Episode 353: Nice Dunking, Cool Swishing


Episode 353: Nice Dunking, Cool Swishing


Actor/Comedian Flula Borg astounds Jeff with his sports knowledge and 1980’s American pop culture references, teaches us his favorite German words, and helps Dan become the best hype man he can be. Featuring Dan Harmon, Jeff Bryan Davis, Spencer Crittenden, and Flula Borg.


hello game Fish I was not brought to you by Bud Light
what’s good
Subway near downtown Los Angeles a city of angels MacArthur Park for some reason is melting in the dark time in town is now in session
elevator of harmontown the one and only Dan Harmon
make your body shake your body down break your body you heard that the song hiccup the little bit you got to support me if you want if you want to comport me off to a bad start
I don’t want to be here either thank you for coming I’m just kidding I do want to be here to take you for coming have left are the two plus four plus I would say 15 that can’t be right that’s a lot of show that’s terrible that’s like what are we figure skaters also we should have ended the show like a year ago look at these fucking crowds were getting I mean there was like a good year or two we just knowing we would have seats for a lot of people are making pilgrimages I mean I just I myself I I moved away from Las feeling so I’m not at the drawing-room as much I walked over there to meet walk over there are no matter
I went into the drawing-room so is it to catch an Uber with Jeff to the show and there were several people shout out to my miscreants from San Diego yeah. There we got into a Burning Man Group I’ve never been to burning man but if I go I have a patch that I can iron onto the back of my jacket I should probably stick it on she’s like a little quiet. They playing
and I also know it Jeff you know you’re a big fan of my Instagram workout I am I told you that all day today yeah yeah because this is the dying Embers this is the last time I go to something that was never ending are you going to miss it when it’s gone down but you’ll be happy
that’s like the sklar brothers have a joke that when you’re when something is bad your voice goes up when you’re talking about you’re like oh was that good but if it was actually good you’re like that was great on the road in Washington DC and I hear Jeff Davis and there is Randy sklar across the street at don’t twin High Road us
she said there was a sklar I had just five minutes before that was walking out of the elevator and I thought I saw a scholar and I think I look a lot like Escolar which scolaro scolaro profile looks a little bit like a squire and then I heard if they was it was Randy and I don’t know why but I know right off the bat and but the one of the song by the elevator was Jason and then show a block away from the hotel and then killed it they absolutely didn’t know any story is they went he went Jeff on you it’s car and was like Randy
are you left that out because I don’t want anything no no
let me be quite quite honest about this. I thought I thought there was a sighting but it was in my really peripheral vision and that just passed and then I was on the road someone yelled my name out and it wasn’t a Real Deals color and I wasn’t totally sure which one it was just as I thought I saw Oscar walking to get that you saw Jason Randy let me off the hook right after I think you bring any Scalera here right now I’ll suck it tell you which one it is I still can’t tell the difference between the two guys that created HBO’s they’re not related
they just both had beards and I was like guys are wearing only one of them but now it’s the one that is more than likely to wear plaid I think that’s right I think Jason likes his solids imagine if I were a twin and the other one started wearing glasses I would after a while I’d take him to dinner at be like how’s your wife how are you your kids that are are they identical to each other or me anyways enough about that glasses are you trying to be the smart twin is it okay if I work out I would I would get that in the bud right if my twin started wearing glasses I feel like I’m allowed to wear glasses to don’t do that like I’m not going to be the fucking Simon of these Chipmunks all right no
give me the fucking Alvin got that fucked it up
what if one just started wearing a monocle but then
if I know the score is and I think I kind of do now that you know just stuck in trade Monical’s Zeon or whatever those guys were like one had a scar on one side of his face and the other head that you you would if someone had a scar a different side of their face you would be like oh that’s Randy for sure it would just yeah it would work are the differences between them but I think I could I can totally nail who is which right now Jason used to be the one with glasses and now they both got glasses that that was a lie because I’m not the Meatheads car that’s not how many years later it’s like I’ve had it up to here with these glasses
they’re going to be here forever you’re going to get sick of them they’re going to ring your doorbell me I’m Salinger you going to hunt me down
pay attention to me when I’m talking about you talking about the flyers all right shut up all gone away are you going to ever wish that you had this platform this microphone this audience again are you are you going to be quite happy that it’s difficult to retain
if anyone thinks I’m being naive about that cuz I know that would be nice if I was like well I could just do it again
okay so you is so you’re saying that if you ever wanted to do it you would do it and some other
form a team format tables that you plugged in you plug them in again at Banner heart I never staple the flyer to a telephone pole like you do you make a couple TV shows people people show up not as many as when you say you’re not going to do it anymore just ride this wave finish up Take 6 weeks
classic Coke baby motherfuker always always thinking that the audience when they were laughing they were laughing at your audacity like they’re like we’re not going to fucking be here are you fucking kidding me
I mean I’m sure they aren’t but I just it’s fun to imagine when we have a guest on my this is a gas like in the strictest sense like like probably not a fan of the show they just like a person that would be a delight to talk to you and this is their first time being you’re the only thing about the show and then I’d listen to this first eight minutes of the show through their ears in the green room and I’m like why couldn’t I be out there for this so why is this why why is it important that I be sequestered and then brought out I don’t know the answer is I don’t know what is it that separates the guest part of the show from the nine guest part eats up more time this way
warming you guys up for like I’m the world’s worst MC Carson or like Leno like monologue bits like what’s in the news in the news today what’s going on got to be something funny there
just got a good idea and they’re okay with it if there’s no internet here and then what do you want to do a musically then topical humor Jack Benny Johnny Carson Jay Leno or in a parallel Dimension way we don’t know Siri is Jay Wright
a picture of a red a red curtain opening over and waves to the band
thank you very much I know you were paid to react that way what’s going on
I’m more familiar with Ukraine now than I in my hometown Jeff
what’s the town in Ukraine then it would be funny boom last joke
no no I said you’re nailing it so far so next joke
so just take it back by I remember a real joke that Carson did that I never understood okay, I remember I was obsessed with cars going to the gym memories of right before Letterman like started and it was just like I was obsessed with cars and then I immediately became obsessed with Letterman but like it was like I remember watching Carson and I was just a kid that was just obsessed with the idea of like making people happy and like performing and things but I didn’t understand any of the jokes and butt but I would then later I would understand the joke go well I understand that like Shelley Winters is famous for being fat I can figure this out we don’t have the internet but there was like an encyclopedia you could look up Shelley Winters M6 fat
she didn’t deserve it was a terrible time I got there was no shame and that included everybody like it was like problematic so we figured that out later over time it took an internet there was a show everybody all the time all right so anyways. This is a joke but he did he was like like he was in his mind like I said boy you know there’s been so much smog in Burbank but it is cleared up at it’s all it’s all cleared up so much so much so much smog in Burbank today reported Lee are there was a robin that saw it was eating a worm and spit it out
there’s a smoggy is your joke how smoggy it is or how smoggy it’s been it’s been so smoggy that all birds in Burbank like I’ve never known they’ve been eating worms which they do all over the ones that were no choices for eating smog are you sure that is a fence for four people at all I’ll talk to him about all that and more socks to see how tall he was
because it’s just YouTube but stuff for the need to see ahead and then you’re like oh that had far off the floor please welcome the illustrious The Talented the Intriguing mr. flula Borg
interesting he chose the middle seat what does it say about that that means no Max and Sam are you grew up in Germany I just grow up and show me the yes yes and yes I left sorry I can’t be perfect but we’re you like Hasbro age in Germany I don’t know when you when you when you left your money cuz I thought that was like an inside like what I has been before I leave
it sounds like second career that the try at YouTube subscribers the manufacturers of GI Joe you guys remember to 57 Chevy almost to take out the second rum do I have kids to Let’s fucken like these guys are wonderful connection by analyzing
joke crafting Democrat
who is it who is Dukakis running mate was it okay guess Geraldine Ferraro I just wanted to know if he knew more about our politics while we were you like 10 years old in Germany but in the GI Joe everything is Henry told me and try many we’ve just received Lethal Weapon 4 I like the movie titles are different in that Alexis would you like an example of starting High School by and who gives a shit
just mean something in German
it’s and it’s when you get an SUV at over it’s like when you’re traveling with friends will change it to ship langsam which means die slowly Aztec fanny packs and produced every morning if they wake up
spoken in Sherman it’s always a command
we don’t have to request
there’s no I in team that’s no requests in German Germany learn the hard way that if you ask permission you just end up sorry
give me a free million with the lady and the Mongoose Sigourney Weaver and yes yes yes excellent weather forecast in Italy and hudsucker proxy was out in theaters and it was called Mr hula hoop spoiler
that’s a better movie much better than to finish how old were you when you left Germany I left as an adult who could vote and have beverages for adults which I guess is 12 in Germany so I let her Soul Asylum process what just come to try to become a high demand for a hip-hop concerts so that’s why I moved here and then I want a contest for hypeman and then I stayed
what what is the ingredients for being a great height men understanding of anything you need to not know any Flavor Flav the the the the Thomas Edison of height
I hate to put you on the spot me if I like like it in the ass
yes cuz it shouldn’t matter right who I am or what I’m doing flute level height man me
yo everything I can in my lap when I finish should go to sleep sleepy town
yo I was just trying to challenge you to a strapper I did you’re the height man for like a sad sleepy like I’m not doing you any favors
this is why I left this I don’t care if you go half way I’ll get there at 6 to go 150% all right
space is fun to go to I’m rapping like a go to rapper going to go to space go to a plan it I haven’t even had it so good in a year I thought your mama from here to ear
so I just tell her go and underground go for a wine look at what I found got a quart
Dan Harmon
Dan Harmon
taking a nap going out taking no crap
so I don’t think that’s what they say you need a motherfuker
incredible Heitman ship unmistakably like completely out of the radiating hype hoops
that’s not right that’s not a note that’s your five star review doesn’t have to be just a sidekick the height men could be a Zone like a soloist
where you at where you at sugar cubes fan like before Bjork broken back ingesting. It’s just this guy who’s kind of her height man in the coffee to get that I’ve see then sugar cubes just spelled with a c and flamingos meet before she was solo she was in a band called The sugarcubes this was her name yes
it’s like talking to more your like more more more for dinner tonight you have to learn how to behave big song
what is it you do a show here at the Hayward Dynasty typewriter show if you walked here and bought your tickets you could do it again for fluid but you probably already knew he was here right what’s up you know I’m saying to them opened up I just I’m like a man that sits where you are sitting and I have a looping pedal and Artemis make some tasty tunes and say what’s altercation how does a looping pedal work and it’s like so like you you you could go Like Biscuits biscuits and then you hit the pedal and the the pedal makes just keep going face-to-face gets biscuits biscuits biscuits biscuits biscuits biscuits biscuits gravy biscuits gravy busy okay
Beckett’s chicken pox okay I thought we had a good Jam going there with the biscuits I was nice with myself cuz I’m like I don’t I don’t know enough about you you’re a delightful person and I’m like I’m a fucking my guy I’m a bad host and a bad person so that’s the look on my face I’m not worried about is the fact that you can stack a bunch of words together make a new word isn’t there a German word shiza
I actually have to go to Stockton the site like this is true, not at what does it mean Perfection El que se dice English and so you’ve gotten the first one to tease and so if someone is hit like hey how would you like some turkey do you like it when they turn around how to read friend Jade is a doodle friend
does it have to be focused on you or could it just be that there cuz you said they’re like miserable or is it is it about their feelings toward you all over the place where it’s just the fact that they’re they’re they’re comfortable wearing a mask cause oh yeah this is very good would you like one more for you guys this what’s this what’s this called the case has been sighted us a joke okay and so we just like if you and I are having summer parties that what pays or whatever you like I used to say something rude to me and I would be like
I think but I am already
that was born in the alsace-lorraine region between what do you call it in Germany against us a joke it’s a response he stayed with the stairs and stay up for me English equivalent like it just itches stairway wit or something we call it like it’s it’s not a it’s not a household phrase but like it’s people that borrowed it from the French city on the second floor or higher why is that important that they are there must be some reason
are you talking to me like that but like looking in the mirror and I’m like I’m a hero talking to nobody right now it says here that you got to come back smoke-free to sidewalk why not why not why not Parking Lot 1 at hallway and the answer must be very specific like in our psyche because it’s like to be going downstairs after you I think it is so pent houses I think it evokes like modern Metropolitan in France would be like lower-status to live a little higher up it would be able to like City and you’re like it’s not like width of the of the Farmer Brown made a comment about my milk or something by the Scarecrow it’s that the stakes aren’t that high I take the staircase evokes that you’re not you’re on your way down and out of the building from a meeting
you work like a lot like a Lover’s Nestor you don’t like you you’re you’re leaving something important so you can on the stairway like a damn it I knew the exact words you know Hunt’s hunts tampons down like it’s at the front of your pants down mean like an engine children have you heard of a four-stroke engine in English like Joe Blow at so I can blow hard somebody just talked to Sarah listen to him that you were trying to get into the language
I’ve only saying that because I was called that once did you want something
did you check on Stevens dealership is the don’t know you at all if this makes sense but sometimes he was a biopic I took it out of his stupid yes I guess biopic means they have they’ve only seen the word in in Prince something you call Bagels Bagels because I’m nice of you
it’s like a favor you do people now back to your because this is a this is a story of a of a you your your 12 your parents pack up they go we’re going to we’re going to Avalon we’re going to the to the city on a hill we’re going past that lady liberty statue we’re going to the new world to America white why did you why it what what happened I was sorry fascinated always has a child with any luck at all the time and people just all this is how it is part of the DNA you think I think I think you think they are teachers and have summer break so in the summer we would come you sometime so this was my first exposure to y’all to the disease of America and I
did your country did you bring you here just because they knew you were into it though everyone listen to it and they’re like get out of my brain into my car by Billy Ocean sweater I asked Billy lent it to me what was the first trip to America in that context what was the what city did you choose Cornwall on the Hudson Milton New York City which is outside of West Point it sounds like there was like a dictator that just tells me he I would drop in you he up bitch I have a pen. I have a pen pal international phone calls
did you correspond with this pen pal 7 years
starting from what age were you and then so you continue to tell you were getting ready to stare in the mirror and directions
who’s this person to me you don’t have to stay there with their privacy is their business but like they’re in American person that’s correspondent with you for seven years like I don’t know how am I being naive to make a great thing for a kid development look like when you receive a letter from a person that has been written by hand so you don’t like Shawshank Redemption a relationship for years and years was the entire seven years you’d never met in person I mean that’s just like such a that’s like like like doing this a million sit ups its social media why and someone is sitting on you as proud as we are connected so they are the two teachers what connects the two classes and say okay now you’re gone
speak to someone from the school my parents have to know yes last time you talked to this other person with many years do you do which would you even know how to get in touch with them if you’d like I am mysteriously in Curious they can only wear at her to take that relationship kind of fizzle out and die or like what why did that go away yeah that that I changed me to who is there was tough hanging to do I didn’t know that you had to hang that tough much to sup like yeah but now wait a minute so you said that the reason why you guys chose Cornwall on the Hudson when is because that was the location of the pen pal yes so that
you guys meet face-to-face with me to the 14 you guys were Fourteen and we met at the Catalyst which is an old Mall outside a new book and I sent it to me and then we like to rap sing the C&C Music Factory have you guys heard of everybody dance now it’s going to make you sweat. Group that’s open up that’s when you bleed sorry thank you
so you guys are so you guys met face-to-face you had an Orange Julius together and you guys never wrote to each other again after that nobody would be a good look at you remember that time you wrote that sorry I’m making the whole night about that about it that’s fascinating to me did you guys agree that face-to-face meeting we’re done right know what happened because of that and you never acknowledge it but it just happened it just like when you are in love with a lady or man or a tree what if it’s your thing and you speak for many many many months until we can all talk to you that’s really sad though it’s great it was wonderful it was a nice reason to come to America and enjoy some things and you know I have an Orange Julius
we just have I’m a Cinnabon it’s raining like wants to know who’s to 14 year old kids like was it Mutual was one of them completely disenchanted that there was there a chain reaction like what happened I know that’s what I wrote to him one time and I think maybe he also did but we never if nothing damaged shaper. It was like I hope that that person is not out there somewhere going like what I thought call Define I gave him my Stockholm spaceship have you heard of Stockholm and push upon the men have metal feet for not the game you don’t know micronauts of these like a small part of Russia astronaut
going to be a plastic feet and I have to take it take it inside the micro machines with a mask you keep a bottle of whiskey is it easier to be a hype man in German or an English for you you know we just like to say them like all of our things are English we had Lucky Strike the cigarettes all of the pre all of the advertisements are always in English it’s like son of a bitch
I mean
I think my favorite advertisement of all time is early Lucky Strike and I might be wrong but I think it’s like a strike and it was like in the forties so round so firm so fully packed

penis or a dick and put in your mouth
we don’t we don’t want to disenchant any demographic it’s fucking rounded fully packs I get your mouth on it so right
I told not to put it in your mouth with your parents you meet your pen pal whatever like America becomes this thing and then there’s a certain point so I just want to then understand what point you cuz you said and I like your kind of a dry guy so I’m not sure which is true and which is stopped at you that you came here interdite Mankind’s test and then likes but I just want to know like like yeah what what point are you an adult and you go like all right that’s it I’m making the move I’m going to be here on a tourist visa or a work visa and then you’re like and then you’re okay I’m staying and I’ve I’ve done it it’s just fascinating me what is the introduction to the first taste of cocaine when the men’s like peace Norton for free you know this was my calling log. That was my Cornwall and then some years later I was like I need to try this this cocaine for real you know well if that’s the case then a 14 year old German boy and whatever year we won’t date
but we know you played with GI Joes and the witch but if German move slowly maybe that was Nineteen ninety-seven details of like comparing it to that what what is it what is that crackhead of America like what it what are the what what what hits your lungs that you’re like oh shit maybe I should live here yes as you can see you at very told MTV and then you had very many I call number 701-912-2010 10 to 20 with Toby Keith like 10 $1 Lotto be so you know but you didn’t call any of those was a girl and if you call 1 800 USA girl you can try to be America’s good and so I would call as me but like with a high voice and try to apply to win the US a girl, Chuck
alright I’m not going to 1 800 USA like that was a thing like the TV had all these commercials on it for these things but and everything is cool I want free was a dollar 95 a minute it was a horribly if you remember this commercial gray yeah
so you are so so that I could so you’re just coming over here from Europe like the TV and that culture was actually like overwhelmingly a positive thing and breaking is so fun here to do you know like when I left it before I want the hopping contest I was here before one time and I watched it five things at the Burbank AMC 16 but only paid for one I watch the Cinderella Man and mr. and mrs. Smith War of the World tickets
the silver calendar belly of extreme capitalism is like who’s going to watch 5 movie that’s not really why are you in a rush ER to Italy strategy of World War II. That’s what I thought too soft
soft underbelly is worth
look it was there I think we can all agree it was a very tragic War for everybody but it’s all people Americans right now is like the kind of joke is that the Germans have a weird sense of humor but I find that the German sense of humor is incredibly funny and I think a lot of it is the word play because we are English speakers it’s a Germanic language pretty largely and stuff like that but if they hear a word they have eight jugs for it like you like what you’ve already kind of proven like it’s it’s I finally German Subs if you have a really really delightful while that’s very rare to hear that my friend from England he was like hey do you know the difference between British humor and Sherman hummus I don’t tell me he’s like a British humor is funny second
British humor is like you know also word play an irony and my experiences it’s really like honey but it can be kind of awful but I do not know that it’s funny yeah yeah you can’t help yourself from a distance
I will send you the link it’s a Scion my pen contest in Chicago Illinois right man yes and then I can see why like your yeah like you you take the cake and so I wonder what we went with your parents do by the way no taking the cake is good. Are you okay
you’re not Borat do you do you know the taking the cake is good cake it’s nice I like to connect to take it yesterday but there is a point where you I’m I’m just curious like what did your what did your family do like what there was a point where it seems like cuz it has fast forward to the end of it you’re you’re you’re you’re a guest of the show you’re working with Conan you’re all over the place your faces are postage stamps you’re you’re you’re you’re a successful Luminaire you’re an icon you’re a you’re a celebrated person and like I’ve been fascinated by this this fact that there had to be a moment where there was like this boat that like you you’re like I’m going to just do this for real like I’m not going to just have a fantasy about being like crazy and fun and like I’m actually like I’m going to suck on this nipple and
well and Family Dollars on nipple Saturday put the whole thing or maybe just call it a giant cylindrical nipple straight on that same can you tickle the Undertaker but I didn’t have fun or whatever but like I said I just want to be at that moment of actual like because you’re are you American now are you a dual citizen do you have no but maybe this will occur I don’t it doesn’t matter so much anymore yeah yeah yeah
oh piss both facts I know you I’m telling you the truth. Man contest for real I did not know I would win I thought I would be like the William hungry after of the highwomen I just wanted like 1 minute or so and I can show this to my parents so because I did not know what I was doing I want this it’s always nice to be confusing if if part of high probably they would play a different beat still at what speed would you like to Hype to I was like I’m a beach to identify a hymen would be like short-circuited you know like that shity Johnny 5 Robot
Ashley from The Lyricist Lounge with and DJ Clark Kent who worked with JC and then he never appears
ain’t nobody but don’t want to hear you are you ready for dr. Xavier why aren’t your head’s already together when I say hip you say nothing no one has said yes. So is it like a 2 minute 2 minutes or do you do today tell me when you’re done is keep going and telling them we would still be doing you a sleepy song now or if you guys had continued it’s because I don’t know we don’t watch that you’re done your injury is that freestyle rapping and it was very confused at this continues I didn’t know I should stop by anyway
I just it just like in the Vegas or Reno wherever you go with Circus Circus is located you keep making it up and down of things yeah that’s what I just keep doing it.
I have to go to search up
I received a project at they like you are tell you are too skinny today be by Suicide Squad
people are very excited about that but okay yes yes Dad about your home or endearment let’s let’s let’s play should be a little more freestyling of today thank you I did not open
Dan how to be a hype man like his right front leg what ya want me hype man you will allow me to his flavor and then I’ll see what happens okay so some tips always ask a yes or no question but it must be like a yes
self and if anybody want cupcake cupcake cupcake no telemarketing rules so I guess is that we’re all ready to get hyped and what is the goal of the height man’s height person is it to get the party started and chest I put the Mac I’d like a floating cloud of energy coming from the grand piano yes I did and in the height man’s mind is there such a thing as a bad MC like like like there can’t be right cuz you have to stay the hype man
you have to stay in those brains you can’t go outside and I still have to hype this person you believe in it you believe in you believe in Crystal Light leaving me why do you know all of these people Crystal Light there be such a thing as a hype man whistleblower there are they protected if they’re like you know what you are telling you are ready for him and he’s not ready for you and that’s a crime I need to be protected and I need people to not know my name is Flavor Flav this is why I was not a successful in Germany because this would exist immediate with the death of us are too low away
let’s say you’re backstage let’s just say you’ve just met your MC okay you’re the height men in your mind like how do I get out there are you a dishonest person for going out there and hyping up something that you don’t believe in you know who cuts rhombus is
yes the 6th Man of the LA Lakers thank you okay
and he said do you know who Church making smack is in your like the six linebacker at the late now and he wasn’t sick then he was the first were not to mention his job was to follow her butt in clothes line any Celtic Kevin Bacon Kevin Bacon so yeah your point being sometimes sometimes cream is ready for some Skyhook he’s in Michael’s coupons making squishies and Dean are you there can you name the starting five of the 85 Lakers you think most of all ready
I just want to find out how much more of an American he is in the we are 5 and stock-market Cooper James Worthy Magic Johnson and then cut rabbits on the bench what the fuck
call thank you Jesus just Lakers or are you I’ve been watching on the bench Johnson Larry Bird Robert Parish Kevin McHale Danny Ainge
I don’t understand I don’t understand anyone liking Sports I don’t understand it an immigrant but if it going is for its sport basketball is like the dopest of all the sports because of the culture why would Germans be watching American Sports cool
this is cool nice Duncan cool switching the 1992 Olympics be switching trailer create event of the title of this episode, lady Seattle black changed my brain so like this is when this bad chicken that we were old but they were still on the team in hockey, no makeup
I can remember this in 1982 and was starting 6 or 5 and then the bench seat and anybody else Off the Bench of the Lakers and Celtics back then addition to those guys know it’s just as well I mean it’s it’s crazy too because it speaks of a strange pocket of like a mad cuz I don’t understand like the things that I committed to my memory at that age were so different and I don’t yeah I’m just fascinated by a lake would you have different pockets in my pocket so disgusted I would take a shower from one of your knowledge podcast thank you but I wouldn’t contact name the name the
loads guy from porn
if you want to dance partner okay I don’t know are you all right
he’s dropping loads in heaven a note star who when he’s coming he says dropping loads he said someone is dropping low yeah yeah she I think it’s a hard G I’m dropping low I don’t care if there’s a princess there’s a point where he plays Batman and he does say dropping bat loads so adamant like he hooked into it and he’s been on Howard Stern a million times oh yeah he’s out there somewhere. Are you okay we get home is it better if he says he’s dropping with an apostrophe or dropping
letter threatening
I’ve got so much to do that’s hot that’s why was it important that was about a broken washing machine unbalanced load
play my exercise where I’m your height man I cuz I really think that it would be therapeutic for me and inspiring what you said even though and I N it actually is making me rethink Sports as a utility because you were able to draw it from your relationship with sports where you’re like oh yeah this guy goes out there and he for that person to know it’s not his job to be a star is how I’m interpreting it up the heroism there that you can tap into where you’re like I am the hype man I’m hoping it’s not it’s not a two-way thing like I’m not here to receive energy from my subject I am here to Hype yes I’m like a jacket lifts a car it doesn’t ask the car if the car is liftable and if the car says no I’m feeling heavier than usual the Jack doesn’t go through this I quit know it a fucking like defined by a
all right so like I don’t have to know anything about you some tips. So ask me was saying before only question I ask a question using with two parts so they know the second part you know so that when I say hit the music dance right I don’t know what’s happening right that’s confusing, and respond so I can I do Mad Libs where they have to like puzzle it out
10133 space space
it’s a hands really are should they care or not care
and you can even to say wave your hands in the air and then you can just watch them if you lie is there is there a way just between us I think that’s the way to do it obviously it’s not like it sounds like it’s important for you
I don’t like screams of like Tara should we try I hope it’s a lesson is at ask them to scream at the end and then anybody anybody has an elevated to everybody scream and then start permitting more screaming I just want one person to scream okay then that’s your choice man
play K Joy hiramoto throttle pipe all I do in my life is make one person scream but it was worthwhile. A great night okay I thought about it you have the the rules and bail me out by coming in and and also being hyper worthy man you should only come from the hype that was been driven by what day do the store doesn’t matter when that when that when that person is now performing hydration what’s my job hydration yes always hydrated
I just got to drink okay it’s 9:11 it’s not drop that beat
is everybody sitting in a theater tonight
weather here for my carbon-based life-forms
I say to you no wait don’t
show me Bruno Mars
does everyone have a first name tonight or did you take something
it’s somebody that you want to see or hear please welcome
a job come March
because you fucked up
everybody put your hands in the air that’s the way you one if it didn’t matter if you didn’t
you absolutely don’t have to have your hands in the air
do you know that feeling of not having to have them up there but there’s no outcome that will punish you
ambivalence of your hand
skipping a little depressing
Choice breakfast this morning
the importance of a free press in a democratic
is everybody appreciated 18 carpet in their friend’s apartment
does everybody think filter is Journeys for cannabinoid
yeah I can imagine that was going to flip people off but
Golden Girls was well-crafted
you should be like a stepdad Erie apartment was not in psychology
cuz everybody got traded around a battery
just you say what I said.
When I say to be Duke you say
Scooby-Doo do you say Charleston
the vice president being implicated in the Ukraine
this is
are you got it thank you
putting it in Georgia so different from Outdoors my first you up and close
such a thing as being out of
in the house
you don’t have to put that one to the other say it again do you agree on the chipper
it’s okay if that’s not your preference
it’s also where you are
straight jackets
playing Berlin. I wish I went too far
I think therefore I am bringing the car to have a lot of weed that makes before
if you bought the album we thank you
you got you got you all right
I mean that is seriously fighting hard work that was amazing but it’s as if people may be nice to they may be rude but these are your bodies in the Migos so it’s okay how are you able to have that Expendable you just think about it just now stopped open sociopath I look up sociopath and then I check them in the testicles

Spencer you got any questions for a crazy new friend who we met all too late another wedding the show and could have had him back a million times oh yeah so many questions so what’s your favorite sport Spotify. That was that real I heard a little tone with the words oh no people people in for a lot of for my tone but it’s entirely accidental sorry that’s fine that’s fine I like basketball it’s very nice looking and cool switching over the last decade or so much was it because of those Olympics with a dream team basketball player of all time
of course I’m so now all of this is like a very large percentage of foreign players in Spanish and German Argentine either Africa Takes the Cake as far as the intimidating sports like I could never understand like okay I’m worse at hitting the ball I’m worth it catching the ball but if I get good at those things I can at least understand what’s happened at yes but in basketball the would pass me the ball and then I would start to do something with a whistle with blow and everyone of you like are you fucking kidding me and if you like what I did but fundamental than a certain amount I just never got it baseball it’s nice because you can have one skill and then you can survive like a very old very large boys at can toss a ball and a stick with the head of a ball in American baseball
I say that like there’s it’s like soccer like there’s a there’s a year ago and responsible and what are you doing this no history you guys have I watched Ken Burns baseball documentary you know it’s like we don’t have this would like to know trying to steal some food you know know he’s writing pound how how insular to England is Cricket it is Cricket view the same way by the rest of Europe, it’s different from movie rating or TV show ready where you go like this is a template for stories that are going to improvise by people through their athletic prowess and you’re you’re actually creating your kind of building the equivalent of
multicam stats for a sitcom and saying Wings is going to be a hit like like this is this is these are the rules like these people work for an airline and then they there who’s the commissary and they’ll have will they want these over here and then there’s like things take off or they don’t but like to see people go like I don’t understand football I don’t understand soccer I don’t understand like some cultures just either take it or they don’t I don’t know how much of that is Vistaril and how much of that is just had your medical and then don’t worry how much of it is just like fucking forced down your throat you will like soccer because that’s what poor people can play in the street and that’s what all of these calling it and get you know who is colonial powers like like like brought so the world of soccer football what boys like that’s like the big one that’s like the water of sports like you because you can play it anyway anyway everyone gets it if ya really based on likes of people running back and forth
what are the what what’s my question
that’s a good one or no question why am I and who is from is a cricket fan of rugby rugby 7s from England is from like Southern Eastern Southwestern England but if I think it’s Southwest he watch the Ken Burns documentary never knew anything about baseball and he wants it because I’m a baseball fan now because I didn’t realize the history behind the sport and if you sit and watch a cricket match with somebody who really love cricket and they explained it to you you become like kind of like you can become a fan of it just based on the weird minutiae of it all yes I don’t like the NFL and I don’t like the way
clubs around the owners are all bunch of rich white assholes but when you said Kurt Rambis that made me happy because when I was a kid that was the greatest basketball of all time was the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics and if there was a time when
two Rivals would walk up and shake hands before the match and and then they murdered each other they hated each other but before they respect the fact that you somebody’s not from here like remembers like the teams from that big that’s cool I got a bit sporty guy but I do like when people play with honor and respect and you no dignity and stuff but they wind up making many you know those even the baseball guys would like bonds thought they would pay for the real team and that they would ride trains and Tay like tiny games did like strippers you know that just go here until someone tripping let’s go to Vegas right off season Tampa which case you’re referring to like you know to go play the 76ers something I heard I’m I’m bringing the True Crime podcast by throat is overhyped like that for real
I can still count.
How do you say I lost my voice just listening to you do that that was true crime story about a guy whose story is all about what a great basketball player he was and how good he could have been in his life I kind of took these were returned to the end up disappearing Without a Trace but what are the chapters of his life was that did Lonzo ball or basketball tonight
he was invited to hit he kept failing out of his that he got into this college and then but he couldn’t he couldn’t hack it invariably get his addiction like his path of successes and failures was a roller coaster ride and then at one point he was tapped to play in the Harlem Globetrotters which is like it’s like imagine the the Globetrotters are out there still being like the Blue Man Group like like I’m so curious about what it takes to be a Globetrotter and what their shows are like there’s you think they’re still Harlem Globetrotters been to an end so you could you buy tickets Lake do they hold the Olympics held in with the same Arenas as regular sporting event obviously usually not the very large Arenas but slightly smaller but yes it’s also like the not appropriate but the people that don’t like when I was at the LA Forum into them play and it was like the circus meet Sports and it was like they were clowns
and in Brussels they were ridiculously skilled cuz like Meadowlark Lemon and curly that goes guys the shit to think they could do was like a like a magic trick come out you do is like it was like I was like pro wrestling it but it just like the Washington generals who I was in a water and then throw it baby confetti every time it was it was it the original guys or was it like a a could have been the mixtape 2012 like the professor and Ayo and all of these guys would like became you knew each of those guys the Globetrotters to me whenever my era of that was not like this is a famous man who is good at anything
anymore but what they have is like incredible like juggling skills and clowns goes Its have you seen this YouTube Dude Perfect it’s like five dudes that do like crazy tricks no okay well anyway call him to Club Tropical like this before this I was just going to call and it landed like on someone to knows who’s across the stage and then it’s like all the shit that was just going to say there’s like a Korean woman or something like she is a she. I don’t like but there’s a it’s a whole YouTube video of like her just doing that shit it’s like it’s like the it’s like the Globetrotter version of Parkour like I took it to her like walking by a laundromat
and someone’s like you forgot your jacket and then she throws a can of Pepsi in the Pepsi like hits a skateboarder and the jacket like kings on a hook I I do a bad job of improvising the Dude Perfect does a shoulder and it makes a guy that was about to eat poison not eat poison I wonder if she ends up like late cuz it’s like side chicks a soda cap off of the bottle with a bottle cap challenge I wonder who’s ripping off who or if they both are like students of some Gene Autry that play any kind of like went like this is it going to be Dude Perfect
purple Filipino Bloom Plimpton
did that go in the in the piano that would have been a dude perfect as long as it’s not inside the piano
what did you why did you not know you want to eat you want to throw the dirty okay when will he’s doing perfect why is that important
looks like William Tell
is this to every harmontown more last year I just 20 minutes of no laser we are in the speaker it’s just going to manage right there by 2
that could be good
any other sports
now imagine if your eyes were closed during that
think about how amazing that would be that would have been everyone’s loving it the finale just happened did you see the finale I think I might be one episode behind I may not have seen the finale mean either behind a kak grows and grows on your quick do you have a favorite person I knew it cuz I like his journey
I like that he’s become a husk and that the husk actually reveals like a core that because the core was never allowed to eat a million reasons father-son stuff like a candle with somebody that I I was like I was like fuck this junky you know and then like through that conduit I like it was like oh shit like I think I think that’s the magic of that show is like sucking people in what else look here’s the thing
wait I had a I had a I had an idea I had an idea a second ago is it really my job to make sure the show is like that show. Should I ask a question while you Ponder has a brother of Macaulay Culkin on the Shelf tradition to people that they not know that when they start watching the show that they’re reminded of it after they watch a episode because that will make you go holyshit wow what a what a what an impact does that give you enough time
I got I got an assignment because Cody eventually said to me you know where that is I’m like I don’t care who it is I am just enjoying him and just like that’s not that’s a Culkin on my car and I’m glad I didn’t know that I meant to die by you in a hurry for you I watched the plane ride home from Minneapolis this morning one of the two firefest documentary it’s pretty packed up the tribal Warfare between the two fire documentaries it’s really funny to me we have friends who worked on one or the other and I’m always losing track I think I’ve seen him do it said I think I’m pretty much like I don’t play around the tank for either fire documentary it seems like fire as it should I do
but I think that’s all you need to know out of that right yeah it’s a fucked-up Glimpse at everything
I did have a weird experience where I was like cuz there’s there’s one of them where there’s one of the guys who like does the whole monologue about how he he was he was allegedly willing to blow a guy for water and that that can you see the clip the guy is like a he becomes your hero because he’s so sincere but the he’s Unapologetic about it. He’s also not Unapologetic in the 4chan way he’s just sort of he is who he is and he’s like a god there’s something so refreshing about his sincerity he would be a great hype man
but I was I was freaked out I was at a party and I was like talking about I was telling somebody comes you’re here and I just seen the same thing I thought was like it’s not really that big of position and there was somebody there that was like is a chiseled away that they’re like really those those fucking people in that culture of this and that and they kind of like by the end of them speaking I was like oh yeah I kind of bought into some bullshit like Isaac like this person kind of like problematize my worship of some guy that was willing to suck dick for water on camera AAA it it it was it was an interesting experience it made me withdraw more from Humanity cuz you can’t you can’t you even just like poke your head out of the hole and go like that charred human skin is glinting in the sunlight I’ll call that a gym and then someone that makes you racist
I’ll be back down here
yeah you can you can you can I don’t want to call it probably ties it because because that politicizes it but it I think it’s like bubble bursting like people love to take down people love to people it would be ironic if you want to walk on to a playground where one thing is happening and you want to be the person that says what about the other thing that Blink-182 wasn’t going to be there that seems like
Blink-182 go fuck yourself if you don’t then I don’t know who that man Blink-182 live by that by the workout member are you willing to come up m l e s m l e 80505
she said George Washington of my Instagram workout
she’s been there since the beginning to give me a human person haven’t seen this is flula Borg hello are you Emily crazy coincidence and Emily is my birth name is 805 an area code you’re associated with and let us sink cuz i r s t a n o v
spiders Arachnophobia is the most vulnerable on the perimeter of the other work schedule
I have a business card for you. I was going to give it to a business name on it and loaded question you’ve inspired not only me but the celestial Vikings of the chat there’s just so many people do you have it
you and Dave Klein I can tell you it’s not only affecting me you are just depressive I’m impressed it’s I had I have the picture from you for the first time in town that I attended a man if I can be honest and it may I be on
who would think but it and then I’m here now whether he has given us are given just came up with that name for the for Van cuz there is it that there’s a group of chosen people who will go into outer space or something like that that sounds kind of early before it died
and so it is a funny kind of right now but he eat anything at sorry. Because I was like it’s the only way I’m going to keep working out like if I just like it is like this Instagram live feature of a sort of like this thing that to me suggested like vanity and like influential miss or whatever it’s something that like I was like the only way I’m going to be able to like get on an elliptical and like do the same with Matt Groening started working out I like Instagram live I was like they did I know this is funny and if I have a heart attack and died it’ll be funny like and then like like it just kept going I kept doing it
then I ran into Dave Klein at a bar that’s a drawing room like a real New Years and he was like a brother I want me to come by and I was like dude I’m not working out with you you’re not going to be my trainer if you want to come by and hold my Instagram camera that’s the thing you can do and he’s like absolutely you and he had this way of like coming in low and I was like I trust you then you can do it where is like as I’ve said like any normal trainer I would just be like after a point when they’re like fuck you mother fucker you can do this I feel like you’re fired
at but Dave you can’t was like he’s just coming over and expects the best of you and he’s like I’m like okay hold the camera and then you like held it and then he’s like how about this I don’t even know how he did it how did he doing fucking yoga and lifting weights I bought a weight bench I have a gym in my home is amazing that you don’t have to be I don’t know
dancing at dancing a different kind of Suicide Squad
how many more night Potter Johnson Spalding Gray
when you when you don’t want the job done. There’s only one job I found it by River Phoenix
yeah rest in peace out of the ground was like too soon like no get out in front of his pool to do down at 2 now that he’s not a big you’re not a water child you not a water baby
do you think it’s like she’s a year of water the Giant pool of a Spanish Resort apparently my Granada and he was but now I know I should be I know from the previous side of the of the of the fitness class how alienating in boring and shity it is for people to be like
YouTube video like but you know it’s it’s it’s it’s fantastic and I was so glad I did it and I owe it to like 35-40 people who will show up on a regular basis and you’ve always been one of them what about I don’t know anything about you by intention cuz I’m not like let’s get to know these people but I like I like to form relationships with them in the moment and reward them for being there but who are you just a small town girl
lonely world
living in the Central Coast invite you up there anytime to stay at the Beautiful May 8th 05 you know when I get home Bakersfield apakah most your most recent data show that right there. I was there. I did scroll through the comments and saw cuz you’re like oh Emily is going to be at the show and you ask Cody for the cords to the four food groups song but
I might be like I wonder if I would have them like in here if I did would you sing the four food groups on was it something you wrote I am surprised
but and then do we need stuff
I don’t have it in here so you’re all off that it could you just reach out no I mean well well what’s that what’s the what’s the beats per minute of the song do you know
all right well I got that
Brotherhood BP stock 104 beef meal at 9:11 or something when I asked you to look in GarageBand just to see if I have it in there at 11 but I did meet him at a hotel lobby and I was with
what’s his name of Triumph the insult comic dog what’s his name dog and it was here in the finals and I was sitting in the lobby of a hotel to meet my goal and he was standing in the way of the screen and Vince Neil’s like bro bro
you’re in the weight as my goal took like it like that like 10 minutes if I can figure out what I hear that I’m standing between you and the screen and later I was like is a who’s that guy like it was Spencer
my dog has that was Elvis Costello I got the shity end of that stick like you you got yelled at by Vince Neil and I could have met I have it and I can just type it into my cord for my phone please I wish I just want to thank you Jenna pianos a piano or piano
salami is that one of them
yes I like like like like like what let’s just
hey flula yes why the silly name compared to Nazis starting War
they’re just itching for think they’re like bring the show to a climactic conclusion 2012 according to Gretchen for a thing but now I have to have a meeting or it’s just going to be some Dramatics Dramatics
I’m not Joffrey when he finds out about the baskets
do you like the ending of Game of Thrones loaded question everyone says no because you’re just sad because you got broken up with a show of course it could have been better and longer I thought they rushed it everyone’s tickets to the spectrum of sad but some breakfast if you want it’s an electron I need you at the house right now I just got to park the car
just kind of price you got a partial erection
Jeff’s bucket loves bread
I’m down I’m trying to catch up and polish and Czech Czechoslovakian the Eastern European art work and it’s a gallery and they have like Gustav Klimt and and the the the artwork is fantastic to see if the lady in Gold oh yes the clip with the breast out to head to head to look closely at the problematic now people don’t like that
fuck you know I say y’all to I buy I see y’all but people get mad and then go take a shower word for the cafe sabarsky and they have the cake down there and it’s just the best and you walk up stairs and you got all the guests the the gift shop is all like this it’s real cook-off. I like great German off and all the sadness all right did you guys have fun yes
thank you that that would be stolen German style and Emily in an app for food groups
for you but there aren’t as many as there are things to do with your food you can eat in any mood but take care and you eat anyway one of those things the other than a surprise yourself for eating while you can take a trip to the wishing well grilled cheese and Dairy Queen black history Halloween in Attack of the Year Edition is nothing to fear it will take care of you there for food but there’s only one of you
Cliffhanger you missed when you miss my workout
I thought I put it away out of the out of the show
Church down there on the photography
I’m in town, Jeff David took me or Dan Harmon high potassium
Emily you say I don’t find Emily only five.
Do you call that hyper flula
when I say Parenthood you say obedience Parenthood Parenthood and yes cuz I had two questions. Because when I said something you never said something and it always made me mad this is trying to get to Father and Son by Cat Stevens
do you enjoy having a father sometimes I miss you
when I suggest that you take grief away for too long I want you to how you truly truth nihilism
hahaha I do wrong he attended my nobody nihilism has been framed into positivity just has become life ironically at the hands of a German sorry again for everything everything
Hancock Park be safe
broadcast is it Catholic
Bruno Mars
Emily 805
my workout or Jo Jo
the podcast Network


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