn’t anybody’s just so fast you gets like nine attacks in before
very effective but he throws up Madeline probably blink fast right fast that okay so he can read I mean here’s what does he digest food faster but her some people write them like that where he needs to eat more food but I don’t I just I just ate a Cheerio and now I got to poop that would make sense that you say some people write him that way right are there other things like that are there things that don’t exist in certain writers flash version of sorry
the podcast for Dan Harmon interrupting people in
go ahead Jacob
my rubber get Kid Flash jumped out there and he got shot in the knee one episode and then the next issue he was in the library for the whole time and learned a bunch of stuff we can’t heal fast that to that was just one issue that he was out with the knee I think it’s really important to know whether or not he thinks faster because I want to know if Martian Manhunter man if he has more Minds than men usually it is said to be fair but whose name make sense maybe that would be a fun thing where he’s like well I can’t fucking understand a goddamn thing he’s thinking cuz it’s like it’s like listening to a squirrel that’s up that has a good day about the dialogue that way cuz like they always treat the flash like he’s either a cut up right where he’s an idiot like he’s sort of like
food like the way they treat them like they get in the current like DC film Universe like he’s kind of like the combination of like the Troy on community referencing Classics so we have a benchmark interesting thing in the world I mean cuz it was like every like every like every line of dialogue for the flash if you were just to like run through the exercise of like all right I’ve got I’m going to take 3 hours to to edit this and write it and all the stuff in that he like you do knowing that he has the power to do that how it is shit come out and make the end was
what about when you look through the comic Buccaneer like it might manifest itself as you would be very stoic and which would make him it would be like oh I get it he talks very infrequently and is he only said like a couple things and then so they’re doing this contract thing but that every once in a while he’d have liked this full dialogue balloon because it took him exactly three hours to like is like I’m not fucking sending this late let you know you like edited as much as he could but it was good he got triggered so much that he had that without warning this guy who usually talks like group like like all of a sudden
hurt himself work faster was he like 2016 I like is it I mean like growing faster huh everything faster favorite color look like a Nintendo power up oh no I mean I tripped Nintendo power up that’s what you’re sensing what do you mean what does that mean Dan fake it till you make it I was trying to imagine like I like a 16-bit thing or like the color cycling but
you know cuz it’s his favorite color keeps changing its between like red and yellow gold for no fear in my enemies red and gold strike fear in slow things when they talk about that a little bit with Ben Affleck went to his little bit of the Justice League but yeah there is no he’s not actually fast because it raises too many questions probably it’s easier to say that he travels through a fucking scuse me a conduit of lightning my favorite rendition of him is he accesses speed for us with another dimension and gives them all sorts of access to slowing down reality for the way you perceive
that he’s him as a as a as a walking Inception pop up during a battle that he’s going to do what he’s going to do and the key to using the flash writers to give him explicit instructions because you’re not going to have another chance and it’s better to use him like if you don’t have this really good plan for him you should just tell him like like when in doubt stop everyone from being hurt or something like that and that your your your checking back in with him in a way that’s like how it would look from the perspective of like plant life for something he’s got the moves and we’re all just doing today do you know so much about the Flash
10 years old so and brothers and sisters
you have an older sister who lives here in Los Angeles on an emotional level on a personal level is there a connection to the flash that’s like you’re like do it like okay so just an example like the day it was like Tony Stark was like here’s my kryptonite I love Blues I was like sold lake lake lake how can you get better than this person lately The Flash The Flash me was when Kid Flash got shot in the knee and he said who am I and he said he went to the library and I’m going to be better a better person and I thought it was more than just the powers it was he was he was he was a baby Flash and he was already
fast yes so that’s why this was even Barry Allen this was his grandson or whatever he gets shot in the knee by Deathstroke in addition even a baby flash you can’t miss you figured it out. I’m just proud he shot Baby Flash in the knee he is officially yes good job
I’m thinking a Deadshot that’s the guy who’s always bragging about how he never misses you said Deathstroke all right sorry I didn’t mean to derail you like well I’m still fast I’m going to go to the library how do I grow as a person I am not a good superhero I let down my old team and I’m shot in the knee I can’t run fast anymore so what am I worth it even explored himself and he came back and made a difference learn any new talents he learned all sorts of chemistry and I don’t know I don’t know exactly what it is
who’s faster who’s faster flash or Superman or Aquaman faster
fan faster
the first letter you said aerial space water are anywhere flash is the fastest how come how come Superman and Flash are always having races in there like neck-and-neck flights just yell try throwing bone really hear you so uptight about it I think Superman wishes he was slower
I I I I I think I don’t think Superman is the kind of guy that’s like I should race you I heard your name is The Flash The Flash and I’m going to lose a lot of a Superman that he’s yeah he’s coming in low okay wait wait no maybe we’re both right and wrong I get it I get it down the provocateur because he’s so masochistic he’s like hey you want to race I hope I lose I hope I lose Superman so dark I think so that’s like the most forgiving flash I know he can run across water because he’s so fast so I can Superman they offered race around the world
my question is I think you’ve already answered it has the flash ran across the ocean yeah he’s running across the whole planet many times she’s like I’d rather run across the ocean to put on the soup
changes everything yeah catch me fuck a bad head yeah try to catch him I’m carrying him Alex Haley is Frozone it’s a flash is running across the ocean and Aquaman is trying to get the real estate the Riddler’s in the water and he’s drowning because Wonder Woman’s ropes around them and so the Riddler is saying honestly I’m drowning I swear to God I have no reason to lie to you I’m drowning
and so Aquaman’s that heading towards the Riddler so is The Flash The Flash would kick Aquaman in the face and if he did would he kill him kill him because I don’t know why you’re in the face I think the flash Aquaman and pretty much any scenario I don’t know how y’all feel about that but oh well I bought what I was going to say is that if the flash is running across water and he steps on anything other than water be at Aquaman’s face in this case like Woody he
trip and then and then he would fall in the water right good cuz I just working on the script
do you send the flash the fastest in space all about the speed force the speed forces in two-dimensional force that allows them to access speed in any Dimension cool
that’s not saying thank you for taking her that’s not a very nice way to respond to an answer to a question you asked
read to me a lot thank you tell me what you know you really really I really care to tell me what you doing you’re not answering a hug like okay so he can run in space you can run on water he can get run on Space what’s it’s weight how can he get how to speed force make it so that he can move through space feed for Schism I immediately pictured this whole bucket like subset of comic books about all the people that hang out with the Flash and I was like I said I will freely admit I didn’t want to hear a goddamn thing about it
speed for a specific referrals I should do is be there are people there there’s Jesse quick at all also going to stop printing these comic books
they’re going to keep doing it until he did so fucking until it’s dry as a bone The Flash what room it’s late but it is true or lightning yeah but hate the same day that you want to get like really into the flash lore he is a lightning bolt that struck himself and he gave himself his powers it gets really complicated if I can storm cloud after after Earth II was for Wikipedia
fucking Black Canary in the first paragraph of the name of several characters
what does she got a knife in your boot probably but I’m not the one to help you with her but she seems in people’s faces and stuff Batman Public Enemies let’s play the the things that don’t need to be problem with ties
problems with time
Superman oh man we’re done I’ve dranken did it okay and Superman and Batman are like the move in together I can’t remember the circumstance but they’re like it’s like that means I can go to that meeting and whatever so it’s like cops framed for trying to kill President loser and they’re like on the lam together and trying to kill Superman and one of them is banshee
any bars are down and he says to Batman that much Batman show me out for a while but do you have anything for her screaming and Batman responds like he’s been asked for Advil
any place in the gym cut her throat and electromagnetic power and make it hurt her and make her scream hurt her more than they hurt other people Batman why is that in your pocket
why is it up to being shanghaied were they falling gacha
Hey Dad I just find I just invented a new way to killing people go up to space and regular sugar and stuff and I’m like what you got you got them
I would never say I never said that before bank robbery I quickly learned to afford to contest entry for people who all get to rob a bank like they give you start just like he just like there’s people in buses and
the people who might if I can have the wrong song by making this so hard I can just grab the fuck is it go up to Springs daily until you can’t die you should have looked at it you’re not going to fit in well you’re helping people no one’s life to people saving everyone needs its top fitting and save us christ-like just fucking like she like chill everyone that’s bad and end and tell us how to beat you will wear red capes are you just really am sure he doesn’t like some Joker version of Red Sun it’s a great story about a man being arrested
I put it down with some with some wonderful British Imports I really think you’re going to love them red handles
but it’s it’s the redhead podcast you think you’re sick of True Crime but you know like they’re really kind of graceful and crisp about it in a way that makes me like happy but I still listen to every single True Crime podcast you don’t have to pretend yeah it’s a it’s a new TV show Russo Brothers produce did great, book writer wrote it you might enjoy it what is it what’s the deadly class what is it on a group of Assassins who are kids who are being trained to be assassins as children and
it’s good you’ll enjoy what is it what medium it’s TV it’s on sci-fi okay there’s still a Sci-Fi to upside down house
it’s the only good thing they got to go that way for the network
everybody’s going to like years like figuring out how to make people understand what you mean when you say I faxed and now fx’s again look forward to a world where they like how we going to make going to sell ourselves on Netflix which is just big Walmart in the fucking world escape coined it will have to save that for the next episode
please find a charity or no. Please give a warm Round of Applause to Jacob
Trent Harmon Rob tribe
happy birthday Tara Hill happy birthday Steve Levy Chris more upset McKeever no more because I’ve been raining John Cena we will see you next Monday at the downtown


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